Merry Christmas to All

I plan to write a new post in a few days. For now, I will just leave an open thread.

I hope everyone has happy holidays of whatever type you celebrate. This is a good time to be with family and friends.

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My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. Fast Eddy says:

    Quebec reported 15,293 new COVID-19 cases on Monday and 15 more deaths linked to the virus, as Canada’s public safety minister announced members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be mobilized to speed up the province’s vaccination efforts.

    Bill Blair made the announcement on Twitter Monday morning, saying the decision followed a request for aid from the province.

    “Following our approval of Quebec’s request for federal assistance, Canadian Armed Forces personnel will begin their deployment today to provide support to the province’s vaccination campaign,” he said.

    The slope is slippery … and keep in mind … governments know who has not been jabbed.. and where each of you lives…. they also know of course which of you has a firearm permit… wouldn’t be surprised if at some point SWAT teams / military anti terror squads are deployed to force the injections…

    And your neighbours will shift the curtains to the side and peak out … enjoying watching the anti-vaxxers get put in their place.

  2. Fast Eddy says:

    I don’t get it… ok we were told the jabs would stop transmission … but they fooled us with that and we call got jabbed… but we gleefully parroted the claim that ‘we don’t get very ill’ so the jabs are a success!!!

    So why the lockdown?

  3. Fast Eddy says:

    Awesome!!!! When I opened that site and read the massive home page headline — a large packet of dopamine surged through my brain …. good think I am lying on the sofa .. otherwise I may have collapsed from the overwhelming pleasure and knocked my head on the floor…

    Ontario announced sweeping new restrictions that will see schools closed to in-person learning until at least Jan. 17, a ban on indoor dining, gyms shuttered and capacity limits put in place for retail as COVID-19 cases soar in the province.

    The new restrictions, which also includes slashing gathering limits to five people indoors and to 10 people outdoors, come into place on Jan. 5 and will be in place for 21 days, the government announced Monday.

    “The immediate goal of these measures will be to blunt the latest wave so we can ease the pressure on our hospitals,” Premier Doug Ford said Monday while announcing a return to a modified Step 2. “We face a tsunami of new cases in the days and weeks ahead.”

    • Slow Paul says:

      It seems like “easing pressure on hospitals” is the bottom line argument of governments everywhere. If this is their only valid argument, they could have easily made more hospital capacity with all the resources they spend/lose on other pandemic measures throughout society.

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    As a former ITV & Sky News Boss, Mark Sharman explains to former
    BBC & ITV reporter Anna Brees how the mainstream media has lost its moral compass – through focusing so heavily on the government narrative it has failed in its public duty to investigate and report fairly on all sides of the unfolding Covid story.

    He issues a stark warning as to how journalists and news staff will be implicated through their silence; and in their failure to ask penetrating questions and invite open debate at this most important time in our history.

  5. Michael Le Merchant says:

    What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure?

    • Rodster says:

      It is a failure and it has become a crime against humanity because they are trying to force it on everyone. The high rate of deaths and injuries should have been enough to stop the vaccine rollout.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It’s all about extinction. It’s what you do when you are about to run out of spice

        As we progress the sceptics slowly begin to realize that there is something sinister taking place… they begin to doubt that this is driven by incompetence… or corruption … they begin to get a whiff of intent… (but they won’t go so far as accepting the CEP… )

        But the non-sceptical … the MOREONS… for them nothing has changed. They still believe their fearless leaders teamed with Pharma are fighting to help them defeat this evil virus. They are not suspicious … they continue to believe this will be over ‘next ____’

        I was contacted by a CovIDIOT who dropped off DM a couple of weeks ago … and he’s trying to convince me that it’s just about over …. he’s been informing me that it will be over in a few months.. for nearly 2 years now hahahahaahahaha

        They are brain dead MOREONS. The MSM plays them like a banjo… they cannot think. they cannot reason…. They read the MSM and repeat whatever it tells them to think… never questioning any of it…

        I have predicted the future accurately throughout the last 2 years yet this CovIDIOT — even when the predictions come true — continues to reject anything I say…

        It is amusing to toy with him though…

        He believes Omicron is like a mild flu … and he wants the restrictions to stop – because he has no business …

        So I tell him — if you want it to stop then people need to stop agreeing to the boosters… if they refuse then the mandates have to end …

        But nope — he’s all for more boosters… to which I respond with a link to the latest omicron infection story in Hong Kong and ‘Enjoy your next round of punishment’

        The thing is…

        When the end game arrives and the covIDIOTS are dying like flies… he’ll still refuse to accept that I was right all along … he will NEVER say – shit — you were right.

        But that’s ok … just knowing they are paying the ultimate price… is a pleasant thought

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      Malone “IF this holds true, then the genetic vaccines so aggressively promoted have failed, and the clear federal campaign to prevent early treatment with lifesaving drugs has contributed to a massive, avoidable loss of life.”

      I appreciate that he is staying measured in his approach to this story.

      not being a public figure, I will say that it has now become obvious that this global toxic vaccine program is a TOTAL FAILURE.

      the pandemic is worse than ever because of the variants which “vaccines” can NEVER get ahead of.


      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        having said that:

        is the science accurate that the SARS2 pandemic will now be ever present in a “swarm” of variants?

        would that be like the flu, which makes its annual rounds and comes in multiple variants?

        since the annual flu “vaccines” are produced about 6 months ahead of time and scientists make their best guess about which flu variants they think will predominate when winter arrives?

        is this “swarm” language scientific?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It’s a failure if one believes that the intent of the vaccines was to protect against a virus (that was man made and released on purpose)…

        But if one does not believe that — then the vaccine is looking like it will be an epic success.

        The near term deaths are not the end goal – they are collateral damage – as we march towards Fauci Disease — and to get to that point you need billions of variant factories.. not all the variant factories survive the conversion from healthy humans to diseased experiments.

        What does it matter though — everyone is soon going to be gone…

  6. Michael Le Merchant says:

    A tweeted info graphic by Clif High…

  7. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Get the jab, even if it doesn’t work…

    • Rodster says:

      These people are just making sh*t up as they go along. You can tell those in charge don’t give a rats @ss about safety of the public. Typical bureaucrat just regurgitating, their talking points and just disregard any logic presented to them. This is all about “control and compliance”. Once they achieve that they move on to the next manufactured crisis.

      This is what people are catching on too. Where I work part time, all the younger employees have either quit because of the Vax mandates or have said they will not comply. If they force weekly testing which supposedly goes into effect next month, I too will leave.

      • Dennis L. says:

        Why not stay with testing?

        Dennis L.

        • Artleads says:

          Testing plays into the their goal. Why play that game?

          • Artleads says:

            Some of what I wrote was removed, possibly by my own typing error. I was saying something to the effect that tests seem to manufacture hyped results and are far from trustworthy. And the scamdemic response worldwide is clearly not in the interest of public health.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I am unaware of a single person who has been cured of CovIDIOCY…. (and they are the vast majority).

        Some people who never bought the entire lie … are becoming more reluctant… I know a few people like this — they still believe most of the lie (e.g. that NZ will be overwhelmed if ardern doesn’t try to slow the spread) but they fear the injections because they are hearing about injuries…

        I know of a few families that were 100% opposed to injecting their kids (even though the parents are injected) who are now injecting their kids — because the fear machine has been ramped up informing them that the hospitals are overwhelmed with… kids dying from covid.

  8. Michael Le Merchant says:

    According to Jessica Rose, assuming URF of 41, latest US VAERS data are:
    Deaths – 918,892
    Hospitalizations – 5,663,330
    Emergency Room Visits – 4,504,875
    Disabled – 1,600,845.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        At the same news conference where Davison spoke, Brian Tabor, the president of the Indiana Hospital Association, said that hospitals across the state are being flooded with patients “with many different conditions,” saying “unfortunately, the average Hoosiers’ health has declined during the pandemic.”

        In a follow-up call, he said he did not have a breakdown showing why so many people in the state are being hospitalized – for what conditions or ailments. But he said the extraordinarily high death rate quoted by Davison matched what hospitals in the state are seeing.

        These statements are also confirmed by the 6000% increase in reporting rate of deaths to VAERS, among the massive increase in reports of hospitalizations and emergency room visits in the context of the COVID-19 injectable products. The current VAERS reports of hospitalizations and emergency room visits are at 46,933 and 88,549 (which translates to 1,924,253 and 3,630,509 reports with URF of 41). Death reports are at 11,013 (with URF – 451,533), and these numbers are ONLY for the Domestic data set.

    • Rodster says:

      It seems those are numbers up for interpretation. We really don’t know for sure because VAERS is underreported. Regardless, the confirmed numbers are high enough that the vaccines rollout should have been halted.

  9. Sam says:

    Gail what about shadow banking to monotize debt and make it disappear?

    • China seems to have a whole lot of shadow banking. Temporarily it seems to keep debt hidden, but it doesn’t keep it hidden for very long. It is just a temporary hiding place for debt, I am afraid. Promises that cannot repaid ultimately are a problem.

  10. Sam says:

    The entire Michigan football team got boosted right before the game and they played terrible! I sure wish I would have put money on Georgia

  11. richarda says:

    I’ll put a couple of links up. Long story short, the Insurance Industry is looking at excess deaths 2021H2 that resemble a war. These are from the UK, with a couple of weeks still to go :

    28 excess deaths per million per jab in the 15-19 age group

  12. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    I hate to admit it, bit FE is correct regarding Covid Jabbers. No matter what is shown before them or expressed…two Co-workers remain staunchly set in their faith the vaccinations are the answer and protect lives. Apparently, the propaganda and constant attacks on the unvaccinated has been very effective to the masses. By enlarge the ones I come in contact with are proud and happy to be boostered and eagerly ready to have an annual or biannual vaccination!!
    I’m in disbelief…FE you are right…no better than barnyard animals…

    BTW, I’m talking about a couple of above average intelligent 🧠🤓 people, that keep up with current affairs.
    Suppose it is far easier to go with the flow, than rock the boat.
    Oh well. One had heath issues, smokes and has respiratory medication with high blood pressure.
    The other had a heart attack last year and is also medicated.
    We’ll see if they have issues being Vaccinated

    • Tim Groves says:

      Herbie, compare the attitude of these “Covid Jabbers” to your own attitude regarding Globbly Wobbly. No matter what evidence can be presented to you, you remain staunchly set in your faith and I am in disbelief.

      Apparently, the propaganda and constant attacks on the de-ni-ers have been very effective on the masses. My alarmist friends all tell me that their science is peer-reviewed and mine is junk.

      Now, I also know people who assure me that the jabs are safe and effective, and they are in disbelief that I remain staunchly set in my faith that they are lethal injections and that Ivermectin will save me. And next time, when I mention that fifteen doses of nebulized hydrogen peroxide will cure any cold flu or greek letter variant of Covid-19, they are going to go ape on me and tell me I visit too many cons-piracy websites.

      But the fact is, ScienceTM is such an important brand that the master gangsters who are on top of the world need to control, manipulate and distort it out of all recognition in order to remain on top of the world, just as back when ReligionTM was an important brand they controlled and manipulated and distorted that.

      Faith is a wonderful thing. I won’t knock it. But having faith in something is no guarantee that it’s worth having faith in.

      Whoppi Goldberg has so much faith in the jab’s power to protect her from the coof that’s she’s had three of them, and now has come down with Covid-19, and still professes faith in their power to mitigate the severity of the illness, just as Brian May does. To me, this is a faith that passes all understanding.

      by the way, I imagine the virus will have to go into quarantine for a few weeks after infecting Whoppi. It may come down with Whooping cough!!

  13. Student says:

    On the EMA website everyone bynow can find various medical treatments officially approved for use in Europe.
    Various Doctors in Italy are therefore saying that this puts automatically out of law the current anti Covid vaccines which have been allowed only if treatments were not available.

  14. Student says:

    The ‘World Council for Health’ declares:
    ‘Cease and Desist. We declare that Covid-19 vaccinations are dangerous and unsafe for human use. The manufacturing, distribution, administration, and promotion of these injections violate basic principles of law.’

    Please see full declaration:

    home of the website:

    • Xabier says:

      They are splendid people at the World Council for Health.

      Whenever it gets too much, one only has to think of them to realise that integrity and true medical science are not quite dead.

      No dubious theories, no exaggeration, and very well presented for laymen who wish to inform themselves.

    • Good luck!

  15. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Eric Adams mulling whether to mandate COVID boosters for NYC workers

    Mayor Eric Adams said Sunday amid skyrocketing city COVID cases that his “next move” will be to decide whether to mandate booster shots for municipal workers.

    “We’re going to examine the numbers. If we feel we have to get to a place of making that mandatory, we want to do that,” he said on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

    “That’s our next move, a decision,” he said.

    City workers have been mandated since November to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

  16. Rodster says:

    “Crimes against Our Country” by JHK

    The year of sickening global psychosis ended with virologist and vaccine-uberspecialist Dr. Robert Malone truth-bombing the Internet with three hours of straight talk about the US health authorities’ campaign to destroy the lives of at least half a million US citizens (so far) and, leading by example, to harm multiples of that number of innocent people across all of Western Civilization. Podcaster Joe Rogan assisted skillfully in an interview that is finally rocking the world out of an epic consensus trance. (Listen.)

    By health authorities I don’t just mean Dr. Anthony Fauci, the designated National SARS-CoV-2 Coordinator, or his accomplices in the Dept. of Health and Human Services agencies, CDC, NIH, NIAID, etc., but also the purblind US medical establishment of actual doctors in clinical practice, researchers, hospital administrators, and pharma executives who acted with a collective stupid malevolence not seen since the crematory-stuffers of the Nazi bureaucracy carried out their final solution.

    We know what you did. You engineered and patented a gain-of-function virus at the same time you conspired with pharma companies to devise and patent pseudo-vaccines, and then you loosed both of them on the public. You didn’t just fail to adequately test the “vaccines” cooked up by Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, but you deliberately botched the trails and lied about it. You created rich $$ incentives for hospitals to mis-treat Covid patients by failing to use known, safe, effective anti-virals. You conspired with social and news media to suppress information about those common anti-viral drugs that would have informed many patient’s decisions and saved thousands of lives. You treated late-stage patients dying of Covid-induced vascular disorder with the ineffective and toxic drug remdesivir that Dr. Fauci had developed unsuccessfully for an ebola outbreak years ago. (Nurses turned so cynical about the remdesivir protocol that they nicknamed it “run-death-is-near.”) You prompted government officials to lockdown society, force useless masking, and now to coerce “vaccination” by threatening to deprive citizens of their livelihoods.

    The US Supreme Court will entertain arguments this Friday, January 7, to enjoin against “Joe Biden’s” mandates to coerce “vaccination” in companies that employ more than a hundred people and a separate mandate forcing vaxxes on staff at Medicare / Medicaid certified “providers” (meaning most hospitals and doctors’ offices). There’s a pretty good chance the court will decide against the mandates. They’re expected to rule Monday, January 10, the day that the mandates are supposed to take effect.

    The government’s actions around the Covid-19 event look more and more to be deliberately and maliciously intended to harm lives and cause social and economic breakdown. In the last weeks of 2021, federal public health officers even blocked shipments of monoclonal antibodies around the country, despite their proven efficacy. The CDC scheduled the use of PCR tests for Covid-19 to end on December 31, after declaring them unreliable in August. Why the five-month lag? (To keep case numbers jacked up, that’s why.)

    Every effort is being made to extend emergency use authorizations for unsafe and ineffective “vaccines” in order to sustain shields against liability for the benefit of their manufacturers. Pfizer refuses to release in the USA its FDA-approved comirnaty version of the EUA-protected BioNTech product for that reason. The Pentagon has lied and confabulated its use of the two Pfizer products in order to illegally force unapproved BioNTech vaccinations on enlisted men and women. Hospital directors, doctors, and their professional associations continue to persecute colleagues who speak publicly against the “vaccines.” The “vaccine” makers refuse to disclose the exact contents of their products, and were permitted to withhold data on safety trials until a half-century into the future. The obvious conclusion is that they don’t want the public to be informed about any of this. The net effect is that medicine in the USA has destroyed its own authority. Who can trust his doctor knowing that they’ve gone along with all this epic dishonesty?

    The country is heading into an agonizing reality-test at a scale and speed never seen before in world history. You can already assume that government has lost control of the Covid-19 story. The Omicron scare is failing miserably. Lots of cases, few deaths, mild symptoms. Government’s credibility is shot. In the months ahead, we’ll learn just how harmful those “vaccines” were — especially among American children — as deaths mount from damage done to people’s organs and immune systems.

    The perfidious news media is scrambling now to adjust its narratives, but they won’t escape the record of falsehood they’ve sedulously laid down. They can’t delete or rewrite every story in their archives, and many of these are printed out in hard-copy anyhow. Next, they’ll try apologizing. (“Sorry, but the pandemic drove us a little nuts.”) That’s hardly enough. They have to answer in courts of law — or else we must just declare the USA a lawless state.

    The Covid-19 crimes against our fellow citizens amount to only one piece of a package of reality-tests coming our way in 2022. Do you think Special Counsel John Durham skulked off to drink pina coladas in oblivion after indicting a couple of errand boys (Danchenko and Sussman)? He is a hypersonic force orbiting over a well-known cast of political criminals who are headed for prosecution. Next up will be the train wreck of the US economy. Do you think the crimes around the 2020 national election are buried and forgotten? You’re in for some harsh surprises. Things have truly flipped. You just don’t realize it yet.

    • Ed says:

      Kunstler is a one trip pony. He says the bad people are failing and will be punished. I agree with him on the bad people are failing but no corrupt system ever fixes itself. There will never be justice from within.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Every country is in on this.. nobody will be punished… cuz they are doing the right thing

    • Fast Eddy says:

      The CEP will finish soon… dead people don’t go to prison 🙂

  17. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Covid warning as new variant with ’46 mutations’ infects 12 in southern France

    A WARNING has been issued by scientists over another new COVID-19 variant discovered in Southern France.

    Scientists have rung the alarm bells over “the emergence of a new variant” in southern France.

    It comes after 12 patients tested positive in the same region, and their tests showed “an atypical combination”.

    The index case had returned from travelling to Cameroon, suggesting to experts that it may have originated in the African country.

    Scientists have rung the alarm bells over “the emergence of a new variant” in southern France.

    It comes after 12 patients tested positive in the same region, but their tests showed “an atypical combination”.

    The index case had returned from travelling to Cameroon, suggesting to experts that it may have originated in the African country.

    In a preprint paper, that is yet to be peer reviewed, experts from a French government-back programme said they had identified “46 mutations” in the variant.

  18. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Must of just got a BOOSTER 💉 with triple 😷

    Man Dies After Attempting To Jump New York Subway Turnstile
    Mary Papenfuss
    Mon, January 3, 2022, 2:18 AM·1 min read
    A 28-year-old New York man died Sunday morning after attempting to jump a subway turnstile in Queens, police said.

    Officers responding to a 911 call discovered the man, who was not identified by authorities, unresponsive on the concrete floor at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue station, The New York Daily News reported. He was declared dead at the scene.

    Police said surveillance footage showed that when he hopped over the turnstile at the station, the man’s foot caught and he tumbled, head first, onto the floor.

    The city medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death.

    Straphangers who jump turnstiles are generally trying to avoid paying the $2.75 subway fare. Occasionally, riders will also leap the barrier if the turnstile is stuck or otherwise inoperable.

    This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

    Betcha the Medical Examiner will list the death as Covid related 😆 LOL

  19. Mirror on the Wall
    >The effective size of the mating community in Britain is estimated in the recent paper, Patterson et al. 2021, at around 4000 persons during the Neolithic, about 6000 in the early Bronze Age, about 15,000 during the middle to late Bronze Age (M-LBA), about 30,000 during the Iron Age, and growing to approaching 250,000 by 1000 CE

    So basically 4000 people were sufficient for about 40% of Britain’s pop, or more than 20 million. It included people like Isaac Newton, who didn’t have a norman ancestry.

    In the book Japan Sinks (written in 1970s – this passage might not be available in the English tradition), a very powerful man, who decides to stay in the sinking island, recites a poem.

    A small island in the south of Tokyo is populated by descendants of a single woman, who was pregnant with a son when she ended up in the island for some unknown reason. When the son was born and grew up they reproduced, and everyone in that island are descended from them.

    He recites that poem before his adopted daughter and his bodyguard, and tell them to go , reproduce and retain their Japanese heritage .


    In the recent movie Don’t Look Up some high and mighty escape to outer space, fly for 22,000 years and reach a habitable planet. The President of United States Janie Orlean (Meryl Streep) is immediately eaten by something called a Bronteroc.

    Many people say the people there are doomed. I say the contrary.

    Some people say the people who are landing are too old. That’s true, but when the Bronteroc was attacking the President, the younger people were now landing. It is not known how many of them made it to there, but about 60 people had landed and more were landing so I estimate about 200 people, about 1/2 of them older powerful people and 100 younger people (the lone black guy would probably immediately forced a vasectomy so there would be no blacks in the new planet) to build a new civ.

    Given that 3,000 people in Britain were sufficient on building a civilization, if these crowds could survive the first attack by the bronterocs, which will probably cull most of the older pop, they would be sufficient to build a new civ in there and not perish.

    • Jef Jelten says:

      What you do not understand and few do, is that humans are a compilation of Earth’s biosphere. We will never leave this planet and survive. It is literally like taking a fish out of water. Some biota from Earth may make it to some other planet and evolve but not humans.

      This cuts to the core of all the problems cascading down on humanity. We will never solve anything until we understand and accept the above statement.

      By the way there are some who suggest it was a virus or many evolutions of viruses that eventually allowed a fish to exist out of water. Those viruses we are desperately trying to manipulate/eradicate from the planet might be important to the evolution of humans.

  20. Xabier says:

    A little fantasy for those in the UK disgusted by the knighting of Tony Blair; I’ve discovered the ancient ritual for degrading a kKnight of the Garter , in ‘Tirant lo Blanc’, an epic tale from the 15th century, told to the author by the KIng of England himself.

    Sir Tony stands on a high scaffold in full ceremonial rig and armour.

    Piece by piece all is removed, starting with the helmet; after the removal of which he is soaked by hot water dashed in his face.

    When he’s down to his underwear, he is to be pushed off the scaffold to the ground, and then dragged to the altar of St George’s Chapel, with the crowd permitted to shout abuse and kick him if they can, and in any case whipped by the guard.

    Then he is to be thrown face down to grovel in front of the altar, confessing his sins and what a worm he is.

    Finally, sentence of death or life imprisonment is pronounced, with no appeal permitted. If imprisonment, perhaps it should be with the ever lovely Cherie, the ‘human rights lawyer’, in a very small cell?

  21. Fast Eddy says:

    BTW – Dave is aware of the CEP…

    There is some weird stuff going on globally that is worth watching:

    The UK shut down electric vehicle chargers over grid conflicts.ref 7 Electricity supplies are said to be heading for 4% of demand.ref 8 Headlines say the gas stations are all running out—up to 90% sold out in several major cities.ref 9 A lack of truck drivers to deliver the fuel may be temporary but not necessarily brief.

    India’s coal plants, which normally carry 15 to 30 days’ reserves, are down to two-day supplies.ref 10

    Saudi Arabia is aiming for 30% electric vehicles by 2030: “We want to make sure that we reduce our carbon footprint, and that’s the best way to do it.”ref 11 We know how they will generate the electricity.

    US coal stockpiles are at 24-year lows while consumption is projected to rise 19% with output growing 10%.ref 12

    At least one of Germany’s coal-fired plants has already run out of coal.ref 13

    Coal is used to make solar panels. Do solar panels put out enough energy to make more solar panels?ref 14

    Today, Canada moves to cap oil and gas sector emissions and ensure they decline at a pace and scale needed to achieve net-zero by 2050.

    ~Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

    China is already shutting down coal production facilities and experiencing rolling blackouts from inadequate supplies, impacting provinces representing >60% of their GDP.ref 15

    The world’s largest coal miner, Cameco, is up 70% in 2021 riding on the back of a 150% rise in the price of coal, which may not hold. My small and antiquated Cameco position could be just getting started.

    The Dutch intend to hold Royal Dutch Shell legally responsible for causing climate change by requiring them to reduce their carbon footprint by 45% over eight years.ref 16 The fine print leads to simple math: they are to produce 45% less oil. The nitwit activists are thrilled while screwing themselves.

    The issue for oil is not demand. The supply situation is quite concerning. We’ve gone from 15 years of reserves to 10 years. We’ve seen capital expenditure go from five years ago at $400 billion a year to just $100 billion a year.

    ~ Jeremy Weir, Executive Chair of one of the world’s largest independent oil traders

    There are discussions of rolling blackouts in the US. Ernie Thrasher, CEO of Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC., says that utilities “simply will have to implement blackouts this winter.” They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand, suggesting coal will be brought back into favor as natural gas prices spike.ref 17Meanwhile, coal supplies are at record lows because of statutes banning coal. “It’s going to be a challenging winter for us here in the United States.” I bought more firewood at 2.5 times the price from two years ago.

    California’s Governor Nuisance has signed a law banning all off-road gas-powered vehicles by 2024 or whenever “feasible.”ref 18 I hope that doesn’t include diesel for the farmers’ sake.

    California also banned high-end computers for residents.ref 19 Even in Silicon Valley? You CA voters could have solved this problem, but you left the nuisance in office.

    The western US is suffering through what is called a catastrophic drought. Climatologists with a knowledge of history have noted that this is a regression to the mean weather of the last millennium.ref 20 No matter: Water in Lakes Powell and Mead is so low that it will force the turbines to be shut off as soon as 2023,ref 21 leading to a disastrous loss of electricity to the West. What are the global warming catastrophists doing to stop the draught and save Lakes Mead and Powell? Buying electric cars.

    Lebanon was plunged into darkness, with the electricity grid shut down completely after the small Mediterranean country’s two main power stations ran out of fuel…in the Middle East.ref 22

    Energy supply mishaps seem oddly common this year, including explosions in Iranian oil fields, refinery fires, and oil tanker explosions in Dubai. Nine serious oil production problems appeared in 8 days in 2021.ref 23 WTF is happening?

    We’re going to end up with a real shortage of energy. And when you have a shortage; it’s just going to cost more, and it’s probably going to cost a lot more. And when that happens, you’re going to get very unhappy people around the world, in the emerging markets in particular.

    ~ Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone founder

  22. hillcountry says:

    Gotta love the simplicity. Key excerpts:

    when a cell has DNA damage, poly-ADP ribose (PAR) is added to the DNA, and the cell will stop dividing

    When the PAR polymer is formed, NAD can become depleted, and cell death occurs because cells cannot live more than a minute or two without NAD.

    Poly-ADP ribose (PAR) is a polymer that is made starting from NAD, which is made from vitamin B3 (niacin, niacinamide).

    When the DNA damage is extreme, unless there is adequate vitamin B3 (niacin or niacinamide), NAD can become so depleted that cells die by apoptosis (programmed cell death) or with more extreme damage by necrosis.

    the other major NAD epigenetics pathway involves the sirtuins, of which there are 7 genes in humans. These genes are most known for their roles in lifespan across the animal kingdom, even in yeast.

    Sirtuins use NAD as their substrate for their activity and sirtuin activity is increased simply by keeping NAD levels up – which can be accomplished by adequate doses of niacin.

    Vitamin B3 is the essential molecular precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). All roads in longevity research consistently point to the importance of NAD in controlling lifespan, the most bioenergetically demanding processes (muscle & nerve), and susceptibility to all disease, including cancer.

    • Bobby says:


    • So, vitamin B3 is key, it sounds like.

      “Vitamin B3 is found naturally in a wide variety of both animal and plant-based foods, including beef, liver, poultry, eggs, dairy products, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, avocados, and whole grains. It is also found in fortified cereals and bread. Vitamin B3 can also be produced in the body from the amino acid tryptophan.”

  23. Fast Eddy says:

    Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.

    ~ Matt Taibbi

  24. hillcountry says:

    Not sure where Dr. Levy is getting a couple of things here that are off the beaten track.

    Increasing concern has focused on the continued presence of the spike protein in the blood by itself, unattached to a virion, following COVID vaccination. Supposedly intended to initiate an immune response to the entire virus particle, the spike protein injections are disseminating throughout the body rather than staying put in the upper arm at the vaccine site while the immune response to it evolves. Furthermore, it also appears that these circulating spike proteins can enter cells on their own and replicate themselves without attached virus particles. This not only wreaks havoc inside those cells, it helps to assure the indefinite presence of the spike protein throughout the body.

    It has also been suggested that large amounts of spike protein are just binding ACE2 receptors and not proceeding any further into the cell, effectively blocking or disabling normal ACE2 function in a given tissue. Additionally, when the spike protein binds a cell wall and “stops” there, the spike protein serves as a hapten (antigen) which can then initiate an autoimmune (antibody or antibody-like) response to the cell itself, rather than to the virus particle to which it is usually attached. Depending on the cell types to which such spike proteins bind, a wide variety of diseases with autoimmune qualities can result.

    • good explanation, thanks

      • hillcountry says:

        sure thing, but have you ever heard that the spike proteins can enter a cell by themselves? or that they can replicate, once there? I never heard that proteins could replicate themselves, or take over cellular processes that can do so. I didn’t see any reference paper below the article that would suggest either, but I’m inclined to give Dr. Levy the benefit of the doubt (from past experience); so maybe I’ll e-mail him to get more on that.

        • T.Y. says:

          Thanks for your work on this. Please keep me posted on the response. I think it is certainly very interesting, but have the feeling that the orthomolecular journal is not a prime high ranking science publication. My personal assessment this far is also that evertthing hinges in this spike proteïn that appears to be quite pathological in it’s own right and hence the question is what Will produce the most spikes ? Natural viral infection or mRNA injections ? What about relative duration of natural immunity VS mRNA and repeated / cumulatieve exposure ? IMO These are the questions we should try to answer most recently.

  25. Fast Eddy says:

    Revenge on the CovIDIOTS haha

    So … a CovIDIOT has booked our rental cottage from Jan 5… but sadly (hahahahaha probly triple jabbed) they have tested positive for Covid and want to cancel and get a full refund… hahaha a refund… what’s that?????? Unfortunately our policy requires two weeks or get f789ed… so they are … f789ed

    BTW – I just read on a Telegram group that one women had a flyer on the window of her car that warned about giving the injections to kids (they stuff these in mail boxes… I’ve seen them)… a CovIDIOT splattered ketchup on her window….

    So keeping F789boys $800+ brings me Extra Pleasure… I will commit to blowing most of it in the VIP room then waste what’s left on something useless….

    My response:

    Hi F789 boy – our position on Covid is that anyone who is travelling during the pandemic is taking on the risk of a positive test even if they are vaccinated as the vaccines are completely useless in terms of stopping the transmission of Covid. As such we are holding firm on our cancellation policy.

    The best we do is open the dates at a much lower nightly rate and hope that we can get a booking replacement. If we can secure a booking we will come back to you and refund the difference.

    I hope nobody books … hahahahahaahaha… Stoooopidity … comes with a price hahahahahaha

  26. hillcountry says:

    Here’s a useful read from Dr. Levy at Orthomolecular dot org

    Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization and COVID Resolution
    Impressive Anecdotal Results

    • hillcountry says:

      He’s used nebulized H2O2 for sinus problems. Left a nebulizer and some H2O2 with a friend in Columbia. She treated 20 people with Covid. Total success. Three times a day for 30-minutes for 5-days. He’s got a free download book linked in the article.

      • Tim Groves says:

        A nebulizer would be a good addition to the arsenal. Hydrogen peroxide (HP; H2O2) could be a quick cure for Covid, the flu and the common cold. Who would have thought it?

        but the big takeaway here is that “3% HP nebulization for 30 minutes in a total of 15 sessions over a 5-day period can effectively treat nearly all cases of COVID, regardless of how advanced the infection is when the patient is first seen.”

      • Mrs S says:

        In April 2020 I bought a nebuliser and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I figured it would be a better idea than the official advice of waiting to turn blue and then getting put on a ventilator.

        A couple of months ago i used it to cure my husband’s bronchitis. It works brilliantly. No need for a GP visit or antibiotics.

        Only a drop of 3% food grade in saline is needed.

  27. Wet My Beak says:

    In sad corrupt new zealand two academics are taking a second rate university in Auckland to the Employment Court as they say anyone disagreeing with them is unhinged and they need to be protected from them. They say that the university is not doing enough to keep them safe. The fat sow is well known and the government-controlled media never published an unflattering picture of her. Like most nz women she is repulsive and the antithesis of healthy.

    In this mad world this doesn’t surprise.

  28. Fast Eddy says:

    More People in ICU with “Mild Omicron”?
    Is it “mild” if more patients end up in ICU?

  29. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Putin tells Biden imposing sanctions will be seen as an ‘act of war’

    “Putin’s made it very clear – drastic sanctions will be considered an act of war,” Prof Siracusa told Sky News Australia.

    “He even told the president I hope our descendants don’t judge us badly by it.

    “This is probably the most serious crisis we’re going to have in early 2022.”

  30. Michael Le Merchant says:

    MANILA, Philippines – Unvaccinated individuals in the country’s capital are now prohibited from going outside of their residences, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Benhur Abalos announced on Monday, January 3.

    During a briefing on Monday, Abalos said the Metro Manila Council, consisting of Metro Manila mayors, approved the resolution, which further restricted the movement of unvaccinated individuals in the National Capital Region (NCR).

    Under the guidelines, unvaccinated individuals should remain inside their homes except when buying necessities, going to work, or other essential activities. Outdoor exercises for such people are allowed within their vicinity.

    The complete list of prohibited activities for unvaccinated individuals is as follows:

    Should remain inside their homes except when buying essential goods, going to work, and other essential activities.
    Banned from dining in. Other social and leisure travels such as going to malls is also prohibited.
    Barred from domestic travels using public transportation – land, air, and sea – except when procuring essential goods.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Lots of exceptions there, I see.

      House arrest with privileges.

      That’s us
      Yes, you and me
      The un-poisoned
      The jab juice-free
      Have something in common
      With Aung San Suu Kyi
      And Galileo Galilei

      And not to mention Michel de Montaigne
      Who stayed home again and again
      Preferring his own company
      To the outside world with its vanity
      Apart from the occasional pop
      Out to the local corner shop
      For claret, foi gras and Brie

      • Xabier says:

        We might paint philosophical maxims on our ceilings , like Montaigne, to divert our imprisonment.

        Probably Mrs Montaigne was glad to get him off her back, and one’s own tower is better than consignment to the spare bedroom.

  31. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Great article!

    What does the Russian ultimatum to the West mean?

  32. Sam says:

    Omicron is going to displace delta and this virus is going to die out to a small cold every year; the ofw’ers that can only talk s about Covid will cry 😭 for weeks on end. Ha! Ha! Ha!Ha!
    Energy is the real story but when you have all the time in the world

    • Jarle says:

      The Covid BS is a symptom, mate – absolutely part of the “real story”.

      • Sam says:

        I know that’s why I get tired of having to scroll through all the Covid new variations etc!!! Covid this Covid that is all noise to distract. I don’t believe the vazx is designed to thin the population.. but I will t get it either… I was just on some crowded airplanes and airports… no Covid… I did get it naturally about a year ago and have been hitting vitamins hard

  33. Fast Eddy says:

    oh ya! Remember freedom in Denmark… seems so long ago … hahaahaha

  34. Fast Eddy says:

    “Dutch lockdown protesters mauled by police dogs and hit with batons” – Demonstrators, most of whom didn’t wear masks and ignored social distancing guidelines, defied the local government’s outlawing of the protests amid police strikes

    • Saw just ending snippet from TV news, but it seemed as “paratroopers” or some kind of non ordinary pacifying force was deployed there on the streets as well, perhaps just fancy fashion, lolz.. locals could confirm / elaborate..

      • Xabier says:

        The Dutch need the boy on a bike, as in ‘A Bridge Too Far’.

        But who are the Nazis now?

        We see so much bad behaviour from police now, have they all be brainwashed in ‘5th Generation warfare’ doctrines – ie domestic enemies are the real threat?

        I really do not know how armoured men with shields can push around women or as in Germany pepper-spray pensioners.

  35. Fast Eddy says:

    U.K. Temperatures Defy the Doomsday Climate Models and Fail to Rise for 10 Years, Met Office Data Shows

  36. Fast Eddy says:

    Fact Checking Dr Malone “Deaths up 40%” Claim

  37. MG says:

    When the price of oil skyrocketed in 2008, the consumers stopped to be able to repay loans. The situation in 2021 with high natural gas prices caused that the industry stopped to be able to produce goods.

    The only solution for this situation is continuing the improvement of energy efficiency, which means that the countries with harsh clmt (too hot ones, i.e. a lot of water evaporation and the too cold ones, i e. requiring a lot of additional heat) stop to be inhabitableby the humans.

    Those energy producing countries with harsh clmt that increased their population too high will be hit hardest.

    The high energy prices are simply unsustainable for the existence of the human civilization, which means that the energy consuming industrial countries with mild clmt will continue with increasing their debt which will cause the bankruptcy of the energy producing countries with harsh clmt.

    That is the physics of sustaining the human civilization, because the original purpose of settling the areas with harsh clmt was to get the resources for the populations living in the mild clmt areas. When these resources stop to be profitable to get them, the human population in those areas must recede.

  38. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    They’re BACK,…

    Experts, governors warn of U.S. Omicron ‘blizzard’ in weeks ahead
    Susan Heavey
    Thu, December 30, 2021, 11:27 AM·5 min read
    By Susan Heavey

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. health experts on Thursday urged Americans to prepare for severe disruptions in coming weeks as the rising wave of COVID-19 cases led by the Omicron variant threatened hospitals, schools and other sectors impacting their daily lives.

    The warning came as the United States reached a record high in COVID-19 cases, while federal officials issued more travel warnings and reportedly prepared to authorize booster shots for 12 to 15-year-olds next week.

    For the second day in a row, the United States had a record number of new reported cases based on the seven-day average, with more than 290,000 new infections reported each day, a Reuters tally showed.

    At least 18 states and Puerto Rico have set pandemic records for new cases, according to the tally. Maryland, Ohio and Washington, D.C., also saw record hospitalizations as overall U.S. COVID-19 hospitalizations rose 27%.

    The surge comes amid increased holiday travel, with New Year’s celebrations still to come, and as schools grapple with students’ return to classrooms following winter breaks.

    “We are going to see the number of cases in this country rise so dramatically, we are going to have a hard time keeping everyday life operating,” Dr. Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease expert at the University of Minnesota, told MSNBC.

    “The next month is going to be a viral blizzard,” he said. “All of society is going to be pressured by this.”

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, on Wednesday said cases will likely rise throughout January, a warning echoed by the governor of Louisiana, where hospitalizations have more than tripled in the past two weeks.

    “We are still at the very beginning of this current surge,” John Bel Edwards told a news conference on Thursday. “January is going to be very, very challenging.”

    The SURGE…..I’m shaking with FEAR….the end game 🎯.bro

  39. Minority of One says:

    Stew Peters interviews John O’Looney. John is a funeral director in England, and very aware of who is dying and of what. More children dying, if it is of interest.


    John’s articles have been posted here in OFW a few times. What is particularly interesting is John’s suggestion that only 15% of those injected get the vaxx, each round. 85% get a placebo. This seems quite plausible to me, but he his the only person suggestion this, and I am not aware of his his source. Anyone care to comment?

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I don’t feel that his 15% idea is consistent with the overall picture.

      there seems to be widespread talk that the second jab produces much more severe side effects, and that wouldn’t match a 15% real vax rate.

      also, the arrrogant TPTB definitely wanted to use their latest greatest medical progress in an important real life setting, and they probably believe that they are such geniuses that it was actually going to work.


      the global vaccine program is a total failure!

      it bombed out!

      as predicted by many top virologists, the program has only led to variants which the vaccines are ineffective against.

      but wait, “they” will have an omicron based jab very soon, in a few months.

      too late!

      the “next” dominant variant has already spread from Cameroon into Europe.

      insert h’s and a’s: hahahahahahaaaaahahahahaha.

      total failure!

      the variants will never stop.

      a universal “vaccine”? ha ha.

      just more stooooopid wishful thinking flying out of their butttts.

      and of course, the issue of damaged immune systems only gets worse with each round of boosters.

      I will be very surprised if there is not a major outbreak of a previously contained serious disease in at least one major city this year.

      watch out, you double+ jabbed.

      you are on the brink of being totally ROYALLY SCKREWED!

      insert more h’s and a’s here.

      • CTG says:

        Davidinamillionyears. Your writing style almost matches FE. Did you poo at any royalty to him???


        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          that’s kind of funny and sccary too.

          the CEP is bowgus nonnnsense, but he’s actually somewhat close to correct that this global vaccine program is one gigantic sckam.

          as 2022 begins, the MSM hyyysteria is in overdrive, and is matched by the dark humour of the massive worldwide devastation being caused by these modern medical miracle “vaccines”.

          gotta laugh or gotta rannt.

          Happy New Year to all the damaged jab vicktims!

    • Xabier says:

      Mike Yeadon has also supported that 15% hypothesis.

      However, if it is proved that micro-clotting affects up to 60% or more – for which we only have the one-off Dr Hoffe survey of his patients, as far as I know – then the hypothesis is disproved.

    • I don’t believe this.

    • DB says:

      I think it’s possible, although the 85% are probably not receiving a truly inert placebo (given the much higher prevalence of short-term minor side than placebo in the trials and experienced by the majority of those jabbed). This hypothesis is consistent with the analyses of the VAERS data that 5% of the jab lots account for all of the jab-associated deaths. The other pieces of evidence consistent with this hypothesis are the results of the animal studies of prior coronavirus vaccines. Those vaccines produced near universal severe adverse effects. The severe adverse effects, at least in the short-term, have not been near universal for humans getting the jabs.

  40. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Dr. Sam Dubé on the rescue of John O’Looney from UK hospital

  41. Yoshua says:

    A new variant from Cameroon is spreading in Europe and sending vaccinated into ventilators. Delta and Omicron are still spreading in Europe. Soon we’ll have a swarm of variants infecting us…over and over again.

    Omicron enters into the cell. A virus is not supposed to survive inside a cell. This one of course does.

  42. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Corrupt medical boards continue the witch hunt against ethical doctors, now attempting to threaten patients themselves.

  43. Michael Le Merchant says:
  44. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Hahaha! Vaxxtards sure must be feeling like complete suckers right now

    Ban on indoor dining, further capacity limits for retail being considered in Ford cabinet meeting: sources

    The Ford government is considering introducing tougher COVID-19 restrictions as Ontario continues to see record-breaking daily new cases.

    Sources told CTV News Toronto that Premier Doug Ford and his cabinet are meeting Sunday afternoon to discuss possible measures to preserve hospital capacity and keep schools open amid the spread of the Omicron variant.

    Among the measures being considered include banning indoor dining, lowering indoor (from 10 people to 5) and outdoor gathering limits, and decreasing capacity for essential retail to 50 per cent and 25 per cent for non-essential retail, sources said.

    The government, sources said, is also considering putting limits on gyms and personal care services as well as banquet halls and weddings.

    In addition, the province is looking into cancelling ticketed events.

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      Aren’t all of these reactionary measures simply indicative of government failure? Banning indoor dining, limiting space capacity, social distancing, mask mandates, “vaccine” mandates, etc. – none of these measures are working to stop the spread.

      At what point does it become obvious to everyone that their governments are powerless when it comes to stopping viral transmission?

      • Tim Groves says:

        At what point does it become obvious to everyone that stopping viral transmission is not very high on most western governments’s wish lists?

        Compliance—yes. Control—yes, Death, destruction, derangement, desperation and despair among the masses—undoubtedly. Stopping viral transmission—not so much.

    • Xabier says:

      Just eliminating or suppressing whole economic sectors.

      There was a livelier economy in the Warsaw Ghetto – and I’m not joking.

      Still, with Vaxx brain-fog, who will ever wake up?

  45. Mirror on the wall says:

    The effective size of the mating community in Britain is estimated in the recent paper, Patterson et al. 2021, at around 4000 persons during the Neolithic, about 6000 in the early Bronze Age, about 15,000 during the middle to late Bronze Age (M-LBA), about 30,000 during the Iron Age, and growing to approaching 250,000 by 1000 CE. Actual populations tend to be a bit higher than that, but we are talking about relatively few people in Britain the further back we go. The adoption of iron (including iron farming implements) does not seem to have had a huge impact on the size of the population, and most population growth is in the post-Iron Age and Middle Ages. Population growth seems to really get going in Britain with the arrival of the Romans (55 BCE-400 CE) and it is sustained after them.

    The paper argues for a population influx from France or nearby during the M-LBA that accounted for ~50% of the ancestry of the IA population of Britain, which reflected a rise of deep Anatolian farmer ancestry (EEF) in Britain from 31% in EBA to 38% in IA. Now, about 30% of modern ancestry in England is from the later Anglo-Saxons, who would have had lower EEF, and yet the modern genome is 40% EEF – so, that raises the likelihood of substantial post-IA migration into Britain that raised EEF in England, which will presumably be covered in future papers. The Roman occupation, the Norman invasion and just ongoing ties with the continent are all likely candidates, and it will be interesting to see what the palaeogenomicists find.

    The ‘orthodoxy’ at the moment seems to be that the Norman invasion did not have much of an impact on the genome, but that may now stand to be corrected. William brought a lot of Breton fighters with him, and Henry II ruled also over much of the west of France. It may be that substantial influx around that time raised the levels of EEF, which would explain why they are higher in moderns than in the IA despite the AS. But, we will have to wait and see what the palaeogenomicists find.

    • Xabier says:

      Clearly lots of continentals settled here under the Franco- Norman kings: the marketplace in Nottingham for instance was divided down the middle with a wall to separate Norman from English traders, which suggests large numbers of foreigners.

      The Normans also committed mass rapes during the conquest, although they spared the nuns it seems, being wary of offending the Church.

      And then came the violent Anarchy of the early 12th century, when more genetic diversity must have resulted as soldiers took their chances….

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        The Church was ‘pragmatic’ as ever.

        ‘Oh yes, you can r/pe the common women, we could do with some sturdier peasants around here. But no r/ping the nuns, they are of the better families, and the Most High is liable to be Most Angry hahaha.’

        ‘Your Holiness???’

  46. hillcountry says:

    sobering thoughts:

    Unless….and this where the politics and the ‘pandemic’ have a nexus. Unless, the next ‘pandemic’ down the pipe is really, really bad. I don’t mean in reality. I mean in terms of what they will say is reality. What about if it’s something like Marburg Disease? I’ve mentioned this disease as a possibility previously, as it has several things going for it. For one, the symptoms mimic a fair few of the symptoms of ‘vaccine’ injuries; severe bleeding, typically five to seven days after symptoms start, organ failure and blood abnormalities including low white blood count or low platelets and abnormalities in kidney, liver, and clotting function.

    Also, there is a PCR test (8) (isn’t there always?), designed in 2018 – for a disease that has killed under 400 people since its discovery in 1967 – and a vaccine in clinical trials. I know – astonishing. Further, the NIAID is the owner of the vaccine and, best of all, the death rate is high; at the bottom end, 1 in 4 and, at worst, 9 in 10. So, Marburg Disease offers the double whammy of explaining the Covid ‘vaccine’ injuries (which may eventually become an issue that cannot be ignored) and terrifying the already terrified into staying home, indefinitely. Plus, leaving the vaccine ‘hesitant’ nowhere to turn. If you think there is plenty of othering going on now, can you imagine what it would like with Marburg’s?

    • This is a very interesting post. What happens now, given that the COVID story is unwinding, and the story that electing a Democratic slate will cure all the ills brought on by the Republicans is disappearing? Do we get an even worse epidemic, like an epidemic of Marburg Disease? Or do we get a Hillary Clinton-Kamala Harris paring at the next Presidential election?

    • Rodster says:

      I have never heard of Marburg Disease before. Does this affect just the vaccinated or both vaxxed and unvaxxed?

      • D. Stevens says:

        Marburg affects both but the symptoms are similar to vaccine injury. Believe he’s saying when the vaccine injuries become widespread another pandemic can be conjured up using the PCR test. People will believe Marburg’s is on the loose but it’s really just vaccine injury. It’s a wonderful solution to cover up the vaccine injuries and get more people to take further injections. Maybe I’m just lucky but I don’t know a single person who became seriously ill in the past two years due to C19 and we have this level of hysteria over it. I can only image what it would be like if many working age people were dying of a mysterious illness.

    • drb says:

      Here is the telegraphic summary: 1) it is already now every man for himself, if you think that the unvaxxed somehow will not be persecuted to extinction in the West you need to have your head examined. at least in the urban areas. If you insist on staying in the US, move to Trump country and start working towards secession; 2) you need not fear Marburg if your immune system is in good shape. you will get it, develop antibodies and move on.

      • hillcountry says:

        short-circuit the whole thing? Start a H2O2 Party. A nebulizer in every kitchen and free B-3 and zinc tabs from dispensers on every corner.

        REUTERS : Healing Ceremonies Transform Politics – Nation Stunned

        • drb says:

          I always read your posts with interest, and lo and behold, my chronic gengivitis did not resolve until, about 18 months ago, I decided to give Dr. Levy a go. I just add some H2O2 to my waterpik, and my gums are tight now.

          • hillcountry says:

            back atcha, that’s cool about the gums – did you ever hear Dr. Levy talk about convincing his ENT guy to remove his tonsils even though they didn’t show infection? One was pus’d up. Cleared up his heart problem.

          • Xabier says:

            I had a bit of gum trouble and found it cleared up with more Vit C: a distressing cure, as it does not involve good red wine…….

            The moral is: make Big Harmer the last port of call, and look at nutrition, exercise and sleep, etc, first.

            Dr Quiet.

            Dr Diet.

            Dr Merryman.

            The three proverbial good physicians.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Funny how GPs are surprised if you don’t have a GP … then you explain that you don’t eat garbage… keep active and avoid booze and cigs… why would you need a GP?

              I suppose most people visit the doctor multiple times per year?

              Anyone who doesn’t is a bad guy — bad for business.

  47. Fast Eddy says:

    But they are all vaxxed? And you can’t get covid if you are vaxxed?

    This is what they said –

    Ontario hospitals are feeling the brunt of soaring COVID-19 case counts as the virus rips through the province at record speed and infects high numbers of patients and health care workers.

    The situation has become so serious that some hospital networks are reporting hundreds of their staff members have tested positive for the virus, are symptomatic or are in isolation after an exposure.

    Kevin Smith, the president and chief executive officer of Toronto’s University Health Network, says those factors combined have resulted in at least a hundred staff absences per day as the highly transmissible Omicron variant drives case counts to unprecedented highs across the province.

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