The world’s self-organizing economy can be expected to act strangely, as energy supplies deplete

It is my view that when energy supply falls, it falls not because reserves “run out.” It falls because economies around the world cannot afford to purchase goods and services made with energy products and using energy products in their operation. It is really a price problem. Prices cannot be simultaneously high enough for oil producers (such as Russia and Saudi Arabia) to ramp up production and remain low enough for consumers around the world to buy the goods and services that they are accustomed to buying.

Figure 1. Chart showing average annual Brent-equivalent oil prices in 2021$ based on data from BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy, together with bars showing periods when prices seemed to be favorable to producers.

We are now in a period of price conflict. Oil and other energy prices have remained too low for producers since at least mid-2014. At the same time, depletion of fossil fuels has led to higher costs of extraction. Often, the tax needs of governments of oil exporting countries are higher as well, leading to even higher required prices for producers if they are to continue to produce oil and raise their production. Thus, producers truly require higher prices.

Governments of countries affected by this inflation in price are quite disturbed: Higher prices for energy products mean higher prices for all goods and services. This makes citizens very unhappy because wages do not rise to compensate for this inflation. Prices today are high enough to cause significant inflation (about $107 per barrel for Brent oil (Europe) and $97 for WTI (US)), but still not high enough to satisfy the high-price needs of energy producers.

It is my expectation that these and other issues will lead to a very strangely behaving world economy in the months and years ahead. The world economy we know today is, in fact, a self-organizing system operating under the laws of physics. With less energy, it will start “coming apart.” World trade will increasingly falter. Fossil fuel prices will be volatile, but not necessarily very high. In this post, I will try to explain some of the issues I see.

[1] The issue causing the price conflict can be described as reduced productivity of the economy. The ultimate outcome of reduced productivity of the economy is fewer total goods and services produced by the economy.

Figure 2 shows that, historically, there is an extremely high correlation between world energy consumption and the total quantity of goods and services produced by the world economy. In my analysis, I use Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) GDP because it is not distorted by the rise and fall of the US dollar relative to other currencies.

Figure 2. Correlation between world GDP measured in “Purchasing Power Parity” (PPP) 2017 International $ and world energy consumption, including both fossil fuels and renewables. GDP is as reported by the World Bank for 1990 through 2021 as of July 26, 2022; total energy consumption is as reported by BP in its 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

The reason such a high correlation exists is because it takes energy to perform each activity that contributes to GDP, such as lighting a room or transporting goods. Energy consumption which is cheap to produce and growing rapidly in quantity is ideal for increasing energy productivity, since it allows factories to be built cheaply and raw materials and finished goods to be transported at low cost.

Humans are part of the economy. Food is the energy product that humans require. Reducing food supply by 20% or 40% or 50% cannot be expected to work well. The economy suffers the same difficulty.

In recent years, depletion has been making the extraction of fossil fuel resources increasingly expensive. One issue is that the resources that were easiest to extract and closest to where they were needed were extracted first, leaving the highest cost resources for extraction later. Another issue is that with a growing population, the governments of oil exporting countries require higher tax revenue to support the overall needs of their countries.

Intermittent wind and solar are not substitutes for fossil fuels because they are not available when they are needed. If several months’ worth of storage could be added, the total cost would be so high that these energy sources would have no chance of being competitive. I recently wrote about some of the issues with renewables in Limits to Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer.

Rising population is a second problem leading to falling efficiency. In order to feed, clothe and house a rising population, a growing quantity of food must be produced from essentially the same amount of arable land. More water for the rising population is required for the rising population, often obtained by deeper wells or desalination. Clearly, the need to use increased materials and labor to work around problems caused by rising world population adds another layer of inefficiency.

If we also add the cost of attempting to work around pollution issues, this further adds another layer of inefficiency in the use of energy supplies.

More technology is not a solution, either, because adding any type of complexity requires energy to implement. For example, adding machines to replace current workers requires the use of energy products to make and operate the machines. Moving production to cheaper locations overseas (another form of complexity) requires energy for the transport of goods from where they are transported to where they are used.

Figure 2 shows that the world economy still requires more energy to produce increasing GDP, even with the gains achieved in technology and efficiency.

Because of energy limits, the world economy is trying to change from a “growth mode” to a “shrinkage mode.” This is something very much like the collapse of many ancient civilizations, including the fall of Rome in 165 to 197 CE. Historically, such collapses have unfolded over a period of years or decades.

[2] In the past, the growth rate of GDP has exceeded that of energy consumption. As the economy changes from growth to shrinkage, we should expect this situation to reverse: The rate of shrinkage of GDP will be greater than the rate of shrinkage of energy consumption.

Figure 3 shows that, historically, world economic growth has been slightly higher than the growth in energy consumption. This growth in energy consumption is based on total consumption of fossil fuels and renewables, as calculated by BP.

Figure 3. Annual growth in world PPP GDP compared to annual growth in consumption of energy supplies. World PPP GDP is data provided by the World Bank; world energy consumption is based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

In fact, based on the discussion in Section [1], this is precisely the situation we should expect: GDP growth should exceed energy consumption growth when the economy is growing. Unfortunately, Section [1] also suggests that we can expect this favorable relationship to disappear as energy supply begins to shrink because of growing inefficiencies in the system. In such a case, GDP is likely to shrink even more quickly than energy supply shrinks. One reason this happens is because complexity of many types cannot be maintained as energy supply shrinks. For example, international supply lines are likely to break if energy supplies fall too low.

[3] Interest rates play an important role in encouraging the development of energy resources. Generally falling interest rates are very beneficial; rising interest rates are quite detrimental. As the economy shifts toward shrinkage, the pattern we can expect is higher interest rates, rather than lower. As the limits of energy extraction are hit, these higher rates will tend to make the economy shrink even faster than it would otherwise shrink.

Part of what has allowed growing energy consumption in the period shown in Figures 2 and 3 is rising debt levels at generally lower interest rates. Falling interest rates together with debt availability make investment in factories and mines more affordable. They also help citizens seeking to buy a new car or home because the lower monthly payments make these items more affordable. Demand for energy products tends to rise, allowing the prices of commodities to rise higher than they would otherwise rise, thus making their production more profitable. This encourages more fossil fuel extraction and more development of renewables.

Once the economy starts to shrink, debt levels seem likely to shrink because of defaults and because of reluctance of lenders to lend, for fear of defaults. Interest rates will tend to rise, partly because of the higher inflation rates and partly because of the higher level of expected defaults. This debt pattern in turn will reinforce the tendency toward lower GDP growth compared to energy consumption growth. This is a major reason that raising interest rates now is likely to push the economy downward.

[4] With fewer goods and services produced by the economy, the world economy must eventually shrink. We should not be surprised if this shrinkage in some ways echoes the shrinkage that took place in the 2008-2009 recession and the 2020 shutdowns.

The GDP of the world economy is the goods and services produced by the world economy. If the economy starts to shrink, total world GDP will necessarily fall.

What happens in the future may echo what has happened in the past.

Figure 4. World energy consumption per capita, based on information published in BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

Central bank officials felt it was important to stop inflation in oil prices (and indirectly in food prices) back in the 2004 to 2006 period. This indirectly led to the 2008-2009 recession as parts of the world debt bubble started to collapse and many jobs were lost. We should not be surprised if a much worse version of this happens in the future.

The 2020 shutdowns were characterized in most news media as a response to Covid-19. Viewed on an overall system basis, however, they really were a response to many simultaneous problems:

  • Covid-19
  • A hidden shortage of fossil fuels that was not reflected as high enough prices for producers to ramp up production
  • Hidden financial problems that threatened a new version of the 2008 financial collapse
  • Factories in many parts of the world that were operating at far less than capacity
  • Workers demonstrating in the streets with respect to low wages and low pensions
  • Airlines with financial problems
  • Citizens frustrated by long commutes
  • Very many old, sick people in care homes of various types, passing around illnesses
  • An outsized medical system that still desired to increase profits
  • Politicians who wanted a way to better control their populations–perhaps rationing of output would work around an inadequate total supply of goods and services

Shutting down non-essential activities for a while would temporarily reduce demand for oil and other energy products, making it easier for the rest of the system to appear profitable. It would give an excuse to increase borrowing (and money printing) to hide the financial problems for a while longer. It would keep people at home, reducing the need for oil and other energy products, hiding the fossil fuel shortage for a while longer. It would force the medical system to reorganize, offering more telephone visits and laying off non-essential workers. Many individual citizens could reduce time lost to commuting, thanks to new work-from-home rules and internet connections. The homebuilding and home remodeling industries were stimulated, offering work to those who had been laid off.

The impacts of the shutdowns were greatest on poor people in poor countries, such as those in Central and South America. For example, many people in the vacation and travel industries were laid off in poor countries. People making fancy clothing for people going to conferences and weddings were laid off, as were people raising flowers for fancy events. These people had trouble finding new employment. They are at increased risk of dying, either from Covid-19 or inadequate nutrition, making them susceptible to other illnesses.

We should not be surprised if some near-term problems echo what has happened in the past. Debt defaults and falling home prices are very real possibilities, for example. Also, making a new crisis a huge focal point and scaring the population into staying at home has proven to be a huge success in temporarily reducing energy consumption without actual rationing. Some people believe that monkeypox or a climate change crisis will be the next area of focus in an attempt to reduce energy consumption, and thus lower oil prices.

[5] There is likely to be more conflict in a world with not enough goods and services to go around.

With a shrinking amount of finished goods and services, we should not be surprised if we see more conflict in the world. Many wars are resource wars. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with other countries indirectly involved, certainly could be considered a resource war. Russia wants higher prices for its exports of many kinds, including energy exports. I wrote about the conflict issue in a post I wrote in April 2022: The world has a major crude oil problem; expect conflict ahead.

World War I and World War II were almost certainly about energy resources. Peak coal in the UK seems to be closely related to World War I. Inadequate coal in Germany and lack of oil in Japan (and elsewhere) seem to be related to World War II.

[6] We seem to be facing a new set of problems in addition to the problems that gave rise to the Covid-19 shutdowns. These are likely to shape how any new crisis plays out.

Some recently added problems include the following:

  • Debt has risen to a high level, relative to 2008. This debt will be harder to repay with higher interest rates.
  • The US dollar is very high relative to other currencies. The high level of the US dollar causes problems for borrowers from outside the US in repaying their loans. It also makes energy prices very high outside the US.
  • Oil, coal and natural gas are all in short supply world-wide, leading to falling productivity of the overall system Item 1. If extraction is to continue, prices need to be much higher.
  • Difficulties with broken supply lines make it hard to ramp up production of manufactured goods of many kinds.
  • Inadequate labor supply is an increasing problem. Baby boomers are now retiring; not enough young people are available to take their place. Increased illness, associated with Covid-19 and its vaccines, is also an issue.

These issues point to a situation where rising interest rates seem likely to send the world economy downward because of debt defaults and failing businesses of many kinds.

The high dollar relative to other currencies leads to the potential for the system to break apart under stress. Alternatively, the US dollar may play a smaller role in international trade than in the past.

[7] Many parts of the economy are likely to find that the promised payments to be made to them cannot really take place.

We have been taught that money is a store of value. We have also been taught that government promises, such as pensions, unemployment insurance and health insurance can be counted on. If there are fewer goods and services available in total, the whole system must change to reflect the fact that there are no longer enough goods and services to go around. There may not even be enough food to go around.

As the world economy hits limits, we cannot assume that the money we have in the bank will really be able to purchase the goods we want in the future. The goods may not be available to purchase, or the government may put a restriction (such as $200 per week) on how much we can withdraw from our account each week, or inflation may make goods we currently buy unaffordable.

If we think about the situation, the world will be producing fewer goods and services each year, regardless of what promises that have been made in the past might say. For example, the number of bushels of wheat available worldwide will start falling, as will the number of new cars and the number of computers. Somehow, the goods and services people expected to be available will start disappearing. If the problem is inflation, the affordable quantity will start to fall.

We don’t know precisely what will happen, but these are some ideas, especially as higher interest rates become a problem:

  • Many businesses will fail. They will default on their debt; the value of their stock will go to zero. They will lay off their employees.
  • Employees and governments will also default on debts. Banks will have difficulty remaining solvent.
  • Pension plans will have nowhere nearly enough money to pay promised pensions. Either they will default or prices will rise so high that the pensions do not really purchase the goods that recipients hoped for.
  • The international system of trade is likely to start withering away. Eventually, most goods will be locally produced with whatever resources are available.
  • Many government agencies will become inadequately funded and fail. Intergovernmental agencies, such as the European Union and the United Nations, are especially vulnerable.
  • Governments are likely to reduce services provided because tax revenues are too low. Even if more money is printed, it cannot buy goods that are not there.
  • Citizens may become so unhappy with their governments that they overthrow them. Simpler, cheaper governmental systems, offering fewer services, may follow.

[8] It is likely that, in inflation-adjusted dollars, energy prices will not rise very high, for very long.

We are likely dealing with an economy that is basically falling apart. Factories will produce less because they cannot obtain financing. Purchasers of finished goods and services will have difficulty finding jobs that pay well and loans based on this employment. These effects will tend to keep commodity prices too low for producers. While there may be temporary spurts of higher prices, finished goods made with high-cost energy products will be too expensive for most citizens to afford. This will tend to push prices back down again.

[9] Conclusion.

We are dealing with a situation that economists, politicians and central banks are ill-equipped to handle. Raising interest rates may squeeze out a huge share of the economy. The economy was already “at the edge.” We can’t know for certain.

Virtually no one looks at the economy from a physics point of view. For one thing, the result is too distressing to explain to citizens. For another, it is fashionable for scientists of all types to produce papers and have them peer reviewed by others within their own ivory towers. Economists, politicians and central bankers don’t care about the physics of the situation. Even those basing their analysis on Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) tend to focus on only a narrow portion of what I explained in Section [1]. Once researchers have invested a huge amount of time and effort in one direction, they cannot consider the possibility that their approach may be seriously incomplete.

Unfortunately, the physics-based approach I am using indicates that the world’s economy is likely to change dramatically for the worse in the months and years ahead. Economies, in general, cannot last forever. Populations outgrow their resource bases; resources become too depleted. In physics terms, economies are dissipative structures, not unlike ecosystems, plants and animals. They can only exist for a limited time before they die or end their operation. They tend to be replaced by new, similar dissipative structures.

While the current world economy cannot last indefinitely, humans have continued to exist through many bottlenecks in the past, including ice ages. It is likely that some humans, perhaps in mutated form, will make it through the current bottleneck. These humans will likely create a new economy that is better adapted to the Earth as it changes.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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    Futures in New York for December delivery were up 4.5% to $1.1359 a pound and up more than 21% this month.

    “I don’t think you can put a top on prices right now,” Louis Barbera, the managing partner for VLM Commodities, told Bloomberg.

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    It has been almost one year since the FDA gave full approval to Pfizer’s mRNA COVID injection. Yet many will be surprised to find out that this particular vaccine, in FDA approved form, has never actually existed, and will never exist. The Biden Administration’s highly touted FDA approval was a mere sleight of hand. It was bureaucratic trickery. There remains no FDA approved COVID vaccine that is actually available in the United States, and there may never be one.

  3. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Signs of a liquidity shock are mounting

    Barclays are pulling unused overdrafts from current accounts now, before people need them.

    The last time they did this was 2008 when they had no liquidity. Now it’s to profiteer when customers go into unapproved overdrafts to pay bills.

    • Pulling unused overdrafts will especially affect people living at the upper edge of what their incomes allow. With inflation, this affects more people.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Great doom delivery today MM… Harry who?

      Fast will kick in some Telegram stuff to add to the despair

  4. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Electricity prices in Germany for 2023 at a new record…

    • I wonder how long this can continue.

    • MM says:

      The spot price in Germany is quite high but the moving average is not hot.
      A year ahead contract is interesting because electrical energy in Germany is mainly traded quite a long time ahead.
      That implies several things:
      1. If current energy was sold quite a while ago there is either price gauging or looming bankruptcies ahead. Look what Uniper did.
      2. If current prices one year ahead are that high, there will be no one in one year time that can pay that
      3. We do not know how the financial situation for “Over The Counter” electricity is doing. This is private business. OTC is most of the electricity in Germany. From what I remember it is usually 3 months in advance because network planning also needs to have a say in it.

      From the sport market it is not really feasible to extract any “signal”. But we have that from all markets.

      • Thanks for your insights. I would think that with the large amount of intermittent electricity, there also needs to be prices for quickly available electricity. These need to vary a whole lot by time of day in Germany. If the sun is out, solar can be used, but if the sun is not, there is a big problem. Wind speed makes a big difference as well.

        The information we have been looking at seems to be related to what the natural gas or coal for creating the electricity costs. This is related to what is actually charged for electricity at any particular time, but it is not the same thing.

  5. Michael Le Merchant says:

    US Empire State Manufacturing index in perspective. Was at these levels back in 2008:×900

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    Spread of monthly mortgage payments to rent.

    • The way I read this chart is that it is comparing average apartment rents with average condominium costs, including monthly mortgage payments and monthly assessments. Up until Feb. 22, renting was more expensive. More recently, buying a condominium has been more expensive.

  7. Michael Le Merchant says:

    The Euro zone is in big trouble. The German current account surplus is back to levels last seen in the early 2000s, when Germany was the “sick man” of Europe.

  8. Fast Eddy says:

    Another Fully Vaccinated Canadian Doctor Is Dead
    DiedSuddenly (July 2022)

    This brings the death toll to 15 dead Canadian doctors, all of them died suddenly

  9. All is Dust says:

    I posted this in response to a comment below about China. But I’ve put it here for comments (should people wish to!)

    The “model” I run with is that civilisations go through configuration states depending upon the energy available to them. If you change the battery, e.g. wood, coal, oil, gas then you change the operation.

    For example, think about how transport changes in relation to the battery used – sea transport; galleon, steam ship, freight ship – land transport; walking, horse, railroad, private car.

    Same with communication; messages relayed through horse courier, telegraph, telephone, internet, 4G.

    Same with financial system; commodity / token based, free market economics, Keynesian economics, central bank digital currencies.

    In short, change the battery and the operating system has to change too.

    Right now everyone (nation states and international organisations) is playing the game, some are playing it better.

    • MM says:

      You might want to look at the session of Patrick Wood with Mercola at technocracy news:

      Technology is basically about building an infrastructure to enable more profits or successful wars. It has been with roads and now is with 5G.
      Do you need 5G ? Do I need 5G? So why is it being built in the first place ?

      A private transportation problem is different from a merchnt/warrior type transportation problem. Also a speed problem is more related to reaping profits fast than travel with leisure and meet some friends on the road for a chatter with a horse cart or a camel if you like.
      Our entire civilization is by foremost built on fast profits and war.
      Everything else derives from that.

      • All is Dust says:

        Try doing any of those things without energy… let me know how you get on… 😉

        • MM says:

          Camels have been travelling salt and silk across the deserts for millennia.
          I can nowhere find any “energy produced” good produced today that matches in art and quality with them olden day goods.
          If there is no more energy to carry stuff to the landfill, it can only get better.

          • Dennis L. says:

            Divide between essentials and discretionaries; it may be clear. Electricity and pump for a working well will get you a better mate than classic well and bucket.

            One you have the electric well, it is on to discretionary items, it is always a woman.

            Dennis L.

    • Jan says:

      Gail yesterday wrote that islands have to pay higher costs for trade. That is right for nowadays but not for the past. Read Mackinder who saw an advantage for the sea people. Look to the antique world. Greece and Rome could prosper because they could transport their goods across the sea. The stones for the pyramides were transported on the Nile. To transport wheat by ox-cart means you double the value of the wheat ever 15 kms – on the convenient Roman roads!

      In the past islands had a military advantage. That means nothing in times of rockets and drones. But after that?

      The Osman empire nearly managed to run over Vienna twice and was just stopped by a Christian coalition. Graz, surrounded by mountains, was never conquered.

      Most modern cities are not planned with military safety, independence from electrically pumped water, self-sustained crops or with a river as a waterway in mind. Medieval cities are!

      In the moment the energy supply breaks down these cities will loose all. But that is useless to talk about because we will have other problems then.

      Just another heretical thought: If the sceptics are right and we are seeing mass murders, think of Deagel, then there might be not so many people anymore when the crash comes… Germany with 80 Mio and no energy is a desaster but with 25 Mio? Easy!

      • All is Dust says:

        Hi Jan,

        Good points, taking your last point first. UK energy consumed per capita has been in decline since 2005. If someone as stupid as me can spot that, then surely the oligarchy noticed too – and positioned themselves accordingly. Sometimes you see statements released by energy consultancy firms which say, “economic growth is decoupling from energy consumption”. Which we all know is BS. Granted, efficiency gains can be made, but to decouple? Nonsense

        On your points about transport, the regional benefits of rivers and short ocean spans make sense. And will probably return to something of that nature. I wonder if canal use will make a comeback too (here in the UK). I suspect road travel will become narrow lanes used by pedestrians and bicycles – with that being the upper limit of private transport for most.

        As for what happens to the cities – probably a topic in itself.

        I wonder what happens to communication. Censorship might kill off any type of sophisticated system before the energy “deleveraging” does. Maybe we go back to local radio?

        • Jon F says:

          I have wondered the same re: the canals….credit to Jim Kunstler….he has spoken many times about bringing waterways back into use as goods transport systems…..

          Birmingham’s canal system is still functioning….if fuel is unavailable, do we have the horses to haul the canal boats?

          • We use much bigger ships today.

            When my husband and I traveled by boat in Russia in 2012, from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the tour boat used a combination of rivers and old canals that had been used for transportation in the past. It was my understanding that the system is not used (or not used very much) for such transport today, because it only accommodates small boats.

            • All is Dust says:

              Hi Gail,

              Yep, I agree large ships are unsuitable for our existing canal network – so in essence you would have to downsize your cargo accordingly. Local regions would have to prioritise what went where and how.

      • Xabier says:

        Good points.

        Cambridge, where I live, would have been regionally important even without the University: as an inland port, surrounded by good farmland, sufficient woodland for fuel, and situated on important land routes in all directions, it was developed by the Romans, was fought over fiercely by the Saxon kingdoms, and seized with joy by the Vikings, and later saw important rail lines and motorways run through or near it, with the river used solely for leisure.

        It was never a very strong fortress though, being built on more or less flat ground.

        It still offers me free water and wood in an emergency, looping back 2,000 years. But how poisoned is the water now?

      • I think you are right. If the islands are near land, sea transport can be especially helpful, in a world powered by boats, with limited land transport. If the islands are “in the middle of nowhere,” like New Zealand and Hawaii, I am doubtful that it is helpful.

        • Xabier says:

          The island of Ireland was close enough, and sufficiently populated, to Continental Europe for Irish monks to evangelize and convert the pagans of what are now France, Germany Austria, etc, during the Dark Ages.

          Iceland, by way of contrast, has had no cultural influence on Europe, or indeed anywhere else, despite having been settled by Scandinavians and their slave women. They were out on a limb.

    • At some point, too much complexity leads to diminishing returns. For example, the costs of 5G everywhere likely exceed its benefits.

      We can add more complexity to getting out fossil fuels, but the benefit doesn’t rise proportionately.

    • JMS says:

      Unacceptable that they let those infected people escape. Should have burned down IKEA with all the covidiots inside. We can’t play around when it comes to national security.

      • Maybe you need a /sarc tag with your comment.

        • JMS says:

          In such an intelligent and learned company, wouldn’t that be underlining the obvious and thus implying that the readers might be dumb? No no no, God forbid I offend anyone here!

        • banned says:

          Voicing statements that are “approved” seems to be the only way to safely communicate nowadays. The thinly veiled threat of declaring perfectly moral ethical and reasonable ideas “unacceptable” is a clear communication. The emperor is fully clothed got it? The sarcasm is so self evident that if you have to specifically bring attention to it then there is really no point. Not everyone has your talent for kind understatement Gail and other statements that are “acceptable” may better match how they feel and be a more honest communication. Yes it muddys the waters. Theres not a lot of water left anyway mostly mud.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Definitely – seal the doors – shoot anyone who gets out … then burn it to the ground…

        That is much better than lockdowns — keep in mind when a herd of cattle or pigs gets infected with a disease they kill the lot.

        BTW – if it’s not a virus that spreads disease like African Swine Flu … then what is spreading it? As we know – once it gets into a herd it spreads rapidly.

  10. Fast Eddy says:

    Cheena … obviously this is about fear — prepping them for Global H…

    • According to the first link:

      “473,593 cases of medical treatment resulting from vaccination thus amounts to around one in every 23 people vaccinated, assuming all 11 million are vaccinated.”

      One in 23 is a 4.3% rate of injury, to the point of needing medical treatment.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        That sounds about right …. I know of 6 or so people with serious vax damage … and I doubt I know 200 people in NZ…. there will be others who are not disclosing less severe damage.

        1 in 23… and as more boosters roll out that ratio gets closer to actual Russian Roulette using a gun with 6 chambers….

        Hey norm … it’s a numbers game… there’s the vax injury ratio… but let’s not forget the VAIDS thing — Turbo Cancer… endless sickness from other opportunistic infections…

        Quite the nightmare for the Boosted MOREONS.

    • CTG says:

      I have a lot of concern for the data from the German insurers on C19 vaccine side effects. Whi is doing the classification? All along I had the idea that doctors “cannot see” the effects of the vaccines. I don’t practically all the doctors are classifying “side effects of vsccines” as some other medical issues like myocarditis as caused by exertion a d ot because of vaccines.

      So, who is doing the classification? I for sure, based on my friends who doctors will never do that.

      • CTG says:

        German insurance company….

        Sorry for all the errors as I used the phone with auto correct.

        Doctors “cannot see” the adverse events. They will put in as “stroke due to heat wave” or “heart problem due to heat wave”. It will not be listed as adverse events.

        Most people also “cannot see” the adverse events as well. That includes the people working in the insurance

        So, how can this data be compiled?

  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Friday 19th August 11.00am – 12.00pm

    All NZPFU Career Firefighters, Dispatchers, Trainers, Fire Investigators and others will walk off the job on an unprecedented full strike.

    Management have stated publicly that there are contingencies in place but refuse to provide any detail on this.

    Perhaps because privately they have stated they don’t believe the strike will go ahead.

    FENZ management are gambling everyone’s safety on a blinking contest.
    What this means for you…

    Career firefighters throughout New Zealand will not respond to ANY incident.
    FENZ 111 dispatchers will not answer phone calls.

    We will not be providing a response to house fires, high rise building fires, Commercial building fires, Motor Vehicle accidents, Entrapments, Medical Events, Hazardous Materials incidents, Animal rescues, or any of the multitude of jobs we are called upon to do daily throughout the country.

    Despite more than a year trying to get a new contract with a meaningful payrise, guaranteed access to psychological support services, guarantees of improvement in fleet and equipment, safe systems of work, recognition of workplace cancer and more, there is absolutely no movement from our employer. We are also seeking a return to realistic recruiting so that we aren’t working 60 to 100 hours a week due to staff shortages.

    This is about so much more than remuneration and the details can be found at

    This action is unprecedented in New Zealand history. It is not action we take lightly but highlights the level of frustration not only for not being able to provide for ourselves, but to be able to supply a quality emergency service to you, the public. One that you deserve.

    That you already pay for.

    People often ask what they can do to help.
    Now is your chance.

    Show Fire and Emergency NZ, Jan Tinetti MP and the government in general that you believe in, and deserve a world class first response service.
    Stand with us, at your nearest career fire station throughout the country.
    11.00am Friday. A sad day in New Zealand history.
    This is peaceful. This is respectful. But this is on!

    • What in the world! I hope there aren’t any major buildings burning down during this time.

      In the US, fire engines often come with ambulances to responses for health emergencies. I don’t know whether this is the case in New Zealand. If it is, it could be affected too.

  12. Fast Eddy says:

    “Pubs and restaurants warn of winter closures as energy bills soar 300%” – The Telegraph reports that pub, restaurant, and hotel chiefs have warned the Government that the industry could face mass closures this winter unless it receives urgent support

    • CTG says:

      Assuming we are on a downhill slope of the energy cliff, what kind of support do they (the eateries) expect from government. The fact that the government must lie to the public on the predicament of humanity (collapsing energy) instead of tackling it Headon shows that modern humanity is toast.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        They want a subsidy? .. well what about all the poor freezing in their hovels… everyone wants a subsidy… this is too big to subsidize… those days are long gone.

    • Yorchichan says:

      The drop in customers will be much more of a problem than the increase in energy bills. I expect that will be true for me too.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It will be true for everyone. It’s a Crack Boom situation for BAU.

        Let’s hope the powdered Fentanyl arrives before it Goes Boom.

    • Keeping people at home at a time of low energy supplies would be the sensible thing to do.

      • Artleads says:

        And that’s what the shutdowns are proposing? If so, just keeping people at home might not be enough to keep supply chains going or provide a healthy social atmosphere?

        • Move more families together into the same households. That will provide a healthy social atmosphere and save fuel as well.

          • Artleads says:

            I advocate online for a small, ethnically varied city. The majority population are Hispanic from Mexico, mostly undocumented and poor. THEIR culture allows them to live densely, and they have succeeded in getting the city to zone for 15 people in an apartment. But this clustering doesn’t work for black people, far more entwined with the American Dream as they are. When they can’t afford the city economic order they move to a cheaper location. Poor whites are similar. Living clustered together is a nice idea till you try it.

            I firmly believe that blacks and poor whites would prefer to live alone in an 80 sq ft cardboard A-Frame (assembling ready-made elements without carpentry) than live clustered together. I’m clumsily and slowly working on a model.

            • What people would like and what is possible don’t necessarily coincide. Past civilizations put lots of people together in a home or apartment. I am afraid that future homes will need to be very simple and very densely populated.

            • Artleads says:

              Both things can work together. In a homeless encampment, a lot of people are squeezed together in a small space, but they’re squeezed together in individual “tents.” I’m just trying to introduce the concept in a way that’s closer to “decent living” now than will be possible or likely later.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        All sources of food other than the delivery vans… must be ended … in the run up to Global Holodomor.

        And the final food delivery will involve popcorn and Fentanyl…. it will be labelled something generic like Calming Powder

        Like I said … you can snort it for fast acting relief from starvation

    • Interesting report. The author combines the mortality data for all of the Euromomo contributing countries. This includes most European economies. By themselves, data of individual countries would be too thin.

      It starts to look as if perhaps the vaccines are having an adverse impact on excess deaths for young people. The author doesn’t make this connection, however.

    • Media read from the same script.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Ministry of Truth Edict.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        And still … and STILL… the MOREONS will not believe there is a Ministry of Truth.

        No wonder they are so easily controlled.

        One can show them absolute evidence of the controlling mechanism – and they will reject it … they Trust the News.

        hahahahahaa f789 me.

  13. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    The 6 Earliest Human Civilizations
    Architecture, agriculture, art and more first blossomed in these cultures.
    BY LESLEY Kennedy

    While modern civilizations extend to every continent except Antarctica, most scholars place the earliest cradles of civilizations—in other words, where civilizations first emerged—in modern-day Iraq, Egypt, India, China, Peru and Mexico, beginning between approximately 4000 and 3000 B.C.

    These ancient complex societies, starting with Mesopotamia, formed cultural and technological advances, several of which are still present today. “A great many of the details of modern life, not just in the Middle East and the West, but across the world, have origins that go back for thousands of years to the ancient cultures in their respective regions,” says Amanda Podany, author and professor emeritus of history at California State Polytechnic University

    Mesopotamia is the earliest urban literate civilization on the globe—and the Sumerians, who established the civilization, established the ground rules,” says Kenneth Harl, author, consultant and professor emeritus of history at Tulane University. “Those who know how to research and write run the civilization and everyone [else] does the grunt work.”
    The cuneiform writing system, used to establish the Code of Hammurabi, is among the most famous Mesopotamian advancements. They also created the base 60 numeric system, which led to the 60-second minute, 60-minute hour and 360-degree circle. And it was Babylonian astronomy that first divided the year into 12 periods named after constellations—what the Greeks would later evolve into the zodiac.

    The ancient Egyptians also left a legacy of monumental writing and mathematics systems. The cubit, a measure of length roughly the span of a forearm, was key to designing the pyramids and other structures. They developed the 24-hour day and 356-day calendar during this time. And they established the hieroglyphic pictorial
    writing system, followed by the hieroglyphic system that used ink on papyrus paper

    Then there is China India Peru and Mexico
    Thank you for being the ones to spark BAU for us all

  14. Fast Eddy says:

    Ya but norm this is important

    Significantly raised mortality figures in Children aged 0 – 14 as cumulated figures from 26 countries across Europe

    UK ONS figures show a 8100% increase in deaths of 10-14 year olds jan ‘21- March 22 (

    • drb753 says:

      tragically, the euromomo graphs and maps show nothing of the sort.

      • T.Y. says:

        I agree with you drb753, there is a major disconnect between the claimed increase and actual overall excess mortality. That being said the euromomo data is suggestive that something is off, but more in a “slight but potentially important” way: if you look closely at the age categories 0-14 and 15-44 ; neither shows much but noise during covid, but then post injection they remain above their median value for a relatively long time. I worked out that this would mean a rate of approx. 1:15000 tot 1:25000, very much in line with what is reported in the adverse reaction databases. So this is indicative that there is no major underreporting of deadly side effects. The number is still worrying though and i do believe it it much higher than for other vax, but not apocalypse just yet. The real issue is the number of severe non-lethal side effects and how this will evolve over time: Will these people die much younger ? What about the cumulative effect of repeated injections ? So far in the much smaller sample of my own country the stats did not show any such trends in 25-44 age category….

        • MM says:

          Always when death shows up at a very person, they start to worry.
          You can turn the story as you like.
          This is willful murder. nothing else.
          Hiding in numbers is an old trick that does not apply to a well connected community.

        • Student says:

          I agree with you.
          The main concerns are the negative side effects which are keeping alive the persons who had the experimental jabs, but have ruined their health.
          In my circle of friends and relatives is full of people who had stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, arthritis, asthma, liver problems, difficulty in having children and so on, which have started by coincidence after their cycle of experimental vaccinations.
          Most of those persons prefer not to correlate their recent problems with their cycle of experimental vaccinations and therefore the problem remain untold and undiscussed.

    • This is not as good a report as the Daily Sceptic report on the same subject, linked in another comment, in my opinion.

  15. Fast Eddy says:


    The CDC reports nearly 8,798 children have been hospitalised by this serious and deadly disorder since the rollout of the COVID shots to children

    MIS-C predominately affects:
    Heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, skin, eyes, or gastrointestinal organs and can also cause serious neurological disorders.

  16. Fast Eddy says:

    The MONSTERS at Pfizer Recategorized Miscarriages as ‘Resolved’ or ‘Recovered’ Adverse Events

    Dr. Naomi Wolf: (”Pfizer notes the miscarriages as serious adverse events with moderate or severe toxicity ratings. However, all of them were recategorized, by Pfizer, in the internal documents under the category of adverse events that were ‘recovered’ or ‘resolved.’

    Like you had a problem when you had a baby. When you lost the baby, you recovered from that problem. It resolved the adverse event; the negative thing. The miscarriage is in the same category as a headache that went away. If you lost your baby, Pfizer said, ‘Your adverse event was recovered or resolved.'”

    Full Clip

    Rumble (

  17. Fast Eddy says:

    Large German Insurer Reports Staggering Rise in Adverse Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines

    According to a response to an official information request from the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer; the number of billed cases of vaccine-related adverse effects needing medical treatment skyrocketed in 2021 compared with 2019 and 2020

    The request relates to four diagnostic codes:

    ▪️ T.88.0: Infection following immunisation
    ▪️ T.88.1: Other complications after immunisation
    ▪️ U.12.9: Adverse effects after Covid-19 immunisation
    ▪️ Y.59.9: Complications due to vaccines or biological substances

    In 2019, the total number of confirmed diagnoses was 13,777

    In 2020 it was 15,044

    In 2021 the total number was 437,593. This is more than thirty-fold the average for those four codes in 2019-2020, A 2,937% INCREASE


  18. Fast Eddy says:

    The FDA Buried Their Heads in the Sand as 44% of Pregnant Trial Participants Suffered Miscarriages

    A document ( released under court order reveals that 44% of pregnant women participating in Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine trial suffered miscarriages.

    Dr. Naomi Wolf: “Over a year ago, the FDA received this report that out of 50 pregnant women, 22 of them lost their babies, and they did not say anything. Thus the FDA was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021 and were silent.”

    “If you extrapolate, globally, to all the pregnant women who are injected, it could explain what we’re seeing now of a baby die-off.”

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    Sure looks like a big waste of diesel and time … round and round they go hahahaha MOREONS

    “Last month saw the highest no of calls for life-threatening conditions since records began.”There were MORE THAN 85000 category 1 calls, for situations like “CARDIAC ARREST” and “PEOPLE STOPPING BREATHING”

  20. Fast Eddy says:

    Mark Steyn: ‘Twitter is more than ready to label you as “fake news” or “disinformation” – and even cancel you, permanently. But, if you want to gloat and glory at the stabbing of a novelist and hail it as a great day for Islam and all believers, Twitter’s all cool with that.’

    Two gay Frenchmen sleeping with other men outside their relationship caught monkeypox. But that’s not the end of the story, they passed it onto their dog 🤮

    Hoolio has no M Pox

    • Rodster says:

      Ou no, a new variant…DOGE-POX. 🤓

    • Rodster says:

      So ZH posted this article and mentioned that the two gay men may have been getting a little too intimate with their dog. No surprise in today’s world.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        OMG with their dog???? Not hard to imagine given the Birthday Orgis… Urine Parties and so on …. I have heard about the glory hole thing where they stick their wiener through a hole in the wall and some random person performs….

        Hey norm – didn’t Super Snatch SINdy get her start doing that? I heard she got in trouble cuz they don’t like it when females are on the other side of the hole

        The only time I have ever seen Hoolio get upset is when we brought him to a neighbours and their large dog tried to hump him… I doubt he’ll ever get M Pox — he can outrun the fastest humans easily

        • thanks eddy

          Attenborough expects a daily sightings report on the lesser spotted eddywit

          he says he’s planning a visit to NZ to do a program on it—before the last known specimen dies out

          He knows about the piles of BS it uses as nesting sites

          • Kowalainen says:

            I’m literally falling asleep from vax induced senility.

          • banned says:

            YAY! Its Norm!

            So boring without Norm.

          • Tim Groves says:

            Script: Spotting the Lesser Spotted Eddywit

            Cue: Attenborough

            And so … another day begins … in the Southern Alps.

            This is the habitat of the lesser spotted eddywit—a remarkable bird, beautiful plumage—and something of an exotic in these parts.

            While most New Zealand birds fly north in winter, the lesser spotted eddywit prefers to remain aloof in its nest, which is distinguished by continuous a plume of smoke rising through the forest canopy from the Rayburn stove. This is because—unique among the world’s avian fauna—the lesser spotted eddywit is unique in keeping itself warm in winter by burning more coal.

            I have come to the South Island of New Zealand in search of this rare and endangered flightless bird, keeping my ears pricked and my eyes peeled. I’ve been warned that as I walk along the trail, the cry of “More Coal! More Coal!” can be heard echoing between the mountain peaks even before the smoke becomes visible……..

            • Fast Eddy says:

              See how it’s done norm!

              But then 4 Pfizer shots… I am surprised you are still alive to be honest….

            • wrong on only one observational point,

              The eddywit must constantly seek piles of fresh BS to roost in overnight.

              In chilly NZ winters, each pile generates its own heat

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Hey norm … how’s your booster program going?

              I was speaking to a 4x Pro Vaxxer today — he’s injured his arm in January and it’s been infected — antibiotics including intravenous are not stopping it .. he has a tube right into his heart to pump in more — but he now has one of those super bugs….

              Not sure what the end game will be — and didn’t ask as I was thinking it might involve hacking off the arm….

              VAIDS huh.

              I know another guy who has Turbo Cancer – also boosted… VAIDS huh.

              No joke here norm …

              Are you excited about the 5th?

            • banned says:

              4 laughs out of my droll face. Thank you. Your spirit shines. So eloquent.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            I think you’ve used this joke a few dozen times already norm… it fell flat the first time…. now it’s just plain pathetic.

            One joke that never gets tiresome is one that involves Super Snatch SINdy and your good self… we could have an ongoing series – The Adventures of norm and SS SINdy. Out Back the Dumpster with the hobos.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Millions of Brits will get new Omicron-busting Covid booster jabs in weeks

            “The MHRA approved the vaccine after clinical trials showed it “triggers a strong immune response” and has no more side effects than the original jab”

            MHRA reports 1.5 million injuries so far and 2,226 deaths


      • banned says:

        Look I dont care what two consenting adults do. Leave the dogs out of it. Felony animal abuse. Lock em up.

        oh silly me. Lets inject the whole world with experimental dogee pox injection (TM) by bow wow pharmaceutical corporation (formally known as bill gates K9 institute of research) instead.

  21. Fast Eddy says:

    When you do this — you know you’ve got enough people injected to complete the mission (UEP)

    Q4 Boom?

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      more misery in Q4, Europe and elsewhere.

      hey let’s test the new experimental jabs in the UK!

      the Core is a shrinking club, and European countries may be on the way out.

      2 or 3 years minimum, perhaps by 2030.

      “hungry and freezing in the dark”

      oh well, life isn’t fair.

      que sera sera, just chill.

  22. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Shanghai Covid: Ikea shoppers flee attempt to lock down store

    There were chaotic scenes at an Ikea store in Shanghai on Saturday, with shoppers trying to escape as authorities tried to quarantine them.

    Health officials were attempting to lock the store in Xuhui district down as a customer had been in close contact with a positive Covid case.

    Videos show the guards closing the doors at one point, but a crowd forced them open and made their escape.

    Shanghai endured a severe two-month lockdown earlier this year.

    Since then, in line with the country’s strict “zero-Covid” strategy, the city of 20 million people has ordered flash lockdowns of areas where positive cases or their close contacts have been detected.

    Many have been locked down in unusual locations – including hot pot restaurants, gyms and offices.

    The Ikea store’s sudden shutdown was ordered because a close contact of a six-year-old boy who tested positive after returning to Shanghai from Lhasa in Tibet had visited, Shanghai Health Commission deputy director Zhao Dandan said on Sunday.

    He did not say when the close contact was believed to have been at the store.

    Those who were at the Ikea store and related areas must quarantine for two days followed by five days of health monitoring, Mr Zhao said.

  23. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    “The headline General Business Conditions Index of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Empire State Manufacturing survey declined to -31.3 in August from 11.1 in July. This reading missed the market expectation of 8.5 by a wide margin.”

    the “experts” predicted plus 8.5

    the actual was minus 31.3

  24. Fast Eddy says:

    Matthews International Corp, a leading provider of memorials and caskets to funeral homes, announced its fiscal Q3 2022 results reporting a 10.2% increase in sales from 2021

    “Memorialization sales continued to be strong in the fiscal 2022 third quarter. The segment reported sales of $203.2 million for the current quarter compared to $184.3 million a year ago, representing an increase of 10.2%. The increase primarily reflected growth in the sales of cemetery memorial products, steady casket sales, and improved pricing, which was necessary to mitigate commodity cost and other inflationary cost increases.”

  25. Fast Eddy says:

    Dr Meryl Nass | Genetic Injections and Bioweapons
    From the General Assembly of the World Council for Health 20220801

    Dr Meryl Nass MD is a board-certified internal medicine specialist with a long successful career. Dr Nass has given six congressional testimonies and has testified for legislatures across America and Canada on bio-terrorism, Gulf War Syndrome, and vaccine safety and mandates. She has consulted for the World Bank, the Government Accountability Office, the Cuban Ministry of Health and the U.S. Director of National Intelligence regarding the prevention, investigation, and mitigation of biological warfare and pandemics.

    In January 2022, she received the covid era award for ethical and scientific integrity; that is to say that her medical license was suspended for covid-“misinformation.”
    On Aug 1st, Dr Nass appeared before the General Assembly of the World Council for Health. Dr Tess Lawrie interviewed her regarding the subjects of biologic warfare, gain of function viruses, covid-19, and the so-called covid “vaccines”.


  26. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Multiple Reddit posts on people getting monkeypox in non gay and non sexual ways: public toilet seats seem to be a popular theme:

    • Kim says:

      You ask, doctor, how did I get this buddy-sized coca cola bottle stuck in my rectum? Well, I sat down to wait at my usual bus stop and when I got up to hail my bus, there it was!

      Littering really annoys me!

      And another thing, people should stop leaving assorted objects in public shower stalls where a person can slip and fall on them with embarrassing results.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I betcha the guys in the Reddit chat are vaxxed and have VAIDS…

        All they had to do is walk past someone with M Pox and they’d be infected hahaha

        This is great stuff…. we are watching extinction happening

  27. Fast Eddy says:

    New Zealand: Mugged by Covid Reality ⋆ Brownstone Institute
    With the passage of time, as evidence mounted of the folly of Zero Covid policy and the accumulating harms it was causing, the New Zealand government was trapped in a prison of its own cons

    According to Israeli funeral directors the number of dead, especially younger people, has overwhelmed their capacity to give everyone a proper burial.

    Israel has the most 4 booster vaccinated people

    Israeli people are not dying from omicron. They are dying from vaccine induced AIDS.

    The vaccine destroyed the immune systems of the Israeli people.

    What the Nazi’s started the Israeli government is finishing.

    Death by vaccine.

    Israeli just awarded its highest prize, the Genesis Award, to Pfizer ceo Albert Bourla.

    Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

  28. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Google search trends shows a 100% increase for ‘Chickenpox’ in California in the last week…Chickenpox season usually peaks by May…I wonder what could be going on…Hmmmmm

    • Adonis says:

      immune systems compromised by u know what this is what agenda 2030 was all about immune system wrecking jabs that would lead to re-emergence or increase in a variety of infections like chickenpox.So growth would be effected via cheap and nasty medical procedures vaccines , testing masks medicines caring for the dying etc etc

      • ivanislav says:

        Wasn’t it you who recently said they have Covid right now? And now a day or two later you’re saying the jabs compromise the immune system?

    • Fast Eddy says:

      VAIDS is splurging

      norm do you have any M Pox like blisters on your buttocks?


  29. Michael Le Merchant says:

    This is getting more interesting day by day

    UK emergency alert system to fully launch in October.

    The Home Office say it’ll reach around 85% of the population.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Hahahaha Eeee AWwwww Eeeee Awwwww!

      Let me guess – when Devil Covid hits and all hell breaks lose … Eeee Awww … shelter in place — urgent — shelter in place… do not go outside — there are only deadly mutations out there — dying people — this is the worst case scenario and we have imposed martial law and anyone outside will be shot by snipers… there is no food in the supermarket so shelter in place and await the food deliver vans Eeeee Awwwwwww…

      That’s basically the beginning of the end when you hear the EEeee Awwwww….

      All prepped for Q4 Boom!

    • Xabier says:

      May one reply to government alerts with ‘Eff off!’

      They always say they want feedback from citizens…..

  30. Fast Eddy says:

    The poison

    The initial public health aspiration of global eradication like smallpox or polio was a fantasy. “Zero” evolved into “Inevitable” Thankfully, the illness has become progressively milder and easily treatable in all high-risk cases regardless of status.

    Join 👉 @PeterMcCullough

    Nurses Who Left the Health Care System to Focus on Early Treatment Describe ‘Brutal’ COVID-19 Treatment Protocols

  31. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Emergency medical care is collapsing in Tokyo.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Q4 gotta be Boom Boom … gotta be… the crops are not being fertilized.

      Enjoy what’s left of your short life…

    • I find this very strange. Maybe Tim has some insights.

      Japan seems to have more hospital beds per capita than most countries. (Perhaps they include some long term care beds that other countries do not.) I don’t know about Japan’s Emergency Room services.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Vax Injured staff? VAIDS damaged staff?

        compounded by staff being stood down for not vaxxing + epic vax injuries and VAIDS illnesses…

        That’s why NZ hospitals are struggling.

  32. Fast Eddy says:

    New Icelandic Study Shows Covid Reinfection Rates Rise With Number of Vaccine Doses in Most Age Groups.

    • I am not impressed by this finding. The report says:

      “Surprisingly, 2 or more doses of vaccine were associated with a slightly higher probability of reinfection compared with 1 dose or less. This finding should be interpreted with caution because of limitations of our study, which include the inability to adjust for the complex relationships among prior infection, vaccine eligibility, and underlying conditions.”

      Just adding up the unadjusted results seemed to indicate the opposite result: Reinfection risk was 8% lower with 2 or more doses. It all depends on how much “adjustment” is done. There were huge differences in reinfection rates by age groups. The highest rate was for people ages 18-29. The group that was age 75 and over had a reinfection rate that was only 24% of this rate (or 22%, after “adjustment.”)

      Two or more doses of vaccine greatly increased the chance of catching Covid again for the 18-29 year olds. It somewhat increased the chance of 20 to 49 year olds getting Covid again. For 50 to 74 year olds, the result was about the same regardless of the number of doses. For ages 15 or less, having one or fewer doses produced fewer repeat infection. For ages 75 and over, 2 doses or more produced somewhat more repeat infections than fewer immunizations.

  33. Michael Le Merchant says:

    China consumer confidence dumped as well. Not looking good if the source of global growth looks like this:

  34. Dennis L. says:

    The more things change, the more they are the same.

    “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

    A summary of a certain thread on OFW?

    Dennis L.

  35. Fast Eddy says:

    The movie rules the world – they control the US military????

    hahahaha… but I thought the Deep State ran the world hahahaha…

    Funny how none of these people ever think to make a documentary stating that the Elders rule the world hahahaha… I guarantee you – you will never see that. NEVER.

    • Adonis says:

      The elders are probably numbered in their dozens and belong to secret societies such as the freemasons . They are responsible for the formation of many organisations such as the UN.

  36. Fast Eddy says:

    Human monkeypox virus is spreading in Europe and the USA among individuals who have not travelled to endemic areas.1 On July 23, 2022, monkeypox was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.2 Human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus usually occurs through close contact with the lesions, body fluids, and respiratory droplets of infected people or animals.3 The possibility of sexual transmission is being investigated, as the current outbreak appears to be concentrated in men who have sex with men and has been associated with unexpected anal and genital lesions.1, 4 Whether domesticated cats and dogs could be a vector for monkeypox virus is unknown. Here we describe the first case of a dog with confirmed monkeypox virus infection that might have been acquired through human transmission.

    • JMS says:

      Why are you reproducing that monkeyshit propaganda? That’s nothing but covid, ie the continuation of Fear Campaign. Nothing of consequence really.

      I believe the major avenue of inquiry at the moment is, When will China atack (or “attack”) Taiwan, for the next phase of the demolition program? After oil i& gas in Operation Ukraine, semiconductors in Operation Taiwan. Just perfect, at least if we believe that demand destruction is the name of this game.

      • JMS says:

        I mean “that’s nothing but new covid or covid.2” (besides another suitable camouflage for VAIDS)

        • Xabier says:

          Covid and the miracle vaxxes are certainly a rather tired narrative.

          To continue the programme of fear and manipulation – and distract from the growing vaxx-injuries – they would require a new and preferably disgusting disease, and unknown vaxxes with no established history of harm – enter ‘Monkey Pox’.

          Justifying a new round of restrictions, lock-downs and mass-injections.

          It will take months for the injuries caused to become apparent in the databases (assuming they are not adjusted, as in D-Med).

          Preferably, hard censorship will suppress the handful of prominent and informed ‘anti-vaxxers’, like Malone, Yeadon, etc, preventing even the informed from getting accurate information.

          The legislation for such internet censorship is being put into place everywhere….

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Cuz I support the Elders and UEP – I want more fear

        • JMS says:

          I admit that something had to be done to try to reverse the march towards the precipice, but I can’t support the fear campaign, because I know people who had to begrudgingly accept the injection to keep their jobs.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            The thing is …

            If one knew that this ‘vaccine’ was dodgy from day 1… (how can it not be when it takes a decade+ to test a new vax) then one does not inject this stuff to retain one’s job. Here – have some poison — if you refuse you lose your job.

            Also agreeing to inject the poison can result in a vax injury — permanent in many instances — good luck getting compensated or finding a job when you are f789ed up.

            If I was in that position — I would initially have a lawyer put pressure on my employer with a threatening letter… hoping they back off… if that failed I would continue showing up to work until I was escorted out of the building ….

            And then I would sell everything I own… purchase a camper van…. and head into the wild. Costs would be minimal … diesel + food. Most people have this option and could hold out for a very long time doing this.

            Under no circumstances would I agree to inject an experiment into my body — to keep a job. F789 that.

            • JMS says:

              Mankind has been indoctrinated into the belief that pharmaceuticals can cure and are a blessing of The Science (TM). Which is demonstrably false. And the same can be said of vaxins.
              The power of such belief systems and ortodoxies is such that only very suspicious and inquisitive people have managed to resist the mind-numbing songs of Farma Siren.

              Most people are ductile and accommodating and hopeful and trusting. Not least because that is the price of sociability.
              I’m sure many people let themselves be injected with some appreehension. I don’t feel sorry for those who did it just so they could go on vacation, but I feel for those who did it grudgingly.

              Besides, we still do not really know what’s the potential risk of mrna jabs. A big heap of adverse reactions and recurrences of the disease in injectees? No doubt, but statistically irrelevant, at least so far. IOW we are not seeing nothing that spells so definitive as human termination. And know it because none of the vaxed people I know have died yet, some of them being already on their 4th dose.Will they pay for their mistake? I believe so, unfortunately, because now i know every pill kills a little. But when for sure, nobody really knows.

              Personally, my awful pride would never allow me to accept being injected by people I mistrust and despise. Which in a way is a pity.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              The thing is ….

              I think this is different….

              Case in point – a hard core CovIDIOT was urging me for months to inject the Pfizer (I slammed him so hard to the ground mocking him when the injection did not perform as promised and prevent the spread of covid that he stopped communicating altogether)….

              My argument at the time – since the vax injuries had not started — was that there were no tests for long term side effects… Despite that he continued to insist I need to take the shots (I suppose he was thinking I could die from covid so that was a much more immediate risk… so worth taking on the long term risks to stay alive now – ignoring the average age of covid death was 80+)

              He is on high BP medication … so I came back to him with —- let’s say there was a new miracle vaccine that would permanently cure your high BP … no need to take the meds… you get to keep eating all that shit that you like to eat …

              This vax was developed and tested for over the course of a year — there are no long term safety studies.

              You’d take it right?


              Come on bro — why wouldn’t you take it – you actually HAVE dangerously high BP (he was experiencing dizzy spells before he was diagnosed…) and it’s not ideal to be taking those meds forever (he claims his problem is solved so he does not change his lifestyle haha)….

              So here you go – the magic shot — you don’t have covid and you are unlikely to die from covid yet you take a shot that was developed and tested in less than a year.

              Come on bro… take the shot bro… here’s your chance to end your high BP.


              So these MOREONS damn well know that safe and effective and existing for one year… are not compatible.

              But they’ll take the Pfizer… cuz the PR Team told them it is safe and effective and that they must take it. They do what they are told – even though they somewhere inside their pea brains know the whole thing is slightly dodgy.

            • JMS says:

              I think the problem of covidiocy an be reduced to political ignorance. Basically, people who refuse to admit that the media and authorities misled them about the nine-eleven thing, also can’t accept that the pandemic was just another mumbo jumbo they fell for. Denial kicks in, cause they simply cannot bear the thought that their masters don’t give a shit about them and their little lives. They need to believe. It’s useless to try to reason with them, because they don’t deal with facts and logic, but with hope and emotions.

      • All is Dust says:

        Absolutely, keep your eyes on the prize so to speak.

        The “model” i run with is that civilisations go through configuration states depending upon the energy available to them. If you change the battery, e.g. wood, coal, oil, gas then you change the operation.

        For example, think about how transport changes in relation to the battery used – sea transport; galleon, steam ship, freight ship – land transport; walking, horse, railroad, private car.

        Same with communication; messages relayed through horse courier, telegraph, telephone, internet, 4G.

        Same with financial system; commodity / token based, free market economics, Keynesian economics, central bank digital currencies.

        In short, change the battery and the operating system has to change too.

        Right now everyone is playing the game, some are playing it better.

    • Adonis says:

      Looks like the new narrative will be “monkeypox” which i believe was probably caused by the vaccines will there be more lockdowns there could be and they could go for a longer thats why stocking up and prepping is the way to go as well as owning your home outright look at Argentina 69.5 % interest rate

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I hope the VAIDSies get M Pox —- hahahahaha… disgusting

        They can climb trees and poke each others pustules and suck the fluid! hahahahaha

    • Jan says:

      Do you have contact to gays and people with paraphilia? For a small group of people there exist the desire for very strange sexual behavior with very risky action. I don’t want to get too explicit, just hint at fisting, blood, anonymous gangbangs, sado-masochism, breath control, drugs, not to mention the average swinger. It is very clear that a couple doing fisting with anonymous and unprotected partners have a higher risk for transmittable diseases.

      Now in heteronormativity it is obvious that this behaviour relates only to 5% or so. These 5% could hardly start a pandemic.

      Amoung gays the desire for paraphilia is similar to heterosexuals. Gays have a romantic desire towards persons of their own sex – but not for paraphilia.

      In the media and perhaps in politics there is a misconception mixing up these things. In fact most gays are the same boring as straights caring for their job and one spouse and some kids or a dog. In the media anonymous sex parties, saunas, cruising and darkrooms are celebrated as gay culture. But that includes only a small part of the gays.

      I am very sceptical with anal fissures as the main entry of pathogens. Because not every gay likes anal sex and a lot of straight guys do. I mean the boys like and the girls do it. So HIV should have spread hundreds of years ago.

      Something is strange with HIV and monkeypox!

      • JMS says:

        What’s strange about an industry wanting to create a new need or fear to increase its customer base? It happens all the time in advertising, which hires the best creatives in the world for this purpose.

        • A need to “keep up with the Joneses.” A need to “fit in.” Fear of being different. Fear of catching some terrible disease that will kill you.

    • Xabier says:

      They sodomised their dog, clearly.

      They should be prosecuted for abuse, the filthy swine (sorry, pigs).

  37. Downunder says:

    I have been thinking for a while now about the wish list that Big pharma released when they were convincing everyone that the new gene therapy was safe and effective and one thing that I can’t remember them saying was that there was an off switch to the Jab no set time frame was ever mentioned. Surely if you introduce an experiment that will take over cells in your body there should be an off switch otherwise when does it end? Perhaps when some of the proteins fold the wrong way – oh wait isn’t that what a Prion is? Miss folded proteins – well at least prions are harmless and easy to get rid of.

    • Xabier says:

      I think that what they meant by that was the false assurance that the spike protein would only be produced for 48 hours or so, and the vaxx material would be expelled in a week or two.

      That was the ‘off switch’.

      All a lie.

      Just like saying it would stay at the point of injection. …..

  38. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Soil quality across Europe (map); How is the EU going to manage 2022/23 with less fertilizer?

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      and…. eastern Europe is the clear winner!

      by the way (to the woketard mapmakers), Belarus and western Russia are in Europe.

      I bet their grades would be as good as the other eastern Europe areas.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Correct – the Eastern border of Europe is Caucasus so “Eastern Europe” it’s actually smack in the middle.

        Just like the homunculus brain maps that show a huge penis but tiny abdomen and legs, in the same way the maps created by western powers always try to distort the world to exagerate their centrality and importance.

        • Xabier says:

          Very true: France, Germany, and very marginal Britain, don’t look so impressive or central viewed from Hungary and the Ukraine.

    • Ukraine looks like best of the lot, when it comes to soil quality.

  39. Michael Le Merchant says:

    First vaccine to target Omicron and the original Covid strain gets green light in UK

    THE FIRST Covid vaccine that targets the Omicron variant has been approved by UK drug regulators.

    Millions of Brits will receive it next month after the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency gave the green light to use Moderna’s updated jab as a booster shot.

    Although not an exact match to the current variants, the new vaccine is close enough to give a “significantly higher” immune response, Moderna said.

    The MHRA said that a clinical trial showed boosting with the bivalent Moderna vaccine triggered a strong immune response against BA.4 and BA.5 as well as against BA.1 and the original strain.

    The NHS will now use it for the autumn booster rollout, which will begin in just two weeks’ time.

    All over-50s and high-risk groups – a total of 26million people – will be offered a top-up ahead of winter.

    Omicron-specific jabs will be given out as standard, with regulators also reviewing a new version of the Pfizer vaccine, while the originals are available as a back-up.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      And we’ll see a nice fat spike in excess deaths soon after this starts!

      The funeral homes and coffin makers love this shit!

  40. Michael Le Merchant says:

    HOLY MOLY! European natural gas prices extend rally toward record high.

    Dutch front-month futures closed at 220 euros/MWh, the second highest settlement price ever.

  41. Fast Eddy says:

    I continue to be amazed that the anti vaxxers don’t target Pfizer offices and employees…

    I have suggested this on high traffic SS like Kirsch and Igor….

    I have also suggested Kirsch not bother offering millions to people to debate him … and instead pay a team to take his message to the CovIDIOTS bombarding FB etc… I’ve said that multiple times.

    But nope. No interest in that… he just carries on with his futile bad interviews… and failing.

    Maybe that’s the entire point of him doing what he’s doing?

    • Herbie Ficklestein says:

      But Eddie, Pfizer can’t be at fault. The CDC aired public service commercial spots stating they were safe and effective. Reassuring citizens they were tested and evaluated at the highest levels to save lives and prevent hospitalation

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The anti vaxxers dont buy that

        • Herbie Ficklestein says:

          They don’t, well, that’s too bad fella.
          Not everyone out there is plugged in Edwin to your gift.
          To be honest, where I work the entire workforce has been jabbed and no issues so far…
          So, what is posted here, for the most part, does not register in my life surroundings.
          That’s not to say nothing will happen…but so far nothing has and hoping that nothing will.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            And they’d all tell you if something went wrong?

            Keep in mind — they are ashamed and letting down the side if they announce they are vax injured… so they keep quiet.

            Or they deny to themselves that it’s the vax.

            Do all of your colleagues tell you about their health issues? It’s kinda private for most people no? Or do they waltz into the lunch room and shout — I’m f789ed.

            • Herbie Ficklestein says:

              Yes, I inquired about health problems from the start as I was curious about the vax.adverse reactions.
              Actually, a number of co workers have tested positive recently with the Covid Kung Flue and went out sick for like 5 days.
              Only one had it bad with his throat being painful and he attribute it to having his tonsils out as an adult.
              Of course, I kid and jab them all about being fully vaccinated and boostered and being sarcastic that it has been so effective and protective.
              Lucky me I have natural immunity.
              Whatever, I just see the mass injuries yet that are claimed here.
              Thank god

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Just wait till one goes down with an major injury …. hahahaha… the Super Strength Booster is your friend

            • Herbie Ficklestein says:

              Sure, Edwin, I’ll be waiting..and believe me ..I can’t wait to say that line until then , mumms the word…

    • Adonis says:

      Maybe you could start it fast eddie just go down to the parliament house with a sign saying pfizer is killing us just on your own but no one will do it everyone just wants to save themselves that is our human nature.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I already smashed the Fat Bastard… someone else needs to go after the Pfizer people.

        • Xabier says:

          Such protests wouldn’t last 5 minutes, I should have thought.

          People started tracking politicians to their homes in Spain to protest, and that was stopped very quickly

          The only useful action is to stop taking vaxxes and wearing masks, en masse.

          Will this ever happen?

  42. Fast Eddy says:

    Military Doctor Testifies under Oath That She Was ORDERED To ‘Cover up’ Vaccine Injuries through Biden Admin Directive

    Dr. Theresa Long, medical officer with the United States military, has testified in court that she was ordered by a superior to suppress Covid-19 vaccine injuries following the Biden regime’s mandate.

    Dr. Long also testified that the data is showing that deaths of military members from the vaccines exceed deaths from COVID-19 itself.

    The DoD downplayed Dr. Long’s conclusions, saying the increase in vaccine injuries was caused by a “glitch in the database.”

    During the all-day hearing, Liberty Counsel presented compelling testimony from the Navy Commander of a surface warship and three military flight surgeons, Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, Lt. Col. Teresa Long and Col. (Ret.) Stewart Tankersley, M.D. In contrast, the DOD declined to present witnesses.

    Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel Mat Staver said in an interview with the Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz that there have been three hearings in this case, and the DoD has not yet offered a single witness. Instead of witnesses, the government “sends these declarations,” Staver explained. He said the judge has urged them to bring live witnesses to court so they can be cross examined, but they just refuse to do it. “So they send these declarations that some JAG attorney writes, and somebody in the military signs off on them.”

    Staver said that the information the DoD has been presenting in court is “outdated, wrong, and would really be subject to dismantling under cross examination.” He added that cross examinations of his witnesses have only made their case stronger. “So they really don’t have anything to cross examine our witnesses with,” he said.

    Staver told Horowitz that Judge Merryday has chastised the DoD lawyers during the hearings, telling them they have “a frail case,” and are “acting as though they are above the law.”

    Dr. Theresa Long, a flight surgeon who holds a master’s degree in Public Health and is specially trained in the DMED, gave emotional testimony on March 10.

    She and two other flight surgeons reviewed DMED last year and made some stunning discoveries about the high incidence of apparent vaccine injuries among members of the military.

    According to the whistleblowers, certain disorders spiked after the vaccine mandate went into effect, including miscarriages and cancers, and neurological problems which increased by 1000 percent.

    Dr. Long testified that she was contacted by high level officer the night before the hearing, and told not to discuss her findings regarding the explosive military medical data in court. The whistleblower reportedly said she felt threatened after she tried to get her superiors to address the findings, “fearing for her life and for the safety of her children.”…


    • Adonis says:

      Terrible we are witnessing the great reset in action what have we reset too is a “death cult” for more information on where we are going look up jim jones who ran a “death cult”in the 1970″s on Wikipedia.This is why their will be no resistance as this rolls out

  43. Fast Eddy says:

    James A Thorp MD
    Aug 13 (

    Liked by Jessica Rose
    Here is a copy of a formal EMAIL I wrote to Dr George Wendel Executive Director of The American Board of ObGyn on 8.08.2022:

    Dear Dr. Wendel,
    I hope you are well. I am very concerned about the recent email that both you and I were sent from “Torres”? If you have not, I urge you to review it with your counsel and address safety concerns. I have no knowledge of who this Torres is. I CONDEMN his tone, anger and foul language. This is completely inappropriate and does not engender collegial academic discussion of data. While ABOG is well aware of my position on the safety and efficacy of C 19 injections in pregnancy, I never condone this type of behavior, anger and tone.

    I hope that you have continued to follow the avalanche of data documenting the proven fact that the C19 injections are NOT safe, NOT effective and NOT necessary. There are now almost 2,000 peer reviewed medical journal publications documenting severe adverse events including death after the C19 injections.

    I have completed a study documenting severe adverse outcomes in women of reproductive age and in pregnancy associated with the C19 injections including: an increase in menstrual irregularities, spontaneous abortion, cystic hygroma, fetal malformations, fetal karyotypic abnormalities, fetal growth restriction, abnormal fetal surveillance, oligohydramnios, feral arrhythmia, fetal cardiac abnormalities, fetal cardiac arrest, placental vascular thrombosis, fetal vascular perfusion abnormalities and fetal death. All of these are statistically significant at p values < 0.001.
    The VAERS pharmacovigilance tool has been flashing significant danger signals since the C19 injection rollout. Despite the CDC, FDA and other vaccine pushers attempting to delegitimize this federally mandated monitoring system, it is corroborated by over 20 plus other independent sources. In fact other independent sources suggest a much worse safety signal than VAERS. This is consistent with the World VAERS expert Albert Benevides who convincingly presents data showing that as bad as VAERS is, it is being purposely throttled and manipulated.

    Does ABOG choose to ignore the concerning safety signal from VAERS and 20 plus other independent sources? If so would you believe Pfizer’s own internal documents that prove extremely severe adverse events in the first 90 days of rollout? Pfizer tried to block this FOIA release for 75 years. A Federal Judge mandated the release. Check out Pfizer’s April 1, 2022 release which now is public record.
    Go to page 7 and look on Table 1. Dr Wendel there were 1,223 deaths in 90 days December 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021.

    Remember the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 when it was immediately removed from the market for 26 deaths? Now go to page 12 and look at the outcomes of 274 pregnant women that is disastrous: a 45% (124/274) complication rate including 75 “serious” and 49 “non-serious” complications. The C19 injections should have been removed from the market in December 2020.

    Every day more condemning data pours forth and yet “the band plays on”. Please read the recent Yamamoto article published in Virology Journal June 5, 2022. (
    The author states “According to an analysis published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a recent study available in the prestigious Lancet peer-reviewed journal reveals COVID-19 vaccine booster shots may be harmful to the immune system and cause significant adverse reactions.”

    Dr. Wendel I again extend an invitation to meet and the both of us attempt to reconcile this data together.

    Substack (
    Facts not aligning with your narrative? Just change your website!
    It's all the rage.

  44. Fast Eddy says:

    The Polio Scam Makes a Comeback to Scare More Parents into Vaccinating Their Children – Vaccines NEVER Eradicated Polio: Vaccines CAUSE Polio

    Karma: the oligarch and main investor behind Russia’s Sputnik V “vaccine” was hospitalised with Guillain-Barré syndrome, which is a known adverse reaction to the Covid19 “vaccines”.

    “Anatoly Chubais, 67, told friends that he believed he was suffering from a rare immune disorder, Guillain-Barré syndrome, a disease caused by the immune system damaging the peripheral nervous system. “He thinks it’s a disease,” a source close to Chubais told Reuters. “Doctors say they found it in time.”

    • This is confusing. I think you have three unrelated items in this comment.

      • People were saying Eddy left too many comments, so he started combining them.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Now that Harry has abandoned us and run off with norm’s Super Snatch… FE should revert to 1 : 1 … no more aggregating…

          These are all just copy and paste anyway… short and sweet (with a tranny freak mixed in from time to time to keep norm interested)

  45. Mirror on the wall says:

    Alex M makes some important points. The rationale of NATO has been to drag Russia into a war of attrition in UKR in the hope of geopolitically weakening it, like the attritional debacles that USA dragged itself into in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria &c. USA was attempting to project its own present situation onto Russia. However history suggests that wars of attrition strengthen or weaken a geopolitical power depending on the actual outcome of the war.

    Powers that win wars of attrition tend to emerge stronger while those that lose are weakened. Historical examples include Rome’s drawn out wars with Carthage, from which Rome emerged as the dominant power in the Med; British wars with France in the 18th c. from which Britain emerged as the undisputed world hegemon; the USA civil war that put USA on the trajectory toward dominance from the mid-20th c.

    There is no question that Russia will win in UKR. The Donbas will soon be cleared with very heavy UKR losses mounting, and Russia is massing further forces likely to take Kherson in the south and Kharkiv in the north east before moving onward. Russia has used only about 10% of its forces so far while UKR is increasingly spent. Thus history suggests that far from weakened, a victorious Russia will emerge strengthened.

    Alex does not go too far here into the likely geopolitical outcomes. Russia is pivoting eastward to Eurasia and China, as the geopolitical status quo reorientates away from the USA as the global hegemon and to a multipolar scenario, and the position of the dollar as the dominant reserve currency will be challenged. Western Europe is liable to be starved of energy.

    UKR is likely to appear exhausted and demoralised, and liable to substantial assimilation into Russia, but perhaps more importantly, the west itself will be seriously weakened by the UKR debacle. The NATO debacles have been mounting of late, and UKR is likely to be the one that really counts on the global stage. This is a complete disaster for western Europe and very likely bad for USA.

    • “the west itself will be seriously weakened by the UKR debacle. ”

      It is interesting how Ukraine has disappeared off the front page of US newpapers, since Ukraine has not been doing well. The US has been sending armaments, but they seem to be lost before they can be put to use. The support is not working.

      • MM says:

        When the money for the sale of your product arrived in your bank account the product is for all facts and figures working.

  46. Agamemnon says:

    Revisiting Tesla efficiency:
    From the table Tesla has the best metrics.

    The Tesla Roadster still wins by a hefty margin if you assume the average CO2 per joule of US power production

    So I think this doesn’t include energy cost of the battery.
    Is the huge Tesla advantage negated by the battery as opposed an ICE.

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