Is the debt bubble supporting the world economy in danger of collapsing?

The years between 1981 and 2020 were very special years for the world economy because interest rates were generally falling:

Figure 1. Yields on 10-year and 3-month US Treasuries, in a chart made by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis, as of May 10, 2022.

In some sense, falling interest rates meant that debt was becoming increasingly affordable. The monthly out-of-pocket expense for a new $500,000 mortgage was falling lower and lower. Automobile payments for a new $30,000 vehicle could more easily be accommodated into a person’s budget. A business would find it more affordable to add $5,000,000 in new debt to open at an additional location. With these beneficial effects, it would be no surprise if a debt bubble were to form.

With an ever-lower cost of debt, the economy has had a hidden tailwind pushing it long between 1981 to 2020. Now that interest rates are again rising, the danger is that a substantial portion of this debt bubble may collapse. My concern is that the economy may be heading for an incredibly hard landing because of the inter-relationship between interest rates and energy prices (Figure 2), and the important role energy plays in powering the economy.

Figure 2. Chart showing the important role Quantitative Easing (QE) to lower interest rates plays in adjusting the level of “demand” (and thus the selling price) for oil. Lower interest rates make goods and services created with higher-priced oil more affordable. In addition to the items noted on the chart, US QE3 was discontinued in 2014, about the time of the 2014 oil price crash. Also, the debt bubble crash of 2008 seems to be the indirect result of the US raising short term interest rates (Figure 1) in the 2004 to 2007 period.

In this post, I will try to explain my concerns.

[1] Ever since civilization began, a combination of (a) energy consumption and (b) debt has been required to power the economy.

Under the laws of physics, energy is required to power the economy. This happens because it takes the “dissipation” of energy to perform any activity that contributes to GDP. The energy dissipated can be the food energy that a person eats, or it can be wood or coal or another material burned to provide energy. Sometimes the energy dissipated is in the form of electricity. Looking back, we can see the close relationship between total energy consumption and world total GDP.

Figure 3. World energy consumption for the period 1990 to 2020, based on energy data from BP’s 2021 Statistical Review of World Energy and world Purchasing Power Parity GDP in 2017 International Dollars, as published by the World Bank.

The need for debt or some other approach that acts as a funding mechanism for capital expenditures (sale of shares of stock, for example), comes from the fact that humans make investments that will not produce a return for many years. For example, ever since civilization began, people have been planting crops. In some cases, there is a delay of a few months before a crop is produced; in other cases, such as with fruit or nut trees, there can be a delay of years before the investment pays back. Even the purchase by an individual of a home or a vehicle is, in a sense, an investment that will offer a return over a period of years.

With all parts of the economy benefiting from the lower interest rates (except, perhaps, banks and others lending the funds, who are making less profit from the lower interest rates), it is easy to see why lower interest rates would tend to stimulate new investment and drive up demand for commodities.

Commodities are used in great quantity, but the supply available at any one time is tiny by comparison. A sudden increase in demand will tend to send the commodity price higher because the quantity of the commodity available will need to be rationed among more would-be purchasers. A sudden decrease in the demand for a commodity (for example, crude oil, or wheat) will tend to send prices lower. Therefore, we see the strange sharp corners in Figure 2 that seem to be related to changing debt levels and higher or lower interest rates.

[2] The current plan of central banks is to raise interest rates aggressively. My concern is that this approach will leave commodity prices too low for producers. They will be tempted to decrease or stop production.

Politicians are concerned about the price of food and fuel being too high for consumers. Lenders are concerned about interest rates being too low to properly compensate for the loss of value of their investments due to inflation. The plan, which is already being implemented in the United States, is to raise interest rates and to significantly reverse Quantitative Easing (QE). Some people call the latter Quantitative Tightening (QT).

The concern that I have is that aggressively raising interest rates and reversing QE will lead to commodity prices that are too low for producers. There are likely to be many other impacts as well, such as the following:

  • Lower energy supply, due to cutbacks in production and lack of new investment
  • Lower food supply, due to inadequate fertilizer and broken supply lines
  • Much defaulting of debt
  • Pension plans that reduce or stop payments because of debt-related problems
  • Falling prices of stock
  • Defaults on derivatives

[3] My analysis shows how important increased energy consumption has been to economic growth over the last 200 years. Energy consumption per capita has been growing during this entire period, except during times of serious economic distress.

Figure 4. World energy consumption from 1820-2010, based on data from Appendix A of Vaclav Smil’s Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects and BP Statistical Review of World Energy for 1965 and subsequent. Wind and solar energy are included in “Biofuels.”

Figure 4 shows the amazing growth in world energy consumption between 1820 and 2010. In the early part of the period, the energy used was mostly wood burned as fuel. In some parts of the world, animal dung was also used as fuel. Gradually, other fuels were added to the mix.

Figure 5. Estimated average annual increase in world energy consumption over 10-year periods using the data underlying Figure 4, plus similar additional data through 2020.

Figure 5 takes the same information shown in Figure 4 and calculates the average approximate annual increase in world energy consumption over 10-year periods. A person can see from this chart that the periods from 1951-1960 and from 1961-1970 were outliers on the high side. This was the time of rebuilding after World War II. Many families were able to own a car for the first time. The US highway interstate system was begun. Many pipelines and electricity transmission lines were built. This building continued into the 1971-1980 period.

Figure 6. Same chart as Figure 5, except that the portion of economic growth that was devoted to population growth is shown in blue at the bottom of each 10-year period. The amount of growth in energy consumption “left over” for improvement in the standard of living is shown in red.

Figure 6 displays the same information as Figure 5, except that each column is divided into two pieces. The lower (blue) portion represents the average annual growth in population during each period. The part left over at the top (in red) represents the growth in energy consumption that was available for increases in standard of living.

Figure 7. The same information displayed in Figure 6, displayed as an area chart. Blue areas represent average annual population growth percentages during these 10-year periods. The red area is determined by subtraction. It represents the amount of energy consumption growth that is “left over” for growth in the standard of living. Captions show distressing events during periods of low increases in the portion available to raise standards of living.

Figure 7 shows the same information as Figure 6, displayed as an area chart. I have also shown some of the distressing events that happened when growth in population was, in effect, taking up essentially all of energy consumption growth. The world economy could not grow normally. There was a tendency toward conflict. Unusual events would happen during these periods, including the collapse of the central government of the Soviet Union and the restrictions associated with the COVID pandemic.

The economy is a self-organizing system that behaves strangely when there is not enough inexpensive energy of the right types available to the system. Wars tend to start. Layers of government may disappear. Strange lockdowns may occur, such as the current restrictions in China.

[4] The energy situation at the time of rising interest rates in the 1960 to 1980 period was very different from today.

If we define years with high inflation rates as those with inflation rates of 5% or higher, Figure 8 shows that the period with high US inflation rates included nearly all the years from 1969 through 1982. Using a 5% inflation cutoff, the year 2021 would not qualify as a high inflation rate year.

Figure 8. US inflation rates, based on Table 1.1.4 Price Index for Gross Domestic Product, published by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

It is only when we look at annualized quarterly data that inflation rates start spiking to high levels. Inflation rates have been above 5% in each of the four quarters ended 2022-Q1. Trade problems related to the Ukraine Conflict have tended to add to price pressures recently.

Figure 9. US inflation rates, based on Table 1.1.4 Price Index for Gross Domestic Product, published by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Underlying these price spikes are increases in the prices of many commodities. Some of this represents a bounce back from artificially low prices that began in late 2014, probably related to the discontinuation of US QE3 (See Figure 2). These prices were far too low for producers. Coal and natural gas prices have also needed to rise, as a result of depletion and prior low prices. Food prices are also rising rapidly, since food is grown and transported using considerable quantities of fossil fuels.

The main differences between that period leading up to 1980 and now are the following:

[a] The big problem in the 1970s was spiking crude oil prices. Now, our problems seem to be spiking crude oil, natural gas and coal prices. In fact, nuclear power may also be a problem because a significant portion of uranium processing is performed in Russia. Thus, we now seem to be verging on losing nearly all our energy supplies to conflict or high prices!

[b] In the 1970s, there were many solutions to the crude oil problem, which were easily implemented. Electricity production could be switched from crude oil to coal or nuclear, with little problem, apart from building the new infrastructure. US cars were very large and fuel inefficient in the early 1970s. These could be replaced with smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles that were already being manufactured in Europe and Japan. Home heating could be transferred to natural gas or propane, to save crude oil for places where energy density was really needed.

Today, we are told that a transition to green energy is a solution. Unfortunately, this is mostly wishful thinking. At best, a transition to green energy will need a huge investment of fossil fuels (which are increasingly unavailable) over a period of at least 30 to 50 years if it is to be successful. See my article, Limits to Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer. Vaclav Smil, in his book Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects, discusses the need for very long transitions because energy supply needs to match the devices using it. Furthermore, new energy types are generally only add-ons to other supply, not replacements for those supplies.

[c] The types of economic growth in (a) the 1960 to 1980 period and (b) the period since 2008 are very different. In the earlier of these periods (especially prior to 1973), it was easy to extract oil, coal and natural gas inexpensively. Inflation-adjusted oil prices of less than $20 per barrel were typical. An ever-increasing supply of this oil seemed to be available. New machines (created with fossil fuels) made workers increasingly efficient. The economy tended to “overheat” if interest rates were not repeatedly raised (Figure 1). While higher interest rates could be expected to slow the economy, this was of little concern because rapid growth seemed to be inevitable. The supply of finished goods and services made by the economy was growing rapidly, even with headwinds from the higher interest rates.

On the other hand, in the 2008 to 2020 period, economic growth is largely the result of financial manipulation. The system has been flooded with increasing amounts of debt at ever lower interest rates. By the time of the lockdowns of 2020, would-be workers were being paid for doing nothing. World production of finished goods and services declined in 2020, and it has had difficulty rising since. In the first quarter of 2022, the US economy contracted by -1.4%. If headwinds from higher interest rates and QT are added, the economic system is likely to encounter substantial debt defaults and increasing breakdowns of supply lines.

[5] Today’s spiking energy prices appear to be much more closely related to the problems of the 1913 to 1945 era than they are to the problems of the late 1970s.

Looking back at Figure 7, our current period is more like the period between the two world wars than the period in the 1970s that we often associate with high inflation. In both periods, the “red” portion of the chart (the portion I identify with rising standard of living), has pretty much disappeared. In both the 1913 to 1945 period and today, it is nearly all the energy supplies other than biofuels that are disappearing.

In the 1913 to 1945 period, the problem was coal. Mines were becoming increasingly depleted, but raising coal prices to pay for the higher cost of extracting coal from depleted mines tended to make the coal prohibitively expensive. Mine operators tried to reduce wages, but this was not a solution either. Fighting broke out among countries, almost certainly related to inadequate coal supplies. Countries wanted coal to supply to their citizens so that industry could continue, and so that citizens could continue heating their homes.

Figure 10. Slide prepared by Gail Tverberg showing peak coal estimates for the UK and for Germany.

As stated at the beginning of this section, today’s problem is that nearly all our energy supplies are becoming unaffordable. In some sense, wind and solar may look better, but this is because of mandates and subsidies. They are not suitable for operating the world economy within any reasonable time frame.

There are other parallels to the 1913 to 1945 period. One of the big problems of the 1930s was prices that would not rise high enough for farmers to make a profit. Oil prices in the United States were extraordinarily low then. BP 2021 Statistical Review of World Energy reports that the average oil price in 1931, in 2020 US$, was $11.08. This is the lowest inflation-adjusted price of any year back to 1865. Such a price was almost certainly too low for producers to make a profit. Low prices, relative to rising costs, have recently been problems for both farmers and oil producers.

Another major problem of the 1930s was huge income disparity. Wide income disparity is again an issue today, thanks to increased specialization. Competition with unskilled workers in low wage countries is also an issue.

It is important to note that the big problem of the 1930s was deflation rather than inflation, as the debt bubble started popping in 1929.

[6] If a person looks only at the outcome of raising interest rates in the 1960s to 1980 timeframe, it is easy to get a misleading idea of the impact of increased interest rates now.

If people look only at what happened in the 1980s, the longer-term impact of the spike in interest rates doesn’t seem too severe. The world economy was growing well before the interest rates were raised. After the peak in interest rates, the world economy generally continued to grow. As a result of the high oil prices and the spiking interest rates, the world hastened its transition to using a bit less crude oil per person.

Figure 11. Per capita crude oil production from 1973 through 2021. Crude oil amounts are from international statistics of the US Energy Information Administration. Population estimates are from UN 2019 population estimates. The low population growth projection from the UN data is used for 2021.

At the same time, the world economy was able to expand the use of other energy products, at least through 2018.

Figure 12. World per capita total energy supply based on data from BP’s 2021 Statistical Review of World Energy. World per capita crude oil is based on international data of the EIA, together with UN 2019 population estimates. Note that crude oil data is through 2021, but total energy amounts are only through 2020.

Since 2019, our problem has been that the total energy supply has not been keeping up with the rising population. The cost of extraction of all kinds of oil, coal and natural gas keeps rising due to depletion, but the ability of customers to afford the higher prices of finished goods and services made with those energy products does not rise to match these higher costs. Energy prices probably would have spiked in 2020 if it were not for COVID-related restrictions. Production of oil, coal and natural gas has not been able to rise sufficiently after the lockdowns for economies to fully re-open. This is the primary reason for the recent spiking of energy prices.

Turning to inflation rates, the relationship between higher interest rates (Figure 1) and annual inflation rates (Figure 8) is surprisingly not very close. Inflation rates rose during the 1960 to 1973 period despite rising interest rates, mostly likely because of the rapid growth of the economy from an increased per-capita supply of inexpensive energy.

Figure 8 shows that inflation rates did not come down immediately after interest rates were raised to a high level in 1980, either. There was a decline in the inflation rate to 4% in 1983, but it was not until the collapse of the central government of the Soviet Union in 1991 that inflation rates have tended to stay close to 2% per year.

[7] A more relevant recent example with respect to the expected impact of rising interest rates is the impact of the increase in US short-term interest rates in the 2004 to 2007 period. This led to the subprime debt collapse in the US, associated with the Great Recession of 2008-2009.

Looking back at Figure 1, one can see the effect of raising short-term interest rates in the 2004 to 2007 era. This eventually led to the Great Recession of 2008-2009. I wrote about this in my academic paper, Oil Supply Limits and the Continuing Financial Crisis, published in the journal Energy in 2010.

The situation we are facing today is much more severe than in 2008. The debt bubble is much larger. The shortage of energy products has spread beyond oil to coal and natural gas, as well. The idea of raising interest rates today is very much like going into the Great Depression and deciding to raise interest rates because bankers don’t feel like they are getting an adequate share of the goods and services produced by the economy. If there really aren’t enough goods and services for everyone, giving lenders a larger share of the total supply cannot work out well.

[8] The problems we are encountering have been hidden for many years by an outdated understanding of how the economy operates.

Because of the physics of the economy, it behaves very differently than most people assume. People almost invariably assume that all aspects of the economy can “stay together” regardless of whether there are shortages of energy or of other products. People also assume that shortages will be immediately become obvious through high prices, without realizing the huge role interest rates and debt levels play. People further assume that these spiking prices will somehow bring about greater supply, and the whole system will go on as before. Furthermore, they expect that whatever resources are in the ground, which we have the technical capability to extract, can be extracted.

It is important to note that prices are not necessarily a good indicator of shortages. Just as a fever can have many causes, high prices can have many causes.

The economy can only continue as long as all of its important parts continue. We cannot assume that reported reserves of anything can really be extracted, even if the reserves have been audited by a reliable auditor. What actually can be extracted depends on prices staying high enough to generate funds for additional investment as required. The amount that can be extracted also depends on the continuation of international supply lines providing goods such as steel pipe. The continued existence of governments that can keep order in the areas where extraction is to take place is important, as well.

What we should be most concerned about is a very rapidly shrinking economic system that cannot accommodate very many people. It seems that such a situation might occur if the debt bubble is popped and too many supply lines are broken. There may be a time lag between when interest rates are raised and when the adverse impacts on the economy are seen. This is a reason why central bankers should be very cautious about the increases in interest rates they make as well as QT. The situation may turn out much worse than planned!

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. nikoB says:

    Serious Question.

    I lost my entire close friendship group thanks to covid and people not accepting it is OK to not get vaccinated.

    Are many you also in the same boat?

    • Replenish says:

      Sorry to hear that. I have lost some work due to the fact that I am honest about my status as a self-employed contractor in the United States. Most of my friends are in recovery or follow a holistic lifestyle so they are open to alternatives. I have been lectured by several elderly customers and I simply stated my personal informed decision and the facts about transmission and a lack of long term safety data.

      I find the more I set healthy boundaries and stand my ground without lecturing back the easier it is for them to respect me. They run out of steam and have to look in the mirror. It’s their choice to limit contact with me or exclude me from activities. I have stepped down from several board or service positions because of discrimination over my personal medical choices and I am better off. It’s an insidious hive mind complex that reminds me of the stalking groups I encountered during my activism days.

      People seem to be impervious to conflicting data so I share personal experience only or don’t bring it up at all after that and most of them let it go. Defense mechanisms regarding the vaccine are triggered by mainstream talking points (panopticon). The propaganda is heavy for the vaccine and the “new normal” so I prepare myself for a time when I will be out of work and in the worst case on the run or in permanent quarantine. I come to this site and a few others to learn about energy and complexity because I believe this is where the truth of the matter lies. We are in the beginning stages of collapse and I need to adapt and prepare. I get lost in the details every day and then see the big picture over time.. it is a process that tests my limits and keeps me sane and present with my loved ones. Thanks!

      • el mar says:

        Hello Replenish,

        how do you adapt and prepare?

        • Fred says:

          Mike Adams on is the king of prepping. He runs various websites on that subject, free ebooks etc.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Snake Oil salesman

            • Fred says:

              How to grow veggies and store food is snake oil?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Yes. It does not solve the problem. Doomie Prepping is just another mass psychosis… nobody survives the collapse of BAU. Nobody.

              Anyone who is ultra remote will not be able to handle being unplugged… they will burn out and starve… if they do struggle on for a few months in this living hell – the spend fuel ponds will deliver their payloads.

        • Replenish says:

          Adapt and prepare mentally and physically. Read and learn from history. Pay attention to social trends, cultivate intuition and study the archetypes. Learn to be lucid in dreams and waking life. The word “Rigord” came to me in a dream the other night regarding the confiscation of property and the expulsion of the Jews in France by King Phillip in the 12th Century.

          Get out of debt, put aside some cash and consider preparing for shortages of food, water and electricity within your means. Learn the art of rhetoric, conflict resolution and the languages of the heart to develop strong, creative bonds with your fellows.

          Join or form a Junto type group for intellectual, scientific and/or philosophical inquiry. Get active in the community and meet your neighbors regardless of their race, religion or politics. They may save your life when times get tough. Thanks for asking!

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            If in the US buy a shit load of guns and ammo.

            Truism: You can never die with too much ammo.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I have a LOT of guns and a LOT of ammo… only thing is if this plays out as per UEP… there won’t be anyone to shoot cuz they’ll all be dying from Devil Covid or starving because they are so afraid of DC they won’t go outside — and the last think they will think of doing is trying to enter the FE Compound … cuz their might be DC lurking in there….

              I suppose I could shoot rabbits with the 12 gauge… nobody will complain.

      • nikoB says:

        So much to adapt to and the pace is picking up.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      I have almost zero contact with most who are CovIDIOTS.. for the most part I just communicate with a couple of them — who are not CovIDIOTS

      It’s better that way

    • drb753 says:

      Niko, sorry if I confuse you with someone else, but I thought you were in Bulgaria? I find it hard to believe that Bulgarians are that brainwashed. In Russia you make friends over lack of vaccination.

      • nikoB says:

        I’m in Australia.
        Here the belief in vaccines is supreme. I had close friends saying that the mandates should be implemented and jobs lost for refusal. The result was that my partner and my ex lost there jobs in education.
        I had lifelong friends that I studied science with at uni that said I was questioning their capability as a scientist to question what they believed in – the science. Things went pear shaped very quickly.
        My immediate family, parents and sibling are vaxxed but I managed to salvage those relationships.
        The last 2 years have been a seismic shift in relationships and there is much to work through. Thanks to all who comment here and many thanks to Gail for hosting us. It helps keep me sane.


    • Tim Groves says:

      Niko, I am in a similar boat. I have also been lectured that I am putting myself and others in danger. And I’ve also been told by an old friend that its OK for me living in the country, but people in town have a duty to protect the community by getting jabbed. The net result is that I’ve been a lot less enthusiastic about getting in touch with people. I am letting most of my friendships lapse by no longer subscribing, so to speak. There are also quite a lot of people I remain in contact with but attempt to avoid the entire subject of COVID-19.

      This trend started with the election of Trump in 2016, when the media turned many people psychotic. It has only gotten more pronounced over time. I’ve spent most of the last twenty years telling people not to trust or believe the MSM, but what I’ve found is the more cartoonish the MSM’s news coverage becomes, the more those who have been unable to free themselves from its mind-control have gone stark raving bonkers. I find I can’t talk to them about any serious political issue these days—which includes the weather because the MSM have politicized that too. So I prefer hide behind a psychological mask of geniality and remain defensive and emotionally uninvolved.

      • nikoB says:

        I found and find myself in a similar situation as you.
        I seem to mostly have substack subscriptions now.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I find myself hoping that they all get VAIDS and break out in monkey pox and disappear into the forest to die…

        Most injected people are completely worthless… disgusting beasts

    • Herbie Ficklestein says:

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      If pushed, I may say I’m staying safe and have natural immunity because I already been infected and taking supplements to prevent infection with precautions.
      If they persist in getting the jab, I agree and should get it myself.
      Just yes them to death…

      • Fast Eddy says:

        This raises a question …. is it possible for an entity with HP1500+ … to have any real friends?

        Sure HE can know people… and interact with people… but would they be considered ‘friends’.

        Is it possible to be ‘friends’ with what are – let’s face it — MOREONS… (what are the odds of encountering anyone in real life who is not a MOREON when there are less than a 100 out of a population of 8B?)

        If God existed would he have friends?

    • Bobby says:

      If Friends can’t understand and accept your position, they are/were not really your friends anyway, People tend to just become life support systems for their programmed views and dogma, if they can’t bond at a deeper level with likeminded in relationships, they were not likeminded. If you can’t wake them with logic and reason and heart to heart mutual trust, if they can’t see the alternate, let them sleep and let them go. Your personal knowledge of facts regarding things covid and A strong natural resilient Immune System are your New best friends now. Ones integrity of one’s true self are a grate resource. When those who have rejected you in the past look at their hands and see monkey butt syndrome and realise you don’t, it will become revealed what was the source of their reality/ truth and where it led them, that’s a personal bridge each will need to cross, family included, Sad this is just the way it will be, if it comes to collapse, most will have other new preoccupations to dote to as will you. I imagine you will get a sense for those few around you who are like minded just by the way they behave, you should remain sensitive to these ones, instead of staring at the wall of sleepwalkers. It’s a brave new world of the truly brave and free. So Open your spiritual eyes, see like we do so often in lucid Dreams when we become conscious we are having a dream. This is a Powerful Moment for you.

      • drb753 says:

        This is very true, have a like. Most cultures, though not the US and countries culturally influenced by it, place friendship above official dogma. Some of you should really consider coming to Russia.

        • nikoB says:

          But you are the bad guys the MSM says so.

          Would love to see Russia one day.

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          I emigrated to Australia in the 80s. Russia wouldn’t have been a good choice then and I’m too old to migrate again now unfortunately, plus my kids are here.

          I’m starting to learn Russian though. Putin and his crew are effin geniuses compared with their Western equivalents.

          If you spend enough time on sites like you start to ‘get’ Russia. Watch the videos of Russian vs Ukrainian soldiers in action and it’s clear who has the spirit of victory and belief.

          “Denazifying is a great term and an accurate description of what the Russians are doing.

          Stuff like this encapsulates Russia for me

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    • vbaker says:

      Divide and conquer. So much anger ensued. It was brilliant the way they destroyed families and friendships. A few months go by, new friendships emerge. Everyone moves on. Oh well. Commiseration is a big part our updated support networks.

      I don’t imagine any of this is close to being over.

    • I have found myself making new friends, who are also unvaccinated. Of course, I live in Georgia, where there are a lot of unvaccinated people. People who like walking outside and people who attend the same gym are places to find such people.

      The church that I attend has made it a point not to say anything about vaccination status of anyone because the leaders understand that the congregation is divided on the topic. I find that people there generally don’t talk about it, at all. Everyone knows it is a contentious topic, so it is not a topic generally brought up.

      My siblings have called a truce on the topic.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        My policy is to let sleeping MOREONS die.

        If they want to take more boosters… great.

  2. Harry McGibbs says:

    “The world’s financial system is entering dangerous waters again, warns guru of the Lehman crisis…

    “There is a frighteningly-long list of shoes to drop as inflation finally forces central banks to do what they desperately wish not to do, which is to yank away the debt shield that lulled both investors and the political class into a false sense of security.

    “”We don’t know what is going to break until it does, but there are a lot of reasons to worry, and there is going to be severe stress,” Columbia professor Adam Tooze said on the eve of the World Economic Forum, the conclave of the great and the good in Davos.”

    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “How shadow banks threaten the global economy… This realm beyond regulators is where the next crisis will arise…

      “Shadow banks include creditors of many kinds, from pension funds to private equity firms and other asset managers. Together they manage $63tn in financial assets — up from $30tn a decade ago. What started in the US has spread worldwide…”

      • MM says:

        In the sense of honest reporting and focussing on the positive aspect of things, we decided from now on to replace the word crisis with champagne:

        “How shadow banks threaten the global economy… This realm beyond regulators is where the next champagne will arise…”

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  3. Harry McGibbs says:

    “The UK is unprepared for huge food price hikes and shortages of essential goods that will be triggered by the Ukraine war, the head of a government advisory body fears.

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      • Jon F says:

        This past weekend, I visited the local supermarket on Saturday and Sunday…on both days I witnessed angry situations which resulted in the shoppers walking away and leaving all the goods at the till….small sample size… but I was wondering if people are feeling the strain?

        • me too

          i was talking to my local supermarket manager recently—apparently people will just fill up trolleys and walk out through unmanned tills at really busy periods–if theyre stopped they just walk away–if not, they get away with it

          • Tim Groves says:

            Norman, how do you think this trend is going to develop? Are supermarkets going to allow this level of shoplifting to go on or are they going to turn into “super corner shops” with the merchandise behind the counter?

            In the end, for everybody who manages to get a free lunch, somebody else has to pay for it.

            • as i see it, calm civilised shopping can only take place so long the majority have the means and inclination to pay for it.

              already—pricey items–expensive booze and other big ticket items are individually security tagged.

              ultimately, i think, you will have to have a card which is read as you go in, so the store knows who you are, and read as you go out.–that is, if ‘stores’ continue to exist at all. if there is hysteria looting, then there will be no shops left open for business.

              the very first ‘super markets’ (piggly Wiggly stores) had turnstiles to go in, and people movement was one way only.

        • Harry McGibbs says:

          “‘People are under pressure’: the shop staff paying for strangers’ groceries or turning a blind eye to theft.

          “As prices rocket, supermarket workers tell of customers unable to pay at the tills, fighting over discounts and ‘forgetting’ to scan everything from fabric softener to baby food.”

          • Jon F says:

            Thanks Harry, my admiration for the local supermarket workers has certainly grown over the past 2 years…caught between government insanity and shopper frustration….yet they remain as helpful as ever.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I wonder how they found ‘James’… and convinced him to admit this…. did the reporter go from supermarket to supermarket and ask the workers and the self-check outs — hey bud — have you allowed anyone to steal food and if so why?

            Do you mind to meet me on your break to discuss this — don’t worry I’m not from the head office sent to check up on you – I am a reporter… you can trust me…

            Last week, during his shift overseeing the self-scan section of a large supermarket in London, James let a woman walk out with three multipacks of children’s yoghurts. He had randomly checked her shopping and found that among the items she hadn’t scanned and paid for were the yoghurts, as well as some pouches of baby food. He felt horrible, he says, to have quickly run through his own judgments of how “worthy” he considered her to be – that she was young and had three children under five with her, that she was holding Healthy Start vouchers, which allow people on universal credit and other benefits to buy nutritious food, that the rest of her shopping was healthy with no junk food or alcohol, and that she was really embarrassed and upset. “I couldn’t bring myself to take these four or five items off her so I let it go,” he says. “It wasn’t a huge loss to the company. It wasn’t like they were luxury items. I just said: ‘Don’t worry, but next time someone else might not let it slide.’” He knows he could have been sacked for it. “I’d just have to feign ignorance or stupidity if I got caught.”

            Seems the reporter lucked out – he found not one but two willing to admit they enabled theft! What a great reporter!!!

            At another supermarket, in a town across the country, Alexander watched as a young couple found they couldn’t pay for their shopping at a checkout close to his. They had spent more than £100, paid for some of it in cash, and tried to put the rest on a credit card – not unusual, he says, but the card was declined. “For the next half an hour, they took over the checkout, which we had to close, and somebody had to stand with them while they were making phone calls, presumably to locate some money or fix a problem with the card,” he says. The woman, who was pregnant, was getting more and more distressed and broke down in tears. “It was sad to see. If a credit card doesn’t work, most people have another card, but clearly they had no means of paying.” Eventually they left without half of their shopping.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I see – so they are so math challenged they have a budget of 40 pounds but toss 100 pounds of product into their carts…

            A couple of weeks ago, John Allan, the chair of Tesco, said the supermarket was seeing “real food poverty for the first time in a generation” and reported that customers were asking checkout staff to stop scanning their shopping when it reached £40 because they didn’t want, or couldn’t afford, to spend more. Lila, who works for a supermarket on the south coast, also says more people are asking her to stop putting items through when the total reaches £40 or £50.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          When people cannot feed their families — they can be difficult to manage.

          I look forward to the food riots. The tinder is dry

    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “UK Households risk being cut off from the internet as runaway inflation threatens to cause a wave of bankruptcies among broadband networks.

      “Ofcom is drawing up contingency plans with BT which could take on thousands of customers if a number of the smaller suppliers, so-called ‘alt-nets’, begin to fail.”

    • gpdawson2016 says:

      As Doomberg would say: Food is Energy Too!

    • “triggered by the Ukraine war” = temporary problem

      Probably worse than that

    • Summer is usually the time for protests.

  4. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Chinese real estate defaults have increased so much that Goldman Sachs analysts have shifted to their worst-case scenario for the riskiest part of the market.

    “Twenty-two China high-yield bond issuers, all related to the property sector, have either defaulted on their U.S. dollar-denominated bonds or deferred repayment with bond exchanges since the start of this year…”

  5. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Global Power Grids Face Biggest Test in Decades With Summer Blackouts Expected…

    “War. Drought. Production shortages. Historically low inventories. And pandemic backlash. Energy markets across the planet have been put through the wringer over the past year, and consumers have suffered the consequences of soaring prices. But, somehow, things are on track to get even worse.”

  6. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Natural Gas Market Is Hurtling Toward Historic Winter Shortages.

    “The liquefied natural gas market is hurtling toward a potentially historic shortage this winter as the world rushes to secure the super-chilled fuel… “This coming winter has everyone on edge,” said James Whistler, the global head of energy derivatives at Simpson Spence Young.”

  7. Fast Eddy says:


    News Shopper (

    NHS issues warning to anyone who eats meat as UK monkeypox cases rise
    The infection can also be spread by animals and eating meat.

    • my warning still stands

      dont touch eddylinks

    • Student says:

      Another way to reduce ‘expensive’ meat and convince people to eat breadcrumbs….

    • The news article now has this at the beginning:

      Clarification: This story has been updated to more clearly reflect the risk of the spread of monkeypox via meat is specific to animals located in West and Central Africa. The headline has been updated to reflect the information has been provided in the form of standard guidance by the NHS rather than a warning. See the government guidance here.

      The NHS site says, among other things:

      You can catch monkeypox from an infected animal if you’re bitten or you touch its blood, body fluids, spots, blisters or scabs.

      It may also be possible to catch monkeypox by eating meat from an infected animal that has not been cooked thoroughly, or by touching other products from infected animals (such as animal skin or fur).

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I suspect there’s another way you could get it … from … interacting … with a monkey.

  8. Fast Eddy says:


    Gidday Agenda 2030

    • Wet My Beak says:

      Sad new zealand is going broke.

      • Going broke is a reason for keeping people inside, and stopping travel.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Friends want to go to Cook Islands … they are trying to apply for the 3 month vax exemption having recently had covid …. they have been told they have to apply with the health ministry in nz… and then they also have to submit and get approval from the cook islands govt… They’ve been at it for over a week now… not sure if they’ve even gotten through the NZ part of it

  9. Fast Eddy says:



    Meanwhile our vaccine injured are in total desperation.

    Casey has had to put out a public fundraising call for a new wheelchair

    Other of our vaccine injured are thousands of dollars in debt now as they seek healing with no ACC support.

    The insanity of it all sometimes makes me want to bang my head on a wall.

    Just too much.

    I though mike already had his 4th.

    mike if you are still out there… go mike go … go mike go!!!

    And any NZers on OFW – let’s get behind this push for 4… I don’t want to see any negativity .. let’s encourage everyone to roll up their sleeves…..

    Every vax injured MOREON… is a good MOREON. Particularly when they blame it on long covid hahahahahahaahahahahaha

    • Tim Groves says:

      Is Mike going to respond to this, or is he going to take the Fifth?

      • Student says:

        In Italy the government suggested in February the fourth dose to all above 80 or with fragile immune system, but only few people had the jab.
        The government tried to scare people on TV, but nothing happened.
        I think that people are realizing something…

        • Slow Paul says:

          I went to Italy last week, I was surprised how relaxed it was. Nobody bothered us with mask mandates or vax-pass. Except when boarding the plane back(!) to Norway, the woman at the gate demanded that we put masks on. Luckily a fellow passenger gave me a spare mask. During the flight home nobody bothered us about masks (Scandinavian crew).

          • Student says:

            In fact there was no information of ‘end of pandemic’, but we are probably approaching a level of consciousness like the one during Soviet Union:

            “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.”

            – Attributed to Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn


    • Fred says:

      In animal tests at the 7th mRNA dose = 100% death rate.

    • Lots of doses available. This is what Michael Le Merchant posted, somewhat more recently:

      Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna:

      “it’s sad to say, I’m in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem.”

      Notes that China doesn’t want any MRNA products and how there’s 7 billion doses.

  10. Fred says:

    Good mix of humour and doomer from Mike Adams in his podcast here:

    “After COVID, if you believe the monkeypox narrative you’re dumber than a monkey”.

    First 10mins are comedy gold, then he moves onto hard core doomer stuff – controlled demolition of the food and energy supply, population reduction via vaccines etc.

    In a way, he has his own version of UEP.

    • Tim Groves says:

      One big difference between Mike and Eddy is that Mike, like his pal Alex is planning on surviving the UEP in a bunker stacked with tin cans, shotgun cartridges, nigh vision goggles and other “survival” gear.

      Another big difference is that Mike, like his pal Alex, simply oozes controlled opposition. While Eddy is the real thing, totally uncontrolled, off the leash, and not trying to sell anybody anything.

      • Fred says:

        Well guns ‘n food will get you further than having neither.

        Might as well prep. Beats just sitting here like a stunned mullet as they say in Oz.

        Even if I get knocked off someone else gets the benefit of the cans and fruit and nut trees.

        Pay it forward! 🙂

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Think of the VIP Room Experiences you could enjoy … if you took the wasted prep $$$ and invested it at the local Gents Club instead though.

          It’s the stuff of dreams…

  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Even more disturbing, on October 8th, Polack wrote in Augusto’s clinical trial records that he had had an attack of “severe anxiety” starting on September 23rd (not caused by the vaccine, naturally). Polack added that Augusto suspected a conspiracy between the two hospitals, described his anxiety as “constitutional”, and noted that it was ongoing, evidenced by his pursuing his appeal to ANMAT. On October 11th, Polack had this mental health diagnosis added to his actual medical records.

    Dr. David Healy, who has interviewed Augusto and seen the medical records in question, comments that “there is nothing in any record that indicates that Dr. Polack or any other doctor attempted on September 23rd to establish whether Augusto had a mental disorder”. He adds:

    Augusto points to the notes of October 8th and 11th as evidence that this idea was invented just around the time the ANMAT hearing was about to happen. He states that it is in breach of Argentinian law for Dr. Polack to have diagnosed someone with a medical condition that the person does not have – and to have entered it into his medical record.

  12. Fast Eddy says:

    On the way home after his second dose on September 9th 2020, he began feeling unwell, developed a high fever and felt very ill. He fainted on September 11th and went to the hospital on September 12th. The hospital ran tests, including a CAT scan of his chest, which showed an abnormal collection of fluid around the outside of the heart, indicating pericarditis (a form of heart inflammation).

    On September 14th he was discharged, with the doctor writing in his discharge note that he had suffered an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Augusto was also told by hospital staff that there had been a considerable number of people from the clinical trial coming to the hospital – one nurse estimated staff had seen around 300 people – so his experience was not new to them. Around 3,000 trial participants had been enrolled before Augusto, so, if the nurse’s estimate is accurate, this would be a hospitalisation rate of 10%.

    Following his adverse reaction, Augusto asked to see his trial clinical records, but those running the trial refused. Being a lawyer, Augusto went to law to get access to his records, which took over a year. Once he saw them, he could well imagine why someone might not want them to be released.

    In hospital, Augusto had tested negative for Covid, and the doctor at the hospital had written that his condition was due to the vaccine. However, when Augusto contacted the trial site on September 14th to notify the investigators he had been in hospital, they wrote down in his clinical trial record that he had been admitted for a “bilateral pneumonia” that had nothing to do with the “investigational product” – the vaccine – even though that was not what he told them or what the doctor who examined him had stated.

    For obvious reasons, Augusto was keen to know whether he’d had the vaccine or not. However, the principal investigator for the trial, Fernando Polack (pictured below), had inaccurately claimed that he could only be unblinded if his life were in danger. Augusto appealed to ANMAT, the Argentinian equivalent of the FDA, and following a formal hearing on October 9th 2020 it forced the trial investigators to tell Augusto that he had, indeed, received the vaccine.

    The clinical trial notes reveal that two days prior to this hearing, on October 7th, “at the request of the sponsor” (Pfizer), the adverse event code was updated from pneumonia to “COVID-19 disease”. This is despite Augusto testing negative at the time of his admission. (Conveniently for Pfizer, the COVID-19 ‘diagnosis’ would not be included in the trial vaccine efficacy calculations due to the negative test.)

    • Tim Groves says:

      These WEF/WHO/Deep State/Big Government and Big Harmer sociopaths in the upper echelons of the pyramid scheme deserve to encounter some form of Big Karma. There must be a lot of quiet anger building up against them as more and more people get clued up to the harm that’s been done to them and their loved ones. And eventually, when the mud has settled, it will become as clear as a gameshow host’s toupee that they’ve perpetrated a major genocide. They have crossed the Rubicon on this and now they are going to have to go all the way in order to escape what happened last week to that MP in Sri Lanka. If they lose control, there won’t be enough bolt holes in Argentina and Uruguay combined to hide them all.

  13. Fast Eddy says:

    There’s a headline telling us that this horrible banker from HSBC has been suspended pending an investigation.

    He’s quoted in relation to climate change risk on financial returns that “I don’t care if Miami is six metres below sea level in a hundred years”.
    What wasn’t reported is his next words:

    “Amsterdam has been six metres below sea level for a hundred years. My message is of hope. Adaption will easily manage the risks from climate. The IPCC models show sea level rise of about one foot over the next hundred years. People, perspective, please”.

    The most realistic presentation I’ve seen from a pragmatist who’s clearly looked below the high level & found it wanting, which is absolutely true. The real data is not indicating the slightest risk of “climate catastrophe”. Even IPCC models, which have “tortured the data”, don’t come close to catastrophic climate change.

    I wonder how much longer they can maintain this narrative, even as the hints grow stronger that, if anything, there’s a slight bug inexorable mega trend to COOLING over the next few decades.

    Well, the elites aren’t hanging around to let that real data emerge. The good news is that is we can rouse ourselves to push back effectively, to find our roar of annoyance at the high-handed way these self-appointed lunatic elites are trashing our lives, a good future lies in front of us.

    Mike Yeadon

  14. Rodster says:

    “The Apocalyptic Global Food Crisis That We Were Told To Prepare For Has Already Started In 2022“

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      to start with the obvious, everyone will die from something.

      there has been very little uptick in total deaths from covid and the toxic vaccines, since increased death RATES in ages 0 to 59 don’t move the dial much at all because these ages die at very low rates compared to older people.


      it looks like famine might be the factor that massively raises yearly death totals.

      okay, so less people might get old and suffer through the various kinds of declining health issues and prolonged “dying” that is very common today.

      shorter lives and lower population could mean less overall suffering for the human species, which might be good.

      famine? WW3? anyway, lives will be shorter on average until each person enters the nothingness of eternal death.

      it is what it is.

      • Artleads says:

        “…the nothingness of eternal death…” would be nice, but there’s no way to know whether the reincarnation meme has validity or not. And that would mean eternal life, not quite as nice.

        • Slowly at first says:

          Even if we grant reincarnation a modicum of plausibility, there still remains the problem of explaining how a mind might uncouple from its physical carrier.

          • MM says:

            Not if “mind” is the carrier.
            To be more precise: consciousness.
            And even by that notion, we are not really at a point to explain what consciousness should “be”.
            Want to find out about it?
            Ready player one!

        • MM says:

          Synthesis: It is what you make of it.

        • Yorchichan says:

          Where would our reincarnated selves go once the Earth is a lifeless rock? Even if other inhabitable planets exist, we’d run out of them eventually.

      • Tim Groves says:

        So David, you won’t be joining me sitting at the right hand of our Lord and Savior then?

        Just as well. It could get pretty crowded up there, especially if they let Mormons in.

        On the other hand, we might be merely avatars with our minds and consciousness beamed into our physical bodies holographically by some devilishly clever extraunivesal computer simulation designer.

        That wouldn’t mean that we wouldn’t die as much as that were never alive in the first place; we could be imaginary beings dreamed up by the Lord Shiva in His slumbers.

        Where would that leave “will to power”, I wonder? In the same trash can where phlogiston and the four humors were dumped?

        • Yorchichan says:

          If I am being charged for this avatar I’m going to demand a refund.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Shiva charging Shiva?

            Isn’t the illusions and hallucinations of being a unique and distinct embodiment convincing enough?

            As Tim notes, moar WtP until existence becomes pure solipsism. A total and utter disconnect from the interdependencies of IRL.

            It’s just a matter of… ⌛️
            And then…
            Burning Nuke ponds… 🔥 ☢️

            ‘Ooorah for the egotistical fantasies within the hallucinations our brains craft from whatever Ultimate Reality is.

            What could possibly go wr…

            Oh well; time for another great mud and ash “flooding” event until the Rapacious Primate™ “bugs” are ironed out by “Shiva”. Which is a fantasy in and of itself. A primate gonna primate.

            It’s just too bad the illusion is convincing enough. A bit of starvation, poverty and suffering never hurt anyone, No?

            After all; the great Gautama himself got fed up with taking asceticism nearly to its logical conclusion.

            It is what it is. (Just sayin’)


    • CTG says:

      At this point of time, I have no idea what is real and what is not. Is the CEO stating the truth that it is only 10 weeks of wheat left a truth or a lie?

      I have stopped using logic or my brain when it comes to interacting with the Matrix. My brain hurts.

      • MM says:

        Imagine the telephone booth down the road.
        Imagine you go there and dial the number.
        Imagine you already did it and all you see is only on your screen.
        Have a coffe break 🙂

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I will remind the audience… during the protests in Wellington … the MSM totally fabricated their reporting .. totally … they claimed the protesters were violent — that there was filth all over the place including overflowing toilets… and on and on ….

        I was there… I KNOW. Total lies.

        Based on this how can we possibly know what is real and what is not real? We have no independent sources to rely on. Even those who claim to be independent could simply be plants from the PR Team.

        Ukraine – fake jet fighter footage and a fake pilot (video game)…. dead people coming back to life… all sorts of horrific reports of violence but next to no footage of any of this.. tanks blasting away at already destroyed buildings as a drone films…

        How can we actually confirm that there are fertilizer shortages… we know that a favoured technique of the PR Team is to plant experts and pay them to follow a script….they do this all the time… so easy to find a few folks to put their names to an assertion that there are shortages… and if there are then could these shortages be manufactured?

        This starts to make your head spin as you realize that it is impossible to get to the truth on anything.

        The only thing I believe we know is true – is that we are low on cheap energy… we know oil is finite… we know that we have been drilling miles beneath ocean – steaming oil out of sand – and smashing up rocks to suck the dregs out.. and we have been told we are soon transitioning to solar and wind and EVS when we know this is impossible…. these are all indicators that we are close to the tipping point.

        We are here:

        • MM says:

          Whitehouse press conference:
          We teamed up wit Jet Propulsion Laboratories some 50 years ago to figure out how the alien space craft that fell on our land some 70 years ago was powered.
          And guess what: we figured it out!

          • Kowalainen says:

            Yep, ‘cause no primate species is clever enough to be truly creative and innovative. However sure AF can craft fictive dominance hierarchies over equally halfwitted specimens. That’s an easy task for any primate, especially for the rapacious species HSS.

            Even limited creativity and reverse engineering of old exploits (not so alien perhaps?) is an inevitable disaster as a combination with primate psychology.

            As long as there is a shred of primatery collapse is virtually assured due to the effect of unfair advantage exploited to max.

            Primates with existential angst and WtP fantasies gonna dig a primate behavioral sink. Every. Single. Time.



            YOLO! MOAR!

            It is what it is. (Failed species)

        • Tim Groves says:

          Good points! Very good points!

          If it’s reported in the MSM, our default mode should be to doubt its veracity and question why it was published.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Look at how the MSM version of the jabs… is completely false… a massive lie.

            Then there is the moon horseshit … 911 … JFK… on and on and on it goes… complete fabrications

      • Fred says:

        The context is the world food supply replaces itself on a 90 day cycle.

        The concern is if that cycle is interrupted e.g. bad weather, no fertiliser etc, then we only have 10 weeks buffer.

        • Rodster says:

          US Supermarkets usually have a 3 day buffer. Walmarts about 7 days. Now both of those estimates don’t include panic buying or hoarding.

  15. Fast Eddy says:

    Ed has this correct – Famine … Global Holodomor actually

  16. Fast Eddy says:


    Excellent – hopefully this descends into street fighting

  17. Fast Eddy says:

    hahaha — mass psychosis allows MOREONS to read this .. and not change their minds

    Massive Climate Hypocrites: Davos Attendees Tell You to Ditch Petrol Cars While Flying in on Private Jets

    Sophie Corcoran: “They’re here lecturing us on climate change, telling us to eat bugs. Telling us that we can’t fly and we can’t go on holiday and we can’t drive diesel cars. We have to pay our way in green taxes and [they put] us all in poverty, and here they are in their diesel-burning private jets when they can all just jump on a commercial one … As usual, massive climate to hypocrites.”

    @VigilantFox | Rumble ( | Source (

    • Tim Groves says:

      Somebody tell Sophie that very little jet fuel is diesel based. Most jet aircraft use kerosene-based fuel and piston-engine aircraft use aviation gasoline (avgas). No doubt a few diesel-powered private jets land at Davos, but the vast majority will be running on something else.

      If I ruled the world, every private plane would be powered by a massive renewable and sustainable elastic band and have a gigantic set of old wind turbine blades as a propeller. That would take the elite appeal and the snob value out of air travel and make it dorky.

      And if Bill Gates or Elon Musk complained about having to travel in such a primitive contraption, I will tell them not to take it so seriously as it’s only a windup.

  18. Fast Eddy says:

    Oh No…. how does .. THIS… get hired? And why keep the beard if you are trying to pass as a female…. or maybe you don’t want to pass as a female… you are non-binary????

    This will definitely destabilize society

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    “Build back better” turned into a stock market recession, food shortages, record high gas prices, record high inflation, a border crisis, and a proxy war with nuclear armed Russia.

    Elections have consequences and stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

    how’s your boy doing norm?

  20. Fast Eddy says:

    Decimating Dissent: South Australian Bill Proposes Jail Time and Hefty Fines for COVID Noncompliance

    “The Law Society says it [the bill] lacks detail and would hand the Governor extraordinary permanent powers. Leaked documents have reportedly revealed … hefty penalties of up to $75,000 and a two-year jail term planned for any future COVID breaches.”

    @VigilantFox | Rumble ( | Source (

    • MM says:

      In a world without anything 2 years of state care could be an option…

      • Tim Groves says:

        “Once a penal colony, always a penal colony.”
        – Lots of people

        “I think the biggest single difference between Australians and Americans is that you were founded as a religious experiment, and we were founded as a jail.”
        – The late Robert Hughes

        “The problem with Australians is not that so many of them are descended from convicts, but that so many of them are descended from prison officers.”
        – The even later Clive James

        “Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that’s only a recent development.”
        – The still alive and ticking Barry Humphries

        “Tie me Down kangaroo down sport.”

        – Rolf Harris, who single-handedly created a new definition of “rolfing.”

  21. Fast Eddy says:


    Hong Kong health authorities warn doctors to stay alert for suspected monkeypox cases

    • MM says:

      On the topic of fake moon landings:
      Can we be sure moneypox exists at all?
      It might just be an AI driven internet raid for data refinement and / or fear porn.
      The topic of gay persons makes me suspicious.
      We have a “path” laid out for airborne HIV, that according to H2H can of course not exist.

      • I do think that monkeypox exists. This is not a direction to go.

        • MM says:

          If a board has been prepared(ness):

          you may be right.
          I still think this will be gone in two weeks, we will see.
          My neighbor today just rofl-ed about the news in the TV. It is just toooo obvious, no?
          They my still be in a testing phase as in the Department for hatespeech that was put “on hold” due to some misunderstandings….

          On the other hand, nature or a member person of nature might like to play some funny games on humans. We will see….

      • Fast Eddy says:


  22. Fast Eddy says:

    10,000 Reports of Death, Serious Injury After COVID Vaccines Deleted From VAERS

    According to data analyst Albert Benavides, at least 10,000 reports of death or serious injury following COVID-19 vaccines were removed from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System — and they were not duplicates.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “Only the initial VAERS reports are available to the public. Updated reports are only viewable internally. That means we have no way of knowing how many of those who were injured have since died from those injuries. This is a loophole that can make a vaccine appear less deadly than it actually is.”

      1. the vaccines are ineffective against omicron variants.

      2. the vaccines often harm and sometimes kill the jabbed.

      3. there has never been a successful coronavirus vaccine.

      4. there never ever will be.

      5. the jabbed will not respond, or will respond with strawman comments, or with outdated data.

      hurray, only 8.5 more years until the long term 10 year studies are complete.

      • nikoB says:

        I prefer – only 102 months to go. Then we can give you the results of our little trial.

  23. Fast Eddy says:

    Fish farms pollute seawater with pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and contribute to the rise of genetically engineered species that spread that DNA into wild populations.


    Children’s Health Defense (
    Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals Used in Industrial Fish Farms Threaten Swimmers, Marine Life
    Fish farms pollute seawater with pesticides and pharmaceuticals, and contribute to the rise of genetically engineered species that

    the only only solution to the Human Problem … is The UEP….. The UEP solves – everything.

  24. Fast Eddy says:

    Unless California, Nevada and Arizona make big cuts in the amount of water they use, dead pool in Lake Powell and Lake Mead can’t be ruled out.


    Children’s Health Defense (

    ‘Dead Pool’ Sounds Ominous — Here’s Why It Is
    Dead pool occurs when water in a reservoir drops so low it can’t flow downstream from the dam — and scientists are concerned the two largest reservoirs in the U.S. could reach that critical stat

    • The article says:

      For now, finding enough water to keep generating electricity is the focus. But unless California, Nevada and Arizona make big cuts in the amount of water they use, dead pool in Lake Powell and Lake Mead can’t be ruled out.

      We aren’t to dead pool yet; that comes when the water is even lower than below where it can’ t generate enough electricity.

  25. Fred says:

    Enjoying watching the Russians smackdown the Ukies day by day. Carnage everywhere. Yep it’s a real war.

    Just desperately hoping that it’s not for show with all sides are batting for the bad guys and the good guys (that’s the Russians folks) actually win for a change.

    – Mike Adams at Natural News says it’s a deliberate controlled demolition.

    – JMG says it’s an inevitable outcome of senility and delusion in the elites, mixed in with some sort of demonic force.

    – Orlov forecast it all years ago and has retired from Boston to a smallholding somewhere in Russia, smart move.

    Kunstler is on form today:

    “Unfortunately, the vaccination scheme has gone very much awry, and now millions face a future with damaged immune systems. The horror of that is too awful to comprehend, especially by government, which caused the problem in the first place and can’t possibly admit it without demolishing its legitimacy… so it presses on stupidly and heinously with the vaccine program. Already all-causes deaths are substantially up, and in time the recognition of how-and-why this happened will reach a point of criticality.

    It will be too obvious to ignore. But by that time (probably not far away), the economy will be so wrecked, the people of America so deranged, and our circumstances so desperate, that the government will resort to a supremely stupid act of national suicide, say, starting a nuclear war.”

    I say we’re still running at ~88M barrels of oil a day and you can do a lot of work with that. I’m going with JK’s and JMG’s long decline for now. JMG describes it as a stairstep of collapses.

    UEP still a wild-eyed theory. No zombie apocalypse yet, unless the Neocon nutjobs push the nuke button.

    Look at Lebanon. Mostly collapsed a few years ago, but still limping along, people eking out an existence. Sri Lanka went Mad Max briefly. Let’s watch if/how it settles down.

    Famine coming most likely, which will get the population down, esp. for those with damaged immune systems. Then more ‘stuff’ to go around for us remaining.

    Here at the farm I’m long cans of tuna, dried chickpeas, pushbikes and veggie beds. Might as well prep, nothing better to do.

  26. Fast Eddy says:


    If it makes mike feel better we can chisel into his tombstone ‘mike died of long covid – rip mike’

    • According to the article:

      Is it Vaccine injury or Long Covid?

      The ongoing campaign of gaslighting and propaganda from the mainstream media wants you to think it’s the latter. The symptoms of ‘post vaccination syndrome’ are almost identical to symptoms of ‘long covid syndrome’. The difference is that if you manage to get your G.P to accept you have post vaccination syndrome then you are eligible for support through ACC.

      Vaccine injury is a treatment injury and if ACC accept a claim, then people get financial support for all ongoing health investigations and treatment needed associated with that claim. If your G.P says you have ‘long covid syndrome’ then there is no help. Nada.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        And they open fire on a church or a mall…

        BTW – NZ is spending 500 million on Jab 4… a big chunk of that goes to the MSM here in the form of advertising – provided they agree to continue to lie…

        And thousands upon thousands are unable to get ACC insurance cover — having been vax damaged…

        And they open fire on a church or a mall…

        Go figure

  27. Fast Eddy says:


    He was diagnosed with vaccine induced Pericarditis at the hospital.

    The trial instead recorded that he had covid 19 induced pneumonia.

    While at the hospital he had a negative PCR test and covid was ruled out completely.

    His Pfizer trial records make no mention of a vaccine injury, instead recording covid 19 pneumonia. (and this supposed covid 19 infection did not count against the efficacy of the vaccine as all covid cases in the trial had to be pcr confirmed, and his pcr test was negative!!).

    Its not a good idea to screw with lawyers when they are in your trial.

    He now potentially holds the key to unlocking a massive amount of fraudulent trial data from this trial

  28. Fast Eddy says:


    How much longer can it stay “hidden”?

  29. Fast Eddy says:


    Are we really seeing post covid infection myocarditis here….

    Or are we seeing vaccine injury?

    THIS IS VITAL missing information”

    I spoke to a doctor at the Wellington protests who was mandated out of his job and he told me that myocarditis and any heart injury from a virus is extremely rare… we almost never see that he said

  30. Fast Eddy says:

    Perpetual death loop hahaha

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    hahahahaha!!!!!! PR Team Jackpot – blame vax injuries on covid and that will result in more boosters hahahahaha….. Jackpot Jackpot Jackpot!!!!

    They underestimated the stooopidy of the MOREONS.


    Rumble (

    New Zealand Mainstream Media Campaign to Rebrand Vaccine Injury As Long Covid
    Is it Vaccine injury or Long Covid? The ongoing campaign of gaslighting and propaganda from the mainstream media wants

  32. Fast Eddy says:

    Breaking — Pfizer Says 3-Dose COVID Vaccine 80% Effective Against Omicron for Kids Under 5

    The results were ‘prelimary’ and could be adjusted as more data is collected

    Dr. Scott Gottlieb Says Monkeypox Can Live on Objects Such as Blankets & Clothing, Suggests Contact Tracing & Ring Vaccination

    “This is a virus that is super stable outside the human host so it can live on objects like blankets and things like that. It could be disruptive in areas where this is spreading.”

    Klaus Schwab: “We Have to Reinforce Our Resilience Against a New Virus Possibly”

  33. Fast Eddy says:

    Ed is close to understanding…

    Yes they have bankrupted the world – but that was not the intent .. the intent was to continue to pump oil when it became too expensive to pump .. and the only way to do that was with massive debt… supported by ultra low interest rates…

    Herb Stein had something to say about that…

    The thing is…

    The renewable energy mass psychosis is powerful… it includes the EV and gwobal worming psychosis… key pillars…. most people are captured by those…. Ed is captured by those but not by the CovCON …

    norm is captured by all mass psychoses… norm is like most people — utterly clueless.

    Do we need to start speaking of mike in past tense? Remember when mike made the comment about getting jabbed to get around and that there was no harm in that … then recall him mimicking the MSM by saying ‘time to go home’ when people were protesting …. mike lives on in his timeless comments….

    Whenever anyone mentions mike we will all have a laugh….he was quite ridiculous — wasn’t he.

    RIP mike… rip…

    • We need commenters on both sides of every controversy. Driving them away is not a reasonable goal. They often can see flaws in arguments that the people who are convinced of the prevailing view (on OFW, at least) cannot see.

  34. Fast Eddy says:

    PAXLOVID REBOUND COVID PHENOMENA; the FDA knew and Pfszier knew, as usual they lied and have no concern about safety, JUST money$$$$$, everyone is into making money, see this information

    It’s not about $$$.

  35. Fast Eddy says:

    From the Department of Are You Fucking Kidding Me*

    CNN just ran a piece explaining that “scientists are urgently trying to solve” the question of whether the endless waves of Covid we now have “may be a result of the mRNA technology used to build some Covid-19 vaccines.”

    Not making this up:

    Guess what’s coming …. guess norm…… you got it … New and Improved Poison


  36. Fast Eddy says:

    All of this — from installing Trump to using tech to disorient people to the destruction of the moral fabric – and of course the toxic injections… is part of the UEP (I have provided a summary only)…

    This plan has been in the works for decades and involves scientists… PR experts… psychologists .. educators… who have been tasked with creating a compliant population willing to inject an experiment into their bodies.. for the purpose of exterminating humans.

    It’s not a mistake. None of this is a mistake. Everyone working on this has one goal in mind — to prevent 8B predators from ripping each other to pieces as the cheap energy reaches a tipping point.

    The people involved in this are unsung heroes.

  37. Fast Eddy says:

    Incompetent NZ govt exposed yet again….. this is the product of an education system geared towards rewarding those with low IQs….

    Ardern failed out of high school and was crown communist party queen for her efforts… then to further her career she was trained as a DJ — which meant years of popping and snorting … further diminishing her IQ…

    Culminating in her current position as PM….

  38. clickkid says:

    Is everybody ready to laugh?

    Here goes:

    “Economics Minister Robert Habeck is campaigning for major oil-consuming countries to join forces and jointly define a maximum price above which they will no longer buy oil. “The rules of the markets have to change,” said Habeck in a discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos. And: “We have to agree that we won’t pay any price.””

  39. Fast Eddy says:

    Remember Let’s Make a Deal?

    They choose from 3 doors at the end and one has a booby prize…

    I reckon it’s like that when you get the booster…. you are hoping to win a new car — or a fabulous trip….

    But then you are shocked when you get the booby prize — a dose of myocarditis — or a blood clot hahaha

  40. Fast Eddy says:

    Germany’s Top Hospital: Half A Million Germans Experienced Serious Adverse Events after COVID-19 Vaccination

    “Serious AE’s in 8 out of every 1,000 vaccinated; 40x underreporting factor for severe adverse events; government urged to take vaccine injury seriously, find solutions.”

  41. Fast Eddy says:

    FOI reveals Pfizer and Medicine Regulators Hid the Dangers of Covid-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy

    “A ‘Freedom of Information’ request alongside an in-depth dive into the only pregnancy/fertility study performed on the Pfizer Covid-19 injection has revealed that Medicine Regulators and Pfizer chose to publicly cover-up alarming abnormalities of the developing foetus and falsely downgraded the actual risk of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy by suppressing documented findings of the clinical data.”

    If they lied then surely people can successful sue? The problem is we’ll all be dead before they see a court room

  42. Mirror on the wall says:

    Disgusting! Uncle Andy is back in the fold for the ‘Queen’s jubilee’.

    > Prince Andrew will appear alongside the Queen for Garter Day at Windsor Castle as the Duke returns to the royal spotlight

    The Duke of York will attend the ceremony on June 13 with other senior royals

    Andrew was stripped of all his honorary military titles amid a sex abuse scandal

    He settled out of court in February with a victim of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

    His attendance comes as a surprise as he was expected to withdraw from public life

    • Fast Eddy says:

      The Queen? I thought she had a clot on the brain from her last shot and was near death…. give the old bag another booster and bury her in the garden…. we’ve had enough of her…

      Let’s put her inbred MOREON on the throne! The Americans are taking the lead in MOREONISM with Biden as their fake leader…. Charles might close the gap

  43. Fast Eddy says:

    DoorlessCarp🐭 Writes DoorlessCarp’s Scientific Liter… ·8 hr ago

    BA.5 is fast becoming dominant in Portugal. The transfected have little immunity unless recently infected by BA.2.

    That’s why cases & deaths is spiking…

    Epidemiological update: SARS-CoV-2 Omicron sub-lineages BA.4 and BA.5

    What’s Up, Portugal?
    Boosting like there is no tomorrow.

    Oh…. WOW….,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

    norm mike????? Booster Time

    mike…. are you still with us mike… blink once if you are alive mike…. shall we all pitch in 50 cents each and send an OFW bouquet of flowers????

    • The Portugal article seems to show COVID deaths rising with increased vaccination.

    • JMS says:

      Most of the injectees I know have been “sick with covid” or had at least a positive test. And some of them more than once, hilariously. Whereas the three refuseniks I know (myself, the wife and the son of some friends) never had even a positive test (not that I’ve ever let somefucker “test” me).
      This bizarre discrepancy should make them go hmmm…. If they weren’t good normies who respect authority more than logic and consensus more than intelligence.

      But I don’t really blame normies, they could hardly do otherwise. We are a social species, after all, which implies most people long for a protective father figure, a bee queen, some Authority to tell them the what, when, how and where to. And since hierarchies are inevitable, wise is to to view them as unquestionable and even sacred. Which explains why is so rare to find someone able to resist the media hypnosis and the pull of the herd around. Wasn’t loneliness the punishment of Cassandra?

  44. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    ruble up up up today.

    up to as high as 55 per USD, now still 57.

    I Stand With Russian Sanctions!

    ha ha.

    is Putin really a god?

    (all the Ukranian “heroes” at Mariupol have surrendered. Azov Natzeees are not heroes.)


  45. Yoshua says:

    I’m not for the the COVID vaccine. I would have been if it worked. It doesn’t work. It just does even more harm.

    Some of the people I follow are for the vaccine…some are against.

    I don’t agree with everything they say…I don’t agree with everything Gail says…I don’t agree with everything I say the next day…

    I don’t know anything (yes I stole that from Leonardi)

    Ask a good question every day (yes I stole it)

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      is there any ultimate meaning and purpose for the finite human species in the face of infinite space and time?

      seen any good movies lately?

      who’s on first?

      • Wet My Beak says:

        I believe Top Gun: Maverick is the first watchable Hollywood movie in years.

        • Fred says:

          Was the female (probably not an allowed word in wokedom?) action hero wearing one of the new pregnancy-friendly pilot suits?

          Refuse to watch anything from Hollywood on principle. Don’t feed the beast.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            The Academy Awards are awesome! I stream the show – cuz it’s awesome!

            Do you think Will Smith was really angry or he was just promoting Pfizer’ new female anti-bald drug like the conspiracy theorists claim?

            Who did you vote for as sexiest dressed female?

            I wonder what the after parties were like… I’d give anything to be invited!

            I wonder if we were to provide the coordinates of the Awards ceremony if Putin would do everyone a favour and drop a nuke….

          • Wet My Beak says:

            I would usually agree. But in this movie the jets are the stars and it is really worth seeing this at a movie theatre. Not sure if it’s running in 3D.

        • 几ㄖ卩乇.卂ᐯ丨 says:

          “Seen any good movies lately” sounds more like Have you seen any recent movies that other people who are part of the cultural in-group recommend”?

          Bringing up new movie releases is 100 % Keeping with the Joanses 100 percent of movies made are pretty terrible. They’re not enjoyable on their own. We need 1000s of critics with the same exact opinion to “Contextualize” the movie and tell us its role in the greater “Cultural conversation” like it was some ***** Modern Art piece.

    • Jarle says:

      > I would have been if it worked.

      Worked against what?

  46. Rodster says:

    “What Could Go Right? Our economy is not resilient or antifragile, it’s a fragile sand castle of debt and denial.” by CHS

    • I am afraid that I don’t agree with CHS’s conclusion, but most of the rest is OK.

      His conclusion is

      incentivizing the lost discipline of aligning expenditures with revenues is the only way to transform a fragile economy into an adaptive antifragile economy. Debt that can’t be paid will be dematerialized, one way or the other.

      I do agree with the last part, “Debt that can’t be paid will be dematerialized, one way or the other.”

      If revenues are zero, then aligning revenues with expenditures is leads to a whole lot of starvation.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      I can understand why people like Charles and James and others in the doom-sphere would try to paint a picture that does not end in cataclysm…. they need to eat.

      Fast Eddy does not require $$$… so HE tells the hard truths. UEP.

      • MM says:

        From the point of inertia the UEP would be a pretty big steam roller.
        It seems it is pretty difficult to set it in motion…

        • Fast Eddy says:

          All it would take is the emergence of a lethal mutation — if that’s not the goal then why did they continue to boost when they could have declared victory when omicron emerged?

    • Sam says:

      This article seems a little bit short sighted… the crash will be bigger than a slight correction.

  47. 几ㄖ卩乇.卂ᐯ丨 says:

    | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    was thinking recently about self-driving cars and automation and the the predictions made by the TEDx Talk globe trotter, jet-set bunch about how in the future ownership of many items would be a thing of the past as manufacturers embrace a subscription-based business model and I realized that mass adoption of electric cars can only work if there are strict travel limits on them. There’s no travel limit more strict than renting a electric car with limited range.. As I type this, i realize these travel limits will probably not only be limited to electric cars themselves, but will affect ice cars in some way, limiting their use. I can imagine roads being incrementally repaired so only automated cars can drive on them. Think of it like the forced upgrades the the computer industry uses, to generate cash flow under the guise of security. The latest version of Windows is 100% virus proof! Leevine Boulevard is now 100% green energy compliant!

    In summary, I think our well-meaning rulers truly believe they can manage the LIMITS TO CIVILIZATION (NOT GROWTH) with more technology and regulation.

    I read recently that a battery cell for a fully ev car uses 1000s of what appears to be oversized AA batteries. That means this joke isn’t too far from the truth.
    Thousands of tiny batteries slowly degrading is better than a large solid one failing.

    I think it’s great that technology has come so far. Now, we can charge thousands if not millions of small batteries all at once and use it to power heavy industry.

    • It is a strange world we live in, where at least some people think that electric vehicles will solve all problems.

      I am afraid “Limits to Civilization” is really “overshoot and collapse.” You are right that people think that they can today’s problems with more technology and regulation.

    • Fred says:

      Australia’s newly elected PM has promised tax cuts and more charge points for EVs.

      Yaay, all our problems solved!

  48. Rodster says:

    “CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads”

    Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads is back to update us from the frontlines of medicine and the growing problems of CV19 vax induced AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Dr. Eads is treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines,” and new data is showing the injections are causing the explosion of many types of extreme disease. We start with a recent patient Dr. Eads has that got her CV19 booster, and not long after that got cancer. Dr. Eads says, “I basically told her this is most likely vaccine induced cancer. We know cancers are up, according to Dr. Ryan Cole and several other pathologists . . . They are up close to 2,000%. . . . I told her to find an oncologist . . . who is awake to those types of aggressive cancers. I am seeing a lot of unusual cancers, and so is Dr. Ryan Cole.”

    Dr. Eads says the CV19 vaccines are causing a form of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Dr. Eads explains, “It’s a common misconception that acquired immune deficiency is only caused by HIV. It’s simply not true. There are other secondary reasons for AIDS. I am going to read a few to you: Radiation and chemotherapy, of course, HIV, Leukemia, malnutrition, drugs, medications and now vaccines are included.”

  49. Rodster says:

    Now We’re In It Now For Sure by JHK

    “Now, we’re finding out the hard way how much daily life must change, and is changing, and how disorderly that process is in every way from the imperative personal adjustments to our spiritual attitudes about them. As with so many things in history, this disorder expresses itself strangely, even prankishly, as if God were a practical joker. Who would’ve imagined that our politics would become so deranged? That there would be battles over teaching oral sex in the fifth-grade? That the CDC would keep pushing vaccines that obviously don’t work (and that so many people would still take them)? That stealing stuff under a thousand dollars in value wouldn’t merit prosecution? That riots featuring arson and looting are “mostly peaceful?” That we’d send $50-billion halfway around the world to defend the borders of another country while ignoring the defense of our own borders? That financially beset Americans would spend their dwindling spare cash on… tattoos?”

    • Jim Kunstler has an excellent way of putting things. For example, he says,

      Unfortunately, the vaccination scheme has gone very much awry, and now millions face a future with damaged immune systems. The horror of that is too awful to comprehend, especially by government, which caused the problem in the first place and can’t possibly admit it without demolishing its legitimacy… so it presses on stupidly and heinously with the vaccine program. Already all-causes deaths are substantially up, and in time the recognition of how-and-why this happened will reach a point of criticality.

      This is a link to the excess mortality data that Jim Kunstler is talking about. It is for the United States.

      The US seems to be worse than other places because it is using the mRNA vaccines to a very significant extent (actually, 100% now).

      Israel is also using mRNA vaccines. It also shows very significant excess mortality.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        which caused the problem in the first place and can’t possibly admit it without demolishing its legitimacy… so it presses on stupidly and heinously with the vaccine program.

        That is not why they press on …. they could have declared victory when Omicron arrived… they could have said – see the vaccines and lockdowns worked – we dodged a bullet and covid is a cold (of course it always was nothing more than a flu…)

        Now we can stop the injections and return to 2019…. the MOREONS would have rejoiced – high-fived each other … the politicians could have had parades and celebrations… how about a series of We Defeated Covid massive concerts in world capitals….

        But nope.

        Instead they budget billions more for booster ad campaigns and line the infants up against the wall to be shot.

        This ain’t about saving face… no way in hell.. it’s UEP

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