COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

Last week, the CDC announced a surprising finding: “Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.” Public officials had known from the early days of vaccine development that vaccinated people could catch COVID-19, but the assumption had been made that they were not going to be spreaders of COVID-19.

It turns out that the delta variant is sufficiently different from the original Wuhan version of the virus that the vaccines work much less well. The CDC performed an analysis of COVID-19 cases arising from one public gathering in Massachusetts. They found that the gathering led to 469 COVID-19 Delta cases among Massachusetts residents, with 74% of these cases in fully vaccinated attendees. Massachusetts is a highly vaccinated state, with approximately 64% of the population fully vaccinated.

There are other issues coming up as well. How long does the vaccine really last? Is the vaccine itself part of the reason that the virus is mutating as rapidly as it is? Are we making problems for ourselves by creating an army of people with very light cases of COVID-19 who can spread the virus to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated without realizing that they have more than a cold? Aren’t we inadvertently killing off the least able of the virus mutations and allowing the most virulent to multiply?

My training is as an actuary, so I am familiar with modeling. I am also a “systems thinker.” I know that it is important to look at longer term impacts as well as short-term impacts. If a person works in the healthcare field, it is easy to consider only the obvious short-term benefits. It takes some analysis to figure out that today’s vaccines may lead to stronger variants (such as Delta) and more overall spread of COVID-19.

In this post, I will explain some of the issues involved.

[1] Today’s vaccines provide only a fraction of the true level of protection required. Their actions are in many ways similar to applying weed killer at half the strength needed to kill the weeds or providing antibiotics at half the dose required to stop the spread of bacteria.

All of our lives, we have been told, “Be sure to complete the full course of the antibiotics. It is necessary to kill all of the bacteria. Otherwise, it will be easier for a few of the stronger bacteria not to be affected. If you stop too early, the bacteria that are least affected by the antibiotic will survive and reproduce, while the others will die. Stopping the drug too soon is a great way to achieve antibiotic resistance, quickly.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 vaccine makers seem to have overlooked this issue. The respected BMJ published an editorial entitled, Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us. It makes the point:

Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.”

Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either.

We were told that the new COVID-19 vaccines are “95% effective in preventing symptomatic disease,” but it turns out that this is far less adequate than what most people would assume. The vaccine is “leaky.” A big issue is that the virus mutates, and the vaccine works much less well against the mutations. The world can never reach herd immunity if immunized people keep catching new variants of COVID-19 and keep passing them on, as the evidence now suggests.

[2] In a way, getting sick from a virus is helpful. It tells us to stay at home, away from others. It is the fact that humans experience symptoms from viruses that tends to limit their spread.

If a virus has severe symptoms, those infected with the virus will not feel well enough to continue their usual activities. They will tend to stay at home.

If the symptoms are mild, as is the case with the common cold, people will likely go about their activities as usual. This is especially the case if people need to work to feed their families. Thus, viruses with mild symptoms often spread easily.

But, if citizens feel that they are protected by a vaccine, they will likely continue to go about their activities as usual. Most of them will not realize that they might be spreaders of Delta, and perhaps other new COVID-19 variants. Symptoms are likely to be mild or non-existent.

[3] It is becoming clear that people immunized with today’s vaccines can both catch the delta variant and spread it to others.

As I mentioned above, the CDC concluded from looking at its analysis of 469 delta cases that the infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

We have independent corroboration of the ability of vaccinated individuals to spread delta COVID-19 in a new analysis from Singapore. This article reports, “PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values were similar between both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups at diagnosis.” This is precisely the information that the CDC was relying on in Massachusetts when they reported that there were similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. While this analysis has not yet been peer reviewed, it reaches precisely the same conclusion with respect to early viral load as the Massachusetts analysis.

The data from this same Singapore study indicates that there are about 3 times as many asymptomatic cases in the vaccinated (28.2%) as the unvaccinated (9.2%). The median number of symptoms reported by the vaccinated was 1, compared to 2 in the unvaccinated. Among the vaccinated, the most frequent symptoms were fever (40.9%), runny nose (38%) and cough (38%). One of these symptoms, especially if it occurred only briefly, could easily be overlooked as a sign of COVID-19.

[4] With nearly all of the current vaccines, the immune system is trained to look for the spike protein from the original Wuhan virus. This narrow focus makes it relatively easy for the virus to mutate in ways that outsmart the vaccine.

A “History of Vaccines” website indicates that there are several ways vaccines are being made, including weakened (“attenuated”) viruses, killed viruses, and segments of the pathogen. In the new COVID-19 vaccines, a particularly limited part of the virus is used, the spike protein. In fact, in the newer vaccines, only an mRNA code is injected, and the body is instructed to make the spike protein itself.

Using a very narrow target has made it easier for viruses to evade the effects of the vaccine. Delta is one variant of the original virus from Wuhan that is evading vaccines through its mutations. Another such variant is Lambda, which caused serious problems in Chile in the spring of 2021, despite vaccine usage as high as 60%. The virus underlying all of these variants is called SARS-CoV-2, reflecting the fact that this virus is closely related to the virus which caused the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Since vaccination began about December 15, 2020, we have so far encountered two variants that are poorly controlled by vaccines. This is not a promising sign for the long-term success of COVID-19 vaccines. As more time goes on, we can expect more such variants. These variants do not necessarily stay around for more than a few months, making it difficult to create and distribute new specially targeted vaccines.

[5] Given the likelihood of mutations away from the narrow target, it seems strange that the governments have set very high expectations for the new vaccines.

It seems to me that Pfizer and Moderna should have said, “We are producing new vaccines that will somewhat lessen symptoms. In a way, they will be like the annual influenza vaccines that various companies make each year. We will need to update the vaccines regularly, but we will likely miss. Hopefully, our guess regarding what will work will be ‘close enough,’ so the vaccine will provide some partial benefit for the upcoming variations.”

Such a statement would have provided a more realistic set of expectations, compared to what many people have been assuming. No one would expect that herd immunity would ever be reached. The vaccines would be perceived as fairly weak tools that need to be used alongside medications, if they are to be used at all.

[6] Leaky vaccines, if widely used, can encourage the virus to mutate toward more virulent (severe) forms. Ultimately, the problem becomes viruses that mutate to more virulent forms faster than the vaccine system can keep up.

If, as we are seeing today, vaccinated people can catch the variant and pass it on to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, this extra boost can help the variant tremendously in its ability to spread. This extra boost is especially helpful for the variants that are very virulent, since in the normal situation, people who catch a virulent variant would recognize that they are sick and stay at home.

There would normally be a limit on how much the variant could spread based on its impact on the unvaccinated. This limit goes away if both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread the illness. Without a vaccine, the variants might be either more or less virulent, with the more virulent tending to die out because the people who get them either die or stay at home because they are very ill. I would expect that this is the reason why quite a few viruses tend to become less severe (virulent) over time, when leaky vaccines are not available to artificially boost their virulence.

The article, Vaccines are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve, gives the example of how the vaccines for Marek’s disease in chickens have been failing, as the disease gradually evolves to become more virulent under pressure from the vaccines being used to keep this illness away. The first vaccine was introduced in 1970. A decade later, outbreaks of Marek’s disease began to be found in vaccinated flocks. A second vaccine was licensed in 1983, but it too began to fail. When the article was written in 2018 the industry was on its third vaccine, but it too was beginning to fail, as the disease became more deadly. But there was no new vaccine yet available.

A 2015 article in PLOS Biology is entitled, Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. A person would think everyone involved in vaccine technology would be very much aware of this issue.

The chase after new vaccines is precisely the problem we can expect to have with the vaccines for COVID-19. Only, our problem with the vaccine not really working correctly is coming after a few months, not 10 years. Trying to keep up with new vaccines for a virus that evolves away from us, this quickly, is likely to be an impossible task. It is not just the unvaccinated who have a problem; it is everyone, as the vaccines quickly lose their effectiveness.

[7] Another potential problem with COVID-19 vaccines is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). When this occurs, it worsens later infections by different variants.

ADE is a rather strange condition in which the antibodies against one variant gained from a first infection (or immunization) act to make some later infections by a different variant worse, rather than better. Dengue Fever is an example of an illness for which this is an issue.

Dr. Robert Malone thinks that ADE may be happening now for COVID-19. He sees the high virus levels in immunized individuals as evidence of possible ADE.

The large number of immunized patients in the hospital with COVID-19 in Israel (which has mostly Delta cases) is also given as possible evidence:

Figure 1. Image from Israel’s official COVID-19 website, showing new hospitalizations and new severe patients separately for fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated individuals.

The illness SARS is closely related to COVID-19. There is evidence that vaccinations against SARS tend to produce ADE. In fact, the National Institute of Health provided funding for a 2020 academic paper that reaches the following conclusion:

The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standards for informed consent.

[8] Another problem with the current vaccines against COVID-19 is that immunity may not last very long.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a coronavirus. The common cold is another illness caused by a coronavirus. We know the immunity of the common cold doesn’t last very long, perhaps a year. While we don’t have long-term experience with COVID-19 vaccine immunity, we shouldn’t be surprised if its immunity begins to wane within a few months, or in a year or two.

Israel, after analyzing its recent COVID-19 experience (almost all with the Delta variant), is now offering anyone over 60 who was vaccinated more than 5 months ago a booster shot. Third doses are also being given to those with weakened immune systems.

It should be noted that if immunity doesn’t last very long, any strategy of “flattening the curve” by stretching out COVID-19 cases becomes counterproductive because it runs the risk of moving the timeframe of the next cycle beyond the time when natural (and vaccine-induced) immunity is still operative.

[9] The public has been led to believe that vaccines are the only solution to COVID-19 when, in fact, they are at best a very poor and temporary band-aid.

Vaccines are a tempting solution because the benefits have been oversold and no one has explained how poorly today’s leaky vaccines really work.

We are already past the period when these vaccines were well matched with the viruses they were aimed at. Now we are in a situation in which the viruses are constantly mutating, and the vaccines need to be updated. The catch is that the variants stick around for such a short time period that by the time the vaccine is updated, there is likely to be yet another new variant that the new vaccine does not really match up with well.

Requirements that employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot be expected to provide much benefit to employers because workers will still be out sick with COVID-19. This happens because they are likely to catch a variant such as Delta, which does not line up with the original vaccine. Perhaps they will be out for a shorter period, and their hospital bills will be lower. These types of benefits are what people have expected of influenza vaccines. There is no reason for them to expect more of the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Even with 100% vaccination herd immunity can never be reached because the vaccine encourages the virus to mutate into more virulent forms. Each new variant stays around for only a few months, making it hard for vaccine makers to keep up with the changing nature of the problem. Vaccine makers can expect to face a constant battle in having to run to stay even. Someone will have to convince citizens that each new vaccine makes sense, even though injuries reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System seem to be much more frequent than those reported for vaccines for other diseases.

An erroneous, one-sided story is being told to the general public, in part because the pharmaceutical lobby is incredibly powerful. It has the support of influential people, such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The pharmaceutical industry can make billions of dollars in income from the sale of vaccines, with little in the way of sales expenses. The industry has managed to convince people that it is OK to sell these vaccines, even though injury rates are very high compared to those for vaccines in general.

Vaccines are being pushed in large part because the pharmaceutical industry needs a money maker. It also wants to be seen as having cutting-edge technology, so young people will be attracted to the field. It cannot admit to anyone that technologies from decades ago would perhaps work better to solve the COVID-19 problem.

[10] The pharmaceutical industry has been telling the world that inexpensive drugs can’t fix our problem. However, there are several low-cost drugs that appear helpful.

One drug that is being overlooked is ivermectin, which was discovered in the late 1970s. It was originally introduced as a veterinary drug to cure parasitic infections in animals. In the U. S., ivermectin has been used since 1987 for eliminating parasites such as ringworm in humans. Ivermectin seems to cure COVID-19 in humans, but it needs a higher dosage than has been previously approved. Also, it would not be a money maker for the pharmaceutical industry.

The possible use of ivermectin to cure COVID-19 seems to have been intentionally hidden. At approximately 32:45 in this linked video, Dr. David Martin explains how Moderna announced ivermectin’s utility in treating SARS (which is closely related to SARS-CoV-2) in its 2016-2018 patent modification related to the SARS virus. It sounds as though Moderna (and others) have participated both in developing harmful viruses and in developing vaccines to cure very closely related viruses. They then work to prevent the sale of cheap drugs that might reduce their sales of vaccines. This seems unconscionable.

Vitamin D, in high enough doses, taken well before exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, seems to lead to reduced severity of the disease, and may eliminate some cases completely.

Various steroid drugs are often used in the later stages of COVID-19, when conditions warrant it. The medical community seems to have no difficulty with these.

Monoclonal antibodies are also used in the treatment of COVID-19, but they are much more expensive.

[11] Conclusion. Governments, businesses, and citizens need to understand that today’s vaccines are not really solutions to our COVID-19 problem. At the same time, they need better solutions.

Current vaccines have been badly oversold. They can be expected to make the mutation problem worse, and they don’t stop the spread of variants. Instead, we need to start quickly to make ivermectin and other inexpensive drugs available through healthcare systems. People do need some sort of solution to the problem of COVID-19 illnesses; it just turns out that the current vaccines work so poorly that they probably should not be part of the solution.

The whole idea of vaccine passports is absurd. Even with the vaccine, people will catch the new COVID-19 variants, and they will pass them on to others. Perhaps they may get lighter symptoms, so that they will be off work for a shorter length of time, but there still will be disruption. If those who catch COVID-19 can instead take ivermectin at a high enough dose at the first sign of illness, many (or most) of them can get well in a few days and avoid hospitalization completely. Other medications may be helpful as well.

I am skeptical that masks can do any good with the high level of transmission of Delta. But at least masks aren’t very harmful. We probably need to go along with what is requested by officials.

It is becoming clear that today’s pharmaceutical industry is far too powerful. Investigations need to be made into the large number of allegations against it and its leaders. Why did members of the pharmaceutical industry find it necessary to patent viruses, and then later sell vaccines for a virus closely related to the viruses it had patented?

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. CTG says:

    I have written a long write up (Without any links) but it still goes to moderation. No banned words. Perhaps I am not welcomed here.

    Here is the link that I am suppose to put into the long article.

    Thius is the video (Which all MSM are using)

    1. People are so calm
    2. Lights are still available.
    3. Notice that the water outside of the carriage is higher (see the window on the carriage door).
    4. The water is rather clean as flood water.

    This is a super train – fantastic electrical insulation, totally waterproof since the water outside of the carriage cannot even enter (water always seeks the same level)

    The passengers are all very calm and one of them even wore a mask.

    Is is the same as “one small step of mankind…”? In the studio?

    • Kowalainen says:

      We surely can build IP-classed electronics and power systems. I bet that train could operate fully submerged. Just supply oxygen respirators for the useful consumerists.


    • el mar says:

      Sure, you are welcomed, CTG

    • D. Stevens says:

      Anyone know if they got out or did they drown as the water seeped in? Maybe the WiFi kept working and they were able to stream their last moments.

    • Ed says:

      as a trained technologist my vote is FAKE

    • Ed says:

      or more succinctly

      never piss on the third rail

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      Pro-China propaganda use:

      Garner sympathy for China following their massive faux pas on the world stage: unleashing the “China Virus,” the “Wuhan Flu,” the “CCP Virus,” etc. They could really use rebranding these days and one way to do that is to play the victim card.

      Getting “out there” esoteric use:

      A symbolic reference to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. You may not believe it, I may not believe it, but the question is whether people with money and power believe it, as they’d be the ones capable of staging a public ritual of this size.

      “On the 28 December, 2020 we exited the age of Pisces [debatable], the age of the fish and have entered the enlightened age of Aquarius which will last in excess of two thousand years.

      “Aquarius which has the symbol of waves, is described by astrologers as the age of energy, knowledge and freedom: When as their rightful heritage, humanity take control of the Earth and their own destiny.”

      The G7 Summit was held at Carbis Bay, Cornwall on June 11-13, 2021. Guess what their logo was? A symbol of waves:

      If our news media increasingly reports narratives, symbols/logos and imagery centered around water and waves then perhaps there’s something to this Age of Aquarius story. I have no idea, but it’s something I came across recently and the flooded Chinese subway footage reminded me of it.

      • CTG says:

        Age of Aquarius. Heard of that. I am not dismissing it. If there are too many coincidences then they’re not coincidences

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          I think we’ll see an increasing emphasis and reliance on magic, superstition, religions, cults, etc. as available energy resources continue to decline. You can’t have advanced, modern science and medicine without massive energy inputs.
          I wonder if all of this COVID-19 nonsense is a desperate Hail Mary; the last gasp of a dying complex medical system. Much like the Iraq War was probably the last gasp of the US military industrial complex, in terms of its ability to marshal thousands of troops, weapons, and vehicles for a lengthy overseas campaign.
          I see a desperate and complex industry in its death throes and it is reaching out with a needle, attempting to take all of the human species with it. No thanks. I intend to watch it die and survive it, if possible.
          Paradigm shifts will be inevitable. Without underlying energy inputs, the practices of modern science and medicine will become increasingly irrelevant, impractical, and ultimately forgotten in time. What use will humans in a post-cheap energy world have for our viral theory, mRNA “vaccines,” and PCR tests? Those humans, those survivors, will presumably be much closer to nature than we are today and they will organize their societies differently than we do today. They will have their myths, histories, superstitions, religions, cults, science, medicine and so on. Their age will be very different from our age. One can only hope that they don’t repeat our mistakes and bring about their own destruction, much like we’re doing today.

          Astrology is an ancient system governed largely by cycles. Perhaps we moderns deceive ourselves with our notion of linear time; thinking that we’re the only ones in history to have been where we are now, to have been as advanced as we are now. Perhaps we are entering a new astrological age. Perhaps it will be better in many ways than the previous age.
          I’m 38 years old and I intend to survive our decaying, sclerotic civilization and it’s overly complex systems; adapting to whatever changes may come for as long as I can. I hope to live to see the day when our current paradigms and common knowledge are overturned. I keep an open mind because I know that there is far more to life, the Earth, the universe than I will ever be able to fully comprehend in one human lifetime.

          On a long enough timeline, knowledge is fluid, not fixed. What is true today will not always be true. Many people cannot accept that. Their psyches are inflexible; their egos make them rigid. They have absolute certainty. They think only in the short-term.
          Ambiguity is a part of life. Some people are uncomfortable with that and choose to cling to mainstream narratives and “experts” in their quest for absolute certainty.
          This globalized scamdemic, with it’s masking, antisocial distancing, “vaccines,” lockdowns, “vaccine” passports, etc. may break modern science, medicine, virology, law, and governance as we’ve known them. That may just be the best thing that comes out of this whole experience. I hope to live to see those days.

          Until then, I attempt to keep an open mind.

          “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

          • Fast Eddy says:

            From the industrial age back to the stone age … in the blink of an eye.

            Too bad about those spent fuel ponds.

          • Sometimes I visit a blog called “Vox Populi”. Recently a commenter wrote the following, on a post talking about the US re-dimensioning its military hegemon (emphasis mine):

            “You cannot stop a core collapse, the process is like a vortex of self consumption where everything done to prevent or forestall the collapse becomes part of the process of collapse, all energies are twisted into serving the maelstrom.

            “To those who see opportunity beware the Colossus is most dangerous as it sees the end approach.. A collapsing giant will seek to engage external foes in a desperate attempt to reinforce itself from internal decay…

            “A desperate empire is prone to the kind of misadventures that destroy both itself and it’s enemies in an orgy of destruction. I think we are nearing the end of the era of low intensity conflicts.”


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Or perhaps the Elders understand that BAU is about to end … so there is no point in wasting previous fuel maintaining a presence in irrelevant remote theatres… so they are returning to the hive …

              I interpret the withdrawal from Afghanistan as a signal that the End Game … is close…

          • Azure Kingfisher says:

            Dramatic Video Shows People Trapped In Neck High Water During Omaha Flash Floods


            Another potential Age of Aquarius narrative. Incident happened on Saturday, August 7. Omaha, Nebraska.

      • This is interesting.. lots of symbology, of course, circulating around other social phenomenon, like the child-trafficking networks.

        Whether these are real phenomenological influences or not, “they” believe them worth invoking, at least at some level.

    • CTG, that just happens sometimes.. more frequently if the post is longer and/or with several links…

  2. Fast Eddy says:

    Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.


    May 19, 2021 – French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier called mass vaccination against the coronavirus during the pandemic “unthinkable” and a historical blunder that is “creating the variants” and leading to deaths from the disease.


    Fauci warns more severe COVID-19 variant could emerge as cases rise: US ‘could really be in trouble’ The 7-day average of daily new COVID-19 cases is up more than 43% from last week

  3. CTG says:

    To Mike Roberts, Mark Robinowitz, et al,

    Let me give you my background. Bachelor of Science and Microelectronics, Plasma Etch Staff Engineer in a wafer fabrication plant before quitting 6 years ago. MBA from top 5 universities in UK; multiple critical world-changing patents in wafer fabrication process. I am immensely interested in biology and biochemistry since 1993 and did a lot of serious study and research since that point of time. I would have obtained a degree in biology if I have the opportunity. I am also very knowledgeable in sociology, human psychology and I am also a serious computer programmer (started programming and hacking computer games since 1988). I love to do a lot of research and never believe anything from the internet, be it from a reliable source or not. Since 2004, I have already realized that something is not right with energy. Yes I do love mathematics and statistics.

    The main purpose I am giving you all my background is that I am not a charlatan in science. I have something that many people don’t have – common sense and the eagerness to prove to myself that I can be right or wrong. I have so many misconceptions since young and I readily change my viewpoints when the need arises. I don’t cling on to wrong perceptions or ideas

    IYI – Intellectual Yet Idiotic. The world is full of them. You can easily identify them.

    I had a talk with someone that I knew for some time. A great guy; computer expert. We talked and he said that EV (electric vehicle) will be the future and within 10 years, internal combustion engine will be history. He asked me to buy one. He acknowledge that his condominium does not have the charging capability (condominium was more than 15 year old) and there may not have sufficient charging point. I pressed him on how the electric infrastructure will handle all this demand. We don’t have sufficient power plants, the overhead cables are too thin and it is just not possible to rewire the whole country.

    What happened after I said that? Nothing. Nothing is being said. Just quiet and then he talked about something great like asking me to buy one.
    Same goes for COVID. When I asked tough but common-sense questions to IYI, even the virologists, the reaction is identical.
    If you guys manage to catch a video of floods in Henan China a few weeks ago, you can see that the passengers of the subway train are waist deep in water yet the lights in the train are still functioning and the people are not panicking. I asked people about this. What happened? Same reaction.

    It does seem to me that

    1. Their brain not processing the information. Seems to me that they are just regurgitating out information from other sources.
    2. Common sense is not common at all. Even simple things like “how can the lights in the train be turned on” when the train is already half submerged. All the passengers would be electrocuted. Right? What is their response ? – no response. Something akin to “computer hang”
    3. Switch topics or subjects if silence is not possible.

    See, it is that simple. I give people a chance to present the information and I will judge for myself if it is good of bad. If someone wants to present “flat earth” to me, I will listen. I want to know what he is saying and I want to know why he says that. It is this that I learned a lot and I changed my perception of my surrounding because I have people an opportunity to tell me their side of their story. I will not believe everything that is said but it does perk up my interest and I will do more research (from both sides) and decide for myself how real it is.

    IYI will just push you aside and will NOT even listen to you at all if you try to say something about flat earth (or anything that is going against their narrative, even though that narrative is proven false)

    Honestly, flat earthers have many points that “round eathers” cannot refute. These “round earthers” keep on harping on the same issue – you will fall off the edge of the flat earth. That is all they are good at.

    I can even group all of these people in a common grouping
    1. Highly educated. Always think they are the best
    2. Always trust the “experts” even though the “experts” are wrong
    3. Just does not want to consider other people’s viewpoint. You can have 100 good points and just because of one point he is against you, he will discard the 99 points that you are right. You will always be wrong
    4. They are all binary – you are with me or against me
    5. Stubborn and will not accept what others says. See point #2 above. If you are in his bad books, nothing you say matter at all.
    6. Relationship is not important. Father-mother-son, friends, anyone will be dumped in the junk pile if you disagree with them.
    7. Lack the mental capacity to do critical thinking and keeps on regurgitating information that is “perceived to be true”
    Even if Neil Armstrong came out and say to the whole world that moon landing did not happen and it is a fake, these people will say that “this is fake news” even if it is shown on MSM.

    This thing transcends borders, culture, nationality, geography and race. I am more inclined towards the fact that these people are nothing more than NPCs.

    • DB says:

      Over the last two years, I think many of us have discovered, with surprise, what a very large percentage of our fellow humans (including those we know, like, and trust very much) fall in this category. It is probably the greatest disappointment in my life.

      I think your questions about the flood video are good. Evidence that Minority of One described and other information suggest that the floods did happen and may have caused many deaths in the subway. It may be impossible to ever know what really happened, especially because it was in China.

      • CTG says:

        I think your questions about the flood video are good. Evidence that Minority of One described and other information suggest that the floods did happen and may have caused many deaths in the subway. It may be impossible to ever know what really happened, especially because it was in China.

        Correction.. every country, not only China will overplay or underplay anything that guy fit its narrative

    • Fast Eddy says:

      It really is quite similar to the response you would get from your dog … should you ask such questions of him…

      I am fond of the theory that IYI are nothing more than well trained circus animals… capable of performing complex tricks… they measure their abilities using IQ…. they are often very successful because BAU rewards them for these abilities….

      But I do not think IQ is a measure of true intelligence….

      An ape can be taught basic sign language… and that is quite the feat.

      I prefer Horse Power…. there are a number of people on OFW with serious horse power… I know of very few outside of OFW with any….

    • This is one of the best comments I can remember reading lately. Only thing I can add to it is that this condition must have served us evolutionarily, otherwise it would not be so. There has to be something so important about group cohesion and social messaging that it supersedes rationality.

      Somewhat touching on this is the work of Brower & Varki, that Rob M. from the “undenial” blog, has brought up from time to time.

    • Xabier says:

      Killing the elderly, warming up on injecting all the children – it’s Nazism 2.0.

    • Kowalainen says:

      Morphine was quite popular in Sweden. Institutional sociopathy and all that combined with rapacious primatery tending their old coots.


      Prestige, status, power and:

      MOAR! and MONIES! Yay! 🤣👍

      Homo sapiens sapiens isn’t scalable. Will never be it is not in our programming. Self destruction intended by design. Repeat after me:

      MOAR! Yay!

    • Check out this video interview with Wayne Smith son of a victim of the procedure (which was carried out within his own home, on his lucid dad!). Wayne (oops!) recently died. His pursuit of justice appeared to be as far-ranging as it was fruitless.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I reckon if someone is to the point of being dumped into a hospice… that they should be put down like a disease dog …. cuz that’s what they are…

        • You say “put down like a diseased dog”.. yep, we put down our dog at the vets for $200 and with less suffering than my mom went through at the hands of the medical-industrial complex.

          • Lidia17 says:

            This sounds horrible on its own… it was following a longer comment that may not appear, to the effect that I know what it’s like to care for an elder and have the system betray us.

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    British Anti-Mask Expat Sent to Mental Hospital

    The trial of a British expat in Singapore who provoked national outrage for repeatedly refusing to wear protective face masks in the tightly-controlled city state opened on Thursday with a tense hearing in which he called the charges “preposterous” and “disgusting.”

    Benjamin Glynn made headlines in May after a video capturing him without a face mask onboard a busy train went viral. Local media outlets later reported that Glynn became confrontational towards police officers who showed up at his home to arrest him.

    • Tim Groves says:

      So where did that get him. He’s wearing a mask AND a straitjacket now.

      Give ’em independence and just look where it leads to. Should’ve made them include a clause in the constitution that permits a little bit of English eccentricity.

  5. Fast Eddy says:

    MailOnline has a harrowing story about a woman who discovered Mexico has been placed on the red list in mid-air as she was flying to Mexico City yesterday. The only way for her to avoid quarantining for 10 days on her return – and the £1,750 cost of doing so – would be to catch the next flight home. Unfortunately, the cheapest one before Sunday, when Mexico goes on the red list, is £6,878.

    Thousands of British holidaymakers are stuck in Mexico – which is set to go on the red list from 4am on Sunday

    They face a scramble to get back with direct flights from Mexico City to London soaring as high as £7,000

    Some holidaymakers have even revealed how they found out about the red list mid-air, leaving them trapped

    hahahahaha…. I LOVE THIS SHI T. punish the MOREONS

    And save petrol because we need to get the Devil Covid before petrol becomes an insurmountable problem

    • Xabier says:

      A year and a half into this and these people still haven’t grasped what’s going on.

      Meanwhile, if you have a private jet and happen to be an essential high-status traveller, no problem!

      My Israeli neighbour tells me that Israel has just put the UK on the red list (despite the allegedly high vaxxed level and low deaths from Covid here) and imposing heavy fines on anyone who arrives in Israel from here.

      Talk of another lock-down in Israel to force people to take the 3rd injection asap…..

      • Fast Eddy says:

        All we have to do is read what mark posts to understand the true nature of what we are dealing with … and he is probably one of the more thoughtful CovIDIOTS

  6. Fast Eddy says:

    April 2021

    Vaccines are 92 per cent effective against infection and 100 per cent effective at preventing serious disease. They are safe. Get your shots and you’re good for life.

    June 2021

    There are rare breakthrough cases, but the vaccines still protect against serious disease. There are very rare complications, but the vaccines are generally safe. Get your shots and you’re good for life.

    Early July 2021

    The variants are causing breakthrough cases. The vaccines generally protect against serious illness. The vaccines cause myocarditis and other serious complications. Efficiency wanes after several months but you don’t need a booster.

    Late July 2021

    Variants cause breakthrough cases and vaccinated people carry high viral loads. The vaccines may protect against the most severe cases. The vaccines cause myocarditis, GBS and several other serious complications. The most vulnerable and the elderly will need booster shots.

    If the present trend lines continue, what’s next?

    mark – once a CovIDIOT … ALWAYS… a covidiot.

  7. Thierry Batot says:

    200% agree with your statement but these kinds of messages are not going through the main stream medias sadly.

    Thierry (from France)

    • It seems like other people could figure this out as well.

      News media like to tell a consistent story, so they tend to say whatever anyone else is saying.

      • They say what they are paid to say.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I once met a woman here in NZ… she was early 70’s and a retired CBC presenter from Canada… apparently she was quite well-known (at least that was the impression I got from her…) I do vaguely recall the name….

          Years after retiring she was behaving like a prim a donna … basking in her ancient greatness… I assume she had a journalism degree… but at some point she became and actress… addicted to the fame and eager to be noticed…

          I attempted a subtle taunt by telling her I don’t have a Tee Vee or follow much MSM because it’s fluff and propaganda… she looked at me as if I was mad…

          No doubt the news people believe most of their spew (after all why would someone have them read a teleprompter filled with lies…) or they just do not care — they are celebrities… and they will do anything to maintain their fame….

          Never rock the boat… and never get out of the boat

  8. Fast Eddy says:

    Here’s one for the CovIDIOTS…

    If the ‘vaccines’ are protecting against severe illness…

    Then why?

    Let me think for you guys … the purpose of the booster is to boost the variants… to make them even stronger… and more deadly… so that 8B people get exterminated …

    Even a moderately intelligent 10 yr old could connect these dots.

  9. CTG says:

    Mainstream Media Pronounce Heresy!! COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

    Great work Gail. Have a good holiday.

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    Very nice summary Gail.

    Obviously governments know what they are doing …. they are aware of what happens when leaky vaccines are used during a pandemic…

    So why?


    1. Every country on the planet is on board with the Injections. Even Sweden. When have all countries aligned on any issue? Never.

    2. Not a single MSM outlet is interviewing any of the expert dissenters – Yeadon, Bridle, Montagnier, Bossche etc… and the mainstream social media platforms are blocking them.


    Conventional Oil peaked in 2005

    Shale in 2018.

    According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. Only 1 barrel out of every 6 consumed is being replaced with new resources

    Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns Financial Times.

    Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times

    THE PERFECT STORM : The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel

    “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression.

    Fed is sharply increasing the amount of help it is providing to the financial system Banks did not trust each other – similar situation when Lehman collapsed

    Oil Gluts – do NOT indicate we have found more oil. We just pumped what’s left too fast.

    Summary In 2019 a second Perfect Storm was approaching – the central banks had been doing ‘whatever it takes’ for over a decade…. Essentially nothing was off the table — throw the kitchen sink at pushing GFC2.0 into the future. In 2019 the guns were blazing but the beast was no longer held at bay…

    What do you do when you are burning far more oil than you discover — and your efforts to offset the impact of expensive to produce oil push you to the edge of the cliff? You can accept your fate and allow the beast to shove you into the abyss…. Or you can take the ‘nuclear option’ and shut down as much of the economy as possible, preserve remaining oil and pump in trillions of dollars of life support to keep the system feebly alive.

    Punchline: The problem global leaders face is that if you unleash the nuclear option without some sort of cover, the sheeple and the markets would be thrown into a panic and you risk blowing things up prematurely. So you need a reason for putting the global economy on ice — one that does not spook the masses – one that is big enough to justify such epic amounts of stimulus and extreme policies — and one that allows you to explain ‘this is just temporary – once this is gone — we will get back to normal’

    A pandemic is the perfect cover.

    End Game – Covid was foisted on us as cover for the response to peak oil (if we don’t slow the burn oil prices go through the roof and we collapse) but it is also being used to convince billions to be Injected. The Injection is meant to cause extremely deadly variants like this .. only worse because we are deploying into a pandemic so everyone dies

    The reason for this is that 8B people need cheap oil to live. They would starve without it. And 8B people without food would result in epic starvation, violence, rape and cannibalism. Industrial civilization ends soon after peak oil. Unfortunately we also have 4000 spent fuel ponds that will boil off and release toxic substances for centuries. These facilities cannot be controlled with computers and energy. So even the subsistence level humans die as they consume these toxins in the food, air and water.

    The PTB understand all of this and that is WHY every leader is on board with the Injections. There is NO way out of this — so they have decided to mitigate the suffering as much as possible by putting us down and here is the mechanism×900/651857-Werner-Herzog-Quote-Civilization-is-like-a-thin-layer-of-ice-upon.jpg

    • There are indeed similarities between SARS-Covid and peak oil.

      SARS-Cov-1 evolved right at the time when George Bush (and Dick Cheney) invaded Iraq, well knowing (from Matt Simmons who was member in the Energy Taskforce) that there were estimates of peak oil in 2005

      From my website:

      Iraq war and its aftermath failed to stop the beginning of peak oil in 2005

      I wonder how many virologists warned of a SARS-type future outbreak after SARS-Cov-1 in 2002/03, similar to ASPO warning about peak oil.

      The response of the US Federal Reserve to the 2008 oil price shock and the financial crisis it caused was the financial vaccine of low interest rates and quantitative easing, which was carbon copied around the world.It created a gigantic asset bubble,not unlike the mechanics of a virus outbreak.

      The US shale oil is similar to a new SARS variant.

      There were signs that a 2nd oil peak was evolving in 2019, the year Covid19 broke out. Just like hurricane Katrina covered up the 2005 crude peak as we wrote in our article

      Covid19 is covering up this 2019 peak triggering talk of a demand peak.nicely packaged in climate change objectives and electric vehicle targets.

      That governments deliberately let the Covid19 pandemic continue to suppress oil demand would be a conspiracy theory. It assumes governments have a deep understanding of system dynamics which is not the case.

      It is safe, however, to say that Covid19 has

      (a) lowered oil prices compared to what would otherwise be the case and
      (b) allowed China to import more oil other countries are not consuming due to the Covid19 recession

      China peak oil 2015

      The Greek alphabet goes up to Omega, symbols all exhausted in mathematical equations long before being used in virus definitions. We don’t have 24 new types of oil

      • You make some interesting observations.

        SARS-Cov-1 was engineered, just as SARS-Cov-2 was engineered. Moderna and others even got patents on SARS-Cov-1.

        We were indeed near peak oil in 2005. High prices seemed to be the solution, until the price bubble broke in mid-2008. War in the Middle East was one way of raising prices. It was also viewed as a way of getting more supply.

        COVID-19 is covering up a second peak oil problem, until something happens that it can’t any more.

        If the variants on the virus are the new problem, the virus with the variants can perhaps keep covering up the problem for a while longer. Everyone stay at home. Don’t travel to foreign countries. Have groceries delivered. Don’t have being get togethers any more. It was all of the immunizations, together with flattening the curve, that encouraged the virus to stick around and mutate.

        It is strange the way a self-organizing system works. Maybe there is an invisible hand behind it. There are things we just don’t understand, including why they happen and how they work together.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        That governments deliberately let the Covid19 pandemic continue to suppress oil demand would be a conspiracy theory. It assumes governments have a deep understanding of system dynamics which is not the case.

        I am forever amused by the suggestion that governments are not aware of a situation that I am aware of….

        I am not talking about politicians so much as the people who actually control the the world… i.e. The Elders and their Deep State minions.

        These are the people who carried out 911 in order to justify an invasion of the ME to ensure the oil hit the markets and BAU did not topple.

        These are the people who own the Saudis and classify the remaining reserves numbers.

        These are the people who faked moon landings and killed JFK.

        These are the people who made the economic impossibility of shale – possible.

        Anyone who has spent any time in business and who has reasonable competency … has good managers in place and has a finger on what is happening throughout the business…

        I run relatively small businesses… and I get streams of reports coming in every month from managers… I know what is going on … I most certainly know a great deal about the critical parts of the business….

        Oil is everything. It is the foundation of BAU – and without it the Elders empire collapses. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg. The Elders and their teams of consultants and experts will have been looking at this picture for many decades… and as oil began to be a problem in many decades ago they would have been moving the chess pieces to extend as long as possible.

        They have responded… but at some point … the physics catches up to you … that happened in 2018… and they prepped to launch the CEP.

        From my extensive library of key moments:

        The Beginning of the End

        JUNE 13, 2003 – There is increasing evidence that massive economic stimulus — monetary, courtesy of the Federal Reserve, and fiscal, thanks to the president and supply-side minded lawmakers — is taking hold. The magnitude of the policy turnaround, which caps a constructive, multi-year reflation process, should overwhelm the economic negatives — including the drag from expensive oil and poor finances at the state- and local-government levels.

        Expensive oil and its impact on other energy costs remains a concern.

        The current level of U.S. monetary stimulus is massive. Real interest rates have fallen 5.2 percent from December 2000 to March 2003, reaching -1.2 percent. A swing of this magnitude may be historical.

        Read more at:

        • The end, in some ways, started even earlier. Oil prices were way too low for producers in 1999 and 2000. There was a need for some problem in the Middle East to try to get them higher. This all seems to have been arranged.

        • postkey says:

          ‘God’ was dead’.
          Long live the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, ‘Elders’?

          • Kowalainen says:

            How would you have done in their situation? Let me tell you: You’d pursue the same goals, but fail spectacularly. Somehow I doubt these ‘elder’ schmucks are the usual hopium snorter junkie trying to “save” the planet.

            God moves in mysterious ways. Within the temptation of exploitation is truth.

            Time will tell.

            Below is a few timeless things that everyone with half a brain in working order realizes:

            Rapacious primate gonna rapacious.
            MOAR! Yay!
            INEVITABLE OBLIVION! W007!



    • zleo99 says:

      Rich nations are vaccinating themselves first, and the greater number in developing countries cannot afford to vaccinate so fast. Are the PTB happy to leave them to their own devices?

  11. nikoB says:

    Has anyone found the patent application paper by Moderna that Martin refers to where they say ivermectin works against SARS? I can’t find it.

    • Mark Robinowitz says:

      No, because it does not exist?

      There are some small studies that promote ivermectin. A couple probably were fraudulent. No large studies that claim this.

      Again, Trump got monoclonal antibodies, not ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine nor bleach injections when he got hypoxic. My guess is most of the anti-vaxxers on this site like Trump. He got vaccinated, too, just before leaving office.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        mark the MOREON!

        Nice ring to it … better than mark the troll… don’tcha recon?

        • Mark Robinowitz says:

          There is no amount of testing that will appease anti-vaxxers. If one is against believing in evolution, no amount of fossil evidence or genetic evidence will persuade the disbeliever. It is a religious belief immutable by facts.

          And if you’re going to accuse someone of being a moron, it would help to spell it correctly. No “E” in moron. Apologies if English is a second or third language for you.

          It was nice to meet Gail Tverberg at ASPO USA and Age of Limits. But expertise on the economic impact of declining fossil fuels does not translate into expertise about virology and public health.

          • Xabier says:

            Quite so: but wisdom, rationality and clear-sightedness certainly cut through propaganda, lies and the – now very stale – meme that vaccine sceptics are all ignorant and ‘anti-science’.

            And these qualities Gail has in abundance.

            • FoolishFitz says:

              “vaccine sceptics are all ignorant and ‘anti-science”

              Do people still repeat those idiotic lines they have been fed Xabier?

              According to the pharma industries helpful handbook of coercion, the moronic catchall term ‘antivaxxer’ covers the opposite of what is claimed in the media and regurgitated endlessly by those that refuse to contemplate how much they have been fooled.

              “I think we need to avoid the trap of thinking that information or
              knowledge is enough, because for a lot of the people, and when you look
              at hesitancy and parental vaccine hesitancy in the US, the group who is
              most likely to purposefully choose to not vaccinate are highly educated.
              In speaking with them, these are people who have read the primary
              literature themselves, and they’re correctly interpreting it, so it’s not a
              misunderstanding. They have other concerns that go beyond the traditional
              public health message of, ‘This is what you should be doing.”

              Taken from the UN/Share Verified: Guide to Covid-19 Vaccination communications(p26).


              MIT also came up with similar findings, so let’s all remember…


              Maybe a bit of contrition from those that are uncomfortable talking about a subject they have been ordered to consider closed?

              Hats off to Gail for taking on the challenge that she knew would come with a certain level of flak.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Anyone who refers to someone who refuses the Experimental Injection as an anti-vaxxer… must immediately be assumed to be a MOREON.

            • Kowalainen says:

              How is it even possible for an anti vaxxer to be an anti vaxxer after getting all sort of vaccines, obviously not the covid “vaxx”. After all, that isn’t even a proper vaccine, rather an eugenics program.

              Regarding primary literature, a buddy of mine who’s wife is a soon to be PhD in molecular biology/virology (god knows all these life sciences).

              Anyway, I keep on receiving all sorts of memes berating the vaxx, pharma industry and the herd. He’s been citing primary source papers plus the knowledge of his wife.

              I doubt you’ll find many that bothered to think and study about this and then go on accepting the vaxx.

              However, I seriously doubt you’ll need reading anything at all. Just observe the botched-by-intention response to the pandemic. What an intentional shit show.

              I mean; killing old coots with morphine instead of administering oxygen. As if a country that manufactures steel EVER would be liquid oxygen deficient.

              F u c k i n g MOARons.

              Planet wide Stockholm syndrome and institutional sociopathy.


            • Fast Eddy says:

              I like this!


            • Oh God, that MIT study was hilarious.. their language was painful, it being obvious they weren’t “supposed” to come to those conclusions.

              I think it is telling that the writers of that paper seemed to be a variety of young Asians, apart from one US black. There was a definite trend towards “state obedience=good” and “heritage Americans=rednecks”. When we replace students of the European Enlightenment with people who haven’t gone through that process and who don’t understand or don’t appreciate those values, we can only be less-well-served than we already are by the scientific “community”.

            • Kowalainen, just the fact that

              1.) they had to change the definition of the word “pandemic”,

              2.) they had to change the definition of the word “vaccine, and

              3.) they had to change the definition of the phrase “herd immunity”

              in order to launch their nefarious plot…

              .. that really says it all, doesn’t it? And if IYIs are too stupid to figure out that this substance is not going to be in their best interest to assume.. well, there’s always Darwin waiting for them.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I know of half a dozen lawyers who are aware that the vaccine makers are not on the hook for side effects or death … yet they injected.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Right and the “efforts”, logical fallacies and hoops “they” went through to get this sucker rolling and ripping. It is a disgrace.

              That being said; I’m thinking we are all free to choose.

              If the shepherds, herd and narrative peddlers buckle under some mild coercion and pressure, they get written off as unwitting sociopaths and accomplices in my books.

              Within temptation is truth. And perhaps it is slightly morally dubious, but hey, nothing is perfect.

              It’s all good. I’m all smiles. Now I’m expecting the three additional booster shots coming online.

              I want to observe the rapacious primate in full swing and so do you. Watch in bewilderment and terror. Let’s send this sucker.


              MOAR! Yay!


          • Fast Eddy says:

            Oh but there is … if one wants to get past the censors…

            This will not stop mark…. Fast Eddy has been killing DelusiSTANIS for over a decade…

            Hey what ever happened to the old guy who diddled children at the yacht club and road around with blow up dolls on his scooter? What was his name…. he reminds me of mark

          • CTG says:

            And if you’re going to accuse someone of being a moron, it would help to spell it correctly. No “E” in moron. Apologies if English is a second or third language for you.

            I sense something is not right here at all.

            Anyone who reads the comments here, there are literally tens of comments that Fast Eddy has written here in this article.

            A quick reading would immediately point to this reader that FE’s comments are in proper English. Grammatically correct most of the time with very few spelling errors.

            A normal human being would know that he could not have spelt that offending word wrongly.

            That human being would know that it is a sarcasm and you don’t reply to sarcasm that way.

            An interesting through (if my long comments goes off moderation)…. NPC?

      • nikoB says:

        did you do a search or are you just wishing they don’t.
        Your comment does not help in the pursuit of reality.
        Please link to all the patent apps you have gone through otherwise F U C K O F F.

      • I have to. The term “anti-vaxxer” was coined wayyyyyyyyyyyy before non-sterilizing, leaky mrna treatments were labelled as vaccines. Those are different people, you prejudiced tool. Kindness is not compatible with Authoritariansm.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Nothing wrong with vaxxes that have gone through the usual hoops of proper clinical studies for some serious amount of times.

          Personally I’m vaxxed to the tilt with the proper stuff.

          Anyone suggesting that you’re an anti vaxxer; just whip out your vaccination card and shove it up their sanctimonious Normal snouts.

      • “We” don’t know that Trump was really ever ill, and if he was, “we” don’t know what he was actually given or decided to take, if anything.

    • vbaker says:

      What is the number? Ive been able to find a few random entries from Martin’s Fauci paper:

  12. Mirror on the wall says:

    It seems that the ‘jab bounce’ for the Tory government is flopping as doubt, dissatisfaction, pessimism and alarm spread at the Tory handling of c 19. UK has suffered a third wave with Delta, ‘pingdemic’ has disrupted supply chains and services, ‘freedom day’ was botched, and the turning point seems to have been when Boris and co. lied about their intentions to excuse themselves from self-isolation. UK also has severe labour shortages after Brexit, especially HGV drivers and shelves are now emptying.

    Meanwhile trillions of debt have been added to the public burden and high tax, austerity and low growth all loom. Most now view the future of Britain pessimistically, consider the direction to be wrong, and view the Tories and their performance badly. The opposition Labour lot seem unable to capitalise. Sunak is likely to replace Boris at some point. The UK has enjoyed a little ‘jab bounce’ in the polls in Scotland, and that too is liable to flop as deep dissatisfaction with Westminster spreads.

    > Slump in Tory optimism fuels fall in Boris Johnson’s popularity, poll finds

    Prime minister’s favourability rating lowest since last October as ‘vaccine bounce’ fades

    The popularity of Boris Johnson and his government have suffered a sharp decline in a new poll which suggested Conservative voters in particular are becoming more pessimistic about the direction of the country. The prime minister’s personal ratings in the Ipsos Mori survey were at their lowest since October, when the UK was entering a second coronavirus lockdown and before the Covid-19 vaccination campaign began. And optimism about the country’s prospects was lower than at any point since January, as the “vaccine bounce” continued to ebb away from its peak in May.

    Just 27 per cent of those questioned said they had a favourable opinion of Mr Johnson – down six points since June – while numbers viewing him unfavourably were unchanged at 47 per cent, giving him an overall rating of minus 20. The PM’s favourability among Conservative supporters dropped 10 points, though a majority (58 per cent) are still positive towards him. It came just days after a straw poll of Tory supporters by the Conservative Home website recorded a 36-point nosedive in Mr Johnson’s approval rating to just 3 per cent, with planning reform identified as the issue driving dissatisfaction among activists.

    The Ipsos Mori survey was carried out between 23 and 26 July, in the days after Mr Johnson’s botched attempt to dodge self-isolation after coming into contact with Covid-positive health secretary Sajid Javid and following a run of negative headlines over Matt Hancock’s lockdown-breaching affair and the award of PPE contracts.

    Just 30 per cent of those questioned said they believed Britain was heading in the right direction – down five points since the previous month – while numbers saying it was heading in the wrong direction increased by four points to 44 per cent. The net rating of minus 14 on this measure was the lowest since January. And gloom was growing fastest among Conservative voters, with the proportion expressing optimism falling from 63 per cent to 49 per cent in the space of a month.

    Overall, favourable opinions of the Tories fell by four points to 27 per cent, with 45 per cent viewing the party unfavourably. And just 28 per cent said Mr Johnson’s government was doing a good job of running the country – down four points – while the proportion saying it was doing badly rose two points to 44 per cent. However, there was little sign of Keir Starmer’s Labour Party benefiting from voter unhappiness with the government.

    • All is Dust says:

      “and the turning point seems to have been when Boris and co. lied about their intentions to excuse themselves from self-isolation.”


      I don’t believe this to be the real reason. I think people are slowly grasping the implications of the last 18 months. High debt, limited opportunities, a broken NHS (which was supposed to be saved at all costs), corruption in office (and some tomfoolery), daily lies, etc. The numbers turning out for protests in the UK were growing well before the self-isolation story came out.

      I’d say the damage (both fiscally and institutionally) is beyond repair. The ever growing NHS waiting list (currently around 6 million but predicted to reach over 10 million) says it all. Government does not care about our health. Maybe it did when soldiers were required to fight battles, but certainly not anymore.

  13. ROGER says:

    Gail, I think you have been deleted by facebook. This is pure unadultrerated fascism.>

    • Ed says:

      freedom of the press only belongs to those who own a press.

    • Kowalainen says:

      Facebook? What’s that?

      Oh, right. That’s Zuck’s JavaScript and CSS “asocial” garbage innit?

      Zuck need all the five clot shots ASAP.

      DO IT ZUCK!
      JUST DO IT!!!!! 👟


    • That might indeed have happened. I notice I am getting a lot of comments on Linked in.

      • MM says:

        The ban on fb obviously came with some guards to the forum here. sigh

      • Kowalainen says:

        Have you backed up all the WordPress content? Perhaps you should consider a Plan B in the case censors and shadow banning becomes more of an issue on this platform?

        Perhaps check out some Tier 2 supplier of web hosting services that cares more about monies than about narrative peddling shenanigans?

  14. Gav says:

    Vaccines are not a ‘silver bullet’ and I think they need to be considered as part of a range of strategies.

    Interesting that authorities never ever talk about boosting your immune system by eating a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly and reducing stress levels.

    • Good point! Sleeping enough hours at night seems to be part of the formula as well.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Yes if the goal is to exterminate all humans… the vaccines are a key pillar of the strategy

      I fully support them — because humans have already done too much damage to the planet.

      Good riddance!!

    • Xabier says:

      And they also impose lock-downs -becoming almost perpetual in some places – and masks, which both cause immense damage to mental and physical health – in fact it is hard to imagine any policies better calculated to cause such harm.

      If you wished to break a people, and reduce them to servitude, this is just what you would do.

      Martial law in all but name, and psychological warfare.

      The health and well-being of the general population is clearly not their primary objective.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Lots of people seem to enjoy the boot on the neck… and the mask on the face… probably big S&M fans… they’d probably enjoyed a nail gun to the forehead

        • CTG says:

          I sort of admire them that they can come out with this scheme.

          • Xabier says:

            It’s brilliantly conceived and organised, I agree CTG.

            Just like Stalin’s liquidations……..

            But with the added element of the humiliation and de-humanising of the victims with masks, elbow-bumping, etc.

            First they inducted us into the Cult, now they are giving us the poisoned potion, while guards man the perimeter….

          • Fast Eddy says:


            I suggested that they might post jugs of Fentanyl as we approached the end game… I was not joking… in fact I was hoping for that…

            But obviously that would not work because the cattle would not be willing to kill themselves or their children… and what we’d have is mass Ripping of Faces…

            Not that I would mind because I would definitely throw back and handful of Fentanyl… if the cattle want to rip faces (and rape and murder and starve)… what do I care? I’ll float away into the abyss Od’ed on opiates…

            The Elders would know this … so they came up with the CEP … it’s just mind-blowing in its creativity .. and complexity… even those who are pushing back on the Injections do not believe that ‘they’ are doing this to exterminate everyone

            Hahahaha… but that’s because they are unaware of peaked oil. So they see no reason to exteriminate us

          • Paul Downey says:

            Thanks very much CTG. Very few seem to appreciate ppl. like me.

        • Xabier says:

          Well, FE, the duck-bummed pig-snout middle class women here do seem to love their masks, and are the ones most likely to wear them in the street.

          Maybe they are pepping up their sex-lives with them too – although I doubt it, being British.

          Now, a full-face Venetian mask and a selection of whips is quite another matter…….

          • Diana says:

            Now I’m sorry I wrote you a cheery reply

            • Kowalainen says:

              Don’t take stuff that is supposed to rile you up seriously. Don’t be a self entitled Karen.


              Forget about the crappy surgical masks and go for the FFP3 respirators.

              Slap on some PVP-I topical solutions on your hands and shove some in your nostrils.

              Source some PVP-I gargle, I use Nyodex at the first hint of a tingle or something strange going on in my upper respiratory tract.

              Apparently it helps my mothers regularly reoccurring ear infections as well.

              Providone iodine is a proven killer of most pathogens.


            • I am not convinced your approaches will work, unless a person spends nearly all their time locked up inside, away from anyone else. A person can’t wear the respirators for more than a short time without getting a headache.

              I expect every country will lose control of the virus, as more and more people either have the illness or are carriers of the illness.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Diana has stumbled into a very nasty situation …


            • Kowalainen says:

              We got heavy laborers working with these respirators for days at end tearing down hazardous materials and in dusty conditions. Not to mention soldiers at war using proper gas masks. And the nurses as physicians in hospitals. We don’t observe them dropping dead from asphyxiation.

              If you can’t breathe through a FFP3 respirator, it’s about time to whip out that bicycle or running shoes.

              No, I’m not saying it is comfortable, but as for impossible, I’d beg to differ.

              Anyway, I’m fed up with these perpetually occurring infections. There is always some schmuck deciding it is a good idea head to work being under the weather.

              I’ve not caught any cold or flu since the covid hit the limelight. I’d like it to continue that way.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              What’s to be cheery about when you are being put down like a diseased dog?

            • Buck up… Kamala will be president soon!

      • How this will proceed further is quite interesting, the minimal standard “agreed upon or tolerated by all major global parties” seems that the most frivolous (energy wasting) activities will be gutted: e.g. long distance – travel tourism, larger displacement motor vehicle private transportation (or at least priced out of the reach for mid-lower classes), ..

        While completely another level is the discussion about long term health effects, hints of sterilization, forcing comorbities to strike out vulnerable (dependable) groups etc..

        Seriously, from our limited vantage point we can’t claim at this moment what exactly has been implemented, agreed upon or forced unilaterally on the table as the precise agenda. It’s very likely some sort of fluid mix, which will differ among the new power blocks of former W / IC, Asians+, and various contested 2.5-3rd world areas..

        So, chill out, with the Arctic natgas (multiples of NorthSea potential) the quasi BAU could march on in certain parts of the world for quite long further, obviously on very different setting, yes caged dystopian society and all that, basically landed on way lower degrowth plateau..

        • Kowalainen says:

          Yes, the russkies saves the EU/East Asian day with natgas and god knows what petroleum hides in that behemoth of a country.

          Each one on its own it seems. The Eurasian bloc seem slowly to take shape for every natgas pipeline plopped down.

        • Obama’s blow-out birthday party isn’t missing a beat..

          Diana, have you not received your invite yet?

      • Diana says:

        Couragio Zabier!

        I have just watched one of the most uplifting and inspiring TV interviews ever on ABC Australia – a long running program called ‘one plus one’ featuring host, Kurt Fearnley, a wheelchair bound paraplegic, whose guest tonight was another paraplegic, para-Olympian and mother of three, Eliza Ault Connell who lost her legs and fingers aged 16, and counts herself as one of the luckiest people alive!

        Not to be glib, or take away from all the various and awful hardships so many are experiencing, but it helps sometimes to get out of oneself and see others and how they cope with disabilities that would overwhelm me, I know. So I have forthwith resolved never complain about masks again (I do and hate them with a passion as much as everyone else!) Nor will I complain again that we here in Melbourne are in our sixth lockdown! I wish you could watch this program as know it would inspire.

        Super inspirational!

    • Just imagine the USDA rewarding/subsidizing Vitamin C production (FL, AZ & CA) and US National Park Service espousing Vitamin D and (the other) BLM encouraging high Zinc food production. Would BiIlG make as many donuts as his current gig?

  15. Jarle says:

    Repeat after me: “The PCR tests don’t work!”

      • Lastcall says:

        Too funny. Wiles is fully invested in the narrative. Its not another view, its a heavily biased promotion.
        Would she know more than the creator?
        Why would they so blatantly manipulate the cycles for Vixxed and non-injected if it was meant to be an objective test.
        Follow the money; a positive test benefitted the medical system greatly.

        An epidemic that isn’t.

        ‘This indicates that the belief in the validity of the PCR tests is so strong that it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction.

        But it is well known that religions are about faith and not about scientific facts. And as Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”

        So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, did not think alike. His invention got him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993.

        Unfortunately, Mullis passed away last year at the age of 74, but there is no doubt that the biochemist regarded the PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.

        The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.

        How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.

        Guess this game of quoteand counter quote is a bit like a game of tennis; needs an ace to to shut the front door!

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The fact that they have had to manipulate the PCR test at all — creating epic numbers of false positives….

          Makes one wonder if Covid is simply another name for the flu….. the symptoms are the same … and in a given years it kills 650k people.

          As we also know … covid deaths are being falsified…

          So if we strip those lies out …

          Of course it never goes away because we are forcing mutations … making it stronger…

          • Mark Robinowitz says:

            No, the symptoms are not the same. there are overlaps but differences. And as your guy Trump admitted to Bob Woodward – on tape! – covid is much worse than flu. But don’t let mere facts get in the way of your story.

      • “…critical weapon” is correct.

    • I don’t think that it is true that PCR tests don’t work. They mostly work, which is about as good as we can ask for medical tests. This was not something I mentioned in my article.

      • postkey says:

        “ . . . the swabbing of the nasopharynx
        14:56 so the oropharynx the nose of the throat
        14:59 is looking for genetic material now
        15:02 that’s all it’s doing and so it is
        15:04 frequently emphasize that pcr test is
        15:06 really outstanding test
        15:08 for what it was designed for the problem
        15:10 is
        15:11 it’s being used for something it wasn’t
        15:13 designed for . . . “

      • Gail, the PCR inventor himself said they should not be used to diagnose anything. I keep trying to tell you, the mis-used test IS THE KEY to the whole engineered scam. They can’t do the scam without the faked test.

        Oops! He died just before the covid roll-out. How conveeeenient.

        Investigate also the German-American lawyer Reiner Fuellmich(sp?) who is chasing down Drostner(sp?) in the EU.. I will get you some links and post in a new reply.

  16. Mirror on the wall says:

    A new analysis reveals that republicans in NI who favour a united Ireland have an electoral majority in 4 of the 6 counties, while unionists who favour the UK have a plurality in 2 but a majority in none. 100 years ago unionists had a majority in 4 of the 6 counties and ‘NI’ was gerrymandered into existence on that basis.

    Unionists have not had enough kids to replace their numbers and support for UK is concentrated in the older demographics, while many of the younger have moved to the non-sectarian Alliance party. The 2021 census is expected to make interesting reading as findings are released over the next couple of years. Sinn Fein is now the most popular party in both the south and north of Ireland.

    > New figures suggest no unionist majority in any of the north’s six counties

    New figures suggest that none of the north’s six counties has an outright unionist electoral majority. The recently published statistics reveal that four counties now have a nationalist majority – a reversal on this time 100 years ago when unionism dominated in the years after partition. The figures show that in the century since partition the tables have been turned on unionist electoral domination.

    A paper recently published by Philip McGuinness, a teacher at Dundalk Institute of Technology, sought to compare 1921 election results with 2019 local election returns on a county by county basis. He says elections to the newly established northern parliament 100 years ago returned unionist majorities in four counties – Derry, Armagh, Down and Antrim. The remaining two – Fermanagh and Tyrone – had nationalist majorities.

    In recent decades, the continued growth of nationalism west of the Bann appears to have resulted in a reversal in electoral results in some areas including Derry and Armagh. Figures collated by Mr McGuinness, which first appeared on the Slugger O’Toole site, show that four counties – Derry, Armagh, Tyrone and Fermanagh – are now nationalist dominated based on electoral returns. Antrim and Down, both east of the Bann, continue to be dominated by unionism, although pro-union voters make up less than 50 percent in both.

    According to these figures that means that unionism does not hold a 50+1 majority in any of six northern counties.

    • David says:

      I don’t understand what all these articles about Ireland have to do with the topic at hand. I suspect zero.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        Dissipative structures, including economies and societies, form and reform as energy flow alters. As Gail has explained, UK is a particularly interesting case as it is ‘ahead of the curve’ in the reduction of its energy consumption per capita and in its devolution into its smaller parts with the rise of regional parliaments and the drift toward independence and break up. Now you know.

        We often maintain an interest in all themes in the comments and not just the particular latest article. If Gail did an article on UK, we would likely spend most of the time discussing c 19 or the situation in Saudi. We discuss everything and anything related to finite world themes, which is most things. Its cool. If you do not like the comments then you do not have to read them as you do have the prerogative of a veto. : )

        • Strahler says:

          Rather, it sounds to me like an attempt to take any issue towards the possibilities of Scottish independence. In my country something similar happens with Catalonia. Does a mandrel pull out of a window? Let’s look at the matter from the perspective of self-determination …
          And everything is the same.

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            You can look at it as the interconnectedness of all things – and cope with it. It sounds like you just do not want some things discussed and that is too bad. We can discuss any country we like and that includes UK and Ireland – and yes Spain too if we want to. : )

      • Strahler says:

        Nothing. But everyone has his own taste

        • Mirror on the wall says:

          There is no Unionist veto on here. You can try it on all you like.

          • nikoB says:

            We all just scroll past the things we don’t care for.

          • Tim Groves says:

            I may disagree with a some of the things you write about politics in the British Isles, sir. But I’ll defend to the point of having my feet tickled with a feather your right to write them.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Ondara – forward!

      We are all familiar with the song Star of the Country Down.

      > The melody was also used in an Irish folk song called My Love Nell. The lyrics of My Love Nell tell the story of a young man who courts a girl but loses her when she emigrates to America.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        The root of the melody seems to be the traditional song ‘Dives and Lazarus’.

        There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:
        And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,
        And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.
        And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
        And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.
        And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.
        But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.
        And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.
        Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house:
        For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.
        Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.
        And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
        And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

        • Mirror on the wall says:

          Rise up, rise up brother Lazarus, rise up with me.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Don’t worry, you got crankin’ ‘oat Jesus’ with ya. 🤣👍

            However, sinning by buying too many bicycles and Hifi gear to belong in the Lazarus ‘salvation clique’.

            Forever destined to the perpetual cycles of rebirth in and out of the limbo. However, I do wonder what Lazarus would do if he got the monies and possibilities?

            I’m sure Lazarus would haul his ass around in a SUV if given the opportunity. Within the temptation is truth. As most other ‘poor’ people would do if given the opportunity.

            As for maxing out my opulence? Not even close. Basically early 1900’s with the addition of cheap food, electricity and electronics plus the Internet.

            La Belle Époque if you give zero shits about the herd mundanities, frippery and waste. It’s goddamned awesome.


            • Mirror on the wall says:

              K, I am going to shoot you in the face the first chance that I get.

              Go figure.

            • Kowalainen says:

              I’m such a vicious beast when I lay down the critique.

              Here’s how I’d savagely wield my weaponry of purification you if we ever would cross our paths of destruction.



              The übermensch schtick dropped at the first whiff of oat induced farts and the sound of a Shimano derailleur clicking in and out of gear. EZ…



    • Mirror on the wall says:

      MSM favours K and deletes I and I but that is not really how it really is.

      We will get our revenge in the end.

  17. Gail, as I commented in the last post’s thread, people have a hard time understanding that all of this is not happening by way of accidents or misunderstandings or poor choices.

    It’s hard for “normal people” to imagine that this is not something gov.s are REACTING TO, but something they are ORCHESTRATING.

    Things are going exactly to plan.

    There are many public policy areas which have been high-jacked and used against us in this fashion. Take the mantra that “poverty causes crime”.. what if instead criminals cause poverty?

    See what I mean. Take the “conventional wisdom” and turn it inside out and you are likely to be much closer to the truth.

    Ivan Illich wrote a great deal back in his day about the medical system, the legal system, the educational system.. recognizing that the larger these systems grow, the more antithetical they become to their purported ends.

    The educational system evolves to confound rather than to enlighten.
    The health system evoves to pathologize normality, not cure disease.
    The legal system evolves to pervert justice.
    The media intentionally disinforms rather than informs.

    Illich called them “Disempowering Professions”, and we are now witnessing the grand apotheosis of that concept.

    The entire covid scam is an orgiastic intersectional global spasm of weaponized dysfunction—all the co-opted and malign social structures operating in LOCKSTEP®™ on a global scale, against all the hapless ‘normies’ just trying to be left alone and survive without the tender ministrations of the Elders.

    • Lastcall says:

      Misinformation takes many forms. Fiji is in the headlines in NZ;

      “Fiji reports 715 new Covid-19 cases as death toll passes 200”

      A list of recent deaths, including ages, is given. They average around 65-67. But no detail re the demographics of the population are given.

      Turns out average life expectancy in Fiji is 67.Turns out 80% of females and 55% of males are overweight. Also, 30%of population live below the poverty line. 40% of children are malnourished. etc etc.

      But but its covid says the headline…

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Adult Pacific peoples have a high burden of chronic diseases such as diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, and stroke.

        Of course most people say ‘it’s just their body types… they can’t help it’

        It’s not PC to say this:;

        A relatively sedentary lifestyle, including among children, is also contributing to rising obesity rates. Obesity in the Pacific Islands is also thought to be influenced by cultural factors (tambu foods), including past poor public education on diet, exercise and health (micronutrient deficiencies are also common).

      • Xabier says:

        So, Covid there simply kills poor, chronically sick fatties at the end of their normal life expectancy. How shocking!

        But we are intended by the MSM to be scared stiff at the prospect of dying at just 65…….

    • Lastcall says:

      Thanks for the refernce to Illich!!

      ‘The Age of Professions will be remembered as the time when politics withered, when voters, guided by professors, entrusted to technocrats the power to legislate needs, renounced the authority to decide who needs what and suffered monopolistic oligarchies to determine the means by which these needs shall be met.’

      Trump was areal threat to ‘expert consensus’ hence he couldn’t be tolerated.

      • Yes.. “legislate needs”!! Good find there, Lastcall.

        Does your nickname refer to “last call” at the bar?
        If so, make mine a double!

        • Lastcall says:

          It does.
          Lastcall for alcohol peoples’.
          Make the most of the time till closing!

          • Xabier says:

            Last orders indeed!

            I have a ‘Philosophical Clock’ here.

            The hands stand perpetually at 5 minutes to midnight…..

            In reality I just can’t be bothered to replace the battery; but it has a message none the less, and perplexes people when they boringly say ‘Your clock’s stopped!’

    • Ed says:

      good one “is an orgiastic intersectional global spasm of weaponized dysfunction”

    • Fast Eddy says:

      It’s hard for “normal people” to imagine that this is not something gov.s are REACTING TO, but something they are ORCHESTRATING.

      They cannot imagine this because they cannot imagine that oil has peaked and BAU is on the precipice of complete collapse.

      Almost all people believe we have loads of oil + that we are transitioning to renewables and EVs.

      Because most people are MOREONS.

      So it is completely understandable that they would react to the Compassionate Extinction Plan with ‘but why would they want to kill everyone — things are going so well!’

    • Xabier says:

      Well said, Lidia!

      It is also a massive psychopathic-narcissistic projection, globally concerted and co-ordinated, with elements of delusional cultism – Transhumanism – masquerading as idealism in the service of humanity.

      When someone like Mark Carney quotes Marcus Aurelius about a humanitarian mission, you know it’s getting very bad indeed!

    • Thomas B. says:

      Most of the herd prefer the vaccines as a miracle cure, since the fatties are not going to give up their junk diets in order to lose weight or prevent diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc. They consider it downright abusive to actually be told to take control of themselves and display some self-respect. Of course, they haven’t heard of Albert Bartlett either, so they shovel food into their maws and pump out babies during the Great Pandemic.

      “We must realize that growth is but an adolescent phase of life which stops when physical maturity is reached. If growth continues in the period of maturity, it is called obesity or cancer. Prescribing growth as the cure for the energy crisis has all the logic of prescribing increasing quantities of food as a remedy for obesity.”

  18. Lastcall says:

    From the epicentre of ‘Green Energy’ California
    Not sure if this has been referenced before..

    Meier, A. May 2014. Challenges to the integration of renewable resources at high system penetration. California Energy Commission

    Impacts caused by high penetration levels of intermittent renewable DG can be complex and severe and may include voltage increase, voltage fluctuation, interaction with voltage regulation and control equipment, reverse power flows, temporary over-voltage, power quality and protection concerns, and current and voltage unbalance, to name a few.

    There are solutions, but they’re expensive, complicated, and add to the already insane challenges of thousands of utilities, power generators, independent system operators, and other entities trying to coordinate the largest machine in the world when cooperation isn’t always in their best interest.

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    Thanks for getting this up.

    Before I read it … I am bursting with bad news!!! This is the MOST important thing you will ever read…. here’s an excerpt – it is crucial to read the entire article.

    To be sterilizing a vaccine must prevent infection. Since you never get infected you never replicate the virus and thus do not shed it. If you do not shed it the potential path of the viral life-cycle for that particular infection ends with you and thus you cannot pass on or cause a mutation. You are sterile against that disease; from the point of view of the virus you are a lifeless rock. Among commonly-used sterilizing vaccines are MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Varicella (chicken pox), OPV (oral polio) and others.

    The only time that such a vaccine fails is when you do not build immunity (such as due to immune compromise.) This is extremely rare and the protection from such vaccines tends to be either decades-long or lifetime.

    A vaccine that is not sterilizing permits the virus to infect you and replicate and as a result you can infect others. Technically it is not a vaccine at all (which by definition prevents infection); it is a prophylactic therapy. Such a “vaccine” instead acts to reduce or eliminate symptomatic disease. You don’t know you’re sick and you don’t get sick. You don’t go to the hospital and you don’t die. Unfortunately since you don’t know you’re sick but are infected and the virus is both replicating in you and shedding you are more-likely to spread the infection to others. All of the current Covid jabs are in this category and so is, for that matter IPV (injected polio vaccine — the original Salk discovery.)

    During the original vaccine trials in the summer and fall of 2020 they deliberately did not test any of the recipients for asymptomatic infections. Only a person who developed a significant illness was tested. This has continued post roll-out with the CDC specifying that a close contact of a known case who was vaccinated did not need to quarantine or be tested until and unless they became symptomatic.

    They knew damn well, in other words, that the jabs were not sterilizing but did not want that data up for public debate because then those who have read history would be likely to make the connection to the present day and thus they did their level best to hide it. That has now blown up in their face with it being conclusively known that jabbed people in fact not only get infected but spread the virus to others.

    The problem with non-sterilizing vaccines is simply this: There is no safe means of mass-use of non-sterilizing vaccines so long as transmission within the community does or is likely to exist.


    There are no exceptions.


    • Tim Groves says:

      People may say that this is not a sterilizing vaccine.

      I say just wait until you try to have children.

  20. Charlie says:

    Thanks for your article and research work. I do not think there was no committee within the WHO or other health organizations that did not know how the vaccine with the virus would work. Perhaps any solution had to be found in the face of the imminent economic collapse

  21. MG says:

    What is a true ecology?

    When the humans remove all the pollution that has been and is created by the humans througout the history.

    Until then it means that our fate is shaped by the pollution.

    But the humans invest energy into population growth, not into cleaning the Earth. They live like dirty animals in polluted environments wondering why they are poor. The accumulation of the pollution is the prime characteristics of the poverty. It is not the food or goods shortage.

    The accumulation of the pollution is the manifestation of energy shortages, before foods or goods shortages.

    It is the business as usual scenario from Limits to Growth, where the pollution is going up and up:

  22. Lastcall says:

    Population 60 million (median age 18)
    Covid deaths 21
    Hydroxychloroquinine is used by population against malaria

    Trumps did mention ‘bleach’ according to media
    This is what he refered to.

    • The media lied about that (no surprise). He used the word “disinfectant”. As an example, hydrogen peroxide is a common household disinfectant which has been used for decades as an intravenous cure .

    • Its President was removed. It won’t remain that way for long

    • Mark Robinowitz says:

      In reality … the President of Tanzania died of Covid. Like many other countries, they are not tracking the real figures so it’s anyone’s guess, but 21 is laughable. Of course, when someone’s ego has made a huge mistake and they’re attached to the mistake it’s unlikely that mere facts will change their minds.

      Besides, isn’t hydroxychloroquine last year’s “miracle cure” that wasn’t?

      You all did notice that Trump was not given that when he was hypoxic at Walter Reed? Crickets?

      And Trump did mention putting chlorine bleach inside the body (as a few of his most deluded followers promote).

      • Minority of One says:

        ” the President of Tanzania died of Covid”


        Tanzania – The second Covid coup?

        UPDATED: President Magufuli dead at 61

      • CTG says:

        If my long comment addressing to Mark and Mike is released from moderation :

        Just do a search (google or others) for “president of tanzania died” and one can see easily on all MSMs that he dies a sudden death, heart problems, etc. MSM news, not some whacky sites. No mention of him dying from COVID.

        Read my long comment when it is released from moderation.

        This is really a slipshod work of a educated person who does not even bother or does not even know how to do research. By giving links on what MSM is saying, no one can say that we get this news from “alternate, non fact-checked” websites.

  23. Chrisotph Becker says:

    The article is very good, however, there is a substance which is even safer, cheaper and more effective in preventing and treating covid than ivermectin:
    Here are two resources:
    “CDS vs COVID-19 THE ANTIDOTE Dr. Manuel Aparicio-Alonso. AMAZING 99.3% recovery rate! This will change the world!” ( )
    and the documentary “The Universal Antidote” ( )

    • Tim Groves says:

      How tantalizing! Am I going to have to click on those links to find out what it is, or are you going to be a good boy and give us a spoiler alert?

  24. Christophe R. says:

    I can’t completely agree on point [10] – ARNm vaccine are expensive but most other vaccines are cheap (3-4$ for AZ vs 37$ for Pfizer according to FT). Ivermectin is seriously studied too ( but, from the information we have at this moment, it may help but it will not be a miraculous thing. The meta analysis shared is interesting but, according to the authors themselves, part of studies are of poor or unknown quality, and the few one of good quality do not show outstanding results. So, like vaccines, it will not be our solution neither (maybe just a little part of it).

    • I know that my brother prescribed ivermectin for my sister-in-law. She got well with two (fairly high) doses. By the time she had the PCR test, she tested negative. But she later got a test for antibodies, and the woman giving the test remarked at what a strong antibody response she had.

      My brother says that a nurse who came down with similar symptoms at the same as my sister-in-law took three weeks to recover without ivermectin.

      So, that is yet another sample of 1.

  25. I understand that the average vaccine costs a little over one USD to produce but is priced around twenty USD, and the prices are set to climb even higher soon. This with patent rights and shortage in third world countries asking for billions of doses. Reminiscent of a biblical scale remorseless greed-driven tragic war profiteering racket. I can only see one bright side, however despicable this may sound, a reduction in our ecocidal and suicidal growth-based economy, especially with the end of abundant hydrocarbons on our event horizon. This disaster will usher in apocalyptic horror that will render this pandemic as irrelevant as a tiny pimple compared to amputations and rampant cancers.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Sorry but $$$ is not the reason for the Big Lie…. do you think every govt on the planet would play ball with big pharma … what they are making off this is peanuts compared to what is being spent to tape this sucker together…

      If pharma is that powerful — why not skip covid and just order the Fed to print a trillion or two and deposit it into the accounts of the owners of pharma?

      I really do tire of having to think for so many people…. do I need to feed you guys too?

    • Pfizer are increasing their prices at the same time they are planning for more booster shots.

      It’s common knowledge that the drug dealer on the corner is willing to give you some hits cheap or free… then…

  26. MG says:

    New Iron-Air Battery outperforms best Lithium Ion tech. Cheap. Abundant. Non-toxic & Carbon Free.

  27. Mirror on the wall says:

    The media line is still that the vaxes offer protection against severe outcomes of Delta even if they do not halt transmission.

    A problem would be if vaxes stopped preventing severe outcomes of new, more virulent variants. Is that liable to be the case? Also, can vaxes anyway play ‘catch up’ in time?

    An issue is whether most people are susceptible to severe outcomes anyway – and a lot of those who are may have already died. They are linked to particular genes – but maybe that could change with new variants?

    From an economic perspective, it would be a problem if everyone was constantly down with flu-like outcomes, even if severe outcomes were avoided.

    • That might be the media line, but it’s no longer what Rochelle Walensky is saying…
      (site found at random)

      “Our vaccines are working exceptionally well… [b]ut what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.”

      In March, Walensky had made a claim that vaccinated people almost never carry COVID, which turned out to be patently false.


      They never were designed to. One should read the original documents pertaining to the trials!!!

      The entire last year-and-a-half has been lived under the ENTIRELY FICTIONAL media construct that “a vaccine” would halt or slow transmission. A lie.

      Gail, I think you are too nice a person. You have to assume everything coming from these people is more likely to be a lie than not!

  28. James Speaks says:

    Thank you for the research and summary. I agree with your conclusion that vaccines will only help create more virulent strains of SARS. Being distrustful of governments and such, I wonder if COVID and its variants are being used to lessen demand on resources until resources exceed demand. I do not expect resources to be more uniformly avalable than they are now. I expect that the rich will get richer etc, and I wonder if all those Central American refugees streaming over the border are to be used as farm workers when there is insufficent diesel for farm equipment.

    Bill Gates and the Chinese bought a lot of farmland, and it’s not so they can stage productions of Oklahoma!

    • James Speaks says:

      And this: Fauci says its going to get worse. Guess he should know, it’s what he’s trying for.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        They are working very hard at making it worse …

        BTW – I called the clinic to ask them if they’d prescribe Ivermectin if I get covid … and told them I have mate who’s heart is f678ed because of the vaxx so don’t even dare to mention that option ….

        She checked the computer — doctors are not allowed to prescribe Ivermectin….

        So even if I have a reason to prescribe it they cannot?

        They cannot.

        • James Speaks says:

          Here in the States the technical term for that is “it sucks.” I tell you, if I had to solve the problem of declining resources and increasing population, I might suggest a disease that peels off layers at a time.

        • Will Tractor Supply become a political party or a state? Probably. Hal Lawton, current president of Tractor Supply (US Company) quit his previous tenure as prez of Macy’s in 2019 when he got the TS job. Tractor Supply sells horse paste if you know what I mean.

    • imagine the effectiveness of satellite tracking of thousands of migrants sowing seed in perfect symmetry.

      • The migrants are going to be housed in the Blackrock properties snapped up after the rent moratorium keeps getting extended to the point that the only people able to keep up with the carrying costs are millionaires and billionaires. Gov. will provide Section-8-type payments from MMT.

        Any seed-sowing will be done by drones.

  29. Gerard d'Olivat says:

    Hello Gail

    1. Thank you for your article. A year and a half ago you also wrote an article about the covid virus. I thought that was an interesting article because you made the links to the economy, the functioning of the state and our socially determined idea of “disease” and our health system as one of the pillars of our system. Now you write a comprehensive article on the ‘virus and vaccination’. Absent are the references to the health system and the economy. What is the real reason for that?

    2.I read that your site and the comments are increasingly dominated by anti-vaccers and ‘conspiracy thinkers’. Endless links to all kinds of articles ‘at home and abroad’ without too much relevance in the context of the set-up of your ‘ideology’: our finite world.

    3.I find that unfortunate and unhelpful. I write every day for thousands of readers about a.o. the Covid crisis in France. The responses are similar and full of speculation and factual irrelevancies. I don’t know of any period in the history of humanity where I get so many plots and ‘speculations’ on ‘my plate’ every day. I have become totally ‘immune’ to it over the months, as I have to all those ‘covid’ comments on your site.
    I have a question for you.

    4. What is the reason you pay so much attention to this in what is, after all, relatively irrelevant in the broader perspective of your theme of ‘our finite world’?
    To bring it back to a question. If your article is the ‘answer’, what is the problem?

    • 1. I ran into my personal “length limit” with the part of the story I wrote about. It is very difficult to cover several topics at one time, without writing a book.

      2. In a self-organizing economy, things can work together in a way that looks like a conspiracy. When there are not enough resources to go around, the world seems to turn into two warring factions. We are seeing this right now. I think you are seeing a tip of the true world situation. Looked at through one lens, the world looks like we will have a happy ever after situation, forever. Looked at through another lense, we look like we are on the edge of disaster. I am afraid the “edge of disaster” folks are correct. The “happily ever after” situation is the one favored by Main Street Media. Anyone who spends a lot of time reading Main Street Media will think that the opposite side is crazy conspiracy theorists.

      I think we are running short of fossil fuels. Shut downs help the economy get along with less fossil fuel, especially oil. A local leader, when he or she makes a decision to shut down the economy, takes into account all of the considerations. Do local factories need to shut down, for lack of parts or for lack of orders? Is it becoming impossible to import enough oil for all needs? Are local people protesting about inadequate pensions and living conditions? A shutdown could help all of these problems at once.

      4. The problem is inadequate resources to go around. Inadequate resources, though the laws of physics, lead to ever more wage and wealth disparity. When this happens, epidemics more easily take hold. The poor especially are vulnerable, because they tend to not eat well. This time, a group of influential individuals and the pharmaceutical industry decided to help the situation along in a way that would benefit themselves at the same time it reduces population. Some people might like this approach, but I find it objectionable.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        hey Gerard… have you seen this?

        Maybe you could write about it?

        • Gerard d'Olivat says:

          Hello ‘fast Eddy’

          1. Yes I know the documentary. As a filmmaker and teacher at the film academy very funny and convincing. I watched the ‘landing’ at the time as an assistant guide somewhere in a mountain hut in northern Norway. Black and white with a grainy image. What is unfortunate is that the film was now made more than half a century later. That makes many possible “witnesses” no longer alive, too old, or otherwise untraceable. This means that the statements and interpretations have to rely mainly on what you might call ‘circumstantial’ evidence.

          2. I have worked regularly and over a long period of time in countries such as the Soviet Union, the GDR and other former Eastern European countries. I know the European and Soviet history under Lenin, Stalin and the Third Reich well and have spoken and worked with many of the living people of various countries. As a result I have a clear picture of let’s say ‘propaganda’, ‘falseflags’, ‘centrally led democracy’ and even-tempered press. Let’s put it this way I know the ‘ins and outs’ of the state-run media, their reporting and control possibilities and impossibilities. I can tell you that ‘American Moon’ in that respect is a striking example of countless ‘truth’ films that I have encountered in the Soviet Union, the ‘Third Reich’ and in the propaganda of all the equalized press. ‘Nothing new under the Moon’, to sum it up. That’s how ‘we’ do it ‘Fast Eddy’.

          3. Perhaps because I am a European the US has never interested me very much. The rat race in space was part of that. Frankly, after those ‘moon landings’ I never bothered about space anymore. It slips out of my pocket. I am a fan of Chuck Yeager though, ‘The right stuff’ by Tom Wolf and the wonderful film made about it by Kaufman.
          There is a wonderful scene in the film with Aborigines….. in which Dennis Quaid has an unlikely encounter with a beautiful David Gulpilil and an Aboriginal clever man played by artist and activist Wandjuk Marika. “……We are astronauts…we are aborigines….”

          4. In 1988, I spent months with Aborigines wandering around Redfern and the desert looking for that last ‘tribe’ that would still roam there and had never come into contact with ‘western civilization’. We didn’t find them by the way and whether they actually still existed…. In retrospect, I don’t think so. Again, one of those recurring ‘Shangri La’ patterns in our culture. But anyway, you do become a little ‘wiser’ by reading the country somewhere on the edge of the Stone Age. The big theme in all those discussions we had with those aborigines was always the fact that their civilization was much older than ‘ours’. They were right!

          5. Honestly, all those ‘experiences’ and so many others, make me not so much concerned about vaccines, the conspiracies of the pharmacists, main stream media etc. now. We’ll see…. In a year’s time you’ll know more or less whether you’re ‘right’ is my guess…..or it will be the tipping point, the blackswann of the century and of course whether Van de Bosse’s ‘lethal variant’ will radically end many discussions. Somewhere, I’m sure, a human structure and civilization will remain intact…. Good luck with your energetic contributions.


          • Thanks for all of your fine observations. We in the US have been taught from a young age the the United States is different. We have free press that tell nothing but the truth. Any public statement by an elected official should be believed. Now we are beginning to figure out the extent to which this belief is not really justified.

            • Xabier says:

              Many here entertained similar beliefs about the integrity of the BBC, the NHS, the medical profession in general, and so on.

              And also, perhaps quite as dangerously mistaken, an estimate of most career politicians as competent buffoons who couldn’t conspire effectively if their lives depended on it…..

              A time of over-due awakening for many – and I include myself in that.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      What is the reason you pay so much attention to this in what is, after all, relatively irrelevant in the broader perspective of your theme of ‘our finite world’?

      Gerard… let me post this again — as a special gift to you. 🙂 🙂

      Let’s see if you have enough horse power to understand… keep in mind … to connect these dots … Fast Eddy – God Of Logic — had to use most of his 1500 horse power….

      You think mining cryptocurrency is energy intensive… Fast Eddy has a dedicated line feeding half the capacity of the Clyde Dam into his brain ….. in off peak hours He is allocated 75% of the power

      Check this out!


      1. Every country on the planet is on board with the Injections. Even Sweden. When have all countries aligned on any issue? Never.

      2. Not a single MSM outlet is interviewing any of the expert dissenters – Yeadon, Bridle, Montagnier, Bossche etc… and the mainstream social media platforms are blocking them.


      Conventional Oil peaked in 2005

      Shale in 2018.

      According to Rystad, the current resource replacement ratio for conventional resources is only 16 percent. Only 1 barrel out of every 6 consumed is being replaced with new resources

      Shale binge has spoiled US reserves, top investor warns Financial Times.

      Shale boss says US has passed peak oil | Financial Times

      THE PERFECT STORM : The economy is a surplus energy equation, not a monetary one, and growth in output (and in the global population) since the Industrial Revolution has resulted from the harnessing of ever-greater quantities of energy. But the critical relationship between energy production and the energy cost of extraction is now deteriorating so rapidly that the economy as we have known it for more than two centuries is beginning to unravel

      “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index. “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression.

      Fed is sharply increasing the amount of help it is providing to the financial system

      Banks did not trust each other – similar situation when Lehman collapsed

      Oil Gluts – do NOT indicate we have found more oil. We just pumped what’s left too fast.

      Summary In 2019 a second Perfect Storm was approaching – the central banks had been doing ‘whatever it takes’ for over a decade…. Essentially nothing was off the table — throw the kitchen sink at pushing GFC2.0 into the future. In 2019 the guns were blazing but the beast was no longer held at bay…

      What do you do when you are burning far more oil than you discover — and your efforts to offset the impact of expensive to produce oil push you to the edge of the cliff? You can accept your fate and allow the beast to shove you into the abyss…. Or you can take the ‘nuclear option’ and shut down as much of the economy as possible, preserve remaining oil and pump in trillions of dollars of life support to keep the system feebly alive.

      Punchline: The problem global leaders face is that if you unleash the nuclear option without some sort of cover, the sheeple and the markets would be thrown into a panic and you risk blowing things up prematurely. So you need a reason for putting the global economy on ice — one that does not spook the masses – one that is big enough to justify such epic amounts of stimulus and extreme policies — and one that allows you to explain ‘this is just temporary – once this is gone — we will get back to normal’

      A pandemic is the perfect cover.
      End Game – Covid was foisted on us as cover for the response to peak oil (if we don’t slow the burn oil prices go through the roof and we collapse) but it is also being used to convince billions to be Injected. The Injection is meant to cause extremely deadly variants like this .. only worse because we are deploying into a pandemic so everyone dies

      The reason for this is that 8B people need cheap oil to live. They would starve without it. And 8B people without food would result in epic starvation, violence, rape and cannibalism. Industrial civilization ends soon after peak oil. Unfortunately we also have 4000 spent fuel ponds that will boil off and release toxic substances for centuries. These facilities cannot be controlled with computers and energy. So even the subsistence level humans die as they consume these toxins in the food, air and water.

      The PTB understand all of this and that is WHY every leader is on board with the Injections. There is NO way out of this — so they have decided to mitigate the suffering as much as possible by putting us down and here is the mechanism×900/651857-Werner-Herzog-Quote-Civilization-is-like-a-thin-layer-of-ice-upon.jpg

      • some guy reading comments says:

        except for that very last bit. it’s not at all about ‘mitigating suffering’ but in trying to preempt a chaotic collapse – in which the ruling class loses its ass – by doing a controlled demolition – with which the ruling class hopes to hang on at the top of the heap.

        • The ruling class wants to stay in control and make money off of the problems of the economy! That is precisely correct.

          It almost looks like a conspiracy, but it is really many powerful people looking after their own self interests. Turchin and Nefedof in Secular Cycles talk about conflicts among the ruling class as collapse proceeds. The pharmaceutical industry and higher education are trying to gain a bigger share of the total output of goods and services. The whole medical system, in fact, has its interest to protect.

          • Kowalainen says:

            A rat race to the bottom of the empty oil barrel by all social strata and special interest groups.

            Luckily it isn’t just tragedy, rather with some outrageous comedy mixed in.


            Repeat after me:

            MOAR! Yay!

          • Xabier says:

            It’s perhaps a bit like Nazi Germany, Gail, with lots of in-fighting and competing factions and personalities, but under an over-arching ideology which gives some direction to the whole.

            In our case the Great Re-set, and Transhumanism, which some expect to get very rich from and enjoy increased and unchallenged power.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          How do they manage the spent fuel ponds without BAU?

    • All is Dust says:

      “increasingly dominated by anti-vaccers”

      erm… these jabs aren’t vaccines. They don’t meet the medical and legal definition to be called such. So can we please stop the slander and think critically?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I’ve been accused of this a few times… I’ve had a few vaccines… I am not opposed to them..

        What I am opposed to is being Injected with an Experiment… that could kill or maim me… that offers me no protection from the disease it is supposed to protect me from… and from a disease that would not make me very sick if I were to contract it.

        I choose not to be a f789ing MORE-ON. Nothing more.

      • I got a TDAP booster two years ago. If conscious, I will commit suicide or draw a firearm on someone before taking an experimental gene therapy injection.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Gerard, I have few questions for you.

      “I write every day for thousands of readers about a.o. the Covid crisis in France. The responses are similar and full of speculation and factual irrelevancies.”

      Well, good for you, Gerard!

      First, why do you suppose there are so many people voicing speculation and factual irrelevancies on this subject?

      Second, why do you think that you are qualified to judge what is a factual irrelevancy and what is not?

      Third, do you employ speculation in your own writing, or do you just parrot official propaganda like a stenographer, or do you try to keep a happy medium between these two very different styles of reportage?

      And fourth, since you are writing every day on this subject for thousands of readers, why do you begrudge other people the right to comment as they see fit on the same subject?

      Well, the whole world is filled with speculation
      The whole wide world which people say is round
      They will tear your mind away from contemplation
      They will jump on your misfortune when you’re down

      • Gerard d'Olivat says:

        Hello Tim

        1. I think there is always a lot of speculation and inadequately supported theories that pop up in times of ‘epidemics’. Not only do I think that, it’s well reflected in the descriptions of previous pandemics that went around. Then ‘we’ go looking for explanations and turn against groups of people or the authorities because they do not live up to what we find important. We attach importance to returning as quickly as possible to what we experience as normality and of which we know the codes, the possibilities and impossibilities. A health crisis then throws a spanner in the works and scapegoats are sought.

        2.Even before social media created echo chambers, pandemics also created alternative truths and conspiracy theories. The Spanish flu of 1918 regularly pops up in historical comparisons. So soon after World War I, the Germans were the Chinese of today. There were rumors that Germans with submarines spread the virus. Jews were also blamed, as in fact they always are, as was jazz music. Even more striking is the example of the Russian flu that claimed over a million victims around 1890. And that in a world that at the time counted one and a half billion people. A reason for the mysterious outbreak was quickly found. People had recently acquired electricity in their homes, so the electricians of the first hour were attacked physically and verbally. Moreover, there was supposed to be a medicine for the flu that “they” were withholding: an anti-malarial drug, quinine. This is obviously reminiscent of hydroxychloroquine, which is also used against malaria. In 1890, some families confused quinine with strychnine. They died. This is similar to the tragedy of an American man who recently swallowed a cleanser with a name similar to chloroquine. He did not survive.

        3. Conspiracies need a good breeding ground. And that soil is currently very fertile, partly due to lack of knowledge. If someone unfolds a conspiracy theory about classical vaccinations, you can counter it with thousands of studies. With corona, it’s different now. What was’ scientifically’ plausible just a month ago is now shown to be false. Gail’s article gives sufficient insight into this. And then a lack of information makes it easier to spread disinformation. In fact, in a number of ways, this time resembles the time of Semmelweis and his famous ‘trial and error’ studies. You saw the same thing back in the days when AIDS started its tour across the earth. That was about 40 years ago now and brought about a huge upheaval. At that time I was in Africa and Eastern European countries a lot and they were severely affected by it mainly due to ignorance. I traveled around with an AIDS kit that was only meant to be used in case of an emergency to put on a safe infusion.
        The claims made by magicians, moralists, church leaders, alternative politicians, conspiracy theories etc. and the disastrous experiments carried out on them were endless. Whole tribes were literally sent to their deaths. You see the same thing happening again now with corona especially in those areas where health care is traditionally in the hands of ‘religious leaders’, charlatans and wonderfully corrupt politicians like Bolsonaro and with as a shining example Trump who on the MSM broadcasted by all public networks suggested to just administer a ‘chlorine flush’.

        4. What is interesting about let’s call them ‘anti-vaccers’ for the sake of convenience is that they are just as diligent in their search for alternatives as anyone else. Moreover, they are just as willing to immediately exchange their newly acquired insights for something ‘new’.
        Let’s just say that their playing field changes even faster and is at least as opportunistic as that of governments and mainstream science. This is also easy because in this day and age they can ‘shop’ on the net to substantiate their newly acquired insights.

        5. Returning to your second question of whether I consider myself competent to judge what is ‘relevant’ or not, the issue is to judge within what framework you want to place that ‘competence’. In principle, I think you should make a demand on ‘relevance’ that it at least does justice to the ‘complexity’ of the problem. Health care and our expectations of it are, however you look at it, an enormously complex playing field in which the interests on all sides are great. Everyone, including you Tim, wants to live a long and healthy life and is prepared to spend a lot of money to achieve this. In many European countries and the US, it is therefore the ‘system’ on which most money is spent. This of course creates ‘excesses’ and undesirable abuses of power, etc. You only have to look at the ‘worldometers’ and you see that we as a world population spend the most money on health care…. well after what we ‘spend’ on illegal drugs! Perhaps a point to remember Tim and perhaps a point for Gail too.

        6. I am sure that everyone in the ‘corona debate’ who is frontally opposed to the ‘power of the pharmacists does want state of the art medical technology to be used when it comes to hip replacements, life saving heart surgeries etc etc etc. I therefore have a distinct aversion to ‘conspiracies’ and what I conveniently call abbreviated ‘reality amputations’.
        This also applies to let me call it the internet ‘link’ disease. The vast majority of comments on this site are larded with ‘links’, video clips, references to compressed poems and song lyrics that are then apparently meant to substantiate a personal opinion.
        A little handy and educated ‘scroller’ will always find something from Shakespeare, so to speak. But that does not make you a Shakespeare or a virologist of world renown.

        7. ‘Links’ can be interesting as knowledge acquisition but not as ‘proof’ of abbreviated views. It suggests ‘as if’ the drafter knows something but without really finding out who someone is, what their motive is other than a ‘linkyman’

        8.That brings me to your third point. I never ‘parrot’ anyone unlike the ‘linkymen’ variously. Official ‘propaganda’ doesn’t interest me. Has never done it not in the times dominated by ‘leftists’, ‘climate apostles’ or ‘climate deniers’, prophets of doom divers announcing the collapse of wave currents, post neoliberalism, shareholderssociety etc etc. I don’t walk a ‘golden’ middle ground between either. I judge issues to the extent that the writers and responders answer to the law that they ‘do justice’ to complex interrelationships. I find that interesting about Gail’s site because she does justice to that complexity in a ‘dialectical’ way. Energy, in that respect, is an interesting starting point…..though life is of course about more than ‘energy’.

        9 .Then your last point. I do not begrudge anyone their ‘links’ and ‘comments’ . Whether I find them interesting a priori is the question. And that goes for you too Tim. I don’t know you, but perhaps without links you can give an insight into who you are and what you yourself think of ‘everything and anything’.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Do you admire yourself in the mirror as you type?

          • Gerard d'Olivat says:

            Hello fast Eddy…. good to hear from you.
            I have a little less time than you to respond to pretty much everything posted on this site. I would estimate that you are responsible for at least ten to twenty percent of the responses. That is not just a lot, that is ‘obsessively much’. That’s a day’s work for a linkyman.
            Well then, you obviously have no time to look ‘in the mirror’ when you respond. Perhaps you can also produce a reflexive ‘self-portrait’ for all those readers of your reactions.Seems very nice and instructive to me, but I guess it’s a vain request. That is always difficult for an avatar is so my experience. Freedom of expression in anonymity….is always a ‘poverty’ bid after all.
            But I would say give yourself a chance.Who are you and what do you do all day except respond my dear linkyman?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Consider this … Fast Eddy … has not really worked since 2009… what would be the point of working when one realizes the fuse is very short…..

              Fast Eddy has dedicated Himself to expanding His horizons traveling extensively to mostly extreme places… reading … and learning from The Core on OFW….

              You are not The Core Gerard…. verbosity does not get you a seat at the table.

  30. Mirror on the wall says:

    Thanks, Gail.

    Perhaps those in the know can tell us more about ivermectin. I looked on Amazon UK and it does have some listings for it. What sort of dose would be required to counteract c 19? Is there a particular product on Amazon UK that would be recommended? If so, then I would happy to stock up with some.

    Will it work with future variants?

    • FLCCC has a lot of material including summaries of various Ivermectin trials:

    • Tim Groves says:

      Dr. John Day has a protocol for treatment that gives the following advice on ivermectin:

      “The preventive, “prophylactic” dose of ivermectin is based upon body weight, and it can be taken weekly, once an initial level inside of the cells is established. Ivermectin leaves the cells very slowly, so it can just be topped-off once per week. There are some slight variations on this, but I’ll describe the one I prescribe. It uses the same body-weight dosing that you will find wherever you look up ivermectin dosing for humans or animals. For every 5 kg, or 11 pounds of body weight, a person takes 1 mg of ivermectin at that dose. For most people I treat, that is 12 to 18 mg of ivermectin per dose. For COVID-19 prophylaxis, this dose is taken Day #1, Day #2 and then every seventh day after that. If you forget, take it when you remember, and get back to the original schedule after that.”

      He also talks about Vitamin D, zinc and some other useful substances, and about what to do if you are worried about clotting issues.

      And yes, ivermectin should work with all future variants of covid-19 because …. Well, it’s far too complicated and technical for me to wrap my poor head around, but ivermectin messes with the virus in dozens of ways, as this paper published in Nature spells out.

  31. Tom says:

    By the CDC’s own numbers, covid is nearly 100% survivable without any vaccines or remedies whatsoever (99.7%). Most deaths occurr in the old and ill. There was never a need for an mRNA vaccine in the first place. Now over half the US population is loaded with spike proteins which line the vascular system and create a rough surface and, in some people, micro clots. It appears we’re in the early days of a health care disaster. Politicians, the major media, and big pharma are all complicit. These injections should be stopped immediately.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Is there any evidence that c 19 vaxes have long term health effects for many people?

    • Rodster says:

      “There was never a need for an mRNA vaccine in the first place.”

      Wal Street, Pfizer, J&J, Moderna, Tony Fauci (patent holder) and Bill Gates (investor) would all disagree with you.

      • Mark Robinowitz says:

        Fauci as a federal official is prevented from holding patents. So, no, this is a hoax, not that its believers want to fact check.

        I hope a long term consequence to the pandemic is most people realize the anti-vaccine people are flat earth biology.

    • The average age of death from the disease being HIGHER than average life expectancy is a teeny-weeny clue that someone might be fudging something.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      On the Worldometer site, the global fatality rate for closed cases is 2.3%, so 99.7% survival rate seems optimistic. Of course, we don’t know the true number of infections or the true number of deaths. CDC estimates about 70 million infections, which is about twice the number of cases. US closed case fatality rate is 2.07%, so maybe the survivability is 99%, when talking only of death. Long term effects (long-Covid) can affect many more people of all age groups.

      By “the old and ill” are people too. Often people can’t help their illness and no-one can prevent aging. Also, “most deaths” is not “all deaths” so there will be many deaths that are of apparently healthy people, even of young people.

      • Tim Groves says:

        “Of course, we don’t know the true number of infections or the true number of deaths.”

        And therefore, any speculation about the global fatality rate is academic at this point.

        Mike, you would agree, though, I suppose, that more people have been infected than the number that have been found to be infected?

        Or are the tests throwing up so many false positives that they are basically worthless for anything other than propaganda purposes?

        • Kowalainen says:

          I’m almost 100% sure I had the coof back in august 2019 after returning from a gig in Suzhou. That gig carry some uncanny connotations with a well known idiot.

          Idiots gonna idiot.
          Muppets gonna muppet.
          Rapacious primates gonna rapacious.

          Those are the iron clad facts of rapacious primate psychology.

  32. Albert Bates says:

    It continuously amazes me that in the second year of a multi-year pandemic people still don’t grasp the distinction between the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, Covid-19. The vaccines were never intended to be sterilizing to the former. They merely build antibodies in advance to fight against the latter. Words like “breakthrough” are completely meaningless when one understands this.

    When you write” “COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped” you may be describing the unrealistic hope of economists and politicians, but virologists have been saying all along that people who are vaccinated can still be infected and carry the virus.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Is it usual for vaxes to fight the disease rather than to sterilise the virus?

      • Minority of One says:

        I believe you are correct – vaxxes sterilise the virus.

        The alternatives to treat CV19 however do both. Ivermectin seems sterilise the virus, and a couple of other drugs are used to control the disease. My understanding.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The answer to that is here

        • Mirror on the wall says:

          Oh dear, that does not sound encouraging.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Death Sentence for humans is what this is…

            In a word: Duh.

            I know I’ve been banging on this drum since Covid-19 started but it is no-less important today, especially in the context of holding people accountable for killing several hundred thousand Americans and the economic destruction they brought upon the nation.

            To be sterilizing a vaccine must prevent infection. Since you never get infected you never replicate the virus and thus do not shed it. If you do not shed it the potential path of the viral life-cycle for that particular infection ends with you and thus you cannot pass on or cause a mutation. You are sterile against that disease; from the point of view of the virus you are a lifeless rock. Among commonly-used sterilizing vaccines are MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), Varicella (chicken pox), OPV (oral polio) and others. The only time that such a vaccine fails is when you do not build immunity (such as due to immune compromise.) This is extremely rare and the protection from such vaccines tends to be either decades-long or lifetime.

            A vaccine that is not sterilizing permits the virus to infect you and replicate and as a result you can infect others. Technically it is not a vaccine at all (which by definition prevents infection); it is a prophylactic therapy. Such a “vaccine” instead acts to reduce or eliminate symptomatic disease. You don’t know you’re sick and you don’t get sick. You don’t go to the hospital and you don’t die. Unfortunately since you don’t know you’re sick but are infected and the virus is both replicating in you and shedding you are more-likely to spread the infection to others. All of the current Covid jabs are in this category and so is, for that matter IPV (injected polio vaccine — the original Salk discovery.)

            During the original vaccine trials in the summer and fall of 2020 they deliberately did not test any of the recipients for asymptomatic infections. Only a person who developed a significant illness was tested. This has continued post roll-out with the CDC specifying that a close contact of a known case who was vaccinated did not need to quarantine or be tested until and unless they became symptomatic. They knew damn well, in other words, that the jabs were not sterilizing but did not want that data up for public debate because then those who have read history would be likely to make the connection to the present day and thus they did their level best to hide it. That has now blown up in their face with it being conclusively known that jabbed people in fact not only get infected but spread the virus to others.

            The problem with non-sterilizing vaccines is simply this: There is no safe means of mass-use of non-sterilizing vaccines so long as transmission within the community does or is likely to exist.


            There are no exceptions.

            This was known to public health officials and virologists seventy years ago and is why the United States used both IPV (injected polio vaccine) and OPV (oral polio vaccine) in sequence for polio until the 1990s. OPV produced sterilizing immunity but IPV did not. OPV had a very small (but non-zero, about 1 in a million) risk of causing polio because it was a codon-deoptimized live virus which, on rare occasion, would mutate back to its virulent form in the human body. So to mitigate that risk you got IPV first in the US (to prevent systemic infection; this was non-sterilizing), then OPV which is sterilizing — that is, it prevents not only getting sick from polio but also replicating and shedding the virus, thus giving it to others along with preventing the promotion of mutations that WILL eventually escape the vaccine.

            Had we done with polio what we’re doing now with Covid — IPV (non-sterilizing) use only with virus circulating in the United States — it is very likely the virus would have mutated, escaped the vaccine and killed millions in America. Every single so-called expert knows damn well why we didn’t do that with polio and how dangerous it is to attempt it. Indeed where polio still circulates but money is scarce they use OPV only (which is sterilizing) and accept the risk of the rare but possible active case it can cause for this exact reason.

            Again: This is not a “new idea”; it was in fact the only rational path of action and known decades ago, forming the very basis of our polio vaccination strategy. This combination strategy was necessary for polio but not for measles, for example, as the measles vaccine is sterilizing.



            In addition natural infection with Covid-19 is sterilizing. Being infected and recovering conserves the nasal and respiratory mucosal response which is where the virus enters the body. Natural infection also conveys both “N” (nucleocapsid) and “S” (spike) antibody knowledge and T-cell recognition but the “N” knowledge is much stronger as coronaviruses have evolved to evade the immune system with the “S” portion through millions of years. This is why they can infect you in the first place. The “S” portion undergoes mutation at a quite-rapid rate while the “N” portion is conserved. It was thus expected that prior infection would lead to durable (years to decades) of resistance and indeed that’s exactly what we have found thus far. Indeed in a small study it was found that this recognition extended to the bone marrow in a large percentage of cases and in those people is likely to confer decades-long if not lifetime protection. This is not true for “S” induced immunity as it wanes rapidly and, far worse that is where the mutation is taking place and thus where escape risk lies.

            It was acceptable to issue EUAs for potentially non-sterilizing jabs to be used only by very high-risk individuals — such as those in nursing homes — with the understanding that they will fail to provide anywhere close to complete protection and might, over time potentiate worse outcomes. But with actual informed consent and on a limited, not population-wide basis, that was defensible. This, of course, leaves aside the adverse event risk — which we also know is much higher in these jabs, by a factor of 100x or more, than we have ever tolerated in any mass-use shot before.

            It was ridiculously and grossly negligent entering into the territory of depraved indifference to mass-vaccinate the population with non-sterilizing jabs. We knew very early on that eradicating Covid-19 was impossible; there are animal reservoirs, specifically felines (of all sorts), ferrets and likely others (now believed to include deer.) We have never eradicated rabies and never will for this reason; as long as there are animal reservoirs you cannot eradicate a virus as it always has a host and a means of transmission outside of human control.

            As such there was never, and will never be, a safe means to use non-sterilizing vaccines against this virus or any other coronavirus and the more jabs we deliver and attempt to compel the use of the worse the problem will get.

            Eventually we are very likely to get a mutation that entirely evades the jabs. That mutation will be caused by those who are jabbed since they are the only ones placing such mutational pressure on the virus. An unvaccinated person who gets infected places no such mutational pressure on the virus where a vaccinated person not only does they provide the exact pathway that virologists use to intentionally select for more-transmissible, virile or both mutations — serial passage through cells that does not kill the host.

            What is potentially worse is that there is a developing body of evidence that those who previously had Covid and then get vaccinated may destroy their “N” protein recognition by doing so, ruining their previous nearly-perfect immunity. That we did not specifically prove that this did not happen before giving these shots to anyone with prior infection is outrageous. While the data on this is quite thin at present that there is a higher breakthrough rate in persons with prior infection than those who were infected but did not get vaccinated is what the data currently shows, which strongly implies that vaccination after infection actually screws you.

            The people who did all of this did so intentionally either by willful blindness or worse, with actual knowledge — and the so-called “public health” authorities who continue to push this instead of banning it are intentionally doing so as well. Vander**** is just one example of this insanity but hardly alone — Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Mayo, Cleveland — they all know this is true, never mind the researchers at Ft. Detrick, the CDC and NIH.

            Until and unless we prove a vaccine against Covid (or anything else that is circulating) is sterilizing it cannot be safely used on a mass-population basis. That’s the beginning and end of the discussion. There are no exceptions, ever, period. This was not even attempted to be demonstrated in the summer and fall 2020 Covid vaccine trials as the time period was too short to do so. We now know, factually that in fact there are zero sterilizing and effective options among the vaccines in use — whether here in the US or otherwise.

            The only means to combat a pathogen absent sterilizing vaccination is to hit infections early and hard with whatever you have for the purpose of reducing viral load so as to produce durable, sterilizing immunity via infection. If you reduce viral load you reduce both the risk of pathology seriously injuring or killing the infected person and also reduce the forward transmission rate, Rt, of said virus.

            Only sterilizing immunity cuts off mutation and exerting mutational pressure via non-sterilizing vaccines not only promotes mutation by removing the signal an infected person has to self-isolate and reduce transmission risk (since you don’t feel ill) it nudges the virus toward codons that will escape the protection in whole or part.

            In small groups of particularly high risk a non-sterilizing vaccine may be worth it but any use of one raises the risk of mutational escape and thus while attempting to protect that small group you may screw others. Attempting to accurately determine who “deserves” to get protected while someone else gets screwed is a discussion that damn well ought to take place out in public as it is the public at large that is the recipient of the screwing if it occurs!

            There remains a risk that drug resistance may arise which is why multi-drug regimes are important. As an example HCQ+Ivermectin which was formally registered as a trial and then never actually run, is (among other options) one such potential approach.

            When it comes to respiratory viruses as was the case with polio you need immunity via whatever source to take hold at the point of both entry and emission by an infected person. This is why OPV worked on a sterilizing basis for polio where IPV did not. IPV was injected; OPV was consumed. As a result OPV produced mucosal immunity in the gut and thus prevented both colonization and forward transmission. IPV, on the other hand, prevented symptomatic disease in the person immunized but did not express sufficiently in the gut mucosa to prevent infection, shedding and transmission.


            If you get Covid and beat it since the point of entry is your respiratory mucosa you have strong and broad resistance focused there. That’s sterilizing in more than 9 out of 10 persons and far more-durable than jab-based immunity as well. That is what the data tells us.

            It is wildly superior to a non-sterilizing vaccine because you are not only very unlikely to get the virus again you are also nearly-certain to be unable to infect anyone else if you do. This and only this is what cuts off mutational pressure.

            It’s too late now; we’re stuck with the stupid, particularly all the screaming harpies who went out and got jabbed despite being at very low risk of serious outcomes themselves, turning themselves into literal gain-of-function labs for the virus. If you took the jab, in short, unless you were at very high risk and thus it was justified on a personal mitigation basis you are, in fact, part of the body of individuals that are placing evolutionary pressure on the virus to evolve and ultimately evade the protection and screw not just others but you as well.

            Those who are claiming “well, I got jabbed, I got infected, but it would have been much worse if I didn’t get jabbed” are the worst of the psychotics. First, the majority of Covid-19 infections are asymptomatic according to the CDC itself. Indeed they claim at least six people get infected for each detected infection. You may well have moved yourself from “I sneezed” to “I got pretty damned sick” by taking the shot. You don’t know. But worse is that by taking the jab and then getting infected anyway you have now not just become a potential mutational factory you are one of the people causing what will ultimately become viral escape and the screwing of yourself and others because by definition if you got sick after vaccination the virus got into your system, it has now proved whatever occurred in you evaded the protection you had and then was emitted back out where others can catch it from you after that evasion took place.

            You were either the mutational factory or an intermediate host that screws the next person you share the love with!

            Not only did your protection against fail but, much worse, it’s possible that said screwing will be enhanced by whatever residual antibody titer you may have since binding antibodies, if present (and which you intentionally put into your system) will still be present. Even more-seriously you put the spike protein and thus the antibody response not in your nose and throat but in your blood vessels and other organs where they can cause the exact disease progression that occurs when Covid-19 kills people. If you get a “break though” infection I hope you have your d-Dimer levels immediately checked because if not you may be a walking heart attack or stroke somewhere in the not-so-distant future with no other warning as a direct result of intentionally loading your body full of “protection” in the wrong place.

            This, and only this, is why I will not consent to such a jab under any circumstances until and unless there is hard science showing that a sterilizing option exists. That one, assuming the risk profile is reasonable, is one I might consider. Said jab today does not exist anywhere in the United States and I’m unaware of any scientific work showing that any of the current jabs are sterilizing irrespective of where they are manufactured and sold.

            Without sterilizing immunization against this disease the only sane approach is to attempt to interdict the progress of disease at first suspicion and evidence of infection instead.

            I am capable of reading both history and scientific papers, I know I’m right, the CDC, NIH, Vander****, Mayo, Cleveland and Johns Hopkins also knew for decades that I’m right and they have either all turned what formerly were scientific organizations into politically-driven soy-boy pieces of worthless and even harmful crap or, much worse, they’re deliberately lying.

            If you were among the conned the only remaining question is what are you going to do with and to those who conned you?

            Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “You’re ****ed, fool.”

            • TY says:

              Thank you for sharing. This explanation is the first i’ve seen that bridges some of the discrepancies between various whistle blowers.
              We’ll all find out soon enough if there is merit to it: i reckon this fall things will evolve significantly faster.

            • Tim Groves says:

              That was the full text of the latest rant by Karl Denninger, who is an awesome dude but uses cuss words. Knowing that Gail is a Southern Belle who has never been exposed to such language, Eddy—another awesome dude— has thoughtfully edited these out.


            • Fast Eddy says:

              I just did a select all copy – paste… a higher power must have removed the profanity 🙂

    • So why are they inflicting all of this on us??
      There’s no incentive other than a.) money from the jabs, which is trivial compared to b.) global hegemon.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      Virologists may have been saying that but it doesn’t seem they’ve been telling governments that. These vaccines are really treatments so have nothing to do with reaching herd immunity but politicians seem to hold out hope for the latter. That cannot happen with these vaccines.

    • Ed says:

      Albert, can you explain this to me? I have no idea what you are meaning. Thanks.

      • postkey says:

        “ . . . i would argue you need to
        96:52 separate conceptually the difference
        96:55 between having the virus
        96:56 and having the disease it’s kind of like
        96:58 having high cholesterol
        97:01 and having heart disease you can have
        97:03 high cholesterol
        97:05 and it’s not good for you it’s clearly a
        97:07 problem
        97:08 i mean nobody has ever done a study that
        97:10 shows that high cholesterol is good for
        97:12 anybody
        97:12 however once it starts to produce the
        97:15 inflammation
        97:16 and thrombosis in the blood vessels now
        97:19 you have
        97:20 coronary artery disease so
        97:24 there’s a difference between things that
        97:26 can produce a problem
        97:28 and the actual problem itself and you
        97:31 have to address those
        97:33 intelligently and separately . . . “

    • “breakthrough” is not a meaningless word it is “misinformation.”

  33. Thank you for a systematic and thorough review of the current clusterfu__k that we call operation warp speed. I have covered this in my writing for the past 16 months but not as well as Gail. Sadly the media is as incompetent and compliant as the politicians and what is left of our once respected public health system.The powers will not like what Gail has concluded and whether we can stop them in their tracks and admit that this “vaccine” strategy has been a complete bust is doubtful. Hugh Owens MD

    • vbaker says:

      Do you follow Whitney Webb? She has done a fantastic job of connecting the dots as far as who owns what, and just how that impacts journalism and its integrity. For example, both FaceBook and Google have DARPA style vaccine companies in their portfolios. The media companies which control the narrative also own the revenue generators.

      The information consuming public doesn’t stand a chance.

      • Xabier says:

        Whitney is heroic, and very good on the Israeli-Mossad angle: and also Alison McDowell, who produced some good charts showing how all the Foundations, Trusts, DARPA, Big Tech and Big Pharma companies and financiers are connected.

        They both give us an idea as to what the ‘shadow government’ of our world is made of: the career politicians are just front men, it is clear.

        As the WEF say, ‘if we invite you to join one of our platforms you’ll make interesting connections……..’

        If more people paid attention to Whitney, she’d be dead by now I’m sure, her work is so well researched.

  34. Rodster says:

    The bottom line is, the government has created a new business for “Sickcare”. It has quickly become a multi-billion dollar business and mostly profit because i,e, Big Pharma they have no liability. This helps juice stock prices and Wall Street which in turn has become the “new economy”.

    • Rodster says:

      It doesn’t matter whether these experimental drugs work or not because Big Pharma will rollout the 2022 version etc, just like car companies launch new car models every year. The big winners are Big Pharma, Fauci, Gates.

      • James Speaks says:

        So, with declining opportunity to rake in money in other ways (manufacturing worthless electronic for example), big corps rake in money through sick care. I like it.

        Of course, population must still decline.

    • It has been sick care since ever. It will be Health care when we have scheduled, mandatory screenings at checkpoints including your house, your employer and every ESSENTIAL food provider.

      • We run out of materials to do the COVID-19 tests and laboratories to analyze these test shortly after we initiate mandatory testing for everyone, everywhere. There are limits to everything.

  35. Steve Bull says:

    Whenever the ruling class is involved in something, as it has been for Covid, I remind myself to ask a simple question: how are we being played in all this?

  36. ursel doran says:

    Booster shots SHALL be required into infinity. IMHO.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      No – only until they create Devil Covid

      • Ed says:

        why not just release weaponized Ebola?

        • Into the vagazines or where? one lab? one hospital? one non-compliant country?

        • Kowalainen says:

          Too fast too much of a ripper. Never impulse a highly nonlinear system, it will likely spiral out of control and oscillate wildly and settle for some unfavorable operating condition.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Maybe they trialled that… and it burned out?

          I am sure they were delighted by Marek’s… and determined that this was the model to follow… 100% lethal… and it does not burn out.

          So they followed that but weaponized it by deploying the vaccine during a pandemic + then for good measure they will slam some boosters into the carcass of humanity …

          The UK series Utopia predicts all of this – only difference is they use a virus to sterilize most people… obviously that would not be feasible … it would end up in Ripping of Faces… but the Elders do like to give hints at what their intentions are….

  37. ursel doran says:

    Some fresh data from many countries here.

  38. Paulo says:

    Vaccines actually work better than had been hoped for, including the Delta variant. What doesn’t work are the political forces and ignorance that has derailed the US program.

    Where I live we have 82% 1st does and 68% fully vaccinated. All new cases are Delta. The rate of new infection is .3 of 1 person per 100K population. There are still pre-bookings and lineups to get the shot, icluding walk-in Wednesdays.

    • Very Far Frank says:

      Anecdotally, I’ve never seen anyone ‘line-up’ or even suggest they’ll pre-book a shot, and I live in the UK, which allegedly has one of highest vaccination rates.

      This high vaccination rate the UK has apparently secured has resulted in nothing but increasingly authoritarian restrictions on movement and behaviour. You can make the argument of course that this is due to ‘Delta’, but where does it stop? Variants will continue to crop up, so is the idea to continually take booster shots indefinitely until told otherwise?

      This all strikes me as highly short-sighted. We’re either building in a dependency, or we’re opening ourselves up to control and exploitation on the basis of a virus that does relatively little damage to healthy people.

      • Frank, here’s where your imagination is limiting the possibilities. What if it is not “short-sighted” at all, but extremely far-sighted?

        How, otherwise, can we explain the chorus of leaders telling us they’re going to “build back better” when it was them that broke stuff in the first place?

        At the outset, there was at least lip service as to how folks shouldn’t take the experimental injection if, for example, they had had previous anaphylactic reactions. Now all of that is entirely forgotten!! That, in itself, should tell you that this whole affair has absolutely nothing to do with “health”.

        • Xabier says:

          A wonderful compilation: and these hollow creeps parroting slogans are our rulers!?

          Or maybe just the agents?

          Boris’s wonky ‘Build Build Build’ podium slogan is a delight: maybe he made it himself and glued it on?

        • Kowalainen says:

          It is hilarious when people who have never, ever, built anything tangible in their entire lives, rather watched it emerge, is put to the task of recreating civilization on the delusions and hopiums of a sounder foundation?

          If a carpenter botches a renovation jobbie, would you want him building your new house? I guess not, eh?

          Real professionals fixes the issues as time unveils the weaknesses of the current paradigm. The sure as f u c k don’t exacerbate the problems by unfettered expansion of everything.

          That is the power of feedback systems theory. Properly designed it stabilizes most (non)linear systems. But how the FSCK are you supposed to stabilize rapacious primate psychology?

          Obviously it is rather problematic if people sharing these primate traits are supposed to “improve” the civilization. I mean; let’s be serious here. It is quite likely the can’t comprehend what would be necessitated to evolve the systems into the stable region of operation.

          Repeat after me:

          MOAR! Yay!


          • Xabier says:

            The mot useless people on the planet talking about building.

            At best their creative powers would be like Sauron’s, his best achievement being……. orcs.

            Doesn’t Tony Blair look sick – how satisfying!

      • every vagazine shop in rural america has zero lines 24/7.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      It seems that the vaxes do not impede transmission of new variants, eg. Delta, that are liable to be more virulent.

      Gail cites the CDC and a Singapore study that vaxed and unvaxed have similar case levels and similar viral loads of Delta, which is associated with the likelihood to spread it.

      The vaxes are unlikely to keep up with the new, more virulent variants that they have encouraged.

      The end result of vaxes may be more virulent variants with vaxes playing belated ‘catch up’. C 19 is mutating very fast.

      • Mirror, what if the pseudo-vaxes never “kept up” with anything to begin with?

        What if the whole game of “variants” is a demonic ploy?

        The other things people are vaccinated for don’t involve these “variant” games, except flu. And the flu vaxxes after all their years of testing and implementation are said to be 40% effective at best, while anecdotally loads of people report they quit getting the flu once they stopped getting the yearly vax.

        It was said that people who had had SARS-1 were immune to SARS-2 years later. Here’s a Nature article I quickly found, talking about 20-50% of people being immune to SARS-2 even before exposure, so how else could that happen?

        I believe Dr. Yeadon when he says your immune system should recognize variants. Last video I watched from him, he seemed to be trying to escape the UK.

        (3:48) Essential advice

    • Rodster says:

      You still have 32% to go to get to 100%. So I would say where you live your people are slacking. Once you hit 100% Dunce and Norm will each, mail you a $100 gift card of your choice.

    • Paulo, you have no way of knowing that “all new cases are Delta”. First, the PCR tests can’t tell the difference between cold and flu, so they certainly don’t distinguish among so-called “variants”. Second, the whole notion of widespread “variants” is -again- being handed to us by the same computer modellers who borked everything in the first place…

      • Mark Robinowitz says:

        Yes, all the doctors are lying, the tests are fake, it’s all just a conspiracy to fool smart people in website comment sections …

        I doubt anyone believing that has ever taken a biology class.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          And there were WMD in Iraq… there really were. We just haven’t found them yet….

          Oh and of course if you look at this closely you won’t see explosions as the building falls

          We appear to be kindred spirits mark – I trust everything in the MSM and that politicians tell me…

          Why would I ever question them? What’s the point eh?

        • Robinowitz, I spent 5 years at MIT studying biology. FU.

          • I don’t say this to try to impress anyone. I say this only because I know how inhuman they are and how perverted their reasoning can be.

            “Doctors” in the sense of run-of-the-mill physicians are, first of all not that brilliant, and second, they are paid to carry out the organizational procedure without question.

            I had to correct my own surgeon who wanted to perform a completely spurious operation on me at the same time another operation was to be performed. She apologized to me after I sent her Google links (yes, Google!) that indicated the second operation was un-needed.

            You don’t get that “their” agenda is not our agenda.

            • Ed says:

              Lidia, one of my room mates freshman year was going to be a doctor. He proudly proclaimed he would be doing un-needed operations on little old ladies on Park Avenue to make as much money as possible. Most are in it for the money.

            • My father was a general practitioner in a small town when I was growing up. He would complain about the some of the other GP’s doing lots of unneeded appendectomies, to earn extra money. Catholic doctors were removing uteruses as a form of birth control. Most of these doctors never looked at the new journal articles, either, he said.

              More recently, when I talked to a new physician at Kaiser, she said that one of the reasons she came was because in private practice, she was being more or less forced to recommend surgical solutions to patients (with certain types of problems women encounter), when cheap, non-surgical interventions would have easily solved the problem.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              And doctors get bribed with luxury junkets if they reach their prescription targets… this industry has a lot in common with a who re house.

              Most doctors are scum.

            • Gail, that is a real eye-opener to me on a very creepy level. My father was a surgeon and at some point my mother underwent a hysterectomy for reasons which were never clear to us (as youngsters, of course). This was done at a Catholic hospital (my mother was Protestant, my father an ex-communicated Catholic since he had been divorced and remarried).

              It’s something I had never considered…

          • There was another comment that didn’t come across. I am not proud of having spent that time there; I am ashamed. Most of the people I met there were mentally disturbed: they didn’t see people as human, but as “broken” mechanisms which they could somehow fix or bend to their will. It wasn’t a happy place or a happy time.. I assume it is far worse now than it was then.

          • Mark Robinowitz says:

            Respectfully, that alleged study doesn’t seem reflected in your comments. Virology 101 includes understanding of mutations.

            My brother studied biology and medicine for close to two decades and has had countless continuing education courses (MD and public health degree). As a medical expert dealing with the pandemic he thinks anti-tax is crazy. Indeed.

            The river of denial has many tributaries.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              And then there is Fast Eddy … 1500 horse power up top…

              And then there is … mark… I’ll let you shine me shoes if you ever make it to NZ

            • Tim Groves says:

              What’s this anti-tax then Mark? No taxation without vaccination? Or the other way around?

              I know you couldn’t have made a spelling mistake because you are so proficient at correcting other people’s.

              So your brother’s a medical expert? How interesting! And you enjoy basking in his glory?

              Perhaps you should ask him to run a D-dimmer test on you. Just to be on the safe side.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              On the other hand… mark’s brother has to make excuses for him ….

          • Xabier says:

            I heartily second Lidia’s FU to Mark.

            Very well merited.

        • I only know a tiny fraction of what Yeadon knows. I believe Yeadon.

          • Fast Eddy says:


            Nearly 60,000 medical professionals are signed on to this ….

            But they are not doing what Yeadon is doing because they will be fired … Yeadon is a very wealthy man as he sold his company for a major dollars… he does not have to work…

            If you think about this … if you are a doctor … you look at what Yeadon has done … it’s had zero impact…

            You just do as you are told… you collect your salary … and do not rock that boat.

            Zero Upside to Rocking the Boat. ZURB.

            • Xabier says:

              Not only has Dr Yeadon – with his impeccable CV in the field and consequent intellectual and moral authority – had no positive impact on public policy, he has been vilified, slandered and ostracised.

  39. Mark Robinowitz says:

    When Trump got sick last year he was given vitamin D at Walter Reed. But he was also given steroids, remdesivir and monoclonal antibodies, which probably saved his life. After the antibodies waned a little he got vaccinated before leaving the White House.

    I recommend reading about how vaccines eradicated smallpox and almost have eradicated polio. It’s not just a big pharma profit scam. Would be nice if Pfizer was a worker owned coop but they’re not. Health care, not warfare.
    doctor debunks disinformation
    a bit snarky but accurate
    This Week in Virology podcast

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      I am guessing that vaxes work more successfully on some viruses than on others, and that one has to look at the particular virus to evaluate the appropriateness of vaxes.

      The success of vaxes with some viruses does not logically imply that they are never a big pharma scam.

    • Minority of One says:

      Smallpox illusions
      Dr Suzanne Humphries discusses smallpox from 1797-2005

      An alternative history of the smallpox vaccine from someone who has made it her life’s work.

      • Mark Robinowitz says:

        I guess I should not be surprised that someone denies that vaccines ended smallpox in the wild. There are people who sincerely deny that evolution exists or that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

        Mark Twain said a lie could go halfway around the world before the truth had a chance to put its boots on. But now with the internet hoaxes can go even faster than that.

        • Minority of One says:

          Did you actually watch the video? If so, can you be more specific on where exactly Dr Humphries is wrong. I guess not, easier to tell us all that evolution exists and the Earth revolves around the sun, as though we did not know that already.

          • Ed says:

            He is a paid troll his job is to disrupt.

            • We might actually welcome the trolls, at this point, because as more people look at Gail’s site, they provide easy targets to shoot down with stuff most of us here may already know but may be new to … “Diana”s.

        • Tim Groves says:

          But Mark, the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun.

          As this expert explains, thinking that the Earth revolves around the Sun is equivalent to thinking that the Earth is flat.

          You are seriously behind the times, mate.

          Why don’t you ask your smarter doctor brother to explain it to you?

    • Jarle says:

      An Honest Look at the Historical Evidence that Vaccines Eliminated Diseases

      • Lastcall says:

        Great resource, but collective cognitive dissonance, the medical mafiaosa, media collusion, idiocracy, prevents learning from history…except that we don’t learn from history.
        People are happy to go along to get along.

        This Spamdemic has a Thelma and Louise finish guaranteed.

      • JMS says:

        Nice charts, Jarle. But I fear this is too much reality for believers in scientific religion.Their brains cannot process such dissonant information, and they simply shut down.

    • It would have been better if he died there.

    • Did Trump really get sick?
      We have no independent way of knowing that.
      Politicians stage themselves with masks on, only to remove them when they think the cameras are off. AOC had herself filmed collapsing in tears in front of what turned out to be an empty parking lot…

      You really can’t put anything past these people.

      • Mark Robinowitz says:

        Yes, he really did get sick. But if you think everything in the world is a crisis actor, that is a psychological condition unable to be fixed by fact checking.

        Just because someone says the government is lying does not mean they are telling the truth.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Just because someone says the government is lying does not mean they are telling the truth.

          Did you read that on a Chinese fortune cookie?

          It’s an ambiguous statement. It doesn’t tell us specifically on unequivocally who “they” are. “They” could be “someone” or “they” could be “the government”. Less likely but quite conceivably, “they” might even be referring to some cabal who are running the world behind the scenes and meeting in a basement in the Swiss Alps wearing gnome costumes.

          It’s an example of syntactic ambiguity; the sentence may be interpreted in more than one way.

          Many of the visitors to this site are low reading span adults. Please spare a thought for these poor souls and try not to make your contributions an obstacle course for them.

        • You think in terms of normie people, who have no particular incentive to pretend to be sick, unless it is to call in sick at work.

          If people would lie for $56 (8 hrs. x $7 min. wage) do you think somehow they **wouldn’t** lie when billions and trillions are at stake?

          Between Hillary/Biden and Trump, I voted Trump (the first quote-unquote “Republican” I ever voted for), but I can also see the energetic stagecraft at work there (of a much higher level than Biden’s, it is abundantly clear).

          The Commander-in-Chief, laid low!

          (but just for a short time)

          He’s rallying!

          He strides out onto the balcony, and…..
          REMOVES THE MASK!!!!

          All is well in Mudville!

          He might have had covid; he might have had the flu; or he could just be acting. I’m not wedded to any one of those scenarios, just that I think we can’t really know for sure.

  40. Cato Adams says:


    I have to disagree with the theme of your post here. While it may be true that the vaccine is not preventing viral propagation, the major benefit of getting vaccinated is to prevent death and serious illness. In that respect, the vaccine(s) are saving many lives and perhaps preventing crippling consequences that come with long-term hypoxia and lung damage.

    Herd instinct and skepticism are both good survival instincts if you can use your judgement on what is appropriate given the circumstances.

    This whole thing is a good real-life SAT II science subject test question. While it may be advisable to wait and see how effective an experimental vaccine is before using it yourself, the current information on who is dying post-hospitalization strongly suggests vaccination to be a smart individual survival choice.


    • zeroscore8584 says:

      If it is true the vax does not stop transmission, then why the vax mandates? Is that because our govt cares about our health and well being so much that they have to force it into us by threatening our livelihood?

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Perhaps vaxes may be a prudent, if risky choice for the individual, while an imprudent policy for the population as a whole? It may be a calculated personal risk when vaxes are in wide use anyway.

      But there is ADE, bad reactions, and an increased likelihood of spreading c 19 to close ones, who are perhaps more vulnerable, if one is asymptomatic. If the vaxed unwittingly spread viral loads then that is an issue.

    • Minority of One says:

      I get the impression you don’t read too many other people’s posts here. A lot of good links and comments. Would be a good idea, to expand your horizons.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      So why not just give the experiment to people who are at risk of dying from Covid?

      Why give it to children?

      Do I have to do all your thinking for you?????

    • DB says:

      Even the Pfizer trial shows NO reduction in death for the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated:

      The one result that vaccine supporters hang their hat on — less severe symptoms in those who test positive — is itself dubious. Vaccinated participants were much more likely to experience acute (immediate) side effects, such as sore injection site, fever, fatigue, etc., than unvaccinated participants. This essentially unblinds participants, as saline injections (for the unvaccinated placebo participants) don’t cause such symptoms. Vaccinated participants, many/most of whom suspect they got the vaccine, then are inclined to minimize their self-reported symptoms, while the unvaccinated placebo participants, many of whom suspect they didn’t get the vaccine, are thus inclined to magnify their self-reported symptoms. A trial with an experimental vaccine that produces significant side effects must include another vaccine, such as a flu shot, that produces at least some side effects, to interpret the results meaningfully. Also, the key result should be infection, not symptomatic infection, as the lab test is not susceptible to participants’ reporting biases. Of course, the lab test — PCR — is very prone to problems of its own, but they aren’t necessarily associated with whether a person has been vaccinated.

      The lack of the vaccines’ effect on infection seems to be borne out by results from Israel and elsewhere: the percentage of those testing positive who are vaccinated tends to be as high or higher than the percentage of the population who were vaccinated during similar periods in time.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      I agree but what is the end game? Gail raises some interesting questions – I’ll have to look for answers.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Extinction. The End Game … is Extinction …

        Compassionate Extinction … as oppose to Ripping Off of Faces … then Extinction.

        Those boosters are letting rip… if we thought warp speed was fast these suckers will be into hundreds of millions in the next 60 days!!!

        The Killer Shots

        • Cato Adams says:

          Fast Eddy, from time to time there is a James Bond villain who approaches your line of logic…I am not sure there are any groups who would strive for an extinction level event for the human species.

          However, your scenario of a mass-euthanasia planned and implemented by a group of elite misanthropes is remotely plausible. In order to reality-test your hypothesis, you may have to do some probing to see how said group(s) try to hit back. The 100-130 IQ band is not going to go along with it wittingly or non-violently.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            How would anyone hit back? So far the vast majority fully supports the Injections….

            A tiny minority protests — marching about banging on drums and chanting… a handful are having a go at the police…. not a shot has been fired…

            Anyways… as Bossche has stated… it’s already too late… billions of Injections are already doing their work inside the bodies of the CovIDIOTS…

            Even if they all realized what has been done to them (they won’t) …. there would be nothing they could do…

            In fact if they lost their minds and went on a rampage … all that would do is increase the chances of BAU collapsing … before Devil Covid emerges…. and that would result in Ripping of Faces.

            Now we wait…

  41. Jan says:

    Covid is the diagnosis of everyday symptoms together with a fraudulent test ( Someone of the “HIV denialists” wondered, Aids would be a bundle of illnesses we know since centuries plus a positive test that we cannot really understand. Fauci was involved in HIV, Fauci is involved in Covid. The honorable mister Rumsfield is also involved…

    My grandmum told us, when she were in her early twenties she wasnt a bright light – and even she could see the race theories of the Nazis were nothing else than bullshit! She said, everybody that tells the opposite, that the lies of the Nazis were convincing or overwhelming, is a liar.

    This very intelligent post comes to very clever conclusions. But it tries to avoid being a “Covid denialist”: The virus exists and it creates a huge pandemic that leads us and our peoples and mankind close to extinction! Really? Is that what you see in your areas? Here the bus drivers, the supermarket workers never have been seriously ill, with or without mitigation! Here most Covid cases were not distinguishable from a cold. Here the strong cases had symptoms equal to influnca symptoms. Here people that illegally never gave a shit about mitigation were not extinguished by the pandemic.

    The only way we can “see” Covid is through a fraudulent test! It means there is no way to check the effectiveness of vaccines other than by using this fraudulent test, too!

    What is more: the one that lies you dont believe a second time, right? But not so with Covid, our elites can lie without pause and people will be convinced they dont lie if it comes to vaccine security for example.

    In Germany they are discussing that unvaccinated people cannot be allowed to shop their food anymore. They dont see any violation of human rights as it is possible to get the jab.

    Maybe we should pay some tributes to the wisdom of my grandmum? It is easy to see, even for the low lights!

    • Mark Robinowitz says:

      Denying that HIV exists is Flat Earth biology. Meanwhile, who among the hoax believers noticed that Trump’s team deliberately tried to gut public health funding, downplayed the severity and death tolls, and did nothing when warned. If you want a real conspiracy, how about the conspiracy to distract the (mostly) conservatives looking for a scapegoat beyond their own leader?

      Denying the sickness from covid is mean and stupid.

      • JMS says:

        Assuming that HIV causes AIDS is flat earth biology… of 1980’s.
        Are you willing to question what you “know”?

      • Flat Earth is real and accurate to those who see that we live in Simulation. There is no dimension. The map is not the territory.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I do not rule out the suggestion that this is a simulation …. Fast Eddy surely cannot be a real person…. I would not be surprised if He at some point is anointed The Creator….

          Just as the CEP unfurls… He steps out from behind the curtain … and makes some sort of announcement.

          • Kowalainen says:

            For sure you are living in the simulation of that which your brain hallucinates as objective reality.

            No surprises there. But as for the universe being a simulation. Why not, however, I’d like to see the specs of the computer that runs this universe.

            I’ll bet that computer can be called “the universe” without any loss of analogy.

            These schmucks that don’t even ponder upon the meaning of the questions they ask. 42 obviously. What? Not happy with the answer? Learn how to pose good questions then.

          • We’re never the same person from minute to minute as all our cells are continuously being replaced. The Zen saying that we “never step in the same river twice” is a worthwhile consideration. Buckminster Fuller wrote a partially-coherent book called “I Am a Verb”. We certainly are entirely kinetic (as opposed to static).

            • Sorry, it’s “I Seem to Be a Verb”…

            • Kowalainen says:

              More like an information processing entity that, as you say, is dynamic.

              Try to recall your childhood. Then discard the illusion that you’re the same person. Continuity is entirely fictitious in living and evolving organisms.

              Here’s a good one: Do we have free will?

              Why not ask the universe how it should perform its “magic” so that it makes sense for a simpleton mind embedded in its fabric.

              It’s cracking jokes for its own amusement.

        • CTG says:

          We are in a simulation… contact me at chngtg at

    • JMS says:

      So true. The crude fact is that if it weren’t for the media, nobody would know that we “are in a pandemic”. But sheeple could believe the sun is shaped like a blue square if MSM would repeat it ten times a day. Alas, conformism is an endemic disease in human societies, and there is no known cure for it.

  42. Horst Melcher says:

    As an actuary you should be careful giving medical advice. This is too serious to give rise to a conspiracy theory by the greedy pharmaceutical industry. Your original ‘option’ of just letting it happen to not disrupt the economy seems to linger on, despite the death toll of this pandemic.

    • Minority of One says:

      The death toll of this pandemic is tiny – tiny. Here in the UK somewhere between 10-20% of total deaths, and the vast majority were very old people who were close to death anyway (seems to be changing as the new variants become resistant to the vaxxines). Are you shedding a tear for the others who die from not being treated promptly – from cancer, heart disease, etc? 5 million+, about 10% of the adult population, waiting to a see a specialist? Why?

      • Mike Roberts says:

        The trivialisation of deaths is just incredible.

        • Minority of One says:

          If you say so.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            When the average age of people dying is over 80 and all of them have major chronic health problems…

            Their deaths should trivialized… or better still dismissed … even celebrated…

            Good riddance…

            As we know old dying people are a huge burden on the health care system …. realistically they should be lethally injected and put down… do they really enjoy living in stale piss and faeces?

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Not all deaths are of people with major chronic health problems.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Of course not … only the vast majority of them….

              So we shut down the world… cuz a few healthy people die?

              And we inject children with an experiment because?

              mike – have you had your booster yet? Please do… please please please…

              Had a couple of beers with my neighbour earlier — he’s got his appointment booked… I just had to tell him about my mate who’s f789ed his heart with the Injection … just to get him thinking …

        • Xabier says:

          It is not ‘trivialisation’ of deaths: it is putting things into their proper perspective – which is what the ‘pandemic’ propaganda machine does not do.

          • Mike Roberts says:

            It is trivialising deaths to write, “the vast majority were very old people who were close to death anyway”. No definition of “vast majority”, no definition of “very old”, no definition of “close to death” and no evidence. This commenter clearly wants to trivialise the damage to lives caused by the virus. Others do this also and it is wrong.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Excuse me ..I need to … feed the trolls…


            • Tim Groves says:

              The only person I’ve heard of locally who died soon after getting jabbed was a lady aged 93. The general sentiment in the community is that she was old and she would have died anyway.

              Mike, a virus death is a tragedy. Possibly it stems from a failure to treat correctly or promptly, and possibly it stems from dereliction of duty if physicians do not use effective treatments that are available—including ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

              Conversely, every jab death is a homicide. It results from the deliberate injection of substances in quantities known to be toxic and potentially fatal into a human body.

              When medics do that, they’d better have a much better excuse than that they were trying to stop people from catching and spreading colds.

              I don’t know how much clearer I can make it.

            • Tim Groves says:

              What is this?

              I should be up to fifty likes by now!

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Hey Mike… covid is doing these old goats a favour… much better than being suffocated by a son or daughter… with a pillow?

              WHY I HOPE TO DIE AT 75

              An argument that society and families—and you—will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly

              But here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived. It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world. It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us.

              We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic.

              Americans may live longer than their parents, but they are likely to be more incapacitated. Does that sound very desirable? Not to me.


              norm is a case in point … he gets more ineffectual and pathetic by the week…

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Mike, a virus death is a tragedy. Possibly it stems from a failure to treat correctly or promptly, and possibly it stems from dereliction of duty if physicians do not use effective treatments that are available—including ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.

              Or it might be that the disease can be very severe and the data on different potential treatments is limited. I too think ivermectin could be a game changer but I’m pretty sure that there haven’t been well designed trials for its treatment of COVID-19. The evidence is mixed and I understand that approved doses of ivermectin may not be strong enough to affect the illness; if so, doctors would have to go out on a limb. HCQ data is equally sparse but I think there may be sufficient data to show that it is not effective. Sorry, I don’t have links right now; this is just my understanding from what I’ve read.

              Conversely, every jab death is a homicide. It results from the deliberate injection of substances in quantities known to be toxic and potentially fatal into a human body.

              I completely disagree.

              I don’t know how much clearer I can make it.

              You’ve made your opinion perfectly clear.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              OMG mike disagrees — completely!!!!

              hahahahahahahaha….. hahahahahahaha….

              This is not as big of a deal as it seems.. it is not a … game-changer…

              mike disagrees… (murmurs of ‘so what’ drift up from OFW)

            • Minority of One says:

              If I understand correctly, your aim here is to persuade everyone to get vaxxed. Here is a review of the latest deaths and serious injuries from the European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots. They are not trivial.

              20,595 Dead 1.9 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

              I believe that the European reporting system is prone to the same under-reporting as the Yellow Card system in the UK and VAERS in the USA: 1-10% of actual events reported.

              You are promoting unnecessary death and serious injuries with your pro-vaxx campaigning on the one hand, whilst writing “The trivialisation of deaths is just incredible” on the other?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              You reminded me to wonder where duncnorm are at….

              I do miss dunc serenading us with …. ‘the vaccines are 95% effective… I saw Fauci on CNN’….

            • Fast Eddy says:

              OH hang on … lest we forget… dunc also said — those not getting the vaccine would cull the stooopid people…. he was celebrating that….

              dunc… please come back so we can ridicule you …. hahahaa… come on dunc…. come and take your whipping.

            • A 80-y.o. hospice patient dying “with Covid” is a tragedy..

              The deaths of tens of thousands of healthy younger persons of cardiomyopathy, stroke, blood clots….

              .. is a statistic

            • Mike Roberts says:

              If I understand correctly, your aim here is to persuade everyone to get vaxxed.

              You don’t understand correctly. Given that the vaccines aren’t sterilising, they really only protect the vaccinated person (though one could argue that they also help the health services). In this case, it’s for each person to make their own risk assessment and make an informed decisions.

              It seems the aim of some others here to persuade no-one else to get vaccinated. To that aim, they will pick up on any story that appears to bolster their case. I hope others will check out claims made in those stories and not just take them at face value.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              there there now mike… Fast Eddy has booked you a nice room here

              They’ll come pick you up tomorrow morning

        • Umm the exaggeration of tragedy of deaths from one cause or another is pretty trivializing.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            There are 8 billion human vermin on the planet… and we are supposed to be concerned about some deaths?

      • Ed says:

        yes the toll is trivial

    • Replenish says:

      Thanks for sharing. Horst. My first thought when reading your comment was of Bill Gate’s Reddit AMA in ealy 2020 where he said you have no choice you must get vaccinated and have some sort of digital immunity certificate. This was before I learned about Event 201, NIH, Wuhan Lab and Gain of Function research and PCR scientist Mullis’ beef with Fauci. I rhought other than his strategic philanthrpy steering global science and health towards his own agenda, what business does he uave giving medical advice. In the beginning, I read several informative actuarial studies on the costs and benefits of lockdown vs. focused protection. Well-sourced, independent research explains step by step who, why and how this virus response is playing out along with globalist solutions to economics, climate change and social justice.

      • Xabier says:

        I’ d agree.

        Total population ‘vaccination’ was identified long before the pandemic as the best route into the new universal ‘digital identity’, the cornerstone of the planned economic and political revolution aka the ‘Great Re-set’ or ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’, in which Transhumanism is a core ideology.

        Those who do not see this are simply ill-informed – or deliberately mis-informed…….

    • Mark Robinowitz says:

      … especially when several alleged facts in the article are easily debunked.

      It’s nice that ivermectin kills the virus in vitro (in a vial). So do soapy water, heat and chlorine bleach. In vivo, in the body, there’s a different problem. has some technical discussion of “problems” with some of the ivermectin cures covid! studies. Small sample sizes, potentially fraudulent studies (some of them), giving patients in control groups steroids that are helpful makes it hard to contrast yes/no ivermectin.

      When Trump was seriously sick at Walter Reed he was not given ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine. Fun to fool the rubes but POTUS was given the best care available.

      • Tim Groves says:

        How do you know Trump was seriously sick and how do you know what he was treated with, Mark?

        No, don’t tell me. Let me guess. You work at Walter Reed as a janitor!

  43. Kowalainen says:

    Apparently five clot shots being discussed in Sweden. Yes, really. 😳,nv,elem

    Nope, you can’t make this stuff up. The tragicomedy is real. How ridiculous does it have to be before people start to scratch their dimwit?


  44. Roger says:

    Thank you for this essay. It is a huge relief when a person as intelligent and clear-headed as you speaks up. You cannot be dismissed as a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” as so many others who have expressed doubts have been. This essay is going to have an impact.

  45. Tim M. says:

    What we’re seeing all around is a desperate attempt of the wealthy to jump ship before our Republic disintegrates. Take action and stop trying to wish it away.

    • Rodster says:

      The system is indeed collapsing and they are using the Covid narrative as the excuse. The governments and central banks around the world know that they have created so much debt by borrowing that it can never be repaid. So this is their attempt to collapse the system and “Build Back Better”.

      • Tim M. says:

        @Rodster Exactly right you are.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          “The global economy was facing the worst collapse since the second world war as coronavirus began to strike in March, well before the height of the crisis, according to the latest Brookings-FT tracking index.

          “The index comes as the IMF prepares to hold virtual spring meetings this week, when it will release forecasts showing the deepest contraction for the global economy since the 1930s great depression.

      • Xabier says:

        In fact Mark Carney, the BIS, the WEF, etc, talk quite openly about this, although they leave us to fill in the obvious gaps ourselves, – if we are smart enough, – it is far from being a ‘CT.’

        New economy – ‘stakeholder capitalism’, fully-digitised.

        New financial system – CBDC’s, ‘programmable money’.

        New kind of ‘Transhumanist’ human beings, and the universal, global ‘digital identity’.

        The global ‘ 100% vaccination’ strategy fits into this plan, if one thinks about the implications.

        If the pandemic hadn’t happened, it would have be necessary to invent it……

      • The question is, though, “who is going to maintain Chrissy Teigen?”

  46. gabyluky says:

    Thank you very much Gail,

    This is the best article I’ve read on the subject.
    I hope as many people as possible read it.

      • Xabier says:

        Yes, thank you, Gail, for a very strong article, which no rational person could take exception to.

        Enjoy your upcoming break!

      • Student says:

        Gail, I also would like to say the same. Very interesting article, many thanks indeed!
        Please let me also add something which is only my perception, but I have the impression that your blog is being read lately by more people than usual. If that is correct, I think that the reason is people are realizing that you are making right considerations, that’s why they are coming here.
        Maybe for this reason there also some interventions which seems to come from … Of course is only my impression. But I would say that if I were … I will hire some of them 🙂
        Have a nice relax.

  47. ursel doran says:

    EXCELLENT work as usual!! THANKS much much!

    Big Pharma has found the solution to the marketing. Sell hundreds of millions of doses to governments and they then give them away. Biden recently gave 100 Million doses to some African companies, and the VA here is giving them away also. 1,300 hospitals with many Millions of customers. Pentagon just orderded a huge batch, 100 Million or so.

    This is wonderful for them as increased pricing in this environment is never pushed back!
    An extra $5 for 500 Million units is real money. With the lift off in Pfizer and pals stocks, it is likely not to late to get in on the ride, as the annual numbers WILL be astronomic for their gross and net.
    Lining up the extremely low risk of children and teens for the jab is a crime against humanity.

    The marketing budget for the jab has to be huge. Watching a music video on utube, and in the middle is injected a vaccine advert. A nice looking black couple gushing about how happy they are that they got the jab so they can get back to doing what they love, that is dating.

  48. Zach F. says:

    This is excellent and broad analysis. Thank you so much for writing on this topic.

    Do you have any information on whether vaccination status has a positive or negative effect on life expectancy, from a life actuarial perspective? If the vaccines are (or have been) at all effective, it should have a positive effect, but looking at this measure would seem to provide a perspective balancing the benefits against the potential vaccine side effects and risks, including the VAERS death reports you note.

    • Is it realistic to expect there to be long-term actuarial data on “life expectancy” when they only started jabbing people last December?

      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        Yes, we’re playing the waiting game.

        I read a comment from a doctor not long ago that addressed the problem of side effects following vaccinations not showing up until 3 to 27 years later. There was a medical term for this phenomenon but the term escapes me at the moment.

        • Mark Robinowitz says:

          27 years … not really. Good luck proving ANYTHING after that much time. Most vaccine issues are found immediately, more or less (especially allergic reaction). It’s rare but not zero.

          The medical term you’re looking for is IATROPHOBIA. Fear of doctors. And a basic lack of biological education. All these delusional comments downgrade the quality of your analyses on energy limits and the limits to growth.

          Viruses are an example of exponential growth, too.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Ya that’s why it takes 10-15 years for approval…


            Let’s check out the short term problems:


            But Biden said these were totally safe…. hmmmm … good thing there is no long term… that’s why we don’t need to test for 10-15 yrs

            Mark – you weren’t dunc in a previous life?

          • Xabier says:

            On the contrary, an extended trial period is essential, as auto-immune problems, cancers, etc, in particular can take some ears to manifest.

            A friend who is a leading researcher in the field advised me in late 2020 to wait ‘at least 4-5 yrs’ before even considering being vaccinated, and has since told me that based on the high number of deaths and immediate injuries he considers them all to be ‘so unsafe they should be withdrawn at once.’

            Extensive trials are particularly important when seeking to inject 100% of a population!

            Your stance is both ill-informed and fundamentally unscientific.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              in DelusiSTAN… where mark lives… there is no need for long term testing of vaccines or drugs.

          • Tim Groves says:

            The word that Azure Kingfisher is looking for isn’t iatrophobia—which incidentally, it isn’t a medical term per se.

            So that’s two stokes against you. And I must warn you that in this game, three strikes and you’re out.

            It might be pharmaphobia, also known as pharmacophobia—meaning fear of the use of pharmacological treatments. Or it might be bigpharmaphobia—meaning fear of the global parmaceutical industry. None of these three words describe true phobias, because phobia in English usually refers to an irrational fear, and there is nothing irrational about fearing big pharma and its products.

            Let’s pop over to Harvard University and ask an expert, Donald W. Light, to shed some of his “light” on this subject so we can get enlightened.

            “Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved. That is why expert physicians recommend not taking new drugs for at least five years unless patients have first tried better-established options, and have the need to do so.

            Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases. ”


            Most vaccine issues may well appear immediately. So Mark, you are telling is that some vaccine issues may well not appear for an extended period. Good. Glad we got that straight.

            Even experts who promote vaccines agree. Daniel Salmon, the director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, said that “we can’t say with absolute certainty that there won’t be some problem 20 years later because of COVID vaccines.”

          • Bryant says:

            Mark, you were arguing with someone who splayed book-length details about her personal life and so-called qualifications on Guy McPherson’s [“we’re all gonna be extinct by 2013 or 2014 or 2015, etc.”] Nature Bats Last, an unintentionally funny blog, is not worth your time. Stick with Fast Eddy.

            I am personally concerned, however, by the fact that I agree with her on much of the vaccine information. I guess that means I’ll have to take a look at her hard-hitting YouTube series on Sarah Palin’s fake pregnancy back in the day, har har!

            • Bryant says:

              Correction: . . . funny blog. It is not worth your time.

            • Cletus says:

              Bryant, yeah, a few of us here followed that blog before McPherson went completely off the rails. I’ve never understood the need to broadcast very personal details all over the Internet, but loneliness and the inability to socialize in a truly successful manner face to face are part of the problem. Most who comment on these sites are INTJs with literal Asperger’s syndrome or aspie-like traits. Some just have terribly abrasive personalities.

          • Azure Kingfisher says:

            My memory was incorrect with regard to a scientific term for a general phenomenon in which adverse events showing up from 3 to 27 years later. The doctor was commenting on a specific adverse effect.

            Here is the comment that I was referring to in full. It addresses the adverse effect of Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis (SSPE) becoming apparent as late as 3 to 27 years following “vaccination.”
            This is from a comment section on Medscape. Commenting is limited to medical professionals. There are now 1,088 comments and the section continues to see new comments daily. The comments section goes back to February 8, 2021.

            “How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines?”

            “Tell us what you think – your expectations and concerns.”

            Dr. Arvind Joshi – Feb 26, 2021

            Concerns about Safety:

            1) Certain adverse effects like SSPE (Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis) can become apparent as late as 3 to 27 years after Vaccination.

            2) It is possible that certain number of women have already conceived pregnancy but have not missed the menstrual period and they take the Vaccine; one does not know what effect the Vaccine may have on the foetus.

            Concerns about Efficacy:

            SARS-CoV-2 is constantly mutating. How far the already available Vaccines will be effective against new strains that will keep arising after the Vaccination.

            Actually many more doubts keep arising. Above are just a few nagging and worrisome out of them.


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