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Limits to Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer

Wind and solar don’t replace “dispatchable” generation; they provide some temporary electricity supply, but they tend to make the overall electrical system more difficult to operate because of the variability introduced. Renewables are available only part of the time, so other types of electricity suppliers are still needed when supply temporarily isn’t available. In a sense, all they are replacing is part of the fuel required to make electricity. The fixed costs of backup electricity providers are not adequately compensated, nor are the costs of the added complexity introduced into the system. Continue reading

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Attending “Degrowth” Conference

I will be attending the conference, Degrowth in the Americas, an International Conference, in Montreal, for the next few days, returning home on Friday. If any readers happen to be at the conference, let me know, and perhaps we can … Continue reading

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Age of Limits Conference

Over Memorial Day weekend (May 25-28), I will be speaking at the Age of Limits Conference in southern Pennsylvania, not too far from Baltimore. The other speakers will be John Michael Greer, Carolyn Baker, Dmitry Orlov, and Tom Whipple. The … Continue reading

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Personal News Items, including Upcoming Talks

Max Keiser Report Last week, I recorded an interview with Max Kaiser on my post, The United States’ 65-Year Debt Bubble. The post can be found here. The video can be found┬áhere. US Natural Gas Overview Last week, I also … Continue reading

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Open Discussion about Site – December 3, 2010

What should I be writing about? Are there things I should be doing differently? I thought I would ask early on, and perhaps get some input. I plan to write some kinds of articles of the types I often do–overview … Continue reading

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