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Gail Tverberg / Running Short of Cheap Oil

This is a link to an interview done by Justin and Seth of the, while I attended the Degrowth Conference in Montreal. The interview relates to how running short of cheap-to-extract oil affects the economy. The interview is 13 … Continue reading

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Limits We are Reaching – Oil, Debt, and Others

The world is clearly reaching many limits. This graphic below shows how I see man interacting with natural systems, back before man discovered fire and back before man became intelligent enough to kill off whole species. In these earliest days, … Continue reading

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Attending “Degrowth” Conference

I will be attending the conference, Degrowth in the Americas, an International Conference, in Montreal, for the next few days, returning home on Friday. If any readers happen to be at the conference, let me know, and perhaps we can … Continue reading

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New IMF Working Paper Models Impact of Oil Limits on the Economy

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued a new working paper called “The Future of Oil: Geology versus Technology” (free PDF), which should be of interest to people who are following “peak oil” issues. This is a research paper that … Continue reading

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