To Be Sustainable, Green Energy Must Generate Adequate Taxable Revenue

What allows any type of energy to be sustainable? I would argue that one of the requirements for sustainability is adequate production of taxable revenue. Company managements depend upon taxable revenue for many purposes, including funding new investments and paying dividends to shareholders. Governments depend upon taxable income to collect enough taxes to provide infrastructure and programs for their growing populations.

Taxable income is a major way that “net energy” is transferred to future investment and to the rest of the economy. If this form of net energy is too low, governments will collapse from lack of funding. Energy production will fall from lack of reinvestment. This profitability needs to come from the characteristics of the energy products, allowing more goods and services to be produced efficiently. This profitability cannot be created simply by the creation of more government debt; the rise in the price of energy is tied to the affordability of goods, particularly the goods required by low-income people, such as food. This affordability issue tends to put a cap on prices that can be charged for energy products.

It seems to me that Green Energy sources are held to far too low a standard. Their financial results are published after subsidies are reflected, making them look profitable when, in reality, they are not. This is one of the things that makes many people from the financial community believe that Green Energy is the solution for the future.

In this post, I will discuss these ideas further. A related issue is, “Which type of oil production fell most in the 2018-2021 period?” Many people had expected that perhaps high-cost energy production would fall. Strangely enough, the production that fell most was that of OPEC oil exporters. These oil exporters often have a very low cost of energy production. The production of US oil from shale also fell.

If the ratio of Energy Return on Energy Investment (EROEI) is to be used as a measure of which type of energy best meets our needs, perhaps the list of items to be included in EROEI calculations needs to be broadened. Alternatively, more attention needs to be paid to unsubsidized taxable income as an indicator of net energy production.

[1] According to EIA data, world crude oil production hit a peak of 84.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in the fourth quarter of 2018. Production fell as low as 72.3 million bpd in the third quarter of 2020. Production rebounded to 75.4 million barrels of oil a day, still 9.1 million bpd below peak production in the 4th quarter of 2018.

Figure 1. Quarterly crude and condensate production, based on international data of the US Energy Information Administration.

This drop in oil production was unprecedented. It far exceeded the drop in oil production at the time of the Great Recession of 2008-2009. As of the first quarter of 2021, crude oil production was roughly at its level in 2011. It still has not rebounded very far.

[2] The biggest drop in crude oil production during this period was that of the cartel led by OPEC and Russia. United States’ oil production also fell during this period. Production of the Rest of the World, in total, was fairly flat.

Figure 2. Crude oil production through the first quarter of 2021 based on international data of the US Energy Information Administration.

The big concern of OPEC and Russia was that crude oil prices were too low to provide adequate tax revenue for the governments of these countries. This is especially an issue for countries with few other industries besides oil. These oil exporting countries tend to have large populations, with little employment besides government-sponsored projects. Nearly all food needs to be imported, so subsidies for food need to be provided if the many people earning low wages are to be able to afford this food.

If oil prices are high, say $150 per barrel or higher in today’s dollars, it is generally fairly easy for governments to collect enough oil-related taxes. The actual cost of extraction is often very low for oil exporters, perhaps as little as $20 per barrel. The need for tax revenue greatly exceeds the direct expenses of extracting the oil. Companies can be asked to pay as much as 90% of operating income (in this example, equal to $130 = $150 – $20 per barrel, probably only relating to exported oil) as taxes. The percentage varies greatly by country, with countries that have higher costs of production generally paying less in taxes.

Figure 3. Chart from 2013 showing “government take” as a percentage of operating income by Barry Rodgers Oil and Gas Consulting (website no longer available).

When oil companies are asked about their required price to break even, a wide range of answers is possible. Do they just quote the expense of pulling the oil from the ground? If so, a very low answer is possible. If shareholders are involved in the discussions, this is the answer that they would like to hear. Or do they give realistic estimates, including the taxes that their governments need? Furthermore, if the cost of extraction is rising, there needs to be enough profit that can be set aside to allow for the drilling of new wells in higher-cost areas, if production is to be maintained.

Because of the need for tax revenue, OPEC countries often publish Fiscal Breakeven Oil Prices, indicating how high the prices need to be to obtain adequate tax revenue for the exporting countries. For example, Figure 4 shows a set of Fiscal Breakeven Oil Prices for 2013 – 2014.

Figure 4. Estimate of OPEC breakeven oil prices, including tax requirements by parent countries, by APICORP.

If a country tries to maintain the same standard of living for its population as in the past, I would expect that the fiscal breakeven price would rise year after year. This would occur partly because the population of OPEC countries keeps rising and thus more subsidy is needed. The fiscal breakeven price would also tend to rise because the easiest-to-extract oil tends to be depleted first. As a result, new oil-related investments can be expected to have higher costs than the depleted investments they are replacing.

In fact, if a person looks at more recently published fiscal breakeven prices, they tend to be lower than the 2013-2014 breakevens. I believe that this happens because oil exporters don’t want to look desperate. They know that attaining such high prices is unlikely today. They hope that by using more debt and reducing the standard of living of their citizens, they can somehow get along with a lower fiscal breakeven price. This is not a long term solution, however. Unhappy citizens are likely to overturn their governments. Such a result could completely cut off oil supply from these countries.

[3] A cutback in oil production is not surprising for the OPEC + Russia group, nor for the United States, given the chronically low oil prices. The profitability was too low for all of these producers.

Figure 5. Inflation-adjusted historical average annual Brent oil price for 1965 through 2020 from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2021. 12-Jul-2021 amount is the actual Brent spot oil price for that date.

Oil prices fell in late 2014. Fiscal breakeven prices calculated before that date likely gave a somewhat reasonable estimate of the needed prices for oil exporters to make an adequate profit, at that time. By early 2019, when the first decreases in oil production began, these countries were beginning to become fed up with chronically low oil prices.

It is interesting to note that Qatar, the country with the lowest breakeven price on Figure 4, decided to withdraw from OPEC effective January 1, 2019, rather than reduce its oil production. For Qatar, oil prices in late 2018 and early 2019 were close to adequate. Qatar mostly produces natural gas, rather than oil.

The decrease in US shale oil production reflects somewhat the same low profitability issue as OPEC + Russia exports, with an additional factor added. Besides low prices, there seems to be a well-spacing issue. There are reports that the spacing of shale wells gradually got closer and closer, until the closer spacing became counter-productive. The more closely spaced wells “cannibalized” the output from nearby wells. The extra drilling may also have released needed pressurization, reducing oil availability.

Such a problem would have been a difficult issue to pick up from EROEI analyses because there are not enough of these EROEI studies to see sudden changes. Figure 6 shows the timing of the drop in US oil production, relative to the drop in oil prices:

Figure 6. Monthly average crude oil and condensate production and prices for the United States excluding the Gulf of Mexico, based on US Energy Information Administration data. Oil prices are West Texas Intermediate spot prices, not adjusted for inflation. Amounts shown are through April 2021.

Figure 6 omits oil from the Gulf of Mexico, because its quantity tends to bounce around, especially when a hurricane hits. Because of this exclusion, the oil shown in Figure 6 reflects a combination of declining oil production from conventional oil wells plus (after about 2011) rising production from shale wells.

Figure 6 shows that production of oil from shale was developed during the 2011 to 2013 period, when oil prices were high. When oil prices suddenly fell in late 2014, shale producers suddenly found production very unprofitable. They cut back on production starting in April 2015. Shale production started rising again in 2017 after prices moved away from their extreme lows. Growth in oil production began to slow in late 2018, when oil prices again began to fall.

The big shutdown in world oil demand associated with the COVID-19 epidemic began in the second quarter of 2020. Shale production fell in response to low oil prices in March through November of 2020. As of April 2021, production does not seem to have rebounded significantly. We have seen reports that workers were laid off, making it difficult to add new production. If, indeed, well-spacing had become too close, this may have played a role in the decision not to ramp up production again. It is quite possible that many drilled but uncompleted wells will permanently remain uncompleted because they are too close to other wells to be useful.

Based on this analysis, it seems likely that US oil production for 2021 will be lower than that for 202o. Ultimately, the lack of adequate profitability can be expected to bring US oil production down.

[4] There are some high-cost oil producers who continue to produce increasing amounts of oil.

Figure 7. Crude oil and condensate production for Canada and Brazil, based on international data of the US Energy Information Administration.

The keys to maintaining high-cost oil production seem to be

  • Large up front investments to make this production possible with little new investment
  • Governments that are not very “needy” in terms of revenue from oil taxes

Even with these considerations, having an unprofitable or barely profitable oil industry weakens a country. Neither Brazil nor Canada is doing very well economically in 2021. These countries will likely reduce new oil investment in the next year or two, if inflation-adjusted oil prices do not rise significantly.

[5] Somehow, “Green Energy” has been allowed to compete in the energy field with huge subsidies. If Green Energy is actually to be successful long-term, it needs to be profitable in the same way that fossil fuel energy needs to be profitable. If wind and solar are truly useful, they need to be very profitable, even without subsidies, so that they can support their governments with taxes.

There tends to be little recognition of the extent of subsidies for renewable energy. For example, allowing the electricity from wind turbines and solar panels to be put on the grid whenever it is generated is a huge subsidy. Such generation mostly substitutes for the coal or natural gas used by electricity-producing plants, rather than the electricity generated by these plants. The many reports we see that compare the cost of intermittent electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels with the cost of dispatchable electricity generated by fossil fuels are simply misleading.

Furthermore, electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels doesn’t need to be sufficiently profitable to pay for the much larger grid they require. The larger grid requirement occurs partly because the devices tend to be more distant from users, and partly because the transmission lines need to be sized for the maximum transmission required, which tends to be high for the variable production of renewables.

The lack of adequate profitability of wind and solar on an unsubsidized basis strongly suggests that they are not really producing net energy, regardless of what EROEI calculations seem to indicate.

It might be noted that in past years, oil exporters have been accused of giving large energy subsidies to their oil producing companies. What these oil exporters have been doing is charging their own citizens lower prices for oil products than the high (international) price charged to foreign buyers. Thus, high taxes were collected only on oil exports, not from local citizens. With the fall in oil prices in late 2014 (shown in Figures 5 and 6 below), this practice of differential pricing has largely disappeared.

“Oil subsidies” in the US consist of financial assistance to low income people in the US Northeast who continue to heat their homes with oil. These subsidies, too, have mostly disappeared, with lower oil prices and the availability of less expensive forms of home heating.

[6] It seems to me that an economy really has three different requirements:

  1. The total quantity of energy must be rising, at least as rapidly as population.
  2. The types of energy available must match the needs of current energy-consuming devices, or there needs to be some type of transition plan to facilitate this transition.
  3. There must be enough “net energy” left over, both (a) to fund governments with taxes and (b) to fund any transition to different energy-consuming devices, if such a transition is required.

Thus, in order for a transition to Green Energy to really work, it must be extremely profitable on a pretax, unsubsidized basis, so that it can pay high taxes. The greater the need for a transition to different energy consuming devices, such as heat pumps for buildings and electric vehicles of many types, the greater the need for more net energy generated by Green Energy sources to help facilitate this transition.

High profitability for energy products is normally associated with a very low cost of energy production. Furthermore, the type of Green Energy available needs to be in a very useful form. In a sense, there are really two different energy transitions required:

  • The output of intermittent electricity devices must be brought up to grid standards, using a combination such as many long distance transmission, very substantial battery backup, and the use of many devices to provide the electricity with the precise characteristics it needs.
  • As mentioned above, if greater use of electricity is to be made, a transition to electric devices is required.

Both of these transitions will require a significant quantity of energy (really net energy not used elsewhere in the system) to accomplish. If fossil fuel energy is being phased out, an increasing share of this net energy will need to come from the Green Energy sector by way of the tax system. Such a system will only work if the Green Energy sector is very profitable on a pre-tax basis.

[7] Figure 8 suggests that the world has a problem with low energy consumption per capita right now.

Figure 8. Energy consumption per capita for all energy sources combined based on data from BP’s Statistical Review of Energy 2021.

There is a strong correlation between growth in total energy consumption per capita and how well the economy is doing. The slight downward slide in energy consumption per capita in 2019 indicates that the economy was already doing poorly in 2019. The huge downward shift in 2020 dwarfs the downward slide in 2009, when the world was in the midst of the Great Recession. My earlier research, looking back 200 years, indicates that low growth in energy consumption per capita is likely to lead to conflict among nations and collapses of governments. Epidemics are also more likely to spread in such periods, because greater wage and wealth disparity tends to occur when energy supplies are constrained.

Any shift away from fossil fuel energy to Green Energy will almost certainly mean a huge drop in world energy consumption per capita because the world doesn’t produce very much Green Energy. Such a drop in energy consumption per capita will be a huge problem, in itself. If the Green Energy sector doesn’t generate much taxable income without subsidies, this adds an additional difficulty.

[8] Conclusion: Examination of the EROEIs for various fuels, using calculations the way that they are performed today, gives inadequate information regarding whether a transition to another set of fuels is feasible.

Researchers need to be looking more at (a) the total quantity of energy produced and (b) the profitability of producing this energy. An economy is only possible because of profitable businesses, including energy businesses. A person cannot assume that energy prices will rise from today’s level because of scarcity. Today’s huge debt bubble is producing very high copper and steel prices, but it is not producing correspondingly high oil prices.

Heavily subsidized energy products look like they might be helpful, but there is little reason to believe this to be the case. If Green Energy products are truly producing net energy, we should expect this fact to be reflected in the unsubsidized profits that these products generate. In fact, if Green Energy products are truly producing large amounts of net energy, they should be so profitable that businesses will be rapidly ramping up their production, even without subsidies or mandates.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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      Hmm, the bias in reporting is clear. These are NOT deaths from the vaccine. Even that article accepts that reports in VAERS are not verified. Nor are the reports, if true, proof that deaths after a vaccination were caused by the vaccination. This is basic stuff, why just accept everything that some biases news source says? You don’t do that for MSM, so why do it for other sources?

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        not that it matters much. I’m resolved to not get jabbed at least until the long term two year numbers are published.

        and even then, how will I know the numbers are true?

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        VAERS has been around for a long time… it may not be perfect but it is a good indicator… and the deaths and injuries are OFF the charts … there is no way in hell a vaccine with these numbers would have continued to be used. No way.

        Keep in mind the numbers are almost certainly low because doctors are telling people the deaths and injuries are not vaccine-related

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            • For those who have forgotten, Herb Stein is the economist who propounded Stein’s Law. It says, “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.” Stein observed this logic in analyzing economic trends (such as rising US federal debt in proportion to GDP, or increasing international balance of payments deficits, in his analysis): if such a process is limited by external factors, there is no urgency for government intervention to stop it, much less to make it stop immediately, but it will stop of its own accord.

            • Tsubion says:

              I would not rule this out…

              Oh I don’t rule it out. I just don’t want to spend what time I have left running around with my hair on fire.


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Recall GVB stating that he expected the Beginning of the End to begin in a highly vaxxed country e.g. Israel….

              hahahahaha… this is awesome….

              Hey duncnorm…. wazzzz up fellas?

              On the bright side …. Fast Eddy’s Horse Power registered 2000 this morning for the first time ever…. it’s not possible to go beyond that …. so it’s a good time for the End to Begin … Fast Eddy’s purpose on this planet has been fulfilled….

        • FoolishFitz says:

          “and the deaths and injuries are OFF the charts”

          Here’s a VAERS chart and breakdown.

          I’m assuming it must be wrong, because we’ve been told times that adverse reactions are ‘very rare’.

          • Mike Roberts says:

            They are rare. Surely you realise that VAERS is not what you’re portraying it as here?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              So you are suddenly saying this is a useless system? What exactly are you saying?

              Established in 1990, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S.-licensed vaccines. VAERS is co-managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). VAERS accepts and analyzes reports of adverse events (possible side effects) after a person has received a vaccination. Anyone can report an adverse event to VAERS.

              Healthcare professionals are required to report certain adverse events and vaccine manufacturers are required to report all adverse events that come to their attention.

              VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning it relies on individuals to send in reports of their experiences to CDC and FDA. VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused a health problem, but is especially useful for detecting unusual or unexpected patterns of adverse event reporting that might indicate a possible safety problem with a vaccine. This way, VAERS can provide CDC and FDA with valuable information that additional work and evaluation is necessary to further assess a possible safety concern.

              Objectives of VAERS

              The primary objectives of VAERS are to:

              Detect new, unusual, or rare vaccine adverse events;
              Monitor increases in known adverse events;
              Identify potential patient risk factors for particular types of adverse events;
              Assess the safety of newly licensed vaccines;
              Determine and address possible reporting clusters (e.g., suspected localized [temporally or geographically] or product-/batch-/lot-specific adverse event reporting);
              Recognize persistent safe-use problems and administration errors;
              Provide a national safety monitoring system that extends to the entire general population for response to public health emergencies, such as a large-scale pandemic influenza vaccination program.


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Keep in mind the Vaccine is like a Tesla …

              People who buy a Tesla generally keep the traps shut when they see they’ve purchased a piece of garbage… because they are Saving the World….

              CovIDIOTS are willing to partake in an experimental Injection that they do not need because they also think they are saving the world… so do you think — when things go sideways… they post on Vaers?

      • TIm Groves says:

        I share David’s concern that you may have a bias or at least are exhibiting a bias, Mike.

        How do you know that the official numbers of Covid-19 cases, infections, recoveries and deaths are verified?

        How do you know that the official proclamations on the efficacy of vaccines and and the inefficacy of treatments such as HCL and Ivermectin have been verified?

        Are you relying on Jacinda as your single source of truth on such matters?

        And if she doesn’t scare the pants off you, then you will have no trouble watching the new King Kong vs. Godzilla movie.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Mike is a Good Citizen Zombie! We need more people to be like Mike.

          Perhaps Mike could teach courses on how to be a good Zombie?

          • Xabier says:

            People like Mike and Norman, who believe they re exercising reason and common sense while swallowing the propaganda despite all evidence to the contrary, are the building blocks of Totalitarian states, and too clueless even to notice they are living in one.

            Both have also been injected, and are reluctant to acknowledge the dire truth of their situation.

            Psychologically, they are interesting and very typical case studies.

  11. Retired Librarian says:

    I am more of a reader than a writer. I’ve followed OFW for a long time and would like to say how much I appreciate Gail’s work. I also find the (mostly) men who comment here interesting. (And Lidia🙂). Thanks so much!

  12. kurt says:

    This tsubion guy is killing me. This site is degenerating into a conspiracy theory site. Gail writes great articles. Comment on them and leave your crazy stuff at home.

    • StarvingLion says:

      Gail is living in a fairy world that will soon be gone. I don’t think there will be much demand for actuaries in the months ahead.

      DELUSION: “We need to appreciate what we have. The grocery store shelves were mostly full when I went this afternoon. Lots of nice fresh fruit and vegetables.”

      • I am not working as an actuary now. I agree that a lot of jobs in the financial sector will be gone, including actuarial jobs, as our current system falls apart.

        Things are likely to turn down, but the timing isn’t entirely clear. We need to appreciate the things we have now.

        From your name, you seem to be “Starving” right now. The future is already very bleak for people who cannot afford the basics. Governments everywhere are trying to fix that problem, with varying degrees of success. It is uncertain how long this success can last.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      hey k man, have you Heard anything lately?

      I look at it all this way: so many people in IC are plugged in online and the flood of CT is just a reflection of the IRL in real life offline world which is swiftly degenerating in many places, especially with govs/MSM going quasi fascccist in their manipulating and obfuscating what is really happening.

      it’s sorta stating the obvious, that the crayzzzeeee out there is going to be reflected here. Not saying that I’m above it all, just that I’m one of the unconvinced, and my standard of solid evidence seems higher than most. If some take that as an innsult, okay some of the CTs may someday be shown to be more likely true than false, but that’s not where we are right now, in my opinion, yes just my opinion.

      perhaps obnoxiooous to some, but that’s me.

      anyway, bAU tonight, baby!

    • Tim Groves says:

      So Kurt, if I read you right, you are saying that the commenters here, through their comments, are conspiring to turn OFW into a conspiracy theory site. Tsubion has irritated you enough to be mentioned in your dispatches, but one swallow does not make a summer; birds of a feather need to flock together to do that. What a fascinating conspiracy theory you’ve got there.

      • conspiracists search for those of like minds in order to support and confirm their current theories.
        (Watch a Trump rally)

        they are by nature not solitary animals–conspiracists cannot function in isolation.
        A conspiracy/hoax/plot cannot exist unless it is told to someone else.

        thats why OFW has become a magnet for them. It didn’t used to be until social media got into the hands of everybody.

        someone able to think independently never needs the support of others

    • Fast Eddy says:

    • Fast Eddy says:

    • Fast Eddy says:

      If I think of any others I will be sure to post them

    • Xabier says:

      ‘Conspiracy observers’, dear boy, observers. Do get it right!

      Although one may advance theories ad hypotheses, too, based on those observations.

      • thats why I use the firehose of ridicule on such conspiracies

        no one, least of all me, doubts there’s crazy stuff going on out there

        its not conspiracies–it’s collective stupidity attributable to all of us, driven mainly by greed

        • Self-organizing systems work strangely. Sometimes things happen that look a lot like conspiracies.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          What’s this norm?

          Gravity: the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

          • toldya before Eddy

            sending links showing people who are obviously mentally unstable, and offering that as ‘proof’ of some truth or other, not only reflected the intellect of the sender, but killed any inclination I might have had to open any more of them.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Your not mentally unstable norm … you are just plain _________d.

            • Well

              I wasn’t the one who posted a video of an obvious clickbait lunatic, with the assertion that he was someone of high intellectual integrity.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              norm… you are not a lunatic… stop saying that…. you are just low on horsepower… it’s not your fault

            • maybe you need a short course in the intricacies of the English language and its usage?

              reverse repetition can be amusing to the reader (for a while), but only in the context of revealing the lack of wordskill on the part of the writer.

              As I’ve mentioned to you on numerous occasions, when I gave up chalking words on the schoolyard wall, and started using a pen, I managed to progress a little from that level.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              trust me norm… you are not insane…. stop putting yourself down

            • I don’t need your confirmation of that Eddy

              I have a certificate of sanity, signed by 2 psychiatrists. I bet you haven’t.

              Like I said—infinite reverse repetition, dead giveaway of nothing worth saying.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              good for you norm.

          • Malcopian says:

            And there you see a steel building turning mostly to dust. It just doesn’t happen.

            Furthermore, the Twin Towers were built in the Hudson River, but this structure called the Bath Tub protected them from the river. As Dr. Judy Wood has pointed out, if all those scores of storeys / stories had really smashed to the ground, the force of them would have smashed the Bath Tub and flooded Manhattan. That didn’t happen, because the majority of the buildings were turned to dust.

            Heinz Pommer, a nuclear physicist, has examined the forensic evidence and concluded that it was caused by a mini-nuke. He is not the only one to come to that conclusion.

            • mini nukes?

              one day folks are going to run out of ideas

              going by commenters on here—it’ll be a while yet

            • Fast Eddy says:

              15 YEARS LATER:

              Steven Jones, Robert Korol, Anthony Szamboti and Ted Walter

              Brigham Young University (early retired) – McMaster University (emeritus) – Mechanical design engineer in the aerospace industry

              On September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the total
              collapse of three large steel-framed high-rises.
              Since then, scientists and engineers have been
              working to understand why and how these
              unprecedented structural failures


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Conspiracy Exposers.

    • you’ve noticed that too?

    • Tsubion says:

      Hi Kurt!

      Don’t read the comments you sensitive little flower you. Or is someone pointing a gun at your head? Maybe holding a machete to your throat?

      If you hadn’t noticed… the whole world is degenerating.

      Try South Africa if you want a real taste of killing.

  13. houtskool says:

    It seems another one got a jab on the shoulder.

  14. Duncan Idaho says:

    In comparison to SOC or placebo, IVM did not reduce all-cause mortality, length of stay or viral clearance in RCTs in COVID-19 patients with mostly mild disease. IVM did not have an effect on AEs or severe AEs. IVM is not a viable option to treat COVID-19 patients.

    Reality is not wanted?

    • Different analyses come to different results. This is the article that MedPageToday wrote about, talking about generally favorable outcomes, but perhaps needing more study.

      Meta-analysis of randomized trials of ivermectin to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection by A. Hill et al. Published July 5, 2021

      The abstract says, among other things:

      Viral clearance was treatment dose- and duration-dependent. In 11 randomized trials of moderate/severe infection, there was a 56% reduction in mortality (Relative Risk 0.44 [95%CI 0.25-0.77]; p=0.004; 35/1064 (3%) deaths on ivermectin; 93/1063 (9%) deaths in controls) with favorable clinical recovery and reduced hospitalization.

      Giving an inadequate dose, for a short length of time, clearly won’t work.

    • Hideaway says:

      You need to look at the numbers in the study Dennis, not just read the headlines.

      From the study …..”IVM did not have effect on all-cause mortality vs. controls in five RCTs”
      (Figure 2, Table 2),
      Yet the figures and table mentioned showed the following…

      9 deaths out of 425 from IVM
      22 out of 365 for control

      Fig 2 table 2 pg 29

      Yet it worked out to be not statistically significant the way they did it.

      I’ll take 9 deaths out of 425 cases compared to 22 deaths out of 365 cases every day of the week personally..

      Also when you choose to look at 256 mentions and 9 pre-prints then reject 253 research papers to concentrate on only 12, you have a huge bias to start with. Which means these were the best papers to prove their point/bias.

      Medical papers have a habit of showing whatever the authors want it to show. I’ve been reading these and tearing them apart for over 25 years. It is easy to come up with 12 other papers showing exactly the opposite to the above study..

      Too many doctors, states, countries are using IVM with positive results to be ignored. The effect of IVM opens too many established medical ‘norms’ to ridicule for comfort, meaning modern medicine does not have a full understanding of what’s going on, so there is an established effort to discredit the usefulness.

      The same happens in every field when new findings challenge the established thinking. First off, discredit all findings that challenge orthodox thinking by every method possible.

      • Tim Groves says:

        It was Duncan, not Dennis.

        IVM works wonders on Covid-19. But Duncan can’t accept that because it would mean accepting that he’s taken the death jab twice—with all the detrimental affects that will have had on his body—without any need to have done so, and all because he’s been hoodwinked by a bunch of con artists.

        And for a man as smug and self-satisfied as Duncan, that is an intolerable thought—absolutely anathema.

      • Xabier says:

        We might remember that the idea that surgeons, doctors and midwives should was their hands was bitterly resisted by most medical professionals when first advanced…..

        • eKnock says:

          That Semmelweis was the original conspiracy theorist.
          The Experts made sure he got what he deserved.
          Wash your hand after handling cadavers……. Oh Please.

      • Tsubion says:

        Beautifully said.

        I would go further and suggest that there exists a concerted effort to inject as many people in the west with whatever the jabs contain. The fact that such a ruthless campaign has been unleashed on the global population for something that barely exists (if you ignore that flu has become extinct) should raise an eyebrow in the most dull-minded member of the species.

        Simpe deduction should lead to a conclusion that there is much more going on than simple profit motive although that is still a predominant factor.

        The Governor of Galicia in northwest Spain has ties to the powerful illegal drug cartel and is heavily invested in regional Big Pharma, vaxxine manufacturers and Inditex – one of the largest textile companies in the world that also happens to manufacture masks and other PPE.

        Allow me translate…

        La marca se suma a la fiebre de los cubrebocas con uno estampado que transmite optimismo

        The brand joins the fever of mask wearing with a pattern that transmits optimism – smiley faces

        people looking forward to the new fashion collection from Bershka brand.

        La primera mascarilla de tela de Bershka desprende este buen rollo y felicidad con su diseño divertido.

        The mask exudes good times and happiness with its fun design.

        If people can’t see the strings being pulled behind everything that’s going on and you think it’s due to random chance and self organisation then there is no hope for those people.

        Not that it matters, but the rest of us are wasting our time trying to show the blind something that is self-evident. No amount of slapping them around with a wet fish is going to snap them out of their trance. They are already dead – resigned to nihilism – energy death.

        Corruption is real. Crime is real. It’s as real as self-organising systems. How the two mesh together is quite frankly irrelevant unless you want to completely ignore the human story and how we shape our existence.

    • Darren says:

      You’ll find 62 papers here that disagree with this one;

  15. Ed says:

    BAU tonight. Off to food drinks music and dancing. Life is good.

  16. StarvingLion says:
    At least three fully vaccinated Texas Democrat state lawmakers tested positive for Covid-19 after packing in a private plane and fleeing to DC.

    On Monday at least 58 Democrat members of the state House of Representatives fled Texas to Washington DC to block Republicans from advancing new voting laws through a special session of the legislature.

    • I know my daughter’s partner is getting over a light case of COVID now, after she was fully vaccinated a few months ago. I understand others in her lab who were also vaccinated tested positive as well.

      Vaccination doesn’t seem to stop the disease completely. It seems to lead to lighter cases and perhaps a lower level of transmission to others.

  17. I found an interesting (free) COVID vaccine article in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    One is Effectiveness of an Inactivated SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine in Chile

    The study was conducted from February 2 through May 1, 2021, and the cohort included approximately 10.2 million persons. Among persons who were fully immunized, the adjusted vaccine effectiveness was 65.9% (95% confidence interval [CI], 65.2 to 66.6) for the prevention of Covid-19 and 87.5% (95% CI, 86.7 to 88.2) for the prevention of hospitalization, 90.3% (95% CI, 89.1 to 91.4) for the prevention of ICU admission, and 86.3% (95% CI, 84.5 to 87.9) for the prevention of Covid-19–related death.

    Our results suggest that the inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectively prevented Covid-19, including severe disease and death, a finding that is consistent with results of phase 2 trials of the vaccine.

    If this is really an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, it would seem to m that it would be safer than the mRNA types. It perhaps wouldn’t work as well, but that is a trade-off. I suppose there still could be issues with Antibody Dependent Enhancement issues, if they are a problem.

    This is a link to a Lancet February 18, 2018 editorial about a vaccine for Dengue Fever with the ADE issue:

    • Student says:

      That is very interesting, many thanks Gail,

      On the other hand there are more and more websites by now talking about successful medical treatments for Covid-19.
      Many Doctors are reporting that this disease can be treated successfully and they say they have succesfully treated thousands of persons so far:

      a) International medical organization focused on how to treat Covid-19:

      b) Another International medical organization focused on how to treat Covid-19:

      c) Italian medical organization focused on how to treat Covid-19:

      Maybe you already know everything. I hope it can be of help anyway.

      • Thanks! I had seen the FLCCC Alliance site (, but not the other sites.

        I think that people are figuring out that it really is necessary to treat the disease. You can’t expect vaccination to eliminate it.

        • Xabier says:

          The real doctors with integrity are dong a great job in devising treatments.

          Big Pharma, govts and investors, mostly don’t want to know.

          This is just crystal clear now.

    • mike says:

      An interesting perspectives on vaccine development and the mechanism of ADE and
      VADE is here:

      • My takeaway from reading this, is that it is not easy to assess how likely ADE or VaccineADE is. It seems to be most common after part of the immunity has warn off, so early responses may not be representatives. Also, all animals react somewhat differently. A range of different animal models need to be used in the studies.

        You don’t want to kill 1% of the world’s population with VADE, if the expected mortality from the disease is less than 1%.

    • Xabier says:

      The problem is that mRNA technology is the focus of great hopes and huge investments, the basis of the new Life Sciences industries which governments hope will bring in huge revenues.

      It is a strategic and economic objective of top priority, a cornerstone of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

      Old technologies, effective but cheap drugs, are simply not welcome. Just as the old very successful artisan industries were not wanted once the factory system developed in the early 18th century.

      The regulators also seem know what is expected of them, which is why they minimise or ignore all the deaths and harm caused by mRNA injections.

      Dr Yeadon has pointed out how the regulators are behaving very strangely. They have been compromised and subverted.

    • Tsubion says:

      New England Journal of Medicine

      The Lancet

      As corrupt as they come. Massive funding from vaxxine and other drug manufacturers. Funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Eugenics central. Mass murdering scum. They need to be hung for crimes against humanity. Fauci, Birx, Tedros, National leaders – the lot of them. Mass murdering scum.

      When are people going to wake the f*** up!!

  18. By the way, there is a PDF version of the 44 page study called “Quantifying Solar Value Deflation in California” available at this link:

    You have to scroll down to find the PDF. There is also an article, which is similar to or the same as the one linked to earlier at this link.

    The issue is that the price solar PV sells for keeps falling. In fact, the selling price varies greatly by season. It is terribly low in spring and fall, when it really is not needed. One model I found in the paper said that the value of PV hits zero, when the percentage of electricity generated by solar hits 55%. The selling price has already dropped to US$27/MWh, which is below the (subsidized) cost of production.

    • Tsubion says:

      Is the King of Vaxxines right or wrong?

      Bill Gates says he in investing in Generation IV nuclear power plants through Terra Power, which he says would be safer and more efficient than modern nuclear reactors. The first of such plants could come online in 2022 he tells WSJ’s Alan Murray at the 2012 ECO:nomics conference.

      I’m starting to like this guy! He has a wicked sense of humor.

  19. houtskool says:

    Malcopian, a year ago i got a constant push in my banking app to use Apple pay. They need control. Won’t work. In SA they kill for a next pair of Nikes. Watch for cbdc’s. Its a vaccine on steroids.

    • Malcopian says:

      Yes, it’s spooky, this push for everyone to have a mobile. My bank already has my email address. What’s wrong with using that? I never phone anyone anyway.

  20. houtskool says:

    Why is there a sudden and huge push in the diversity agenda? Suddenly we have people of colour in every commercial. LGBT etc rainbow stuff everywhere. Because, ‘they’ know we’re going down. Not more, but less. Less and less. For the past 5000 years people started smashing skulls as soon as it went from bad to worse. There’s a agenda here folks. A green agenda, a brown agenda, a black agenda. They want us to hug on the deck of the Titanic. The extend & pretend agenda. A zero intrest perpetual cuddle bond. You will own nothing, and you will love it. Lets await more boatloads of nonsense.

    • I think you are right. Everyone is afraid of getting less. Their jobs don’t pay as much as they would like, and many people have debts to repay. We hear more and more nonsense.

  21. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Greta and the Tipping Points….

    No turning back afraid, Dearie….we made are roost and now we got to roast in it because we are toast….no green rainbows are the BAU story ending…and everyone loves a HaPpY ending

    • Tim Groves says:

      I was just like these concerned Greenies about forty years ago. I remember bothering people about globbly wobbly and warning them there was a clim-ate crisis coming that would kill us all. That was when I wasn’t bothering them about nuclear power, overpopulation, finite resources and pollution. With the right management and some double Dutch braids, I could have been Greta back then! With the right political connections, I could have been Al Gore!

      What a difference forty years makes! Back in the 90s, I’ve been clean for the past twenty-five of them. I discovered the enormous power of negative feedbacks. Worrying about tipping points is so late 20th century.

      Poirot didn’t achieve true facial symmetry until he grew a mustache and I didn’t achieve true intellectual maturity until I discovered the power of negative feedbacks to crush tipping points like Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing an empty aluminum beer can.

      Why don’t you grow a mustache, Herbie. I really think it would suit you.

      • Herbie R Ficklestein says:

        Grow a mustache…is this the best you can do? Ok, whatever makes you feel better about the issue,. I just wonder what it will take for you and others of the same mindset to have the proof (as demanded), to accept the reality of the evidence that has been documented and presented.
        Oh, nevermind….as Gail has pointed don’t matter anyway

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        You are talking about this sort of thing? I am not a climatologist, so I do not really follow the debates – I do not see the point anyway, and I am in no position to critically evaluate the claims.

        Negative feedback (or balancing feedback) occurs when some function of the output of a system, process, or mechanism is fed back in a manner that tends to reduce the fluctuations in the output, whether caused by changes in the input or by other disturbances.

        …. Environmental Science

        A basic and common example of a negative feedback system in the environment is the interaction among cloud cover, plant growth, solar radiation, and planet temperature.[49] As incoming solar radiation increases, planet temperature increases. As the temperature increases, the amount of plant life that can grow increases. This plant life can then make products such as sulfur which produce more cloud cover. An increase in cloud cover leads to higher albedo, or surface reflectivity, of the Earth. As albedo increases, however, the amount of solar radiation decreases.[50] This, in turn, affects the rest of the cycle.

        Cloud cover, and in turn planet albedo and temperature, is also influenced by the hydrological cycle.[51] As planet temperature increases, more water vapor is produced, creating more clouds.[52] The clouds then block incoming solar radiation, lowering the temperature of the planet. This interaction produces less water vapor and therefore less cloud cover. The cycle then repeats in a negative feedback loop. In this way, negative feedback loops in the environment have a stabilizing effect.[53]

        • Tim Groves says:

          This sort of thing, precisely, Mirror. There have to be various negative feedbacks operating or Planet Earth would not have been a viable place for complex lifeforms for all these eons, or for humanoids for the past several million years. One of the biggest roles is played H2O molecules their various phases, as the text you’ve posted attests.

          (That’s evidence, by the way, Herbie)

          Why hasn’t the steep rise in atmospheric C O 2 documented (that’s evidence too) since the 1950s resulted in a steep rise in temperature as predicted by the alarmists all these decades. As the astronaut David Bowman says in 2010 (the sequel to 2010), “It’s all so clear to me now.” Because the alarm was a false one.

          In general terms, the earth’s atmospheric and land temperatures are strongly influenced almost to the point of being determined by the temperature of the upper layers of the oceans (which have around a thousand times the heat capacity of the atmosphere, by the way). Warm the oceans and you warm the land. Cool the oceans and you cool the land. The oceans are the biosphere’s thermal battery–or our hot water bottle, if you prefer.

          What charges this battery is the sun. Our nearest star bathes the spinning planet in heat like a fire heats a Turkish Döner Kebab, only fortunately for us, the water vapor in our atmosphere prevents us from getting the full roasting treatment. For an idea of how nicely we would roast without that water vapor, visit a desert area such as the Sahara or Death Valley in high summer.

          Not a lot of people know this, but the Southern Hemisphere has much less well marked seasonality than the Northern Hemisphere does. It gets considerably hotter in the Northern Hemisphere in summer and colder in winter than it does in the Southern Hemisphere. This seems counterintuitive at first hearing because both hemisphere’s get the same amount of time exposed to the sun each year, and doubly strange because the distance from the earth to the sun is at its smallest in January when the Southern Hemisphere is in high summer and the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the depths of winter.

          But it becomes a lot less incredible once we understand that the oceans control the temperature of the surface and atmosphere of the planet, that they play a moderating influence on the clime-ate, and that oceans account for about 80% of the Southern Hemisphere as opposed to about 60% of the Northern Hemisphere.

          And then, once we learn that it takes between four and five times as much incoming energy to heat a given mass of water by 1 degree centigrade than it does to heat the same mass of rock, it becomes obvious why the Northern Hemisphere gets hotter in summer than the Southern Hemisphere does, AND it gives us an inkling as to why the oceans are a moderating influence on the temperature of adjacent land masses.

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            This article that I read today also seems to be talking about a negative feedback loop. A ‘catastrophic’ cli-mate disruption (volcano) wiped out most species in the oceans and on land, but it led to the introduction of a new negative feedback loop that regulates the pH of the oceans; and that then allowed for the development of new life on the largely novel basis, in the oceans, of the ‘red queen’ process.

            The newly emerged calcifying plankton stabilised (and still do) the pH of the oceans, which allowed species to then compete on an interspecies basis of an ongoing adaption to keep up with the new adaptations of other species. So, catastrophic disruptions, when they do happen, can lead to the introduction of new negative feedback loops that radically alter the evolutionary process.

            The oceans and their life were completely transformed in that way. As Diogenes says, ‘nothing is better or worse’; ‘catastrophes’, feedback loops and the ‘red queen’ process are all facets of the overall process of the flux of the planet. Likewise AGM, if it happened, would not be a ‘bad’ thing, it would be just another ‘natural’ episode in the long process of the planet.

            Humans are a part of nature like any other, produced by nature and affecting it the way that nature made it so. Life is very resilient precisely in its flux. Eventually planet earth will end, and that is OK too, everything comes to an end eventually – not that we would necessarily personally wish that any time soon. The cosmic cycle continues – until or unless it does not. ‘It all is what it is.’


            …. A Plankton Revolution

            About 250 million years ago, at the end of the Permian period, life on Earth suffered an unprecedented blow. Something — massive volcanic activity in what are now the Siberian Traps is the likeliest culprit — devastated the global ecosystem and eliminated 90% or more of all marine species and upward of 70% of those on land. The nearly cleaned slate marked the dawn of a new era: the Mesozoic.

            …. This dramatic shift in marine life came to be known as the Mesozoic marine revolution. And it was in this time of renewal that a new kind of life emerged: the calcifying plankton — a diverse classification of tiny organisms that build shells or skeletons of calcium carbonate.

            …. That’s why mass marine extinctions have often been linked to geological or climatic events that cause the pH of the ocean to fall. Volcanic activity, in particular, tends to release a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and as the gas diffuses into the oceans, it turns waters more acidic. Between the Ordovician period, about 485 million years ago, and the early Jurassic, about 170 million years ago, there was abundant volcanic activity, which led to the extinction of many, many marine species. During that time, organisms thrived or died mostly based on factors beyond their control.

            But since the middle of the Jurassic, that hasn’t really been the case. “There was still volcanism, but that was usually not anymore accompanied by an extinction event,” Eichenseer explained. He suspects that the credit for life’s new resilience probably goes to those plankton — especially the ones that died.

            That’s because layers of dead carbonate organisms on the seafloor can dissolve when the seawater pH starts to drop, and the released carbonate ions then raise the pH again. Places where there is an abundance of dead carbonate organisms have always acted as a buffer to stabilize the ocean’s chemistry. But before these calcifying plankton appeared, this carbonate buffer was restricted to shallow continental shelves. There simply wasn’t enough chalky floor space to buffer against the extreme changes in acidity from volcanoes or other geological events.

            Then the calcifying plankton took over. Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find ocean waters less than 100 meters deep that don’t contain calcifying plankton. Despite their teeny size, they may account for nearly 12% of the total biomass in the oceans. And they’ve completely altered the way carbon moves around the planet. About 80% of the carbon-containing rocks on Earth are derived from the remains of these plankton and other marine calcifiers — even though by mass, these plankton may account for less than 0.2% of Earth’s carbon-containing life….

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I can attest to that…. I am originally from northern Ontario… roughly 5000km from the north pole…

            Winter temps are frequently below -30C

            Queenstown is roughly 5000km from the south pole….

            On most winter days I could ski then golf in the afternoon… it seldom goes below 0C at night and never in during the day.

            And we are inland so there are no oceans moderating the temps

      • Tsubion says:

        A sobering example of how mere mortals can be so convinced that they are right about something, so heavily invested in emotional narrative that they can’t see the woods for the trees. Only to find out that they were completely and utterly barking mad. No offence. We’ve all been there.

        But true wisdom lies in humility, rectification, opening of the mind to all possibilities. And you have that in spades. Can only happen through trial by fire. And timid souls shy away.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I used to subscribe to the International Herald Tribune hahaha…. WTF was I thinking!

          • Tsubion says:

            Your confession is duly noted. Pay tribute at the door on the way out.

            Embarrassing Pasts Anonymous

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I also used to assume we went to the moon — hahaha…. and I bought the gobal worming nonsense…. I was such a MOREon! (So there is a cure for stooopidity!)

              But I never believed 911 was not a US govt opp… I wasn’t THAT stoopid….

            • Tsubion says:

              Of course it was an op. But it’s fun to argue about the details. Still not resolved. Covidmania won’t take as long.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Greta is such a ‘fash’. Ecological equilibrium simply perpetuates the niche dominance of whichever species have grown strong enough to fend off any would-be competitors. Ultimately it is a power relationship of contest and dominance. Ecological instability allows new species to emerge into new niches, and that is where all of the evolution goes on.

      ‘Greens’ are the ecological analogue of slave owners holding back social ‘progress’ for their own vanity. /s. No land ecosystems away from the equator predate the last ice age – they are not ‘supposed’ to last forever. Greta has an idealised picture book understanding of ecology, which is pretty common. We would all still be plankton without ecological instability.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        Goodness, I sounded like such a ‘fash’ in that post – what is wrong with plankton anyway? There is some kind of species supremacism going on in that post. /s

        As Diogenes said, ‘nothing is better or worse’. But then, there are no grounds to criticise anti-planktonism – it is ‘all good’?

        • Herbie R Ficklestein says:

          Mirror, sorry, what was that all about!?
          Still waiting on what will it take ….thank you

          • Tim Groves says:

            Oh, what will it take?
            To accept to accept the reality of the evidence?
            That has been documented and presented?

            Good questions. Very good questions! De très bonnes questions!

            Well, I for one accept the reality of the evidence, Herbie. I accept that it has been written down and made public. No question about it. I just don’t except its validity or its accuracy on the say-so of people branded as experts who are getting well paid to say it, and who would jeopardize their careers if they said anything against it.

            We’ve been seeing this with clim-ate scientists and meteorologists for 30 years. There’s a long list of experts kicked out of their posts and defunded for not supporting the nonsensus.

            Now we are seeing it with tenured academics who insist their are only three genders—male, female, and neutral—and with doctors who question the safety of the jabs or try to prescribe HCL or Ivermectin to their Covid-19 patients.N’est-ce pas scandaleux?

            If we define evidence as the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid, mon ami; then before we accept the truth or validity of the belief or proposition being evidenced, surely we must evaluate and validate the evidence evidencing said belief or proposition AND the evidence invalidating it? N’est-ce pas?

            It’s a question of balance, Herbie. Poirot did not achieve true facial symmetry until you grow a mustache. You will never ever ever attain full intellectual maturity until you examine not just the evidence that supports the conclusions you are emotionally attached to, but also the evidence that contradicts those conclusions. Jamais! Jjamais! Jamais!

            Oh, and please pardon my French.

            • Herbie Ficklestein says:

              OK, Tim, you do not accept …that is YOUR opinion about the issue ….all right, I get it now…
              You feel otherwise…

            • Fast Eddy says:

              FLOODING last week in Germany, Denmark and Holland has become a cause celebre for the climate doomsters. ‘We have to make the state more climate-proof,’ one official said in response to Germany’s floods. Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, was among several others who made the connection. ‘It shows the urgency to act,’ she said.

              Such flooding is not new, of course. There are many examples from the past, see here and here.

              But climate alarmists are wont to seize on any out-of-the-ordinary event as proof of climate change and therefore the urgent need to act. As the Telegraph’s Charles Moore wrote last week: ‘The demand to do something big, now, at once, is a hustler’s trick.’ Unfortunately for the climate doomsayers, their argument (such as it is) works the other way.


          • Mirror on the wall says:

            It all means that the world is a flux and that ecological instability, and particularly major, ‘catastrophic’ instability, has been essential to the evolution of all of the species that exist today. It is not ‘bad’, it is a part of how the planet ‘works’.

            Plankton also are a product of catastrophic instability and they completely changed how the oceans ‘work’. They in turn provided a novel geological stability to the oceans that allowed the ‘red queen’ process of interspecies competitive evolution to emerge in the oceans.


            Ecological ‘conservation’ is an ecological ‘conservative’ movement but survival is always paired with extinction and with change. ‘Conservation’ is a value-driven ‘agenda’, and not an ‘holistic’, value-free approach to ecology.

            It does not ‘matter’ if there is (or is not) catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. Radical disruptions are part and parcel of how the planet ‘works’ and no species, and none of us, would be here today without it.

  22. Ed says:

    Norm, your remark that the hegemony dies when the energy surplus ends makes me happy. It ends well.

  23. JesseJames says:

    Saudi Aramco is in deep trouble. The King had to commit to huge annual dividends to get investors to buy only 5% of the company. Now Aramco cannot pay its dividends without resorting to issuing essentially junk bonds and cutting capital investment. Nearly all the foreign expertise…expats are now pretty much gone. It will quickly become a failing company. Then there will be no tax revenue for Saudi. Read the article in the

    • This is the article:

      Huge Dividend Cripples World’s Largest Oil Company

      Do you have a link to an old article on The Oil Drum? The closest I could find was
      World Oil Forecasts Including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE – Update Oct 2007

      This article says,

      “It is now almost a certainty that Saudi Arabia passed peak C&C production of 9.6 mbd in 2005 (Figs 9,10).”

      Saudi Arabia’s actual oil production in 2020 was 9.4 million bpd, compared to 9.6 million in 2005. I would characterize Saudi Arabia’s C+C supply as being on a bumpy plateau. It reached 10.7 million bpd in 2016 and 10.5 million bpd in 2018, but it certainly has not increased (or decreased) very much.

      I think it is unlikely the country has a whole lot of “spare capacity.” Whatever it had before, it is using now to offset depletion.

  24. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Build it Better…

    “There is a clear link between extreme precipitation occurring and climate change,” Wim Thiery, a professor at Brussels University, said Friday.

    Stefan Rahmstorf, a professor of ocean physics at the University of Potsdam, referring to the recent heat records set in the U.S. and Canada, said “some are so extreme that they would be virtually impossible without global warming..”

    Taking them all together, said Sir David King, chair of the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, “these are casualties of the climate crisis: we will only see these extreme weather events become more frequent.”

    For Diederik Samsom, the European Commission’s Cabinet chief behind this week’s massive proposals to spend billions and force industry into drastic reforms to help cut the bloc’s emissions of the gases that cause global warming by 55% this decade, this week’s disaster was a cautionary tale.

    “People are washed away in Germany … and Belgium and the Netherlands, too. We are experiencing climate change,” he said on a conference call of the European Policy Centre think tank. “A few years ago, you had to point to a point in the future or far away on the planet to talk about climate change. It’s happening now — here.”

    And climate scientists point toward two specific things that have contributed to this week’s calamity.

    First, with every 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) rise in temperature, the air can take in 7% more humidity. It can hold the water longer, leading to drought, but it also leads to an increase in dense, massive rainfall once it releases it.

    Another defining factor is the tendency for storms to hover over one place for far longer than usual, thus dumping increasing amounts of rain on a smaller patch of the world. Scientists say warming is a contributing factor there, too. A jet stream of high winds six miles (nearly 10 kilometers) high helps determine the weather over Europe and is fed by temperature differences between the tropics and the Arctic.

    Yet as Europe warms — with Scandinavia currently experiencing an unusual heat wave — the jet stream is weakened, causing its meandering course to stop, sometimes for days, Thiery said.

    He said such a phenomenon was visible in Canada too, where it helped cause a “heat dome” in which temperatures rose to 50 C (122 F).

    “And it is causing the heavy rain that we have seen in Western Europe,” he said.

    Even if greenhouse gas emissions are drastically curbed in the coming decades, the amount of carbon dioxide and other planet-heating gases already in the atmosphere means extreme weather is going to become more likely.

    Experts say such phenomena will hit those areas that aren’t prepared for it particularly hard.

    And on the other side of the Planet…

    Another blazing heatwave with temperatures over 100 is set to return to the Northwest and Canada this weekend
    Azmi Haroun
    Fri, July 16, 2021, 2:33 PM·1 min read

    Another blazing heatwave with temperatures over 100 is set to return to the Northwest and Canada this weekend
    Chris Hondros/Getty Images
    The Pacific Northwest and south-central Canada are bracing for another heatwave this weekend.

    The upcoming heatwave is the fourth to hit the region in the past five weeks.

    Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

    Another heatwave is set to return to the Pacific Northwest, northern Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and south-central Canada this weekend, with temperatures in some areas hitting 25 degrees above average temperatures.

    The heatwave arrives on the tail of a blistering heatwave that swept the region in late June, with temperatures over 100 degrees, sending dozens of people to the hospital due to heat-related injuries. The upcoming heatwave is the fourth to hit the region in the past five weeks.

    According to the US Drought Monitor, as of this week, 64 percent of the US West is dealing with extreme or exceptional drought. Billings, Montana is expected to be hotter than Phoenix, Arizona, and hit 104 degrees. Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah are also expected to pass 100 degrees.

    According to the Washington Post, the high tempatures topping 100 degrees will affect at least 15 million Americans over the coming days. The extreme heat is also returning as 70 large wildfires burn along the West, with Oregon and Washington calling for “Preparedness Level 5,” the level indicating the highest threat of wildfire and need for resources to combat them.

    This story is developing. Check back for updates

    Joe Biden to the rescue…..

    • The problem: There is pretty much nothing we can do about it. We are being sold a subsidized fairy tale.

      • Fernand Naudin says:

        (Irony). Already at that time the climate change causes extreme events.

        The siege of Chartres occurred in April 1360 as part of the first phase of the Hundred Years War. During Easter Monday, a huge storm hit the English army and killed about a thousand men. This event, known as Black Monday, was so devastating that it caused more English military casualties than any of the Hundred Years War battles fought up to that point.

        And what about the end of the Middle Ages that saw the beginning of a long period of global climatic cooling that would last about five centuries, a period known as the “Little Ice Age”.

        For the nomenklatura (the Elders fromFE) climate change and Covid are tools to sell general impoverishment and maintain their privileges.

        Less energy, less “democracy”.

        • this may be a difficult concept to assimilate

          but without the great unwashed masses (us),

          Bezos’s lavatory will not flush

          so much for ‘maintaining their priveleges’.

          However you are quite correct about democracy being the child of surplus energy.
          Without surplus energy, fascism is inevitable.

          • hkeithhenson says:

            “Without surplus energy, fascism is inevitable.”

            I think you are right, but there is an even broader way to consider the situation. Since well before the development of agriculture, human groups that faced a resource crisis made war on their neighbors.

            It’s not an easy to understand model (you need to understand Hamilton’s rule and the human practice of taking the young women of a defeated tribe) but the trait to go to war in *some* circumstances has been selected.

            Fascism is the kind of government you get when a modern population feels the need for a war. You don’t need an actual resource shortage, anticipation is enough to kick off the psychological mechanisms that lead to wars.

            • if I may add a slightly different slant.

              energy scarcity allows the fascist leader to rise (through desperation).

              it is that leader who points to ‘others’—with the eternal message that ‘they’ possess the resources that rightfully belong to ‘you’.

              The eternal excuse for war.

              Hitler was the most well known. He was one of thousands through the millennia.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              We seem to have got plenty of energy anyway, ultimately through wars and the threat thereof – WWI, Iraq I and II, etc. Inequality is ultimately grounded in force – the strong take what they can. Nothing ‘belongs’ to anyone, it is all social convention and ultimately force.

              ‘Fascism’ is perhaps more about controlling the domestic population – illusions of ‘freedom’ are easier when there is more to go around. Parliamentarianism is a sham, anyway. ‘Fascism’ is mainly used these days to make bourgeois ‘democracy’ look ‘good’.

              Ultimately all politics is likely drawing on long-bred feudal instincts. Humans were bred as slaves (and then serfs) for untold thousands of years, as far back as history goes. Different political systems likely manipulate those subjugated herd instincts in different ways.

    • cannuck210 says:

      Here on Vancouver Island we had record temperatures up in the high 39 degree Celsius level a couple of weeks ago. Water shortage on many of the small islands is at a critical level.
      But today, 17th July the temp is around 14degrees C, cloudy with a chance of showers.

    • Ed says:

      Here in NY state an exceptionally rainy July. But about four years ago we replaced the 6 inch drain pipes under the roads with 12 inch culverts. We have already built back better.

    • CMS says:

      Back in 1990’s there was a big controversy about how polluted the data from the existing climate stations had become. Much of the siting of meteorological stations was at airports and other communities. These sites had experienced growth over the years leading in part to them measuring the growth of the heat island effect, rather than temperature trends. The response was to develop the Climate Reference network where the station, with the best of equipment and triple redundancy, would be sited in pristine locations distributed in a manner that would be reflective of the country as a whole. This is probably the best network in the world. This was done in 2005. Here is NOAA’s description. Here is a link to the data. Look for yourself, I see no discernible trend, except, perhaps the last Jan being the coldest on record.

      As for draught, here is the Palmer draught index from NOAA. The trend for the last thirty years is a bit drier in the West, but the East is wetter. And of course the last 30 years, considered to be the shortest period in which you see climate and not weather, would be the ones effected by Climate Change. So those should be the highest in the last 100 years, but the present is wetter than the 100 year historical average. The peak draught years of the 30s and the 50s are both greater than the modern extreme of 2013. The wettest year on record is 2019. So those are your facts, not QUOTES from heads of alarmist commissions or even scientist who are funded on the back of the Climate Crisis, but scientific data from one of the most reputable sources.

      • postkey says:

        “For climate change, there are many scientific organizations that study the climate. These alphabet soup of organizations include NASA, NOAA, JMA, WMO, NSIDC, IPCC, UK Met Office, and others. Click on the names for links to their climate-related sites. There are also climate research organizations associated with universities. These are all legitimate scientific sources.
        If you have to dismiss all of these scientific organizations to reach your opinion, then you are by definition denying the science. If you have to believe that all of these organizations, and all of the climate scientists around the world, and all of the hundred thousand published research papers, and physics, are all somehow part of a global, multigenerational conspiracy to defraud the people, then you are, again, a denier by definition. 
        So if you deny all the above scientific organizations there are a lot of un-scientific web sites out there that pretend to be science. Many of these are run by lobbyists (e.g.., Climate Depot, run by a libertarian political lobbyist, CFACT), or supported by lobbyists (e.g., JoannaNova, WUWT, both of whom have received funding and otherwise substantial support by lobbying organizations like the Heartland Institute), or are actually paid by lobbyists to write Op-Eds and other blog posts that intentionally misrepresent the science.”

        • What happens in the future depends on a lot of things, including the supply of fossil fuels that can be extracted.

          A big issue is that the extractable fossil fuel supply has been vastly overestimated. Also, no one is talking about the huge late between any change and any impact on climate.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Here in Japan, we have weather too, including floods and droughts and rain so heavy that you would wet your pants just to see it falling. Indeed, I think we’ve been having extreme weather on and off since time immemorial. To add to the fun, we also have earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. Perhaps this is why the Japanese are so nonchalant about the spells of inclement weather that have western Greenies reaching for the incontinence pants.

      These meteorological and geological phenomena have conspired to produce the topography that characterize these islands. If the earthquakes never happened, mountains would not have formed and the entire place would be under water, and if the bulk of the rain fell as drizzle and light showers, rather than as deluges brought by typhoons, the rivers and streams would have cut much less deeply into the mountainsides and so there would be far less narrow valleys, canyons and gorges. All these landforms prove that these islands have long been subject to extreme weather as well as violent geological activity.

      By the way, the latest floods are by no means the first that have occurred in Europe. For instance, heavy rains killed 6,000 people in Germany Austria and Italy in what is known as St. Mary Magdalene’s flood in 1342. And single storm surges have killed ten times that number on numerous occasions.

  25. Tsubion says:

    Dr David Martin – The Illusion of Knowledge

    Dr David E Martin begins by saying, “I think every conversation about COVID and every conversation about SARS-Coronavirus is the wrong conversation for humanity to be having. And I think that we have been seduced into a distraction of epic proportions while a greater evil is being done.

    Apparently Life Insurance companies are behind all this mess.

    • ah—now that WOULD make sense

      life assurance/pension funds were never put together to pay out to old duffers like me getting to be 100 years old.–Ive already drawn out far more than I put in

      Yet somehow I can’t imagine boardroom meetings held in secret behind closed doors at the “prudential’ (my pension provider) plotting mass murder of all their clients.

      Though it would solve their problems I agree

      • Ed says:

        Those discussions do not happen in boardrooms. They take place in secure rooms in mansions in the Swiss Alps.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Norman, once you have paid all your premiums and drawing your pension, you are no longer a mere client. You are a potential liability. And the “prudential” thing for a pension provider to do would be to conspire with the Gnomes of Zurich (a phrase attributed to Harold Wilson, I believe) towards limiting their liabilities.

        And you thought your pension fund manager was just there for the skiing?!

  26. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Thank you, Gail, for the new write-up and seems you are on target….this article shows that fossil fuels will be part of the energy pie for the foreseeable future until there isn’t a future…

    There’s a big gap between U.S. emissions and climate targets

    Ben Geman
    Fri, July 16, 2021, 9:26 AM

    corporate world and governments are awash in ambitious climate pledges, but two new reports underscore how the on-the-ground policy reality has not yet begun to spur steep emissions cuts.

    Driving the news, part 1: The Rhodium Group consultancy is out with new projections of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions cuts under current federal and state policies.

    As you can see above, the country is nowhere near on track to meet the recent White House pledge of 50%-52% U.S. cuts by 2030, while the longstanding 2025 target of 26%-28% reductions is a nearer miss (but the uncertainty band is large).

    Driving the news, part 2: New International Energy Agency analysis shows that fossil fuels will be used to meet almost half of this year’s projected 5% rebound in global electricity demand.

    They see CO2 emissions from electricity, the largest global emissions source, rising 3.5% this year and another 2.5% in 2022.

    Coal-fired generation, especially fueled by China, is slated to rise by 5% this year. “It will grow by a further 3% in 2022 and could set an all-time high,” IEA notes (emphasis added).

    Seems more studies are needed to be made…

    • “Coal-fired generation, especially fueled by China, is slated to rise by 5% this year. “It will grow by a further 3% in 2022 and could set an all-time high,” IEA notes.”

      I think that this is nonsense. Coal prices need to move very high, to enable more extraction. We are at peak coal, whether we choose to believe it or not. BP’s new Statistical Review of World Energy report shows that coal consumption in 2020 in China still is not up to its level in 2012 and 2013. On a worldwide basis, coal consumption in 2020 is virtually identical to that in 2010.

      This is all scare tactics. We will become poorer and poorer instead.

      • Herbie Ficklestein says:

        China, the world’s biggest coal consumer, saw overall consumption of the fossil fuel increase by 0.6% in 2020 from a year earlier to around 4.04 billion tonnes, according to Reuters’ calculations based on official data.

        “Central government has said it will continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy, and meanwhile offer the necessary supports for economic recovery … That would push up coal demand in 2021,” the association said in a statement.

        It also forecast China’s coal output would increase in 2021, with the launch of new and advanced coal capacity in major coal mining regions such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. But central Chinese regions such as Hunan and Jiangxi will continue shut down their outdated coal mines.

        China churned out 3.84 billion tonnes of coal in 2020, the most since 2015.

        Don’t know but seems they are trying their best to burn. Baby, burn

      • Ed says:

        nuggets of truth are a joy in this confused time

  27. Lastcall says:

    Man? …. no
    Woman? …no

    ‘No evidence exists of risk to the fetus from vaccinating pregnant people with non-replicating vaccines in general. However, the potential risks of COVID-19 vaccines to the pregnant person and the fetus are unknown, because these vaccines have not been extensively studied in pregnant people.”
    Moderna article re-trials.

    I guess there has been a pregnant person who isn’t a female.
    I am pregnant with contempt.
    Who are these plersuns?

    • D. Stevens says:

      There has not been a pregnant person who isn’t female but some females don’t consider themselves women. It makes sense if one considers gender and sex to be different concepts and not synonymous terms. I’m sorry if non-gendered language such as ‘people’ is triggering for some people.

      • Lastcall says:

        Triggering…now thats baked in at this stage

      • TIm Groves says:

        Come now, my dear sir or madam, all females are girls or women, but not all of them are ladies.

      • Tim Groves says:

        People to the left of me
        People to the right
        I wanna be alone
        But it just gets worse all the time
        Can’t make it work

        People all around me
        In love, in pain
        Some are integrated
        Driving me insane
        They’re gonna drive me right out of my head

        There’s people cheating
        Pressure from all sides
        Chain you
        They’ll try to change you
        There’s no escaping

  28. StarvingLion says:

    Gail should ask why this is not Japan’s version of JonesTown and mass suicide? Japan to invest in a fairy tale? Does Gail believe the citizens will just say “yep don’t need oil no more, lets commit hari kari” willingly?

    BOJ Goes Green: Will Offer Interest-Free Loans Under New Climating-Financing Facility

    by Tyler Durden
    Friday, Jul 16, 2021 – 02:20 PM

    Japan’s NIRP regime is finally over… at least for a handful of “virtuous” companies that plan on “investing” in “green” projects.

    Commentary: “The BOJ was latest central bank to announce it’s going green. 0% loans to approved projects. Not only that but you don’t even have to pay the principle of the loan back. You can just keep rolling it over with the Bank of Japan until the end of time.

    I think Japan Inc knows that the barrels of oil flowing their way will be cut off in not too distant future.

    You don’t see any central bank saying they will give the oil guys 0% loans and you don’t even have to payback the principle if you’ll just keep the oil flowing.

    I’d say we are really close to the oh shit moment. Where you can’t get oil regardless of price depending on where you live.”

  29. Fast Eddy says:

    Half way through – ‘it’s all about money’

    Impossible. How do you get all leaders on board + MSM …. so pharma can make billions…

    Just ridiculous to think pharma could have the power to wreck the global economy so their ‘investors’ would get on board.

    I am beginning to suspect that Fuellmich is playing a role … deflection … he is establishment – so is the other guy…. surely they cannot believe the PTB would allow this? After all how many tens of trillions have been burned in the past year… so pharma can make some dosh?

    Obviously total bullshit

    • StarvingLion says:

      Here is the total bullshit — nuke bombs do not exist

      • Bei Dawei says:

        Eric Dubay? Hey, I recognize that name from SciManDan’s YouTube videos! Dubay is a famous Flat Earther! (Seriously.)

        • thanks so much for the Dubay link

          I hadn’t heard of him.

          I tried to read up a bit on loonytoons stuff because it reinforces certainties in other respects—inevitably I doubt myself sometimes, then i look at what a crackpot like that comes up with and am reassured that I still have a grip on some level of sanity.

          I apply the same thinking to OFW with certain fellow inmates

    • StarvingLion says:

      When is Gail going to address this video that clearly demonstrates the paper trail that proves without a doubt that the entire so-called pandemic is completely fraudulent.

      Will Gail simply continue to ignore this video?

    • Tsubion says:

      It gets interesting at this point wouldn’t you agree?

      Of course there are Grabblers ( Elders / Elite Master Farmers or whatever ) behind the scenes running the whole show. There is a component that only think about the money – the investment banks Blackrock Vanguard etc. This is obviously the main drive for most in the Pharma business too.

      But that can lead people to the wrong conclusion as to what is happening now.

      There are obviously other intentions afoot behind the current deliberately visible rollout of Event 201 and Covid mania followed by Cyber Polygon and the breakdown of law and order in several countries.

      Fuellmich and a whole coterie of “rising stars” that we are all paying attention to may be sincere ( and rising to the occasion ) or may in fact be playing a role to mislead the ones that are paying attention. Some are just grifters jumping on the bandwagon for momentary fame and fortune. Others are army intelligence in the UK and US. These have long been either fear mongering or selling hopium to the “awakened.”

      They are also setting up the idea of a savior character swooping in and saving the day once enough damage has been done. Billions of desperate people on their knees begging for solutions is what the psychos at the top really want. They want to come out of the shadows and be worshipped as GodKings. The only way that happens is if the masses are truly cornered with no chance of fighting back. Chipped, nanoteched, electronic tattooed, lobotomised or whatever. The useful will take the bribes if they know what’s good for them. The rest will have know means to rise up. Camps and punishment will make sure of that.

      So the money motive is there, but it lives in a bubble. The bubble exists alongside another bubble that includes eugenics, population reduction, expropriation of territories and resources, transhumanism etc.

      The money and power bubble people don’t think twice before taking the million dollar bribes from the other bubble people. They know what happens if they don’t. Look what happened to the African presidents that went against the plan. The Bielarussian Bear refused to take the billion dollar bribe from the IMF and he’s still around but he’s a tough cookie. Maybe one day his country will find out what happens when you defy the other bubble people.

      Fuelmich may have good intentions. I don’t think he’s naive, just comes from a certain background. He and his thousands of lawyers and scientists working on proving that the plandemic was a criminal conspiracy are no real threat to the other bubble people and their overall agenda. They would be dead if they were.

      So… in keeping with your depopulation concept… I would say that all of these attempts to bring down the bad guys are simply there to once again make those looking for justice back down because “someone else is taking care of it.”

      I’m not totally buying the mass death agenda until I see large numbers of injected dropping like flies come the fall. Again, we should be seeing this already in Argentina, Australia etc. Much of the theories coming from the likes of Bosche and others and repeated by the “hero doctors” are shaky to say the least. They are working from the assumption that the virus actually exists and mutates when everyone should know by now that the virus is a computer construct as are the variants. The studies claiming to have isolated and purified the virus have been sufficiently debunked. The only pundits still hanging on to this fiction have something to sell or want to keep the pressure on the Wuhan Lab incidence theory.

      Based on this, we are now hearing counterclaims about the so called spike protein potential damage. Lets be clear… this alone has been sold to us as a potent bioweapon by the “truther doctors and scientists.” But since the original virus doesn’t exist, the only source for spike protein damage would be the mRNA production of such in the cells. And only if one gets sick are they produced. So come winter, only injected people with the sniffles would come a cropper. There’s talk of neutralising agents already which if true would reduce the threat if the threat is real at all.

      It may be that the injection campaign is testing other technologies covertly. The injected all volunteered to enter a medical experiment. They gave their consent. They are also more likely to line up for future shots which could contain diferrent ingredients every time. The Elite Master Farmers or another branch of Grabblers may simply be testing their transhuman tech on the willing and seeing how well the tech is tolerated.

      Right now… all I see are millions of mindless zombies lining up for the woodchipper. I’m starting to believe there are subliminal messages being pumped into the brains of tv watchers. It’s the only way I can explain my immunity to the madness. I haven’t owned a tv in twenty years.

      • did you think that up all by yourself?

        or cut and paste it from somewhere else?

        I can’t wait to go through an American airport security gate, set off alarm bells with my pockets full of contraband hardware, then tell a large utterly humourless guard:

        “not to worry–I was injected with nano-ferrous particles instead of the usual covid jab back in 2021”

        • Tsubion says:

          You are beyond help Normie. And have been for a very long time.

          Some of us don’t have to copy paste other people’s dogma because we can think for ourselves.

          You should try it sometime but I suspect you don’t have what it takes as you have never demonstrated it in your years of blather. Just the usual neo-malthusian, marxist driven nonsense and cheap potshots at anything you don’t have knowledge of.

          Are you wilfully blind deaf and dumb or does it come naturally in your neck of the woods?

          And while your at it… look up the hundreds of academic articles on injected nanotechnology and how graphene is listed as a potential vaxx adjuvant.

          But you won’t. You’re too lazy. You will just make snide remarks and move on as if nothing happened. You have turned this into an artform and appaer to revel in your ignorance.

          Why you and some others are so resistant to a deeper understanding of the world around you is something to study in itself. And yet you hold such a high opinion of yourself while making an assss of yourself over and over again. It boggles the miind. Are you a masochist?

          • I have to pop out for a few hours.

            in the meantime, what’s grabbler?

            oh—and cyber polygon? and Event 201?

            All I do is ask questions–it seems to be misinterpreted and upsets people

            • Tsubion says:

              You always use the same response. That you were misunderstood. And then set about digging a bigger hole for yourself.

              Search engine. Use it.

              I will no longer engage with Normie. It’s a complete and utter waste of precious time.

              There are plenty of opened-minded creative thinkers around here that push the boundaries of what is known and dare to question authority.

              The authoritarian academics ARE the problem. Wake up and smell the coffee.

              All Normie brings to the table is mockery and ridicule from his position of self-proclaimed ignorance. It gets old.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              norm is like Air Supply …. most people can’t stand that rubbish … but it just won’t go away….

            • when the jwitnesses come to my door (I miss them y’know) and try to feed me with what is ‘correct’, I point out a few biblical anomalies.

              Which they cannot answer. Their belief system is ‘blind acceptance’ of what they are told.

              But the bible is believed by billions of people–how could it possibly be wrong, they tell me.
              Billions of copies have been sold around the world.

              Neither of us ‘loses it’, however, their belief is too strong to be upset by me–they ‘know’ they are right.
              Fair enough.
              We always part on friendly terms–I never slam the door in their faces. (unlike most, I believe)
              I respect their strong beliefs, even though it is a load of tosh.

              I ‘know’ they are wrong.
              No matter how many millions of jwitnesses are out there.


              On the other hand a sure sign of weak belief is when the so called ‘believer’ gets angry when someone else says “nonsense”. (And has the temerity to ask ‘why”)–which can never be answered of course.

              Take today’s ‘revelation’ (a new one on me–I thought I’d heard it all)

              That life assurance companies are now plotting mass murder (in a chateau in Swiss alps apparently) to avoid paying out on annuities.

              And I’m supposed to accept that as ‘truth’? Tell me you’re trying to wind me up?

              And you wonder at my mockery?

            • Tim Groves says:

              I think you two are both trying to tell the truth, and at the same time you are both trying to wind each other up, and you are both succeeding.

              I hope there are no hard feelings between you. Chatting on the internet, it’s a funny old game.

            • info says:

              @Norman Pagett

              Because even granting that it is false. Said claims don’t bump up against reality.

      • Xabier says:

        We have, most of us, far greater value to them alive as experimental subjects even if sterilized, than dead en masse this winter. Not that deaths bother them over much, of course.

        The resource crisis is not that acute just yet, and they have the magical programmable CBDC’s to sort out financial problems caused by this period of extreme stress, SME destruction and even vaster national debts.

        With the ‘Pandemic’ emergency permission to jab, they have jumped all regulatory obstacles to using mRNA technology on a large scale in humans, established the principle of full indemnity, and persuaded the public to accept large numbers of deaths and harm as ‘very rare’ and totally reasonable, and to accept the injection of obviously healthy people with any substance proffered as the ‘new normal’.

        Those achievements alone are pure gold to them, and to the Totalitarian system which is being imposed through ’emergency’ legislation almost everywhere, with little attempt to disguise it.

        • FoolishFitz says:

          Ever read any Omar Khan Xabier?

          “Our immunity to grace and to the inducements of spiritual insight from a variety of sources, to being grounded in our sense of “being” mindfully, as opposed to venerating distraction, commercial gewgaws and the aesthetic degradation of kitsch, all compound and provide a toxic cocktail that leaves us amenable to manipulation, salivating on cue, reflexively distracted and thereby indifferent to any call to ripen into self-aware personhood.

          Germany on the brink of starvation by a war it started and was not prepared for, the victors perilously close to bankruptcy having pushed past prudence themselves, so what was gained? No one will ask about the enormity of what was lost.

          Today, knowing our craven compliance deep down, our sick, narcissistic, nihilistic capitulation before a mediocre influenza strain, relentlessly hyped, we dare not look at it. Hence, we bristle at the suggestion that it was for nothing. Hence, we cling to our “mask-erade” when it’s evident any particles of the size of this pathogen would laughingly bypass this useless totemic shield. Hence, we lock ourselves inside with pathetic gullibility, and make a virtue of our being terrorized and paralyzed, and our moral ennui is recast as “saving granny” or “protecting the world”, as long as those who are disposable bring me my dinner, my cosmetics, my pharmaceutical supply and any other trinkets or amusements which allow me to “pad” my cell.

          And as the basis for a sustainable world crumbles around us, as the artefacts of culture or heritage decay and lose their viability, we at some level, must be sickened at our vanity, of wanting to eke another few miserable years of “non-death” from an age stratified virus that had the audacity to even follow normal mortality. It showed us what we were made of…and weren’t. And we will howl with outrage at those who dare to bypass the same capitulation and hold a mirror up to our folly.”

          I’d personally say the last flickering went out on Wednesday, when our parliament voted to make experimental therapies compulsory in care homes(that’s everyone that enters), with only 24 hours notice and no impact assessment(similar to the other 471 statutory instruments it has brought into legislation since this fraud started).

          • Tsubion says:


            I mean the writing. Not the forced jabbing of unfortunates that have no option but to throw themselves into the woodchipper known as care homes.

        • Tsubion says:

          Yes it’s all a live exercise as Pompeo blurted out while grinning from ear to ear like a chesire cat.

          I’m confident the whole narrative will implode soon enough.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Crisis actors … anything is possible…

        ‘Reality’ in the time of Covid

        Actors appearing on Good Morning Britain, fake cleaners on the London life becoming the Truman Show?

        Re CEP… it will be interesting to see how this evolves… the assumption of Team Bossche is that you don’t need to Inject everyone … just enough… however Team Yeadon might get a second wind if the Elders are serious about Injecting every last person …

        In the US it looks like about 30% are refusing … will the PR Team have the power to coerce these people into coming on board … we can see where this is headed…

        I just read where ‘we can expect lockdown after lockdown after lockdown’ if people refuse the Injection … they are being blamed for the variants… which to date … are a nothing burger…

        Do they use this to put pressure on the remaining 30%… whittle that down … then continue to ratchet up in the hard cases…. and eventual just force the remaining refusers? At some point it would be very easy to shove them into quarantine camps and only allow them to leave if they accepted the jab…

        Either way — same end game… extinction.

        • Tsubion says:

          Yes I saw the Hazmat cleaning crew photo op – Hilarious!

          As usual, you’ve really thought this through. Covered every angle. But I don’t think we’re going to have to wait much longer for full resolution. Too much pressure building up from the “resistance” camp.

          The TV indoctrination is wearing thin. I can see the fatigue lifting on the local Covidians. No one gets in yer face anymore about masks, injections, rules and regulations. Just the odd reminder that they still bought into the whole sham. I simply ignore and move on.

          Summer is great here so far. Tourism flowing. Only weeks ago cops would hunt down anyone not wearing a mask anywhere outdoors. Now they don’t bother.

          Courts are beginning to step up maybe because they don’t want to go down with the rest when the tide turns. They have a stay out of jail card and they’re using it.

          I have zero fear of being around the injected.

          I think the battle of the boffins is a distraction. Probably irrelevant. Not a single darned human needs the jab. This is a battle of law and what is right and what is wrong.

          That said… if brute force prevails over rule of law then all bets are off. If the injection agenda is the most important goal then it will be enforced, human rights be damned. If the remnant are able to resist being rounded up and jabbed then we may see a different outcome – populist dictatorship.

          If deaths of jabbed continues increasing and becomes obvious even to the delusional jabbed then the pure bloods may have a chance to gloat.

          Balance tips the other way? … then the pure bloods get rounded up and experimented on in camps.

          Lockdowns are not going to be accepted anymore. Only by the dumbest. Tables are turning. Look at France.

          Either way — same end game… extinction.

          But only after we’ve torn down every last tree on this planet and eaten every last neighbor.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            It does appear we are approaching some form of Crescendo Moment…. that natives are getting restless… and the Divide and Conquer strategy has its limits…

            Team Bossche said the deadly variants would emerge within months… obviously it is not possible to time that specifically … we are mid summer up north….

            Is this how it begins? Are the Elders looking at this exact graph and nodding with grim faces at each other saying — this is it — then taking large gulps of the $10,000 a bottle scotch….

            If this is not it… (yet) we know the CEP contains plans to deal with ‘terrorism’… the CovIDIOTS have already been asked to report any extremist tendencies exhibited by family and friends….

            I am hoping this is not ‘it’ (yet) because it would be Hugely entertaining to watch clips of the extremists in action … and the military tracking them down (with help from the CovIDIOTS)…

            Kinda like those real life cop shows … but way better…. no point in going extreme… the Palestinians try that all the time… it’s futile…. better to sit back and watch….


  30. StarvingLion says:

    Whats little normie from bankrupt uk gonna say about this? his vax is useless of course!

    UK: Vaccination, a dud against Delta variant? 50% of recent deaths is of those vaccinated with jabs

    Why should it work here if it doesn’t work there? Seems like more cooking the books by the fraudulent media on the take from big-pharma…

    Nothing new about MSM lies, it’s what they do best and all the time!

    “According to the GIMBE Foundation, about 100,000 Italians have contracted the virus, daily Il Sole 24 Ore reported. That would bring back the country’s death rate closer to the global average of about 2%.
    relates to 99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says”

    • Rodster says:

      You have to take The Jab every week from a different drug maker. Ya gotta cover your bases.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      The only figures in the story, which related to deaths of vaccinated versus unvaccinated are the 8 deaths in under 50s, with 6 of those being for unvaccinated people (and the other 2 being for partially vaccinated people). So the vast majority of deaths have been in the over 50s group, which is probably the group with the highest proportion of vaccinations, yet, overall, less than half of the deaths have been vaccinated people. So it’s not reasonable to conclude that the vaccines are a dud against the Delta variant.

      If we compare Russia and the UK, both had about 24,500 new cases in a day, two weeks ago. Yesterday, Russia had 799 deaths but the UK had 49 deaths. Russia has vaccinated about 17% of its population but the UK has vaccinated almost 70% of its population. One might conclude that the vaccine is highly effective at reducing the severity of the disease.

      • Yorchichan says:

        I’d conclude that the UK is better at inventing cases.

        • That leads to the question why is Russia/China still towing the line.. and even actually still issuing silly PR spin about it, especially by China. And there could be myriad of sub scenarios why they continue to do that.. Among the top options:

          [60%] covering up (their negligence) being target of biowarfare
          [20%] plain incompetence (i.e. not knowing what game is played)
          [15%] understanding and coop in the overall global depop / digital corraling plan agenda
          [5%] victims of genuine outbrake
          ps arbitrary estimates of probability are mine..

          • Tsubion says:

            [15%] understanding and coop in the overall global depop / digital corraling plan agenda

            I think we have a winner! Play along to get along but Russia and China are playing for keeps! Mass vaxxination for the west, south america etc but only symbolic vaxx campaigns in Russia and China. I smell a rat!

            • Ed says:

              Tsubion, I think you have it. Also west uses depop vax, Russia uses Russian vax with no depop effect and China uses Chinese vax with either no depop or depop only in batches for parts of the pop they wish to get rid of.

            • if you add an extra o

              you get poop

              which adds up to the same thing as part of this thread

          • Xabier says:

            Good question, why play along?

            Perhaps they do not wish to be completely ostracised as ‘unsafe’ un-vaxxed states?

            I would expect their motives to be political and economic.

            The West is the true home of psychopathic eugenicists.

            • Tsubion says:

              That immediately raised flags especially when the Puts donned full hazmat to inspect a ward of “infected”… in Italy!

              Then supposedly injected his own daughter to prove how safe the Russian vaxx was!

              What a show!!

              They’re all in the same club. Just playing their roles of protag antag like a bunch of amateur dramatics flunkies. It’s never been more obvious then Boris the clown and the drama queens.

              And the eugenics experiment club have found a welcoming new playground in the hear of China. I think it’s safe to say that anything you can imagine is being done in the name of science and progress with the added benefit of punishing the round eyed devils for all past trangressions. Payback is a biatch!

            • Fast Eddy says:

              What’s wrong with being a eugenicist?

              Is wanting all CovIDIOTS removed from the breeding pool… such a bad thing?

              And Green Grooopies… and DelusisTANIS?

              What about MOREONS?

      • Tsubion says:

        Who the hell is still lining up for regular PCR testing at this point? I blame these idiots for the never ending saga that is Covidmania. I’ve said it before. If someone has visible symptoms of something or other, treat them and leave everyone else alone. There are so few people with actual symptoms as to be statistically irrelevant so why are donkeys still blabbering about cases – positive pcrs. Absolute idiocy.

        The stats seem to show that the UK is stuffed full of heavily brainwashed donkeys and Russia is looking like somewhere I’d like to live. My tolerance of Spain’s descent into madness is wearing thin.

      • Xabier says:

        If you till take ‘cases’ seriously at this late stage, you have not been paying attention.

        The scale of testing in the UK, by the way, is far far higher than in any other state, quite incredible.

        All part of the propaganda to fabricate the need for a lock-down in early September, in all probability.

        • Mike Roberts says:

          If someone thinks all numbers are complete fabrications, then why even link to a story about numbers? If they do so link, then they have to accept counters to their opinion that uses those numbers.

          • Tsubion says:

            The numbers are completely useless so making reference to any of them is… pointless.

            This was already understood in March 2020. All PCR testing is null and void. Why is it so hard for some people to understand this.

      • Hubbs says:

        Waiting to see when opportunities for VAXX extortion arrive. Because it’s not a resurgence of the pandemic due to new Delta or Lambda “strains,” but because a new cohort of people will become financially vulnerable.

        Unemployment benefits due to expire in September, and a huge number of college kids will have paid their fall non refundable tuition.

        If you want to extend your unemployment benefits you must submit to the vaxx. If you want to be able to attend classes and avoid surrendering your tuition money, you must submit.

        • Hubbs says:

          And if that strategy works, perhaps they will follow it up with requirements for SS and Medicare benefits.

          But as natural resources and food supplies start getting stretched, populations/countries will go to war-eventually. I guess the only good thing that can come out of it is that wars, especially large scale wars involving projection of power, cost a lot of money, and energy supplies. I have been reviewing Hitler’s need for oil in the Caucuses to keep his machine running. It is a paradox. Unless it is a button pushing war which unleashes nuclear missile destruction upon the planet (unlikely scenario and which involves little energy to initiate and is over quickly) it may be very difficult to project and sustain a sufficient conventional force unless one is dealing with a local war. Nations will be too poor to fight a major war much beyond their borders. With the Armageddon/ MAD option off the table, but yet a shortage of resources, conventional local wars are more likely.

          • The ongoing US pivot (last mad dash gamble) from full spectrum global dominance selectively into the Asia-Pacific means moving the proxy wars (or even direct meddling) doctrine closer to China’s immediate biz partner ring.

            Hence, there will be a show down at some mid term threshold, and it could essentially end up only in two ways:

            – “fast and surprising” defeat of the US which triggers tsunami of “bystanders” offloading towards Chinese sphere of influence (US tech biz abroad, Euros, Gulfies, even most of the former Commonwealth..), US hyperinflates “overnight” and some sort of disorderly balkanization into smaller state entities ensues

            – “fast and surprising” defeat of China even in relatively smallish skirmish showing to the world their doctrine of high tech match up nor gigantic arsenal in terms of volume was not accompanied with resolve to actually risk fight, eggfaced politburo in Peking reshuffles more towards flunkies faction and the West gets another extra reprieve, be it temporary..

            • Tsubion says:

              I like your thinking Worldof. And the fact that you carefully weigh up the situation and provide plausible scenarios fleshed out with convincing detail.

              I’m starting to think you may have been right all along. A more long drawn out step down over decades is feasible now that I have seen how easy it is to manipulate most of the worlds population. So many possibilities are opened up because of this.

              What’s your take on space based weapons platforms – low earth orbit laser applications and other Directed Energy Weapons?

              And hypersonic weapons making aircraft carriers obsolete?

              Nuclear power plants and ponds becoming rich targets for area effects, tsunami weapons to flood coastlines etc.

              Achiles heals that can be exploited – three gorges dam sabotage, farming disrupted y weather and climate modification.

              For now, I think the CCP will be taken down by the west and even though Asia appeared to be on the rise compared to everywhere else, they too will collapse horribly.

            • Tsubion, as most of us here was not able to focus on all topics over the years – hence was (additionally) shocked by the Chinese ultra fast paced progress, most recently by their deployment of fast rail network and passively cooled coal plants in deserts.

              And even more notably surprised by launching their own orbital station recently. For example imagine that ISS has been build up in decades by various int parties, lets say Canada provided the robotic arm/platform, other countries contributed this bit and that module etc.. Now Chinese did it ALL on their own in no time.. yes in part copied and leveraged from experience of others BUT..

              In arms tech the situation (of coming smack down) could be similarly epic, basically in few years time they will have (beyond existing prototypes) swarms of strategic bombers with hypersonic missiles. From that point on Asia-Pacific is their lake..

              Side note, most likely won’t much increase their nuclear war heads pile though which is a fraction of US/RUS.

              To your question, yes acts of hyenous ways could be perhaps mounted in an attempt to derail them. But that’s counter productive long term as this only emboldens the response.

              ~Long(er) drawn collapse sequence is possible, when first(old) world will be massively descaling energy throughput and also some weaker countries falling completely out of the picture in the #2-3rd world. For example, the prevailing mode for long range personal-leisure travel via diesel carz is going to be banned shortly in the EU, and the replacement EVs are 2-3x the price and ~400km range per charge, hence niche market only.

              I’ve often mentioned the previous (cycle) Byzantium example, where civ soldiered on there during the West Roman Empire area dark ages.. That crumbled down – transformed – lost eventually as well.

            • postkey says:

              “By the time you got to the first Bush administration, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they came out with a national defense policy and strategic policy. What they basically said is that we’re going to have wars against what they called much weaker enemies and these have to be carried out quickly and decisively or else there will be embarrassment—a way of saying that popular reaction is going to set in. And that’s the way it’s been. It’s not pretty, but it’s some kind of constraint.”

            • Tsubion says:

              Thanks Hanuman.

              I’m going to go long Rods from God and LRADs just for good measure.

              passively cooled coal plants in deserts looking good. Testing thorium reactors too.


              Certainly ramping up to major conflict unless difused by top level. Cyberattacks now so common like slapping each other in the face until one side kicks off. So many mousetraps waiting to be triggered.

          • Some would even argue the WEFers and insiders of any meaningful size are actually boarding the ship for the first option already..

            For example, Billy boy (+few generals in the loop) don’t mind playing and securing the position of the landed aristocracy for the f_USA territories in the world of the near future. They will export the agri tribute to China and import gizmos to govern the unwashed.

  31. Mike Roberts says:

    Fossil fuel subsidies also include tax breaks (including in the US) but, yes, tax returns from energy is a big factor in what makes energy work in a society.

    • Even with the tax breaks, they pay relatively high taxes. They pay royalties besides “regular” taxes. They also pay taxes to state governments.

    • NoOne says:

      How about just return, let’s forget about taxes on returns, let’s talk only returns, period. This should be easy. Much less noise, since taxes on returns are a derivative, and we do not want that, we’re simple minded.

      How many companies do you know, which make a product using 10% (or any %, please list, I used 10% to start up the thread, I’m sure there is an abundance of positive EROI in the wild) renewable energy input vs output?
      Please list a *single* one, I will wait patiently.

      • NoOne says:

        1% EROI will do also, please list any company.
        I am sure a mere 1% positive renewable EROI company will gloat about its efficiency, but I have yet to find one.

        Feel free to enlighten us, please.

    • Possibly I’ve missed something (it happens) but I think energy conversion (from one form to another) is the only source of viable taxation available to functioning governments.

      • James C. Scott makes the point in his book Against the Grain that early taxation was taxation of grain. Grain was an energy product that was easy to identify as it was growing. Grain was also easy to store.

        The fact that farmers could produce more grain than they needed directly to feed themselves and their workers (often slaves) meant that governments could tax the grain. With these taxes, governments could be set up. The grain could be distributed to governmental workers and workers in cities. It was the fact that this grain allowed stored surpluses of energy that allowed governments, with all of their services to grow.

        He points out that in Africa and other parts of the world where the main type of food energy storage is in root crops, the “size” of governments is much smaller. Root crops are hard to see and tax. The root crops don’t store well. They are more common in warm parts of the world, where crops are grown year around, so storage is not as much of an issue.

        If we want to switch to electricity, we are basically changing to a form of energy with no storage capacity. The only storage is pumped hydroelectric storage, which is very limited in quantity and batteries, which use a lot of material to manufacture and transport to where they are needed. Somehow, the electricity needs to be produced very cheaply so it can “pay” for all of the infrastructure for storage, besides governments and cities.

        Food is perhaps our biggest energy requirement. Somehow, intermittent electricity must make efficient food production, transport, and storage possible.

        • Build a mill to grind the corn, and the mill owner was liable for an annual tax on his mill.

          make grain into bread, take a proportion of the price of a loaf as taxation.

          Every house had a ‘hearth tax’

          and so on up the line of ‘energy consumption/conversion.’

      • DJ says:

        I thought goverments could tax just about anything.

        • yes they can

          but if you take ‘anything’ and strip it back to fundamentals, it contains an energy base.

          it is that that is taxed.

          you’re taxed on an airline ticket—but the tax is really on the fuel in the aircraft

    • Mike Roberts says:

      ‘Reckless’: G20 states subsidised fossil fuels by $3tn since 2015, says report

      The report found that 60% of the fossil fuel subsidies went to the companies producing fossil fuels and 40% to cutting prices for energy consumers.

  32. StarvingLion says:

    I want to ask Gail why every solar plant built in the desert has burned up. Al dafra and invanpah being examples. I would love to find any solar farm over 1gw that survived more than two years.

  33. Malcopian says:

    Two days ago I got an email from my bank telling me that they needed me to add my mobile phone number to my account profile. Soon they will text you a security code each time you want to make an online purchase. If they don’t have my mobile number, I won’t be able to shop online in future, so they told me.

    The only problem is, I don’t have a mobile phone and never will. I am satisfied with my landline – which I rarely ever use anyway. I have my two desktop PC’s and don’t need a mobile for the internet. According to the bank’s email, if you don’t have a mobile, you have to ring them on their paid number and discuss your circumstances with them. I’ve checked everything out, and this is not a scam.

    So what is behind this? Is there a push to require everyone to have a mobile? And if so, why? I’ve already got the vaccination people trying to ring me up, but I know their number because it was on a leaflet they left, so I’ve blocked it. There is just too much intrusiveness these days.

    Any, I mentioned last week that Nostradamus had predicted England would lose in the final, and so it proved. Call me a genius – I am!

    • nikoB says:

      Mobiles are specifically linked to a person. It is just another way of removing anonymity from the net. Everything now asks for your mobile, it is the way to link everything together that you are using or doing. I wish you the best of luck staying off a mobile.

      • Malcopian says:

        You can lend your mobile to somebody else. Sending a security code to my email address, which is what the bank has done up till now, is just as good and not anonymous either. The bank should recognise that there are multiple options these days, including landline.

    • StarvingLion says:

      They want to kill you because you don’t stand on top of any quality crude oil.

    • NoOne says:

      I guarantee that there is a way still available to use the landline (it is what I do, and many seniors I know have to do this also).
      However, as the society becomes more complex (and by definition less resilient), you must adjust, until the fat lady sings and we go the way of the Dodo.
      You can chose not to adjust, and go full Dodo now, or you can chose to accept the nuisance (really, we’re PAST peak oil and we’re complaining about cell phones for bank accounts, sheesh!) and go full Dodo later.
      Personally, I can manage without a mobile phone number still (alas, NOT without a mobile phone) and still be employed.
      Perhaps ask Nostradamus for advice?

    • Bei Dawei says:

      They have to make accommodations for the handicapped. Maybe you can’t use a mobile because you’re…both blind and deaf? Okay, maybe you *need* to use a desktop / landline because of visual / hearing problems. Something like that. Or tell them that according to your religion, using a mobile is acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. Quote lots of Bible verses. They’ll cave.

    • Student says:

      Dear Malcopian, I hold you in the highest esteem as you don’t have any mobile.
      I think that the future will be no mobile phones for us or only few of us to have them.
      I’ve just made an intermediate stage disconnecting my mobile from internet and using it just like an old mobile.
      Furthermore I’ve been watching these days only fabolous old US movies and life was just wonderful without them.
      Luckily I have also lived part of my life without them and, if I will be luckly, I will live another part of my life again without them.
      Al the best to you and to those who will make the same choice.

    • Tsubion says:

      You’re not alone. I recently dumped mobile. Only have fiber and landline. I use Authy on pc to log in where 2FA is required. For specific transactions – debit card etc bank wants an extra security step ONLY through mobile! Other companies offer plenty of alternatives. Seems banks are always the slowest to make these changes.

      You can set up temp mobile numbers on pc as well for SMS etc. Not sure if it works for this though.

      I remember listening to tech gods many years ago explaining how smartphones would be obsolete soon. Everything would move on or inside the body. Judging by how many donkeys line up to inject experimental drugs into their veins I don’t think they’d have any problem at all with electronic tattoos and cranial jack implants… for the CONvenience.

  34. Fast Eddy says:

    Hahahaha… the the CovIDIOTS …. eagerly remained in the queue for the Injection!

    • Rodster says:

      The Jab is safe, that’s what Dunce and Norm told me. He must’ve had convulsions from eating bad shepherds pie.

    • Xabier says:

      Reminds me of a friend who was a rancher: it surprised him at first that they could rope and actually butcher a beast for steaks while the rest just stood around munching as usual.

      Truly, dumb cattle, those people!

  35. NoOne says:

    Indeed keeling over and dying is not the adequate (rather “realistic”, I might suggest) response. The realistic response is The Ripping Off Of Faces ((C) Fast Eddy)

  36. Azure Kingfisher says:

    From “Greenhouse Gasses – Not,” by Louis Hissink:

    “NASA has discovered an enormous electric current in the Sky, so a report notes, (H/T Watts Up With That)?

    “Electric currents are like your electric heaters, when passing though matter electric currents generate heat. Heat is simply infrared radiation.

    “It is an observable physical fact that infrared radiation down-wells from the ionosphere to the Earth’s surface. Except climate changers believe the down-welling infrared radiation comes from CO2. It doesn’t. It comes from the massive electric currents in the upper atmosphere. CO2 absorbs infrared radiation but does not store it, to then re-emit it.

    “The down-welling infrared radiation is a plasma effect that has nothing to do with CO2.”

    • Tsubion says:

      So can we finally put all this nonsense to rest? Once and for all? Please? Pretty please?

      I can hear Gretta clearing her throat already… “HOW DARE…

      Anyway… where’s Keith when you need him? You can quit recruiting for whatever it was. We’ve just found the eternal energy source we thought was impossible. Just plug into the giant plasma cloud in the sky and everyone can stop whining.

      Now how do I hook this thing up? Anyone?

      • hkeithhenson says:

        “Anyway… where’s Keith when you need him? ”

        Busy. Been talking to people who got in touch because of

        From: Michael Clive
        Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 09:04:04 -0700
        Subject: [AR] Nasty carbon? Clean hydrogen (OT)

        Hey all,
        I am hiring for several positions on my team at Electric Hydrogen, in both
        the Boston and SF bay area. We are working on solving the problem that
        Keith Henson pointed out last week:

        “The capital cost of the electrolyzers turns out to be the showstopper.
        They will have to fall by a factor of more than ten for the capital
        cost to get down to the same level as the F/T plant.”

        Well, he is right. It costs too much to build these things. So we are going
        to build them cheaper, with a higher power density. . . .


        It takes a relatively small fraction of the Sahara desert to supply all the energy needed by the whole human race. The problem is moving it. Converting it to carbon neutral hydrocarbons doubles the area but takes advantage of the fossil fuel infrastructure.

        Besides the low cost electrolyzers, we have to figure out how to move more than a cubic km of air per hour through the CO2 separators. That might be solved with a chimney, 180 m in diameter by a couple of km tall. The big problem is keeping it from being blown over by high winds.

        I think the energy problem can be solved. Don’t know about the tax problem Gail brings up. Maybe governments will have to get by on less taxes.

        • “Maybe governments will have to get by on less taxes.”

          This is a big problem. With all of our energy consumption, governments have grown and grown. We have Social Security and health care programs. We have many kinds of schools. We have paved roads and bridges. We have long distance electric transmission lines that are not paid for by those generating the electricity. We have fire fighters who can put out fires started by transmission lines blowing in the wind (and made worse, by forests that are not replanted the way nature would replant them, and not re-burned on a regular basis). We have helicopter pads for helicopters used in fire fighting and electrical transmission line repair.

          • hkeithhenson says:

            I think something missed by most people who look at the problems is the inexorable march of technology. “Grown” diamond is only one of the things we can expect. The entire medical business would largely vanish with the existence of cell repair machines. When (and if) it becomes possible to reversibly upload into cyberspace, the problem may be maintaining any population at all. I considered some of these scenarios in a fiction story (the clinic seed) some years ago. Strangely, most people who read that story consider it to the positive, though at the end, the human race is biologically extinct. (The leopard gets to sleep in the village.)

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The on the grass…

  37. Work or get the whip says:

    Austin Energy customers who still have big bills left over from the winter storm could see their power disconnected starting today. The utility says they have payment plans available, but there’s not much more relief than that.

    The disconnection notices started going out last month. “I want to say I went almost 7 days without any electricity,” said Austinite Sareta Davis. She was billed anyway, and then got a disconnection notice for not paying it.

  38. StarvingLion says:
  39. StarvingLion says:

    Look, all the retards lathering themselves with lotion to protect themselves from uv causing cancer were actually killing themselves with benzene….little normie will be “outraged”…

    Johnson & Johnson recalls five of its Neutrogena and Aveeno aerosol spray sunscreens after finding cancer-causing chemical benzene in samples

    J&J told consumers to immediately stop using the products and discard them
    Only low levels of benzene were found, which would not be expected to pose a health risk, the company said
    Despite the low risk the company is voluntarily recalling the five sunscreens ‘out of an abundance of caution’
    Affected products are Aveeno Protect + Refresh aerosol sunscreen, and four Neutrogena sunscreen versions
    They are: Beach Defense aerosol sunscreen, CoolDry Sport aerosol sunscreen, Invisible Daily Defense aerosol sunscreen and UltraSheer aerosol sunscreen
    The recall includes all can sizes and all levels of sun protection factor, or SPF

    By Rachel Sharp For and Reuters

    Published: 08:34 EDT, 15 July 2021 | Updated: 11:11 EDT, 16 July 2021

    • It's not a tumor says:

      I work outside all the time and I have approximately 14 cans of Neutrogena Beach Defense spray sunscreen in a box next to my desk.

      I bath in the stuff

    • Tsubion says:

      So when are they going to make sunscreen mandatory to prevent skin cancer?

      I mean… it’s obvious that this should be the next step.

      I suggest that all mandatory sunscreen should be colored blue so that obedient donkeys are easily identified by enforcers every time they waddle outside their slave quarters and the disobedient can be harrassed, tackled to the ground and forcefully lathered with blue sunscreen for daring to take unnnecessary risks.

      Of course, the mandatory sunscreen can be laced with whatever brain warping chemicals you desire as now there is no way to escape the dose.

      Obedient blue skinned donkeys everywhere. I’d be very pleased with this achievement.

  40. Ed says:

    FE I’ll ski with you but Jacinda keeps ignoring my pleas for entry without jail time.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      At some point she’ll be desperate so just let her know you’re willing to provide your services for a hall pass… she’ll jump all over that

  41. StarvingLion says:

    Gail won’t believe this story can be possible. They are actually steamrollering bitcoin machines

    Quick Take

    Malaysia police destroyed more than 1,000 bitcoin mining machines using a steamroller.
    The machines were confiscated over an alleged theft of electricity, which was used to mine bitcoin.

    A video clip that went viral on Twitter on Friday initially led many to wonder who would destroy such a significant number of bitcoin mining equipment and where. Turns out it was the Malaysia police.

    The video that shows a steamroller crushing hundreds of bitcoin ASIC miners on the ground first started to circulate among the Chinese crypto community on WeChat on Friday morning local time.×675.png

    • That is one way of discouraging bitcoin mining. It uses less manpower and jail space than other approaches.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Anyone care to explain what they mean by ‘mining bitcoin’

      • Tsubion says:

        Vast amounts of energy are used to crunch algos on very pricy GPUs and dedicated mining rigs to make a number.

        Sometimes that number gets artificially pumped so that Whales make huge amounts of “number” from the minnows that lose their shirts when the “number” is dumped.

        Then the whales buy real numbers (fiat currency) with the fake numbers so they can convert the real numbers into physical goods such as Lamborghinis.

        It’s as simple as learning the rules of cricket. And makes about as much sense.

        ASIC mining rigs

        Antminer S19 pro 110th/s Bitcoin Miner Machine , 3250w Bitcoin Asic Miner, New Bitmain Antminer S19 pro Include PSU and Power Cords in Stock


        Application-specific integrated circuit

        Bitcoin mining can be highly profitable, but it requires power-hungry hardware and a deep understanding of the principles that drive blockchain technology. In order to mine Bitcoin, you’ll need specialized bitcoin mining hardware called application-specific integrated circuit devices, or ASICs.

        There are many different ASICs on the market today. These devices have evolved through a highly competitive Bitcoin mining arms race — the Bitcoin blockchain uses vast amounts of processing power in order to solve extremely complex math problems and secure its network, forcing hardware to become progressively more powerful.

  42. StarvingLion says:

    WTI oil futures are FLASH CRASHING…better round up the children for more injections of poison so little normie can be well.

  43. StarvingLion says:

    mrna SCAM skyrocketing injecting poison into kids

    Banana Republic.

    Gail: “Oh dear!”

    • The price of Moderna stock has been skyrocketing!

      • Duncan Idaho says:

        Nearly all of the people — 99.5 percent — who are still dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

        But it does improve the genetics of the vaccinated, getting rid of the genetically and intellectually deficient.

        • Tim Groves says:

          How would it improve the genetics of the vaccinated? Please explain.

          Hint 1. Almost everyone who is still “dying from COVID-19” is too old to be passing on their genes.

          Hint 2. The vaccinated are already fully formed human beings. At this point in time, their genetics can only be changed by genetic engineering.

          Based on the argument you are expressing, you seem intellectually deficient yourself. You might like to get your brain checked for blood clots and early-stage senile dementia, purely as a precaution.

  44. Tsubion says:

    ENTRY – The “virus mutation”?

    How did the idea of viral mutation come about?

    In contrast to what is generally expected in science, the existence of viruses is not factually proven in virology. Instead, their existence is considered to be proven solely on the basis of interpreted appearances and conceptual models. Pathogenic viruses are thus nothing more than mere consensus, i.e. an opinion that has been agreed upon in science.

    How does one come to the idea that SARS-CoV-2 is supposed to have mutated further?

    The genome of SARS-CoV-2 is fictitious, but some of the basis for it is from strands of nucleic acid which are found in the metabolism of any organism (which is part of the reason why any human, animal or plant can potentially test”positive” for Corona). To use the example of the jigsaw puzzle again: you have a few real puzzle pieces, but they have nothing to do with the template, and you simply make up all the remaining parts by cutting out suitable pieces of cardboard and painting them according to the template.

    It has been known for more than twenty years that nucleic acid is constantly changing. Therefore, nucleic acid cannot possibly contain our inheritance! Ideas such as epigenetics (the theory of flexible heredity) are only desperate attempts to somehow justify and keep alive the old model of a material heredity in the form of genes.

    Nowadays, some scientists are considering that DNA rather serves to generate and release energy in the body, which could explain the constant changes in DNA. However, the majority of scientists still assume the outdated idea of genes (without ever questioning and testing them) and believe that the blueprint of a living being is stored in DNA. Therefore, they interpret the fact that changes to DNA take place as an indication of “mutation” of genes.
    Therefore, when examining DNA fragments obtained from humans or animals, mistakenly assumed to be the basis of the hypothetical genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2, finding that the DNA has changed, the conclusion is drawn that SARS-CoV-2 has mutated.

    the idea of mutations of SARS-CoV-2 is based only on an interpretation of the fact that all DNA is constantly changing. Or more generally formulated, the idea of the virus mutation arises only because one still works with completely outdated, long since disproved scientific hypotheses.
    With this obsolete approach, new mutations of SARS-CoV-2 can be found/invented for all eternity. This can quickly become a catastrophic self-perpetuating vicious circle, and it appears that many scientists have already fallen into this.

    • I doubt this stuff is really true.

      • StarvingLion says:

        You refuse to acknowledge that this is the definitive evidence that proves the “pandemic” is a complete fraud.

        FULL INTERVIEW – There is NO variant, Not novel, NO pandemic – Dr David Martin with Reiner Fueller

        • vbaker says:

          I’m on board with this theory because of all the evidence presented in this video. Its… horrifying, and exactly what we suspected to be the case.

          The question is though… how did this manifest in initially and easily killing tens of thousands of people? Did we quickly gain immunity in order to make the disease benign? Or, was it just simply mass hysteria?

          Once that is answered, someone should be easily about to put together a straightforward to understand story for consumption by the masses.

          • NoOne says:

            I think the real revelation of the video (at least the way it stroke me, as I found it interesting) is that nobody has a clue 🙂

          • Fast Eddy says:

            The CEP has been in the works for decades…

            • Tsubion says:

              Yes. I struggle to understand why people can’t see this.

              An undying trust in the establishment propaganda is one explanation.

              But why don’t people react when it’s literally being spelled out for them? When they see injected collapsing and still wait their turn?

              The only thing I would add is that the plan may be transhuman agenda which in effect results in the death of humanity as we know it. Just a slightly different outcome. Maybe a bit of both. Reduction and total enslavement of the remnant.

              There are so few dissidents at this point they would be relatively easy to round up etc.

            • simple question:


              yes the human race may be in the process of exterminating itself, but that is collective herd insanity (the wile e coyote moment)—which is a different thread altogether.

              But my why? question is never answered.

              Why would a (predetermined) group of (presumably) wealthy individuals engineer a set of circumstances to get rid of everyone else?
              That ‘certainty’ is repeated endlessly, here and elsewhere.

              Why does no one press their logic button?

              Taking this loonytoons discussion to its conclusion, what purpose would an ‘enslaved’ remnant of humankind serve?

              They couldn’t produce anything other than basic foodstuffs. All the ‘toys’ that the wealthy elite currently possess would simply cease to function. Or has that not occurred to you?

              And what–(the mind boggles here) is a transhuman agenda? Have you been watching too many repeats of Terminator?
              (My favourite segment is walking naked into the bar and demanding the guys clothes—cracks me up every time, gf says I only watch it for that bit.)

              So Bezos might be lord of his ‘domain’—but his house would be lit by candles. (and his toilet wouldn’t flush.) Oops–no—Bezos’s sheds would be empty—he would be as poor as everyone else.
              Musk’s rockets wouldn’t fire up either.
              You own an oilfield maybe?–Sorry, that’s no good. Oil doesn’t make money unless someone burns it.. No people? Oil stays where it is.

              The super elite would also need a praetorian guard. (To prevent we hungry masses from eating them)

              Guards must be sustained too. They are notoriously fickle in their loyalties.

              I don’t expect answers, because there are none. (But please try)

              Fun to ask though.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              To pre-empt the collapse brought on by the cessation of oil that would otherwise result in 8B people murdering raping and eating each other?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              The issue I have with this is that we know the global economy was already about to collapse in 2019 due to trying to offset increasing oil prices for two decades…

              I fail to see how turning the cattle into complete zombies controlled by the HQ would solve the oil problem…

              We saw what a bottleneck did just prior to GFC — the price hit $147…. and all hell broke loose… Shale and stimulus saved the day… now apparently shale is well past peak… and possibly about to fall off a cliff due to lack of pressure in the major plays….

              I need to be convinced that transhumanizing fixes these fundamental problems

            • Norman, this is hopeless, as discussed here for years already, so you know it too.

              The historical evidence is clear that the biggest pirate, scammer and fraudster simply endures to imprint it’s will upon others. As long as the wielded club in the hand continues to scare the others enough and or the scams are believable / yielding among the key complicit layers of society.

              Today, we are in perhaps 3-4th cycle of global default since the first conventional PO limit of 1970s. It’s getting progressively harder to extend it (actually jump start it) beyond each successive cycle. This is very likely the last inning.

            • Ed says:

              Norman, in answer to your why? To keep the place clean. Clean air, clean water, clean land. To use the remaining resources over a 10x longer time scale with 10x fewer consumers. Can the rich keep their iPhones working with small scale economy I do not know and I suspect they do not know either.

            • Sorry to be argumentative Ed, but with only 10% of the population, civilisation as we have come to know it cannot sustain itself.

              Bezos, Gates et al are not so collectively stupid as not to know that

              With 10% of the population, we revert back to a base living standard somewhere akin to the 1500s.. (if we’re lucky) If we ain’t lucky, then we are headed for a much much darker age of our own making.

              modern industrial economic systems only function at the scale we have now.

              it isn’t possible to build an executive jet or a luxury car (let alone supply the necessary fuels) on a single order basis.

              The running gear of limousines is only made possible because there are millions of cheap cars using the same production facilities. (Just think tyres, in isolation).

              Bezos and Musk may have some wacky ideas about what to do with their money, but they understand how their support system works. Without us, Bezos’s lavatory won’t flush. He knows that.

              which is why I keep using the firehose of ridicule to flush away all this conspiracy claptrap.
              (they are trying to kill us all off–etc etc

              World of an human—I agree with you

              but we, (humankind that is) have created a global Ponzi scheme to fulfil our fantasies, and are engaged in scamming ourselves. (we just think other people are doing it)

              we did that by convincing ourselves that the planet could be turned into a cash asset that would pay us wages forever.

              we were wrong. (you want proof? what you think money-printing is all about?)

              as a result, 0.1% (or is it 0.01? ) of the population own as much as 2.5 billion of the rest of us..
              As has been pointed out–that makes me a Marxist. All I do is point stuff out. I don’t make it up.

              And no conspiracy theories will change that or reverse it

              and will certainly not reset anything.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Sorry to be argumentative Ed, but with only 10% of the population, civilisation as we have come to know it cannot sustain itself.

              With all due respect, Norman, civilisation as we have come to know it cannot sustain itself period.

              Culling the herd by 10% is radical enough to allow the powers that be and the ultra-rich who increasing own everything to dream of new possibilities for the survivors of The Great Reset.

              In fact, according to my mate down the pub, they are dreaming of a Great Replacement, in which people are increasingly replaced by artificial intelligences, many of them virtual entities, and the movement of molecules (mass) is increasingly replaced by the movement of electrons.

              An example is the online video or the video download, which have largely replaced the reel-to-reel tape, the VHS or Betamax videocassette, the videodisc and the DVD.

              “Ah, but what about food!” you are doubtless ejaculating.

              That’s the beauty of being a digital entity, their energy source consists moving electrons too.

              The plan is for incremental change, not necessarily achieving total anything. Most “little people” are on the way out. High tech complexity still has a way to go.

              The powers that be are insane, but there is a considerable method in their madness.

            • Tsubion says:

              FE and Tim,

              Ant colony, bee hive. No free will. No individual desire. Functions with incredible efficiency. No useless eaters required or tolerated.

              This is what they want. Obedient hive-mind. Basically jacking humans as if they are disposable biological robotic units.

              Doesn’t mean it will happen of course. But as Tim says, it makes sense from the perspective of a mind lacking the usual human traits of empathy and compassion.

            • but so far nobody has explained to me how Bezos well get his lavatory to flush, once the great unwashed have been got rid of. (Or mine for that matter.)

              seems a straightforward question.

              sorry to be difficult, but I thought these would be the sort of questions easily answered by such towering intellects.

              Im sure Mr Bezos well be anxious about it too

      • Tsubion says:

        Based on what Gail?

        I’d like to see you go up against Dr Stefan Lanka or Dr Andrew Kaufman on this topic. I don’t think you would do very well.

        Read the history of virology and vaccines to get a better understanding of how we have all been fooled by a bunch of charlatans and psychopaths.

        Even the CDC admits that 99% of covid deaths were not from covid. They keep revising the numbers down because there is nothing to back up the claims.

        What we call viruses are not infective and don’t cause disease – Stefan Lanka

      • Duncan Idaho says:

        I doubt this stuff is really true.
        This site is a collection of Bad Fiction, it is why I occasionally visit.
        A little humor is good for everyone.


      The United States Surgeon general.

      Excerpt from above:

      >>>>>“Modern technology companies have enabled misinformation to poison our information environment with little accountability to their users,” Murthy said Thursday at the White House. “They’ve designed product features, such as ‘Like’ buttons, that reward us for sharing emotionally charged content, not accurate content. And their algorithms tend to give us more of what we click on, pulling us deeper and deeper into a well of misinformation.”<<<<<<

      Note the words: "More of what we click on"

      Kinda bears out my comments on clickbait videos

    • postkey says:

      “132:48 next slide please this is
      132:52 what source code v2 looks like and if
      132:54 and i will i will send you the video so
      132:55 you can show it
      132:57 of the side on the right shows it goes
      132:59 up and down and you can see the actual
      133:01 source corona
      133:02 cov2 virus uh with its spiked proteins
      133:06 in its corona shape i’ll send that to
      133:08 you so you can play that
      133:10 it’s it’s incredibly important because
      133:13 there are people out there that are
      133:14 actually of the opinion that
      133:16 sars cov2 doesn’t exist and has not been
      133:19 isolated
      133:20 these individuals not only have
      133:22 demonstrated they don’t understand
      133:23 viruses
      133:24 but they interfere with the with the
      133:26 serious discussion going on with this
      133:28 virus “

      • Tsubion says:

        This guy is pushing the mainstream propaganda. Nothing more nothing less. Virology will have to be completely rewritten once all this is revealed.

        There is a battle being played out between those that have invested their whole lives into learning dogma based on lies and those that are exposing that the emperor has no clothes.

        Spanish flu was not caused by a virus. Rockefeller backed global meningitis vaccine campaign caused most of the damage and iatrogenic poisoning with aspirin did the rest. All other deaths lumped in to boost numbers. Blame on virus. Scare job done.

        Rinse and repeat until today. The same trick again. And people still don’t get it. Polysorbate 80 in the flu jabs create first wave. Malpractice finishes them off. Claims are made that a novel disease is afoot.

        Now that half the population has been injected you can expect more of the same. And the so called experts will continue to blame it all on variants and the donkeys will continue to bury the dead not understanding that they are being poisoned… because they are donkeys.

    • Duncan Idaho says:

      the idea of mutations of SARS-CoV-2 is based only on an interpretation of the fact that all DNA is constantly changing.

      It is a RNA virus (negatively stranded).

      Even you delusions are delusional.