Sharon Astyk: The Future of Food – ASPO-USA Conference

Sharon Astyk is a new member of the ASPO-USA board of directors with an amazingly high energy level and a broad background. She has practical experience with food growing on the small farm she and her husband own in upstate New York. She also has an academic background (having mostly finished a PhD), is raising four children, has written three books, writes a blog, and does a lot of work for ASPO-USA.

In this talk about the Future of Food, she brings out the connection of high oil prices with high food prices and food insecurity. As with oil, after the 2008 price spike, food prices dropped back. But they are still high by historical standards, and more variable than in earlier times. Countries like Saudi Arabia and China are trying to find places around the world where they can grow food for their own people, not unlike the colonists of long ago. We don’t know what the future will bring, but judging from the past, future oil price spikes are likely to ripple through the food systems as well, creating geo-political as well as hunger crises around the world.

Below the fold, I provide something between a summary and a transcript of her talk. Continue reading