When the Economy Gets Squeezed by Too Little Energy

Most people have a simple, but wrong, idea about how the world economy will respond to “not enough energy to go around.” They expect that oil prices will rise. With these higher prices, producers will be able to extract more fossil fuels so the system can go on as before. They also believe that wind turbines, solar panels and other so-called renewables can be made with these fossil fuels, perhaps extending the life of the system further.

The insight people tend to miss is the fact that the world’s economy is a physics-based, self-organizing system. Such economies grow for many years, but ultimately, they collapse. The underlying problem is that the population tends to grow too rapidly relative to the energy supplies necessary to support that population. History shows that such collapses take place over a period of years. The question becomes: What happens to an economy beginning its path toward full collapse?

One of the major uses for fossil fuel energy is to add complexity to the system. For example, roads, electricity transmission lines, and long-distance trade are forms of complexity that can be added to the economy using fossil fuels.

Figure 1. Chart by author pointing out that energy consumption and complexity are complementary. They operate in different directions. Complexity, itself, requires energy consumption, but its energy consumption is difficult to measure.

When energy per capita falls, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the complexity that has been put in place. It becomes too expensive to properly maintain roads, electrical services become increasingly intermittent, and trade is reduced. Long waits for replacement parts become common. These little problems build on one another to become bigger problems. Eventually, major parts of the world’s economy start failing completely.

When people forecast ever-rising energy prices, they miss the fact that market fossil fuel prices consider both oil producers and consumers. From the producer’s point of view, the price for oil needs to be high enough that new oil fields can be profitably developed. From the consumer’s point of view, the price of oil needs to be sufficiently low that food and other goods manufactured using oil products are affordable. In practice, oil prices tend to rise and fall, and rise again. On average, they don’t satisfy either the oil producers or the consumers. This dynamic tends to push the economy downward.

There are many other changes, as well, as fossil fuel energy per capita falls. Without enough energy products to go around, conflict tends to rise. Economic growth slows and turns to economic contraction, creating huge strains for the financial system. In this post, I will try to explain a few of the issues involved.

[1] What is complexity?

Complexity is anything that gives structure or organization to the overall economic system. It includes any form of government or laws. The educational system is part of complexity. International trade is part of complexity. The financial system, with its money and debt, is part of complexity. The electrical system, with all its transmission needs, is part of complexity. Roads, railroads, and pipelines are part of complexity. The internet system and cloud storage are part of complexity.

Wind turbines and solar panels are only possible because of complexity and the availability of fossil fuels. Storage systems for electricity, food, and fossil fuels are all part of complexity.

With all this complexity, plus the energy needed to support the complexity, the economy is structured in a very different way than it would be without fossil fuels. For example, without fossil fuels, a high percentage of workers would make a living by performing subsistence agriculture. Complexity, together with fossil fuels, allows the wide range of occupations that are available today.

[2] The big danger, as energy consumption per capita falls, is that the economy will start losing complexity. In fact, there is some evidence that loss of complexity has already begun.

In my most recent post, I mentioned that Professor Joseph Tainter, author of the book, The Collapse of Complex Societies, says that when energy supplies are inadequate, the resulting economic system will need to simplify–in other words, lose some of its complexity. In fact, we can see that such loss of complexity started happening as early as the Great Recession in 2008-2009.

The world was on a fossil fuel energy consumption per capita plateau between 2007 and 2019. It now seems to be in danger of falling below this level. It fell in 2020, and only partially rebounded in 2021. When it tried to rebound further in 2022, it hit high price limits, reducing demand.

Figure 2. Fossil fuel energy consumption per capita based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

There was a big dip in energy consumption per capita in 2008-2009 when the economy encountered the Great Recession. If we compare Figure 2 and Figure 3, we see that the big drop in energy consumption is matched by a big drop in trade as a percentage of GDP. In fact, the drop in trade after the 2008-2009 recession never rebounded to the former level.

Figure 3. Trade as a percentage of world GDP, based on data of the World Bank.

Another type of loss of complexity involves the drop in the recent number of college students. The number of students was rising rapidly between 1950 and 2010, so the downward trend represents a significant shift.

Figure 4. Total number of US full-time and part-time undergraduate college and university students, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

The shutdowns of 2020 added further shifts toward less complexity. Broken supply lines became more of a problem. Empty shelves in stores became common, as did long waits for newly ordered appliances and replacement parts for cars. People stopped buying as many fancy clothes. Brick and mortar stores did less well financially. In person conferences became less popular.

We know that, in the past, economies that collapsed lost complexity. In some cases, tax revenue fell too low for governments to maintain their programs. Citizens became terribly unhappy with the poor level of government services being provided, and they overthrew the governmental system.

The US Department of Energy states that it will be necessary to double or triple the size of the US electric grid to accommodate the proposed level of clean energy, including EVs, by 2050. This is, of course, a kind of complexity. If we are already having difficulty with maintaining complexity, how do we expect to double or triple the size of the US electric grid? The rest of the world would likely need such an upgrade, as well. A huge increase in fossil fuel energy, as well as complexity, would be required.

[3] The world’s economy is a physics-based system, called a dissipative structure.

Energy products of the right kinds are needed to make goods and services. With shrinking per capita energy, there will likely not be enough goods and services produced to maintain consumption at the level citizens are used to. Without enough goods and services to go around, conflict tends to grow.

Instead of growing and experiencing economies of scale, businesses will find that they need to shrink back. This makes it difficult to repay debt with interest, among other things. Governments will likely need to cut back on programs. Some governmental organizations may fail completely.

To a significant extent, how these changes happen is related to the maximum power principle, postulated by ecologist Howard T. Odum. Even when some inputs are inadequate, self-organizing ecosystems try to maintain themselves, as best possible, with the reduced supplies. Odum said, “During self-organization, system designs develop and prevail that maximize power intake, energy transformation, and those uses that reinforce production and efficiency.” As I see the situation, the self-organizing economy tends to favor the parts of the economy that can best handle the energy shortfall that will be taking place.

In Sections [4], [5], and [6], we will see that this methodology seems to lead to a situation in which competition leads to different parts of the economy (energy producers and energy consumers) being alternately disadvantaged. This approach leads to a situation in which the human population declines more slowly than in either of the other possible outcomes:

  • Energy producers win, and high energy prices prevail – The real outcome would be that high prices for food and heat for homes would quickly kill off much of the world’s population because of lack of affordability.
  • Energy consumers always win, and low energy prices prevail – The real outcome would be that energy supplies would fall very rapidly because of inadequate prices. Population would fall quickly because of a lack of energy supplies (particularly diesel fuel) needed to maintain food supplies.

[4] Prices: Competition between producers and customers will lead to fossil fuel energy prices that alternately rise and fall as extraction limits are hit. In time, this pattern can be expected to lead to falling fossil fuel energy production.

Energy prices are set through competition between:

[a] The prices that consumers can afford to pay for end products whose costs are indirectly determined by fossil fuel prices. Food, transportation, and home heating costs are especially fossil fuel price sensitive. Poor people are the most quickly affected by rising fossil fuel prices.

[b] The prices that producers require to profitably produce these fuels. These prices have been rising rapidly because the easy-to-extract portions were removed earlier. For example, the Wall Street Journal is reporting, “Frackers Increase Spending but See Limited Gains.”

If fossil fuel prices rise, the indirect result is inflation in the cost of many goods and services. Consumers become unhappy when inflation affects their lifestyles. They may demand that politicians put price caps in place to somehow stop this inflation. They may encourage politicians to find ways to subsidize costs, so that the higher costs are transferred to a different part of the economy. At the same time, the producers need the high prices, to be able to fund the greater reinvestment necessary to maintain, and even raise, future fossil fuel energy production.

The conflict between the high price producers need and the low prices that many consumers can afford is what leads to temporarily spiking energy prices. In fact, food prices tend to spike, too, since food is a kind of energy product for humans, and fossil fuel energy products (oil, especially) are used in growing and transporting the food products. In their book, Secular Cycles, researchers Peter Turchin and Sergey Nefedov report a pattern of spiking prices in their analysis of historical economies that eventually collapsed.

With oil prices spiking only temporarily, energy prices are, on average, too low for fossil fuel producers to afford adequate funds for reinvestment. Without adequate funds for reinvestment, production begins to fall. This is especially a problem as fields deplete, and funds needed for reinvestment rise to very high levels.

[5] Demand for Discretionary Goods and Services: Indirectly, demand for goods and services, especially in discretionary sectors of the economy, will also tend to get squeezed back by the rounds of inflation caused by spiking energy prices described in Item [4].

When customers are faced with higher prices because of spiking inflation rates, they will tend to reduce spending on discretionary items. For example, they will go out to eat less and spend less money at hair salons. They may travel less on vacation. Multiple generation families may move in together to save money. People will continue to buy food and beverages since these are essential.

Businesses in discretionary areas of the economy will be affected by this lower demand. They will buy fewer raw materials, including energy products, reducing the overall demand for energy products, and tending to pull energy prices down. These businesses may need to lay off workers and/or default on their debt. Laying off workers may further reduce demand for goods and services, pushing the economy toward recession, debt defaults, and thus lower energy prices.

We find that in some historical accounts of collapses, demand ultimately falls to close to zero. For example, see Revelation 18:11-13 regarding the fall of Babylon, and the lack of demand for goods, including the energy product of the day: slaves.

[6] Higher Interest Rates: Banks will respond to rounds of inflation described in Item [4] by demanding higher interest rates to offset the loss of buying power and the greater likelihood of default. These higher interest rates will have adverse impacts of their own on the economy.

If inflation becomes a problem, banks will want higher interest rates to try to offset the adverse impact of inflation on buying power. These higher interest rates will tend to reduce demand for goods that are often bought with debt, such as homes, cars, and new factories. As a result, the sale prices of these assets are likely to fall. Higher interest rates will tend to produce the same effect for many types of assets, including stocks and bonds. To make matters worse, defaults on loans may also rise, leading to write-offs for the organizations carrying these loans on their balance sheets. For example, the used car dealer Caravan is reported to be near bankruptcy because of issues related to falling used car prices, higher interest rates, and higher default rates on debt.

An even more serious problem with higher interest rates is the harm they do to the balance sheets of banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. If bonds were previously purchased at a lower interest rate, the value of the bonds is less at a higher interest rate. Accounting for these organizations can temporarily hide the problem if interest rates quickly revert to the lower level at which they were purchased. The real problem occurs if inflation is persistent, as it seems to be now, or if interest rates keep rising.

[7] A second major conflict (after the buyer/producer conflict in Item [4], [5], and [6]) is the conflict in how the output of goods and services should be split between returns to complexity and returns to basic production of necessary goods including food, water, and mineral resources such as fossil fuels, iron, nickel, copper, and lithium.

Growing complexity in many forms is something that we have come to value. For example, physicians now earn high wages in the US. People in top management positions in companies often earn very high wages. The top people in large companies that buy food from farmers earn high wages, but farmers producing cattle or growing crops don’t fare nearly as well.

As energy supply becomes more constrained, the huge chunks of output taken by those with advanced degrees and high positions within the large companies gets to be increasingly problematic. The high incomes of citizens in major cities contrasts with the low incomes in rural areas. Resentment among people living in rural areas grows when they compare themselves to how well people in urbanized areas are doing. People in rural areas talk about wanting to secede from the US and wanting to form their own country.

There are also differences among countries in how well their economies get rewarded for the goods and services they produce. The United States, the EU, and Japan have been able to get better rewards for the complex goods that they produce (such as banking services, high-tech medicine, and high-tech agricultural products) compared to Russia and the oil exporting countries of the Middle East. This is another source of conflict.

Comparing countries in terms of per capita GDP on a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) basis, we find that the countries that focus on complexity have significantly higher PPP GDP per capita than the other areas listed. This creates resentment among countries with lower per-capita PPP GDP.

Figure 5. Average Purchasing Power Parity GDP Per Capita in 2021, in current US dollars, based on data from the World Bank.

Russia and the Arab World, with all their energy supplies, come out behind. Ukraine does particularly poorly.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is between two countries that are doing poorly on this metric. Ukraine is also much smaller than Russia. It appears that Russia is in a conflict with a competitor that it is likely to be able to defeat, unless NATO members, including the US, can give immense support to Ukraine. As I discuss in the next section, the industrial ability of the US and the EU is waning, making it difficult for such support to be available.

[8] As conflict becomes a major issue, which economy is largest and is best able to defend itself becomes more important.

Figure 6. Total (not per capita) PPP GDP for the US, EU, and China, based on data of the World Bank.

Back in 1990, the EU had a greater PPP GDP than did either the US or China. Now, the US is a little ahead of the EU. More importantly, China has come from way behind both the US and EU, and now is clearly ahead of both in PPP GDP.

We often hear that the US is the largest economy, but this is only true if GDP is measured in current US dollars. If differences in actual purchasing power are reflected, China is significantly ahead. China is also far ahead in total electricity production and in many types of industrial output, including cement, steel, and rare earth minerals.

The conflict in Ukraine is now leading countries to take sides, with Russia and China on the same side, and the United States together with the EU on Ukraine’s side. While the US has many military bases around the world, its military capabilities have increasingly been stretched thin. The US is a major oil producer, but the mix of oil it produces is of lower and lower average quality, especially if obtaining diesel and jet fuel from it are top priorities.

Figure 7. Chart by OPEC, showing the mix of liquids that now make up US production. Even the “Tight crude” tends to be quite “light,” making it less suitable for producing diesel and jet fuel than conventional crude oil. Chart from OPEC’s February 2023 Monthly Oil Market Report.

Huge pressure is building now for China and Russia to trade in their own currencies, rather than the US dollar, putting pressure on the US financial system and its status as the reserve currency. It is also not clear whether the US would be able to fight on more than one front in a conventional war. A conflict with Iran has been mentioned as a possibility, as has a conflict with China over Taiwan. It is not at all clear that a conflict between NATO and China-Russia is winnable by the NATO forces, including the US.

It appears to me that, to save fuel, more regionalization of trade is necessary with the Asian countries being primary trading partners of each other, rather than the rest of the world. If such a regionalization takes place, the US will be at a disadvantage. It currently depends on supply lines stretching around the world for computers, cell phones, and other high-tech devices. Without these supply lines, the standards of living in the US and the EU would likely decline quickly.

[9] Clearly, the narratives that politicians and the news media tell citizens are under pressure. Even if they understand the true situation, politicians need a different narrative to tell voters and young people wondering about what career to pursue.

Every politician would like a “happily ever after” story to tell citizens. Fortunately, from the point of view of politicians, there are lots of economists and scientists who put together what I call “overly simple” models of the economy. With these overly simple models of the economy, there is no problem ahead. They believe the standard narrative about oil and other energy prices rising indefinitely, so there is no energy problem. Instead, our only problem is climate change and the need to transition to green energy.

The catch is that our ability to scale up green energy is just an illusion, built on the belief that complexity can scale up indefinitely without the use of fossil fuels.

We are left with a major problem: Our current complex economy is in danger of degrading remarkably in the next few years, but we have no replacement available. Even before then, we may need to do battle, in new ways, with other countries for the limited resources that are available.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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        I’ve mentioned the horse dewormer’s mechanism of action before. It destroys/dissolves the lipid membranes of fragile membranous biological structures. Exosomes (‘viruses’) are minute membrane–bound intercellular signalings. Destroy the continuous body-wide signalling operations of a ‘cold’ and the ‘cold’stops.

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          Also, as Paracelsus wrote: “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.” Shorter Paracelsus: ‘the dose makes the poison”.

          So, what is dose that makes horse dewormer poisonous? It depends on what species is taking the poison.

          Ivermectin’s acute oral toxicity profile is:
          LD50 (Rat): 50 mg/kg
          LD50 (Mouse): 25 mg/kg
          LD50 (Monkey): > 24 mg/kg
          LD50 (Dog: Beagle): 80mg/kg
          LD50 (Dog: Collie): ? But collies and other herding dogs are very sensitive to horse dewormer and 0.1 mg/kg can make them ill.

          *LD50 = the dose that kills 50% of the individuals taking it. For Ivermectin, this is 15-20 times the dose that can be tolerated without clinical signs of toxicity appearing

          For dogs: Most breeds tolerate up to 2.5 mg/kg before clinical signs of toxicity occur.

          So, what is the LD50 for ivermectin in humans?
          One study quoted by the National Institutes of Health suggests an LD50 of around 50mg/kg, indicating a wide margin of safety (250x) considering the therapeutic dose of ivermectin as 0.2 mg/kg.

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              A good writer for a non-specialist audience, such as Gail for instance, tries to make their writing informative, entertaining, and easy to understand—not simplistic, but sufficiently simple and clear that readers don’t have to read it twice or three times in order to be sure they’ve grasped it right.

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        Also, GVB’s teaching points would be nonsensical in a world in which no viruses existed.

        MY’s view expressed above is that there was no pandemic, and I think we can take that is implying that he thinks there was no high-fatality-rate-inducing respiratory viral pandemic serious enough to justify masking, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and banning one night stands (as was done in the UK, by the way), and that the bulk of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 during the first year were down to withholding of necessary medical care (such as antibiotics) or medical homicide (including inappropriate administration of drugs).

        But I don’t want to try to put words in his mouth. Mike has probably clarified his views on this matter, and if I come across it on my travels, I will post it.

        • JMS says:

          Funny that I can’t find evidence, not that viruses exist or not, since that’s not relevant, but that they are the cause of a certain disease. And since I’m just a stubborn and mistrustful peasant, I’m going to keep my disbelief until someone points me to the study which proves that virus A is the cause of disease B, be it smallpox, flu, AIDS or covid.

          • Tim Groves says:

            Viruses as a cause of certain diseases, I can’t prove one way or the other. So I’m with you there. But viruses as an explanation for what causes certain diseases I find reasonable and comfortable, just as I’m comfortable with the model of the planets orbiting the sun or the model of plate tectonics explaining why the coastlines of lots of distant continents match up, although these models may be inaccurate as far as I can tell.

            I find it interesting that in many cases, viral diseases are diagnosed based on symptoms and no attempt is made to identify the responsible viruses directly. For instance, when I had norovirus disease in 2015, the symptoms were a classic textbook case, and any medic would have diagnosed norovirus infection as the cause, but no testing was done, and again, as far as I can tell, my illness may have had another cause. So I suppose I should say I had a suspected norovirus infection.

            • JMS says:

              Tim, as far as I know there are many different diseases, or so classified, that present the same set of symptoms. I believe that doctors’ determination of which disease corresponds to a certain set of symptoms is more guesswork than science.
              One lesson I’ve definitely learned over the past three years is to never trust allopathic medicine or the WHO again.

              If it ever occurs to me to see a doctor again, I’ll first consult my dog about it, who always suspiciously digs his heels into the ground when approaching the vet.
              And I’ll try this approach instead.

            • reante says:

              You only find it reasonable and comfortable to believe that a non-metabolic structure in an informational format can kill a person because you are THAT lost and that weak. I don’t know how else to characterize it, Tim. It used to be me as well.

              There are actual REASONS why we believe in plate tectonics and heliocentrism. There are ZERO reasons for believing in ‘virology.’ you name a supposed reason and I’ll shoot it down. Then you shoot me down if you can. THAT’S the Socratic way to the truth.

              They have never witnessed a ‘virus’ ‘hijacking’ a cell and ‘replicating’ because it can’t be videographed. The theory doesn’t even match with cell biology theory. In order for an RNA or DNA to ‘replicate’ from having undergone PCR in the cytoplasmic ribosomes, it would have to be reverse transcribed to the nuclear polymerases, undergo nuclear PCR, and then force the relevant chromosome of the genome to make the self-injuring/culling message of ‘viral replication’ and send it back out the cytoplasmic ribosomes. It doesn’t fit cell theory at all that RNA can just ‘hijack’ the ribosomes right off the bat and force them to crank out their evil twins. It’s a joke of a theory. HOW do they ‘hijack’? They offer no explanation. ALL LIFE happens from the inside-out. A cell is 4B years-old intelligent evolution.That can’t be
              circumvented/preempted BY A PRE-CELLULAR ‘viral’ STRUCTURE LOWER DOWN ON THE ‘FOOD CHAIN’ THAN THE CELL ITSELF. The ‘virus’can’t just hit the reset button on evolution as if the 4B years of hard-won adaptation never happened.

              Plenty of people read and have read reante, because reante’s a player and he gets around, yet nobody wants to touch reante.Why don’t you email around to all the GVBs and Sucharits, and ask them to have a Socratic dialogue with me, so everyone here can see for themselves who hews to Reason and who hews to sophistry. If it is shown that reante resorts to sophistry then reante dies on his sword.

              But they probably just want to waste their time on me, huh? That must be it. And my consolation prize is that at least I got Norm to plead the fifth on the matter.

              Like I said, in some ways being in no man’s land is the most devastating condition. It’s

              We’re here to think. If we don’t eat right we can’t think right. Bone broth is the best way to build a grounded mind and body – grounded by a surfeit of CONNECTIVE building blocks (so that the brain can optimize its massively parallel architecture and the full complement of minerals that ground our electromagnetic connection to Reality. When we are harmonic with Reality, our thoughts are also harmonic with Reality. The deepest truths require becoming the total package. That’s holism. It’s experiential.

              Stop believing in witches, brother. I realize that that’s a surreal thought, but that’s only because you’ve lost your ground. It’s as plane as the nose on my face. Put the work in. Start getting your body right first and your mind will follow. There are no cheats for this.

            • reante says:

              That movie is elite propaganda in service of (National Socialist) new age dogma. It is the cooptation of terrain theory by new age ‘eastern’ religion. It’s new age because it inverts reality. They are saying disease starts in the mind when in fact it starts in the body. How can we know this? Because the body existed before the mind. Duh. This is the same point I made to Tim when I said that ‘viruses’can’t hit the reset button on 4B years of evolution because evolution EARNED it’s way. Nothing less evolved can unearn that, the only thing that can unearn it is self-destructive ness.

              I believe the second woman to appear in the movie — the dark-haired woman — is the daughter from “The Sopranos.’ Big red flag.Look at that first scene it’s like the ‘healer’ is performing an exorcism lol. What a joke, though I’m not saying it has no value but treating the emotions is treating the symptoms of a diseased psychology and the diseased psychology is a symptom of a diseased terrain which is the body. The trillion-fold body ecology. So they’re dealing with derivatives of symptoms as their main focus. Surprise surprise. The root cause is civilization because it destroys the ecology (the outer terrain) thus destroying the body (the inner/personal terrain).

              This theatrical production, though, LOVES civilization. Just look at it. Look how it lives civilization. Turns my stomach.

            • JMS says:

              It seems to me you’re assuming too much, Reante, after watching two minutes of the film. Which of course doesn’t mean you don’t have some reason to be suspicious.
              I don’t buy everything that each of the actors in the movie advocate, but I know that some of the approaches shown here can be useful, since I personally know people who have been helped by these therapies. You can label them new age or exorcism or even hypnosis if you like, but if they have positive effects on the patient, what does the underlying theory matter?
              Moreover, all of these therapists insist a lot on the role of food in strengthening the terrain, something you would get if you weren’t too quick to judge and ridicule.

            • JMS says:

              And of course they love civilization. You don’t? Are you going to tell me that you live in a cave without electricity, clothes or an internet conection? Don’t you work in a school? Is there a more fundamental instrument of ideological control than school? Less hypocrisy please. You’re better than that.

            • reante says:

              In case the body/terrain as origin of disease isn’t clear:

              As we know the mind/metaconsciousness is the evolutionary breakthrough of species with formal brain organs. The brain organs are fundamentally dependent on the body that evolved them. Evolutionarily speaking, the brain organs are at the periphery of the body’s evolution, and the emotional function is at the periphery of the brain organ. Which is to say, when the body is in nutritional and environmental deprivation, the peripheral functions are sacrificed first, just as it is with a civilization in energetic deprivation. The Core is always prioritized (thus the HTOE prioritizations of the non-public Degrowth Agenda). The body can still survive with the negative emotions that result from full brain organ needs not being met. The body can still survive with even more acute psychological disorders from brain organ needs not being met that lie beyond the nutritional threshold at which emotional wellbeing begins to get sacrificed.

              Under no circumstances can a trashed body run a healthy mind that is grounded in Reality. One might say, “look at stephen hawking!” Well, look at his most famous quote: “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” He would say that wouldn’t he? There’s a reason he doesn’t want to look at his feet.

            • reante says:


              Okay friend. Let me know when you’ve exited that lowest of frequencies spurred on by whatever false idol of yours it is that I have sullied.

              Intelligence is the ability to hold two ‘opposing’ ideas at the same time, so I hold the accomplishment of my mental freedom (the first idea) and the recognition of my physical enslavement (the second idea) simultaneously. How about you?

              Would you rather me grift by edumacating the kids or would you rather i just stay out of the way and clean their toilets?

              And I homestead as best I can and in a biological manner in order to develop and maintain, and further develop, that mental freedom, so that when the collapse of civilization comes, I will be ready for it. Because our 4B year history deserves nothing less as a show of respect.

            • reante says:

              Of course they insist that food plays a role, and sunshine, and Malibu air. Lol. Just because I hit a raw nerve of yours doesn’t mean I’m not the same person I was last week, friend. I admit I’m a little more edgy myself now that TSHTF, but that’s as it should be. This MF right here is coiled like a spring because the Machine is coiled like a spring right now. It’s called rising to the occasion. Tim got on the receiving end of it, too. It’s nothing personal. Life is the school of hard knocks. Moving through an intellectual bottleneck makes the knocks that much harder. Natural Law fractal.

              Anybody who’s not coiled up like a spring right now — and I mean in a good way, a pure power way — better check themselves for a pulse. The coil might relax again next week, who knows, but if you ain’t sprung right now you ain’t got your finger on the pulse.

              I’m done with that Hollywood shit JMS. Those spiritual ‘leeches’ are about to get run through the meat grinder. But don’t mind me, post whatever you want.

            • JMS says:

              Reante, for me you are one of the most refreshing voices on this forum, and one that I consider carefully, but I see in you an attitude too severe and intransigent, quite alien to nuances and compromises, which does not seem healthy for the mind not conducive to dialogue. I think I’ve already told you how important I think it is to learn to distinguish between friends, enemies and allies. For you, it’s as if there were only friends and enemies, whoever is not for you is against you, like totalitarians. I don’t see things that way. For me, some of the people in Heal I see them as allies in the same war. I don’t need to agree with everything they say or do, I just need to feel that there is common ground between us. You may think they are new age charlatans, but I prefer to focus on their therapies helping people.

              It also bothers me that most here don’t realize what became obvious to me once I started reading about germ theory, but I don’t feel entitled to ridicule these people’s positions. Why? Because 1) I am aware of my limitations and ignorance in many areas, 2) I am grateful for what I have learned from many of these people over the last ten years, and 3) I understand that most of us have blind spots, idiosyncrasies, quirks, and also that “humankind can not bear very much reality”.

            • reante says:


              I’m an objectivist so there is no compromise when it comes to the truth. I’m also intransigent in the truth. You suggest I don’t like nuance but much of my writing is examining the nuance — the finer points in truth. If you want back up that statement that I don’t like nuance, with evidence and argumentation, then I’m all ears.

              I get it. I’m a hardcore dude. All or nothing. An alpha male born bang in the middle of Aries. I’m also. 9 on the Enneagram with a strong, consciously cultivated 8 wing. There are strengths and weaknesses to that. One of the weaknesses is it turns a lot of people off but those people aren’t my concern because they’re just looking for excuses anyway. The truth ain’t for the faint of heart and neither is collapse.

              A lot of people here are already, and will continue to, retreat into what they ‘know’ — what’s comfortable to them — now that TSHTF is finally here. That’s how it works. Huddled masses, even here. Most doomers are just recreational doomers. I’m not one for recreation.

              When Tim says, “I agree, it’s good to keep reminding people that there is good evidence for the existence of viruses,” he’s doing THEIR work, because I’m fact he can’t produce ANY meaningful evidence. But he says it anyway, because he’s huddling. And that does a disservice to others and to the truth. So it elicits a strong reaction from me, hardcore terrain truther, who’s here for the truth first (my strong 8 wing) and group harmony second (my 9-type relegated) , because ain’t nobody surviving collapse in the long-term who ain’t either solidly grounded in the truth or excelling at riding the coattails of the elites.

            • TIm Groves says:

              JMS, I’m very much in line with you and in agreement with on what you are saying.

              Reante, I think you’re overweening ego is getting in the way here. You brighten up the comments here. Sometimes you are insightful, but more often you are inciteful [That was an intentional pun by the way; insight—incite: get it?). JMS was trying to be friendly and agreeable, and you’ve abused him with no good cause.

              As far as I know, JMS isn’t even a native English speaker. It isn’t fair he has to be subjected to your ranting. Say what you like about me; I can take it. But don’t harass poor JMS!

              Also, nobody can follow you because you write in torrents. If I were to attempt to reply exhaustively to all the points you’ve raised in just this latest string of comments, it would take a Steven King-sized book to do it justice.

              Socratic dialogue, my astrolabe! The most profound difference between you and Socrates is that he was well known for knowing that he knew nothing, while you are under the delusion that you know everything.

              To have a Socratic dialogue, one side has to ask questions and the other side has to listen sincerely and answer the questions honestly and straightforwardly, preferably with a simple “yes” or “no”. If anyone were to attempt a Socratic dialogue with you, you would be incapable of listening and answering appropriately. You are good at asking questions, but you are useless at answering them. Your MO is much like Norman’s. Ignore the point, raise unrelated questions, beat about the bush….. Anything but answer with a simple yes or no. That’s why most people ignore you and don’t bother to respond. Go on as you have been and you will alienate everyone. is that what you want?

            • JMS says:

              Reante, here is a piece of ancient wisdom that you should internalize:
              “Be tough on yourself and understanding to others.”
              Knowledge is a self-defense-weapon. If you try to use it to attack, you will only come across deaf walls.

            • reante says:


              Speaking of incitement, I haven’t forgotten (I have forgiven) that you were the one who incited the censoring of me the first time I was here, which caused me to leave, because I’m a freedom lover. Seems to me you’re angling for something similar. Which would suggest if not confirm a deviousness and manipulatory propensity.

              Ok, now show me exactly where I “abused” JMS. If you can’t, then you are abusing the truth at my expense. Show me.

            • reante says:


              I appreciate the wisdom offering, and I get what it’s saying, but I also find it shallow because we can be tough on other people and understanding at the same time. Any toughness I offer is ALWAYS accompanied by constructive content that speaks to the reason for my toughness. That helpful content is in promotion of understanding. Understanding isn’t just being ‘nonjudgemental,’ right? Hell, that’s just the emotional, filial component, and that’s a given – that goes without saying. If I care for Norm I wouldn’t take the time to battle with him so much. If Eddy and Norm didn’t care for each other their little sideshow wouldn’t exist.

              Understanding is ultimately about fostering truth. We love each other by exploring truth together because truth is what makes us while, strong, responsible, good people.

              I’m not trying to act like I don’t have my flaws, but I believe that my intentions are always good. I have no interest in being destructive, but I’m also not afraid to call a spade a spade.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              We’ll all be distraught when the Rat Juice finally gets norm … but alas… we have seen that it is possible to keep norm alive like a virtual Weekend at Bernies… as was done when he took that hiatus…

              Fast already has a working title for this … What would norm have thought about _____.

            • JMS says:

              Reante, I think you fret too much. If the scamdemic has taught me anything, it’s that 95% of people don’t want to know the truth, and it’s impossible to convince them of something they refuse to believe, regardless of the soundness of the proofs and arguments you present to them. And sarcasm doesn’t work either (I know because I’ve also tried it).

              Being understanding is accepting that most people cannot handle the truth, and consequently leave them alone.
              After spending 2020 and 2021 bothering family and friends with scientific or opinion articles about teh scamdemic and the vaccines, I concluded that it was useless and gave up on these missionary initiatives. I don’t care anymore.

              The same here on OFW. What do I care if normies believe that Armstrong jumped on the moon or that viruses cause disease? And why do you care?
              You are certainly not on a mission to save the world, I hope.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              The MOREONS can MOREON all they like outside of OFW… but we must preserve the sanctity of OFW and beat them when they defy logic here

      • reante says:

        LOL. Is that what passes for thinking? Monkey see monkey do?

        ‘Viruses’ can’t DO anything other than participate in natural (or farmed) polymerase chain reactions. Welcome to the physics of REALITY.

        No Man’s Land is more psychologically damaging in some ways than the biology of belief, even if that belief is wrong.

        • Tim Groves says:

          I hope you realize that Dr. Fleming is pointing the finger at you with his remarks on people who don’t believe viruses exist. He thinks you are a very naughty boy.

          If there’s one thing that gets right up my nose, it’s a respiratory virus.

          But I have to remain in the middle of the road on this one, even if I get run over from traffic coming from either direction. The matter is well above my level of expertise. There are phenomena and there are explanations thought up by experts that are intended to explain those phenomena. And these days we have a lot of experts who sound so convincing as they contradict each other.

          Is there a simple test to prove this one way or another that you could point me to?

          • reante says:

            Is there a simple test? WTF are you talking about, Tim? Why are you asking that question after all this time? They’ve NEVER been able to reproduce diseases in people by ‘virus.’ And it wasn’t for lack of trying. If you insist on ‘testing’ in terms of scientific methodism, there’s your test. They’ve utterly failed to demonstrate ‘viral’ transmission. Peak Oil theory is technically harder to come alongside than is terrain theory. Germ Theory just hits closer to home — it exploits our weaknesses — than does the impersonal Infinite Growth theory; they’re both equally, mind-blowingly retarded and nonsensical, yet 95pc of the people here still believe the former yet have ZERO internal justification for doing so. And each of you knows it. Yet you stagger on in oblivion just like the status quo staggers on in oblivion, in Nowhere.

            Unless you can get Fleming or whichever other emperor without clothes up in here to have a Socratic dialogue once and for all then I’m done explaining why viruses don’t exist but exosomes DO exist. Why does nobody wanna go toe to toe with me? Because that’s how stonewalling works. And we all know WHY it is that stonewalling exists.

            Like I said, nobody wants to take me on then Socrates is dead to the hearts of all you Germies up in here and all you Germies experts out here.

            Tim, in the grown -up world, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. You don’t get to respond to Jan’s Germie comment with your oh-so-progressive ‘terrain’ reflections as if your Germie position doesn’t completely negate your ‘progressiveness.’ The Cause and Effect universal dynamic can have multiple causes for an effect but it CAN’T have mutually exclusive causes for and effect. Obviously.

            • Retired Librarian says:

              Reante “then I’m done explaining why viruses don’t exist but exosomes DO exist.”
              I bet there are quite a few of us who are fine with this choice.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Viruses, exosomes, whatever. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

              So without actually, overtly admitting it, by refusing not to explain you have tacitly, implicitly, essentially admitted that you don’t know a simple test to prove one way or another whether viruses exist.

              Good, thanks, Renate. That’s real progress. To actually get a straight answer to a straight question out of you. I feel I’ve really achieved something today.

              Now, if only we could get Norman to give us all a straight answer on whether the COVID-19 injectables should be injected into toddlers, knowing what we think we know today about these shots, it would make this a day that will live in history.

            • reante says:


              You are fighting dirty my triggered brother in Shadow.

              I already said that the fact that they haven’t been able to demonstrate transmission is the best scientific methodist testing we can point to. Given the fact that a negative can’t be proven — which is apparently what you’re asking for — the onus is on virology to prove the positive because that’s how science is supposed to work, right?

            • I am sick and tired of this argument regarding viruses, and I have told you that previously. Please, move on.

            • reante says:


              I don’t doubt that to be true. What else is new? The path of least resistance runs through Germ Theoryland. At least we got on board with the moon landing hoax lol, right RL? You wanna weigh in on that one since you clearly don’t want to weigh in on germ theoryland in a meaningful way?

    • Jan says:

      Excluding the virus hypothesis discussion:

      Respiratory infections are (in the virus paradigm) usually caused by a bunch of pathogens. It might be an influenca virus plus an adenovirus plus rhinovirus plus something else.

      Symptoms are the the result of all these combination of pathogens together. When people infect each other, they transmit the whole bundle of virusses.

      There are an estimated 250 of these pathogens causing respiratory illness. For about 50 they have applicable tests.

      Assumed the covid test would be reliable, which it is not according to some high ranked professionals: A positive outcome means that in the combination of pathogens covid is detected. It does not mean covid is the cause of any symptoms. It might be that symptoms are caused by influenca while covid is just present.

      When a person is locked down after a positive test no further testing is made. As they are diagnosed Corona people believe symptoms are caused by covid. When persons have severe symptoms and seek medical care at hospitals multiple tests are made to exclude e.g. influenca. They can detect 50 virusses. The real cause of the symptoms may be the 51th or the 65th or the 249th virus.

      The whole concept of fighting respitatory virusses on the virus level is prone to failure.

      • TIm Groves says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with this.

        And let’s not forget the other environmental factors such as air pollution of many kinds that can damage the lungs and set them up for inflammation and disease, or internal factors such as the levels of vitamin D and antioxidants in the blood that are vital to maintaining an effective immune response, suppressing inflamation and repairing damage.

  5. Retired Librarian says:

    There was a leak at the nuclear power plant in Minnesota. This happened in November. They are telling us about it in March. It is not a problem of course. This plant sits right on the Mississippi. Hello Fast Eddy. I was thinking about how much happens and we simply are not told.

    • This is a link to a story about the leak.


      These are excerpts:

      Tritium is a naturally occurring form of hydrogen that emits a weak form of radiation, which can’t travel far in air or penetrate skin, according to the NRC.

      Tritium is also a byproduct of producing electricity in nuclear power plants, and the dose of tritium that comes from nuclear power plants is much lower than exposures from radiation present in the natural environment, according to the NRC. Xcel said the tritium levels in the leaked water were below NRC safety thresholds.

      Eating or drinking food or water with tritium in it is the most common way it enters the body. It can also be absorbed through the skin. About half of it leaves the body within 10 days after exposure.

      Xcel says it has recovered about 25% of the tritium-contaminated water that leaked, and recovery efforts will continue over the course of the next year.

  6. This article was copied over to Zerohedge. I am linking the original substack article.

    House of Fauci: How Dr. Christine Grady, aka Mrs. Fauci, Used Her NIH Position To Backstop Her Husband’s Pandemic Health Directives

    America’s top doctor and his wife – the chief ethicist – were the administrative state’s pandemic dream team.

    It’s the Washington, D.C. power couple that cost taxpayers nearly $1 million per year.

    While Dr. Anthony Fauci gave the nation its pandemic public policy prescriptions, his wife, Dr. Christine Grady, the Chief Bioethicist at Fauci’s employer, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) provided the moral framework.

    The Faucis are important to the center-left, because they represent the pinnacle moment of the administrative state – top-down public policy run by an elite group of government scientists. . .

    Here’s how Tony Fauci described Grady’s influence on his public policy decisions:

    “I’ve benefited greatly from this partnership of overlapping interest and common interest. So, a lot of the things that I do with regard to the development of vaccines, the development of therapies, being involved with outbreaks and pandemics, have ethical overtones to them. I can say that I am very blessed to be living with someone who is very likely, most people think, one of the most outstanding ethicists in the world. To have her in the house — you know, as a consultant on ethical issues—is pretty advantageous.”

    The article talks about how she flip flopped on various issues. It says:

    “In June 2020, a presentation she gave suggested “immunity passports” could cause “discrimination without much overall gain.” A passport system would allow businesses to limit or deny access to those who remained unvaccinated.”

    Later it says:

    Grady went on to co-author a March 2022 report approving of social ostracization for the vaccine-hesitant and encouraging employers to pressure their workers:

    “While some employers might understandably feel hesitant to pressure employees to get vaccinated, our analysis suggests that it is often ethically acceptable to inform, encourage, strongly encourage, incentivize, and subtly pressure unvaccinated people to benefit them, the organization, and other employees.”

  7. Fast Eddy says:

    35-year-old three-time Olympian winner dies unexpectedly; Cuba’s most successful rower of all time, Angel Fournier Rodriguez, died unexpectedly on Thursday, March 16


  8. Fast Eddy says:

    Load up on some SCHAD here …. too many to read… of course nobody connects the dots so this is a pointless endeavour by MCM


  9. Fast Eddy says:

    Pilot Josh Yoder writes he was notified by passengers on Southwest flight departing Las Vegas today that captain became incapacitated soon after takeoff this morning. 5th pilot incapacitation


    It’s a good thing the body makes spike protein permanently after being injected… keeps the people safe and effective permanently… lucky them!

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    SCHAD sweet SCHAD

    Sad crushing case of MIT Math instructor, Dr. Peter Baddoo who ‘died suddenly’ at 29

    ‘Peter Baddoo, an instructor in the Department of Mathematics, passed away suddenly on Feb. 15 while playing basketball on campus.


  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Coinbase shares are tumbling after-hours, down almost 20% on the day, following its disclosure that it received a notice from the SEC formally declaring the securities regulator’s plans to bring an enforcement action against the largest US crypto exchange.


    • If it is not one part of the financial system, it is another. This can’t help the industry. Of course, these folks aren’t buying treasuries to hold the rates up. They aren’t very essential to the system.

  12. Mirror on the wall says:

    Translations of the statements made by Putin and Xi at their meetings this week are yet to be released. However, this Tass dispatch sounds very much Russia and China are headed for a defence pact of sorts.


    Russia, China set to defend each other’s core interests — joint statement

    According to the document, Russia and China are poised to “provide resolute mutual support with regard to matters of defending each other’s core interests”

    MOSCOW, March 21. /TASS/. Moscow and Beijing will help each other to defend their core interests, such as territorial integrity and security, the two nations said in a joint statement, published by the Kremlin on Tuesday.

    According to the document, Russia and China are poised to “provide resolute mutual support with regard to matters of defending each other’s core interests, primarily sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and development.”

  13. jigisup says:

    Col MacGregor discusses a variety of subjects.

    B52 flights.
    Depleted Uranium Usage.

    Col Macgregor feels Russia gets this one wrong. The DU is not “first nuclear material use” .

    Wishful thinking.

    I have always been impressed by Col Macgregor. His ability to answer a question without being distracted eloquently and honestly. Im not half that sharp.

    For the first time there is a new component. Fear. He is honest. He sees the writing on the wall.

    Right or wrong doesnt matter. Completely irrelevant. Strategic nuclear exchange. Macgregor finally gets it. Russia is going to free Bidens hand.


    • Jef Jelten says:

      Col Mac is good but he always skips over why the US has repeatedly bombed the living hell out of so many countries, killed millions and done so many bloody “regime changes”. Meanwhile 2/3rds of the planet has been kept from developing their economies and much of their natural resources have been stolen.

  14. Ed says:

    from a gatewaypundit comment

    Personally, I fear the United States government far more than I fear either the Russian government or the Chinese government. Think about it. Who is destroying our country?
    Is it Russia? NO!
    Is it China? NO!
    Is it the United States Federal government, the corrupt politicians and the globalist ruling class? YES!

    Contrary to what the Media says, Russia and China are not our enemies. The real enemy is our own Federal government. Just ask JFK or RFK or Donald Trump. If We The People cannot fix our government, maybe Russia and China will force the United States to change it’s tyrannical behavior. Our government is corrupt and broken and it MUST be fixed.

    • Foolish Fitz says:

      This is the one you want Eddie.


      Look at the chart, open up the timeline(if you do 20 years you might wonder if you see the beginning of the decade of vaccines).

      So, no pandemic and injections that are something, but not vaccines.

      Wouldn’t that put to bed Van Bullshit man, as it shows us that it was just a rebranding?

      If we have witnessed any pandemics, it has been a pandemic of lies, closely followed by a pandemic of idiocy and compliant fear, then a pandemic of denial.

      On a different, but related subject, the 15 minute city explained, in under two and a half minutes.


      The chickens seem happy, so you can sleep peacefully tonight 💤💤

    • Ed says:

      This info is fascinating. Rebrand flu and have doctors commit mass murder. In order to inject the military counter measure.

      Maybe the great satan is the evil and somehow the vax leads to the downfall of the great satan.

      We still have no idea how.

    • A panel of doctors talk about the bad effect the vaccines have on the body. Dr. Pavlevsky talks about some of the unlisted ingredients that researchers have found in covid vaccines, and how they could cause some of the effects (like blood clots from tiny cuts) that are now being seen in people who take the vaccine.

      Dr. Neueschwander says that the FDA doesn’t look at the individual ingredients in the vaccine, just the result of the whole compound. He says that phospholipids in these shots have the opposite charge of the membranes in a person’s body. Because of this, they will bind to the membranes in person’s body. How this works in practice should have been tested in animal studies, but wasn’t. If a person tests this in a mouse, a person can see the effects over the animal’s life span, rather than waiting to see what happens in a person’s 80-year life span.

      Also, injecting the spike protein into animals leads to strokes, myocarditis and heart attacks. Teaching a person’s body to make the spike protein doesn’t make sense. We have no idea how much each individual makes.

      Dr. Reinders says that vaccines used to be widely accepted by everyone. Now, many, many doctors and university professors are speaking out against them.

      Dr. Moss talks about natural immunity. Doctors at Harvard and Johns Hopkins are saying that we have always known that natural immunity is better than vaccine-induced immunity. They are putting their jobs on the line. Immunity in MMR shots doesn’t seem to last a lifetime, for example, but natural immunity does.

      Dr. Pavlevsky makes the point that now the powers that be are trying to say the opposite, that vaccine-induced immunity is better. This is strange!

      • Student says:

        If all of that will be confirmed in the future and one would like to make a ‘Pindaric flight’ thinking a really bad thing, one might say that it has been probably done to make a ‘renewal’ of the society.
        Get rid of old people who weigh down the retirement and health system and get out of the way of young people who are too demanding on wages.
        That is, kill many people or reduce their life span, reduce fertility rate of young people and then let many immigrants enter to change (or renew, if you like) the society.
        Beyond being a diabolical plan (and we are only making free fantasy thinking here), it doesn’t add up how Israel decided to inject its own population, as they normally take care of them and especially of their fertility rate.
        Unless they have been deceived too.

        • Replenish says:

          It strikes me odd that Israel would provide a test bed and be one of the few sources of transparency on vaccine efficacy and side effects. I’m thinking the vaccine was sold in terms of an upgrade. The Archons laid out a special sequence for me devoted to “ceremonial preparations” and “infrastructure study” by an Elite Israel group.. one of the primary stakeholders in the Great Reset “bread and circus” to “cull the profane masses.”

          I understand the country prides itself on information technology. I shared my concerns with a former narcotics detective knowing that they train personnel on combat and surveillance techniques. Israel’s for-profit security software supposedly allows backdoor access to spy on foreign actors. The only reply I got was that they have a big target on their backs and have learned to look out for their interests abroad. Hubris is a blind spot, more scapegoat role-play, karma found a backdoor.. higher powers are at work.

          • Student says:

            It is a very complicated issue and my shy impression is that they have enemies or anyway people that don’t pursue the general interest of their group also inside their own group.

      • jigisup says:

        The question that was asked to the panel was is there nanotechnology in the shots citing the work of DR Carrie Madej. The response to a T from the panel was we dont know what it is, dont talk about nanotechnology because people will think you are crazy. The panel then presented some topics they considered “ok” to discuss. THe panel showed considerable open mindedness in realizing the substance is completely undefined but unwillingness to accept evidence that questioned the gene editing biological narrative. It was not that the evidence precluded nanotechnology in the injection substances it was that considering that evidence was not something they were willing do. They were willing to consider gaping holes in the narrative but not the theme of the narrative itself.

        Lipid nano particles are nano technology. That nano technology is deployed in the injection substances is not debatable. The question is the nano technology just a adjacent to the narratives gene editing theme or something else. With the substances unidentified every opinion on that is speculation. The only thing that is not speculation based on the narrative is examination of the substances to try and determine their identity. Opinions may be formed from that examination not conclusions. Conclusions would require molecular identification of the substance to consider its purpose and actions.

        One might ask why are the substances not identified seeing as they are to be injected into ones body. A convenient answer lies in the second layer of the narrative being presented to us. The injections are military countermeasures. Counter measures the “measure” being a weapon of biological warfare that was accidentally released. Revealing their identity would give advantage to the enemy. This second layer of the narrative is implicit to the substances being unidentified. Conveniently this second layer of the narrative necessitates continuance of not identifying the substances molecular structure.

        If the substance was identified we could legitimately ask “what are these things other than the identified molecule?”

        Assumptions are often made in science. It simply is not possible or productive to question the entire volume of work that came before. This however is a brand new phenomena not one explored with a body of knowledge associated with it.

        The body of knowledge presented in reference to these substances is a narrative not scientific in nature because no true scientific exploration can occur without molecular identification. Scientists may assume the narrative correct and build on it. If the narrative is correct their work may prove valid if not its trash. They may be payed quite well for that work regardless.

        With the identification of the substance off limits it is not unreasonable to pursue ones trade based on the presented narrative from the perspective of enjoying ones work and compensation. Considering that the substance is being injected in people does not the question “what is it” deserve to be explored free from the confines of the artificial and unscientific narrative? As noted its military origins appear to preclude its molecular identification and the ethical question in the preceding sentence a non starter. The truth is we will not get a answer to “what is it?”.

        This leaves us with a choice about what we think it is. As the panel noted some of those choices have social consequences and are best avoided. It might be wise to consider tragic health events that have resulted from belief in the first layer of the narrative also so limited not comprehensive examination ogf the narrative is called for.

        • Thanks for your additional thoughts on what the panel said. I wasn’t listening very closely at the beginning when the “framing” question was stated. There was a lot going on that I didn’t report on.

        • Student says:

          Yes, thank you for your additional summary.

          I find your summary part reported below particularly likely, even though it is completely absurd that it is accepted by all countries that have received this substance, especially those who have given to their population, but don’t belong to the ‘West’ rassemblement.
          Although I have the impression that at high level on each Country it is clear what is the substance.

          This is the part: ”Counter measures the “measure” being a weapon of biological warfare that was accidentally released. Revealing their identity would give advantage to the enemy. This second layer of the narrative is implicit to the substances being unidentified. Conveniently this second layer of the narrative necessitates continuance of not identifying the substances molecular structure.”

          My impression is anyway that the release was not accidental.
          If one read and understand this blog should have an idea about why it has been probably made.
          But I’m aware that you were doing a summary of that video and again thank you for that.

  15. Fast Eddy says:

    “Turbo Cancer” After mRNA Injection: Dr. Henry Ealy (@DrHenryEaly) Reveals What He Thinks Is Causing It

    “These are definitive bioweapons. There is a zero percent chance Kevin McKernan’s [research] is wrong on that.”


  16. Rodster says:

    Medical, Financial, Political & War Disasters Getting Worse – Dr. Chris Martenson


    “Martenson said in August 2021 on USAWatchdog that the FDA approval of Pfizer’s CV19 vaccine named Comirnaty was “actually a fraud.” He was right. Now, Martenson is warning that medical, financial and war troubles abound and people need to get ready to deal with a reality that no human has ever seen before. Martenson starts with the medical disaster called the CV19 vax and explains, “As you give these (CV19 injections) to people,, their immune system gets worse and worse and worse. That’s what is about to come through with common knowledge. You can see them fighting it, but people are starting to notice, hey, my friend who is quadruple jabbed is getting sick all the time now with colds, Covid, whatever. It is very clear this is the single most disastrous medical intervention in all of human history.”

    In short, the death and disabilities from the CV19 so-called vaccine will continue and be a huge drag on the economy and society.”

    • Hubbs says:

      And I am doubly pissed tonight. My daughter had wanted to go to Panama on a medical mission (which she wants to do for its own merits) and which in a small way (it’s only 7 days and will be viewed really as a vacation wrapped up as a college “medical mission to rural areas) might support her application to PA school, and now she thinks she may want to try medical school (horrors)- despite that she has seen how the medical community has destroyed her dad and the grand hoax and destruction being inflicted upon the citizens globally with these vaxxes-nothing but spike protein weapons which I have told her for the past two years. It is amazing how the CDC lies. They never stop lying, and doctors are too afraid to put an end to this. “OHHHH dear, I might lose money or my job if I stand up and try to resist this scam. Wah wah wah.” No wonder people hate doctors. Even lawyers aren’t as bad now as the doctors. At least lawyers just rip you off for $, whereas doctors are now so concerned about protecting their jobs that they will sell your life to the devil.

      I can’t even get a definitive answer on line to a simple scenario:
      “If you are a naturalized unvaxxed US citizen and depart the US you will be required to show proof of vaccinations and booster or a negative test result upon re-entry.”

      Of course, if you wade across the Rio Grande as an illegal alien, you will not be required to show anything.

      Instead, all I see basically is the CDC recommendation that if you travel abroad be sure to get vaxxed! If you have a medical condition, be sure to get vaxxed. Break your leg? Get vaxxed. Have a gall bladder or kidney stone? Get vaxxed. It’s the cure for every ailment in the entire IDC-10 Code book!
      She found out she can’t go unless she gets vaxxed. I told her that Vaxx requirement (two shots) is a non-starter. For one week? You’d risk your fall college semester and maybe even more to go to Panama for one week?

      • Ed says:

        Isn’t the vax required for medical school? Isn’t medical expensive?

        • Hubbs says:

          Best she can hope for at Brody Med in ECU in NC might be $23,000/year in state. Throw in room and board etc and make it $40K per year or 160K for 4 years total. That is survivable. But try to go to my alma mater at U of Louisville Med(legacy application they admit gets special consideration) as an out-of- state paying $66,000 year = $264,000 +17,000/room and board x4 = $332,000. Yikes! No. It’s not worth it – not the way medicine is heading. Medicare will be broke, and patients will no long be able to afford commercial insurance. I see a Titanic/Tectonic collision- kind of similiar to oil producers and oil consumers in a way. Commercial insurance will cost too much for people to pay. Hospitals will not be able to afford to provide care with payer mix of only Medicare/Medicaid and vanishing numbers of commercial insurance payors.

          And from Imprimis publication from Hillsdale College:


    • The write-up also says:

      Martenson says, “People need to be ready for a vast punishing return of inflation . . . and a decade of shortages on everything because of years of price suppression.”

      Martenson also says we have been lied to about the Ukraine war. Russia has been winning and not losing. Martenson predicts it will not end well for NATO.

      On the political front, Martenson says a Trump indictment signals banana republic time, and that will “guarantee Trump will win in a landslide in 2024.”

  17. Fast Eddy says:

    Any idea why the farmers don’t park their tractors in front of the Dutch HQ of Pfizer?

    Same reason Kirsch won’t distribute Vax = Deadly stickers?

    What if everything we are looking at here is a total matrix… including all the anti vax leaders… and I mean all of them…

    Why is SS allowed to exist without censorship?

    The anti vaxxers are run around in circles endlessly… ensuring they do nothing to upset the plan and tip BAU over prematurely

    Remember – the PR Team are grand masters – and they cheat. You might think you have seen through them … but that’s just them playing you

    • Ed says:

      Yes, scribbling on SS is good to keep the peasants from organizing.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        All your IPS is ours.

        If you try to f789 with UEP — threatening an early collapse — we know who you is.

    • Tsubion says:

      You’re right about SS and other platforms that allow contrarian voices to be heard “out loud” and “front and center.” It all starts to smell like entrapment by what are still essentially silicon valley, san francisco strongholds with their strong adherence to leftist ideology and central gov worship.

      So we’ll see what happens when we hit crunch time and of course it all depends on which way the cookie crumbles – who eventually wins the tug of war in the US and beyond.

      I was always curious as to why the MSM studios (the main source of gov and big pharma propaganda during the last three years) were not immediately targeted by protestors with the aim of disrupting the incessant fear machine.

      I think there was one time outside the BBC studios in London repelled by a few Scotland Yard bobbies and that was that. That showed me how weak or controlled the opposition really is. There’s only a few tv studios. How hard can it be to disrupt their day to day.

      And on and on it goes… internet sleuths and word warriors fighting the great fight in their online ghettos, echo chambers and belief bubbles until we’re all just chasing our tails to nowhere.

      Sad as it is to admit… we’re now living in a giant click farm responding to click bait and the latest opinions from every tom dick and harry with a keyboard.

      There isn’t enough time in the day or years left in life to consume this stream of consciousness that resolves absolutely nothing.

      Sometimes the best thing that could happen is for someone to pull the plug.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        My sources inform me that the PR Team calls SS – Operation Hundred Flowers 2.0

  18. Fast Eddy says:

    Just thinking … all these energy bunnies on Substack… endless discussing how to resist… celebrating farmers driving around the block ‘protesting’… banging on digital pots and pans shrieking ‘STOP’.

    Aren’t they ridiculous?

    Whatever is happening … has to happen… we are 8B eating fossil fuels… and the fuels are in rapid decline….

    Of course they are unaware of that — and you cannot make them aware of that cuz the PR Team has conditioned them…

    Once has to laugh as one reads stuff like this https://rachelmaldonado.substack.com/p/covid

    Boo hoo … boo hoo hoo hoo…


  19. Fast Eddy says:

    Open in app or online
    Fed LIVE Blog from Steno Research
    The Fed is yet to understand the ROOT cause of the crisis. Follow our LIVE-blog through the afternoon / evening!

    When Fed Chair Powell goes on stage tonight we of course stay on the line for live coverage of the interest rate decision and the following speech. Get prepared and follow the meeting with us, as well as getting the best takeaways here on our live blog!

    To follow our coverage, keep the article open on your devices – you don’t want to miss this! The link to the LIVE-blog is found here -> https://stenoresearch.com/fed-live-blog/

    We find the following to be the base-case now:
    – The Fed will hike by 25bps to try and regain control of the narrative
    – The Fed will soon thereafter admit to it being a mistake and communicate an end-date for QT
    – Emergency cuts are in play already before the May meeting, if the crisis accelerates
    – 200 bps worth of cuts to arrive before 2024


    These rate hikes are not bringing inflation down to an acceptable level…. although they are without a doubt preventing hyper inflation ….

    Wouldn’t reversing course feed the beast and result in raging inflation?

    Oh silly me — if we transition to digital currency everything will be fixed

    • jigisup says:

      They have no choice.

      The ponzi all along has been based on the premise that the FED doesnt directly buy gpovernment debt (treasuries). If the it was that overt then it would be unmistakable monetization of the debt which everyone realizes is a non fidelity. Creating money by buying your own debt.

      So the Fed has always made sure their are buyer other than them. There is no market discovery. If there was market discovery one treasury auction some one might bid 9% interest and get it. The interest rates are determined arbitrarily by the fed. There is no auction no market discovery.

      A long as the bonds (debt) has value the dollar (debt) has value. The fed makes sure there are buyers at the official interest rate. Everyone has gone along and everyone has made lots of (money) debt that amazingly is traded for real shit. Trading debt for real shit. Pretty crazy huh. But everyone (pretty much) has gotten what they want from the deal so no one has said anything. The amount of the debt created is unpayable. Everyone knows that. But trading the debt has always worked What choice has anyone had anyway? They take the dollars(debt) and redeem them for more real shit from more crazy people who dont have a choice either. And what everyone has known in a world with 15% real inflation ALL treasuries are a liability not just the ones yielding 1.5%. Everyone has known that treasuries represent loss not gain and the loss is the USA government spending. But the next fool has always accepted them for real shit just like you did.

      Along comes Putin saying No dollars no Euros we dont take those. Thats the day the war started. The whole world goes holy shit. Inflation on the dollar starts. Inflation is the degree of repudiation of the dollar’s value. Repudiation begins. Slow landslide.

      Treasuries create dollars. Debt creates debt. Treasuries are dollars. Dollars are treasuries. Repudiation of the dollar is a repudiation of treasuries.

      What can not happen is that there are no buyers for treasuries and the fed has to buy them. Thats instant devaluation of treasuries and dollar. That is the primary threat. The Fed can create loans to banks at will to keep them “in business” so they can buy treasuries. Thats not the fed bringing treasuries on its books. Because treasuries are desirable! Real banks in the real economy love treasuries! Thats the story and its the only one they have.

      The fed only has one tool to try and stop repudiation of the dollar by the world. Thats exactly where we are at. Russia has done it. Saudi signs agreement with China. Saudi says hey Iran your cool with us. You think Saudi digs a nation that cuts off genitalia? Iran suddenly seems a pretty familiar culture all of a sudden. FED shenanigans. Woke shenanigans. State department shenanigans. Hmm China aint looking so bad. All of this has created what was not there a year ago. The possibility of a world repudiation of treasuries and the dollar

      In a heartbeat all of a sudden the possibility of the fundamental truth of the negative value of treasuries and the dollar have materialized. China has a trillion of treasuries. They have been slowly unloading them. What happens if they pull a Russia? Sell order Equity; US treasuries, amount; one trillion type market. No dollars please. Except what will they use for settlement for their goods then? Trade beads? New guinea teak tokens? To get paid in dollars for a sale that kills treasuries is a complete loss. Kamikaze. Like Russia. A trillion of dogshit called dogshit.

      The fed only has one tool to create dollar confidence. Raising interest rates. THe world sits o the edge of dollar repudiation. Only Russia has jumped so far. but every day Russia aint blown up is one day closer to someone else saying”treasuries- we are a seller not a buyer-dollars we dont take those.” Saudi sits on the edge of the canyon tossing rocks. China is on the other side of the canyon tossing rocks. But best not to pick wrong with the strategic nuclear exchange soon. This is why the Ukraine war must continue. When the music stops someone gets left without a chair. Theres still Ukrainian troops left so the music plays

      Insolvency is when the FED says it is. 0% is the liquidity requirement since covid. Except when fed says bye. You dont buy treasuries. You are not needed. We move your business to a bank that buys treasuries. Uses its deposits and fed credit to buy treasuries in reality. Thats our boys. Too big to jail. Not you common filth regional banks. You actually sweat. EEEEWWW. The real world assets of the regional banks get moved to the treasury buying banks to try and sustain the illusion that reality backs treasury purchases not a ponzi.

      Organism sustains its continuance method.

      In the meantime the fed does what it can. Raises interest rates. Closes the small banks. keeps the too big to jail banks buying treasuries. The real economy banks dont buy treasuries. Screw them! A bank fulfills one function from the FED perspective. A bank exists to buy US treasuries. Whatever else they play with is their business but they have to eat their share of the dogshit.

      On the brink. Ukrainian lives are grains of sand in the hourglass. Russia really isnt eager to run the hourglass empty. All wars are banker wars. The fed raises interest rates up to the strategic nuclear exchange event.

      The organism not consuming as much as it wants is not on the table.

      • You make a lot of good points:

        “The fed only has one tool to create dollar confidence. Raising interest rates. The world sits on the edge of dollar repudiation.”


        “The real world assets of the regional banks get moved to the treasury buying banks to try and sustain the illusion that reality backs treasury purchases not a ponzi.”

        “the fed does what it can. Raises interest rates. Closes the small banks. keeps the too big to jail banks buying treasuries. The real economy banks dont buy treasuries. Screw them! A bank fulfills one function from the FED perspective. A bank exists to buy US treasuries.”

        “All wars are banker wars. The fed raises interest rates up to the strategic nuclear exchange event.”

  20. Fast Eddy says:

    A tik tok star???? Oooooh… this is some very powerful SCHAD!

    Jehane Thomas, TikTok Star and Mother of Two, Dead at 30 After Suffering Migraines; do we ask about the vaccine? do we? Can we mention it is likely the COVID mRNA technology gene injection?


  21. jigisup says:

    Putin- “Russia will have no choice but to respond accordingly if depleted uranium is used”
    Maria- “genocide” When diplomats use this language prepare for war.

    By all accounts the Donbass area is probably the most fantastic area for growing food in the world. Up to 20 feet of black gold topsoil. solution. depleted uranium.


    • Ed says:

      The enemy wants to kill white people and this allows the killing to continue for centuries.

    • Student says:

      It is now clear that UK wants to raise the level of the conflict and move it also possibly out of Ukraine territory.
      The objective is to force Russia to make a choppy reaction in order to unite all (or possibly most of) Nato Countries for a direct action in Ukraine or a direct action against Russia.
      I don’t know what will happen, but it seems a similar plan to the Covid one, in which the collateral effects spread all over the world and also against who launched it (whoever was).
      The West is acting like if it is ignoring that China is with Russia and many other Countries too.
      All non-West Countries now know how far the West can go in order to obtain what it wants and all non-West Countries probably are thinking that if they allow this to happen they could be the next in line.

      • jigisup says:

        A small one. Say 100kt. Delivered via Kalibr. Save the Khinzals for the main event. Command and control just across the border not Warsaw. Appetizer.

        That frees Biden for any response he chooses. All options in his hands.

        Will he inform his NATO partners? Thats going to be difficult without Russia catching wind. If a mouse coughs in Germany its a full preemptive strike. que sera

    • Hubbs says:

      Depleted uranium sounds “radioactive” and like a nuclear weapon to stoke fear, but what is it? IDK. According to Col MacGregor, a tank commander in the Gulf War:
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2F0lrdyOhA @ 9:24

      • Col. MacGregor doesn’t think that there is any long-term harm from using depleted uranium shells. He and many others were around them, and they suffered no long-term effects such as cancer. He thinks Putin is mistaken that they are a real problem.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Although DU is “depleted” of much of natural uraniums most radioactive isotopes, it is still radioactive, emitting alpha particles. So you wouldn’t want to inhale a speck of it, or get a piece of DU shrapnel embedded in your soft tissue on that ground alone.

          Moreover, according to CDC, uranium is chemically poisonous.

          Inhaling large concentrations of uranium can cause lung cancer from the exposure to alpha particles. Uranium is also a toxic chemical, meaning that ingestion of uranium can cause kidney damage from its chemical properties much sooner than its radioactive properties would cause cancers of the bone or liver.

          Also, there’s this:


        • Student says:

          I don’t think a Colonel is generally very close to ammunition.
          I attended the military service in Italy as it was mandatory at my age and I have a clear idea.
          Sorry, but this story about depleted uranium not so dangerous is embarassing.
          Col. MacGregor is doing a laudable job, but it is still true that he has do defend the US army as those weapons has been used in ex-Yugoslavia and Iraq.
          He cannot have the US army against him.
          Probably it is true that with the amount UK will give to Ukraine it will not possible to build a so called dirty war.

          At this regards I show you what a famous geopolitics expert (who is surely on the US side) has said recently on the columns of the famous Italian geopolitical newspapers called ‘Limes’:

          ”Ukraine war – depleted uranium. Responding to a question from a member of the House of Lords, Baroness and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defense Annabel Goldie reported that the United Kingdom will supply Ukraine with depleted uranium 238 (Du) projectiles. The depleted uranium munitions will accompany the 14 Challenger 2 tanks and would be primarily aimed at destroying Russian T-90m tanks-comparable in performance to the Challenger 2s-which are flowing into Ukraine in greater quantities. Asked whether the United States is preparing to do the same, Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder demurred dryly, “No, not to my knowledge.”
          Moscow’s reaction was not long in coming. President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation said that “if this happens, Russia should react accordingly.” However, it is unclear how: a symmetrical response would involve adding Russian DU (depleted uranium) bullets to the battlefield, further polluting the battlefield; an unconventional retaliation would lead to uncontrollable escalation. According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, “the supply of depleted uranium would violate international law.” The Russian diplomatic chief added ominously that “these actions undermine strategic stability around the world” and that London’s step “will end badly.” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marja Zakharova was even more explicit and alarming on Telegram: “Yugoslav scenario. These bullets not only kill, but infect the environment and cause oncology.” The diplomat then recalled how cancers and leukemias have in the past affected not only civilians but also military personnel who used highly perforating projectiles Du: “In Yugoslavia, NATO soldiers-particularly Italians-were THE FIRST TO SUFFER. They have long sought compensation from NATO for their lost health, but their claims have been rejected.” The reference to the many Italian servicemen who fell ill in Kosovo is a conscious attempt to divide the Belpaese home front, arousing reluctance to the continued sending of arms to the attacked country. But Zakharova’s lunge is reserved precisely for Ukraine: “When will they wake up? Their benefactors are poisoning them.” According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Šojgu, one is even “one step” away from “nuclear collision,” although the response with tactical thermonuclear devices to the use of Western projectiles Du would be disproportionate.
          London seeks to downplay the uproar it has caused by accusing Russia of deliberately peddling false information about the “nuclear component” of munitions: “The British Army has been using depleted uranium in its armor-piercing projectiles for decades. It is a standard component and has nothing to do with nuclear weapons or capabilities”.


      • jigisup says:

        The deleterious effects of DU ammunition is well documented for both US military and civilians. A quick web search will display multiple studies. Radiation is part of the environment we live in. When the geiger starts chirping so fast it hums and shows 2000x background best pay attention. Seriously? Your medical. Hubbs your smarter than this. It would be cool to operate the xray machine 24-7 without lead? Macgregor doesnt live in DU particles. They were not deposited on his country. That he encountered them while depositing them in another country doesnt mean squat. You want to live in a environment with DU particles? Want your daughter to live in that environment? Does Macgregor? Guess what? Russia doesnt either.

        When you throw shit in someones face is it really surprising that they overreact? Is it really about how stinky the shit smells? “it wasnt that stinky” “when I threw shit in their face before they didnt react its not fair they did now”

        No one thought Russia would invade. Biden said he would end nordsteam. Putin has said they will respond to DU. Russian civilians will demand it. Putin has declared the west a existential threat the Russian criteria for nuclear first weapon use. Duma supported that 100%. All the safetys are flipped off. Good time to throw some shit right? Russia can talk until they are blue in the face. Talk talk talk. They might as well talk to a wall. Where has talk got them? Where did Minsk get them? Did Biden talk about nordstream? Avangard will do their talking. Trident will do ours. Russia will get pasted. Europe will get pasted. USA will get pasted. Sarmat and avangard Kalibr from the subs poseidon autonomous. Thats our slice of the pie. China will be fine. Nulands Blinkens and Sullivans second passport country will be fine. Southern hemisphere will be fine. Anyone who is anyone is there now.

    • Worrying!

  22. Fast Eddy says:

    The wide, wide world of sports is really sick

    OU’s Gentry Williams, Kansas coach Bill Self, sportscaster Mike Francesca, wrestler Alexa Bliss have “health scares”; Steve McMichael battling ALS; golfer Jon Rahm can’t play; wrestler Bray Wyatt MIA


  23. Ravi Uppal says:

    Emergency meeting by Modi to discuss a sudden spurt in Covid cases and deaths . The GVB mutation ? I don’t know .

    • jigisup says:

      Emergency meeting to address lack of injection of Indian citizens. Semiconductor manufacturing technology center not China carrot. A tasty carrot indeed. Look at it sweet, delicious, swaying on that stick.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Not sure how long the CBs can hold the fort — so now would be a good time for the Bossche Mutation to arrive.

  24. jigisup says:

    German 2007 documentary on the consequences of depleted uranium use in military projectiles.


    • Student says:

      The presentation under the above link says:
      ”German documentary film with english subtitles produced by Mr. Frieder Wagner (original name is “Todesstaub”). The film is about war crimes in the former Yugoslavia, particularly in Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo and Iraq. The use of depleted uranium is made genocide of those countries that is not remembered in the history of mankind, even the Nazi crimes remained low compared to the genocide, which is still ongoing and will last almost forever, unfortunately. In contaminated areas people are still at risk of a lot of people do not know and this is the worst because it is invisible genocide.”
      It reminds something.

    • Lots of individual stories of people with bad effects, presumably from the depleted uranium.

      When we put this together with the video above, by Col. MacGregor, we can see a situation where no impartial observer is in a place to do a proper analysis of the situation. This group may indeed may be correct, and there may be long-term effects on crops as well, but no one can put together a proper study. So Putin can be very afraid of short and long term effects, while MacGregor thinks that there is nothing to worry about.

  25. jigisup says:

    Non fatal spin. Spinner recovers. Does the spin loop start before the event or is the event triggered by a natural spinning movement?

  26. jigisup says:

    Dr Sevillano expresses his opinion about what we are observing.


    • His view on why we are observing a chemical agent, rather than a biological agent. A biological agent keeps mutating away. We would see its effect disappearing more than we do if the effect were biological. By process of elimination, he sees that the problem must be chemical.

      I would argue that there is a there is another possibility yet–a possibility based on physics. The system is being squeezed by too little energy in total to keep all parts of the economy operating. The weakest parts need to be removed from the system. This takes different forms, but it keeps happening, over and over, in different ways.

      • jigisup says:

        I agree with a significant caveat. Downsizing based on reality of finite resources. If you can develop the remaining assets to advantage while downsizing so much the better. This demonstrates the quality of efficiency, very beneficial in a time of resource depletion.

        I disagree that what we are witnessing is a “natural” phenomena or that it is preferable to the natural and quite cruel effect that energy depletion has on species. The phenomena is a function of organism not species survival measures. Channeling energy into unbelievably complex mechanisms is contrary to physics as you note in your essay. These complex mechanisms produce large leverage but IMO their complexity is their downfall. We observe large effort to continue pockets of high energy consumption while eliminating energy consumption not deemed necessary. Complex. Complexity will not prevail in a time of resource depletion.

        The following paragraph is sheer supposition. IMO that the nature of the injections is nano technology in nature across all nations and injection substances is a strong indicator that the organism deploying them is not concerned with individual nation survival. The organism will move to the high energy consumption areas it creates. It appears to me that the Australia , New Zealand area is being cultivated as a high energy consumption post strategic nuclear exchange for organism habitation. Strategic nuclear exchange while yielding significant downsizing also has strong risks for the continuance of pockets of high energy consumption creating a conundrum. Interesting times.

        Our personal power to effect macro outcomes is quite nonexistent none the less we retain control of our personal actions in regard to what we intake into our body and morals and ethics we find to be true. From a personal perspective i find that to be important. IMO i was not given a consciousness just to discard it because I can also observe the macro.

        In a time of nano technology we might perhaps observe that the macro is not as important as we thought, that infinitesimally small things such as ourselves have meaning their actions appropriately regulated to self evident domains important. Perhaps even more important than the complexity that has given us such a fantastic and enjoyable standard of living? Most certainly we will be unable to appreciate our self evident domains sans high energy consumption having lived in this time of abundance but perhaps future manifestations of our species will?

        • Artleads says:

          Thanks for the post. I’m following some of your edicts to the extent my puny resources will allow.

      • Dennis L. says:

        Part of the fabric of the universe? Things are designed that way through very deep rules which are not obvious; they exist for a reason, but for reasons we do not understand.

        Someone, something is tweaking the universe, biology is a heck of a project and not done in a short time frame, 13.7B or so years from the start. Patience grasshopper, all will be revealed in time.

        This sort of sounds like the religion I was taught/given when young. Laughing quietly but without gloating, it has to drive the intellectual atheists nutz.

        Dennis L.

        • whoever tweaking it is not doing in in a direction which favors the direction you would prefer

        • Mirror on the wall says:

          Why would it need ‘tweaking’ if the explanation is physical? Surely those are contrary concepts. Physics describes what is bound to happen by the way that things are. That which is bound to happen cannot be ‘tweaked’ to happen. Rather that which would not otherwise happen is ‘tweaked’ to do so.

          • Tim Groves says:

            If the Universe is “billiard balls” all the way down and everything that happens is baked into the original recipe, then you were bound to point that out, and I was bound to point out that you were bound to point it out.

            On the other hand, if quantum whada-ya-call-it dynamics rules and free will to power holds sway, then all bets are off and you and I are not automatons after all.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              All objects exist at the atomic and sub-atomic (quantum) levels, but that does not alter the consistency and predictability of their behaviour on the objective level, which is why science or any kind of understanding is possible.

              There is no reason to suppose that human objects are any different on that count from every other object in the cosmos or that physics somehow establishes a basis for popular self-interpretations.

              Indeed, understanding is possible only if consistency and predictability are universal, and it seems difficult to see how any noumenon or quasi-noumenon, quantum or otherwise, can violate that, which is why Kant was always a non-starter.

            • Cromagnon says:

              Double slit experiment reveals that all mechanistic, reductionist models are way off the mark.
              Physics is not the underlying support of the universe,….. consciousness is.
              Viewed within this paradigm then the math becomes much easier.

              Welcome to the simulacrum….

  27. Mrs S says:

    I thought this article was interesting:


    “I saw a Twitter comment a few weeks ago, about the information and analysis that Sasha Latypova and I offer to the public discourse during the Covid-19 Constitutional crisis, describing it as —

    So far outside the overton window at this stage virtually no one knows what to do with it.

    The Overton window has been defined as “the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time.”

    The Twitter comment lines up with my experience of how a lot of people respond to our work.

    Most thoughtful people have immediate, visceral responses.

    Paraphrased, the first response is:

    Whoa! This makes sense of a lot of things that don’t make sense without it.

    It explains things that aren’t explained by analyses limited to FDA incompetence, regulatory capture, and Big Pharma profiteering.

    The second response is,

    Wait, what the heck??? This can’t be real!!! How can the US Government be engaged in a semi-covert war against its own people and the people of the whole world, on behalf of a handful of central bankster families, using financial system manipulation, public health emergency pretexts and bioweapons fraudulently labeled as vaccines?

    And if it’s true, why does everybody in what we thought were positions of legitimate authority keep pretending it’s not happening, and doing nothing to stop the killing and looting?

    The two responses sometimes occur simultaneously within one person.

    Sometimes people cycle back and forth between the two.”

    What she says is so true. The information about the jabs really being a DoD counter-measure sounds so crazy that people can’t believe it. They can’t do anything with the information…..at least with the BigPharma narrative people can believe the motivation was profit, and they cocked it up which resulted in jab injuries etc.

    But if one accepts that the DoD were behind the jabs, what innocent explanation could there possibly be?

    • Dennis L. says:

      First: I have no idea what really happened, assume the last paragraph is correct.

      Something went wrong, the bug got out, people panicked, something was better than nothing. It is a consistent explanation, but not necessarily a correct one.

      Life is becoming extremely demanding: tuning a radio in a car requires instructions, levers are replaced with touch screens, simple phones are replaced with “smart” phones which are far from smart and are burdened with tons of “junk.” People are starting to overload on information which is essentially noise – the Claude Shannon effect; if the data does not change the information, it is noise. We have a great deal of noise in the system and many are shouting to make their noise fact.

      OFW has an example of that on this site, if you know, then you know.

      Dennis L.

      • jigisup says:

        People wear their paradigm like a winter coat. It allows them to operate and consume. The “conspiracy theorist” is seen as trying to fray and ultimately unravel their coat and most people have zero interest. To some extent its true. Some people are attracted to unraveling other peoples coats

        In a time of energy abundance we were free to choose our winter coats.

    • I am afraid that this is precisely the problem we are encountering now. People cannot live with what is happening now. They are confused about the craziness that is going on. How can leaders be acting so bizarrely?

      • Mrs S says:

        Unfortunately the evidence leads to the conclusion that the government want us dead.

        But who can accept that?

        • jigisup says:

          There have been some unfortunate reactions to the upgrades.

        • Lastcall says:

          Thanks for the link; its been a long game.
          I thought this section summed it all up nicely.

          ‘179 participating nations adopted Agenda 21 (later renamed Agenda 30), laying out plans for depopulation, elimination of private property, and elimination of borders and national sovereignty. Implicitly defined living human beings as biological weapons of mass destruction, against which lethal chemical and biological agents could be construed as ‘protective’ and ‘prophylactic’ and therefore exempt from 1975 UN Convention on Prohibition of Biological Weapons.’

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Consider that Hitler wanted to exterminate every last Jew — he didn’t just want to kill those who Stabbed Germany in the Back in WW1… no half measures otherwise the cycle would restart

          I feel the same way about all 8B humans.



      • I AM THE MOB says:

        ‘The only intelligent tactical response to life’s horror is to laugh defiantly at it.’

        — Søren Kierkegaard

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I’m waiting for the PPView of Joe biden and donkey face being gang banged by a herd of hogs. Then eaten alive. While Macron and his granny sit in the corner strumming their banjo.

        Raise the bar on the freak show

    • Replenish says:

      It’s like observing the ocean get pulled out due to an approaching tsunami with children and families playing on the long beach.. up at the resort young couples newly married with their extended family are mesmerized by the waves getting closer.. you tried to warn them after the earthquake.. the best choice is to trust your instincts, make preparations and head for higher ground before you get killed by the stampede and the huge waves.

    • All is Dust says:

      I wonder if it’s a case of what Sasha is saying is more fear inducing than a mild respiratory infection? To the point where people have no control over it. I think the brilliant thing about the Covid “counter measures” (masks, social distancing, lockdowns, etc.) is that they gave people a perceived sense of control over their fears (even if the measures were completely useless on a scientific level). Everyone could participate, regardless of your education level.

      Whereas being told that you were unwittingly enrolled into a Department of Defence bioweapon research programme will scare the pants off of people, especially if your child was injected with one of these products.

      The more I think about it, the more brilliant I think it is. Diabolical, yes. Worthy of criminal prosecution? Absolutely. But the balls to pull it off… No wonder they laugh at us… Essentially you aim at a point outside of the Overton Window, and fire as hard and as fast as you can. It will probably take decades for people to figure out what happened to them.

      • Mrs S says:

        “unwittingly enrolled into a Department of Defence bioweapon research programme”

        Do you think that’s what the motive was?

        That they just wanted billions of lab rats to experiment on?

        Or were they deliberately trying to kill and/or maim?

        • Tim Groves says:

          A bit of both, no doubt. And apparently, the DOD has done this sort of thing dozens of times in the past on a smaller and more localized scale.

          bought this book not long after it came out in 2002. Here’s the blurb.

          In 1973, as the Watergate scandal was becoming public knowledge, CIA Director Richard Helms ordered that major documents relating to President Nixon’s ‘War on Cancer’ be collected and destroyed. There was something in these documents dealing with the “formulation, the development and the retention of” illegal biologicals that were used to wage war and experiment widely on Third World populations, that must be hidden from the world.

          It is now evident that the “illegal biologicals” he referred to included the pathogenic agents which have led to the AIDS epidemic and other world health crisis.

          In The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident the authors trace history of the secret war against and the terrible experiments performed upon their own citizens as well as the Third World populations. But Skull Valley does more than that. In their research the father-son team discovered the links between AIDS and many other diseases now increasing dramatically worldwide. Chief among these is myalgic encephalomyelitis/fibromyalgia dismissively labelled ” chronic fatigue syndrome” by the government researchers.

          In addition to AIDS and ME/FM the Scotts also demonstrate the etiological links to other neurosystemic degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, schizophrenia, Crohn’s-colitis, etc. All are said to be “of no known cause and having no known cure”. Researchers Donald and William Scott have discovered that there is a “known cause” and there may well be a cure.

          The cause is a little known organism called the “mycoplasma” which has the capacity to access genetically pre-disposed cells and to destroy them by up-taking pre-formed sterols. This process is the “degeneration” which characterizes all of the diseases under study. When the cells of the endocrine system are destroyed by a sufficient concentration of mycoplasmas, the balance of the physiological balance is altered and the immune system loses its ability to defend the infected victim, and co-factors such as the human immune-deficiency virus (HIV), and those with cause pneumonia, are free to have their way, leading to full-blown AIDS.


          • Tim Groves says:

            Of course, almost nobody is interested in this kind of research. The media will not touch it, and the public will cover their eyes, ears and mouths like those well-known Chinese monkeys at any mention of it. Plus, they will mark anyone who talks about it as a con-s-piracy theorist. Hence, such research and experimentation has snowballed and mushroomed to the point we are at today.

            Meanwhile, the people are sitting in Plato’s cave where they are kept worried and entertained by a succession of imaginary hobgoblins.

            • Mrs S says:

              I had never heard of the Skull Valley Incident, although I have heard of Tuskegee and Plum Island.

              I wonder what kind of people do this horrific “work”. I wonder how they justify it to themselves.

          • ivanislav says:

            Interesting, thanks for posting.

      • Self-organizing systems behave very strangely. It is impossible to believe that any one person or group of people could have come up with the many strange things put together in one place.

        For example, the financial system was near collapse in September 2019. Closing non-essential business and giving money out to those not working propped up the financial system was precisely what was needed to temporarily fix the financial system. It had pretty much nothing to do with stopping covid, but that “an epidemic” and stopping this epidemic, was an easier story to tell people.

        • All is Dust says:

          Mrs S, Gail, thank you for your responses.

          My overall position is that the last 3 years has been an exercise to transition us from a system of rights to a system of permissions. That is, we can no longer claim unalienable rights and appeal to the Law of Equity, but we must ask government for permission before doing things.

          As to the injections themselves, the only conclusion I think is plausible is that they were deliberately deployed to cause harm as they are toxic by design (e.g. use of cytotoxic spike, cationic lipids, etc…).

          As to a coordinated strategy, if you look at the legal mechanisms put in place regarding public health it stretches back at least two decades – see Bailiwick News / Katherine Watt’s – American Domestic Bioterrorism Programme: https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/american-domestic-bioterrorism-program – in particular the HHS Interim Final Rule around informed consent: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-1999-10-05/pdf/99-25376.pdf

          “FDA issued an interim rule (‘‘Informed Consent for Human Drugs and Biologics; Determination that Informed Consent is Not Feasible’’ (§ 50.23(d) (21 CFR 50.23(d)) (55 FR 52814, December 21, 1990)), allowing the Commissioner to make the determination, in response to product specific requests from DOD, that obtaining informed consent from military personnel for the use of an investigational drug or biological product is not feasible in certain battlefield or combat-related situations.”

          and the approval of deploying unapproved FDA products on military personnel

          “It is the expectation that the United States Government will administer products approved for their intended use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, in the event that the Secretary considers a product to represent the most appropriate countermeasure for diseases endemic to the area of operations or to protect against possible chemical, biological, or radiological weapons, but the product has not yet been approved by the FDA for its intended use, the product may, under certain circumstances and strict controls, be administered to provide potential protection for the health and well-being of deployed military personnel in order to ensure the success of the military operation.”

          to the removal of informed consent for everyone (not just the military) – https://biotech.law.lsu.edu/blaw/bt/MSEHPA.pdf

          “Individuals refusing to be vaccinated or treated shall be liable for a misdemeanor. If, by reason of refusal of vaccination or treatment, the person poses a danger to public health, he or she may be subject to isolation or quarantine pursuant to the provisions of this Article.”


          “The public health authority may exercise, for such period as the state of public health emergency exists, the following emergency powers over persons – to compel a person to be vaccinated and/or treated for an infectious disease.”

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Fast Eddy has laid it all out in UEP … but few will accept that… they won’t even accept the energy depletion part

    • “But if one accepts that the DoD were behind the jabs, what innocent explanation could there possibly be?”

      My perspective:

      – SARS-CoV2 is a biological weapon financed by DoD trough NIAID subsidies with EcoHealth design and Wuhan Lab execution;
      – the virus was released by accident or intentionally;
      – DoD reacted trying to limit collateral damage domestically – pandemics is like nuclear explosion on your turf – nobody wants that;

      Except the obvious population health damaging results of massive vaccination, this reaction might have some potentially positive effects from the point of view of pro-war/confrontation faction:

      – it is a perfect test for population in pandemic scenario; large part of the population was anxiety-conditioned with appropriate Pavlov-style reflexes – ‘vaccinate or die’ message mass-distributed by MSM – next time this part of the population will be even more disciplined;

      – you produced and successfuly tested (let’s call it beta-testing) flexible platform for future countermeasures in biological confrontation; next time you can produce more efficiently a lot of this stuff for much more consequential (much higher CFR) pandemic scenario which was already predicted by WEF and Gates – last time I checked it was scheduled by 2027;

      – this way you’ve had massive military excercise testing your pharma industry capabilities and population conditioning for biological war;

      – on top of that you have extremely valuable data from billions of cases which will be used during the next event.

      What not to like? Isn’t it sweet?

      Does it make sense?

      • All is Dust says:

        Project Wisdom,

        Good observations. I think the conditioning was a big part of it but not for the reasons you have stated. I think moving to a system of permissions is better suited to resource allocation, but your point about conditioning the domestic population for biowarfare could be just as valid.

        Thinking out loud – how concerned are the DoD with bio-warfare? In the past (and indeed until very recently), I think this was a valid concern. Large standing armies were required to win wars, but in an age of smart weapon systems and (assumed) robotic warfare is bio-warfare a high priority for the DoD or is it a smoke-screen for population reduction? Perhaps I’m over simplifying it. Perhaps the DoD is concerned about bio-warfare in relation to its troops going into hostile territory where it has just deployed a biological weapon to incapacitate enemy combatants. Ditto for the personnel working in the military-industrial complex. But does it worry about a domestic population being afflicted with a lethal pathogen during such a conflict? When rationing would be a concern and the will to continue the war might wane? Again, just thinking out loud on this one.

        • I mostly agree with your assumptions.

          The only thing which I disagree is the de-population motive. In case of war, independent of the type and place, you can’t control spread of the virus in your domestic population. You need your industrial base to be efficient in terms of weapons, food, energy, etc. War is expensive venture, so you need to keep your population productive. Control of the population is required on war-state level, so the vaccination status/passports and similar tools will be very useful in such scenario.

          • TK says:

            Re depopulation. It could be the biggest play by Russia and China against the west. Release a virus that you were working on knowing that the mRNA response would be used, also knowing that it was deadly, in fact more so than the virus. The west suffers depopulation slowly through exhausted immune systems and systemic damage from spike exposure.
            Well played China and Russia.
            Could the Deagal report have know this?
            Could western elites know this and signed on knowing that this was the only way forward and may as well keep wealth and position as the west dies?
            Who knows?
            Perhaps we are actually in a new war (biological) and we don’t realize it yet. Only in hindsight will we see that this was the new terrain we were fighting in and all of us were in uniform.

            • Russia & China depopulation play?

              I personally doubt it. All the facts like disabling main Wuhan Institute internet virus database, changing director of this institute and many other look rather like ‘crisis management’ than precise start of global biological war.

            • ivanislav says:

              >> this was the new terrain we were fighting in and all of us were in uniform.

              Ah yes, I am practically on the front lines as I type away on my keyboard. So brave!

        • Some intersting article concerning lockdown strategy from our Swiss friends.
          Please notice “live exercise” usage.


          The biosecurity strategy

          While complete lockdowns have never been part of the established public health response to epidemics and pandemics, they were and are an important component of the biosecurity strategy first devised in 2005 by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This strategy was developed in the context of potential bioterrorist attacks and catastrophic global pandemics that might decimate entire populations.

          The DHS biosecurity strategy, which was partially incorporated into pandemic guidelines both by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization, featured already most of the key concepts applied during the covid pandemic, including stay-at-home orders, mass closures of schools and businesses, the idea of “essential workers”, and “social distancing”.”

          FOIA documents later revealed that in the United States, the pandemic response at the federal level was managed not by public health officials, but by the National Security Council and the Department of Homeland Security. In Germany, too, key lockdown proponents previously participated in various biosecurity exercises. In mid-March 2020, then US Secretary of State and former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, even spoke of the coronavirus pandemic as a “live exercise”.

          The response to the West African Ebola outbreak was largely managed and funded by the WHO and US institutions, most notably the US CDC, the Gates Foundation, and shadowy Pentagon contractor Metabiota, which is led by one Nathan Wolfe, a WEF Young Global Leader.

          At the time, it was claimed the Ebola outbreak was a natural event caused by a two-year-old boy who had touched a bat in a tree. But a recent phylogenetic investigation showed that this story was a myth and the outbreak was almost certainly linked to a US biolab in Sierra Leone, that is, the outbreak was either caused by a lab leak or it was part of a biosecurity live exercise.

          • It is interesting that the Ebola outbreak is now almost certainly linked to a US bio lab in Sierra Leone. It seems as is whatever epidemics there are, are related to either lab leaks or intentional releases of potential bioweapons.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Ebola etc were all likely intentional lab leaks for the purpose of generating fear and preparing the MOREONS for The Big One… i.e. the current thing we refer to as Covid real or not real — and that we were told would wipe us out when it was no more deadly than a seasonal flu (which it probably was)…

              So that billions would inject Rat Juice

    • jigisup says:

      There is no contradiction. The military charter is one of mission completion. “failure is not a option”. Each human military participant performs the assigned function. “innocent” “guilt” are not applicable except by the standards of conduct. Standard of conduct is the only allowed modification to the primary intent which mission completion. Applying Ideas such as “intent to harm” “good intent” “bad intent” to the military demonstrates lack of understanding. Function is performed.

      While such “good” “bad” ideas are often propagated amongst civilians about military these are fundamentally different from the charter. Military version of “clinical detachment”. If ideas about “good” or “bad” assist mission completion they are an asset and cultivated in a minor manner. If they do not they are a liability and eradicated. We see clearly from current events that what is cultivated/eradicated is malleable dependent on the mission requirments. Thus “intent” other than mission completion have their place as motivational assets and civilian perception but only within the charter of mission completion and standard of conduct.

      Military did not swear an oath to do no harm. Au contraire.

  28. Rodster says:

    “UK Government confirms 1 in every 310 people died within 48 days of receiving the first COVID Vaccine Booster”


    • Also, for every age group, the ratio of actual non-covid deaths to expected deaths is lowest for the unvaccinated, for the five-period month analyzed.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I wonder what the ratio is for serious vax injuries.

        Let’s go with one in 50…. at least

    • Fast Eddy says:

      That’s not so bad… consider that half of them would have died from Covid if they didn’t take the safe and effective Rat Juice.

  29. MG says:

    The insurance companies are unhappy about the e-cars: a lot of them has to be scrapped after an accident


    “A little damage to the battery is all it takes and the electric car is scrap, according to insurance companies.”

    • Dennis L. says:

      Yes. Saw a video, believe Munro, regarding heating/cooling system for Tesla cars. It moves refrigerant through batteries, through heat exchangers, through the cabin to keep batteries at correct temperature as well as passengers. It would be very difficult to find the leak let alone repair it and without repair, the battery would overheat. The valve controlling all this is an eight way valve, most likely computer controlled on a bus.

      Comparable example in a home: modern, computer controlled thermostat compared to old Honeywell round dial. Last one was simple, visual, foolproof.

      Dennis L.

      • jigisup says:

        Battery thermal runaway if cooling system fails? THats a tad different from components that fail and with only transportation cessation result. 5x safety factor required? Mandatory preventative maintenance? What happens as system ages?

    • The article says:

      For many electric cars, there is no way to repair or assess the extent of battery damage after accidents. This forces insurance companies to write off even cars that have driven only a few thousand kilometers. The result is a sharp increase in insurance premiums and a decrease in the profits of insurance companies. “Damage to electric car batteries accounts for only a few percent of vehicle insurance claims in Germany, but will require up to eight percent of the cost of claims settlement, the Allianz insurance company said. In addition, damaged batteries accumulate in landfills, since there is no functional recycling chain in this direction.

      I wonder to what extent this is happening elsewhere? I would expect it to be a problem with repair costs world-wide. The batteries that are purchased represent a large number of small batteries in a box. Damage to any of the individual batteries could lead to fires, I would expect. A minor jolt to a car could internally rupture some little batteries stored inside the battery box.

  30. moss says:

    [litany of green talking points inc even Club of Rome!] … while the ozone layer in the stratosphere is being burned away by the exhaust of jets like the supersonic Concorde. Teddy, all this is just plain old-fashioned Commie horse shit and I’m surprised that a good American and Californian like you would fall for it. Don’t you see that that’s how the Commies mean to defeat us? They want to worry us. They want to stop us expanding the greatest industrial plant the world has ever seen in order to save these toads and moths and useless varieties of birds and fish from extinction but, Teddy, we are the ones on the brink of extinction if we cut back now and lose the battle for control of the consumer markets of the world. The choice is a simple one. Between these toads and moths and useless varieties of birds and fish and a society that offers you everything in the electrical appliance line …
    Gore Vidal 1979

    In accord with spirit of the month, some weeks back I thought that after about 30yrs plus, time had arrived for a reread of Vidal’s brilliant black comedy Kalki and found a copy I’ve now started. Searching in a local bookstore catalogue for it, I found the volume had been search keyworded under armageddon, and found none of the seven others in this seller’s category was remotely literature; instead religious, Leon Uren, scifi (War of the Worlds etc) and far out books, so I searched around online for armageddon lists … what a dearth of literature on the topic! Shocked, I tell you. About the only title I even recognised was Nevil Shute’s On the Beach which was a terrifying teenage read (Cold War era, pre-UEPfrission). Nothing else vaguely of identifiable worth. Clearly, my exposure to this basic non-existence genre is in need of suggestions.

    so, gentle readers, here discover any books you’d put on your essential extinction reading list
    and may Kalki be my humble initial offering. I hope to do a decent review next month of this hillarious volume, assuming no implementation, buddha willing, in the meantime.

    • Jason says:

      The Road by by Cormac McCarthy

    • JMS says:

      Kalki is a gem, I’ve already recommended it here. Hilarious AF.
      Margaret Atwood has an excellent post-apocalyptic trilogy: Oryx and Crex, MaddAddam and The Year the Flood.
      Another good post-apocalyptic novel is The Stone Gods by Jeanette Winterson.
      And then of course there’s The Road.

      • JesseJames says:

        Earth Abides

      • Fast Eddy says:

        My all time favourte – and the only logical version is … UEP

        If you don’t involve the spent fuel ponds… it’s Koombaya

        • JMS says:

          I’ve never read UEP, but I doubt it’s even half as fun as Kalki.

        • moss says:

          hey FE didn’t you comment some months back you’d bought Moby D and were about to embark?
          howzit going?

          • JMS says:

            Can I answer? Moby Dick is a floppy allegory, and as boring as a rainy Sunday. Reading it is a complete waste of time.
            But Melville is forgiven that faux pas and much more for having written a truly wonderfull story: Bartleby.

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    E-fuels are synthetically made fuels that can be made using hydrogen in conjunction with captured carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The source for the components of the fuels generally has to be sustainable in nature, such as wind or solar power


    PR Team is having some fun with the MOREONS.

  32. Fast Eddy says:

    UK inflation unexpectedly jumps to 10.4% in February

    Bundesbank chief says rate-setters must be ‘more stubborn’ in inflation fight

  33. Fast Eddy says:

    Fed Caught Between Inflation and Bank Crisis

    Central bank confronts hike-or-pause choice amid turmoil
    Rate forecasts could shift — or be suspended altogether

    All eyes in the financial and economic world will be laser-focused Wednesday on the Federal Reserve as Chair Jerome Powell tries to balance his fight against inflation against a sudden banking crisis.

    Powell and his colleagues began their meeting Tuesday with the outcome unusually unclear. While most economists expect a quarter-point interest-rate hike, some say policymakers should pause to shore up financial stability.


    • Adonis says:

      We have, he says, the necessary technology. All we have to do is completely overhaul our culture and find an alternative to money.

      “We are not starting from zero,” he emphasizes. “We have an enormous amount of existing technical knowledge. It’s just a matter of putting it all together. We still have great flexibility but our maneuverability will diminish with time.” some wise words from marion king hubbert maybe the elders are following marion’s wisdom

      • money is a token of energy exchange

        so if you have a system based on energy consumption in volume, you have to use a form of money to commercialise it

        imagine say—running a car.

        without money you have to get your own oil—refine it and so on. (Thats after youve built the car itself.)

        effectively—without money none of the above would get done.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Lock 10 of the best circus animals in a room with a jug of water and give them 3 days to make a peanut butter sandwich.

        Offer them each a billion dollars if they can make it happen

  34. postkey says:

    “Despite all the claims to the contrary the world economy still runs on oil. It is the ‘master resource’: fueling all the heavy machinery, doing all the hard labor our ancestors ended up breaking their backs doing. Agriculture, mining, transportation.

    With it’s peak production most probably in the rear-view mirror (November, 2018) and without reasonable hope for a stable recovery we are entering a dangerous period in history. Just like a hundred and ten years ago, the peak of a master resource — then coal — has coincided with the dusk of a global empire — Britain — leading to a very similar situation preceding World War I and the Great Depression afterwards.”?

  35. I AM THE MOB says:

    The New European Energy Normal Remains Rather Painful

    Gas prices are down from their peak, but still elevated. European companies face a long-term loss of competitiveness.

    After the convulsions of 2022, the European gas market appears to have entered into a new phase. There are two ways to describe the current environment: The glass half-full view sees prices down 85% from their peak, the half-empty one says they are double their pre-crisis levels. Both are true — to reconcile them, I’m calling it “the new European energy normal.”

    In that new normal, European gas changes hands at €45 ($48) to €50 per megawatt hour. For many policymakers, who witnessed prices spiking to about €350 in August and feared blackouts and freezing homes, it’s a cause of celebration. The crisis is over, so the thinking goes from Brussels to London. Europe won, Vladimir Putin lost. I wish it was that simple.

    For businesses, which paid an average of €20 for their gas between 2010 and 2020, it’s more complicated. For most, current prices are still painful, although they can probably weather them with some additional belt tightening. For the region’s energy-intensive industries, such as chemical companies and glass manufacturers, prices remain catastrophically elevated.

    It’s a similar story in power markets. UK short-term electricity prices appear to have settled at just under £150 ($180) per megawatt hour. That’s a fraction of the £550 seen in August and December last year, but triple the 2010-2020 average of just £45.

    Facing what now looks like a long-term, and perhaps permanent, increase in costs, companies are raising prices to protect margins. The process started last year, but it’s gaining traction in 2023 as companies typically reprice at the start of the year. That, in turn, is boosting inflation in Europe, particularly for services and manufacturers, confounding expectations of a rapid decline. Even food prices are rising as some greenhouses unable to afford to heat closed for the winter, prompting shortages and higher costs. The European Central Bank and the Bank of England are in a corner: despite economic growth that can be described as anemic at best, the market is anticipating further interest-rate hikes.

    BASF SE, the German chemical mammoth, summarized the situation last week when it announced job cuts and plant closures. “Europe’s competitiveness is increasingly suffering,” said BASF boss Martin Brudermüller. “High energy prices are now putting an additional burden on profitability and competitiveness.”

    How sustainable is the new European energy normal?

    First the good news. Europe has weathered the winter far better than I had feared despite lacking most of the usual Russian supply. The region reduced gas consumption significantly. It was also able to import lots of liquefied natural gas from friendly nations like the US and Qatar, facing no real competition buying as much LNG as it needed thanks to muted demand from China. The combination meant that Europe withdrew less gas from storage than in previous winters, allowing prices to decline from the extreme levels of last summer.

    With four weeks until winter ends, European gas storage tanks are 61% full, the highest ever for this time of the season. Unless the weather turns unusually cold, Europe will emerge from the winter with its gas reserves at least half full, far higher than the 20% to 30% feared. Excluding 2020, when demand was muted by the impact of the Covid-19 lockdowns, Europe has never had so much at the end of winter — the previous high was 47% in 2014.

    Now the bad news. Europe will struggle to repeat the feat next winter. A lot of the demand saving — and, therefore, of the ensuing price decline — was due to luck (warm weather), economic damage (industries paring production, including of food products), and a willingness to ignore the climate crisis (switching to coal from gas). Greg Molnar, a gas analyst at the International Energy Agency, estimates that 80% of the gas savings last year were due to those non-structural factors. In particular, “our very first estimates show that milder weather accounted for about one-third of the demand decline seen in 2022,” he says. Only 20% of the gas saving was due to energy efficiency and behavior change. LNG was plentiful because China, dragged down by draconian lockdowns, wasn’t buying. That’s unlikely to happen this year and into 2024.

    The new energy backdrop means much lower energy costs than at the peak of the crisis in 2022. But prices are likely to stay higher for longer when compared to the pre-crisis levels, meaning European companies face a long-term loss of competitiveness and the region faces more entrenched inflation. That’s nothing to celebrate.


    • The article summarizes:

      The new energy backdrop means much lower energy costs than at the peak of the crisis in 2022. But prices are likely to stay higher for longer when compared to the pre-crisis levels, meaning European companies face a long-term loss of competitiveness and the region faces more entrenched inflation. That’s nothing to celebrate.

      Europe would need a whole restructuring to get along with these high prices. The good luck of the warm winter can’t be expected to last indefinitely. Many industries will be squeezed out. Europe will be a much poorer place.

  36. ivanislav says:

    One thing that doesn’t get enough attention is that surgeons must be learning a lot by doing these transgender surgeries and also from working on injured war vets. This learning paves the way for surgically attached bio-machine interfaces and transhumanism.

    In short, we should be pushing for global war and transgenderism if we want to accelerate the singularity. Be part of the solution: demand globo homo now!

    • I AM THE MOB says:

      Trans people don’t have surgeons. lol

      I worked with a gay college guy who converted. Believe it or not. They just take pills every month. And they grow hair and boobs, etc. it’s that simple.

      • Mrs S says:

        Some of them have bottom surgery. But then they discover that they’ve made a huge mistake.

        Surgeons do talk their skills up.

        No, it’s not a “neo-vagina”. It’s a festering wound that needs dilating every day to stop it from healing up.

        • ivanislav says:

          sounds awful

          • Mrs S says:

            It is appalling.

            Apparently it smells of faeces. On account of it being being an open wound adjacent to the bowel.

            Who would have guessed it – we are not actually meat-lego. You can’t just lop bits off and stick bits on without horrible consequences.

            Like almost everything in medicine and science and tech nowadays, sex change surgery is a marketing lie.

            • Herbie Ficklestein. says:

              My Mother’s Primary Care doctor warned her about going to a surgeon…
              Just pointed out the obvious…they make money doing one thing and usually recommend that even if their may be other options

            • Fast Eddy says:

              To tranny a boy to a girl they splay the penoose and create a vagine…

              Truly f789ing insane.

              And the parents dance clap and sing along with the Trannies

              And norm despises Tommy cuz Tommy opposes this – he also opposes Pedos

        • Fast Eddy says:

    • I don’t think so. We are moving toward a simpler world.

  37. Tim Groves says:

    Who will guard Legarde herself?

    Where do “we central bankers” stand? She says they need to introduce a central bank digital currency or they ill become irrelevant.

    But who will trust the trustees or bank on the banks themselves?


  38. jigisup says:

    For Ed.
    All of the injection substances demonstrate graphene and nanotechnology.
    Sputnik V is examined at 27:00
    Reportedly many of the Russian scientists were dubious about the necessity of a covid vaccine and had safety concerns also but Putin insisted that one be developed.


    • Lastcall says:

      Too typical; but being a jpurnalist this is a cherry-on-top.

      Wonder whats going through his pea-brain right now?

      Should be high speed lead.

  39. Fast Eddy says:

    Humans are vile – disgusting animals https://t.me/leaklive/12979

  40. Fast Eddy says:


    DC Reporters Mourn “Sudden Passing” of Veteran NBC Newsman Vaughn Ververs at Age 54


  41. Fast Eddy says:

    English COVID vaccine data, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, persons under 60; ‘Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people same age’


    Correlation is not cause – right norm?

  42. Fast Eddy says:

    Keeps the MOREONS on their toes… ready to run from fear — or take another shot of whatever to stay safe

    Medical Emergency? The CDC Warns of a Contagious Fungus With Up to a 30 to 60% Kill Rate

    Dr. Marc Siegel: “It’s possible that it will turn into something that could spread, have the mutations, and become a pandemic.”

    Read More: http://bit.ly/3naZjZ5

    • Student says:

      It is just an impression, but it seems he would like to say: ”….and I really hope for that scenario”

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Set the bar high – aim for a marek’s like kill rate.

        The more you can kill the less have to suffer through Global Holodomor

  43. Fast Eddy says:

    And to think hundreds of millions (including mike) took the Rat Juice so they could go to the donut shop (for the free donut haha) https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/46087

    • Lastcall says:

      Where are the gruesome threesome; Mike, D. Idunno and whats-her-face.

      At least Normie is here to dodge the questions.
      Well done.

    • Minority of One says:

      A pity that Djokovic feels he cannot come out and say directly why he is not vaxxed. But understandable. No MSM outlet would allow it to be broadcast, and he would probably be banned from further interviews, if not tennis tournaments. In the meantime, what has happened to the vaxxed Nadal? Seems to be out of action.

  44. Fast Eddy says:

    Oh Wow… this is what happens when you stop fat shaming and celebrate morbid obesity https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/70037

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