Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told

There is more to the fossil fuel energy predicament than we usually hear about.

Strangely enough, a big part of the confusion regarding the nature of our energy problem comes from the fact that virtually everyone wants to hear good news, even when the news isn’t very good. We end up seeing information in the Mainstream Media mostly from the perspective of what people want to hear, rather than from the perspective of what the story really is. In this post, I explain why this situation tends to occur. I also explain why our current energy situation is starting to look more and more like an energy shortage situation that could lead to economic collapse.

This post is a write-up of a presentation I gave recently. A PDF of my talk can be found at this link. An mp4 video of my talk can be found at this link: Gail Tverberg’s Nov. 9 presentation–Our Fossil Fuel Energy Predicament.

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Most people attending my talk reported that they had mostly heard about the issue on the right end of Slide 2: the problem of using too much fossil fuel and related climate change.

I think the real issue is the one shown on the left side of Slide 2. This is a physics issue. Without fossil fuels, we would find it necessary to go back to using older renewables, such as oxen or horses for plowing, burned wood and other biomass for heat, and wind-powered sail boats for international transport.

Needless to say, these older renewables are only available in tiny quantities today, if they are available at all. They wouldn’t provide many jobs other than those depending on manual labor, such as subsistence agriculture. Nuclear and modern renewables would not be available because they depend on fossil fuels for their production, maintenance and long distance transmission lines.

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On Slide 4, note that M. King Hubbert was a physicist. This seems to be the academic specialty that finds holes in other people’s wishful thinking.

Another thing to note is Hubbert’s willingness to speculate about the future of nuclear energy. He seemed to believe that nuclear energy could take over, when other energy fails. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened. Today, nuclear energy comprises only 4% of the world’s total energy supply.

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The transcript of the entire talk by Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover is worth reading. I have excerpted a few sentences from his talk. His talk took place only a year after Hubbert published his research.

Rickover clearly understood the important role that fossil fuels played in the economy. At that early date, it looked as if fossil fuels would become too expensive to extract between 2000 and 2050. A doubling of unit costs for energy may not sound like much, but it is, if a person thinks about how much poor people in poor countries spend on food and other energy products. If the price of these goods rises from 25% of their income to 50% of their income, there is not enough left over for other goods and services.

Slide 6

Regarding Slide 6, the book The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others provided early computer modeling of how population growth and extraction of resources might play out. The base model seemed to indicate that economic decline would start about now. Various other scenarios were considered, including a doubling of the resources. Without very unrealistic assumptions, the economy always headed downward before 2100.

Slide 7

Another way of approaching the problem is to analyze historical civilizations that have collapsed. Peter Turchin and Sergey Nefedov analyzed eight economies that collapsed in their book Secular Cycles. There have been many examples of economies encountering a new source of energy (conquering a new land, or developing a new way of producing more energy), growing for a time, reaching a time where growth is more limited, and finally discovering that the economy that had been built up could no longer be supported by the resources available. Both population and production of goods and services tended to crash.

We can think of the current economy, based on the use of fossil fuels, as likely following a similar path. Coal began to be used in quantity about 200 years ago, in 1820. The economy grew, as oil and natural gas production was added. We seem to have hit a period of “Stagflation,” about 1970, which is 50 years ago. The timing might be right to enter the “Crisis” period, about now.

We don’t know how long such a Crisis Period might last this time. Early economies were very different from today’s economy. They didn’t depend on electricity, international trade or international finance in the same way that today’s world economy does. It is possible (in fact, fairly likely) that the downslope might occur more rapidly this time.

Past Crisis Periods seem to feature a high level of conflict because rising population leads to a situation where there are no longer enough goods and services to go around. According to Turchin and Nefedov, some features of the Crisis Periods included increased wage disparity, collapsing or overturned governments, debt defaults, inadequate tax revenue and epidemics. Economists tell us that there is a physics reason for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer during Crisis Periods; in some sense, the poor get “frozen out” and the wealth rises to the top, like steam.

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Slide 9

Slide 9 is a chart I prepared several years ago, showing the growth in the world production of fuels of various types. What little wind and solar was available at that time was included in the biofuels section at the bottom. Early biofuels consisted largely of wood and charcoal used for heat.

Slide 10

Slide 10 shows average annual increases for 10-year periods corresponding to the periods shown on Slide 9. This chart goes to 2020, so it covers a full 200-year period. Note that the increases in energy consumption shown are especially high in the 1951-1960 and 1961-1970 periods. These periods occurred after World War II when the economy was growing especially rapidly.

Slide 11

Slide 11 is similar to Slide 10, except I divide the bars into two pieces. The bottom, blue part corresponds to the amount that population grew, on average, during this ten-year period. Whatever is left over I have referred to as the amount available to increase the standard of living, shown in red. A person can see that when the overall growth in energy consumption is high, population tends to rise rapidly. With more energy, it is possible to feed and clothe larger families.

Slide 12

Slide 12 is like Slide 11, except that it is an area chart. I have also added some notes regarding what went wrong when energy consumption growth was low or negative. An early dip occurred at the time of the US Civil War. There was a very long, low period later that corresponded to the period of World War I, World War II and the Depression. The collapse of the central government of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991, so it is part of the 10-year period ended 2000. Most recently, we have encountered COVID shutdowns.

The peaks, on the other hand, tended to be good times. The period leading up to 1910 corresponded to the time of early electrification. The period after World War II was a period of growth and rebuilding. Most recently, China and its large coal resources helped pull the world economy forward. China’s coal supply stopped growing about 2013. I have written that we can no longer depend on China’s economy to pull the world economy forward. With recent rolling blackouts in China (mentioned in the next section), this is becoming more evident.

Without enough energy, the current period is beginning to look more and more like the period that included World War I and II and the Great Depression. Strange outcomes can occur when there basically are not enough resources to go around.

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Slide 14

Slide 14 shows recent energy production. A person can see from this slide that wind and solar aren’t really ramping up very much. A major problem is caused by the fact that wind and solar are given the subsidy of “going first” and prices paid to other electricity producers are adjusted downward, to reflect the fact that their electricity is no longer needed by the grid. This approach tends to drive nuclear out of business because wholesale electricity rates tend to fall to very low levels, or become negative, when unneeded wind and solar are added. Nuclear power plants cannot easily shut down. Instead, the low prices tend to drive the nuclear power plants out of business. This is sad, because electricity from nuclear is far more stable, and thus more helpful to the grid, than electricity from wind or solar.

Slide 15

Fossil fuel producers need quite high energy prices for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is simply because the easiest-to-extract resources were removed first. In recent years, producers have needed to move on to resources with a higher cost of extraction, thus raising their required selling prices. Wages of ordinary citizens haven’t kept up, making it hard for selling prices to rise sufficiently to cover the new higher costs.

Another issue is that fossil fuel energy prices need to cover far more than the cost of drilling the current well. Producers need to start to develop new areas to drill, years in advance of actually getting production from those sites. They need extra funds to work on these new sites.

Also, oil companies, especially, have historically paid high taxes. Besides regular income taxes, oil companies pay state taxes and royalty taxes. These taxes are a way of passing the “surplus energy” that is produced back to the rest of the economy, in the form of taxes. This is exactly the opposite of wind and solar that need subsidies of many kinds, especially the subsidy of “going first,” that drives other electricity providers out of business.

Prices for oil, coal and natural gas have been far lower than producers need, for a long time. The COVID shutdowns in 2020 made the problem worse. Now, with producers quitting at the same time the economy is trying to reopen, it is not surprising that some prices are spiking.

Slide 16

Most local US papers don’t tell much about world energy prices, but these are increasingly becoming a big problem. Natural gas is expensive to ship and store, so prices vary greatly around the world. US natural gas prices have roughly doubled from a year ago, but this is a far lower increase than many other parts of the world are experiencing. In fact, the bills that most US natural gas residential customers will receive will increase by far less than 100% because at the historic low price, over half of the price for residential service is distribution expenses, and such expenses don’t change very much.

Slide 17

Slide 17 shows another way of looking at data that is similar to that in Slide 14. This slide shows amounts on a per capita basis, with groupings I have chosen. I think of coal and oil as being pretty much the only energy resources that can “stand on their own.” The recent peak year for combined coal and oil, on a per capita basis, was 2008.

Natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric were the first add-ons. If a person looks closely, it can be seen that the growth rate of this group has slowed, at least in part because of the pricing problems caused by wind and solar.

The “green” sources at the bottom are growing, but from a very low base. The main reason for their growth is the subsidies they receive. If fossil fuels falter in any major way, it will adversely affect the growth of wind and solar. Already, there are articles about supply chain problems for the big wind turbines. Any cutback in subsidies is also harmful to their production.

Slide 18

US papers don’t tell us much about these problems, but they are getting to be very serious problems in other parts of the world. The countries with the biggest problems are the ones trying to import natural gas or coal. If an exporting country finds its own production falling short, it is likely to make certain that its own citizens are adequately supplied first, before providing exports to others. Thus, importing countries may find very high prices, or supplies simply not available.

Slide 19
Slide 20

This slide got a lot of laughs. The university does have some sort of agricultural plot, but teaching subsistence farming is not its goal.

Slide 21
Slide 22
Slide 23
Slide 24

My point about “scientists who are not pressured by the need for research grants or acceptance of written papers are the ones trying to tell the whole truth” got quite a few laughs. As a practical matter, this means that retired scientists tend to be disproportionately involved in trying to discern the truth.

With the military understanding the need to work around energy limits, one change has been to move away from preparation for “hot wars” to more interest in biological weapons, such as viruses. Thus, governments of many countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia and China, have funded research on making viruses more virulent. The vaccine-making industry also supported this effort because it might enhance the industry’s ability to make and sell more vaccines. It was believed that there might even be new techniques that would develop from this new technology that would increase the overall revenue generated by the healthcare industry.

Questions came up, both during the talk and later, about what other changes have taken place because of the need for much of the audience to hear a story with a happily ever after ending, and because of the known likely decline of the economy for physics reasons. Clearly one thing that happens is successful entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, aim their production in areas where subsidies will be available. With fossil fuel production not making money, fossil fuel producers are even willing to undertake renewable projects if subsidies seem to be high enough. The issue isn’t really, “What is sustainable?” It is much more, “Where will the profits be, given where subsidies will be, and what people are being taught about how to perceive today’s problems?”

Slide 25
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Slide 27
Slide 28

In fact, what has been happening in recent years is that a great deal of debt has been added to the world economy. Mostly, this added debt seems to be creating added inflation. It definitely is not leading to the rapid extraction of a great deal more fossil fuels, which is what really would allow the production of more goods and services. If inflation leads to higher interest rates, this, by itself, could destabilize the financial system.

Slide 29

I tried to explain, as I have in the past, how a self-organizing economy works. New citizens are born, and old ones pass away. New businesses are formed, and they add new products, keeping in mind what products citizens want and can afford. Governments add laws and taxes, as situations change. Energy is needed at every step in production, so availability of inexpensive energy is important in the operation of the economy, as well. There are equivalences, such as employees tend also to be customers. If the wages of employees are high, they can afford to buy many goods and services; if wages are low, employees will be very restricted in what they can afford.

In some sense, the economy is hollow inside, because the economy will stop manufacturing unneeded products. If an economy starts making cars, for example, it will phase out products associated with transportation using horse and buggy.

Slide 30

A self-organizing economy clearly does not operate in the simple way economists seem to model the economy. Low prices can be just as big a problem as high prices, for example.

Another issue is that the energy needs of an economy seem to depend on its population and how far it has already been built up. For example, roads, bridges, water distribution pipelines and electricity transmission infrastructure must all be maintained, even if the population falls. We know humans need something like 2000 calories a day of food. Economies seem to have a similar constant need for energy, based on both the number of people in the economy and the amount of infrastructure that has been built up. There is no way to cut back very much, without the economy collapsing.

Slide 31

I am not exactly certain when the first discussion of the economy as a dissipative structure (self-organizing system powered by energy) started. When I prepared this slide, I was thinking that perhaps it was in 1996, when Yoshinori Shizoawa wrote a paper called Economy as a Dissipative Structure. However, when I did a search today, I encountered an earlier paper by Robert Ayres, written in 1988, also discussing the economy as a dissipative structure. So, the idea has been around for a very long time. But getting ideas from one part of academia to other parts of academia seems to be a very slow process.

Debt cannot grow indefinitely, either, because there needs to be a way for it to be paid back in a way that produces real goods and services. Without adequate energy supplies, it becomes impossible to produce the goods and services that consumers need.

Slide 32

Attendees asked about earlier posts that might be helpful in understanding our current predicament. This is the list I provided:

Humans Left Sustainability Behind as Hunter Gatherers  – Dec. 2, 2020
How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden – June 21, 2021
Energy Is the Economy; Shrinkage in Energy Supply Leads to Conflict – Nov. 9, 2020
Why a Great Reset Based on Green Energy Isn’t Possible – July 17, 2020
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion – Jan. 30, 2017

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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5,606 Responses to Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told

  1. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Playing with bio-weapons is risky. The chances are that it won’t go as planned, and it seems that it didn’t. Delta Ultra is already here (Botswana variant), and spreading.

    Apparently, the Elders screwed up the timing of the variants (go figure, playing God is not working), and the push to vaccinate children, before deaths among vaxxed can no longer be hidden, is almost at full swing.

    The first European country that started to shit the bed, was the Netherlands, a country with over 75% of adult population vaxxed.

    Netherlands went from an average of 1,600 cases a day at the start of October, to over 18,000 by November 18th, and continues to rise, reaching 22,000+ cases yesterday.

    Germany will easily see 100,000 cases/day, easily, starting from a daily median of under 8,000 cases at the start of October, to 50,000 median on November 22nd, and continues to rise, reaching 73k and 76k cases in the last 2 days.

    I’m still waiting to see the impact of this wave in the most European vaxxed countries : Portugal, Spain, Italy and France.

    France is already spiking, and I expect them to easily break 50,000 cases / day in less then 2 weeks.

    But Portugal, Spain and Italy, while clearly going up lately, are not yet at the point of really spiking. And there is an explanation for this : while they are most vaxxed, they are also all 3 Mediterranean countries, with a warmer climate.

    What does the warmer climate do? It gives the immune system solid levels of Vitamin D, helping to fend off viruses. But, since the vaxx is screwing up the immune system, wait until mid-December, and see what happens in those 3 countries : Portugal, Spain and Italy.

    I expect almost all European countries to shit the bed before X-mas, in number of cases, and by mid-January, in number of deaths.

    Of course, the propaganda will blame the unvaxxed, successfully hiding the truth (vaxxed will die like flies) for a good while, but before January is over, they will no longer be able to hide it.

    The U.K. is a special case : they are almost all vaxxed with AstraZeneca (non-mRNA, but still destroys up the immune system), and as people, they handle cold and sunless weather better then others.

    However, they are also about to shit the bed, and Plan B is coming, whether they believe it or not. The U.K. number of cases have been high and steady (at roughly 30,000 cases a day since mid July).

    There will be another worldwide lockdown. Maybe they will not cancel X-mas (albeit in Europe they actually might), but January 2022? Worldwide lock-down is coming this or next month.

    Now, how about the U.S.?

    Well, what will happen in Europe will happen in the U.S., albeit a bit later (3-4 weeks). The U.S. won’t escape this wave. The U.S. won’t escape lockdowns. It is still on the same planet as the rest, and the plan is forall of us.

    The Elders can’t have their delusional “Great Reset”, “Build Back Better” and “being green” without two main things :

    1. Economic collapse
    2. Massive population reduction

    There is no way to have their plans done without the above.

    What will happen first and cause the second?

    Will it be economic collapse this winter (with all the good stuff : blackouts, famine, lack of medicine) that causes mass death?

    Will it be mass death causing the economic collapse (massive shortage of workers, hence, lack of everything)?

    I don’t know, but probably a combination of the two, with economic collapse first, to hide off what can’t be hidden : massive deaths among vaxxed.

    Is there hope to stop this?

    No, there isn’t. Try to cope with this. There is no way to stop the collapse and population reduction/extermination.

    If they manage to vaxx most children before people rise up and stop it…it’s game over for humanity.

    If things don’t start reversing by mid-January, if children will be vaxxed en-masse, everything that will happen thereafter will be irrelevant, for all of us.

    Time is running short, and while I still hope for an uprising before the collapse…I don’t see it happening.

    • Things may not go as the elders have planned. The way things go is the way the self-organizing system ordains. That is likely different.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        There is probably a significant chance the the CEP derails before completion … this is a very complex operation … and a bioweapon is by nature … impossible to completely control….

        There are definitely some nervous moments in the Covid control centre.

    • Yes, it’s a done deal, the worm has turned, the rock is rushing down the slope..
      This can’t be put back into the bottle, we are in different world by now..

      Lets simplify it a bit, smoke screen and chaos unleashed, separating the past from the future by a rough cut, the questions we are asking here won’t be asked by the living public at large. New reality will phase itself in, sanctuary cities keeping some tech supply chains, while strict ~feudal arrangement for most of the country mandated, people alive preoccupied with soldiering on in new circumstances under limited resources.. few “heretics” on the outskirts incoherently talking about supposedly devious intent..

    • Fast Eddy says:


      Actually … I do not think there was ever going to be a Great Reset … not even a Slight Reset… the oil to reset is gone… there is no way to reset once oil is past peak…

      We are getting close to the Extermination Phase … but Mother Gail … I do think an article explaining what we cannot reset …. It should be obvious to everyone but perhaps it is not … we need a fully functioning BAU to extract energy … it’s all or nothing .. we cannot just wipe the slate clean and start over… We’ve tapped into every possible nook and cranny of BAU to keep the train on the tracks… that’s failed… BAU will collapse…

      Humpty cannot be put back together again – impossible.

      It is quite clear given this is virology 101:

      Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.

      That the plan has been all along to exterminate. To breed deadly mutations.

      This was always just another flu — from the get go we had the propaganda — people dying on the streets in Wuhan… spraying the streets with Dettol …. Faked overrun hospitals… experts being blocked … etc etc etc….

      This was never about a Great Reset… or protecting the world from the next Spanish Flu… absolutely not.

      The plan is going according to the plan…. if this is Devil Covid we are looking at (coming out of Pazuzu-land)… then the timing is immaculate…

      We’ve got:

      – energy prices going through the roof with winter about to hit.
      – riots all over the place
      – inflation off the charts
      – water problems
      – food production issues
      – out of control debt
      – attempts to tame inflation by shifting interest rates — but all that debt….
      – etc etc etc…

      The dam is about to burst…. it makes sense for the Final Phase to begin now… For all we know Team Fauci has tweaked the experiment to ensure that this new strain kicked off … now that it has willing hosts across the planet… as those CovIDIOT hosts are exposed to this variant it grows even MORE deadly.. MORE contagious…

      They may have been holding this final trick in reserve … waiting to hit their target Injection numbers… waiting for BAU to show signs of going to the bottom …

      Has that moment now arrived????

      Well … has it????

      We shall soon see… get the popcorn machine fired up … this could be IT.

      History in the making … the end of history… the end of the humans…

      How many years has OFW been around? This is what it is all about … what it all comes down to … we’re finding out that our world is finite…

      And that means .. extinction.

      Here we go …. hold on tight… into the inferno….


      • My first post on Our Finite World was on March 16, 2007. I had left my employer on March 1, 2007. There was a time between August 2007 and November 2010 when I wrote only at TheOilDrum.com, which was a group peak oil website. In November 2010, I started writing again on OFW, and let TheOilDrum.com copy the articles it liked, from OFW. There was a real difference in how I saw the world, relative to the way the peak oilers saw the world. TheOilDrum.com went out of business, and I continued on. My version of what was happening seems to have stood the test of time.

  2. Yoshua says:

    In South Africa 72% of the population have antibodies against SC2 with a vaccination rate of 24%.

    The Nu variant seems to infect both those with natural immunity and those with vaccine induced immunity. I guess Corona viruses do these mutations to be able to reinfect us over and over again.

    This variant seems to also have two furin clevage sites. This one is a double abnormal Corona virus.


  3. Sam says:

    Sorry dude but you can’t go backwards…trust me you won’t end up on a plantation with slaves serving you . You keep trying to push this narrative.

  4. Sam says:

    Actually there was a documentary called global dimming that was on front line and they came to the same conclusion. It was based on an Israeli study that showed after 9/11 how much radiation hits the earth without airplanes in the sky. I can’t find it anymore

  5. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Tracking COVID-19 variant B.1.1.529

    • Fast Eddy says:

      hahaha… I thought they were calling it Nu… Omicron is good enough…

      Watch that map turn red soon… viruses are like that …particularly when you strengthen them beyond your wildest dreams with Leaky Vaccines.

      Hahahhahahaha… Bossche must be beside himself hahahahaha … poor Geert…. the frustration must be overwhelming….

      If only he was aware of the oil story… he’d be at peace with this developing situation ….

      Fast Eddy is at peace… Fast Eddy knows this is best for the humans… 8B starving humans without electricity… come now — nobody wants that …

      I wonder if the Elders will go into their lockdown bunkers…. perhaps some will… I suspect that many will realize that there is no coming out of the bunkers -ever… and will choose the path that the wife did in The Road.

      Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy that turkey…. and the MOREONS are recovering from a full day of drinking and watching the NFL triple header… oblivious to the approaching storm…

      He’s making a list… checking it twice… hahahahahahaha…. Maybe put Ivermectin on that list hahahahahaha…. not that it matters…

      Everyone Dies. Everyone.

  6. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Just was watching a YouTube video on the collapse of the Bronze Age….and saw this via BBC news

    Milly managed to unearth about 20 items in the Hertfordshire field

    A 13-year-old girl uncovered a hoard of Bronze Age axes on her third metal-detecting trip.

    Milly was scouring a field near Royston, Hertfordshire, when she made the find – the first of 65 artefacts dating from about 1300BC.

    When her father dug out the first one, Milly said they joked it might be an axe – and it was.

    Archaeologists were called in to excavate the entire hoard, which will be sent to the British Museum, London.

    Milly, from Suffolk, had only recently taken up her father’s favourite hobby of metal-detecting.

    The pair were on an organised trip when they came across the first axe head

    Seems England was an important supplier of tin during the Bronze Age and no one really knows for sure what happened 🙀 to make it all go bust.
    Lots of military conflict during the end of the Bronze Age 🥳🎉…maybe History will repeat itself at the end of our own😜

  7. Z says:

    Ok guys….the new “nu” variant is out now…..I expect more draconian measures to be launched and new lockdowns initiated around the world.

    They are “accelerating” the collapse by all means.

    They will state the new variant causes the previous vaccines not to work and will require new boosters/vaccines for the golems.

    More travel bans incoming.

    TPTB want to bring the system down. The Georgia Guidestones 500 million will be reality.

    • Someone posted here recently, that there is sort of ~2/2022 threshold or deadline in terms of “expected” int/global “fin reset”, yes very strange it does really feel they are trying to adhere to a script or at least maintain a rhythm – pace towards reaching particular goals on selected timescale.. The proclaimed “2030” goalpost surely means fully and firmly set new conditions by then – given the very fast (deteriorating) developments in just past two yrs..

      When “all” being suddenly impoverished it will be more bearable “existence” at least that’s the feel good claim or coping mechanism offered.. Besides, should there be few civ enclaves of somewhat better living standards and opportunities, comparatively speaking, the travel and msm info ban (and likely tougher net censorship) solves that question as well.. The contours of the future are becoming more visible..

  8. Student says:

    When some important group makes an exercise lately, it turns that it is exactly what then happens…

    new variant of concern in Israel

    Israel completes ‘war exercise’ against new dangerous variant

  9. Student says:

    Just a consideration about the question: ‘are you vaccinated?’.
    Which is normally asked by vaccinated people.
    By now, those people should know that the question is no longer correct.
    The questions they should ask, considering the system they have embraced, are:
    (a) how many Covid vaccinations have you done so far?
    (b) have you also subscribed the perennial Covid vaccination plan?

    • Interesting point.

      When someone asked me whether I had had the booster, I said, “No, I understand that the vaccines more than double your risk of heart attacks. I am not willing to trade one risk for the other.” This was in response to a neighbor who was planning to get a booster later that day.

      • hillcountry says:

        Is it time to break-out a Redd Foxx t-shirt? “I’m comin’ Elizabeth”, clutching his heart and a bunch of syringes sticking out of him.

        I like your response a lot. It’d be great to hear that from a lot of people.

      • JonF says:

        That’s a great response Gail, and you’re right. In the Fizah trials last year, if I remember correctly, 5 heart attack deaths in the jabbed group, 1 heart attack death in the placebo group.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        If they get uppity you can always fall back on the ‘I’m just waiting on the long term safety studies to come out … once I see those if they are looking good I’ll make an appointment’

        I find they shut up when confronted with that

    • Fast Eddy says:

      A Vaccine each day … keeps Covid at Bay….

  10. Only about 10% of the pop from the advanced world has a stake in the world

    The rest will become serfs and be disposable

    • hillcountry says:


      Do remember, however, that the 200 years of white-over-white slavery that claimed millions of willfully forgotten European-American souls did produce a people capable of conquering a continent in two generations and a world in three. This was done though, for their money masters, not for their descendants—we, marooned on this hateful lee shore at the end of Modernity.

      Hence, these dangerous critters, forged in the fires of slavery and then migratory war, had to be discarded. Every western of the 1950s-60s-70s, when the American Mind was re-tooled by the Lie Machine, speaks to the lesson that The Last Hard Men had but one final task, to extinguish their counterparts before riding into the sunset:

      -High Noon
      -Rio Bravo
      -Big Jake
      -The Magnificent Seven
      -The Last Hard Men
      -McKenna’s Gold
      -The Shootist

      Virtually every John Wayne, Charlton Heston movie, proclaimed in the voice of female characters with the agreement of the action hero, that his actions—necessary though they may be—were in truth the problem and he must eradicate himself as soon as his like actors had been dealt with. The best example, Shayne, an adventure about a gunfighter saving homesteaders from gunfighters and ranchers, actually calls for universal disarmament of men in the script.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        They show those old Westerns on tv in UK daily on Film 4. I do not watch tv in the afternoons but I have caught some glimpses, and it seems pretty clear, looking at them as an adult, that they are clearly pushing propaganda, sentiments that I doubt represent the sentiments of the people of the time depicted. Those people lived in radically different social and ideological conditions.

        Whatever we are looking at in those movies, it is not a depiction of the time in which they are ‘set’. They are basically ‘morality plays’ for the ‘improvement’ of the masses, according to the ideology that the capitalist state finds congruent with its interests in the present day – state propaganda. CCP has got nothing on Hollywood when it comes to ‘subtlety’ of propaganda, and indeed they are conscious that they need to ‘learn’ from USA.

        Whether the messages are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depends on the needs of the state at the time. It would be naive to suppose that the needs of the state do not change, and its messages with it. The rewriting of the past in dramas could give the impression that the state has some ‘timeless’ standard of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and that the state is concerned with some ‘eternal moral truth’, rather than with its economic interests of the day.

        Thus the viewers are misled as to the nature of the state and of its ‘morality’ – it is presented as ‘eternal, objective’, rather than as self-interested and pliable. The state projects a quasi-religious view of itself and of the world precisely as it wields propaganda to further its current interests. The capitalist state has a view of the masses as a body to be manipulated and deceived, moulded to the latest needs to the state. And the propaganda is relentless, every minute of the day.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Try go without the telly for a year or two. Or do like me, 20 years. Then switch it back on and observe your feelings.

          It is a cringe fest of nauseating schtick isn’t it?

          The narrative peddlers spreads Camembert on the herd. And they want it.

      • While whites disarmed themselves the nonwhites did the opposite and now the effect will be felt.

      • Replenish says:

        LaFond’s journey of the paleface from same-race slave, to frontliner worker to the Last Hard Man ties in nicely with the need for creating in and out groups eg. useless class, the unvaccinated and the oppressor groups. Whitney Webb’s writes that the US DHS is focusing on domestic threats like white supremacists, poltical insurgents and angry parents.

        In light of LaFond’s view on western movies as disarmament narratives it is interesting that Heston and Oliver North are held up as defenders of 2A. I maintain that US gunowners will be thrown under the bus at the appropriate time given that Webb implicates Israeli Intel, AG Barr, Epstein, Oliver North and poltical dynasty families in the blackmarket drug trade which is fueling crime and gun violence.

      • Bei Dawei says:

        In “Blazing Saddles” the sheriff even arrests himself.

      • colour is largely irrelevant

        if you check history in broad terms, a larger number of energy producers have always been enslaved by a smaller number of energy consumers.

        only very recently has this arrangement been reversed, when we figured out how to use fossilised sunshine in such a way that a bigger proportion of humankind could be energy consumers, and a smaller proportion energy producers.

        That defines the current state of industrialised humankind.

        Unfortunately, billions of our kind remain convinced that this arrangement is permanent.
        (by gods or governments–the certainty remains fixed)

        It also explains why the global ‘economic system’ is out of balance.

  11. hillcountry says:


    Geoengineering May Be the Answer to Climate Change

    looks more like serious concern than it does grifting

    • The problem with geo-engineering is that we cannot foresee the indirect impacts.

      Also, I am sure geo-engineering solutions will require resources of various kinds. These resources are seriously limited already. Using the resources for this purpose may act to bring the system down, since they will no longer be available for other purposes.

      • hillcountry says:

        Yeah, it’s a high-stakes game. They’ve been conferencing on the dangers for 10 years at least. Got to pay attention when it gets to this level though. Granted most people have ignored the evidence that it’s already being done.

        • Spray sulphuric acid into the atmosphere to stop the warming is a solution given.

          That sounds exactly the opposite of requiring all diesel used for land vehicles to have nearly all of the sulfur removed. Also, ships now need to use low-sulfur diesel, and countries are encouraged to stop burning coal. A slow down in the world economy would also have the same effect. Between loss of the sulphuric acid and loss of the small particles, it would seem as if temperature would rise substantially.

          Actually, what we seem to be doing is a geo-engineering experiment aimed to make temperatures warmer.

      • hillcountry says:

        as I understand it from Jim Lee at ClimateViewer the formulation of jet fuel changed to incorporate elements considered capable of reflecting sunlight, most noticeable in those “cirrus clouds” that take hours to “form” after particular air traffic passes overhead. He mentioned that a lot of it is occurring in conjunction with military flights that are scheduled anyway, in a two-birds one-stone. Pretty sure he identified NATO switched fuel also.

        Same would be true of the Marine Aerosols shown in the video.

        • Jef Jelten says:

          Trouble is it adds to GHGs as they fly and it allows for continued emissions elsewhere. So they would have to keep doing it at an ever increasing rate ….forever.

          • hillcountry says:

            Sure, it’s a Red Queen in the Alice sense. Jim Lee had a graphic of how they planned to deal with scheduling day and night flights and their specific altitudes and courses to try and fine-tune the GHG-effects versus the Solar Radiation effects.

  12. Yoshua says:

    Covid test result – Negative

    I’m unvaccinated, working in a restaurant. I have a fever and had to test for Covid. Everyone else is vaccinated in the kitchen. They don’t need to do the Covid test.

    • Student says:

      There is no sense in that thing.
      It happens also here.
      For what it’s worth, you have my complete support.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Of course they don’t have to test… they don’t want to isolate the infected injected CovIDIOTS… they want them to mix so they can share their developing mutants… they want these infected MOREONS out and about

  13. with a limited vocabulary, a new word is always good to have eddy

  14. Fast Eddy says:

    “Only six of the buildings were OK because they had locals minding the buildings, otherwise most of the buildings in Chinatown have been burnt down, scavengers now coming in and getting whatever they can and going back to their homes with it. There is nothing much left from the buildings anyway.”

  15. Herbie Ficklestein says:

    Noah Bressner
    Thu, November 25, 2021, 12:00 PM
    The Arctic Ocean has warmed by about 2 degrees Celsius since 1900 and started getting hotter much earlier than researchers previously thought, a new study found.

    Driving the news: The research, published Wednesday in Science Advances, shows that the Arctic Ocean began warming early last century as warmer and saltier waters flowed in from the Atlantic — a process known as “Atlantification.”

    Details: Researchers looked at marine sediment from the Fram Strait, which is where the Atlantic meets the Arctic.

    They reconstructed 800 years of data of how the Atlantic water has flowed into the arctic and found the temperature and salinity, the saltiness of ocean water, remained fairly constant until suddenly starting to increase in the early 20th century, CNN reported.

    The big picture: The data about Arctic warming has implications for global sea-level rise as well as the models researchers have been using to predict climate change.

    What they’re saying: “The rate of warming in the Arctic is more than double the global average, due to feedback mechanisms,” said co-lead author Dr. Francesco Muschitiello from Cambridge’s Department of Geography.

    “Based on satellite measurements, we know that the Arctic Ocean has been steadily warming, in particular over the past 20 years, but we wanted to place the recent warming into a longer context.”

    More from Axios

    Well now, this can not be good…..but will be, will be….
    Oh course, it’s no one’s fault

    • And no one can fix it.

      • Herbie Ficklestein says:

        Maybe build a nuclear generator plant to power up a massive air conditioner and add some atmosphere engineering will fix it, like we fixed the COVID 19 virus.


        Sure, the plans are set now all we have to do is act!

        • Azure Kingfisher says:

          It amazes me that anyone thinks we can “fix” the “problem” of changing global temperatures. We still don’t fully understand the universe, its laws and systems: gravity, electricity, magnetism, etc. It is so much bigger than us. It’s folly to work against nature; to try to literally change the world. We have but one choice, like any other organism on this planet: adapt or perish. Instead of wracking our brains trying to find a technological means of preventing global changes we should concentrate on how best to adapt to those changes. We should work with nature rather than against nature.

    • Tim Groves says:

      “The research, published Wednesday in Science Advances, shows that the Arctic Ocean began warming early last century as warmer and saltier waters flowed in from the Atlantic ”

      Therefore, it is not caused by CO2 and it is not anthropogenic!

      Thank heavens we’ve finally cleared that up.

    • “800yrs of climate data” is definitively not the whole (long/er/st) sequence.. to make proper judgment on.. in the first place..

  16. Fast Eddy says:

    New ‘super mutant’ COVID strain prompts EU to seek air travel ban


    reduce the burn

  17. Harry McGibbs says:

    “South Africa Tells 200,000 Zimbabweans to Go Home.

    “South Africa announced it will end a more than decade-old program that allowed about 200,000 Zimbabweans to live and work in the country, weeks after a new anti-immigrant party scored spectacular electoral gains.”


  18. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Financial markets fear the world’s leading central banks are risking “economic disaster” by misjudging the threat of rising inflation and not turning off the stimulus taps that have flooded the global economy with money.

    “From the Federal Reserve to the European Central Bank, policymakers are grappling with a surge in prices not seen for decades while trying to keep wobbly economies on course to recovery from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Key US inflation measure posts biggest jump since 1990s.

      “A US inflation measure closely watched by the Federal Reserve posted its biggest year-on-year jump since the 1990s last month, adding to pressure on President Joe Biden as his White House scrambles to tame rising costs.”


    • But keeping the money taps open does seem to keep the economy from collapsing, at least so far.

      We have a debt bubble that needs to continue to operate. It can fail in two different ways:
      1. Explode from too much added debt
      2. Collapse from too little added debt

      We don’t know which risk predominates at a given time. Adding more debt leads to the risk that the debt system will break down completely. In a sense, this is a faster, more complete risk than a slower, letting out of the debt through lower insurance of debt.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Explode from too much added debt

        So long as the central banks are ok with countries adding debt… I don’t see the mechanism for this to explode…. They have already demonstrated that they will lend more money to heavily indebted entities so they can service the very low interest rates and continue operating.

        I suspect BAU implodes because of the energy depletion/inflationary issues.

        The CEP must complete before this happens or all hell will break lose.

  19. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Millions of Brits plunged into financial crisis by whirlpool of inflation and swelling energy bills.

    “Swelling energy bills, soaring inflation and stinging food costs have plunged millions of Brits into a winter financial crisis, reveal new figures released today. 3.2m poorer households who rely on wafer thin budgets to meet the cost of living will be unable to pay for basic things…”


  20. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Germany fears worst as shortages take toll.

    “German business morale deteriorated for the fifth month running in November as supply bottlenecks in manufacturing and a spike in coronavirus infections clouded the growth outlook for Europe’s largest economy, a survey showed yesterday/today.”


  21. Harry McGibbs says:

    “French Power Hits Nine-Year High as Cold Weather Boosts Demand…

    “The ongoing energy crunch in Europe, caused by high gas prices, is pushing up the costs of power generation. Colder weather increases demand because homes in France use electricity for heating…”


  22. Harry McGibbs says:

    “South Korea raises rates amid household debt, inflation concerns.

    “South Korea’s central bank raised interest rates and revised its inflation outlook on Thursday, as widely expected, as concerns about rising household debt and prices pointed to further policy tightening next year.”


  23. Fast Eddy says:

    Hey norm…

    If the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission, why would the vaccine passport?

    • Sam says:

      That’s what I keep asking ???

    • i’ve never said it would

      reactions to covid have been knee jerks , by people who no more know how to deal with it than you or i do.

      My response to covid has been the sttate what it is not:

      part of a grand plan to kill us all off and ‘reset’ the economy by a conspiratorial ‘elite’

      What covid ‘is’ is a reaction to humankind by the natural world.

      We trespassed too heavily on the environment—the environment is now kicking back—hard.

      Covid has delivered the tripwire that has crashed our economic system into chaos mode—it has stopped our ‘infinitely forward’ momentum, which we were assured would go on forever.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        So why did you take the vaccine norm?

        Forgive me but Fast Eddy will step out shortly as HE is going to the pizza man because as of next Friday HE will not be allowed… so HE is making hay while the pizza oven is hot…

        M Fast is hollering – get off that sofa and take a shower …

        He’ll be back Soon with more Doom and Gloom… and Disease and Starvation tales….

  24. Jarle says:

    Meanwhile in Norway:

    If you can judge people from what TV programs they watch, what’s your verdict?



    No wonder Scam-19 sell so well …

    • cassandraclub says:

      The same show runs in the Netherlands…. it’s embarrasing, I know
      85% of the Dutch took their ineffective vaccination this year. The remaining 15% read books and Gail’s posts.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        My litmus test for MOREONSISM … if someone knew who made it to the next round of American Idol…. they got onto Team MOREON.

        Don’t care if they redeemed themselves by claiming to have read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance… f789 em… MOREON.

        • Michael Le Merchant says:
          • Fast Eddy says:

            Oh such a good boy… such a good good boy …. doing what the guvermint says…. now he will be free to ‘get around’ just like mike

            mike would be so proud… instead he has that nasty dotter who refuses to be injected…

            She must be such a disappointment right mike? You really should disown her!!!

            BTW the new apartheid in NZ affects the children – if you are not vaxxed you can’t get in…. imagine that! Our friend’s kid has been informed her boy can no longer to go swim lessons or play team sports hahahahaha brilliant!!! Thanks to J’Ass-inda!!!

    • Ed says:

      Jarle, oh my, this does not bode well for Norway.

  25. Jarle says:

    James Corbett comes across as a man with a working brain but then suddenly:



    • Fast Eddy says:

      Corbett puts me off … there is something not right about him

      • Xabier says:

        I know: setting aside his utterly ridiculous denial of Over-shoot, he’s one of those people who are creepy in a way one can’t quite put one’s finger on – wouldn’t have a beer with him, that’s for sure.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I can imagine him in high school being a ‘gary good-guy’ type… he has that taint about him…

          But underneath there is a major deviant wanting to get out … masked the falseness that comes across as ‘something’s off’.

          Could be nothing but then .. so I’d keep the children away from him … particularly when he’s had a few…. the deviant might slither out

    • cassandraclub says:

      If he would only follow a physics class about energy and thermodynamics….

    • vbaker says:

      Thx for the link. The first part is a must read / watch / listen; Especially for Canadians.

      – – –

      Dr Byram Bridle / Viral Immunologist / Vaccine Developer / Scientist


      Physicians are not allowed to speculate it a condition may be related to a vaccine. That is to be determined by review down the chain.

      However, that is done with reporting, and it takes 40 minutes to submit a report in Emergency. There is no requirement to fill in a report.

      Many reports are rejected. Public Health Agency then will determine what gets entered into the adverse reactions.

      D-Dimer test are not being done by physicians.

      Science has not been performed correctly.

      66% of Canada has been double vaccinated.

      Front line workers complaining that physicians who are against Covid19 vaccination dont know whats happening, do not understand that effective treatments have been entirely ignored. Low income countries who cannot buy the vaccines have almost entirely removed cases.

      Average family physician knows exactly nothing about immunology. Faith in physicians is unfounded. Vaccinologists are the only physicians who understand the science. Opinions of all others are irrelevant.

      14 – Wants public discourse

      16 – Not substantially altering DNA, but theoretically possible. Research should be done however, as there is a scientific basis to perform research.

      Science is being convoluted. Public health is now contradicting themselves on a regular basis. Review of headlines from months ago break the narrative.

      21 – Media narrative breakdown

      24 – Masks

      25 – Why the vaccinated spread the virus as easily as anyone. Easy research, and not being done. Red flag for accurate data.

      Vaccinated have far lower immunity response than those who gain natural immunity. The latter often have no idea they are ill.

      Less fatal than the annual flu. Vaccinated younger people are being impacted with adverse reactions. SarsVirus2 does not affect the young in any meaningful way.

  26. Harry McGibbs says:

    “China emissions fall as economy buffeted by property downturn.

    “Carbon dioxide emissions in China have fallen for the first time since last year’s lockdown, the latest signal the property sector downturn and energy shortages have hit industrial demand in the world’s second-biggest economy.”


  27. Fast Eddy says:

    Oh look they even have an emotional support dog – stickers etc f789 me https://globalnews.ca/news/8402519/canada-kids-vaccine-impact-covid/

  28. Fast Eddy says:

    Santa is killing children https://globalnews.ca/news/8402519/canada-kids-vaccine-impact-covid/

    The horror show goes on

  29. hillcountry says:

    Twitter feed of John Burn-Murdoch


    “Nonetheless numbers are really rising. Tuesday 868, Weds 1,275, and since I posted the first tweet Thursday’s figure has come out: 2,465.”

    “Which means the wave chart now looks like this:”

    ….the B.1.1.529 is tiny relatively speaking….and he does post this a bit earlier….

    “To be clear:
    • I dearly hope this turns out just to be a blip
    • If it does I’ll gladly walk thru the charts I’ve made here & talk thru why they looked alarming at the time despite not ending up to be significant, and what that would mean for future variant emergence charts/data”

    ….I suppose one must always be aware that these are the folks managing our perceptions…what else has John Burn-Murdoc been up to??…


    Where does John Burn Murdoch go to school?

    He is currently studying for an MA in Interactive Journalism at City University, London, but is available for full- and part-time work owing to the flexible nature of the course. Financial journalism is another of John’s passions, and his work in this discipline has appeared in the finance sections of both The Daily Telegraph and Yahoo!

    ….wonder if this is the source of the surname….

    Who was John Murdoch and what did he do?

    John Murdoch of Ayr was Robert Burns ‘s most significant teacher or tutor and he was a friend of the Burnes family. He was born in 1747 and first taught Gilbert and Robert Burns in Alloway when he was only aged eighteen. He remained in contact with the Burnes family for several years after leaving Ayrshire for London.

    • hillcountry says:

      John Burn-Murdoch

      “Aside from its rapid rise in South Africa, the other key reason for concern here is that the specific mutations that B.1.1.529 has are — based on what we’ve seen with other variants — known to be associated with greater transmissibility & immune evasion”

  30. hillcountry says:

    Compulsory vaccination for all – power excess of an inferior federal government
    Nov 22


    The peak of these ongoing illegal attacks by our chaos government is the mandatory vaccination announced for February 2022. As is well known, this has already been publicly demanded repeatedly by the physician’s chamber president, who is free of empathy and who appears to be conspicuously authoritarian. His choice of words and diction (eg “You just have to tie people up to give them the injection”) reminds us of particularly dark times and probably makes every democrat in the country shudder. It is a significant perversion of the health protection currently advocated by the government if such demagogues are now in charge of our society, which they consciously share in order to incite people against one another. All of this, of course, only for our “good”.

    It is clear that the announced legal obligation for this COVID-19 injection, which cannot be the promised “game changer” due to the lack of sterile immunity and the high number of current vaccination breakthroughs, would violate all elementary principles of the protection of fundamental rights. All the more so since those age groups vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2 are currently in the intensive care units with higher percentages who should actually be protected primarily as members of the risk groups. Another particular chutzpah is the fact that all people should also be forcibly vaccinated with antibodies, although it is scientifically undisputed that these have around 17 to 20 times more protection against reinfection than a vaccinated person

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    25:00 – it’s why we give flu vaccines in the fall … BEFORE flu season


    • Replenish says:

      This is a comment from the article that best sums up my viewpoint..

      “So, IF both cohorts were statistically similar with respect to their health status and also IF there were no bias with respect to the diagnosis “COVID” then there is an undeniable effect in favor of the vaccine with respect to these statistical observables. All cause mortality and severe side effects are a different matter. So what do we make of this? The vaccines don’t deliver what was promised, but they seem to work against covid to some degree. They unfortunately are pretty unsafe compared to established vaccines, rendering mandates unethical since you will end up jabbing people to death which almost certainly would have never had a severe covid outcome.

      But then again there is a bigger issue here not considered in these statistics. What happens under continuous exposure of huge populations to these vaxxes and the co-evolution of all these virus strains? No one knows.”

      • Fast Eddy says:

        The thing is….

        When they way ‘they work for a short period of time to prevent severe illness or death’ technically that is correct…

        But it’s like making a deal with the devil … you sell your soul for a month in the VIP room with some pretty average talent and blow cut with baby powder… When the month is up … you get lined up against the wall and shot….

        Let me explain….

        Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants. https://www.geertvandenbossche.org/

        The purpose of the vaccine is NOT to stop severe illness… it is being rammed into the shoulder of billions of MOREONS for the purpose of encouraging the development of mutations of the covid virus (reference https://www.bitchute.com/video/uLStFKAw8Okm/)

        A side-effect of this process is that initially the virus is impeded by this assault from the leaky vaccine…

        The CovIDIOTS react to this as if they’d won the f789ing World Cup… HOORAH HOORAH say mike norm dunc… we’ve won!!!!

        They are unaware that while the virus was impeded.. it was using that time to shed weak particles… the stronger elements within it survive.. and multiple rapidly… it then kicks the vaccine out of the way … and goes on a rampage…. spreading far and wide…

        It then begins to kill in numbers… but Fauci et al react by impeding it again with another dose of the miracle dose.. the CovIDIOTS shout again (although the cheers are slightly subdued…) .. hoorah.. hoorah….

        As one would expect (unless one was insane and thought that hitting the virus with more of the same and expecting true victory)…. the virus is impeded for a shorter period of time (been there beat the shit out of that already)….

        More dose (feeble h…oo….ah)…. eventually Immune Exhaustion arrives… and the virus is super strong and nothing impedes it….

        At this point the devil gets his billions of souls….

        One might want to reconsider the statement that the vaccines are ‘somewhat effective’….

        They are effective in the extreme… diabolically effective… if the intent behind them is to exterminate a species.

        The MOREONS are not operating on a very high intelligence level… even though Fast Eddy has explained this in a very simple way that even a 12 year old can understand… the MOREONS will continue to inject the boosters … and help the virus grow stronger.. so that it can kill them.

        hahahahahaha… Even though Fast Eddy explains the EXACT mechanism to them… they still insist on committing suicide hahahahahaha…

    • Grey out the numbers that you don’t like.

  32. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Europe scrambles for COVID control with boosters, shots for kids

  33. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Solo In Bolivia’s Most Dangerous Hood

    South America has a reputation for danger and violence. And so whilst on my short stay in Bolivia I decided to take a cable car up to El Alto which is a part of La Paz known by locals as a place for theft and violence. Would I survive with my camera? Watch and find out…

  34. Fast Eddy says:

    WHO’s emergency meeting

    In yet another sign of just how threatening this new variant could be, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has called an emergency meeting to discuss how its emergence could impact vaccines and treatments.

    “We don’t know very much about this yet,” WHO technical lead on Covid-19 Dr Maria Van Kerkhove said on a livestreamed Q&A.

    “What we do know is that this variant has a large number of mutations.

    “And the concern is that when you have so many mutations, it can have an impact on how the virus behaves.”


    New phase… creating more Fear to push boosters… Devil Covid imminent? Who knows….

  35. MG says:

    The population explosion of the warm countries is caused by the fact that there is no need for heating in the warm clmt. But this population explosion Is driven by the progress of the civilization that resides in the mild clmt.

    When the civilization in the mild clmt collapses, the world human population collapses. That is why Africa will never be a center of the civilization again, as only the South Africa has some mild clmt. That is why the mild clmt countries are the destination of the emigrants. That is why apartheid originated in South Africa. The clmt is the reason of the inequality of the white an the blac races in the mild clmt. The asian race seems to be more flexible and that is why we do not hear about white-asian rascism, as both of these two races have their home in the mild clmt.

    The colder part of the year in the mild clmt allows for the replenishment of fresh water. This feature is not present in the warm clmt, where water constantly evaporates.

  36. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Bolivia opposition increases demands against government

    La Paz (AFP) – Bolivia’s opposition on Monday stepped up its demands on leftist President Luis Arce with a call for the repeal of more laws after a week of protests.

    The opposition mayor’s office in the capital La Paz, civil organizations and a powerful retail sector trade union met to demand the annulment of regulations approved by the Arce government this year, including a development plan which they say ignores the powers of local mayors, regional governments and public universities.

    La Paz mayor Ivan Arias read out the new demands at the meeting and said it was agreed a march would be held in the capital on Wednesday.

    The meeting, held at the premises of the local government, was harassed by officials who threw eggs and tomatoes at the front of the building.

    Tensions rose with the arrival of more government supporters, and police used tear gas to disperse the crowds.

    The opposition and union of retail traders last week launched protests against a law on money laundering, which Arce decided to repeal.

    The bill would have allowed the government to investigate the assets of any citizen without a court order and would have forced lawyers and journalists to reveal client information.

  37. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Kids Pop Up Jab Center , Sounds like in Australia

  38. Michael Le Merchant says:


  39. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Duma deputy: “Protect yourself and Russia from a coup d’état!”

    Russian lawmaker issues video appeal to the nation. Will anyone listen?

    It’s a horribly abused phrase but we would probably describe this one as a “must-read.”

    First, a bit of background.

    As things currently stand, Russia is scheduled to be completely QR-coded by February. It seems the original plan was to rush the relevant legislation through the State Duma, but lawmakers had second thoughts after their social media accounts were flooded with furious denunciations from their constituents. The QR bill has now been sent back to the regions for further review; the State Duma is expected to take the issue up again on December 14.

    Enter: Duma Deputy Mikhail Delyagin. He’s a member of A Just Russia — For Truth. You can read about their platform here. While technically an “opposition party,” Just Russia can hardly be described as hostile to Putin. Delyagin himself seems to think Putin is not involved in what he describes as the imminent “coup d’état” threatening to dismember Russia.

  40. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Disgraceful Government Secrecy On Vaccination Certificates As Legislation Rushed Through

    On the eve of legislation to enable vaccination passes being rushed through Parliament under urgency, the Minister has said it will not publish the relevant policy papers until ‘late January 2022.’

    The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties had today finally received a response (PDF) from the Government to its 9 October request for information about the introduction of vaccination certificates. The Minister for Covid-19 Response – also the Minister for Open Government – Chris Hipkins has refused to provide the information requested. The Council sought from the Minister:

    The advice provided on the NZ Bill of Rights Act and Human Rights Act implications of vaccination certificates;
    The advice received from the Privacy Commissioner on the topic;
    The information shared by the government with the events and hospitality sector when it initiated consultation with them in early October; and
    Details about the design of the vaccination certificate scheme.

    The Minister’s response listed the following documents as being key to decision making on domestic vaccination certificates:

  41. Michael Le Merchant says:

    A Totalitarian Agenda: Austria and the Future of Vaccine Mandates

  42. Michael Le Merchant says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing Details Emerge From Inside Australian Quarantine Camps

  43. Michael Le Merchant says:


  44. Michael Le Merchant says:


  45. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Global onshore oil inventories (JODI-data) are now almost as low as in the 2011-2014 period when Brent prices averaged close to 110 $/b.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      though that $110 inflation adjusted would be about $130 maybe about $140.

      since the world is probably past peak net (surplus) energy, which is very difficult to calculate, it is also very probable that the average person is in a situation of declining affordability/demand for oil (and oil related products, which are almost all products).

      so there will be a continuing decline in “demand” even as there is a continuing decline in supply.

      “Peak Oil” is just one specific case of diminishing returns, and since diminishing returns are affecting almost all resources which humans try to extract from the earth, this is another aspect of the situation that makes products more costly and therefore reduces “demand”.

      humans are being squeezed on both sides: on one side, stuff keeps costing more, and on the other side because stuff costs more, there will be less purchases in discretionary sectors and therefore less jobs in those sectors.

      so less jobs less income on one side, and more costly products on the other side.


  46. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Return of Mao-Era Coal Coupons Show China’s Crisis Isn’t Over

    (Bloomberg) — A local government in China is resurrecting coal coupons — a relic of Mao Zedong’s planned economy days — to ensure its citizens have access to heating fuel as they brace for a bitter winter.

    Shuozhou, located in the heart of coal country in Shanxi province, has distributed coupons to 47,000 families to help them purchase the heating fuel, the official China Youth Daily reported on Wednesday. Each coupon is good for two tons of subsidized coal, enough for each household to last through the winter and early spring.

    The coupons are coming after a shortage of the fuel drove up prices and led to widespread power curbs last month. A monumental push to boost mine output has led to record production that’s brought the market back into balance for now, but the coldest weather is still ahead. Villagers have begun stockpiling dried corn cobs and firewood in their yards just in case, the state-backed newspaper said.

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