Attending “Degrowth” Conference

I will be attending the conference, Degrowth in the Americas, an International Conference, in Montreal, for the next few days, returning home on Friday. If any readers happen to be at the conference, let me know, and perhaps we can get together.

After I return home, I will be getting ready for more travel. I am not sure how much I will have time to write in the next few weeks. Perhaps I will be able to write some shorter pieces. My schedule should be more normal in a month or so.

Personal News Items, including Upcoming Talks

Max Keiser Report

Last week, I recorded an interview with Max Kaiser on my post, The United States’ 65-Year Debt Bubble. The post can be found here. The video can be found here.

US Natural Gas Overview

Last week, I also gave a talk to a university class studying peak oil and related issues. A link to the slides (pdf) can be found at this link, US Natural Gas Overview.

Financial Impacts of Reaching ‘Limits to Growth’

On Friday, November 4,  I will be speaking on “Financial Impacts of Reaching ‘Limits to Growth'” at the meeting of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA in Washington DC. This is a link to my slides (pdf): Financial Impacts of Reaching Limits to Growth. I expect to write up this talk as a post, after the presentation is over.

Oil Limits for Casualty Actuaries

I have spoken at a number of actuarial conferences recently. Next week, on November 7 and 8, I will be speaking at the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Annual Meeting in Chicago. This time, I will be part of a panel, with a woman named Terri Dalenta from Allstate talking more specifically on the insurance aspects. This is a link to my presentation: Reaching Oil Limits in a Finite World.

My Book

While I am at the ASPO-USA meeting in Washington DC later this week, I expect to meet with several folks with respect to my book. We have pretty much decided it needs more of a “Limits to Growth” theme than the title, “Beyond Hubbert: How Limited Oil Supplies Cause Economic Crises” would imply. So hopefully things can be moved forward on this issue.

Open Discussion about Site – December 3, 2010

What should I be writing about? Are there things I should be doing differently? I thought I would ask early on, and perhaps get some input.

I plan to write some kinds of articles of the types I often do–overview articles, and articles talking about the relationship between energy and the financial system, and articles analyzing particular issues that come up, like rapidly rising oil prices. Sometimes it is interesting to come at questions a totally different way. For example, in Honda’s “Racing Against Time” series, I looked at different challenges the auto industry is facing, and responses to these challenges. If readers have particular suggestions, I would like to hear them. Also, if there are folks interested in doing guest posts, I would consider the idea. Continue reading

Changes Planned to ‘The Oil Drum’

As many readers know, I write for The Oil Drum, a website about Energy and Our Future. The Oil Drum is currently undertaking changes in content and in how the staff are organized. I was not part of the group developing the changes, but I would like to offer my second-hand perspective. Let me start first with two things that I see as impetus for change: (1) Changing External Situation and (2) Internal Organizational Issues.

Changing External Situation

One of the issues that seems to be driving the change is the fact that the peak oil in conventional oil production is more and more in the rear view mirror. Continue reading