Merry Christmas to All

I plan to write a new post in a few days. For now, I will just leave an open thread.

I hope everyone has happy holidays of whatever type you celebrate. This is a good time to be with family and friends.

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My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. Fast Eddy says:

    Vitamin D – health authorities are not recommending it as a covid treatment – they want covid to spread:

  2. JMS says:

    Two years in this scamdemic, if I had to choose only one of its analysts, I think i would stick with Dr. David Martin .Maybe he doesn’t know the why, but he knows like few the what, the how and especially the who.

    • Minority of One says:

      Another piece of excellent sars-cov2 / CV19 analysis.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        40 minute mark — life insurance data says no additional deaths…

        However that appears to be changing as we get vax deaths

  3. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Heart attack patients told to make own way to hospital as Covid surge hits northern England

    Heart attack patients calling 999 in parts of northern England are being asked to get a lift instead of waiting for an ambulance as hospitals in the region experience more than double the growth rate in numbers of Covid patients compared with London.

    Four more NHS trusts in England – all outside London – declared “critical incidents” on Tuesday amid soaring staff absences, rising numbers of Covid patients and growing pressure on emergency services.

    • Xabier says:

      The daughter of a friend here is an ambulance driver.

      A& E is full, sometimes she waits for hours to get people inside the hospital, but they are not Covid cases.

      Everything else, but not Covid. It might of course be very different in another region, but why would that be?

    • Xabier says:

      Making non-symptomatic staff self-isolate en masse is great way to create a hospital ‘crisis’, is it not?

      • Minority of One says:

        All part of the plan. Will be very interesting to see how this pans out over the next few months. I am not expecting things to quieten down though, so the question is, how are they going to keep the fear going?

  4. Michael Le Merchant says:

    China: Xi’an residents in lockdown trade goods for food amid shortage

    People quarantined in the Chinese city of Xi’an are bartering supplies amid continuing worries over food shortages.

    Social posts show locals swapping cigarettes and tech gadgets for food. About 13 million have been confined to their homes since 23 December.

    The strict measures come ahead of the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics due to be held in Beijing next month.

    Overnight, the city of Yuzhou was shut down after the discovery of just three cases, all of them asymptomatic.

  5. Michael Le Merchant says:

    ‘We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months,’ says Oxford vaccine scientist

    A leading expert who helped create the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine said Tuesday that giving everyone in the world booster shots multiple times a year is not feasible.

    “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It’s not sustainable or affordable,” Professor Andrew Pollard, the director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and head of the UK’s Committee on Vaccination and Immunization, told The Daily Telegraph in an interview published Tuesday.

    Pollard also stressed the “need to target the vulnerable” going forward, rather than administering doses to everyone age 12 and older. More data is needed to ascertain “whether, when and how often those who are vulnerable will need additional doses,” he said.

  6. Michael Le Merchant says:

    TPC #653: Dr. Mattias Desmet, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough (Mass Formation Psychosis)

  7. Michael Le Merchant says:

    French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with @le_Parisien
    says of the unvaccinated: “I really want to piss them off… so we’re going to continue to do it, until the end, that’s the strategy”.

    • Michael Le Merchant says:

      “Macron also denounced France’s 5 million unvaccinated as “non-citizens” …

      • D. Stevens says:

        As energy declines I imagine outgroups will be denounced as “non-human” and it will be open season on the vermin plague rats. Their lives and property will be free for the taking.

        • Xabier says:


          Well, ‘Call me a rat and I’ll bite!’ should be the response.

          The writing is on the wall, so all we can do is prepare….

        • Bobby says:

          Attacking the naturals would be foolish, healthy people are unlikely to suffer mysterious onset myocardial events during a fistfight. Stay strong

    • If the vaccination strategy actually made sense, Macron’s statement would perhaps make sense.

      We know that overuse of antibiotics is a huge problem. Can’t Macron figure out the overuse of something that is more or less parallel to an antibiotic for viruses is likely to cause huge problems in the long run?

      • Rodster says:

        What I read into Macron’s statement confirms it’s all about Control and Compliance. Once the Plebs accept the rules, then they try something else. This is all to predictable.

        • Adonis says:

          That and the fact they are after 50 % depopulation quickly within 5 years all stated in remarks made in current movies and tv shows found in popular channels

          • eKnock says:

            7.5 billion population down by 50% in five years.
            3.75 billion CAD-avers in five years.
            750 million CADs per year.
            2,054,794 Cads per day.
            At 100lbs./average per CAD and 45,000 lbs. per semi-truck load.
            = 4,566 semi-truck loads of CADs per day.
            Maybe this is what Elon’s Boring Machine is really about.

    • Michael Le Merchant says:

      Germany’s Health Minister Lauterbach: “We cannot wait for compulsory vaccinations to become obsolete because we have a very high level of infections. Omicron as ‘dirty vaccination’ is not an alternative to mandatory vaccinations.” (RND)

      German Health Minister demands more Covid restrictions and faster progress on compulsory vaccinations before they “become obsolete” due to “dirty” natural infections.

  8. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Confessions of a ‘human guinea pig’: Why I’m resigning from Moderna vaccine trials
    By Jeremy MenchikJan. 4, 2022

    When the trial ended and I learned of the vaccine’s success, I was ecstatic that I had played a small role in furthering science that could help save lives. I even agreed to enroll in another trial for Moderna’s booster that specifically targeted the Delta variant. I felt then that being a test subject was a valuable way to contribute to public health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    That initial feeling has receded in recent months as I have come to understand that the noble enterprise of science-making I had imagined I was a part of is actually, first and foremost, an exercise in ruthless corporate profit-making.

    Instead of going all out to end the pandemic as quickly as possible, Moderna is helping prolong it by not making its mRNA technology available to the U.S. government or other manufacturers so global production can be scaled up quickly — and thereby maximizing its profits.

    Imagine that, I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked 😳…no better than barnyard animals….

    I, Claudius

  9. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Joe Biden “There is no excuse to be unvaccinated”

    • Maybe the excuse is that you don’t consider the virus a risk, given what you know about:

      (1) Cheap ways around the virus, both before and If you catch the illness.
      (2) Your own age and risk profile.

      If you have one foot in the grave and can’t be bothered to take care of your own health, maybe the vaccines make sense

      • Fast Eddy says:

        One foot in the grave : norm dunc anna mike… makes sense .. also makes sense to snort coke all day long .. eat pies… sky dive with a broken parachute

  10. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Joe Biden instructs parents to keep their kids away from unvaccinated people

  11. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Boris Johnson calls number of unvaccinated Brits ‘absolutely crazy’

  12. deimetri says:

    GUATEMALAN star Marcos Menaldo has tragically passed away at the age of 25 after suffering a heart attack in training on Monday.

    The Deportivo Marquense defender complained of breathing difficulties during a session while preparing for the new season.

    This is normal..

  13. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Banks in Argentina are not letting unvaccinated people to get inside… The only way to withdraw dollars from your account is to do it physically in your bank

  14. Michael Le Merchant says:

    New York science teacher is arrested after giving 17yr old kid a covid jab without his parents permission.

  15. Sam says:

    Just out of curiosity…. What is the booster? Is it just the same as the vaccine only they call it a booster? I don’t think they just came out with something new

    • houtskool says:

      A booster is like paying off credit card debt with another credit card.

    • Hubbs says:

      “Out of curiosity” , sorry, that triggers me…. @ 2:01:00
      “We can die here, or in that thing. What’s the matter? Haven’t you any curiosity left?”

      “As a matter of interest, how many court martials have you done?” @ 12:25

    • Ed says:

      Sam, my understanding is a booster is exactly the same stuff as the first two shots. Just more of the same. It seems the body filters out the mRNA after 90 days.

    • D. Stevens says:

      It’s a half dose of the same thing designed to work against the original variant. I wonder if that’s like taking a flu shot from 2020 in 2022 and hoping it works this time around.

    • TIm Groves says:

      They have been said to be “the same thing” but since at least some of the ingredients of all the COVID-19 jabs are “undisclosed”, it is impossible for those of us not involved in rolling out the jabs to be sure.

      • Xabier says:

        ‘Try my pies’, said Sweeney Todd, ‘each one as good and nutritious as the last!’

        As my Victorian great-granny said, don’t trust a pie made by someone else……

  16. Yoshua says:

    Evidence for a mice origin for Omicron

    • According to the abstract:

      Collectively, our results suggest that the progenitor of Omicron jumped from humans to mice, rapidly accumulated mutations conducive to infecting that host, then jumped back into humans, indicating an inter-species evolutionary trajectory for the Omicron outbreak.

      This would seem to fit with the earlier scenario proposed suggesting that lab workers had been working with “humanized” mice, and omicron is the result of a gain-in-function experiment that somehow got transferred back to humans (accidentally or otherwise).

      There was also a link saying that now Omicron seems to have become airborne with respect to mouse transmission. Since there are mice everywhere, Omicron can be expected to be pretty much everywhere, indefinitely. China will need to stamp out all mice and rat infections, besides ending all human infections, if it is to get rid of Omicron.

  17. Yoshua says:

    Mr Pool


    Sirens in a Chinese city ahead of an earthquake

  18. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    France’s famed Bogdanoff twins die of COVID after rejecting vaccines
    Elaine Cobbe
    Tue, January 4, 2022, 10:20 AM·2 min read
    Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff pose during a portrait session in Paris, France, November 27, 2019. / Credit: Eric Fougere/Corbis/Getty
    Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff pose during a portrait session in Paris, France, November 27, 2019. / Credit: Eric Fougere/Corbis/Getty
    Paris — Controversial French TV stars and famous twins Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff were inseparable in life, and in death. They had refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, believing their good health would save them, but were admitted to a hospital on the same day last month and diagnosed with COVID-19.

    The younger twin, Grichka, died in an intensive care unit on December 28. Igor followed him six days later on January 3. They were 72.

    The Bogdanoff twins were TV stars in France in the 1980s, famous as much for their offbeat popular science shows as for their good looks, multiplied by two.

    The pair were inseparable, and they were in and out of the spotlight for most of their adult lives.

    In 1979, they launched the first TV show entirely about science fiction, Temps X. Accused by academics of dumbing down science, it was that approach that made the show so popular with their audience.

    • Tim Groves says:

      These two boys were weird—really weird. Take a look at their wiki entry.

      • These young men do sound strange. It sounds like they were television personalities, so they might do things for simply to be well known.

        If I am understanding the Wikipedia article correctly, they had an African-American father who was not the man their mother was married to. This caused their mother to lose her ability to care for her four older children. The twins were raised by their maternal grandmother in France.

        More recently, the article says, “They were involved in a number of controversies, most notably the Bogdanov affair, in which it was alleged the brothers wrote nonsensical advanced physics papers that were nonetheless published in reputable scientific journals.”

        According to the article,

        Grichka Bogdanoff received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Burgundy (Dijon) in 1999.[13][7] In 2002, Igor Bogdanoff received a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Burgundy.[7] Both brothers received the lowest passing grade of “honorable”.[7]

        These men were born in August, 1949, so that they were well past the age when a person would expect them to be graduate students, if they received their advanced degrees in 1999 (50 years old) and in 2002 (about 53 years old). Then they went on to write what sounds like five intentionally flawed acamdemic papers, to show how lax the peer review process is.

        They died when they were 72 years old, so that they were not really young folks, at the time of their deaths. The article notes that they were not vaccinated.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Wooah… freeeeky!

    • Xabier says:

      This is what the good Lord Science does in righteous vengeance: He strikes anti-Vaxxers down in old age!

  19. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    The Daily Beast
    California Deputy DA Who Fought Vaccine Mandate Dies Abruptly After Falling Ill With COVID at Age 46
    Allison Quinn
    Tue, January 4, 2022, 8:17 AM
    A deputy district attorney and up-and-coming Republican political star in California’s Orange County has died abruptly after telling friends she contracted COVID-19.

    Kelly Ernby, a presumed candidate for the state Assembly in 2022, was only 46 years old. According to the Los Angeles Times, she fell ill shortly after speaking out against vaccine mandates at a rally organized by Turning Point USA on Dec. 4.

    “There’s nothing that matters more than our freedoms right now,” she was quoted telling the crowd during the rally at Irvine City Hall.

    It was not immediately clear where or how she contracted the virus. Her death has sparked an outpouring of tributes from colleagues who praised her for her passion and experience.

    Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer devoted a lengthy Twitter thread to Ernby on Monday, calling her “an incredibly vibrant and passionate attorney who cared deeply about the work that we do as prosecutors—and deeply about the community we all fight so hard to protect.”

    “It was an absolute privilege to fight the good fight alongside Kelly,” Spitzer wrote. “Her passion and her shining light will be forever missed.”

    “My heart is broken and I’m in tears. I lost a dear friend to Covid complications. I love you @KellyErnby ! You’ve been nothing but an inspiration to many of us here in Orange County,” Ben Chapman, chairman of the Greater Costa Mesa Republicans, wrote on Twitter, alongside a photo of himself and Ernby.

    The Orange County Republicans, for whom Ernby had served as the precinct operations chair, said news of her death had caused “great sadness.”

    The group noted only that Ernby had died unexpectedly after a “brief illness,” saying “we have hope in this tragedy because we know she had a deep faith.”

    • Tim Groves says:

      Covid-19 is still a virus that doesn’t kill over 99% of people who come into contact with it. Did she die of Covid-19, or did she die with it? Did she have any comorbidities? Was she poisoned? What sort of treatment did she get and what sort of treatment didn’t she get?

      I’m looking forward to updates on this one.

      • Xabier says:

        Exactly, Tim.

        After such deaths ‘of Covid’ we should ask, ‘Was it with Covid?’ and ‘Was there timely early intervention?’ etc.

        Of course, even with that, a small % will defy treatment, especially those who are sickly anyway.

        We are like Soviets now, reading between the lines…..

  20. Yoshua says:

    Omicron has become airborne among mice according to Harvard2TBH. We will never be able to stop the virus now since mice and rats live amount us in our cities. And what kind of variants will they produce in the future?

    At the same time there are reports from Xi’an in China that has been hit with Covid… that rodents are spreading a hemorrhage fever. It’s not clear if it’s two separate diseases…or a new Omicron sub lineage.

    A very long interview…but it’s mentioned in the beginning of it

  21. jj says:

    Im curious. How does one evaluate the harmfulness of a substance chronic vs acute? It would seem some are very harmed by the injections. To my mind that might indicate that the injections are harmful to everyone’s health but to a lessor degree and perhaps long term. Yet i have had all the normal childhood vaccines which some have had reactions too. I do not consider them to have harmed me. Certainly nothing like we see with the injections but my point is how do you evaluate the difference between something that is just plain harmful vs something that might be harmful in the short term but is not harmful if you escape that short term risk? Is it a function of how fast the substance breaks down and/or is cleared by the bodies mechanisms? How does one evaluate the difference in acute and chronic risk? Is there a metric for that. It would seem to be relevant in determining risk of either disease or treatment.

    • In terms of long term harm, I think of the situation with young men today. We have a huge number of young men with problems of various types: autism, ADHD, depression, drug addiction. Women seem to be somewhat less affected.

      One possible explanation is that there is too much population relative to available space and resources of all types, and natural forces are giving a push back. This would be related to John Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia experiment:

      Another hypothesis would be that there is something wrong in the environment–too much herbicide such as glycophosphate. Or too many artificial food colorings and flavorings and dough enhancers.Or too much pollution of various other kinds.

      Another hypothesis is that the vaccines are causing problems. We don’t really have a control group who were not given the vaccines, so it is difficult to tell. Certainly, fewer vaccines were given in less developed countries, but I believe that they are still experiencing some problems as well.

  22. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Associated Press
    Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately?
    Tue, January 4, 2022, 12:03 AM·2 min read

    Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately? AP Illustration/Peter Hamlin)
    Why are so many vaccinated people getting COVID-19 lately?

    A couple of factors are at play, starting with the emergence of the highly contagious omicron variant. Omicron is more likely to infect people, even if it doesn’t make them very sick, and its surge coincided with the holiday travel season in many places.

    People might mistakenly think the COVID-19 vaccines will completely block infection, but the shots are mainly designed to prevent severe illness, says Louis Mansky, a virus researcher at the University of Minnesota.

    And the vaccines are still doing their job on that front, particularly for people who’ve gotten boosters.

    Two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine still offer strong protection against serious illness from omicron. While those initial doses aren’t very good at blocking omicron infection, boosters — particularly with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — rev up levels of the antibodies to help fend off infection.

    Omicron appears to replicate much more efficiently than previous variants. And if infected people have high virus loads, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll pass it on to others, especially the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people who get the virus are more likely to have mild symptoms, if any, since the shots trigger multiple defenses in your immune system, making it much more difficult for omicron to slip past them all.

    Advice for staying safe hasn’t changed. Doctors say to wear masks indoors, avoid crowds and get vaccinated and boosted. Even though the shots won’t always keep you from catching the virus, they’ll make it much more likely you stay alive and out of the hospital.

    The Barnyard animals will step in line and beg for more boosters…

    But, but at the beginning the narrative was the vaccine would prevent infection, stop the spread and end the surge in ICU patients….

    Oh, you must of misunderstood….Sure 😃 Joey Sleeping Biden was nappings

    • Rodster says:

      They need to admit that the vaccines don’t work as intended, they screw with peoples immune system, and it was a government power grab followed by a Big Pharma money grab. However they won’t because governments around the world are now Crime Syndicates who are being lobbied for tons of cash from Big Pharma the “Drug Dealers”.

    • Xabier says:

      Yes, that’s certainly what they led people to believe about the vaxxes.

      Sir Patrick Vallance, the science officer here, was slightly more honest at the start of the injecting, saying that ‘we don’t yet know’ just how protective the vaxxes would be. A man skilled in covering his own behind.

    • As an actuary, I think this might interest Gail.

      “Unprecedented: Deaths in Indiana for ages 18-64 are up 40%”

      The amazing thing is that the CEO of the insurance company that has produced this data is insisting that all employees must be injected.

      • The CEO sees that people are hospitalized less, if they have the vaccine. This is the big issue. Probably that they die less, too, in the short term. They would tend to push vaccines. No one has proven that they cause more harm than the illness itself (given the poor treatment healthcare systems provide).

        • Gail, I’ve looked through that article three times now to figure out where Davison (the CEO) said that, but I can’t find it. In fact, the article only mentions that “The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago.”

          Do you have the ability to put your ear to the ground in the insurance industry and see if insurers are noticing post-vaccination shifts in death and disability? It seems that in general, 2020 through 1st and 2nd quarter 2021 did not have the same increase and that the current (as reported in this one article, from this one company) increase is occurring after the first vaccination wave. Obviously we may be seeing a combination effect (Covid and vaccines).

          I hope that as an actuary, you might have access to data being compiled within the insurance industry that might shed light on some of what’s going on – and that would verify whether or not this one article is reporting accurately.

        • Xabier says:

          Treatment really has to be non-existent (no outpatient and primary care) poor (go home and take paracetamol until you are half-dead) inappropriate and even deadly like Remdesivir and ventilators , to make the pseudo-vaccines look good.

          Once that is done, it is easy to make ‘More benefits than risk’ look plausible.

          If, however, vaxx outcomes were compared to those when effective early treatment had been applied, it would look very different indeed.

          Quite brilliant, in a way.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Odd… all these people guaranteed they’d stop transmission

  23. Halfvard says:

    Damn, I’m watching Malone on with Joe Rogan right now…. he’s mentioned a lot of things I was not aware of.

    I didn’t know he was jabbed and had a bad reaction. Apparently his systolic BP hit 230.

    He also revealed corporate connections between Reuters and Pfizer…

    • vbaker says:

      I’m so keenly aware of what is happening out there, and yet, this interview was 3 incredible hours that shot by seemingly in no time. It was a wonderful start to the New Year, as it provided just a little hope that perhaps a shift in our collective thinking is underway.

  24. Student says:

    The mRNA-based BNT162b2 vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses.

    ‘In conclusion, the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine induces complex functional reprogramming of innate immune responses, which should be considered in the development and use of this new class of vaccines.’

    • hillcountry says:

      Noticed the TLR mention.

      The first link leads to the second.

      How any team could peer-review that is beyond me. There’s a lot of information not encountered elsewhere and a whole lot of “WTF could go wrong” with that. Tends to annoy me when paralysis is called a side-effect.

      • Xabier says:

        Researchers and physicians are complacent about such ‘side-effects’ in the same way the military talk about acceptable civilian casualties – ‘collateral damage’.

        It’s an ethically, intellectually, and emotionally, defective sub-culture.

        • SomeMan'sLand says:

          Got to say, I have heard firsthand from side effects now too. One woman (in her 40ies) had heavy side effects – compromised breathing, extreme fatigue, fever etc. her doctor did not report it, because he said only after a certain amount of days. Given she said the real disease would be worse without the vaccine. Another has had his 3rd shot two weeks ago and was sick for 10 days, extreme fatigue. He said this got worse with every of the three shots. My third shot was harmless.

          Conclusion: side effects may well be under-reported

          • Xabier says:

            Reasonable estimates for the under-reporting of Vaxx deaths and injuries are from 10 to 40 X the figures found in the reporting systems, VAERS, Yellow Card in the UK, etc.

            This can actually be cross-checked with pro-Vaxx estimates based on surveys, eg the ZOE project in the UK, run by Prof Spector, which put the level of injury at 20% (‘mild and transitory’ of course…..).

            That means a probable 10 million or so injuries, most of which would of course be the typical fever and maybe collapse for 48 hrs so often reported. Yellow Card , however, records only 400k reports of clinical injuries, with a average of 3 injuries per victim.

            But Prof Spector told women suffering menstrual problems it was ‘just nerves. dears’, so to him and his team everything is ‘mild’…..

  25. Jarle says:

    Meanwhile in Norway:

    Electricity prices are higher than ever but politicians still insist on powering oil rigs from the shore and not from onboard gas generators.

    • The US oil rigs I saw, which were perhaps farther offshore than those in Norway, simply burned some of the associated natural gas to provide electricity for drilling and for the other functions provided by the rig.

      Both gas and electricity are high priced now, elsewhere in Europe. To some extent, Norway would seem able to choose to charge its own people lower gas and electricity prices (than it charges outsiders), just as OPEC countries have done for years. Of course, Norway is physically close to other European countries, and it participates in “time of day pricing” with all of these other countries. It sells hydroelectric backup power to other countries. I would expect that Norway is maxing out on the amount of electrical backup it can sell, now, however.

      Once rigs are powered with electricity from shore, it would take a new investment to change the powering scheme.

      • “Norway would seem able to choose to charge its own people lower gas and electricity prices”

        When I lived in Norway, everything was electric in the houses. The gas is exported.

        • Jarle says:

          “When I lived in Norway, everything was electric in the houses. The gas is exported.”

          That’s right. We cook with gas if out camping but at home it’s elec all the way.

  26. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Gas shortage hits Pakistan’s exports, adding to economic stress.

    “Pakistan’s natural gas shortage is hurting its most important export industry, putting even more stress on an economy already struggling with accelerating inflation and a weakening currency.”

    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Kazakhstan: Gas price hike fuels Zhanaozen protests.

      “Kazakhstan has begun the new year with a wave of demonstrations over fuel prices that began, alarmingly for the government, in the oil town of Zhanaozen, where protests spiraled into deadly violence a decade ago.”

    • Pakistan is a country with declining natural gas production of its own. It needs an increasing amount of imported LNG to keep its systems going each year, but it cannot afford the high price of imported LNG now. So the LNG is going to Europe instead.

      • it will bring down different nations in seemingly different ways, but Pakistan followed the global trend and boosted it population and the their living standards on cheap surplus fuels.

        now fuel is neither cheap nor surplus

        the end result is certain

        Pakistan’s population is 227m, with a (current) growth rate of 2%. Very very few people in Pakistan realise what that means. Only that violence will increase as they get squeezed for basic resources

  27. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Russia may be nearing the limit of its oil production capacity, according to recent media reports.

    “Bloomberg reported that the country’s December oil and condensate output together totaled 10.903 million bpd, which was flat on November, suggesting it was using up all its available production capacity.”

    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Gas superpower Russia struggles to connect millions to network…

      “Chita is one of many big cities in Siberia that have not been connected to Russia’s domestic gas network. Instead, coal-fired power stations heat the city centre, while residents of the suburbs fend off freezing temperatures by firing up furnaces, causing some of the worst air pollution in Russia.”

      • Harry McGibbs says:

        “Russian gas flows via Yamal pipeline flow east for 14th day.

        “The Yamal-Europe pipeline which usually sends Russian gas west into Europe was flowing east from Germany to Poland on Sunday for a 14th straight day, data from German network operator Gascade showed.”

        • Bobby says:

          Gascade, Great descriptive context and a fitting term for our times of shortages, who thinks of these names . Is this deliberate preloaded Ironic black humour

      • Connecting widely scattered cities with natural gas pipelines is a very expensive project. The pipelines are powered either with electricity (likely not available) or by burning part of the natural gas transported through the pipeline (more likely). Thus, there is an ongoing cost to operating these long pipelines as well.

        • Jane says:

          Interesting. I didn’t know that.
          I wonder whether renewables can be used for any part of keeping the pipelines running. Microwind?

          Is the power needed for metering? Fans? Pumps?

          • Halfvard says:

            Pumps mainly.

          • When I visited a BP natural gas extraction site in Wyoming several years ago (on a trip sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute), BP was using solar panels to power metering, to the extent that they could. They would set up a few solar panels with batteries to power their meters, and only check on them from time to time, perhaps only when there was a problem.

            One issue we heard about then was was that people would want to steal solar panels that were sitting alone, unguarded, at ground level, for long periods of time. I suppose the solar panels would need cleaning and other maintenance from time to time as well.

            I mention other things about my trip in article linked above, including the fact that they were considering adding a wind turbine at larger installations.

    • I have been suspecting that without higher oil prices and a lot more investment, Russia is probably maxing out on the amount of oil and condensate it can produce. Without the US and Canada leading the way, world production cannot possibly get back to 2018-2019 levels.

    • Ed says:

      Russia should pump slowly saving oil for later. Export only a small amount save for later for domestic use.

      • but oil represents, (I think) 56% of Russias export earnings

        Cut that by a substantial amount and the Russian people start to suffer.

        Energy exchange is the sole source of employment for all of us. Oil keeps Russia itself stable, just as it does the USA and elsewhere

        • Ed says:

          The Russian people are strong they can live with less.

          • no they can’t Ed

            once a population adjusts itself to being warm, clean, mobile and so on, they cannot go back—other than in collapse mode.
            That invariably results in the violence of denial

            The Russian land mass expanded itself by exploiting the energy resources of other species:

            Meat and fur
            And trees

            At the start of the industrial revolution, Moscow’s population was about 130000–ie it was kept in check by the growth-rate of its support species.
            —-it is now 12 million.

            What dyou think put those millions there?

            They wont be kept alive by killing animals and burning trees

  28. Rodster says:

    “Why 2022 is Going to Suck” by Chris Martenson

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      or 2022 will be okay, and 2023 will suck.

      after the downturn, he seems to think the situation can get better.

      I doubt it.

    • The title reads, “Why 2022 Is Going to Suck, but Doesn’t Have To”

      What is happening in 2022 is pretty much baked into the cake right now, I am afraid. Even a change in policies in a few Western countries would not do much of anything for the world situation, I expect. Lack of cheap-to-extract resources is already biting. It is affecting food supply for next year. Countries will be shut in, to try to protect the countries as much as possible from the disruption likely to take place.

      • Hideaway says:

        Is this quote from Chris Martenson him forgetting everything he has been producing in his crash course for over a decade??

        “The future is going to be dark. For a while. And then things will get better, they always do”

        Seems like he has to add ‘hope ahead’ to get sales up. Meanwhile limits will start biting, probably with inflationary trends in some parts of the economy, while ‘official’ inflation stays low.

  29. hillcountry says:

    Cell Death & Differentiation
    2021 Dec 28

    Comorbidity-associated glutamine deficiency [and NAD+] is a predisposition to severe COVID-19

    The major COVID-19-associated metabolic risks (old age, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity) share high PAI-1 levels and could predispose certain groups to severe COVID-19 complications. In this review article, we describe the common metabolic profile that is shared between all of these high-risk groups and COVID-19.

    This profile not only involves high levels of PAI-1 and STAT3 as previously described, but also includes low levels of glutamine and NAD+, coupled with overproduction of hyaluronan (HA).

    SARS-CoV-2 infection exacerbates this metabolic imbalance and predisposes these patients to the severe patho-physiologies of COVID-19, including the involvement of NETs (neutrophil extracellular traps) and HA overproduction in the lung. While hyperinflammation due to proinflammatory cytokine overproduction has been frequently documented, it is recently recognized that the immune response is markedly suppressed in some cases by the expansion and activity of MDSCs (myeloid-derived suppressor cells) and FoxP3+ Tregs (regulatory T cells).

    The metabolomics profiles of severe COVID-19 patients and patients with advanced cancer are similar, and in high-risk patients, SARS-CoV-2 infection leads to aberrant STAT3 activation, which promotes a cancer-like metabolism.

    We propose that glutamine deficiency and overproduced HA is the central metabolic characteristic of COVID-19 and its high-risk groups. We suggest the usage of glutamine supplementation and the repurposing of cancer drugs to prevent the development of severe COVID-19 pneumonia.

    • Halfvard says:

      One wonders if people with these metabolic imbalances are also more susceptible to negative complications from the jabs

    • Tim Groves says:

      The dietary sources of glutamine include especially the protein-rich foods like beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs, vegetables like beans, beets, cabbage, spinach, carrots, parsley, vegetable juices and also in wheat, papaya, Brussels sprouts, celery, kale and fermented foods like miso. [Wikipedia]

      So the advice seems to be avoid junk food and dig in to the meat and veggies. Or if you’re a veggie, dig in even deeper to those veggies. And no, pot noodles and those buns that hamburgers come wrapped in do not count as veggies.

      • hillcountry says:

        had a book by Herman Aihara where he noted that miso was regarded by surviving medical personnel as protective against radiation damage after the bombs.

  30. MG says:

    When the energy supply of the humans stops to be adequate, other species (like animals, plants, viruses, bacteria etc.) start to prevail over human species.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      unless billions of humans are down to where they need to burn wood to survive.

      then the entire planet could go the route of Easter Island.

      lots of life will rebound once humans are extinct.

      the question is how much gets desttroyed before extinction?

      • MG says:

        The point is that the Easter Island was surrounded by the Sea full of fish, but the humans on Earth are surrounded by the cold space.

      • Hubbs says:

        Some new theories have emerged about Easter Island- since I was last there 17 years ago.

        The Mori stautes were “walked” after being stood upright at the site of their cutting out of the mountain. Some toppled along the road to the coast. The theory of using trees as log rollers resorting in deforestation is less in favor now. The statues are longer than they would appear, as holes were dug to drop or slide them in as they were upright- burying half of their actual height.

        Tree loss may have been caused by introduced species of rat that ate the tree seedlings.

        One thing for sure, if no trees, then no boats for fishing.

        Depopulation may have been caused by slave trade.

        Reports of cannibalism even, so food may have been a problem as well.
        But always a fascinating account as research continues.

    • I agree.

      I think of the energy supplies that humans control as leveraging human energy. It is really the amount of energy supplies, per person, that can be put into place that makes a difference. Humans have gained control over other species using the levering effect of this additional energy. Once this leveraging effect begins to be lost, humans become more vulnerable to influences like viruses and bacteria. Also, food supply becomes more tenuous.

  31. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Georgia Dept. of Public Health says COVID-19 data has overwhelmed its system

    Monday’s report contains data received over the weekend. GDPH says it expects to have an update on Tuesday at 3 p.m.

    The Mayo Clinic is predicting a dramatic rise in cases for Georgia by Jan. 16.

    On Dec. 31, GDPH reported that Georgia has 114,599 new cases in the last two weeks and total cases were 1,420,034. COVID-19 has resulted in the hospitalization of 94,879 residents, with 3,635 people currently hospitalized. 26,425 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19.

    The population of Georgia is 10,833,472.

    People have been waiting for hours to be tested at local testing sites over the last two weeks. At-home tests have become almost impossible to find in local stores.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      seems to be lots of children getting sick now.

      I suspect that is really the flu.

      so it’s flu and delta and omicron all together.

      can you say Swarm? wooooooo!!!!!!!

      hey elite geniuses, where’s the vaccine for THAT?

    • This goes along with stories I have heard as well. My hairdresser texted me with a message the day before she cut my hair last week saying that she though she had been exposed to COVID, on Saturday, before a Wednesday appointment. She had an appointment to be tested on Thursday evening, but could not get tested earlier.

      I decided to go anyhow to the appointment, because the city is so full of virus cases that staying away from everyone who thinks they might have been exposed is impossible. Also, the incubation time is so short with omicron, if she was going to come down with omicron symptom, she probably would have by Wednesday. As far as I know, she is unvaccinated. She had had COVID, so she did not see the point in vaccination.

      I did go to the appointment and nothing bad has happened. My hairdresser told me that she would let me know if the test came back positive or if she eventually she got symptoms. I have not experienced symptoms either. I am now visiting the panhandle of Florida. The COVID rate here is a lot lower, I believe. (It was the last I checked.)

  32. hillcountry says:

    Did some work today. Just posted this on another site that had initiated a project.

    I was meandering through papers on NAD+, Sirtuins, and Niacin, as relates to cancer and these vaccines; (looking for potential ‘smoking-gun’ studies); when the fact of Niacinamide being the preferred NAD+ precursor during cancer-treatment, due to it not requiring Glutamine in the synthesis of NAD+, got me off those search-terms and onto the Glutamine metabolism track.

    Papers found so far lead to the hypothesis that if these vaccines are destabilizing Glutamine metabolism, that alone is sufficient to answer at least some of the cancers. Interestingly, one paper revealed a Glutamine deficiency in advanced hospital Covid-cases. Competition for Glutamine between T-cells and Tumor-cells is well documented.

    One question is what if we’re mass-vaccinating into a Glutamine-deficient aged-population; with its preexisting propensity for cancer metabolism? At one end, they’re not making it out of the hospital or nursing home. At the other, with weakened or altered T-cell signaling due to viral infection, T-cells lose the competition for Glutamine to cancer cells. Another question goes back to the related NAD+ metabolism. What if we’re mass-vaccinating into a NAD+ deficient and/or a Niacin-deficient population? There’s no ‘discounting’ for any of these considerations prior to shots being administered. What good is it to have our scientists find the commonality of Glutamine deficiency in advanced Covid cases and not notify everyone in headlines and covers of grocery store magazines?

    Excerpts from an article by Dr. Thomas Levy:

    The involvement of niacin in preventing cancer and chemotherapeutic side effects is not commonly recognized, but decades of research has established that niacin deficiency is common in cancer patients and cancer patients require larger amounts of niacin to correct deficiency. [4]

    Generally, studies indicate that NAD functions as a preservative protecting cellular DNA from mutation and also preventing mutated cancer cells from surviving. Niacin deficiency promotes cancer by decreasing genomic stability, increasing the chances both for mutation and survival of mutated cancer cells.

    Studies indicate that niacin deficiency delays DNA repair, promotes accumulation of DNA strand breaks, chromosomal translocations, telomere erosion typical of aging, and promotes cancer. Rat model studies indicate that most of these aspects of genomic instability are all minimized by the recommended levels of niacin. [5] Niacin deficiency also increases levels of the tumor suppressor p53. [6] Studies in mice indicate that mild niacin deficiency can cause an increased incidence of ultraviolet-B induced skin cancer. [7]

    This review of 183 studies does a nice job of bringing together NAD+, PARP enzymes, Sirtuins, DNA repair, Cytotoxicity, and T-cell considerations.

    NAD+-consuming enzymes in immune defense against viral infection

    • What besides Niacin deficiency is this article mentioning? One internet site says:

      A niacin deficiency is rare because it is found in many foods, both from animals and plants.
      Red meat: beef, beef liver, pork.
      Brown rice.
      Fortified cereals and breads.
      Nuts, seeds.

      Are there other deficiencies that this article is mentioning?

      • hillcountry says:

        PubMed query on “Niacin Deficiency”. There’s all kinds of studies.

        1. Niacin Enhancement for Parkinson’s Disease: An Effectiveness Trial

        2. Effect of maternal dietary niacin intake on congenital anomalies: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

        3. Clinically-diagnosed vitamin deficiencies and disorders in the entire United States military population, 1997-2015.

        On the other question: I had combined a few things together there, so not to reference one study in particular; but the other deficiency, one I’d never heard about is Glutamine.

    • Absolutely you’re onto something. I’ve personally gone down the rabbit hole of longevity that seems to massively overlaps with your reading.

      Niacin, NMN, NAC, Glycine

      Great vid about recent Niacin human study:

  33. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Geert, Mathew, Jessica & Myself – Episode 001

    Geert Vanden Bossche, Mathew Crawford, and Jessica Rose and I went round-robin style on some of our recent substack articles.

  34. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Andrew Cuomo gets away with mass murder…

    • Rodster says:

      Justice really means “Just Us”. The more this blatantly happens, the more people put it in their memory bank. Eventually they lose it when they figure it out just like George Carlin did many years ago.

      “It’s a Big Club and you ain’t in it”

    • Xabier says:

      Just as the Chief Medical Officers here, who should be charged with contributory manslaughter for their pandemic policies, received knighthoods…….

  35. Michael Le Merchant says:

    The Three Faces of Evil

    “People who claim that they’re evil are usually no worse than the rest of us… It’s people who claim that they’re good…that you have to be wary of.” ~ Gregory Maguire, Wicked

  36. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Contracted sales for 31 listed property companies in China fell 26% in December from a year earlier, according to Citigroup analysts.

    This is the world’s biggest asset bubble bursting in slow motion×900

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “Variant IHU, which is believed to be linked with travel to the African nation of Cameroon, has 46 mutations which experts fear could mean it is more resistant to existing vaccines.”

      actually SHOULD mean it is more resistant.

      and if it isn’t, the next variant detected probably will be.

      “However, on a more positive note, the new strain does not appear to be spreading rapidly.”

      however, cases can increase exponentially and THEN spread rapidly.

      Delta and Omicron did this, so why not this one?

      Bring On the Swarm!

      Delta and Omicron and Pi all around the world.


      where are the vaccines for that, you elite geniuses?

      insert lots of h’s and a’s here.

    • Nosaj says:

      Hey Gail – given your background can you break down the insurance companies that are reporting a 2021 increased death rate of 40% among working age adults?

      • Hubbs says:

        Rather slow for me today, so my ramble: Although insurance companies are supposed to be the ones that really “get it right,” I remember at my 2006 college reunion asking my classmate, David Berson, CIO for ?Freddie Mac? (or was it Fannie, or Ginny Mae?) at the time how his goverment sponsored agency was doing as I sensed the financial convulsions that were about to occur.He said “oh, Fannie’s fine.” Then of course, a year or two later it had to be bailed out or backstopped by the FED. OTOH, did he know this evenuality all along? Having said that, my now paid up Whole Life and Variable Life Policies from Provident Mutual, later bought out by Nationwide, are still with Natiowide, where Berson is still the CIO.

      • I don’t really have insider information on insurance company statistics. Also, it is very early for any centrally collected data to be compiled. In fact, I don’t think that much data really is centrally collected. It is mostly very general information, such as profitability of insurance companies and industry mortality data.

        Quite a lot of COVID costs are passed back to employers, through experience rated policies. It is the employers that give the push-back to the CDC. They don’t want long mandatory periods out from work, because it is the employers will end up paying for them, for example. They don’t want people in intensive care for long periods, because ultimately these costs will come back to the employer. It is the employers, more than the insurers, who likely provide the push back with respect to the bad outcomes that are occurring.

      • Xabier says:

        It’s the CEO of just one insurance company: he also reports an unprecedented rise in incapacity claims, both long and short-term.

        He also announced that the company will soon impose a vaxx mandate, to calm the fears of his vaxxed employees.

        So, no one can call it ‘CT misinformation’……

        • Xabier says:

          Correction: he also claimed that the experience across the industry matched that of his firm, a great increase in claims among working age people.

          Such people do not make wild claims, nor least when they are planning to impose a vaxx mandate.

    • Ed says:

      But how many have had a shot within the last 45 days? About the time it takes to wear off.

  37. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Vaccines can rapidly be adapted to fight new variants, but he argued: “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four to six months. It’s not sustainable or affordable.

    “In the future, we need to target the vulnerable.”

    Not sustainable!’ Head of Britain’s vaccine body warns against fourth booster shot
    BRITAIN’s vaccine body chief has warned against the fourth booster COVID-19 jab, saying that it should not be offered until there is more evidence, reports claim.

    His comments come as England and Wales go back to work after the festive break and schools begin to return, amid concerns they could be shut down by the spread of the Omicron variant.

    Ministers will meet to finalise plans to keep the economy, hospitals and schools running by fast-tracking tests for up to 10 million “critical” workers through their employers.

    Andrew said there was no point in trying to stop all infections, and “at some point, society has to open up”.
    Andrew cautioned against blindly following Israel and Germany, which have given the green light to a second set of boosters to all over-60s.

    He said: “The future must be focusing on the vulnerable and making boosters or treatments available to them to protect them.

    “We know that people have strong antibodies for a few months after their third vaccination, but more data are needed to assess whether, when and how often those who are vulnerable will need additional doses.”

    Hmm, maybe Sir Andrew needs a thicker brown paper bag thrown his way to change his mind?

    • Xabier says:

      And yet that bastard Andrews opened the way to the vaxxing of children on non-clinical grounds, giving the Govt. just the loophole it needed.

      Unspeakably contemptible, complicit, human being, as are the rest of his colleagues on the JCVI.

    • Herbie Ficklestein says:

      Holmes is pregnant and we shall see if she sees any actual prison time other than a token few months in a country club facility. I imagine she was able to safely shelter a good portion of her assets from the lawyers and courts.
      Very interesting episode in American Free Enterprise…Seems some old influencel men were hookwinked by a pretty young and shapely blonde that had a deep authoritative voice and acted like Apples Steve Jobs.
      We shall see if the blood lab machine ever comes along by someone else..there is talk of it

  38. Fast Eddy says:

    hydrochloroquine arrived … in a tin of ‘Chinese herbal meds’…. waiting on the tabs of Ivermectin from India…

    Fast Eddy must survive. Pray for Fast Eddy.

    Fast Eddy is also asking that I get one of these.. however I am having a hard time buying the meds… NAC Glutathione .. Magnesium no problem… may be able to get the caps and open into saline…

  39. Michael Le Merchant says:

    US SPR crude inventories fell by ~1.3mb w/w to 593.7mb last week. That is the lowest level since November 2002

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      so for 2021 started about 639 and down by 45 to 594.

      7% down in one year.

      the Demoncrats have innnsane energy policies, but at least they didn’t (maybe couldn’t) do too much damage in one year on this particular item.

    • Reduce US crude inventories, to try to lower oil prices. Other countries are doing this as well. I understand, for example, that Japan has sold some oil form its inventory, as well. Not good from the point of view of trying to increase production.

  40. Michael Le Merchant says:


  41. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Indonesia coal ban ‘manageable’ for China, but temporary energy headache looms amid Australia dispute

    On Saturday, Indonesia banned thermal coal exports in January to prioritise its own domestic supply and to avoid widespread blackouts

    China imported 177 million tonnes of Indonesian thermal coal in the first 11 months last year, an increase of 54 per cent compared with the same period in 2020

  42. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Gas shortage hits Pakistan’s exports, adding to economic stress

    About $250m of textiles exports were lost last month after mills in Punjab had to shut for 15 days on fuel shortages.

    Pakistan’s natural gas shortage is hurting its most important export industry, putting even more stress on an economy already struggling with accelerating inflation and a weakening currency.

    About $250 million of textiles exports were lost last month after mills in Punjab were forced to shut for 15 days, said Shahid Sattar, executive director of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association. Factories in the province are dependent on regasified imports of liquefied natural gas, while domestic supply is being diverted to other regions, he said.

  43. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Fresh highs for shipping freight rates from China×4096

  44. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Police Brutality in Netherlands

    • Fast Eddy says:

      More difficult to pull this off if there are hundreds of millions of guns in a country …

    • Fast Eddy says:

      That is worse than anything I witnessed during the hk protests

      • Michael Le Merchant says:

        This is what comes next if people don’t stop these goons

        Pictures from the book “Drawings from the GULAG” by Danzig Baldaev, a retired Soviet prison guard. Of all his works those drawings are the most valuable, showing the nightmare of soviet genocide from deep inside, where no civilized mind dares to wander…

        • Xabier says:

          That is no exaggeration.

          The line from lawless Big Harmer to lawless police,military, security services and officialdom in general is a direct one.

          We already have people in Australia being detained against their will for indefinite periods in camps, centres, etc, without access to lawyers or judicial supervision, when not even unwell just a contact of someone with a positive test result.

          Similar provisions are being quietly passed into law

          • Xabier

            essential , i guess,to exaggerate your point using drawings made in totally different circumstances in a totally different era.

            I’m surprised you didn’t use something from the Spanish inquisition

            still–to the unthinkers, it adds fuel to their particular fires, even if it has no bearing whatsoever on the subject matter—but when did that deter you?

            some of us however retain thought processes free of concepts like that.

            But it does fit my (now broken) rule re your input—avoid.

            • Replenish says:


              On topic, I suggest this series by Paul Kingsnorth.

              The grotesque and inhumane treatment of prisoners in indefinite detention at Guantanamo Bay may be a good cautionary example.


              For fun from a different era:

              Monty Python skit

              Enjoy your day!

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Nice try … but he’s wrong.

              This is not control – it is extermination

              But then he would be unaware of the energy story

            • Xabier says:

              Norman’s ignorance – and obtuse avoidance of uncomfortable reality – is an unfathomable abyss.

              In every country where such horrors took place, people said that ‘It couldn’t happen here – where would they ever find the people to do it?!’

              Unfortunately, there are tens, hundreds, of millions of Normans, who will refuse to credit what is happening until the jaws close on them…..

            • i did not infer that horrors of every kind have not been inflicted on people en masse in every era, by every regime.

              they have

              my point, which you eagerly missed, was that you cannot overlay the horrors of the gulag, with graphic illustration,or guatanamo bay, as suggested by Replenish above with your imaginings of ‘medical extermination camps’ that are so readily regurgitated on ofw by you and those of similar mind.

              You do it in an attempt to add some kind of ‘factual reality’ to you otherwise tenuous point.Doctors are not stalking babies, needles at the ready, despite the ‘certaintaies’ offered by this or that medical expert.

              Adverse reactions, deaths even there may be. Mistakes have been made, no dispute about that.

              But there are no ‘millions of dead and maimed’ people piling up in the streets or elsewhere.
              Profits from covid are an obscenity. (this doesn’t seem to concern you)

              I and a few others try to bring a shred of common sense to this thread (why i dont know) We do not resort to screaming rant when our comments are questioned. (on any thread)

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Billions of norms

            • Xabier says:

              Exactly to the point, Replenish.Thank you.

              Now, we have no evidence of any torture or deaths in the centres in Oz, but we do know that people have been moved there, against their will and in good health, to be tested and vaccinated, with no judicial oversight, no charge, on an indefinite basis.

              This is a crime against humanity in any book.

              Similar powers have been assumed in many countries, under the pretext of the ‘pandemic’, including the UK, although not yet acted upon.

              They will be, and untold horrors may well unfold from that.

              Stick that in your pipe Norman, you old fool.

            • if you have no evidence of ‘crimes’ being perpetrated upon people in the context of what is being ‘discussed’ (i use the term loosely)

              why is it it necessary to post images of crimes being committed, in another era, with no relevance whatsoever on the subject matter under discussion?

              Hysteria has to be kept on the boil–which offers an explanation

              and ps—smoking is the one sin i’ve never tried

            • Halfvard says:

              It is indeed a bit horrifying to see how even someone who is objectively intelligent like Norman, who speaks intelligently on several issues, is able to reach such levels of denial. At this point even if you want to ignore or deny the possibility that this is indeed an intentional plan to lower population, it is impossible to deny that there is at minimum massive malfeasance.

              Personally I feel as if I am watching the greatest evil perpetuated in human history. And I understand if some people want to stick to more of a Hanlon’s Razor take on this situation they may be doing it as a coping mechanism. However it’s hard for me to comprehend someone who sees everything we see and talk about but just whistles past the graveyard shouldering “C*onspiracy Theorists, the lot of you!”

            • interesting comment Halfvard. I listed you as intelligent too–but not if you hang on the coat tails of the conspiratonistas on OFW.
              I offer this reply on that basis.

              first off—humankind is in the process of decimating itself. No need for ‘human intervention’.

              2nd, I do not consider myself intelligent to any high degree. I merely observe, and write down what I observe. I think I have a certain skill in slinging words together in ways that some people understand.
              People always seemed willing to pay me to do just that.

              I refuse to hitch myself to the bandwagon of hysteria. Instead I prefer to stand back and offer a dissection of that hysteria—for anyone prepared to think clearly and objectively.
              Whether you choose to continue with mob nonsense is a matter of indifference to me—its your mind, use it as you please.

              As I have asked before—‘who’ or ‘what’ exactly is the instrumental force seeking to bring about the ‘great reduction’?

              So far—no answer to that.

              There never is.

              So—please—explain the purpose of such a reduction? I am taken to task for ridiculing the notion—so—-there has to be a ‘reason’ for it that I am not privy to. You obviously are.

              What is it?

              The mythical ‘elite’ (one presumes, are clever people.)

              If that is so, they can figure out that a world with only (say) 5m inhabitants, will function at the same economic level as when the last lime the world had 5m inhabitants.

              On that point—how good are you at flint-knapping? Or spear fishing?

              I’m sure the ‘elite’ planning all this rubbish are no good at it either.

              Earths resources cannot be extracted by a small population. If you can’t figure that out for yourself—then by all means spread the nonsense that ‘’they are trying to kill us all’.

              If by chance you are lucky to live in a wealth bubble of mansions, private jets etc, you will certainly realise that that bubble is supported by the energy conversion of the great unwashed—ie the rest of us..

              Remove the proletariat and Bezos’ sheds stand empty, and he becomes a pauper like everyone else. How difficult is it to understand that—even from an old fool like me? Gold bricks?—What use are they exactly?—Do explain.
              Same applies to any other wealth base you care to name.

              Not only that—his lavatory will not flush

              Rockefeller became wealthy not because he found oil—but because he used millions of people to burn it on his behalf. Scream and rant all you wish—but it wont alter that.

              It is ‘we’ who are trying to kill us all—not ‘they’.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Norman, absence of evidence does not equate to evidence of absence.

              Also, evidence of atrocities is a little hard to gather until the atrocities have actually been committed and reported on. And sometimes even then.

              The best we can do—and Xabier is attempting to do that here—is to point out certain potential precursors to atrocities—those little tell tale signs that can easily be poo-poo-ed but that nonetheless indicate that someone might be planning atrocities, based on the theory that history doesn’t necessarily repeat but it often rhymes.

            • i daresay people are planning atrocities all the time–at every social level

              nothing new in that.

              the opportunity to carry them out comes at the social tipping point. Mass unrest–mass riots–mass incarcerations is a typical situation. There are others, as in Naz i Germany. Each circumstance is different. I might want to murder the missis–or vice versa. Illustrations of domestic violence doesn’t make it happen, or true.

              My point was that overlaying lurid illustrations of atrocities that happened in the past, does not give credibility to atrocities that might–or might not– happen now or in the future.

              especially from an established purveyor of BS.

            • Yorchichan says:


              I was hoping someone else would address what you had written, but nobody did, so here goes:

              As I have asked before—‘who’ or ‘what’ exactly is the instrumental force seeking to bring about the ‘great reduction’?

              The ultra rich who control the world are behind it. They prefer to hide in the shadows, so their names are shrouded in mystery. Find out who owns Blackrock and Vanguard if you can.

              So—please—explain the purpose of such a [population] reduction?

              This one is easy. Resources are running out and pollution is increasing. By reducing the population resources will last longer and pollution is reduced.

              If that is so, they can figure out that a world with only (say) 5m inhabitants, will function at the same economic level as when the last lime the world had 5m inhabitants.

              Where do you get 5M from? The figure is usually said to be in the 100s of millions, eg. the Georgia Guidestones state 500M. In any case, reducing the economic level is the whole point, in order to reduce resource usage
              Earths resources cannot be extracted by a small population. If you can’t figure that out for yourself—then by all means spread the nonsense that ‘’they are trying to kill us all’.

              Wrong, a tiny proportion of the world’s population is currently engaged in resource extraction. The resources will not be used up so quickly with a smaller population, which is the desired outcome.

              Remove the proletariat and Bezos’ sheds stand empty, and he becomes a pauper like everyone else.

              No, Bezos becomes poorer if he has less access to resources himself.

              Rockefeller became wealthy not because he found oil—but because he used millions of people to burn it on his behalf.

              Rockefeller became wealthy because he was able to acquire a significant proportion of the wealth created by the burning of the oil he extracted. Any wealthy person can remain wealthy be assuring they continue to access wealth created by resource extraction.

            • i’ll have another go—must be my predilection for masochism.

              Hadnt heard of Georgia Guidestones. If your thinking revolves around that—I give up. Gibberish.

              yes–a tiny proportion of people are engaged in resorce extraction–but does it not occur to you that that ‘tiny proportion’ is supported by everyone else?.

              200 (say) people work on an oil rig.

              Now think how the oil rig comes into existence. (x 000s of course).

              Then think about distribution and so on.

              When you’ve waded through that, try to accept the notion that our current cost-to-user oil pricing system is entirely dependent on quantity of output.

              You imagine a rich elite of what? 1 million ultra wealthy? Exactly how will energy be made available at a price they can afford?
              The ultra wealthy are as dependent on cheap energy as the rest of us.

              get the idea?

              5m–50m–500m–whatever the number, the earth will run itself (in economic terms) to that number

              500m people cannot run a (modern) economic system based on the continued availability of cheap surplus energy, they would be spread too thinly.

              This covers my point about Bezos’ sheds. His wealth derives from billions of ordinary people .—you and me.
              Without them, (and their resources) his wealth cannot exist.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Nobody responds to norm because norm is the old burned out drunk at the end of the bar whose mind is drenched in booze and Pfizer shots…

              He is somewhat tolerated… definitely not taken seriously… and generally ignored.

            • but at least my opinions are not influenced through sitting on the barstol i got from Onassis’ yacht

            • Yorchichan says:


              I’ll have a go at replying tomorrow morning, because I’m working now.

            • Yorchichan says:

              @Fast Eddy

              Nobody responds to norm…

              If Norman’s post wasn’t about energy, I’d agree 100%, but on energy matters Norman still demands some respect and most here would agree that maintaining any part of IC at a small scale is impossible. In a way, it doesn’t matter what any of us believe, it’s what our rulers believe that counts. Carrying on BAU until energy runs out inevitably leads to collapse and “ripping off of faces”, so the elite had to try something.


              Can’t believe you’ve not heard of the Georgia Guidstones. We really do live on different planets. But it’s also the Great Reset that calls for a huge reduction in population.

              yes–a tiny proportion of people are engaged in resource extraction–but does it not occur to you that that ‘tiny proportion’ is supported by everyone else?

              Those engaged in resource extraction are NOT supported by EVERYONE else. Those engaged directly in extraction, construction, manufacture, maintenance and agriculture still only account for a small proportion of the population.

              try to accept the notion that our current cost-to-user oil pricing system is entirely dependent on quantity of output.

              Our current financial ponzi scheme is almost done, to be replaced in the near future by digital currency. Oil wells will become part of a command economy. Most of the cost of an oil well is in exploration and initial drilling. There isn’t much more oil to find and there aren’t many more oil wells left to drill. As long as the extraction of oil from existing oil wells can be done with net energy gain, it will continue.

              When I talk about the ultra wealthy, I talk about a few hundred individuals at most, certainly not millions.

              Finite resources will stretch further with fewer people; that is what seems obvious to me.

            • Yorchichan

              to attempt a reply on a number of points….This is offered as a broad based response to those who dont, or choose not to, ‘get it.’

              Feel free to pick out any errors, and sling them back at me. But i want logic–not hysteria, or an eddytrum, please.

              Let’s take a serious multi-billionaire….say $50 Bn?

              What he has is 50 Bn energy tokens. Money of itself is worth nothing.

              He has few options about what to do with it:

              1—-convert it into notes, stuff his mattress with it an sleep with an AR15 under his pillow

              2……buy lots of shiny baubles, and keep them in a vault and look at them from time to time

              3……invest in real estate, houses, land etc—to 50 bn’s worth

              4…….buy mineral assets, oil, gas, rare earths, to 50bns worth.

              Note—all the above are ‘worth’ $50bn. at the time of purchase. He thinks of himself as a multi-billionaire.

              Now—take the next step, which you and others are convinced is some kind of ‘grand plan’ about to be inflicted upon us by aforesaid billionaire and his chums. Trying to keep a straight face here—not easy.

              ie to reduce the population by (lets say) 90%

              *************** (deep breath here)

              Take the USA in that context.

              The population is reduced to 30m or so. I’m skipping over the minor detail of what to do with all the bodies. You may know. I don’t. Invest iin the undertaking business

              also skipping over the triviality that 280 million dead folks lying around might–just might–invite social chaos from which no one is immune.

              so our billionaire is sitting smugly on his acres,with his family, surrounded by armed guards, who he pays very well–obviously.
              the land for miles around is vacated–his new playground—all those ‘resources’ are now his. He figures out he’s now worth 4 x at least what he was before the ‘great reset.’
              $200bn—whoopee. All those resources!!!

              but then his lights go out

              no problem–the standby generator kicks in

              Billionaire sends one of his guards to the power station to check whats wrong. He’s stanrting thing about all that frozen food hes hoarding.

              He returns, apologetically.
              “There’s just one old guy left working at the power station, and he needs a $1 gizmo to get it going again”
              “Then go get one”
              “sorry sir, nobody makes them anymore”
              “Look, here’s $1m in cash…go find one.
              “Sorry sir, but they just don’t exist”He offers $10m, then $20m—makes no difference.

              Truth dawns: That his money is worth nothing without the ‘little things’ produced by all of us. His vault full of trinkets is only worth what someone else will pay for them. If there’s no one else–their value is zero.
              His real estate is worth only what its occupants can pay in rent—no occupants, no income.
              Value of real estate? Zero.

              His oilwells?—Nobody can use oil. Zero again.

              A wheel falls off his private jet. Jet stays grounded. Value of $50m jet?—Zero.

              Suddenly his armed guards realise that the wages he’s paying them are worth zilch if there nothing to spend it on.

              They turn very nasty. (will skip over the details of what happens next)

              His head guard drives off with a diamond tiara dangling from his rear view mirror.–Thinking to himself—that’s worth $10m—I’m rich.

              Then at the next filling station he tries to buy a tankful of petrol with it.

              And fails.

              He shows a ‘digital wallet’ with 50m bitcoin in credit, that he just stole from his ex employer.

              Gas station man laughs even more.

              Guard shoots filling station attendant—then finds there’s no fuel available. No delivery trucks running.

            • Yorchichan says:


              Your story plays out faster and all the more assuredly if nothing is done to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

            • i think it’s more ‘reduction of demand for energy itself’

              pretty much everything seems to show that renewables can’t substitute for fossil fuels, so our BAU can’t continue.

              this takes us into denial, conspiracy and then blame mode

              blaming ‘others’ for your misfortune inevitably leads to conflict

          • Replenish says:

            If you’ve spent any time with criminals in recovery, in prison or after re-entry to society you learn about the tactics of intelligence-led policing and custodial mis-treatment including physical and psychological torture by rogue guards and in population by fellow inmates.

            As an activist, you may experience extrajudicial punishment if you foil plans by corporations or contradict local police and politicians. This treatment is brushed under the rug and rarely prosecuted although there are statutes against this.

            Enflaming rhetoric about anti-vax protestors, official suppression and segregation and confinement without due process are alarming. The Guantanamo Bay pictures of inmates in bdsm positions with smiling guards leaked to the public is just one recent example of the human shadow rising to the surface. With the MSM, politicians and public officials encouraging a 2-tier society and the “othering” of the unvaccinated this monster is emerging in daylight. The time to stop the beast is now. The perceived over reaction and emotional appeals may justified depending on the relevant experiences of the individual and the crimes being committed. Walk in their shoes, you may the one mistaken or out of touch at the moment.

            • Xabier says:

              Yes, Replenish, the Beast is emerging from the shadows.

              And many in authority, even the lowest, just love it – one only has to watch the global protests.

              Or those telling the elderly they cannot take a bus or enter a shop for food without their vaxx pass – a great crime.

              It is all too obvious: but I suppose that people like Norman find it so frightening they refuse even to look at it.

          • Hideaway says:

            @Xabier ….. “We already have people in Australia being detained against their will for indefinite periods in camps, centres…”

            This is just utter garbage, totally false, where did you hear this rubbish??

            As an Australian that knows lots of Australians, and came into contact with hundreds of Australians last weekend, I haven’t heard a single case of someone being held against their will indefinitely, not one..

            Rules here to be covid safe have been greatly relaxed as the case numbers mount with the mild omicron variant. No-one checks vacc status in shops anymore, nor are there any limits on where we can go (except WA, that is still separate from the rest of the country, but that is 3,000km away from me.)

            • thanks Hideaway

              I needed someone with more knowledge than me to call BS on this one.

              People read nonsense, and somehow that nonsense fits in with their own level of constant claptrap and they feel the need to repeat it—and so the whole thing becomes ‘alternative facts’.

              No pause to ‘think’ about the drivel they spout off, only that it sounds dramatic—as i’ve often said, it’s just a form of attention seeking….. reveals their own level of non-intelligence to repeat stuff without checking it somewhere else.

              Like the stories, (from the same source) of ‘millions of maimed and dead’. BS again

              I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I write comments on here in the hope that the thousands who read stuff but don’t comment might just take it on board and think for themselves.

            • Replenish says:

              Thanks for the good news from Australia! Let’s hope that other countries and provinces follow suit. Take care!

            • Xabier says:

              Well, Hideaway, what you offer is mere anecdote – ‘You haven’t met anyone’.

              Now, what about the young woman who was put in a centre on the basis that she had been in contact with someone who had tested positive, has been extensively interviewed, and filmed the whole thing?

              What about the Aborigines – or do they not count?

              If you bury our head in the sand, you will never see what’s happening as medicalised Totalitarianism engulfs us all.

              Are you not aware of the recent New York legislative proposals to the same effect?

              Are you also not aware that similar provisions are tucked away in UK Corona Virus Act?

            • Foolish Fitz says:

              “We already have people in Australia being detained against their will for indefinite periods in camps, centres…”

              Hideaway, it would benefit you to check the law in your own country, before you declare others to be talking garbage, as it can be quite embarrassing to realise it was in fact yourself.

              “to remain in quarantine beyond 14 days.”


              If you read the link you will notice there is no mention of a maximum period, so by definition “indefinite periods”.

              “As an Australian that knows lots of Australians, and came into contact with hundreds of Australians last weekend, I haven’t heard a single case of someone being held against their will indefinitely, not one..”

              I know and talk to many people, but I don’t know any child rapists. Can I now claim Britain to be free of such people, or would that be idiotic?

              You seem completely unaware of what is happening in your own country.

              ‘The Premier and Health Minister will have absolute, unreviewable power to indefinitely keep Victorians in lockdown. This can be done even if there are zero cases in Victoria and can be for an indefinite period of time.’


              Glad you can go about life as normal, but that is no evidence of others having the same luxury.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              He lives in the state of DelusisTAN … that explains it

            • Xabier says:

              By the way, Hideaway, you are aware, are you not, that Australia has had distinctly different Covid policies from state to state?

              Just like the various nations of the UK, countries of the EU, and the states in the US..

              So you clearly cannot generalise from that of your state alone.

              As an example, to help you grasp the point, Lithuania currently has some of the most oppressive Vaxx pass restrictions in the EU, which are not in force in neighbouring countries.

              But that does not disprove what is happening there, nor that it is spreading.

              In fact, it is clear that the globalist planners are trying different parts of the roll-out in order to test the waters and see how much the public will tolerate.

              In other words, your time will come.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

    • Michael Le Merchant says:

    • Xabier says:

      Fairly typical behaviour among Spanish riot police for decades, they beat everyone, ny age or sex, in gangs, but that is the culture inherited from Franco.

      However, it’s astonishing to see this so general among other Western police -they are taking to Totalitarianism like ducks to water.

      Utter cowards, acting with the full authorisation of the Great Re-set politicians – or future, until they find a way of locking us up in our homes permanently and banning all protests.

      One wonders if they are not seeking to provoke a really violent reaction to justify Stage 2 of censorship and loss of civil riots?

      Buy body armour for self-defence while you still can, harder to take down an armoured man, but then there’s pepper spray which seems to get through any defence……

      • Hubbs says:

        It’s the paychecks and pensions and the belief they will be worth something which keeps these thugs (government workers) working for the Globalists-as long as they know the the civilians are disarmed – well, maybe not so in the US, but we’re all fatties, softies and cowards anyways so it doesn’t matter.

        My weird theory is that all this 2A and gun control is a psy-op, to frighten the people into buying even more guns and ammo, which will facilitate the peopl’s own self destruction for the globalists when the grid, credit, and food supplies go down -with a flick of the kill switches. Regardless the outcome, the question is, will what ensues be any better?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        All hail the NRA.

        I suspect if the police tried that in America they’d eventually get a belly full of lead.

    • Replenish says:

      Quote from the article above, “Alongside organizing countrywide anti-vaccine rallies, tens of thousands of Canadians are sharing fake news stories around rising stillbirth numbers, deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine and baseless theories of an impending social credit system that begins with QR codes.”


      “ID2020 Alliance Executive Director Dakota Gruener signs an open letter to US President Joe Biden expressing profound disappointment in the administration for not recognizing the “need for verifiable digital health passes” as “a precursor to large-scale vaccination and testing mandates.” –

      “From e-passports to digital wallets, online banking to social media accounts, digital ID enables us to travel, conduct business, access financial and health records, stay connected, and more” — ID2020 Alliance

      “Digital identity determines what products, services and information we can access – or, conversely, what is closed off to us” — World Economic Forum, 2018

      • Xabier says:

        It ‘enables’ until it doesn’t………

        Theories cannot be ‘baseless’ when QR code controls have already been introduced in many regions!

        Yes, it’s all set out in WEF ‘predictions’.

        Also, one can easily check the countries which have signed up to be ‘digital economy leaders’ – digitising everything.

        Anyone who calls this ‘CT lunacy’ needs to see a shrink, asap.

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