Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told

There is more to the fossil fuel energy predicament than we usually hear about.

Strangely enough, a big part of the confusion regarding the nature of our energy problem comes from the fact that virtually everyone wants to hear good news, even when the news isn’t very good. We end up seeing information in the Mainstream Media mostly from the perspective of what people want to hear, rather than from the perspective of what the story really is. In this post, I explain why this situation tends to occur. I also explain why our current energy situation is starting to look more and more like an energy shortage situation that could lead to economic collapse.

This post is a write-up of a presentation I gave recently. A PDF of my talk can be found at this link. An mp4 video of my talk can be found at this link: Gail Tverberg’s Nov. 9 presentation–Our Fossil Fuel Energy Predicament.

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Most people attending my talk reported that they had mostly heard about the issue on the right end of Slide 2: the problem of using too much fossil fuel and related climate change.

I think the real issue is the one shown on the left side of Slide 2. This is a physics issue. Without fossil fuels, we would find it necessary to go back to using older renewables, such as oxen or horses for plowing, burned wood and other biomass for heat, and wind-powered sail boats for international transport.

Needless to say, these older renewables are only available in tiny quantities today, if they are available at all. They wouldn’t provide many jobs other than those depending on manual labor, such as subsistence agriculture. Nuclear and modern renewables would not be available because they depend on fossil fuels for their production, maintenance and long distance transmission lines.

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On Slide 4, note that M. King Hubbert was a physicist. This seems to be the academic specialty that finds holes in other people’s wishful thinking.

Another thing to note is Hubbert’s willingness to speculate about the future of nuclear energy. He seemed to believe that nuclear energy could take over, when other energy fails. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened. Today, nuclear energy comprises only 4% of the world’s total energy supply.

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The transcript of the entire talk by Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover is worth reading. I have excerpted a few sentences from his talk. His talk took place only a year after Hubbert published his research.

Rickover clearly understood the important role that fossil fuels played in the economy. At that early date, it looked as if fossil fuels would become too expensive to extract between 2000 and 2050. A doubling of unit costs for energy may not sound like much, but it is, if a person thinks about how much poor people in poor countries spend on food and other energy products. If the price of these goods rises from 25% of their income to 50% of their income, there is not enough left over for other goods and services.

Slide 6

Regarding Slide 6, the book The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others provided early computer modeling of how population growth and extraction of resources might play out. The base model seemed to indicate that economic decline would start about now. Various other scenarios were considered, including a doubling of the resources. Without very unrealistic assumptions, the economy always headed downward before 2100.

Slide 7

Another way of approaching the problem is to analyze historical civilizations that have collapsed. Peter Turchin and Sergey Nefedov analyzed eight economies that collapsed in their book Secular Cycles. There have been many examples of economies encountering a new source of energy (conquering a new land, or developing a new way of producing more energy), growing for a time, reaching a time where growth is more limited, and finally discovering that the economy that had been built up could no longer be supported by the resources available. Both population and production of goods and services tended to crash.

We can think of the current economy, based on the use of fossil fuels, as likely following a similar path. Coal began to be used in quantity about 200 years ago, in 1820. The economy grew, as oil and natural gas production was added. We seem to have hit a period of “Stagflation,” about 1970, which is 50 years ago. The timing might be right to enter the “Crisis” period, about now.

We don’t know how long such a Crisis Period might last this time. Early economies were very different from today’s economy. They didn’t depend on electricity, international trade or international finance in the same way that today’s world economy does. It is possible (in fact, fairly likely) that the downslope might occur more rapidly this time.

Past Crisis Periods seem to feature a high level of conflict because rising population leads to a situation where there are no longer enough goods and services to go around. According to Turchin and Nefedov, some features of the Crisis Periods included increased wage disparity, collapsing or overturned governments, debt defaults, inadequate tax revenue and epidemics. Economists tell us that there is a physics reason for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer during Crisis Periods; in some sense, the poor get “frozen out” and the wealth rises to the top, like steam.

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Slide 9

Slide 9 is a chart I prepared several years ago, showing the growth in the world production of fuels of various types. What little wind and solar was available at that time was included in the biofuels section at the bottom. Early biofuels consisted largely of wood and charcoal used for heat.

Slide 10

Slide 10 shows average annual increases for 10-year periods corresponding to the periods shown on Slide 9. This chart goes to 2020, so it covers a full 200-year period. Note that the increases in energy consumption shown are especially high in the 1951-1960 and 1961-1970 periods. These periods occurred after World War II when the economy was growing especially rapidly.

Slide 11

Slide 11 is similar to Slide 10, except I divide the bars into two pieces. The bottom, blue part corresponds to the amount that population grew, on average, during this ten-year period. Whatever is left over I have referred to as the amount available to increase the standard of living, shown in red. A person can see that when the overall growth in energy consumption is high, population tends to rise rapidly. With more energy, it is possible to feed and clothe larger families.

Slide 12

Slide 12 is like Slide 11, except that it is an area chart. I have also added some notes regarding what went wrong when energy consumption growth was low or negative. An early dip occurred at the time of the US Civil War. There was a very long, low period later that corresponded to the period of World War I, World War II and the Depression. The collapse of the central government of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991, so it is part of the 10-year period ended 2000. Most recently, we have encountered COVID shutdowns.

The peaks, on the other hand, tended to be good times. The period leading up to 1910 corresponded to the time of early electrification. The period after World War II was a period of growth and rebuilding. Most recently, China and its large coal resources helped pull the world economy forward. China’s coal supply stopped growing about 2013. I have written that we can no longer depend on China’s economy to pull the world economy forward. With recent rolling blackouts in China (mentioned in the next section), this is becoming more evident.

Without enough energy, the current period is beginning to look more and more like the period that included World War I and II and the Great Depression. Strange outcomes can occur when there basically are not enough resources to go around.

Slide 13
Slide 14

Slide 14 shows recent energy production. A person can see from this slide that wind and solar aren’t really ramping up very much. A major problem is caused by the fact that wind and solar are given the subsidy of “going first” and prices paid to other electricity producers are adjusted downward, to reflect the fact that their electricity is no longer needed by the grid. This approach tends to drive nuclear out of business because wholesale electricity rates tend to fall to very low levels, or become negative, when unneeded wind and solar are added. Nuclear power plants cannot easily shut down. Instead, the low prices tend to drive the nuclear power plants out of business. This is sad, because electricity from nuclear is far more stable, and thus more helpful to the grid, than electricity from wind or solar.

Slide 15

Fossil fuel producers need quite high energy prices for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is simply because the easiest-to-extract resources were removed first. In recent years, producers have needed to move on to resources with a higher cost of extraction, thus raising their required selling prices. Wages of ordinary citizens haven’t kept up, making it hard for selling prices to rise sufficiently to cover the new higher costs.

Another issue is that fossil fuel energy prices need to cover far more than the cost of drilling the current well. Producers need to start to develop new areas to drill, years in advance of actually getting production from those sites. They need extra funds to work on these new sites.

Also, oil companies, especially, have historically paid high taxes. Besides regular income taxes, oil companies pay state taxes and royalty taxes. These taxes are a way of passing the “surplus energy” that is produced back to the rest of the economy, in the form of taxes. This is exactly the opposite of wind and solar that need subsidies of many kinds, especially the subsidy of “going first,” that drives other electricity providers out of business.

Prices for oil, coal and natural gas have been far lower than producers need, for a long time. The COVID shutdowns in 2020 made the problem worse. Now, with producers quitting at the same time the economy is trying to reopen, it is not surprising that some prices are spiking.

Slide 16

Most local US papers don’t tell much about world energy prices, but these are increasingly becoming a big problem. Natural gas is expensive to ship and store, so prices vary greatly around the world. US natural gas prices have roughly doubled from a year ago, but this is a far lower increase than many other parts of the world are experiencing. In fact, the bills that most US natural gas residential customers will receive will increase by far less than 100% because at the historic low price, over half of the price for residential service is distribution expenses, and such expenses don’t change very much.

Slide 17

Slide 17 shows another way of looking at data that is similar to that in Slide 14. This slide shows amounts on a per capita basis, with groupings I have chosen. I think of coal and oil as being pretty much the only energy resources that can “stand on their own.” The recent peak year for combined coal and oil, on a per capita basis, was 2008.

Natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric were the first add-ons. If a person looks closely, it can be seen that the growth rate of this group has slowed, at least in part because of the pricing problems caused by wind and solar.

The “green” sources at the bottom are growing, but from a very low base. The main reason for their growth is the subsidies they receive. If fossil fuels falter in any major way, it will adversely affect the growth of wind and solar. Already, there are articles about supply chain problems for the big wind turbines. Any cutback in subsidies is also harmful to their production.

Slide 18

US papers don’t tell us much about these problems, but they are getting to be very serious problems in other parts of the world. The countries with the biggest problems are the ones trying to import natural gas or coal. If an exporting country finds its own production falling short, it is likely to make certain that its own citizens are adequately supplied first, before providing exports to others. Thus, importing countries may find very high prices, or supplies simply not available.

Slide 19
Slide 20

This slide got a lot of laughs. The university does have some sort of agricultural plot, but teaching subsistence farming is not its goal.

Slide 21
Slide 22
Slide 23
Slide 24

My point about “scientists who are not pressured by the need for research grants or acceptance of written papers are the ones trying to tell the whole truth” got quite a few laughs. As a practical matter, this means that retired scientists tend to be disproportionately involved in trying to discern the truth.

With the military understanding the need to work around energy limits, one change has been to move away from preparation for “hot wars” to more interest in biological weapons, such as viruses. Thus, governments of many countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia and China, have funded research on making viruses more virulent. The vaccine-making industry also supported this effort because it might enhance the industry’s ability to make and sell more vaccines. It was believed that there might even be new techniques that would develop from this new technology that would increase the overall revenue generated by the healthcare industry.

Questions came up, both during the talk and later, about what other changes have taken place because of the need for much of the audience to hear a story with a happily ever after ending, and because of the known likely decline of the economy for physics reasons. Clearly one thing that happens is successful entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, aim their production in areas where subsidies will be available. With fossil fuel production not making money, fossil fuel producers are even willing to undertake renewable projects if subsidies seem to be high enough. The issue isn’t really, “What is sustainable?” It is much more, “Where will the profits be, given where subsidies will be, and what people are being taught about how to perceive today’s problems?”

Slide 25
Slide 26
Slide 27
Slide 28

In fact, what has been happening in recent years is that a great deal of debt has been added to the world economy. Mostly, this added debt seems to be creating added inflation. It definitely is not leading to the rapid extraction of a great deal more fossil fuels, which is what really would allow the production of more goods and services. If inflation leads to higher interest rates, this, by itself, could destabilize the financial system.

Slide 29

I tried to explain, as I have in the past, how a self-organizing economy works. New citizens are born, and old ones pass away. New businesses are formed, and they add new products, keeping in mind what products citizens want and can afford. Governments add laws and taxes, as situations change. Energy is needed at every step in production, so availability of inexpensive energy is important in the operation of the economy, as well. There are equivalences, such as employees tend also to be customers. If the wages of employees are high, they can afford to buy many goods and services; if wages are low, employees will be very restricted in what they can afford.

In some sense, the economy is hollow inside, because the economy will stop manufacturing unneeded products. If an economy starts making cars, for example, it will phase out products associated with transportation using horse and buggy.

Slide 30

A self-organizing economy clearly does not operate in the simple way economists seem to model the economy. Low prices can be just as big a problem as high prices, for example.

Another issue is that the energy needs of an economy seem to depend on its population and how far it has already been built up. For example, roads, bridges, water distribution pipelines and electricity transmission infrastructure must all be maintained, even if the population falls. We know humans need something like 2000 calories a day of food. Economies seem to have a similar constant need for energy, based on both the number of people in the economy and the amount of infrastructure that has been built up. There is no way to cut back very much, without the economy collapsing.

Slide 31

I am not exactly certain when the first discussion of the economy as a dissipative structure (self-organizing system powered by energy) started. When I prepared this slide, I was thinking that perhaps it was in 1996, when Yoshinori Shizoawa wrote a paper called Economy as a Dissipative Structure. However, when I did a search today, I encountered an earlier paper by Robert Ayres, written in 1988, also discussing the economy as a dissipative structure. So, the idea has been around for a very long time. But getting ideas from one part of academia to other parts of academia seems to be a very slow process.

Debt cannot grow indefinitely, either, because there needs to be a way for it to be paid back in a way that produces real goods and services. Without adequate energy supplies, it becomes impossible to produce the goods and services that consumers need.

Slide 32

Attendees asked about earlier posts that might be helpful in understanding our current predicament. This is the list I provided:

Humans Left Sustainability Behind as Hunter Gatherers  – Dec. 2, 2020
How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden – June 21, 2021
Energy Is the Economy; Shrinkage in Energy Supply Leads to Conflict – Nov. 9, 2020
Why a Great Reset Based on Green Energy Isn’t Possible – July 17, 2020
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion – Jan. 30, 2017

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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    Late this morning news broke of a “fully vaccinated” person who tested positive in Christchurch after returning from a visit to Auckland.

    Initially, media reported the case was fully vaccinated. All good.

    But by the 6pm news that detail was missing from stories… and curiously missing from the Ministry of Health media release.

    In fact tonight you will be hard-pressed to find any current news stories discussing the vax status.

    Why is it relevant? Because the patient is a mother with three children under the age of 11. It’s highly likely she was fully vaxxed less than three months ago.

    This scenario of the vaccine wearing off much quicker than the assumed six months is becoming all too common – I pinged Stuff last week for telling the story of a fully vaxxed Auckland man catching covid but failing to mention WHEN he had been fully vaxxed: JUST SIX WEEKS EARLIER!

    A thunderstorm always begins with a few spits of rain… and then suddenly there’s a deluge. I think a covid thunderstorm is coming and many who have been vaxxed are going to get a surprise.

    The media are constantly running talking points from immunologists and science communicators assuring the public that they will get at least six months protection from the vaccine and really minimize the risk of passing it to others. Clearly the communicators are not up to speed with the latest studies. Even the CDC has admitted this week that the vaccines are not preventing spread of the virus as expected and are not good enough to end the pandemic.

    And yet, the Government, the Opposition, business leaders, talkback hosts and the news media are marching in lockstep to promote vaccine passports as the key to freedom. Or is it really a pathway from the frying pan into the fire?

    1.6 million Aucklanders, with Delta silently infesting them, are about to get their vax passports and be unleashed on all corners of the country… unaware that the vaccines are not going to prevent them catching covid and spreading it – clearly as early as just six weeks after the jab.

    National was right. We ARE going to have a covid Christmas after all.

    If there was ever a time for the media to be asking hard questions about the unexpectedly short duration of protection from the vaccine, that time is now.

    I really do feel like a spectator in the crowd as the naked emperor rides past to cheers from a crowd who have been let down by news media too timid or uninformed to investigate vaccine efficacy.

    Don’t get me wrong…we can’t lock down forever and as I have said before, the vaxxed should be able to avoid the worst outcomes personally (albeit despite my calculations that most of the recent NZ Delta deaths have actually been double jabbed)…. but ironically it’s the vaccinated who are about to seed the biggest explosion of covid that New Zealand has seen yet… and the unvaxxed are going to cop it. Sure, most are unvaxxed by choice, but that just illustrates how surreal this crisis has become.

    The bitter irony is that we have just divided the team of five million in the name of promoting a vax passport system that even Blind Freddy can see is going to be a Christmas super spreading disaster… and when school resumes in the new year everyone’s children will become fuel and it’s game on.

    I hope I am wrong, but based on the UK, Israel and the USA I am not holding my breath.

    The vax will help protect you from acute covid… but it won’t prevent you passing it on when you hug grandma at the bach. If anyone reading this seriously believes their vax passport is proof of immunity I have got last week’s winning lotto ticket for sale.

    And finally., just as proof that the Christchurch case was fully vaccinated… here’s this morning’s story.

    Memo to news editors: publish ALL relevant facts in every story. Stop forgetting to mention that the vax is wearing off early. Stop forgetting to mention that the double vaxxed are still dying.

  20. Fast Eddy says:

    Significantly elevated cardiac risk caused by the vaccines justifies an immediate halt

    The researchers who confirmed the results from the Circulation paper won’t publish their results because they are worried about losing their research funding in the future. So don’t tell anyone, OK?


  21. Z says:

    @FE and @Ed

    Yes I agree that Americans are cowards…..as I am an American and see these clowns daily. I work aside the MIC and active duty army people…..almost all of these idiots have taken the VAX. These guys are knuckledraggers and window lickers. I had a full blown Colonel tell us that the vax was worth the risk to take…..lol…..an absolute idiot.

    See the video from the Father…..claiming 2 Billion will die…..I don’t know about that but I think it could be possible….lots of people are dropping dead….see all the soccer players dropping dead?

    My local sherrif passed away at 65…..from a heart attack….wonder if he was jabbed?

    Looks like the Georgia Guidestones prophecy is coming to a head


  22. Mirror on the wall says:


    > South Africa and five other African countries put on a travel ‘red list’ due to new ‘worst-ever’ super-mutant Botswana Covid variant that could make current vaccines at least 40 per cent less effective

    South Africa could go on the red travel list as soon as tomorrow after No10 was warned that a new Covid variant spreading rapidly there was the most worrying strain ever seen. The UK Health Security Agency said B.1.1.529 (left) has more than 30 mutations – the most ever recorded in a variant and twice as many as Delta – that suggest it could be more vaccine resistant and transmissible than any version before it. It has caused an ‘exponential’ rise in infections in South Africa (bottom-right, its sharp rise; top-right, general case numbers in the country) and has already spread to three countries – including Hong Kong and Botswana, where it is believed to have emerged. UK Government scientists suggested that it could make the current vaccines at least 40 per cent less effective at preventing infection, in a best-case scenario. It’s unclear what impact the variant – which could be named ‘Nu’ by the World Health Organization in the coming days – will have on protection against serious illness, hospitalisation or death. Ministers were called to an emergency meeting of the Covid Operations cabinet committee tonight, chaired by Cabinet Office minister Steven Barclay, to discuss shutting Britain’s borders to travellers from Africa. There are around 700 travellers flying into the UK from South Africa (pictured main, a jab being administered in the country) every day and an estimated 10,000 will have returned since the variant was first spotted on November 11 in Botswana. No cases have been detected in the UK so far but everyone who has returned from South Africa in the past 10 days will be contacted and asked to take a test.

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      Wow, what a clusterfuck. And yet there will be those who believe that we can inject our way out of this. There has never been a successful vaccine against a coronavirus. There has never been the successful eradication of a coronavirus.

      At this point, forget the shots. Just let nature take its course; there is no stopping it anyway. If the sun, the solar system, and/or the Earth’s biosphere is changing there is nothing we can do about it. If there is a genuine, quickly mutating, novel coronavirus on the loose it may be an example of an evolutionary pressure occurring in real time – a “great filter” that not everyone will be able to pass through.

      The “vaccines” are modern day talismans. They are also akin to “cheat codes” in a video game. People don’t realize how much power they possess to effect change in their own lives. Years ago, I worked in an office with three obese coworkers who all opted for gastric band surgery. They shrank quickly. They also kept eating the same poisonous fast food trash each day for lunch, only they couldn’t fit as much of it in their stomachs as they could before their surgeries. Problem solved, right? They lost weight without having to improve their lifestyle and eating habits. They also cheated themselves out of an opportunity to do the work of enacting positive transformation via their own will and to earn the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

      • The vaccines are indeed modern day talismans. They are also what are needed to help the pharmaceutical industry to raise its profitability. They are widely desired, but they don’t really work.

        • Mike Roberts says:

          Actually, Gail, they do really work, unless one ignores the data. However, the new B1.1.529 variant may make a new batch of vaccines necessary.

          • Azure Kingfisher says:

            Genius, Mike. Enjoy your pharmaceutical treadmill to nowhere; forever chasing the tail of a mutating virus that $cience will never catch.

          • Jeremy says:

            Actually, Mike, they really don’t work, unless one ignores them not working.

          • The “vaccines” are somewhat helpful in one way (keeping those who receive them from becoming as ill), but they seem to have a number of offsetting problems.

            1. They tend to push the virus in the direction of mutation to be worse. The more you vaccinate with a leaky vaccine, the worse the situation gets. At some point, you end up in the direction of Merek’s disease. I wrote about this issue back in this post, COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Really Work as Hoped.

            2. They lull those who get the vaccine into thinking that they can’t get the illness, when they really can catch the illness. What they get is a lighter case that they can easily pass around. Vaccinated people then go on trips and spread the illness far and wide. In the end, they make to the number of total cases rise, even though many of them are not as severe.

            3. The benefit of the vaccines seems to last a shorter and shorter length of time, the more times a person is vaccinated. This is not a sustainable pattern, especially for a world short on fossil fuels.

            4. People who get the vaccine seem to have a very significantly higher chance of heart disease. https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/circ.144.suppl_1.10712
            Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and Acute Cardiac Syndrome Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning – Published November 8, 2021

            5. There seem to be any number of other adverse outcomes from the “vaccines.” For example, the immune systems do not protect as well against other viruses, when they are trained to focus on one particular virus. Also, it looks as though there may be more cancer deaths and more auto immune problems. We do not have long enough time period to observe them, and how frequently they might be.

            6. It looks as though the immune system of small children are especially shaped by the viruses they encounter very early in life. It is not at all helpful, and probably harmful, to focus a child’s immune system on a particular type of virus (the Wuhan version of COVID-19) that is now extinct.

            7. There is also the problem that in order to get the opportunity to make the very lucrative vaccines for COVID-19, vaccine-makers had to hide the fact that the vaccine really isn’t very deadly, if treated properly. There are a whole long list of inexpensive ways of reducing the severity of the disease, including handing out vitamin D supplements in advance, to get vitamin D levels up. There are other cheap drugs to treat the disease, once a person gets it.

            • artleads says:

              Did you mean this instead?

              7. There is also the problem that in order to get the opportunity to make the very lucrative vaccines for COVID-19, vaccine-makers had to hide the fact that the (virus) really isn’t very deadly, if treated properly.

            • Mirror on the wall says:

              Thank you Gail. I abstain from the vaxes, especially as they lower symptoms but not the viral load, which would make it counter-productive if I am to ‘protect’ vulnerable people in my environment. It would be better that I had symptoms and was aware that I was infected, so that I could isolate, rather than spread it unaware to eg. older people. I am probably not myself susceptible to severe outcomes, so it makes more sense for me to think of those who are. I will keep the matter under advisement and reconsider if the facts change significantly.

            • sciouscience says:

              The frequent mixing up of the buzzy V words by many world leaders and many in media has me concerned for a Freudian Revelation. It happens too readily for me to ignore that civilization has so over-extended language such oft repeated words are interpolated without cause nor concern by both auteur and audience. See point 7 above. That’s not a typo. Gail knows what the EUA required and probably types over 60 wpm yet her high-functioning brain just wrote the very specifically wrong V word where it really mattered. I’m pretty sure that i have heard True Doe say “variants” when he meant “vaccines” and DJ Jacinda or Seedy Roach Wallensky say “vaccines” when they meant “variants.” Pressure.

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Good to know that you think the vaccines do really work (to some degree). On your points:

              1. In that post, you claimed that Delta had mutated to bypass the vaccines. This is definitely not the case in NZ and other countries where the risk of infection and serious illness is reduced for the vaccinated. I don’t think I’ve seen any research showing “leaky” vaccines promote mutations. Mutations happen anyway and Delta appeared before almost anyone was vaccinated. The latest variant of concern, B1.1.529 seems to have emerged in countries that have low vaccination rates.

              2. This is a problem, though it is shown in research that vaccines do reduce infection and spread.

              3. I’m not sure what you mean by “shorter and shorter” or “the more times a person is vaccinated”. So far most people that have been vaccinated have had a single full course (two injections for most vaccines, one for some) and a few are getting boosters. That’s it. Research shows that protection against severe illness holds up well.

              4. Did you spot this expression of concern (PDF) linked at the top?

              5. Is there any basis for this? If there is, wouldn’t this be the case for any vaccine?

              6. Seems to be a corollary of 5. Children get a lot of vaccines early in life. Why would this be different? Though I do generally agree with you.

              7. It was the data from the virus’s effects that drove the development of the vaccines. Even now, with vaccines, the case fatality rate for resolved cases, worldwide, is about 2%. Is that not a definition of “very deadly”?

              Out of interest, what do you suppose would have happened if vaccines weren’t available? What if restrictions had also not been imposed? I don’t know what the best approach would have been but it seems unlikely that the world would have taken your early advice to just let it rip, however sage that might have been.

            • Fast Eddy says:


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Bolivian nearly pure no doubt Blow… 10 bucks…. better than being locked in a concentration camp any day…

            • Student says:

              Thank you Gail for your clear recap.

            • Gail, thanks for that summary.

            • jj says:

              Dang Mike. Not cluttered up with sarcasm humor metaphor or simile. Its like you are a computer or something! So methodical. Tasty! Like wonderbread toast without Vegemite jam butter or a glass of water.

              “Good to know that you think the vaccines do really work (to some degree). On your points:

              1. In that post, you claimed that Delta had mutated to bypass the vaccines. This is definitely not the case in NZ and other countries where the risk of infection and serious illness is reduced for the vaccinated. I don’t think I’ve seen any research showing “leaky” vaccines promote mutations. Mutations happen anyway and Delta appeared before almost anyone was vaccinated. The latest variant of concern, B1.1.529 seems to have emerged in countries that have low vaccination rates.

              2. This is a problem, though it is shown in research that vaccines do reduce infection and spread.

              3. I’m not sure what you mean by “shorter and shorter” or “the more times a person is vaccinated”. So far most people that have been vaccinated have had a single full course (two injections for most vaccines, one for some) and a few are getting boosters. That’s it. Research shows that protection against severe illness holds up well.

              4. Did you spot this expression of concern (PDF) linked at the top?

              5. Is there any basis for this? If there is, wouldn’t this be the case for any vaccine?

              6. Seems to be a corollary of 5. Children get a lot of vaccines early in life. Why would this be different? Though I do generally agree with you.

              7. It was the data from the virus’s effects that drove the development of the vaccines. Even now, with vaccines, the case fatality rate for resolved cases, worldwide, is about 2%. Is that not a definition of “very deadly”?

              Out of interest, what do you suppose would have happened if vaccines weren’t available? What if restrictions had also not been imposed? I don’t know what the best approach would have been but it seems unlikely that the world would have taken your early advice to just let it rip, however sage that might have been.”

            • What would have happened if vaccines had not been available would have been similar to what happened to the Spanish Flu (H1N1) of 1918, and to the 1957-1958 “Asian Pandemic” (H2N2). The flus would have been treated with the drugs available at the time; they would not have been publicized much on the front of newspapers. In fact, aspirin has been shown to be helpful with COVID-19, but citizens have not been told about this. Having the citizens in a generally run-down condition, as many European soldiers were during World War I, and as many citizens recently have been, would contribute to the temporarily high death rate. If their vitamin D levels had been higher, most citizens would have fared better when the caught COVID-19, but no one told citizens about the need for vitamin D supplements in advance.

              In the case of the both the Spanish Flu and the Asian Flu, the flus continued to circulate in the annual influenza mixes, but they got weaker and weaker. Mutations either can be toward affecting more people or being more virulent. The tendency has been mutations toward weaker and affecting more people. I understand that these influenza types continue to circulate, but they aren’t more harmful than any others.

              The hope would be that the virus that causes COVID-19 would act in pretty much the same way; it would quickly become much less virulent.

              We have never successfully gotten rid of a coronavirus with a vaccine in the past. There is little reason to think that we could get rid of the virus through a vaccine this time either. If nothing else, the virus that causes COVID-19 affects many kinds of animals. There is no way to immunize all of these animals, as well.

              All we can do is treat the disease as best we can, with the inexpensive drugs we have on the shelf right now, and wait for the disease to go away by itself. “Flattening the curve” and keeping the virus away from some countries as it attacks others, simply invites the virus to stick around longer.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              What would have happened is what happened in Sweden… some old f789ed people died… then they introduced Focused Protection … so less old f789ed people died…

              Life went on … the health system did not collapse or get overrun… there we no MOREONIC lockdowns… kids went to school … and life went on.

              In spite of this — Sweden is vaccinating … everyone.

              This is no Spanish Flu or Asian Flu… it is more like the flu of 2017/18 …

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Gail, you didn’t address any of my comments on your points but at least you did answer my closing question. I think you’re wrong there because vaccines weren’t available for most of the first year of the pandemic and, until late in the year, weren’t expected for a further year at least. And yet what you might have expected didn’t happen. Instead we had governments racing to introduce restrictions that might slow the spread and a constant stream of claims that there were no treatments (other than breathing assistance and, eventually, steroids). Cheap drugs that might have made a difference and were safe were not even tried.

              Most governments would not have stood back and done nothing (nor did they with the 1918 pandemic – what would have happened if they had done nothing?). So we probably would have had continued high cases and deaths, in regular waves, until some countries decided, “the hell with it, let it rip” or until effective vaccines were developed.

              Some commenters here constantly rail against the vaccines and the restrictions but don’t suggest an alternative and ignore the benefits of both of those actions, instead concentrating on the potential downsides (and on false information about the vaccines).

              You have often claimed that viruses evolve to be either more infectious or more virulent but not both yet have offered no basis for that claim. I’d like to be convinced of that, so please point to some research about that.

              JJ, thanks for repeating my comment, maybe that prompted a response of sorts from Gail. FYI, I’m not a computer but I have found that the sorts of behaviour seen in many comments here (particularly from one commenter) doesn’t strengthen any position and is more likely to harden opposition.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Eeeeaw… Eeeeeaw… red alert… mike has exceeded 3 lines — Eeeeaw….

              What shall we do Captain Fast?

              Terminate first officer.

              Terminate? mike?

              Terminate.. with extreme prejudice.


              ‘But there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated’ wise mike

            • jj says:

              “FYI, I’m not a computer but I have found that the sorts of behaviour seen in many comments here (particularly from one commenter) doesn’t strengthen any position and is more likely to harden opposition.”

              Mike this confirms your earlier statement that in its essence stated that the things communicated on this forum are just ends to a means.

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              My first thought when i viewed this post was it was the most honest thing you have ever posted. In fact it is probably the reason most people get this injection. Could you explain why you are unhappy that it is being discussed?

              I would like to address your claim that the reason that this forums patrons found that post so relevant was that they are not critical thinkers. I see it as the exact opposite. That post exactly matches the motives of the behavior you exhibit. Why would we discard a post from you that exactly matches your observed behavior? Ignoring your post would be denying critical thinking.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Did mike really say this … no way… who would have thought!

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I wonder what would happen if they stopped the vaccines dead in their tracks now … and just let rip…

        I suspect that we are past the point of no return… the mutation development would accelerate out of control…

        Perhaps they are just shoving the knife deeper with the boosters to make sure that when they let it all rip … they kill as many people as absolutely possible….

        The fewer that survive the less suffering.

        Now they just see how far they can go before the masses get wind of the Death Trap and revolt… when they are close to that they open the spigot wide and finish off the CEP?

        • MM says:

          No, what actualy will happen, is a very very bad situation for the unfaxed. The people faxed are in a severe detrimental mental state and it is quite likely that atrocities will come out of that.
          You can imagine that unfaxed life will become unbearable.
          The Variants of – now great- concern will all be attributed to the unfaxed. You alreday see it in the message above from the guy follwing government advice to have an easier life.
          Botswana ? Unfaxed!
          From GVDB or other views we ARE past the point of no return because the faxed are faxed. period. We have to wait until the results of the experiment come in.
          Most people in a non-grownup mental state can just not accept that still now with the C9/11 we are in an EVEOLVING situation. It has not stopped to evolve and it will not stop to evolve and quite a big chunk of this is completely beyond human control.
          Or as Gail puts it: The system is in search for a new equilibrium but the path there is completely unknown and might take strange ways.
          Sadly the people doing experiments already know the answer, because that is why they make the experiments, eh?
          In Cern we know that we will find dark matter, so we just make an experiment for it, no?
          The data will keep flowing in and my bet is that by next June the world as we knew it is gone. I mean really gone.

  23. Sam says:

    It should be if the vacc$& keeps people from getting it and spreading it the. Fine make it mandatory but if it doesn’t then no don’t make it mandatory… they are spinning it that we would be done with this if everyone had got the va$&

  24. Minority of One says:

    This BBC article is 15 days old, but clearly the UK govt is as hell bent on destroying what is left of our National Health Service as the USA administration is destroying the health system in the USA.

    What is most interesting is the comments section. The UK populace seem to be totally for making vaccines compulsory for frontline NHS staff.

    Covid-19: Vaccines to be compulsory for frontline NHS staff in England

  25. Minority of One says:

    Some English chap taking the mickey out of the CV19 farce.
    Mr Jones going for booster shot no. 17.


    • Fast Eddy says:

      Is that… NORM?????? I think it is… NORM!!! (norm)

    • Fast Eddy says:

      The chemist that I abused just announced a loyalty card like they have at the coffee shops… if you get 10 boosters from them they give you a free fridge magnet!!!!

  26. Yoshua says:

    I did my first Covid test today. It was done in a small room without windows or air-conditioning. If I didn’t have Covid before entering the room, I most certainly have it now. I don’t know how to better spread the vermin. Licking the door nob?

    • Hubbs says:

      And that reminds me Yoshua, I for one, would be willing like to put my life where my mouth is. I had COVID and recovered from it 16 months ago. I did not get a PCR “test” to document it though, but I would stake my life on it that I had COVID. My daughter did, and she was PCR positive, and recovered quickly in 3 days with no apparent sequelae. I have taken no “precautionary” measures, do not wear masks, etc.

      Now if I want to travel or have my normal “freedoms” it appears I will at a minimum have to be tested. My daughter has to get tested every week at NCSU. She always tests negative, which she should of course, and should continue to test negative if the PCR test is not fudged to boost the numbers to justify more quarantines or vaccinations. That is my concern-if I were to travel to a foreign country where I could be detained by a false positive /fudged COVID test to justify my dropping thousands of dollars for quarantine. There are financial kickbacks to this I am sure.

      I would like to tell the Fauci/FDA fraudsters that I refuse any vaccines and would even be willing to place myself in a room full of confirmed ( both by PCR and clinical symptoms) active COVID patients for ten days and then submit to a PCR test if I could get the same shot exemptions that all members of congress, their aids, CDC, FDA workers and all the pharmaceutical company employees enjoy. Nothing like a spike protein challenge to boost my current natural immunity. My PCR will be negative but I would never get a pass for natural immunity- only “vaccine” immunity” via three serial injections and counting. But they can’t have that, because it would reinforce the argument for the efficacy of natural immunity.

    • Jarle says:

      “I did my first Covid test today.”


  27. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    At least 600 Google employees signed a manifesto opposing the company’s vaccine mandate, CNBC reported.

    The opposition makes up a small fraction of the company’s more than 150,000-person workforce.

    Google is requiring all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 3.

    At least 600 Google employees — less than 0.5% of its massive workforce — drafted a manifesto opposing the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, CNBC reported Tuesday.

    The word is getting out…the Vacx is deadly!

    • Ed says:

      IBM is exempting employees at their Poughkeepsie, New York, site and at the Rochester, Minnesota, site. Poughkeepsie makes IBM’s one profitable product and is staffed by an aging population that can afford to retire at the drop of a hat. Not sure why Rochester.

  28. Student says:

    Famous singer Brian Adams just arrived with plane in Italy, tested positive, he also has fever.
    Vaccinated with 2 doses.
    Second time positive.
    He may have infected everyone in the plane.
    Everyone happy !
    With stupid green pass allowing everybody to spread the virus freely !
    Everone happy !



  29. Ed says:

    Went to the hospital yesterday it was near empty and quiet. Just an imaging of left leg, result, all is fine. Too much heavy lifting cleaning out my deceased fathers house.

    Quiet before the storm?
    Quiet before a return to normal?

    Only shortage no heavy cream for whipped cream for the pumpkin pie at store one had to go to store two plenty in stock.

    Thankful to be well insulated here in the deep core.

  30. Mirror on the wall says:

    RUS and CCP are doing the sensible thing and joining ranks against USA/ NATO aggression. I am happy with whatever makes for global peace and stability. RUS and CCP are likely to remain energy partners too, though the EU still takes RUS LNG.

    > Russia, China sign roadmap for closer military cooperation

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s defense chief on Tuesday signed a roadmap for closer military ties with China, pointing to increasingly frequent U.S. strategic bomber flights near both countries’ borders.

    During a video call, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe “expressed a shared interest in stepping up strategic military exercises and joint patrols by Russia and China,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

    “China and Russia have been strategic partners for many years,” Shoigu said. “Today, in conditions of increasing geopolitical turbulence and growing conflict potential in various parts of the world, the development of our interaction is especially relevant.”

    Shoigu pointed to increasingly intensive flights by the U.S. strategic bombers near Russian borders, saying that there were 30 such missions over the past month alone.

    “This month, during the U.S. Global Thunder strategic force exercise, 10 strategic bombers practiced the scenario of using nuclear weapons against Russia practically simultaneously from the western and eastern directions,” Shoigu said, adding that they came as close as 20 kilometers (12 miles) to the Russian border.

    He also noted a rise in the number of U.S. bomber flights over the Sea of Okhotsk where they practiced reaching the points for launching cruise missiles, saying that it poses a threat to both Russia and China.

    “In such an environment, the Russian-Chinese coordination becomes a stabilizing factor in global affairs,” Shoigu said.

    Wei praised Russia for successfully countering what he described as U.S. pressure and military threats

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s leader, Xi Jinping, have developed strong personal ties to bolster a “strategic partnership” between the former Communist rivals as they both faced tensions with the West.

    Russia has sought to expand ties with China as its relations with the U.S. and its allies sank to post-Cold War lows over Moscow’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula, accusations of Russian hacking attacks, interference in elections and other disputes.

    Even though Russia and China in the past rejected the possibility of forging a military alliance, Putin said last year that such a prospect can’t be ruled out. He also has noted that Russia has been sharing highly sensitive military technologies with China that helped significantly bolster its defense capability.


    • Halfvard says:

      >I am happy with whatever makes for global peace and stability.

      LOL. Do you honestly believe global peace and stability is possible in a time with declining energy availability and availability of other necessary resources as well? That’s a weird optimistic take.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        I suspect that a war can be avoided, or at least be made mess likely, between USA, RUS and CCP if no power is in a position to benefit from it. States are much less liable to start a war if they face their own destruction or massive damage.

        Wars are fought on the basis of pros and cons. That is the basis of arguments that nukes have made a world war less likely because of ‘MAD’. A ‘balance of power’ is a deterrent to war.

        States go to war when they stand to benefit from it because the opponent has a weaker capacity to resist and attack, and they are likely to gain more than they lose. They do not do it without calculation or ‘just for the hell of it.’ So more equally capable states are less liable to fight.

        If you have a contrary opinion then perhaps you could articulate it? I do not feel bound by my opening statement and I am entirely open to a reasoned contrary opinion. I am quite happy to ‘park my ego’ and to give you the floor.

        By all means feel free to cite some military strategic experts and their opinions on the matter, if you think that my opinion is ‘weird and optimistic’. You may find that it is the usual opinion.

        • drb says:

          I tend to agree with you Mirror. None of the big countries can gain from a war now, unless it is to push a domestic agenda. All Russia wants from the world is to be left alone, but obviously the resistance to vaccines (by close to 100% of the population) is unacceptable to local elites with friends in the West, so there is that. I note that in 75 days in Russia the only pro-vax guy I met was the consul of another country.

          China and USA risk internal collapse in the case of a protracted war. China has a good relationship between elites and masses but they also have substantial energy problems, as well as possible food insecurity. USA, well, we know in which state it is.

          • Ed says:

            drb, please expand on “we know in which state it is”. I am near clueless other than it is under massive attack from within and without and lacks any pro nation organized government.

            • drb says:

              Divided, polarized, in decline, and without energy-efficient infrastructure (e.g., public transport). It can not survive (as a system) a substantial war.

        • Halfvard says:

          I think you are overrating rationality, since first of all I know you like Nietzsche and cite him and even he would say rational thinking isn’t as strong as the Will to Power, in his words.

          Also, to quote Heraclitus, Nietzsche’s favorite greek philosopher (and the only one he didn’t insult in Twilight of the Idols):

          “It is necessary to understand that war is common, strife is customary, and all things happen because of strife and necessity.”

          To think that in a time of scarcity people will NOT fight over the remaining resources is a completely bizarre idea and seems particularly odd to hear from you given that I’ve read your posts and have some grasp of the people you quote and their ideas.

          I could further go into details about military stuff but it is Thanksgiving and I’m not willing to go further today.

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            I too am focusing on another matter, so only briefly.

            ‘Rationality’ is an expression of WTP. The conscious mind, with all of its pitfalls, has evolved to help us to navigate and to exploit the world. ‘All truth is will to power’. The intellect is at the service of the ‘will’. It informs about means and ends, pros and cons, so that the ‘will’ knows how best to achieve its objectives. To be brief, ‘healthy’ types will remain the most realistic, while less healthy types will invent imaginary words (and even worlds) to advance their power. Our societies are mix of degrees between the two extremes.

            The military leadership is the summa of healthy types (or it should be), it is where the real business of the world goes on in a realistic manner and without any illusions, and where the state acts in the world in the most telling ways. Governments should be the same, but they are obviously not; we have democracies, anyone with the right ‘background’ and ‘record’ can get elected and governments change their policies and even overall strategies all the time – look at Brexit. Governments have less of a clue what they are doing and they are more subject to ‘changes of the wind’.

            Presumably the USA military has selected the correct types – but that does leave the problem of the governments who make the decisions (assuming that they do.) So what I said ‘should be true’ but it remains quite possible that the government types, especially in democracies, will make really stupid decisions because the society was not healthy enough in its instincts to keep them as far away from the levers of power as possible. You could easily end up with some nutter in the White House (not saying Trump), even someone severely mentally impaired (not saying Biden) or a religious extremist (not saying GW Bush).

            Even so, I think that it is fair to say that a ‘balance of power’ makes war between USA, RUS and CCP ‘less likely’ – or at least it should – but it does not guarantee it. WTP will express itself, and it will do so more or less rationally (realistically). The healthier the societies are in their instincts, especially politically, the more rational they will be and war will be less likely in the said circumstances. We will just have to hope that USA is not so degenerate of instinct as to fight wars of MAD. As you say, scarcity will increase the pressures, so it is ‘fingers crossed’.

            WTP will not be the problem so much as the form that it takes – and I will admit that the USA is not a good guarantee of a good outcome.

            Have a good one.

            • I also think that the war is somehow inevitable. Sooner or later. In the time of limited resources per capita, anyone responsible for the country will face a simple choice:
              – he can either let the society descent into internal revolution, where internal factions will kill each other (with several ideological fronts available – ethnic, racial, religous, political or social stratification flavours);
              – or find external enemy, preferably with available resources to be grabbed and let your kind enjoy civilization a little longer.

              This what I see currently with games on Ukrainian border. Russia is the reachest country on the planet in terms of resources (including the most fundamental energy – oil, gas, coal, uranium, etc.). Europe has a tough choice in this matter.

              It is not decided that it must be a global war between the major forces. It might be kind of hybrid, remote war in some distant country / region (Persian Gulf would be the most probable place, I guess). 1984 scenario. Like recently but more intense.

              I currently read “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914”

              In the Introduction of this book is this paragraph:

              “…Some of the most interesting recent writing on the subject has argued that, far from being inevitable, this war was in fact ‘improbable’ – at least until it actually happened. From this it would follow that the conflict was not the consequence of a long-run deterioration, but of short-term shocks to the international system. Whether one accepts this view or not, it has the merit of opening the story to an element of contingency. And it is certainly true that while some of the developments I examine in this book seem to point unequivocally in the direction of what actually transpired in 1914, there are other vectors of pre-war change that suggest different, unrealized outcomes.”

              The war was not expected nor planned. None of the major players (Russia, Habsburg Empire, Britain, France) wanted this war but nevertheless it erupted.

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            Yes, Nietzsche does wax lyrical about Heraclitus – his view of the world as in constant flux, a coming to be and passing away of forms, rather than some constant ‘ideal’. Nature advances through constant destruction and construction, and that is where it finds its constantly renewed vitality. Stablity leads to decay. The whole ‘Dyonisian’ thing.

            Nietzsche is often ambivalent about previous thinkers, and how he views them depends on what angle he is thinking about the time – more angles lead to a fuller ‘picture’. (Their ‘philosophies’ will express their instincts and the health thereof.) He seems to criticise Heraclitus in this passage that I read the other night. It is just a note to self and he does not elaborate, about the ‘artistic optimism’.

            > I have seen only one original figure in those that came after [Socrates]: a late arrival but necessarily the last – the nihilist Pyrrho: – his instinct was opposed to all that had come to the top in the meantime: the Socratics, Plato, the artist’s optimism of Heraclitus. (Pyrrho goes back, through Protagoras, to Democritus -). TWTP 437

            Elsewhere he expresses a pessimism about the human future if it is left to Nature’s devices, and he suspects that we will need to rationally intervene in a more ‘destructive’ way to clear the way for renewed vitality, eg. the selective mechanism of the ‘eternal return’. Perhaps that is what he is getting at about ‘artistic optimism’ – he is approaching it in terms of ‘creative intelligence’ vs. ‘interpretative intelligence.

            (And he seems to go on to criticise Pyrrho, in the same passage.)

            • Duncan Idaho says:

              Heraclitus was vastly important compared to Aristotle, who we only recognize because of Christianity, and other Abrahamic religions .

              Would be a minor player, past 5th Century Athens.

            • Tim Groves says:

              Then why do we recognize Heraclitus?

              Would that be because of Christianity and other Abrahamic religions or in spite of them?

              It is fascinating, Duncan, to discover that you are such an expert in ancient Greek philosophy, in addition to all your other talents, that you feel qualified to offer opinions on the relative importance of individual philosophers, as if they were basketball players or rock guitarists and you were a sports commentator or a music critic.

              Or could you be a living example of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              duncan is an expert in injections… dunc is it best to inject the same shoulder or to swap back and forth?

              Once we get to injecting daily … is it ok to inject into the eyeballs while giving the rest of the body a break?

        • Halfvard says:

          I add one addendum:

          Mutually assured destruction and economic interests making it irrational was the narrative after The Great War why it would be The War to End All Wars.

          How did that work out?

          Some food for thought on a day of eating.

          • Mirror on the wall says:

            It certainly ‘ended’ the British Empire and British global hegemony. We always have to ‘factor in’ politicians. It was well known that WC was a degenerate type, indeed a severe alcoholic. I suppose that is ‘representative democracy’ for you. But the consequences of daft mistakes now would be worse. The ‘theory’ was correct – or it should have been – and it applies now more than then… that sort of thing…

        • Jarle says:

          Well said!

  31. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Want to keep up with the Three Gorges Dam in China?

    China Three Gorges Dam ● Quake ● November 24, 2021 ●Water Level and Flood


    This covers it for you…
    How long before the Damn breaks?…Fast Eddy please tell us all!

  32. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Russian mining accident kills 11, rescue effort halted over explosion risk
    Specialists take part in a rescue operation following a fire in a coal mine in the Kemerovo region
    By Alexander Marrow and Tom Balmforth

    MOSCOW (Reuters) -At least 11 miners died in a coal mining accident in Russia’s Siberia on Thursday and an operation to rescue dozens more people stuck underground was suspended due to the risk of an explosion, the region’s governor said.

    Coal dust caught fire in a ventilation shaft in the Listvyazhnaya mine in the snowbound Kemerovo region early on Thursday, filling the mine with smoke, the TASS news agency cited local emergency services as saying.

    “The chance of an explosion is very high. We’ve decided to suspend the search and rescue operation until the concentration of gas reduces,” Regional Governor Sergei Tsivilev said. Methane and CO2 levels were dangerously high, he said.

    Eleven people were dead and 35 others were still underground, he said. Dozens were being treated in hospital, at least some of them with smoke poisoning. Four were in critical condition

    Back in the late 1800 early 1900s Children worked the dial mines because of their small size.
    It was terrible conditions and many not only became injured and maimed, but lost their lives?
    For those that survived the time, they were stunted and deformed and not really able to function.

    The Socialist Movement and others campaign to stop this treatment.
    FDR admitted he largely got his programs from them.
    Happy Day

  33. Kurt says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on ofw. Warm and cozy here, derp inside The Core. Plenty of Turkey. Free jabs at the local pharmacy. Lots of football on TV. Relax and enjoy! Typing all day won’t put food on the table.

  34. Bei Dawei says:

    I just spoke with my uncle in Louisiana. He’s a doctor. He says nobody in the whole state has died from the vaccines. But he’s seen a number of people die from Covid. (One was 18 years old.)

    Happy US Thanksgiving!

    • ssincoski says:

      You a joking, right? How would your doctor uncle know that nobody has died from the vaccine? Did he do the autopsies?

      • Minority of One says:

        Presumably that excludes those that have died from ’causes unknown’. It must also be pretty easy for a doctor to say it is CV19 when it was the clot shot. Even when there is almost no-one left alive, it will still be ‘nobody in the whole state has died from the vaccines’. Mission accomplished.

      • Xabier says:

        Like flu, autopsies magically disappeared in most places when Covid came along – how convenient.

        Wearing a mask scares so many things away.

        Saying that one’s uncle who is a doctor has seen no vaxx deaths may well be true, but it really means no more than declaring the economy is OK because all the restaurants in town are full on Saturdays; or questioning whether a war is on because no bombs have fallen near you. ….

        If vaxx deaths run at some 1 in 1-3,000, which is a fair estimate, then an average doctor may well see no deaths.

      • Bei Dawei says:

        I assume that doctors talk to each other, maybe pool information in the form of records of some kind.

        • These are busy professionals. At most, any sharing of information is informal, over lunch, I would expect. Otherwise, they all see the same nonsense everyone else sees from the mass media.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Most of them no doubt believe their bullshit when someone comes into their office – says they have stabbing pains in their heart that started within hours of Pfizer… and they diagnose the person as having anxiety… or was it a strained pectoral muscle…

            They are MOREONS… just highly trained MOREONS… circus animals vs barnyard animals…

            Disgusting bags of meat and guts…

    • Halfvard says:

      Doctors aren’t immune from idiocy. They’re the priests of the modern religious belief in science and medicine. A white coat is the new cossack.

      • Bei Dawei says:

        Idiocy can come from all directions. Each contributes his share.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Great typo. Love it!

        You mean the new cassock, styled by Dior or Prada, obviously.

        The new Cossacks are playing around on the Russia-Ukraine border these days.

  35. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Fast..not too late get the JAB before it’s too late…

    6) You’re about to be destroyed. Your body, your mind — everything you know feels wrong. Prepare for nightmares, crying, anxiety, low energy, breathlessness, awful short-term memory, poor cognition, etc., etc. COVID will steal your breath while it robs you of your soul.

    This all happened to me in November 2020, while I was exercising caution and — importantly — before vaccines were available. I was unlucky; young and relatively healthy. Today, this is preventable. We have safe and highly effective vaccines.

    It’s not too late until it is. Take your shot — it’s free and easy. Don’t suffer needlessly, and don’t let those you love suffer or worse.

    Christopher Stolarski, 41, lives with his wife, Erica, in St. Francis.

    This article originally appeared on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: I got COVID and spent 19 days in an ICU. You don’t want COVID

    • Xabier says:

      Vaxxes save more people than Jesus! Hallelulah!

      No need to wait for His Second Coming: we have the First Coming of the Modern Scientific Miracle!

      What pathetic propaganda…..no mention of effective early treatments.

    • Kowalainen says:

      “You don’t want COVID”

      Right. However.

      Covid sucks and the vaxxes suxx.
      Prophylactics? Nah; STFU. 🤫


    • Halfvard says:

      You are a walking meme at this point with following the narrative so thoroughly and unthinkingly.

      Congrats bro

      • Herbie R Ficklestein says:

        Associated Press
        White House: 92% of fed workers under mandate are vaccinated
        Wed, November 24, 2021, 9:02 AM
        WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for millions of federal workers seems to be working, with no apparent disruption to law enforcement, intelligence-gathering or holiday travel.

        On Tuesday, one day after the deadline for compliance, 92% of the 3.5 million federal workers covered by Biden’s mandate reported to the government that they are at least partially vaccinated, according to White House officials.

        The highest number of partial vaccinations by Tuesday was at the Agency for International Development, which had 97.8%, followed closely by the Department of Health and Human Services at 96.4% and State Department at 96.1%, according to data provided by the White House Wednesday.

        Law enforcement agencies do lag behind in vaccines, with the Justice Department at 89.8%. The Department of Veterans Affairs is at 87.8% of partial vaccinations, though the Defense Department was 93.4% and the Homeland Security Department was 88.9%. The government office with the lowest number of partially vaccinated employees was the Agriculture Department, at 86.1%.

        But overall, 96.5% of federal employees have been deemed in compliance with the policy, which also includes medical or religious exemptions that are still being evaluated. The rest are considered out of compliance, but officials emphasized that “it’s not a cliff,” and that workers will receive counseling to get vaccinated or file for an exemption. Only then would termination be considered.

        Following the Party line

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Hahahaha…. sounds like someone who has just had a bad flu…

      The thing is … I was telling M Fast yesterday that I can’t really recall having a flu except when I was very young (maybe around 5)…. I remember this because I recall the delirium and mother applying cold compresses… I recall being extremely ill…

      But I have never experienced anything like that since… I was wondering if I do get the flu still but because I have immunity even to the ever evolving infection… that I pass it off as a common cold…

      ‘relatively healthy’ — relative to what? The average American?



      I can imagine Covid would hit some of these folks quite hard… as would the flu.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      I was pointed to a Red Cross FB page that is being hit with comments about how the vaccines are toxic and asking if it is safe to be infused with the blood of a jabbed CovIDIOT….

      The site operator responds saying experts say it is safe.

      The commenters ask who the experts are and for references to the research.

      There is no reply.

      Others are slamming them with research indicating the vaccines are dangerous … citing VAERS etc etc etc….

      So far the comments have not been removed.

      What I am wondering is … if people want to get the word out rather than setting up their own FB pages — which get banned… why not just bombard legit FB pages with this info….

      FB obviously cannot take down all these pages … the operators could be asked to remove comments and block people but this would be whackamole… they’d just move to other sites and continue… if FB tried to eliminate them they could easily register new accounts and continue

      Seems a lot more effective than marching around the block with placards.

  36. JonF says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American OFWers

  37. CTG says:

    Former Pro Calls For “Investigation” After Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses


    Nothing to see move along…. Super fit athletes may have heart attack.. Nothing new… move along…

  38. Fast Eddy says:

    It must be dawning on all but the most willfully reality averse that too much of this pandemic has been a Trojan Horse. The aim, globally more than locally, being to terrify us while other agendas are advanced. There are many deceptive slogans with noxious titles like ‘Build Back Better’ and other chirpy banalities beloved of billionaires and bankers, to camouflage what is a Molotov cocktail of factual evasions and perversions as a front for a desperate financial bailout for a dysfunctional financial system with perhaps a dash of social engineering thrown in.

    Somebody described this as the ‘Good Slave Code.’ Namely: stay at home when told, stand apart as instructed, wear a face muzzle when ordered, go out only when permitted, socialize only when allowed, desire to be tracked 24/7, spy and snitch on anyone not in the cult, vote against your own self-interest, be subservient to authority even when they don’t know what they’re doing and their tactics are misfiring, obey without questioning the sheer futility of ‘locking down’ or seeking to ‘immunize’ via therapeutics that clearly don’t do so (non-sterilizing “vaccines”).


    • Xabier says:

      Slaves in the Ancient world were taught to stand with head bowed and hand on heart, to indicate total submission to a master or mistress. In West Africa, they were made to crawl naked on the ground, not permitted to look up in the faces of their owners.

      We have been put in masks, and even the masters themselves wear them in public to indicate the new code of conduct, but taking them off to be served by still-muzzled slaves just to show who is now boss and what the hierarchy really is.

    • Bei Dawei says:

      Only a MOREON could look at this dumpster fire, and think it was planned.

      • vbaker says:

        If it wasn’t planned, it certainly fits in the “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” category.

        Something which is evidently now entirely benign continues to be used as a springboard for removing freedoms and human rights by whomever perhaps didn’t plan this.

      • Rodster says:

        Tell that to Klaus Schwab who in 2019 said there was going to be a pandemic in 2020. Tell that to Bill Gates who invested several hundred million in BioNTech/Pfizer a few months before the Covid outbreak. Tell that to Tony Fauci who now owns some vaccine patents.

      • Fred says:

        Read JFK’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. The conspiracy and plans are laid out clear as day.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Only a blind deaf and duumb MOREON would be oblivious to the fact that this is a planned opp.

        Then they’d go get the booster hahahaha… the lot of you will soon be dead.

        Fast Eddy laughs last.

    • Restraining energy demand by per person rationing is a terribly laborious approach. It scares people as well, and there are a lot of arguments about equity. Restraining energy demand by scaring people works a whole lot better. Those who are most easily frightened especially stay at home. People who had a long commute are happy to stay away from the long commute indefinitely, if it can be replaced by Zoom conferences.

      • That’s very interesting and likely correct reading of the situation.
        If I’m not mistaken this is actually the “~4th wave” of the alleged disease right now, how far / long could be this path exploited even further, years? After a while the plot could slightly change into mandate with ~UBI like dimensions (tweaked for staying home), so the economy remains effectively moribund with both weak supply and demand..

      • Fred says:

        Rationing marketed as lockdowns is working well so far.

        International air travel in Australia in Sep 21 vs Sep 19 down by 98.8% = worthwhile fuel savings.

        NSW where I live says the unclean will be able to go about their business as usual come Dec 15, no mask & passport BS. Yaay!

        According to the Aust Bureau of Stats flu officially went extinct in July 2020, to be replaced by you know what.

        Expecting more lockdowns for winter 2022 when all the vaxxed have f–d immune systems and flu, COVID whatever will be nailing them.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          When someone asked me if I would miss hockey (and also suggested ‘why don’t you just get it’) I said not really … cuz when Auckland opens up Covid is gonna spread far and wide… and we’ll either end up in lockdown .. or so many people will avoid the other people that nobody will be on the ice…

          Imagine all those old half dead people looking at the Auckland policy that comes in to play mid Dec…

          Guess what – they won’t be going to restaurants… they’ll be triple masking to go to the Countdown… they’ll be living in fear…. because they have been conditioned to live in fear.

          I really cannot wait for this to hit… let these diseased Aucklanders out of their pens!!!

          All hail the virus… sacrifice the children to appease the virus…


          When the mutants arrive … I’ll be buttering me toast with Ivermectin Horse Paste hahahahaha…

          • doomphd says:

            FE, if that was supposed to be an H-bomb, it won’t work as the warhead’s tritium fuel has decayed and the decay product 3He is a neutron adsorber, so it blocks any chain reaction unless the fuel is periodically replaced. it’s about as effective as that Hollywood prop.

  39. Fast Eddy says:

    EARLIER this month Dr Byram Bridle, a Canadian viral immunologist whose faculty at the University of Ontario has disowned him for his repeated assertion that Covid-19 vaccines are not safe, gave a remarkable off-the-cuff interview to a reporter. We’re publishing edited extracts from the transcript today, tomorrow and Saturday.

    Bridle starts by explaining the reasons why heavily vaccinated countries are experiencing high case rates, why adverse reactions are not being reported or diagnosed and discusses the overwhelming evidence for ivermectin as an ant-viral treatment for Covid where studies have been conducted correctly.

    Video https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/dr-byram-bridle-the-unanswered-vaccine-safety-questions-part-1/

  40. Harry McGibbs says:

    “A nationalistic blockbuster set during the Korean War has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales and become the highest-grossing film ever in China, according to box office data.

    “”The Battle at Changjin Lake”, a chest-thumping war epic, is the latest entry in a new era of Chinese action films with explicitly patriotic themes that reflect rising levels of domestic nationalism.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “China’s government has accused Joe Biden of “a mistake” in inviting Taiwan to participate in a democracy summit alongside 109 other democratic governments.

      “Taiwan was included in a list of participants for next month’s Summit for Democracy, published by the state department on Tuesday.”


      • We can expect more and more conflicts to arise, as energy supplies fall short.

        • drb says:

          Which will solve nothing, and further reduce energy supplies. I have no doubts that, for example, in Ukraine a small war could be staged, helping both sides push an internal agenda which is getting no traction now. But if the US enters into a major war now it will collapse.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Hopefully before BAU ends… every country with nukes unleashes a massive barrage of missiles into China… incinerate the CCP

      • Nope, it’s the other way round in terms of sequencing order.
        Because of the close proximity (no buffer zone anymore) Russians said they are targeting command and control centers [first this time], not allowing WWII like invasion advantage to repeat. Hence they will send hypersonic missiles and seaboard tsunami creating missiles from autonomous subs. To repeat the sequencing: in few dozens of seconds the US/UK/W Europe goes dark and few minutes after that massive tsunami wave splashes over most of these agglomerations..

        Yes, with a delay “old fashioned” nukes will be flying probably afterwards in all directions as well..

      • Bei Dawei says:

        As a Buddhist, I should probably be against this more than I am.


        • Mirror on the wall says:

          Do not worry, you will likely become One with Nothing soon enough if it all goes on in your backyard – hopefully you won’t take the rest of us out with you. I quite like my Being in the Multiplicity. Feel free to take FE, who seems to be all for it too.

  41. Fast Eddy says:

    “Sheffield United star John Fleck collapses on pitch during Tuesday match and rushed to hospital – live feed cut when announcer asks if he’s had Covid jab”

    “The live feed was cut after one of the announcers asked, ‘I think everyone wants to know if he’s had the Covid vaccine?’”


    Watch https://twitter.com/i/status/1463482192630329344

    hahahahahaha… no conspiracy … none at all…

  42. Fast Eddy says:

    “Israeli experts warn vaccine immunity is on the wane as cases nearly double and R number rises” – “New cases shot up – nearly doubled on Monday, November 22nd. If this trend continues, serious questions about mass vaccination must be immediately raised,”


    norm… dunc… more injections coming soon!!!

    hahahahhahahaha…. suckers!!!

    How about you mike the disgraced one… had that booster yet? don’t be late otherwise you won’t be able to ‘get around’

    Check this out – another version of mike’s favourite song


  43. Fast Eddy says:

    “Woman arrested for not wearing mask on flight yells ‘let’s go Brandon’” – Katrina Alspaugh was kicked off of a flight and arrested after refusing to wear a face mask while yelling “let’s go Brandon” as she was taken into custody at a Las Vegas airport on Sunday


  44. Fast Eddy says:

    600 Google Employees Sign Manifesto to Overturn the Company’s Vaccine Mandate


  45. CTG says:

    Let me open this up for a serious discussion. I will split it into a few parts to bypass moderation like what FE did (Hope FE does not cancel me and delete it)

    To put into perspective, Gail mentioned that Malaysia has high energy usage per capita

    Germany 144.6
    Japan 134.7
    France 133.3
    Malaysia 127.1
    UK 101.6
    China 101.0
    Italy 97.0

    This is the link to the PDF : https://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/energy-economics/statistical-review-of-world-energy/primary-energy.html

    Think about it. Malaysia is a tropical country. We don’t have winter. Every day is around 25°-35°C. There is no heating, but we do have air conditioning. We do have a lot of industry, but our population is only 33m, which is very low compared to other developing countries. Other than Singapore, Malaysia is the only tropical country in the list with high per capita energy usage. If you look at the PDF, there is a correlation between COVID hysteria and energy per capita.

    Tourism is an energy hog. From the wasted food at the buffet to useless trips across continents and the prevalence of budget airlines. It has no net gain for mankind. South East Asia is very dependent on tourism for external source of money. In no way, they will back down on stopping tourism. I think the natives (citizens) restless on all the lockdowns and “no economic activity”. The politicians must do something

    50,000 divided by 21 days = 2,400 per day. That is probably 10 full flights per day only. At this time of the year, it should be 50,000 per day. It does appease the natives but looking closely, this number is practically meaningless in terms of recovery.

    What a better way to stop tourism right at its track ? Pandemic of course.

    • CTG says:

      Part 2 :

      The requirements for retirement visa in Malaysia are going to be tightened a lot. The noise surrounding this tightening from property developers and all other parties are now very muted although this would hurt them very badly. It is expected that this tightening to happen soon. Personally, I don’t think that any people will entertain the idea of tightening now. The only thing that sprang into my mind – we don’t have enough energy left. Seriously running out of energy. Foreigners coming in would use up our energy and they fly in/out which is also an energy hog.

      Gail mentioned that the flight from GA to MA is not full and it can be clearly seen that economic activity worldwide is low. In some cases, very low. Same here in Malaysia.

      Perhaps I am wrong that world leaders are stupid. Perhaps they are just too clever. Perhaps Gates bought the farmlands way before the energy issue becomes serious. Perhaps the release of oil from SPR is not to reduce the price but to use it. Perhaps the lockdown in EU is to seriously converse what is left. Perhaps the aggressive posture to Russia from EU is just a show. Perhaps no army was in Ukraine to fight the Russians, it is just a distraction for the already angry population. Perhaps the leaders know that it is not possible to move forward beyond 2022. Think about the backlash from the crowds if you want to impose lockdowns again in EU and do you think the leaders are so stupid to impost severe restrictions on unvaccinated? I mean, seriously think about it, are they really that stupid? Again, think about it. China having power issue? blackouts in EU? I think this is something that is seriously out of this world. If you say that blackouts in developing countries, it is expected but EU? We don’t even have blackouts here in Malaysia.

      Perhaps the hysteria surrounding COVID was purposely made. It was also made to endure a long period of time so that it sank in, and people are so scared that they do not want to go out and use energy. Perhaps the supply chain was disrupted on purpose to conserve energy. Perhaps Fauci is a Saint as he is slowly eliminating people without panicking them. Perhaps tech giants are helping by censoring truth so that people do not panic. Remember that if MSM does not report it, it does not happen. Perhaps we have already scrapped the bottom of the barrel and seriously there is none left and SPR drawn down is to actually let people use the oil.

      Perhaps the coming lockdown is the last leg ?

      The list below. How many high energy/population are also COVID-restricted? How many have restrictions in movements? Perhaps China decide to start the spread of virus because Jan 2020 was CNY month and the number of people travelling around is tremendous. So, locking down China at that point of time make a lot of sense.

      Gigajoules 2020
      Qatar 594.2
      Singapore 583.9
      Trinidad & Tobago 445.7
      UAE 423.7
      Canada 361.1
      Norway 356
      Kuwait 352.9
      Saudi Arabia 303.3
      Oman 268.2
      US 265.2
      Turkmenistan 232.7
      South Korea 229.9
      Australia 218.4
      Sweden 217.8
      Taiwan 202.3
      Finland 197.9
      Netherlands 196.8
      Russian 194
      Belgium 189
      New Zealand 174.3
      Kazakhstan 165.4
      Austria 153.6
      Germany 144.6
      Czech 143.6
      Iran 143.2
      Japan 134.7
      France 133.3
      Malaysia 127.1
      Switzerland 124.5
      HK SAR 123.9
      Israel 121
      Spain 106.3
      Poland 106
      Belarus 103.9
      Ukraine 101.6
      China 101.1
      Hungary 100.2
      Italy 97
      Other Europe 96.8
      Greece 96
      Portugal 91.5
      Chile 84.1
      South Africa 82.7
      Ukraine 75.8
      Turkey 74.6
      Thailand 73.3
      Argentina 69.7
      Romania 69.2
      Azerbaijan 61.3
      Brazil 56.5
      Uzbekistan 56
      Algeria 52.4
      Iraq 51.3
      Venezuela 50.7
      Mexico 50.2
      Vietnam 42
      Ecuador 36.6
      Egypt 35.6
      Other CIS 35.4
      Colombia 34.7
      Peru 30.2
      Indonesia 27.9
      Other ME 27.6
      Morocco 23.8
      India 23.2
      Other AP 17
      Philippines 16.7
      Pakistan 15.7
      Sri Lanka 15.3
      Bangladesh 9.7
      Other Africa 6.2

      • drb says:

        This table is GJ per person per year, right?

        • CTG says:


          • Kowalainen says:

            Is the energy usage in energy production and transmission (oil, gas, hydro, etc) infrastructure accounted for?

            With that I mean that producing, pumping, refining and shipping (exporting) FF products might skew the actual energy amount burned per capita.

            I guess the average with this accounted for in the “cold” countries, NX, to be approx 200GJ/capita, somewhat lower in CX and again somewhat higher in SX (AC’s) etc.


            Interesting would be to get a measure of “how low can you go” before the bottom falls out? Assuming that the CB’s can keep the monetary smoke and mirrors inflated, assisted by the narrative peddler schmucks delivering hopiates and pink unicorns in the form of a return to BAU one wind turbine and injection at a time.

            Stomping into an evolutionary trap (CEP) which is the urgency to return to BAU seems to be “working”. We’re all free to choose. Within temptation is truth and all that.


      • Bei Dawei says:

        I seriously doubt the MM2H program was tightened because of a lack of energy. The Malaysian government (or elements thereof) just saw an opportunity to shift to a higher class of customer. The number of people involved is hardly enough to matter to the energy situation.

      • It is the high energy per capita countries that can afford the vaccines. The low energy per capita countries often have a much lower incidence of COVID to begin with, partly because they are warmer, wetter countries and partly because they use ivermectin to keep down parasitic diseases.

        The vaccines sound good, but they seem to let the disease spread better by preventing vaccinated people from realizing that they are somewhat ill and spreading the disease.

        • Also, while countries are opening back up, there are not actually enough customers for many businesses to be profitable, as currently structured. There is a need to cut back more industries.

          The vaccine mandates allow industries that are sort of marginal (like education) to cut back, as teachers decide to quit. Things were not going well, even before all of these things happened. Classes tended to be very mixed, with high and low ability students. Some came from one parent, drug addicted families. Teachers couldn’t do miracles. High income families would become very unhappy. People would choose to home school to avoid the poor school situations.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Injected CovIDIOTS infecting other Injected CovIDIOTS creating an environment that breeds mutants.


      • drb says:

        time to move to Qatar? Generally speaking countries in the region want to develop whatever industry they can…

    • CTG says:

      Perhaps Part 2 went to moderation

    • Student says:

      Very interesting consideration CTG.
      This fits perfectly with Italian and Austrian super-lockdowns which have been decided right before the start of the tourist winter season (ski on the Alps), which is highly eneregy demanding.

    • So few contrails on the sky in recent months and year+
      It’s an attempted de-growth plan in action evidently, that being said it could at later stage fork away into another optional scenario closer to CEP.. , which I don’t see at the moment as the primary goal though.

      Student, I guess the .it / .at case is mostly because of the favorable political situation to take these govs over fully into desired direction. But you could be right the energy was the top concern anyway, perhaps they need for precise modelling-adjusting this Alpine hydro power output cleansed out of the travel biz portion this season.. for further evaluation of options and strategies..

  46. Fast Eddy says:

    Hmmmm… 10 weeks … Immune Exhaustion approaches:

    The expert health panel advising Israel’s government believes that another COVID wave is on the horizon in light of waning vaccine effectiveness, and that the children’s vaccination drive would not be enough by itself to halt the pandemic.

    This comes amid the launch of Israel’s vaccine drive for children aged five to 11 on Tuesday, and an accelerating infection rate, ending a ten-week standstill of coronavirus’ spread in the country.


  47. Fast Eddy says:

    So far all those guns … are not doing the yanks much good… they remain in the closet… and the tough guys keep on muttering ‘one day they’ll push us too far’

    hahahaha… cowards

    • Fast Eddy says:

      New York emergency room shuts down due to lack of vaccinated nurses


      Imagine what’s gonna happen when the mutants strike hahahahaha….

      People will be dying on the streets… or more likely in their homes… who goes out on the street when they are dying…

      Except in Wuhan of course — right norm… those Wunahese are really tough people… they will walk 20km even though they can barely breath … to get to a hospital!!!

      hahahahahahaahaha It’s so good to be surrounded by Im beciles… even on an off day the IQ is hundreds of times higher than any of these hopeless pieces of garbage

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Exclusive | Cathay Pacific slashing passenger flights to Hong Kong over holiday season

      Looming aircrew shortage during Christmas and New Year holidays blamed for move to make about a third of December’s inbound flights cargo only

      Due to city’s strict quarantine rules, staffing of passenger flights is done on a volunteer basis


      Gotta reduce the fuel burn

    • Ed says:

      FE you are exactly correct Americans are cowards.

      • Rodster says:

        As Gerald Celente founder of the Trends Journal magazine likes to say: “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT”.

        It takes time. but if the Government were not the slightest bit concerned about coward Americans, Nancy Pelosi would not have erected a wall in Wash DC. The big push and blatant tyranny is in Europe. Washington DC is just slowly boiling the frog. Once it clicks with the coward Americans that its either fight or die, they fight. I have NO doubt it will play out that way in the US.

        Let’s not forget the Media around the world are complicit and compliant with their respective governments so you won’t hear about mass protests and civil unrest taking place around the world.

  48. Fast Eddy says:


    Arrested because she had some scissors (child proof)… I always thought they just seized anything sharp…

    Clearly someone on high has decided these women need to be punished

    • Xabier says:

      A nice gang of nobodies eager to implement the tyranny – at least we can be comforted in knowing that they too will be eliminated in turn once of no further use.

      That fat bitch of a policewoman actually pulls her mask down to breath – must be exciting, rather hot, work bullying the innocent and defenceless.

  49. Fast Eddy says:

    Damn that female cop has some big ol forearms on her… she looks like a Big Ol Hog….

    I wonder if I could recruit her to come down here and race ploughs… I bet she’d give our Big Ol Hogs a run for their money…

    I’ll pump her up Real Big on some Steroids… get her juiced up to Monster Hog Status… and we’ll Go for Gold!!!

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