Ramping Up Renewables Can’t Provide Enough Heat Energy in Winter

We usually don’t think about the wonderful service fossil fuels provide in terms of being a store of heat energy for winter, the time when there is a greater need for heat energy. Figure 1 shows dramatically how, in the US, the residential usage of heating fuels spikes during the winter months.

Figure 1. US residential use of energy, based on EIA data. The category “Natural Gas, etc.” includes all fuels bought directly by households and burned. This is primarily natural gas, but also includes small amounts of propane and diesel burned as heating oil. Wood chips or other commercial wood purchased to be burned is also in this category.

Solar energy is most abundantly available in the May-June-July period, making it a poor candidate for fixing the problem of the need for winter heat.

Figure 2. California solar electricity production by month through June 30, 2022, based on EIA data. Amounts are for utility scale and small scale solar combined.

In some ways, the lack of availability of fuels for winter is a canary in the coal mine regarding future energy shortages. People have been concerned about oil shortages, but winter fuel shortages are, in many ways, just as bad. They can result in people “freezing in the dark.”

In this post, I will look at some of the issues involved.

[1] Batteries are suitable for fine-tuning the precise time during a 24-hour period solar electricity is used. They cannot be scaled up to store solar energy from summer to winter.

In today’s world, batteries can be used to delay the use of solar electricity for at most a few hours. In exceptional situations, perhaps the holding period can be increased to a few days.

California is known both for its high level of battery storage and its high level of renewables. These renewables include both solar and wind energy, plus smaller amounts of electricity generated in geothermal plants and electricity generated by burning biomass. The problem encountered is that the electricity generated by solar panels tends to start and end too early in the day, relative to when citizens want to use this electricity. After citizens return home after work, they would like to cook their dinners and use their air conditioning, leading to considerable demand after the sun sets.

Figure 3. Illustration by Inside Climate News showing the combination of resources utilized during July 9, 2022, which was a day of peak electricity consumption. Imports refer to electricity purchased from outside the State of California.

Figure 3 illustrates how batteries in combination with hydroelectric generation (hydro) are used to save electricity generation from early in the day for use in the evening hours. While battery use is suitable for fine tuning exactly when, during a 24-hour period, solar energy will be used, the quantity of batteries cannot be ramped up sufficiently to save electricity from summer to winter. The world would run out of battery-making materials, if nothing else.

[2] Ramping up hydro is not a solution to our problem of inadequate energy for heat in winter.

One problem is that, in long-industrialized economies, hydro capabilities were built out years ago.

Figure 4. Annual hydro generation based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

It is difficult to believe that much more buildout is available in these countries.

Another issue is that hydro tends to be quite variable from year to year, even over an area as large as the United States, as shown in Figure 4 above. When the variability is viewed over a smaller area, the year-to-year variability is even higher, as illustrated in Figure 5 below.

Figure 5. Monthly California hydroelectric generation through June 30, 2022, based on EIA data.

The pattern shown reflects peak generation in the spring, when the ice pack is melting. Low generation generally occurs during the winter, when the ice pack is frozen. Thus, hydro tends not be helpful for raising winter energy supplies. A similar pattern tends to happen in other temperate areas.

A third issue is that variability in hydro supply is already causing problems. Norway has recently reported that it may need to limit hydro exports in coming months because water reservoirs are low. Norway’s exports of electricity are used to help balance Europe’s wind and solar electricity. Thus, this issue may lead to yet another energy problem for Europe.

As another example, China reports a severe power crunch in its Sichuan Province, related to low rainfall and high temperatures. Fossil fuel generation is not available to fill the gap.

[3] Wind energy is not a greatly better than hydro and solar, in terms of variability and poor timing of supply.

For example, Europe experienced a power crunch in the third quarter of 2021 related to weak winds. Europe’s largest wind producers (Britain, Germany and France) produced only 14% of their rated capacity during this period, compared with an average of 20% to 26% in previous years. No one had planned for this kind of three-month shortfall.

In 2021, China experienced dry, windless weather, resulting in both its generation from wind and hydro being low. The country found it needed to use rolling blackouts to deal with the situation. This led to traffic lights failing and many families needing to eat candle-lit dinners.

Even viewed on a nationwide basis, US wind generation varies considerably from month to month.

Figure 6. Total US wind electricity generation through June 20, 2022, based on EIA data.

US total wind electricity generation tends to be highest in April or May. This can cause oversupply issues because hydro generation tends to be high about the same time. The demand for electricity tends to be low because of generally mild weather. The result is that even at today’s renewable levels, a wet, windy spring can lead to a situation in which the combination of hydro and wind electricity supply exceeds total local demand for electricity.

[4] As more wind and solar are added to the grid, the challenges and costs become increasingly great.

There are a huge number of technical problems associated with trying to add a large amount of wind and solar energy to the grid. Some of them are outlined in Figure 7.

Figure 7. Introductory slide from a presentation by power engineers shown in this YouTube Video.

One of the issues is torque distortion, especially related to wind energy.

Figure 8. Slide describing torque distortion issues from the same presentation to power engineers as Figure 7. YouTube Video.

There are also many other issues, including some outlined on this Drax website. Wind and solar provide no “inertia” to the system. This makes me wonder whether the grid could even function without a substantial amount of fossil fuel or nuclear generation providing sufficient inertia.

Furthermore, wind and solar tend to make voltage fluctuate, necessitating systems to absorb and discharge something called “reactive power.”

[5] The word “sustainable” has created unrealistic expectations with respect to intermittent wind and solar electricity.

A person in the wind turbine repair industry once told me, “Wind turbines run on a steady supply of replacement parts.” Individual parts may be made to last 20-years, or even longer, but there are so many parts that some are likely to need replacement long before that time. An article in Windpower Engineering says, “Turbine gearboxes are typically given a design life of 20 years, but few make it past the 10-year mark.”

There is also the problem of wind damage, especially in the case of a severe storm.

Figure 9. Hurricane-damaged solar panels in Puerto Rico. Source.

Furthermore, the operational lives for fossil fuel and nuclear generating plants are typically much longer than those for wind and solar. In the US, some nuclear plants have licenses to operate for 60 years. Efforts are underway to extend some licenses to 80 years.

With the short life spans for wind and solar, constant rebuilding of wind turbines and solar generation is necessary, using fossil fuels. Between the rebuilding issue and the need for fossil fuels to maintain the electric grid, the output of wind turbines and solar panels cannot be expected to last any longer than fossil fuel supply.

[6] Energy modeling has led to unrealistic expectations for wind and solar.

Energy models don’t take into account all of the many adjustments to the transmission system that are needed to support wind and solar, and the resulting added costs. Besides the direct cost of the extra transmission required, there is an ongoing need to inspect parts for signs of wear. Brush around the transmission lines also needs to be cut back. If adequate maintenance is not performed, transmission lines can cause fires. Burying transmission lines is sometimes an option, but doing so is expensive, both in energy use and cost.

Energy models also don’t take into account the way wind turbines and solar panels perform in “real life.” In particular, most researchers miss the point that electricity from solar panels cannot be expected to be very helpful for meeting our need for heat energy in winter. If we want to add more summer air conditioning, solar panels can “sort of” support this effort, especially if batteries are also added to help fine tune when, during the 24-hour day, the solar electricity will be utilized. Unfortunately, we don’t have any realistic way of saving the output of solar panels from summer to winter.

It seems to me that supporting air conditioning is a rather frivolous use for what seems to be a dwindling quantity of available energy supply. In my opinion, our first two priorities should be adequate food supply and preventing freezing in the dark in winter. Solar, especially, does nothing for these issues. Wind can be used to pump water for crops and animals. In fact, an ordinary windmill, built 100 years ago, can also be used to provide this type of service.

Because of the intermittency issue, especially the “summer to winter” intermittency issue, wind and solar are not truly replacements for electricity produced by fossil fuels or nuclear. The problem is that most of the current system needs to remain in place, in addition to the renewable energy system. When researchers make cost comparisons, they should be comparing the cost of the intermittent energy, including necessary batteries and grid enhancements with the cost of the fuel saved by operating these devices.

[7] Competitive pricing plans that enable the growth of wind and solar electricity are part of what is pushing a number of areas in the world toward a “freezing-in-the-dark” problem.

In the early days of electricity production, “utility pricing” was generally used. With this approach, vertical integration of electricity supply was encouraged. A utility would make long term contracts with a number of providers and would set prices for customers based on the expected long-term cost of electricity production and distribution. The utility would make certain that transmission lines were properly repaired and would add new generation as needed.

Energy prices of all kinds spiked in the late 1970s. Not long afterward, in an attempt to prevent high electricity prices from causing inflation, a shift in pricing arrangements started taking place. More competition was encouraged, with the new approach called competitive pricing. Vertically integrated groups were broken up. Wholesale electricity prices started varying by time of day, based on which providers were willing to sell their production at the lowest price, for that particular time period. This approach encouraged providers to neglect maintaining their power lines and stop adding more storage capacity. Any kind of overhead expense was discouraged.

In fact, under this arrangement, wind and solar were also given the privilege of “going first.” If too much energy in total was produced, negative rates could result for other providers. This approach was especially harmful for nuclear energy. Nuclear power plants found that their overall price structure was too low. They sometimes closed because of inadequate profitability. New investments in nuclear energy were discouraged, as was proper maintenance. This effect has been especially noticeable in Europe.

Figure 10. Nuclear, wind and solar electricity generated in Europe, based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

The result is that about a third of the gain from wind and solar energy has been offset by the decline in nuclear electricity generation. Of course, nuclear is another low-carbon form of electricity. It is a great deal more reliable than wind or solar. It can even help prevent freezing in the dark because it is likely to be available in winter, when more electricity for heating is likely to be needed.

Another issue is that competitive pricing discouraged the building of adequate storage facilities for natural gas. Also, it tended to discourage purchasing natural gas under long term contracts. The thinking went, “Rather than building storage, why not wait until the natural gas is needed, and then purchase it at the market rate?”

Unfortunately, producing natural gas requires long-term investments. Companies producing natural gas operate wells that produce approximately equal amounts year-round. The same pattern of high winter-consumption of natural gas tends to occur almost simultaneously in many Northern Hemisphere areas with cold winters. If the system is going to work, customers need to be purchasing natural gas, year-round, and stowing it away for winter.

Natural gas production has been falling in Europe, as has coal production (not shown), necessitating more imports of replacement fuel, often natural gas.

Figure 11. Natural gas production in Europe, based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

With competitive rating and LNG ships seeming to sell natural gas on an “as needed” basis, there has been a tendency in Europe to overlook the need for long term contracts and additional storage to go with rising natural gas imports. Now, Europe is starting to discover the folly of this approach. Solar is close to worthless for providing electricity in winter; wind cannot be relied upon. It doesn’t ramp up nearly quickly enough, in any reasonable timeframe. The danger is that countries will risk having their citizens freeze in the dark because of inadequate natural gas import availability.

[8] The world is a very long way from producing enough wind and solar to solve its energy problems, especially its need for heat in winter.

The energy supply that the world uses includes much more than electricity. It contains oil and fuels burned directly, such as natural gas. The percentage share of this total energy supply that wind and solar output provides depends on how it is counted. The International Energy Agency treats wind and solar as if they only replace fuel, rather than replacing dispatchable electricity.

Figure 12 Wind and solar generation for a category called “Wind, Solar, etc.” by the IEA. Amounts are for 2020 for Germany, the UK, Australia, Norway, the United States, and Japan. For other groups shown in this chart, the amounts are calculated using 2019 data.

On this basis, the share of total energy provided by the Wind and Solar category is very low, only 2.2% for the world as a whole. Germany comes out highest of the groups analyzed, but even it is replacing only 6.0% of its total energy consumed. It is difficult to imagine how the land and water around Germany could tolerate wind turbines and solar panels being ramped up sufficiently to cover such a shortfall. Other parts of the world are even farther from replacing current energy supplies with wind and solar.

Clearly, we cannot expect wind and solar to ever be ramped up to meet our energy needs, even in combination with hydro.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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3,845 Responses to Ramping Up Renewables Can’t Provide Enough Heat Energy in Winter

  1. Fast Eddy says:

    It was a cold September in central Europe, and about half of German households responded by heating far earlier in the year than usual. This means, as far as energy economisation, that we are already behind schedule:

    Germany’s network regulator, which would be in charge of gas rationing in the event of a supply emergency … said that household consumption was too high to be sustainable.

    Last week’s [18–24 September] usage of natural gas by German households and small industry was 483 gigawatt hours, up 14.5% above the average for that week over the past four years, the Bundesnetzagentur said.

    “The numbers for that week are thus very sobering,” said agency president Klaus Mueller. “Without significant savings in the private area of consumption, it will be difficult to avoid an emergency situation in winter.”

    My own energy bills have only about doubled so far, but many commercial consumers are seeing their gas and electricity costs surge four- or even ten-fold:

    The rising costs for electricity and gas will have dramatic consequences for industry. The energy crisis is a “total catastrophe” which could threaten the existence of the whole sector, says Julius Wagner, Head Manager of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association in Hessen. “In comparison, the Corona crisis was a walk in the park.”

    Around one in six businesses … is facing a fourfold to tenfold increase in electricity costs. Gas is no better. Wagner reported that he knows businesses where the monthly electricity costs have skyrocketed from around 500 to 3,000 Euros a month.

    It seems all but certain that many retail establishments will close forever in the coming months, as energy becomes flatly unaffordable and customers are forced to devote every last penny to keeping their homes warm.


  2. Fast Eddy says:

    Australia… Just when you thought Covid was over… new legislation introduced in WA allows “officers” to break into your home without a warrant, force people into a quarantine facilities, and force vaccinate against their will…


    • JMS says:

      Perhaps the authorities are expecting something that will justify these measures. What do they know? That the worst of the adverse reactions to mRNA injection are yet to come, duly disguised as “covid”?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The game ain’t over — so we should not rule out Demon Covid….

        • Xabier says:

          ‘Devil Covid’ might well be helped along by the mass of people being chronically malnourished and in dire living conditions for half the year, which we are clearly being set up for.

          Not the smallest effort is being made to avert such a disaster.

          Deaths from malnutrition – not walking skeletons, but just not enough to thrive – can easily be misrepresented as deaths ‘from Covid’, too.

  3. Mirror on the wall says:

    Russia has officially incorporated the four regions of 8 million+ people into itself.

    UKR is now throwing everything at some short-term land gains in the conflict, and suffering horrendous losses of manpower and equipment while Russia simply pulls back a bit and maintains its men and armaments. Russia understands how attritional warfare works, and it is taking an adult approach to the conflict.

    The NATO attempt seems to be a ‘roll of the dice’ to try to demoralise Russians and to depose Putin, but it is not working. UKR will run out of steam, with dwindling resupplies, while Russia prepares to influx hundreds of thousands of fresh troops in coming months, once the winter freeze solidifies the ground.

    OPEC+ has told Biden to ‘go do one’, in a clear indication of how Saudi, UAE &c. see the conflict going, and cut oil output by 2m bpd, which USA sees as a ‘hostile act’ and a ‘disaster’ for the West. The oil price will shoot up, worsening the energy crisis just before mid-term USA elections.

    “It’s not only a war that’s happening in Ukraine, this is a war that’s happening around the world, it’s an economic war, it’s a de-industrialization, a demilitarization, it’s a dead dollarization war, it’s the 20% of the collective West that is fighting against 80% of the rest of the world, that’s how it’s being positioned.”

    > Russia gains 4 regions, loses territory in Kherson. Putin regime change. OPEC+ hostile act. Update 1

  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/weather/sweden-braces-winter-power-shortages

    Sweden Braces For A Winter Of Power Shortages

    Emergency scenarios are being prepared in Sweden in case of power cuts. The Scandinavian country has had a dry and windless summer, which has resulted in less electricity being produced from renewable energy, while its nuclear power plants are not ready to supply consumers. Meanwhile, the economic situation is worsening as inflation skyrockets and housing costs continue to rise.


    “Swedes are asked to insulate windows, gather the whole family in a single room, and build a makeshift hut out of blankets.”

    • Fast Eddy says:

      They are definitely prepping the world for something Big.

      BTW – I am no longer seeing anymore tranny with children clips… the PR Team must have decided to move on from that mind f789… those were quite amusing in a Black Mirror kinda way… what with the mothers clapping along to the music as the trannies exposed themselves to their children — all good fun apparently.

  5. The New York Times is reporting
    OPEC and Russia agree to cut oil production by 2 million barrels a day.


    • Sam says:

      Could this be because they are running out of oil? A strong dollar and high oil prices might break the camels back. Maybe that is the plan.

    • Zerohedge has an article about the White House response.


      Biden seems to have said,
      “I need to see what the detail is. I am concerned, it is unnecessary,”

      A statement by presidential advisors says:

      The President is disappointed by the shortsighted decision by OPEC+ to cut production quotas while the global economy is dealing with the continued negative impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.
      . . .

      At the President’s direction, the Department of Energy will deliver another 10 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the market next month, continuing the historic releases the President ordered in March.

      The President will continue to direct SPR releases as appropriate to protect American consumers and promote energy security, and he is directing the Secretar)’ of Energy to explore any additional responsible actions to continue increasing domestic production in the immediate term. The President is also calling on U.S. energy companies to keep bringing pump prices down by closing the historically large gap between wholesale and retail gas prices — so that American consumers are paying less at the pump.

      The Zerohedge article says:

      According to Bloomberg, White House officials are discussing possible export bans on gasoline, diesel, and other refined petroleum with the Energy Department.

      The American Petroleum Institute Responded:

      “There simply is not sufficient pipeline connectivity or the range of economic shipping alternatives that would be required to transport significantly more fuel to the East Coast from refineries in the Gulf, API continued, adding, “Banning exports of fuel from the United States will not eliminate this challenge or make it easier and more affordable to supply American-refined fuel to the East Coast. Instead, by cutting into global fuel supplies, it would likely raise the cost of fuel imported into the East Coast from the global market.”

    • The WSJ also has an article on this subject. https://www.wsj.com/articles/opec-agrees-to-biggest-oil-production-cut-since-start-of-pandemic-11664978144

      It points out that actual OPEC+ production has been less than targeted. It has this paragraph about the expected actual impact on production:

      OPEC+ delegates said the cut would amount to about 600,000 barrels a day less than what producers are actually pumping now. Energy Aspects, a London research consulting firm, said it could amount to a cut of about a million barrels from the group’s daily output, an estimate the Saudi energy minister also gave.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It’s like — I was planning to buy a private jet — but I decided to cut back on my expenses…

    • banned says:

      I noticed the courts kicked the “king exempt” argument to Biden for a opinion in the Kashogi (sp) murder. I guess in international affairs one king decides about another. Hard place for B. The woke took the Kashogi murder real personal so alienate his base OR alienate the USAs oil supply. Theres no condeming the saudi prince/king in public and making deals in private with the courts directly putting the -what amounts to a pardon- in Bs hand. I guess its about $ because the Saudi prince king is not doing time. If B doesnt pardon the prince/king he might as well kiss any requests to Saudi bye.

      If the Wahabi monachy ever goes Saudi goes Shia. That will never happen considering the weapons the USA has sold them and the neighborhood. That would make even current events seem minor.

    • MM says:

      A proper response to taking out NS1&2 would have been to nuke the SA oil ports.
      Unfortunately this could have been blamed on the Iranians.
      Luckily MBS and Putin Bad have become good friends lately.

    • MM says:

      I notice a small difference in OPEC and OPEC+

      What difference should a + sign make to world affairs?

  6. Student says:

    (Casa del Sole TV + Yahoo Finance)

    Casa del Sole TV has just talked in its last tv news about an interview to Saudi Aramco CEO.

    From time 13.35 of the following tv news video it is explained that he clearly said that the world is not realizing that it is not making enough investments on oil extraction.
    The world will soon realize that oil will not be enough for all, expecially when China will stop its Zero-Covid strategy.


    Also here:

    “For now, spare capacity is very low and could be wiped out once China eases its zero-COVID policies,”


    All of the above it is for those who can can connect the dots with lockdowns, vaccination+passports, zero Covid strategy.
    Here in this blog I think it is plenty of people like that.

    • reante says:

      And the war theater too.

    • Jef Jelten says:

      Just want to say thanks for all your contributions Student.

      Greatly appreciate your input.

      Cheers! jef

      • Student says:

        Thank you Jeff, it is thanks to this blog, reading Gail’s articles, her comments, contributors’ comments (like yours too) and then one makes some connections and help for what is possible when finding interesting news on the flow.
        All of this in the hope that some States, some groups, someone will stop this dangerous escalation, reversing the direction.
        All the best.

        • NomadicBeer says:

          Student, I also appreciate your contributions and your info from the italian speaking internet (happy to practice my language skills!).

          That being said, for your own peace of mind, hope does not seem the right approach. A stoic approach seems more appropriate. If even the great Marcus Aurelius was not able to reverse the decline (and his son was a horrible failure) what can we do? History will march on.

          • Student says:

            Thank you NomadicBeer.
            I’m afraid you are right.
            At the same time, you know, one the most famous waying of saying here and in general from the old greek-roman heritage is:
            la speranza è l’ultima a morire

            • NomadicBeer says:

              I know that saying but I grew up in a decaying communist system so we tended more toward dark humour and pessimism.

              You know how americans have “pig latin” where they torture bits of latin out of shape? We had pig italian and the saying was:
              “vivando sperando, murindo cacando”

              Good luck to all of us, anyway!

            • Xabier says:

              As the Iranians say:

              ‘Hope is born of lack of hope’.

            • Xabier says:

              Would that be Slovenia, Nomadic?

              Fascinating region, I’ve just been reading about d’Annunzio’s crazy adventure there.

            • banned says:

              All pain begins with hope.

          • Xabier says:

            Although Marcus Aurelius also said, I think, that it would be impious not to believe in the Divine order, and by implication to lose hope when contemplating the mess humans contrive to make.

            The pursuit of wisdom,of truth, light and beauty founded in the Divine, the performance of duty – not mere endurance alone – is always worth the effort even as everything falls to pieces.

            Peasants endure – magnificently! – men of learning see something more to inspire them.

            And yes, thank you Student!

        • RationalLuddite says:

          I think you might enjoy Peak Oil at the metaphysical level too Student.

          Chad Haag is never mentioned here or elsewhere really, but he is a certifiable genius


          He has his own channel too with hundreds of very profound videoes, and about 8 books.

          You may also enjoy the Peak Oil Musical Chairs Calculator on the Fifth Law site.

          Thanks for you contributions Student.

    • It is a worrisome situation. I think that the spare capacity, at current prices, is long gone. That is why production has lagged behind promises.

      • Sam says:

        What price do you think will produce spare capacity?

        • NomadicBeer says:

          that’s an easy question: spare capacity will happen when enough consumers cannot afford oil so production=demand.
          Simple, no?

          Here is a possible timeline:
          – 2023 Europe gets kicked out “of the island”
          – 2024 Aus, NZ, Japan and other US colonies
          – 2025(or 6) US? (see Deagel)

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      “For now, spare capacity is very low and could be wiped out once China eases its zero-COVID policies.”

      “If China opens up, [the] economy starts improving or the aviation industry starts asking for more jet fuel, you will erode this spare capacity,” he said. “And when you erode that spare capacity the world should be worried. There will be no space for any hiccup — any interruption, any unforeseen events anywhere around the world.”


      How about that? Another way to see China’s Zero COVID strategy: they’ve been doing the world a favor by reigning in their energy consumption.

      Alternatively, does this mean that China has all the power? Could they not threaten the world with the prospect of opening up and letting their population consume energy like locusts? Significant leverage on the world stage?

      • China is limited in the energy that it can extract and also the amount it can import. The amount it can extract is especially limited. Citizens cannot afford coal (or electricity made from coal), if coal which costs too much, when both production and transport costs are included.

        Strangely, the amount of energy that China can import is also limited, because China’s energy consumption is by far the highest in the world. The world export market of natural gas and of coal is not high enough for China to ramp up its demand very much. I know that it recently has been supplying natural gas to Europe (that it bought from Russia) at a marked-up price, but China doesn’t have much storage for natural gas. It mainly needs natural gas in winter, so it can pass on it in summer/fall.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          China pulled the short straw… can’t try this trick in Merica (the second biggest energy guzzler) cuz too much guns.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The CCP are a franchise of the Elders… they are not locked down … life remains good for them… f789 the proles… if placing heavy restrictions on them means BAU can stagger on awhile longer then so be it.

        Put it this way – if you haven’t been to the Great Wall — you ain’t going

    • Fast Eddy says:


      There are those on OFW who refuse to recognize that Covid and the Injections are the response to this Usually they also believe we’ve walked on the moon

  7. Herbie Ficklestein. says:

    This is interesting…telling time seems to have been a chore back in Ancient times..

    Roman-era marble sundial found for the first time in Turkey’s second Ephesus
    The sundial dates to the early imperial period, about 2,000 years ago, and is the first sundial found at Aizanoi. Made of white marble, the sundial is almost intact with only a few missing fragments. It measures 18 inches high by 17 inches wide and is in excellent condition, with all of its original lines and inscriptions. The dial curves over an acanthus leaf base on top of an animal paw pedestal.

    The sundial was discovered during an excavation of Roman bridges and bank walls on the river (the Penkalas in antiquity; now known as the Kocaçay) that ran through the ancient city of Aizanoi.
    In antiquity, sundials were installed in public spaces like the city agora or temple precinct so people could tell time, serving as town timekeepers.

    A day was divided into periods in Roman timekeeping based on the available technology. Initially, the day was divided into two parts: ante meridiem (before noon) and post meridiem (after noon). With the advent of the sundial circa 263 BC, the period of the natural day from sunrise to sunset was divided into twelve hours.
    The sundial was imported from Sicily in 263 BC. Sundials were used to calibrate water clocks. Sundials, also known as shadow clocks, had the drawback of only operating in bright sunlight and requiring seasonal and latitude-dependent calibration.

    Excavations carried out by Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPU) continue under the direction of Professor Gökhan Çoşkun.

    • reante says:

      Formal sundials in central squares were of course reflective of imperial designs — clocking people in and out — and completely redundant under natural law. When a shadow of the tall tree covers the first fire pit, the ‘time’ is “first fire.” When the shadow covers the bench to the east the first fire pit fifteen minutes later, the time is “bench.” Next the time is “second bench,” then “second fire.” There was never a “fourth anything” because real peoples didn’t care to entertain the number ‘four’ (or more) – that was dangerous psychological territory, and also unnecessary. The number system was entirely composed of one, two, three, and many.

      • Jef Jelten says:

        Chinese Yin Yang is a kind of sundial and much much more first realised almost 5000 years ago.

        “When observing the cycle of the Sun, ancient Chinese simply used a pole about 8 feet long, posted at right angles to the ground and recorded positions of the shadow. Then they found the length of a year is around 365.25 days. They even divided the year’s cycle into 24 Segments, including the Vernal Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, using the sunrise and Dipper positions.

        They used six concentric circles, marked the 24-Segment points, divided the circles into 24 sectors and recorded the length of shadow every day. The shortest shadow is found on the day of Summer Solstice. The longest shadow is found on the day of Winter Solstice. After connecting each lines and dimming Yin Part from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice, the Sun chart looks like below. The ecliptic angle 23 26′ 19” of the Earth can be seen in this chart.”

      • Herbie Ficklestein. says:

        Glad you know this and thank you for the inside experience!

      • Which is why those who live in the hills are not well known for their mathematical achievements.

  8. postkey says:

    “Future expectations amongst UK manufacturing & services firms are down to levels only previously seen at times of extreme stress and economic downturns, the severity of which has in the past been alleviated by central bank policy easing (not on the table now of course).” ?

  9. Fast Eddy says:

    Message found in fortune cookie from Panda Take-out reminds us: “The dildo of consequence is seldom lubricated.” Please apply this ancient wisdom to “Joe Biden’s” sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natgas pipelines. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spun the deed as a “tremendous opportunity” to reduce fuel use in Euroland, and shift its prior dependence on affordable Russian energy to ruinously-priced American liquid natural gas (LNG) — a supposed boon to US producers. Lucky us and them!

    Let’s get a few technical matters straight about natgas. Gas pipelines allow for cheap gas, without costly intervening shipping procedures. Flows are continuous from producer to customer. LNG requires compression of the gas at super-cold temperatures and costly-to-build LNG tanker ships to keep that gas cold and compressed in transit. Each tanker can carry only so-much gas and the flow is not continuous. At each end of the energy-losing journey there is a costly LNG terminal to load and unload the gas. Bottom line: Euroland customers can’t afford US LNG, though for now they’ll be getting it good and hard to struggle through the first winter of a permanent depression that will feel more like the forecourt of a new dark age. Also bear in mind that American shale gas is a finite resource; that we need plenty of it ourselves; and that the earliest-developed US shale gas fields are crapping out one-by-one.

    Secretary Blinken pretends that Europe’s deadly predicament will segue crisply into a new “green renewable” disposition of things as well as a stable-and-balanced new cold war between US-led NATO and Russia, like the 1950s. Secretary Blinken is, of course, completely insane. Germany’s industry will now collapse, the Euro currency will collapse with it, and the exchange rate with the dollars Euroland needs to buy in order to purchase US LNG will bankrupt them further. It will also probably blow up the European Union, which is chiefly a trade scaffold. With industrial production sinking, trade sinks too, and the flimsy cooperative arrangements between nations turn into a desperate competition as each nation of Euroland struggles to stay alive.


    Doesn’t make sense — why would they commit suicide?

    If this is all true – then they are committing suicide – as in this is part of their extermination plan. Which probably includes firing all the nukes.

    • Wow! Jim Kunstler tells the story the way it is. At the end, he makes points about trucking fuel for the Northestern USA (upstate New York, where he lives). These are worrying, too.

      Meanwhile, Western Europe descends into the cold and dark, with the USA not far behind. What’s up next here in Homeyland? Try a trucking fuel crisis. Kerosene is becoming scarce — there’s none, for instance, at the Hudson Valley’s Albany storage facility. The winter trucking fuel mix is 70-percent diesel and 30-percent kerosene, which is added to lighten the fuel and keep it flowing under freezing weather conditions. This shortage suggests a supply-line collapse for just about everything, but especially food. Doesn’t sound too peachy for Christmastime. “Joe Biden” and Company are destroying the USA at just about every level. Thirty-five days to the midterm election. So, let’s send a few more billion dollars to the sucking chest wound that is Ukraine.

      Kerosene doesn’t need to be added to lighten the fuel in the US South, but diesel fuel tends to “gel up” without it, in cold weather in the North. Trucks and school busses won’t start.

      Jet fuel is referred to in EIA documents as “kerosene-type jet fuel.” So I would certainly consider jet fuel to be threatened, if kerosene volumes are very low. If we look at an EIA USA total Kerosene volume balance as of July 31, 2022, (the latest that data is available), it is very low.


      The US East Coast (Northern part – PADD 1) seems to be particularly poorly supplied with kerosene.


      The State of New York is an example of a place which is poorly supplied.


      So, what James Kunstler says seems to be backed up by EIA data.

    • MM says:

      The idea behind the German Energiewende that is in the making for at least the last 20 years now and has cost a s*load of money was that until renewables are overbuilt in capacity so that they finally meet max load gas powered plants would deliver the rest.
      All plants have been converted to gas because gas can be switched on / off quickly.
      It seems Trump knew that this will not work in an on/off economy….

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    You wanna see how stooopid NZers are? The cops are undercover handing out tickets to MOREONS who are using their phones while driving – which is a bigger hazard than drunk driving — and this MOREONS is offended by what they are doing.

    My thoughts are that people texting while driving should be put to death…


  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Hong Kong: Credit Suisse shares plummeted 12%, loses private bankers


    I’m sure everything is fine hahaha…

  12. Fast Eddy says:

    Credit Suisse’s S’pore-based Asia deputy wealth head resigns as departures mount

    SINGAPORE – Credit Suisse Group’s deputy wealth management head for Asia is leaving after about two decades with the bank, joining a wave of departures from the embattled firm.

    Young Jin Yee, based in Singapore, tendered her resignation last week and may be heading to another firm, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

    “We are in a healthy capital and liquidity position,” the bank said in a statement in response to queries from Bloomberg. “Here in APAC, we are focused on ensuring that our clients get the advice they need to navigate challenging times in the markets.”


  13. Fast Eddy says:

    Oh wow … watch the video https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2022-10-04/bodypositivity-propaganda-roundup-fat-pride-academic-dies-42-fitness-now-right-wing

    Damn – Plough Hogs are now influencers – admired! https://www.tiktok.com/@remibader

    hahaha – almost as good as a vax death


    Butterball won’t fit in MRI machine, blames medical system
    The rampant sense of entitlement among the human-walrus hybrids staggers the moral conscience.

    Healthcare providers are now expected to apologize to their patients when they’re too enormous to fit inside of an MRI machine, as if they were the ones who shoveled girl scout cookies down their face-holes for decades.

  14. Fast Eddy says:

    Hahaha… next time why not a show in a pit filled with piss and shit? https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/49583

    Energy prices up 10x in Austria? https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/49659 I suppose businesses could absorb this for a certain period of time before collapsing so they are not collapsing by the thousands – yet. The spin is working – they blame it on the Ukraine ‘war’… they’ll absorb the losses cuz it will all be over soon

    What’s with the green people? https://t.me/downtherabbitholewegofolks/49663

  15. Rodster says:

    Tucker Carlson Explains the Absence of Intelligence Life Among CNN Viewers and the US Government, which is at an all time low. If it’s Nuclear War they want that’s what they’ll get. At least we won’t have to worry about spent fuel rods.


    • Fast Eddy says:

      If that’s what we get that’s what the Elders have asked for – and all nuke-armed countries will do.

      It’s a reasonable Plan B. Huddled around candles for warmth – sick from VAIDS — then all out nuclear ‘war’ — that will keep ROF to a minimum.

      Obviously better if you throw in Demon Covid… but sometimes you can’t have everything.

      • Xabier says:

        So far, ‘Demon Covid’ has just been a niggling cough or unseasonal cold.

        That’s why they are sending Peter D off to the jungle again looking for more diseased bats…….

        • drb753 says:

          Excellent comment X. To expand on it: the vaccine solution faction of the elite is scrambling, and other factions are angrily pointing fingers. they printed some money to send this fellow off to some place equatorial hoping to strike gold. These people bioweapons are so weak, I wonder how they can trust their models for the post-nuclear war.

          • Xabier says:

            Perhaps we have some perspective now.

            The vaxxes were intended to yield lots of useful real-world data on tolerance of nano-lipids and other gunk, deaths and injuries, infertility, raise mortality sneakily, etc, and also to produce variants which could be portrayed as dangerous enough to justify endless lock-downs and the slide into the digital ID and money system.

            They, too, expected what Geert predicted.

            But by now everyone I know has had ‘omicron’ or whatever, and is no longer scared of Covid, except the gullible elderly who jump at their own shadows and troop off to get injected – but even some of them have woken up by now.

            Nor has anyone been spooked by ‘monkeypox’, except maybe some gays: can any gay readers confirm how that community is behaving?

            I suspect the Cabal are not too happy with Big Pharma, who have done rather badly in fulfilling their side of the Fear and Control contract.

            The vaxxes killed and injured too obviously, control of the media was no complete so news got out, they were utterly useless, and didn’t produce the Devil on schedule.

            Back to the drawing board!

            Maybe this will buy us a few more years of ‘extend and pretend’?

            Digital ID can perhaps be brought in as a response to likely riots and food shortages in 2023/24.

            Only Allah is All-powerful, not the Cabal……

            • Xabier says:

              And Allah is ‘Compassionate and Merciful’, plus 97 other nice things I believe it is said……

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Nor has anyone been spooked by ‘monkeypox’, except maybe some gays: can any gay readers confirm how that community is behaving?

              We’ve got the beast pounding on the gates screaming Credit Suisse – I am coming for you — he’s also mucked up the gas supply and prices are definitely climbing …

              We’re into Q4… about a month before the cold sets in .. when people have to pay more for everything including heating and food… they buy less stuff…. and the economy does not to function if the consumers can’t consume…

              Something’s gonna break…

  16. Fast Eddy says:

    Dr Aseem Malhotra: ”Why are they not being pulled?”

    Swine Flu jab (’76) – Pulled after a 1 in 100,000 risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

    Rotavirus jab (’99) – Pulled after a 1 in 10,000 risk of bowel obstruction

    Covid jab – Serious adverse events between 1 in 800 and 1 in 1,000.


    norm – can you answer this?

  17. Fast Eddy says:

    Listening to Embers of War – and during the French occupation .. a VC chap walked up to the head of the French security service — shot him dead on the street – hopped in a car and got away.

    They also killed loads of village heads who were not toeing the commie line.

    Here we are — and the majority of the anti-vax community believe they are about to be enslaved chipped gulaged… or worse… in the US there are millions of hand guns…

    But nothing happens. CTG – can it be that the simulation is not allowing anyone to take action?

    BTW – it is almost impossible to catch someone who just randomly takes someone out like this …

    • Tsubion says:

      That’s all nonsense and you know it.

      People have historically been “rounded up” independent of territory or culture.

      Look at recent activity in Chinese cities. Millions of “citizens” locked down in their apartments for months at a time.

      America is different, yes, but we’re talking dissident control here and most opposition is already controlled. The dissidents are being fed a mix of fear, hopium and pablum by agents in place to keep them docile and distracted.

      If an authentic protest rises up the same successful tactics will be used as before to dissolve and redirect that energy until is dissipates back into the ether. Take out the leaders. Create a diversionary news distraction (squirrel) and everyone involved forgets what they were doing and goes back to chewing the cud.

      When/if the propaganda machine finally breaks, something else will fill the void. Maybe some truth will creep back into people’s minds.

      • Xabier says:

        Yes that’s the lesson of history, and all the more so in our age of psyops and mass media.

        They will not rebel, they will not be heroes.

        Unless the MSM and the spooks tell them to. ie ‘Extinction Rebellion’…..

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I’m just feeling a little… disappointed.

        You’d think they’d have a little more fight in them…. their children are being murdered and enslaved!!! Surely they could provide me a little entertainment here… just asking for a bit of lead to fly … some video… please suh…

        Gosh if I believed I was being enslaved.. straight to the Feezer HQ to … well … make my point.

        • Tsubion says:

          Maybe some spectacle… but it’ll be orchestrated by the goblins to grab everyone’s attention again. The trick is to keep changing the spectacle type so as to avoid spectacle response fatigue.

          They’re ramping up a nuke event so you can expect a faked nuke attack of some kind. The largest conventional bomb will produce enough of a scare and be labelled a tactical nuke event.

          The rest is easy.

          But no I don’t believe there is any credible evidence to suggest that nuclear weapons, bioweapons, tsunami torpedos etc are capable of functioning the way we have been told for decades.

          The lies go much deeper than people currently realise. We’re going through a process of debunking all of these fables.


  18. Fast Eddy says:

    Here we have men with machine guns in hazmat suits in an airport in China and people freeeeking out https://t.me/TexasLindsay/522

    And people think the Covid thing is done and dusted hahaha

    • CTG says:

      ok. This Chinese video looks clear and convincing. I wonder how would I feel if I am the person wearing the HAZMAT suit. Just doing my job?

      Certainly looks unreal

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    All because a woman died from a vax injury!

    Iranian Schoolgirls Remove their Compulsory Hejab and Chant “Death to the Dictator” While Stomping on Photos of Their Rulers

    Clip: https://rumble.com/v1mn3go-iranian-schoolgirls-remove-their-compulsory-hejab-and-chant-death-to-the-di.html

    They purposely make her look like a cartoon character https://t.me/chiefnerd/5319

    Popular YouTubers Left Stranded by Brand New $115K GMC Hummer EV

    “We’ve been doing this for 12 years and we’ve never had a vehicle that has completely left us this stuck in this kind of situation”

    Clip: https://rumble.com/v1monpy-popular-youtubers-left-stranded-by-brand-new-115k-gmc-hummer-ev.html

    Full Video: https://youtu.be/uIXfp7pVFV4

  20. Fast Eddy says:

    More than a third of young people feel their life is spiralling out of control following the pandemic, according to findings released to the Guardian ahead of a nationwide campaign that highlights the impact of years of restrictions on the younger generation. Here’s an excerpt from the newspaper’s report – though it being the Guardian, it’s always “Covid” or “the pandemic” that is to blame rather than lockdowns or restrictions.


    Imagine if they knew the truth about the energy situation!

    • Xabier says:

      As if The Guardian really cares!

      The students have all just arrived for the new Term, they look OK to me: happy, excited.

      Also, they are not disfigured by nasty skin infections from wearing masks like the last batch, that was truly depressing to see, so many pretty faces ruined.

  21. Fast Eddy says:

    Forecasters are Predicting a Cold Winter in Europe

    Of course they are!

    But how can they possibly know the weather for the winter when they don’t even know with much certainty more than a week out.

    • CTG says:

      FE, according to the conspriracists….. they have something called gggeo-enginnnering and HAAARP. It is even whispered that Hurricane Ian was kontrolleddd

      • JesseJames says:

        Hurricane Carla hit Houston in 61. I still remember the power line out front blowing around in the wind and sparking. Did they have HAARP then?

      • JMS says:

        Weather modification is a fact, not conspiracy.

        “Despite the existence of an extensive literature on weather modification techniques for military purposes, the subject is considered taboo. “The U.S. military states in its documents that it can influence the weather, and both the UN and the EU were concerned about this issue,” explains Canadian emeritus professor Michel Chossudovsky in an interview with De Andere Krant.

        Elze van Hamelen (Der Andere Krant). In several articles you point out the literature on ‘ENMOD’ – Environmal Modification Techniques for military purposes. Can you give an example?

        M.C. One of the most important documents is titled ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier. Owning the Weather in 2025’. The document is significant because the U.S. Air Force here recognizes that owning the weather as a weapon is a military strategy.
        Owning the weather was written in 1996, and they state very clearly, I’ll give a literal quote:
        “Modification of the weather will most likely become part of national security policy, with national as well as international applications. Our government will pursue this policy at various levels, including unilateral action, participation in the framework of NATO, within the membership of the UN or through participation in another coalition. It can have offensive and defensive applications, as well as being used as a deterrent”.

        What kind of weather effects can HAARP cause?

        If we go by the literature, almost any kind of weather change – storms, droughts, hurricanes, floods, and even earthquakes are mentioned. In addition, HAARP can also cripple electrical systems and networks, and communications networks.


        • reante says:

          For me to take haarp weather modification seriously, somebody needs to explain the mechanics of it to me. I’ll believe it when I see it (based in Reason).

          • JMS says:

            I don’t know about Haarp, but weather modification, in China, in Dubai, is common knowledge. There are several videos on the subject on YT, some of which I have posted here..
            Besides if weather weaponization was not a real danger the UN “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques,” would not have been signed in 1977.

            • reante says:

              Sure, thanks. I’m obviously down with some stuff, cloud seeding, chemtrailing, etc, but hurricane formation and ‘1000-year drought’ requires some serious explanation before I venture into ‘the demigods must be crazy’ territory.

          • NomadicBeer says:

            “somebody needs to explain the mechanics”

            HIstorically this has been the worst block in learning new things. It’s a well known fallacy, usually stated as “if I cannot imagine how it happens, it can’t happen!”

            When Darwin proposed his theory of evolution, there was no possible mechanism for it to work .
            Same with most theories in physics – some still don’t have any plausible, human understandable mechanism (see quantum mechanics). But all it matters is they are able to make valid predictions.

            When it comes to HAARP and similar, the right question to ask is: to what extent they work?
            We know that humans have huge impacts on Earth’s atmosphere, soil and water – but how much of that is purposeful? Most of the effects are just unintended consequences.

            • reante says:


              “HIstorically this has been the worst block in learning new things. It’s a well known fallacy, usually stated as “if I cannot imagine how it happens, it can’t happen!””

              I never said it wasn’t possible. But humans making hurricanes and 1000yr droughts is a big claim, and my patterning function to date cannot justify it, and cannot imagine how it happens.

              If you can begin to imagine it, I’m all ears, brother.

        • drb753 says:

          Interestingly, these all powerful people decided to give Russia the best, or one of the best, agricultural years ever. So at a time when food is a significant power tool they decided to help Russia.

          • reante says:

            the demigods must be fucking crazy

            • Cromagnon says:

              In fact “ the Demi God” is the artificial intelligence acting within the simacrulum in a parasitic fashion. If you voice a consistent desire openly individually or collectively the AI may well give you what you claim to want. Be careful what you ask for.

              The simacrulum itself is a neutral field and will actually allow you to influence personal events if you create a proper informed field around your own avatar.

              The simacrulum on the grand scale is running pre programmed algorithms that repeat over different timescales.

              This gives us recurrent cataclysm and historical whitewashing. It also creates “ myths and legends”.

              Thus the majority of “ matrix dwelling” humans are screwed. We have entered what the ancients would term tribulations,…. revelations will follow.

              The simulasphere will get its data no matter what.

          • JMS says:

            Nobody is saying all weather is engineered, just that in some cases it can be manipulated. I’m thinking about those bizarre floods in Germany, Belgium or France last summer. Natural? Man-made? I don’t know. What I know for sure is that they made very useful headlines about klimate change.

        • JesseJames says:

          I am not saying I don’t think weather modification is real….just that hurricanes have been happening …well…forever. Take the 1901 hurricane that hit Galveston.
          When it come to hurricanes…I do question if we have the means to create or steer such a massive amount of energetic storms.

    • Yorchichan says:

      Even though the met office’s long range forecasts were usually so vague as to be on a par with horoscopes, they still had to abandon them in 2010:


      • Xabier says:

        Better off consulting a dead frog in a bottle than the Met.

        They also stopped putting the moon phases on their web page, which is odd.

  22. Fast Eddy says:

    Sick… cold … hungry… who ROFs in such a situation? No many…


    How about the coup de grace — drop nukes on this misery!

    Who needs Demon Covid — all we need is wrecked immune systems and wide spread endless sickness.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “Early data revealed that new subvariants of Omicron are ‘evolving around the immunity’ that was built up through vaccinations and Covid infections.”

      it’s been known for decades that coronaviruses will always evolve “around the immunity”.

      which means the jabs never gave effective immunity.

      what’s worse is that these toxic vaccines produce antigenic fixation OAS, ADE, and damaged immune systems so that the jabbed are less healthy.

      maybe an expert on ADE OAS etc like norm can chime in and explain this further.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Wrecked immune systems … winter has been very bad for the Covidiots in NZ and Aussie .. but keep in mind we are behind the northern kingdoms having starting shooting the Dog Shit much later…

        So the immune systems of the CovIDIOTS up north will be further along the road to ruin …

        Looking forward to this — already seeing problems in the UK and it’s still autumn… will suck shivering in an ice box of a flat — sick as a dog the entire winter…

        • Xabier says:

          Well darlings, I’ve decided to knock up a 4-poster for the Dark Winter, having found lots of handy cloth in a cupboard and some poles in the garage. Throw in a heat-generating dog and voila! Dog food is indirect space- heating fuel.

          • Tsubion says:

            A cosplay approach to survival could be a winning strategy. Nothing like blending in with the background.

            Scruffy dog, fingerless gloves, oil drum burning anything that’ll burn, panda eyes for that Fent native look, acting crazy every now and then to keep others at bay (although permanent poo stain works great too).

            I’m almost there… just need to knock out a few more teeth, add a little more stench and Hey Presto! I’ll be able to walk among the untouchables while the world burns!

  23. Fast Eddy says:

    As predicted, this coming cold and flu season will be especially deadly to the DEATHVAXXED™ who all in varying degrees are suffering from VAIDS.

    Another “pandemic” emergency is already being seeded as cover for the victims of the slow kill bioweapon, as per a Daily Mail UK article:

    Health experts warn the UK is at the start of a ‘devastating’ new Covid wave that couple cripple the NHS

    They allege immune-evasive subvariants may cause ‘real problems’ for the ‘already on its knees’ health system

    The warning comes as the UK’s autumn Covid wave saw cases rise 14 per cent the week ending September 17


  24. Fast Eddy says:

    Resist the mandates
    6 hr ago
    Mark, one of the highest profile cases of suddenly and unexpectedly seems to have gone by unnoticed. Mahsa Amini in Iran. Her death has been heavily politicized and kicked off widespread protests, based on the narrative she was beaten to death by morality police for not wearing a hijab correctly.

    What do the Iranian officials claim? That the 22 year old died of a heart attack shortly after being brought into the police station. That is normally an absurd claim for someone young and healthy. Her family says it’s a lie, as she never had any heart issues in the past. Sound familiar? Wikipedia says Iran required vaccine certificates for university and employment as of December 2021.

    Leaked medical scans supposedly show signs of a cerebral hemorrhage and stroke. People say this is further evidence she was beaten to death. But this is another thing we have seen with vax deaths. The pictures of her face at the hospital conspicuously show no signs of being beaten. An autopsy should have looked for spike damage.

  25. Adonis says:

    https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-graphene-lipidvaccines-idUSL1N2PI2XH the problem fast eddie is the story could be bs

    • Vern Baker says:

      You’re quoting a known source of blatant lies.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Adonis – can you check Snopes? That’s the gold standard in fact checking

        Can you also check Snopes from a year+ ago and see if they still have their fact check that confirmed that anyone who injected the Dog Shit would not get Covid? Perhaps they deleted that check?

        • Sam says:

          Yes I was arguing with someone about this today!! The vaccine people will not admit that they are , were wrong about everything. I don’t know why I even argue with them

          • CTG says:

            Don’t you feel that the people are getting less and less smart by the day?

            I avoid having a discussion with people. Simply impossible and not worth my time at all. Digressing here and there, meaningless talk, etc.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              There is a reason why FE spends so much time on OFW.

            • Xabier says:

              They were always dumb, CTG: we just gave them too much credit in happier days.

              I have real longing to be a sheep these days, it must feel rather nice. Chew, chew, baa……

            • Fast Eddy says:

              the injections have been a blessing — it exposes the MOREONS… but there are still lots of uninjected MOREONS – they are the ones who reject the injections yet believe the MSM narratives for issues like moon landings, 911, golab werming, EVs, renewable energy… etc…

              Anyone who trusts the MSM and Government … is a zombie/MOREON/DelusiSTANI.

            • Vern Baker says:

              Essentially people are behaving like high functioning zombies…

              According to attorney Todd Callender: “The 1p36 gene deletion is a congenital disease — you’re born with it — and yet that was the number one serious adverse event, and if you look up the symptomology for that, it’s the elimination of your frontal cortex. Your thinking part of your brain, your decision-making part of your brain, is the number one serious adverse event listed by Pfizer.”

              I havent worked through if there is any evidence to this or not, but Callendar keeps getting interviewed, so I suspect he might be on to something. It certainly seems like people are not trying to understand any concerning issue including our march towards world war.

            • Vern Baker says:

              Here is the evidence….

              The FDA started releasing Pfizer documents on March 1. One of the documents that went public is titled “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-Feb-2021.”


              And what is the very first adverse events? It happens to also be related to “Shingles / Monkey Pox” (see PDF above)

              1p36 deletion syndrome;2-Hydroxyglutaric aciduria;5’nucleotidase increased;Acoustic
              neuritis;Acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency;Acquired epidermolysis bullosa;Acquired …

      • Lastcall says:

        Hopefully your induction was not too pain-fool.
        Do stick around, your assured tone is just what this site thrives on.

    • TIm Groves says:

      This one is nothing to do with the jabs. The aura surrounding the King can have a profound effect on the non-blue-blooded. That’s why it is recommended to bow or kneel before him, and to avert your eyes.

      • Xabier says:

        I almost walked right into the old Queen Mum once, security was so lax! Ah, the old days. The odd thing was she did have an aura of sorts. I think we could all do with one of her highly alcoholic parties these days….

  26. Fast Eddy says:


    This is fantastic!!!! He dies right before your eyes… not often you get to see that happen!


  27. Tim Groves says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted. But Mark Crispin Miller has an unmissable collection of collapsed and died suddenly videos today, including a man who “keeled over” while meeting King Charles III and a bus driver who died while driving his passengers.


  28. What Russia didn’t count on is a country it never really took seriously.

    (South) Korea.

    Korea produces a lot of weaponry for the NATO, and it has a lot of spares to fill the blanks for years.

    Plus, it produces the most LNG ships in the world, supplying Europe at the most critical moment.

    In a sense Korea has become the “Arsenal of the Wokeness”, whether those who don’t like Wokeism like it or not.

    • I hadn’t realized that So. Korea did these things. When a person looks at sites that talk about exports, they mention that So. Korea does a lot of work with electronics, but they don’t provide this kind of detail.


    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I’m looking at a map that shows Russia and South Korea.

      if I was Russian, I wouldn’t be too worried.

      • banned says:

        I believe the point is since the USA has no manufacturing capability S. korea would be able to produce the artillery shells armor ecetera in a war for NATO. Its a valid point.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      “Korea produces a lot of weaponry for the NATO, and it has a lot of spares to fill the blanks for years.”

      Really, how about you quantify that?

      You boasted before that Poland was getting tanks from SK and that Russia had better watch out. It turned out to be a few dozen tanks compared to thousands of Russian tanks. Pretty silly?

      And now you do it again?

      All that this really tells us is that NATO, let alone Poland, does not have the industrial base to produce its own armaments.

      • banned says:

        n. Korea is tooled up just a bit too. N suppling ans S supplying race? s is tooled for nato and n is tooled around soviet.

  29. Fast Eddy says:

    Graphene Oxide is 99% of the ingredients of the covid Shots. They contain 747 nanograms of Graphene Oxide

    Dr Peterson Pierre from America’s Frontline Doctors on Graphene oxide;
    The vaccines contains 747 nanograms of Graphene Oxide, which is approx 99% of the ingredients

    Graphene Oxide is highly toxic causing known disease and attacks the respiratory system

    It is magnetic

    Did you know that the side effects of Graphene Oxide match the symptoms of COVID?

    Excellent article from (https://homunizam.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/graphene-oxide-is-toxic-to-human-blood.pdf) Dr. Craig Paardekooper

  30. Fast Eddy says:

    safe and effective! https://t.me/childcovidvaccineinjuriesuk/2291

    If This Crap Gets Into The Germline We’re Screwed;

    mRNA SHOTS; The long term impacts on fetal abnormalities, genetic and chromosomal abnormalities and inter generational genetic defects

    Dr. Jessica Rose; We know that reverse transcription into human DNA is real
    We know that the spike protein is getting into the nucleus of cells

    It’s not looking good, it’s another thing they told us was absolutely impossible

    Whatever they were vehemently telling you was not possible is not only possible but they knew it was possible


    • Your link is interesting.

      I hadn’t realized that wind and solar power that was bid on, is not being sold at the agreed upon price. If suppliers can get a higher price elsewhere, they seem to take it.

      It might be that the bid price is really the minimum price that those selling the wind or solar are willing to take.

  31. NomadicBeer says:

    I asked in a previous comment: what’s next?

    Here is a possible answer:

    If we get the UN “we own the science” to enforce their censorship and propaganda on all internet platforms, I expect to see a lot of death and dispair due to AGW.

    Europe freezes this winter and millions die? AGW
    Famines due to “green” policies and lack of fertilizers? AGW
    Shortages of medicines and other necessities in the big cities due to lack of diesel? AGW

    I still don’t know if they can increase the death rate to 10% but it does seem they will try their best.

    Note: I am not commenting on the reality of AGW. Just like darwinism was perverted to social darwinism and nazist racial policies, climate change is now corrupted beyond any chance of redemption. If you want to do something for the planet, do it in your backyard – anything else will just support evil.

    • We are living in a world with different interests. In some ways, the US is the core, and the rest of the world is the periphery. The US would like to drive all investment to the core. To do this, it needs a high interest rate and at least somewhat adequate fossil fuel supply.

      I think of the UN as representing the periphery. It is saying no more rate hikes and money printing to increase inflation (and perhaps increase fossil fuel production).

      If the way of the UN is followed, the world are headed toward a deflationary collapse. Pensions will collapse, I expect. Asset prices will be headed down.

      Couching what the UN is doing as “the science” gives it an air of authority. Just like Fauci claiming that the vaccines followed “the science.”

      I don’t know if there is any way that the US can keep going, while the rest of the world falls behind, at least for a while. It seems like a new leader (if there is one) might want to look at this issue.

      • MM says:

        In the sense of projection Szelenkiy I think last week said that Russia is trying to destroy the UN security council.
        On the other hand Agenda 2030 is tightly knitted by and through UN agencies and PPPs.
        So I would not put my bets on the UN is the periphery.
        If you look at China as the new center of the world you can spot other places as periphery.

        If sanity would ever come back (*cough*) or needs to be simulated again the topic of “these sanctions were just plain suicide” makes much more sense than “we defeated Putin bad”…

        • I looked up which countries are on the United Nations Security Council. Both China and Russia are permanent members, with veto power.

          I was originally thinking that they were not permanent members, with veto power.

          Somehow, what the UN is doing is far enough removed from Russia attacking Ukraine and US sanctions against Russia that there has no political question has been raised with respect to this activity.

          Instead, the UN concerns itself with carbon emissions, food security, and interest rate hikes that might harm the world economy.

          • MM says:

            I am not sure if your statement of UN is not concerned about the situation in Ukraine is true:

            The UN is based on the same principle of the EU being a non democratic entity that binds all nations.
            Who (!) exactly declared a Pandemic of international concern and why was every government in the world somewhat bound to that and used the same restrictions?

            Agenda 2030 is the concept to radically alter the world by law. They have a wide network of organisations and cooperations that are de facto ruling over any government in the world.
            It is just not yet visible by small legislative changes here and there to the general public.

    • moss says:

      OK are you going to let the cat out of the bag? Wot’s AGW?

      The uselessness of the UN these days as anything other than a tool of the Western Project Becomes ever harder to deny by anyone with the slightest grasp of non-MSM reality.
      Chemical weapons, third world impoverishment by financial rape, peace accords Minsk? colour revolutions …
      What next you ask. Well, Voltaire Net, as always, has it’s own unique take

      To carry out this considerable destruction, it was necessary to have submarines in the area, which the powers that be in the region have identified. If there are officially no clues, in the police sense of the term, the “surveillance cameras” (sonar) have already spoken. The states concerned know with certainty who the culprit is. Either they do not react, and they will be politically wiped out, or they prepare their reactions to this secret action in secret, and they will become real political actors when they do.


      • This article starts out:

        The United States declares war on Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France
        by Thierry Meyssan

        While the international press treats the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as a news item, we analyze it as an act of war against Germany and the European Union. Indeed, the three gas supply routes to Western Europe have been cut off simultaneously, while at the same time a new gas pipeline has been opened to Poland.

        Just as Mikhail Gorbachev saw in the Chernobyl disaster the inevitable break-up of the USSR, so we believe that the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines marks the beginning of the economic collapse of the Union.

        It is very clear who he thinks the culprit is.

        • gpdawson2016 says:

          Meyssan is quite the legend. He wrote the first book on the 911 hoax. He paid the price as he says on his own website.

        • Fred says:

          There are similar tales from Chernobyl as with 911, indicating it was deliberately blown up, not ‘operator error’.

          Why? To screw up the Soviet Union’s economy with the remediation costs.

        • Xabier says:

          ‘The Cabal who use the US MIC as a private tool for global control , declared war……..’ would be more accurate.

          All the naive patriotic shmucks who are in the US military should just resign en masse and leave their masters impotent. Go home and farm goats and corn.

          It wouldn’t harm the US in the least, they do not serve national security interests.

    • postkey says:

      “Joe Neubarth
      16h ·
      METHANE headed to new heights, and this is just on the Surface Level. New heights in the Upper Troposphere are about 2600. Our goose is cooking, but most humans do not know it yet.”

  32. One of the limits on the amount of LNG that can be shipped worldwide is the number of ships available. This article points out that shipping rates have spiked, because demand is high relative to ship availability, already.


  33. Withnail says:

    Siemens Gamesa is also grappling with internal challenges, including a difficult ramp-up for its 5.X onshore platform and higher costs, driven mainly by component failures and repairs in legacy onshore platforms.

    The fiscal fourth quarter for Siemens Gamesa also brought about the discovery of a gearbox fault in a prototype of the company’s 4.X onshore wind turbine, which prompted a corrective and preventative retrofitting campaign across the fleet. “It was an oil leakage first and then later on by going into the inspections of the circumstance of the instance, we identified a crack in a prototype,” acting CFO Thomas Spannring told analysts on the company’s Nov. 5 earnings call.


    • Hubbs says:

      Sounds like more of the same as with the shell oil industry. A big money sucking investment Ponzi that will not pan out. It’s equivalent of having your auto fleet with significant engine problems. For example, Scotty Killmore on his YT blog has remarked how Ford outsourced its engine valve production when it used to produce this internally and had better quality control. Now he says these engines are having problems, with very expensive fixes.

      As Charles Hughes Smith (Of Two Minds) said.” Welcome to the crapification of the US ecomomy. We are now a landfill economy. Everything is crap. “ Nothing is built to last, and complexity is being offset by key component failures that exemplify the meaning of the Achilles Heel. Just one little part and the whole thing is useless.

      Scotty rants about quality control for Honda and Toyota and the most important thing to know before you purchase, is where was it made/assembled? If in Japan, you are ok. If in Mexico, you are out of luck.

    • Thanks! I can see what you mean about more problems covered by warranty.

      I see that this report is from November 2020. There should be corresponding earrings call in November 2022, I expect. It might be interesting to see what it says, when it is available.

  34. Herbie Ficklestein. says:

    Strong U.S. dollar an unstoppable force endangering other currencies
    Oct. 3 06:48 am JST 39 Comments
    By Thomas URBAIN from Japan Today
    The dazzling rise of the U.S. dollar, which has hit one record after another, is raising fears of a currency crash of a severity not seen since the 1997 Asian financial crisis reverberated around the world.
    The Federal Reserve’s rapid, steep interest rate increases and the relative health of the U.S. economy has caused investors to flood into the dollar, driving the greenback up and sending the British pound, Indian rupee, Egyptian pound, Japanese yen and South Korean won and others to uncharted depths.
    “The moves are definitely getting extreme,” said Brad Bechtel of Jefferies, warning that the exchange rates could fall further creating a “dire situation.”
    Most other major central banks also are forcefully tightening monetary policy to bring down inflation, but so far the moves have not helped stabilized the currency market, nor has Japan’s direct intervention to support the yen last week.
    Many fear that the same will be the case with the Bank of England’s plan announced Wednesday to conduct emergency purchases of government bonds to support the pound.
    “We have our doubts that the BOE’s plan will be the silver bullet to kill all of the angst that has been pressuring the pound … considering its plan doesn’t have permanency,” said Patrick O’Hare of Briefing.com.
    Others, especially emerging market countries, are even worse off. The Pakistani rupee has lost 29 percent of its value against the US dollar in the past year, and the Egyptian pound has weakened by 20 percent.
    Those countries, and others like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh which “benefitted from cheap and plentiful liquidity,” when interest rates were low during the pandemic, “are all suffering from tighter global liquidity,” said Win Thin, head of currency strategy at BBH Investor Services.
    “Those countries with the weakest fundamentals are likely to be tested first but others may join them,” he warned.
    Those countries rely on imported oil and grain which have seen prices soar, widening their trade deficits and fueling inflation, massive blows to their currencies.
    The appreciation of the U.S. currency has exacerbated the problem, since many commodities are denominated in dollars.

    Where do they come up with this “Strong US Dollar”?!

    Fast Eddie’s favorite Gregory Mannirano on YouTube blew that apart is one hellava broadcast about the so called STRONG DOLLAR..


    And it’s all INTENTIONAL…the Master Plan by Fast Eddie’s Buddies..enjoy Fast

  35. Bobby says:

    Is this some spiritual premonition? A negative trace in the mind. Something about the 5ths of Octobers, seem to be ominous!? Some non explicit, unscientific gut feeling. Going to higher Metaphysical/Spiritual ground

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      can you update us tomorrow?

      I have plans for 2023.

      • Bobby says:

        I shell stop floating in the sky, consume some stimulant, perhaps caffeine, quell fear based emotions and report back. (No guarantees)

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          godspeed, farewell wherever you fare, and if your absence becomes conspicuous, we will try as best as we can to carry on bravely in spite of the winds of fortune blowing in our faces like a cold winter gale from the north, where the Mighty Laplanders look down upon us feeble commenters and chuck heavy doses of verbiage into the inner recesses of our craniums, as if that would be enough to show us the way onwards through the darkness of 10/5 into the glorious light of 10/6 where all will be revealed, or at least a daily portion of the usual this and that of unfolding history with all of its economic histrionics and political foibles, a histrionic here and a foible there and pretty soon we’re talking real money, as least as much as mere humans can grok what is actually real.

  36. Herbie Ficklestein. says:

    In September, tycoon Bill Gates participated in the Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit, where he made a prediction about what will happen in the next five years.

    “There are five difficult years ahead because we have the debts of the pandemic, we have the war in Ukraine and the economic cycle is changing,” Gates said.

    At the same event, the Microsoft co-founder, and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spoke of his foundation’s plans for the future.

    “Try and bring infectious disease, or all of the diseases that make the world inequitable, to bring those largely to an end, either through eradication or getting them down to very low levels,” he said.

    At the same Forbes event, Gates explained his foundation’s plans for the next 25 years:
    That’s probably the period of time where Melinda and I will be around to help make sure it stays on track,” Gates said.

    “We think spending all the money in that timeframe makes sense. So we’ll be shifting money over more and more, we committed to raise the spend level up.”

    Better ramp up that spending before that money becomes worthless…

    • So, Bill still works with Melinda Gates, even after they are divorced.

      • Herbie Ficklestein says:

        Poor Gal, she’s going through another divorce from a Seattle School teacher , only married for a couple of years…true love is hard to find

      • Student says:

        My impression is that it was just a play in order to protect their family and to paint him as a man who also suffers some pains.
        But they go on with their agenda as before.

    • Tsubion says:

      “Try and bring infectious disease, or all of the diseases that make the world inequitable, to bring those largely to an end, either through eradication or getting them down to very low levels,” he said.

      He’s talking about people.

      They see population growth as a disease that requires “treatment.”

      Nature self-regulates. No need to interfere.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        We are a virus that has infected the planet… we must be eradicated.


        Every problem the planet faces — let’s be honest — is caused by humans.

        There is a solution.

        • Tsubion says:

          Well I always thought good old starvation would clean up sooner or later. I don’t see the need for elaborate takedowns unless “they” really wanted to prevent the chaos for some reason.

          Back in 2016, I sincerely believed that bioweapons would be used to cull the population. Now I don’t think they exist other than chemical poisoning through mass jabbing and the jabbing is waning so…

          We’ll see. I’m in training as a hobo. My mission is to adapt and evolve until my hands fall off from radiation poisoning.

          • JMS says:

            Bioweapons is a fraudulent misnomer. The sorcerer’s apprentices in those labs work with toxins and all kinds of chemical poisons. Attributing to them the ability to tinker with life forms in order to make them lethal to humans is science fiction BS, not the least because these lab guys and gals know nothing about life processes.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I thought about training as a hunter gatherer.. but when I observed their misery (don’t even have coffee!) in Irian Jaya I shelved that .. rather be dead.

  37. Student says:

    Two news somehow related….

    (Times of Israel)

    Exchange of pleasantries between main EU partners.
    Poland asks Germany 1.3 trillions $ as compensation for WWII….



    “Germany, being no longer able to import gas directly from Russia via those pipes designed and built to bypass Poland and not paying the corresponding royalties to Warsaw, it may now have to rely on its eastern neighbor (Poland) that has suddenly become Central Europe’s gas hub.
    Polish elites gloat, knowing very well that the alternative overland route of Russian gas to Germany (Jamal pipeline) transits Polish soil anyway.” (translated with deepl)


    • You may also have noticed a few days ago, Poland’s PGNiG to import at least 6.5 bcm of natural gas from Norway in 2023.


      Polish oil and gas company producer PGNiG (PGN.WA) will import at least 6.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas from Norway in 2023, the company said on Tuesday.

      These deliveries will run via the Baltic Pipe pipeline, it said.

      PGNiG also said that in 2023 it will use 80% of the pipeline’s capacity reserved by the company, which will rise to 90% in 2024, equal to about 7.7 billion cubic metres.

      The pipeline, with a capacity of 10 billion cubic metres, opens on Tuesday. It will provide Poland with alternative sources of gas which it has been seeking since April when it was cut off from Russian supplies.

      So Poland also has gas imports from Norway lined up.

      • Student says:

        Yes, thank you. It was mentioned also Baltic pipe in the article.
        From almost last position in the ranking, Poland is now the one in charge…
        We could say that Germany has been humiliated.
        I don’t think Angela Merkel would have accepted all that.
        At least, not so easily.

  38. Student says:

    (Splash – marittime news)

    “Tanker sales proliferate as EU deadline on Russian oil nears.
    Vintage tankers, typically ready for the scrapyards, are changing hands for future trading in record numbers and at eye-catching prices as Russia gets its oil export plans in place for further bans.”

    It seems that oil will cover greater distance with the oil market going upside down, therefore more ships will be necessary to transport it.
    More costs to the system..


    • Good point. Shipping oil from Russia to Europe doesn’t require sending a ship a long distance. Sending oil to India or China requires more oil. Russia sending slightly refined oil to Saudi Arabia also requires shipping.

  39. CTG says:

    Let us do some analysis. Based Javier Blas’ Twitter account https://twitter.com/JavierBlas

    EU #natgas demand in Sep ends 14% below the 5-yr average! Although, include Britain and its only 12.5% below. #TTF

    Scroll down a little

    Natural Gas Demands Jumps in September in North West Europe
    North West Europe : Berlgium, Northern France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and UK

    You decide if this is intentional “misleading” or “misinformation”

    • CTG says:

      See which “reality” you want to subscribe to. Demand is up or down??

    • Northwest Europe is not a very large share of the EU. And the difference is not very large, and is for one month only.

    • reante says:

      Both of those tweets look fine and coexistent to me.

    • CTG says:

      By saying that the whole of Europe has less demand on gas is pure misinformation and trying to keep the masses calm.

      Northwest Europe is heavily industrialized, colder, more population, more commercial activity than the southern part which is also hotter. So, the southern part will always use less gas compared to the northwest.

      It is just an ingenious way to calm people.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The PR Team honed that strategy when they obfuscated Peak Oil by calling it Peak Demand… sounds better… sounds good actually if you believe oil is a demonic substance that is causing the planet to broil alive…

        Oh oil — we don’t need that anymore — we are quickly transitioning to EVs… BBC said by 2035 there won’t be anymore of those nasty ICE vehicles… have you seen that they are working on electric passenger aircraft and trucks? It’s amazing this new technology – to think the next generation will only see ICE vehicles in museums! It’s so wonderful.

        Peak Demand is actually the correct term — what’s left to find would need $200+ a barrel to get it out of the ground… and there ain’t a whole lot of demand at that price

  40. CTG says:

    This coming winter. Hundreds of thousands froze to death in Europe. It is not reported by MSM. Did the death take place?

    • I don’t understand your comment. It sounds sort of like you are talking about something that happened in the past. There have been all kinds of reports on total deaths compared to expected, by age group. These have been higher, but not as high as in Russia or the US. Are you referring to some deaths included in this group? Or are you referring to an upcoming event?

      • CTG says:

        Gail… What we know today is what is reported by MSM.
        Like it or not, we (as in everyone) “rely” solely on MSM to report what it is. It is very normal to hear people say “Did it happen? I did not see it in the news”

        So, in the next few months, if there is a lot of people freezing to death and MSM do not report that (fringe reporting does not count and can be censored), did the death occur?

        You have seen it happening in vax death. “It did not happen because MSM did not report it”. You ask people (even those who are close family and friends), they will tell you, it is safe and effective and all those death are not related to vaccines.

        It is a philosophical concept
        “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”


  41. postkey says:

    “After listening to their wormtongue advisors back in March, the West imposed financial sanctions on Russia. They promised that the “Rouble would turn to rubble”. However for anybody with an ounce of understanding of how floating rate sovereign currencies work, it was always going to have the opposite effect. I said this back in February

    As to replacing Russian Gas and Oil, are we sure we have enough spare pump capacity, and enough LNG ships to move that across the globe? What will happen to power prices in the meantime?

    The whole idea of ‘creating inflation’ in Russia is far more likely to create inflation in the West.

    Russians may want the stuff the West can supply, but they don’t need it. Where does West’s demand for Gas and Wheat sit on that divide?”

    • Several interesting ideas in the linked post, including

      “Foreign Reserves are an illusion and the Reserve Asset every central bank discounts is the legislature’s power to tax, which is the actual source of funding for all governments operating sovereign currencies.”

      Of course, the legislature’s power to tax depends on the availability of cheap fossil fuels to operate businesses and make goods and services. Without those, any country’s power to tax goes to zero.

      Foreign reserves are indeed an illusion, but so are oil and gas reserves, and coal reserves. Also the permanence of pensions and bank accounts is an illusion. Everything we see as permanent is temporary, in a finite world.

      • Dennis L. says:

        So it is deflation with an intermediate issue of liquidity. Liquidity is needed more and more frequently until the time periods become too small to be usable. Repos appear to be an example of squeezing the last bit of liquidity from the system which is essentially insolvent.

        Dennis L.

  42. Fast Eddy says:

    Hey norm … saves you waiting in the queue … maybe you can ask them to bring a pizza when they come.

    GPs to Receive £525 Per Care Home to Deliver Autumn Covid Boosters To The Elderly

    GPs will be incentivised to deliver ‘accelerated’ autumn Covid boosters in care homes, with payments of up to £525 per completed care home.


    • Wet My Beak says:


    • When you understand what the post says, the £525 per completed care home really means a subsidy for sending a team of medical care individuals to a very large care home, and vaccinating those eligible. It is not a per person subsidy.

      I wonder why they are so interested in vaccinating everyone. To justify the huge amount that has already been paid to buy all of the vaccine doses? To help these folks live longer, and thus run up long-term needed funding for care homes? Are they hopeful that the vaccines will somehow reduce transmission of the virus, when this seems unlikely? Are they trying to increase the chance of virus mutation in the face of already rising infections?

      Clearly, Norm is not in a care home. Norm is functioning well, even if he is older.

      • Lidia17 says:

        Elimination of the control groep..

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Why are they so keen to get the Dog Shit into people… hmmm… why would that be?

        And masks have been gone for nearly a month in NZ — why don’t we have record covid cases… hmmm… hmmm… I am so confused!

        I’m gonna try that question out on a few CovIDIOTS when I encounter them…

        You watch – I’ll get the zombie response

  43. Fast Eddy says:

    Big Tech Stocks Plunge with Spooky Parallels to Dotcom Bust: -25% to -66% from Highs so Far https://wolfstreet.com/2022/10/02/big-tech-stocks-plunge-with-spooky-parallels-to-dotcom-bust-25-to-66-from-highs-so-far/

    Office REITs Massacred as the Future these Office Markets Were Built for Got Cancelled by Working-from-Home https://wolfstreet.com/2022/10/04/office-reits-massacred-as-the-future-that-office-markets-were-built-for-got-cancelled-by-working-from-home/

  44. Fast Eddy says:

    Infant mortality increased over 691% AFTER Covid vaccinations!

    Data taken from European database

    This is official, according to Joachim Kuhs (German politician and member of the European Parliament since 2019.)


    • Student says:

      Unfortunately it is closed for those who are not connected to that group. In case you have another source of information about that it would be great to have it. Thank you.

    • Infant mortality was way down in 2020 in the US, and probably in Europe as well, when “regular” vaccinations of infants was stopped. SIDS particularly dropped. The 2021 comparison is to this distorted low base. The effect is one of adding lots of vaccines back in.

      I don’t know what particular comparison is being made here. It is too early to look at data for the period after infants over 6 months became eligible for COVID vaccinations.

  45. Fast Eddy says:

    Theatre – what other reason? https://t.me/chiefnerd/5307

    And this – sounds like a fun day – wonder how many dropped dead



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