The following is a list of recent presentations and podcasts up through 2015. I have moved the later presentations to a 2016-2017 sheet. See the bottom part of my PDFs of Posts listing for a PDFs of presentations, including recent ones.

Interview with Jim Kunstler about my views on energy and the economy (40 minutes) published November 4:

Presentation to Space Solar section of 2015 IEE International Conference on Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments – Orlando, Florida, Dec. 15, 2015 Energy Economics Outlook

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Presentation to Investor Group in San Francisco, Oct. 31, 2015: Oops! The economy depends on an energy-related debt bubble

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Presentation to Indiana Energy Conference, Oct. 15, 2015: Our Electricity Crisis: Getting the Diagnosis Right

Related post: Our Electricity Problem: Getting the Diagnosis Correct

Doomstead Diner Discussions on TSHTF- Three Recordings on Aug. 23, 2015.  These are the up on Doomstead Diner:

Energy Discussion (Part 1), with Gail Tverberg, Nicole Fosse, Steve Ludlum, Tom Lewis, Norman Pagett, Ugo Bardi, Reverse Engineer, and Monsta.

Audio Version  of  Energy Discussion also available:

Economics and China Discussion (Part 2)

Renewables and What’s Ahead (Last part, numbered Part 4, no part 3)

Doomstead Diner Discussion on Greece, with Reverse Engineer, Ugo Bardi, Steve Ludlum – July 5, 2015

Doomstead Diner Interview by Reverse Engineer with Gail Tverberg and Steve Ludlum about China, Migration, Resource Depletion, and Oil Prices – May 3, 2015

Sound only version (mp3)

Doomstead Diner Audio Interview of Gail by Reverse Engineer on China Visit – April 12, 2015

Videos of Presentations Given at China University of Petroleum, Beijing, March 2015

These are the MP4 versions of the talks. The talks have been edited to remove questions from the floor, and discussion about these questions, partly because the single microphone used for recording did not pick up these conversations well. Also, much of this discussion was in Chinese, because the students often were not confident of their ability to speak in English.

First Topic – Overview of Energy Modeling Problem

Second Topic – Importance of Energy

Third Topic – Overview of a Networked Economy

Fourth Topic – Economic Growth and Diminishing Returns

Fifth Topic – Government Costs and Debt

Sixth Topic – Competition and Resource Exhaustion

Seventh Topic – Twelve Principles of Energy and the Economy (Review)

Eighth Topic – Renewable Energy

PDFs of Presentations Given at China University of Petroleum, Beijing, March 2015

1. Overview of Energy Modeling Problem

2 Importance of Energy

3 Overview of a Networked Economy

4 Economic Growth – Diminishing Returns

5 Government costs and debt

6. Competition and Resource Exhaustion

7. Twelve Principles of Energy and the Economy

8. Renewable Energy

Video Giving Overview of My 2015 March-April Visit to China

I started my visit by teaching a two-week course at China University of Petroleum, Beijing. Next, I did some sightseeing in Inner Mongolia, including visiting the Genghis Khan museum and the city of Ordos. Later, I visited Daqing oil field and city (also called “Daqing”), and then took a train to the declining industrial city of Haerbin. Finally, I visited three businesses manufacturing and selling electrical equipment in the city of Hangzhou near Shanghai to find out how the poor economy was affecting their business. The company selling the largest scale electrical equipment, often to international customers, was most affected. The company selling relatively small equipment used inside residential and small commercial buildings in China was affected least. The company manufacturing mid-sized equipment was moderately affected.

Readings of some of my posts, by Timothy Dicks – Jan. 26, 2015

These are available as you tube videos with copies of my charts and other images, and also as podcasts. The You-Tube videos are

Ten Reasons Why a Severe Drop in Oil Prices is a Problem – Video recording

Low Oil Prices – Sign of a debt Bubble Collapse, Leading to the End of Oil Supply – Video Recording

Oil and the Economy: Where are We Headed in 2015-2016? – Video Recording

Ten Reasons Why High Oil Prices are a Problem – Video Recording

Twelve Reasons Why Globalization is a Huge Problem – Video Recording

A New Theory of Energy and the Economy – Part 2 – Charts  Showing the Link Between Energy and the Economy – Video Recording

A New Theory of Energy and the Economy – Part 3 – The Problem of Debt as We Reach Oil Limits

This is a link to a file with the podcast version of the above posts–Our Finite World

Audio Interview with Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity –  Jan. 17, 2015

Write up on Peak Prosperity of Interview

Doomstead Diner Chrystal Ball 2015 with several others on Jan, 4, 2015.

Source; Chrystal Ball 2015

Newsmax TV Interview with Ed Berliner Regarding US-China Climate Accord on Nov. 12, 2014.

This is a link to a write-up of the interview, as well as to the five minute video (starting with a clip of Obama). I could not figure out how to embed the interview directly.

Doomstead Diner Discussion regarding low oil prices, with Ugo Bardi, Steve Ludlum (Steve from Virginia) and Gail Tverberg, November 9, 2014.

Source: Doomstead Diner

Presentation at UNED Energy Conference in Barbastro, Spain, October 10, 2014 

Energy and the Economy: Twelve Basic Principles in a Finite World

Doomstead Diner Anniversary Podcast with Ugo Bardi and Gail Tverberg June 15, 2014.

Source: Doomstead Diner Collapse Cafe

Presentation at the Age of Limits Conference in Artemis PA on May 25, 2014.

Converging Crises – May 25, 2014.

Presentation at the International Congress of Actuaries meeting in Washington, D. C., April 4, 2014.

The Case for Near Term Resource Limits

Interview by Chris Martenson on, aired Dec. 7. Title: The Shale Oil Boom is More “Mirage” than “Miracle.”

IEEE International Conference on Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments (WiSEE) Space Solar Power Workshop in Baltimore, Maryland, Nov. 8, 2013

Energy Economics Motivating Space Solar Power

Presentation at Casualty Actuarial Society Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nov. 5 and 6 (Given twice)

Oil limits impact on the economy and insurers

Presentation at Casualty Actuarial Society In Focus: Elephants in the Room Conference, September 30, 2013, Chicago

Tverberg_Oil supply limits may lead to severe recession

Limits to Growth Video Interview – September 29, 2013

Interviewer: Monsta and Roger Ebert of Doomstead Diner

Ugo Bardi, George Mobus, and David Korowicz also interviewed

Syria Interview Video – September 16, 2013

Interviewer: Monsta and Roger Ebert of Doomstead Diner
Brian Davey of Feasta also Interviewed
Also available at Collapse Cafe

Zurich American – Meeting of Company Actuaries – August 21, 2013

Oil limits, the Economy and Insurance

Credit and Energy Interview Parts 1 & 2 – June 25, 2013

Interviewer: Monsta and Ralph Emerson of Doomstead Diner
Source: Doomstead Diner – Podcast: Gail Tverberg- Credit and Energy

Fifth Biophysical Economics Conference – June 10, 2013 – University of Vermont 

Presentation: How High and Rising Oil Prices Can Lead to Limits to Growth

An MP3 recorded by Justin Richie of is provided below (Many thanks!):

The conclusion I reach is that overall, we seem to be close to financial collapse. Thus, the “space” for declining future Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) is virtually zero. To me, this means that we now need to be looking from ways to raise EROI, rather than  assuming that we can keep adding new low EROI  energy production to the system, without adverse consequences.

Age of Limits Conference – May 25 and 26, 2013 – Artemis, Pennsylvania

Presentation 1: Collapse 101

Podcast related to Collapse 101:

Presentation 2: Energy, Debt, and Financial Collapse

Podcast related to Energy, Debt, and Financial Collapse:

Thanks to Doomstead Diner Blog for making these recordings.

Electric Power Conference – 2013 – May 15, 2013 – Chicago, Illinois

Presentation: Energy Economics Relating to Space Solar Power

A related, somewhat longer presentation was given to the Georgia Institute of Technology AIAA/ ASM Group, March 19, 2013.

Presentation: Energy Economics Motivating Space Solar Power Development

A related post on Our Finite World is Our Energy Predicament in Charts

Atlanta Beyond Oil – November 14, 2102 – Atlanta, Georgia

Presentation: Low Energy Approaches in India China and Russia

Advances in Energy Studies Conference – Oct. 26, 2012 – Mumbai, India

Presentation: Financial Issues Affecting Energy Security.presentation

My paper, also called “Financial Issues Affecting Energy Security,” is being published in a volume called Energy Security and Development by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

A Presentation from 2011, Given to Quite a Few Groups

Presentation: Energy and the Economy – Bumping against the Growth Ceiling

This is the related Our Finite World post: Oil Limits, Recession, and Bumping Against the Growth Ceiling0

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  7. I had a look at the Doomstead Diner August 23 2015. There are some things said that contradict other things. For example 12VDC will work for one house, but it is near impossible to share or network. The big problem of course is surviving the collapse, and that will probably need either a resource rich starting point, or a lot of luck. I may follow up some of the practical stuff with RE.

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