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The Myth that the US will Soon Become an Oil Exporter

Countries trade crude oil and oil products back and forth. When all of these transactions are netted out, is the US close to becoming a “net” oil exporter? With the recent increase in oil production (perhaps even exceeding that of … Continue reading

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What are the problems with using corn ethanol for fuel?

Brian Westenhaus, over at New Energy and Fuel, has been telling me what a good product corn ethanol is. He is very familiar with raising corn for ethanol, and can see how the process has been improved in recent years. … Continue reading

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What Is Peak Oil?

This is Chapter 1 of a Peak Oil Booklet I am working on, with the assistance of folks from TheOilDrum.com. Chapter 1: What Is Peak Oil? In this chapter, we discuss some of the basic issues relating to peak oil … Continue reading

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Corn-Based Ethanol: Is This a Solution?

Many people have high hopes for ethanol made from corn–that it will prevent future gasoline shortages, prevent global warming, be a wonderful investment, and improve the income of farmers, among other things. Other observers raise a whole host of concerns … Continue reading

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Our World Is Finite: Is This a Problem?

We all know the world is finite. There number of atoms is finite, and these atoms combine to form a finite number of molecules. The mix of molecules may change over time, but in total, the number of molecules is … Continue reading

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