COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped

Last week, the CDC announced a surprising finding: “Delta infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people.” Public officials had known from the early days of vaccine development that vaccinated people could catch COVID-19, but the assumption had been made that they were not going to be spreaders of COVID-19.

It turns out that the delta variant is sufficiently different from the original Wuhan version of the virus that the vaccines work much less well. The CDC performed an analysis of COVID-19 cases arising from one public gathering in Massachusetts. They found that the gathering led to 469 COVID-19 Delta cases among Massachusetts residents, with 74% of these cases in fully vaccinated attendees. Massachusetts is a highly vaccinated state, with approximately 64% of the population fully vaccinated.

There are other issues coming up as well. How long does the vaccine really last? Is the vaccine itself part of the reason that the virus is mutating as rapidly as it is? Are we making problems for ourselves by creating an army of people with very light cases of COVID-19 who can spread the virus to both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated without realizing that they have more than a cold? Aren’t we inadvertently killing off the least able of the virus mutations and allowing the most virulent to multiply?

My training is as an actuary, so I am familiar with modeling. I am also a “systems thinker.” I know that it is important to look at longer term impacts as well as short-term impacts. If a person works in the healthcare field, it is easy to consider only the obvious short-term benefits. It takes some analysis to figure out that today’s vaccines may lead to stronger variants (such as Delta) and more overall spread of COVID-19.

In this post, I will explain some of the issues involved.

[1] Today’s vaccines provide only a fraction of the true level of protection required. Their actions are in many ways similar to applying weed killer at half the strength needed to kill the weeds or providing antibiotics at half the dose required to stop the spread of bacteria.

All of our lives, we have been told, “Be sure to complete the full course of the antibiotics. It is necessary to kill all of the bacteria. Otherwise, it will be easier for a few of the stronger bacteria not to be affected. If you stop too early, the bacteria that are least affected by the antibiotic will survive and reproduce, while the others will die. Stopping the drug too soon is a great way to achieve antibiotic resistance, quickly.”

Unfortunately, COVID-19 vaccine makers seem to have overlooked this issue. The respected BMJ published an editorial entitled, Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us. It makes the point:

Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.”

Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either.

We were told that the new COVID-19 vaccines are “95% effective in preventing symptomatic disease,” but it turns out that this is far less adequate than what most people would assume. The vaccine is “leaky.” A big issue is that the virus mutates, and the vaccine works much less well against the mutations. The world can never reach herd immunity if immunized people keep catching new variants of COVID-19 and keep passing them on, as the evidence now suggests.

[2] In a way, getting sick from a virus is helpful. It tells us to stay at home, away from others. It is the fact that humans experience symptoms from viruses that tends to limit their spread.

If a virus has severe symptoms, those infected with the virus will not feel well enough to continue their usual activities. They will tend to stay at home.

If the symptoms are mild, as is the case with the common cold, people will likely go about their activities as usual. This is especially the case if people need to work to feed their families. Thus, viruses with mild symptoms often spread easily.

But, if citizens feel that they are protected by a vaccine, they will likely continue to go about their activities as usual. Most of them will not realize that they might be spreaders of Delta, and perhaps other new COVID-19 variants. Symptoms are likely to be mild or non-existent.

[3] It is becoming clear that people immunized with today’s vaccines can both catch the delta variant and spread it to others.

As I mentioned above, the CDC concluded from looking at its analysis of 469 delta cases that the infection resulted in similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

We have independent corroboration of the ability of vaccinated individuals to spread delta COVID-19 in a new analysis from Singapore. This article reports, “PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values were similar between both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups at diagnosis.” This is precisely the information that the CDC was relying on in Massachusetts when they reported that there were similarly high SARS-CoV-2 viral loads in vaccinated and unvaccinated people. While this analysis has not yet been peer reviewed, it reaches precisely the same conclusion with respect to early viral load as the Massachusetts analysis.

The data from this same Singapore study indicates that there are about 3 times as many asymptomatic cases in the vaccinated (28.2%) as the unvaccinated (9.2%). The median number of symptoms reported by the vaccinated was 1, compared to 2 in the unvaccinated. Among the vaccinated, the most frequent symptoms were fever (40.9%), runny nose (38%) and cough (38%). One of these symptoms, especially if it occurred only briefly, could easily be overlooked as a sign of COVID-19.

[4] With nearly all of the current vaccines, the immune system is trained to look for the spike protein from the original Wuhan virus. This narrow focus makes it relatively easy for the virus to mutate in ways that outsmart the vaccine.

A “History of Vaccines” website indicates that there are several ways vaccines are being made, including weakened (“attenuated”) viruses, killed viruses, and segments of the pathogen. In the new COVID-19 vaccines, a particularly limited part of the virus is used, the spike protein. In fact, in the newer vaccines, only an mRNA code is injected, and the body is instructed to make the spike protein itself.

Using a very narrow target has made it easier for viruses to evade the effects of the vaccine. Delta is one variant of the original virus from Wuhan that is evading vaccines through its mutations. Another such variant is Lambda, which caused serious problems in Chile in the spring of 2021, despite vaccine usage as high as 60%. The virus underlying all of these variants is called SARS-CoV-2, reflecting the fact that this virus is closely related to the virus which caused the 2003 SARS epidemic.

Since vaccination began about December 15, 2020, we have so far encountered two variants that are poorly controlled by vaccines. This is not a promising sign for the long-term success of COVID-19 vaccines. As more time goes on, we can expect more such variants. These variants do not necessarily stay around for more than a few months, making it difficult to create and distribute new specially targeted vaccines.

[5] Given the likelihood of mutations away from the narrow target, it seems strange that the governments have set very high expectations for the new vaccines.

It seems to me that Pfizer and Moderna should have said, “We are producing new vaccines that will somewhat lessen symptoms. In a way, they will be like the annual influenza vaccines that various companies make each year. We will need to update the vaccines regularly, but we will likely miss. Hopefully, our guess regarding what will work will be ‘close enough,’ so the vaccine will provide some partial benefit for the upcoming variations.”

Such a statement would have provided a more realistic set of expectations, compared to what many people have been assuming. No one would expect that herd immunity would ever be reached. The vaccines would be perceived as fairly weak tools that need to be used alongside medications, if they are to be used at all.

[6] Leaky vaccines, if widely used, can encourage the virus to mutate toward more virulent (severe) forms. Ultimately, the problem becomes viruses that mutate to more virulent forms faster than the vaccine system can keep up.

If, as we are seeing today, vaccinated people can catch the variant and pass it on to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, this extra boost can help the variant tremendously in its ability to spread. This extra boost is especially helpful for the variants that are very virulent, since in the normal situation, people who catch a virulent variant would recognize that they are sick and stay at home.

There would normally be a limit on how much the variant could spread based on its impact on the unvaccinated. This limit goes away if both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread the illness. Without a vaccine, the variants might be either more or less virulent, with the more virulent tending to die out because the people who get them either die or stay at home because they are very ill. I would expect that this is the reason why quite a few viruses tend to become less severe (virulent) over time, when leaky vaccines are not available to artificially boost their virulence.

The article, Vaccines are Pushing Pathogens to Evolve, gives the example of how the vaccines for Marek’s disease in chickens have been failing, as the disease gradually evolves to become more virulent under pressure from the vaccines being used to keep this illness away. The first vaccine was introduced in 1970. A decade later, outbreaks of Marek’s disease began to be found in vaccinated flocks. A second vaccine was licensed in 1983, but it too began to fail. When the article was written in 2018 the industry was on its third vaccine, but it too was beginning to fail, as the disease became more deadly. But there was no new vaccine yet available.

A 2015 article in PLOS Biology is entitled, Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens. A person would think everyone involved in vaccine technology would be very much aware of this issue.

The chase after new vaccines is precisely the problem we can expect to have with the vaccines for COVID-19. Only, our problem with the vaccine not really working correctly is coming after a few months, not 10 years. Trying to keep up with new vaccines for a virus that evolves away from us, this quickly, is likely to be an impossible task. It is not just the unvaccinated who have a problem; it is everyone, as the vaccines quickly lose their effectiveness.

[7] Another potential problem with COVID-19 vaccines is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). When this occurs, it worsens later infections by different variants.

ADE is a rather strange condition in which the antibodies against one variant gained from a first infection (or immunization) act to make some later infections by a different variant worse, rather than better. Dengue Fever is an example of an illness for which this is an issue.

Dr. Robert Malone thinks that ADE may be happening now for COVID-19. He sees the high virus levels in immunized individuals as evidence of possible ADE.

The large number of immunized patients in the hospital with COVID-19 in Israel (which has mostly Delta cases) is also given as possible evidence:

Figure 1. Image from Israel’s official COVID-19 website, showing new hospitalizations and new severe patients separately for fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated individuals.

The illness SARS is closely related to COVID-19. There is evidence that vaccinations against SARS tend to produce ADE. In fact, the National Institute of Health provided funding for a 2020 academic paper that reaches the following conclusion:

The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standards for informed consent.

[8] Another problem with the current vaccines against COVID-19 is that immunity may not last very long.

The virus that causes COVID-19 is a coronavirus. The common cold is another illness caused by a coronavirus. We know the immunity of the common cold doesn’t last very long, perhaps a year. While we don’t have long-term experience with COVID-19 vaccine immunity, we shouldn’t be surprised if its immunity begins to wane within a few months, or in a year or two.

Israel, after analyzing its recent COVID-19 experience (almost all with the Delta variant), is now offering anyone over 60 who was vaccinated more than 5 months ago a booster shot. Third doses are also being given to those with weakened immune systems.

It should be noted that if immunity doesn’t last very long, any strategy of “flattening the curve” by stretching out COVID-19 cases becomes counterproductive because it runs the risk of moving the timeframe of the next cycle beyond the time when natural (and vaccine-induced) immunity is still operative.

[9] The public has been led to believe that vaccines are the only solution to COVID-19 when, in fact, they are at best a very poor and temporary band-aid.

Vaccines are a tempting solution because the benefits have been oversold and no one has explained how poorly today’s leaky vaccines really work.

We are already past the period when these vaccines were well matched with the viruses they were aimed at. Now we are in a situation in which the viruses are constantly mutating, and the vaccines need to be updated. The catch is that the variants stick around for such a short time period that by the time the vaccine is updated, there is likely to be yet another new variant that the new vaccine does not really match up with well.

Requirements that employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot be expected to provide much benefit to employers because workers will still be out sick with COVID-19. This happens because they are likely to catch a variant such as Delta, which does not line up with the original vaccine. Perhaps they will be out for a shorter period, and their hospital bills will be lower. These types of benefits are what people have expected of influenza vaccines. There is no reason for them to expect more of the new COVID-19 vaccines.

Even with 100% vaccination herd immunity can never be reached because the vaccine encourages the virus to mutate into more virulent forms. Each new variant stays around for only a few months, making it hard for vaccine makers to keep up with the changing nature of the problem. Vaccine makers can expect to face a constant battle in having to run to stay even. Someone will have to convince citizens that each new vaccine makes sense, even though injuries reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System seem to be much more frequent than those reported for vaccines for other diseases.

An erroneous, one-sided story is being told to the general public, in part because the pharmaceutical lobby is incredibly powerful. It has the support of influential people, such as Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates. The pharmaceutical industry can make billions of dollars in income from the sale of vaccines, with little in the way of sales expenses. The industry has managed to convince people that it is OK to sell these vaccines, even though injury rates are very high compared to those for vaccines in general.

Vaccines are being pushed in large part because the pharmaceutical industry needs a money maker. It also wants to be seen as having cutting-edge technology, so young people will be attracted to the field. It cannot admit to anyone that technologies from decades ago would perhaps work better to solve the COVID-19 problem.

[10] The pharmaceutical industry has been telling the world that inexpensive drugs can’t fix our problem. However, there are several low-cost drugs that appear helpful.

One drug that is being overlooked is ivermectin, which was discovered in the late 1970s. It was originally introduced as a veterinary drug to cure parasitic infections in animals. In the U. S., ivermectin has been used since 1987 for eliminating parasites such as ringworm in humans. Ivermectin seems to cure COVID-19 in humans, but it needs a higher dosage than has been previously approved. Also, it would not be a money maker for the pharmaceutical industry.

The possible use of ivermectin to cure COVID-19 seems to have been intentionally hidden. At approximately 32:45 in this linked video, Dr. David Martin explains how Moderna announced ivermectin’s utility in treating SARS (which is closely related to SARS-CoV-2) in its 2016-2018 patent modification related to the SARS virus. It sounds as though Moderna (and others) have participated both in developing harmful viruses and in developing vaccines to cure very closely related viruses. They then work to prevent the sale of cheap drugs that might reduce their sales of vaccines. This seems unconscionable.

Vitamin D, in high enough doses, taken well before exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19, seems to lead to reduced severity of the disease, and may eliminate some cases completely.

Various steroid drugs are often used in the later stages of COVID-19, when conditions warrant it. The medical community seems to have no difficulty with these.

Monoclonal antibodies are also used in the treatment of COVID-19, but they are much more expensive.

[11] Conclusion. Governments, businesses, and citizens need to understand that today’s vaccines are not really solutions to our COVID-19 problem. At the same time, they need better solutions.

Current vaccines have been badly oversold. They can be expected to make the mutation problem worse, and they don’t stop the spread of variants. Instead, we need to start quickly to make ivermectin and other inexpensive drugs available through healthcare systems. People do need some sort of solution to the problem of COVID-19 illnesses; it just turns out that the current vaccines work so poorly that they probably should not be part of the solution.

The whole idea of vaccine passports is absurd. Even with the vaccine, people will catch the new COVID-19 variants, and they will pass them on to others. Perhaps they may get lighter symptoms, so that they will be off work for a shorter length of time, but there still will be disruption. If those who catch COVID-19 can instead take ivermectin at a high enough dose at the first sign of illness, many (or most) of them can get well in a few days and avoid hospitalization completely. Other medications may be helpful as well.

I am skeptical that masks can do any good with the high level of transmission of Delta. But at least masks aren’t very harmful. We probably need to go along with what is requested by officials.

It is becoming clear that today’s pharmaceutical industry is far too powerful. Investigations need to be made into the large number of allegations against it and its leaders. Why did members of the pharmaceutical industry find it necessary to patent viruses, and then later sell vaccines for a virus closely related to the viruses it had patented?

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. Fast Eddy says:

    Imposing a constitutionally dubious vaccine policy at a public university that not only has some of the top classical liberal law professors in the country but is also intimately connected with a global network of freedom advocates is a recipe for a lawsuit. That’s exactly what George Mason University learned recently when it imposed a school-wide vaccine mandate for students, faculty, and staff. Failure to comply subjects individuals to a list of penalties from social distancing requirements to potential disciplinary action.

    The plaintiff is Todd Zywicki, the George Mason University Foundation Professor of Law, who has as impressive of a resume as anyone can imagine. He has held positions at numerous influential think tanks, executive positions in the federal government, and has taught at numerous respected law schools. His lawsuit is joined by the New Civil Liberties Alliance, a non-profit law firm dedicated to advancing constitutional freedoms and founded by the prominent legal scholar Philip Hamburger. AIER contributor Jenin Younes is also a member of their litigation team and one of the attorneys on this case.

    Zywicki names the president of the school and numerous other officers as the defendants in his suit Zywicki v Washington. He alleges that as a public institution, GMU is obligated to follow the Constitution and its vaccine policy violates the 9th and 14th Amendments as well as the Supremacy Clause. Zywicki contends that his natural immunity from having recovered from a natural Covid-19 infection gives him equal if not superior protection than vaccines. His sentiments are supported by his immunologist, who informed him that receiving a vaccine would be “medically unnecessary”, as well as a joint declaration from Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, prominent medical professors at Stanford and Harvard respectively. They write that,

    “Multiple extensive, peer-reviewed studies comparing natural and vaccine immunity have now been published. These studies overwhelmingly conclude that natural immunity provides equivalent or greater protection against severe infection than immunity generated by mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).”

  2. Fast Eddy says:

    “Is Covid being used as an excuse to stop cheap travel?” – “Covid may now have become an excuse for doing what some of our elitist leaders have perhaps dreamed of for years: putting an end to the cheap package holiday,”

    Reduce the oil burn…

    • Rodster says:

      Greta Thunberg has been pretty quiet since Klaus Schwab’s push for The Great Reset.

    • Xabier says:

      Wait until they realise it’s about eliminating any movement more than a few kms from one’s place of domestic incarceration, not just cheap flights……

    • Student says:

      Eddy, many thanks!

  3. Fast Eddy says:

    But heck, don’t worry. Here’s Edmund King, the head of the UK Automobile Association. He says that drivers should take a break after 200 miles of driving.

    “Drivers covering long distances should take regular breaks to maintain safety, so this is the ideal time to charge the car. Range anxiety will continue to decrease with more chargers and improved range on new models.”

    Well, that makes perfect sense. Just stop for a quick ten-hour lunch, and you’re ready for your next 200 miles. And Elon Musk, winner of the Olympic Gold Medal For Getting The Most US Taxpayer Subsidies, makes much the same point regarding the new “long-range” Tesla Model S:

    Musk said that he doesn’t see a need for an electric vehicle with a range of more than 400 miles:

    “What we are seeing is that once you have a range above 400 miles, more range doesn’t really matter. There are essentially zero trips above 400 miles where the driver doesn’t need to stop for restroom, food, coffee, etc. anyway.”

    The comment was criticized for not accounting for the fact that a 400-mile range is closer to 250-300 miles in colder climates and depending on the conditions.

    Heck, yes, I often need to stop for ten hours for restroom, food, and coffee …

    Call me crazy, but with the Tesla Model S going for a cool $74,490 including ten-hour restroom breaks, I reckon I’m gonna stick with my Ram Ecodiesel.

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    So I got to thinking … just how long a charging stop would that be to go another 250 miles? Me, I drive a 2016 Ram Ecodiesel pickup truck with about a 500 mile range, although the new ones have about a 1,000 mile range. And I can “recharge” it for another 500 miles in about five minutes at the pump.

    Looking for information on this question, I see that the figure in question is called “RPH”, which stands for “Range Per Hour”. This is how many miles of range you get per hour of charging. I find a site called How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car that says:

    Range per hour varies depending on how efficient your car is. Small full battery electric cars (e.g. Renault Zoe) are the most efficient and get 30 miles of range per hour charging at 7kW. The biggest full battery electric cars (e.g. Audi e-tron Quattro) are heavier and get ~20 miles of range per hour at 7kW.

    YIKES! That’s the charge rate for the standard commercial chargers. I can see why the UK Climate Spokesbabe doesn’t want to drive an EV. If you’re stopping to recharge your Audi e-tron for another 250 miles, instead of the five minutes it takes me to recharge my diesel pickup, it will take you twelve and a half hours to recharge.

    • Kowalainen says:

      I’m sure protesting will top up Ghawar.

      Oh, wait, no it won’t.

    • Rodster says:

      People are beginning to rise up to the medical tyranny.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        2M people rose up against tyranny in Hong Kong … Hong Kong is now a full on police state.

        Tyrants know how to deal with big crowds… even big violent crowds…

        They might struggle with big violent crowds who are armed and/or willing to burn the place to the ground.

        Martial law in a key country could tip over BAU before the CEP completes…

        I don’t see big crowds … not any commitment whatsoever to the cause…

        It’s all rather lame… actually

        • geno mir says:

          Eddy, did you drink a kool-aid cocktail? 2m.people didn’t rose in HK, 2m people were risen in HK. I was expecting more from an analytical genius like you, the pattern of ‘color revolution’ paid and orcestrated from abroad was spotted even by my 13 yo nephew.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            2M were estimated to be on the streets in HK…

            I was knee deep in the riots for 10 weeks..and I employ and know many HKers….so I have a fairly good idea of the motives of those people… it’s very simple — the people of HK do not want to be ruled by a totalitarian state.

            I also think the US gave them support in the form of strategic direction … but they were piggy backing on what was already a very large and angry mass of people.

        • Rodster says:

          The thing is, these types of uprisings and civil unrest tend to build and feed off each other.As crowds become encouraged by what they are seeing taking place in other parts of the world. This could be stamped out by more government, police or military brute force or they protesters could turn on the government. You just don’t know how it will turn out.

          But we are seeing more and more Covid rebellion taking shape in different parts of the world. This could very well be the opening act.

          • Xabier says:

            Apparently hackers brought down the new Green pass system in a region of Italy recently.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I am thinking … that for a revolution to succeed… people need to be willing to kill… but they also need an interested third party … that is willing to support them… with weapons.

            All nations are injecting… so I don’t see anyone willing to support anti lockdown protesters… I also don’t think many of these protesters are willing to kill — or die… for their cause…

            They will continue to march around the block … shout slogans… maybe toss a few rocks… if they go any further they will be imprisoned…

            Keep in mind — the vast majority of people are CovIDIOTS… they support their governments…. if the governments need to shoot people dead… well the CovIDIOTS will be ok with that — how dare these anti-vaxxers endanger my children!

      • CTG says:

        Oh no…. we just have a segregation of vaccinated and unvaccinated in Malaysia…

        Asians are always docile

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Nobody is rising up anywhere… and they won’t.

          Few if any are willing to die, kill or go to prison over this

  5. Fast Eddy says:

    Schools are ALREADY scheduling Covid jabs for 12 to 15 year olds in letters to parents – BEFORE they have been approved by health experts at the JCVI

    • Rodster says:

      How do you spell heart inflammation?

    • Xabier says:


      As a group, teachers seem to be particularly cowardly and conformist, so no surprise at all.

      Using children as their human shield, one might say……

  6. Fast Eddy says:

    The tactics being employed to persuade young Brits to get vaccinated against Covid are being ramped up, much to the joy of – and, at times, thanks to the work of – the Government. The latest effort comes from the University of Sussex, which is offering fully vaccinated students the chance to win a £5,000 prize.

    • Xabier says:

      And there is the ‘DJ Doctor’ in the UK, too, who tries with his minmal charm to woo the youth into getting stabbed while wearing his blue hospital scrubs in his kitchen, with his trademark DJ deck right next to the sink (clever that) :

      Get vaccinated and you won’t miss out on the fun of clubbing!’

      He says wards are just full to overflowing with young Covid victims……

  7. Fast Eddy says:


    The latest Public Health England technical briefing on Covid-19 variants of concern has been published and it reveals that up to the 2nd August 2021, 65% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths since February 2021 have been people who were vaccinated against the disease.

  8. Lastcall says:

    Ivermectin: a multifaceted drug of Nobel prize-honored distinction with indicated efficacy against a new global scourge, COVID-19

    In 2015, the Nobel Committee for Physiology or Medicine, in its only award for treatments of infectious diseases since six decades prior, honored the discovery of ivermectin (IVM), a multifaceted drug deployed against some of the world’s most devastating tropical diseases.

    Since March 2020, when IVM was first used against a new global scourge, COVID-19, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient treatments. Six of seven meta-analyses of IVM treatment RCTs reporting in 2021 found notable reductions in COVID-19 fatalities, with a mean 31% relative risk of mortality vs. controls. The RCT using the highest IVM dose achieved a 92% reduction in mortality vs. controls (400 total subjects, p<0.001). During mass IVM treatments in Peru, excess deaths fell by a mean of 74% over 30 days in its ten states with the most extensive treatments. Reductions in deaths correlated with extent of IVM distributions in all 25 states with p<0.002. Sharp reductions in morbidity using IVM were also observed in two animal models, of SARS-CoV-2 and a related betacoronavirus. The indicated biological mechanism of IVM, competitive binding with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, is likely non-epitope specific, possibly yielding full efficacy against emerging viral mutant strains.

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?

      “An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives. Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.

      “Once submitted, FDA will evaluate an EUA request and determine whether the relevant statutory criteria are met, taking into account the totality of the scientific evidence about the vaccine that is available to FDA.”

      The US Health and Human Services Department’s Emergency Use Authorization Declaration was effective on March 27, 2020. The Secretary of Health and Human Services had determined that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of drugs and biological products.

      Interesting how Ivermectin didn’t make the list.

      Here’s what the FDA has to say:

      Q: Should I take ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19?

      A: No. While there are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals, it is not approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. You should not take any medicine to treat or prevent COVID-19 unless it has been prescribed to you by your health care provider and acquired from a legitimate source.

      A recently released research articleExternal Link Disclaimer described the effect of ivermectin on SARS-CoV-2 in a laboratory setting. These types of laboratory studies are commonly used at an early stage of drug development. Additional testing is needed to determine whether ivermectin might be appropriate to prevent or treat coronavirus or COVID-19.

      Q: Is there an emergency use authorization for ivermectin in the U.S. to prevent or treat coronavirus or COVID-19?

      A: No. FDA has created a special emergency program for possible therapies, the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP). It uses every available method to move new treatments to patients as quickly as possible, while at the same time finding out whether they are helpful or harmful. We continue to support clinical trials that are testing new treatments for COVID so that we can gain valuable knowledge about their safety and effectiveness.

      Q: What is ivermectin approved for in the U.S.?

      A: Ivermectin tablets are approved for use in humans for the treatment of some parasitic worms (intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis) and ivermectin topical formulations are approved for human use by prescription only for the treatment of external parasites such as headlice and for skin conditions such as rosacea.

      Ivermectin is FDA-approved for use in animals for prevention of heartworm disease in some small animal species, and for treatment of certain internal and external parasites in various animal species. People should never take animal drugs, as the FDA has only evaluated their safety and effectiveness in the particular species for which they are labeled. Using these products in humans could cause serious harm.

      Q: Is there any danger to humans taking ivermectin?

      A: There are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals but it is not approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. You should not take any medicine to treat or prevent COVID-19 unless it has been prescribed to you by your health care provider and acquired from a legitimate source.

      Some of the side-effects that may be associated with ivermectin include skin rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, facial or limb swelling, neurologic adverse events (dizziness, seizures, confusion), sudden drop in blood pressure, severe skin rash potentially requiring hospitalization and liver injury (hepatitis). Laboratory test abnormalities include decrease in white cell count and elevated liver tests. Any use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 should be avoided as its benefits and safety for these purposes have not been established. Data from clinical trials are necessary for us to determine whether ivermectin is safe and effective in treating or preventing COVID-19.

      The “vaccines” cannot maintain their emergency use authorization if there are “adequate, approved and available alternatives” for the treatment of COVID-19.

  9. MG says:

    The humans have become a synonym for pollution.

    The use of energy, which created the humans, created a species that accumulates waste, killing other species and the humans themselves.

    The humans, unlike animals, create disproportionate amounts of waste, which contribute to the change of environment, clmt.

    In that way, the human habitats are in their essence unsustainable, because they end up being the heaps of pollution and waste, unsuitable for the humans.

    The lack of energy for cleaning the pollution is the predicament of the humans.

    If we find some way from our current energy crisis developing new energy sources replacing oil, we do not solve the main problem: the accumulation of pollution, which is increasingly destroying the habitats of animals and humans.

    In that was the Limitst to Growth concernt about the pollution as the main problem, which shows up in its real worls scenarios as a curve going upwards into infinity, was a true concern.

    We need an energy that saves us from pollution. The role of clean fresh water in the human history is thus not only a matter of food, but also a matter of fighting the pollution.

    The problem of pollution is reflected in the world religions as bathing in the water for achieving cleanliness.

    But no religion seems to see the problem of the accumulating pollution around the humans, which, finally, destroys the humans themselves.

    We simply do not have enough energy to eliminate the pollution caused by ourselves, which seems to be a bigger tragedy than ilnesses. The pollution has become an integral part of the human poverty. Today, the most poor human communities are characterized by their inability to handle the waste.

    Cleaning the Earth from humans via wars, epidemcs etc. is not enough, the core of the problem is the accumulating waste, i.e. kicking the can down the road like a snowball in snow which becomes larger and larger…

    • MG says:

      The reason why humans escape into nature is not that it represents the human origin, but that it represents cleanliness.

      The best nature is the nature without the humans. When somebody seeks some relax from the human habitats, he or she seeks the nature where the humans and their activities are forbidden.

      Thus preserving the nature is not only about preserving other species, but also about preserving cleanliness.

      The humans are dirt. The sh..s that poison, corrupt everything.

      With their use of the external energy they redirect or reverse the natural flows of energy creating unnatural accumulations = pollution.

    • Xabier says:

      In all former civilisations, the junk, old clothes, tools, pots, houses, etc, simply degraded quite quickly and naturally, without poisoning the environment and other life forms.

      Not so in the petro-chemical age: and the same would apply to the pseudo- Renewables cyber-economy, which is just the Oil Age in unconvincing drag…….

    • the only energy that doesn’t pollute is muscle energy

      use more than muscle and pollution is inevitable

      • Kowalainen says:

        Nature doesn’t produce “poisons”. However, some stuff nature produces can be poisonous. Eat the wrong thing or get bitten by those venomous green snakes and RIP.

        Actually, most stuff in nature is poisonous. Gulp down 10L of water in one go and watch what happens. Or eat about 100g of table salt. Vitamins in large amounts as well.

        So blathering about “muscle power” being the only good way of producing work is as ridiculous as preaching the end of more while shoving that ass around in a h1tlermkbobile.

        Zero credibility. Zero integrity.
        Within temptation is truth.

        3 clot shots left to go Normal. Let’s do this.


      • Tim Groves says:

        Nice to see you back with us, Norman.

        Living things have constructed ecosystems in which they not only spend a lot of time and effort eating each other, they also very diligently clean up each other’s waste products.

        Humans have managed to overcome the limits that the biosphere has set for the rest of its creatures by gaining access to fire, fossil fuels, and nuclear fission, and by multiplying ourselves and a few domestic species to such an extent that we produce far more waste than other living things can comfortably process in realtime and a growing amount of more exotic waste that they cannot process at all. Result: pollution.

        Before reading your comment, I would have thought that a traditional water wheel made from locally harvested wood was a non-polluting energy source, but I’m sure you have good reasons for stating otherwise.

        There was a buxom and a brisk young lass,
        Went down to the mill one day-o
        To get some corn oh for to grind
        But the devil out there to the miller could she find

        At last the miller boy he did come in,
        And this young girl she did begin:
        “I’ve a bag of corn oh for to grind
        But I can’t stay I’ve a very little time”

        “Come, sit you down, my sweet pretty dear
        I cannot grind your corn I fear;
        My stones is high and the water’s low,
        And I can’t grind for the mill won’t go.”

        So she sat down on a sack,
        And he talked of this, and he talked of that,
        He talked of love, till her love proved kind
        And she soon found that the mill would grind.

      • MG says:

        The energy flows created by the humans are in conflict with the energy flows of the nature. The humans have hands with fingers which can pick effectively “any fruit” (the story in the Bible being about fruit picking).

        An apple is an energy source of lower grade compared to coal or uranium.

        The ability of picking the fruit was a precursor to picking energy sources. When a stone was picked, it was not an energy source, but a tool for getting energy source throwing it on apples which were too high on the tree so that they fall down and become accessible.

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    A Covidiot sends me this ..

    I send the Covidiot this … captioned with ‘12,000 pro experimental vaxxers dead… hundreds of thousands maimed – I win’

    The Covidiot licks the gaping.. festering wound … in his tiny brain… and goes silent

    • Student says:

      If anyone is interested, there is now an automatic counter also for the European adverse reaction system. It is present in the famous Italian website:

      Unione Europea Dati EudraVigilance (vaccini AstraZeneca, J&J, Moderna e Pfizer)
      – at the moment – 31 July 2021
      Adverse reactions: 1.960.607
      Deaths: 20.595

  11. CTG says:

    I have a question to all the readers of OFW – Do you have selective trust ?

    You selectively trust data from certain sources and accept them without questioning?
    You trust data from certain government agencies but not others? Why?
    You trust data from peer-reviewed papers on certain fields but not other fields? Why?

    Do you think that academics of yesteryear (pre 1970s perhaps) are more academically honest than what we have now?

    Do you entertain thoughts are against your ideals or ideas?

    Are you open to accepting that you were wrong before and you may be wrong again in future? Are you likely to admit that you were wrong and change your viewpoints? How many people do you know who are capable of doing this?

    • Hideaway says:

      CTG we are all wrong a lot of the time, we’re human and make mistakes. It’s the same for every human, including those that put out reports and statistics on different issues.

      After spending the last 50 years questioning everything, we all have to base our decisions on something. You have to trust certain things to be able to make any decision.

      For example when lots of people were declaring markets dead in March last year, the huge printing of money from Central Banks around the world assured a massive bull market that will last longer than most expect because of the ability of banks to multiply that new money over time, via lending more new money into existence.

      It’s a cycle that takes time and has lags. Hence when CBs start increasing interest rates, and Govts increase taxes to dampen the exuberance, the market will keep going for a period of time, despite one, two, three or more interest rate rises.

      Processes are often more important than the actual numbers because numbers are often a lagging indicator of what’s really happening.

      Likewise for all the peer reviewed papers, much of the time they are looking at only part of a problem or the wrong aspect, but come to a conclusion anyway based on provided information. There are currently peer reviewed papers on Ivermectin that come to the opposite conclusion of what the data actually shows, so often it is best to look at the numbers and forget the authors interpretation, even peer reviewed.

      BTW one of my daughters has a Phd in statistics, working in public health dept at a major University, mostly lecturing post grad students and doing research. I am forever having discussions with her on where conclusions are incorrect or should be changed based on data, from a variety of fields.

      Government inflation numbers have always been incorrect, because they do not include things like the cost of buying a retirement, which has risen greatly over the last 40 years as interest rates have declined.

      Question everything, think outside the square. Most of us wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think outside the square, some jump to conclusions that everything is against them, when the reality of the self organized system stumbling along without any leadership or real leading direction is far scarier.

      • CTG says:

        ah…. there are many people (in fact most of them, don’t want to change their point of view when confronted that they are wrong. I am not saying that you are one but it is best to question everything

      • Xabier says:

        It is an error though, and a fundamental one, to conclude that people are simply ‘jumping to conclusions’ about CT’s because they can’t face the reality of an uncontrolled collapse in a complex system and need someone to blame.

        That is, in fact, your own unexamined prejudice. But why?

        Probably because you yourself are able to adjust psychologically to the idea of an inevitable collapse, but find the idea of malevolent state/CB policies trying to manage that collapse, and directed against you, even more frightening than that.

        That a concerted and co-ordinated Great Re-set is being attempted is indisputable: so many states, but such similar policies, propaganda and destruction of human and civic rights, repression of business sectors, travel, etc, – this all goes far beyond the coincidences of ‘self-organisation’.

    • Tim Groves says:

      CTG, these are really good questions. I think we all ask them of other people quite readily, but we are less interested in asking them of ourselves.

      In my case, I have a worldview that has been painstakingly assembled over five decades or more, beginning with sources I implicitly trusted in childhood, and revised repeatedly as I abandoned my trust in various institutions and individuals.

      I do trust data from certain government agencies more than from others, because I thing some government agencies have been corrupted by agendas that have warped their function and made their data less reliable.

      I implicitly don’t trust anybody who asks me to go to them as my “single source of truth” on any subject or issue. I would recommend this same stratagem to anyone.

      Peer-reviewed papers are not there to be trusted. They are there to present information and hypotheses that may be useful and have merit. But there is no reason for anyone to trust anything just because it’s passed peer review.

      I think that by and large academics pre-1970s were more academically honest than we have now, not because human nature has changed, but because academic freedom has been curtailed, universities and scientific organizations have been politicized, and money from government and institutional funders is used as a carrot and a stick to keep academics of many kinds in line with official agendas.

      I entertain thoughts that go against my ideals or ideas all the time, but I seldom adopt them. I am stuck in my own rut to a considerable extent. The idea that there are 78 genders boggles my mind to the point of unhinging it.

      I changed my mind on the existence of a deity several times. I changed my mind on globalwarming in 1997. I changed my mind on nine11 in 2005. I changed my mind on Barrack Obama in 2009—had me fooled for a while before then. I am quite prepared to change my mind about the virus and the vaccine and even about the coming inevitable economic collapse when the facts as I understand them change.

      But to be honest, I know of very few people who are able to change their mind once it’s made up. One of my oldest and best American friends, who I remain on good terms with, accused me of being inconsistent because I no longer have the same opinions on globalwarming now as I had when I used to lecture him about it in the nineteen eighties. Still, he’s a college professor. As a class, they tend to be more closed minded that people with proper jobs.

      • Lorraine H Sherman says:

        Tim, I am with you. I changed my mind on 911 in 2008, I changed my mind about Obama in 2009 too, I changed my mind about masks (from pro to con) sometime late summer/early fall last year. I was the first person I saw wearing a mask back in Feb/2020. No more. They don’t work; did my own research.

        Masks do more harm than good was the correct first mantra.

        Also changed my mind about climate change once I was introduced to solar and space weather.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Haha, yeah, tell that to the FFP3 specification. When people go full tilt tinfoil there is no stopping the herd. Gooo! Let’s stampede legit science and engineering.


          MOAR! Yay!

          “FFP3. Protection class FFP3 respirator masks offer maximum protection from breathing air pollution. The total leakage may amount to a maximum of 5% and they must filter 99% of all particles measuring up to 0.6 μm. This kind of mask also filters poisonous, oncogenic and radioactive particles.

          Idiots gonna idiot to keep this farce rolling when there exist proper chemicals, pharma products, procedures and devices to crack this BS “pandemic” into oblivion.

          I got this burning desire to watch the rapacious primate rip the faces off each other in an orgy of violence and destruction.

          Why you might wonder?

          I want evidence and observe the rapacious primate psychology isn’t suitable to craft a scalable civilization.

          Repeat after me:

          MOAR!! Yay!!

          Let it rain.



          • Fast Eddy says:

            I got this burning desire to watch the rapacious primate rip the faces off each other in an orgy of violence and destruction.

            Be careful what you wish for… the Ripping won’t be on Tee Vee … it will be coming through your front door.

            Timing … hmmmm… Q4?

            • Kowalainen says:

              Don’t worry FE, I’ll save the last one for me.

              I’ve been nothing for billions of years and nobody heard me complain. And then I am for a little while bitching and moaning about my own species.

              It is hardly a difficult proposition to return from where I originate after experiencing the trials and tribulations of the rapacious primate of which I am.

              But don’t get me wrong. I got no problem with existence. As long as it is not awful. Useful consumerists stampeding and tearing each other up seems like something with little inherent life quality.

              I just want to make sure I’m on the money with my assessment.

              Time will tell.

              Within temptation is truth and I am pro choice.


              MOAR!! Yay!!


              The human “race” is going nowhere – fast, and that is the way it will be until Homo sapiens sapiens backpedal up into the trees.

              Long live the “lineages”.


        • Ed says:


        • Fast Eddy says:

          I would like to thank Obama … because he alerted me to the existence of the Elders… when I saw that there was ZERO hope and change… only More of the Same… I realized that there was a higher power running the show … and that all politicians were flunkies…

          You’d think more people would have realized this after this

          But as we know … the cattle are MOARons…. it does not occur to them that this is his reward for Doing What He Was Told.

          JFK didn’t do what he was told….

          • Kowalainen says:

            Was the mic switched on? Did anybody attend? Did Mr. Hopium even show up?

            Many questions, few answers.

            One thing is for sure. That dough ended up in his account.

            MOAR! Yay!

            Just send it!



    • Xabier says:

      That’s why I admire Dr Yeadon: he observed, reflected and changed his mind radically as new evidence and indicators emerged.

      Moreover, he openly admits to being ashamed of having not quite caught on as to the truth until the late summer of 2020.

      None of us need feel ashamed at having been taken in initially.

      And his reward, public praise and esteem? Far from it, condemned as a loony and marginalised.

    • geno mir says:

      Hi CTG,
      I personally don’t believe anyone. I immerse in the data and after reading it i make my own conclusions which after taht are put on scrutinise backburner for a period of time. I also tink that changing one’s opinion after new infornation is attaoned is the only proper and healthy way of forming one’s opinion, clinging to one set of narrow opinions and disregarding new infirnation is sinply the way to ruin.
      Regarding medical data i don’t need other’s experts opinions, i am one myself and have all the tools, faculties, educatiin and experience to form my own opinion.
      I can give you something like rule of thumb for yesteryear acedemics in medicine/HC/biotech – big pharma started in the 80s and in early 90s was already dictating the ‘fashion’ in medical concepts and education. In the 2000s it consolidated and in 2010s it is the sole setter of rules in medicine.

      • Xabier says:

        Thanks for the historical perspective on Big Phama , Geno Mir.

        What an all-devouring beast it now is….

        • CTG says:

          Thanks to eeryone for their input to all my questions. It is good to have a healthy debate rather than an echo chamber.

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  13. I haven’t had the opportunity to read comments for the last day or so, so forgive me if someone else has already pointed this out. I have to post these links before I forget.

    Maybe people don’t understand that the pre-trials were COMPLETELY BORKED by the gene-therapy companies’ having prematurely UNBLINDED their trials and “vaxxing” most of the placebo recipients. This was reported on as early as Jan. 5th, 2021 but happened mid-December 2020. I remember having heard that reporting, but this recent blog post recalled to me the scenario:

    IF the trials were INTENTIONALLY RUINED (as they clearly were) then everything that proceeds from that is (imo) a FRAUD, and not worth wasting one’s time on in terms of deep analysis as though it were a sincere attempt at a vaccine/”vaccine” or cure. It’s like arguing whether a bank robber stole more in tens and twenties than in hundreds, or more quarters than nickels…


    • NomadicBeer says:

      Lidia,thanks for this!
      One of the ways that brainwashing works is that they keep focusing on irrelevant details while keeping quiet about the major lies. Just look at the resident normies here which practice this tactics. They will never reply to this comment but keep blabbering about the relative protection and other meaningless numbers.

      Thanks for hammering on the important things!

    • Ed says:

      lidia, I always enjoy your posts. Don’t be too hard on your self for time spent at MIT.

  14. Minority of One says:

    Excellent and timely post. Agree with everything in the summary.

    Seems like ADE was 100% predictable and unavoidable once we went down this route, enough people warned about it early on, and could lead to ‘interesting’ outcomes over the coming year or two.

    Dr. Charles Hoffe’s feedback is equally interesting. 62% of his patients have blood clots in their capillary networks, the smallest blood vessels, that cannot be detected except via a D-Dimer test. But few of his patients seem to be very ill, yet. If this level of blood clotting is anywhere near 62% throughout the general population that have received the various vaxxes, seems like the people of the USA, UK and Israel (highly vaxxed countries) might be primed for serious side effects en masse come the boosters. All rather surreal, a real-life zombie film, only the zombies mostly don’t know it yet, and they are just as likely to be lying in bed ill, at home or in hospital, as walking around in pain and discomfort.

    You probably find such analogies offensive Mike. You seem to be a bit thin-skinned when it suits.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      62% of his patients have blood clots in their capillary networks

      That’s not exactly what he said.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Mark, you are trolling. You do it very politely and adeptly. But trolling is what it is.

        You like to quibble and cast doubt on anything that goes against the agenda you are supporting. But you seldom answer questions put to you or respond when people point out your own erroneous statements. More importantly, you don’t qualify your criticisms.

        If you were a serious commentator, you would follow up on “That’s not exactly what he said” with your precise understanding of exactly what he said. But you don’t do that. You simply quibble. You drop your little “aspersion” or your “doubt bomb” and then beat a retreat. That’s trolling, pure and simple.

        It’s amusing to watch you in action, but keep this up and, in short order, nobody will feed you.

        • Mike Roberts says:

          Please link to where I haven’t responded as you’ve indicated. I largely ignore Fast Freddy’s comments but I try to respond to others.

          I didn’t follow up that phrase because I’d already commented on that story. I don’t like to repeat myself, if I can help it. However, Dr Hoffe was referring to 62% of the vaccinated patients he’d seen over some period of time. Not the same thing as Minority of One wrote.

          My intention is not to amuse but to add to the discussion. No-one has to read or respond to any comment.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            was there a control group?

          • Fast Eddy says:

            mike ‘The Regurgitator’… maybe you could give us a daily round up of CNN headlines?

          • Xabier says:

            Dr Hoffe has far more intelligence and integrity than Mike could ever muster.

            Why bother engaging with him at all?

            He has chosen his position, and doesn’t respond intelligently to the now overwhelming evidence that these injections are doing immense harm.

            • Ed says:

              Yes Fast a perfect use of Fentanyl.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Not sure why normdunc would bother to show their faces on OFW …

              It’s kinda like being Harvey Weinstein… showing up at the gala … and knowing that everyone is talking behind your back and saying ‘what the hell is he doing here? Has he no shame!’ …

              Except that on OFW nobody talks behind your back — it’s all out in the open…. once you’ve become a running joke here… (in this case because you ridiculed the no-Injectors belittling everyone with your ‘95% efficacy BS’) … you will forever be the butt of all jokes…

              You’ll be force fed a daily barrage of reminders that you were wrong wrong wrong wrong….

              The only viable way out of your corner … is to recant…. admit your mistake… beg for forgiveness… and watch American Moon …..

              Otherwise… we are standing buy with More Punishment & Ridicule… like a pack of wild dogs… tearing apart the latest kill.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          mark/mike… trolls need to eat… I’ve kept space for both of you

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “Seems like ADE was 100% predictable and unavoidable once we went down this route, enough people warned about it early on, and could lead to ‘interesting’ outcomes over the coming year or two.”

      I agree. The vaccines are failing, and the trend in my opinion is that with each forthcoming variant every few months or so, the failures will be more obvious and the health outcomes of many of the vaxxed will be devastating.

      it remains to be seen if the numbers are tens or hundreds of thousands, or millions.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Thanks for your skepticism, I remember your doubts last year.
        It does look that the data about vaccines convinced you there is a problem.
        I would be curious if you have any updated predictions?

        • VFatalis says:

          Each one develops its own strategy to cope with the idea of global collapse. I have a friend which is aware of our predicament, yet he refuses to aknowledge to the fact that it will certainly occur during his lifetime (he’s in his mid-40s), no matter the amount of horrific news I put under his nose.
          I believe David has adopted a similar strategy, convinced we’ll experience a slow and orderly fashioned, steady decline until he reaches an age at which death is deemed to be an acceptable outcome. Only then collapse will take place.
          So why would he update his predictions ? He’s been stuck at the bargaining phase for a while now.

          • Xabier says:

            One could say that about J M Greer: his slow, slow ‘catabolic’ collapse is quite a consoling idea, although he has had odd jittery moments.

            And that’s probably why he refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Great Re-set ideology and programme, even though theoretically it fits into the catabolic collapse as a typical stage of adjustment in decline.

            Personally, I am finding the likely imminence of starvation, medical poisoning by the state and death somewhat stimulating.

            Every day that I am fed and not poisoned or imprisoned feels wonderful – much as surviving unwounded another day on the Western Front must have felt to my gt-grandfather.

            I now expect to be lied to and betrayed by every institution, and that no longer troubles me much, the shock has subsided.

      • DJ says:

        Sweden is unaffected by delta. Will be interesting to see if it arrives in the coming months or if we have herd immunity.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Getting the nursing homes and hospitals under control would be sufficient. Realistically.

        • Yorchichan says:

          We don’t hear much in the news about Sweden these days. What is the vaccine rollout going like over there? Are lies and coercion being used to try to achieve a 100% vaccination rate same as in other countries?

          • DJ says:

            54% have had two doses, so it is going “great”.
            No coercion except usual media propaganda and peer pressure, hope it stays that way. I mean the lack of coercion.

            No excess mortality since january, according to trustworthy Statistical Central Bureau, so neither covid or the vaccines have been an issue.

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  16. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    United Airlines mandates Covid-19 vaccines for all US employees
    Gregory Wallace ProfileChris Isidore byline
    By Gregory Wallace and Chris Isidore, CNN Business

    Updated 5:17 PM ET, Fri August 6, 2021

    And just now Frontier Airlines has followed suit

    Seems this is the trend, guys. Once the FDA approves the jab, which is being done, the PTB are dictating the mass injection of the jungle juice.

    Interesting to see if there are effective lawsuits to challenge these employer mandates.

    • Also, how many employees these airlines will lose.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Had lunch earlier and the owner was telling me how busy it’s been and he’s looking forward to his day off — very excited about his vaccine appointment tomorrow at 10am.

      I couldn’t be bothered to tell him that my mate has doubled the size of his heart care of Pfizer… why rain on his celebration eh.

      • Xabier says:

        Poor fool. Even if you did tel him, he probably wouldn’t listen, having already mentally committed to the vaccine. It would just be brushed aside as ‘rare’…..

        The morality of whether we have an obligation to pass on our Dark Knowledge is interesting.

        Someone I vaguely know stopped me in the street beaming with delight and pointed to their ‘I got my jab! badge, as they’d just been to the pop-up injection centre. ‘I’m safe now!’

        Words almost failed me, I managed to force out ‘Let’s hope so!’ and a weak smile.

        • Tim Groves says:

          I year ago, I would have said we had an obligation to warn the unwary. But by now, I think the reality has had ample time to slip into general public knowledge via “osmosis”, and so anyone who is still ignorant can be deemed “willfully so”.

          And in any case, we don’t KNOW that these jabs are going to prove as deadly as we fear. That’s an assumption on our part based on stories we’ve heard about spikes and clots and prions from people we may not exactly trust but who are at least credible.

          If I were a betting man…… I’m not, but I wonder if William Hill is giving odds on a population crash by 2025.

          • in 05, I wrote that we likely had 10 yrs tops before a crash…so did many others

            I was wrong.

            yet—–was I?

            ‘crash’ hasn’t happened to me yet. I still have a very decent life.

            I don’t need to use a food bank. Millions do. I have a nice home in a secure neighbourhood—millions don’t

            I can afford to go where I want when I feel like it. Millions can’t.

            for them, crash has already happened.
            to get back to normal (on their terms) requires surplus energy input that isn’t available

            Crash is something that just hasn’t happened to me yet , I can still afford to consume to excess.

            Maybe ‘crash’ is the tipping point between minority and majority

            Right now, mid 2020s seems more likely

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Let’s ask norm how it feels to be confronted by that alarming situation that is developing in Israel…

          Always good to get feedback from a die hard CovIDIOT.

          norm… we know you’ve seen that info … don’t hide away norm… it is now Fast Eddy’s life mission to try to force you to respond

          • Fast Eddy’s life mission is to spend what remains of that life, sitting on his fave barstool, waiting for the next crisis to appear, so he can scream [plot–hoax–conspiracy to anyone fool enough to hang out there listening to it. People with more sense than me have just walked. I’ve been on short hol. with gf.

            He has no other audience. Certainly not in RL And he knows it.

            and next year–and the year after, there will be another human crisis, eliciting the same response.

            The world is clearly burning. Nope–thats a conspiracy. 14000 scientists have collaborated to submit papers to the IPCC. Nope—a plot.

            The same people who insisted the tobacco/lung cancer was a hoax are now handling the PR for the oil companies.

            as I pointed out some weeks ago, anyone who can stand in a health clinic, screaming at the staff about trying to kill him, is a weak (wannabe) bully.

            If he didn’t do that, (which is more likely) he is a fantasist.

            So which?

            Yes, there are obviously things wrong with the vaccine program.
            But a year ago in FE world, the virus was a conspiracy—now the vaccine is a conspiracy

            It has been a knee jerk reaction by frightened politicians who know no more than I do about the right thing to do.

            But Bill Gates injecting us all with iron filings so we can be tracked via 5G masts? (Ive read that on OFW too). And I am supposed to treat that with credibility?

            • Unfortunately, the IPCC report is a political document. Climate researchers vie for government grants to fund their research. They need to propose something that proves some part of the “standard story” to get funded. This guides the direction of the research. Also, poor countries believe that climate related reparations from rich countries to poor countries will help them. They hop on the bandwagon.

            • I comment occasionally about CC because it seems a greater threat than anything else we we face, (other than denial of it.)

              We will get through covid. It isn’t a grand conspiracy by Jeff Bezos and co. to reduce the human population. (Who would play pass the parcel with him?)
              That is why I wind up the ‘conspiracists’.

              As with Covid, CC responses are knee jerk reactions, by those who are as scared as me. Nobody knows what to do. Employment activity has heat producing results. 300 years of history shows that.

              denials are from those who ‘deny’ anything and everything, on any subject. (which is why I referred back to tobacco.) Even as an 8 yr old (and later in the military) I was trying to tell those who knew more than I did that tobacco was a killer.
              But one doesn’t labour the point.

              Over time I/we came to realise that close friends were all of the same mind.

              People mostly die from other causes anyway. Which is quite correct .

              What did I know?–shut up. Mostly I did just that. What’s the point?

            • Kowalainen says:

              Normal lives, long live normal!

              ~400 million people believed the earth was flat until the ~14’th century.

              10.001 flies can’t be wrong – eat sh1t. The odd one is obviously normal, joining the foray despite the lack of fecal credentials to know a oozing scientific pile inside from out. The same is of course true with the moon hoaxes and 9/11 shenanigans.

              With 10k “scientists”, there should be some rabid debate and harsh contrarian critique within the ranks.

              Quoting the number of “scientists” is pure unadulterated argumentation fallacy.


              Btw; how’s that myopia of the ordinary coming along? It’s good to lean against familiarity that just “works” by technomagic “obvious”, innit?


            • several billion earthlings believe that the laws of physics can be changed by bending the knee to one god or another, and/or voting for whichever leader tells them what they want to hear.

              Biden, I think, is the first POTUS not to promise infinite growth

              ancient peoples had worked out the diameter of the spherical earth 000s of years ago

              on the other hand flat earth societies exist today–if you wish to join one. I think your belief system and dismissal of obvious evidences would allow that.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Oh norms’ hero … Biden … apparently Joe is the head of Global Dementia … a group that norm belongs too…. (don’t forget to pay your dues…again… norm)…

              Check it out!


            • you should know by now I never open FE links

              and If you insist on using scattergun words—it merely tells readers your aim is terrible

            • Fast Eddy says:

              but what do you think about the developing situation in Israel norm?

              And are you getting the Booster? That’s the litmus test .. isn’t it. If you say no then we will take that as an apology.


              ‘Israel Is Unprepared,’ ex-COVID Czar Warns Amid Rising Delta Infections

              Israel’s former Health Ministry director Moshe Bar Siman Tov talks about the politicization of pandemic decision-making, the challenges of the fourth wave of COVID-19, and admits: ‘The green passport will not stop the pandemic’


  17. Mirror on the wall says:

    Gail, I want to apologise, I was plastered last night. Please delete all of that rubbish. I promise you that it will never, ever happen again. I am going to have to swear off booze completely. There is no point developing character and judgement if one is just going to get plastered and lose it all. I am so sorry. I doubt that I will be able to show my face for a bit anyway.

    • I will try to figure those out.

    • Replenish says:

      Good plan on swearing off booze if it’s harming yourself or others. I celebrated 8 years clean and sober in June. If you find it difficult to keep rhat promise there are plenty of people with sober time willing to help in a variety of programs. The quality of your posts reflect your seeker’s mind and your character is reflected in your self knowledge and willingness to make quick amends for your behavior. If you want more from life than wahat the spirits can offer its available when you’re ready. Thanks!

    • Bei Dawei says:

      I haven’t read the posts yet, but wanted to congratulate you on your decision to quit drinking.

    • Very Far Frank says:

      It was pro-Irish Republican Army sh*t.

      Along with everyone else, I commend the self awareness of coming back and asking for those posts to be removed. As someone of Irish extraction, I can say that they were cringey and embarassing.

      It’s become clearer now why you’re so obsessive around the notion of Scottish independence or any decline in the fortunes of the Tories in England, but putting terrorism on a pedastal as a way to right a perceived wrong that occured over hundreds of years, especially a wrong that will likely be corrected democratically anyway, shows you’ve got a lot of anger in you. In no way is it worth it.

      Get better.

      • Bei Dawei says:

        I wish nothing but good things to the people of all those countries. I don’t care how they govern themselves, though–that’s their business.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        I hardly ever drink anyway.

        I suspect that you may have cheek issues.

        Get better.

        • Strahler says:

          Whatever the mistake, and although we sometimes argue, you have my full support. Much encouragement and a hug.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          If booze is not agreeing with you … I can recommend an alternative


        • Replenish says:

          Mirror.. In the past, I have taken recovery into prison and in-patient rehabs with primarily inner city folks fresh off state parole as well as suburban settings with middle class people. One of the most common things you hear in recovery stories from people who admit an alcohol problem is how quickly the ego rebuilds after a slip. The person could have gotten a DUI with their toddllers in the back seat that morning, gotten fired from their senior level career, beat up their girlfriend or left their dying mother’s hospital bed to drink at the bar and after a short period of sobriety or after consequences they start feeling better and pick up drinking again. In my case, I work a good recovery program and I can still be argumentative, inconsiderate and dismissive which is a symptom of underlying issues. Putting down the drink helped me start my own business, repair my relationships and address the deeper problems and for that I am grateful. Be well my friend!

          • Kowalainen says:

            I stay away from alcohol because being drunk is for the most part a quite boring experience and the aftermath is not worth the sizzle.

            However, some fine distillates can be ingested for the character of the drink itself.

            It’s too easy to get drunk on a bottle of fine American bourbon, Scottish or Japanese whisky.

            And don’t touch any bottles if you got anger issues or an ego that is out of control. Can’t be alone? No booze. Chilling the fuck out alone and not being bored. No problems.

    • Mirror, I understand.. Haven’t read your recent rubbish yet, but it’s always interesting even when I disagree with it. You’re not alone in self-medicating during these crazy times.

      • Kowalainen says:

        Try disagreeing with yourself for that unbound confusion. While at it, fly some outrageous hypothesis. Obnoxious, did I say obnoxious?


    • Tim Groves says:

      Mirror, it wasn’t you and it wasn’t the booze. It was a collaboration between the two of you. Good on you for soberly reflecting that it wasn’t your finest hour. But absolutely no harm was done. And we love you more for revealing an aspect of your human side.

      I’ve began drinking alcohol at thirteen and I’ve never given up completely. Consumption peaked at eighteen and has declined, if not each year, certainly with each passing decade. It is tough to stop completely when the body still “likes the juice”. These days in my mid-sixties, a single 330ml can of good beer two or three times a week is more than enough for me. But as recently as my thirties I could manage five or six pints a night and got into a number of embarrassing situations as a result. You’ll have to wait for my memoirs to come out in paperback to read about how close I came to falling a slave to demon alcohol..

      Swearing off the booze is a great idea, but relapses are very common. Some people manage to swear off more than two pints a night. Others make every other drink a non-alcoholic one. Some go cold stone sober after ruining their liver. So many choices.

      Two great movies:

      Watch Days of Wine and Roses. Lee Remick’s dad tells Jack Lemon that there’s no harm in a beer or two or three, not understanding that alcoholics just can’t say “no” to four, five or six.

      And watch Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend. The drunk will do anything in order to feed his habit, and be extremely clever about deceiving his nearest and dearest.

      Watch both and absorb their warnings, and you may be able to drink moderately. Depends on who is stronger; you or the booze.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        I have drunk about four times this year. I want that to be the end of it. It is not so much that I have a problem with it as that I do not want it to become one. I greatly dislike losing my usual control and judgement and it makes me very anxious the next day. My personality very much rebels against it. Life is all about awareness and control.

        I can understand the desire to completely let go sometimes, perhaps as a periodical catharsis, a release of built up psychic energy – but I am not into it and drink tends to be habituating. So, I now need to shift my self-perception from someone who drinks occasionally back to seeing myself as someone who abstains entirely. It is not my scene.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The good thing about blow … is you know when you’ve had a lot to drink … particularly red wine — which tends to seize up the innards… is that if switch over the the powder… you can Keep the Party Going (KTPG) pretty much until you exhaust all the powder….

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        Drinking for me tends to be a glorious, delirious Bacchanalian festival of ecstasy, orgy and riot like for the ancient Greeks in which Apollo is firmly deposed for the night – a Dionysian catharsis. There may be a place for that in civilisation but it is ill incorporated into my polite bourgeois existence, and I am fairly sure that I do better without it.

  18. “The $1 trillion infrastructure bill is a baby step toward the US grid we need
    “The problem: The US needs to add hundreds of thousands of miles of transmission lines in the coming decades. The lines would weave together fragmented regional power systems into an interconnected grid capable of supporting a massive influx of renewables.
    “Tell me more: A national network of short spur lines and long-distance, high-voltage wires would deliver wind, solar and hydroelectric power to where it’s needed when it’s available across the country.
    “Yay, great let’s do it: Not so fast. For starters, it could cost hundreds of billions of dollars to build out the necessary power lines this decade alone. And states, counties, cities and towns across the nation would need to quickly sign off on a multitude of new transmission lines. Unfortunately, the US is terrible at permitting such multi-state projects.
    “But hang on, is that hope? The roughly $1 trillion infrastructure package moving forward in the Senate, which has bipartisan support, provides billions of dollars for transmission lines.”

    Such edeecational institutions as MIT tend to reflect the popular paradigms of the societies which support them — so, what can we expect?
    They woundn’t want to deal sunstantively with the laws-of-physics situation we actually face –fossil fuels are going, & the techno-statist paradigm with them.

    • David L., I would argue that those institutions tend to steer, rather than reflect, ideas about what “we need”. You are right in that they are not capable of self-analysis.

      • The institutions direct their research, wherever the funding is. Recently, “climate change” has been the major source of funding. Anyone with a job in an institution needs to gear whatever project they are putting together to somehow prevent climate change.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I will change my position on GW … if I can get a 500k research grant.

          Who wouldn’t?

    • To use wind and solar takes a huge amount more of transmission lines partly because the sources tend to be farther away from the users and partly because the transmission lines need to be sized for maximum use, not the average use. A person often hears that it takes 10 years for the entire transmission line process to take place. We are already very much behind, given the amount of wind and solar added.

      When these lines are in dry, windy places (especially if hot as well), the lines tend to cause a lot of fires, too. In places like California and Texas, the long transmission lines tend to lead to fires. (There are other reasons for the fires as well. Ecosystems expect fires at fairly frequent intervals, to clear out deadwood. Also, some species of trees cannot reproduce without fire.

      It takes fossil fuels to make and maintain the long-distance transmission lines. We can’t really ramp these up that much, for that long, regardless of funding, I am afraid.

      • DJ says:

        “To use wind and solar takes a huge amount more of transmission lines”

        Is that true for home solar? I understand it is a pain to balance, but no extra transmission should be required.

  19. Brian says:

    You say vaccines create more dangerous variants and that viruses tend to weaken as they spread. this was not the case for the Spanish Flu when it mutated in the second year and where most of the deaths occurred. Deadly mutations are created with or without vaccine interference.

    • Wasn’t it Fauci who co-authored a paper about the majority of Spanish Flu deaths being due to bacterial infections?

      That would indicate that some of the various inhaler regimes would be an effective treatment. Eg., (just as one example):

      “Multiple early reports of patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19 showed that patients with chronic respiratory disease were significantly under-represented in these cohorts. We hypothesised that the widespread use of inhaled glucocorticoids among these patients was responsible for this finding, and tested if inhaled glucocorticoids would be an effective treatment for early COVID-19.”

      But we can’t have effective treatments because “we need” to have global “emergency” experimental gene therapy.

    • I was taking about over a long period. The Spanish Flu went away over only a couple of years. There was no vaccine to cause problems, and no very long term lockdowns, to try to “flatten the curve.” Short term variations can be up or down.

      The current virus causing COVID-19 looks like it is on a path to stay around indefinitely, thanks to the help the world’s policies have been giving it. “Flattening the curve” likely has helped the virus outlast the short length of the immunity provided by coronaviruses. Also, the vaccines are encouraging worse mutations by stamping out the variants which can be easily eliminated by the vaccine.

      • Gail, do you think this is an organism which is really going to “stay around” outside of its mediatical incubator? (The curves of deaths have gone down to almost nothing most places..)

        I think they are either going to roll out something new—don’t forget smirking Bill Gates telling us about how “the next one” will “get our attention this time”—and/or they are going to keep chalking up bad “vax” reax to “covid” for as long as they can.

        I urge you to consider that this is a game that (at least they think) is for “all the marbles”. And the “global pandemic” flash-bang grenade is designed to obscure innumerable terrible machinations…

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          I, too, am on board with this idea: SARS-CoV-2 and it’s “variants” serve the narrative function of explaining away the adverse effects of the “vaccines.”

          For all the discussion online about “gain of function” research and it’s capabilities, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that the people running the show released a genuine bio weapon on the civilian population. It would be akin to taking the nuclear “option,” which isn’t really an option at all, given that it could result in devastating unintended consequences for those deploying the weapon.
          Remember, the first COVID-19 cases in the US appeared in King County, Washington, at a hospital within a 15 mile radius of Bill Gates’ home and the office location of his think-tank (bgC3). There’s no way in hell a genuine bio weapon is going to be allowed to get that close to Gates – the early, over-exposed televised face of the COVID-19 scamdemic.
          Instead, it is more likely that King County was ground zero for the COVID-19 hoax rollout in the US precisely BECAUSE it’s Bill Gates’ territory. The Gates Foundation donates heavily to the local hospital, the think-tank focuses on breakthrough ideas in science and technology, and Bill Gates could practically ride a bike around town if he wanted to keep a managerial eye on how the pandemic simulation is going.

          According to the mainstream narratives, you MAY catch SARS-CoV-2 or one of its many “variants.”

          If you take one or multiple offerings of the “vaccines” then you WILL endure whatever it was designed to do.

          Choose wisely.

          • Xabier says:

            I agree.

            No way was the virus the weapon.

            A mild engineered virus, magnified by manipulation of stats and propaganda; but the perfect pretext for mass-injection of a very dangerous weaponised vaccine which can be fine-tuned just as they please, over decades……

      • Xabier says:

        In retrospect, ‘flattening the curve ‘ was a brilliant strategy for keeping things going and on the boil.

        A few did point that out at the time, I seem to recall.

        Just as masks and lack of human contact have set up tens of millions for vulnerability to illness his coming winter.

  20. CTG says:

    I have watched the video American Moon that FE has posted earlier.

    It is very interesting as I see parallels with COVID hysteria. I am talking about the people whom I have said earlier. Intellectual Yet Idiotic and those whom we cannot understand “why”. In this comment, I termed these people IYI

    1. IYI cannot infer indirect evidence
    In the video, it was mentioned that 3 high level NASA guys and a senior astronaut left just before the moon landing. No reason given. 3 years before (1966), there were still insurmountably technical challenges on launching the rocket. Wernher von Braun went to Antarctic a few years before 1969 to collect reference meteorites that came from the moon.

    IYIs will say “coincidence”. Nothing to shout about.

    PCR Inventor Kary Mullis, strong critic of Fauci and was on record saying that PCR cannot be used as a diagnostic tool died and Event 201 happened just before COVID crisis happened.
    IYIs again will say “coincidence”.

    They just simple cannot read between the lines and infer from indirect evidence. I am 100% sure that you have experienced this in your interactions with IYIs or Karens. They just don’t have the capability. It is like asking a man without legs to run. They will just attribute them to “coincidence”. They will just close the subject.

    2. They never question anything
    NASA could not find telemetry data of the moon landings and images/videos/photos are lost. Huh? An event so “important” to humanity is “lost” and it did not even raise an eyebrow of the IYIs? They will say “It can happen in bureaucracy”. The blue prints for the lunar module was destroyed by Grumman because they took up too much space and it is expensive to maintain that place.

    3. These people say one sentence and you must disprove them. They don’t need to prove anything.

    Same as for COVID. These people say, “you need to wear a mask to prevent COVID”. They don’t show you the data that it does. You need to show data that you disagree to it. Once you have shown, it will not be carried by MSM and it will be cast aside in to the black hole of logic/reasoning.

    Need we say that it is us who has to disprove (1) spent fuel ponds (2) vaccine adverse 3effects (3) many others that we prove that we are right about energy/virus/etc? IYIs need not do anything at all. When you show them the data, they just ignore them.

    4. They are too lazy to do any research. They will try to best to accept any excuse as a reason
    In the video, mythbusters or debunkers say, “Moon rocks are real” and “There is a reflector left behind by the astronauts and we shoot laser to the moon and it was reflected back”, This means that the landing must be real. What nonsense. Unmanned lunar landers have brought back rock samples, these landers could have left a mirror there. In the 1950s, scientist have shot laser to the moon and received a reflection. Way too many of this stupid examples.

    We just have one here on OFW. Just yesterday on one person who said that Tanzanian president died from COVID.

    FE has, over the years posted so many articles on spent fuel ponds.
    These IYI, if they ever existed on OFW must have the fun of just poking with people on OFW.

    5. Debunkers of moon hoax are the same people who will tell you that you must take the vaccines. Those who said that the moon landing is probably a hoax are those who are not keen on the vaccine.

    6. Sometimes what they do to debunk the myth turns out to support it.
    We have a few incidences on COVID where the data used to support their narratives turns out to debunk them instead.

    Tim Grove’s brother, David Groves was on the video at 2:29:00

    It does seem that IYIS come from the same mould. It looks like they are loading with the same “parameters” and they are all thinking alike. Drones perhaps? NPCs? Are we in a simulation?

    • postkey says:

      ” . . . these landers could have left a mirror there.”
      Which ‘lander’ left a reflector at Mare Tranquillitatis ?

      • Hideaway says:

        Prof Tom Murphy who has the site “Do the Math” and is very much into resource constraints, has an actual job of bouncing a laser off the reflectors left by the Apollo missions, to measure the exact distance between Earth and Moon to within a millimetre for gravitational studies.

        So if the Apollo astronauts didn’t put those reflectors there, who did??

        • CTG says:

          The point of argument here is not whether the moon landing is a hoax or not. That is a personal opinion.

          If you don’t believe the inflation figures given by the government or you are wary of the government’s data, then why is it that people can believe that is being posted by NASA?

          If you skeptical of COVID, then why not you are skeptical of everything else? Why skeptical only in things that you believe in?

          “So if the Apollo astronauts didn’t put those reflectors there, who did?? ”

          If you can ask this question, then I am afraid we are not on the same page. I am not agreeing or disagreeing on the moon landing. I am questioning “with all the circumstantial evidence”, why are people still fall for “moon landing/COVID” without questioning anything at all?

          • Hideaway says:

            Firstly I’m not ‘sceptical’ of Covid as my wife’s Aunty died of it last year. Unlike a lot of people on this forum that think it firstly didn’t exist or is a mild cold, which cannot be further from the truth.

            As a healthy 80yo in the height of the first wave in England, she was told to go home as the hospital couldn’t cope so the elderly were told to go home, where she died.

            I’m skeptical of everything, it has made me a very good investor over decades, simply because I check everything multiple times.

            One interesting aspect I find is that those that believe in one consp.iracy theory tend to believe in them all.

            If you can’t trust any published data as you imply, then what is there to trust, someone with some dodgy numbers that are presented on a blog site?

            Do you trust the world energy reserve numbers? What about population figures from around the world? I always find best to try and find numbers from a few different sources, and trust comes from those sources being accurate over time, which is why I read Gail’s blog as she uses the best available data.

            The cost of the Apollo missions was way above what the country could really afford, but they did it anyway. Since then the declining marginal return on that investment has never warranted a return.

            Go and read some of Tom Murphy’s work. The reflectors he uses on the moon can be seen via satellite imaging of the moon’s surface (From satellites orbiting the moon). They have used these images to find things like a lost Russian lander as well as the exact sites of the Apollo missions to target the lasers. Do I believe Tom? Yes because he has been very accurate in all his other work and blogging.

            • CTG says:

              Hideaway, I don’t disagree with you but there are many that meets more than the eye. There are many things that I experience/believe in that is difficult to share

              You should realize by now that I don’t side with anyone in any forum, especially on OFW.

              You can have your own opinion until you are proven right/wrong.

            • “Healthy 80-y.o.s” die of respiratory diseases all the time. Pneumonia is the “old man’s friend”, after all, since it is better to die quickly of that than more slowly of something else.

              The fact that the FDA is phasing out PCR tests in favor of… (what?) because the PCR test cannot apparently distinguish between “covid” and flu might give you cause to reconsider your aunt’s diagnosis.

              Anyone who presents themselves with respiratory difficulty and who is then CRUELLY NOT TREATED should not be used to bolster a very questionable global “health crisis”.

              If we sent everyone home from the ER/ED/A&E without treatment of any kind, why -yes!- we would see a higher mortality rate!

              What a surprise!

        • Fast Eddy says:

          If you watch you will find out

      • CTG says:

        Which ‘lander’ left a reflector at Mare Tranquillitatis ?

        You miss my point and that happens to me all the time especially when I miss out some details (which I expect people to think the way that I am thinking)

        “I shoot a laser at the moon’s Mare Tranquillitatis and I get a reflection back”. Thus, it confirms that the astronauts went there and left a retroreflector there. That is what the mythbusters are trying to say. Is that the way to prove it?

        Yes, a retroreflector may be put there but it might be by some other means.

    • Bei Dawei says:

      I suppose I am one of your IDIs. We don’t like to talk about it, but science and math education involves a kind of triage, in that some people just can’t or won’t learn these subjects, so educators tend to write them off. Moon Landing Deniers tend to be classified into this group–few scientists or astronauts can be bothered to debate them, because what’s the point? It’s not like they’ll learn anything, and they’ll only convince other people like themselves. If you’re really willing to be debunked, though, SciManDan on youtube has a bunch of videos on Moon Landing Deniers (although he mostly goes after the Flat Earthers).

      Generally speaking, science and engineering has collectively established a pretty impressive track record, which has translated into the technological progress that we take for granted. With Covid-19 (unlike the moon) there is still some debate–which I acknowledge has become extremely politicized–but over time most of these these questions will probably get resolved.

      Meanwhile, what do we get from the conspiracy crowd? Hundreds of ideas which often conflict with each other, and there seems to be no mechanism in place for testing whether any of them are true. If you debunk some claim, you’ll still see the same claim again and again, with no acknowledgement that it was ever challenged. These ideas seem to spread in much the same way as rumors.

      So you believe that NASA sent unmanned probes to the moon, but not that they sent people. I wonder why they stopped there. I mean, I assume you believe in submarines. Do you accept that pilots have left earth’s atmosphere, or even achieved earth orbit? That there are people aboard the ISS? Is this just about the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

      The photographs and films taken from the moon are themselves evidence, since the technology of the time couldn’t have faked them to such a high quality. (“2001: A Space Odyssey” came out around the same time, and has a sequence set on the moon. It looks good, but you can tell when they used mattes, models, sound stages, etc.)

      • CTG says:

        Bei Dawei,

        I knew I was different from others when I was very young. I have completed and memorized the entire children’s encyclopedia before I started school. In school, I always argue with the teacher on what she taught was wrong and I actually hauled books and encyclopaedia to school to refute what she has taught.

        The teacher listened to me, nodded, sent me back to my place and continued teaching. Nothing changed. I find that school was boring and I have accepted that nothing will change.

        I have no trust on peer-reviewed papers at all because of personal experience. It is not unlike what happened in the first paragraph of this comment of mine. Peer review is nothing more than a big club and you have to follow the rules if you want to be part of the big club. I approve yours and you approve me. If you want to join the club, here are the rules. This became more prevalent since 1970s and probably peaked after 2000. Money speaks in all languages fluently. If you want grants from private or public sectors, come out with “research” that I like.

        The fact that a person has no empathic listening shows that that person is someone that I have to distance myself. The fact that some one does not want to debate with others just because his opinion differs from others simply means that person is totally shut off from others. Perhaps egoistic, perhaps like my teacher who thinks that I was weird or perhaps in real life, he believes in me but his work does not allow that (like i “Oh.. Prof xxx just attended a meeting of flat-earthers.. how cute…”)

        All the great stuff that mankind came up, thought out, invented happened in the years leading up to the year 2000. After the year 2000, it is just improvement or refinement of ideas. It is like a graph that flattens out and plateaued.

        When I talk to IYIs, it is frustrating because they always follow a fixed pattern. I have presented that in my previous comments. They are just fixated at that and will not entertain anything else even if it makes common sense. At best, if you talked something that really hits them on their head, they just paused and then switched subjects. I have experienced that so many times that (1) I know what will happen next, it is so predictable (2) I grew bored of this (3) I decided just to keep my mouth shut. This is my reality.

        Here is one recent example with a virologist (early this year)

        1. She asked me about my vaccination status. I said that I will take it much later like next year or much later.

        2. She got angry and said that I am not helping. Huh?

        3. I said that the vaccine was just released and has only a few months of testing. I said that it took 9 months for a baby to form and humans are so arrogant that with just a couple of months of testing, we can tell that it is safe for everyone?

        4. She got angrier and said that vaccines were there since a long time since Jenner’s time and it has eradicated many diseases.

        5. I told her that you are not comparing apples to apples. Those vaccines are old school vaccines, tested over the decades. I have many of those and I am glad that I was injected with it. I told her that I am NOT anti vaccine. It is just that I need to wait until this new technology is proven then I will take it.

        6. She was still angry and just cut me off and told me just to get it.

        Is this something that I get from a virologist? Is she in a trance? Or am I talking to a NPC? Am I in a dream or simulation?

        • Fast Eddy says:

          You might appease her by telling her you’d like to donate your Injections (including the Booster) to norm in the UK… for his grand kids actually….

          ‘For his grand kids?’ she’ll say…. ‘oooh how delightful!!! – what’s the address please?’

          • Say you are going to wait until all the poors in the Global South have all had both jabs. It really wouldn’t be equitable otherwise.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              If norm doesnt want my Injections (for the kids)… I’ll tell the clinic to send them to somalia…

            • Xabier says:

              ‘Why should I be saved before all the poor brown people? Are you a racist? I think you are? Check your privilege!’

              Ha! That should shut them up.

            • Tim Groves says:

              I love you guys.

              This is an unanswerable get-out-of-being-jabbed card. It will drive the SJWs even crazier than they are already.

              How can we in the developed world be so selfish as to jump the queue when there are literally billions of overexploited and underprivileged Africans, South Asians and South Americans who need and deserve the protection these vaccines afford far more than we do?

              I think of it as a form of reparations.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Tim – that gave me a fantastic idea!

              I called the Hotline (again) and told them that I am immune to Covid because I already had it so I’d like to gift my injection (I’ve been invited!) to a Somalian child who is currently in NZ…. they asked how old the child was – I said 12…

              Sorry but not yet approved for under 16…. so I said hmmm… do you think if I go for my appointment and explained the circumstances to the doctor he could give me the vials (I’ll bring a bag of ice – of course)… and I’ll bring it home and just inject the child myself? I told her that I watched a DIY on youtube and it looks rather straightforward.

              No… no… they won’t allow you to do that. If you wait till the under 16s are approved you can register the child and get them their own vaccine

              Oh I says.. I see… I will do that … because it is important that the 3rd world people have this wonderful gift of life… and they get injected as well … even though they don’t die from Covid… but they should get it because it is a gift….

              Thanks for your help.

              Not sure if she worked out that I was taking an epic piss on her…. I often use this patronizing condescending dismissive arrogant tone of voice with CovIDIOTS over the phone … but I did my best to sound caring and grateful….

            • Kowalainen says:

              Not so sure about this.

              Let’s spare the third world and vaxx the living crap out of the accomplices and sanctimonious hypocrites of the west.

              I mean, killing some poor schmuck in the third world surviving on a couple of bowls of rice a day. The struggle must be real.

              Here’s an excellent morally dubious idea. Just say that you’re vaxxed, simply leave out the information that you’re not a mRNA modified organism.

              Or just blatantly lie about it. If someone asks for a vax card or passport. Ask them to put down their schtick and threaten to involve your favorite union, lawyer, and don’t forget the declaration of human rights. Repeat this phrases:

              “My body is my business.”
              “Yes I am vaccinated.”
              “Not your problem.”
              “It will not happen.”
              “Further inquiry will not yield a different outcome.”
              “Which word do you find problematic to comprehend?”
              “This is the end of discussion.”

              Watch them twitch and squirm as you shove some integrity down their throats.

        • Mike Roberts says:

          I have no trust on peer-reviewed papers at all

          So, you have no trust in any science? You don’t believe anything we’ve learned through science? Peer review isn’t all that’s needed but it’s a necessary stage. Not all peer reviews go through on a nod. Some papers are withdrawn or retracted because of peer review.

          • CTG says:

            Peer review has nothing to do with science.

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Of course it does. Research papers can’t just be assumed to be correct so there is formal peer review and informal peer review. Eventually, the research is either accepted as a useful addition to the body of knowledge (but may be later found to be wrong or flawed) or is rejected.

              What would you rather have in place of peer review?

            • Tim Groves says:

              Let’s repeat this very lucid and under-appreciated fact.

              “Peer review has nothing to do with science.”

              Well said, CTG.

              “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.”

              Well said, Mr. Feynman.

              “Science is more than a body of knowledge. It’s a way of thinking”

              Well said, Dr. Sagan.

              “in a demon-haunted world, science is a candle in the dark.”

              Bravo, once again, Dr. Sagan.

              “Every judgment in science stands on the edge of error and is personal. Science is a tribute to what we can know although we are fallible.”

              Oh what sweet wine we’re drinking, Dr. Bronowski.

              Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

              “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine”
              —Dr. Marcia Angell, the former editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine.

              “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness”
              —Richard Horton, current editor-in-chief of The Lancet

            • Kowalainen says:

              Tim, in short summary.

              Most scientists are garbage.

              Most scientific papers are gobbledygook with their discourse riddled with logical fallacies and blatant ignorance of first principles.

              On top of the shit show is the institutionalized sociopathy and the ‘pal’ review process.

              It is a disgrace.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Science and journalism… have much in common

            • CTG says:

              Mike Roberts,

              The fact that you said that puts me on alert “Of course it does.”

              Until just recently, science has nothing to do with peer review papers. Newton, etc had their papers peer reviewed? It is just a very recent thing.

              Do you actually had an experience with peer review documentation? I had a few very badexperience of finding out that a peer reviewed paper was “approved” but factually incorrect and it was cited by many others even though it was not correct. People assume that it is correct.

              I approach my supervisor (I was doing my MBA) and told him about this. He said “just follow, there is nothing you can do”. I gave up on any ideas of pursuing anything further on academically.

              It is a club where I scratch your back and you scratch mine. Let us make sure we don’t rock the boat.

              If you are speaking from experience, share with us. I am speaking from experience. I have even said in my comments above. This was what I faced when I was in elementary school. Trying to correct someone, you will be ostracized.

              There is no solution to this. It has been corrupted

    • Right on, CTG. BTW, I think we are up to five presidents who have coincidentally died after refusing the globalists’ EGT: off the top of my head also Burundi, Haiti, Swaziland and one other I now forget.

      I recently came across a social-media post, the source of which I haven’t yet tracked down. It averred that people (relatively “functioning” people in our society, i.e., not the mentally-retarded) have varying capacities to -literally- IMAGINE something. In the case of the post, it was an apple. People at level zero simply had no visual concept at all of an apple; people at level two could conjure up a 2D representation similar to the Apple logo; people at level three might have 2D plus color; level four could see a kind of cartoon. Only level five had a photographic concept of an apple, with all of its associated smells, tastes, textures, and so forth.

      What was interesting was that people wrote in response agreeing that, yes, they categorized themselves as being at level 5 or one of the intermediate levels. (Hah! I was going to write “saw” themselves, and then “regarded” themselves…)

      Maybe someone else has heard of this phenomenon? It never occurred to me that people would not have an image or mental idea of commonly-occurring objects that they could then cognitively manipulate. I figured any shortcomings were down the line from that.

      • CTG says:

        Lidia17, I read that you are unhappy when you were in MIT. When an “expert” comes out and talk with MSM, it is always a red flag to me. When the “expert” is from a prestigious university, then the red flag got bigger. If it is citing a peer-reviewed paper, then the red flag gets double the size. I don’t trust anything that is coming out from anyone without me thinking properly about it.

        I am just concurring with what you have said :

        Here is one thought/concept that kept me sane all this time. I know that I have difficulty talking to me, especially the egoistic people who (1)valedictorian (2)academically qualified (3)from prestigious universities.

        We can never “see what other people see”. You can never be them and they can never be you.

        RED colour – around 700nm wavelength.
        Since young, we were told “this is a red apple”. “this is a red car”. We associated RED with that colour. We knew that “that colour” with 700nm is red.

        Now, my eyes is not the same as yours. If somehow, magically, I can take over your body like a spirit taking over your body and your eyes are my eyes, perhaps your red is not my red? Does it ever occur to people that what you have perceived as red is actually my orange colour? Since young, “that colour” that mother said is red and 700nm in wavelength is actually not red to another person?

        No, I am not talking about colour blind. If your understanding of the previous paragraph is colour blind, then you are not ready for this discussion. Example. at the age of 3, my mother pointing out to an apple on the table said “that colour is red”. From that point on, I associated “that colour” as red. My friend’s mother did the same thing to my friend. So, we both know “that colour” is red because we were told it is “red”. Does our brain interpret it the same way? Perhaps she sees the apple as red but if I were to take over her eyes and brain and I went inside her, I see that her “red” is actually my “blue”?

        So, coming to the fact that why people just cannot grasp conspiracy theories or just cannot understand certain things or just “more-ons”, perhaps it has go to do with “Why can you look at this like what I did”?

        • Kowalainen says:

          The experience (qualia) of the color red is an artifact of information processing in your mind.

          I think it is important to separate the realms of that what is measurable (wavelength of ‘red’) and the induced privacy-phenomenology of information processing as the light falls into your eyes and is transmitted to the visual cortex.

          I think we all experience the same thing and the matter of labeling isn’t important but rather that of the similarities in processing.

          Take for example the mapping between rational-logical thought and mathematics. I.e. the phenomenology of reasoning, counting and arithmetic. I consider it as definitive and verifiable by everybody.

          Now, does it matter if your brain uses a different wiring circuit for coming to the conclusion that 1+1=2? I doubt your concepts of numbers, additions and operators is much different from mine with regards to the phenomenology of it. After all, it all adds up at the end of the day, no pun intended.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I’ve got this friend in Hong Kong … we’ll be out for dinner and some sloppy 40ish woman will walk by and he’ll say wooooeeee… I’d hit that.

          When he first said that I responded with … you’re kidding right?

          He’d say – what do you mean you don’t think that’s hot stuff?

          I’d say … come on … don’t stitch me up … I have no problem with you hitting whatever you want but THAT is not hot…. so why ask he to turn around to look….

          But believe you me — in his eyes — dumpy sloppy 40 year olds are hot….

          It got to the point where if we were out and he said ‘woooooeeeee – I’d hit that’… I would not even bother to turn around

          Sort of similar to the red apple?

      • Artleads says:

        “…off the top of my head also Burundi, Haiti, Swaziland and one other I now forget.”

        Thanks for establishing this set. Even when we add the pres of Tanzania, I get the feeling there are others. But it’s notable that all these deaths fall within the African Diaspora.

        • Xabier says:

          Perhaps some Africans have been less wiling and eager to accept bribes, bow to blackmail and threats, or just get with the WEF programme, than most Western elites?

          It’s a roll-call of honour.

          There are signs though that the President of Tanzania panicked right at the end, telling Tanzanians to wear masks and so on, having resisted for many months.

          Poor devil, they killed him all the same – a lesson for us maybe?

        • Artleads says:

          Someone also mentioned the president of Ivory Coast. They seemed to be saying that the pres of Haiti clearly resisted the vaccines too. So, adding Tanzania and Ivory Coast to the list, we get our five resisters (and martyrs): Burundi, Haiti, Swaziland, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania.

          • Ed says:

            Artleads, thanks for the list. WRT Haiti there was and is lots of evil going on there. The president employed an enforcer nick named “barbecue” for his love of burning the opposition and family to death with their house. It would be hard to say with sin the president was killed for.

      • Artleads says:

        “It averred that people (relatively ‘functioning’ people in our society, i.e., not the mentally-retarded) have varying capacities to -literally- IMAGINE something.”

        So we put people who can’t imagine, or imagine optimally, in leadership positions. That’s a formula for disaster.

      • Kowalainen says:

        Right; people that is unable to “see” things as physical objects and abstractions in their “inner eye” can’t create jack s-it except for the blatantly obvious. Or simply divert into some meaningless or outright damaging ideas and ideals. IQ seem helpful here, although not the “cheap” form of ‘default’ IQ, rather the industrious grind.

        Rationalizing about stuff isn’t the same as intuitively understanding it. That is the job of experience, mistakes and hard lessons. Wanna craft a “new world order”? Well, show me what you have done. Ideals and shallow concepts are cheap, making stuff (work) is hard.

        I’ve been bewildered at times describing some simple concept and met with a blank stare. It is as if some circuitry of theirs is missing. They for sure need firm instructions on what needs to be done. Trying to shine a light on things just goes straight down their tubes never to be seen again.

        What makes things worse is when they stray into Steve Jobs autobiography and they think “how hard can that be”? Yes, for them it is an intractable path to insight.

        On a positive note; I think it’s their Jungian “shit” that gets in the way of lucid thinking. They are way too attached to some flawed crap within their egos.

        An obvious thing would be the eugenics turds going on with the vaxxing programs. As if they could fathom the complexity of an organism with the magnitude of a human being. Just forget about it and leave the eugenics to Mother Earth she’s got a proven track record of wielding life out of mineral for unfathomable eons.

        Yes, I’m a bit sick and tired of the tryhard rapacious primates getting “ahead” with their narratives, monies, status, and crusty offspring forever bound by the regression to the mean and epigenetics. “Bloodlines” and all that elitist bullwank. How boring.

        • CTG says:

          My whole point about the the “red colour stuff that everyone perceived as red but they may not be different to everyone” is just to point out that it is not possible for you “to see what they are seeing”.

          That is perhaps the reason why others may perceived them as dumb or IYI. It is just that they are NOT CAPABLE of processing what your brain is processing. Call that a defect

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Bad genetics…. or just average…

          • Kowalainen says:

            I’ve got a crystal ball. It is called thinking. Not that I’m particularly good at it. 20W of biological CPU power can only do so much.

            Most of the time it leads me astray. But no need to worry, Mother Earth will soon be on my trail of dumb and slap me back into shape – in no time.

            It works something like this: Take an idea and wield it to the logical conclusion. Whenever you’ll meet barriers of hopium and doors of delusion, simply bulldoze them down, strew some salt in the rubble and continue.

            At the end of the rampage you’ll be staring into the abysses of mindless process of unfathomable complexity, creating life, mind, the universe. Then you realize.

            It is quite awesome, innit?

            But don’t be led astray by my zenisms and meditations. Repeat after me:

            1. MOAR! Yay!
            2. Rapacious primates doesn’t scale.



    • Fast Eddy says:

      It is like asking a man without legs to run.


      I volunteer to push the legless MOARons — who I assume are in wheelchairs — down the steep hill – onto the highway!!!

    • Tim Groves says:

      David Groves is not my brother, actually. I’ve never checked the genealogy, but I suppose he is a not too distant cousin. Physically he fits the family mould. I have relatives who look a lot like him. All in all, we are a handsome lot.

      Incidentally, just about all the males in my branch of the family have something called “the Groves bump”, which is a thick lump of bone protruding from the back of the base of the skull, just above where the spinal column enters. If you have such a bump, we will welcome you as an honourable member of the clan.

      • Kowalainen says:

        I got one as well. The mark of the beast? 🤔

        However, I’m thinking two pointy and slightly curved ones on my forehead would have been wicked for the effect.


        Anyway, it’s likely the spot where we can plug into the matrix once the kit becomes available.

        Making utterances and typing down stuff seems so archaic. I want to beam my obnoxious directly onto the ether. What’s hate thought if it’s not shared by everybody?

        • Xabier says:

          A girlfriend of mine had two vestigial bumps on the top of her head: she was indeed a little devil……

      • CTG says:

        Tim, I remembered that you said that in one of the older comments in OFW that David is a relative (perhaps not brother) who has a Phd In image processing? No?

        • Tim Groves says:

          I don’t remember clearly, but I think I said he was a cousin, but that was “tongue in cheek”. I sometimes write that way as a joke, assuming others will understand it’s only a joke. But I overlook the fact that non-native speakers won’t get the joke and will assume I’m being serious. Please accept my apologies for that.

          I think David could well be a fourth, fifth or sixth cousin, but I don’t know my family tree much beyond first first cousins, of which I have nine on my mother’s side and about fifteen on my father’s side, or beyond my grandparents on my father’s side.

  21. Tim Groves says:

    Dr. Erin Stair discusses with Dr. Robert Malone about the COVID-19 Spike Protein vs the Spike Protein produced by the COVID-19 vaccines, as well as about coordinated censorship, “fact checking”, bioethics, and much much more.

    This is well worth a listen with some coffee and cookies if you’re an American or some tea and biscuits if you’re British, and maybe some Vegemite if you’re from Down Under. (length 55 minutes)

  22. Lastcall says:

    This Fraudci just keeps giving. That smirk will live alongside those of other infamous ghouls.

    ‘Ironically, the youngest members of society – the one’s born during the pandemic – are now at risk from a respiratory virus (VSR) that is potentially much more harmful for them than SARS-CoV-2’

    • Xabier says:

      Certainly, lock-downs, isolation, the interruption of natural development, and masks, constitute immense collateral damage.

      Or was it all intended?

      Short drop, piano wire……

      • Ed says:

        piano wire ! I will never mess with the mountain folk of Spain.

        • Xabier says:

          I’m trying to be civilised with the piano wire, Ed!

          Traditional sayings in the Pyrenees are:

          ‘You’re a pig, and it’s time to bleed you like one!’


          ‘You’re a poison weed – it’s time to pull you up!’

          • Tim Groves says:

            Your methods of persuasion include both the garrotte and the stick, then, Xabier? 🙂

            They were a tough lot in the Basque Country, as were all the Mediterranean mountain peoples. In the old days, shepherds would walk up to 800km from northern Castile down to Seville on the south coast to sell their wool, and then they’d walk up to 800km back home again with their flock of sheep, year after year, leaving wives and children at home for the winter. A strict code with harsh punishments would have been necessary to keep that society together. And the wool they produced was worth its weight in gold to the Spanish economy.

            Assuredly, modern living has softened them up considerably. But the old ways are in the genes, and will re-emerge when the environmental conditions favor them again.

            • Xabier says:

              The mountain men and women were, and the few remaining still are, heroic.

              That’s why I intended to return and live among them in the beautiful valley of Baztan until this nightmare broke out.

              The softening has gone a long way, I’m afraid, Tim. My siblings won’t even eat lamb, for God’s sake, let alone cut its throat!

              I won’t live to see a revival anyway, though we may hope for it.

  23. Lastcall says:

    Nothing new here. The can of worms this epic Fraudci will hopefully open up;
    Remember a small percentage of events makes it to Vaers as per industry funded study.

    In a new research paper published in the journal Toxicology Reports, author Neil Z. Miller found that out of a total of 2,605 infant deaths reported to VAERS between 1990 and 2019, 58% occurred within three days of vaccination, and 78% occurred within seven days of vaccination.

    Prior to contemporary vaccination programs, SIDS — sometimes referred to as “crib death” — was so infrequent it was not mentioned in infant mortality statistics.

    • Prior to current childhood vaccines, many many children died of things like Scarlett fever. My mums sister died of it at age 8 as did many other children in the Scottish town where they lived and where the disease became endemic. It had nothing to do with poor conditions or lack of sanitation or inadequate nutrition or nursing. Every person who does family history research finds that virtually all families living in the age prior to vaccines had child deaths. Many more than one. It was tragic.
      Scarlet fever is virtually unheard of today. Ditto smallpox. These are but 2 of wonderful vaccine success stories.

      • We have no human vaccines for coronaviruses, however. We have no vaccine for the common cold. Illnesses with long lasting antibodies can sometimes be cured with a vaccine. But we have been up against a wall with coronaviruses.

        Vaccines are not a slam-dunk. There are relatively few of them, given the total number of illnesses around.

        We have been living in a time of antibiotics for a lot of diseases. The problem with both antibiotics and vaccines is that the pathogen (virus or bacteria) tends to mutate away. The more leaky the antibiotic or vaccine, the more quickly they mutate away. It seems with the COVID-19 vaccine, we are already up against serious variants.

      • Yorchichan says:

        Scarlet Fever: All You Need to Know | CDC

        Notice the part where it says “While there is no vaccine to prevent scarlet fever…”. Then explain how scarlet fever being unheard of today is due to a wonderful vaccine success story.

        • Ed says:


        • Tim Groves says:

          You beat me to it. There is still no vax for scarlet fever. It’s a wonder we aren’t all at death’s door.

          Have you noticed how Gail is attracting a different class of visitor with this post. She’s tapped into a whole new demographic.

          • Yorchichan says:

            I had noticed that, Tim. If it wasn’t for the fact they are all so bad at arguing their case, I might suspect they were on the payroll of big pharma.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Anything that pushes back on the Covid Lie … comes to the attention of the PR Team… the PR Team then messages the trolls… and the trolls are dispatches to the offensive site…

            Normally because the trolls are paid to troll they win … unfortunately for the trolls… Fast Eddy feeds on their nonsense… the more nonsense they post the more powerful Fast Eddy becomes … kinda like feeding Popeye an endless buffet of delicious dishes that all contain spinach.

            See Fast Eddy already forgets that guys name — the one with the brother who is a doctor who has to make excuses for his failure of a brother … who embarrasses him by showing up at gatherings and insisting on telling everyone about ‘my brother who is a doctor – and knows everything’

            • deimetri says:

              The guy whose arguments usually consist of a ‘strawman’ fallacy argument?

              I thought about pointing it out to him after the second time, but since his brother is a doc and all…who can compete with that?

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Meanwhile … Ontario has been out of lockdown for a month+ ….

            Why is this not 350k?


        • Ano737 says:

          I read it and did not see anything resembling your last sentence. I also did a text search for the word “vaccine” and only got one hit where it says there is no vaccine.

          Now, I might have missed it, of course. Would you kindly point to the “wonderful vaccine success story” reference?


          • Yorchichan says:

            “These are but 2 of wonderful vaccine success stories.”

            In the comment from MargFromTassie to which I was replying.

            • Ano737 says:

              Got it. I thought you were referring to the article in the link you provided.

              MargFromTassie obviously mistook antibiotic success stories for vaccine success stories.

              Not that it matters because there are plenty of antibiotics skeptics as well.

              It’s confirmation bias all the way. People just know whatever it is they want to believe and refuse to know even the most obvious if it contradicts their belief. No wonder we’re so screwed, even with the amazing technology we’re able to produce.

      • Minority of One says:

        Smallpox was a great killer, at one time. But the vaccine for it was not introduced until the disease was mostly eradicated by other means.

        Dr Suzanne Humphries discusses smallpox from 1797-2005

      • Dennis L. says:

        Do you think perhaps those deaths were nature’s way of sorting things out? When I compare photos of groups in the US in the early twentieth century with people I see out, those in the photos seem much healthier than now.

        Medical costs continue to rise as we attempt to solve more and more problems, those of us in the US with Medicare get a good deal indeed, the rest not so much. Medicare for all would work well, but then the medical industry could not shift so much of the cost to the young, costs probably would rise for everyone.

        Again, perhaps we are returning to a simpler time with simpler solutions, simple solutions are not always emotionally satisfying.

        Dennis L.

      • Lastcall says:

        Ignore this link if you wish.
        Ignore the Vaers data.
        Ignore the fact that Vax manaufactirers have indemnity from prosecution.
        Ignore that mercury etc were used in vaxenes.
        Ignore the tidal wave of neuro degenerative 40 plus years on from childhood injection rollout.
        Ignore that responsibility for your own health has been removed from your hands and monetised.
        Ignore the big fines for medical fraud that phizer etc have had to pay.

        Go on and live a comfortable lie.

    • There was an analysis posted at OFW of deaths by age group in the US during the period between March 15, 2020 and the end of the mandatory lockdowns (May 30, 2020??)

      During this period, newborn babies did not get the usual list of early vaccinations. Infant deaths pretty much disappeared during this period!!

      In every other age group, deaths rose, if I remember correctly. There was more reckless driving and more drug overdoses, besides COVID deaths.

      • Lastcall says:

        From that document we have;

        ‘IVM has been used safely in 3.7 billion doses worldwide since 1987 [2, 3] and is 76 well tolerated even at much greater than the standard single dose of 200 μg/kg [34, 35]. It has been used 77 in RCTs for COVID-19 treatment at cumulative doses of 1,500 μg/kg [36], 1,600 μg/kg [22] and 3,000 78 μg/kg[37] over 4 or 5 days with only small percentages of mild or transient adverse effects. ‘

        Then Politics came into play in Peru.

        ‘Nationwide, excess deaths decreased 14-fold over four months through 118 December 1, 2020. After a restrictive IVM treatment policy was enacted under a new Peruvian president 119 who took office on November 17, however, deaths increased 13-fold over the two months following 120 December 1, through February 1, 2021’

        That restrictive mandate should lead to manslaaughter charges.

  24. MG says:

    Maybe some of the nuclear fusion experiments will turn the Earth into a star in a second… and all problems with a planet full of livng organisms will be gone.

    • Yorchichan says:

      I remember when a Christian work colleague was getting married to a very pretty girl the day after the large hadron collider was being switched on at CERN. There were news reports of a small chance of a black hole being created and the earth being instantly destroyed. He was genuinely anxious that after waiting so long he’d die on the verge of losing his virginity.

      • Xabier says:

        How funny. I suspect Jesus might take a dim view of that perspective…..

        I hope the event lived up to his high expectations: but does it ever?

        • Bei Dawei says:

          “I hope the event lived up to his high expectations…”

          The collider was switched on, without creating a black hole.


  25. Fast Eddy says:

    Again … the 2035 announcement by GM is just more PR to convince the CovIDIOTS that we soon won’t need oil…

  26. Fast Eddy says:

    Has anyone noticed normdunc have disappeared….

    norm dunc norm dunc … where are thou?

    hahahahahhaha… come for your daily Bath of Shame!

    • Kowalainen says:

      Fear not, they are likely queuing up for the three additional booster clot shots. Never interrupt an enemy who is busy with self destruction.


  27. Mike Roberts says:

    Interesting exchange between a 15 year old student and Richard Heinberg. We can’t transition to renewable or clean energy without drastically reducing energy use. Even that would ultimately be unsustainable.

    • James Speaks says:

      The answer to everything is use less power, and the way to do this is (a) less power consumption per capita amd (b) fewer people living in localized neighborhoods.

      Sounds great. It’s what I’m want to do, but everybody can’t do it. Ergo …

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        to me, the answer is to continue to use as much energy as I want.

        my experience is that almost everyone else wants to do the same.

        I’m good with that behavior.

        do whatever.

        • Mike Roberts says:

          I’m sure that is and will be the behaviour of most people all over the globe. Which is why our predicament will get worse and then we’ll experience collapse.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

            yes the 2030s will not be pleasant.

          • el mar says:

            Grow or die!
            That is the demand of our civilisation as a dissipative structure.

            No way out!

            Let´s dance a couple of years until it is game over anyway!

          • James Speaks says:

            That behavior is so recognized and so common there is a name for it, the tragedy of the commons. There is a common pasture for a village. Each family tries to graze their livestock as much as they can there and soon the pasture is barren.

            People who budget resources don’t make it to the next generation, or if they do, they live in squalor.

    • Hideaway says:

      Love the ignorance in answering the question of how much energy to make solar/wind is given in the LCA, not in Kwh.

      The energy has to be spent up front to build solar, so Kwh/Kw of capacity is important. According to Renew, a site promoting Solar etc it is around 4,200 Kwh to make 1 Kw of solar panels, and that excludes the infrastructure to hold up the panels and distribute the electricity, and store the electricity.

      Add the extra costs to the upfront cost probably triples it to be realistic, or over 12,000 Kwh to make 1Kw of solar truely useful and long lasting.

      In a desert with an average of 8 hours/d of good solar, 1Kw of panels would return 87,600 Kwh of electricity over a 30 year life.

      Big assumptions have to be made about the lasting of the base infrastructure, grid, pumped hydro storage to make the overall sums work with a second lot of panels installed after 30 years. The second lot only cost another 4,200 Kwh to reap another 87,600 over a further 30 years.

      Total return on energy invested over 60 years 175,000 kwh for 16,000 Kwh of investment. Yet there are efficiency losses in both transmission and conversion to storage and back not accounted for, probably 25% losses at most optimistic. That brings our 175,000 Kwh down to 131,000 Kwh return for 16,000 Kwh investment or a return of 8:1 in the absolute best of conditions and assumptions.

      Of course doing these number exercises always excludes the extra energy needed to mine lower grade ores, which continues to decrease the return on investment over time. But no-one ever wants to discuss this.

      The last 30% increase in copper production came with a 46% increase in energy use for the industry…

      • Mike Roberts says:

        Interesting. There will be some improvements in efficiency in 30 years so that second 87,600 kWh may be substantially higher, though I can’t see society holding together enough for that refit to be done consistently across the world.

      • Tim Groves says:

        This is where Dennis usually pops up to encourage us with stories of streets paved with all the elements we crave no further away than the Asteroid Belt, and Keith reminds us that space-based solar can power civilization with terawatts to spare. The sky’s the limit. Space… The final frontier…

        • Kowalainen says:

          All possible in theory of course. As is implementing various eugenics programs. Then objective reality hits as a rather unfortunate and harsh mistress. She just doesn’t care about grand delusions. That bitch just is. Perfect.

          One does not simply play games with highly nonlinear systems without some severe repercussions.

          I’m all for voluntary courses of action. Over-consume, overpopulate and the “vaxxing” programs.

          Want MOAR?
          That’s my attaboy.

          DO IT!
          JUST DO IT! 👟
          MOAR! Yay!

          Within temptation is truth.
          Rapacious primate shenanigans isn’t scalable.
          We’re going nowhere – fast and for good reason.


        • Ed says:

          Keith is right. But Skylon has been under development for 30+ years I am not holding my breathe.

          We will need to use lunar materials launched to orbit by Elon StarFreighters using fuel made from lunar water ice.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            It’s a race between Skylon and Hydrogen Cells …. to save the BAU

          • Kowalainen says:

            I thought we put our bets on fusion power? Isn’t that shit show also perpetually 30 years into the future? Not as if that would help anyway in a context of exponential growth.

            How much of a failure does it take for bleak reality to pummel through the hopiates and unobtaniums?

            Repeat after me:

            MOAR! Yay!
            Rapacious primates doesn’t scale.

      • JesseJames says:

        The cost of installation, repair, maintenance and ultimate replacement will overwhelm the renewable hopium. Sure the cost of panels has decreased in the last two decades, but electrical materials costs are surging right now. No telling how much costs will rise in the future. Conductors, conduit, connectors etc prices are going astronomical.

        An electrician just finished wiring a battery backup system in for me at my home. Materials alone, not counting the BU system, were in excess of $4500…and in the future….going, going….UP.

      • Electricity when you don’t want it is essentially worthless. In fact, electricity when you don’t want it is detrimental to the system, if you let the price to producers fall in response to the strange price signals that devices making intermittent electricity produces. It drives paid for nuclear out of business, as well as some coal and natural gas. When these issues are factored in, their net benefit is negative.

        If you could add summer to winter batteries to the cost calculation, you would
        have a better comparison.

    • Xabier says:

      He is correct: and of course, all that is on offer is pseudo-renewables, nothing more than another mode of industrialism.

  28. Ed says:

    Watching our community play with a troll is like watching my cats play with a mouse.

  29. Mirror on the wall says:

    When they get out from our land. It is not a joke.

    ‘We is the British Army – and we is where to take your land.’

    F c/

    ‘i drove my tro yo garn.’

  30. Lastcall says:

    I haven’t watched yet but could be interesting…

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been taking advice on the pandemic from the scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration, on the one-year anniversary of the lockdowns he invited back the scientists for a roundtable on the Coronavirus and the policy response. It is exceptionally educational, and points to the reality that the lockdowners have lost the debate for lacking any evidence that their soul-crushing policies are good for public health. These heroic scientists departed from the media/government narrative when it mattered most. As a result, some states followed their point of view and their views have shown to be correct during the worst policy year of our lifetimes.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      states rights may be enough to allow the “red” states to hold back the vax passport fascsism.

      if they can hold out longer, perhaps the knowledge of the epic failure of the vaccines will spread enough to where the unvaxed will no longer be blamed.

      • Lastcall says:

        Its going to a close run thing IMHO.

        ‘The media has induced an environment where it’s very difficult for even scientists just to do their work and say things that go against the conventional narrative for fear of facing attacks both induced again by the media on scientists themselves. I think science only works when you have an environment where people can feel free to speak openly about what they’re actually believing and thinking. And the panic has made the work of scientists considerably harder.’

        There’s a study in the economics literature that quantified how much negative media was being produced about the pandemic. And in the English speaking media, outside the US, 53% of studies were negative about the pandemic. Inside the US, 90% of studies were negative about the pandemic. This is a very important thing to recognize. The media is reckless when they incite fear like that. There’s a responsibility of the media that really has been, I think, abandoned in this.

        An enormous departure in ways that that Professor Kulldorff has outlined. I mean, I think inducing panic is not good public health practice. Failing to protect the vulnerable is not good public health practice. Lying to the public about what you actually believe about the efficacy of certain interventions. I think in the early days that was the case with a lot of public health officials around masks and so on. Trying to manipulate public emotion, creating division and moralization of behavior. Saying, if you wear a mask, you’re a good person. If you don’t wear a mask, you’re not a good person. I think that’s public health practice. Stigmatizing disease to the point where people are afraid to admit that they’ve had COVID at all is incredibly bad public health practice. I think almost every single rule that I understood to be good public health practice has been violated during this epidemic.

      • Xabier says:

        It’s certainly much harder for us here, in the highly centralised, and very conformist, states of the Old Continent.

        The arrogance of politicians and pseudo-scientists dictating to whole countries is insufferable, and very dangerous.

        We need a significant % of the US to hold out against this medicalised tyranny in order to provide us with data contrary to the official globalist narrative.

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    The Bat Lady is … as I have long suspected… a psyop…

    If not then she would have stated that it’s the leaky vaccines that cause the mutations:

    Fauci warns more severe COVID-19 variant could emerge as cases rise: US ‘could really be in trouble’

    • Rodster says:

      If Fauci is putting out another warning, that must mean vaccine sales are down.

      • Or perhaps he sees a new way to stimulate sales.

        • Xabier says:

          Stimulate sales, cover up the expected vaxx-deaths, and also deaths from immune systems having been so damaged by long-term isolation and mask-wearing.

          And also provide justification for further persecution of the unvaxxed, dissident doctors and journalists, and still further repressive measures and lock-downs.

          Compulsory wearing of monitors to detect infection is also a likely objective of theirs, and a more severe illness would be needed to justify that.

          Win win win!

        • Student says:

          Yes, I think so. They are about to launch something new, because they are developing a new fear.
          Let’s don’t forget that during the last G7 they prepared a new plan:

          G7 countries and guests will be joined by Sir Patrick Vallance and Melinda French Gates who will present their ‘100 day mission’ to speed up the time it takes to develop vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

          (instead of the 300 days occured for developing Covid-19 vaccines)

  32. Fast Eddy says:

    I have a very fine book to recommend as we approach extinction (my good friend with the vaccine heart damage mentioned it when we last spoke)…. it is a superb history but as importantly … it delves into what morality/human nature looks like … in the absence of any hypocritical (and for the most part failed) religious attempts to moderate it..

    This is Mr DNA without the lipstick and oil …. this is Lord of the Flies without intervention…. (and I am only just finished Ch 4)

    • Bei Dawei says:

      Oh, I’ve read this. Good book.

      tl;dr: The Comanche were brutal in the 19th century

  33. DB says:

    I’m not sure if others have posted these before, so just in case, here they are:

    The FDA anticipated nearly all of the serious side effects (including death and vaccine enhanced disease) from the vaccines in an October 2020 advisory council meeting:

    In my search of the literature, I couldn’t find any reports of such effects for coronavirus vaccines in animals prior to 2020. How was the FDA so accurate in their predictions they withheld from the public? Was there secret testing, perhaps on prisoners in China?

    87% of recent deaths with/from COVID in Scotland in vaccinated persons:

    • DB says:

      Actually, the individuals showing (accidentally) the slides on anticipated adverse effects were CDC employees who were presenting at the FDA meeting. So at least CDC is the guilty party here.

      Congratulations and thank you to Luis T, or whoever is responsible, for very sharp eyes and sharing this critical observation with the world!

    • Lastcall says:

      Nice unpicking of statistics in the Daily Expose’ article.
      The deliberate misrepresentation of the situation by those qualified to know better is eye-opening.
      It really is dog eat dog in this convid campaign.
      People prefer a soothing lie to an uncomfortable truth…is a saying that resonates today.

      ‘This means that people who’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19 account for 87% of the deaths in the third wave of deaths in Scotland that have just begun. The fully vaccinated account for 74% of the deaths that have only just begun to occur again, those who’d had a single dose account for 13% of the deaths, and the unvaccinated account for just 13% of the deaths.

      This is despite the fact the fully vaccinated account for just 23% of the cases seen in the previous four weeks.

      By unpicking the data that Public Health Scotland have cleverly attempted to hide we have proven that you are more likely to be hospitalised and more likely to die if you are infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated.

      Antibody-dependent enhancement occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognise and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.

      We were warned this is what the Covid-19 vaccines would cause based on the evidence produced in previous decades, the data we’ve just uncovered shows that the public should have heeded those warnings’.

  34. Diana says:

    Gail, I have read and greatly enjoyed your blog for many years and always agreed with you. However, I was deeply concerned to read your article on the vaccines today – it is utterly terrifying that the whole world is vaccinating, indeed being compelled and coerced to vaccinate when in fact, if what you say is true, this may accelerate variants as well as cause far more sickness with the ADE effect. Those graphs from Israel are also truly disturbing.

    However, I did a little checking (after I was banned from a website when I posted your link) and became quite concerned that Steve Bannon (a republican with an agenda) was interviewing Dr Malone; that Dr Malone himself had the Moderna vaccine, but says the mRNA spike protein is dangerous; that he is not in fact the ‘inventor’ of mRNA vaccines but did ground work on it 30 years ago… Also that David Martin has been fact-checked and discredited, or at least widely disparaged.

    I have never questioned the veracity of anything you’ve written and am with you all the way, but before doing my little checks today, was seriously considering not having the second dose of the AZ vaccine (in Australia) due to your article – I’m asthmatic and 69 yrs old and may get quite sick with the virus if I catch it – so this is a serious, even life threatening decision, not to be made lightly.

    I did want to say that it is a very serious matter to portray medical ‘facts’ in a pandemic, which if proven incorrect, may have devastating health effects on people who accept and act on them. I do personally feel that I must do more rigorous research and hope others do also, before deciding not to vaccinate.

    BTW Sydney/NSW has a right wing government that for political reasons has declared itself to be the ‘Gold Standard’ in Covid management and has consistently disparaged the other (left wing) states for their ‘draconian’ lockdowns – which have successfully eradicated the virus, (even the Delta, twice in Victoria). NSW has been supported by the right wing Federal government for political reasons, however NSW has now lost control of the Delta variant in Sydney as it refused to lock down the way the other states do, and it looks very like Delta will now spread around the country.

    What I’m trying to say is that I’m deeply distrustful of political agendas in a pandemic (Steve Bannon comes to mind). As with the environment, politics should have no part to play in a pandemic or in health matters.

    Please don’t feel you need to publish this I just wished to voice my concern privately to you. We have been so lucky here for over a year and have felt for all that the US and the world has gone through, but are now all (well, most of us,) very concerned for our loved ones and ourselves as this virus spreads around the country. I do vehemently hope that the vaccines will at most just prove to be ineffective.

    • The world works in a very strange way now. It is hard to believe that what I am saying is true.

      There is a huge amount of intentionally misleading material now out on the internet. People who feel like they keep up with what Main Street Media is saying cannot believe that what I am saying is true. They tend to feel betrayed, or they think that I must be wrong.

      It is a strange world we live in today. There are not enough resources to go around. There is, in effect, a fight for power among different areas. The pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe that it can save the situation, but all it can do is make the longer-term situation worse.

      • Hideaway says:

        NSW in Australia new numbers this morning. There are 55 people in ICU in hospitals, 51 have not had any vaccination, 4 have had only 1 dose of AZ.

        In NSW there are just under 20% of people fully vaccinated and nearly 40% with one dose.

        Those suffering in ICU are heavily the unvaccinated.

        Vaccination is the short term problem solver for politicians, long term nobody knows.

        This is just another step down the Seneca cliff, and could be a big one over the next couple of years. Covid and the reactions to it, is just another symptom of declining marginal returns on everything.

        Politicians are getting advice from all over the place, they really don’t have a clue about the real problem of overall coll.apse because of the marginal returns declining we have been having for decades.

        In the next few years are when shortages of all types of things start to bite in much more significant ways, because of specialization and globalization making important parts of complex machinery harder and harder to obtain.

        It is the combination of everything we have known for decades, the increasing complexity combined with lowered marginal returns on everything biting civilization when totally unprepared.

        • Tim Groves says:

          There are 8.2 million people living in New South Wales.

          And there are 8.2 million of them are NOT in the ICU because of a bad cold.

          40% of these 8.2 million NSW residents have not had a single dose of any Covid-19 vaccine, you say.

          That’s about 3.280,000 people. And about 3,279,949 of them are NOT in the ICU because of a bad cold.

          Let’s keep things in perspective here.

          The media are currently reporting the death of a 34-year-old woman in NSW from clotting linked to the Astra Zeneca vaccine. This is the sixth death in the state linked to that product. The media are meticulous in calling to our attention that the clotting problem is “rare”.

          I would like to point out that 51 unjabbed people in NSW in an ICU because of a bad cold is rare too, and that instances of clotting following these jabs are not as rare as all that. Dr. Charles Hoffe has found 62% percent of 900 of his own patients who received COVID mRNA jab tested positive for blood clots. He has been prevented from working because he has gone public with these findings.

          62%. That doesn’t sound particularly rare.

          What kind of perspective should we be trying to maintain here? One that draws the relevant objects in their correct proportions relative to each other, or one that magnifies some objects and diminish the size of others?

          • Mike Roberts says:

            COVID-19 isn’t “a bad cold”.

            I tried to check on the details of the Charles Hoffe claim. However, all the links I could find were of the same interview, or just a report on that interview. From the quotes, it seems Dr. Charles Hoffe only tested mRNA vaccinated patients. The “900” figure seems to be the number of doses he administered but it’s not clear whether this means 450 people or 900 people and it is also not clear how many of those he tested (presumably only those who subsequently came in for a consultation with him) and whether he also tested non-vaccinated patients (it doesn’t seem like it). So the full story on that is unknown. It could be that there were only a few dozen patients and, of those, he only tested the ones that had been vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine but all of his patients may have had some underlying medical condition. The numbers are speculation on my part but the information in the stories certainly seems to suggest the alarm may not be justified, at least until the full details are revealed. If anyone has those details, please post.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Right, when I had this bugger I felt it was teetering on its “victory” and my oblivion and then it subsided.

              It was a rough ride concentrating on breathing. I was considering the ICU if it got any worse. My physical condition isn’t that of a slouch although I’m a lazy SOB.

              Avoid this sucker.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              If one is old and half dead… or suffering from severe chronic ailments… covid can be a death sentence… but then the flu or a bad cold can be a death sentence.

              If you are healthy covid is .. the flu… or a cold.. I know around a dozen people who have had covid … for one is was a sore throat for a week — the others reported headaches and cold/mild flu symptoms… all are healthy.

              However one of them — who is in the UK – has had covid 3x… the first time it was like a cold — the second time it was like a bad cold (very severe hacking cough)…. this time he is hung up in bed feeling horrible (call it a bad flu?)

              Covid is a cold/flu for most people — until the vaccines cause the virus to strengthen … which is happening NOW… which appears to making it more dangerous….

              The vaccines — with the support of boosters — will continue to strengthen the virus — until it evolves into a seriously deadly disease….

              And then the CovIDIOTS’ fear will be justified….

              I reckon what happens then is we get enormous numbers of dead and dying … (billions)… and those who are able to isolate and avoid infection … will cower in their homes fearful of the disease… the supply chains stop… the grocery stores go empty … and they starve.

              They’ll be too afraid to venture out to hunt the children … because they fear getting the disease from the children.

              Starvation is better than face ripping …

              The remote tribes are taken care of by the spent fuel ponds.

              I remain hopeful that the Great Dying will be broadcast… because the PR Team needs to ratchet up the Fear to ensure that the Cattle that don’t get infect … remain in their pens…. and don’t get it into their heads to go out an Rip Off Faces….

              All in all a very satisfactory outcome. It’s not often that a metastasized, late stage cancer is entirely defeated… and the body returns to full health.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Passing after some 80+ years of rapacious primate shenanigans seems par de course for Homo sapiens sapiens.

              But to purposefully get a pandemic rolling in the nursing homes and broadcasting various cozy hugging and rubbing parties from airports and streets seem a bit…

              Typical for our MOARonic species, wouldn’t you agree?

              But don’t get me wrong, that’s how it was played. Because in the mind of a simpleton there exists solutions to intractable problems. Say, on top of my head, oil depletion and:

              BURNING NUCLEAR PONDS! Yay!

              Let’s watch in awe as this clunker of a civilization takes a nosedive down the Seneca! Meanwhile have a propellant backed device with your name written on its business end.



          • Tim Groves says:

            No, you’re right, Mark. For most people, Covid-19 isn’t “a bad cold”. It’s a non-event. The Diamond Princess showed clearly that 80% of people exposed to this virus don’t develop any symptoms. Elderly couples shared the same cabin for several weeks. One died, the other developed nothing more than the sniffles. This was all reported widely at the time.

            You want to learn what Charles Hoffe is claiming? Seriously? Well, why don’t you email him.

            Dr. Charles Hoffe email:

            Go ahead. He won’t bite.

            This is a link to an excerpt from the Laura Lynn interview on Rumble. You’ve probably seen this one but it is well worth watching again.


            This doctor is absolutely on the level. He isn’t selling anything. If you can’t tell that from the tone of his voice, the content of his speech, and his body language, you are either somewhere along the autism spectrum, you are not a native English speaker, you’re a replicant or a bot, or you’re lying.

            • Tim, it’s even less of an event than you say.

              It wasn’t 80% of DP passengers who were asymptomatic; 80% tested negative and—of the remaining 20% who tested positive—only about half of *those* had symptoms, so.. barely over 10% (half your estimate) were symptomatic

              Among 3,711 Diamond Princess passengers and crew, 712 (19.2%) had positive test results for SARS-CoV-2 (Figure 1). Of these, 331 (46.5%) were asymptomatic at the time of testing. Among 381 symptomatic patients, 37 (9.7%) required intensive care, and nine (1.3%) died (8).


          • Tim Groves says:

            Here is a second video of Dr. Hoffe. In this one, he addresses a group of doctors and explains to them the same thing he explained to Laura Lynn in the video above.

            I don’t know how you are expecting to “check the details of the claim”. You would have to go and physically interview all of his patients and ask them if it was true, and even then you might prefer to believe they were all engaged in a huge con-spira-cy. But anyway, here’s the second video:

            • Minority of One says:

              Seen before but excellent videos and worth watching again. 62% with blocked capillaries? Makes you wonder what a booster shot or several will do.

              Let us know how you get on with your email communications with Dr. Hoffe, Mike. You can post a summary here. Spread the knowledge.

            • Xabier says:

              An impressive man, Dr Hoffe.

              Observation, investigation – good God, can it be, true science in a world of lies?!

        • I am not arguing about this issue at all. I fully expect that the hospitalization rates will be higher among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated, until they start taking ivermectin, or perhaps some other inexpensive drugs.

          Ivermectin has been used since the late 1970s in animals. It is used widely in humans was well, especially in curing parasite diseases in the tropics. To cure COVID-19 it needs a relatively high dose, but there is considerable evidence that can very much relieve symptoms, if the dose is correct. Taken early in the course of disease, it often can stop the disease in its tracks, preventing hospitalization. At a minimum, it can lessen symptoms, making other approaches used with it work better.

          What I am saying is that the vaccines are the cause of the trend toward increasingly bad variants. Ultimately, the vaccines will fail, as the virus learns to work around the leaky vaccine.

          • Hideaway says:

            Gail, I have no doubt that vaccinations are going to cause ongoing problems, but politicians everywhere are clutching at the nearest straw to try and solve today’s problems.

            They truely are clueless over the long term implications of anything, which is why they all talk net zero emissions by 2050 without having the slightest idea of what that would involve immediately if taken seriously.

            They all think in terms of eternal growth despite numbers from Tom Murphy that clearly show we would have boiled the planet just from thermodynamics within 400 years by using all the output from the sun on one small planet, let alone the increasing scarcity of resources, despite higher energy use for there mining/processing.

            My point is that Covid is just another symptom, that seems to be taking everyone’s attention away from the really big issue of declining return on everything, which is exactly what Tainter showed brought down civilizations throughout the ages.

            • I agree. COVID is a symptom of declining returns everywhere. COVID enables countries to cut back consumption of practically everything.

            • Artleads says:

              Everybody is tied up together with globalism.

              An economic system tends to also be a belief system. Belief in it tends to make a system work. If the system isn’t working for individuals, then it’s individuals’ misfortune basically. Or it becomes a social injustice issue, generally having nothing to do with resources.

              Politicians spout what the public believe (which gets them voted in).

              The public believe that, 1) Whenever we really need to, we can flick a switch and turn on green (forever) energy. All energy problems solved. 2) Pandemics can be stopped through medical means like vaccinations. If that isn’t working its due to noncompliance of those who don’t believe in “science” and don’t believe in what the media and politicians are telling us. But if we do as told, everything will return to normal, and we’ll carry on as before.

              Politicians: It is hard to know what they think, since we can’t believe that THEY believe all is well as they say.

              So why do they go into politics?

              If the belief system is in centralization and BAU, how can that hold up to massive scarcity already seeping in under the doors like flood water?

          • “I fully expect that the hospitalization rates will be higher among the unvaccinated ”

            This may not end up being the case.

            “The report, titled “SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England, Technical briefing 16,” examined 60,624 Delta infections between February 1 and June 14, of which 35,521 cases were observed in unvaccinated individuals and 4,087 cases were seen in fully vaccinated individuals who got infected at least 14 days after their second dose.

            The death rate for fully vaccinated individuals was 0.636 percent, which was 6.6 times higher than the unvaccinated death rate of 0.0957 percent. 26 deaths were reported among the fully vaccinated individuals, compared to 34 deaths in the unvaccinated. The death rates among fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals were both below one percent.

            Fully vaccinated individuals were also found to be more prone to hospitalization than their unvaccinated counterparts. Out of the 4,087 fully vaccinated people, 2.05 percent (84 people) ended up in a hospital. Among the 35,521 unvaccinated people, only 1.48 percent (527 people) were hospitalized.”



            • Mike Roberts says:

              I don’t see those numbers in the report. Table 4 shows 92,029 cases with the Delta variant attended emergency care, between those dates. 53,822 were unvaccinated. 82,458 cases were under 50 years old (52,846 of these were unvaccinated). 9,571 cases were over 50 (976 were unvaccinated) the vast majority of this age group (over 80%) have been vaccinated (over 90% in those over 65). Deaths of those under 50 was 6, all unvaccinated. Deaths of those over 50 were 109 of which 50 were fully vaccinated, 17 had received 1 dose more than 21 days earlier, 1 had received 1 dose less than 21 days earlier, 3 had unknown vaccination status and 38 were unvaccinated. Remember that the vast majority of the over 50s were vaccinated and had the most at risk people.

            • What is important is the RATE of DEATH per capita among those “vaxxed” with the “not-vaxx” versus those not “not-vaxxed” with anything.

              There is no way of stating that “92.029 cases” had “the Delta variant ” BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AND DO NOT TEST INDIVIDUALS FOR ANY “VARIANT”.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The thing is…

          If they are faking the infection numbers:

          Testimony of a Spanish doctor about the use of PCR tests to create waves of “infected people”.

          “Another secret of the PCR: when on TV they said, we are entering the first wave, in the mail we received a warning: we are going to do PCR with 35 cycles. This means that the magnifying glass looking at the sample (the mirror) increases the view under the microscope by 35 times. When they said, we are out of the first wave, a message arrived: we do PCR at 20 cycles.

          When PM Mr. Sánchez already said that we were entering the second wave, they increased the cycles to 35, and so we continued with the waves and with the descents of the waves. Now it is 20 because people are already vaccinated, and (ironically) they already cure everything. Now it is 20 cycles because people are already vaccinated, and (ironically) they already cure everything.

          But if you say that there are people with serious neurological side effects every day, what do they do to you? They suspend you, because the population cannot know the truth. They have told me this: you shut up, you protect your job, your salary, and the population is told what to say.”

          Nothing they say… can be trusted.

          • Hideaway says:

            FE they have been faking growth numbers, CPI numbers and a whole lot more for decades, why does any of it surprise or upset you?

            It’s just more of the same decline of civilization, this one disrupting supply lines everywhere, many which are not close to fully manifesting themselves yet. Experts in covid seem like expert economists, you can get 10 of them in a room and get 12 different opinions.

            Covid is another step down, an unexpected symptom, that seems to have taken attention away from the real issues.

            • Xabier says:

              On the contrary, the ‘pandemic’ is not merely a symptom, it is a strategy…..

              You might take a look at the international planning around the ‘universal digital identity’ for instance.

              This crisis has been engineered to catapult us into that, among other things.

          • Sam says:

            Yes that is why people say they had Covid and didn’t feel anything; Covid is like the Flu

        • Xabier says:

          I suspect that you are making the error of imagining that the politicians are in the driving seat -, they really are not.

          You might direct your attention to the Foundations,Trusts, central banks, etc, who have arrived at their own analysis of collapse, and who are addressing it using the career politicians at the national level as their intermediaries.

          Their efforts will probably be in vain, but they are clearly trying to do something.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Oh … so you are leaning towards CovIDIOCY….

      Have you been Injected?

      Will you take the Booster?

      • Hideaway says:

        It’s a shame you don’t understand how Covid is just another step down from civilization, albeit at an increasing pace. There is no plan, there never was, it’s chaos in the self organizing system.

        We have been having declining net energy for decades, declining ore grades (which means more energy for the same output), declining marginal return on every investment since the 70’s when the future problems were first widely acknowledged in Limits to Growth.

        There is no-one to blame or point the finger at except for one-self in the mirror. Every one of us using the internet is contributing to the faster approach of the next step down by simply using energy.

        Covid is a symptom, nothing more and nothing less, the real problems hit over the next few years, as supply lines continue to break down.

        Watch as central banks and governments start to reign in spending over the next couple of years to ‘pay’ for Covid and lockdowns, which precipitates the next recession/depression or step down

        • Xabier says:

          The precipitate collapse of this civilisation is, of course, inevitable – but this obviously engineered ‘pandemic’ is not merely a manifestation of the chaos attending a collapse.

          It’s worth studying on a wider basis in order to grasp just how much planning and manipulation of events is being done by those who own the current system, what their objectives are, and the nature of the new system they intend to transition to.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Oh goody. This gives those on the right and those on the left an equal reason to dismiss him as a crank. This guilt by association game is such fun.

  35. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Hundreds of fully vaccinated people in England have been hospitalised with the highly contagious Delta coronavirus variant, scientists said on Friday.

    “In its latest COVID-19 update, Public Health England (PHE) also warned there were early signs that people who have been inoculated may be able to transmit the Delta strain as easily as those who have not received any jabs.”

    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Three days before the Olympics began, on July 20, Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) reported to an international organization that the highly infectious Lambda variant had been detected in an airport test in Japan for the first time, but did not announce it widely to the public.”

    • So, the CDC is not alone in what it is saying.

    • ssincoski says:

      I thought I was going crazy when I read that article. Especially this part:
      “As more of the population gets vaccinated, we will see a higher relative percentage of vaccinated people in hospital,” PHE said.
      Jenny Harries, chief executive of the UK Health Security Agency, said the hospitalisation figures showed “once again how important it is that we all come forward to receive both doses of the vaccine as soon as we are able to do so”.
      “Vaccination is the best tool we have in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from the serious disease risk COVID-19 can pose,” Harries said in a statement.

      My comment: Really? Is that how it works? If the ‘vaccine’ was so effective shouldn’t we expect 90% in hospital to be unvaccinated and less vaccinated?

      • Joe Clarkson says:

        You may be misunderstanding the math behind Harries’ statement. Even though the per-person risk of vaccinated people needing hospitalization is far smaller than the unvaccinated, as vaccination rates rise, the number of vaccinated people needing hospitalization will rise, eventually “crossing over” the trendline for the unvaccinated and becoming the majority. If everyone is vaccinated, 100% of the people needing hospitalization will be vaccinated, but that doesn’t mean that the vaccine doesn’t work.

        If equal numbers of people in a given population are vaccinated and unvaccinated (50% and 50% each), then the number of unvaccinated in the hospital should be far higher than vaccinated. The ratio between the two groups indicates the level of protection from the vaccine (assuming all other non-pharmaceutical behaviors are similar).

        Right now in the US, even though the majority are fully vaccinated, over 95% of the people in the hospital due to Covid are unvaccinated. This shows the effectiveness of vaccination in preventing severe illness, which is presently over 90% according to the CDC. This also means that once the percentage of the population vaccinated reaches about 90%, the number of vaccinated and unvaccinated people needing hospitalization should be roughly equal.

        • ssincoski says:

          Yes, I get the math. In my ignorant opinion though, an effective vaccine would prevent infection and keep people out of the hospital.

      • Xabier says:

        Harries is reasoning, though, from a false premise: that Covid is a very serious threat to the majority of the population.

        She will support child vaccination and that of the healthy young.

        She will continue to ignore the huge toll of death and injury in the UK from the vaccines.

        Just like the head of the MHRA: where on earth do these malignant, mendacious bitches spawn from?

        • Xabier, clearly they are demons from Hell!

          I am seeing people newly taking up religion mainly because they cannot otherwise comprehend the depth of Evil currently on display.

          • Xabier says:

            I like to see myself, Lidia, as one of Archangel Michael’s army of angels, here on earth to smite the legions of demons infesting it.

            One of my weapons is going about town being as cheerful and normal as possible.

            Unfortunately I can’t wear my celestial armour in this everyday guise, which is a bore as its magnificent.

            Seriously, though, religion will help sustain people in this horrific time, and put this unspeakable evil psychopathy in some kind of context.

            Christians in particular are ideologically comfortable with the idea of living in ‘the end times’ and being victims of persecution if unvaxxed.

            James Delingpole was talking about this on his blog recently: it has reinforced his faith and deepened his sense of humanity. He actually expects to be killed for resisting.

            • Maybe or maybe not. I understand that the group that are referred to as Evangelical Christians are to a significant extent not vaccinated. My hairdresser is an Evangelical Christian. She has had COVID. She is smart enough to have done some reading as well. She says, “I have my own antibodies, why do I need the vaccine.”

            • Fast Eddy says:

              When I told the Covid Healthline a similar story they said — the vaccine gives you just that little bit more protection – and that can save your life.

            • Artleads says:

              “He actually expects to be killed for resisting.”

              I’d love to, but I’m not seeing a way out of that. Instead I’m viewing my community as the living face of hell.

              The people who are setting up to kill “resisters” are not government forces or organized ghouls; they are out neighbors. “Reisters” glom on to other definitions beside antivaxxers. They are people who think critically and resist groupthink.

              The antipathy of murderous zombies toward us is more extreme than I once imagined. They keep advocating for taking the vaccine, of course, but freedom of thought is increasingly forbidden. That applies to any significant community issue. There’s an appeal to exclude me from a community FB page because I question zombie unconcern/oblivion regarding land use.

              It could also have been another subject. The vaccines are simply the most dangerous, binding and irreversible manifestation of division. The vaxxed have to defend, to make themselves believe in, their position. They’ve gone too far to turn back. They make up the vast majority of the population.

              It might have been a little wiser to have stayed incognito. instead of trying to change the world starting where I live. But it might not have made a difference. I stand out. I was sort of a target anyway. And no way, was I ever going to join THEM.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      norm? norm???? what’s going on here?

      Do you think the Boosters will fix this?

      Or do you think the Boosters will encourage the virus to continue to strengthen?

      What do you think norm?

      And do you feel Shame?

      Would you ever admit to being wrong norm?

      • repetition

        I have a personal bet on which will run out first—chalk or wall

        incidentally—14000 scientists have now submitted papers on the facts of global warming—much of the world seems to be on fire

        denial is a bad habit

        • Talking about global warming all of the time makes it sound like there is something that we can do about it. The portion of the energy supply with adequate payback is quickly running out. The fall in energy consumption will necessarily occur. Talking about climate change endlessly will make it sound like a good idea, even though with inadequate energy supply, our civilization will come to an end. The few people left can move to whatever part of the world is most habitable.

        • Artleads says:

          Vaccinations are the clincher in the finalization of civilization. The vaxxers, basically, are set up to kill the anti-vaxxers. There are too many complex elements involved for this to change. And the suddenness and irreversibility with which this all came about does not entirely seem like coincidence.

          • Artleads says:

            I’ve read it here often. Some insanely (and insane) powerful people thought they could bring down civilization and still make it out of here alive. They can’t. So they are powerful and said to be smart. But they couldn’t be smart and bring all this down on us. They meddled arrogantly in a self organizing system, and that isn’t working well.

          • nope

            collective stupidity and greed are the final clinchers on the termination of humankind.

            the virus (this and previous versions) arose from our intrusion into animal territory where we had no business to be. 100 years ago, no vaccinations existed. (or social media for that matter)

            it is fundamentally a defence mechanism against us

            vaccination is a clumsy inept way of trying to deal with the forces of nature which we have stirred up

        • Fast Eddy says:

          norm lives!!! Have you had the Booster yet?

          500,000 doctors say you should take the Booster norm… Take The Booster!!! How could they possibly be lying/wrong?

          now we just need 95% dunc to make an appearance

  36. John Ronning says:

    This is a great article that brings a wealth of info together. From all that I have read, all of the seemingly non-sensical things being done during this pandemic serve a twofold purpose: (1) enrich the drug companies, which in turn spread their wealth around to media (which is why even FOX is pushing vaccination), politicians, etc. (2) the consolidation of big government and multi-national corp power, at the expense of small business and liberty. Why such a big deal about masks? It’s a token thing, a cheap way of pretending you’re a good person. The Greek word from which we get our word “hypocrite” means “actor,” i.e. “pretender” – from the idea that actors wore masks. Vey appropriate.

    • Thanks! I remember that very early on in the epidemic, airports were taking temperatures of all people arriving. Those in charge of this effort said that it was being done as much to assure the public that something was being done as to actually find a very large share of those carrying the virus. It was an easy thing to do.

      • Yes, like taking off shoes at the airport, it is an important part of the “security theater”. But I think the masking is even more psychoactive in a detrimental way.

    • Good point. We are seeing so many strange things coming out of this epidemic.

      By the way, I received two nice endorsements this morning from other actuaries regarding this article. One came via personal e-mail. Another came via a comment on LinkedIn (which has not taken my article down).

    • Artleads says:

      I know that masks are theater. I doubt that they are good for the lungs. But wearing them in the confused voluntary way we do now–barely keeping the lid on, as it were–is perhaps the best thing we can do in a society so toxically moribund. We don’t know from our a..s what to do to survive. We certainly can’t do it through top down, centralized, globally open civilization. But we have no other. We could take off the masks, breathe better, stop acting. But that would be like being in a sinking boat with no communication….,in the middle of the ocean. The boat is going down. No lifeboats. You’re a goner. But you jump overboard to get one last swim in the natural element. Most of us would rather be deluded and pray for a miracle instead (even if we don’t know that what we’re doing with the masks).

  37. Ed says:

    Scattered reports say Commander Eddy’s southern militia has entered the city of Wellington and is burning the city. They carry strange banners saying “more coal”, “burn baby burn”, “freedom”.

  38. JMS says:

    Now for a real bomb. If Harold Hillman’s questions and rebuttals are true, we must conclude that most of modern cell biology and neurobiology rests on unfounded conjecture and assumptions. IOW, fictions and intellectual frauds. So much for their “science”.

    • Rae West says:

      Hi! I found this link tracing information from my logs. Interesting to see quite a wide range of hits from around the world; well, abou 70, from Austria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany … I’d never heard of Gail Tverberg, who perhaps disappointingly turns out to be in Los Angeles, not some Scandinavian country. This site is #90,000 in the world, if alexa is to be believed.

      I’ve dabbled in actuarial work, though without ever completing their vast number of exams. I have to say she’s in my view a bit naive about ‘vaccines’ and the rest of it. And also naive about the influence of so-called Jews and their associates on the world, both in the money sense and in influence on science through their control of media.

      I put up an article on ‘COVID’ presenting it as a plian fraud, and wondering why it’s promoted world-wide, something I still don’t know. Here — but my site has plenty more material.


      • Rae West says:

        I’ve just realised I didn’t mention that I knew Harold Hillman well, and I was more or less single-handed in defence of him; hence the material on, which is my site. Apologies for not mentioning it.
        There’s a long interview with him on my site; I went through his life story, education, and experiences trying to reason with the money-makers. He was a great man. NB when I interviewed him, I had no idea either about nuclear frauds, or the ‘Holohoax’.
        And I apologise for mis-typing ‘plian’ for ‘plain’.

        • JMS says:

          Hi, Rae. I agree that it is a fraud and a conspiracy, but not perpetrated solely or mainly by J-ws. Owners have no religion (although they use it to their advantage, of course) just as money has no color. And although the J-ws have a finger on the wheel (through finance and the media above all) the biggest shareholders of our earth ship are Masons disguised as Christians, or simply atheists. I believe psycho/sociopaths have only one religion: personal power & control over others.

          Why is this scam or psy-op being promoted world wide? That’s the big question. My bet is that the owners intend to demolish in a controlled, regulated way, our deeply unbalanced system (in physical and ecological terms) that in the Fall of 2019 was on the verge of a financial collapse whose political and social consequences could be too uncertain (as in devastating) for the taste our masters.This current demolition of “old normal” includes the elimination of the middle class and of most non-productive sectors of the economy (tourism, etc.), the revocation of any pretense of democracy (tecno-feudalism is their aim and dream), and a substantial cull of a species in big overshoot on a finite planet.

          I didn’t know your site. I believe you understand very well certain obscure things about political theater, media, etc, but i think the world is not a stage (the stage thing is set for the masses) and what governs this world is definitely not politics, but physics, especially the damning second law of thermodynamics.

          Thanks for promoting and defend Dr. Harold Hillman. He clearly seems to have a good case. I’m less than a layman in microbiology, but his questions are surely consistent with the deep mistrust I have about germ theory, allopathic medicine and that hotbed of major corruption called Bigpharma.So the only thing i can say is that my old and mostly reliable bulllshit detector approves Dr. Hillman.

          • Xabier says:

            I once met a nice old Jew named Harold who was lucky enough to escape Hitler’s Berlin. I never knew what happened to most of his family.

            He told me that the worst behaviour he ever saw after that was in two places: the Synagogue, and the Masonic Lodge!

            Psychos are psychos whatever the disguise, religious or otherwise.

            They are also very pragmatic, ruthless, and love grandiose schemes – hence the Great Re-set.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              After reading this … … I had a better understanding of what Free Masonry is…

              See 5.

              The Protocols Of Zion
              Published 1903

              A one page summary

              * Place our agents and helpers everywhere
              * Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
              * Start fights between different races, classes and religions
              * Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way
              * Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
              * Appeal to successful people’s egos
              * Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
              * Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
              * Sacrifice people (including J–ews sometimes) when necessary
              * Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
              * Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
              * Rewrite history to our benefit
              * Create entertaining distractions
              * Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
              * Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
              * Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
              * Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.
              * Introduce a progressive tax on wealth
              * Replace sound investment with speculation
              * Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
              * Give bad advice to governments and everyone else

    • JMS, that is a superb document. I learned about most of those objects but it was all Received Wisdom.10-20% of those structures I never even heard of, and I’m not surprised to read that a good number of the rest are questionable/spurious.

      A few years ago, I came across a microbiologist called Elaine Ingham, and one of her points was similar to the things written by Hillman. She argued that soil tests were somewhat useless, since the techniques used to measure the content of various soil components was so invasive (burning, using harsh solvents) that it did not give a true picture of what was really available to plants in a living setting.

      If I could live life over again, that’s the sort of research that would be worth doing, I think. I just didn’t know any better at the time what I was getting into. The fact it was called a school of Technology (rather than of Science) might have given me a clue…

      • JMS says:

        Glad to know you agree with my hunch (since i’m a zero in microbiology and such) that Hillman is a bona fide A bomb for much of “bio lab science”.
        S. Lanka defends much the same thing:

        “All claims about viruses as pathogens are wrong and are based on easily recognizable, understandable and verifiable misinterpretations … All scientists who think they are working with viruses in laboratories are actually working with typical particles of specific dying tissues or cells which were prepared in a special way. They believe that those tissues and cells are dying because they were infected by a virus. In reality, the infected cells and tissues were dying because they were starved and poisoned as a consequence of the experiments in the lab.” ” … the death of the tissue and cells takes place in the exact same manner when no “infected” genetic material is added at all”…. According to … scientific logic and the rules of scientific conduct, control experiments should have been carried out. In order to confirm the newly discovered method of so-called “virus propagation” … scientists would have had to perform additional experiments, called negative control experiments, in which they would add sterile substances … to the cell culture.”….“These control experiment have never been carried out by the official “science” to this day. During the measles virus trial, I commissioned an independent laboratory to perform this control experiment and the result was that the tissues and cells die due to the laboratory conditions in the exact same way as when they come into contact with alleged “infected” material.”

  39. Ed says:

    Let’s not feed the troll.

  40. Some people say if Japan had not been allowed into the rank of greater powers and the Third World had remained primitive the First World would still have consumed all the resources.

    That is wrong.

    Entering Japan into t