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What Lies behind Egypt’s Problems? How do They Affect Others?

We have all been reading about Egypt in the newspapers, and wonder what is behind their problems. Let me offer a few insights. At least part of Egypt’s problem is the fact that in the past the government has threatened … Continue reading

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Clean energy won’t save the world!

To listen to President Obama, you would think that clean energy is our next salvation. But clean energy can’t exist on its own. Clean energy options should more properly be called “fossil fuel extenders”. They only work within a system … Continue reading

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Should you pay down your debt?

The question of whether a person should pay down debts comes up often, when there are forecasts that suggest unemployment rates and consequently debt defaults will rise dramatically in future years. I know some people say, definitely, “Yes”. I would … Continue reading

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How to prepare for peak oil impacts – Some thoughts from 2007

For a few days, I am working on an academic article. Since I don’t have time to do research and write something new, I thought I would post an article I wrote in 2007 on how to prepare for the … Continue reading

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Who will pay if there are municipal bond defaults?

I have written quite often saying that rising oil prices can be expect to lead to debt defaults. For a while, some of this was hidden through lower oil prices and stimulus programs, but we are now beginning to see … Continue reading

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