COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

Last week, the CDC announced a surprising finding: “Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.” Public officials had known from the early days of vaccine development that vaccinated people could catch COVID-19, but the assumption had been made that they were not going to be spreaders of COVID-19.

It turns out that the delta variant is sufficiently different from the original Wuhan version of the virus that the vaccines work much less well. The CDC performed an analysis of COVID-19 cases arising from one public gathering in Massachusetts. They found that the gathering led to 469 COVID-19 Delta cases among Massachusetts residents, with 74% of these cases in fully vaccinated attendees. Massachusetts is a highly vaccinated state, with approximately 64% of the population fully vaccinated.

There are other issues coming up as well. How long does the vaccine really last? Is the vaccine itself part of the reason that the virus is mutating as rapidly as it is? Are we making problems for ourselves by creating an army of people with very light cases of COVID-19 who can spread the virus to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated without realizing that they have more than a cold? Aren’t we inadvertently killing off the least able of the virus mutations and allowing the most virulent to multiply?

My training is as an actuary, so I am familiar with modeling. I am also a “systems thinker.” I know that it is important to look at longer term impacts as well as short-term impacts. If a person works in the healthcare field, it is easy to consider only the obvious short-term benefits. It takes some analysis to figure out that today’s vaccines may lead to stronger variants (such as Delta) and more overall spread of COVID-19.

In this post, I will explain some of the issues involved.

[1] Today’s vaccines provide only a fraction of the true level of protection required. Their actions are in many ways similar to applying weed killer at half the strength needed to kill the weeds or providing antibiotics at half the dose required to stop the spread of bacteria.

All of our lives, we have been told, “Be sure to complete the full course of the antibiotics. It is necessary to kill all of the bacteria. Otherwise, it will be easier for a few of the stronger bacteria not to be affected. If you stop too early, the bacteria that are least affected by the antibiotic will survive and reproduce, while the others will die. Stopping the drug too soon is a great way to achieve antibiotic resistance, quickly.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 vaccine makers seem to have overlooked this issue. The respected BMJ published an editorial entitled, Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us. It makes the point:

Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.”

Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either.

We were told that the new COVID-19 vaccines are “95% effective in preventing symptomatic disease,” but it turns out that this is far less adequate than what most people would assume. The vaccine is “leaky.” A big issue is that the virus mutates, and the vaccine works much less well against the mutations. The world can never reach herd immunity if immunized people keep catching new variants of COVID-19 and keep passing them on, as the evidence now suggests.

[2] In a way, getting sick from a virus is helpful. It tells us to stay at home, away from others. It is the fact that humans experience symptoms from viruses that tends to limit their spread.

If a virus has severe symptoms, those infected with the virus will not feel well enough to continue their usual activities. They will tend to stay at home.

If the symptoms are mild, as is the case with the common cold, people will likely go about their activities as usual. This is especially the case if people need to work to feed their families. Thus, viruses with mild symptoms often spread easily.

But, if citizens feel that they are protected by a vaccine, they will likely continue to go about their activities as usual. Most of them will not realize that they might be spreaders of Delta, and perhaps other new COVID-19 variants. Symptoms are likely to be mild or non-existent.

[3] It is becoming clear that people immunized with today’s vaccines can both catch the delta variant and spread it to others.

As I mentioned above, the CDC concluded from looking at its analysis of 469 delta cases that the infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

We have independent corroboration of the ability of vaccinated individuals to spread delta COVID-19 in a new analysis from Singapore. This article reports, “PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values were similar between both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups at diagnosis.” This is precisely the information that the CDC was relying on in Massachusetts when they reported that there were similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. While this analysis has not yet been peer reviewed, it reaches precisely the same conclusion with respect to early viral load as the Massachusetts analysis.

The data from this same Singapore study indicates that there are about 3 times as many asymptomatic cases in the vaccinated (28.2%) as the unvaccinated (9.2%). The median number of symptoms reported by the vaccinated was 1, compared to 2 in the unvaccinated. Among the vaccinated, the most frequent symptoms were fever (40.9%), runny nose (38%) and cough (38%). One of these symptoms, especially if it occurred only briefly, could easily be overlooked as a sign of COVID-19.

[4] With nearly all of the current vaccines, the immune system is trained to look for the spike protein from the original Wuhan virus. This narrow focus makes it relatively easy for the virus to mutate in ways that outsmart the vaccine.

A “History of Vaccines” website indicates that there are several ways vaccines are being made, including weakened (“attenuated”) viruses, killed viruses, and segments of the pathogen. In the new COVID-19 vaccines, a particularly limited part of the virus is used, the spike protein. In fact, in the newer vaccines, only an mRNA code is injected, and the body is instructed to make the spike protein itself.

Using a very narrow target has made it easier for viruses to evade the effects of the vaccine. Delta is one variant of the original virus from Wuhan that is evading vaccines through its mutations. Another such variant is Lambda, which caused serious problems in Chile in the spring of 2021, despite vaccine usage as high as 60%. The virus underlying all of these variants is called SARS-CoV-2, reflecting the fact that this virus is closely related to the virus which caused the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Since vaccination began about December 15, 2020, we have so far encountered two variants that are poorly controlled by vaccines. This is not a promising sign for the long-term success of COVID-19 vaccines. As more time goes on, we can expect more such variants. These variants do not necessarily stay around for more than a few months, making it difficult to create and distribute new specially targeted vaccines.

[5] Given the likelihood of mutations away from the narrow target, it seems strange that the governments have set very high expectations for the new vaccines.

It seems to me that Pfizer and Moderna should have said, “We are producing new vaccines that will somewhat lessen symptoms. In a way, they will be like the annual influenza vaccines that various companies make each year. We will need to update the vaccines regularly, but we will likely miss. Hopefully, our guess regarding what will work will be ‘close enough,’ so the vaccine will provide some partial benefit for the upcoming variations.”

Such a statement would have provided a more realistic set of expectations, compared to what many people have been assuming. No one would expect that herd immunity would ever be reached. The vaccines would be perceived as fairly weak tools that need to be used alongside medications, if they are to be used at all.

[6] Leaky vaccines, if widely used, can encourage the virus to mutate toward more virulent (severe) forms. Ultimately, the problem becomes viruses that mutate to more virulent forms faster than the vaccine system can keep up.

If, as we are seeing today, vaccinated people can catch the variant and pass it on to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, this extra boost can help the variant tremendously in its ability to spread. This extra boost is especially helpful for the variants that are very virulent, since in the normal situation, people who catch a virulent variant would recognize that they are sick and stay at home.

There would normally be a limit on how much the variant could spread based on its impact on the unvaccinated. This limit goes away if both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread the illness. Without a vaccine, the variants might be either more or less virulent, with the more virulent tending to die out because the people who get them either die or stay at home because they are very ill. I would expect that this is the reason why quite a few viruses tend to become less severe (virulent) over time, when leaky vaccines are not available to artificially boost their virulence.

The article, Vaccines are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve, gives the example of how the vaccines for Marek’s disease in chickens have been failing, as the disease gradually evolves to become more virulent under pressure from the vaccines being used to keep this illness away. The first vaccine was introduced in 1970. A decade later, outbreaks of Marek’s disease began to be found in vaccinated flocks. A second vaccine was licensed in 1983, but it too began to fail. When the article was written in 2018 the industry was on its third vaccine, but it too was beginning to fail, as the disease became more deadly. But there was no new vaccine yet available.

A 2015 article in PLOS Biology is entitled, Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. A person would think everyone involved in vaccine technology would be very much aware of this issue.

The chase after new vaccines is precisely the problem we can expect to have with the vaccines for COVID-19. Only, our problem with the vaccine not really working correctly is coming after a few months, not 10 years. Trying to keep up with new vaccines for a virus that evolves away from us, this quickly, is likely to be an impossible task. It is not just the unvaccinated who have a problem; it is everyone, as the vaccines quickly lose their effectiveness.

[7] Another potential problem with COVID-19 vaccines is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). When this occurs, it worsens later infections by different variants.

ADE is a rather strange condition in which the antibodies against one variant gained from a first infection (or immunization) act to make some later infections by a different variant worse, rather than better. Dengue Fever is an example of an illness for which this is an issue.

Dr. Robert Malone thinks that ADE may be happening now for COVID-19. He sees the high virus levels in immunized individuals as evidence of possible ADE.

The large number of immunized patients in the hospital with COVID-19 in Israel (which has mostly Delta cases) is also given as possible evidence:

Figure 1. Image from Israel’s official COVID-19 website, showing new hospitalizations and new severe patients separately for fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated individuals.

The illness SARS is closely related to COVID-19. There is evidence that vaccinations against SARS tend to produce ADE. In fact, the National Institute of Health provided funding for a 2020 academic paper that reaches the following conclusion:

The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standards for informed consent.

[8] Another problem with the current vaccines against COVID-19 is that immunity may not last very long.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a coronavirus. The common cold is another illness caused by a coronavirus. We know the immunity of the common cold doesn’t last very long, perhaps a year. While we don’t have long-term experience with COVID-19 vaccine immunity, we shouldn’t be surprised if its immunity begins to wane within a few months, or in a year or two.

Israel, after analyzing its recent COVID-19 experience (almost all with the Delta variant), is now offering anyone over 60 who was vaccinated more than 5 months ago a booster shot. Third doses are also being given to those with weakened immune systems.

It should be noted that if immunity doesn’t last very long, any strategy of “flattening the curve” by stretching out COVID-19 cases becomes counterproductive because it runs the risk of moving the timeframe of the next cycle beyond the time when natural (and vaccine-induced) immunity is still operative.

[9] The public has been led to believe that vaccines are the only solution to COVID-19 when, in fact, they are at best a very poor and temporary band-aid.

Vaccines are a tempting solution because the benefits have been oversold and no one has explained how poorly today’s leaky vaccines really work.

We are already past the period when these vaccines were well matched with the viruses they were aimed at. Now we are in a situation in which the viruses are constantly mutating, and the vaccines need to be updated. The catch is that the variants stick around for such a short time period that by the time the vaccine is updated, there is likely to be yet another new variant that the new vaccine does not really match up with well.

Requirements that employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot be expected to provide much benefit to employers because workers will still be out sick with COVID-19. This happens because they are likely to catch a variant such as Delta, which does not line up with the original vaccine. Perhaps they will be out for a shorter period, and their hospital bills will be lower. These types of benefits are what people have expected of influenza vaccines. There is no reason for them to expect more of the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Even with 100% vaccination herd immunity can never be reached because the vaccine encourages the virus to mutate into more virulent forms. Each new variant stays around for only a few months, making it hard for vaccine makers to keep up with the changing nature of the problem. Vaccine makers can expect to face a constant battle in having to run to stay even. Someone will have to convince citizens that each new vaccine makes sense, even though injuries reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System seem to be much more frequent than those reported for vaccines for other diseases.

An erroneous, one-sided story is being told to the general public, in part because the pharmaceutical lobby is incredibly powerful. It has the support of influential people, such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The pharmaceutical industry can make billions of dollars in income from the sale of vaccines, with little in the way of sales expenses. The industry has managed to convince people that it is OK to sell these vaccines, even though injury rates are very high compared to those for vaccines in general.

Vaccines are being pushed in large part because the pharmaceutical industry needs a money maker. It also wants to be seen as having cutting-edge technology, so young people will be attracted to the field. It cannot admit to anyone that technologies from decades ago would perhaps work better to solve the COVID-19 problem.

[10] The pharmaceutical industry has been telling the world that inexpensive drugs can’t fix our problem. However, there are several low-cost drugs that appear helpful.

One drug that is being overlooked is ivermectin, which was discovered in the late 1970s. It was originally introduced as a veterinary drug to cure parasitic infections in animals. In the U. S., ivermectin has been used since 1987 for eliminating parasites such as ringworm in humans. Ivermectin seems to cure COVID-19 in humans, but it needs a higher dosage than has been previously approved. Also, it would not be a money maker for the pharmaceutical industry.

The possible use of ivermectin to cure COVID-19 seems to have been intentionally hidden. At approximately 32:45 in this linked video, Dr. David Martin explains how Moderna announced ivermectin’s utility in treating SARS (which is closely related to SARS-CoV-2) in its 2016-2018 patent modification related to the SARS virus. It sounds as though Moderna (and others) have participated both in developing harmful viruses and in developing vaccines to cure very closely related viruses. They then work to prevent the sale of cheap drugs that might reduce their sales of vaccines. This seems unconscionable.

Vitamin D, in high enough doses, taken well before exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, seems to lead to reduced severity of the disease, and may eliminate some cases completely.

Various steroid drugs are often used in the later stages of COVID-19, when conditions warrant it. The medical community seems to have no difficulty with these.

Monoclonal antibodies are also used in the treatment of COVID-19, but they are much more expensive.

[11] Conclusion. Governments, businesses, and citizens need to understand that today’s vaccines are not really solutions to our COVID-19 problem. At the same time, they need better solutions.

Current vaccines have been badly oversold. They can be expected to make the mutation problem worse, and they don’t stop the spread of variants. Instead, we need to start quickly to make ivermectin and other inexpensive drugs available through healthcare systems. People do need some sort of solution to the problem of COVID-19 illnesses; it just turns out that the current vaccines work so poorly that they probably should not be part of the solution.

The whole idea of vaccine passports is absurd. Even with the vaccine, people will catch the new COVID-19 variants, and they will pass them on to others. Perhaps they may get lighter symptoms, so that they will be off work for a shorter length of time, but there still will be disruption. If those who catch COVID-19 can instead take ivermectin at a high enough dose at the first sign of illness, many (or most) of them can get well in a few days and avoid hospitalization completely. Other medications may be helpful as well.

I am skeptical that masks can do any good with the high level of transmission of Delta. But at least masks aren’t very harmful. We probably need to go along with what is requested by officials.

It is becoming clear that today’s pharmaceutical industry is far too powerful. Investigations need to be made into the large number of allegations against it and its leaders. Why did members of the pharmaceutical industry find it necessary to patent viruses, and then later sell vaccines for a virus closely related to the viruses it had patented?

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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3,978 Responses to COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

  1. Fred says:

    To answer one of your earlier questions Gail, the death figures in the UK are “absurdly high” because England counts anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive test as a COVID death. E.g. test positive then crash your motorbike 3 weeks later and you’re a COVID death.

    Wales, Scotland and NI count properly and their numbers are way down vs England. You can see that in the graphs on this page if you select the “By nation” option.

    Even so I’ve been wondering for a long while why the death rates are so variable by country. Jokes aside why is Australia’s so low? Is it:

    – Something in the environment
    – General health state of the people – plentiful sunshine = vitamin D
    – Exposure to toxins, incl. prior vaccine batches. I’ve read the high death rates in Italy last year were down to a new flu vaccine they’d tried out there
    – Industrial pollution
    – Different flavours of the shit they spray out of planes – chemtrails come and go even here in the middle of nowhere
    – EMF is toxic, at least a class 2 carcinogen. Is 5G in the mix?

    Maerks is an exception. Viruses generally evolve to become less virulent, even with us doing dumb things. I’m expecting a big mess, but not end times yet. Remember the world was going to end because of peak oil in 2005?

    • We know that that bacteria evolve to evade the antibiotics we throw at them. It would seem very strange to me if viruses don’t have the same property, with respect to treatments (such as leaky vaccines) that are only partially effective. This isn’t evolving to become “weaker,” especially if the vaccinated can still spread the disease widely.

  2. MG says:

    The current pandemic showed that the term “carrying capacity” is not a true way of grasping the reality of the human species.

    The human species evolves thanks to the rising use of energy. The people that lived thousands years ago are not the same species as the current humans.

    We create different human habitats because we are a different species from the humans that lived in the past.

    Although many human settlements exists for thousands of years, they are not the same: in order to be human habitats that are in line with current clmt or the protection from viruses or other species, different measures and their extent must be applied.

    The term “carrying capacity” is about humans AND other species. But the reality of the human habitats is about humans OR other species: the human habitats exclude other species more and more thanks to the increased use of energy. E. g. we do not horses for transportation anymore. We can synthetize many chemicals without the need of some bacteria etc.

    We can not return to the habitats of the past. It is always about the update of the existing human habitats and the creation of the new habitats according to the current standards based on the actual needs.

    That way some areas that become too hot will not be inhabitable in the future, or maybe some areas that are now cold, will become suitable in the future due to warming of the clmt or heating using some sort of energy.

    The carrying capacity of the Earth as regards the humans is difficult to foresee, as we do not know all the variables, including the most important one: what will be the characteristics of the human species in the future.

  3. Fast Eddy says:

    It is unreasonable and Todd Zywicki, an American law professor, is determined to demonstrate this. In an article for the Wall Street Journal he explains why he is suing his employer, the highly rated George Mason University in Virginia, a state institution which is mandating Covid vaccines. In sum, it is that since he already has natural immunity, there can be no justification for a coercive violation of his bodily autonomy.

    He explains that although vaccination is unnecessary and potentially risky, the only other options open to him are to teach remotely or to seek a medical exemption that would require him to wear a mask, remain socially distanced from faculty or students during, say, office hours, and submit to weekly testing. In which case, he writes:

    ‘It would be impossible for me to perform my duties to the best of my ability under such conditions. The administration has threatened those who don’t submit with disciplinary action, including termination of employment. This week the public-interest lawyers at the New Civil Liberties Alliance filed suit on my behalf, challenging the university’s mandatory vaccination requirement for those with naturally acquired immunity. This coercive mandate violates my constitutional right to bodily integrity for no compelling reason.’

    He cites clinical studies from Israel, the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, England and elsewhere that ‘have demonstrated beyond a doubt that natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 provides robust and durable protection against reinfection comparable to or better than that provided by the most effective vaccines’ and goes on to question the approval of vaccines with less efficacy than natural immunity, referencing the World Health Organisation conclusion: ‘Current evidence points to most individuals developing strong protective immune responses following natural infection with SARS-CoV-2.’

    Even more interesting is the centering of his case around the danger of vaccination to those who have previously contracted and recovered from Covid:

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    A bit amusing

  5. Calibob says:

    Watch and spread please. This brave young woman really says it all.
    Alternative therapies, vaccines, mandates and Covid passport.
    The testing fallacy and much more.

  6. Azure Kingfisher says:

    The Burning Platform

    Situation Report

    Guest Post by Hardscrabble Farmer

    “The very idea that we are now going to defeat an entire class of life form that has existed far longer than human beings is so ridiculous on its face it could only have been sold to a people completely ignorant of the functions of the natural world. Viruses, like any other opportunistic pathogen, serve a vital purpose and their eradication is not only ridiculous to contemplate, but an impossibility. Contrary to everything we have ever known about health and vitality, we are being sold experimental genetic therapies that have untold implications and manifold opportunities for unintended consequences for those foolish enough to submit to them.

    “The single most effective means to avoid the negative impact of any disease or infection is and has always been a superior constitution; good health, physical fitness, solid genetics, a nourishing diet, sound sleep and a positive outlook. The only things that those in power have failed to address at all during the entire duration of this global terror operation are those points. Health and fitness businesses were hounded into bankruptcy while a perpetual state of anxiety was instilled 24/7 by both the media and political establishment. Rather than calling for calm, fear became the perpetual and unrelenting message broadcast around the clock; millions would die, hospitals would be overwhelmed, the elderly were being murdered by those who refused to submit to wearing bandanas on their face.”

  7. Lastcall says:

    ‘Why you shouldn’t be concerned when more vaccinated people are getting infected than unvaccinated’

    How do they keep a straight face writing these headlines?

    A word play around statistics but no answers to why the vixxed are not significantly better off for their virtuous sacrifice as guinea pigs in this world-wide-experiment.

  8. Fast Eddy says:

    Covid fines will also go up to AU$5,000 (US$3,685; £2,656) from AU$1,000.

    “This is literally a war, and we’ve known we’ve been in a war for some time, but never to this extent,” Ms Berejiklian told reporters.

    She added that September and October would be “very difficult”.

    Case numbers and deaths in the Australian state remain relatively low compared to some of the world’s worst outbreaks, including in the US and UK.

    However, locally transmitted infections hit 466 on Saturday – a significant increase from the previous daily high of 390 set a day earlier.

    Four deaths were reported on Saturday, bringing the state’s total number of deaths in this outbreak to 42.

    Sydney has been in lockdown for nine weeks. Officials had hoped to lift the city’s restrictions on 28 August, but that is now looking increasingly unlikely.

    From Monday, people will be restricted to staying within 5km of their home for shopping, exercise or outdoor recreation, with exemptions in place for social bubbles.

    Um…. and the 4 deaths were… geriatric disease bags?

    It’s like keeping a running tally of flu cases… does anyone really care? Oh and locking down….

  9. Azure Kingfisher says:

    The Real Agenda – Part III

    “The World Economic Forum has all the key players in its pocket. This BUILD-BACK-BETTER slogan was created by the WEF and it was rolled out at the Davos meeting in January 2019. John Kerry said at DAVOS – ‘Normal wasn’t working.’ Even Gates bought BioNTech in September 2019 two months before the global assault with COVID which is like the Flu and there is NO VACCINE that will ever eradicate COVID. If you ever paid attention in health class, you would have learned that Smallpox could be eradicated BECAUSE it was not from animals. Any virus that is in animals provides the reservoir needed for it to always return. COVID has been found in 40% of the deer population so there will NEVER be an end to COVID. Because politicians have used this for political change, it means they will NEVER admit this was a scam so what is the end game? Do we remain with masks and social distancing forever to prevent civil protests and revolutions?

    “This nonsense that getting vaccinate will eliminate COVID shows that not everyone is plain stupid. The CDC recommendations have been inconsistent. The CDC then tells vaccinated people to wear masks and social distance and the White House tried to explain why this did not cover up a lie to start with. The CDC claimed if you were vaccinated there was a small risk of getting COVID. First, the Military says all personnel must be vaccinated, then when they realize there is huge resistance that changes the policy and says they can apply for an exception. Then because the vaccines are not working, the FDA approves now the third shot.

    “What happens to the financial markets when they wake up and realize that REAL SCIENCE says there will never come a day to eradicate COVID and as such, there will NEVER be a return to normal.

    “So in this context, Russia and China will stand in the way of this dream of creating a one-world government. For that, I am thankful. But this is NOT going to end nicely and we will most likely end up in war against Russia and Chins because, in truth, they stand in the way of this cabal.”

    • Tim Groves says:

      Any virus that is in animals provides the reservoir needed for it to always return. COVID has been found in 40% of the deer population so there will NEVER be an end to COVID.

      He’s right! And 60% of the wild deer sampled in Michigan, even though they maintain social distancing.

      Coronavirus Antibodies Detected in Wild White-Tailed Deer in Several U.S. States
      Forty percent of white-tailed deer sampled from four states between January and March 2021 had antibodies from the virus that causes Covid-19

      If deer in the wild have antibodies to this virus, and it seems that a lot of them do, that about wraps it up for city-dwelling humans. Whether the virus has been detected in them by testing or not, it is a good bet that almost all of them have encountered SARS-CoV-2 by now.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Oh … I assume the deer are not vaxxed… so surely they should be breeding deadly variants of covid?

        Or does that only happen in unvaxxed humans?

        ____ dunc norm… feel free… (to ignore this)

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    And then one day… the food did not arrive.. and the next day the food did not arrive…

    Meanwhile on the mean streets covid ‘rages’… and the military enforce strict lockdowns….

    • Tim Groves says:

      And if anybody else sneezes, you will all be punished!

      Checking my 2001 edition of the Oxford English Reference Dictionary—over 1700 pages of definitions, entries and fun facts—the terms “lockdown” and “lock down” don’t appear. We have “lockup” and “lock up”, and “lock out” (but not “lock in”), and we have the infamous “lock step”. Perhaps “lockdown” is too slangy? I would need to consult the 20-volume Oxford Humongous English Dictionary to find out if it was a word back in the day, but who keeps a set of that at home these days?

  11. Tim Groves says:

    Let’s take a drive around the mean streets of Philadelphia in the summer of 2021.

    Incidentally, some people have speculated that a lot of the characters we will encounter there are actually performing artists or aspiring actors. But I don’t know anything about that. In any case, for the most part, this looks like soul-destroying miserable reality on view in broad daylight.

    • Lastcall says:

      Is this the diversity success story that hope and change enabled?!
      Would this be considered a blue state?
      Whats with all those bent over souls?
      Where are the masks?
      Are these the sophisticated ones that went to the Obumba bash?

      Rathole is my single word summary.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Whats with all those bent over souls?

        What, you mean all those folks who voted twice?

        My first guess would be fentanyl.

        According to the CDC:

        “Fentanyl works by binding to the body’s opioid receptors, which are found in areas of the brain that control pain and emotions. Its effects include extreme happiness, drowsiness, nausea, confusion, constipation, sedation, tolerance, addiction, respiratory depression and arrest, unconsciousness, coma, and death.”

      • Lastcall says:

        Wow, this is where the constitution was written! OMG
        Taliban whipping a** in Afghanistan; they could come here and take it over and call it ‘Pencilstan’.

        “Pennsylvania, where the U.S. Constitution was written, was the second state admitted to the Union, officially becoming a state in December 1787. The Keystone State has participated in all 59 presidential elections through 2020. Pennsylvania is generally considered a battleground state, although it voted Democratic in the six elections prior to 2016

        • Replenish says:

          Haha, “they” might take the 4 or 5 counties surrounding Philly just because of traffic congestion from scared people heading for the hills but Lancaster, Lehigh and Berks have decent sportsmens orgs. The same goes for the counties around Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.. even Mt. Wolf might surprise “them.” North of the major metro areas is primarily farmland and the PA Wilds. There are a variety of sportsmens coalitions and clubs some with broad membership including folks that identify as LGBT+, POC and middle of the road viewpoints that would put down their petty differences and repel all borders. The same could be said for providing a detterent to further government overreach altho the political divide is much more clear.. for example a recent referendum cleverly worded by Gov. Wolf’s admin to confuse the issue would have affirmed the Governor’s ability to indefinitely extend health emergencies without legislative approval but it was defeated by a vote of 53% to 47%.

      • MonkeyBusiness says:

        Change you can believe in!!!

      • Kowalainen says:

        That’s hope and positivity for ‘ya.

        Quickly assemble and prime the PR team for peddling the ‘Murican “dream”. Obviously we gotta put in some extra tryhard and strive in philly for, well, obviously:

        MOAR! Yay!

        One MOAR time:

        MOAR! Yay!

        What could possibly go wr… Oh, never mind.

        Just send it.


        It’s the only way to be sure.

  12. Tim Groves says:

    As a “propaganda” aside, it is interesting that this time last year, CNN was actively arguing AGAINST an emergency authorization for the jab, calling it “colossally stupid.” Of course, they were Trumpy’s vaccines then. And everyone who was anyone, even Kamala Harris, was warning against them. If you don’t believe me or you can’t remember the climate back then, please take a look at this article from CNN, and prepare to ba amazed:

    Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be ‘colossally stupid’
    By Jen Christensen, CNN, September 1, 2020

    Vaccine experts are warning the federal government against rushing out a coronavirus vaccine before testing has shown it’s both safe and effective. Decades of history show why they’re right.

    Their concern that the FDA may be moving too quickly heightened when FDA Commissioner Dr. Steven Hahn told the Financial Times that his agency could consider an emergency use authorization (EUA) for a Covid-19 vaccine before late stage clinical trials are complete if the data show strong enough evidence it would protect people.

    A colossally stupid move

    [Dr. Howard] Markel [director of the Center for the History of Medicine at the University of Michigan] said people’s mistrust of the system makes the idea that the FDA would rush this process before late stage clinical trials are complete “colossally stupid.”

    “This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard this administration say,” Markel said. “All it takes is one bad side effect to basically botch a vaccine program that we desperately need against this virus. It’s a prescription for disaster.”

    FDA Commissioner Hahn said that the vaccine decision will be based on data, not politics, but Kinch shares Markel’s concern.

    “This could do substantial damage,” Kinch said. Kinch, who is a patient in one of the vaccine trials himself, said the clinical trial process needs to be followed to the end. A too-early EUA for a vaccine could cause a “nightmare scenario,” for a few reasons.

    One, the vaccine may not be safe. Two, if it is not safe, people will lose faith in vaccines. Three, if a vaccine doesn’t offer complete protection, people will have a false sense of security and increase their risk. Four, if a substandard vaccine gets an EUA, a better vaccine may never get approval, because people would be reluctant to enroll in trials and risk getting a placebo instead of a vaccine
    “People are going to die unnecessarily if we take chances with this,” Kinch said. “We’ve got to get this right.”

  13. Azure Kingfisher says:

    Infection-enhancing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies recognize both the original Wuhan/D614G strain and Delta variants. A potential risk for mass vaccination?


    Infection-enhancing antibodies have been detected in symptomatic Covid-19

    Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) is a potential concern for vaccines

    Enhancing antibodies recognize both the Wuhan strain and Delta variants

    ADE of Delta variants is a potential risk for current vaccines

    Vaccine formulations lacking ADE epitope are suggested

    “We show that enhancing antibodies reinforce the binding of the spike trimer to the host cell membrane by clamping the NTD to lipid raft microdomains. This stabilizing mechanism may facilitate the conformational change that induces the demasking of the receptor binding domain. As the NTD is also targeted by neutralizing antibodies, our data suggest that the balance between neutralizing and facilitating antibodies in vaccinated individuals is in favor of neutralization for the original Wuhan/D614G strain. However, in the case of the Delta variant, neutralizing antibodies have a decreased affinity for the spike protein, whereas facilitating antibodies display a strikingly increased affinity. Thus, ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors). Under these circumstances, second generation vaccines with spike protein formulations lacking structurally-conserved ADE-related epitopes should be considered.

    “In conclusion, ADE may occur in people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors) and then exposed to a Delta variant. Although this potential risk has been cleverly anticipated before the massive use of Covid-19 vaccines, the ability of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies to mediate infection enhancement in vivo has never been formally demonstrated. However, although the results obtained so far have been rather reassuring, to the best of our knowledge ADE of Delta variants has not been specifically assessed. Since our data indicate that Delta variants are especially well recognized by infection enhancing antibodies targeting the NTD, the possibility of ADE should be further investigated as it may represent a potential risk for mass vaccination during the current Delta variant pandemic. In this respect, second generation vaccines with spike protein formulations lacking structurally-conserved ADE-related epitopes should be considered.”

    In short, ADE is a valid concern for you first-generation “vaccine” lab rats, but don’t worry, we’ll work on developing new and improved second-generation spike protein “vaccines” for you!

    • Thanks! Someone sent me a link to this article as well.

      The take-away for me is that vaccines work as intended for the original version of the virus, but the seem likely to create ADE type problems when it encounters the delta variant.

      I expect that the “new” second-generation vaccines he is advocating can’t really be made, but I don’t know. Everyone wants to leave room for hope.

      • Artleads says:

        But was there ever an “original version of the virus” that any questioning person could (unequivocally) believe in?

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          Agreed. However, you’re not going to be published in the Journal of Infection with that attitude, mister. 😉

    • Fast Eddy says:

      We are in the midst of an incredible soap opera…

      Would it not be entertaining if someone would capture the child of someone who knows what is really going down here cut off a few fingers … maybe an ear… and post it to papa… and force papa to come clean?… Now that would really up the drama!

      Remember that episode from Black Mirror – the one where he forces the PM to f789 a pig on tee vee….

  14. Mirror on the wall says:

    It is all going off in Afghanistan as we sleep in our beds. Taliban has now taken all of the north and rumours are that it is about to storm the capital Kabul. Everywhere is falling to the Taliban tonight. I am not sure that USA and others are even out of the capital yet. The Guardian seems to watching it through the night tonight.

    > Afghanistan: Taliban close in on Kabul as last government stronghold in north falls – live updates

  15. From Zerohedge:

    American Consumer Sentiment Crashes Below COVID Crisis Lows, Inflation Fears Rebound

    Sentiment crashed in early August data according to UMich Sentiment survey with the headline plunging from 81.2 to 70.0 - that is weaker than the April 2020 COVID crisis lows...

    Worse still, ‘expectations’ collapsed too.

    “just 32% of consumers thought that the economy would improve, well below last month’s 45% and the 50% in June”

  16. Fast Eddy says:


    “Something that spreads more easily and can take a hold in partially or unvaccinated people just replicates more often and then you’re going to have more mutations happening,” he said. “That’s how you really accelerate viral evolution, through very rapid and quick transmission.”

  17. Rodster says:

    CDC Approves Interment Camps? It was once considered conspiracy theory.

  18. Fast Eddy says:

    On one hand … I am very pleased that these folks are all going to die soon … on another hand I would prefer they have to endure their faces being ripped…(CEP fail)…. but then on the third hand… when you know what’s about to unfold … why not just go whole hog…

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    I take GVB does not buy into the CEP..

    If you feel completely overwhelmed by the abundance of information and contradictory messages and have not the energy, resources or capacity to digest it, don’t allow yourself to fall prey to resignation.

    Don’t lean towards voices preaching inevitable doomsday scenarios. Use common sense and ask yourself about your basic needs, whether vaccinated or not. Be prepared to get back to a healthier lifestyle, healthier nutrition and a higher level of social, logistic and infrastructural independence for when things run out of control.

    Once again .. a ‘smart’ human… capable of complex circus tricks… but lacking in horse power….

    Should the word intelligent be associated with any human who is involved in contributing to overshoot? e.g. a doctor … an engineer… a scientist… a virologist… a farmer… etc….

    I am thinking they are actually … stoooopid… no? Surely.. engaging in activities that guarantee the extinction of your species… cannot be considered intelligent behaviour?

    • Tim Groves says:

      We shouldn’t assume Geert or anyone else is being totally honest when they put out these “look on the bright side” messages. He probably has his own darker thoughts but sees no point in broadcasting them to the public. Why add to the panic, and get himself blamed for shouting “fire” in a crowded theater? It would only distract from his main message that mass inoculations with a non-sterilizing vaccine during a pandemic is going to cause a lot more misery than it prevents.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        “… his main message that mass inoculations with a non-sterilizing vaccine during a pandemic is going to cause a lot more misery than it prevents.”

        that’s a nice little summary.

        it will be widespread misery, but it won’t be billions dead in Q4.

        any such interpretation would be utter nonnnsense.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          But a chicken virus that represents one of the deadliest germs in history breaks from this conventional wisdom, thanks to an inadvertent effect from a vaccine.

          “With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. There is no human virus that is that hot.

          I am thinking this is virus is gonna be so hot… it kills everyone…

          What’s the point in creating covid to kill and sicken millions… you either kill all of them or you just allow BAU to crash into the abyss and let the Ripping of Faces happen.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            it will be widespread misery, but it won’t be billions dead in Q4.

            any such interpretation would be utter nonnnsense.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Just because the thought of something is disturbing … does not mean it’s nonsense

          • But not all chickens were/are endangered by the virus. There are lots of chickens raised in home farms, for example, where this vaccine is not used. I would presume that it is not used on “organically raised chicken.”

            There get to be more and more chickens that are killed on farms that use the vaccine on newborn chicks. The hope is that new vaccines will be developed and widely distributed. At some point, this ability runs out.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              That’s where the starvation comes into play …. Devil Covid kills huge numbers.. those who lock themselves down in fear run out of food and starve…. the remote doomie preppers hang around for the spent fuel pond payload…

              Nothing is perfect but if the goal is to reduce the ripping of faces to a minimum… this is As Good As It Gets.

  20. Mirror on the wall says:

    Bloomberg has a recent article on the decline of the USA fertility rate and why demographics matter.

    A growing population creates a growing market (consumers) and labour pool, which the article reckons is a prerequisite for domestic business investment, profitability and GDP growth.

    Absolutely no mention is made of productivity growth, which has converged toward zero in all ‘mature’ capitalist economies since the 1970s, bar the dot com expansion of the early 2000s, and which is generally considered to be a key factor, without which GDP growth depends entirely on labour expansion – so the analysis seems to be reconciled to zero productivity growth, and hence the urgency of market and labour expansion.

    The article proposes that the population of the USA would be increased to 1B. No explanation is given of why the labour pool would then no longer need to expand in order to maintain investment, profitability and GDP growth, but presumably that figure would give the USA capitalist state a few more hypothetic decades to get on with it before calling for another billion workers.

    Thus immigration reform is needed to allow a massive and rapid expansion of the USA population. The main obstacle is the attitudes of the voters. In reality DP and RP have let in the same sort of number of legal immigrants in recent decades, about a million per year, while there has been a net outflow of illegal immigrants since 2008. Clearly that is not nearly enough immigration to avoid secular stagnation, financial bubbles and the risk of a Great Recession in the view of Bloomberg.

    It seems fair to say that USA long ago switched from being a new religious paradise for English dissidents to nothing more than USA Plc., a big money-making plantation. The state still goes on about ‘culture’ and ‘values’ however, perhaps so that the entire thing does not starkly pointless and nothing more than a market and labour pool. The ‘new Jerusalem’, it ain’t! The house of Mammon, maybe, but that requires ever more domestic market and labour expansion.

    > No Good Comes From a Shrinking Population

    The economic consequences of a smaller nation are more dire, and more wide-ranging, than commonly believed.

    America’s population may be shrinking. That’s mostly because of Covid, but it’s also part of longer-term trends in fertility that show no signs of abating. These trends, which are worldwide, have already caused major economic dislocation and are likely to continue to do so.

    First, some data. From 1936 [Great Depression] to 1956, the U.S. fertility rate rose from 1.8 to 3.2. At the peak of the baby boom, the average woman in the U.S. was having at least three children who survived until adulthood. (A rate of 2.1 is considered replacement level, holding the population steady over time.)

    The result was a huge generation that not only transformed American culture, but also created a market and labor pool for would-be entrepreneurs and growing corporations. From the 1960s through the mid-1980s, net domestic investment by private businesses averaged 5.4% of GDP each year. One dollar of every $20 spent in the U.S. economy was directed toward expanding the size and scope of private enterprise.

    After the baby boom, there was a baby bust. In 1978, the fertility rate was about 1.7, a near match for Great Depression lows. The fertility rate rebounded somewhat in the following decades, reaching a high of 2.1 in 2007 before starting its downward march to 1.6 in 2020.

    Domestic business investment followed this pattern. From the late 1980s through the late 2000s, only once did it eclipse the previous generational average — just before the dot-com crash, in the second quarter of 2000, when it reached 5.6%.

    Demographic shifts weren’t the only things affecting the economy over that period, of course. The rise of the internet, the growth of the Chinese economy and a regime shift in monetary policy all played their part. But it’s hard to overstate the impact of demographics, which were a steady tailwind of the U.S. economy after World War II, then became a steady headwind in the late 1980s and have remained so ever since.

    A lot of commentary on the economic effects of an aging society focuses on the strain they will put on the entitlement system. There will be ever fewer workers to pay the benefits of an ever larger pool of retirees.

    But the impact on the overall economy is more wide ranging. Without a growing supply of new workers, new private investment has a harder time generating consistent positive real returns. It’s no accident that market returns over the last 25 years have been dominated by the tech sector, which uses comparably fewer workers, while real interest rates on savings generally have declined.

    An aging, shrinking population creates national quandaries that are more than just fiscal. One is that, as the real return on ordinary physical investment falls, so does the interest rate necessary to keep the economy humming.

    The developed world first saw this phenomenon in Japan, which had no postwar baby boom. Despite a technologically advanced, export-oriented economy, the Bank of Japan’s major policy rate fell steadily from 6% in 1991 to just 0.5% in 1995. Japan experienced an infamous “lost decade,” during which neither huge government spending nor persistently low interest rates could fully revive the economy.

    That roughly matches the U.S. experience after 2008. Indeed, Japan experienced an enormous property bubble in late 1980s that burst and brought down the entire economy. This pattern persists because when businesses cannot generate enough profitable investment to match the savings rate of an older population, the excess ends up driving up the price of land.

    In the formal economic models of this phenomenon — known as secular stagnation — land prices can theoretically go to infinity. In the real world, they are prone to bubbles.

    A propensity for bubbles is another major problem resulting from declining demographics. Although the U.S. has instituted tighter financial regulations in an attempt to mitigate against bubbles, the underlying pressure remains.

    So, what can be done about all of this? My Bloomberg Opinion colleague Matt Yglesias collected many of the best suggestions in his book “One Billion Americans,” whose title succinctly expresses what he thinks the goal should be. Yet many of the most politically feasible ideas — such as increased government spending on child care and other support for young families — would offer only a modest boost in population growth. Meanwhile, the ideas that offer the greatest potential for population growth, such as comprehensive immigration reform, are the least politically feasible.

    The upshot is that demographics are likely to be a major drag on the U.S. economy over the next few decades. That means a sluggish, bubble-prone environment — and a non-trivial risk of another Great Recession. In other words: No matter how you look at it, a shrinking population is bad news.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      * so that the entire thing does not [look] starkly pointless and nothing more than a market and labour pool.

      (Indeed, ideology plays a quasi-religious function for the capitalist state – ‘believers’ in ‘our culture and values’. It even justifies wars of aggression and proxy states – which are thus ‘humanitarian’! Really USA is all about money.)

    • the capitalist system is predicated on infinite growth and expansion, together with infinitely increasing supplies of cheap energy.

      as individuals we can recognise this as utter nonsense.

      but our herd instinct does not allow us to act on it.

      so we continue to consume, because next week’s wage depends on it.

    • Somehow, Bloomberg leaves out oil and other energy from this discussion. Without growing energy supply, it is hard to make the economy grow. Without growing energy supply, it is impossible to find enough jobs that pay well for the younger generation. Without growing energy supply, families find themselves too poor to raise an average of 2.1 children to maturity. Young people delay marriage until a very late date.

      One of the things US papers are talking about is the fact that the White US population is falling.

      Census shows US is diversifying, white population shrinking

      The U.S. became more diverse and more urban over the past decade, and the non-Hispanic white population dropped for the first time on record, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. . .

      Americans continued to migrate to the South and West at the expense of the Midwest and Northeast, the figures showed.The share of the white population fell from 63.7% in 2010 to 57.8% in 2020, the lowest on record, driven by falling birthrates among white women compared with Hispanic and Asian women. The number of non-Hispanic white people shrank from 196 million in 2010 to 191 million.

      Some demographers cautioned that the white population was not shrinking as much as shifting to multiracial identities. The number of people who identified as belonging to two or more races more than tripled from 9 million people in 2010 to 33.8 million in 2020. They now account for 10% of the U.S. population.

  21. Marco Bruciati says:

    I Watch video in you tube a out peak oil from Colin Campbell. Matthew Simmons. Heigburg….and more…rupper…..and all video from 11 or 14 years ago….10 years ago people spoked more of peak oil more than now….. strange…no One think about peak oil now

    • Marco Bruciati says:

      About peak oil no One video recente from 2021

      • Hideaway says:

        Yes the real problems are peak net energy, yet even on this blog about finite issues, the conversation has been hijacked to a symptom of diminishing returns of net energy.

        Everyone wants to talk about Covid, not the real problems..

        At least over at Dr Tim Morgan’s site he has kept the conversation on topic..

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Covid / Injections (CEP) are about oil — this is the response to peak oil….

          If you are unable to see that then I hear Tim is offering free donuts when you register

        • The problem with Tim Morgan’s site is that the story is far too optimistic. He doesn’t understand how everything is connected together in the self-organizing system that we live in. Our energy problems and are health problems are all very much related, unfortunately. Somehow, demand is being brought down, at the same time as supply. This is what keeps prices from rising sky high. Most of the oil that is in the ground will stay in the ground.

          • Hideaway says:

            I agree they tend to be too optimistic, but over time Dr Tim is coming to the conclusion of bad times ahead, slowly but surely, as he is a numbers guy and the numbers don’t lie.

            BTW it is 50 years this weekend since Nixon flicked Gold as a conversion for $USDs, perhaps in your next post you could include this as one of the results of US peak oil in 1970, along with the rest of the troubles in the 70’s.

    • gpdawson2016 says:

      The smoke-screen is working Marco 😀👍

    • Duncan Idaho says:

      World peak oil (C+C) was in November of 2018.
      It is in the rear view mirror.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        hint: vaccine efficacy peaks at about 95% in the few weeks after the second jab, and then drops to near zero after about 6 months.

        hint: these first vaccines are almost totally ineffective against the delta variant.

        hint: boosters are coming, but perhaps too late for many.

        • Tim Groves says:


          Hint: any clot shot-induced heart, lung or brain damage is permanent. The damaged tissues don’t regenerate—although you will continue to grow new neurons. So some of the gifts these vaccines give are forever.

      • Marco Bruciati says:

        You mean conventional and not conventional oil?

  22. basimms says:

    The vaccine was definitely oversold, but we should distinguish between more cases and community transmission (close to meaningless for influenza-like viruses) and adverse outcomes from getting the disease (hospitalization and death). Even with cases trending much higher in Texas for example, deaths are not. This is in contrast to earlier in the pandemic when deaths would follow the case curve by a couple weeks. I find this encouraging, and most of the effect can be attributed to vaccination.

    Although secondarily to vaccination, the delta variant is following the natural evolutionary path of respiratory viruses, in that successive variants are more infectious, but less virulent than the original. Could we select for a super bug with vaccination? Possible of course, but I think it’s more likely the media scares us to death before that happens.

    Once the scariants run their course I am expecting the media/CDC/WHO will change fear stories to ‘animal reservoirs’. It is true that cats, dog, white-tail deer and mink are among animals that can harbor SARS COV-2, which means unless we could develop a vaccine that prevents transmission (very unlikely) and vaccinate all the animals of the world (more unlikely) COVID-19 has become endemic and we should learn to live with it. It’s not just little Johnny that could kill grandma, it could be Rover.

    For the record I disagree with vaccine passports because I believe in the freedom of choice, but I have had one dose each of the mRNA vaccines because I would like to avoid the diseases’ adverse outcomes. Maybe I doomed for taking the vaccine, maybe I am saved, but likely it is somewhere in the middle… and yes we will ALL get COVID-19 at some point.

    • I agree with you that we are all going to get COVID-19 at some point, with or without the vaccine.

      I think that there are deaths with the Delta version. They lag reported cases, so it is hard to evaluate them. The variant also hits younger people harder, but they are difficult to kill. Delta affects both vaccinated and unvaccinated older people. Some of them die. I am not sure we have sorted out how beneficial the vaccines are to older people with respect to Delta.

      I put together a few charts comparing COVID-19 cases and deaths, in four different areas: Israel, UK, US, and Texas (which is, of course, part of the US). All of these charts are scaled relative to population, to make them more comparable. Dates shown are “days ago,” roughly one month apart.

      This is a chart of reported cases per capita for the four selected areas:×597.png

      You can see that all four areas had peaks in reported cases last winter. These peaks were of roughly the same size, with the US a little below the others. At this point, Israel is highest in terms of reported cases relative to population, Texas is second, the UK is third, and the US is fourth (since the epidemic still hasn’t found its way to all of the states). This new peak is (so far) substantially lower than the midwinter peak. It is rising in all four areas, including the UK (where the number of reported cases fell for a while, but is now rising again).

      This is a chart of one week average deaths per capita for all four areas:×586.png

      If you look back at the winter peak, you discover that the peak in deaths per capita varies greatly, from area to area. The UK is an outlier, with far more deaths than expected relative to cases (and population). The UK also had an absurdly high number of deaths relative to population in its first peak. I am not sure what all its problems were. There may be an over-reporting of COVID-19 death problem (all deaths within 31 days after a positive COVID test), that overstates the number of deaths. Or perhaps the health care system is incredibly inept, or a combination of the two. UK’s most recent deaths look low, when compared to the absurdly high previous death numbers, but they are still trending up. In fact, recently we see that all four areas have rising death rates again, related to the current Delta variant.

      I also created charts for each of the four areas, with both reported cases and deaths on each chart. The software I am using “automatically” scales the deaths, relative to what has been seen before. For example, this is the Texas seven day average cases and deaths:×622.png

      You can see that the deaths are rising now, but they lag the rise in newly reported cases.

      A similar situation occurs for the US:×595.png

      This is a chart of Israel reported cases and reported deaths. It also shows the lagging pattern:×588.png

      If you look back at the chart showing deaths for the four areas, you will notice that while the UK’s death rate was very high last winter, Israel’s was very low. The fact that Israel’s deaths were quite low last winter means two things:

      1. The software’s scaling algorithm will use a low “maximum” death rate, so the death trend doe Israel will tend to look a little worse than in the US and Texas (which were more in the middle of the four areas in prior deaths).

      2. It is quite possible that the high death rate in the UK last winter meant that a lot of the more vulnerable died at that time, leaving fewer to die now. Conversely, Israel had many fewer dying last winter, leaving more of the vulnerable to die now. Perhaps the difference has to do with how well nursing homes were affected earlier and now.

      When we look at UK death rates, we see that they seem to not rise too much, relative to the very high past peak:×589.png

      I think we should be careful not to read too much into the seemingly low UK deaths. The software scaling makes recent deaths look lower than they really are. Look back at the second image I showed, UK deaths really aren’t very low, recently. And there may be a situation of the very vulnerable having died earlier, so they can’t die again now.

      • Ed says:

        The exact alignment of the death peaks 200 days ago shows us how interconnected the first world is.

      • Ed says:

        Gail your last graph I would say

        first death peak due to exaggerated reporting

        second peak correlated well with cases and is real

        missing third peak
        the weak have been culled
        those whose immune system is not suited to protect from covid culled
        all and all the herd is now more adapted to the environment

        Yes, we will all get it and some will die and some will live.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Yes, now is the stage of slow burn until Devil Covid hits the streets of IC.

          Will it be Theta or Omega Covid that will be the final nail in the coffin of BAU? 🤔

    • Bobby says:

      Like antibody production from a shrieking thymus, so are the days of our lives

      • Tim Groves says:

        A shrieking thymus?

        For decades I’ve been wondering where my tinnitus comes from. Now I finally know.

  23. Fred says:

    Here’s the latest news from The Open Air Prison Camp formerly known as Australia.

    COVID deaths have now rocketed to a horrendous total of 49 for 2021, with ~5 of those being under 60 vs somewhere north of 94,000 normal deaths in the same period. That’s a pretty f–g pathetic extermination campaign.

    Just shows how tough and genetically blessed us Aussies are, especially vs those weedy Kiwis.

    Another interesting statistic courtesy of the ABS is that there have been zero flu deaths since July 2020. Ha ha so there, COVID cures flu too.

    The whole of rural NSW is now locked down. That means I have to stay in my Local Goverment area if I venture off my 50+ acres to exercise, which is an area 50kms east to the coast, 50 kms south, 25kms north and 50 kms west (but v.few roads there). I’m outraged!

    No not really, quite happy to stay on the farm whilst the wife goes shopping in town, which I often do anyway.

    Don’t know what else to say really. How many times can you say “insane bullshit”?

    • Remember, “Lockdowns save fuel.” Australia is a big importer of oil. It also imports a lot of goods shipped with oil. There is more than one reason for lockdowns.

      • gpdawson2016 says:

        …or just one. Good to see a peak oil blog return to its roots. The world is using less oil and no one has noticed…worth remarking on anyone?

        • I think that my next post will be oil-related.

          • Hideaway says:

            Thank you, hopefully we can keep the comments section on topic as well..

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I doubt it … bashing CovIDIOTS is so much more fun that talking about oil…. what more is there to say about oil once you pass peak production … it’s all downhill.. very rapidly …. Let’s watch the CEP as it plays out

              And don’t get me started on Boosters!!!

          • Fast Eddy says:

            A post about what would happen if the Elders fail with the CEP and we instead experienced an uncontrolled collapse of BAU … would be very fascinating…

            Kinda like this but with zero electricity petrol medicine security etc…


            Survivors eating hunting children… raping … eating rats…. murderous gangs on the attack… concluding with ‘then they started to get sick and their skin peeled off due to the spent fuel ponds’…

            A dark post like this should be prefaced with a link to where to buy Xanax before reading.

            Aren’t we lucky the Elders didn’t just toss us out with the wolves…. they are taking all this flak from loads of people … when all they are trying to do is let us die peacefully….

            It really is a thankless job….

            Imagine being in those meetings where you have to explain to the heads of state of all the countries that the oil is about to peak … and that the only good option is to murder 8B people using a diabolical Injection …

            I suspect most in attendance entered a state of shock… Ardern and Trudeau would definitely have wept…. there surely were counsellors available …. bowls of Xanax….

            • Replenish says:

              One of my favorite Bosnian guy replies…

              #4. “..Also, I have a good instinct. You know, when everyone around you keeps telling you it’ll all be fine, but I know it will all collapse.”

    • VFatalis says:

      Since you’re from Oz, can you confirm the following comment ?

      “I guess Australia’s going to be the control group then: almost nobody under 40 has gotten the shot here because of political and logistical snafus. We truly are the “lucky country, run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck.”

      If true, that would be a sign that the Elders have a special plan for young australians… Tough and genetically blessed, that makes them good candidates for slavery

      Oz has plenty of coal… The party must go on for the happy few

      • Fred says:

        Several years ago I read how certain countries had been designated as “lifeboats” by the group we call The Elders on here. Australia and NZ were on that list.

        I’ve often wondered how Australia didn’t get flayed in the press for its draconian refugee policy. You could postulate the “weapons of mass migration” were focused on the US and Europe instead.

        With the virus being gain-of-function engineered, who knows what variants were released where? Iran conveniently appeared to get a bad dose.

        Similarly, who knows what’s in the different batches of vaccines?

        There’s a lot of suppressed anger in the younger generation 20-30s. A lot of them are not shouting it out, but their attitude is “you can f–k right off with your bullshit lockdowns and vaccines”.

        I don’t know many people under 40. Vaccination levels will depend on how much they ramp up the coercion. Recently they closed construction down in Sydney. After protests opened it up again, but only to vaccinated workers.

        Politicians are second rate or bought off almost everywhere. The zombie hologram known as Biden is entertaining via the Emperor-has-no-clothes-style denial of its obvious senility.

        OZ is a big food basket and Yep lots of coal, which Asian countries will need for their inventory of new coal-fired power stations for the next 20-30 years . . . assuming we get that far.

        Plenty of relatively clean land, but as Gail points out distances are big so you need oil to do much with it, if you want the trappings of the modern lifestyle. No popping out for a soy latte and avocado smash for brekky out here.

        Lastly let’s all give a shout out to the Taliban. Sending the evil Empire packing with its tail between its legs. You go guys!

  24. Fast Eddy says:


    Odd that the same thing is not happening in Sweden… or anywhere else….

    • ICU beds for children must be pretty rare almost anywhere in the world. Complaining about them possibly running out in Texas seems strange.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Not if you want to frighten CovIDIOTS into booking Injection appointments for their children.

        Then this lie makes complete sense

      • I saw a nurse’s Tik Tok video explaining some of these “running out of ICU” types of figures:

        • they never really “run out of ICU” beds because they can usually expand into other parts of the hosp.

        • when official beds are few (let’s say four), then it only takes a single case to “run out”.

        • limitations on IC treatment are less to do with *beds* and more to do with STAFFING.. pointless to have a bed with no nurses to cover it.

        • hospitals have been cutting back on staffing since the beginning of the “crisis” and are continuing to drive staff away with the pseudo-vax mandates

        • “Wah-lah!” ICU crisis!

        • Fast Eddy says:

 says that another issue is that when someone tests positive multiple people who have had contact with that staff are forced to self isolate…

          Malcolm has disappeared …. he approves all comments before they go live … it was a week+ between approvals… and he apologized mentioning he is in a legal battle (I believe with the NHS)…

          His articles prior to this were becoming increasingly despairing…

          I think it’s been easily two weeks since he’s approved anything ….

  25. no possibility I suppose—that you could put yourself on your filter list?

    purely on the basis of blocking rubbish at source

    thus removing the need for removing it further down the line.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Is this comment addressed to anyone in particular, Norman? Or are you talking to yourself?

      • Kowalainen says:

        Normal is perhaps scattered while preparing himself for lighting up the booster.


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Geriatric Ramblings….

        • houtskool says:

          Running out of arguments, they try to ban you. The world needs a 1500 hp mainstream killer. A bit over the top sometimes, but, once understood, a beautiful deleveraging indeed. Thank you FE.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Nicely summarized….


          • Fast Eddy says:

            “I’ve seen horrors… horrors that you’ve seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to judge me. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror.

            Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies. I remember when I was with Special Forces. Seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate the children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for Polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn’t see. We went back there and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms.

            And I remember… I… I… I cried. I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized… like I was shot… like I was shot with a diamond… a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: My God… the genius of that. The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we. Because they could stand that these were not monsters.

            These were men… trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love… but they had the strength… the strength… to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment. Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”

            • houtskool says:

              Human rights agreements without duties. Yes.

              The howling of the wolves
              In the deepest woods
              Will be heard of again
              In the dissapearence of goods
              Between money and men

            • Kowalainen says:

              “You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment. Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”

              Not sure that is the way it works in practice. It gives the appearance of it being that way though to a simpleton who seeks understanding after proper narrative spin and conditioning.

              Vax them in the forehead or neck the next time. F***ing princesses of IC. Leave it going for some time until the VC ranks thin out.

              Oh noes… Can’t find youth to shoot AK47’s anymore? Well, shouldn’t have chopped off arms and beheaded them then.

              The cult of children did this. Repeat after me:

              MOAR! Yay!

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Never a more true statement has been uttered… never.

              “You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment. Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”

              Seldom do they admit it:


              The US has plenty of the above… but men who are moral …well… they’ve got the Bidens!!!


      • Rodster says:

        Perhaps Fast Eddy would welcome that filter as well but then this forum would not be as much fun.

      • I think we can safely make an assumption about who my reply was addressed to

  26. MM says:

    Yesterday I entered a coffee shop in Austria and saw that nobody was wearing a mask. So I did so as well and ordered a cappucino. They said: that is no problem if I show a record of being what ever. I said, I do not have this but I will stay outside on the street and there will be no problem.
    They refused to allow me to sit outside.
    So I said F*You! and left the shop.

    Let them die….
    But before that the government will hand out more of our precious tax money for these moarons.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      When does someone with tendencies towards extreme violence … go further…. this will be very entertaining …

      Watch how the police respond when the inevitable happens…

      And watch how the CovIDIOTS cheer the police….

    • There is a definite advantage living in a part of the US where the majority are unvaccinated. Also, around here, quite a large share are gun owners. Businesses don’t refuse service to the unvaccinated if they don’t want to lose a lot of their business and perhaps even risk violence.

    • I was just at a bakery yesterday that’s now back in draconian mask mode. I paid no attention and went up to the counter, where the customer in front of me was *not* wearing a mask. “Ok, they’re not going to push it”, I thought to myself. Then the cashier asks for my order. I tell her, and she says “I’ll be happy to place your order if you put on a mask.” She pushed a box of disposable masks across the counter at me.

      “But the woman in line in front of me wasn’t wearing a mask.”

      “She had been eating….”

      ?!?! (previous eating means you don’t have to wear a mask at the counter??)

      “Look, if you could just give me an almond croissant and a ham and cheese croissant.. they’re right there..”

      “I’ll place your order if you put on a mask.” (offers box of masks again)

      “This is ridiculous.. You are completely crazy.” (I flounce away)

      This is in a super-left-wing area. I should have known not to bother, but their products are excellent so I thought it was worth a try, and we get up there so rarely.

      The chi-chi food co-op had a similar new policy, so we drove 20 min. away to the more working-class supermarket and gave them our $350 of business. Although at some point, they, too, may be forced to fall into line.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Did I mention I was on a flight to Auckland a few months ago — a mask is a must — EXCEPT! if you are drinking …. Sooooo… of course… I sipped many glasses of water on that flight….

        I am actually not allowed to wear a mask … a 1500 horse power brain needs a LOT of oxygen to function … and the masks impede oxygen flow…. a doctor told Fast Eddy once that technically to get peak performance….a pure oxygen environment would be ideal….

        It’s a bit inconvenient to haul around an oxygen tank though

  27. Fast Eddy says:

    According to reports, Mitchell took his first two doses of the Sinovac shot back in late February. Sinovac is available in nearly every other country except the United States, Russia, and much of Western Europe. It is the same vaccine that killed Chinese Virus researcher Novilia Sjafri Bachtiar back in July.

    After getting his first two jabs of Sinovac, Mitchell was apparently frightened about possibly testing “positive” for the new “delta variant,” so he rushed out to take a third injection from Pfizer, which killed him almost instantly.

    Mitchell, by the way, was bragging all over social media about how the first two injections of Sinovac, which was made in China, did not produce any negative side effects. Mitchell was also a believer in masks, having posted a public photo to his Facebook on March 31 depicting the cartoon character Charlie Brown wearing a mask while mumbling through the mesh, “Good grief, just wear the mask.”

    About a month later, Mitchell got aggressive on social media about Wuhan Flu cases supposedly rising in Turkey because people there were refusing to wear their masks in obedience to Tony Fauci.

    “Oh no Turkey Covid cases have gone crazy, due to dimwits that don’t wear masks and social distance we are going back into complete lockdown as of [7 p.m.] tonight,” Mitchell wrote in a tirade, apparently in Turkey at the time.

    On May 2, Mitchell proudly framed his Facebook profile photo with a “Fully Vaccinated” banner after proudly taking his first two doses. Mitchell continued to urge his followers to also get theirs, falsely claiming that only “0.005%” of all vaccine recipients experience any kind of adverse reactions from the jabs.

    “Why do people keep trying to ram it down my throat that I shouldn’t take the vaccine, just saying,” Mitchell wrote nastily alongside a fake news image containing made-up statistics about the “safety and effectiveness” of Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

    • Tim Groves says:

      …….. On July 16, Mitchell announced that he simply had not gotten enough injections at that point so he decided to get a third from Pfizer.

      “Well that’s my third jab today Proud to be part of this experiment to save lives,” Mitchell wrote in what would become some of his final words before passing. As it turns out, all of Mitchell’s efforts to “flatten the curve” were for naught, as the lethal injections from Big Pharma that he loved so much eventually did him in.

      Mitchell’s final social media post was put up on July 21, reading, “P.S. I have had three vaccinations of different brands, so we may learn more about a way forward.” The next day, Mitchell dropped dead in a marina cabin near his houseboat, reports indicate.

      Some mainstream media outlets blamed “natural causes” for Mitchell’s death, while others said it was a “heart attack.” None of them linked Mitchell’s death to the vaccines, which quite literally took his life in the name of “saving lives.”

      + + + + +

      From PEOPLE Magazine — Your Single Source of Celebrity Stories

      Mike Mitchell, a bodybuilder who later gained fame with roles in movies such as Braveheart and Gladiator, has died. He was 65.

      On Friday, a representative for Mitchell told TMZ that he died of a heart attack while on his boat in Turkey. According to the outlet, Mitchell lived on the watercraft with his wife Denise.

      “It was very hard to believe … The sudden death of an international actor we managed, an honest person, a real actor, a true friend, my dear friend, has saddened us deeply,” his representative told the outlet. “I’ve always been honored to be your manager.”

      “… Getting to know you and gaining your friendship is invaluable,” the rep added. “Sleep in the lights. RIP.”

      Mitchell first began his career as a bodybuilder, where he won numerous titles and awards. He earned the Mr. Universe title before later winning numerous World Fitness Federation Fitness World Championships, as well as five Masters Mr. World titles, Deadline reported.

      The bodybuilder-turned-actor also competed for the title of Britain’s Strongest Man, and in 2010 he received the World Fitness Federation’s Living Legend Award, the highest honor the organization offers, the outlet added.

      Mitchell would then later star in various film roles. In addition to starring Mel Gibson’s Braveheart in 1995 and in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator in 2000, he later appeared in other films including Apocalypse Z, City of Hell, and Skyfall, among others.

      Outside of bodybuilding and acting, Mitchell was also a lover of sailing and would take guests out to sea on his boat, per his website.

      + + + + +

      I expect it was the abominable steroids. They always get you in the end.

      • Kowalainen says:

        He was likely jacked on TRT, just as Rogan is.
        I doubt you’ll die of pharma grade TRT.

    • Kowalainen says:


      Let “them” test the safety and efficacy of the vaxxes.

      In the mean time. CTFO. (Chill The F**k Out)

    • Rodster says:

      What’s the global “body count” so far from these miraculous and wonderful vaccines Bill Gates (BioNTech investor) and Tony Fauci (patent holder) has given the world? We owe so much to their sainthood.

    • The only catch is the fact that a quick spreading virus normally shows a pattern of rapidly rising and falling cases. It is difficult to prove that ivermectin caused the fall to happen. It might have simply run through the population and started falling. The UK’s number of cases started falling when it opened up the economy. It was quite quick, too. Now the number of cases is back up.

  28. Fast Eddy says:

    The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a terror warning that appears to put Americans pushing back against Covid-19 restrictions on par with jihadists who might strike on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

    A DHS bulletin published Friday said that “anti-government, anti-authority violent extremists” may try to “exploit the emergence of Covid-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the US as a rationale to conduct attacks.”

    The Covid-19 pandemic has stoked “societal strains and tensions,” the DHS said, “driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.”

    The terrorism warning, which runs through November 11, cited a host of other potential threats, including violent bigots who may perpetrate mass-casualty attacks, “though there are currently no credible or imminent threats identified.”

    This is not a warning … it’s a threat.

    • Rodster says:

      I say they need to bring back Colin Powell so he can hold up a plastic bag with laundry detergent so as to claim proof of Saddam Hussein’s WMD and his imminent attack on the United States.

      I’m sure Colin can fire up, us Americans so we can go after those Anti-Vax jihadists.

  29. Fast Eddy says:

    ‘Delta has changed everything’: Oregon governor to deploy 1,500 National Guard troops to assist swamped hospitals

    Right… like the Swedish hospitals are swamped with Delta despite ZERO lockdowns….

    • I put together a chart showing a combination of US COVID cases and deaths, and Oregon COVID cases and deaths. The scaling is to the US level of cases and deaths.×622.png

      You can see from this chart that during the winter peak (about 200 days ago), Oregon had an unusually low number of COVID cases and deaths. Now, in August, Oregon and the US total are running neck and neck on reported cases and on deaths, measured on a per capita basis.

      If Oregon is having a big problem with hospital beds, maybe it didn’t build enough. Or maybe the cases are concentrated in a few areas. The trajectory is definitely upward.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Or maybe this is just another fable used to frighten the CovIDIOTS?

        Maybe Oregon is running high cycles on the PCR to create a wave of Covid….

        Recall the doctor who was fired for exposing the directives to increase then decrease the PCR cycles….

        Why doesn’t Sweden ever have their troops helping out — they’ve never locked down or worn masks… surely they should be drowning in covid hospitalizations….

        And why is Sweden 30th on the deaths per capita list? They were 5th until they adopted Focused Protection … if they had done what Great Barrington recommended from day one … maybe they’d be at the very bottom of the death list?

  30. Fast Eddy says:

    Ryanair has apologised, after staff at Valencia airport forced Callum, 12, from Harlow, to have a Covid test despite being exempt because of his autism.

    Callum’s dad filmed the incident.

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    No Jab, No Job: Broadway Superstar Laura Osnes Reportedly Fired from Show After Refusing Vaccine

    Page Six has learned that Broadway superstar Laura Osnes has been let go from a Hamptons show because she refuses to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

    Osnes — who shot to fame when she won the talent search show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want!” in 2008, and has gone on to have a heavyweight Broadway career — was set to perform in front of a star-studded audience for a one-night production of “Crazy For You” at the Guild Hall in East Hampton on Aug. 29.

    But the theater tells Page Six that it requires staff and performers to be vaccinated, or submit a negative COVID test.

    Insiders additionally told The Post’s Michael Riedel that her co-star, Tony Yazbeck, pressed her on the matter because he said “he has two little kids at home.”

  32. Fast Eddy says:

    “If both classes of citizen still get and spread the virus, vaccination is not an act of noble altruism but a pursuit of individual self-interest,” writes Lionel Shriver

    The End Game cannot be too far out …. because the CovIDIOTS are becoming aware of the fact that the vaccines do not stop covid from spreading ….

    CovIDIOTS are very st __d … but even they will at some point begin to question the restrictions… which would endanger the Matrix….

    If the Matrix were to break … this would cause the operating system to crash… and the simulation would fail…

    Q4… homo sapiens?

  33. Fast Eddy says:

    It just occurred to me having watched what is by far the best GVB presentation — because Martenson translates his theories into simplified terms… that even the likes of ____ might understand….

    That this is like being on the Titanic….

    GVB Montagnier and others are screaming – ‘iceberg ahead!!!! stop the ship!!!!!’

    The captain responds by turning up the music to drown them out and increases speed…

    They walk about the deck trying to warn small groups of passengers of the danger ahead… the passengers look at GVB like he is a mad man… they whisper to each other – who is this id iot? Get him out of here….

    GVB in desperation says — come with me to the bow … and show you the berg…. he is ignored as the passengers pour more Champagne into their maws…. GVB … on the verge of tears … runs to the bow and takes a photo of the berg… brings it back and urges the clowns to look at it …. they refuse to look at the photo … dunc norm and ___________ become hostile telling GVB to f789 off….

    GVB throws up his arms in despair… and says… I don’t care if you all go to the bottom with this ship … but damn you …. I am trapped with you CovIDIOT MORE-ons…

    • This comment is a little hard to decipher. GVB is evidently Geert Vanden Bossche. Montagnier is Luc Montagnier, who is also talking about the problems related to the vaccine. Martenson is evidently Chris Martenson. His most recent video is “Delta, Vaccines and herd immunity.” It is 40 minutes long.

      He says there is an uncensored part 2 at this link (behind a pay wall).

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Chris is like god.. he always needs money … and offers (false) salvation in return…

        I won’t watch the full interview because GVB is TMI (too much info)…. Martenson does a great job taking breaks and explaining what GVB is stating in this video…

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      In the end, GVB quietly selects the best options from the buffet table and a few bottles of champagne before slinking off to one of the lifeboats, making sure not to be seen lowering it to the water. Once aboard, he paddles just far enough away from the ship to be out of reach of the soon-to-be panicking passengers. Then, with a glass of champagne in hand, he watches and waits.

  34. NoOne says:

    The very definition of Hanlon’s razor. ROOF is the way.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Geert Vanden Bossche interviewed by Dr. Philip McMillan highlights the principle of using a prophylactic vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Likely to create more more viral variants in the process.

      0:00 – Intro
      7:36 – Lockdowns
      8:51 – Gaining immunity from exposure & immunological escape
      11:17 – COVID vaccine
      18:30 – COVID antibodies
      19:55 – NK Cells
      25:00 – Antigen-specific antibodies outcompete natural antibodies
      28:51 – Highly-infectious strain
      31:01 – Vaccine resistance in COVID pandemic
      31:51 – More on immunological escape
      32:59 – Geert Vanden Bossche’s thoughts on COVID vaccination

    • Tim Groves says:

      Every time I listen to or read GVB, I grasp what he is saying a little more clearly. He isn’t exactly easy for the layman to follow, but he is educational and we would all do well to learn from him. This is, after all, a matter of life and death.

  35. Fast Eddy says:

    Rogan… now ZH….

    Vaccine Expert Vanden Bossche Calls For “Immediate Halt” To Vaccinations, Says They Encourage “Escape Mutant” Variants

    Of all those who have been critical of our vaccination efforts related to Covid-19, vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche stands out as one of the loudest voices in the crowd.

    Having been featured on Dr. Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity and Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse podcast, Vanden Bossche has been outspoken – yet measured and reasoned – in his critiquing of mass vaccinations during the midst of the Covid pandemic. One of his main gripes with vaccination efforts is that vaccinating during the middle of a pandemic could potentially lead to a long runway of variants, some of which may evolve to be far more difficult to deal with than the original Covid virus.


    • NoOne says:

      Don’t know why my reply to you (or YOU, since I respect a lot of your posts, they make a LOT of sense) was not posted correctly.
      What is happening is simply stupidity (lack of interdisciplinary thinking, since generalists are outed, specialists are all the rage) By the time your Devil Covid is primed and ready to infect (which it probably will), there will be no dust left to settle because of ROOF)

  36. Fast Eddy says:

    “At best, it’s sort of a very coercive way to get people to vaccinate, and I think that’s very bad for public health,” Kulldorf, also a professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders.”

    “One reason is that, why do you coerce people who are immune, or people who are young, who have very small risk, when the vaccines are much more needed for older people in other places? So that’s an ethical aspect to it. I think it’s very unethical to do so,” he added.

    “The other aspect is that if you force something on people, if you coerce somebody to do something, that can backfire. So public health has to be based on trust. And if [a] public health official wants the public to trust them, public health officials also have to trust the public.”

    The rapidly escalating pressure on many Americans to get a COVID-19 vaccine is undermining trust in public health, according to Martin Kulldorf, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    Kulldorf has long worked on vaccines, including messaging surrounding the shots. A key aspect is maintaining confidence in vaccines so many people get them, achieving herd immunity.

    “There’s a small group of people who are against vaccines but they haven’t really been influential. They’re very vocal, but they haven’t been influential because most people trust the vaccines and have confidence in them.

    What the vaccine, I would call them vaccine fanatics who are demanding vaccine passports and vaccine mandates, pushing for that—they have done more damage to the confidence in vaccines than these so-called anti-vaxxers have ever been able to do,” Kulldorf said.

    • Tim Groves says:

      When I finally get slaughtered by Devil Covid, my ambition is to go out like this guy, cursing the fanatics with my last virus choked breath.

  37. Tim Groves says:

    Geert Vanden Bossche is back to brighten our weekend with a new article entitled C-19 Pandemia: Quo vadis, homo sapiens?—and it’s a long one. I predict it is going to take me at least two mugs of Orange Pekoe to get through it.

    From the tone of this article, it seems we are well on the way to Devil Covid now, and if we want to avoid that destination we need to stop jabbing and move rapidly to chemoprophylactics and early multi-drug treatments.

    Some highlights:

    The WHO’s mass vaccination program has been installed in response to a public health emergency of international concern. As of the early days of the mass vaccination campaigns, at least a few experts have been warning against the catastrophic impact such a program could have on global and individual health. Mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic is prone to promoting selection and adaptation of immune escape variants that are featured by increasing infectiousness and resistance to spike protein (S)-directed antibodies (Abs), thereby diminishing protection in vaccinees and threatening the unvaccinated. This already explains why the WHO’s mass vaccination program is not only unable to generate herd immunity (HI) but even leads to substantial erosion of the population’s immune protective capacity.

    As the ongoing universal mass vaccination program will soon promote dominant propagation of highly infectious, neutralization escape mutants (i.e., so-called ‘S Ab-resistant variants’), naturally acquired, or vaccinal neutralizing Abs, will, indeed, no longer offer any protection to immunized individuals whereas high infectious pressure will continue to suppress the innate immune defense system of the nonvaccinated. This is to say that every further increase in vaccine coverage rates will further contribute to forcing the virus into resistance to neutralizing, S-specific Abs. Increased viral infectivity, combined with evasion from antiviral immunity, will inevitably result in an additional toll taken on human health and human lives.

    Immediate action needs, therefore, to be taken in order to dramatically reduce viral infectivity rates and to prevent selected immune escape variants from rapidly spreading through the entire population, whether vaccinated or not. This first critical step can only be achieved by calling an immediate halt to the mass vaccination program and replacing it by widespread use of antiviral chemoprophylactics while dedicating massive public health resources to scaling early multidrug treaments of Covid-19 disease.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “Stop mass vaccination

      Don’t proceed with updated vaccine shots

      Roll out global antiviral chemoprophylaxis to diminish viral infectious pressure (this may need to also include relevant animal reservoirs!)

      Until we have dramatically diminished the infectious viral pressure, global and stringent infection prevention measures are to be re-installed

      Provide – at no cost – early multidrug treatment to all patients in need

      Roll out campaigns to promote healthy diets and lifestyle

      Implement all of the above to buy time for the development of a Universal Immunological Sterilizer (*15) (UIS) that is capable of preventing or abrogating infection by any Sars-CoV-2 lineage”

    • Fast Eddy says:

      If you missed it… this is very good

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “From the tone of this article, it seems we are well on the way to Devil Covid now…”

      I didn’t arrive at that specific conclusion.

      in my opinion, he is generally saying that the pandemic will be longer and will cause more people to become sick and more to die, IF the mass vaccination programs continue, and so continue to pressure the virus to mutate into new immune escape variants.

      he suggests more death, but I don’t see where he makes any claim for pressure on the virus to evolve into a much more deadly dominant variant.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        He has stated that it is a bio-weapon … previously … but has not said that recently … probably because he knows that if he makes those claims he will be dismissed as a crack pot….

        See the title of that article… it is very obviously an ominous question.

        Then apply some logic — the entire Covid story is a LIE… oil has peaked… they are injecting children… they are continuing to inject (and coerce) even though the injection does not stop covid from spreading.

        There is clearly something sinister involved in these injections.

        Unless of course you are _________ ‘without logic’

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      and as I see the vaccination programs proceeding, it seems to be that these mass programs are now slowing down to a trickle.

      booster programs are in the works, but so far only for the most immune compromised people (?).

      so just MAYBE, the vast majority of double jabbed victims will NOT be getting any more jabs (?).

      I’m just speculating about the near future for the 100+ million (USA here) jabbed victims.

      MAYBE most of them have had enough of this jabbing, and won’t ever get a third etc.

      MAYBE BIgPharma will turn to a CovidPill for more billion$?

      MAYBE the whole vaccine situation will turn a little bit to the 7 steps that GVB is suggesting?

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        if Merck produces a CovidPill that includes Ivermectin, I might just give them (BigPharma) some of my money for that possible solution.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Ironic considering she is advocating the Injections that are meant to exterminate 5M of us…

      But it is for a good cause!

  38. Fast Eddy says:

    U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Emergency Appeal From Indiana University Students Opposing Vaccine Mandate

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who handles emergency appeals from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, chose not to bring the matter before the full Supreme Court and provided no explanation for her decision.

    Silly people think they can use rule of law to push back… hahahaha…. that is beyond ridiculous

    • We can hope some other circuit besides the 7th Federal Circuit Court takes the issue to the Supreme Court. Calling these “vaccines” is not really correct, for one thing.

      Or we can hope that the vaccinated boats, schools, and workplaces have such miserable results that the whole idea drops quickly, for other reasons.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        If they lose they will do as they did in NZ … they change the law.

        I spoke to a friend who is a lawyer and the basis for being able to do this is that the state represents the interests of the people therefore they are the ultimate arbiter and can change a law after a judgment if it is deemed in the interests of the people….. (something along those lines… you know these lawyers and bankers and their sniffable white powders… their utterances sometimes require interpretation)….

    • adonis says:

      Thursday’s Supreme Court move comes a day after California became the first state to require all school staff members to prove they are vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing, an approach endorsed by U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci.

    • Tim Groves says:

      It comes down to priorities. Does one’s commitment to getting a college degree trump one’s commitment to not getting jabbed? Is one willing to look for a college that doesn’t require jabs or to opt for an online degree? Is one willing to boycott universities in general as outmoded institutions that are no longer fit for any purpose except the purpose of hooking young people into signing up for a lifetime of debt?

      I am hopelessly out of touch with what it means to be young these days, and at the same time I am also aware that a lot of young people in the Covid era are going through a trauma equivalent to what a lot of young people went through during World War 1.

      A lot of oldsters couldn’t understand what had happened to those who were actively involved in that war, and complained during the twenties about the attitudes and lack of reliability of the youth of today. Hence, in Earnest Hemingway’s memoir of Paris in the twenties, A Moveable Feast, we read of Gertrude Stein lamenting that “All of you young people who served in the war. You are a lost generation…. You have no respect for anything. You drink yourselves to death …”

      • MM says:

        In Europe it took about 20 years to see the results of WWII cook up in the youth.
        Music from AFN was inspiring! The Armed Forces probably did not really know how to use the media as a swiss knife at that time and I bet they were less politicised at that time. I think some people really had good intentions to bring “a good life” to destroyed europeans….

        So there is a probability for interesting times (how distant?…) but only it the internet for their smart phones goes down. Klausi will not let that happen.
        Can he ?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        My advice would be … if one buys into the CEP (or any similar theory) to use the time that remains to party as hard as possible …. get onto Tindr and hook up …

        If one does not buy into the CEP (or similar)…. I would advise taking a year off … working and saving money … then see what the situation is next year… if one can find work without the Injection …. if not then revert to option 1.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      I bet these guys were friendly neighbours … back when everyone had enough food .. petrol .. electricity….

      See how quickly it can descend into ripping off of faces…

      This guy on my street in Beirut is so angry about the power cut he wants to light the generator guy’s shop on fire—using a bottle of precious gasoline! which ends up spilled on the street as a fight break out

      • NoOne says:

        FE rules on da’ ROOF(Ripping Off Of Faces). Except for the CEP, that does not pass Hanlon’s razor, especially with extremely wealthy people, since wealth=hope that the future will be better.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          If you are extremely powerful but understand that there are 4000 spent fuel ponds… you commit extinction.

          • NoOne says:

            Sorry FE, ROOF I The Way, not CEP. The Elders or whatever you call them, have immense wealth, which is mere hope that the future will bring more.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Wealth is cope for suckers on a finite world.
              — Kowalainen

              Btw; hope is for suckers
              — Alan Watts

              Yup; evolution doesn’t care about cope and hope. How about beer?
              — Mother Earth

              Hey; can you beer or not to bear the truth?
              — Bukowski

              How about skipping the angry bear and chilling the fuck out? Wait, no, beer FTW.
              — Gautama

              But hey, let’s whack the real essential workers with BS jabs. You know; the FF industry grunts that operate the drilling rigs, oil platforms and refineries. Because who needs those fag smoking simpletons????

              SOLAR PANELS!!! WIND TURBINES !11!1!!11! Yay!!!!1111!!

              If you’re isolated in an ivory tower of cope, hope and delusions of grandeur, crazy stuff will come down as whack decrees.

              Just send it!!!


              (It’s the only way to be sure)

              And I am all smiles.


    • I know that I have read earlier about Iran supplying electricity and natural gas to Iraq. Cutting off supplies to Iraq will be a hardship.

      I recently read that Iraq was going to supply oil to Lebanon, and give Iraq a year to pay for the oil in goods. I presume that is still going to happen.

      I can imagine fighting breaking out somewhere in the Middle East. There are way too many people, relative to resources, especially water.

  39. DB says:

    Fully jabbed man dies, apparently from COVID, and daughter and doctor insist that had he not been jabbed, it would have been worse (than death??):

  40. DB says:

    The Taliban defeat NATO and defy the West. And they also oppose the jabs:

    Just a coincidence? Who’s going to Magufuli them?

    • Malcopian says:

      Yes, and next month is September. Now that wicked Taliban is going to do another 9/11, and Afghanistan will need to be invaded all over again. (And Iraq).

  41. Fast Eddy says:

    Here we go….. just keep giving boosters till we get Devil Covid….

    White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted everyone will need to receive a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine “sooner or later” to ensure its effectiveness.

  42. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    is the MSM dam bursting?

    “Two-thirds of Americans in highly vaccinated counties now live in coronavirus hot spots, according to an analysis by The Washington Post, as outbreaks of the highly transmissible delta variant – once concentrated in poorly vaccinated pockets – ignite in more populated and immunized areas.

    The Post analysis illustrates how rapidly the state of the pandemic changed in July from a problem for the unvaccinated to a nationwide concern.”

    though they had to give the “problem for the unvaccinated” narrative one more spin.

    • Sam says:

      Yes but Dr. Scott Gottlieb is saying Covid will be over after the Delta variant. But what will we be left with? Who is going to pick up the tab Even if it did in tomorrow

  43. Listened to a couple of good podcast discussions yesterday. The first is with Jon Rappoport (to whose blog “No More Fake News” Tim Groves has posted a link in this thread):

    The second is with a nurse practitioner who worked through the AIDS crisis. His covid observations and the parallels he draws are interesting (starts at 29:00):

    • woodchuck says:

      Thanks Lidia, that Rappoport podcast was indeed very good. I live in central Vermont like you do and I find lately my daily interactions largely unimpeded. The shops and markets I frequent don’t require masks, although some say masks required for unvaccinated customers. I never wear one although I notice a recent uptick in the number of people wearing masks. The Canadian border recently re-opened to fully vaccinated Americans, but I have no desire to go to Canada. I have tickets for a Buffalo Bills football game on October 3 with my brother and his two kids (they are all vaccinated). The stadium is allowing unvaccinated fans wearing face masks. I plan to go with a mask on and once inside the stadium take it off. Their web site says more protocols will be announced shortly. I am glad Cuomo resigned as he was pushing for vaccine passports virtually everywhere.

      Vermont is supposedly at 84% fully vaccinated, the highest rate in the country. I doubt very much that is accurate.

      I see there is another Tom posting here so my new screen name is woodchuck.

    • Jon Rappoport makes the observation that new sources gradually become more political (mostly left leaning) in what articles that they would accept. There were not at all open to hearing the truth; they just wanted a politicized point of view to be represented.

      The nurse practitioner later became an expert in PCR testing, which was used for AIDS before it was used for COVID-19. AIDS could be be determined by a PCR test, just as COVID-19 could be. He became very aware how the results could be dialed up or down, based on the selection of cycles and other factors in testing.

      I am more sympathetic to what Jon Rappoport is saying than to what the nurse practitioner is saying. Something is definitely going on with COVID-19. People are catching some virus, and some people are dying from it.

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