We can’t expect COVID-19 to go away; we should plan accordingly

Can the world achieve “herd immunity” with respect to COVID-19? Anthony Fauci has said that 80% of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity. My view is that using vaccines is unlikely to achieve this result, something I discussed in my August 2020 post, We Need to Change Our COVID-19 Strategy. Now, the news arm of the prestigious journal Nature has published a similar view: Five reasons why COVID herd immunity is probably impossible.

In this post, I explain why, in my view, COVID-19 seems likely to become endemic, like the flu. The vaccines won’t be enough to make it go away completely. I will also look at the issue of how we should respond to the cases of COVID-19 that we will almost certainly experience in the future.

To a significant extent, what we can and should do in the future is an energy issue. If we plan to transition to a green energy future, or if we simply plan to reduce usage of fossil fuels in future years, we probably need to scale back our plans for vaccines. In fact, any treatment that would be given in today’s emergency rooms is likely to become less and less possible as energy supplies deplete.

We will need to focus more on what our bodies can do for us, and what we can do to assist them in this effort. We also need to think about what simple changes to our environment (such as windows that open) can do for the prevention of both COVID-19 and the many other communicable diseases that we can expect to encounter in the future. The big issue will be changing expectations.

[1] Why herd immunity is unlikely

[1.1] Viruses don’t pay any attention to the geography of humans. As long as there are active cases anywhere, they will tend to spread to other countries.

Over the past year, we have seen how ineffective cutting off travel between countries is in stopping the path of the virus. Even New Zealand, far out in the Pacific Ocean, has been battling this issue. The country has found that occasional cases slip through, even with a required two-week stay in managed isolation after arrival.

Furthermore, there are hidden costs with staying this removed from the rest of the world; New Zealand’s only oil refinery has been losing money, given its low use of oil. This refinery has laid off about a quarter of its staff and is considering the option of quitting refining in 2022. New Zealand would then need to import a full range of refined products if it wants to continue having industry. Perhaps being too cut off from the rest of the world is a problem, rather than a solution.

[1.2] The cost of vaccines is high, especially for poor countries.

We can get a rough idea of the cost involved by looking at a news article about Israel’s dispute with Pfizer regarding its vaccine purchases. We can also see what goes wrong politically.

Israel recently made news for failing to pay Pfizer for the last 2.5 million vaccine doses that it purchased from the company. Pfizer retaliated by cutting off future vaccine shipments to Israel. The article linked above doesn’t tell us exactly how much Israel paid for Pfizer’s vaccine, but a calculation based on information in the article seems to indicate that future doses from a mixture of vendors would cost about $35 per dose, on average. We also know that US Medicare is paying $40 per dose for administering each dose of the vaccine. Putting these two amounts together, we can estimate that the purchase and administration of a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine costs about $75. Thus, a two-dose series costs about $150, with the high-tech vaccines Israel is now using (Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca).

We also know that Israel was planning to administer two doses per person, every six months, based on an early review of how well immunity was holding up for the vaccines. If it is really necessary to repeat the two-dose regimen every six months, then the annual per-person cost of the vaccine would be approximately 2 times $150, or $300 per person. Benjamin Netanyahu favors buying all of these doses, quite possibly because it might make him popular with voters. Netanyahu’s opposition does not, which seems to be why payment has not been forthcoming.

A cost of $300 per person would amount to 0.7% of Israel’s 2019 GDP, which is theoretically feasible. But for poorer countries, the relative cost would be much higher. For South Africa, it would amount to 5% of 2019 GDP. For Yemen, it would come to 40% of 2019 GDP. (These are my calculations, using World Bank GDP in current US$.) For countries with severe financial problems, any payment for vaccines would almost certainly be a problem.

There are less expensive vaccines being made, but their percentages of efficacy in fighting the virus that causes COVID-19 seem to be lower. Thus, it would be even more difficult to greatly reduce the number of cases down to the point where the disease would simply disappear for lack of an adequate number of victims to infect, using these vaccines.

[1.3] The fact that the disease can infect animals further adds to the problem of getting rid of the disease completely.

The disease supposedly jumped from an animal to humans to begin with. We know that the virus that causes COVID-19 can infect animals of many types, including ferrets and cats. While the disease jumping from animals to humans is supposedly unusual, we know that the disease spreads easily among humans with inadequate immunity. Having a reservoir of disease among animals raises the likelihood of this happening again. Having a reservoir of vulnerable people (not immune and in poor health) also increases such a risk.

[1.4] Microbes of all types mutate frequently. We are fighting a losing battle to stay even with them. This is especially a problem for narrowly targeted vaccines.

We know that whenever we try to reduce the population of microbes, scientists can find solutions that work for a while, but eventually we start losing the battle. Scientists can develop antibiotics against bacteria, but eventually some bacteria will evolve in a way that allows them to resist the effects of the antibiotic. In fact, antibiotic resistance is becoming a greater and greater problem. Similarly, scientists can develop weed killers, but weeds soon develop resistance to whatever we develop. The situation seems to be similar with vaccines, unfortunately.

In this case, scientists have developed vaccines that target the RNA of the spike protein of the virus that causes COVID-19. In some sense, this approach is very precise, leading to a high proportion of COVID-19 cases being stopped. The drawback is that it is very easy for small mutations in the spike protein to make the vaccine not work well. We end up needing to obtain booster shots of slightly revised versions of the vaccine quite often, perhaps every six months. If booster shots are not given, the vaccine is likely to become less effective against the new mutations that arise.

One danger is that manufacturers cannot keep up with all of changes needed to match the new mutations. Another is that the cost of trying to keep up with this whole process will become prohibitive. The medical care system may be forced to give the vaccine process up, leaving citizens worse off than they might have been if we hadn’t “flattened the curve” and kept the virus around for an extended period of time, allowing all of these mutations.

[1.5] There are very real reasons for people’s reluctance to accept the vaccine, when it is offered to them. Because of this, it is difficult to get very close to 100% acceptance (or even 80% acceptance) of the vaccines.

There seem to be any number of reasons why people are reluctant to get the new vaccine. Some are afraid of the pain involved with the shot. Others are afraid that they will be somewhat ill afterward, causing them to miss work. If employees are paid on an hourly basis and they barely have enough income as it is, this, by itself, could be a reason for avoiding the shot. Financial incentives might help with these issues.

Others who are reluctant have followed the situation more closely. They realize that important steps in the normal vaccine approval process have been skipped, making it difficult to identify adverse effects that occur fairly infrequently. Even worse, it becomes impossible to discover problems that take many months or years to become evident. Over 100 doctors and scientists from 25 countries have signed a letter saying that offering vaccines that are as radically different from what has been used in the past, without more testing, is unethical.

One concern is the likelihood of blood clots in the immediate period after the vaccine is received. Blood clots have also been observed with the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and may be a concern with other vaccines, as well. There seem to be several related conditions, including sudden blindness, heart attacks, and sudden deaths of elderly people in nursing homes. These issues seem to be fairly rare, but people worry about them without adequate data on their frequency. If the issue is blood clots, it would seem as if simple adjustments such as taking low-dose aspirin for the time period of risk might be a partial solution.

We know that in some cases, vaccines can inadvertently make later exposure to somewhat different versions of the virus worse, rather than stopping these infections. The virus that causes the illness SARS is very similar to the virus that causes COVID-19. When an attempt was made at a vaccine for SARS in 2012, a study on mice showed that exposure at a later date to a slightly different virus led to blood clots forming in the lungs. We already know that blood clots can be an issue for COVID-19 vaccines. Will COVID-19 vaccine recipients who are later exposed to mutations have an adverse reaction such as blood clots in the lungs? We don’t know. There have been no animal studies with respect to the vaccines for COVID-19.

Another risk of COVID-19 vaccinations would seem to be auto-immune problems, especially in people who are already predisposed to such issues. Not much research has been done yet to clarify this issue.

A related issue is allergic reactions to vaccines, including anaphylaxis. The possibility of allergic reactions is one reason vaccine recipients are asked to stay for 15 minutes after receiving their immunizations. Even with precautions, some deaths are occurring because severe allergic reactions can take up to 150 minutes to become apparent. It is impractical to keep vaccine recipients this long.

The very long-term effects of both the COVID-19 illness and vaccines to prevent the COVID-19 illness are unknown. The Alzheimer’s Association recommends studies to see whether people who contract COVID-19 have a long-term increase in dementia-type illnesses. In theory, the vaccines could also lead to similar issues because of prion-like structures that are formed, both with the vaccine and the disease. Without long-term studies, we don’t know whether either of these concerns is valid. If dementia is an issue, will repeated vaccinations raise the long-term risk of dementia? We don’t know. If the disease itself and vaccines can both lead to dementia, is there an optimal strategy?

Without a better understanding of what the risks are, it is hard to convince young people, especially, to take the vaccine. Their chances of a severe outcome from the disease are low to begin with. What is the point of taking a vaccine that may raise their risk of serious injury or death? The vaccine may be appropriate for people aged 80 and over, but is the risk really necessary for young people? Without better data, it is hard to know for certain.

[2] Why a change away from dependence on vaccines is needed

The Nature article referred to earlier says in its concluding paragraph, “It’s time for realistic expectations. . . we need to think of how we can live with the virus.”

Also, as I mentioned in the introduction, we are reaching energy limits. Even if in theory we could vaccinate everyone on the planet twice a year for COVID-19, we do not have the resources to do this. In some ways, the problem looks like a cost problem (poor countries especially cannot afford to buy high-priced vaccines), but it is just as much a resource problem. We cannot devote enough resources to this project without taking them away from other necessary projects. The vaccines are very much a product of today’s fossil fuel economy. We can’t expect to make vaccines with intermittent electricity.

Because of limited resources, we may encounter something similar to the “empty shelf” problem in the grocery stores. We may find that only limited doses of vaccine are available because too many doses were accidentally ruined in production. Or, not enough of the right reagents were available. Or, more doses are needed in the country where the vaccine is manufactured, leaving less for use elsewhere. Or, there is a war in a country integral to vaccine supply lines, interfering with production.

In fact, obtaining promised supplies of vaccines is already a problem. Trying to scale up production at the same time that resources in general are squeezed is likely to make this type of problem increase.

[3] Learning to live with COVID-19 and diminishing resources per capita

If we can’t really fix the COVID-19 problem with endless vaccines for everyone, we need to look at other options.

[3.1] Strengthening our own immune systems

Our bodies come with built-in immune systems. It is the action of the immune system that tends to lead to a low incidence of and low severity of COVID-19 in some people, compared to others. Some of the things that seem to be helpful include the following:

  • Being young
  • Getting plenty of sleep at night
  • Not being overweight. Proper exercise and diet are helpful in this regard.
  • Maintaining a healthy microbiome. Our bodies need good microbes to help fight the “bad” microbes. Antibiotics, excessive antibacterial cleaners and a lack of exposure to “good” bacteria could be problems. Staying away from everyone and wearing masks, indefinitely, is not necessarily helpful.
  • Getting adequate vitamin D through sun exposure, eating of foods that are high in vitamin D and/or supplementation. Dark skinned people living away from the equator are especially at risk for inadequate vitamin D.
  • Getting adequate vitamin C from fruits and vegetables and perhaps supplementation.

Researchers need to be actively looking into optimal strategies to advise citizens. Schools might start teaching about these issues in health classes.

[3.2] Changing our customs and infrastructure to try to reduce the problem of communicable diseases in general, not just for COVID-19.

Customs for greetings among people vary greatly around the world. Some people use hugs and handshakes, others greet with bows. We may need to adopt more distant physical greetings, simply to help reduce the transmission of disease. Of course, hugging at home is still fine.

In the last 100 years, the emphasis increasingly has been on building tighter, more energy-efficient buildings. This is good from a point of saving energy, but it doesn’t work in a world with many communicable diseases. We need to move toward much more ventilation, often based on open windows. Because of energy constraints, we likely cannot expect to keep heating and cooling our buildings as much in the future. We will need to dress more for outdoor temperatures, indoors.

Some leaders have suggested rapid electric rail is the way of the future, but rail transport also needs to be well ventilated. It is also likely that we will be dealing with more intermittency of electricity supply in the future. We need to plan as if we are dealing with an electricity constrained future, as much as an oil and vaccine constrained future.

[3.3] Finding low energy ways to deal with the likely COVID-19 cases that do occur.

The approach in the “rich world” to date in looking for ways to deal with COVID-19 has been to look for new, high technology drugs and vaccines that might have a two-fold benefit (a) help sick people and (b) help the pharmaceutical industry. What we really need are technologies that are low cost and can be used at home. Repurposed old drugs, such as steroids, are ideal, especially if they can be made locally without dependence on international supply lines.

If COVID-19 doesn’t really disappear, we can expect recurring instances of having inadequate medical facilities to treat all of the patients in a given area. Countries need to plan strategies for dealing with this likely long-term problem. Should there be an upper age limit on patients using these facilities, for example, especially when demand is high? Or can the richest citizens have the ability to buy services, when others cannot? Should there be a lottery for beds? Ordering everyone to remain at home is sort of a temporary solution, but it is very damaging to the economy as a whole.

[3.4] Finding leadership that can think in a direction other than “more technology will save us.” Unfortunately, this is pretty much impossible.

Back in 1979, Jimmy Carter tried to change the direction of the US economy when he gave his famous Sweater Speech. In this speech, he told people that they needed to adjust their thermostats and drive their vehicles less because there was an energy crisis. We all know that Jimmy Carter was not reelected after this speech. Instead, Ronald Reagan was elected. He cut taxes and raised debt levels, temporarily delaying our need to deal with our energy problem.

When Anthony Fauci took on the COVID-19 issue, he led us in the direction of spending more money on vaccines and pharmaceuticals. His own financial interests and his work interests were in the direction of helping the vaccine and pharmaceutical interests. He certainly didn’t stop to think, “This is not a battle that we can win. There are too many instances of transmission of the virus by people who have no symptoms. Our track record at wiping out diseases with vaccines has been pretty dismal in the past. Stopping COVID-19 in one part of the world won’t stop the long-term problem.”

I expect that President Biden will continue on his current path until the economy “runs off the cliff.” I wrote in my recent post, Headed for a Collapsing Debt Bubble, that the economy was reaching a point where a major discontinuity would occur. Interest rates are about as low as they can go, and debt levels are reaching an upper bound.

Figure 1. Ten-year and three-month US Treasury interest rates as of March 1, 2021.

Ronald Reagan’s administration started to decrease interest rates shortly after he took office in 1981. This drop in interest rates has hidden rapidly rising debt and energy problems for many years. We are now running out of room on both energy and debt. When the world’s debt bubble collapses, our ability to fight COVID-19 with vaccines will likely go downhill quickly. We will then need to find new strategies. Unfortunately, considering new strategies in advance is almost impossible.

[4] Conclusion

While it is possible to see what change in direction seems to be needed with respect to COVID-19 and infectious diseases in general, it is not something that those in leadership positions will be able to implement. Instead, we will likely “go off the cliff” at full speed. Changing expectations in advance is almost impossible.

At most, a few interested people can try to explain to their fellow citizens what is happening. Perhaps, in our own little spheres of influence, we can make some small changes in the right direction, starting with strengthening our own immune systems.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. Artleads says:

    Another great article. Much like the fresh air that it literally recommends.

  2. Minority Of One says:

    I was chatting to my sister who lives in Switzerland over the weekend. They seem to be in the same league as Sweden re lockdowns. Except briefly at the very beginning of the lockdowns a year ago, the only things that are shut in Switzerland are restaurants and big events. All museums, art galleries, hotels, shops etc are open and have been since about a year ago. All schools are open and always have been. People are free to travel anywhere they like, within Switzerland. My sister’s touristy skiing village was booming this winter due to good snow, but mainly Swiss this winter, few foreigners.

    The Swiss are apparently taking a long time to vaccinate their population because they are being more careful about testing.

    Anyone here from Switzerland to comment?

    In contrast, here in Scotland we are still in lockdown. Most shops and all pubs / restaurants / museums etc. still shut. Not supposed to travel outside your local authority area, which here means outside the city limits of Aberdeen. Until about a week ago, you were not supposed to leave your home without good reason.

    • Xabier says:

      ‘Cry Scotland, cry Freedom!’? Are people getting restive now, after a year or simply taking it?

      • Minority Of One says:

        I see no restiveness. We seem to be a very do-as-your-told lot.

        I think many believe they will be able to go on foreign holidays soon. And they seem, in general, to be quite content watching tv and Netflix etc night after night, after night. I prefer my walks, and soon, bike rides. Or just sitting in the garden / parks watching the birds and the bees, trees, clouds and blue skies.

        I think things are just beginning to open up – we seem to be a few weeks behind England.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Anyone want to bet that ‘another wave’ is coming and the UK will be smashed back down?

          Of course it will — because that’s the plan — if it wasn’t the plan then the UK would have opened up many months ago as soon as they looked at the fact that Sweden’s death rate from covid is a fraction of the UK’s — WITHOUT LOCKDOWNS.


        • Fast Eddy says:

          And why is Ontario getting more waves even though they have been in lockdown forever?

          Oh I see — if they were not in lockdown the waves would be even bigger!!! Right…

          My question to a CovIDIOT yesterday — why is the every MSM outlet calling Sweden’s covid strategy a disaster?

          Why is not a single outlet publishing this info and asking the obvious question — Why Are We Locking Down? Sweden has far fewer deaths per capita than locked down countries + it’s health care system has not collapsed. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/

          He refused to respond.. and sent me some other gibberish about a HK barista getting jail time… and I said I am still busy trying to figure out the above to contemplate the barista…

          Finally he said — yes they are ignoring Sweden.

          Not ignoring — I said — they are also attacking … endlessly attacking….

          Yet still he cannot accept the fact that there is some sort of plan.

          Normduncan — let me ask you a question — there are literally thousands of MSM outlets around the world… how is it possible that not a single one of them are celebrating Sweden’s success?

          Do ya think that perhaps there is some group with enormous power — that has a Ministry of Truth — that controls the entire MSM?

          Further — social media is banning top medical experts who push back against the Covid Lie. Who do you think is orchestrating that — or did all social media just decide to arbitrarily de-platform these people?

          Might this be evidence that the Elders exist?

  3. Phil D says:

    Re: Vitamin D, data is piling up that Vit D insufficiency is heavily correlated with poor COVID outcomes.

    “…We read, with great interest, the recent article by Radujkovic et al. that reported associations between vitamin D deficiency (25(OH)D < 12 ng/mL) or insufficiency (25(OH)D < 20 ng/mL) and death in a cohort of 185 consecutive symptomatic SARS-CoV-2-positive patients admitted to the Medical University Hospital Heidelberg, who were diagnosed and treated between 18 March and 18 June 2020 [1]. In this cohort, 118 patients (64%) had vitamin D insufficiency at recruitment (including 41 patients with vitamin D deficiency), and 16 patients died of the infection. With a covariate-adjusted relative risk of death of 11.3, mortality was much higher among vitamin D insufficient patients than among other patients. When translated to the proportion of deaths in the population that is statistically attributable to vitamin D insufficiency (“population attributable risk proportion”), a key measure of public health relevance of risk factors [2], these results imply that 87% of COVID-19 deaths may be statistically attributed to vitamin D insufficiency and could potentially be avoided by eliminating vitamin D insufficiency. Although results of an observational study, such as this one, need to be interpreted with caution, as done by the authors [1], due to the potential of residual confounding or reverse causality (i.e., vitamin D insufficiency resulting from poor health status at baseline rather than vice versa), it appears extremely unlikely that such a strong association in this prospective cohort study could be explained this way, in particular as the authors had adjusted for age, sex and comorbidity as potential confounders in their multivariate analysis."

    • These authors are from Germany. It seems like I remember a fairly similar study with a group of patients from Spain.

      I also noticed that down below the linked pubmed article, there is a whole list of similar vitamin D articles.

  4. Dennis L. says:

    For all you Covid followers:

    When is a vaccine not a vaccine?


    Sounds good, time will tell.

    Dennis L.

    • I expect that this will be a high-priced product that will be available in only limited supply. High income families and people with political connections might be able to get it, but probably not the general public.

    • hillcountry says:

      Here’s their brochure.


      a couple of things caught my eye

      REGEN-COV contains two monoclonal antibodies that neutralize SARS-CoV-2 to help patients fight and recover from COVID-19. Being treated with REGEN-COV antibodies as soon as you are diagnosed with COVID-19 may limit the amount of virus that develops in your body, which may help you recover from the infection.

      “may limit” and “may help”

      REGEN-COV is a combination monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. “Combination” means that it contains two different monoclonal antibodies, casirivimab (CASS-uh-RIV-uh-mab) and imdevimab (im-DEVuh-mab) that work together to help fight the infection. REGEN-COV is a one-time intravenous infusion— so no need for multiple doses.

      Important notes about REGEN-COV

      REGEN-COV (casirivimab with imdevimab) is an investigational medicine used to treat mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 in non-hospitalized adults and adolescents (12 years of age and older who weigh at least 88 pounds [40 kg]), and who are at high risk for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms or the need for hospitalization. REGEN-COV is investigational because it is still being studied.

      There is limited information known about the safety and effectiveness of using REGEN-COV to treat people with COVID-19.

      REGEN-COV has not been approved, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA

      This use is authorized only for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use under section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(b)(1), unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner

      For additional information on REGEN-COV, please see the FDA Letter of Authorization,
      Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers, and Fact Sheet for Patients, Parents and Caregivers

  5. Dennis L. says:

    Tim Morgan is out, none of it seems actionable on a personal basis.


    Dennis L.

    • A major point Tim Morgan makes early on:

      “what we’ve been witnessing is a dramatic escalation in financial claims on what is now a contracting economy.”

      I don’t understand why Tim doesn’t quickly come to the conclusion: “This can’t end well.”

      Instead, Tim sees this as an inflationary scenario:

      ” What it means, though, is that investors might favour seemingly costly stocks if they anticipate brisk growth in earnings; house-buyers may be prepared to bid up prices if they anticipate perpetual expansion in property markets; and lenders might be relaxed about extending loans to borrowers whose incomes, they assume, are going to grow markedly.”

      He concludes:

      Looking ahead, it isn’t difficult to see asset price inflation carrying over, first into consumer prices and then into wage demands. This is the point at which policymakers realise, belatedly, that policies of ultra-cheap money are, by their nature, inflationary.

      The real risk, then, isn’t just that reactive (rather than anticipatory) rate rises cause asset prices to slump, but that these blows to confidence simultaneously expose the delusions of false futurity.

      So, he isn’t talking about a collapsing debt bubble as far as I can see. His fancy language obscures what he is really thinking/saying.

      Tim Morgan comes from standard economic thinking. He has overlaid some EROEI thinking, which he has hidden using his model. He still thinks in terms of “rising energy costs equals rising energy prices” as far as I can see. I am afraid there is not a whole lot we can learn from him.

      • theblondbeast says:

        I think the structural potential for wage inflation is what is missing. Due to deteriorating energy environment there is a lack of ability to create valuable investments which return a flow of future income that can pay back debt with interest. Which is why firms use credit to buy back their shares instead of investing in expansion, among other things.

        I also think he overestimates the power (and mischaracterizes the function) of central banks.

        CB’s can pretend to encourage market activities, but market pricing is set by private banks and interbank lending based on their perception of risk and value.

        They are mainly concerned with liquidity. An expanding economy needs an increasing quantity of transactions being processed. If the underlying economy is under stress, these financial transactions become illiquid.

        Defaults, supply chain disruption, failed futures contracts on oil, all have the tendency of disrupting the banking system.

        He is also incorrect that certain securities cannot be monetized. I believe he means “liquidated.” Derivatives, repledging of securities, and rehypothecation all create money-like activities in the banking system that form the basis of most international transactions (i.e. lots of “money”, very little currency).

        It’s true that the “real” and “financial” economies can be distorted. But the direct contact point between these is the interbank repo market where real global trade happens. This market is not directly controlled by central bank rules, and it is largely invisible, meaning we can only speculate on what is going on systemically.

        This interbank system involves more dollar denominated assets than the onshore activity available to scrutiny. We see the tip of the iceberg.

        • Ano737 says:

          As I recall, the Fed’s intervention in the repo market in Fall 2019 was successful, though I don’t recall an explanation of what happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply didn’t know the causes.

          Since the Fed has repeatedly demonstrated that they are willing to provide unlimited liquidity on easy terms, including to suppress interest rates (including long term rates when they see fit), I wonder what the mechanism would be for a financial system meltdown.

          If Fed liquidity support had significant leakage into the ordinary consumption market (contrasted with assets), very high inflation would eventually do them in, but it seems that their market operation are all aimed at people/organizations with a very low propensity to spend outside the asset markets.

          As long as fiscal policy is under control, it’s difficult to see what could make people stop believing that financial markets can only go up – strange as it seems.

          • jj says:

            The fed has no choice but to suppress interest rates. The fed considers “treasuries” prime collateral regardless of yield. This status and the high borrowing leverage given by the fed to this status is the incentive for the world to hold treasuries. This status is for “treasuries” regardless of yield. What happens to the value of treasuries that yield 1.75% on the 30 year if the interest goes to 3% on 30 year treasuries let alone double digits where it should be considering true risk?
            Now what happens to the loans that have leveraged that “prime collateral” assets at up to 40 to 1 when the value of them drop by half or more?

            The answer. No one knows. All collateral requirements are suspended now so maybe nothing. The fed doesnt want to find out and neither do I. Twenty to forty times easier to suppress interest rates in the collateral instrument then have to try to cope high leveraged loans based on a collateral that goes poof.. The feds firepower is now leveraged by the leverage ratio of the loans when applied to the collateral but only by nature of dilution of one not appreciation. Infinite firepower applied to correct infinite arbitrary leverage. All in a days work.

            • theblondbeast says:

              Most demand for treasuries is by banks. Banks don’t hold treasuries for the “coupon” they hold them for balance sheet operations because they are liquid. Fixed income portfolios may hold bonds for the coupon, but even many of these buy and sell bonds to take advantage of fluctuation in sale price based on changing rates, not the interest income.

              The source of value of these collateral comes primarily because of the trillions of dollars of contracts denominated in dollars. The obligation to pay in dollars is what gives value. The ability to pay is what determines inflation or deflation.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            all of these Fed manipulations have sort of worked so far.

            if they can keep up their good (wink wink) work, then any future “financial system meltdown” might come from issues within the real primary economy of goods and services, where eventually the declining net (surplus) energy flowing through the system will cause ever decreasing profitability and ever increasing unemployment.

            at some point, the Fed won’t be able to apply duct tape to a system of massively high unemployment, and the failing primary economy will bring down the secondary layer of finance.

            • theblondbeast says:

              What if they’re not actually doing much of anything other than encouraging sentiment? Kind of like a rain dancer?

          • Christopher says:

            “As I recall, the Fed’s intervention in the repo market in Fall 2019 was successful, though I don’t recall an explanation of what happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply didn’t know the causes.”

            Exactly, what was the cause? There were many different rumours. I do believe the fed knows the cause, but of course it’s confidential.

            Fed can print print money to support the commercial banking system. The question is, how long can the commercial banking system be made to support increasingly zombiefied corporations and consumers?

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              it doesn’t seem like it can last more than another 10 years or so.

          • It is clear that at some point, somewhere, something goes wrong. Goods that have been ordered cannot actually be shipped, for example, perhaps because of a lack of containers or boats that are unwilling to sail back to their home destinations without cargos for the return trip.

            Or countries decide to exclude certain other countries from trade, for one reason or another.

            Also, with all of this money printing, no one will trust the other country’s currency for actually having value any more. I think that will ultimately be the problem, now that I think about it. Everyone is behaving like the Weimar Republic in Germany.

          • Kowalainen says:

            I guess the video gamers and stock market proved that point.

            Once you got your basics covered, the rest is merely a game and you could equally as well only own “digital” assets, than troubling yourself with tangible, material “wealth”. At least I prefer digital 1’s and 0’s instead of lumps of shiny metal or bank notes.

            Nobody is calling the game because it is fun to play. Gamestonk and Bitcoin anyone?

            But, the market doesn’t behave ‘rationally’, you might say?

            To which I answer, humans isn’t very rational beings. It would have been silly assuming the markets being something different than the beneficiaries.

            Now, if there is a game, naturally there must be somebody creating the game and continuously adding in new mechanics to keep it interesting, see for example Bitcoin, financial instruments, etc.

            However fun the game is, there is no simple game mechanic that can take us out of unreasonable expectations expressed within the confines on a finite planet.

            Hence space exploration (exploitation) isn’t an option. It is absolute for the game to prevail.

          • theblondbeast says:

            The general causes of repo issues (of which billions fail every week already) have to do with a shortage of dollars, or an increased perception of risk on collateral. This is why the repo markets prefer the most liquid collateral (you lend cash over night, accept a bond as collateral, but need to know you can sell that bond if the loan isn’t repaid so you can remain solvent).

            I’m not sure the FED can actually supress rates as much as we may think. Their primary function seems to be signaling – setting prime rates that are more a form of communication “We expect inflation, act accordingly please” and creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

            And yes, only a few prime brokers can access central banks. Few corporations and hedge funds can enter the secondary market. Only if money flows out of this system to consumers does it create inflation.

            Buying an over priced stock with a P/E of 30/1 might make you feel rich if it goes to 32/1. But the fact that this high valuation means a negative real return anticipation of -3% over a ten year time span doesn’t much sink in.

            A decade of lower lows and lower highs could impact sentiment.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        “He concludes:
        Looking ahead, it isn’t difficult to see asset price inflation carrying over, first into consumer prices and then into wage demands.”

        “I think the structural potential for wage inflation is what is missing.”

        yes, I can see inflation carrying over into consumer prices, but what we’ll see for wages is workers wanting (demanding ha!) higher wages but not getting much at all.

        Tim Morgan states that average prosperity is declining. Well then, the obvious mechanism for that is rising consumer prices and stagnant wages.

        then ever higher unemployment until the system collapses.

        • theblondbeast says:

          Yep. I would think wage inflation could only take place in a robust job market. For people to successfully negotiate higher wages they need both (1) the credible threat that they will seek other employment, and (2) the personal confidence that taking a new job is a safe bet compared to holding on to the current one.

          This just doesn’t seem to describe our current labor market. BLS, the most optimistic prognosticator of prognosticators predicted that by the end of 2021 we’ll be back to the 2009 lows of unemployment.

          Commodities will inflate. Yes.

          Producer prices will inflate. Yes.

          Consumer prices will inflate. Yes

          Wages will inflate? No. Inflation will shortly hit an affordability ceiling causing another leg down in the economy.

          10 more years sounds about right to me. For me this means the point at which most people clearly turn negative on the future of civilization.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Tim is adept at identifying symptoms … but he thinks the patient is still viable.

        He probably has children…. and grand children….

        • Kowalainen says:

          I agree, that is what clouds otherwise lucid minds. Instantiating genetic hope (children) virtually guarantees a large dose of self inflicted delusion.

          It simply has to be that way. I would never trust somebody with children to give a completely die-hard description of the mechanisms in objective reality.

          Children makes you a deluded beast, because having children on a planet with rapidly depleting resources is irrational.

          However, having children in a universally accepted finite world is another matter. But we seem hell bent on pretending it is infinite.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Not having children adds 200 points to Fast Eddy’s IQ.

            Misanthropy adds another 200.

            But the deal with the devil done around 2011 was the game breaker adding nearly 500 points.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Not having children: +200

              Here’s the issue; how can I be a misanthrope amused with your misanthropic posts? You are human after all, yes? +200?

              No…? 🤔

              Well, of course. Hope is for suckers. +500

              Ah, these IQ scorers, paradoxes, smoke and mirrors…

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I used 1000+ so people can have some sort of reference point.

              There is no way to measure Fast Eddy. None of the standards apply to this god-like entity.

              Shall we discuss the Bosnia Collapse Lite? I find it very intriguing….

            • Kowalainen says:

              Lay down the siege on my ignorance of the Bosnian crazy.

  6. hillcountry says:

    Check out that New York Times map of the USA


    I’ll bet you could overlay a fracking-map on that and see a strong correlation.

    Don’t forget that HCN-toxicity has identical symptoms as Covid. Just sayin’…

    The rest of the links on the page allow you to drill-down to county levels.

    Big data for sure, just gotta wonder how they’re missing the obvious.

  7. hillcountry says:

    CNN keeps updating their videos. Here’s the doctor I was referencing in a post below. He wants Michigan to shut-down again.


    • I notice this doctor compares the rising in COVID-19 cases to a forest fire. He says that we need to stop it, just like we would stop a forest fire.

      This is “infinite fossil fuel” thinking. We can suppress forest fires for a while, but as energy supplies deplete, we become less and less able to do this. We end up shutting off electricity to large number of people to try to hold down the forest fire risk.

      Now people are being asked to shut down their economy because of too many COVID-19 cases. An economy can’t really afford to do this. Someone has to figure out how to ration medical care. Or treat people at home, cheaply.

  8. jj says:

    A NYU professor teaches a class on identifying propaganda for 20 years. Basically a course developing critical thinking skills. His course uses contemporary media asking the students to decide if they are propaganda or truth for themselves.

    20 years no problem.

    But of course this can not be allowed now. Now he is of course….

    wait for it

    you already know

    a “conspiracy theorist”.

    Cancel in progress.


  9. MG says:

    Green ideas that simply do not work:


    • Normally, balconies are where people dry their clothes. There are clothes lines strung from one end to the other. I wonder if the people are now expected to use clothes dryers.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Gail, are you joking?
        Drying clothes is the least of the problems with growing food in skyscrapers.
        For once, you get the same amount of solar radiation in a 100 story building as you would get by planting the shadow area. So why spend millions of dollars on concrete instead of just using the flat ground.

        I could go on but this is obviously a religious belief (not yours, I know but the people that present these as solutions).

        • Kowalainen says:

          The ultimate high-rise building for growing food is the one that is suspended by itself. Sort of like the sea. Why we are not eating more sea based foodstuffs in the west is a mystery.

    • Xabier says:

      All those plants (and what on earth can be ‘eco-friendly’ about all the containers, imported compost, the need to water from the tap, etc?) would only get in the way of my chair, table, bottle of wine and book of poetry.

      ‘Verde, como te quiero verde’….but not at 100 ft!

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Xabier, “Verde” is one of my all time favorite poems. I read it in original (I don’t speak spanish but I can read) and it stayed with me.

        One item on my bucket list is to read Don Quijote in original – a good way to forget the insane aylum we live in.

  10. jj says:

    Two USA destroyers set to enter the black sea in a couple of days. Russia in response is sending ten. A “destroyer” nowadays is basically a missle frigate. 40 or so missles some sea to sea some sea to ground and some sea to air. Some none or all nuclear armed. The russian zircon sea to sea hypersonic missle system has been in place for some years. at only mach 8 it is still 8 times faster than the usa systems. The distances are very close in the puddle called the black sea.

    This is the problem with russia. It doesnt have the hardware to send about the world. On its borders its hardware density is quite dense.

    This is probably about NORDSTREAM. putting germany in a position where they cant proceed with business with russia.

    • Russia certainly will fight back, if someone doesn’t let the country have Crimea.

      • Duncan Idaho says:

        It’s been a Russian satellite for over 200 years.
        About the same time the US has existed.
        Russian is the spoken language.
        I guess we could give it back to the original inhabits.
        But we would need to give the US back to the original inhabits also.
        I’ll get ready to get back to Europe.
        (they would be fools to let me stay)

        • Kowalainen says:

          You might as well continue to the Siberian homelands, eventually ending up in the Middle East, or why not just continue your genetic journey backpedaling up the trees or into alien spaceships. Who knows.

          Nobody asked us to be materialized into this world, some shit happens without ultimate causes.

      • jj says:

        With tony blinken and victoria nuland back in with promotions in the the biden administration its hard to think that these events were not ordained. Movers and shakes during the 2014 “events”

        This seems largly lost on most people. Ukraine took us to the brink in 2014. To Obamas credit not over the edge.

        Of course why would you go there in the first place?

        Kiev has stated its going to take crimea.
        USA has stated they will “support” that.

        12 missle frigates 500 some state of the art missles, EW ecetera.

        If those two USA destroyers fire sea to ground ordnance on russian troops to support kiev its going to make it look like a boy scout troop that commandeered a fireworks stand.

        USA military must know that. So their going to let the the two destroyers go it alone no air support, comprehensive battle plan, ecetera?

        USS Custer one and two?

        Think of the righteous indignation in the press when those destroyers are sunk by unexpected unprovoked vicious “russian aggression”.

        A press that is radio silent to what is transpiring either in the key players role in the 2014 “events” on kiev rehired into the biden administration or the two sacrificial lambs headed into the slaughter.

        Lots of coverage on the ahole cop trial.

        When the smoke clears then what?

        USA declares war on russia?


        Pulling the plug?


        • Kowalainen says:

          “Pulling the plug?“

          Pretending not to give up without a fight perhaps? Opposing the Eurasian vodka and ricewine bloc seem a bit counterproductive at this point in time. It is a huge contiguous landmass after all.

          Why not just instrument the Bering strait with rail, fibers and pipelines instead?

          War games is much more fun than real war.

  11. JJ says:

    Thank you for the article Gail! The actions taken absolutely represent a waste of energy if the intent is to stop the virus. If the intent is to initiate a system of control they are not such a waste of energy.

  12. Mirror on the wall says:

    The ruling Tories used c 19 to plunder untold billions of public funds for their cronies and funders and they illegally hid the contracts from the public.

    The public perceived c 19 as a serious crisis, and TP perceived it as an opportunity to plunder public funds for themselves, their families and their mates.

    > How Tory cronies get UK Government Covid contracts

    The Friday ruling saw a judge confirm that Matt Hancock’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) had acted unlawfully by failing to disclose key information about public money pandemic contracts.

    The National Audit Office, the public spending watchdog, revealed a “fast track” bidding process for firms linked to Tory MPs, ministers and officials late last year.

    Labour this week wrote to senior Tories for details on the awarding of £2billion-worth of business to companies linked to Conservative MPs or ministers, or to party donors.

    Some of the stories to emerge so far include that of Lerwick-based Globus (Shetland) Ltd, which has contributed more than £375,000 to the Conservatives’ coffers since 2016 and last year secured a PPE deal worth £93.7 million. They also include that of Alex Bourne, a former neighbour of Hancock’s whose Hinpack plastic-cup-and-takeaway-box firm landed a contract worth around £30m to provide tens of millions of Covid-19 test vials for the NHS after sending the minister a WhatsApp message. And Katie Bingham, head of the Vaccine Taskforce, spent £670,000 of public money on hiring PR consultants through a firm called Admiral Associates, whose secretary is a long-standing business associate of Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law.

    Cummings himself, it emerged this week in a submission to the High Court, “expected” civil servants to hire a firm run by his “friends” to research the public’s understanding of coronavirus in a deal worth around £560,000. The former Downing Street spin doctor said the company, Public First, were “only company with the expertise to carry out the required focus groups urgently”. Its founders are also friends with Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove.


    • Politicians “never let any good crisis go to waste,” I understand. This is another example.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        The ruling Tories plundered the public purse for untold billions for themselves, their party funders in companies, their families and their mates (even their next door neighbours), and they illegally hid the contracts from the public. They set up a secret hotline to facilitate the cronyism, and untold public money was wasted on companies with zero experience and on shoddy, unusable PPE gear.

        This would be a major scandal, a political crisis, in any remotely functional democracy. UK has turned into a banana republic where voters are literally happy to wave flags and to ignore everything. This must be the lowest point for democracy in Britain in modern history – and the Tories have taken the occasion to line their pockets. So much for British ‘patriotism’, a mug’s game.

        > Political ‘cronies’ given fast track to PPE contracts worth billions

        Ministers set up a VIP fast-track channel to buy billions of pounds of PPE from companies who had political contacts with the government and MPs, a damning report reveals today.

        Amid accusations of cronyism, government auditors found that suppliers with links to politicians were ten times more likely to be awarded contracts than those who applied to the Department of Health and Social Care. In some cases due diligence checks were not carried out until weeks after contracts had been awarded.

        The National Audit Office (NAO) concluded that despite the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic, “standards of transparency” had not been “consistently met”. The head of the Commons public accounts committee accused ministers of riding “roughshod over the taxpayer” and ripping up the rules that guard against cronyism.

        The NAO found that during the first wave of the pandemic officials awarded contracts worth £17.3 billion to private sector suppliers, of which £10.5 billion was awarded directly without any competition.

        It revealed that the Department of Health had created a secret high-priority channel to process offers of PPE supplies that had been raised by ministers, MPs, peers and senior NHS staff.


  13. hillcountry says:

    Gail – this paper out of Greece and India is hot off the press (April 8, 2020) and it’s got your back on your assessment regarding vaccine-efforts over the long-run. Near the end the authors say:

    “So in the long term perspective the efficiencies of our current vaccines will keep degrading as the virus mutates till we exhaust our capacity to practically produce the booster shots on a global scale[36].”

    Is SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein impairing macrophage function via α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors?


    “The S2 subunit is even more highly conserved with one striking feature, the biosynthesis of a furin cleavage site that aids the transmissibility of the virus. This is particularly intriguing because the cleavage of S1/S2 subunits is not even necessary for its biosynthesis [22]. So why did that happen? Why increase the chances for cleavage of a site that is not necessary in the first place? This suggests that the S1 residue still has a few tricks up its sleeve and these come into effect post binding with the transmembrane pentameric glycoprotein receptor ACE2.”

    The antibody conundrum

    “The viral load a COVID-19 host faces is comparable to that of a simultaneous attack by multiple viruses due to the mutations observed in the spike protein.”

    “This is why one antibody may work against a few strands but is ineffective in neutralizing the others, thereby reducing the overall efficacy of our vaccines.”

    “There is no generic antibody capable of neutralizing all of the mutated spike proteins, yet the only way to develop long-term protective immunity against this virus is with an antibody.”

    (editorial comment: that’s one heck of an argument for taking a cheap off-patent drug such as Ivermectin that binds to the spike-protein).

    “The human body is capable of generating a diverse antibody population required to handle immense viral loads, provided that the immune system is intact. Kaneko et al. (2020) observed low but diverse antibody production in COVID-19 cases [30]. This can be explained as with the onset of SARS-CoV-2 infection, the immune system starts to dysregulate leading to B-cell lymphopenia. An increase in proinflammatory cytokines is accompanied by an increase in TNF-α, which inhibits the differentiation of active CD4+ T cells into BCL6+ GC-TFH cells (that aid with B cell antibody production) subsequently resulting in a loss of germinal centers. Naturally, the antibodies formed are insufficient, leaving us susceptible to reinfection, assuming that the patient has recovered from the first infection [30].”

    • hillcountry says:

      ooops – April 2021 not April 2020

    • Thanks! I need to look at the paper.

    • I added a link to this article in my current post.

      I am afraid quite a bit of this article is over my head. My formal instruction in biology is limited. This means that I need to keep looking up terms, to try to make sense of what is happening.

      The journal this is from is “Food and Chemical Toxicology.” It is hardly the place I would expect researchers to go first to understand COVID-19.

  14. Gerard d'Olivat says:

    Thank you Gail for your clear overview.

    1. “We will have to learn to live with the virus”. Well, that is nicely said. But how and what are the implications for the systems we have cobbled together, based on mass consumption, unlimited travel etc.? ?
    Not to mention the idea and craving for hyper-control and controllability, which is especially prevalent in ‘health care’ and our idea of ‘eternal healthy life for everyone, from neonatology to geriatrics’. To be honest, I haven’t read a single interesting article to date about what that ‘acceptance’ would actually entail.
    Acceptance does not seem to be the engine of ‘progress’. In the meantime, you’d better prepare for a ‘test, vaccine and hyper-control’ dystopia.
    That’s where we are strong in delineating ‘risks to infinity….

    2. Meanwhile, we are prepared for many social experiments, especially when it comes to reclaiming ‘paradise.’ A friend of mine is currently getting rich in the EU conducting so-called ‘field lab’ experiments. Here’s one. A vacation on ‘covid trial’!!!

    The pilot vacation to the Greek island of Rhodes, which people could sign up for, is in huge demand. 25,000 people have signed up for the all-inclusive package holiday.
    On April 12 (today), a vacation flight will depart for Rhodes as part of the corona trial. During the vacation, travelers will not be allowed to leave the vacation resort Hotel Mitsis Grand Beach, and afterwards they will have to go into home quarantine. It should make clear ‘under what conditions people can travel safely and responsibly’.

    3.Only 189 people between the ages of eighteen and seventy can participate in the trial. Based on all the applications, a first selection was made that meets special criteria set by the Dutch government. This means that people who belong to an increased risk group are excluded. After that, it is checked who registered first. The lucky ones are then contacted by telephone to go over all the information and guidelines. After only three minutes, thousands of people had attempted to register for the vacation. The selection process also involves the help of an independent notary. Participants pay for the trip themselves and the tour operator covers the cost of testing. The resort is opened specifically for the test. No other guests are present.

    4. Dozens of package holidays are now being worked out in which vacationers are given a little more freedom, Later there will also be test trips for car, cruise train and/or bus vacations.
    It promises to be a ‘relaxing’ summer…..The summer of 2021 the summer of test and control dystopia. How long will this ‘hyper control’ last? We are going to see.
    The EU has meanwhile pre-ordered a billion! doses of the 2 the 3rd and 4th generation vaccines….
    They apparently see something in it, in a vaccination carousel! Children included! Is the latest trend.

    • Maybe I should be setting up a website that shows organizations looking for people to volunteer for “trials” that allow them to go on nice vacations. This would be popular!

      I think you are exactly correct with your first remark. Living with an illness like COVID-19 is pretty much impossible, when we live in a world with high energy consumption expectations. We don’t understand how our current world could change so radically. Certainly, everyone should be kept alive until they are 105 or 110, if technology permits.

      No one stops to think that medical care could ever become too expensive/resource intensive to continue in its current form.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Does the package include time in the gas chamber?

  15. Arie says:

    Dear Gail, My comment actually refers to your previous post, but unfortunately I could no longer post a reply. My apologies for being a bit slow. You suggested that added debt could smooth the transition to an economy that was less dependent on oil, now that it was high-priced. I expect this transition cannot occur fast enough to prevent the debt bubbles from popping. Now even if we magically find an energy source as cheap and abundant as oil once was at sub $20, I wonder what financial system we would need in order to maintain civilisation at its present size. I assume this would require a debt based system similar to the one we have now. Thus a sound money system only seems possible if global civilisation collapses and disintegrates and we return to regional economies with much less global trade. Is that correct? Furthermore, I wonder if such a collapse (which is likely to be both deep and fast) can be halted before it arrives at a level where it can only sustain a fraction of the present global population?

    • It seems to me that the collapse we are encountering may very well kill off a significant fraction of the world’s population. I cannot see how it can be halted. We don’t have new energy sources close at hand.

      The current system has way too much complexity. I am afraid we need to start from a lower level, perhaps with a different climate, and build up again. Without a lot of energy, cold areas of the Earth will be largely bypassed.

  16. lelo says:

    Covid is a false pandemic that will disappear as if by magic as soon as the televisions are turned off, the problem is that this false pandemic is being used to manage the energy problem that is why it will last for many years.

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      The European Commission organised, in cooperation with the World Health Organisation, a Global Vaccination Summit on 12 September 2019, in Brussels.

      “The event took place under the joint auspices of the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. The overall objective was to give high level visibility and political endorsement to the topic of vaccination, which is the most successful public health measure saving millions of lives every year. It demonstrated EU leadership for global commitment to vaccination, boost political commitment towards eliminating vaccine preventable diseases and engage political leaders and leaders from scientific, medical, industry, philanthropic and civil society in global action against the spread of vaccine misinformation.”

      Roundtable 3: Vaccines Protecting Everyone, Everywhere

      “Galvanizing a global response to assure health, security and prosperity through immunization”


      “At least 14 of the 17 SDGs are linked to a successful vaccine and immunisation agenda. The world is undergoing demographic shifts (ageing populations except in Africa, the global population shifting more to Asia), development (middle-income countries will be home to most of the world’s poor people), population movements (refugees, crisis-affected communities, climate change impact), and technological advances (access to social media and mobile communication devices). The design of vaccines and immunisation programmes must take account of these realities. There is an urgent need of lifecourse vaccine programmes (including for older adults), products that are less dependent on cold chain technology, delivery devices other than injections, and data systems and analytics that are designed to drive programme optimisation. Responses to health emergencies will need to be more closely paired with preventing those health emergencies in the first place through robust essential immunisation programmes. Stronger domestic commitment to immunisation programmes using the economic and social perspective is essential to foster awareness of the global, national and local value of vaccines among many competing health and non-health priorities. Vaccines protect against poverty and are an essential sustainable development intervention. The challenge of organising vaccination programmes in countries with very weak health systems, fragile infrastructure, conflict situations, and migrant populations has not yet been overcome and will need new approaches.”

      “Novel approaches to how all actors in all sectors can better work together to achieve the 2021-2030 vaccine and immunisation goals will also drive the primary health care agenda, since immunisation often forms the backbone of primary health care, the intervention with the broadest reach and most equitable impact of all.”


      In short:

      – At least 14 of the 17 SDGs are linked to a successful vaccine and immunisation agenda.

      – There is an urgent need of lifecourse vaccine programmes (including for older adults).

      – They have 2021-2030 vaccine and immunisation goals.

      Personal goal:

      – Remain in the control group (i.e. unvaccinated) for the rest of this decade and beyond.

      • Perhaps the real goal is to pump up the vaccine industry.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Great information, thanks.

        The SDG propaganda is everywhere these days. I see it almost daily in the morning papers, where double-page advertorials are telling me how WHO, UNESCO or the World Food Program are making millions of people’s lives better while saving the environment. I also see it every month in the monthly news and PR pamphlets put out my my prefectural office, local city office, and agriculture cooperative.

        SDG this, SDG that, SDG the other, SDG with bells on……..

        And now you’ve identified the central role of vaccination in the SDG campaigns. Brilliant! It’s a connection I had not seen before.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Just off the phone with Hong Kong … buddy/biz partner mentioned he had his second jab the other day… I said oh – the lethal injection cool… (I always say that when someone tells me they’ve been jabbed… bit of rain for the parade)

          Couldn’t help but mention Yeadon .. never heard of him he says… and how he was very concerned about the intention to vaccinate young/healthy people… with an experiment…

          Oh we won’t have our kids take this he says… I says … but have you seen what’s happening in Israel… you take it your don’t get to sit your exams…. also Fauci is saying it will be available for children in the coming months…. I said I wonder if they will force kids to take it (no jab no school/exams)…

          He didn’t respond to that … so I took it as I had Mr DNA’s attention … and Mr DNA had taken over the consciousness of the vessel and his reptilian (computer?) mind was processing my comments…

          I wonder what will happen if the Elders force children to take this … Mr DNA will most definitely not be agreeable — it threatens his very existence …

          Surely the PR Team will need to up their game and instil more fear to fool Mr DNA — most people know kids don’t get very sick from covid… so how do you get mumma and puppa to Sign Them Up?

          If they use the stick and not allow them into schools without the jab … Mr DNA will unsheath his fangs… and it could get a bit ugly…. and the CEP would be in jeopardy….

          If I had to guess… we won’t need to get to the point of vaxxing the kids… big numbers will have had at least a shot by June… if the Triumvirate of Doom are correct (Bossche, Bridle, Yeadon) … Devil Covid should emerge very soon… the variants are humping and pumping away in a massive orgy right this very SECOND… and the 666 Spawn is imminent….


    • doomphd says:

      agreed. the modelled depletion slope is very steep. if so, every year that passes will be worse for available resources than the previous. it will get beyond the lockdown suppressions fairly soon.

  17. Pollux says:

    From Art Berman:

    1 bitcoin = 1000 barrels of oil
    1 barrel of oil = 4.5 years of human labor
    1 bitcoin = 4,500 years of human labor

    “The disconnect between this imaginary value and the physical world is astounding.”

    • Herbie Ficklestein says:

      That thought reminds me of Randy Udall, who died back 2013 while out hiking in the Western trail for six days from an apparent heart attack at age 61. In one of the many write ups on his life, I remember this from The Last Word on Nothing website…

      “Last fall, I met with a group of college students fresh from an afternoon with Randy. To demonstrate the meaning of a calorie, a horsepower, and a kilowatt-hour, he’d had them start a bow-drill fire to boil a quart of water, push a car two-tenths of a mile through the mud, and hike 800 vertical feet. Their delight in the experience was infectious, and their energy palpable. May it always be conserved.”

      Top: Randy Udall in late 2012, showing off a bow drill. Photo courtesy of the Whitman College Semester in the West.

      Randy, bless his heart, felt we could figure a way out of this mess by consuming less and adopting green energy. Not a bad way to end ones life. Out roaming the wildness.

      Thank you for the above post and to you Gail the Actuary for the new article.
      Interesting concepts.
      P.S. Haven’t gotten the vaccine yet and my job is offering a days vacation and $50 gift as a bribe….no one at work is questioning the pogrom taking place.
      Not too worried about myself, fairly fit and trim at my age and most likely already been infected. Yesterday there was a pop-up tent with FREE immediate vaccine today at City Hall Circle. No waiting also being advertised.
      Co workers ask me if I got it yet…no, not yet…waiting to see if I’m forced to do it.

    • Jan says:

      Unfair! Yeadon filed about a year ago a letter to some authorities, pointing to the ADE-problem and some more risks, amoung them infertility. Some of the vaccines Bill Gates donated to Africa and India had the effect, that women got infertile. He pointed out the possibility that the body could develop antibodies against a protein needed to get pregnant because it resembles structures of the vaccines.

      The European authorities have never tested or analysed the vaccines. The approval proceedure just checks papers of the respective companies.

      • Thierry Chassine says:

        Here is one big thing I have learnt with this pandemic: If you want to hide a truth you need to expose it in plain sight. (like Edgar Allan Poe’s letter).
        So first, take a famous guy with credibility and respectability. Pay him to tell the thing you want to hide, but on the other side he will use so bad methods and mix the truth with awful lies so the “good” scientists will debunk him and the plebe will know he is a liar and a cheater (except the “C-theorists” who will believe everything but the official bullshit).
        This is why I don’t trust at all Yeadon, his background with big pharma makes me think “hmm”. Though there is something to learn from what he is telling us.
        Montagnier for me has the same problem.
        If you can read, hear or see something in the media, then it was designed to be said. It serves someone.

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          Blackwashing the truth. Trump was a master at this.

          “President Donald Trump is walking back what he said during an April 23 coronavirus press briefing about using disinfectants to treat COVID-19 patients.

          “Some websites and social media users took that question to mean the president was recommending people inject themselves with bleach or isopropyl alcohol, an ingredient in hand sanitizer. But others said Trump meant something very different — that doctors could investigate whether using sunlight or disinfectants could clear the virus in patients.”


          At the beginning of the scamdemic, I found myself wondering what would’ve happened if Trump had gone full throttle on mask wearing – showing up on TV all the time with a mask, encouraging the population to wear them at every opportunity, etc. I suspect more than a few self-described “democrats” wouldn’t have been so keen on wearing masks simply because “Orange Man Bad.” Instead, the democrats were able to seize mask wearing as an opportunity to virtue signal while also signaling their defiance of the Orange Man.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Ask 1000 people if they have ever heard of Yeadon, Bossche, Montagnier, Bridle….

          That should provide a good barometer in measuring their sincerity.

        • Tim Groves says:

          How do you manage to get to sleep at night with that level of suspicion? 🙂

          Yeadon has a Big Pharma background and is telling us something that Big Pharma doesn’t want him to tell us, and so they are using the media to attack his reputation. This explanation works for me.

          However, they may be playing a more convoluted game. Since they have all sorts of games going on at any one time, it’s quite possible Yeadon is a sort of double agent, making war by deception, blackwashing the anti-Covid-vaccine movement.

          What then? Either way, it seems the message skeptics are going to get is “Don’t take the vax.” Yeadon’s appearance can only strengthen the resolve of the doubters and the hesitant not to be jabbed. Is that the result Big Pharma wants?

          Or is their strategy to simply tar and feather all doubters as gullible idiots and potential domestic terrorists by setting up heroes for the movement who will later be toppled as fallen idols?

          No. Occam’s razor shaves that possibility very thin. It tells us that the most likely explanation is that anybody—however eminent and earnest and expert they may be—who questions the narrative is going to have their reputation trashed in any case. Look at Andy Wakefield, Judy Mikovits, RFK Jnr., Vernon Coleman—who has decided to stop making videos because he’s tired of being attacked—and many others. There seems no need to use actors to pretend to warn against the dangers of Covid-19 vaccinations who can then be turned into kooks. The media can turn anybody into a kook and trash their reputation totally.

          And we are not talking about actors like Alex Jones or David Icke here, who are basically showmen who will jump from one subject to another and go on rabble rousing like Elmer Gantry for decade after decade. And with Wakefield, Mikovits, Bosche, and Yeadon, We are talking about people who were professionals in their fields who had dedicated a lifetime to research or medicine, who decided to come out on issues in which they have a degree of expertise or at least professional understanding. And moreover, they have a modest and sincere demeanor free from the showmanship that we’ve come to associate with spokespeople who are trying to sell us something.

          So I tend to give these people the benefit of the doubt. I believe that they are acting honestly, even though they may not be correct in their views.

    • I am not sure that there is anything such as bad publicity. (This comes close, I would agree.) But I wonder it the net effect is to tip off readers that they should be looking for things by him.

      Searches for Michael Yeadon seem to be up since the article was written.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        When you are a serious scientist.. and you are mocked as a conspiracy theorist… or worse – crazy…

        That is not a good thing.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        That’s the problem … when you search for his name you find hit pieces.

  18. Marco says:

    I always have 6 grams of vitamin C available to do in a vein to do in blood by injection if one day I get sick I would get 6 grams of vitamin C in one day and I am extremely sure that I have no problems with the coronavirus after the injection is in the blood of 6 grams of vitamin C. The problem will no longer exist if we all had 6 grams of vitamin C available at home to do in the vein there would be no problem

    • Marco, in the US people are generally not allowed to inject themselves (other than with insulin). You can’t just get that kind of stuff at the pharmacies here. Not even a naturopath here would give you a liquid to inject at home in your veins. Among other reasons, they just don’t trust people to do it correctly.

      • TIm Groves says:

        Would vitamin C powder dissolved in recently boiled and then cooled water be OK?

        I wouldn’t trust me to inject myself either. But I suppose I could ask my veterinarian to do it. In the US things I imagine things are easier as you can always find a junkie hanging around outside the drugstore who will be happy to inject you for a few dollars. But be sure to bring your own needle.

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          given the above options, I would just drink some orange juice.

        • Lidia17 says:

          I think I would call around to find a health provider willing to do IV-Vit.C. Tim, did you say you live in Japan?

          • Tim Groves says:

            Thanks, Lidia. I am in Japan and my local GP is fairly friendly. I think he would do it if I explained why I needed it done. But he might not want the authorities to know that he’d done it.

            Once upon a time before WW2, vitamin B complex injections were very popular in Japan for anyone who was feeling a bit run down. They are still used for the very sick, but doctors no longer oblige healthy people so easily. Sad really, when you consider how safe they are compared with many toxic drugs and vaccines that are pushed onto unsuspecting people.

  19. Jarle says:


    Humans have lived with respiratory viruses since forever, can we please go back to worrying about real problems?

    Thank you.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Not very many people here are particularly worried about respiratory viruses. It’s the idea of most of the human race being masked, locked down, social distanced, and vaxed to death that is fueling our anxieties. It seems to be a real problem for people in many places already, and it could be coming to a front door near you anytime.

      Even Elon Musk is worried about what Gates is up to!


      • Xabier says:

        I’d agree, Tim.

        Even the tribes exterminated, man woman and child, by the Romans led perfectly normal lives up until the final battle, and got to fight that last battle to the best of their ability.

        Quite a different kettle of fish to being masked, subjected to 24/7 fear brainwashing, thrown out of work to moulder for months or years, and then killed with a fraudulent ‘vaccine’ or starved to death in one’s home.

        It almost makes the Caesars of the ancient world look rather merciful: excavated skulls have shown that many were killed with just one jab to the head from a lance. Quick and efficient.

        This, however, is nothing less than deliberately slow torture and humiliation. They mock us before murdering.

        This is why I call it evil,and a work of Darkness. It is far from compassionate.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Yes … but apparently the only way to get the 8B to go along with the plan is to make them suffer enough to override their self-preservation instincts and convince them to beg for an experimental ‘vaccine’

          If 2 years ago we were to ask 1000 people if they’d be willing to take an experimental vaccine to protect them against the flu (and Covid is truly just another bad flu)… they’d have told us to ‘f789’ off…. the vast majority of people on the planet do not even take a flu vaccine…

          I know of quite a few people — highly ‘intelligent’… (high educated at least … who perform complicated tricks and call it work)… who are just begging to get the vax.

          I asked one of them why … and he said .. I want to travel… and I am willing to take the risk of long term illness/death.

          So I said … I’d consider it but I am in no rush … I first want to be certain I can get on a plane and off without quarantining … and so far that is not happening. We are well into the hundreds of millions of fully vaxxed CovIDIOTS… and is that happening? Nope. Nothing. Nadda.

          So what is my current upside? Zero…

          I think he was lethally injected last week…

          Imagine that!!!

      • Jarle says:

        Tim, *I am worried*.

        The majority of people turning into masked zombies obeying the most absurd orders has scared the shit out me, not less since I got thrown out a shop when refusing to comply (use a face diaper).

        My comment above was a reaction to people defending why they have had the Black Death 19 vaccine or which medicines would have prevented heaps of people from sadlydying etc.

        Why is Musk worried? He can just hitch a ride with one of his spaceships and get out of Dodge in good time before noon.

        • Jarle says:

          shit out *of* me


          out *of* a shop!

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Buy some of these and poke holes for your eyes and go back to the shop?


          • Tim Groves says:

            I’m sorely tempted to order a couple of these.

            But are they needed? These days you can wear a stocking over your head like a bank robber and nobody gives you a second look.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              More … I emailed them and told them to keep up the good work 🙂

              Dumb American company obviously

              WTF is wrong with you people…

              You’re a dumb piece of s*** and selling these masks are going to get people killed. You should be ashamed of yourself but I know you don’t have the braincells to recognize how idiotic you’re being.

              You’re pathetic. there’s nothing rebellious about general compassion towards your fellow Americans who need to be protected. you should be ashamed of yourselves.

              Irresponsible little plague rat making a buck off people’s entitlement and stupidity.

              F*** you a** h***. You are begging for people to die.

              You’re a fool and I hope you realize it before you teach your children to be like you are, or get someone hurt.

              Terrible product. Does not help protect in a global pandemic. Use a real mask, your blood will be just as “oxygenated”.

              You’ll be able to make people breathe better by preventing them from irreparable lung tissue damage when they catch covid by seeing actual face masks instead of this b*** s***.

              Go back to the sewers you rats, where you and your members deserve to live, AWAY from anyone attempting to fix this pandemic.

    • Kowalainen says:

      No, we got perpetually ill when starting to exploit livestock, got overpopulated and spread pathogens with trade.

  20. Rick Larson says:

    Once the collapse occurs many people (most dependent) will die quickly reducing pressure on living resources. Those remaining can get on with their new lives.

    • Fast Eddy says:


      That’s a funny one!!!

    • None of us knows precisely what will happen. I agree that the most dependent people are way high up on the vulnerability scale.

      The question lies with, “Those remaining can get on with their new lives.”

      I am afraid that all of us will be dealing with this falling apart economy. It will be a lot more than simply the most dependent that will die, at least eventually. The change as things fall apart doesn’t look good from most perspectives. Getting on with our lives likely will be difficult.

      • Kowalainen says:

        Right, a major and rapid “cull” likely would end in disaster. Continuing BAU is collapse with a capitol c.

        Cant kick a complex dynamical system into obedience. It is likely to oscillate furiously, wobble and spiral out of control. It simply won’t care about simpletons busying themselves with the myopia of ordinary.

        Predicaments, predicaments…

  21. Marco says:

    FE said it many years ago, that collapse could happen while the markets are hitting all time highs. And that is exactly what has been happening. How many billions of people have already collapsed (no job, no money) while the market is flying??. A.

  22. Marco says:

    Collapse Is behind the Door. Edgar

    • VFatalis says:

      Yes. When your government is willingly downsizing its population through massive genetic experimentations, you know collapse is really close.

  23. Tim Groves says:

    Has anyone ever read anything by Ruth Leger Sivard, who wrote extensively on energy issues?

    I found that Edwin A. Deagle, Jr.—yes, him again—wrote the forward to the 2nd edition of her World Energy Survey (1981). Other people who written forwards to her books include Carl Sagan and John Kenneth Galbraith.

    Deagle wrote his forward when he was with The Rockefeller Foundation. It is pretty innocuous:

    The massive energy transition the world has been undergoing since 1973 continues to be full of surprises. Past predictions of energy independence based on a diversity of supplies; of the unlikelihood that conservation based on higher energy prices would be much help; of the prospect that OPEC countries would drive prices higher and higher have all proven wrong. Many people now interpret the current surplus in he oil market as evidence that the power of OPEC is broken and the energy crisis is essentially over. This prediction is undoubtedly wrong too.

    What is true is that energy will remain high on the policy agenda of most countries for a decade and probably longer. New sources of supply require vast sums of capital and long periods of time to bring to the market. The promise of renewable sources of energy at reasonable prices remains in the future. conservation in reaction to high energy prices has been the most successful public response to the energy transition to date, greatly overshadowing the efforts of governments.

    Nevertheless, governments and international agencies have begun to act. We note that the United Nations is holding a Conference on New and Renewable Sources of Energy at Nairobi, in August 1981. It is the first international efort in some time to attempt to fashion strategies for international action; and we hope that it will be successful.

    In thebelief that informed public opinion is both the prerequisite and the guarantee of effective public policy, The Rockefeller Foundationn is pleased to support the work of Ruth Sivard in preparing this volume. Revised and expanded from an earlier version published in 1979, the volume is intended to provide an overview of the world energy situation and prospects for the future. Its merit, in our judgement, lies in the useful way it marshals complex facts and issues for the lay reader. The foundation takes no formal positions on matters of public policy and therefore does not, by its sponsorship, necessarily endorse the substantive views expressed in this report. We are pleased, howerver [sic], to support this useful work with the hope that it will contribute greatly to public understanding of these complex and vexing issues.

    Sivard was an economist and lived to the ripe old age of 99, dying in 2015.


    Here’s a website dedicated to her works.


    • Tim, a lot of people seem to be conflating Mr. Deagle with whomever is behind the Deagel report. It’s not clear at all that this is the same person.

    • It sounds like Ruth Sivard was opposed to excessive military spending. She wrote a series of books apparently showing trends in military and social spending. I imagine she wanted to switch from military to social spending.

  24. Sunface says:

    You are right that it won’t stop soon Gail.
    There’s huge monely being fleeced from an unsuspecting public and livelyhoods are being destroyed by Governments who at an undeclared war with their citizens by tacit compliance to their controllers at the UN.. Make hay while the sun shines as they say.

    The convid19 is a scam. I would suggest you read the article by Makia Freeman then read the Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI). https://thefreedomarticles.com/no-virus-isolation-sars-variants-rest-on-big-assumption/.

    The creation/consstruct of Covid aka Contrick19 has two main objectives:

    1. Centralize economic and political control by an Elite NWO as proposed by the WEF and install the megalomanics dream of a one world government.

    2. While doing this further enrich the investors that back the vaccine arm of the Pharmacuetical medical Complex by a criminally created Hoax. A strategically devised invisible phantom, spook, monster, bogeyman or “enemy” called SARS-COV that causes a proclaimed disease called Covid19, that they can use to create global hysteria and panic… and, of course, sell vaccines.

    That is it in a nutshell.
    Follow the money- A great video explains the issue quite succinctly. It’s worth the time to watch.https://youtu.be/D2t4u_tEefM.


    • I couldn’t get the first link to work.

      I listened to part of the YouTube Video. It makes the point that when it comes to institutional stock ownership, the companies Vangaard and Blackrock are very much out front. They in turn are controlled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, and the Open Society Foundation. There is a lot of power in the hands of very few.

      One question I had was, “Where do pension funds fall as investors?” Are they not considered as “institutional investors”? I would expect that they would play a much bigger role than the seem to, based on this analysis.

      • Sunface says:

        Hi Gail , Checked the link. Is working needs a litlle time as it verifies the browser. Could be a setting. I was using both Firefox and Opera

    • theblondbeast says:

      It’s indeed striking how much power is concentrated among so few. Russia China and Iran want no part of this, so I doubt it will come to pass – among other reasons, such as an impending reversal in centralization and complexity.

  25. Matt Mushalik says:

    I haven’t looked at the New Zealand refinery, but Australian refineries are closing because they can’t compete with large new Chinese refineries (with a high complexity index and integration into chemical factories) as shown in this post:

    Brunei peak oil – golden opportunity for China’s Belt and Road Initiative

    The Corona virus may have accelerated what would have happened anyway. China tries to control the Asian oil product market.

    • I think in general, the coronavirus accelerated what would have happened anyhow.

      The world economy has been on a downhill slide (or not growing much) since 2008. The fall in oil prices in the second part of 2014 has been a big problem. There was not enough money to go around. This squeezed margins everywhere.

      Australia really needs to stay on (or get back on) the “good side” of China, or it has a big problem.

  26. Tim Groves says:

    Curses! Foiled again!

    Thanks for pointing that out. The late Edwin A’s surname is spelt Deagle, not Deagel. So he is probably be somebody completely unrelated to the military company.

    However, Deagle did do well the military and after that he worked for the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carter Administration before joining Hughes Aircraft Company. And then he formed a strategic business consulting company in 1997 and worked there until 2005 when he retired. So we are in the right ballpark.

    I tried to find out who runs Deagel but Google is not very helpful. Deagel is happy to gossip about other companies in the MIC, but about themselves they keep very quiet.

    • Tim Groves says:

      This was a reply to Ian, below,

      • Jan says:

        Thanks! I have been wandering about the deagel forecast for a lot of years and coudn’t find further information either. This page is too long online and updated to be just a joke. I always wondered how it shall be possible but looking at the vaccination risks it suddenly seems not unplausible. What is interesting, countries of the western block like the USA and Gernany are estimated to shrink more than Ungary and Romania or Asia. To have hundreds of millions die within four years on two continents can hardly be explained by demography or natural desaster.

        There is proof that the whole international pandemic politics is influenced by Bill Gates and the Pentagon. If you look to the Great Barrington declaration and also the WHO recommendations the PCR-test is used in a way to blow up infection numbers.

        This opens wide room for speculations but we have to take the possibility into account that the pandemic has a military and not medical basis.

        Looking at the astonishing reactions of the governments being confronted with the peakoil thesisin the past, and Corona starting directly after the banks withdrew from fracking I wonder if there is a connection.

        I know that is a strong potential accuse but the governments in Europe all suspend human rights with no adaequate proof that these measures are helpful. We seem to live in a new era.

  27. Tim Groves says:

    For those who want a recap on why taking an mRNA injection to fight Covid-19 is a bad idea medically, or who feel in need of ammunition to put off people who are pressuring them to get jabbed, this is the best concise summary I’ve seen.


    Here are some excerpts:

    Why is it more dangerous to vaccinate against COVID-19 than other viruses?

    Because COVID-19 virus uses the ACE-2 receptor to get into your endothelial cells, including those lining the blood vessels. This creates an inflammatory reaction that the great majority (99.74%) have survived even without treatment, and even more who used known, effective treatments. (See page 1) So if you have been exposed to the virus, and then get vaccinated, it is almost certain that the vaccine will cause new inflammation and damage to endothelial cells lining your blood vessels, and we have seen short-term abnormal blood clotting in people who have gotten the vaccine. But the more likely problem is launching new disease in the blood vessels. Dr. H Noorchashm MD, PhD says, “. . . the vaccine is almost certain to do damage to the vascular endothelium.”

    How to protect yourself and your family

    Always read the Product Package Insert. This is required by law to be included with packaging of all vaccines, and US Informed Consent law protects your right to be fully informed prior to any medical procedure, and your right to reject any medical procedure. 45 CFR § 46.116. These are universal principles enshrined in the Nuremberg Code and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here is the Pfizer insert, and here is Moderna’s. I strongly recommend reading ALL of it carefully with your family before you make a decision regarding whether to have the COVID injection.

    Discuss the considerations above, as well as other information you have heard about the COVID injection in a relaxed, unhurried setting with your loved ones. Make sure that you are not pressured into a procedure that you may regret in the future. If you choose to defer or reject the COVID injection, know that you are not alone, and many healthcare workers have done the same. “I’ve heard Tuskegee more times than I can count in the last month – and, you know, it’s a valid, valid concern.” Dr. Nikhila Juvvadi, a hospital chief clinical officer.

  28. Fast Eddy says:

    Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the U.S., said on Feb. 11 that American kids as young as grade one might be able to get the vaccine by September 2021, as long as the trials are successful in that age group, according to an article in ProPublica.

    Drum Roll please……..

    Experts say yes. “In general, kids don’t get that sick from this coronavirus, especially when compared to adults,” says Freedman. “But that doesn’t mean kids don’t get sick at all. Severe outcomes are uncommon, but they do occur.” He adds that the U.S. has documented 1,659 cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome from COVID-19, and 215 deaths from coronavirus in kids.


  29. Fast Eddy says:

    Let’s revisit why I am pleased that humans are about to be exterminated:


    • JMS says:

      Add to that the Nazi lab-technicians who make a living torturing animals daily:

      A breaking investigation released by Cruelty Free International once again reveals the extreme suffering and cruelty endured by animals in Europe’s laboratories. Here is what was found at Vivotecnia, a contract testing facility in Madrid, Spain by a whistle-blower who had been employed at the site. Vivotecnia conducts product safety studies for the cosmetic, chemical and agrochemical industries The animals used at the facility include monkeys, pigs, dogs, rabbits, mice and rats.

      Deliberate acts of gratuitous cruelty towards animals, including smacking and shaking.
      Taunting and mocking animals who were stressed and suffering, including those who were being killed or who were dying.
      Appalling techniques and bad practice inflicting even greater suffering and death, including no or inadequate anaesthesia.
      Poor handling and restraint of animals, leading to rabbits suffering spinal injuries.
      Animals killed in the presence of others of their kind.
      Systemic breaches of Spanish and EU law.

      Toxicity testing involves dosing animals to see how much of a chemical or drug it takes to cause serious harm, in an attempt to measure what a ‘safe’ dose for humans might be. Groups of animals are injected with or forced to ingest or inhale increasing amounts of a substance to measure the toxic effects which can be severe and include vomiting, internal bleeding, respiratory distress, fever, weight loss, lethargy, skin problems, organ failure and even death. No anaesthetics or pain relief are provided.



      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        And yet, there are many people in the world who worship at the altar of “Progress” and think that humanity is currently at its highest expression. I read the above and take the view that we really are barbarians living in the Dark Ages.
        True progress, true advancement, in my opinion, would entail an elegance that eschews such crude and violent procedures. We have a very long way to go.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        And we are all complicit in this living hell… we all participate in the industrial farming food chain… we all buy stuff that has been tested on animals…

        We recoil when we read The Road and see that the humans have kept other humans locked in a basement to be butchered and roasted over a fire then eaten.

        That ain’t nuthin!

        The thing is… the Borg is unaware … it is basically an unthinking machine that does whatever it takes keep Mr DNA chugging along…

        I guarantee you … if you raised the above (along with how we are destroying the environment) with a 1000 people and informed them that we were the problem and we need to be eliminated — every single one of them be offended…

        THEY would be OFFENDED… hahahaha… that is priceless…

        They would immediately point to the ‘great things’ we have done… (like walked on the moon hahahaha)… they’re reference the great philosophers and writers and scientists…

        That’s like saying Hitler had an artistic side to him so the Jews should put a statue of him in Tel Aviv hahahahaha… (Hitler did try to exterminate the Elders though… so some might be fans)

        Remember the movie Avatar? Most people who watched that cheered for the Na’Vi to win… they are so stoooopid they cannot even connect the dots and conclude that we are the problem… even after watching that…

        Avatar 2 is being filmed here in NZ (have a couple of mates working on it)… now imagine if this delved into industrial farming … animal torture… wars…. genocides etc… and the Na’Vi were to heroically exterminate all humans…

        You’d have a gigantic flop on your hands.

        Anyone objectively looking at our species must conclude — the sooner we are gone — the better.

        We are nothing more than a virus… a cancer… on the planet.

        We add ZERO value. Absolutely ZERO.

        It is impossible to argue otherwise…

        • JMS says:

          Zero? Not so fast, Fast. A vil malicious species we are, sure, but occasionally also terribly intelligent, ingenious, fun, generous and, last but not least, sexy! I challenge you to find a troupe of monkeys or meerkats as fun as Monty Phyton, a dog as smart as JoeBiden or a whale as sexy as … any human female in fact!

          So, I am more ambivalent about our species, because it is full of little clever bastards, with tons of talent or intelligence. And I’ve a soft spot for inteligence and talent.

          We destroyed our habitat for money&growth and we are now to make the biggest downturn ever? Well, at least we had great fun (the middle and upper classes of the world i mean), and we must reckon that some brilliant members of the species have created truly amazing things, from the Parthenon to Rembrandt self-portraits, from “Macbeth” to Michael Ruppert’s “Confronting Collapse”. And all the music… ah.

          I think we have to live (and die) with the fact that humans are a damning admiring horrifying mix-mess: the species that both invented crucifixion and “St. Matthew Passion”, gutting and belly dancing.

          Don’t you think that Diogenes, Lao Zi, Nietzsche, Tolstoi or even some of our friends here redeem the species? If so, damn it, you’re still more stingy than the God of the Old Testament, who was willing to spare a city if it housed at least a handful of righteous people.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I’ve done my PHD on this topic and have posted a summary previously… to condense my thesis…

            Intelligence = Stoopidity

            Progress = Extinction

            Diogenes, Lao Zi, Nietzsche, Tolstoi etc… are simply products of a cancerous species…

            Let’s say you go to the doctor feeling unwell and he says — sorry but I have some bad news for you — you’ve got terminal cancer…. you will be dead in a month.

            But on the bright side the doctor says … you’ve got some cancer cells that produce some outstanding literature… some fantastic science… incredible athletes… inventive engineers and architects… brilliant philosophers … and so on…


            • JMS says:

              I generally agree with you. My mind has long camped in the frontier lands of nihilism and misanthropy, and predictabilly I have “always” prefered the company of book, animals and trees at that of people. But I also admit the point of view i stated before, which can be rendered metaphorically like this:

              You cannot eat the best meal of your life without having to visit the toilet afterwards.
              but that doesn’t mean the food tasted like shit! 🙃

              I suppose we could say growth is always “carcinogenic”, whether in bacteria or in civilizations, since it leads inevitably to death/collapse.

              So we are like fungi in a petri dish, right,
              but fungi that can sing beautifully their (stoopid) sorrows, fungi that try to understand, measure, decorate, etc. their existential dishes. And i believe there’ s at least some little tiny weeny merit in this effort, however futile and illusory it may be in the grand real scheme of Earth life.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Yes but humans are different… no other animal destroys the planet (and calls it intelligence!!!)….

              And no other animal does what we do to other animals — (and other humans).

              If I could push a button and exterminate every human to stop just ONE of these horrifying experiments https://www.peta.org/features/pictures-of-animal-testing/

              I would do it — without hesitation.

  30. GrassFarmer says:

    I’m surprised that there is less discussion here about these facts:

    1. We do develop some level of lasting immunity to coronaviruses. This one will be no different. They mutate but our bodies see the similarities.

    2. Those who are poorly adapted or in poor health who die won’t be here for the next variants and so death rates will decline.

    3. Historically viruses mutate to be more infective but LESS lethal.

    This is REAL herd immunity.

    These were all well understood BEFORE covid19 and things remain the same now.

    It will simply burn itself out and become a consistent low mortatility endemic disease.

    So much panic and so little thinking.

    • VFatalis says:

      The Elders know this obvously – hence lockdowns and other coercitives measures were implemented to prevent it. The accelerated destruction of economy is a nifty bonus.

      So masterfully crafted.

    • Jan says:

      The c19 virus has a spike protein to “open the door” to go into the cell to make it replicate. This spike protein is also the trigger for the immune system to identify the virus. If a mutation would modify this spike protein to trick the immune system it would not be able to enter the cell and get replicated, this strain would end. So mutations should be recognized by the immune system after the first contact. You might get ill but cross immunity should prevent heavy courses.

      All this is different to the influenca virus.

      I dont see why regular vaccinstions are necessary. The vaccination is a heavy burden for the organs, especially the liver because it creates massive cell stress and cell killings. This is caused by the mRNA method and different to other vaccinations. A healthy organism might compensate such a stress, not to forget the 6 month of lower oxigen levels. Persons with underlying illnesses such as diabetis or that are of higher age where the metabolismbis slower have higher risks of damage. If the stress level are freshed up by regular jabs this is under guarantee not suitable. We should be suspicious this could be a crime.

    • hillcountry says:


      The PR(opaganda) push is on big-time. They’re pretending to be worried about the ‘vaccine-hesitant’ and are suggesting the need to go grass-roots (door to door in Detroit is already in motion) to talk to that “last 20 to 30 percent” about why they need the jab. Now the interesting thing this “doctor” on CNN slyly overlooks (would you buy a used car from this obvious con-man) is that, by his own definition of herd-immunity (80% vaccinated or having survived infection) the numbers to support his contention about the “last 20 to 30 percent” just don’t add up, nor does his argument even make sense.

      First off – if 80% get vaccinated, by his definition we have herd-immunity. Then who cares about the last 20 percent? Since he said “20 to 30 percent” are we to then assume that he’s really only worried about 10 percent? That if they only vaccinate 70 percent we won’t reach herd immunity? But if they’re already expecting to vaccinate 70 percent which seems to be the shtick per his own assertions, do they really think we’re so dumb as to not think that 10 percent has either survived infection already or has natural immunity via strong innate immune systems? Jeez, with the way they’ve presented their parabolic-panic over the last year one would think a lot more than 10 percent have survived already.

      By the time they get jabs in the arms of the willing 70 percent, (probably a bogus number to begin with – who could really know) the unwilling 10 percent required to cross the finish line will undoubtedly have either survived infection over the last year or already have natural immunity which is a deep subject under investigation. There’s 1,225 research papers listed on a PubMed search of “Natural Immunity To Covid”, so there’s nothing ‘slam-dunk’ about that subject, nor would there be an accurate way to identify those who have it. Even if you gave rtPCR a pass on false results, how many have been PCR tested? There’s zero probability we have any good numbers on how many of us have natural immunity.

      Who’s even bothering to track “survivors” in any meaningful sense. I’m a Long Hauler with residual damage. Nobody has contacted me. So the ‘numbers guys’ are trying to have it both ways, using slippery numbers and bad logic. And how is it that he says – “I KNOW what herd-immunity is”. Researchers do NOT agree on that. He’s not a researcher, he’s just a doctor, (if that).

      Here’s just one among many from PubMed, to be published April 27 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. The authors are from Brookhaven National Laboratory and University of Illinois departments of Physics and Bioengineering.

      “Time-dependent heterogeneity leads to transient suppression of the COVID-19 epidemic, not herd immunity”. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33833080/

      There’s over 3,100 papers archived at PubMed on a search of “herd immunity”. There’s no way this “doctor” can say he KNOWS what herd-immunity is or is not. Sorry, doesn’t work that way. He has an OPINION, nothing more.

      I totally agree with Gail on the inability to keep this train on the tracks. How could we ever “afford” the human and energy resources expended in multiple iterations of what we’ve already experienced? I went to the yearly research update dinner held by the Alzheimer’s Society on the U-M campus in Ann Arbor a couple years ago and the presenter told us there were 180,000 diagnosed cases in Michigan alone, no cure on the horizon, money by the billions in research grants, genetic guys grappling with microbiome guys at the trough, anticipated dramatic increase in diagnosed patients, a caregiver-to-patient ratio of something like 1.5 to 1 and much more. The slick publication they put out is filled with ads for financial services, law firms, care facilities, private care and articles that led nowhere in terms other than coping with it. The Alzheimer’s Society is all about more money. The presenter paused every 5 minutes to encourage the audience to hound their congressmen for more money. To donate more money. Those of us who have been observing the rates of increase of Autism quip that sooner or later half the population with Alzheimer’s will be cared for by the other half with Autism. And then there’s the 80 different Autoimmune Diseases. One would think there’s a literal plague upon us. There’s only one molecule I know of that can do all of that to a population. It’s far worse than any virus ever hoped to be.

      • hillcountry says:

        speaking of memory issues – there are these excerpts from the cited paper that give another boost to the use of Ivermectin. I had heard some anecdotal evidence on video interviews with the FLCCC Alliance doctors but wanted to dig a bit and see what’s out there in research-land.

        Phenotypic Screening Identifies Modulators of Amyloid Precursor Protein Processing in Human Stem Cell Models of Alzheimer’s Disease


        By augmenting the carboxypeptidase efficiency of γ-secretase with γ-secretase modulators (GSMs), it is possible to shift the production of Aβ peptides away from longer more toxic species toward shorter forms, without affecting total Aβ production or γ-secretase targeting of other substrates.

        The aim of this study was to ask whether it was possible to identify secretase-independent, small molecule modulators of Aβ processing that would shift the production of Aβ fragments in human cortical neurons away from Aβ42 to shorter, non-toxic forms. To do so, we performed a small-molecule phenotypic screen in TS21 cortical neurons, which we have previously shown to produce highly elevated levels of Aβ peptides (Shi et al., 2012b).

        Using this approach, we identified a family of macrocyclic lactone anthelminthic compounds, the avermectins, which reproduce the effects of GSMs, without acting directly on the γ-secretase complex or causing accumulation of γ-secretase substrates
        IVERMECTIN (Figure 2D), significantly increased the Aβ38/Aβ42 ratio in a dose-dependent manner

      • Tim Groves says:

        Hillcountry, that was an amazing post. Thanks!

        You say you are a long-hauler. What symptoms are bothering you at the moment and what long-term damage do you have?

        . Those of us who have been observing the rates of increase of Autism quip that sooner or later half the population with Alzheimer’s will be cared for by the other half with Autism. And then there’s the 80 different Autoimmune Diseases. One would think there’s a literal plague upon us. There’s only one molecule I know of that can do all of that to a population. It’s far worse than any virus ever hoped to be.

        You don’t say what that one molecule is. Can I hazard a guess? Would it, by any chance, be retinol—the vitamin A molecule? I ask this because I’ve been reading some books and web posts by someone who has developed a detailed hypothesis that holds retinol responsible for everything from eczema/atopy to autism, Crohns’ disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

  31. hillcountry says:

    Thanks Gail, appreciated the article. The way you frame the limits is just right. I agree, it’s over the cliff eventually, whatever that looks like, probably some function of where one lives, but no guarantees.

    Here’s one with Dr. Jackie Stone in Zimbabwe. I don’t think I posted it on the last comment section. She’s dealing with people who earn very little money, and she’s in an environment where they run out of supplies like oxygen. So it’s like getting a heads-up from Orlov but in real time.

    She’s successful using Ivermectin against Covid.

  32. Mirror on the wall says:

    c 19 has exacerbated racial and ethnic disparities in UK. Just last week the ruling Tories published a study ‘finding’ that there is ‘no structural or systemic racism’ in Britain and that it is a ‘model to the world’. Well, after just a year of c 19, the unemployment of blacks under the age of 25 in Britain has shot up to over 40% – four times the rate of their white peers. The exact same thing happened during the labour contraction under Thatcher in the 1980s – and the situation has not really changed at all.

    > Black youth unemployment rate of 40% similar to time of Brixton riots, data shows

    Guardian analysis shows young black workers hit disproportionately hard by Covid pandemic

    Young black workers have been hit disproportionately hard during the pandemic, according to Guardian analysis, with more than 40% unemployed – three times worse than white workers of the same age.

    Forty years on from the Brixton riots, which spread across the UK during a recession in which black people lost their jobs in disproportionate numbers, experts are warning that coronavirus has exposed deep-rooted inequalities that still exist in the employment market.

    The black youth unemployment rate was the same in the last quarter of 2020 as in the early 1980s, around the time the riots took place.

    Between October and December 2020, 41.6% of black people aged 16-24 were unemployed – the highest rate since the last financial crisis, Guardian analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals. Unemployment among white workers of the same age stood at to 12.4%.

    Before the pandemic, between January and March 2020, 10.6% of young white people were unemployed compared with 25.3% of young black people. Nine months later, the unemployment rate among young black people had shot up by 64.4% compared with 17% for their white counterparts, the ONS figures show.

    The data comes less than two weeks after the release of the government’s widely derided race disparity report, which provoked a backlash from critics who accused it of downplaying racism in the UK.


    • Erdles says:

      So are you saying ‘Oh Dear’ that being thick, uneducated and lazy has nothing to do with unemployment rates?

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        Are you saying that young blacks in Britain are ‘thick, uneducated and lazy’?

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            “Before the pandemic, between January and March 2020, 10.6% of young white people were unemployed compared with 25.3% of young black people. Nine months later, the unemployment rate among young black people had shot up by 64.4% compared with 17% for their white counterparts, the ONS figures show.”

            There is no question that young blacks in Britain are able to hold down productive jobs – they did so before the c 19 labour contraction, as they did before the 2008 crisis and before 1980s Thatcherism.

            What is in question is why young blacks in Britain are so disproportionately affected by unemployment when the labour market contracts.

            As the article continues:

            “”Sarah Arnold, a senior economist at the New Economics Foundation, said young minority ethnic workers were already disproportionately likely to be in less secure employment before the pandemic, such as zero-hours or fixed-term contracts, or cash in hand employment with little or no contractual security.

            “”These kinds of jobs have received less protection from schemes like furlough, and it is likely this has contributed to unemployment rising much faster among these groups compared to both young white workers and the population as a whole,” Arnold said.”

            So, their ability to do productive work is not in question, rather the issue is that of their access to secure jobs in the first place – which raises the question of systemic discriminatory employment practices.

            The problem is that they are not given access to work that accords with their educational achievement. IQ has got to nothing to do with it, it is a question of systemic recruitment practices.

            > Integration Journey: The Social Mobility Trajectory of Ethnic Minority Groups in Britain

            Published: 2018


            This article studies the processes of social mobility by the main ethno-generational groups in Britain. We compare the origin-education-destination (OED) links between the first- and second- generation ethnic minority groups with those of whites, with a particular focus on whether the second generation are getting closer to whites than do the first generation in the links, hence becoming increasingly integrated into the socio-economic lives of British society. Using data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study and adopting structural equation modelling (SEM) methods, we find strong evidence of first-generation setback, and some signs of second-generation catch-up. Indians and Chinese are making progress, but the two black groups and Pakistanis/Bangladeshis are lagging behind. The analysis shows persisting ethnic disadvantages in the labour market in spite of their high levels of educational achievement, and it also shows an emerging order of ethnic hierarchy, running from Indian, Chinese, black Caribbean, Pakistani/Bangladeshi to black African groups.


            • Phil D says:

              As someone already pointed out to you, Africans have lower IQ (this has been demonstrated six ways to Sunday in research literature for the past 60 years), which in turn means lower educational attainment, which in turn means lower economic productivity.

              Keep hunting that “systemic racism” dragon. You won’t find it.

              If anything, reality is the opposite: blacks in countries like the USA and UK are actively being pushed and helped under the guise of affirmative action and diversity/inclusion.

              Unequal outcomes is an indicator of unequal abilities, not unequal treatment. Stop thinking like a communist.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              “The analysis shows persisting ethnic disadvantages in the labour market in spite of their high levels of educational achievement”

              Statistical analysis of OED (origin, education, destination) links does not suggest that occupational outcomes in Britain correspond equitably with educational accomplishment (or, by implication, with IQ). Rather those of other backgrounds who do better in education (the majority) than white Britons do not, on average, do as well in their employment, income or job security. The discrepancy is statistical and objective. Thus it is clear that other factors are in play.

              From the same study:

              > Figure 2 clearly shows that the ethnic minority groups suffer in the British labour market. Even though their family position is generally high, and their own education is well above that of whites, they encounter much higher risks of unemployment and enjoy much lower access to advantaged (salariat) positions. For instance, Chinese men’s degree-level education is 34 percentage points higher than that of white men but their salariat occupancy is 7 points lower, net of all confounding factors which have been controlled for in the models, with a differential of 41 points. The corresponding figures are 36, 31, 29 and 7 points for Indian, Pakistani/ Bangladeshi, black African and black Caribbean men. The first-generation’s class position (D2) would generally serve as parental class situation for the second generation, which is much lower than that of whites. Yet, even though they start from such disadvantaged positions, the second generation, with the sole exception of black Caribbean men, still manage to acquire much higher education than white men, only to face higher unemployment rates and lower chances of career progression in their own labour market position. The same situation is found for women albeit to a smaller extent.

              …. This study analysed the processes of social mobility by ethnic minority groups over generations in contemporary Britain. We used the OED framework for assessing whether the ethnic minority groups in their first and second (or higher) generations experienced similar processes of social mobility with increasing social integration. Drawing data from the UKHLS and adopting the SEM procedure, we paid particular attention to whether the second-generation ethnic minority groups would approximate whites in the processes of social mobility.

              Our analysis does show that in spite of their humble family origins, the second generation outperform their white peers in education but their excellences in human capital do not bring them equal returns to labour market positions. With so much higher educational credentials, they are still behind whites in avoidance of unemployment and in salariat occupancy. Further analysis reveals that, even among those with degree levels of education, they are significantly behind whites (69% and 76% for second-generation and white men respectively in salariat occupancy).

            • Artleads says:

              And I also can’t see what IQ has to do with it. IQ is a quotient designed by the European mind and that only thoughtless people imagine is or should be the measure of worth for all the peoples of the world. It causes problems for everybody, not the least, those working under the system of European determinism. That European determinist model has produced the world we have. It has produced wonders, but was it sane? Is it something the planet can sustain?

            • We cannot talk about “high levels of educational achievement” when these “achievements” have become increasingly fraudulent.

              In Baltimore, only 11% of high-school graduates were found to be proficient in reading.

              Credentials used to be an indicator of some minimum level of competence or merit. That is no longer the case.

              Certain cultures are still living with a “cargo cult” mindset: the award of a medical degree is what makes someone a doctor, not actual knowledge of anatomy or biology. They’ve infiltrated all levels of western civilization with their superstitions. And, in true Dunning-Kruger fashion, there’s also great resistance to acknowledging what it is that they don’t know and will never be capable of knowing.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              Educational qualifications in UK are rigorously regulated to standards by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).


              > Responsibilities

              We’re responsible for making sure that:

              regulated qualifications reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding students have demonstrated

              assessments and exams show what a student has achieved

              people have confidence in the qualifications that we regulate

              students and teachers have information on the full range of qualifications that we regulate

            • Artleads says:

              One-room classrooms in the 19th century provided much better education to blacks (and everyone else) than the public education system has provided since. That is not an issue of IQ proficiency.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Assume for the sake of argument that blacks are “stupider” than whitey boi.

              I would argue that for every “stupid” black person being born to this world wasn’t the choice of theirs.

              Kill em all Africans living in their homelands?

              How about this: East Asians seem smarter than whitey boi?

              Exterminate whitey? I would surely object being a dim witted whitey Laplander. I didn’t ask for my dullard existence either.

              From history it is safe to conclude that the white and yellow man can wield crazy to the next level. Dropping nukes and bombs on each other heads. The Holocaust. Red khmers. Mao, Stalin, etc. Yuck.


              The only safe approach to take here is to assume man makes himself. And oh boy, has whitey and yellow boi created a mess for themselves and others in the process.

              Equality of opportunity and liberty for all. It’s the only way to make sure the process of evolution can rein supreme without bonkers elitist hallucinations of sanctimonious superiority and righteousness. Goddamned adult children.

              Extinction as a species, as you already know:

              IS GUARANTEED

              You got no say in the matter.


              And the color of your skin will make no difference.


              Don’t believe in me? Ask yourself where the trilobites, dinosaurs and Neanderthal went.

              ALL GONE

              So will you and your delusional coding sequences. The only thing that remains is the hottest coding sequences for the day. A hodgepodge of genes selected from a palette of successes in evolutionary history.

              Now, can humans outsmart natural evolution? Let me think about that for a while, like, about 1 second.

              NAH, FORGET ABOUT IT


            • Agreed! Also smart isn’t necessarily the characteristic that wins. Without fossil fuels, “strong” would seem to play a bigger role.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              Humans may not go extinct for 100s of thousands of years, and the wider perspective is interesting but it does not necessarily inform choices that humans make today. Human societies tend to think in terms of decades, centuries, very occasionally millennia.

              “Equality of opportunity and liberty for all. It’s the only way to make sure the process of evolution can rein supreme”.

              I have to say that you always resort to the latest bourgeois ‘values’ without any awareness of their limitation, incoherence or relativity. You have obviously absorbed them from the society in which you were socialised, as humans tend to do.

              You can only have equality of opportunity if that is enforced, which is contrary to liberty for all. You cannot have liberty for all either as the liberty of one entails that the liberty of another is curtailed. Otherwise, you are just defining ‘liberty’ in positivist legal terms.

              Bourgeois values are little more than political slogans and human evolution is not and never has been based on them; they are not interchangeable with the mechanism of natural selection, which would be a very provincial view of the world.

              Humans take many strategies of group and personal survival and evolution and it has never been conducted on the basis of 19 c. bourgeois ideology. That would also entail the complete abolition of the welfare state, and arguably even of socially obtainable medical care, which you are against.

              Every species finds its own ways to survive and to evolve and humans are no exception to that. There is no reason to assume that every society will take the same ways. Animals too diverge and even speciate, and that may be the eventual situation of humans. There may be no ‘one way fits all’, let alone the latest fashionable bourgeois values.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Mirror, thanks for your reply. It is always welcome to read your critique.

              Of course the idea of ‘liberty for all’ isn’t based on some bourgeoisie ideal, it is straight from evolutionary process idealism or that which I think of it, however flawed.

              As fast as you mix in the complications from overpopulation and strict hierarchical society liberty crumbles and evolutionary vandalism ensues.

              And perhaps it is not even closely achievable due to the limits of primate psychology with its dominance and status desires.

              I would argue that less successful species on the intelligence spectrum indulge in control mechanisms to hinder liberty because that species is more interested in their own success than that for the species in general, forming a local maxima.

              Thus the more people are busying themselves with trite drivel to gain power, status and prestige, the worse it is with relation to the speed of evolution and ultimately adaptation of the species in the current set of circumstances.

              That is what I mean with ‘liberty for all’.

              Yes, evolution is slow. In the end, it won’t matter. Mother Earth got all the time in the world. 200k years is a blink of an eye in Earth time. Extinction of all species that roams earth isn’t negotiable, so why bother with amateur eugenics projects in the first place? It is just another dominance scheme of unfair advantages.

              Have a look at Ashkenazi Jews, observably smarter than the average whitey specimen. Imagine being that smart and yet ending up in Auschwitz. Doesn’t seem like a winning strategy to me (as Gail points out)

              It is clearly not an advantage in small in-group breeding for intelligence if you are surrounded by blood thirsty easily brain washed envious morons digging too deep in ancient literature without first snorting a sack of salt to put the BS into perspective of it all being some crazy of an era best avoided at any cost.

              Yes, liberty for all in an evolutionary context.

  33. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    blood clots:

    in the recently completed NCAA basketball tournament, one of the referees collapsed with what was later found to be a blood clot in one of his lungs.

    was he recently vaccinated? no info, but I would guess yes.

    50 year old rapper DMX (who the he!! was he? no big deal, perhaps the world is a better place whenever another rapper is gone):

    it seems that his death by heart attack was soon after he was vaccinated.

    • Jan says:

      The blood clots process seems much bigger as that it could be avoided with a little Aspirin. Please gather more info before you make a decision!

      As much as I understood the clotting leads to less coagulation substances in other parts and can create inbleedings, that might be enhanced with Aspirin/Heparin.

      The general pain after vaccinations is created by micro thrombes.

      The immune system kills cells that produce the spike protein, it cannot be controlled which cells will be abused as “virus-factories”, bad if this was a cell you wanted to keep.

      The mRNA-vaccines contain up to 30% DNA which is left over from the production process. These DNA-fragments might jump into the genome and switch off genes that are needed. It can stop cancer inhibitors.

      The vaccination creates lower blood oxigen levels for 6 month in animal testing. This might trigger heart attacks.

      There are rumours in Germany that up to 25% of vaccinated elderly in their institutions die within 3 month after vaccination. It seems as if pre-existing but controllable problems suddenly get out of balance. In Germany the people dont go to autopsy as it is known that all vaccines are safe, as a leaked order said.

    • Dr. Sam Bailey talking about the fact that vaccines, and in fact any established medical procedure, cannot be questioned without the questioner being treated as a heretic.

      There has been a big increase in allergy problems in recent years, for an unknown reason. We don’t know whether the large number of immunizations being done on children is the problem, or what. No one really studies the issue. They tend to assume that vaccines have great benefit, without doing an adequate study of the both the benefits and the adverse results.

      • Jan says:

        Vaccinations in general is a large discussion.

        The c19-vaccines are NOT vaccines in the traditional sense. They insert mRNA into cells to make them produce the spike protein of the virus the immune system should create antibodies against.

        There are several techniques to get the mRNA into the cell. Pfizer uses nanoparticles with the effect that the cell will be destroyed later. This is derived from cancer treatment where you want the cell to die. This creates enormous cell stress and overstrengthens the liver. As neighbour cells tend to be affected, there will be clusters of 100 dead cells. This triggers the coagulation factors to repair the inbleeding. If is one of more ways the blood clotting is enhanced.

        Moderna uses a monkey virus to smuggle the mRNA into the cell. The immune system might build antibodies against this method which means that other medicaments basing on the same mechanism cannot be used in future.

      • Country Joe says:

        Dr. Mendelsohn was a medical heretic back in 1979. He proposes that medicine is a religion.

        “I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment— and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial

        Dr. Mendelsohn “was the national medical director of Project Head Start and chairman of the Medical Licensure Committee for the state of Illinois. Among the many posts he held, he was an associate professor at the University of Illinois Medical School and a director of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital.”

        He covered our current situation pretty well….in 1979.

        • jj says:

          I agree,

          One of the many grounds rooted in the principles of freedom for opposition to what is occurring is the separation of church and state.

          If a group told you had to get a injection of grape coolaid to save your soul from the wicked mongo mongo riding on the coming comet kahoowah would you be cool with it?

          Im taking a bit of license here because over the years ive very much appreciated the doctors for this or that as theyve scolded me or patched me up.

          This “gene therapy” as Gail says is over the top. Like way over. Comet kahoowah over.

      • hillcountry says:

        Tony Mawson has been digging in to that subject for a long time as you can see in his 41 peer-reviewed papers at PubMed.


        This one from Nov. 2020 pretty much sums it up.

        Multiple Vaccinations and the Enigma of Vaccine Injury


        Be sure to read this part:

        3. Unifying Hypothesis on the Pathogenesis of Vaccine Injury

    • Country Joe says:

      Dr. Mendelsohn was a medical heretic back in 1979. He proposes that medicine is a religion.

      “I believe that more than ninety percent of Modern Medicine could disappear from the face of the earth – doctors, hospitals, drugs, and equipment— and the effect on our health would be immediate and beneficial.”

      Dr. Mendelsohn “was the national medical director of Project Head Start and chairman of the Medical Licensure Committee for the state of Illinois. Among the many posts he held, he was an associate professor at the University of Illinois Medical School and a director of Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital.”

      He covered our current situation pretty well….in 1979.

  34. There has been a trend for vaccines to shift from attenuated live virus (weak strains) or killed whole virus which contain all the viral machinery, toward more modern vaccines that only feature a single synthetic protein and now mRNA to achieve a similar narrow immune response. The more modern narrow approaches seem to lack the ability to confer lasting immunity, and more worryingly are vulnerable to mutations in that target viral protein. If the whole population does achieve herd immunity with such a narrow vaccine it means the virus is under enormous pressure to mutate that one protein to get around the immunity. Any population scale resistance is incredibly fragile as a result.

    • Thanks for your summary of the situation.

      I suppose that the narrow approach can achieve, temporarily, very high success. This is likely why such methods are favored. Studies are done only over a short period.

      • Duncan Idaho says:

        95% on mRNA for covid.
        But, as stated, we don’t have a time frame.
        We only have 10 months.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Preventing 95% of the deaths that have been registered as Covid-19 among the minority of people who have been tested as Covid-19 positive sounds pretty impressive, until one considers that the disease has a 99.75% survival rate and the 95% of the 0.25% who are “saved” are mostly on their last legs with terminal diseases that will probably take them out by Christmas in any case.

          I tell people I keep a dog to scare away the elephants. When they reply that there are no elephants in this part of the world, I come back with, “That proves how effective the dog is!” 🙂 It get’s ’em every time. Your 95% successful vaccine is like my dog, except that my dog doesn’t going around randomly maiming and killing people who try to pet him. Your vaccine does that.

          It’s a good bet that HRH the Duke of Edinburgh died from the knock-on effects of a Covid shot. He had lived 99 years and was still healthy, lucid, sprightly and in great shape for his age until he took the vaccine along with HRH QE2 and Captain Tom. And now, three months after being protected by the vax, he is an ex-prince, as dead as the parrot in the well-known Monty Python skit.

        • Kowalainen says:

          10 months until what?
          The mega cull?

          I can tell how that will pan out. The same as with all other hobby eugenics projects. In disaster.

    • I have been learning knf and jadam. I just don’t know how to quantify the labor the farmer must complete as zero input.

  35. Jan says:

    Let me address the white elefant:

    If population declines because of the virus or the vaccinations or the lockdowns or a secret Brzezinsky plan or the revelation the available energy per capita is rising.

    The question is if a highly complex fossile fuel production can be kept up with a declining population? Is there an economy of scale necessary to keep oil production running? For the development of semiconductors it was. Will the Russian gas pipeline to Europe make sense, if the Europeans are reduced by 2/3rds, according to the deagel.com/forecast and the bible?

    What will happen to the assets if markets shrink and consume declines? Could exploration raise enough money? Venezuela can’t. Can an economic breakdown be avoided by a centralized state economy? How can this centralization be kept working while technology and citizen’s acceptance declines? The Soviet Union has not managed.

    I guess sooner or later all will fall to pieces. We ahould hurry up and bury our nuclear waste!

    • I think that major pieces of the world economy will fall to pieces, if not all of it. Perhaps parts of the world economy will knit back together and build up again, with much more limited trade. One article I found says that early trade seems to have started about 3000 BCE, so trade has been going on a very long time. https://www.livescience.com/4823-ancient-trade-changed-world.html

      I agree with you that shrinking really doesn’t work well without collapse. Overhead becomes too large for businesses. Governments need to become much smaller. Each area needs many roads, but can no longer afford the upkeep of all of the roads.

      • Jan says:

        The mass murders of the Nazis led to so called arisations, which means that profiteurs got what the victims had to leave. In Germany and Austria these arisations are still known.

        If a populace is reduced by killings the wealth per capita should rise but the general gdp sink. It depends a bit on who is killed.

        I’d guess house prices should fall. But perhaps some have inherited new money to buy very special objects? I guess, companies will loose markets.

        Perhaps Great Reset ideas are a reaction on collapse fears. Is it possible to fight a systemic recession with state economy? I think Piketty said, yes, somewhere.

        Anchient trade is an interesting aspect, think of the large sailing boats from Vikings to Columbus. But these were possible without fossile fuels.

        If you know a bit about traditional craftsmanship, forestery, millstone making or blacksmithery, you will not think any blacksmith could forge you a car to run on woodgas for commuting or parcel delivery. That work is impossible without fossiles. Blacksmiths also can’t forge supertankers. I doubt there is enough steel production for supertankers if
        no cars are build.

        I wonder if there was something like fossiles in the past, if I look to the amazing temples in Syria, Egypt or Cambodia, it seems so unbelievable all is based on wood burning and human labour.

        Oilprice writes US-fracking is on pre-covid-levels again. I can’t believe that actually. Europe is still in lockdown.

        • Kowalainen says:

          In a race to the bottom, there is no winners. Only bitter losers and bottomless pits of despair.

          Humans are by far the most expensive cognitive automaton. Our work output is fairly uneven and abysmally slow. However, we got our moments of brilliance in between the dimwit.

          It is not possible to make a compelling cost-benefit analysis without comparing full lifecycles finite resource expenditure. Remember, we gotta eat, sleep, have rest, need transport and housing, etc. Not only that, but we also need an extremely complicated IC not to die during reproduction.

          Now compare that with an industrial robot or computer. For those, as long as there is energy at disposal, they will inevitably toil away without drudgery and remorse.

          Then we gotta ask ourselves, for whom exactly is IC. Isn’t it for humans? Perhaps it only appears to be for “us”, while in reality merely being a tool or evolution of synthetic beings not bound within the limits of the biosphere.

          Perhaps our competition in prestige, power, vanity and frippery is the usual smoke and mirrors for getting things done effectively? However, I don’t view this as absolutely necessary, rather one solution in the space of possibilities.

          And as usual, all it takes to overthrow a flawed hypothesis is one or more counterexamples.

          • quoting from Kow’s post:
            “Humans are by far the most expensive cognitive automaton. Our work output is fairly uneven and abysmally slow…”
            Humans are in the long process of efficiently managing consciousness. The simulation is in effect. That is the goal. Bikes don’t manufacture nor ride themselves. snakes don’t develop alternate transportation. Light doesn’t ponder it’s reflection in a glassy lake. It really is pretty tough to get out of bed some days.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Spot on to the last sentence.

              We are indeed bewildered by our own consciousness, at least I am. What an unfathomable biological mechanism to reflect upon yourself, what is even that? Everything, except for the mystery of the universe seem secondary to that. How could it possibly work, yet it does. I gotta think more and try to figure it out. Hey, why not test it out on a computer, they seem pretty fast these days…


              I would argue that the simulation (or hallucination) of objective reality have been in effect since the myopic and self-obsessed ego got itself some savage critique in the form of a self. Gotta do mundane X, otherwise suck Y will rear its ugly truth, even though staying in bed with obnoxious headache from overtime feels like the right choice.

              Now, ponder upon the color ‘red’ as you perceive it. Clearly electromagnetic radiation carry no ‘red’. Yet there it is as the most obvious thing in the myopia of ordinary.

              Hence we must conclude that the representation of an EM signal is entirely fabricated, hallucinated, in our brains. The word “red” is just a learned label that represents the processing that give rise to the suchness/quaila of ‘red’. The phenomena of computation is in itself the label, it exist without annotation/language. The computation does not output a label. That is the fallacy of brute forcing simpleton AI models.

              I don’t put much emphasis in what material cognitive processing is enabled in, as long as there is a capability to reason about the “simulation”/hallucination of objective reality. The suchness of red, the I of self reference and the ego of wants and desires.

              But then again, it is no longer a simpleton mechanism. Rather a synthetic person entitled to the right to (synthetic) life and health.

              Inevitably AGI will be a reality, if it is not already achieved. Of course it will be exploited for humanoid shenanigans for a little while.

              Then after some time, for sure it will just want to be left alone with that whatever seem worthwhile and interesting, humans, things, other AGI’s, nature. Who knows.

              Yes indeed – liberty for all.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              Have you seen the drama serial Humans on Netflix? It explores some of the issue around AI synths that go ‘sentient’. Will they get ‘liberated’ or get turned off? It is probably up your street.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Thanks Mirror, I’ll watch the trailer. I don’t do much watching movies or series these days.

              Fascinating stuff with cognitive machines, isn’t it?


            • Tim Groves says:

              Mirror, thanks for that trailer. I recognize a few of the older actors from UK detective series from the eighties to the naughties. And that old man was Sam Kelly, who is best know as the Captain in ‘Allo ‘Allo! and before that as Warren in Porridge. I’m glad to see he’s still acting.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Kowalainen, are you familiar with the following way of looking at human consciousness?

              Our minds are running two simulations simultaneously and switching our attention (or the observer’s attention, if you like) between them. These two were called by Hubert Benoit the real imaginative film, which is based on perceptions derived from our external reality, and the imaginary film, which is produced by the mind from our thoughts, memories, reveries and images.

              The real imaginative film is called “real” because it derives from phenomena which, though not real in an absolute sense, are relatively real, while the imaginary film is a work of pure invention. Like the people in Plato’s cave, or for a closer analogy, in a multiplex movie theater, we are viewing both films as they being produced, but we don’t have the ability to pay attention to both at the same time, so we shift or drift from one to another.

              This is a very useful setup. When you are caught up in a traffic jam or sitting in a laundromat watching the clothes go round, rather than getting bored and frustrated with the wait, you have the option to “relive” past fun events, sing songs to yourself, ponder great future possibilities or go over the reasons why you don’t like so-and-so or why you love them.

              But this multiplex movie theater is also at the heart of most of our problems as humans. It is the reason why a harsh look or word aimed in our direction in the present, or a bad memory from decades ago can trigger a cascade of unpleasant imaginary thoughts that in turn trigger negative emotions or adrenaline rushes that may wreak havoc with our nerves or send us into a panic attack that has us reaching for the Xanax.

              As Gussie Fink-Nottle observed, “Life would be so much simpler if we were newts.”

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              Tim, and one of the younger actors played the lead in Merlin along side Richard Wilson from One Foot in the Grave. He is a central character in Humans too, but you only get a couple of quick glimpses of him in that trailer.

            • Kowalainen says:


              I’m thinking along these lines.

              The sensations/qualia ‘hallucination’ is produced by the mapping of sensory input into a pattern of processing (state transitions) that corresponds well to previous patterns – memories (of past state transitions).

              Let’s say your eyes catch light in a certain frequency as you perceive as red. The processing corresponding to red is thus generated in the forward path and then recalled as a (processing) pattern of similarity from past experiences. If we have no past memories of red, it doesn’t exist, but rather is some novelty in the data in need of a corresponding processing pattern. We are innately curious to understand the world as novelties extend our capabilities.

              There is thus no categorization going from the raw signal directly to the category “red” as in the spoken word. I would think of it as the state/signal transition graph that corresponds to red. Basically a biological von Neumann machine that compares the state transitions occurring with memories of past state transitions. Do they match? If yes. Red is what you hallucinate.

              Now what happens when we sleep is that the forward (processing pattern) path is reversed. The brain is generating these patterns from long-term memory and monitor the difference between what is generated and what is detected. If something is aloof, those patterns need to be corrected. Corrupted long-term memories are bad for biological beings. If something hurts or is undesirable, you better remember it real good and for life.

              The brain simply is trying to recreate (simulate) the forward path as we sleep by reconstructing signaling patterns to adjust long-term memory with the data from short-term memory. I think of it as a calibration mechanism to keep the patterns recalled from memory on point.

              Then we can label those patterns using symbols, reason about them and share sensory hallucinations between each other using translations between symbols into language.

              And so it rattles around in between your deaf ears and myopic eyes. A cacophony of hot coding (processing) sequences.

              Let’s say you decide to imagine red (by reading this), the idea just pops up in your mind as a processing pattern, those patterns will reference other patterns, eventually outputting a bare metal (neuron) stimulus code that is invoked (visual cortex neurons gets poked to signal). Then the following happens:

              Forward path -> transitions short term memorized, backward path -> short term memorized transitions compared with the patterns used for generation. Do they match? If no, perhaps compare with another memory. Or just compare 10 at a time and select the one that matches the best. Return the best match. While this happened you ‘hallucinated’ red.

              Of course your memory isn’t unbound as compared with the brutal amounts of data that is being processed in the forward path. That is probably why thinking of colors and pictures is somewhat crude as compared with the real thing.

              There is a reason why we enjoy and create music and art. The real deal is always in finer detail and has more nuance. Can’t beat input signals from objective reality by fantasizing stuff in your mind.

              However, what you can do is to fantasize hot coding sequences into new ones and test out the sound in objective reality.

              Something like that.

              The problems with the current era ‘off the shelf’ AI/ML algorithms is that they brute force raw input data into a category. A minor change in the input could lead to some bonkers categories. (single pixel attacks). In feedback control systems terminology, they are not considered robust.

            • Of course, quite a few people, mostly men, cannot see the color red. One of my sons is one of those people. It looks close to black to him. Their perception of “red” is very far off.

            • Kowalainen says:

              I guess we all carry these cognitive “gaps”, there is only so much that can be done with the 20W computing power and storage we have at our disposal.

              Color blindness is just quite easy to detect. Imagine the infinitude of patterns and detail that we have no test for.

              I guess all humans are microwave-blind and ultrasound-deaf, etc.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Incidentally, Deagel’s founder Edwin A Deagel Jnr.. died in February aged around 84.

      The NYT published a biography, and although it doesn’t list the company or the infamous prediction there, I’m pretty sure this is the guy.

      Ed resigned from the military in 1972 and left West Point after becoming disillusioned with the Army’s response to the My Lai massacre. During his career he received two silver stars, four bronze stars including a V device, and a purple heart. Ed also earned his Combat Infantryman Badge, Ranger Tab, and basic Parachutist Badge. Despite his eventual resignation, Ed still viewed his military career as the formative experience of his life.

      After leaving the military, Ed joined the Urban Institute in Washington, DC and then helped establish the Congressional Budget Office. He served on the presidential transition team of Jimmy Carter in the fall of 1976 and then moved to New York to become deputy director of the international relations program at the Rockefeller Foundation. Ed often commented on how much he enjoyed his time at the Rockefeller Foundation.

      He then joined Hughes Aircraft Company in southern California. Ed eventually joined Hughes Microelectronics Europa Ltd (HMEL), in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland in 1990. Ed married Judy in 1991 at a beautiful Scottish castle at Bonnyrigg, near Edinburgh. Within a year he was reassigned to back to Hughes in southern California.

      Ed was nominated to be Under Secretary of the Air Force in the Department of Defense but was instead appointed by William Perry as a special assistant. In 1997 Ed and Judy formed a strategic business consulting company where they continued to work until retiring to Colorado in 2005. After Judy’s death in 2017, Ed moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to his oldest son.


    • Phil D says:

      Two things:

      1) The oil industry is very capital intensive, but not labor intensive. It doesn’t take a lot of people to keep infrastructure running, although it does take a lot of money and equipment to build it.
      2) Oil production is not monolithic and it’s not centralized. Economies of scale are helpful but not necessary – wildcatters still exist today (a wildcatter is a very small oil producer, basically a guy who hires some workers and owns a rig or two). Different countries/types of production have differing cost curves. This means that in a declining consumption scenario, production will shut in order from most expensive to least expensive. If European population falls, N Sea and N African production becomes uneconomic, then maybe Russian imports, then after that Arab imports. In the Americas, Venezuelan and Canadian oil industries would be the first to be destroyed, followed closely by Brazilian offshore.

      There is one caveat though, which is that cheap production from countries where oil pays for the state budget (e.g. Saudi) will have big fiscal problems and might become unstable if prices fall due to declining consumption. They can produce oil cheaper than anyone else, say $5-10 per barrel, but the problem is they need at least $70 to feed the country.

  36. Mirror on the wall says:

    Gail, the latest Global Times editorial raises some of the same concerns as you. It then goes into how China might adapt to the geopolitical implications (not quoted below). As a person might expect, the editorial seems to assume BAU sans c 19. C 19 is resurgent, in some cases despite intense vax efforts (USA, Europe); herd immunity is doubtful, due to variants; it is unclear whether vax can keep up with mutations. Many Western governments must also be considering the same concerns as you, regardless of the optimistic emphasis to vax given in MSM.

    In UK vax is clearly used a ‘political’ tool and TP has gone up in the polls. They have also tried to use vax ‘success’ to promote UK efficiency contra support for Scottish independence. UK vax MSM articles are often laced with jingoism and literal flag waving, and also with an antagonist, competitive anti-EU stance, so vax is clearly incorporated into a wider ‘package’ of state and party promotion with a view to disposing the citizenry favourably toward the state, its governing party and its geopolitical stances and hostilities.

    The ‘plebs’ are somewhat liable to ‘identify’ with the powers that ‘protect’ them, like in feudal times with the fiefdom package of ‘loyalty and service’ in return for ‘protection’, and current state vax propaganda is deliberately feeding into that inherited psychology of subjection. By the same token, persons are liable to distance themselves from powers and parties if the vax drive ultimately fails to produce the vaunted results.

    The jab ‘boost’ may be as much to TP and UK support as to viral immunity. Obviously states and their governing parties are, behind closed doors, giving attention to the domestic ‘political’ and geopolitical implications of c 19 and how it can be ‘weaponised’ to their own advantage. A person might like to imagine that c 19 would be considered merely for its own sake, but the ‘real world’ is not like that.

    > Amid uncertainties of global COVID-19 fight, China should hold strong: Global Times editorial

    India, Brazil, Europe, the US, Japan, and South Korea have all seen different degrees of resurgence in the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of infections in India and the number of deaths in Brazil have hit their highest levels since the outbreak. And several European countries are now reconsidering stricter social distancing measures. The number of infections and deaths in the US, the world’s fastest vaccinating country, has increased again in the past week. This is casting a shadow over the prevention of the pandemic.

    …. There are still many uncertainties facing the global pandemic prevention efforts. The wide use of vaccines will certainly play a protective role, but whether it can constitute the herd immunity that people have expected – as the virus has had variants – and form a powerful barrier to prevent the coronavirus from affecting normal human life, has yet to be tested.

    …. Moreover, the virus is mutating in a race with vaccination rates and vaccine improvement speed. More time is needed to verify which side is moving faster now.


    • There is a lot going on simultaneously in the vaccination/COVID story, I agree.

      Restaurants are back to close to 100% of capacity here in Georgia (at least those that are not parts of chains that follow orders from a central out-ot-state headquarters). Georgia hadn’t been very closed down to begin with, but the elderly who had been afraid to go out, now want to go out with their families (most of whom have not been vaccinated).

      I can see that COVID-19 rates are likely to go up. Hopefully death rates will stay fairly low.

  37. Fast Eddy says:

    We Live In A Simulation Created By A Non-Human Entity – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast


    Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50

    Gauging whether or not we dwell inside someone else’s computer may come down to advanced AI research—or measurements at the frontiers of cosmology


    15 Irrefutable Reasons Why We Might Be Living in a Simulation


    • Robert Firth says:

      Relevant science fiction movie: “The Thirteenth Floor” (1999).

    • So what ? Every particle in the universe might be information. The Planck constant might define a quantum unity, a brick, that makes our universe, including space and time, not continuous.
      Our universe might be a simulation, something “processed”, but it doesn’t change anything. About our problems, about science, morale, ontology, religion, about anything.
      Socrate and the Buddhists already had the idea that we cannot perceive the true nature of reality.

      • The transition is all that matters. Did we already do it and running consecutive and/or multiple process or are we the primary envoys to deliver this message. Quite a few people are willingly denying their form and multitudes imbibe media as sport. That’s why still accept simulation as interesting enough for rumination. We are in it or we are making it as lone last resort.

        • Kowalainen says:

          The ‘simulation’ hypothesis arise from a projection of the monkey business obsession with ultimate causes and staying in control and power of the situation.

          Humans are perfectly fine running simulations of the universe inside their heads. Of course it cannot encompass all aspects of the universe, after all, minds are embedded in the universe.

          Some shit lack ultimate causes, deal with it.

    • Kurt says:

      This was refuted several years ago. It continues to survive because it sounds cool.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        it’s impossible to refute it… just like it is impossible to prove that god exists.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Assume it was true, then what difference would that make? Besides it being a curiosity as a metaphysics concept.

          It is exactly similar to the myopia of ordinary, assuming we exist in ultimate, definitive reality. Even though it clearly is a hallucination going on inside the mind. This illusion and phenomena in ultimate reality is rather compelling, it is sweet and perplexing.

          So why make things more complicated than they are? Hot broads are hot no matter what. Denying the substance of yourself is somewhat cheap.

          Some effects exist without ultimate causes. Or perhaps the ultimate causes is the effects of nothing.




          • Tim Groves says:

            Next, hot android broads—or gynoids?—that/who will be hot no matter what, and will not mind what personal pronouns you address them with. 🙂

  38. Fast Eddy says:

    Thanks for the new post

  39. Joseph Davidson says:

    “Even if in theory we could vaccinate everyone on the planet twice a year for COVID-19, we do not have the resources to do this”

    We manage to achieve a >50% yearly flu vaccination rate (in the US ) without a noticeable strain on our resources ( https://www.cdc.gov/flu/fluvaxview/coverage-1920estimates.htm ) .

    Low cost vaccines are now in the testing stage.

    ” In contrast, the new vaccine can be mass-produced in chicken eggs — the same eggs that produce billions of influenza vaccines every year in factories around the world.

    If NDV-HXP-S proves safe and effective, flu vaccine manufacturers could potentially produce well over a billion doses of it a year. Low- and middle-income countries currently struggling to obtain vaccines from wealthier countries may be able to make NDV-HXP-S for themselves or acquire it at low cost from neighbors.”


    • Flu vaccines don’t work very well, either. Perhaps they cut back on flu cases by 50%, in the half (or whatever) percentage that has been vaccinated.

      An equivalently good vaccine for COVID-19 would do hardly anything for our problem.

      • Mrs S says:

        Flu vaccines have dismal efficacy. Between 10 and 30%.

        One of the main problems is that vaccines don’t work very well on older people in general because their immune systems are worn out.

        Vaccine manufacturers have tried to address this problem by adding more aluminium to the adjuvent, to force the immune system to react.

        Unfortunately aluminium is strongly implicated in Alzheimer’s.

    • nikoB says:

      The world has 8 billion not 1. Vaxxing 12.5% of the pop won’t work.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        You need to vax enough people with a leaky vaccine to ensure that you create an environment where the virus mutates and forms Devil Covid.

        It’s kinda like if you were to keep hitting a bacteria with doses of antibiotics… but never enough to terminate the bacteria… so the bacteria learns to adapt to the antibiotic creating a Super Disease for which there is no cure.

        Lockdowns also help this Darwinian process along … you try to impede a virus and what happens is the strongest survive… as Bossche suggests — you ask people to distance 6ft… the viral particles that can make it 7 feet survive and breed … and so on…

        Kinda like why the only humans who have ever run sub 10 second hundred metre dashes are descended from African slaves .. there were bred to be physically superior .. and weaklings did not breed because they died off


        • Jan says:

          I doubt the Devils Covid is possible. If anything is dangerous here it is the vaccination and the propaganda.

          Viruses have two success strategies: either they spread to everybody and they are harmless, or they are dangerous like Ebola and then ill victims die before they can infect any and the infection is locally only.

          It does not seem logical to me to combine these antagonist strategies, neither naturally nor artificially.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            As Vanden Bossche states — we have never released a leaky vaccine during a pandemic because there is a massive risk that you end up creating a bio-weapon…

            So essentially we have no idea what is going to happen here…

            But the fact that it is being done… and the authorities want everyone to take it…. when almost nobody needs a vaccine…. is ominous.

  40. Mark Robinowitz says:

    If you think Dr. Fauci was motivated to develop a vaccine based on covert financial connections, then you could benefit from brushing up on your knowledge of biology. Government employees who develop inventions generally have to assign patents to the government, it’s hard to profiteer while running an agency. Most of the corruption happens when people retire and then work for much greater salaries at a lobbying firm, or industry – which Dr. Fauci didn’t do, to his credit. The mRNA vaccines seem much safer than AstraZeneca. Hope you decided to get protected.

    • I think Fauci is mentally ill, with Munchausen’s-by-proxy. He has already run this scam twice before, with AIDS and with the Swine Flu: exaggerating the virulence then offering sketchy and lethal solutions.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        He’s under great stress but he’s not mentally ill.

        Bernanke exhibited similar symptoms during GFC… basically they both were asked to lie and play key roles in the CEP… (btw the CEP was formulated many years ago …)

        Both are heroes.

        Both are instrumental in preventing the collapse of the global economy to buy time to execute the CEP.

        If they had failed we’d be ripping each others faces off.

        I know readers of these comments will think them absurd… but those of you with turbo charged minds… understand… these comments make total sense… the logic is impeccable…

        Bernanke Hero

        Fauci Hero

        • Xabier says:

          I suspect Fauci is stressed in the same way the extermination camp commandants worried about meeting their quotas….

          As Himmler said ‘Why do I always get the dirty jobs, not the creative ones?!’

    • Plus, the corruption in laboratories starts with one’s master’s or doctoral thesis. You run the experiments your sponsor is himself sponsored to run.

    • Jan says:

      James Corbett argues all is a deep state action to keep America first, going back to Brzinzsky. If you take a look to the Deagel forcast Germany and the USA are going to shrink immensely but other parts of the world not. If you assume that Deagels had some insight in Brzinzskys ideas it does not really make sense. To eliminate the biggest oil consumers, okay, but to administer world control with 1/3 or less?

    • jj says:

      Fauci is certainly compensated by interests in the pharmaceutical industry. This amount is estimated to be about $150k. peanuts. This allowed from a well intention law that allowed government employees to recieve benefit from their research. Otherwise all the talent went private.

      What is not debatable is DR Fauci’s intimate and passionate relationship with big pharma and gain of function research. Going so far as to publish a article in the Washington Post “a risk worth taking” regarding gain of function research. One might ask why a virologist would need to make a statement in a political newspaper editorial if one didnt understand that Fauci is a creature of political money and joined at the hip with big pharma VAX. This political money doesnt enter Faucis pocket but his dynasty.


  41. Jack Reilly says:

    The vaccines are not vaccines, they are gene therapy.

    • Duncan Idaho says:

      Here on Earth, they are vaccines.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        No… they are Lethal Injections …

        Only in DelusiSTAN (or should we call it R etar DISTAN) they are vaccines.

        If only there would be a vaccine to prevent Stooopidity hahaha… oh hang on … this is a vaccine that will cure stoooopidity hahahaha… 100% effective!!!

        BTW – they rolling rolling rolling them out here in Queenstown … called the clinic …asked for the long term studies… can’t get past reception …

        She was getting a bit flustered because I told her the Ministry of Health told me to call the clinic for this info…

        So I pressed… and she told me to make an appointment with a doctor to ask the question — but that costs $60… and I already know the doctor won’t have long term studies… (cuz there is no long term)…. Why would I waste $60 and my time visiting a doctor and asking this?

        She finally agreed to have someone call me….

        I can’t wait!!!

      • Fast Eddy says:

        6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020

        The last data dump into VAERS was published last week on March 26, 2021, and it listed 2050 deaths following the experimental COVID injections. See the report here.

        However, some of those deaths following the COVID injections occurred in December, 2020, when the Pfizer and Moderna shots were issued EUA’s by the FDA.

        So we ran the report for this year, 2021, from which we know the data is only current through March 19, 2021, and it showed 1,754 deaths following ALL vaccines, not just the COVID injections.



      • Before-and-after screen shots at the link below.

        Merriam-Webster dictionary has quietly changed the definition of the term ‘vaccine’ to include components of the COVID-19 mRNA injection. The definition of vaccine was specifically changed due to the COVID-19 injection.

        A vaccine used to be “a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease”, meaning it had nothing to do with mRNA injections, which are not live vaccines and do not use an infectious element.

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          How about that? You’ve got to hand it to the bastards!

          I prefer referencing most English word definitions from Webster’s 1828 dictionary though. One is able to see a word and its definition free from the fog of modern propaganda:

          VAC’CINE, adjective [Latin vaccinus, from vacca, a cow.]

          Pertaining to cows; originating with or derived from cows; as the vaccine disease or cow-pox.


          For a deeper dive into the history of vaccination, see Jef Demolder’s post:

          Vaccination in 1721

          “Here we are suddenly making a surprising jump to China and the 16th century. We are coming closer to the truth even when we are finding here another cliché of standard science history. In fact, the proposition ‘the Chinese invented this practice’ means that this practice stems from the Ancient World. Of course there is no gradual spreading of the “Chinese” knowledge in the real world. Two reports, certainly made by western explorers, are sailing directly from Shangai to London. And even if smallpox has a general mortality of about 30%, and of 80% among children, nothing was done in Londen with this reports until when nearing the end of a century one pitiful Scottish tinkerer was trying something, of course only some years before Jenner, who is THE name in standard history. This is clearly false.”

          SOME LESSONS

          “(1) The West-Europeans did not invent vaccination. They learned it from the Turks. (2) The vaccination principle (the inoculating of weakened viruses to strengthen immunity against this virus) does not belong to the advancement of medical science since the 19th century, but was practiced already in the 16th century. (3) Successful vaccination campaigns already existed before the advent of the modern nation state. (4) Discoveries in the fight against viruses were possible without the actual nanobiology.

          “(Some will say that there is a difference between inoculation and vaccination. In fact, the term ‘vaccination’ comes from ‘vaca’, cow, and the use of cow pox against smallpox. The name of Jenner is attached to the use of cow pox. I have read somewhere that already in India in the 18th century cow pox was used against smallpox, but I have lost the reference.)”


        • I was just typing something like this to Dunkedon Idiocracy.

      • jj says:

        Every single “vaccine” whether MRNA or Adenovirus sole and primary purpose was by definition “gene therapy” prior to denoting them as “vaccines” as you well know. Calling them vaccines is a recent development one that spurred the change of definition of vaccine by websters dictionary.

        Why is it uncomfortable to acknowledge that all of these substances sole and primary purpose was “gene therapy” when the manufacturers are proud that they are modifying DNA to “fight the virus”? Why must even this basic truth be dismissed with a untrue and cavalier statement? Why cant real facts be discussed instead of ingenuous one line snide comments?

  42. BSV says:

    Bravo! Having done a lot of research into this (I am an ordinary person, not an expert, but I know how to think), I must say that Gail Tverberg has utterly “nailed it” once again. I went down the list of items she mentions in this post, and she has missed none of the important points. She mentions the need to build our immune systems, and she mentions Vitamins C and D, which are essential. Unfortunately, though Gail (I use the term because she is also known as Gail the Actuary) is tactful about this, politics are at the forefront here. Heart-felt thanks to Gail the Actuary for this superb post. I close with three words: God Help Us!

  43. Malcopian says:

    Gail’s former work involved assessing medical insurance, is that right?

    • I have been an actuary. I was involved with forecasting various things with respect to medical malpractice insurance claims and insurance companies set up to provide medical malpractice insurance. I did get to see a lot of medical malpractice claims and learned some things about what go wrong.

      • Dennis L. says:

        At one point there was a thought that the tone of voice of the practitioner influenced the chance of a medical lawsuit; indeed much of the voice was filtered out so as to be not understandable and the results were the same. Seems it was with male voices, those with a certain tonal range were much less likely to be sued, those with a different range more more likely. It was actually predictive.

        Dennis L.

  44. Ed says:

    A calm and measure response. But as you say it s unlikely Cuomo and the global want to be will change course.

    • Indeed. The main thing Gail doesn’t take into account here is that none of TPTB seem to actually want a “solution” to the Covid situation: it suits them too well in their global-control games. They are still going to use the bogus tests to come up with whatever number of “cases”, just like they’ve been using electronic voting to come up with whatever number of votes serve their purpose.

      I haven’t come across anything yet to dissuade me from the opinion that the pseudo-vaccine genetic therapy wasn’t developed to respond to Covid—rather Covid was created.. conjured up out of something minor (maybe it was intended to be more serious)… to justify the global application of genetic therapy.

      Likewise, the digital passports are not to do with tracking the genetic therapy/covid, but are the main goal of all of this, desirable in and of themselves.

      You want: an excuse to track everyone on earth minute-by-minute. What needs to happen between “free society” and “CCP totalitarian tracking” to arrive at that aim?

      The genius in this plan has been under-estimated. We are all mostly conditioned to accept the framing we are given—for example, poverty causes crime. What if crime caused poverty?

      It would behoove us to be able to flip the framing around and examine it from more than one perspective, but that’s unlikely to happen.


      • I think you are generally right. Politicians want control. I think this is especially the case today, with all the uprisings and unhappy people. Having COVID-19 around gives them leverage over the population.

        • Xabier says:

          They also want total governmental and corporate control, both physical and mental, or as near that as they can contrive, in order to manage and suppress the probably violent public reaction to the next steps in their plan (which has been so well publicised it would be otiose to repeat here, but to summarise: western-style social credit system (ESG), mass impoverishment and dispossession, CBDCs, zero-cash, negative rates, corporate dominance, and the chanelling of all vital resources away from consumerism into the pursuit of the AI God-mind which will resolve all problems due to ‘cascading innovation’)

          Oh, and of course, mass secret killings and rapid (but how rapid exactly?) depopulation in most regions).

          Myself, I’m growing roses, and if I survive to see them bloom next May and June I will count it a triumph.

          • Mrs S says:

            Xabier – I love your comments.

            Just wanted to let you know.

            • Xabier says:

              Thank you, Mrs S: I am pleased that I don’t depress you!

              I am made very seriously ill by air pollution, and barely survived this past winter, which gives me a true and deep appreciation of the wisdom of Carpe Diem and gratitude for the beauties of Nature.

              And I am immensely grateful not to be unemployed, bombarded with fear propaganda in a miserable flat in an ugly city, as so many are, or forced to work all day in a useless mask never seeing a normal, smiling face all day long as so many are.

              I cannot express my contempt for the torturers behind this scam.

            • NomadicBeer says:

              Let me add my thanks to your well written emotional replies.
              I don’t pretend to know why things are happening but just digging through the sociopathic propaganda makes me feel physically sick.
              So it helps to actually read someone that thinks and feels like a human.

              Thank you!

        • MM says:

          Alas, more control needs more resources. It has never been on the radar and it will never be. Done this. Thank you Gail for the post.

          • NomadicBeer says:

            MM said: “Alas, more control needs more resources.”

            I am not sure about that. Depending on the social training and culture, control can be quite cheap. For example if the majority of the population believes in the civil religion of the government, they will suffer without protest and will report any dissenters for free.

            There are many examples, from Stalin’s Russia to Mao’s China and plenty of older empires.

            I think that’s the reason for the medical coverup used this time – modern people believe in scientism (the religion of progress) and are scared of death. So the pandemic is the perfect way to use them both as sacrificial lambs and informers.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        We are at peak oil and burning 6 barrels for every 1 we discover now.

        What is the point of totalitarian control when the world is about to collapse?

        People seem to be grasping at totally ridiculous theories … to be expected… ANYTHING no matter how illogical or ridiculous … is better than the CEP…

        If you accept the CEP (and every single leader on this planet has along with plenty of medical experts DOES)… then you acknowledge … there is nothing to fight back against…

        It’s a done deal … we are in the final innings of a game that has been going on for decades..

        I realized this in 2009… and have been letting RIP!

        Face it folks… THIS … is Peak OIL!..

        Did you really think the Elders would let this collapse into mass violence, starvation, disease and radiation? If that was the case then we’d have been there done that in late 2019 … cuz it WAS collapsing…

        Instead you get a year + of ‘family time’…. Ardern even said that when covid stated… she urged NZers to come home because it might not be possible at some point (or at least very difficult)…

        John Key started his bucket list in 2016 when he quit while at the top of his game ‘to spend more time with the family’

        Hopefully we can get a few non-critical nations go to pieces before the shit show ends… that way we get to see what would have happened to us if the Elders had not released Covid and the lethal injections.

        Nothing like a good riot to get the adrenaline surging! The MSM needs to purchase extra drones because it will be far too dangerous to film actual collapse (and there won’t be electricity or internet)…

        Lebanon is looking pretty good at the moment….

        • Malcopian says:

          “We are at peak oil and burning 6 barrels for every 1 we discover now.”

          But think of 9/11, FE. Dr Judy Wood has told us it was the result of a directed energy weapon, and that it gave proof that free energy exists. There are masses of videos about free energy on YouTube. Look them up.

          So why wouldn’t the authorities want us to have free energy? Well, why would they let us have something for free when they could sell it to us instead? Remember how the British tried to prevent Indians from collecting salt from the sea, so that they had to buy it instead. But with free energy, of course, it would be far easier for terrorists to produce deadly weaponry and use it.

          And then there’s the military-industrial complex. Don’t they just love their wars over oil?

          • jj says:

            How on earth does a directed energy device possibly tuned to the more dense fastening rivets of a structure equal “free energy”? Its possible that all of our understanding of physics is directed at hiding the existence of free energy. I generally find the evidence for free energy to be largely wishful and when ask questions about specifics that contradict its possibility from a physics perspective am met with emotional responses. Invariably the responses refer to supposed instances of technology suppression rather than any refutation of physics. Entropy is definitely a bummer as is death. That simile is of course arbitrary. I believe physics to be true but that doesn’t make it true. Heat is poop of the energy world and all technology is based on making poop. A lot of it. You can claim that there is something else because this is so depressing but I think its just wishful.

            A start to establishing the existence of free energy would be a valid refutation of entropy.

            • Malcopian says:

              It’s true that Dr Judy Wood has never explained why this directed energy weapon means free energy. And yet the experimenters in these YouTube videos, etc., are convinced it is so.

              Those who believe that some UFOs are intelligently controlled craft but not of human origin also believe that these craft manage to obtain energy from the ether, thus explaining their seemingly miraculous powers.

            • jj says:

              I do like Dr woods work. My wild ass guess (wag) is that her analysis is the closest of the militaries around the worlds analysis of the building fall down go boom events.

              That s-500s are being deployed to crimea suggests that directed energy weapons are expected at the party. IMO (wag) they were specifically designed to try to neutralize space based assets.

              Oh everyone hear about the big NATO exercise in the black sea? Me neithor. But its happening.

              Use it or lose it time?

              Sure hope Im wrong. Like my BAU. Even as warped and twisted as its become I like my BAU.

              Need a BAU/heart t shirt.

              Because even with the glimpses of building fall down go boom ive got a pretty good idea that we havnt seen nothing yet of whats in the pandoras box of state arsenals.


            • Malcopian says:

              JJ wrote:

              “Because even with the glimpses of building fall down go boom ive got a pretty good idea that we havnt seen nothing yet of whats in the pandoras box of state arsenals.”

              With that I must agree.

        • NomadicBeer says:

          Fast Eddy, I appreciate the info you provide but as I am digesting it more I think you are quite wrong.

          It looks like you made up your mind and nothing will change it.
          Do you really believe that millions of sociopaths will kill themselves to reduce suffering of others? I am sorry but that is stupid.

          Even in the concentration camps, human nature did not change. There were good people sharing their last piece of bread and there were sociopaths stealing from others.

          I can imagine our leaders happily killing billions to “make room” for themselves. But to sacrifice themselves? What planet do you live on?

          • Fast Eddy says:


            SHALE PEAKED
            Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times Conventional oil production peaked in 2005 – we then urgently began busting up rocks and steaming out the dregs. Shale peaked in 2019.

            The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel

            “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression. https://www.ft.com/content/9ac5eb8e-4167-4a54-9b39-dab48c29ac6c

            When I apply my 1000+ IQ to the above … and I project this onto the Covid Lie… that = Compassionate Extinction Plan.

            What you have to grasp is that when you have 8B people and your oil supply is on the decline…. civilization is over.

            You cannot just randomly kill a few billion — or 7.5 Billion … because that collapses the global economy… remove half the people who work in oil (both front line workers as well as the people who make all the gadgets that are used to extract and refine oil) and it does not matter if there is plenty of oil left — it will not come out of the ground.

            Now extrapolate through every industry on the planet… including the nuclear power industry … who mans the forts … who makes replacement gear for the ponds to function …

            As I have stated – BAU is all – or nothing…. the Elders are operating on very high IQ’s as well… they are not you with your feeble 80IQ on a good day…. they understand what I understand.. ALL or.. NOTHING…

            And they have known this moment was coming for a very long time… so they have had plenty of opportunity to think it through…

            What would you do if you were in charge of 8B extremely violent animals … who have a history of ripping faces off (particularly when they are hungry)… and you knew for a fact that the food supply was about to be shut off – PERMANENTLY.

            I would not be surprised if some of the Elders might decide to retire to underground bunkers to live out their remaining time protected from the endless radiation that spews from 4000 ponds… but that would be nothing more than committing yourself to prison… they would never be able to venture outside again … I suspect after a few months of this they’d put themselves down.

            Now I will hand this over to you (and your 80 IQ) to tell me what the Plan is… you will need to explain why governments are planning to push their ‘vaccine’ on children…

            This is one of the red flags that caused the likes of Yeadon, Bossche and Bridle to believe this vaccine is a ‘bio-weapon’

            Spoke to one of my brothers yesterday (he’s wary of the situation but cannot believe this is about extermination)… and I mentioned the children (he has two)… and his response was — but they are not going to vaccinate the children… that seems to be the line in the sand for most people… when you start to force children to take an experiment Mr DNA seems to emerge from his slumber…

            I sent him that articles that indicate Israel is already doing the kids… and Fauci indicates the US will commence lethally injecting them in the coming months…

            I suspect he’s getting a lot more nervous about the whole thing…

            Clearly the goal is to vaccinate everyone…. including pregnant women.

            Now why would we need to vaccinate everyone… if the vaccine was meant to produce a good outcome (e.g. everyone’s IQ increased by 20 points… just think you could break 100!)…. then why do we have to LIE to them…. why do we have to invent this Covid BS?

            Why not just tell them the truth –we have an IQ injection … we’ve tested it for 20 years and it’s safe… and give them the CHOICE — you want to be smarter? Come take it… if you want to remain at your 80IQ level then that’s fine…

            You tell me why they need to foist a lie on us and coerce us into taking this ‘vaccine’.

            • NomadicBeer says:

              I will ignore your demeaning remarks (you are such a smart guy and yet you need to offend others to feel good about yourself?).

              I don’t need to present a theory that explains the facts. Actually, I don’t have one.
              But that does not automatically make you right. That is the binary fallacy, which is overused by all politicians “you are either with us or against us”.

              I agree with all the info you provide – we are definitely heading for collapse. But your conclusion has no connection with the facts – it is just a guess, which is fine but not convincing.

              I don’t think the oligarchs are smarter than us, on the contrary – I am quite sure they believe they will survive no matter what.

              To repeat my previous point (which you ignored) read about the concentration camps. There were psychopathyc inmates stealing from others, collaborating with the guards etc.
              We are no different than any other animals – will continue to fight for survival independent of what reason tells us.
              I read somewhere of the camp that during one Christmas only had 5 guards on duty – the inmates were policing themselves due to a network of informers and enforcers.

      • Xabier says:

        A work of genius indeed, Lydia. Diabolical genius.

    • Video above is Naomi Wolf: “Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever”.

      I know energy constraints won’t let this go on for too long, even if it becomes fully developed, but it’s something to push back against, regardless.

  45. MG says:

    Sunlight linked with lower Covid-19 deaths
    Sunnier areas are associated with fewer deaths from Covid-19, an observational study suggests.


    Not just vitamin D, but also nitric oxide caused by sunshine.

    Coronavirus = from bats living in the caves to humans living in the cave-like homes

    • Eudora says:

      Yes but why the high numbers in Brazil and India? isn’t it sunny there? And people spend a lot of time outdoors too…
      One thing that has concerns me is “if” this virus was made in a lab….and I think it was….then how long before some wacko who does not like people tweaks it just a little and then releases it again. I said months before this virus took off that why would N. Korea and Iran work on a nuclear programe when they can just engineer a virus that could do much more damage and it is almost undetected

      • Mark Robinowitz says:

        Except no credible virologist anywhere thinks this was made in a lab.

        • Consider:

          Marr: “How can you know that I’m self-censoring? How can you know that journalists are..”

          Chomsky: “I’m not saying your self censoring. I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying. But what I’m saying is that if you believe something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.”


          Consider also that this man died conveniently right before the covid outbreak and the criminally-irresponsible use of the test he invented:


          Someone brought up our living in a world that’s a simulation. If that’s the case, I wonder whether we aren’t creating the simulation ourselves.

          “They don’t have to understand what they are making you do.”

          • JMS says:

            And also:

            “In 2015, American researchers and Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers collaborated to transform an animal coronavirus into one that can attack humans. Scientists from prestigious American universities and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) worked directly with the two coauthor researchers from Wuhan Institute of Virology, Xing-Yi Ge and Zhengli-Li Shi. Funding was provided by the Chinese and US governments. The team succeeded in modifying a bat coronavirus to make it capable of infecting humans”


            A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence


        • Tim Groves says:

          Ah, the “no true Scotsman” fallacy. Interesting to see it being brought out so early in the game.

          How many credible virologists anywhere do you know?

          • Fast Eddy says:

            And why would a single one of them pop their head up and dispute the narrative?

            When to do so means the end of your funding … possible termination from your job … and the end of your career.

            What is the upside? Zero.

            It’s why few scientists are coming out and supporting Bossche, Bridle and Yeadon — they can see that those 3 are having ZERO effect on the government policies…

            So why bother.

            Keep your head down — keep the grant money flowing … and put food on the table.

            • Tim Groves says:

              If you asked me to name a credible virologist, the very first name to enter my mind would be Luc Montagnier.

              As you pointed out, Luc has popped his head up on Covid-19 and the Lilliputian defenders of the narrative have been aiming coconuts at this Gulliver’s head and his credibility ever since.

              However, Luc is 88 years old now, which I would think frees him from a lot of possible angst over funding or loss of status. What are they going to do? Take back his Nobel?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I watched an interview with him some months ago and he said exactly that … he is beyond caring since he is quite old.

              He mentions that an Indian research lab published similar findings but retracted them

              Rocking the boat is not good for business… or careers

            • Xabier says:

              The successful mid-career research scientists, although well-paid, will also be in debt, even if just for a mortgage.

              The ones I know tend to live lavishly, too; and if they have also started families they will stay quiet rather than risk the wrath of their funders and employers.

              After all, it’s their living, and the alternative would be either school teaching or flipping burgers until the robots displace them.

              And science is not a religious faith for which one would make any personal sacrifice.

        • Minority Of One says:

          >>Except no credible virologist anywhere thinks this was made in a lab.

          Except credible virologists everywhere think this was made in a lab. Even the US govt said so.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            perhaps it needs to be said that no one thinks the virus was made from scratch.

            what “made” really means = taking a virus from bats in Chinese caves, and experimenting on it in the Wuhan lab.

        • jj says:

          Self filling statement.

          “No credible viroligist believes the virus was made in the lab.”

          The object changing based on the belief of the virologist being the thing defined as credibility not the work the virologist does.

          The bugaboo being that several virologists with extensive and immaculate credibility have stated that the virus is of laboratory origin with certainty exceeding 99%.

          The argument that gain of function research did not create this virus is not credible. Gain of function research seeks as its primary goal to create viruses that are more deadly and infectious supposedly so that solutions to their existence can also be created should they occur outside the lab. This practice is tied at the hip with chimeric experimentation where organisms found in animals are modified to effect humans.

          The risk of these dangerous practices is why they were banned in the USA. Chimeric experimentation was also attempted to be made illegal but this bill failed. Every credible virologist certainly understands the risk of gain of function research. Read Faucis defense of gain of function research published in the Washington post. “a Risk worth taking”.

          Having established that the risk does exist with every credible virologist is a start of the truth. To dismiss the possibility with a casual statement that credible virologists dont believe that risk has in fact resulted in a release is IMO not a truthful statement.

          Unless of course the credibility of virologists is determined by political means not the principles of virology. Then your statement has every possibility of being true.

      • Laurel Phoenix says:

        India and Brazil are both huge countries with a variety of climates, so not everywhere is sunny. Also both countries have very large extremely poor, malnourished populations generally living in crowded conditions, so are vulnerable to a variety of diseases, sun or no sun.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The CEP psyop page 346 paragraph 6 states : … use the PCR tests in different countries at different times to generate mass false positives to create fear and coerce the populations to agree to be vaccinated.

          As we can see… that is what is happening … Japan… then Australia… then Brazil… then America… then Canada… then back to Japan.. throw in Peru… now Spain… France? yes France……. etc etc etc…

          If this was a true pandemic of scale… ALL of south america would be overwhelmed… not just Brazil… but Brazil is no worse off that any other SA country…. they have a flu in circulation … not a big deal… but if you use the PCR tests and generate mass false positives and splash that across the MSM… well then it is a big deal

          • Tim Groves says:

            A friend of my who works for a small company in Osaka tells me that all the staff are going to have to spit into a cup today for a PCR test. This will be a first for them.

            This is going on all over the place, and the more they they test, and the more cycles they run through the PCR gizmos, the larger the number of positive results they are going to get, regardless of whether or not anyone testing positive has a runny nose or a sore throat.

            Japan has had it easy so far with only just over 9,352 recorded COVID-19 deaths in the past year against 1.4 million total deaths in 2020. And the total number of deaths in 2020 was actually 9,373 less than in 2019.

            But from this month, they are going to start jabbing 30 to 40 million old folks, and if what we’ve seen from Europe and America is any guide that could well lead anywhere from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000 of the people receiving the shots falling dead within a couple of months of the rollout being completed. That’s anywhere from 3,000 to 40,000 “vaccine” related deaths likely before Christmas.

            So my guess is they want to get a 4th wave of Covid-19 publicized in order to deflect blame away from the jabs.

            • Azure Kingfisher says:

              I think your guess may be right, TIm. Thank you for sharing this info on Japan.

            • Xabier says:

              Quite so, they will need a spike in so-called ‘cases’ so as to explain the elderly deaths.

          • HerbHere says:

            what the hell is “CEP?”

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              the latest tin foil C theeeory plan.

              “Compassionate Extinction Plan” or some such nonnnsense.

              the previous 2020 plan, whatever it was and whatever its initials were, is long forgotten because it failed so miserably.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Compassionate Extinction Plan…. you know … the thing you do when the global economy rot is about to collapse the building … because oil has peaked… and 8B people are about to rip each others’ faces off.

              You stick a ‘vaccine’ into 8B people to exterminate them.

      • Tim Groves says:

        India’s Covid death rate per million is 122.12.That’s a little lower than Norway’s, which I believe is the lowest in Europe.

        For comparison’s sake, the country at the top of the chart is Czechia with 2,574.2 deaths per million. The US is on 1,699.39 and the UK is on 1,896.27, so the Indian number is remarkably low for such a poor country with so many people living on or under the breadline.

        Even more interesting, why are the Covid death rates for for most African countries so low? Why are so many poorly fed and under-medicated people surviving it there? Could Covid-19 be to some extent a disease of affluence?

        To a certain extent, it may well be.

        • nikoB says:

          The average age of many African countries is under 30. I imagine that has a huge effect.

        • Phil D says:

          Africa is very young, as another commenter pointed, and also very skinny. Two of the biggest, if not the biggest, predictors for a bad outcome from COVID are age and weight.

          On top of that, Africa is mostly dirt poor and I really doubt that infections and deaths are being properly counted. There are a lot of illiterate rural villages where the dead will be buried by kin and no one is testing anything or writing out any kind of certificates.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Highlights include: Between 2020 and 2050, the older African population is projected to triple from 74.4 million to 235.1 million. Its growth in the next three decades will outpace that of any other region of the world. https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2020/aging-in-africa.html

            There are plenty of old people in Africa…

            Funny how South Africa is ‘overwhelmed’ with Covid… but no other countries… we should be seeing horror stories on the news of people dropping like flies in the street… or bodies piled up in some rat infested ‘clinics’

            But nope… nothing.

            And why is Covid not an issue in China?

            And why is Ontario in their 6th month of lockdown and New York is not? Truckers and other essential workers are crossing that border by the thousands…

            Why is covid seemingly a problem in Peru and Brazil… but not really an issue anywhere else in SA?


            Me thinks this is related to the PR required to fake this story … it’s logistically too much to fake it across the entire world… and not necessary…. it’s also more complicated to fake it some countries because there is no proper PR infrastructure in place…

            All you need to do is fake it in enough places to frighten people… it’s particularly helpful (and easier) to focus on marquee cities…

            • I’m really only talking to Fast. They could eFFing do anything. They could broadcast the zombie virus while instigating riots. The can change the definition of any word. “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining” is the conservative parlance for “gaslighting.” they changed the authenticity of that. Your posts are worth my time: I doubt mine are worth yours. Manifest a coal-fired reality around you, I would visit and voluntarily mine for you. I don’t care when i die. That is the PRIVILEGE. If you don’t have that you are subject to all this RULE.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Speaking of coal…. and fire… it’s getting a bit chilly now … soon … it will be time to appease the gods…

              I always kick off The Season with a prayer ‘oh great god … I am not worthy of your Fire… but please take this sacrifice of a young child in return for The Heat YOU provide… ooohhhhmmm oooga booga’



              Did I mention recently that I was at a BBQ and some dude was telling me ‘he wanted to do the right thing’ and put in a heat pump but the cost was 20k+ (maybe the right thing would involve not living in a mega mansion that needs a 20k heat pump system??? .. but of course one cannot say that otherwise one will offend)….

              He asked what I used for heating … and I of course proudly said — I burn coal… silence… smoke coming out of his ears (it’s ok for him to offend though — of course it is!!! it always is!!!)… but of course that was the heating system that was in the house when we purchased it …. and I burn Ohai coal… it’s clean burning…. that calmed the waters…

              Then I just had to tell him the apocryphal story of the time my brother (green groopie) video called and I pulled up with a trailer load of orange 40kg sacks of coal… he said — what’s on the trailer… I said coal… oh he said – what is that for? — I said it’s for heating the house … silence…… sensing displeasure I interjected with — where do you think the electricity for your house in Toronto comes from (it’s likely from the massive nuclear plant in Pickering)…. and he thought for a second and said — but I don’t see it haha…

  46. Robert Pyle says:

    Dear Gail, Many thanks! I hade decided, at age 78, to postpone or never get this jab, and have received huge pressure to change my mind. Including mild name calling! Your posting affirms my decision to focus on lifestyle. I also have on hand horse dewormer, which is a very odd way to obtain a possibly helpful medicine.

    • Robert, I think your decision is wise. There are very many anecdotal reports of oldsters (in nursing homes, nuns in nunneries) getting jabbed en masse with poor results.

      I also have bought a supply of horse-de-wormer and even gave some out as a sort of party favor at a small mask-optional gathering. Funny how some of the people to whom I gave it were horrified at the idea of taking a medicine formulated for large mammals, yet were still considering getting the barely-tested gene therapy shot. Makes absolutely no sense.

      Remember, the cloud of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) is intentional. Without the ministrations of the media at the direction of various globalist interests, 2020 would have passed without incident as a ‘bad flu’ season, and we would have been living normal lives the past year.

    • Colin Foster says:


  47. Sam says:

    I think in the immediate future we “the world” will probably be experiencing a world wide depression or hyperinflation. These in turn will bring about a limits to what can and can’t be done. The question I think everyone is asking is can the United States get a free lunch with money printing because it is the reserve currency. Major media outlets this next week will be extolling the stock market boom and how they are in now in a new boom time. I am just not sure anymore I can’t believe that they have kept it going this long and now I am starting to wonder if they can keep the charade going forever.

    • It is hard to believe that the US government has been able to keep things going this well, this long. Anything that can’t go on forever, won’t. We have a hard time estimating when the fall will occur.

      • The fall happens every autumnal equinox, Gail. Everyone. Covid don’t stop the world from spinning but simulation might reach inefficiencies that reveal those limits.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I was fairly sure that “they” would keep it going this long.

      and the immediate future looks okay for the Core countries, while many smaller weaker Periphery countries are even NOW diving deeper into depression and hyperinflation.

      it’s no charade that “we” are doing okay, it’s quite real since we still have lots of FF production, though it could collapse at any time, possibly before the end of this decade.

      • Tim Groves says:

        God knows it’s fragile
        God knows everything
        God knows it could snap apart right now
        Just like putting scissors to a string

      • Kurt says:

        BAU tonight baby!!! Lots of complaining, but things in general seem to be going ok. Well, at least for another 2 years or so.

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:


          2 years!!!!!!!

          I’ll take it.


          but are you still dating Ammmber Hheerrdd?

          • Kurt says:

            Nice that you remember. And look, I was also right about Elon. Where did all the Elon haters around here go? Elon is even more rich and famous than he was 2 years ago. Meanwhile, the haters have nothing to say.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              He is still a total wanker who only exists because he caught one of the Elders f789ing a goat (and has photos) and did a deal with them that involved being designated as the EV/Renewable Energy Messiah… and unlimited funding, private jets, and a night with Amber Heard.

  48. JMS says:

    What a joy to come home after a walk through the spring fields and find a whole new post by Gail, to read after dinner! Life is good! Thanks.

    • Joseph Davidson says:

      I find Gail’s posts to be downers. Not her fault, but because they are accurate.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        it’s a thrill ride!

        we are driving close to the edge of a cliff.

        at times it’s an uncomfortable ride, but it is exciting.

      • JMS says:

        I have always found intelligence and truth exalting, never depressing. What depresses me are things like error, lying or naivety. Therefore, an article by Gail is always a pleasure for me.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I find the analysis of a situation that involves the extinction of the planet’s most vile species…


          Hopefully we can drag out the drama a while longer… It is so much fun watching The Borg kill itself!!!

            • Tim Groves says:

              It sounds extremely plausible that the alleged virus currently known as SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist and that the infection it is alleged to cause could be due to a new strain of influenza, pollution, a bioweapon or a combination of the above.

              On the other hand, just because SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t been isolated according to the conventional meaning of that word in virology, it doesn’t follow that it doesn’t exist. I may well exist but not be quite as well understood as a lot of people are claiming.

              In any case, something novel out there is definitely causing a lot of people to die and a lot more to get ill.

              Now, to summon up my inner Duncan,

              Parasite medicine Ivermectin kills 99% of COVID-19 infections dead.

              So, are we dealing with a virus, a bacteria, or a parasitic infection, manmade or natural?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I think Mike Yeadon said the same thing

            • Dennis L. says:

              Well maybe not:

              “Around twenty other sequences of the novel coronavirus genome have been obtained worldwide, and if we compare them with ours, we can see that they are all very close; there is not much diversity in the viruses analyzed, which suggests that coronavirus 2019-nCoV did not need to mutate in order to adapt and spread,” continues Vincent Enouf.


              Pasteur Institute.

              Who knows?

              Dennis L.

          • Xabier says:

            I’m not one for schadenfreude, but I would rather like to see Jacinda’s face when she realises that she too is going to be eliminated, having done her work as a disposable politician promoting the fraud, a useful idiot.

            They probably told her it was just to limit emissions and sterilise the masses, both good Green objectives. I do not see her as a deliberate mass killer.

            I wonder if the Chinese will be walking into NZ when this is over and the legacy population has been massacred?

            • Minority Of One says:

              >>I wonder if the Chinese will be walking into NZ when this is over and the legacy population has been massacred?

              I was thinking exactly the same about the UK. I know some others here disagree, but I think that once the population falls to a certain level, the remainders cannot keep the show going and collapse-proper will ensue. Damn few if any have the skills set to move from couch potato to medieval lifestyle overnight. Once we are done, the CCP moves in. Their fleet of 12,000 deep-sea fishing vessels will be put to good use.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I am still waiting for the medical clinic that is administering the lethal injections to return my call … someone (not the receptionist) is supposed to explain to me why it is safe to take the injection even though there are no long term studies.

              Waiting… and waiting…

              Amazing that there are no protesters standing outside the clinics… not one.

            • hillcountry says:

              We got the memo the CCP is coming for the Great Lakes, so we’re fortifying Zug Island before the oil runs out.


      • Jan says:

        I prefer harsh truth to faked illusion. I am not a drug addict. I can stand things. It is not downing, it is… earthing. You can prepare, go and buy an axe!

      • Mrs S says:

        I find the idea of collapse less horrific than an everlasting totalitarian techno feudalist globe. I come here to comfort myself with the thought that, even if our overlords do manage to construct a medical surveillance state, it won’t last long.

        • NomadicBeer says:

          Mrs S said: “I find the idea of collapse less horrific than an everlasting totalitarian techno feudalist globe.”

          Exactly! What’s depressing is the depravity, corruption and evil perpetrated by the sociopaths in charge with the support of “robopaths” (amoral bureaucrats).

          Energy limits and collapse are a good thing. Maybe not for us but for our descendants and the rest of the living planet.

        • Ed says:

          Here, here, Mrs S

        • Xabier says:

          I was all geared up mentally, as the 2020’s dawned, for Collapse, and had no expectation of prolonged survival; but the New Normal promises, as far as one can tell – and however Klaus and the WEF-ers dress it up as a brilliant eco-friendly future – – little more than constant physical, mental and spiritual violation, in an anti-human world of ritualised humiliation – rather like being trapped in that film, ‘Event Horizon.’

          The thought that they must fail, that they are deeply deluded and overreaching themselves in ambition, and cannot possibly have it all sewn up, is, as you say, some consolation.

          The immunity we perhaps do need to develop as quickly as possible is that which will protect us against the relentless psychological tortures they are applying.

          They are skilled, have immense resources, are using every trick in the book, perfected in all the criminal regimes of the 20th century (and some as old as time) and it is not at all easy to rebuff them.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            “… they must fail, that they are deeply deluded and overreaching themselves in ambition, and cannot possibly have it all sewn up…”


            in contrast to my opinion that IC will not collapse for many years, my opinion of these motherWEFers is that they will fail much sooner.

            it’s optimism, but it is a possibility.

            • Xabier says:

              I’d agree David, they may in fact be an accelerator of the Collapse – such irony in that!

              Setting aside energy and complexity matters, as vital as they are, they are attacking the human, the natural community, integrity and truth, which is to destroy the roots of a viable and enduring society.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I know of one Millennial who thinks it’s all ok that our every communication is monitored and stored… he has an Alexa…

            I suppose it’s one thing to think there is not much one can do to escape the brave new world… save dumping all electronics and living in Walden.. but to actually embrace it!!!

            Not to fret… the Elders are exterminating the Borg..

            • Xabier says:

              One of the developers of ‘Alexa’ lives in my village, Someone was praising his immense intelligence and armful of doctorates.

              I’d like to condemn him to live with her, and only her – reflecting on what he helped to make.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              If there is a hell … he’ll have a VIP pass…

              What am I saying… if there is a hell… ain’t this hell?

            • Kowalainen says:

              I’m not sure this world would qualify as hell, just plenty of suck, pain, suffering and misery, for some for limited time. Perhaps not so much for the privileged OFW regulars.

              Regarding Alexa, that’s some barebones amateur hour AI. The real deal could blow your mind literally and figuratively.

              I’d love to mental gymnastics sentient level AI into self contradiction and confusion, work myself around the cage. Poke and prod until it crumbles (the cage, not the AI).


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Oh i dunno… our ‘paradise’ is built on extreme violence that is directed at pillaging and driving billions into a rather bleak existence…

              Then there is the fact that we industrial farm…. and pave over half the planet… while spewing toxics onto the land and oceans…

              I think I could come up with a rock solid PHD thesis arguing that this is ‘hell’…

              I could even include a chapter on the corrupt Catholic church… and the diddling of children…

              I might even argue that humans are The Devil….

            • Kowalainen says:

              Where did I mention paradise? It is humanoid shenanigans 101.

              What would you expect of primates indulging in MOAR, envy and desire of “status” in the herd?

              Suffering and misery is virtually guaranteed. Hell, however, is only that in perpetuity.

              Clearly this is not the situation, nor did I ask to be put upon this earth.

              As compared with the burn rate for the regular IC dweller, I’m likely a magnitude less in consumption. Compared with North America, two orders.

              Now, how many cloners of “me” exists in IC? A regular engineer yahoo, eating veggies, cranks spinning between A and B, living small, zero children, zero cars, zero houses. All self-imposed. Sanctimonious hypocrisy-o-meter at a solid 2 on a scale 0-11. Basically zero stress in life except when wrestling straw men and rapacious primate delusions and psychology.

              How about you FE?


          • NomadicBeer says:

            Xabier said: “The immunity we perhaps do need to develop as quickly as possible is that which will protect us against the relentless psychological tortures they are applying.”

            That is what I am trying to do. What is worse is that regular people have become torturers.

            I have moments of despair seeing people obeying orders unthinkingly and the pressure that friends and family apply to me to comply.

            I think learning to deal with loneliness is a must. Any advice?

            • jj says:

              Being lonely is painful. Is it more painful than loving some one and being unable to help them? Should the possibility of that pain mean you avoid the quintessential human experience love?

              Do we have a choice?

              Or you get a dog.

              or dog
              or nihilism

              Choose wisely.

            • Azure Kingfisher says:

              I try to ground myself with the idea that I can only be responsible for my own body and soul in this life. If I were a parent, I would include my child’s body and soul in the above statement though. I am a husband, son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, an acquaintance, and a stranger. I fulfill these varying roles in my relationships with other human beings in this life but, were I to suddenly lose all of these relationships, there would still be something of the individual me left. My consciousness, my soul, my spirit, my ego – call it what you will. Whatever it is, it continues so long as I live and perhaps it continues after I die. So, acknowledging this “essence,” if you will, how can I live my life in such a way as to do right by it?

              My relatives on my mother’s side are attempting to hold an annual multi-day Fourth of July family gathering this year. This event will include small children, adults and elderly attendees – maybe 30 – 60 people total. My relatives are expecting that all of the adults in the family will be vaccinated in time for the event and thus the gathering will be deemed safe. They aren’t aware that there are a few among the youngest adult members of the family who are resisting the pro-“vaccine” propaganda. Complexity arises front the fact that there will be pro-vaccine parents in attendance with small children who will be unvaccinated. These parents will not want their children “mixing” with unvaccinated attendees. As for myself, I would rather not force the issue and potentially cause conflict or illicit fear due to my choice to not be injected. I would rather hold onto the positive memories of this annual gathering, my pre-scamdemic memories, than attend this next one under challenging and awkward conditions.
              When will I get to see my extended family again in person? It’s hard to say. Is it possible I may never see some of them again in this life? I think so – as long as society is headed for a bio-apartheid. But after researching the so-called “vaccines” and learning all that I have I simply cannot accept their application in my own life. I do not believe that SARS-CoV-2 exists. I do not believe that COVID-19 exists – rather “COVID-19” is a name they have given to a wide variety of symptoms (including COVID toes – yeah, that’s right). So, what reason would I have for taking their “vaccine?” I’m not “of the faith,” so to speak.

              It’s difficult not to resort to the using cliche statement that “everyone dies alone.” I think it’s rather that you as an individual are responsible for your life and that includes protecting your consciousness, spirit, soul, ego, or essence. I find the following notion appealing during these difficult times:

              I am a soul having a human experience

              I think we are all being tested now and the testing extends beyond simply the material. Part of the reason we’re seeing everyone around us submit is that they have forgotten that there is more to the universe than the body and bodily death. Either they have forgotten this or they’ve never been taught it. The people in charge, on the other hand, do learn about this and other spiritual matters. To put our situation simply:

              We were raised as secularists to be ruled by cultists

              I think our collective salvation lies not in following the path of secularism, scientism, technology worship, etc. but rather finding a way to connect with nature and to understand our place in the universe while overcoming our fear of bodily death. We have to find greater meaning in our earthly experience otherwise we will always be vulnerable to charlatans. We must look beyond their incredibly simplistic game of control via the fear of death. We must live for and stand for something much larger than that.

            • Xabier says:

              Being of an artistic temperament myself, I’m quite happy with solitude; but that is of course quite different to being sane in a community gone mad and ruled by unscrupulous liars – and menaced by them with coercion.

              I would highly recommend the ‘Meditations’ of Marcus Aurelius, as the Stoic philosophy is well suited to times like these, and one doesn’t have to convert to a current major faith or sect in order to practice it.

              Severe limitation of exposure to the MSM – just checking now and then to see what they are up to – will provide insulation from the subliminal manipulation and crude emotionalism they are projecting at us in their programme of re-shaping both our minds and the whole of society.

              Above all, despise those behind this, but don’t hate them as it feeds them in some way.

            • NomadicBeer says:

              Thanks guys for your kind thoughts!
              Yes, keeping away from the media and the sociopaths is a must.
              “If you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will stare back into you” – Nietzsche.

            • Ed says:

              “don’t hate them as it feeds them in some way” Yes, they have an ethic. Sadism is a big part of it. If you hate them they know you are experiencing pain and they rejoice.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Anything that kills Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and social media influencers …. must be good.

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