2016 – 2017 Presentations /Podcasts

My earlier page for Presentations/Podcasts was getting too crowded, so I started a new one for 2016 and 2017 presentations and podcasts.

The Mirror Image Problem – Presentation to Committee of UK Actuaries – Mar. 14, 2017

Interview with Chris Martenson on October 23, 2016. He calls the talk, “Why There’s No Economically Sustainable Price of Oil.” He also has a transcript at this link.

Energy-Economy Challenges Facing Us Today – Space Solar Section of IEEE meeting – Sept. 27, 2016

Complexity: The Connection Between Fossil Fuel EROI, Human EROI, and Debt – Biophysical Economics Conference – June 27, 2016

Interview with Mo Dawoud of WallStforMainSt.com called “Why Low Oil Prices Won’t Help the Economy” – January 25, 2016.

Panel Discussion with Reverse Engineer, Steve Ludlum, and TDOS on Winter Storm, Falling Oil Prices and Falling Stock Market – January 24, 2016

Also available as a sound only mp3:

Interview with Chris Martenson called “Something has got to break: Growing debt faster than your energy supply has hard limits” published January 3, 2016.

Both the audio and a transcript are available on Peak Prosperity website. This is a You-tube video with the interview–nothing much to see, however: