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What are the problems with using corn ethanol for fuel?

Brian Westenhaus, over at New Energy and Fuel, has been telling me what a good product corn ethanol is. He is very familiar with raising corn for ethanol, and can see how the process has been improved in recent years. … Continue reading

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What Is Peak Oil?

This is Chapter 1 of a Peak Oil Booklet I am working on, with the assistance of folks from TheOilDrum.com. Chapter 1: What Is Peak Oil? In this chapter, we discuss some of the basic issues relating to peak oil … Continue reading

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Corn-Based Ethanol: Is This a Solution?

Many people have high hopes for ethanol made from corn–that it will prevent future gasoline shortages, prevent global warming, be a wonderful investment, and improve the income of farmers, among other things. Other observers raise a whole host of concerns … Continue reading

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