The author of Our Finite World is Gail Tverberg. She has an M. S. from the University of Illinois, Chicago in Mathematics, and is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Some of her writing can be found under the name “Gail the Actuary,” a pen name she used while writing at The Oil Drum between 2007 and 2013.

Gail is involved with oil and other limits in several different ways:

  1. As a researcher. Gail regularly goes back to data from government and other web sites, and creates her own graphs and does her own analysis. She also follows the work of others doing research.
  2. As an actuary. Gail is interested in what the implications of reduced oil supply are for the economy and for financial institutions.
  3. As an educator. Gail is interested in bringing the message about what is happening to as broad an audience as possible.
Gail Tverberg Charles Hall Joe Tainter and Mario Giampietro

Gail Tverberg, Charles Hall, Mario Giampietro, and Joe Tainter in auditorium in Barcelona, Spain. They would later answer questions from students from 11 high schools in the area. Translation from Catalan to English was provided by headphone.

Gail became aware of the impact oil shortages could have on insurance companies back in the 1973 – 1974 period, when oil shortages were first a problem. In 2005, she began reading books on the subject, including Jeremy Leggett’s The Empty Tank.

Gail did further research about the situation, and wrote her first article about the potential impact on the property-casualty insurance industry in early 2006. This article was called Oil Shortages: The Next Katrinna? Since then, she has written a number of other articles from an insurance or actuarial perspective. Several of these are listed in the sidebar.

In early 2007, Gail decided to devote full-time to issues related to oil shortages, and other shortages, and their impact on the economy. She initially wrote primarily on this blog, but eventually switched to writing posts for TheOilDrum.com, where she was  first a contributor, and then an editor until the site ceased operation in 2013.  A list of some of her posts at The Oil Drum which are not on Our Finite World has been provided for reference purposes. Posts from Our Finite World are now copied by a number of sites, including Zero Hedge, Financial Sense, The Energy Collective, Business Insider, OilPrice.com, Investing.com, The Bull, Resilience, and other sites.

Gail Tverberg also speaks on finite world issues, including the connection between oil shortages and the economy. She has been an invited speaker at many conferences, as well as to other groups. She has spoken in many countries around the world, including Italy, Spain, China, and India. She has spoken to academic groups, actuarial groups, “peak oil” groups, and more general groups, such as religious groups and graduate students.

A paper related to her talk at the Seventh Biennial International Workshop in Energy Studies in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 was published in the Journal Energy. It can be accessed at this link: Oil Supply Limits and the Continuing Financial Crisis. An unofficial version can also be accessed at this link.

Gail can be reached at GailTverberg at comcast dot net or at (407) 443-0505. Her twitter feed is @gailtheactuary.