How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden

We live in a world where words are very carefully chosen. Companies hire public relations firms to give just the right “spin” to what they are saying. Politicians make statements which suggest that everything is going well. Newspapers would like their advertisers to be happy; they certainly won’t suggest that the automobile you purchase today may be of no use to you in five years.

I believe that what has happened in recent years is that the “truth” has become very dark. We live in a finite world; we are rapidly approaching limits of many kinds. For example, there is not enough fresh water for everyone, including agriculture and businesses. This inadequate water supply is now tipping over into inadequate food supply in quite a few places because irrigation requires fresh water. This problem is, in a sense, an energy problem, because adding more irrigation requires more energy supplies used for digging deeper wells or making desalination plants. We are reaching energy scarcity issues not too different from those of World War I, World War II and the Depression Era between the wars.

We now live in a strange world filled with half-truths, not too different from the world of the 1930s. US newspapers leave out the many stories that could be written about rising food insecurity around the world, and even in the US. We see more reports of conflicts among countries and increasing gaps between the rich and the poor, but no one explains that such changes are to be expected when energy consumption per capita starts falling too low.

The majority of people seem to believe that all of these problems can be fixed simply by increasingly taxing the rich and using the proceeds to help the poor. They also believe that the biggest problem we are facing is climate change. Very few are even aware of the food scarcity problems occurring in many parts of the world already.

Our political leaders started down the wrong path long ago, when they chose to rely on economists rather than physicists. The economists created the fiction that the economy could expand endlessly, even with falling energy supplies. The physicists understood that the economy requires energy for growth, but didn’t really understand the financial system, so they weren’t in a position to explain which parts of economic theory were incorrect. Even as the true story becomes increasingly clear, politicians stick to their belief that our only energy problem is the possibility of using too much fossil fuel, with the result of rising world temperatures and disrupted weather patterns. This can be interpreted as a relatively distant problem that can be corrected over a fairly long future period.

In this post, I will explain why it appears to me that, right now, we are dealing with an energy problem as severe as that which seems to have led to World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression. We really need a solution to our energy problems right now, not in the year 2050 or 2100. Scientists modeled the wrong problem: a fairly distant energy problem which would be associated with high energy prices. The real issue is a very close-at-hand energy shortage problem, associated with relatively low energy prices. It should not be surprising that the solutions scientists have found are mostly absurd, given the true nature of the problem we are facing.

[1] There is a great deal of confusion with respect to which energy problem we are dealing with. Are we dealing with a near-at-hand problem featuring inadequate prices for producers or a more distant problem featuring high prices for consumers? It makes a huge difference in finding a solution, if any.

Business leaders would like us to believe that the problem to be concerned with is a fairly distant one: climate change. In fact, this is the problem most scientists are working on. There is a common misbelief that fossil fuel prices will jump to high levels if they are in short supply. These high prices will allow the extraction of a huge amount of coal, oil and natural gas from the ground. The rising prices will also allow high-priced alternatives to become competitive. Thus, it makes sense to start down the long road of trying to substitute “renewables” for fossil fuels.

If business leaders had stopped to look at the history of coal depletion, they would have discovered that expecting high prices when energy limits are encountered is incorrect. The issue that really happens is a wage problem: too many workers discover that their wages are too low. Indirectly, these low-wage workers need to cut back on purchases of goods of many types, including coal to heat workers’ homes. This loss of purchasing power tends to hold coal prices down to a level that is too low for producers. We can see this situation if we look at the historical problems with coal depletion in the UK and in Germany.

Coal played an outsized role in the time leading up to, and including, World War II.

Figure 1. Figure by author describing peak coal timing.

History shows that as early coal mines became depleted, the number of hours of labor required to extract a given amount of coal tended to rise significantly. This happened because deeper mines were needed, or mines were needed in areas where there were only thin coal seams. The problem owners of mines experienced was that coal prices did not rise enough to cover their higher labor costs, related to depletion. The issue was really that prices fell too low for coal producers.

Owners of mines found that they needed to cut the wages of miners. This led to strikes and lower coal production. Indirectly, other coal-using industries, such as iron production and bread baking, were adversely affected, leading these industries to cut jobs and wages, as well. In a sense, the big issue was growing wage disparity, because many higher-wage workers and property owners were not affected.

Today, the issue we see is very similar, especially when we look at wages worldwide, because markets are now worldwide. Many workers around the world have very low wages, or no wages at all. As a result, the number of workers worldwide who can afford to purchase goods that require large amounts of oil and coal products for their manufacture and operation, such as vehicles, tends to fall. For example, peak sales of private passenger automobile, worldwide, occurred in 2017. With fewer auto sales (as well as fewer sales of other high-priced goods), it is difficult to keep oil and coal prices high enough for producers. This is very similar to the problems of the 1914 to 1945 era.

Everything that I can see indicates that we are now reaching a time that is parallel to the period between 1914 and 1945. Conflict is one of the major things that a person would expect because each country wants to protect its jobs. Each country also wants to add new jobs that pay well.

In a period parallel to the 1914 to 1945 period, we can also expect pandemics. This happens because the many poor people often cannot afford adequate diets, making them more susceptible to diseases that are easily transmitted. In the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918-1919, more than 50 million people worldwide died. The equivalent number with today’s world population would be about 260 million. This hugely dwarfs the 3.2 million COVID-19 deaths around the world that we have experienced to date.

[2] If we look at growth in energy supply, relative to the growth in population, precisely the same type of “squeeze” is occurring now as was occurring in the 1914 to 1945 period. This squeeze particularly affects coal and oil supplies.

Figure 2. The sum of red and blue areas on the chart represent average annual world energy consumption growth by 10-year periods. Blue areas represent average annual population growth percentages during these 10-year periods. The red area is determined by subtraction. It represents the amount of energy consumption growth that is “left over” for growth in people’s standards of living. Chart by Gail Tverberg using energy data from Vaclav Smil’s estimates shown in Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects, together with BP Statistical Data for 1965 and subsequent years.

The chart above is somewhat complex. It looks at how quickly energy consumption has been growing historically, over ten-year periods (sum of red and blue areas). This amount is divided into two parts. The blue area shows how much of this growth in energy consumption was required to provide food, housing and transportation to the growing world population, based on the standards at that time. The red area shows how much growth in energy consumption was “left over” for growth in the standard of living, such as better roads, more vehicles, and nicer homes. Note that GDP growth is not shown in the chart. It likely corresponds fairly closely to total energy consumption growth.

Figure 3, below, shows energy consumption by type of fuel between 1820 and 2010. From this, it is clear that the world’s energy consumption was tiny back in 1820, when most of the world’s energy came from burned biomass. Even at that time, there was a huge problem with deforestation.

Figure 3. World Energy Consumption by Source, based on Vaclav Smil estimates from Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospects and together with BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy data for 1965 and subsequent years. (Wind and solar are included with biofuels.)

Clearly, the addition of coal, starting shortly after 1820, allowed huge changes in the world economy. But by 1910, this growth in coal consumption was flattening out, leading quite possibly to the problems of the 1914-1945 era. The growth in oil consumption after World War II allowed the world economy to recover. Natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear have been added in recent years, as well, but the amounts have been less significant than those of coal and oil.

We can see how coal and oil have dominated growth in energy supplies in other ways, as well. This is a chart of energy supplies, with a projection of expected energy supplies through 2021 based on estimates of the IEA’s Global Energy Review 2021.

Figure 4. World energy consumption by fuel. Data through 2019 based on information from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2020. Amounts for 2020 and 2021 based on percentage change estimates from IEA’s Global Energy Review 2021.

Oil supplies became a problem in the 1970s. There was briefly a dip in the demand for oil supplies as the world switched from burning oil to the use of other fuels in applications where this could easily be done, such as producing electricity and heating homes. Also, private passenger automobiles became smaller and more fuel efficient. There has been a continued push for fuel efficiency since then. In 2020, oil consumption was greatly affected by the reduction in personal travel associated with the COVID-19 epidemic.

Figure 4, above, shows that world coal consumption has been close to flat since about 2012. This is also evident in Figure 5, below.

Figure 5. World coal production by part of the world, based on data of BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, 2020.

Figure 5 shows that coal production for the United States and Europe has been declining for a very long time, since about 1988. Before China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, its coal production grew at a moderate pace. After joining the WTO in 2001, China’s coal production grew very rapidly for about 10 years. In about 2011, China’s coal production leveled off, leading to the leveling of world coal production.

Figure 6 shows that recently, growth in the sum of oil and coal consumption has been lagging total energy consumption.

Figure 6. Three-year average annual increase in oil and coal consumption versus three-year average increase in total energy consumption, based on a combination of BP data through 2019 from BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, 2010 and IEA’s 2020 and 2021 percentage change forecasts, from its Global Energy Review 2021.

We can see from Figure 6 that the only recent time when oil and coal supplies grew faster than energy consumption in total was during a brief period between 2002 and 2007. More recently, oil and coal consumption has been increasingly lagging total energy consumption. For both coal and oil, the problem has been that low prices for producers cause producers to voluntarily drop out of coal or oil production. The reason for this is two-fold: (1) With less oil (or coal) production, perhaps prices might rise, making production more profitable, and (2) Unprofitable oil (or coal) production isn’t really satisfactory for producers.

When determining the required level of profitability for these fuels, there is a need to include the tax revenue that governments require in order to maintain adequate services. This is especially the case with oil exporters, but it is also true in general. Energy products, to be useful, produce an energy surplus that can be used to benefit the rest of the economy. The way that this energy surplus can be transferred to the rest of the economy is by paying relatively high taxes. These taxes allow changes that aid economic growth, such as improvements in roads and schools.

If energy prices are chronically too low (so that an energy product requires a subsidy, rather than paying taxes), this is a sign that the energy product is most likely an energy “sink.” Such a product acts in the direction of pulling the economy down through ever-lower productivity.

[3] Governments have chosen to focus on preventing climate change because, in theory, the changes that are needed to prevent climate change seem to be the same ones needed to cover the contingency of “running out.” The catch is that the indicated changes don’t really work in the scarcity situation we are already facing.

It turns out that the very fuels that we seem to be running out of (coal and oil) are the very ones most associated with high carbon dioxide emissions. Thus, focusing on climate change seems to please everyone. Those who were concerned that we could keep extracting fossil fuels for hundreds of years and, because of this, completely ruin the climate, would be happy. Those who were concerned about running out of fossil fuels would be happy, as well. This is precisely the kind of solution that politicians prefer.

The catch is that we used coal and oil first because, in a very real sense, they are the “best” fuels for our needs. All of the other fuels, even natural gas, are in many senses inferior. Natural gas has the problem that it is very expensive to transport and store. Also, methane, which makes up the majority of natural gas, is itself a gas that contributes to global warming. It tends to leak from pipelines and from ships attempting to transport it. Thus, it is doubtful that it is much better from a global warming perspective than coal or oil.

So-called renewable fuels tend to be very damaging to the environment in ways other than CO2 emissions. This point is made very well in the new book Bright Green Lies by Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith and Max Wilbert. It makes the point that renewable fuels are not an attempt to save the environment. Instead, they are trying to save our current industrial civilization using approaches that tend to destroy the environment. Cutting down forests, even if new trees are planted in their place, is especially detrimental. Alice Friedemann, in her new book, Life after Fossil Fuels: A Reality Check on Alternative Fuels, points out the high cost of these alternatives and their dependence on fossil fuel energy.

We are right now in a huge scarcity situation which is starting to cause conflicts of many kinds. Even if there were a way of producing these types of alternative energy cheaply enough, they are coming far too late and in far too small quantities to make a difference. They also don’t match up with our current coal and oil uses, adding a layer of time and expense for conversion that needs to be included in any model.

[4] What we really have is a huge conflict problem due to inadequate energy supplies for today’s world population. The powers that be are trying to hide this problem by publishing only their preferred version of the truth.

The situation that we are really facing is one that often goes under the name of “collapse.” It is a problem that many civilizations have faced in the past when a given population has outgrown its resource base.

Needless to say, the issue of collapse is not a story any politician wants to tell its citizens. Instead, we are told over and over, “Everything is fine. Any energy problem will be handled by the solutions scientists are finding.” The catch is that scientists were not told the correct problem to solve. They were told about a distant problem. To make the problem easier to solve, high prices and subsidies seemed to be acceptable. The problem they were asked to solve is very different from our real energy problem today.

Many people think that taxing the rich and giving the proceeds to the poor can solve our problem, but this doesn’t really solve the problem for a couple of reasons. One of the issues is that our scarcity issue is really a worldwide problem. Higher taxation of the rich in a few rich countries does nothing for the many problems of poor people in countries such as Lebanon, Yemen, Venezuela and India. Furthermore, taking money from the rich doesn’t really fix scarcity problems. Rich people don’t really eat a vastly disproportionate amount of food or drink more water, for example.

A detail that most of us don’t think about is that the military of many different countries has been very much aware of the potential conflict situation that is now occurring. They are aware that a “hot war” would require huge use of fossil fuel energy, so they have been trying to find alternative approaches. One approach military groups have been working on is the use of bioweapons of various kinds. In fact, some groups might even contemplate starting a pandemic. Another approach that might be used is computer viruses to disrupt the systems of other countries.

Needless to say, the powers that be do not want the general population to hear about issues of these kinds. We find ourselves with narrower and narrower news reports that provide only the version of the truth that politicians and news media want us to read. Citizens who have developed the view, “All I need to do to find out the truth is read my home town newspaper,” are likely to encounter more and more surprises, as conflict situations escalate.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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3,735 Responses to How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden

  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    Blue State California Posts Staggering $75 Billion Surplus.

    Maybe they could give some to their Red State friends?

    But,the Red Friends might need to shut off Foux, and put down the beer, lose 50 pounds, and get a bit more educated—–

    • An article from Nov. 18,2020 said:

      The report released Wednesday estimates California will see a temporary surplus next year beyond what lawmakers and Gov. Gavin Newsom expected when they created the current $202 billion state budget that cut money from education and state worker salaries [Emphasis added].

      That extra cash could allow them to avoid major cuts in next year’s budget, but the windfall will evaporate quickly, the report warns.

      The giveaways now planned by Newsom don’t seem to have anything to do with putting the money back where it was taken out of. Of course, some of the budget gains rests on stock market gains. These can be given back. Of course, if the pumped up stock market goes down, there is no way the surplus money given back. According to the new article:

      Newsom’s $100 billion proposal would add $12 billion more in direct payments to California residents, including $600 to most people and an extra $500 to families with dependents. The payments would go to families making less than $75,000 a year.

      The package also includes what Newsom said would be a major assistance package aimed at helping renters cover 100 percent of their past-due rent.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      2020 census says CA population shrank for the first time ever. Why is that, if it’s such a great place to live?

  2. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    JHK interesting today, and then he concludes: “So, the Colonial Pipeline breakdown should send a kind of grim message. The creatures who run the Federal Reserve, the banks, and the markets are standing by along with the poor souls who run the electric grid, chewing their fingernails down to the nubbins. It’s too late to simplify any of it. We’ve just got to roll with it, until it stops rolling.” …………………………………………. that’s just about my own personal view. Roll with bAU from now to the end.

    • Rodster says:

      And that’s pretty much all we can do because at this point in the fossil fuel timeline it’s: “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. We have painted ourselves into a corner by riding the fossil fuel gravy train when many decades ago we should have made a switch to a different form of cheap extractable energy. It’s way too late in the game and as Kunstler says, “you’ve just got to roll with it, until it stops rolling”.

    • It is the electric grid and the financial system that we really should worry about getting hacked. We are playing with fire with some many things that seem to be easily manipulated.

      • Rodster says:

        Totally agree and totally stupid to add complexity to an aging system. Putting an aging electrical grid on the Internet was beyond dumb. A similar thing was done to our water supply as well.

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          Just think, the people in charge will be able to engage in the controlled demolition of our aging infrastructure via false-flag “cyber attacks.” As a tack on they’ll be able to justify further restricting the average citizen’s access to the internet as it will be explained that average citizen is considered a potential cyber terrorist.

          When will we get an internet passport to go with our vaccine passport?

        • Robert Firth says:

          Rodster, that Colonial pipeline was begun in 1961, when the only computers were the size of lorries (I know; I used one). So why is it now run not only by computers. but by computers connected to the internet, and with no good protection against hacking?

          Why is this suddenly an emergency? Go back to running the pipeline by hand, fire the useless IT people who added needless complexity, and hang the IT manager who casually exposed a strategically important system to asymmetric warfare.

          Then make all the other managers read Tainter’s book “The Collapse of Complex Societies”.

          • Kowalainen says:

            The whole point of insecure networks is that they are purposefully made to be hackable by “nation state actors”. *cough, cough*, Russia, North Korea, China.. mm, yeah, ‘rite. Or perhaps:

            THE OIL PARTY IS OVER? NO?

            Let’s “hack” the pipeline SCADA “system” and blame it on:


            1. Russia
            2. North Korea
            3. Iran
            4. Cuba
            5. China
            6. 66 Alien Lucifer

            Which was it? It will be so “exciting” reading the headlines and continue with rolling the eyes instead of dice.

            Go, narrative peddler muppets.

            GOOOO! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

            Oh, wait, no I’m not.


          • Fast Eddy says:

            But Robert… the technology 50 years ago was FAR superior than what we have today — just have a listen to this:


            We are in the dark ages now….

  3. One last thing on the space front. I haven’t watched all of FE’s vids, so forgive me if this have been covered there.

    I’d forgotten that the Russians claimed to have done the first human space walk in March 1965. If this first milestone were to have been faked (as it now seems likely it was), this was the start of a “faked escapades in space” gap, not unlike the “mine shaft gap” feared by General Buck Turgidson in the movie, Dr. Strangelove. Clearly the U.S. could not be “left behind” in the fakery race.

    I came across a comment with links to videos of what the commenter thought were faked Chinese space walks, which the commenter said NASA accepted as real.

    For another state actor to point out the US moon landings as fake, they would have to expose their own fakery.

    • nikoB says:

      Turns out that it is

      F A K E turtles all the way down.

      It is just the universe M O O N I N G us.

    • Tom says:

      The Russian moon walk took place in low earth orbit so probably wasn’t fake. The whole hoax was sending astronauts through the Van Allen belts all the way to the moon and back. One of the astronauts interviewed in the film didn’t even know where the Van Allen belts were. How is that possible for someone who has just been to the moon and back?

      The whole point of this and its relevance to collapse is the vast majority are stupid, compliant, and gullible. If you tell them there is a dangerous virus and they need to wear masks, they will wear masks. If you tell them they need to get a vaccine, most of them will get a vaccine. Even smart people like Norman will not investigate something like the moon landings, which we have a lot of reason to question. He just looks at one clip showing a guy asking astronauts to swear on a bible and concludes the guy is mentally ill. How are you going to get the majority of the idiots out there to respond intelligently to peak oil and collapse of civilization. You aren’t.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Here’s the link to the interview you reference

        Either this guy was mentally re t arded… and they sent him into space as a early WOKE initiative … (but I am ruling that out because they would have also sent a Tranny Freak up there and a Snowflake too….)

        Or he’s lying because he knows bloody well that he would die if he got anywhere near the Van Allen Belts…

        • Bei Dawei says:

          Or he didn’t know any more about the Van Allen Belt than you guys do but just got in the rocket and did what he was supposed to.

          “The Russian moon walk took place in low earth orbit so probably wasn’t fake.”

          Did they move the moon, then?

          “If you tell them there is a dangerous virus and they need to wear masks, they will wear masks. If you tell them they need to get a vaccine, most of them will get a vaccine.”

          This is good advice. Masks seem to be a big part of the reason Taiwan has kept the virus under control.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Here’s the part on the van allen belts including interviews with van allen and others …


            So I guess he’s a re—tard right?

            Did you see the interview with the other astronaut where he says ‘I don’t think we got that far out’ he admits they did not enter the Van Allen belts… of course they didn’t

            Because they were only 130 miles from Earth when they took this video (but they say in the video they are orbiting the moon … and the next day they landed on the moon!!!!!)

            Let’s watch and listen


          • Or maybe they just haven’t been counting road accident victims and cancer patients in hospice as “covid” deaths…

  4. Regarding the Colonial Pipeline hacking situation, the WSJ now says,

    FBI Suspects Criminal Group in Colonial Pipeline Hack
    DarkSide, a ransomware organization believed to be based in Eastern Europe, says it has no connection to foreign governments

    A criminal gang believed to be based in Eastern Europe is responsible for the hack that has led to the shutdown of the main pipeline supplying gasoline and diesel fuel to the U.S. East Coast, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

    The organization, known as DarkSide, is a relatively new hacking group that Western security researchers say is likely based in Eastern Europe, possibly in Russia. The organization created the malicious computer code that resulted in the shutdown, officials said.

    “We are apolitical, we do not participate in geopolitics,” the group said in a statement posted to its website on Monday. It said it wasn’t tied to a “defined” government and added: “Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society.”

    Colonial on Monday said the situation continued to evolve but that it was working on a plan to return to service in a phased approach with a goal of “substantially restoring operational service by the end of the week.” More updates would be forthcoming, the company said.

    If hacking is easy enough to do that a criminal organization can do it, a person wonders how much could be done by others. This is a link to a story from March about China’s hacking into the networks of India.

    • Hubbs says:

      And possibly yet another false flag, to justify the Deep State’s need to further tighten controls 9-11,COVID, and digital banking style for the full protection of the citizens.

      But but what about the unsecured southern border?
      What about our energy, rare earth, and computer chip supplies?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Surely it would be easier to continue ripping granny off than threatening to tip over the entire world…. if anyone actually had the capability to do that… they’d be hunted to the ends of the earth … and thrown in a romanian dungeon and have the most horrific tortures imaginable applied…

        The NSA knows all… and they could easily find these people.

        I call BS on this … it makes no sense.

        • Bei Dawei says:

          Things FE has called BS on:

          The moon landings
          9-11 orthodoxy
          Covid-19 orthodoxy
          The Holocaust
          Anthropogenic climate change

          And if I take him seriously on Simulation Theory, then I guess that means he’s called BS on the entire universe.

          • Ah, now you are close to understanding, grasshopper!

            • Kowalainen says:

              The default stance is to call BS. And then filter evidence through the logic circuitry, while not ideal it can serve as a foundation for reasoning.

              As iron clad hard evidence is hard to come by in the era of narrative spin, it is always possible to fly a number of hypotheses, which is in itself entertaining. Now; let me ponder upon:

              MUPPETRY! YAY!

              And suddenly clarity emerges out of the shallow depths of 20W compute capability.

              It’s a goddamned IRL game: Let’s poke the ant hive with sticks of omnipotence and watch what happens. Well, nothing much really and that got boring pretty quickly, let’s move on to greener pastures leaving a trail of destruction and muppetry behind. One does not simply:



          • Tsubion says:

            The universe is flat.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Surely if this is so easy the Russians or the Chinese… could take over some critical systems in the US (e.g. the stock markets)…. and force the Elders to clean their toilets for the rest of their lives.

  5. Kowalainen says:

    ”I stated earlier that it was simpler merely to go to the moon. I stand vindicated.”

    Have you ever run a program of an unprecedented magnitude, complexity and scale such as the moon program?

    My bet is that extremely few people have. Those who have probably thought the probability of success was way less than 5%.

    Look, you already got the goodies from the moon program and more thanks to the tech that it brought forth. There is no need to press on the issue if it was hoaxed or not. There are only two types of people that care:

    1. The guys who enjoy to rile up the keepers of status quo, and
    2. The keepers of status quo.

    It’s fun and all that; but realistically, not the hottest metal in the furnace, that is for sure. 🔥


    • Fast Eddy says:

      Of course if they had not ‘lost’ all the engineering from the space shots… this would not have happened!

      Or this

      Yet we were able to fly to the moon and back multiple times in a few years… hahahahaha

      Maybe they should have sacrificed a few astronauts lives to add some credibility to the HOAX. hahahahaha

      • doomphd says:

        FE, see Apollo 1:

        you could consider those 3 astronauts sacrificed.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Nah… if you are you are going to sacrifice you want drama….

          The PR Team would want to go full Hollywood with this… you’d want them stranded on the moon… running out of oxygen…. drag that out for as long as possible… nice fat TV ratings… martyrs etc…

          Blowing them up on the pad on their way to low orbit (where they pretend they are in lunar orbit) is rather dull…. defeats the purpose….

          Really enjoyed that Challenger explosion … I must say…. bit of Astronaut Karma for all those lies spun by Neil and Buzz and the boys…. and the looks on the faces of people watching … Priceless!

          • geno mir says:


            Have some fun, Eddy. Laughter is very potent force

          • doomphd says:

            the Apollo 1 launch was plenty dramatic for those that witnessed it live, as i did. Gus Grissom was already a hero to many for his earlier missions.

            i believe that mission was the last time they used pure oxygen in the atmosphere of the command capsule. it was a big mistake, in hindsight.

            interestingly, the astronauts did not die from burns, those came later. they died from carbon monoxide poisoning when their space suits breached in the fire.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I am confident that many people have been to low Earth orbit – which is where they were headed… but nobody has been outside of Earth orbit… because the Van Allen Belts would fry their brains.

              It is simply not possible — NASA admits that by the fact that they continue to try to build a ship that can carry humans through the belts without them dying. The Orion spacecraft is still in development….

  6. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    BP says it will stick with top U.S. oil lobby after climate shift
    Ron Bousso
    Mon, May 10, 2021, 9:09 AM
    By Ron Bousso

    LONDON (Reuters) – BP said on Monday it will remain a member of the American Petroleum Institute (API) after the largest U.S. oil and gas trade lobby group addressed some differences with the British energy company over climate change.

    BP, which plans to sharply cut its oil output and boost its renewable energy capacity over the next decade, said in a report that despite “uneven progress”, the API was “heading in the right direction”.

    The API has faced growing pressure from member companies and activist groups to change its policies relating to climate change and drilling regulations.

    The trade group started to shift some of its positions as the climate-focused Biden administration came to power this year. In March it said it supports a carbon price as one measure to mitigate climate change risk.

    BP said it was “encouraged” by the API’s support for federal regulation on limiting emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas and its support for carbon pricing as well as improving its transparency.

    “API’s progress has been uneven at times but, on the whole, the organization has moved considerably over the past year and is heading in the right direction,” BP said in the report.

    “We will continue to make our case – as members – to influence API on climate and many other areas relevant to our business in the US.”

    Yes…sure they have …moved in the right direction….we mean it this time “Beyond Petroleum”..
    Yes Sir, we sure do mean it….

  7. Tsubion says:

    Fast Eddy… you asked for this…

    “If you have evidence that atomic weapons are a hoax then post it — I will watch/read it… and give you my verdict.”

    Here you go. I came across this many years ago. No idea how much it proves or disproves your query but it’s certainly an interesting read to get the juices flowing…

    My Atomic Bomb Findings

    The grand manipulation 1945-2021

    • Malcopian says:

      So what vaporised the Twin Towers during 9 11 ? A mini-nuke. Heinz Pommer (google his work) has proved it.

      • I found a blog article that links to a 111 slide Power Point presentation by Heinz Pommer. The blog article is called Physicist Heinz Pommer Validates Ed Ward MD’s Proven WTC Nukes

        This is a link to the Presentation:

        There is also an “independently published” book by Heinz Pommer and several others: The Ground Zero Model, published June 14, 2020.

        There is also a book available on kindle, free with kindle unlimited, called The Oligarchs Nuclear War Games • The Ground Zero Model • 2nd Edition Kindle Interactive Edition. It was published a week after the Grand Zero Model, mentioned above.

        • The PDF and the blog article both show the melted rocks where the tower stood. The theory is that a mini nuclear bomb was placed in the basement. No chemical reaction could have produced such intense heat.

      • Tsubion says:

        I’m aware of the mini-nuke-under-the-towers theory. And many other radical theories that came out at the time.

        There’s a lot to be said about all of these theories and counter theories, and of course millions of pages have been written about them by seemingly credible scientists and engineers. But nothing ever appears to lead to definitive conclusions that settle the case once and for all, just neverending squabbling back and forth.

        And I believe that this happens at least partly deliberately to obfuscate and throw interested parties off the scent, leading down endless rabbit holes, red herrings, and dead ends.

        I would add that for anyone who is not directly involved in the planning and execution of these events at the highest levels, there can be no assuredness that you are right about any of it. Outsiders can only point to visible proof (if there is any) and read reports handed down to them by the high priests which of course can be tailored to make people believe anything they want.

        For example… you mentioned Heinz Pommer which Veterans Today talks about here…

        Dimitri Khalezov talked about nukes under the towers many years ago claiming that they destroyed the integrity of the steel columns throughout the buildings and caused “dustification” of the concrete.

        He also claimed that a Granite missile was used to hit the Pentagon and that the nuclear warheads were stolen from the sunken Kursk nuclear submarine.

        It all makes for a great read, but doesn’t actually match any of the visible evidence. For example… the downed lamposts at the Pentagon are too far apart to match the wingspan of a missile.

        Nor are any of these story elements required to make 9/11 happen the way it did. The buildings were hit by planes (possibly remote controlled). The cladding was blown off some columns. Office fires are hot enough to weaken the columns. And that is enough to set off pancake collapse, creating giant pyroclastic clouds and huge amounts of debris in all directions. Oh and also the heat effect that cremated most vehicles at ground level.

        This alone explains the fall of building 7. It wasn’t hit by a plane and many still claim that this is proof of controlled demolition. No, it was hit by something far worse! Flaming debris from the first towers. The cladding was blown off the columns exactly the same way as in the other towers. Normal office fires do not do this so all of the counter arguments are null and void.

        And pancake collapse commences from the exact position in each building where the first column is weakened. No need for elaborate stories about nukes in underground tunnels.

        The fact that they named the crime scene “Ground Zero” doesn’t automatically mean that nukes were involved as is usually the case in a nuclear mishap. It’s just a name. Probably used to set minds racing.

        As far as nuclear weapons are concerned, the website I linked to makes the claim from an engineering perspective that the mere act of slamming two pieces of metal together at high speed does NOT cause a runaway chain reaction as is claimed by the manufacturers. I’m not sure mini nukes would work the same way since they are placed and remotely activated, but I’m guessing it’s the same mechanism (at least as advertised) since missiles can also be detonated before collision to create airburst.

        Veterans Today (or anyone they promote) are not exactly a trustworthy source. And that goes for the architects and engineers outfit too.

        For now… I’ll stick to my usual method of discerning things. I’ll believe it when I see it. Which in this case… could turn out to be a real eye opener!

        • I thought it was common knowledge that the twin towers were brought down during the testing phase of the aliens ‘primary weapon’, the one they had perfected by the time the movie Independence Day was made.

          • Tsubion says:

            Well blow me! I must have missed that update. And here I am still believing that the Chicoms and their weaponized termite clones were responsible.

            • gotta keep up with the latest news on the Richter-Belief scale on OFW

            • Tsubion says:

              I’m getting Richter Mortis waiting for the End of Everything. In fact… I might already be dead. In which case… the afterlife sucks! I want my Bitcoin back. Burning energy to make a number was so much fun while it lasted.

        • Malcopian says:

          Planes have thin aluminium wings. They can’t punch through thick steel girders in buildings (twin towers) , at whatever speed they are flying. They would bounce off. Every force has an equal and opposite force.

          Nor can a plane catching fire at that height cause multiple cars, blocks away, to catch fire, while nearby paper does not burn. That was radiation. The molecular structure of paper does not allow it to be affected by radiation. See Heinz Pommer’s explanation. He is a nuclear scientist. This was not the moon. The forensic evidence was there on the ground to be checked.

          • sheeeeshhh

            and still it goes on

            • Tim Groves says:

              And on and on and on……

              Senator Max Cleland – Former member of the 9/11 Commission, resigned in December 2003:
              “I, as a member of the [9/11] Commission, cannot look any American in the eye… It is a national scandal… this White House wants to cover [9/11] up.”

              Senator Mark Dayton – Member, Senate Committee on Armed Services and Homeland Security:
              “[NORAD] lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 Commission.. .the most gross incompetence and dereliction of responsibility and negligence”

              Congressman Ron Paul – Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations subcommittee:
              “The [9/11] investigations that have been done so far are more or less cover-up and no real explanation”

              Congressman Curt Weldon:
              “[9/11 Commission] there’s something very sinister going on here… something desperately wrong… This involved what is right now the covering up of information that led to the deaths of 3,000 people”

              Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – Member of the House Armed Services Committee:
              “The [9/11] Commission ran up against obstruction by the administration and non-cooperation from government agencies… the errors and omissions immediately jumped out at us”

              Director of the FBI, Louis Freeh:
              “[9/11 Commission findings] raise serious challenges to the commission’s credibility and, if the facts prove out, might just render the commission historically insignificant itself”

              Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, PhD:
              “Distinguished national and international scientists and scholars present massive evidence that the 9/11 Commission Report is a hoax and that the 9/11 “terrorist attack” has been manipulated to serve a hegemonic agenda in the Middle East… We know that it is strictly impossible for any building, much less steel columned buildings, to “pancake” at free fall speed. Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false”

              Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts:
              “The official story could not possibly have happened… It’s not possible. It’s not operationally feasible… The Commission was a whitewash.”

              U.S. Army Intelligence officer, Federal Prosecutor, Office of Special Investigations, U.S. Department of Justice, John Loftus:
              “The information provided by European intelligence services prior to 9/11 was so extensive that it is no longer possible for either the CIA or FBI to assert a defense of incompetence”

              Foreign Service Officer, George Kenney:
              “I cannot believe, much as I might like to, the standard account of 9/11”

              Foreign Service Officer, J. Michael Springman:
              “Fifteen of the nineteen people who allegedly flew airplanes into buildings in the United States got their visas from the same CIA Consulate at Jeddah”
              Deputy Attorney General, State of Pennsylvania, Philip J. Berg, Esquire:
              “The official story of what actually took place on 9/11 is a lie. ”
              Major General U.S. Army, Commanding General of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, Albert Stubblebine [his specialty – analyzing satellite photos]:
              “I look at the hole in the Pentagon and I look at the size of an airplane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon. And I said, ‘The plane does not fit in that hole. So what did hit the Pentagon?’”

              Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Deputy Director of Field Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Center:
              “I’m astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that’s accurate.”

              Col. Robert Bowman, U.S. Air Force, Director of Advanced Space Programs, PhD Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering:
              “The official 9/11 story is impossible .. There is a cover up… high levels of our government don’t want us to know what happened… highly placed individuals in the administration. ..Dick Cheney…the very kindest thing we can say about George W Bush…is high treason and conspiracy to commit murder.”

            • I selected one at random, Roberts, and checked him out

              I quote

              Charges and counter-charges of conspiracy theorizing[edit]
              Writing in USA Today, Darrell Delamaide has described Roberts as a “conspiracy theorist”, a charge echoed by Luke Brinker of Salon, and Michael C. Moynihan of The Daily Beast, who has also described him as partaking in “Putin worship”.[22][23]

              Roberts has rejected the label and, in turn, described Jonathan Chait and Amy Knight as conspiracy theorists.[24]

              Regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Roberts has written that “all evidence pointed to a plot by the Joint Chiefs, CIA, and Secret Service whose right-wing leaders had concluded that President Kennedy was too ‘soft on communism'”.[25] He has also stated that the Charlie Hebdo shooting has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation” and has described himself as a “9/11 skeptic”.[26][27]

              like I said—tiresome

              everybody calling everybody else a conspiracy theorist

              Members of the grand conspiratorium. Wonder if thats a branch of the freemasons

            • Maybe conspiracy theories help people to sell more books and articles. We have fiction and non-fiction. This can be something sort of in between.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Again we can see that even if highly placed people try to expose a lie …. nobody listens…

              Even worse you get block heads like Norm spewing vitriol…

              I have zero problem with the CEP… I like to think of it as revenge on the block heads.

              The only way to cure this epidemic of stoooopidity — is to exterminate everyone.

          • Tsubion says:

            I’ll be brief.

            Airplane shaped holes in the sides of the buildings. Nuff said.

            The ball of incendiary fluids rushes into the building and sets fire to all the office furniture causing a high temp fire. Much higher than jet fuel fire temps.

            One steel column with no cladding exposed to high temps is enough to bring the whole structure down. People make the mistake of comparing this with towering infernos that remained standing. This is because the cladding was still intact in those cases.

            Pancake collapse is very well understood and used as a demolition technique in France.

            In order to plan for the collapse of building 7 you would have to know beforehand that debris from the other towers was going to impact it.

            The immense energy released when the towers fell is enough to make vehicles catch fire at ground level. Much the same happens in war zones from bomb blasts.

            Super-heated air does not affect everything evenly. Some material can remain untouched in pockets while everything around it burns. Remember the California fires? Houses and trees untouched in the fire burn path while surrounded by flattened houses.

            There was a lot of talk about nanothermite and how how all the buildings had been rigged with the stuff to bring them down too. Don’t hear so much about that now. It’s simply not feasible to detonate everthing in the order that it happened by manual control. Too many factors involved that could go wrong on the day.

            What’s next… chemtrails? Flat Earth?

            I’m good with it. I was where you are maybe ten years ago. But when things don’t add up, they don’t add up. Accept that you’ve been played and move on.

            • JesseJames says:

              “Airplane shaped holes in the sides of the buildings. Nuff said.“

              Missile shaped holes in the sides of the buildings. No aircraft debris (things like wheels and big engines). It was missile dummy Nuff said.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

              Steven Jones is a former full professor of physics at Brigham Young University. His major research interests have been in the areas of fusion, solar energy, and archaeometry. He has authored
              or co-authored a number of papers documenting evidence of extremely high temperatures
              during the WTC destruction and evidence of unreacted nano-thermitic material in the WTC dust.

              Robert Korol is a professor emeritus of civil engineering at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, as well as a fellow of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and the Engineering Institute
              of Canada. His major research interests have been in the areas of structural mechanics and steel
              structures. More recently, he has undertaken experimental research into the post-buckling resistance of H-shaped steel columns and into the energy absorption associated with pulverization of concrete floors.

              Anthony Szamboti is a mechanical design engineer with over 25 years of structural design experience in the aerospace and communications industries. Since 2006, he has authored or co-authored a number of technical papers on the WTC high-rise failures that are published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies and in the International Journal of Protective Structures.

              Ted Walter is the director of strategy and development for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), a nonprofit organization that today represents more than 2,500 architects
              and engineers. In 2015, he authored AE911Truth’s Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says
              About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7. He holds a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of California, Berkeley


              And more:

              Europhysics News is the magazine of the European physics community. It is owned by the European Physical Society and produced in cooperation with EDP Sciences. It is distributed to all our Individual Members and many institutional subscribers. Most European national societies receive EPN for further distribution. The total circulation is currently about 25000 copies per issue.

              On September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the total collapse of three large steel-framed high-rises. Since then, scientists and engineers have been working to understand why and how these
              unprecedented structural failures occurred.


              Of course this is ignored by the MSM (just as they ignore Sweden’s success in handling Covid without lockdowns or masks)…. so the DelusiSTANIS will dismiss it….

              They are incredibly consistent

            • Tsubion says:


              Surely you jest.

              The two planes that hit the towers were absorbed into the buildings after being destroyed on impact.

              In the case of the Pentagon, it does look like it should have been a missile especially when considering the trajectory and final low level flight, but you have to explain the lamp posts that are cut in the flight path. No missile has such a wingspan.

              Did they go in immediately afterwards with cutters to make it look like a plane?

            • Thereya go again

              someone has a nice big fat conspiracy

              and you go and spoil it

              have you no conscience???

            • Tsubion says:


              I read all that stuff many years ago.

              None of it proves anything.

              And you should know better being a genius an’ all.

              The fire crews used nanothermite to cut down much of the bottom half of the buildings after they fell. By the time anyone else turned up to take samples they would be picking this up.

              High pressures and temps in such a massive collapse would also produce anomalies in the various contruction materials.

              If any of the architects and engineers had found definitve proof showing demolition techniques involved in 9/11 do you think we’d still be going over it 20 years later?

              Maybe in the pre-internet age, but not now. Look how quickly the plandemic is being unraveled. It’s only been little more than a year and the official narrative is being ripped to pieces.

              Was there foul play? Yes. But there’s no need for nanothermite, nukes in the basement, granite missiles, DEWs (directed energy weapons from space) and all the other theories used to paint researchers as crazy people.

              Just ask Lucky Larry why he attacked the towers after purchasing them knowing they were full of asbestos and how it conveniently opened up The Path To Persia for the zios.

            • stating all that merely serves to ruin someone’s conspiratorial day

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Evidence? And reading it on the CNN website isn’t evidence… Snopes also does not count…

    • I don’t know whether this assertion has any truth to it.

      We know that a lot of uranium was mined back in this early period. We also know that Russia sold the US a lot of nuclear bomb material, for use it its nuclear reactors that produce electricity starting in 1993. According to the linked article:

      But inside these crumbling buildings, the Russian government stored the uranium from thousands of decommissioned nuclear weapons. It seemed like practically anyone could walk off with stuff for a bomb.

      If there is any truth to the story provided by Tsubion, I wonder if everyone thought that the bombs would work. When it became apparent that they really didn’t work, the owners were more than happy to sell the materials for fuel for nuclear power plants.

      Also, later research seemed to suggest that if nuclear bombs really worked, they would mess up climate so much that they would kill everyone. This wasn’t really the solution desired. So no one really wanted the bombs.

      But I suppose there is at least some possibility that no one really got them to work in the first place. Now we keep worrying that Iran will enrich its uranium so that it can make atomic bombs from enriched uranium.

      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        There isn’t substantial proof to support the assertion that nuclear weapons exist. People can argue nuclear fusion and fission all they want but really, what reliable evidence do we have of actual working nuclear weapons?

        “The Nuclear Hoax,” by Miles Mathis

        “In short, you can rest easier on this matter, because there is no chance we dropped any nuclear bombs on Japan. It simply didn’t happen. Japan knows that, Russia knows that, and the only ones who don’t know that are the citizens of the US, who have been propagandized into a state of mass idiocy. The whole nuclear scare wasn’t used mainly to keep the Russians at bay (since the Russians also never had any nukes). It was used mainly to keep US citizens in a state just short of panic for 70 years, and to keep military and Intelligence expenditures absurdly high.

        “In this same line, you should find it very curious that the bomb tested at Trinity was a plutonium device, like Fat Man allegedly used at Nagasaki. The bomb used first at Hiroshima was a uranium bomb, so it was never tested. Why would you choose to first drop the bomb you haven’t tested, instead of the bomb you have tested? It makes no sense. This also makes no sense:

        ‘After the war ended, it was not expected that the inefficient Little Boy design would ever again be required, and many plans and diagrams were destroyed.’

        “What? Do you know how much the Manhattan project cost? Around 25 billion dollars. Does it make any sense that they would spend billions to build a successful nuclear device and then destroy the plans and diagrams? Actually, this story reminds me of the story they told a few years ago, when some retired NASA investigators were looking for the original NASA footage of the Moon landing. They were told that NASA had lost it. As it turns out, NASA had actually erased and reused the tapes in the 1980s. I am not joking. To explain it, we are told NASA was facing a major tape shortage at the time. Oh, well, I guess that makes it OK. We only spent around 100 billion on the Apollo project, so who expects to have any permanent record of it? Word of mouth is good enough. Besides, they probably needed the tape space to record Battlestar Galatica episodes.”

      • Tsubion says:

        All the nuclear weapons testing since the fifties would have to be explained away too!

        The claim is that massive amounts of TNT or other explosive materials were used to simulate underground or undersea nuclear explosions. I guess it’s possible by fudgiing the numbers a little bit as well.

        Of course, all large ground explosions create a mushroom cloud and some radiation so that’s another myth that can be brushed aside.

        But then I’ve also heard that no one is allowed to see authentic dinosaur bones! The museums obvioulsy display copies made from ground up chicken bones etc.

        The real deal are kept in vaults away from onlookers because… wait for it…. they are too radioactive!!!

        • I thought ‘authentic’ dinosaurs were on display at Ken Ham’s museum, the ones with ‘authentic’ people riding on them

          • Tsubion says:

            I think those are allowed because it has been proven without a shadow of a doubt that they were in fact transgender black lesbian hunchback dinosaurs. Those are not radioactive.

    • Kowalainen says:

      Yup, it’s excellent for taping stuff on PCBA’s. Doesn’t care much if you blow some hot air on it using a reflow station.

      The MIC and aerospace folks for sure have a knack and the money to find applications for novelties. Sometimes fancy new tech need a bit of tax payer money to see the day of light.

      Most people are just busying themselves with the myopia of the ordinary wile blissfully unaware of quite pressing needs of the system as a whole. For example; incoming goddamned asteroids and massive solar flares.

      Wanna bitch on the MIC? Let’s make a list of shit you’d have to hand back:

      1. The Internet
      2. The microchip
      3. Teflon
      4. Carbon fibers
      5. Velcro
      6. GPS
      7. Radar
      8. Sonar
      9. CDMA/WCDMA
      10. FPGA’s
      11-> Etc..

      Developing this stuff isn’t on the cheap. Anyone that ever has created something out of nothing knows shit isn’t easy.

      Which Luddite is first in line handing back their gizmos and gadgets of IC? Still wanna bitch on the “hoaxed” moon landings? Prepare to do that without your fancy computer and internet connection.

      Of course they gotta fucking lie to dullard muppets busying themselves in the myopia of the ordinary. What else is new? People watch the dumb ass telly, breed and stuff calories in their cookie holes. It’s all they know and care about, which in reality is fair enough. It is what it is.

      • nikoB says:

        Yes but what has the MIC ever done for us?

        • nikoB says:

          Some reason the wrong link went up, should have been Monty Python “what have the Romans ever done for us”.
          Don’t know how a song about whitey on the moon vid came up but fits funnily enough.
          Complexity got me again.

        • nikoB says:

          Now the right video came up. Glitch in the system.

          Going mad.

          • nikoB says:

            Scrolling down I see it came from Lidia17. Nice work.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Look, I’m not kissing their asses, it is what it is.

            I view it as trickle down tech. Once something hotter appears on the tactical screen, the lukewarm tech gets mass commercialized.

            However with the compute and internet craze it is probably hard to keep up for the MIC, so they sort of had to be a bit sneaky operating in the blurred lines and areas in no mans land.

            AI’s, jamming, spoofing, narratives, hacks left, right and center all over the place to wrestle the obnoxious behemoth into obedience.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        If you look at the LEM close ups.. it’s more like scotch tape … and all tape would rip off under 25,000mph speeds… the other issue is extreme cold….

        If this was some sort of Magic Tape they used… then surely the Debunkers would have explained how it was Magic Tape…. developed especially to hold together the LEM in the most extreme conditions.

        Instead they insist it was used because rivets would pop… but there are images of multiple panels that are riveted onto the LEM.

        There are also images of panels falling off… there are no rivet holes on them… they are just falling off…

        Still waiting for someone to explain this

        • Jarle says:

          25000 mph isn’t a problem if there’s no atmosphere hindering you …

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Good point… however there is the extreme cold and heat… and the photos of what appears to be torn paper mache taped back onto the LEM + the panels that are falling off…

        • Tim Groves says:

          Jarle’s right. Strong acceleration might rip off stuff that was taped into place, but shooting through space at constant velocity would feel like the ship wasn’t moving.

          Though I’m passed one hundred thousand miles
          I’m feeling very still
          And I think my spaceship knows which way to go

          According to the Thin White Duke with the Bog-Brush Hair

  8. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    But it is a symbol of the secretive boat-building industry that is thriving like never before — thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic making many of the world’s wealthiest even richer, Bloomberg’s analysis showed.

    “The market’s been roaring,” Sam Tucker, head of superyacht research at London-based VesselsValue, told the outlet.

    Recent transactions have been “record-breaking” — and “the second-hand market is absolutely red hot.”

    Jeff Bezos just ordered a 500 million Super yacht…reported by the New York Sun Post

  9. sorry I’ve been missing for such a long time Eddy, I’ve been waiting by the phone for Melinda to call me back to confirm our date next Saturday, now that Bill is safely out of the way.

    You know how it is, all those fortune hunters. You will appreciate her problem in finding someone who can separate fiction from reality. Not easy these days, just so many fantasists around telling her stuff–poor girl doesn’t know what or who to believe.

    she used to come on OFW for a time, truth seeking. Using an alias of course. Fell in with the wrong crowd there I can tell you. She was months in therapy.

    It was through OFW that she found out Bill really was sneaking out in the middle of the night, letting himself into his vax factory with a backpack full of microscopic implants and inserting them one by one into the vax vials.

    She was getting mightily frustrated with him being worn out all the time. (Missing her conjugal rights you see) It wasn’t till she had him followed that she discovered the truth. (their bed is so big she didn’t miss him at all during lockdown)

    Well—you can imagine the rows and crockery throwing after that! I believe their Seattle house has five kitchens or is it seven. Long time since I was there. Messy tho. Especially as some of the saucepans had leftovers in them. EEEewwwww.
    I believe Bill’s hairpiece got dented a few times

    She also found out that their best friend Elon had been selling Bill phony shares in his Planets r us franchise–which meant that her half of Bill’s billions was worth only $100–not the $100 billion she had been promised.

    Now you know why their split has only just been made public.
    The girl was embarrassed had having to stand in line at the food bank.

    So I guess she’s had me checked out by now, and is going through the report on what they found out about me.

    I think the reason she hasn’t called me back is because she refused to believe their report—insisting it must be fake like all the rest.
    I just don’t care if she is broke.

    Though I do think she owes me big time, after the contributions I’ve made to the family fortunes over the years—same as Madame Bezos—never hear from her either.

    ingratitude you see.

    • TY says:

      Welcome back Norman,

      Appreciate the piece of humorous writing.
      That’s not to say that I subscribe to the notion that any theories on CV or BG are defacto hyperbole CT, we are all trying to figure out where things are at.

      Here are some recent findings – which I would love to see proven wrong – that are currently given wind in the sails of my own concerns:

      1. I recently verified the adverse events reported on the European reporting system (EudraVigilence) and found out that for my country the CV-jabs are exceeding events from annual flu jabs by factor 12, even though approximately the same number and age groups were “treated”. You can verify your own EU-country data on: the data needs to be combined with numbers of people that have been jabbed from other sources as it only gives no. of adverse events, not rates.

      2. Although there was much ado about various people (Yeadon, Van Den Bossche, etc..) speaking out about the risks of the current jab-campaign, there are some articles from other authors in respectable scientific journals that clearly confirm past risks and problems with vaccines actually enhancing disease outcomes: see this article in Nature Reviews from March 2021 from Shan Su et al.:

      It would actually go a long way to dispel CT if people would actually address these concerns instead of insisting these are of no concern or not happening.
      Unfortunately the main responses i’ve received from people where i’ve had to courage to share this with amidst the crazy tabou environment were mainly: no response at all, unbelief or ridicule.

      Strange don’t you think ?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Don’t feed the DelusiSTANIS…. that is very dangerous

      • Tim Groves says:

        I have been reading about how the S-protein factories programmed by the jabs may turn their owners into Alzheimer’s disease or Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) devastated wrecks within two years at the outside.

        For instance, this nugget from the Salk Institute:

        Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease

        But then again, you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, or in emails from Nigerian bank staff, for that matter.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Nevertheless, this information really does need to be shouted from the rooftops. We now know how Covid-19 has so many unpleasant vascular symptoms despite being a coronavirus. It’s all because of this spike protein thingy. From the link:

          “A lot of people think of it as a respiratory disease, but it’s really a vascular disease,” says Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, who is co-senior author of the study. “That could explain why some people have strokes, and why some people have issues in other parts of the body. The commonality between them is that they all have vascular underpinnings.”

          Salk researchers collaborated with scientists at the University of California San Diego on the paper, including co-first author Jiao Zhang and co-senior author John Shyy, among others.

          While the findings themselves aren’t entirely a surprise, the paper provides clear confirmation and a detailed explanation of the mechanism through which the protein damages vascular cells for the first time. There’s been a growing consensus that SARS-CoV-2 affects the vascular system, but exactly how it did so was not understood. Similarly, scientists studying other coronaviruses have long suspected that the spike protein contributed to damaging vascular endothelial cells, but this is the first time the process has been documented.

          In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins, but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls.

          The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented.

          Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the spike protein on its own.

          “If you remove the replicating capabilities of the virus, it still has a major damaging effect on the vascular cells, simply by virtue of its ability to bind to this ACE2 receptor, the S protein receptor, now famous thanks to COVID,” Manor explains. “Further studies with mutant spike proteins will also provide new insight towards the infectivity and severity of mutant SARS CoV-2 viruses.”

    • Thierry says:

      Maybe Melinda had just realized her husband was a little too intimate with a certain Jeffrey Epstein, what do you think?
      The OFWers knew it for a long time but as always the unfortunate spouse is the last person to be aware.

      • Anthony says:

        “Barbara Honegger, studied at Stanford University Answered this on Nov 25 2014 on the site Quora. These are her words:

        “I am the source for this quote, which was indeed said by CIA Director William Casey at an early February 1981 meeting of the newly elected President Reagan with his new cabinet secretaries to report to him on what they had learned about their agencies in the first couple of weeks of the administration.”

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Ah… looks like Bill has a penchant for fresh young meat…. money cannot buy love … but it can buy lots and lots and lots of fresh young tenderloin!

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Are you trying to be amusing Norm? It’s not working…..

      As for the volume of FE posts…. FE has not desire to make so many comments… it’s just that when nobody will explain why the astronauts are faking their shot from ‘lunar orbit’ and nobody answers… it’s something that has to be re-posted… because it is quite important … actually.

      Norm – since you are here… please explain this

  10. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Water, water, everywhere….and now …..

    Water wells are at risk of going dry in the US and worldwide
    Debra Perrone, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, University of California Santa Barbara and Scott Jasechko, Assistant Professor of Water Resources, University of California Santa Barbara
    Mon, May 10, 2021, 8:30 AM

    As the drought outlook for the Western U.S. becomes increasingly bleak, attention is turning once again to groundwater – literally, water stored in the ground. It is Earth’s most widespread and reliable source of fresh water, but it’s not limitless.

    Wells that people drill to access groundwater supply nearly half the water used for irrigated agriculture in the U.S. and provide over 100 million Americans with drinking water. Unfortunately, pervasive pumping is causing groundwater levels to decline in some areas, including much of California’s San Joaquin Valley and Kansas’ High Plains.

    We are a water resources engineer with training in water law and a water scientist and large-data analyst. In a recent study, we mapped the locations and depths of wells in 40 countries around the world and found that millions of wells could run dry if groundwater levels decline by only a few meters. While solutions vary from place to place, we believe that what’s most important for protecting wells from running dry is managing groundwater sustainably – especially in nations like the U.S. that use a lot of it.
    ,…..There is no global database of wells, so over six years we compiled 134 unique well construction databases spanning 40 different countries. In total, we analyzed nearly 39 million well construction records, including each well’s location, the reason it was constructed and its depth.

    Our results show that wells are vital to human livelihoods – and recording well depths helped us see how vulnerable wells are to running dry.

    Millions of wells at risk
    Our analysis led to two main findings. First, up to 20% of wells around the world extend no more than 16 feet (5 meters) below the water table. That means these wells will run dry if groundwater levels decline by just a few feet.
    Second, we found that newer wells are not being dug significantly deeper than older wells in some places where groundwater levels are declining. In some areas, such as eastern New Mexico, newer wells are not drilled deeper than older wells because the deeper rock layers are impermeable and contain saline water. New wells are at least as likely to run dry as older wells in these areas.

    Wells are already going dry in some locations, including parts of the U.S. West. In previous studies we estimated that as many as 1 in 30 wells were running dry in the western U.S., and as many as 1 in 5 in some areas in the southern portion of California’s Central Valley.

    Households already are running out of well water in the Central Valley and southeastern Arizona. Beyond the Southwest, wells have been running dry in states as diverse as Maine, Illinois and Oregon.

    MoaR Fast Eddie Fodder News…..

    • This is a story published under Creative Commons license (like articles on I think this is a link to the original article.

      It has some very nice graphics:

      With peak oil, I expect that we hit peak water from underground aquifers.

    • eKnock says:

      The water problem is tied in with several other issues that are changing our world.

      Covid-19 and Global Warming, with its associated rise in sea level, are related to attempts to address the problem of reduced supplies of fresh water.
      A commenter on another website referred to a paper that claimed that, back in the seventies, after LIMITS TO GROWTH came out, researchers were trying to develop gain of function abilities for viruses to be able to increase the melting of ice. The virus somehow bypassed the need for latent heat in the melt water. The idea was to increase the melt rate of glaciers in the Himalayas to provide fresh water to the growing Asian population.

      The lab was somewhat lax in their security protocols and they allowed some of the virus to escape. There is also some speculation that it was purposely released in the Arctic by some Russian Oligarchs who hoped to profit from the perception that the ice is melting so the Earth must be getting warmer.

      The global warming hoax was initiated to cover the accidental release by the research lab as it was discovered that the virus that melted the ice also caused a severe form of influenzas that was contributing to many deaths around the world. They were trying to make the fossil fuel industries the boogey man to cover up their fatal incompetence in lab procedures.

      The Russian businessmen were supporting the “Global Warming” scam in hopes of increasing the value of their northern properties. If they could get the gullible international investors to believe that what is now snow fields for eight months per year is going to be viable farm land in the warmer world, then the price will be many times what they paid for it.

      The Libtards jumped right on board with the GW hoax as it gave them an excuse to protest and parade around with signs putting down the envied oil industry. The GW hoaxers with northern properties funded studies at Universities and of course the researchers jumped right in line, along with the solar panel and wind mill bunch.

      In 2019 an imminent financial crisis was hidden by this handy virus that got the name “novel corona virus”. It later got the name Covid-19 and became the excuse to shut down the world economy before it collapsed under the absurd practices of the world’s economic magicians.

      Response to water shortage takes many turns. The link tp the paper did not work.

    • James Speaks says:


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Test received James…. can you collect some moon rocks and bring them back with you?

        Also – when you film out the window of the LEM make sure no arms are in the way….

        And for Christ’s sake… NO more photos showing the tape and those loose panels.

    • James Speaks says:

      That is until you compare it with the difficulty of maintaining a lie to the entire world for five decades without a single slip from any Nasa employee. You would also have to imagine that 2019-era special effects were available to Nasa in 1969 and not one of the 600 million TV viewers noticed anything amiss. Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) is a decent indication of what Hollywood special effects could do at the time – and it’s extremely shonky. It genuinely was simpler to film on location.

      I stated earlier that it was simpler merely to go to the moon. I stand vindicated.

      A reply to an asinine comment (If it was so easy to go to the moon, why haven’t we gone back?):
      1. It’s expensive
      2. It’s pointless
      3. Jimmy Carter
      4. Inflation

      • Those are big issues in arguing that the trip had to real.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Yes… extremely difficult to argue we’ve been the moon …. however logic and facts do not apply in … DelusiSTAN.

      • Robert Firth says:

        Two small comments. First, there were not “600 million” TV viewers; there were none. The TV images were not live from the moon because the cameras on the mission were incompatible with terrestrial TV. The images were filmed at NASA from images on CRT screens and then broadcast. What was the provenance of those images? We don’t know, because there was no reliable “chain of custody”. In other words, they are evidence of nothing.

        Secondly, if an organisation males a claim, the onus is on them to prove it, not on Fast Eddy to refute it. How has NASA supported their claims? Rather poorly, though I am prepared to believe this was due to an excess of enthusiasm that discounted any possibility of skepticism.

        The only other evidence is the “moon rocks”, which of course can be found only on the moon. Again, not so: they can be picked up off the ground in Antarctica, where Wernher von Braun led a NASA expedition in 2017.

        On the “Moon Hoax” itself I reserve judgement. But a little more clear thinking would surely help.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Here is the part where they explain that it was only necessary for a relatively small number of people to be in on the fakery…. they also mention that the Russians would have not said anything because they’d be ridiculed and accused of sour grapes…

          But let’s think about this further …. let’s say one of the astronauts still living came out and stated the whole thing was faked.

          Would CNN featured that on Breaking News? Nope. Would Youtube allow it. Nope.

          The machine would be rolled out to discredit and destroy him. He’d be ruined.

          You wanna bet people in the know were not required to sign NDAs… NDAs with teeth… as in … we’ll crush you if you try any funny business… and your families…

          Of course— they’d all have been rewarded nicely for playing their roles…

          And ultimately they are soldiers… they are patriots… they would be willing to do this because it was the cold war and you do what you are told — for the cause…

          There is ZERO upside to coming out on this.. ZERO.

          Reference Mike Yeadon … he’s spoken up on Covid…. As he says his career as a professional scientist is OVER. He is finished. But he’s worth Big Money… so he’s not that perturbed by that…. but has anything changed — nope… ZERO. The former chief scientist of respiratory diseases at Pfizer as essentially stated the equivalent of ‘the moon landings are fake’ — and nobody is listening….

          Buzz Aldrin said we have never been to the moon … as has Stanley Kubrick

          The Machine cannot be defeated…. they own the MSM… they own the Money Machine… they own all of us.

          • Bei Dawei says:

            Well are you at least convinced that the Van Allen Belt thing could have been worked around? Or that there is an explanation for the lack of stars in photos?

            And if you deny the Apollo program, do you accept the reality of the Mercury or Gemini programs? What about airplanes?

            I wonder what proof you would accept, since you reject the photos as well as the moon rocks.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              No they cannot be worked around… you would need thick steel to encase the module — and that would make it impossible to escape earth orbit

              “It is commonly believed that man will fly directly from the earth to the moon, but to do this, we would require a vehicle of such gigantic proportions that it would prove an economic impossibility. It would have to develop sufficient speed to penetrate the atmosphere and overcome the earth’s gravity and, having traveled all the way to the moon, it must still have enough fuel to land safely and make the return trip to earth.

              Furthermore, in order to give the expedition a margin of safety, we would not use one ship alone, but a minimum of three … each rocket ship would be taller than New York’s Empire State Building [almost ¼ mile high] and weigh about ten times the tonnage of the Queen Mary, or some 800,000 tons.” – Wernher von Braun, the father of the Apollo space program, writing in Conquest of the Moon

              Wernher von Braun, (born March 23, 1912, Wirsitz, Germany [now Wyrzysk, Poland]—died June 16, 1977, Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.), German engineer who played a prominent role in all aspects of rocketry and space exploration, first in Germany and after World War II in the United States.

              Still waiting on a MOREON to explain this:


              Any further dummb questions will be met with a request to explain that.

          • eKnock says:

            Gus Grissom wasn’t going along with the program.

          • nikoB says:

            “There is ZERO upside to coming out on this.. ZERO.”

            Great settled. Lets move on, each holding their own beliefs.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              ‘beliefs’ Isn’t that what religious people follow?

              I deal in Facts and Logic. And both confirm we have never been outside of low earth orbit let alone walked on the moon.

              The van allen belts are a deadly obstacle.

              Anyone who, after watching American Moon, still ‘believes’ we have been to the moon — is about as credible as anyone who ‘believes’ the moon is made of cheese.

        • At least one official “moon rock” was shown to have been petrified wood. Why do that if they didn’t have to? They supposed carted back many kilos..

          • Bei Dawei says:

            NASA had a program where they would send moon rocks around to grade schools. Apparently people stole some of the moon rocks and substituted whatever.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              ya they were lost… along with all the original plans for the LEM and stuff…. and then the tapes were all reused because those tapes are ‘expensive’….. each tape is like worth ten million dollars… and when you have so many …. you need to recycle them….

              This makes total sense…. (if you are operating at an IQ level that causes you to have difficulty working out how to use a light switch)

            • A treasured piece at the Dutch national museum – a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing – is nothing more than petrified wood, curators say.

              It was given to former Prime Minister Willem Drees during a goodwill tour by the three Apollo-11 astronauts shortly after their moon mission in 1969.

              The astronauts themselves handed it off directly to a head of state.

              No tricky schoolchildren who happened to have extra petrified wood needed.

              You can see the official plaque with Neil Armstrong’s name and everything at the link.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              There is only so many lunar asteroids in the Antarctic… any old rock will do … what are the odds of anyone analysing any of them?

              I as looking at one photo and the large hunks of burned coal that sometimes come out of my Rayburn are very similar….

              I bet loads of the rocks they handed out are fake

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        thank you JamesS

      • Fast Eddy says:

        How many people have worked at the NSA over the past 30 years?

        How many have gone public stating the NSA is recording every digital communication and storing that data?

        I have a question — please do me the kindness of answering:

        Why are the astronauts faking they are in orbit of the moon when in reality they are only 130 miles from the Earth?

        • James Speaks says:

          That’s like asking why, when cats play the piano, they prefer Chopin over Bach. Your predicate is inane.

          FYI My neighbor worked in the VAB. A college classmate, or two, or three became astronauts. I watched the Saturn V take off; I think I still have 8mm film of it. Nowhere have I seen any indication that it was not what it was supposed to be.

          You asked if I was Norm? Do you always seek to uncover a deception when faced with unacceptable (to you) truths?

          • Robert Firth says:

            Thank you, James, am excellent factual contribution. And your 8mm tape allows you to test another conspiracy theory claim. Specifically, that the Saturn V rockets were throttled back soon after liftoff, and the official video was slowed down to hide this.

            Why? Because the rocket’s F1 engines were badly designed, created dangerous amount of vibration, and could not be run at full thrust for more than a few seconds. Of course, if so, neither could they have lifted the Apollo spaceship into Earth orbit: it was too heavy.

            I would be most interested to hear that your film refutes this claim.

            • James Speaks says:

              When I find the film, sure. That was over fifty years ago, but here are some facts. I was about 20 miles north of the launch complex on the shore of Mosquito Lagoon. Launch was delayed by a few minutes b/c some idiots in a canoe were in the lagoon. BTW, the small fiddler crabs were a total nuisance.

              Here are the coordinates: N28.7536362,W80.7871775

              There is no throttle down capability on the S-IC engine. The only time the first stage is throttled back is when acceleration hits 4g’s, and then only for crew comfort, and this is done by SHUTTING DOWN one of five engines.The craft could withstand maximum Q (pressure).

              The vibration problem was solved by injecting helium into the flare before take-off. This acted as a cushion. The crew would not have survived launch had the vibration problem not been solved.

              What’s interesting is a comparision between the Saturn V and the STS. I’ve seen both live. The Saturn V looks like it is moving slowly at takeoff but that’s just due to the scale. One of the workers told me that in the first second it is already moving faster than (as he put it) you can jerk your hand from a hot stove.

              The STS on the other hand looks like it just ups and goes. It looks faster due the scale.

              The STS has to throttle down at some point during lift off to keep pressures below maximum Q.

              The Saturn V did slide sideways a little at liftoff due to winds and other factors. This was done by gimbal bearings on the engines. This you can seen in some slow-mo footage.


            • Fast Eddy says:

              No one is suggesting we have not been to low earth orbit…. which is where those rockets took the astronauts…. because to go any higher would invite Death by Radiation.

              So what’s your point? Did you watch any of the space shuttles? They also went to low earth orbit….

            • Robert Firth says:

              For James: Thank you, most helpful, and you answered even the questions I didn’t know enough to ask. I am in your debt; yours is just the kind of post I like to see on OFW.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Good luck with that … I’ve posted this nearly 1000x and asked for an explanation …


              It’s a common strategy in DeluiSTAN… just ignore evidence, logic, facts… and double down on idiocy.

  11. Dennis L. says:

    Mining the moon: USGS moon map with minerals.

    We know NRM have about twenty years, plenty of time to go to the moon and begin mining, refining and shipping finished minerals back to earth.

    Fellow named Anton Petrov has a very interesting YouTube channel, this references his thoughts on the moon:

    I think we went to the moon, will return for money, same reason many people went to CA, gold, money. Many went to CA, many died there, all did not, many had wonderful lives in a desert, they moved water and irrigated.

    We are almost out of stuff here on earth, time to move on. Many will find old Van Allen articles and ignore what has been done, it is fascinating how a group of people will become almost religious deniers of anything, it is not restricted to the moon. Probably genetic, we cannot have too many new ideas at once, we need a simple set of rules on which to base our life.

    The very wealthy get things right more than wrong, it is why they have all the wealth. FE thinks the moon has never been done, Elon believes it has and will be. Elon builds very large phallic symbols, or his is bigger than FE’s, sort of basic manhood.

    OFW and before that OD serve functions to begin dialog, ASPO had some of the correct ideas, but many of them were nutz. Still, the meeting in Lisbon was one of their best reason d’etre. Incredible group of people, many ideas, wonderful evening on the Tagus, scotch, contemplating how it would all work out. That is what we do here minus good scotch and wonderful real surroundings.

    So, the optimist, myself remains, my money is on Elon, FE, not so much, sort of a grumpy old man, world needs grumpy old men, they are sort of amusing.

    Dennis L.

    • We need diverse opinions. Some of them will prove to be correct; others will prove to be wrong.

      • Very Far Frank says:

        Gail shows her wisdom yet again.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          We need diverse opinions. Fast Eddy’s will prove to be correct; others will prove to be wrong.

          But IF Fast Eddy is wrong, and that can be proved with logic and facts, Fast Eddy will immediately change his mind.


      • Kowalainen says:

        Both Elon and FE provides good comedy and drama while riling up and rattling some halfwit cans full of nuts and tilted self importance.

        It’s all jest and entertainment. 🤣👍


        • Bei Dawei says:

          Uh, Elon needs to work on the “good comedy” part.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Elon isn’t the act. He facilitates the muppet dimwittery to surface.

            And I am all smiles.


    • James Speaks says:

      I think some of us will learn how to live in a less complex society, and the rest will die. Quality of life will improve in the long run; the human species has been adapting (evolving) in the wrong direction for many centuries (millennium) and a return to more physical labor and self sufficiency will drive the species away from disease and towards fitness.

      Only a few of us can conjure up solutions to problems, a fraction of us can fabricate and refine the solutions and somewhat less than half can implement the solutions. Knowledge gained is not lost, merely misplaced, Virginia and California notwithstanding. The 10% who are problem solution conjurers are under attack by woke terrorists.

      I do not think the WTC towers were brought down by explosives b/c I understand the stress/strain dependence of steel on temperature. (It becomes more ductile and plastic deformations initiate at stress points.) I do think Israel had a lot to do with it.

      I think the Liberty was deliberately attacked. I think LBJ was a traitor, and I think Mossad has a lot to do with the assassinations of JFK and RFK.

      Nuclear explosions are real. The energy obtained from the mass defect is the only calculation you need to do to understand the energy release.

      We went to the moon.

      Water and arable land are our major problems; someone said we face not a problem, which implies a solution, but a conundrum. No solution for the population. Only about 10% of people alive today are useful for advancing the species, so the other 90% are the problem.

      Covid-19 will get worse each year.

      The earth is round.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      How did they fly through the Van Allen Belts?

      Why is NASA trying to build a capsule that can fly though the Van Allen Belts

      That is like dropping 50 tonnes of dynamite on the head of a DelusiSTANI…. but it will have no effect… watch … they will not answer

    • people went to unexplored places for fresh resources, not money.

      going to the Americas in the 1500s was to extract resources, which could be converted into money, that money used to buy new ships and supplies, to go again and return with more resource material, (or settle and extract resources) ad infinitum.

      the African slave trade was a resource cycle

      it had to be an ever increasing cycle, or it couldn’t function.

      money alone could not make it work.

      the moon has no viable resources in earth-value terms, which is why there has been no follow on commercial venture there.

      spending ‘money’ to go there is effectively the same as taking a vacation—they come back with souvenirs and photographs.–the definition of a holiday

      • James Speaks says:

        We went to the moon b/c the Soviet threat was looming over our heads. Throught the Apollo program we proved we could do it, and IIRC, the Saturn V was the most powerful rocket, ever. We did all that. For the loonies who cling to whacko conspiracy/hoaxes, merely getting the beast off the pad and into orbit was far more complex than the rest of the journey.

        • and with the videos made using people who are obviously mentally ill, few seem to have grasped the point that they are just clickbait.

          Finding simple minded people to believe it all is easy. The proof is here.

          then the more outrageous the hoax assertions, the dafter the participants, the more damn fools look at them, and circulate them, and reinforce their own inadequacies, the more money people make from the looniness of them

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Hey Norm… if you can provide a reasonable explanation for what is happening here… I’ll give you a gold medal


            Come on Norm…. you talk the talk… but can you walk the walk?

            I expect you will again ignore this

  12. Fast Eddy says:

    India’s health authorities warned about a fungal infection seen in some Covid-19 patients which can disfigure facial features and even kill, as the country continues to grapple with the world’s fastest-growing coronavirus outbreak.

    Mucormycosis, also called the “black fungus” infection, can damage the sinuses or lungs when the spores are inhaled, the Indian Council of Medical Research said in a health advisory issued Sunday.

    Patients who have been on medication for some time or had prolonged stays in the ICU are particularly susceptible, the ICMR said. The rare but deadly infection can kill and maim patients, with some Covid sufferers losing their upper jaws and eyes after contracting it, according to local media reports.

    Oh gosh… better get the vaccine… even though it doesn’t stop you from getting covid… and the Black Fungus!!!

    The PR Team is going full tilt now!

    • Student says:

      Thanks for the update. Yes, you are right. it seems that everyday there is a good reason to take ‘the vaccine’. But what I would say is: as the Indian variant is present by now all over the world (I’ve heard of cases in UK and Italy for example), this problem should appear everywere the variant is present. And for the moment this strange fungus doesn’t appear outside India. What it sounds a little bit related could be: <>.
      Furthermore it is not specified if people under medical treatment (the ones without oxygen therapy) and with this kind of fungus, are the ones treated in hospitals.
      If so, that could be related to hospitals issues.
      If this is a project (and I still want to keep open the possibility), I’m afraid that: a) if they don’t find another way to reduce speed of the economy to keep collapse under control or b) if this solution doesn’t break itself autonomously, they can go on well for a while, because there are different groups of interests that receive benefit from this situation.
      But I still hope something will happen.

      • Student says:

        What was written in quotes was

        Doctors were advised to monitor the afflicted person’s blood glucose levels and to USE CLEAN, STERILE WATER in humidifiers used for oxygen therapy.

        (it was before word furthermore)
        I don’t why it didn’t appear.

    • Minority Of One says:

      This back fungus has probably been around for a long time, and immune systems can usually cope with it efficiently (at a guess). I wonder what could have happened recently that makes it a big issue now? If indeed it really is a much bigger issue than usual and not just more fear-mongering propaganda.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It’s not really any different than labelling someone who had late stage heart disease as dying from Covid… when in reality they died with Covid… (or maybe they just falsely tested positive a month prior then died from a heart attack)….

        If you want to up the ante just find someone who has been disfigured by a disease and blame it on Covid….

        PR is not that difficult… given you are dealing with a herd of stoooopid beasts… I bet they just make shit up to see what the MOREONS will swallow….

        They probably dropped Building 7 just for fun…. hahahaha….

    • geno mir says:

      Mucormycosis is endemic for India, in fact India is like heaven for fungal infections – wet and hot weather, undernourished population, filth everywhere etc. They have one of the highest (perhaps the highest) rate of fungal infections (even before Covid). And it gets even better, large portion of their population have dormant chronic fungal infections. The gist is that Covid-19 complicated cases are treated with steroids and when fungus find steroids, of boy, oh boy. Explosive growth doesn’t even start to describe the situation. Do not underestimate the powers that be, they are clever and ruthless and now how to manage things. You all look for irregularities and outright lies in the covid 19 theme, those are really hard to manage and hide. They just mismanage basic medical approaches which results in abundance of physical/real evidence used to reinforce the narrative.

      • Thanks for your insights into the situation. What you are saying sounds very believable.

        I have heard that steroids can cause diabetic situations to flare up, as well. Diabetic flare ups can be a big issue wherever there is a lot of undiagnosed diabetes, including the US.

        • geno mir says:

          Steroids use leads to increase in glucose levels as it suppresses insulin action (also can cause insulin resistance and lead to diabetes itself in patients without diabetes) and further complicates diabetes.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The best lies involve elements of truth…

    • Xabier says:

      Simply too funny for words:

      ‘Take the vaccine or your eyes will fall out and your jaw will drop off, or you’ll turn into The Thing or, or……. something!’

      Being India, one can be sure that all kinds of things are lurking and attack sickly people in ghastly ways, Covid or no Covid.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        This will frighten parents who previously were against their children being injected.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Only your upper jaw. The lower jaw will still hang in there.

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  14. Having nothing better to do, (The wall I just painted is now dry) I scrolled down a single page of comments, and counted about 120.

    37 were from a single individual. (yes I counted those too—how sad is that. Lockdown does funny things–must be the Pfizer effect)

    there was a long gap between his comment 25 and 26

    I put this down to repetitive strain injury (most likely), or sleep (less likely)

    • nikoB says:

      Nice to hear from you Norm.
      Written anything new you can link to?

      • Yes, many of us would like to see contributions from Norm, including his new articles. We need a diversity of opinions at Our Finite World. Norm has historical knowledge and views that can be helpful to all of us.

        • Alan Kirk says:

          I propose a comment limit to encourage a diversity of opinion on a diversity of topics. Makes visiting this site much more enjoyable.

          • Tim Groves says:

            Yes, 40% of all comments will now come from transgender individuals, 40% from people of color and the rest from social justice warriors. This will make the comments truly diverse and a lot more fun.

            • Emperor says:

              Fast Eddy can pretend to be someone else 🙂 That’s what he does on Dr Kendrick’s site tee hee….

          • Over time, the list of commenters tends to change quite a bit. You do get diversity of comments, if you just wait a bit.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Fast Eddy tends to binge post…. then he disappears for a couple of months…. one can only deal with so much MORONISM without going clinically insane….

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Normally Fast Eddy gets paid to write stuff…. but you get it for free…. how delightful is that!!!

        • Thanks for the thumbs up Gail and guys, sometimes I feel I’m just regurgitating stuff I’ve already written, but I did this piece last month:

          just about everything seems to pivot on the affordability of what used to be cheap energy, not the energy supply problem itself.

          So there’s less and less for Joe Average, more and more for Bezos’ game of pass the parcel

          • Thanks! I think that the issue that is hard for people to understand is the fact that the “energy supply problem” is really an “energy demand problem.”

            The energy demand problem partly arises because there’s less and less for Joe Average, mostly because of growing wage disparity. Growing wage disparity is a “side effect” of growing technology. With growing technology, there need to be a lot of high paid scientists and managers. There is little left over for everyone else.

            The energy demand problem is also an indirect impact of the bizarre approach used with respect to containing the current pandemic. Closed businesses, fewer local miles driven and less airline travel all act to reduce demand for fossil fuels in general, including oil.

            The recent financial shenanigans are aimed at trying to keep demand as high as possible.

        • Harry McGibbs says:

          “Norm has historical knowledge and views that can be helpful to all of us.”

          I agree. I’ve learnt lots from Norman over the years.

          • Tim Groves says:

            Me too. Norman is an expert on the industrial revolution (although I will never agree with his start date for it) and he has the knowledge and commonsense to understand that the energy issue, namely energy affordability, is at the heart of the economic malaise problem, the population problem and ultimately almost all of our insoluble social problems.

            I’m sure that if he put his mind to it, he could quickly get to the heart of the fake moon landing issue.

            Incidentally, it can only be a matter of time before the entire Apollo project is condemned as a sexis, racis, white supremicis venture that African Americans and women never got their fair share of……. Oh, hang on, that’s already happened.


            • Kowalainen says:

              Wasn’t the rockets white and phallic shaped erects as well? Don’t tell me technical jargon of the engineering patriarchy necessitating the color to be supremacist nuances of white painted onto huge science and engineering boners.

              And then the nazi Wernher on top of the whole space program leg spread. What’s this thing with scientists and engineers suddenly forgetting about evolutionary processes? Which in most cases implies: Don’t attempt fixing that which isn’t broken.


            • it isn’t possible to disprove a ‘fixation’

              I cannot prove or disprove the reality of a god—they have been a fixation of humankind it would seem, since we became human–all perfect godlogic to the primitive mind.

              good comes from the sky–rain warmth and the occasional bolt of lightning to remove sinners

              bad comes from below–volcanoes, earthquakes. all the burny stuff.

              makes perfect sense that good people should get raptured upwards, bad people go the other way.
              millions literally believe that.
              no one ever comes back to set the record straight. So the jesusfreaks remain ‘certain’ of their righteousness and some get mightily offended at contrary points of view. (burning heretics and so on was the usual remedy for heresy)

              I use a walking pole. But unlike Moses, mine won’t even part a puddle. Let alone the Red Sea. Useless–It won’t even turn into a serpent.
              Not enough faith say the godbotherers. yup. But they remain convinced that Moses did just that.

              No amount of reason will alter that.


              A dozen people have set foot on the moon. No one has been there since the 70s. The long hiatus is very simple to explain: There is nothing there of any commercial value.

              But this puts fuel on the hoaxers fires—”we haven’t been mooning since because we never did”

              rather than: ”we haven’t been again because there’s nothing there of any use”.

              but the ‘fixation’ has become ingrained–just like a religion.—impossible to ‘disprove’–

              And if someone does go back, and photographs footprints—-‘Ah more fakes!!!”


              I watched a bit of the video of the man harassing whasisname the astronaut. The man was clearly mentally ill.

              His stance, voice, manner, showed it. You can find his ilk on street corners in every city–shouting some nonsense or other. My gf always drags me away before the fun starts. But there’s a genuine concern there about mental illness too. Tho in UK we are usually very polite.

              No wonder he got punched. The guy tried and tried to walk away.–ah–more ‘proof’ that the moonlanding was fake you see.

              Only someone in a similar mental state could accept and put this forward as ‘proof’—and punching him was ‘proof’ as well.

              No it wasn’t, he was being a pain in the ass. (sounds familiar?).

              The nub of the moon nonsense is really very simple to understand to the open mind:

              There was no ‘hoax’ until we all had media devices to spread hoaxes. You want proof?–go back over OFW archives. There was none of this rubbish until about 2016 or thereabouts. Once somebody gets ‘god’ you can never shut them up. I had a jwitness uncle–other relatives wouldn’t let him in their house–or threw him out (literally in one case).

              I’ll make the point again. Instead of an exchange of reason and logic here, we have 30% of comments devoted to un-reason, from someone much like the guy in the video, with something wrong that causes obsessions and fixations.

              He has no other audience other than in here–no one else will stay around long enough to listen.

              Hence the endless stream of nonsense.. (WTC–Vaccines,– AGW–election results are all equally rant worthy) Trump had the same (mental) problem, always needing an audience, making it up as he went along.
              Just a matter of scale.

              Notice too that Trump makes a point of insulting anyone who disagrees with him, the rage it engenders? Remember the pictures of the fawning sychophants he gathered around him, laying hands on him. (Trumpism hasn’t gone away)



              incidentally–what’s your date for the start of the industrial revolution Tim?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Hi Norm.

              How do you know there is nothing of commercial value? Did they put a drilling rig up there and go beneath the surface? Maybe there’s a gold core.

              And what is of value on Mars – we keep sending rovers there…. (of course the Mars missions are all CGI… Kubrick would be so envious!)

              And why does this astronaut say we have not been back to the moon because we haven’t the technology anymore…


              Norm… it seems your brain has ossified.

            • glad you destroyed your planetary value thesis yourself.

              saved me the trouble.

              approx 130000 tons of gold exists on earth

              go off earth an discover a million tons of the stuff on a asteroid or mars or wherever.

              that immediately devalues world existing gold by 90%


            • Fast Eddy says:

              That didn’t stop the Spanish now … did it..

              Of course Mars is even more commercially viable… we are all going to move there soon!

              Just as soon as they fix that Orion capsule so that humans can survive the van allen belts

            • check your history

              excess gold devalued the Spanish commercial system

            • Fast Eddy says:

              No kidding? Really? And they lived large for a long time on that gold….

              What’s going on here Norm


            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              so of course in a few years when humans return to the moon, the astronauts will be non-white and at least one female who might be allowed to be white.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Norman, I would date the start of the Industrial Revolution in the UK to 1760 because it is the most widely accepted date among historians and was from that date that things really got rolling at high speed—with a more than ten-fold increase in the volume off UK trade over the century to 1860, but more than that, like every successful revolution, it turned the world upside down for the people living through it.

              Although of course, the main ingredients were in-place and the process was ramping up for perhaps a century before 1760. We should remember that the Industrial revolution was also a social and political revolution—a transformation in relationships between rulers, owners, traders and workers, as well as in methods and efficiency of manufacturing goods.

            • I see the point of most historians. But they are wrong.

              industry on a large commercial scale means converting one material form into another (more useful) form. There is no other way of ‘making stuff’

              Fundamentals such as water into steam, iron ore into metal, clay into bricks, sand into glass—and so on.
              the common denominator there is heat, and lots of it.

              Man has been doing that for millennia, but only on a relatively small scale

              The key is volume. Not possible to have an ‘industrial revolution’ without that volume.

              Neither is it possible to do the conversion process without a material that is harder and more durable than that which you are trying to convert. (resistant to flame basically) Heat is only usable if it is contained in some way.

              i.e.—you can’t build a steam engine out of wood, neither can a blacksmith make iron boilers on a massive hand built scale. Or railway lines for that matter. You can’t sink an oil well with antler picks. A blacksmith might make you a suit of armour, but that would cost as much as a luxury car in todays terms, and wouldn’t actually ‘produce’ anything.

              So that brings the discussion full circle: You need a hard durable primary material to withstand the heat stresses of producing the other core materials of an industrial civilisation.

              There is only one, and that is iron and its derivatives. Without cheap iron, industry goes nowhere because no other comparable element exists. The periodic table confirms that.

              Hence the precise start date of January 10th 1709. The day Darby delivered iron as cheap as chips. That’s how the UK got its empire, 000s of steam engines, iron ships and iron guns, iron cotton frames, and all the rest of it. They even made iron window frames and kerb edging and missionary sized cooking pots.

              OK so I’m biased. His son in law and business partner lived in the house opposite me. So I do get a bit immersed in it all. And I do get a kick of knowing it started on my doorstep. But allow me that at least? It really doesn’t change anything.


            • Kowalainen says:

              Norm, would you agree that IC is possible with the population as per 1709 in Britain?

              Clearly IC kicked off in one core country. A country with about 5M people at that point in time.

              Machinery just got to be cheap enough to drive the next innovation that inevitably lurks around the corner. Once tools and machines gets cheap enough, a market for more cheap machines will emerge.

              Cheap tools will propel the next level of cheap shit basically irrespective of population size, adjusting for pace of innovation which clearly is dependent on the amount of smart asses figuring out how to make other forms of cheap tools.

              The trick here isn’t the produce that is cheap, but rather the production of cheap and reliable machines that can displace human labor and drudgery.

              Now, what is the rush one might ponder? Yes, indeed.

              MOAR IS IN A HURRY!






            • just my humble opinion (so no abuse from the general public please…I could be wrong.)

              but I don’t think I am.

              I’ll explain why—contradictions welcome btw.

              1 The IC engine doesn’t create wealth, it consumes finite energy. We build vehicles only through the (energy) surpluses of production by people who have other forms of employment.

              2 The IC engine requires very fine tolerances on a number of critical components. It just won’t work otherwise. There’s an entire manufacturing complex required to produce those machines, separate from the IC engine/vehicle itself. the cost of producing those machines in small quantities would be colossal.

              3 that cost would be added to the engine/vehicle.

              4. That would mean the overall cost of any vehicle would be ten or more times, in real terms, what it is now, in effect unaffordable.

              5 Why? Because our motorised infrastructure is supported by the surplus energy of each of us. That surplus energy derives from the work made possible by the IC vehicle itself. Your food is cheap only because an IC engine provides it.
              If only 1 billion of us existed, we could not produce sufficient surplus energy to support the infrastructure we currently live in
              Only the infrastructure that existed in 1700 (not pleasant)
              In 1700 we only had the surplus energy of the horse.

              6 It took 60 years from the introduction of cheap iron, to the production of the viable steam engine (1776) then another 80 to a viable oil well, then another 40 to the first IC vehicles. (machine progress and population rose in tandem, but it had to be a forward movement.)
              For most of that 200 years the UK remained largely agricultural.

              7–the oil supply infrastructure requires complex man/machine interactions to produce affordable oil-fuel in vast quantities. I don’t think it would be possible in relatively small quantise, say 10k gallon batches. Unless you used moonshine. of course.

              It was iron that got cheap. Then machines got plentiful and easy to make.

              But this year’s ‘new machine’ had to provide the profits for next years innovation.

              But wealth derives from the stuff machines produce. With cheap iron. innovation became easy and productive.
              But you have to sell the ‘stuff’ you produce—cloth, metals, pottery, medicines, roads and so on.
              There wouldn’t be enough ‘workers’ with enough spare time or cash to create enough buying power to sustain a modern buying/selling system of capital exchange.

              No ‘market’ can exist without the surplus buying power of customers.

              But what about the American Dream??

              8++++++++/////Absorb this part, even if you ignore the rest: The last 60 years has supported 1 billion people in ‘western lifestyle’
              That was done by looting the resources of the rest of the world.
              That was where the American Dream came from, and is being sustained right now./////

              This why we are right now sinking into the drain of unaffordability. We don’t produce enough surplus for collective viability


              There isn’t another ‘breakthrough’ waiting round the corner. Sorry. No matter how many tools ‘they’ figure out.

              The elemental table tells us that (not my idea).

              Unlike ‘Terminator’ we are not going to produce machines that produce machines while we do nothing. There are very few elements available to us for mass production.
              And they are finite. While the laws of thermodynamics are not.

              Smartphones do not move goods from A to B–or people. Yet the mental equation exists that smartphones are on the same technology wavelength as productive equipment. They are not.

              Remember even the moon travel hoaxers can only get there by using ‘technology’ invented by the Chinese 1000 years ago. (chemical reactive process)

              To make durable products you need to convert one element or compound into another. To do that you need heat and lots of it. And hard (repeatable) fine edges. You can’t do that on a blacksmiths anvil.

            • Kowalainen says:


              Once the industrial base is in place you got the volume. It can be jacked between 0 to 11. The economy floats on top of the production capability. It is caused by it and not the other way around.

              To be able to trade/sell/buy shit, it first gotta exist. Natural resources and scalable production capability didn’t enable ‘IC’.

              IT IS IC.

              The useless consumerist bonanza is only a wastrel pastime enabled by the industrial base unnecessarily cranked to full tilt.

              It serve(d) one purpose; to reinforce the holy trinity of IC, that is to assure that the hottest gear of the era is created by those that can figure out new contraptions out of nothingness and put it to use as the hammers of production and anvil of hegemony.

              Any schmuck with a knack for figuring new shit out can’t be left in the dust. Without the merits of IC and tech, I’d likely be more of a village idiot than I am today, while feeling miserable from a lackluster existence as a subsistence farmer north of the Arctic circle.

              We all want novelties and stagnation is death. It goes without saying that the process must be kept evolutionary. Some shit works (for a little while), most doesn’t. It is what it is.

              Whatever is affordable is solely dependent on how hard the industrial base is made to churn useless shit for nonproductive self entitled princesses of IC.

              Apparently it is being dialed back a few notches now. Which is reasonable since stuff depletes.


            • the big problem is

              what is useless and what is not. Somebody has to decide. Who?

              no idea what your job is/was–but I bet it produced something useful—in your opinion.–just like mine did.

              and chances are before IC it didn’t exist. Like mine.

              Ic and derivatives created markets and the stuff sold in markets.Not altogether sure where your point is leading, but producing stuff in quantity created the market for quantity, in a leapfrog manner.

              Factory owners were forced to pay higher and higher wages in order to attract more and more workers who made more and more ‘stuff’ which they bought with those ever increasing wages.

              Factories got incrementally bigger as time went on. Shops appeared where there had been none, selling goods nobody knew they needed

              That’s how it all kicked off.

              The fallacy I think is to imagine it as some kind of ‘grand plan’.

              It wasn’t. It was gradual expansion of one trade being formed to serve another by individual trying to make a profitable living. Some failed, some made it really big. Most were somewhere in between.

              In human time frame we think of it as happening slowly.

              In earth time it has happened in a brief flash of heat and light. The supernova of mans existence if you like.

          • Fast Eddy says:


  15. Yoshua says:

    Seychelles has a worse wave of Covid cases now than before vaccination…and of course they used the Chinese vaccine. Among the infected 1/3 are fully vaccinated.

    • Yorchichan says:

      The Seychelles need to follow the example of the US’s CDC and only count the vaccinated as cases if they are either hospitalized or die:

      • Thanks for the link.

        The CDC announced a change in the reporting of “breakthrough” vaccination cases, effective May 14. Only cases where the person is hospitalized or dies will be counted. The person also needs to have tested positive for COVID. These cases are found through the voluntary reporting system, which is believed to be incomplete, especially for cases which did not end in death.

        Cases among the unvaccinated will continue to be reported using the old method of including all cases, including those without symptoms. The result will be a wider and wider diversion of reported frequency comparing the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.

        • Yorchichan says:

          The fraud is so blatant, but I doubt we’ll hear about it in the MSM. The same duplicity will soon be used in the UK, if it isn’t already the case.

          It’s an admission that the vaccines don’t cut down transmission. Knowledge of this fact would invalidate the “vaccinate yourself to protect the vulnerable” narrative.

          • Xabier says:

            It would also invalidate the ‘Vaccinate all the children to protect old buggers’ narrative.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            You can explain this to a CovIDIOT… including one who is hell bent on having his child injected ASAP….. and they will still be hell bent….

            It’s the same as if you show someone Building 7 falling … or astronauts faking a shot of the Earth pretending to be in lunar orbit….

            I am not sure why they cannot see what we can see …. it’s as if I show them a ‘K’ and they look at it and say not that’s a ‘M’

            Usually they don’t say anything at all though… they look at that ‘K’ and you can say do you see the K… and they just stare at you…

            Let me try it with my dog… hang on … let me entice in from the step by crinkling the treat bag….. ok girl — here’s a K…. what do you see……………. hmmmm… let me proffer a treat…. and ask again … if you answer me I will give you a treat…. do you see a K? ………………………………..

            Oh well… here’s your treat anyway…. cuz you are such a good dog.

            Some things… you just can’t explain… so what else is there other than mockery?

            • Anthony says:

              This why they hold on to their beliefs in the face of evidence (a belief-based world view will never be altered by presenting evidence and facts to the contrary):


            • Fast Eddy says:

              This is an excellent essay — it is a profound insight into how the world actually works –– it is operated by sociopaths — they have no problem wit experimenting on their citizens…. They have no problem starving 500k children to death in Iraq… they have ZERO conscience….

              They are pretty much cold calculating machines…. Their focus is 100% on obtaining more power and wealth… and for those at the very top of the pyramid it’s about empire. Nothing is too vile… good and evil are not in their vocabularies.

              I like to think of them as lions. Does the lion have sympathy for the antelope? If he did would the other lions not eat it.. and he’d weaken because he refused to kill… and then he’d die…..

              The ‘worst’ people rise to the top …. that they conspire constantly is obvious and totally necessary…. If they didn’t, then very nasty people (wolves) would devour them (sheep).

              The best we can hope for is that our ‘worst’ people win… because at least we get some crumbs… in our situation we get a lot more than crumbs… our ‘worst’ are way better than the CCP because we have more freedom than we’d have if they ran the world + they’d keep the crumbs for themselves and their people.

              But people do not want to accept that we are ruled by psychopaths… who would sacrifice them in an instant if it served their purposes.

              From time to time their schemes leak out — but nothing happens — because people refuse to believe them … and even when they are exposed by irrefutable evidence (Zapruder film JFK)… nothing happens… partly because ‘they’ are too powerful — there is nothing that can be done ….

              But also because people prefer not to acknowledge that their ultimate leaders would do such a thing. They just completely dismiss it because they prefer the stability that goes with dismissing it….

              Easier just to keep voting and operating within the system — and pretend that we have democracy… a press that is independent etc….

              On The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier
              A closer look at the class that mocks.

              Why is it that otherwise perfectly intelligent, thoughtful and rationally minded people baulk at the suggestion that sociopaths are conspiring to manipulate and deceive them? And why will they defend this ill-founded position with such vehemence?

              History catalogues the machinations of liars, thieves, bullies and narcissists and their devastating effects. In modern times too, evidence of corruption and extraordinary deceptions abound. We know, without question, that politicians lie and hide their connections and that corporations routinely display utter contempt for moral norms – that corruption surrounds us.

              We know that revolving doors between the corporate and political spheres, the lobbying system, corrupt regulators, the media and judiciary mean that wrongdoing is practically never brought to any semblance of genuine justice. We know that the press makes noise about these matters occasionally but never pursues them with true vigour. We know that in the intelligence services and law enforcement wrongdoing on a breathtaking scale is commonplace and that, again, justice is never forthcoming. We know that governments repeatedly ignore or trample on the rights of the people, and actively abuse and mistreat the people. None of this is controversial.


  16. Yoshua says:

    WHO approves emergency use of the Sinopharm vaccine, which is a traditional vaccine made of inactive Sars-Cov-2 viruses.

    Can we trust China? Maybe 1 dose in 1000 contains a mutated live virus?

    The mutated variants of the virus so far have made unexplainable large mutations and have had a nonlinear evolution, which is an indication of lab manipulation by doctor evil.

  17. Fred says:

    A quick re-visit of the moon landing or not can of worms. Generally it looks to me like lots of fakery for political ends went on, but I’ve always wondered about the space reflectors and how they got there:

    Supposedly Joe Public can use/detect them. Anybody got any hard evidence in this area?

  18. Very Far Frank says:

    I’ve just had my usual morning read of the comments, and have to say that this moon landing nonsense is taking up valuable real estate.

    Does it make a difference one way or the other to resource limits, or collapse, that we’ve been to the Moon?

    Not really.

    • Thierry says:

      We’re living in a world where simulation precedes reality. Baudrillard describes this in “Simulacra and simulation”, and there is a good synthesis in wikipedia:,sign%2C%20without%20an%20original%20referent.

      “He believes hyperreality goes further than confusing or blending the ‘real’ with the symbol which represents it; it involves creating a symbol or set of signifiers which represent something that does not actually exist”
      “Hyperreality is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality, especially in technologically advanced societies”.

      Many others have written about this, like Umberto Eco for example.

      If you understand this then the fake moon landing is somehow just an example, striking if not necessarily the most relevant.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        There are dangers to the use of hyperreality within our culture; individuals may observe and accept hyperreal images as role models when the images don’t necessarily represent real physical people. This can result in a desire to strive for an unobtainable ideal, or it may lead to a lack of unimpaired role models. Daniel J. Boorstin cautions against confusing celebrity worship with hero worship, “we come dangerously close to depriving ourselves of all real models.

        We lose sight of the men and women who do not simply seem great because they are famous but who are famous because they are great”.[12]

        He bemoans the loss of old heroes like Moses, Ulysses S. Grant, Aeneas, Jesus, Julius Caesar, Muhammed, Joan of Arc, William Shakespeare, George Washington, Napoleon, and Abraham Lincoln, who did not have public relations (PR) agencies to construct hyperreal images of themselves.[13]

        Well… at least we have Fast Eddy… he is my idol.

        • Thierry says:

          I didn’t know Boorstin, that looks great he is next on my reading list!
          Hyperreality makes me think of the world of Tlön by Borges, to me the most fascinating short story ever written. With fewer words he goes deeper than anyone else.

          “Contact with Tlön, the habit of Tlön, has disintegrated this world. Spellbound by Tlön’s rigor, humanity has forgotten, and continues to forget, that it is the rigor of chess masters, not of angels. Already Tlön’s (conjectural) “primitive language” has filtered into our schools; already the teaching of Tlön’s harmonious history (filled with moving episodes) has obliterated the history that governed my own childhood; already a fictitious past has supplanted in men’s memories that other past, of which we now know nothing—not even that it is false. (81)”

      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        “…it involves creating a symbol [Coronavirus 3D illustration by CDC] or set of signifiers [PCR test results] which represent something [SARS-CoV-2] that does not actually exist.”

        Jean Baudrillard’s “Hyperreality” – Wikipedia

        “And it’s disgraceful too to need a doctor not only for injury or regular disease, but because by leading the kind of idle life we have described we have filled our bodies with gases and fluids, like a stagnant pool, and driven the medical profession to invent names for our diseases… Don’t you agree?”

        “I do indeed,” he replied, “these new-fangled names for diseases are very far-fetched.”

        “There’s nothing worse than this fussiness about one’s health, in excess of normal physical training. It’s tiresome in the home, as well as in the army or in a sedentary civilian office.
        Worst of all, it makes any kind of study or thought or private meditation difficult. If you are always wondering if you’ve got a headache or are feeling giddy, and blaming your philosophical studies for it, you will always be prevented from exercising and proving your talents. You’ll always think you’re ill, and never stop worrying about your health.”

        Plato’s “The Republic,” Book III

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Yes the fact that the biggest story in the history of man … has been proven to be a hoax… is a waste of your valuable time…

      Inflatable dolls are on sale … why don’t you instead spend your day browsing for a partner? Or would you like me to choose for you?

      • D. Stevens says:

        Do they have a Fast Eddy doll? I want one which tells me about conspiracies in a seductive baritone voice… Ok… I get it. We can’t trust mainstream news or officials. If a moon landing could be faked then what else could be faked to give plausible cover for hiding collapsing industrial civilization due reaching resource limits. Pandemic? Cyber Attacks? Alien contact? There are other lies such as WMD’s in Iraq to justify invading. Was that a worthwhile adventure or a waste of resources? I wonder if the plan is to leave some easy to access oil rich deposits in the ground to be tapped later or to release as much energy as possible as quickly as possible to keep IC going a bit longer? This latest fuel pipeline shutdown on the US East Coast might be interesting if it’s not fixed soon. I’ve noticed things are mostly getting back to normal(but with masks) in US so maybe something else is being done to curtail energy usage while we wait for Fast Eddies CEP ADE this dark winter? SCADA/MES should be isolated from the internet and cryptolocker software should be easy to recover from using backups even if AV fails to block it so I’m skeptical if important infrastructure goes down for more than a day.

        • I have thought about the possibility that the pipeline shutdown in a “false flag” operation, as well. There are a lot of things we don’t know. It seems highly likely that oil consumption has to head downward. If people cannot be persuaded to stay at home indefinitely, something else must come into play.

          On the other hand, if the attack came from those with interests in keeping oil prices high, the purpose of the shutdown might be to try to drive up oil prices to help producers.

          • Azure Kingfisher says:

            Sigh. The “cyber attacks” will continue as they’re an effective tool for TPTB in shutting down industry sectors with surgical precision. These “attacks” cannot be disproven by the general public (i.e. those without insider access to the networks in question). “Cyber attack” events are thus “black boxes;” precious little digital events that can be created, owned and managed by technocrats (i.e. High Priests of the Church of Progress) who will present their digital pets to the public once they’ve got their mythic narratives worked out.

            What happens when armies become so skilled, so technologically advanced that they no longer have enemies on equal footing?
            They must then content themselves with spinning their wheels via endless drills or they must invent an enemy – or do both.

            This is all becoming so transparent now. Soon you won’t be hearing anything else in the news other than stories of false-flag “cyber attacks.”

            Cyber Polygon Event – July 9, 2021

            “The international capacity building initiative aimed at raising the global cyber resilience and the expansion of intersectoral cooperation against cyberthreats.”

            Cyber Polygon is an initiative of BI.ZONE (Sber Ecosystem) supported by the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity


            I find it ironic that while Klaus Schwab and associates prattle on about the dangers of cyber attacks the world continues to push towards implementing the “Internet of Things,” “smart homes” and 5G connectivity.
            Schwab tells us we need to prepare for a cyber attack with Covid-like characteristics and that this cyber attack could be far more devastating than the COVID-19 scamdemic. Sounds like a case for decentralization of networks if you ask me. Abandon the Cloud. How about those that can just unplug themselves and work on developing greater resiliency in the real world? Choose the analog life over the digital life.
            But of course the solution to the great threat of a “cyber pandemic” is not decentralization and simplicity but rather increasing centralization and complexity:

            – Collect more tax dollars to build a global cyber security apparatus.

            – Create new computer viruses to develop new techniques for combating computer viruses.

            – New computer viruses designed for training purposes mysteriously released on global networks.

            – Cyber security experts can save the world but they’ll need even more tax dollars in order to build an even larger global cyber security apparatus.

            My mother-in-law recently ordered a Google Home device. She was afraid that if she didn’t keep up with the latest technology then she’d be inept at running her own living space in her elder years. As though she’d end up living in some Jetsons-style futuristic home where everything is “smart” and thus too sophisticated for her to operate.
            The more our technology decouples from our humanity the weaker we’ll become.

            “Man is the measure. That was my first lesson. Man’s feet are the measure for distance, his hands are the measure for ownership, his body is the measure for all that is lovable and desirable and strong.”

            “The Machine Stops,” by E.M. Forster. p. 24

          • Fast Eddy says:

            It is very hard to imagine that such an important installation — one that could potentially collapse the US economy (and set off a global collapse) … could be hacked.

        • JesseJames says:

          “Most” companies will have computers backed up regularly. In the event of a ransom ware attack, they can just shut every computer off and reboot using the backup in a controlled fashion. Happened at the company my son works for. Everything was down for a couple of days.

          • Minority Of One says:

            There have been a string of ransom attacks at UK universities and colleges this past few months, raking in the crooks a few million quid. They release the ransom software, then wait a few weeks, then turn the screws. That way the ransom software has been released into all backups going back weeks. Takes at least a week for the institute to recover. And then probably only the most essential services.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          ‘Things are getting back to normal’….. hahahahahahaha

      • Very Far Frank says:

        A silly, but not unexpected response.

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    It’s all headed North (or is it South)

    Iron Ore Turns ‘Very Hot’ as 10% Surge Adds to Commodities Boom

    • gpdawson2016 says:

      The discussion of the Moon Landing Hoax is very relevent here on OFW. It is linked directly to Energy Use. Lies are a very efficient way to get a desired outcome.

      One has only to ask ‘What particular lie would have the greatest effect?’ to see that there are dozens of ‘Big Lies’ that one could concoct to re-organise society.

      Lies are also an excellent ways of diverting excess energy to secret projects. Every day furnaces are fired up and only partially used. Society has a method for using the(energy) leftovers but it has to be done in a way that hardly a soul notices.

      Hoaxes are a way of diverting energy and so have a place on this forum.

      As we always hear: you can’t prove a negative …. meaning that proof can only be offered to show that we did land on the moon. That proof hasn’t been forthcoming…rather impolite of NASA, don’t you think?

      If I were to do something, something that may seem unbelievable to a reasonable person, I would first ask him this question: what would you consider proof? This is the polite way to proceed.

  20. MCW says:

    My Summary of “How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden” Posted on May 4, 2021 by Gail Tverberg

    Economists expound the fiction the economy can expand endlessly. Unbelievers, notably physicists, understand the economy requires energy for growth and are silenced, ridiculed, paid to lie, or ignored.

    Even now as the true story becomes increasingly clear, politicians stick to their belief that rapidly declining resources such as oil, fresh water, rare minerals etc, and overpopulation, pollution, climate, etc. problems can be corrected over a fairly long future period. Similar to the food scarcity problems occurring in many parts of the world right now, we are confronted with an energy problem as severe as that which seems to have led to World War I, World War II, and the Great Depression (esp. spiral of depressed coal prices too low for producers causing bankruptcies, economic collapse, geopolitical stress, etc).

    As then, the number of workers now worldwide who can afford to purchase expensive goods, requiring large amounts of oil and coal products for their manufacture and operation, is falling. Also, since 2017 generally declining sales of high priced, high energy using goods (cars, boats, motor cycles, computers, jet skis, etc) make it difficult to keep oil and coal prices high enough for producers causing viciously spiralling social and economic problems.

    More recently, oil and coal consumption has been increasingly lagging total energy consumption. For both coal and oil, the problem has been that low prices for producers cause producers to voluntarily drop out of coal or oil production. If energy prices are chronically too low (so that an energy product requires a subsidy, rather than paying taxes), the economy declines through ever-lower productivity.

    Presently, companies can only afford to keep the existing wells producing but not to replace those wells when they deplete, as the “easy stuff’, “low-hanging fruit” is already gone. Dead-end street!

    Thus we are confronted with a huge conflict problem due to inadequate energy, food, water, rare minerals, etc. supplies for today’s world population. Strategically, tactically and operationally as a matter of course, governments, mafias, controlling powers, giant corporations, ruthless lobbyists, etc use deadly threats, acts of terror, bribes, payouts, massive misinformation, devious propaganda, false flag operations, blatant “big lies“ repeated endlessly, wars and threats of war, etc.

    Militaries are very much aware “hot wars” use immense fossil fuel energy. Hence information warfare, cyber warfare, drones, bioweapons.

    My concern is whether the following are part of all this?

    1. cunningly used pandemics even in peacetime;
    2. disinformation narratives used to promote vaccines and demonise inexpensive treatments such as Ivermectin;
    3. The politically correct but proven fatally-flawed narratives explaining Pearl Harbour; waging of Korean and Vietnamese wars; Apollo Moon landing; 911; beneficence of US foreign policy and the CIA; American bank and corporation bail outs; etc.
    I’ve recently been heartened by re-reading CS Lewis’s, The last battle” about the end of Narnia.

    • Thanks for your fine summary.

      There seems to be a long history of having both a physics story and a public consumption story. History can be slanted a surprising amount by the military and others.

      I found a plot summary of CS Lewis’s, The last battle. Among other things, when things aren’t going well, it is necessary to pretend everything is OK.

  21. Fast Eddy says:

    This feels faked….

    Update 9:00pm ET: The US government declared a state of emergency late on Sunday, lifting limits on the transport of fuels by road in a bid to keep gas supply lines open as fears of shortages spiked after the continued shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

    “This Declaration addresses the emergency conditions creating a need for immediate transportation of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products and provides necessary relief,” the Department of Transportation said. White House Press Sec Jen Psaki added that “as the Administration works to mitigate potential disruptions to supply as a result of the Colonial Pipeline incident, @USDOT is taking action today to allow flexibility for truckers in 17 states.”

    • geno mir says:

      They are rehearsing for when the real shutdown happens. They need to know how fast and how things will play out so they rehearse. But soon it will be the real deal.

      • Xabier says:

        I’m inclined to agree: it’s probably a limited real-time trial.

        We have already been forewarned about the huge ‘cyber attack’ to come, by the WEF, which is most ominous for those of us who know how they like to operate.

        Maximum chaos and uncertainty, which leads to further opportunities to spook the public and extend their power.

      • Thierry says:

        They don’t have any IA that could do the rehearsal? How disappointing!

  22. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Here we go again…dream on…BP Beyond Petroleum….

    Now Shells CEO is doing the same song and dance routine…
    Shell’s multi-decade plan to move away from oil is being put to a shareholder vote later this month.

    This is the first time that an oil “supermajor” is asking its investors to endorse a transition and to start to hold regular progress reviews.

    Some investor groups and activists don’t believe the goals go far enough, and say they fall short of aligning with goals from the Paris climate agreement.

    But van Beurden says Shell’s approach is to focus on how its oil and gas products are used versus how the company supplies them.

    “We sell four times as much as we produce ourselves, [so] it would be a bit pointless if we would just say … we will produce a little bit less, but we will buy it from somebody else then and still put it into the market.”

    The big picture: “The pandemic has shown how hard it is to do this energy transition,” he said.

    Emissions dropped dramatically during the pandemic (and have already resumed their climb) but he says it’s not realistic to replicate that impact after the pandemic subsides: “That is just not going to happen.”

    Yeah, there will be a transition folks…and a big drop alright…mainly from folks exhaling CO2

  23. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    Vanden Bossche has stated that there will be a massive wave of illness and death in Israel “by Summer”. That timing is vague but it could mean June 21 so quite soon we should get a real world test of his thinking. I am in eager anticipation of results.

    • Xabier says:

      We now have a range of hypotheses from scientists of substance, Bossche, Bakhdi, Yeadon, and so on, and of course Big Pharma itself, so all we have to do now is sit back and observe.

      How accurately developments are reported on is, though, another matter., given the propaganda machine which is in over-drive.

      • MickN says:

        Xabier – I think I’ve reached the sit back and observe stage in most things. At my I age trying to do anything else brings on a strange lassitude.
        All will be revealed in a short time – it’s probably going to be Frank Zappa’s brick wall.

    • D. Stevens says:

      and when it doesn’t happen we’ll hear the CT crowd say they got saline injections instead to demonstrate how safe the vaccine is but it’s all an elaborate trick to fool the rest of the world into taking the vaccine. Both sides of the c19 fiasco have endlessly moving goal posts. Just wait.. a bit longer.

    • Minority Of One says:

      Why Israel, and not the USA? Have not both been mostly vaxxed with Pfizer and Moderna?

      • D. Stevens says:

        Good question. Believe Israel did it sooner and it was compulsory? If there is a problem it should also show up in the USA, UK, Canada..etc.. but delayed by a few months.

  24. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    More for Fast Eddy Fake Hoax News…

    CBS News
    NOAA’s “new normal” climate report is anything but normal
    Jeff Berardelli
    Sat, May 8, 2021, 7:11 AM
    Just a quick glance at the new U.S. Climate Normals maps published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Tuesday is enough for most climate scientists to say, “I told you so.” And it’s not just because the maps show a warmer and wetter nation, as one would expect with global warming; it’s also the specific geographic pattern of those changes.

    That’s because for decades climate scientists and their computer models have projected the regions that should expect the most warming, the most drying and the biggest increase in precipitation due to human-caused climate change. NOAA’s new maps are clear evidence that this impact is now being felt.

    It doesn’t take a climate scientist to see the changes that have occurred. In the maps below, using NOAA data, Climate Central illustrates the warmer temperatures the U.S. has experienced. When comparing the latest “normals” to what used to be normal a century ago, the difference is clear — seen in red from coast to coast.

    / Credit: Climate Central
    / Credit: Climate Central
    The map on the left depicts the updated climate “normals” compared to the normal temperatures of the early 20th century (1901-1930). In that time the U.S. has warmed an average of 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit. But the shades of the map show that not all areas are warming uniformly, with the darker red indicating temperature increases in some regions of 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The map on the right is more muted in tone and shows the difference between recent 30-year averages, comparing the 1981-2010 normals to the new 1991-2020 normals. While the new normals are just 10 years removed from the earlier set, the changes are still significant. In that time the nation has warmed an average of half a degree Fahrenheit.

    That may not sound like much, but small changes in the normals mean much larger changes in the extremes like heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods and hurricanes. And hidden within the pattern of changes are interesting clues into how climate change will impact us now and into the future.

    Defining the new normal

    Every 10 years NOAA releases a new set of “climate normals” — what is considered normal, typical or average weather in a given location at a given time of year. To ensure that these normals are not subject to the ebb and flow of yearly weather, these averages are based on 30-year time periods to even out any short-term swings.

    The new normal baseline is calculated from 8,700 weather stations operated by NOAA across the U.S. and its territories. The data includes information on temperature, precipitation and other weather variables.

    So why update the normals every 10 years? First, it is required by the U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization. But on a practical note it is necessary to accurately reflect the state of the climate. These “normals” allow meteorologists, like myself, to compare the weather on any given day with what is historically expected, to give the public a gauge of how typical or extreme the weather is at any given moment.

    “Keeping weather and climate data updated is important for the government officials and business owners who rely on it for decisions such as clothing, tourism, and construction companies, utilities, farmers, and city planners,” explains Bernadette Woods Placky, chief meteorologist at Climate Central. “But the fact that NOAA needs to keep pushing average temperature data higher is the sign of something bigger —the longer-term warming.”

    But some climate scientists, like Michael Mann of Penn State, don’t love the system of reporting new normals. As he told The Associated Press, Mann prefers using a constant baseline because updating what is normal for present-day conditions obscures the long-term warming trend and makes the warming due to climate change seem less significant. “Adjusting normal every 10 years perverts the meaning of ‘normal’ and ‘normalizes’ away climate change,” said Mann.

    What the data reveals

    Since the 1800s the globe has warmed by around 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Nine out of 10 of the warmest years on record worldwide have all occurred in the past decade.

    A recent study by NASA proves that all recent warming is related to humans’ burning of fossil fuels and the resultant amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases and aerosols in the atmosphere.

    But because of regional variations in geography like ice cover, water and land type, some regions warm much more or less rapidly than others. For instance, the Arctic regions are warming at three times the average global rate due partly to rapid changes in ice cover and the impact of local feedback.

    In the United States, NOAA’s new climate normals reveal that our nation is about on pace with the global average of warming. What’s more, the pattern of recent regional changes in our climate validate scientists’ understanding of how man-made climate change is unfolding.

    “We’re really seeing the fingerprints of climate change in the new normals,” said Michael Palecki, the project manager of NOAA’s latest climate normals update. “We’re not trying to hide that. We’re in fact reflecting that.”

    • Too bad that there is nothing we can do to fix the problem.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Oh but we can — we can all drive EVs and buy solar panels and batteries!!!!

        • geno mir says:

          Nah, this is childish and unstatinable. I say let the knives fall and billions take dirt nap. We gotta honour history and tradition, right?

        • Herbie R Ficklestein says:

          Yes, and the bigger Fake Fast Eddy Hoax News are the self reinforcing GW feedback loops documented in peer reviewed scientific journals ….that make GW irreversible ….
          P.S. I would list them all, but only one is needed for it to occur..
          Take it away Fast Eddy….

          I’m going out now a buy me a Tin foiled hat to join the exclusive FEFN club!

          • All you have to do is assume that fossil fuel extraction can grow endlessly, and you too can build a GW model.

            • Herbie Ficklestein says:

              Unfortunately for life on the planet those feedback loops are already in play, which means it is not material future fossil fuel extraction or consumption.
              Our Goose is cooking as we debate endlessly on regarding the outcome…it’s been baked and so we can pretend to believe that we still can save ourselves….for the time being.

    • This is the link that has the maps and longer report.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      yes thanks for that … the climate has been changing — often very rapidly — long before we burned an ounce of coal.

      I am a voracious reader of history … particularly ancient history … so I am very much aware of this…

    • Fred says:

      Yawn . . . whatever. Like everything NASA says is true right?

      The Dinosaurs were hugely more successful than us as a species and they didn’t survive and we won’t either, sooner or later, but the planet will. The ecosystem is always changing.

      Anyway surely COVID has replaced CC as the panic du jour by now?

      • Dennis L. says:

        BS, I am taking the other side of the bet. If I survive, I collect, if I perish, you can’t collect, my kind of bet.

        FE, take any current political discussion, replace your moon stuff with that and it all plays the same way.

        One might wonder what it is about the current condition that causes such religious hysteria.

        I try and look beyond what are very trivial events and see what was the overall flow of events. Sometimes stuff just happens.

        Have a wonderful, healthy, prosperous day.

        Dennis L.

  25. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Outlaw Bitcoin to save the Planet from CC

    Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind, and so it’s not a great climate thing,” Gates told Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times in February.

    It’s unclear whether governments around the world will enact regulations to mitigate these impacts, but the industry has taken some steps to regulate itself. In April, energy, cryptocurrency, and fintech leaders signed onto a “Crypto Climate Accord” seeking to have all of the world’s blockchains powered by 100% renewables within four years. Meanwhile, payments company Square (SQ) has responded to the increasing public pressure by pledging to support greener bitcoin mining practices and to become a zero-net carbon contributor by 2030.

    Still, even if bitcoin’s environmental impacts are reduced, Warren will likely continue to have questions about the cryptocurrency. As she told CNBC in March, agreeing with a sentiment expressed by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, “It’s speculative in nature and going to end badly.”

    From Yahoo Finance News

    Jim Rogers said that Governments would because that’s their thing…controlling the money
    BTW…He, himself, never bought any, wished he had, great trading vehicle…

  26. Fast Eddy says:

    I’ve captured another key moment… all the tapes of everything related to the lunar landings have ‘been lost’… everything.

    And the excuse — these are expensive tapes so they get erased and re-used!!! And…’they take up too much space’

    Yep… that’s what NASA says…. the most momentous moments in the history of man… and we taped over them… lost them… or dumped them in the bin….

    Watch NASA officials explain:

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      because when you don’t have scientific evidence to back your CT, the only resort is to turn to weak anecdotes.

      • vbaker says:

        Have you watched the video through? I did. I did just to get the damned thing done and over with.

        Well hell. Three days ago, it wasn’t even a question that humans had been to the moon. After having watched it, it is apparent that at least some of the experience was not real.

        The question then becomes, how much is?

        I recommend not watching the last half hour. They all look down as they answer, and its just sad.

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          so? then did men walk on the mooon or not? ………………………..Of course they did………………………….. I would rather not watch MDism reeeeligous propaganda videos.

          • vbaker says:

            Why do you care if they walked on the moon or not?

            It’s something I needed to ask myself very recently. I thought I really cared. I’m not sure how to feel about it at the moment, especially in light of the rest of the lies which are being propagated.

            Could you watch the damned thing please?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Not watching is right up there with book burning. It is the where imbeciles roost.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I am trying to help this along by posting the key sections of the video…

          Asking a DelusiSTANI to watch 3 hours of the most important video in the history of man…. is a big ask…

          That might take them away from watching a Justin Bieber concert video…

          • Bei Dawei says:

            SciManDan videos are about 15 minutes each on YouTube. He discusses moon-landing denial from time to time. He’s mostly an anti-FE (*) guy, though.

            (*) FE = Flat Earth

    • Sam says:

      I just watched that and it tells me nothing…Gail are you buying into this too? The best part is when he punched the fat rich kid in the face! I would have done a lot more to him if he got in my face like that. Where is the real evidence?!?? It’s all b.s created by people who have too much time. Next up on our finite world ……discovers Donald Trump is from Pluto and joe Biden is from Mars!! You all have been duped!

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        reeeeeligous propaganda often can be a powerful influence on many persons.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Here you go Sam … this is absolute proof… it is leaked raw footage from NASA

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          you have a serious misunderstanding of the phrase “absolute proof”.

          • Bei Dawei says:

            Here’s hpw it’s done!

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              the Earth has TWO suns?!? I mean, I see “absolute proof” with my own eyes! ………………………..Seeing is believing, especially if it’s a video.

        • Sam says:

          Yes! I watched that and I don’t see any real evidence that it is fake! Is it the woman’s fake accent that is supposed to make me believe that it is true?!! Geez! There is no real evidence in this at all!! I know a lot of people that are smart and have joined cults! I am starting to wonder if this website is one large cult!!? I thought this site was about energy!

          • Fast Eddy says:

            But Sam … what about the tape and falling panels?


            I betcha if I had a video of your wife appearing in a hard core p-or n movie you’d refuse to acknowledge that as well – right?

          • Xabier says:

            No. we are not a cult: no silly clothes, drugs, free love, etc. Nor do we believe we have been saved.

            Gail would probably be the worst cult leader in history…….

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Happy to volunteer to be Jim Jones…. I’ll bring purple koolaid (laced with Oxy) to the party

            • I am afraid you are right. No book describing the problem we are up against, for one thing. Don’t have the personality for it.

  27. Tom says:

    I just finished watching the entire 3+ hour documentary that Fast Eddy recommended on the moon landings. I agree that it provides irrefutable evidence the landings were faked. The behavior of the astronauts afterwards are a dead giveaway. Neil Armstrong should be a national hero with his face on postage stamps. Instead he rarely appears in public. It’s easy to see why NASA would have to fake the moon landings. To admit they were impossible and abandon the program would have been a major loss of face for the United States.

    I agree that this issue is highly relevant to the present discussion on this blog. Jay Hanson used to say that Americans will not even understand why their society has collapsed. It’s easy to see why he was right. The amount of obfuscation and disinformation engendered by the plandemic has been unbelievable. I expect the amount of fear and hysteria to continue to ramp up as the resource crisis gets worse.

    Do continue to post relevant material like this FE and ignore the naysayers. We need to understand how these intelligent, highly social animals are going to respond to the collapse of their civilization.

    • StarvingLion says:

      The other questions now comes into focus:

      Has NASA, SpaceX, (other nation space agencies) ever said **anything** that is truthful?

      Why hasn’t Nuke Bombs received the same scrutiny as the Space Travel business?

      Eddy sure doesn’t want to discuss Nuke Bombs as the Samson Option being a hoax makes him very uneasy.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        If you have evidence that atomic weapons are a hoax then post it — I will watch/read it… and give you my verdict.

        Only a f789ing Re TARD would do otherwise.

        There are 4 things I am certain are lies: The 911 Narrative, The Moon Landings, Goofy Worming, Renewable Energy.

        • StarvingLion says:

          Why do you think the burden of proof is on me?

          The photos of the WW2 era “nuke bombings” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are consistent with other photos of conventional explosive fire bombings. Same goes for Trinity. We know large scale coordinated fraud between so-called nations is a fact. We know compartmentalized workers don’t know shit about the big picture.

          So what do you expect me to put forward. A bunch of theoretical physics mishmash that seems plausible one way or another?

          I don’t need to post anything here. Just do an internet search on the topic and look for yourself. But you wont because???

          • The people living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki now are fine. I was kind of surprised when I visited there.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            hi Lion, what about the first hand reports of a blinding white light just before the explosions? There was a book written by a man who survived the Hiroshima one, and then returned to his home in Nagasaki and guess what? He saw the same blinding white light there, and yes of course survived. Why the intense bright light just before the explosions?

          • Fast Eddy says:

            You do know that what you are saying is re tard ed?

            It’s like you saying the moon is made of cheese. But having zero proof.

            • Bei Dawei says:

              Well you can’t prove it’s *not* made of cheese. Not without relying on questionable sources like NASA, scientists, etc.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Now why would there be large panels falling off the LEM? And why are parts of it torn and taped back together?


            • StarvingLion says:

              Why is Eddy so fixated on the dated Apollo instead of examinng the Space Shuttle, ISS, images of the earth, etc. There are lots of videos making fun of the ISS nonsense but not one peep from our “truth seeker” Eddy.

              ‘American Moon’ has out for many years and I had to show it to that “high-iq” “genius”

              Dude lives in some perpetual cold war 1960’s time capsule.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Because it is the biggest hoax in the history of the world … and all I am looking to demonstrate is how easy people are fooled…..

              See Covid

          • Xabier says:

            In fact, totalitarian tyrannies rely on compartmentalised workers, unaware of the bigger picture. Good point.

            That’s how the Covid scam is working: from the Wuhan lab, through national MSM, down to the local bureaucrat bullying people with signs and rules to ‘make them safe’.

        • JMS says:

          To these (and its companion “war-on terror”), I ‘ve been tempted to add germ theory, From what I’ve been able to understand, virology is mostly a medical myth turned scientific fraud by Pasteur and associates, and greedily grabbed by the chemical and oil industries (mom and dad to Big Pharma Boy).

          The huge amount of Science (TM) and scientists involved in all these frauds, scams, psy-ops etc is truly mind-blowing. It seems no science comes out unstained of these operations: Physics /civil engineering (911), astrophysics / engineering etc. (Moon, Cly mate, renewables), biology, medical science, etc. (covid), politics (all around).

          This I know: 2020 made me question once and for all the real value, purpose and meaning of Science (TM). I wiil never see a doctor as i saw them until 2019, even with all the misgivings i had before covidscam (in fact, i saw maybe three doctors since childdooh, 40 years ago, lucky me!).
          In any case, investigation is a process, and mine proceeds.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Those photos of the LEM falling apart and taped together … are the catalyst that should open the door to the questioning of everything….

            For some the door just slams shut harder.

            I have equally parts disdain and pity for these MOREONS.

          • StarvingLion says:

            Don’t leave crap like Particle “Physics” out of it. CERN is just another giant money laundering scam.


            Then there is the ITER Fusion Experiment Scam in France. Nothing will ever come out of the garbage either.

            And even open up your “trusted” high school physics text where you will learn such crap as the kinetic energy formula that has no experimental evidence.

            Of course, Fast Eddy already knows all this. Why he just discovered ‘American Moon’ now when it was released in 2017. What a “genius”

            • JMS says:

              I’m more willing than ever to question everything. I’ll take a look at the subject, but i’m affraid particle physics is way above my pay grade. (After all, i’m just an ex-poet with a curious mind and lots of free time…)

              Btw, thanks for the American Moon reference. Awesome work

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Ya Starvinglion is about to tee up American Moon on his Big TV… sit down with some popcorn… and watch the Greatest Show on Earth….

              It really is riveting stuff… or is that scotch tape stuff?

              Can’t get that scene out of my head where they fake lunar orbit and say they are filming directly out of the LEM window…. then the other guys arm gets in the picture….

              I wonder who gave that raw footage to the film maker hahahaha

          • Xabier says:

            Medicine is a special case, probably always 75% fraud, incompetence and arrogance.

            Herbalism has great substance I would say.

            Whereas the elaborate concoctions of Medieval and ‘Enlightenment ‘ doctors were often both ludicrous and dangerous, if not useless.

            I put myself in the hands of God and Nature before any cloned standardised physician, being reconciled to my mortality and the brevity of life.

            Frankly, I’m not sure I want to hang around on Planet Crazy for to long anyway!

          • Yorchichan says:

            “virology is mostly a medical myth”

            But would you work on an ebola ward without PPE? I know I wouldn’t. There certainly are diseases which can be transmitted from person to person, whatever the vector might be.

            • JMS says:

              Would you work on an ebola ward without PPE?

              Probably not, since ebola is probably a man made bioweapon, and who knows what sourceres’s apprentices can cook in their devilish bio-labs?
              But i don’t even rule out the hypothesis that ebola is simply another psy-op, a fake disease. Nowadays we can’t take at face value anything that comes from such a politicized area as Science (TM).

              “There are things people say they know for certain. No error is possible. When medical officials say they have discovered a new disease caused by a germ, or they have discovered a new outbreak of a known disease…Almost everyone climbs on board.
              Almost everyone automatically assumes that the disease is, in fact, what officials say it is…
              And more importantly, almost everyone assumes this disease MUST BE caused by the germ that officials claim is the cause.

              Four months ago, I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the CDC.
              I have heard nothing back. No data, no email, no acknowledgment of my request. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I’m not surprised or shocked.

              After all, I was questioning the whole CDC premise of the Ebola “epidemic.” I was challenging it.
              But it’s instructive to realize the CDC feels no need or responsibility to offer evidence for its claims. The CDC is too big to fail. It’s too criminal to be prosecuted. It’s too dedicated to false science to know what actual science is.

              My FOIA request was simple: I wanted to see proof that the CDC had ever isolated the Ebola virus from a human being.
              “Isolated” means “discovered.” It means “looked at directly via electron microscope.”
              It means “real” as opposed to “guessed at” or “loosely inferred.”

              Here is my FOIA request verbatim:

              “This is a request for published records, data, studies, electron microscope photographs, work notes, and internal correspondence relating to and describing, in detail, the direct isolation of the Ebola virus from human beings.
              “Note: My request does not seek information on this subject which is derived from antibody tests, PCR tests, or virus cultured and grown outside the human body. Nor does it seek electron microscope photographs which are, in fact, simulations or the result of computer models.
              “I am, however, seeking electron microscope photos of diseased human tissue.”

              That’s it. The CDC has not replied. So until I see otherwise, I’ll assume they have no evidence to offer. They can’t prove they’ve ever isolated the Ebola virus from a human.
              That would mean they can’t prove “Ebola” is in any way connected to what they’re calling the Ebola virus.

            • Yorchichan says:


              Perhaps ebola was a bad example then!

              But there must be diseases that are transmissible from human to human. Didn’t everybody in the class catch mumps and chicken pox at the same time? Don’t we all naturally shun the sick, or is that all conditioning?

            • JMS says:

              I started my research about theory of germs a few months ago and from a name: Antoine Béchamp.
              So it’s way too early for me to risk such a declaration: there is never contagion. I don’t really know. At least for now, i’m just certain of this strong feeling: big pharma is ugly as hell and allopatic medicine is mostly a dangerous guess game perpertrated by haughty greedy ignorant people.
              Allopathic medicine, with its reductionist materialism and compartimentalization so typical of cartesians, seems to be in the antipodes of systems theory.
              And much could be said about why we are made to see medicine as cure instead of prevention. Hint: there’s no big money to make on disease prevention.

              But as if the terrain is everything and the virus is nothing, as proposed by some of the most logical and informed minds of the 19th and early 20th centuries (before bigpharma imposed the “scientific consensus” (TM) of germ theory through its funding of labs, universities, governments, media, etc) then the immune system is our only shield against disease, that is always caused by environmental aggression (poisons, stress, bad food, radiation, etc.)
              Stephen Lanka, Judy Makovits, David Parker/Dawn Lester, Sherri Tenpenny and many others have a lot to say about this. It’s a long long ride, i’m only in its first miles, so i can only refer you to the names above..

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I agree that CTs are relevant to the big picture of world politics/energy issues etc. Especially that all official narratives should be questioned. But it is obvious that not all CTs are correct, and sometimes official narratives are correct…………………………….It is a poor arrrrgumennnnt for you to give such weight to the anecdotal “evidence” of the behavior of the astronauts after their trips. It’s TOTALLY unscientific. ……………………….. In my opinion, you should provide examples of where this propaganda video is correct and the NASA scientific claims are incorrect. I bet that you can’t. 😉

    • Fast Eddy says:

      If there is a single documentary every person should watch in their entire life… it is American Moon.

      It has the potential to bomb DeluiSTAN out of existence.

    • I would have to agree: The behavior of the astronauts afterwords was certainly strange, if they really were heroes, coming back from landing on the moon.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        they survived a trip where they were one small mistake from death in every minute of the journey………………. Then they were quarantined for ? after they returned home, probably absolutely exhausted both physically and mentally………………….. Then, probably during quarantine, they realized that they could never ever do anything for the rest of their lives that could come anywhere close to what they had just done…………………… After all of that, what exactly should we have expected from their behavior?

        • Fast Eddy says:

          They had 3 weeks to sleep and read and watch TV and do nothing … while in Quarantine… they probably also lay by private pool at the penthouse suite at the Hilton hahahahahaha

          Let’s watch again how they used a grade 3 science trick to pretend they were filming the earth from moon orbit…. here’s that raw footage leak out of NASA…

          Please feel to explain this David

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Here’s the press conference… they look to be ashamed… it’s not as if these guys are trained actors… so it’s difficult for them to conceal their emotions…

        Neil Armstrong became a bit of a recluse… imagine having to be interviewed and tell lie after lie after lie? That would get old very quickly….. His entire life was basically a lie….

      • Sam says:

        Really gail?

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Hey Sam… maybe Gail looked that Miracle Tape that is holding the LEM together and the panels that are falling off the side of it… and had a hmmmmmmm… moment … and she began to wonder if the whole Moon Landing Story … is just a heap of shit…..

          That would definitely explain why the 3 astronauts were rather subdued at the press conference… and why Neil Armstrong has shunned the spotlight ever since…

          That’s what intelligent people do… when confronted by facts like this

        • Kowalainen says:


          Dumb shit have been perpetrated all through history. Let me explain how much I’d care if it was a hoax?

          1000% Yup, you got that right.


          Why you might ask?

          PURE COMEDY

          Which means proving my point that the world and the US was (and is?) run by ‘muppets gonna muppet’.


  28. Fast Eddy says:

    Here is the portion dealing with the Van Allen Belts…. including an interview with James Van Allen who discovered them in the late 50’s… and who states it is impossible for a human to enter them without some serious protection – otherwise they die.

    • StarvingLion says:

      And how do you know the Van Allen Belts even exist? Ans: You don’t

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners.[35] The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them. Apollo flight trajectories bypassed the inner belts completely, passing through the thinner areas of the outer belts.”

    • infoshark says:

      Thank you Fast Eddy for the link to this video! While many doth protest its relevance, it is a brilliant example of perception of a thing without the thing itself…. The map of the territory without the territory… Alas even now the map is in tatters, and we are left with nothing but a life enhancing lie.
      It goes to show the power of information and psychological operations. This has direct relevance to the Sars-cov-2 psyop. The primary virus is memetic. The primary vaccine inoculation is cognitive.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        the MooonDeenier CT is also a psyop, just in the opposite direction of what the reeeligous converts to MDism were thinking. There is MDism and there is Science. Choose wisely.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I have posted 4 or 5 short excerpts from American Moon…..

        I find it impossible to understand how anyone with an IQ above 80… can … after watching those… could still believe we have landed on the moon.

  29. Mirror on the wall says:

    CCP is so funny. They are ideological materialists, so they understand that ideas like ‘rights’ reflect the economic base, and that they are made up to suit oneself. So, if China is criticised for emissions, CCP just says, ‘development is a basic human right, ergo so is emission, get over it.’ CCP also argues that emissions should be evaluated on a per capita basis, which sounds ‘reasonable’ but is also entirely made up.

    More seriously, the report indicates how the ‘climate’ could potentially be ‘weaponised’ geopolitically to counter the emergence of China as a geopolitical competitor to USA hegemony, which I mentioned last week. So far it is just ‘gossip’ but it will be interesting to see where this heads. All ‘morality’ is obviously will to power. ‘We are impeding China, not to sustain our own hegemony, but for the planet!’

    > Thunberg mocked as ‘double-standard environmentalist,’ ‘puppet of Western politicians’ for targeting China on annual emissions

    …. On May 6 and 7 local time, many Western media outlets – including the BBC, CNN and CNBC – hyped China’s impact on the climate, citing data from the Rhodium Group, a research provider, which claimed that China’s annual emissions surpass those of all developed nations combined.

    Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who skipped school for so-called climate protests and is portrayed as an environmentalist in the West, retweeted the report by CNN, blaming the climate crisis on China.

    …. Thunberg’s comment soon faced a huge backlash on Chinese social media as floods of netizens criticized her “hypocrisy,” and claimed she was a “double-standard” and “selective environmental activist.” Many also said she is a “puppet” of Western politicians.

    …. However, after Western media outlets hyped China’s annual emissions, Thunberg immediately reacted, saying that China needs to change.

    It is an old trick for the Western media and activists to point fingers at China on climate and environmental issues, said an observer online. Unexpectedly, even in 2021, the media outlets are still “only judging the total quantity of emissions, not talking about the per capita” figures, the observer pointed out.

    Per capita emissions in China have remained considerably lower than those in the developed world, according to the new report from the Rhodium Group.

    Many netizens cited Ding Zhongli, a vice chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who said years ago that “I want to ask: Are Chinese humans? That’s a fundamental question,” noting that “I see the right to emit as a right to development, which is a basic human right.” Ding added that there should be a roughly equal amount of emissions per capita, which is fair.

    Netizens said Ding’s remarks are still enlightening.

    A netizen criticized Thunberg, saying that “The teenager does not study hard to improve her cognitive level and personal quality but engages in meaningless political activities. She is completely ruined.”

    “The West has been high on creating ‘public opinion leaders’ like Thunberg who don’t know much and are easy to control, and such people have a much better image in Western society than politicians,” said another netizen, adding that “opinion leaders” always turned out to be jokes.

    • Mirror on the wall says:


      > Whether the origin of our apparent “knowledge” is not to be sought solely in older evaluations which have become so much part of us that they belong to our basic constitution? So that what really happens is only that newer needs grapple with the results of the oldest needs?

      The world seen, felt, interpreted as thus and thus so that organic life may preserve itself in this perspective of interpretation. Man is not only a single individual but one particular line of the total living organic world. That he endures proves that a species of interpretation (even though accretions are still being added) has also endured, that the system of interpretation has not changed. “Adaptation.”

      Our “dissatisfaction,” our “ideal,” etc., is perhaps the consequence of this incorporated piece of interpretation, of our perspective point of view; perhaps organic life will in the end perish through it…. – TWTP 678

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  31. says:

    Documentary – Black Coffee
    “Two Dollars for a cup of coffee, one cent goes to the coffee grower”.

    [Synopsis: Black Coffee is a 2007 Canadian documentary film examining the complicated history of coffee and detailing its political, social, and economic influence from the past to the present day. The film details how coffee is the eighth most traded legal commodity in the world. It is also the fourth most valuable agricultural commodity. However, only one cent of a $2 cup of coffee goes to the grower.[1] This inequality has helped shape the history of continents and the Cold War.[


    This shows a sharp drop in world crude oil extraction in 2020 — but, that rate bottomed out in about last June, according to

    I can understand why they’d have shut down the oil-well pumps during that time, with the oil prices then ( — but, I think a tricky thing about this petroleum-extraction matter is, that there’s one price-range in which people with productive oil wells can make adequate profit with the existing producing wells, and another, much higher price range in which adequate profit can be made in developing new oil fields, when those existing oil fields deplete.
    I think OFW makes a very good point, that if people can only afford to keep the existing wells producing, but not, in this age of diminishing returns on it (with the “easy stuff’, “low-hanging fruit” gone) to replace those wells when they deplete, it’s kind of a dead-end street.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      good comment. The bottom in June 2020 of course means that it is up from then, Down about 9%? and up a few %? That is good, and it’s reality which should be paid some attention…………………………Dead-end street? Yes! of course it is, but when? It’s a dead-end “in the long run” but exactly when? The fact that it plunged and then went up again suggests that the Collapse has been delayed. Another plunge next year? Could be, but then another rebound also could be coming. There could be plenty of these down and up moves before it gets so low that IC collapses. I think this pattern could go on for another 10 years or so.

    • My experience is that different EIA reports show somewhat different patterns.

      If I look at US crude and condensate production by quarterusing “International” data, this is the pattern I see:

      Q1 2019 11.832 million bpd
      Q2 2019 12.129
      Q3 2019 12.224
      Q4 2019 12.777 (“Peak”)
      Q1 2020 12.746
      Q2 2020 10.825
      Q3 2020 10.808
      Q4 2020 10.872

      Using monthly data for US Field Production for the first quarter looks like it might come in a little below Q4 2020. I am guessing it will come in at 10.660 million bpd, if March bounces back up to look like January.

      For the World as a whole, this is the pattern I see

      Q4 2018 84.500 (Peak)
      Q1 2019 82.688
      Q2 2019 81.989
      Q3 2019 81.498
      Q4 2019 83.275
      Q1 2020 82.680
      Q2 2020 74.876
      Q3 2020 72.385
      Q4 2020 74.697

      Monthly does seem to indicate that June 2020 had the lowest production of the period, but it is hard to see that in the quarterly data.

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        thanks for that. Yes, I see Q4 of 2020 is up about 3%. It’s a simplistic opinion that every Q that is up is delaying the inevitable Collapse. In my opinion, this is the most critical data of all. Also coal and natgas, but the economy = energy so Q1 Q2 etc oil data will be a good forcaster of the near future.

  33. Jeff Lovejoy says:

    Does anybody how much gasoline and crude was consumed fighting WWII?

  34. says:

    Kitty does make an interesting comment in the sense that all supplies of all resources on the global market is controlled/manipulated through global as opposed to local pricing mechanisms, which in turn affects the viability of supply chains. If, for example, the coffee price is set in New York, as opposed to Kenya or Cuba or Brazil, or wherever coffee (as just one example of a commodity) is produced, the viability of supplying that commodity is controlled and manipulated by the New York pricing exchange. The prodicers of raw materials and commodities are therefore at the behest of local producers, suppliers or farmers in remote markers and the exchange can make or break them, regardless of so-called market mechanisms that supposedly set the price.

    In a very localised market – and let’s go as small as we can – righ down to the farmer and his neighboring farmer. He does indeed walk cross to his neighbor and say: “Hey. I’ve got 2 dozen eggs (supply), I need a pail of milk (demand). Care to exchange?” Of course, some bartering might occur, but no price-setting middle-man skimming off (excuse the pun) profits and no other manipulative market mechanisms pricing anyone out of the direct supply and demand interaaction. No technology involved either. Ask the Amish. So, a whole chain of events is not neccesary for demand to take place on a local level, although it is, of course, true on a larger scale. When collapses occur, local communities alway return to the above basics, which is why collapse is actually a good

  35. I received this comment when I posted link & intro paragraphs to this blog entry:
    “Interesting analysis. Many good observations, but a bit shortsighted – IMO.

    “The energy industry is much more than an entity based on simple supply/demand frameworks.

    “The author is neglecting to factor in use restrictions; discovery/access/development of new reserves/pools; technological advancement of new energy sources (hydrogen); and forced shortages due to market manipulation.

    “Without considering all aspects of the industry, it is impossible to properly/accurately analyze cause – effect relationships, past results, or future outcomes.”

    Would Gail Tverberg please respond to this.

    • I have looked back at the past 200 years of energy consumption versus population growth. The results are very clear: The economy does very much better when energy supplies are growing relative to population, rather than shrinking. There are wars, depressions, huge debt defaults and other very bad results when growth in energy consumption growth is not fast enough.

      Technology advancement is has multiple effects:

      [1] Technology advancement can make energy supply “stretch farther.” For example, adding irrigation equipment can allow more crops to be grown. It can allow more cars to operate, with a given amount of fuel.

      [2] Technology advancement generally leads to more energy use, rather than less. In the examples above, if the cost of grain is lower because of more irrigation, more people will be able to afford meat. Meat is a much less efficient user of total resources, so raising animals for meat actually raises energy consumption. In the second example, if a car uses less gasoline, it will be cheaper to operate. More people can afford vehicles. So, in total, more gasoline is consumed. This issue is well known. It is called “Jevons’ Paradox.”

      [3] Technology advancement eventually leads to excessive wage and wealth disparity.

      The reason wage disparity occurs is because technology requires a diverse skill-set with much training. In order to get these skills, many of the workers need advanced education. At the same time, the many workers with limited skills find the labor less and less and demand. They tend to get squeezed out. Globalization makes this problem worse because workers in poor countries compete at very low wage levels.

      The reason wealth disparity occurs is because the use of technology leads to the need for a lot of capital equipment. The owners of capital equipment (including factories and other buildings) tend to become winners. Those with few skills get left out, because they have little saving to invest.

      The reason that collapse occurs is because there are not enough buyers for the goods that are being made.

      As Joseph Tainter says in his book, “The Collapse of Complex Societies,” the problem is that there are diminishing returns to complexity, where complexity is what you would call “technology advancement.” The low hanging fruit was picked first. This is true for finding new resources, as well. The big oil deposits were found first. We already know about a huge amount of oil resources that could be developed if prices would rise high enough.

      The problem is that prices don’t rise high enough, if poor people cannot afford to buy cars and homes. The purchase of these goods is needed, to keep demand up. A person doesn’t simply walk up to a gas station with a paper cup and say, “I demand some gasoline.” Demand is only possible because a whole chain of events has taken place. Someone needs to have a car (which they can afford) and needs to have a purpose for driving the car. Having a job, so that the person can buy a car usually needs to be part of the chain.

      Societies throughout the ages have collapsed when their populations outgrew their resource bases. They all did try adding complexity, and it helped, but only for a while. Eventually, the fact that there were too many low wage workers became a problem.

      This is a link to a write-up of a talk I gave to about 120 energy researchers, on the subject, Why Collapse Occurs; Why It May Not Be Far Away. It may help you understand the situation better.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        The systemic rate of profit tends to fall due to the mismatch between rising capital investment and paid wages available to purchase goods, with a key locus in the energy sector.

      • Kowalainen says:

        I’m not sure I like the prospects of adding complications and unnecessary contraptions in order to feed bureaucrats shoveling fluff pieces between themselves in order to few ‘useful’ and ‘important’.

        It is not complexity per se that is the problem, rather the menial bourgeoise that ends up on the exponential growth curve stifling the lower artisanry from participating in the economy, while growing in numbers and complications.

        I think it is about time to cut out most of the middle men and various narrative peddlers choking an already resource constrained IC.

        Do we really need these multinationals and their slave shop floors? No; of course not. People can manufacture themselves. The winners would be the tool makers (sewing machine producers, etc), the raw material producers (3M, etc) and Joe and Jill average producing garments and various other items for people like us.

        Yeah, I got a flaming contempt for namelsss, faceless and generic bureaucrats and their pretentious Potemkin facades.

        Let it burn. 🔥

        • Xabier says:

          Fully with you on that, the bureaucrats are the most useless of self-seeking parasites: give me skilled men and women making real stuff any day. They’re often more honest, too.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Here’s the recent result of applying technology to the extraction of oil:

      Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns. Financial Times.

      A fracking binge in the American shale industry has permanently damaged the country’s oil and gas reserves, threatening hopes for a production recovery and US energy independence, according to one of the sector’s top investors.

      Wil VanLoh, chief executive of Quantum Energy Partners, a private equity firm that through its portfolio companies is the biggest US driller after ExxonMobil, said too much fracking had “sterilised a lot of the reservoir in North America”.

      “That’s the dirty secret about shale,” Mr VanLoh told the Financial Times, noting wells had often been drilled too closely to one another. “What we’ve done for the last five years is we’ve drilled the heart out of the watermelon.”

      Soaring shale production in recent years took US crude output to 13m barrels a day this year and brought a rise in oil exports, allowing President Donald Trump to proclaim an era of “American energy dominance”.

      Total US oil reserves have more than doubled since the start of the century as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and horizontal drilling unleashed reserves previously considered out of reach.

      But the pandemic-induced crash, which sent US crude prices to less than zero in April, has devastated a shale patch that was already out of favor with Wall Street for its failure to generate profits, even while it made the country the world’s biggest oil and gas producer.

      The number of operating rigs has collapsed by more than 60% since the start of the year. US output is now about 11m barrels a day, according to the US Energy Information Administration, or 15% less than the peak.

      “Even if we wanted to, I don’t think we could get much above 13m” barrels a day, Mr VanLoh said. “I don’t think it’s physically possible, because we’ve messed up so much reservoir. I would argue that what the US was touting three or four years ago, in theoretical deliverability, is nowhere close to what we think it is now.”

      He said operators had carried out “massive fracks” that created “artificial, permanent porosity”, inadvertently reducing the pressure in reservoirs and therefore the available oil.
      The comments will cause alarm in the shale patch, given the crucial role of investors such as QEP in financing the onshore American oil business.

      This is where the Moon Landing Lie comes into play…. if we can go to the Moon… then we can do anything….

      Well… we have never been to the moon because we do not have the technology to go to the moon… and we never will.

      There many things that are impossible to do — try growing a carrot on a rock… try developing AI that can defeat Captcha and tick all the boxes with ‘stop lights’….

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  38. Pearl says:

    david, I’m new here. Who are the “university educated scientists who post here [who] disagree with [FE’s] nonnnsense”?

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I should show some wise restraint and let them speak for themselves. If you go back to the previous full page of comments, you should be able to spot them…………………………………………… Otherwise, reading the real science of the successful mooon trips is far superior to watching CT videos.

      • Pearl says:

        david, I’ve already researched the moon-landing situation to my satisfaction. I’m just curious if there are any actual scientists on this site. Apparently, Ed is the only one.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Still waiting on Ed’s analysis of the photos … that top pro photographers insist were shot in a studio….


          Maybe you can comment on the MIRACLE TAPE as well? You know — the TAPE that survives extreme cold and heat… and 25,000mph speeds.

          If that exists I’ve have a roll or two — I’ll use it on M Fast’s mouth when she nags me…. she’s been know to hit 20,000 words per second … so she’s under the threshold

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I hereby declare today Monday May 10 as Mock the Re-Tards Day on OFW.

        Feel free to beat, kick, burn, torture, shoot, abuse, bury alive, water board… the R E Tarded DelusiSTANIS.

        For today they have gone too far

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          which just shows that you have lost the scientific debate, and are resorting to your usual tanttrums.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Nahhh… this is what one does when one tires of arguing with fools and MOREONS.

        • Bei Dawei says:

          Fine, if that means you’ll shut up on the 11th (and thereafter).

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I generally delete all of your comments and many others… simple search then mass delete… do not mistake that with being unable to destroy whatever drivel you have posted…

            What WP needs is a way to auto-filter DelusiSTANIS out … so the comments do not appear in my inbox… that would save a fair bit of time….

            • Kowalainen says:

              How to spot a shill:

              1. Engages in master suppression “techniques”
              2. Usually writes as little as possible
              3. Ends up spilling the beans despite the lack of substance

              Too goddamned easy for a master of observation. Repeat after me:


              But hey, muppets gonna muppet. What else could they possibly do? The world of uselessness is crumbling. AI is displacing them at an alarming rate. Yes what to do?

              “CURATING” CONTENT! YAY!

              Nah, that assumes a capability of reading and thinking comprehension. It is clearly not an ace up their sleeve. Here’s a better idea:


              Don’t worry, I’ll watch.


    • Cletus says:

      davidblahblah, your response to Pearl is about as deep as your Wikipedia moon-landing research, ha ha!

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        oh wow Clete you sure schooled me! Got any “deep” videos I should watch? Because as we both know, ALL the science is in online videos and nowhere else……………………. so you’re a Doomer? faster or slower? I’m all in on slow doom, like in the 2030s. Can you school me on that one too? 😉 peace dude.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          hey david – any idea why they taped the LEM together? What about those panels falling off the sides?

          Maybe you could apply your great powers of reasoning to explain?

          Waiting dave… and waiting…..

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  40. RationalLuddite says:

    Gail, a very important short article here from oilystuff blog:

    I would strongly suggest everyone read this. The implications are clear and also highlight the unexpected reasons why refineries are in an increasingly difficult position and why we see a confusing confluence of downward pressures on oil prices at the same time as increasing scarcity and yet upward pressures at the pump for consumers.

    • Anthony says:

      Thanks for the link. It was very informative.

      • Sam says:

        Yes thanks! That was a great link! Hopefully we can get back to this kinda of information and leave the other “stuff” for the dead horse!
        I would love to find more info on tight oil plays, refineries, heavy oil, new discoveries cost to produce etc….

    • This certainly does sound worrying. Oil is always a mixture of shorter (lighter) and longer-chain molecules (heavier). Now the mix is becoming more and more gas, and less and less oil. Bitumen from Canada and Venezuelan Orinoco oil could, in theory, be mixed with this light oil, but “mining” this material takes a lot of up-front capital, and this is not available.

      One of the quotes says, WTI compliant productionis just 8% of New Mexico (from 31% 3 years ago) and just 7% in the baked, where the Gas to Oil Ratio nearly doubled over the latest months.

      Natural gas is a much cheaper fuel than gasoline. That is why it is often just burned off (flared). Dumping more of it on the market just makes the price fall further. It could be burned for electricity, but that is about it.

      • When I look at the data by API gravity for US oil supplies, it doesn’t sound nearly as worrying (short term) as this post says, because there are other areas doing better.

        Lower numbers mean more “heavy” oil. The overall mix isn’t a lot lighter than in was in 1985. I am sure that the reason the US uses gasoline in its cars is because it is relatively light, and light oil is what the US has tended to pump historically.

        Europe has tried to operate both private passenger auto vehicles on diesel and heavy trucks (and farm equipment) on diesel. This is silly, because diesel is a heavy oil product. It is increasingly hard afford to pump out.

      • Sam says:

        most people in the west and canada heat and cook with natural gas…so It could be used for that .

    • Fast Eddy says:

      The Elders would have seen this coming (they have teams of experts feeding them data… they’d also know the exact state of Ghawar and other major fields that are in obvious decline)…

      This was all factored in when they made Covid, the vaccines and the CEP.

      • RationalLuddite says:

        Fast Eddy

        Not sure if anyone here has posted this before. It’s from 2016 – p. 1024, last two paragraphs

        Rare industry confirmation(not rumour) that even 5 years ago Ghawar was pumping 60% water … that is terminal.

        There are many other data points to this also, such as the disclosure that SA are secretly buying huge amounts of oil from Iran and blending it.

        Would appreciate any other industry confirmation links re Ghawar if anyone has some. Not rumour, actual published data.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          This is another ice berg tip…. nobody will know the full story but if we apply the axiom that all good things must end…. then this would have factored into the overall decision to launch the CEP.

          limited in size or extent.
          “every computer has a finite amount of memory”

          or…. every oil field contains a finite amount of oil

      • Xabier says:

        I’d agree FE.

        They launched now – and are moving so fast – as it is both the now-or-never moment in respect of the ‘resource cliff’, and the surveillance/rationing/extermination tech is all in place and ready to roll out.

        Much as the German elite in 1914 and 1939 believed they had to make their bid for the domination of Eurasia and Africa, or lose it forever to Russia with her immense resources and huge manpower.

        Everything the conspirators do shows a sense of urgency on their part, not just ambition and greed.

        They also need to divert most of remaining resources to the Transhumanist Bio-Tech project, and away from the now useless masses, who are now only useful as highly disposable workers, and as genetic feed-stock of some kind and material for experiments.

        ‘100 years of progress in 25 years’ is their sincere delusion. They see us as being in the way of that.

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  42. Sam says:

    Just read the comments on Zero hedge about this post…. Yikes! Granted a lot of them think that housing prices will go up forever…and this system is in trouble because of politics….
    That is the problem I have with “political People’ is that they see everything in a knee jerk political sense and that is all.

    • Kowalainen says:

      It’s shills and counter shills. Mostly worthless and boring shillery.

      Let them wait for the next Jesus to materialize prosperity into existence from nothing. In the mean time; BAU!



    • Xabier says:

      Their eyes water from the political smoke screen, therefore they see nothing accurately.

      Politics is like a row in a primitive tribal group, and satisfying for that very reason – drama, emotion, and everyone can have an opinion, even the lowliest, and feel significant.

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  44. Ed says:

    Batteries for the lunar lander

    There were four batteries in the descent stage of the LM and two more to power the ascent stage. The batteries had alternating plates of silver and zinc, separated by paper insulation and surrounded by a liquid potassium hydroxide electrolyte.