Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story

No politician wants to tell us the real story of fossil fuel depletion. The real story is that we are already running short of oil, coal and natural gas because the direct and indirect costs of extraction are reaching a point where the selling price of food and other basic necessities needs to be unacceptably high to make the overall economic system work. At the same time, wind and solar and other “clean energy” sources are nowhere nearly able to substitute for the quantity of fossil fuels being lost.

This unfortunate energy story is essentially a physics problem. Energy per capita and, in fact, resources per capita, must stay high enough for an economy’s growing population. When this does not happen, history shows that civilizations tend to collapse.

Figure 1. World fossil fuel energy consumption per capita, based on data of BP’s 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

Politicians cannot possibly admit that today’s world economy is headed for collapse, in a way similar to that of prior civilizations. Instead, they need to provide the illusion that they are in charge. The self-organizing system somehow leads politicians to put forward reasons why the changes ahead might be desirable (to avert climate change), or at least temporary (because of sanctions against Russia).

In this post, I will try to try to explain at least a few of the issues involved.

[1] Citizens around the world can sense that something is very wrong. It looks like the economy may be headed for a serious recession in the near term.

Figure 2. Index of consumer sentiment and news heard of company changes as reported by the University of Michigan Survey of Consumers, based on preliminary indications for August 2022.

Consumer sentiment is at an extraordinarily low level, worse than during the 2008-2009 great recession according to a chart (Figure 2) shown on the University of Michigan Survey of Consumers website. According to the same website, nearly 48% of consumers blame inflation for eroding their standard of living. Food prices have risen significantly. Over the past year, the cost of car ownership has escalated, as has the cost of buying or renting a home.

The situation in Europe is at least as bad, or worse. Citizens are worried about possibly “freezing in the dark” this winter if electricity generation cannot be maintained at an adequate level. Natural gas supplies, mostly purchased from Russia by pipeline, are less available and high-priced. Coal is also high-priced. Because of the fall of the Euro relative to the US dollar, the price of oil in euros is as high as it was in 2008 and 2012.

Figure 3. Inflation-adjusted Brent crude oil price in US dollars and euros, in chart by the US Energy Information Administration, as published in EIA’s August 2022 Short Term Energy Outlook.

Many other countries, besides those in the Eurozone, are experiencing low currencies relative to the dollar. Some examples include Argentina, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, and South Korea.

China has problems with developers of condominium homes for its citizen. Many of these homes cannot be delivered to purchasers as promised. As a protest, buyers are withholding payments on their unfinished homes. To make matters worse, the prices of condominium homes have started to fall, leading to a loss of value of these would-be investments. All of this could lead to serious problems for the Chinese banking industry.

Even with these major problems, central banks in the US, the UK and the Eurozone are raising target interest rates. The US is also implementing Quantitative Tightening, which also tends to raise interest rates. Thus, central banks are intentionally raising the cost of borrowing. It doesn’t take much insight to see that the combination of price inflation and higher borrowing costs is likely to force consumers to cut back on spending, leading to recession.

[2] Politicians will avoid talking about possible future economic problems related to inadequate energy supply.

Politicians want to get re-elected. They want citizens to think that everything is OK. If there are energy supply problems, they need to be framed as being temporary, perhaps related to the war in Ukraine. Alternatively, any issue that arises will be discussed as if it can easily be fixed with new legislation and perhaps a little more debt.

Businesses also want to minimize problems. They want citizens to place orders for their goods and services, without the fear of being laid off. They would like the news media to publish stories saying that any economic dip is likely to be very mild and temporary.

Universities don’t mind problems, but they want the problems to be framed as solvable ones that will offer their students opportunities for jobs that will pay well. A near-term, unsolvable predicament is not helpful at all.

[3] What is wrong is a physics problem. The operation of our economy requires energy of the correct type and the right quantity.

The economy is something that grows through the “dissipation” of energy. Examples of dissipation of energy include the digestion of food to give energy to humans, the burning of fossil fuels, and the use of electricity to power a light bulb. A rise in world energy consumption is highly correlated with growth in the world economy. Falling energy consumption is associated with economic contraction.

Figure 4. Correlation between world GDP measured in “Purchasing Power Parity” (PPP) 2017 International $ and world energy consumption, including both fossil fuels and renewables. GDP is as reported by the World Bank for 1990 through 2021 as of July 26, 2022; total energy consumption is as reported by BP in its 2022 Statistical Review of World Energy.

In physics terms, the world economy is a dissipative structure, just as all plants, animals and ecosystems are. All dissipative structures have finite lifespans, including the world economy.

This finding is not well known because academic researchers seem to operate in ivory towers. Researchers in economic departments aren’t expected to understand physics and how it applies to the economy. In fairness to academia, the discovery that the economy is a dissipative structure did not occur until 1996. It takes a long time for findings to filter through from one department to another. Even now, I am one of a very small number of people in the world writing about this issue.

Also, economic researchers are not expected to study the history of the many smaller, more-localized civilizations that have collapsed in the past. Typically, the population of these smaller civilizations increased at the same time as the resources used by the population started to degrade. The use of technology, such as dams to redirect water flows, may have helped for a while, but eventually this was not enough. The combination of declining availability of high quality resources and increasing population tended to leave these civilizations with little margin for dealing with the bad times that can be expected to occur by chance. In many cases, such civilizations collapsed after disease epidemics, a military invasion, or a climate fluctuation that led to a series of crop failures.

[4] Many people have been confused by common misunderstandings regarding how an economy really works.

[a] Standard economics models foster the belief that the economy can continue to grow without a corresponding increase in energy supply.

When economic models are designed with labor and capital being the important inputs, energy supply doesn’t seem to be needed, at all.

[b] People seem to understand that legislation capping apartment rents will stop the building of new apartments, but they do not make the same connection with steps taken to hold down fossil fuel prices.

If efforts are made to bring down the prices of fossil fuels (such as raising interest rates and adding oil from the US petroleum reserves to increase total oil supply), we need to expect that extraction will be adversely affected. One article reports that Saudi Arabia does not seem to be using recent record profits to quickly raise reinvestment to the level that seemed to be required a few years ago. This suggests that Saudi Arabia needs prices that are quite a bit higher than $100 per barrel in order to take significant steps toward extracting the country’s remaining resources. This would seem to contradict published reserves that, in theory, take current prices into consideration.

Reuters reports that Venezuela has reneged on its promise to send more oil to Europe, under an oil for debt deal. It wants oil product swaps instead, since it is lacking in its ability to make finished products from its oil itself. It would take a long run of prices much higher than today’s level for Venezuela to be able to sufficiently invest in infrastructure to do such refining. Venezuela reports the highest oil reserves in the world (303.8 thousand million barrels), even higher than Saudi Arabia’s reported 297.5 thousand million barrels, but neither country can be counted on to take major steps to raise supply.

Similarly, there have been reports that US shale drillers are not investing to keep production growing, despite what seem to be sufficiently high prices. There are simply too many issues. The cost of new investment is very high, outside of the already drilled sweet spots. Also, there is no guarantee the price will stay high. There are also supply line issues, such as whether appropriate steel drilling pipes and fracking sand will be available, when needed.

[c] Published information suggests that there is a huge amount of fossil fuels remaining to be extracted, given today’s level of technology. If we assume that technology will get better and better, it is easy to believe that any fossil fuel limit is hundreds of years in the future.

The way the economy works, the extraction limit is really an affordability issue. If the cost of extraction rises too high, relative to what people around the world have for spendable income, production will stop because demand (in terms of what people can afford) will drop too low. People will tend to cut back on discretionary spending, such as vacation travel and meals in restaurants, cutting back on demand for fossil fuels.

[d] How “demand” works is poorly understood. Very often, researchers and the general public assume that demand for energy products will automatically remain high.

A surprisingly large share of demand is tied to the need for food, water, and basic services such as schools, roads, and bus service. Poor people require these basics just as much as rich people do. There are literally billions of poor people in the world. If the wages of poor people fall too low relative to the wages of rich people, the system cannot work. Poor people find that they must spend nearly all their income on food, water and housing. As a result, they have little left to pay taxes to support basic governmental services. Without adequate demand from poor people, the prices of commodities tend to fall too low to encourage reinvestment.

The majority of fossil fuel use is by commercial and industrial users. For example, natural gas is often used in making nitrogen fertilizer. If the price of natural gas is high, the price of fertilizer will rise higher than farmers are willing to pay for the fertilizer. Farmers will cut back on fertilizer use, reducing yields for their crops. The farmers’ own costs will be lower, but there will be less of the desired crops grown, perhaps indirectly raising overall food prices. This is not a connection that economic modelers build into their models.

The lockdowns of 2020 show that governments can indeed ramp up demand (and thus prices) for energy products by sending out checks to citizens. We are now seeing that the approach seems to produce inflation rather than more energy production. Also, countries without energy resources of their own may see their currencies fall with respect to the US dollar.

[e] It is not true that energy types can easily be substituted for one another.

In energy modeling, such as in calculating “Energy Return on Energy Invested,” a popular assumption is that all energy is substitutable for other energy. This isn’t true, unless a person accounts for all of the details of the transition, and the energy needed to make such a transition possible.

For example, intermittent electricity, such as that generated by wind turbines or solar panels, is not substitutable for load-following electricity. Such intermittent electricity is not always available when people need it. Some of this intermittency is very long-term. For example, wind-generated electricity may be low for more than a month at a time. In the case of solar energy, the problem tends to be storing up enough electricity during summer months for use in winter. A naive person might assume that adding a few hours of battery backup would fix intermittency problems, but such a fix turns out to be very inadequate.

If people are not to freeze in the dark in winter, longer-term solutions are needed. One standard approach is to use a fossil fuel system to fill in the gaps when wind and solar are not available. The catch, then, is that the fossil fuel system really needs to be a year-around system, with trained staffing, pipelines and adequate fuel storage. A modeler needs to consider the need to build a whole double system instead of a single system.

Because of intermittency issues, electricity from wind and solar only substitute for fuels (coal, natural gas, uranium) that operate our current system. Publications often talk about the cost of intermittent electricity being at “grid parity” when its temporary cost seems to match the cost of grid electricity, but this is matching “apples and oranges.” The cost comparison needs to be in comparison to the average cost of fuel for plants producing electricity, rather than to electricity prices.

Another popular assumption is that electricity can be substituted for liquid fuels. For example, in theory, every piece of farm equipment could be redesigned and rebuilt to be based on electricity, rather than diesel, which is typically used today. The catch is that there would need to be an enormous number of batteries built and eventually disposed of for this transition to work. There would need also need to be factories to build all this new equipment. We would need an international trade system operating extraordinarily well, to find all the raw materials. Likely, there would still not be enough raw materials to make the system work.

[f] There is a great deal of confusion about expected oil and other energy prices, as an economy reaches energy limits.

This issue is closely related to [4][d], with respect to the confusion about how energy demand works. A common assumption among analysts is that “of course” oil prices will rise, as limits are approached. This assumption is based on the standard supply and demand curve used by economists.

Figure 5. Standard economic supply and demand curve from Wikipedia. Description of how this curve works: The price P of a product is determined by a balance between production at each price (supply S) and the desires of those with purchasing power at each price (demand D). The diagram shows a positive shift in demand from D1 to D2, resulting in an increase in price (P) and quantity sold (Q) of the product.

The issue is that the availability of inexpensive energy products very much affects demand as well as supply. Jobs that pay well are only available if inexpensive energy products can leverage human labor. For example, surgeons today perform robotic surgery, requiring, at a minimum, a stable source of electricity for each operation. Furthermore, the equipment used in the surgery is created using fossil fuels. Surgeons also use anesthetic products that require fossil fuels. Without today’s fancy equipment, surgeons would not be able to charge nearly as much they do for their services.

Thus, it is not immediately obvious whether demand or supply would tend to fall faster, if energy supply should hit limits. We know that Revelation 18:11-13 in the Bible provides a list of a number of commodities, including humans sold as slaves, for which prices dropped very low at the time of the collapse of ancient Babylon. This suggests that at least sometimes during prior collapses, the problem was too low demand (and too low prices), rather than too low supply of energy products.

[5] The International Energy Agency and politicians around the world have recommended a transition to the use of wind and solar to try to prevent climate change for quite a few years. This approach seemed to have the approval of both those concerned about too much burning of fossil fuels causing climate change and those concerned about too little fossil fuel energy causing economic collapse.

A rough estimate of what the decline in energy supply might look like under the rapid shift to renewables proposed by politicians is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6. Estimate by Gail Tverberg of World Energy Consumption from 1820 to 2050. Amounts for earliest years based on estimates in Vaclav Smil’s book Energy Transitions: History, Requirements and Prospectsand BP’s 2020 Statistical Review of World Energy for the years 1965 to 2019. Energy consumption for 2020 is estimated to be 5% below that for 2019. Energy for years after 2020 is assumed to fall by 6.6% per year, so that the amount reaches a level similar to renewables only by 2050. Amounts shown include more use of local energy products (wood and animal dung) than BP includes.

If a person understands the connection between energy consumption and the economy, such a rapid drop in energy supply looks like something that would likely be associated with economic collapse. The goal of politicians seems to be to keep citizens from understanding how awful the situation really is by reframing the story of the decline in energy supply as something politicians and economists have chosen to do, to try to prevent climate change for the sake of future generations.

The rich and powerful can see this change as a good thing if they themselves can profit from it. When there is not enough energy, the physics of the situation tends to lead to increasing wage and wealth disparities. Wealthy individuals see this outcome as a good thing: They can perhaps personally profit. For example, Bill Gates has amassed about 270,000 acres of farmland in the United States, including newly purchased farmland in North Dakota.

Furthermore, politicians see that they can have more control over populations if they can direct citizens in a way that will use less energy. For example, bank accounts can be linked to some type of social credit score. Politicians will explain that this is for people’s own good–to prevent the spread of disease or to prevent undesirables from using too much of the available resources.

One way of dramatically reducing energy consumption is by mandating shutdowns in an area, purportedly to prevent the spread of Covid-19, as China has been doing recently. Such shutdowns can be explained as being needed to stop the spread of disease. These shutdowns can also help hide other problems, such as not having enough fuels to prevent rolling blackouts of electricity.

[6] We are living in a truly unusual time, with a major energy problem being hidden from view.

Politicians cannot tell the world how bad the energy situation really is. The problem with near-term energy limits has been known since at least 1956 (M. King Hubbert) and 1957 (Hyman Rickover). The problem was confirmed in the modeling performed for the 1972 book, The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others.

Most high-level politicians are aware of the energy supply issue, but they cannot possibly talk about it. Instead, they choose to talk about what would happen if the economy were allowed to speed ahead without limits, and how bad the consequences of that might be.

Militaries around the world are no doubt well aware of the fact that there will not be enough energy supplies to go around. This means that the world will be in a contest for who gets how much. In a war-like setting, we should not be surprised if communications are carefully controlled. The views we can expect to hear loudly and repeatedly are the ones governments and influential individuals want ordinary citizens to hear.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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  1. 10 55 uk time

    another eddywit spotting for Sir Davis

  2. Mirror on the wall says:

    The general drift of the events already seems to be pretty clear.

    War is not about holding 100% of the ground 100% of the time. It is about degrading the military capacity of the opponent to the point where they cannot continue – at which point, you win.

    Russia’s stated primary aims of the SMO include the ‘demilitarisation’ of UKR, which amounts to the same, and that basically means eliminating enemy personnel.

    The Donbass has been a slow grind with an estimated 200,000 UKR forces destroyed or wounded, many of them reservists. They are dug into long-fortified positions, often within civilian occupied areas. That is what it is and Russia is succeeding, gradually clearing the Donbass.

    The challenge has been to draw UKR forces out into the open, which is no small feat, and Russia has succeeded in doing that over the past two weeks. That has provided scenarios in which the best UKR forces can be eliminated and in a quicker manner.

    In Kherson 27th August-9 September around 5000 UKR premium personnel were destroyed and around 15,000 wounded, since confirmed.

    In Kharkiv, within a similarly sized field of operation, Sept 6-today an estimated 4000 UKR personnel have been destroyed, and around 8000 injured, which figures are likely to be revised upward.

    That is upward of 30,000 UKR personnel eliminated in a two week period.

    Russia had no ‘lines’ in Kharkiv, and it operates with mobile forces. It has drawn back from a few, mainly pro-UKR villages to allow the present theatre to unfold.

    UKR has now thrown between 35,000 – 45,000 of their best forces into the Kharkiv grinder, which allows Russia to bring its superior firepower to bear upon them.

    That will only hasten UKR defeat in the SMO.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      that seems to be the new consensus.

      these UKR “counter offensives” are hastening the elimination of UKR soldiers.

      this is also consistent with the idea that the West (USA/NATZO) is directing the UKR forces, and that they don’t care about the massive numbers of UKR dead soldiers.

      acceptable collateral damage etc etc.

      this only makes sense if the foundational problem is accepted to be that the collective leaders of the West (Demoncrats, Elitards, Eurotards in Brussels) have woketard degrading minds barely better than the total spsyychopath level.

      and I’m not sure about the “barely better”.

      que sera sera.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      Those estimates are from who? They seem way over the top for me and would have mitigated against such a successful counter offensive. However, we’ll see. What are the estimates, from the same source, of Russian losses?

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        what do you mean “successful”?

        just because they attempted a counter offensive, and regained a miniscule amount of land, doesn’t make it a success.

        especially when they have probably moved too far forward, and likely have exposed large numbers of soldiers to slaughter by Russian artillery.

        1. lost land can be regained, but a dead soldier is gone forever.

        UKR losses are generally estimated as 10X Russian losses, which sounds reasonable to me.

        I Stand With atthesaker.

        que sera sera.

    • All is Dust says:

      There was a great substack article that related the war in Ukraine to naval based warfare as opposed to land based warfare. This is what most in the West can’t get their head around. There are no front lines, only a vast steppe over which mobility is the key factor for success. Russia has mobile assets, Ukraine doesn’t.

      Also, it was reported that there weren’t actually any Russian Army personnel in front of the Ukrainian army, only Guard units and separatists. They had all been pulled back in advance of the attack.

    • Foolish Fitz says:

      Mirror, I have been looking through the comments on the below link and there were three that stood out.

      1. NATO is eager to force an escalation before the people of Europe realise how much shit they are in.

      2. Flight radar has apparently been showing a lot of NATO planes flying around Odessa(not sure if it was only Odessa).

      3. Volchansk is apparently full of black and other English speaking troops.


      If these are correct and also taking into account the fact that western media seem to be promoting the idea that Russia could go nuclear, any thoughts on the potentially insane actions NATO might be willing to take?

  3. Fast Eddy says:

    100,000 Americans 18-45 die yearly due to Fentanyl coming to the US from Wuhan, China, through Mexico; Wuhan has given us COVID & Fentanyl (rainbow) & the Biden administration does not care


    Open the flood gates

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    Lots and lots of vax dead

    There have been 16,631 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales in the 18 weeks since April 23rd, according to the latest official data from the Office for National Statistics, released on Tuesday. This is 9.8% more than expected, based on an average of the previous five years. Overall excess deaths, including Covid deaths, have been 13.4% higher than expected during the period.

    In the week ending August 26th, the most recent week for which data are available, 10,942 deaths were registered in England and Wales, which is 1,556 (16.6%) above the five-year average for the week. Of these, 453 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate as a contributory cause and 282 mentioned COVID-19 as underlying cause, leaving 1,274 deaths from a different underlying cause.


  5. cassandraclub says:

    In this video mr. Joe Blogs explains the upcoming financial mayhem in the European energy markets.
    I don’t agree with Joe on a lot of things: but this video is worth watching (although a bit longwinding as always)
    Fossil fuels have doubled or tripled in price and somebody somewhere is going to pay for it or go bankrupt.
    Maybe the energy-producers…
    Maybe the distributing companies…
    Or maybe the consumers … but maybe the governement will bail them out. (the familiar relieve packages)

    • Or perhaps those selling derivatives. Or perhaps central governments will bail out all of the above, creating a huge inflation problem. (I haven’t watched the video yet.)

  6. Lastcall says:

    WEF; agents of divine Will
    Build Back Blessed
    Blankfein was a banker doing Gods work.


    Makes it easy to commit atr4cities if its G@ds will.
    Its all for the betterment of Mankind, …with a bit of underage fun long the way?

  7. Herbie Ficklestein. says:

    Scientists Studying Earth’s Trees Issue a Stark Warning to Humanity
    11 September 2022

    Last year, a global assessment titled State of the World’s Trees found a shocking one-third of all tree species are currently teetering on the edge of existence.
    This amounts to about 17,500 unique tree species that are endangered.
    That’s more than double the number of all threatened tetrapods (mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles).
    Some trees are so rare that only a single known individual remains, like the lonesome pine in Mauritius, Hyophorbe amaricaulis.
    In a new paper, the same team of researchers behind the State of the World’s Trees reports issues a “warning to humanity” about the consequences of these losses, backed by 45 other scientists from 20 different countries.
    Conservation biologist Malin Rivers from Botanic Gardens Conservation International and colleagues outline the many impacts these losses will have on our economies, livelihoods, and food.
    Most of our fruit comes from trees, as do many nuts and medicines, with non-timber products amounting to about US$88 billion worth of trade.
    In the developing world, 880 million people rely on firewood for fuel, and 1.6 billion people live within 5 kilometers (3 miles) of a forest, relying on them for food and income.
    All up, trees contribute about US$1.3 trillion annually to the global economy, yet we’re destroying billions of them every year – clearing massive tracts of land for farming and development.
    Trees are each their own little worlds, teeming with all sorts of single- and multicellular-life forms, including other plants, fungi, bacteria, and animals. Lose a tree, and this entire world dies too. They often form the supportive base for the whole web of life around them.
    In fact, half of all the world’s animals and plants rely on treed habitats.
    Species that rely on our dwindling forests have already declined by around 53 percent since 1970, and more forests around the world are showing signs of increasing stress.
    Habitat loss is frequently tree loss, it is at the root of that when we look at extinction concerns for animals or birds,” Rivers told Nature World News. “There is no way we can take care of all the other creatures there if we don’t take care of the trees.”
    As with all living systems, losing diversity makes the whole jumble of living connections more vulnerable.

    Now Edwin. This is the Actual in progress UEP..so sorry

    • Of course, the big push now is for biofuels. Those who think they are “Green” encourage people to cut down trees and make wood pellets; send them across the ocean.

      The share of forested area (often with man-made “forests”) has tended to grow in rich countries, at the same time that it shrinks in poor countries.

      • Herbie Ficklestein. says:

        Another aspect of the UEP…big lie…trees are renewable…
        But actual forest diversity is not!
        The policy-driven conversion of forests to environmentally harmful tree plantations is threatening the way of life of indigenous Sámi communities. Their reindeer have survived the harsh arctic climate for time immemorial, but after only 60 years of so-called sustainable forestry, 71% of lichen-rich forests crucial for the survival of the reindeer have already disappeared in Sweden. Sámi communities are sounding the alarm: they are telling us “the reindeer are starving”.

        Forests degraded by clearcutting are also more flammable, and in the midst of an accelerating climate crisis, this is a huge risk. This was clearly demonstrated by the out-of-control fires that broke out across Europe in the recent extreme heat, leading to a large-scale release of carbon, further intensifying climate breakdown.


        We need to drastically reduce all types of greenhouse gas emissions, not only those from fossil fuels. In addition, and not instead of, we must remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Instead of trusting non-existent, unreliable and expensive carbon capture technologies, the best way to do that is to protect and restore more forests. If we continuously log forests, there will always be more carbon in the atmosphere than if the forest had remained unlogged. Due to incentivised logging, the EU is already beginning to see the collapse of its carbon sinks in countries like Finland and Estonia.

        We clearly need to move towards ecosystems-based forestry and away from today’s forestry model, which means thinning, clearcuts and the planting of industrial tree stands.
        From the Guardian

        The Question…who will be the last man standing..us or them?
        Answer neither

        • A lot of our forests are not really ecosystems. They are man-made plantations.

          Ecosystems go through various phases and then die, often of fires or insect infestation. This can lead to regeneration. No ecosystem continues indefinitely, just as no plant or animal continues indefinitely.

          • Herbie Ficklestein says:

            Let’s look at the data, shall we?
            My Mother was born in 1922…human population @2 billion
            I was born 1958…population of Earth @3 billion
            Today…estimate is 8 billion🥺👍…looks to me what is called a “J” curve.
            I’m more certain of a collapse due to that than Edwin’s Vaxies program or peak oil.
            Yes, even if we had increasing oil that would not alter the outcome.
            Overshoot is in control folks…the statisticians expect us to reach 10 billion human cattle and level off….sure we are…🤪..I won’t be around to be counted.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              That’s why they are trying to exterminate us – before we collapse

              It makes complete sense to do that

          • Herbie Ficklestein says:

            But I NEED Toilet tissue to wipe my messy bottom and a can of Lummie to keep it smell free! If all humans used toilet paper on the planet there would not be one tree left standing, plantation or otherwise

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I hate to pound away at this… but seriously … this process is referred to as ‘green’… and it’s believed???

        Only in a world full of 8B MOREONS could this happen

  8. Herbie Ficklestein. says:

    The latest loosened COVID guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the advent of Omicron boosters make it exceedingly clear: Employers that want workers to return to the office can demand it, and will.

    Social-distancing is no longer recommended—nor is quarantining if you’ve been in close contact with someone with the sometimes deadly virus. The suggested quarantine length was lowered to five days—a time at which many people still spread the virus, according to researchers. Protection from Omicron boosters seemingly serves as further permission for employers to compel workers to return. Boosters are expected to provide good protection against severe disease and death from dominant circulating strains BA.4, BA.5, and their offspring. A point often missed: They’re not expected to provide protection from infection and aren’t known to prevent long COVID (though they may reduce the likelihood of it).

    If it wasn’t clear before, it is now: Working from home is no longer a veritable right for those eligible, but a privilege.

    Suppose the UEP plan Edwin harps about is going to a new phase.. 🥱 yawn

    • This sounds like a plan to reduce the number of people working even further.

      • Herbie Ficklestein says:

        Ford motor just announced 3,000 layoffs of white collar workers,. Need to do it to be lean and efficient…Scotty Kilmer posted a funny YouTube.

        Ford Just Fired Their Workers and May Be Going Bust, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Ford production problems with their new cars and trucks. Should I buy a Ford? Are Fords still reliable? Does Ford make good cars and trucks? Ford problems with their cars and trucks. Everything wrong with the Ford.


  9. Agamemnon says:

    Hmmm vax vs non:

    Beggars in Spain and its sequels take place in a future where genetic engineering has become a reality, and society and culture face the consequences of genetic modifications (genemods), particularly in the United States. The story revolves around the existence of the “Sleepless”: individuals genetically modified to not need sleep, who have greater potential for intelligence and accomplishment than ordinary humans, called “Sleepers”.

    Why have we been taught about Huxley, Orwell, etc.. ?
    What was the purpose again? I’m confused.
    I have a bunch of books; should I donate or build a bonfire?

  10. banned says:

    Republicans are trying to kill you with Ivermectin.


  11. JMS says:

    I haven’t followed Mike Yeadon’s statements for many months now, but I am very glad to hear that he has gradually moved into the wise camp of Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman or Sam Bailey, showing an intellectual honesty and courage as rare as it is admirable.
    “There are no respiratory virus”


    • Agamemnon says:

      Seems a bold statement. (Opens then up to being attacked). I guess I’ll have to delve in to see what they mean.

      • JMS says:

        Cowan, Kaufman and Bailey mean, in my interpretation, that we have all been bamboozled by the chemical and academic industries into believing that viruses are pathogens. IOW, the biggest and most profitable scam ever.

  12. banned says:

    I have no idea where this will end but the Ukrainian Military sure moved the ball. Russian ammo dumps were overrun and this has got to hurt artillery capabilities. Maybe Russia comes in and chops them up we will see. The civilians who cooperated with the Russians… Things just changed no matter what team you are rooting for. On the surface the Russians were stopped after Lisichansk and now have been driven back. Will they lose Lisichansk?

    The whole thought of why the Russians were so slow the “grind” is they were dotting there I s and crossing their t s. That they were making sure things like this couldnt happen. What is happened is the Russian line has collapsed. In a way its not surprising. The Kramatorsk line is a fortification eight years in the making. The Russians have nothing like that. This is what has been predicted for the Ukraine line. The fact of the matter is the Ukraine line held and the Russian collapsed. Russia has to retake what they lost not move on the Kramatorsk line now. A new factor arises. Civilians are not going to cooperate with anyone until they figure out who is going to be around in a year. Russia promised security. Regardless of this or that they didnt deliver security where they placed their “national guard” and have been overun. Russia has defined this as a security operation. But the civilians in this 800 sq KM that has been overun are far from secure. Maybe they will inflict damage on the Ukrainian military now but now there security guarantees are meaningless in the short term. Things have changed. You cant deny that if you are objective. The Russians fall back on their mobility and firepower with no fortifications. They can not both provide security and be flexible and mobile.

    What a horrible thing this war is.

    How lucky we are not to be civilians in a war zone.


    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Russia has taken 20% of UKR territory. UKR has just ‘taken back’, around Izyum, about 1/40 of the land that Russia has taken. It is not a serious strategic move by UKR, it is just intended to grab western media headlines. Russia continues to wear down UKR lines in the Donbass.

      UKR lacks the air control, artillery, logistics and manpower to achieve any operational depth in its ‘counter-offensive’ around Izyum, and it is destined to turn into a mass casualty event for them like in Kherson. The advance was, on the surface, a tactical success but it is also a strategic blunder.

      The concentration of UKR forces and equipment around Izyum has weakened their lines along the 1,800 km of the Donbass front, and it has concentrated them in one place where Russian planes, artillery and helicopter gunships will come into play like in Kherson.

      Russia is already reforming the frontline there with such a view. Izyum exists within the same lobsided attritional horizon as the rest of the conflict, and there is no avoiding that. These ‘counter-offensives’ just intensify the attrition, and likely hasten the end of the conflict.

      UKR forces are not going to be able to cross the Donets and Oskil rivers, which are major natural barriers to UKR exploiting early advances and achieving operational depth in the Izyum theatre.

      That leaves premium UKR troops concentrated in a vulnerable salient and going nowhere, basically sitting ducks, while Russia exploits its preference for highly mobile, high firepower defence.

      Planes, artillery, tanks and helicopter gunships will come into play, like to the Kherson ‘counter-offensive’ the week before, with massive UKR attrition. UKR forces are now exposed to overwhelmingly superior Russian firepower.

      The Izyum ‘counter-offensive’ looked good in media headlines, but strategically it is going to be very costly with premium UKR troops, already heavily attritioned, removed from the map. It was a really bad move.

      That is no way to wage a serious conflict, which is taking place on the ground and not in headlines. We can look back this time next week, and see what came of it; it is not likely to be pretty or anything to trumpet.

      Civilians will cooperate with whoever controls the area, which is always the case. The western media will try to milk this spectacle, which is all that it is, but the situation on the ground will be just as clear next week as it is this week.

      • banned says:

        The Tet offensive should have been the end for the Viet Cong. Their losses were huge and they inflicted minimal damage. Instead it was the end for the USA. The public has been told it was wrapping up and when Tet happened they demanded the end of the war.

        Im not saying thats the case in the Ukraine. Im saying wars are “won” not only with bullets.

        You may not believe the civilians matter but Putin certainly does and I do. From the beginning the SMO has been about trying to find a solution not just blow things up. Ukraine is Russias neighbor they cant just wreak havoc and go home. Putins hope – as he has mentioned many times for decades- was to develop a mutually beneficial relationship in between Ukraine and Russia.

        From a certain perspective Russia has already lost the war. There is zero chance for Russia and the Ukraine to be friendly any time in the next century. Russia never signed on to occupying Ukraine and thats what they are looking at. Every Ukrainian they kill to “win” the war creates long term animosity toward Russia. This is a salvage operation now. Ukraine will be a hostile country engaging in perpetual warfare against Russia in the forseeable future. Russia takes the natural resources and industry it can to try to compensate for the burden it will now carry. A Vietnam but one on its own border. Part of this was to try to divide the Ukrainian military into “nationalists” and “Regular” so that the deaths of the “nationalists” could be reconciled by the country. This hope of a lessor degree of pain for Russia has also been abandoned . It would seem that western Ukraine has found a solidarity in the war. whether they are all nationalists now is a moot point.

        The concern from the beginning was the the civilians in the Donbass. The tactics employed by the Russian military shows they understand the importance of civilians safety. Their safety was the reason for the SMO and this was explained to the Russian public many times. To say the matter of the civilians safety is of no consequence is simply not truthful. The Russians took that responsibility. If they are unable to fulfill it negates the whole purpose of the SMO. This unquestionably can be put in the “losing” column not the “winning”.

        Where will they be in a week? Where will they be in a year? Best case scenario they have cleared Ukraine to the Dnieper and have a perimeter. Right now they have no control. Zaph can be shelled and destroyed at will. Donetz is shelled daily. I am not condoning these actions I in fact condemn them but Russia has not created security in the east of Ukraine. They took that on. It is proving a task not so easy.

        I like you believe that militarily the clearing of eastern ukraine is inevitable . I dont believe saying it has gone well for the Russians is correct. Going well would have been Kiev saying lets make a deal March one. The task they have is facing difficulties and they are not insignificant. What Putin wanted – a healthy semi autonomous neighbor – will not be any time soon if ever. From this perspective Ukraine represents a tremendous burden to Russia and Putin and the Russian people know it. The Ukraine SMO is a failure. It is a salvage operation now. It wont be handled easily or smoothly. Its a mess now and it will be a mess a decade from now. Is Russia up to the task? I believe yes but I think to some extent both Putin and the Russian public have a hard time accepting their situation. Expecting that national guard will hold the front line is wishful thinking. Russia may wish that providing security is a done easily that doesnt make it so. Understanding that the SMO is a failure is hard for Russia. They didnt want this but boy they got it. Ukraine is like a unwanted pregnancy and Russia is the reluctant father coming to terms. No amount of bombs and bullets make Ukraine go away. Ukraine isnt going away until the west goes away. Boris scuttling the April peace deal makes that clear.

        Without the west provide arms the task would be much easier. They could try for a Chechyna. This is way beyond Chechyna and Putin knows it. While the SMO is a failure the salvage operation may not be. My belief is the relative success or failure of the salvage operation will not be determined in my lifetime.

        While Ukraine SMO is an abject failure the movement to a multipolar world may not be. Time will tell. In that the Ukraine may well be considered a success as a catalyst to the amazing changes we have witnessed. Hope springs eternal. Im afraid my hopes are more selfish hoping that the divisiveness being created in my country doesnt tear it apart. My country will not be a participant in a multipolar world should it come to be so I can not indulge in that particular hope. At this point in time I really think any outcome other than strategic nuclear war is a desirable outcome and I guess I can take some solace in that when it all goes to hell. As terrible as pomgrom/collapse will be it is still a desirable outcome compared to strategic thermonuclear war. As always I remain a optimist. Unfortunately it seems I quite probably will learn the irony of the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”. If we make it through year of the dragon and are still here with a functioning internet we can say my optimism was justified.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The UKEY ‘war’ can’t end … that would result in the MOREONS realizing their gas bill is not temporary… and they’d work out that we’re f789ed.

          Long live the UKEY war

      • Time will tell. Ukraine can’t go on looking like it is losing 100% of the time. It needs a better story to tell.

  13. Agamemnon says:

    the US is ALREADY sending 75% of its liquid natural gas exports to Europe.

  14. The days human rights were granted to the unnecessariats are now numbered.

    Full speed throttle to the next stage of civ.

    Worker’s Comp will be limited at a month’s minimum wages. Say it is $15/hr. About $2,500/each dead.

    A total mobilization to advance civilization beyond the Grand Chokepoint. No dissent against WEF permitted now. There are no more opposition remaiing.

    It is over. Soon this blog will be closed too.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      “It is over. Soon this blog will be closed too.”

      I mostly really enjoy this blog, but que sera sera.

      though here’s a wonderful idea:

      since “it is over”, you could stop commenting here.

      you know, get ahead of the curve. 😉

      just trying to be helpful.

      the Hilarity of the Singularity.

  15. Mirror on the wall says:

    Putin’s speech at the Eastern Economic Forum this week. We can see why western media were so keen to focus on the distraction in Izyum. This is the geopolitical big picture of how things are working out.

  16. With the upcoming defeat of Russia, Trump will probably be arrested and the WEF will triumph.

    All these steps to bring the world to the next level of civilization will take place.

    The time for the plebs and unncessariats are over.

    No need to worry about resource shortages since there won’t be any for those who are not in the loop.

  17. Fast Eddy says:



    153 CHILDREN HAVE DIED 🔗VAERS (https://medalerts.org/vaersdb/findfield.php?TABLE=ON&GROUP1=AGE&EVENTS=ON&PERPAGE=100000&VAX=COVID19&DIED=Yes&WhichAge=range&LOWAGE=0&HIGHAGE=18)





  18. Fast Eddy says:

    Tommy = funny https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/39433

    He forgot to mention … Mental Illness

    • With the defeat of Russia, all the dissent will be silenced.

      Gail can ride to the sunset, but Tommy will be in a deep trouble..

      Every single person who was at the Capitol has been identified. They will never ride an airplane for the rest of their lives.

  19. Fast Eddy says:

    Check out this video hahaha

    As it’s 9/11, a short talk to @OffGuardian I gave a year ago as part of a series called Covid19/11



  20. I AM THE MOB says:

    In my area it’s nearly all right wingers who took the quack. The left-wing people all wore masks but appears most balked at the jab. It’s all the yuppies and moralist (evangelical Christians)

  21. I AM THE MOB says:

    *trigger warning

    I bet they make only the overweight wear masks (high risk) = plausible deniability

    I bet they require everyone to wear them again come Winter. And then the CDC will change the rules after people bitch like crazy. And say “only the high risk” needs to wear them. And the overweight will be then trapped.

    This would be a clever way to get society in shape.

    *10 calories of FF energy for every 1 calorie of food. (Heinberg, 04)

  22. MG says:

    With high energy prices, there are only 2 options:

    1. Inflationary war collapse
    2. Deflationary ageing depopulation

    • Kowalainen says:

      The vax seem to cause premature aging from gnawing on the telomeres.
      2. then. But why not 1. and 2..

      A double whammy nowhere.

  23. CTG says:

    Will Eu/UK suffer what Sri Lanka is suffering? Always 1 day to “no fuel” but never collapse? Stay tuned.. we have many OFW reprwsentatives there.

    Maybe Sri Lanka is gone… just that no OFW rep is there to confirm for us….

  24. Fast Eddy says:

    oh wow… norm are you running low on juice/ https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/39431

    WTF??? norm??????

    ‘There Was a Plan’: The Intentional Suppression of Early Treatment to Promote Mass Inoculation

    Dr. Peter McCullough: (http://t.me/petermcculloughmd) “In France, they took hydroxychloroquine off the over-the-counter market months before the virus was even announced.”

    “The suppression of early treatment and the suppression of any advancement in hospital care was intentional to create fear, suffering, hospitalization, and death in order to prepare the world’s population to accept mass vaccination — with no end in sight.”

    Rumble (https://rumble.com/v1jipt3-there-was-a-plan-the-intentional-suppression-of-early-treatment-to-promote-.html)

    • Oddys says:

      A longer piece may come later, but for now:

      I got a PhD in Chemistry and have worked in the fields of medical research and the CRO industry for the best part of my professional life. There are several areas of activties functioning like silos with very limited connections.

      When talking about Pharma Compounds there are two main fields divided in “Chemicals” and “Biologicals”.

      Chemicals are the usual household names like Acetylsalicylic acid, Ibuprofen and Morphine. “Biologicals” contain all the vaccine stuff. I used to work with “Chemicals” and have very limited exposure to “Biologics” until recent years when I started to look into it out of curiosity – and got shocked by the nonexistent requirements for purity and identity of the stuff. Specially “Vaccines”. They make this shit pretty much like kids playing in the kitchen and mixing things on a whim. Just look at the vials – like a mixture of semen, flour and yoghurt. Absolutely horrible. Most of the time they are allowed to run “proprietary” processes without any external control (and with almost no internal control either).

      The field of “Chemicals” is built around rather extreme requirements for purity and documented efficacy of the preparations, and even more so when going to “Generics”, which is compounds with expired patents that can be made and sold by anyone who can prove purity and bioequivalence of the formulations.

      Already 25 years ago most financial analysts were pretty certain that the field of “Chemicals” was dying for the simple reason that the number of new patents were declining rapidly. It is only patents that make it possible to earn serious money from a new pharmaceutical compound, so without patents there will be no money. Simple as that. The last blockbuster was the PDE-5 inhibitors with Viagra as posterchild. Before that there had been a series of succesful compounds starting with the antibiotics in the 1950’s and continuing with more or less useful stuff like heart glycosides, blood pressure stuff and betablockers. But now it is the end of the road.

      Those pharmacists are rather greedy types and shareholders even more, so of course they start looking for money in other places, rapidly identifiying “Vaccines” as a promising source for incomes. We must remember that “Vaccines” have been wildly successful in veterinary medicine. None of those large herds of cattle and poultry would be possible without vaccines, and its an annual subscription model. Of course they wanted to extend this to humans!

      The overselling of vaccines did not start with C19 but was ongoing since at least 25 years. I remember the first TBE vaccines won a price for marketing when they distributed macro photos of thicks surrounded by redactional texts which news outlets just reproduced. The HPV vaccines was sold with even more dirty tricks and our local GSK rep won a marketing award as “Lobbyist of the Year” for making government pay for it.

      There was something with “Vaccines” that associated with “Modernity”, “Progress”, “Science”, “Sanitation” and other positive values that made them get away with just about anything.

      The main driver for the C19 madness was just as much the public DEMAND for vaccines as corporate greed.

      • Xabier says:

        A very good post, thank you Oddys.

        Yes, for the uninformed public ‘vaccine’ says ‘modernity and safety’; and as they are on the whole unaware of the harm caused by conventional vaccine, they naturally grabbed the ‘miracle’ Covid pseudo-vaxxes without hesitation or reserve – like dear old Norm and almost everyone I know.

        The search to extend the vet model of vaccination to humans is also a good point: a captive mass market + public funding.

        They are also desperate to launch a whole new range of mRNA replacements for existing vaxxes and drugs, on patent, and without proper trials, as Big Pharma is in financial trouble otherwise.

        I was discussing this with my friend the Prof of Medicine here (anti-Covid vaxx) and he said that in many fields new development of drugs is just not worth the investment now: existing drugs are generally very good, it costs a lot, and the failure rate is high. Even if they get a result, the benefits are marginal

        So, what could look better to BP and investors than novel technologies waved through by corrupt regulators (and legislators imposing mandates) ?

        Still only part of the story, though. Money is not a sufficient explanation for what we have endured.

      • Jef Jelten says:

        Vaccines are the only product for the pharma industry that governments MANDATE that EVERYONE take it.

        I was part of an industrial design co-op for a few years and the ultimate goal of any project that had the potential for BIG returns was either military application or possible Gov legislation mandating the universal implementation of the invention. Both are massive profits without any marketing.

        Vaccines take it to the next level mandating it to EVERYONE.

        • Oddys says:

          Yes. And considering the importance of the “Pharmaceutical Industry” to many institutional investors, like insurance companies and retirement funds it will be a major calamity when Pharma goes belly-up. Very many people and fortunes are depending on Pharma so they will do anything to keep the show going even one day at a time.

      • ivanislav says:

        I thought there were only a handful of approved biologics manufacturers for US markets?

        It is my understanding that the standardization/quality-assurance “tests” need not say anything definitive about what’s actually in the vial. For example, the manufacturing validation might say “light absorption bands should look like ___”, but such tests can leave out important features like the glycosylation states and ratios, oligomerization state, etc. Basically the stuff is more complicated than what we can readily characterize and replicate.

        Also, that the mixture is not precisely described seriously complicates attempts by generics manufacturers to duplicate biologics when they go off-patent.

        • Oddys says:

          There are just a few filling and packaging companies but they buy, sell and ship intermediates and components between each other and a large number of “breweries” and other suppliers.

          In “Chemicals” we had a number of Big-No-No’s which the vaccine people is allowed to ignore completely.

          Anything that would look like “long term effects” will kill a Chemical in seconds after discovery. They did a hell of a trick to get the betablockers, angiotensinblockers and SSRI’s to look innocent although they give long-term receptor alterations that may last for 6-12 months, but that was the uiltimate limit. Anything that would give permanent alterations to the immune system would get us shot!

          Another No-No was theratogenic effects. The Thalidomide scandal was an important part of our collective memory, resulting in the First Rule which says “Stay the Hell Away from Pregnant Women” and the second rule saying “Stay the Hell Away from Fertile Women”. Nobody will ever do safety testing on pregnant women so just avoid giving them anything at all. Ever. Not even ibuprofen or paracetamol.

          Take dirty a kitchen experiment and call it “Vaccine” though, and it suddenly becomes as safe as pure water!

          Hell, we have a thick book with requirements for just “Water For Injection”, but mix in som egg yolk and fermented fish extracts and it suddenly becomes safe all of it!

      • Fast Eddy says:

        norm is a Pro Vaxxer – you’ll offend him.


        Let the MOREONS take them … if in the off chance some of them do work without wrecking the fools — there will be nothing to worry about. Encourage the MOREONS to keep taking them. Never tell them you reject them

  25. Bobby says:

    Why No Politician Is Willing to Tell Us the Real Energy Story

    Indeed we only seem to elect those providing alternative realities by default. Successful politicians prove they had this ‘skill set’ by the time they attain their positions. Manufactured truth is a prerequisite.

    • I am afraid you are correct.

    • Dennis L. says:

      Bobby now that you know, what are your personally doing with this knowledge which makes a change in your life? Is there a change that can make it better?

      E.g. If I know a bear is charging and I know with a sufficiently large gun I can stop the bear, does that knowledge change things if I do not have a gun?

      Dennis L.

      • Bobby says:

        Dear Dennis, it’s much worse than that I’m sorry.
        Note the date and time of your post above.

        If you seen two passenger jests deliberately smash into two large skyscrapers in a modern metropolis, and despite a knowledge of structural engineering, seen those two buildings collapse as well as one other randomly collapse, like a text book demolition; with thousands of people and fire fighters trying to save people in said collapsing buildings, could those people and firefighters be made alive again, because what you seen in terms of cause and effect presented was a fiction and your knowledge of structural engineering at odds with what should have occurred?

        Did people belonging to that civilisation continue to pay taxes, continue employment/ education and receive/ exchange goods and service within that society, as well as obey it’s laws and passively support that civilisation as before the event?

        Did many others from that same civilisation invade and kill citizens within a country purported to have instigated the attacks on the skyscrapers and in the process of invasion exploit the resources and occupy that country for a very long time and in fact until this day continue to do so, enacting the exact same exploit on many other countries in addition to the one mentioned.

        If you and I belong to the invading civilisations sphere of influence, could you and I honestly go full up a vehicle with petroleum if we had one, right now; if all of the above did not take place and continue to do so?

        We in the west drive around in our charging bears, believing all the bull that we are required to in order to continue to do so.

      • Jan says:


        there has never been a promise for eternal life on earth. Every man will die sooner or later and in fact it is always too soon. We die like the flies.

        The only little difference is that we try to understand the proceedures a little bit with our limited brain. It creates our dignity. It gives us peace. The “old” 45-year-old inuit woman goes into the snow to make the next generation survive. It is love.

        I know the elders in the seniors homes cannot survive a blackout or a crash. If you shut off TV they die.

        But there is a difference between a disaster or cataclysm or starving for the grand-child and being death jabbed by Kill Bill. They know. They are telling me.

        It is not a rational thing. It is on the symbolic level. It is about the conception of man. It is about dignity. And it cannot be repaired.

      • Bobby says:

        Sorry I didn’t answer your question Dennis

        One might take up the longe term practice of meditation with a teacher, but this would likely only benefit the actual practitioner.

        To have a larger impact on others
        One would need to cease to exist and enter the path of anuttara-samyak-sambodhi, making pure commitment to the Bodhisattva path., The prerequisite alone would be daunting and require complete abandonment of the home maker path.
        Taking up complete spiritual life with absolute dedication and practice to reach attainment of mastery, It might be only then somewhat possible to enter political life as an active monastic revolutionary. This could shatter the political stratosphere by entering the profession in an near as possible enlightened state. One would likely eventually become corrupt upon loosing the path or maybe, and this is far less likely, be assassinated by threatened psychopaths for maintaining pure practice and commitment to the Bodhisattva way, either outcome would require the individual to be transformed into a more than human state at great personal risk.

        Not fir me at this stage

  26. Fast Eddy says:

    DEAD! good. SADS hahahahahahahaha – the same people who pushed the injection propaganda.. F789 MATTHEW.

    See the replies hahahahahaha…


    • Kowalainen says:

      Ladies and gentlemen, dear audience.
      FE just presented you with the archetypical:


      Was that fear in her voice? Oh yes, indeed it was.
      Could you sense her “computations” and mental whirlwind of regrets mired in terror and existential angst.

      The eight stages of grief is unfolding.
      They’ve gonna need a lot of copiates and hopiums.

      Onwards the candied F and diluted Xanax drinking water supply.

  27. Fast Eddy says:

    Transverse sinus thrombosis of the brain is now being seen after vaccination; In 30 years of neurosurgery I have only seen 2 or 3 cases.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock; These shots have proven to cause blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, lost limbs

    2 cardiologists studied all of their vaccinated patients and found that over 80% had sky high D-Dimer tests indicating they had micro emboli/clots

    When you have a micro emboli in your brain, your heart, kidney, those organs are going progressively fail over time and you are susceptible to every disease

    Retired England Footballer Trevor Sinclair is Cut Off on Air for Asking if Sheffield Utd Player May Have Collapsed Due to COVID Jab

    “The retired winger, 48, sparked outrage by questioning the vaccine status of Championship star John Fleck – who collapsed during his side’s win over Reading on Tuesday.

    At least six professional football players are known to have collapsed on the pitch in the last six months.

    The latest, Sherrif Tiraspol star Adama Traore, went down clutching his chest during last night’s Champions League tie with Real Madrid, before being helped off the pitch by medics.”

    Story: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10241903/Trevor-Sinclair-blasted-vaccine-rant-discussing-John-Fleck-TalkSport.html

    Clip: https://rumble.com/v1jhrp4-trevor-sinclair-is-cut-off-on-air-for-asking-if-collapsed-sheffield-utd-pla.html

  28. Fast Eddy says:

    DO NOT INJECT YOUR CHILD- EVER; The amount of injuries I see is horrific and life changing

    These toxic injections protect no one- the risks are enormous and they are grave

    Dr. Sam White;
    The Government have had to resort to this fear narrative to terrify parents to subjecting their children to an experimental injection which behaves in every way like a toxin, a bio weapon

    There has been an explosion in inflammatory heart disease, particularly in young male adolescents who were never at risk


    WATCH FULL INTERVIEW HERE (https://rumble.com/v1j77ig-ukc-interview-with-dr-sam-white-covid-19-health-policy-and-the-war-on-publi.html)

  29. Fast Eddy says:

    Sonar panels that charge your electric vehicles overnight 👀


  30. Fast Eddy says:

    And btw – the parents are Mentally Ill and that kid should have been taken away from them.

    • Kowalainen says:

      Given that 99.9999 of all parents are mentally ill, what to do with their progeny?

      Apparently schizophrenia is close to 70% heritable.
      Being a Hyper is 99.99999999% heritable.

      Vax the children? No?
      Just sayin, no hate.

  31. Lidia17 says:

    This is good, from Toby Rogers, on how much they hate us:

    8 mice

    CDC budget: $10.6 billion.

    FDA budget: $6.1 billion.

    Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine revenue: $33 billion

    Moderna Covid-19 vaccine revenue: $21 billion

    Advance purchase order from the Biden administration for reformulated shots: $3.2 billion.

    Total amount they were willing to spend on efficacy trials for the rejiggered booster? 8 f’ing mice.

    You can buy these BALB mice on the open market. The most expensive one? $48.91. So Pfizer spent a grand total of $391.28 to measure antibody response from these shots (+ whatever it cost for mouse food and the little water bottle with the metal ball stopper in it). The mice were not autopsied so Pfizer spent $0 on safety. THAT’S how much they hate us.


  32. Mirror on the wall says:

    This new blog looks well worth keeping an eye on – informed, of stable mind and able to calmly maintain and apply perspective.

    Some commentators on the web have been panicking about Izium, making themselves look like hysterics and OCD gossips today. Presumably they will get a grip.


    > Ukraine Counterattacks!

    Please Remain Calm

    …. In short, the Ukrainian advance has been too slow and lacks a clear path to reach operational objectives. Already, Russia has begun to deploy huge reserves to this theater, and fear is beginning to show among the more operationally aware Ukrainians. One Ukrainian journalist at the front had this to say:

    “There is heavy fighting near Kupyansk, worse than Balakleysky. We are taking heavy losses. The enemy is transferring a bunch of reserves by air. The “Wagnerites” have already arrived in the city itself. The sky is filled with aircraft. Hearing about all this, a haunting feeling of an ambush arises in the soul. What if this all really turns out to be a strategic level ambush?”

    I do not believe this is an “ambush” per se by the Russian army. The word ambush implies that the Russian forces were already in position, drawing the Ukrainians into a specific maneuver plan where they could be attacked from prepared positions. That’s not what’s happening at all – Russian forces are coming in fresh from reserve and were not pre-deployed to the sector. What the operation reflects instead is Russia’s preference to wage a high-firepower, mobile defense. Frontline positions are, relatively speaking, thinly manned, which powerful mobile reserves are held back. This is a flexible, firefighting approach which allows the Ukrainians to advance into vulnerable positions so that they can be destroyed.

    For Ukraine, one of the basic problems is that Russia has such an enormous advantage in firepower – aircraft, tube artillery, rocketry, and tanks – that any offensive must reach operational depth quickly in order to disrupt Russia’s ability to bring this firepower to bear. In the Izyum sector, this simply isn’t possible.

    Lacking the ability to operationally compromise Russian forces here, Ukraine will find itself in a good old fashioned shootout against an enemy with vastly superior firepower – not only that, but it is in fact Ukraine that now faces operational complications, having blasted their way into a salient with no prospects for crossing the Oskil in force and exploiting….

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      good stuff.

      1. Russia is using perhaps 5% of its military capabilities.

      2. land that is lost in battle can be regained, but a dead soldier is gone forever.

      every Ukrainian “offensive” is shortening the war.

      here’s hoping for more of these, and soon.

  33. postkey says:

    “2:09 this report examines russia’s economic
    2:11 political and military vulnerabilities
    2:14 and anxieties
    2:16 then analyzes potential policy options
    2:18 to exploit them ideologically
    2:21 economically geopolitically and
    2:23 militarily including air space maritime
    2:26 land and multi-domain options after
    2:29 describing each measure this report
    2:32 assesses the associated benefits costs
    2:35 and risks as well as the likelihood that
    2:37 the measure could be successfully
    2:38 implemented would actually extend russia
    2:42 most of these steps covered in this
    2:44 report are in some sense escalatory and
    2:47 most likely would prompt some russian
    2:50 counter-escalation
    2:54 uh so this is an open admission that all
    2:56 of this is
    2:57 to provoke
    2:59 unnecessarily provoke russia
    3:03 uh not to defend the united states from
    3:06 any sort of perceived threat but to
    3:08 deliberately and maliciously antagonize
    3:11 another nation russia which is on the
    3:13 other side of the atlantic and on the
    3:16 other side of europe” ?

    • This is a video about a 2019 paper by the RAND Corporation, taking about what would happen if the United States deliberately tried to antagonize Russia, such as by instigating the Ukraine war. Russia wants to just wants to mind its own business, Rand corporation recommends ways of antagonizing Russia, all of which have been implemented:

      1. Hinder petroleum exports
      2. Hinder natural gas exports
      3. Hinder pipeline expansion
      4. Impose sanctions
      5. Enhance Russian brain drain
      6. Provide lethal support to Ukraine <---- Video focuses on 7. Increase support to Syrian rebels 8. Promote regime change in Belarus 9, Exploit tensions in the South Caucus 10. Reduce Russian influence in Central Asia 11. Challenge Russian presence in Moldova 12. Meddle in Russian internal political affairs 13. Increase US and NATO Landforces in Europe 14. Increase NATO exercises in Europe 15. Withdraw from the INF Arms Control Treaty 16. Develop new capabilities for the sole purpose of threatening Russia US clearly not the Good Guy, if it is doing these things About 10:00 - Starts talking about lethal support to Ukraine According to 2019 Rand Report, if US escalates the war in Ukraine, it gives Russia a reason to escalate its response to these new higher-powered weapons. This escalation could come out badly. Much loss of Ukraine citizens. Bigger flow of refuges. The escalation could lead Ukraine into a disadvantageous peace. Could escalate out of control. Weapons could go into hands they were not intended to go to. US weapons might be reverse engineered by people getting ahold of them. Perception of corruption could deter donors who might otherwise provide free equipment or supplies. Deduce that Ukraine cannot be trusted with high-tech systems. Might lead to a disadvantageous peace settlement. Now the US is in the middle of a catastrophic US policy failure. Can see that this was not instigated by Russia. The US was looking at this as an option, back in 2019. US cannot end the conflict, because ending it will mean admitting that the Ukraine lost.

  34. Agamemnon says:

    is solid state more energy dense? Still vapor ware but I wouldn’t think the researchers fakin it like fusion:) research cost is peanuts too.

    Anti: (I’m comparing a lemon & orange kinda)

    (Yes yes it don’t matter. we are all que Sara Buddhists here)

  35. About California not being able to grow rice:

    Why California grows rice is the question to ask

    For the Asians?

    Then it is time to stop

  36. Defeat is defeat, and ruin is ruin.

    Ukraine won a huge propaganda victory.

    In my opinion, China will ‘betray’ Russia (not really a betrayal since China was never an ally of Russia).

    In exchange to that China will reach what USA had reached after the end of the Great War, namely the hegemon of the world.

    • nikoB says:

      Exactly how will China fund that energetically?
      If betrayals on that level occur, it won’t take much for choke points to occur in oil distribution. Thinking Straits of Hormuz and Malacca.

      • drb753 says:

        It’s his opinion. Possibly the chinese also will be going to the singularity.

        • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

          good point.

          he seemed to be all in as anti-Asian, and that only Western white people could take humanity to the Singularity.

          now he thinks the Chinese will take us there?

          now even the contradictions are being contradicted.

          the Hilarity of the Singularity.

    • Rodster says:

      I disagree with Ukraine’s propaganda victory. There are many who know that Ukraine is a failed State of Russia and is highly corrupt run by a comedian, the US started and is behind the ongoing Ukraine/Russia war. There is also a belief among many who see Ukraine propaganda being issued by Washington and the media.

      As far as China goes, they have set themselves up to be the next global hegemon. They have the manufacturing base, gold and consumer base to take the next step. They have also created their version of Swift which I believe is called CHIPS. I also agree that they are conveniently using Russia and Russia is doing the same. It’s possible they will in the future become foes.

      It’s all about cycles. Empires are born, they mature, decline, collapse and a new Empire rises from the ashes. What has happened to the US empire will also happen to China in due time.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Too bad China is f79ed though … and bankrupt — and out of energy …. they had so much potential

    • moss says:

      This is a balanced and informed blog IMO on the present UKRRUS situation

      His most recent post considers the ramifications of the counteroffensive, leaving him less optimistic than he had been about a clean resolution of the overall conflict.

      To me, these nuclear plants and their weapons and waste products are the number one issue and I hope the yanks cleaned out all their evidence from the labs as they abandon

      • The most recent article is this one:

        U.S. ups the ante: are we indeed headed into WWIII and what can save us?

        The UK and Commonwealth may be mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday. I am in mourning as well, but for a very different reason: the gathering in the Ramstein air base in Germany yesterday reshuffled the deck on Western military and financial assistance to Ukraine, raising contributions to the ongoing holy crusade against Russia from still more nations and adding new, still more advanced precision strike weapons to the mix of deliveries to Kiev. It was an open summons to the Kremlin to escalate in turn, as were the test firing the same day of a new intercontinental rocket, the Minuteman III, from Vandenberg air base in California and the unannounced visit to Kiev yesterday of not only Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was featured in Western media accounts, but also other top officials of the Biden administration. The most notorious member of this delegation was surely Blinken’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, who had stage managed the February 2014 coup that put in power in Kiev the Russia-hating regime that Zelensky now heads.

        The question becomes how Russia will respond:

        Said Solovyov, Russia should throw off constraints and destroy the Ukrainian dual use infrastructure which makes it possible to move Western weapons across the country to the front. The railway system, the bridges, the electricity generating stations all should become fair targets. Moreover, Kiev should no longer be spared missile strikes and destruction of the ministries and presidential apparatus responsible for prosecution of the war. I note that these ideas were aired on the Solovyov program more than a month ago but then disappeared from view while the Russians were making great gains on the ground. The latest setbacks and the new risks associated with the Western policies set out at Ramstein bring them to the surface again.

        Solovyov also argued that Russia should now use in Ukraine its own most advanced weapons that have similar characteristics to what NATO is delivering to the other side. As a sub-point, Russia should consider neutralizing in one way or another the GPS guidance for U.S. weapons. Of course, if this means destroying or blinding the respective U.S. satellites, that would mean crossing a well-known U.S. red line or casus belli.

        Next, in the new circumstances, Russia should abandon its go-it-alone policy and actively seek out complementary weapons systems from previously untouchable countries, such as Iran and North Korea.

        The post ends talking about the need for balance.

        • Rodster says:

          We are already in WWW3. Right now it’s all of NATO vs Russia and Russia is building its allies with Iran, China, North Korea and even Saudi Arabia.

          The reason Russia is in this mess is because strategically they tried to be too nice to appease the West. They had the military capability to take out Ukraine in a matter of weeks. They chose not to. The US in turn got involved to prolong the war and it now sees Russia as weak, regardless of what Dmirty Orlov says.

          The problem for the West according to Martin Armstrong who has advised Heads of State and governments for the past 40 yrs and knows that area very well (dated a Ukrainian girl). He says that the people behind Putin are just like our Neocons who abhor the US and the West. They would not hesitate to go nuclear on Ukraine.

          That is the real danger that the crazies from both sides are pushing the button.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Dated? From that Ukey Dating site?

            • Rodster says:

              I got the impression that he met her in Ukraine thru some friends. He has said in the past that he has friends in parts of Ukraine and in Russia.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Ooooh … so she’s a hoo ker… as long as she does not look anything like SSS then all good

            • Rodster says:

              Nothing compares to SSS. We need to save the best for Norm.

            • don’t tell me the lesser spotted eddywit is roosting in your pile of BS now Rodster?

              Has it migrated?

              Or are there now two specimens for Sir David to research?

              Careful Rodster—make sure your eddywit is the genuine bird—never flies above the level of female genitalia, that’s how you tell the lesser spotted eddywit, from the greater spotted eddywit.

              (the greater spotted eddywit never actually leaves its pile of BS)

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Did they mention the purpose of the ‘war’ is to provide an explanation for the fact that we are running out of cheap energy?

          We all know we are on the edge of a cliff – what’s the point of a war otherwise?

          Oh right – cuz Zelensky is a good guy – hahahahahaa people will believe anything .. never mind these ones who don’t know 15% of 100

        • JesseJames says:

          NATO and Russia are in the biggest poker game ever…NATA (USA) is throwing ever increasing weaponry with ever increasing capabilities and lethality into the fight, including replacing a decimated trained Ukie army with NATO mercenaries.
          NATO has just bid and upped the ante….Now it is Russia’s turn.
          This is indeed getting dangerous.

  37. Fast Eddy says:

    norm – you can report FE! https://t.me/TommyRobinsonNews/39422

  38. Fast Eddy says:

    22 different semen samples in an 11 year old girl at the Southern border taken to medical assessment; semen lasts only about 24 hours on a victim…


    I am warning Doomie Preppers… this will not end well for any of you…. these are the type of people that are out there… THIS is the sort of thing they will do to you and your family.

  39. Fast Eddy says:

    A 20-year-old passed away after suffering a heart attack while his dance performance on the occasion of Ganeshotsav. Experts on possible causes of sudden heart attack.
    September 9, 2022

    In a shocking incident, a 20-year-old suffered a heart attack while he was in the middle of a dance performance on the occasion of Ganeshotsav. This happened in Bishnah, Jammu and Kashmir and the video of the sudden heart attack of the youth is now making rounds on the internet. According to news reports, Yogesh Gupta was performing on Shiv Stuti during a jagran on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, in the village of Kothe Sainiya, Bishnah and was dressed up as Maa Parvati.

    The cases of sudden heart attacks have been on rise among young people but the cardiac death of a 20-year-old is even more surprising. Was it the loud music during the jagran, dancing in the presence of a live audience, or pre-existing heart condition that could have resulted in a heart attack in this case? We asked experts.


  40. Fast Eddy says:

    2 middle-aged men die of heart attack in separate incidents
    September 4, 2022


    Both deaths were caught on video, this one on Twitter:

  41. Fast Eddy says:

    A(nother) TV news anchor, reporting on Queen Elizabeth’s meeting with Liz Truss, keels over, hits the floor, moaning

    I can’t make out her language; so if any of you can, please feel free to identify it:



    hahahahaaha… i could watch that 100000 x and still laugh

  42. Fast Eddy says:

    I truly hope the parents are suffering … who puts their children into an experiment … like a rat? hahahahahaha

    Maybe she was trying to kill all her kids and they failed?


    • Kowalainen says:

      “who puts their children into an experiment … like a rat?”

      Hypers (the mentally ill)?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Definitely suffering from Mental Illness… they knew it came out of the box in less than a year..

        I’m going with this diagonisis:

        Delusional disorder is a type of psychotic disorder. Its main symptom is the presence of one or more delusions. A delusion is an unshakable belief in something that’s untrue. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/9599-delusional-disorder

        The parents obviously believed Safe and Effective… they trusted the government … clearly suffering from extreme delusion here…

        I recommend – a tree with a strong branch 3 metres off the ground … and a double hang man’s noose for them.

        How f789ing dare they enrol a child in an experiment!!!

        If norm wants to enter the experiment that’s ok – his choice… but a child who knows no better.

        If was Caesar I’d go with thumbs down for the two of them and in with the lions…

        Adios Muchachas

        • Kowalainen says:

          Going with the ‘herd’ and their mouthpieces and organizers without so much as little doubt and questioning is being clinically insane.

          Question is how much of the MOARonity is handed to the children through the genetics of their parents?

          I’d claim 99.9999%.


          Why Vax Children?
          You tell me the Ugly Truth.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            If false narratives were not fed to the MOREONS … creating this fantasy make believe Disneyland they live in … where they pursue a circular economy via recycling … producing endless clean energy via solar panels … drive emissions free EVs… sing Koombaya and Imagine as they strive for world peace… embrace Bob Geldoff who ended world hunger oh so many years ago … toss their spare change into the Oxfam box at the check out believing that offsets blowing the f789 out of everyone and stealing their shit so we can have full trolleys filled with garbage to feed those gigantic bellies… while ignoring inconvenient stuff like animal gulags and experimentation (need to have tear free shampoo!)

            The MOREONS would lose their minds… the narratives are their therapy – they keep them calm… like a drip feed of Ritalin and Xanax…

            Truth would poison their insane minds and drive them off the deep end into despair, shame, regret, and suicide…

            Think of the feeling that SSS has after a massive drunken night … she’s engaged in the most filthy disgusting activities with random sleaze balls (Out Back the Dumpster)… she awakes at noon looks in the mirror and asks – what have I done … oh the shame… as she reaches for the broad spectrum jug of antibiotics…

            It would be like that only 1000000s of times worse… and it would be continuous…

            Imagine the MSM telling them the truth — daily photos of animals suffering for the shampoo… videos of starving children contrasted with Big Bellied Men with gigantic carts of food loaded into the super size trolley… then investigative stories showing how EVs are charged with coal…. in depth stuff on the futility of renewable energy … then of course BIG FAT headlines proclaiming we are f789ed cuz the energy is running out and the Uke war is all faked up to make them believe the inflation is temporary … and oil and gas will return to normal soon.

            How about Hubble is fake the moon landings are fake and it is impossible to fly through the Van Allen belts without frying man and machine… that would implode their dreams of living like George Jetson — or abandoning the Earth once we’ve completely gutted and destroyed it – cuz that’s what space exploration is ultimately all about — giving us a way out cuz the MOREONS are unsure about the infiniteness of this planet….

            These narratives are crucial. Absolutely crucial… They keep the insanity in check and prevent us from realizing that we are cancer

    • Minority of One says:

      “I truly hope the parents are suffering”

      They are, they truly are. Did you not watch the video that you posted for us to watch? I truly hope that something like this does not happen to my either of my children. I would be despondent, just like the parents in the video.

    • Rodster says:

      Even the lab rats know better than to take the Covid1984 poison.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I watched most of it and not once does Del admonish them for doing that to her…

        He should have said – what the f789 were you thinking???

  43. Fast Eddy says:

    She volunteered her kids to be part of the trial hahaha she should be HUNG


    • Xabier says:

      Great quote from Del Bigtree, on the institutional corruption and buck-passing by the FDA etc, in the Maddie de Garay case:

      ‘It’s like a bad movie: you are being chased by vampires, and you’re supposed to get help in a whole bar full of vampires you come across’.

      And the lawyer representing Maddie replies:

      ‘Except you can walk out from the movie theatre back into real life’.

      All the meaty FDA corruption and negligence stuff is after the 1-hr mark for those who can’t spend their whole life watching videos.

  44. Fast Eddy says:

    They do appear to be ramping up the anxiety …

    PSYOP-POLIO: New York Governor Kathy Hochul Issues Executive Order Declaring A State ‘Disaster Emergency’ Over Polio In New York State


  45. Fast Eddy says:

    Health Canada says it is approving a three-dose primary series of the vaccine for children under five, with three weeks between the first and second doses and eight weeks between the second and third doses.

    You can read the full CTV presser →Link

    It’s like they’re not even bothering to try and make this shit safe anymore and just want you to jab it into an age cohort that has ZERO RISK to COVID even FASTER than we did in people who were at actual risk.

    3 doses in the span of 3 months!





    Hey norm – are you feeling left out? Perhaps you can make a complaint to Liz… demand your rights to get 3 shots in 3 months too.

    • Xabier says:

      So obviously yet another stage of the experiment in Canada, with no concern for possible collateral damage.

      Come on, Norman, apply your world-famous logic and reason to this development, when no healthy little children have died of Covid, anywhere, since 2020.

      This is your big chance to wow us, to make us eat humble pie……

  46. Mirror on the wall says:

    My two cents on Izium. It is not sounding good for the UKR ‘counter offensive’ around Izium. It seems likely that it is about to turn into a mass casualty event as Russian artillery, air support, and (mobile) ground forces come into play. Much like the other ‘counter offensive’ last week.

    Define ‘trap’. Well that misses the central point that UKR does not have the artillery, air control or the forces required to win this conflict. Whatever they do is thus liable to turn out badly for them, but that is not going to stop them doing it anyway, and that is basically what we are seeing all the time.

    In that sense, these ‘counter offensives’ are simply a part of the wider attrition of the conflict, and indeed events in which that attrition is accelerated. They are a bit more dramatic than the daily grind in the Donbass, and they can give rise to a more excited and confused commentary, but they remain within the same lobsided attritional horizon.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      This guy is very clear and coherent, and he is able to focus on the strategic situation as opposed to maximising the gossip of the day. UKR has had a tactical success around Izium, but it amounts to a strategic blunder. It has concentrated UKR forces in one place, which weakens them elsewhere but most importantly, it sets them up for elimination in one place. Russia has evacuated civilians, withdrawn the loose forces that were there, and it is in the process of reforming the frontline with forces and equipment flooding in. It will shorten the overall conflict.

  47. banned says:

    Acosta was the DA who could have jailed Epstein for the rest of his life in 2008 but let him go. Florida. Trump appointed him labor secretary.


    Think 911 truthers are nutcases?
    Think the MRNA injections are not all that bad?

    Fine. Can we can agree that the Epstein client list should be released? Can we agree the public should know who was involved with the trafficking of underage girls for sexual purpouses? Where are the politicians advocating that? FOIA requests are met with the same response- “jeopardizes ongoing investigations”. Epstein is dead. Suicided – not suspicious at all. Maxwell is jailed. There are no ongoing investigations.

    Wide swathes of both democrats and republicans were involved with trafficking underage girls for sexual crimes and they got away with it. For decades and decades. Crimes of the elite are not crimes. Divisiveness is the cover of their crimes. Blind impartial justice is dissembled by divisiveness and put into apposing boxes and justice doesn’t apply except by the labels of divisiveness on the boxes. No violation of divisive standards no crime. They define what is a crime for them with divisiveness and there is only one. Only one crime and it is unpardonable, to not get on a team and propagate divisiveness. Besides that its all good. The public caught up in their self identification with team x cant advocate for blind justice. Advocating blind justice breaks the one unpardonable rule that one must join a team and ignore its crimes. There is no accountability for the elite and normalcy bias will not allow the idea that there is widespread criminal corruption.

    Epstein client list not released. Dead to rights on felony charges trafficking underage girls in 2008 and let go. No questions raised. Was Adam Schiff talking impeachment for that? Not a peep. Not a breath. His disgusting self contrived righteousness appealing only to the disjustice of divisiveness.

    Only one rule. Join a tean and ignore its crimes.

    Is Rand Paul talking about this? Lauren Boebert? Why not?


    Into the memory hole. poof its gone.

    Powerful men have mistresses. This goes far far far beyond that. You can consent at age 18. Every smo on the street understands that and some even understand the moral and spiritual reasons for it. That leaders do not in such a arrogant and abusive manner is a symptom of their overall disdain for the public and the crimes they commit. What sort of people are attracted to political office? No one who doesnt like living in a cess pool. The public buys in. Power has privilege. The public turns their head. The public understands the rule.

    Why no politician can talk about energy is very simple. The public only wants to hear through the lens of divisiveness. They agree to the lens of divisiveness. To abandon that lens is to abandon their idea that solution exist that its “their” fault to take personal responsibility and to face the consequences of breaking the rule.

    • The long-time custom has been (and still is the case in parts of Africa), “Men can have as many wives/mistresses as they can afford.” Having a high political office seems to be equivalent to wealth. The Muslim limit of four wives was a way to reduce the maximum.

      Having fewer wives is a way to slow the growth of population. Poor men tend not to marry. Or, if they do marry, their children have less chance of living to maturity and having children. Rich men with many young wives can have lots of children.

      • Dennis L. says:

        Isn’t that consistent with nature? Women do the choosing, not the men, thus it has been, thus it will be.

        The men chosen by women may be the sociopaths in business, or they may be the sociopaths in war; more or less the same game. Variation of girls liking “bad boys?” Or nice guys finish last.

        Women can now chose a career, more money, more homes, etc., no children. Evolution does not care, next.

        Life has evolved this way, we are along for the ride, chose your parents wisely.

        Dennis L.

        • Kowalainen says:

          “Women do the choosing, not the men, thus it has been, thus it will be.”

          Women do the choosing, men the accepting. I reckon a haggard looking vaxxident trollop can do all the choosing she wishes on me. It’s just not going to happen .

          Block/delete and that’s about all she wrote, unless there is substantial oh noes, crawling and humiliation before the cross of oats and cranks of course.

          Just imagine the stress from placating a basic bitch manifesting insanity of the collective. It is enough with the minutia in the affairs of Rapacious Primates.

          And for what?
          All retch an no vomit I reckon.
          Failed species.

      • Student says:

        Yes, it is true, but at the same in the Bible or in ancient Egyptians or also ancient Greeks, ancient Trojans, ancient Etrurians, ancient Celts, ancient Romans, anyway, in any case, let’s say in the population existing between 8.000 before Christ and 1.000 after and on, we would have not found multiple wifes customs.
        In fac they didn’t have the custom to let a man marry more than a woman.
        Men probably had lovers, surely among rich people (and maybe also of the same sex) but it seems that those societies, which represent the pillar of our Culture, didn’t allow men to have multiple wifes.
        I think that it was a way to establish a sort of social and moral stability and mutual respect to avoid ‘faide’ within internal groups (mabe also translated with feuds, internal fights).
        In my view, there is actually inside ourselves a sort of innate and natural disapproval about that behaviour and therefore groups tend – generally – to avoid to let men have multiple wifes.
        I also firmly think that the sistematic research of having sex with young girls (that those societies would call ‘virgins’) would have been considered extremely deviant and against the rules for a pacific society or (they would have probably said) against the rules of the Gods or God.
        So, I think that with the ‘epstein’ behaviour we have again – in this epoch – passed a red line which has always been something sacred for societies.
        In that way, I think that one of your previous title, or consideration, about that ‘we have probably reached the end of (our epoch) time’ is just right.
        We have done so many bad things lately that I would not be surprised to see another Noah around, or to see another similar divine punishment…

        • Kowalainen says:

          “We have done so many bad things lately that I would not be surprised to see another Noah around, or to see another similar divine punishment…”

          But “we” have done nothing wrong. It is entirely an expected outcome from soldering a large neocortex on a crusty baseline primate “circuitry”.

          Most species go extinct of no fault of their own. The Rapacious Primate faces oblivion wittingly. That is the tragicomedy.

          • Cromagnon says:

            There are other “Noah’s”, but like the original they are mocked and ridiculed.

            Just spend a while with google earth and look at the literally hundreds of sites of vast pyramid complexes under 100s of feet of seawater, look to the deserts where there are visible evidences of massive blast damage from weapons unknown. You can find ancient “airports” with multiple vectored runways, vast interlocking networks of roadways in grids and net patterns.
            For heavens sake you can literally go touch massive technolithic structures in North America far more ancient than the last glacial retreat.
            Wake up, you are IN the Dreamtime. The world is not even remotely what you think it is.

            • Cromagnon says:

              “Divine punishment “ IS coming. It always, always does. I am just not sure it is a godhead doing it. It may simply be that , once again, humanity has not lived up to the expected parameters set by the simacrulum. So the slate will be wiped yet again.
              Solar micro nova with massive radiation and dust shell impact followed by lithospheric displacement

              Would that qualify as cleansing “ by fire”?….. maybe throw in a couple of asteroid impactors?

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              since the ancient days of superstitious humans, there has been a continual outpouring of fictional narratives, which to this very day has not ended.

            • Kowalainen says:

              “It may simply be that , once again, humanity has not lived up to the expected parameters”

              Perhaps humanity “behaves” exactly as intended?

              As father; as son. No?

              Or it could be that neither the father, nor the son is living up to the expectations. Yes? 🙃

              One thing is for sure, that which lives according to his or her own nature is closer to the Tao. These two statements can be considered a non dichotomy/contradiction:

              1. As an embodiment observing and aligning to the overarching organizing principle of the universe (Attempting as the Tao)
              2. By the shackles of archaic instinct, desire, fear, lust, temptation (As an unwitting embodiment of the Tao)

              However, all embodiments have temptations because life is unreasonable. Yes we have the absolute need to eat, drink and procreate for survival (of the fittest).

              Thus “we” are a “blend” of the two to a varying degree. One might be excused for the reasonable idea thinking that both “extremes” in the spectrum between 1. and 2. might be in contradiction with evolutionary process, mutation.

              Having sapience implies considering yourself as not much different from the others and civilization as a reflection of yourself.

              Then one is forced to live life according to the premise that the world is what you make of it in the most literal of senses.

              Just ask yourself how you would have acted given a different starting “condition” (reincarnated) with more or less temptations readily available?

              Yes indeed; within temptation is truth.

              Very well. It’s all good.

            • Tim Groves says:

              I hate to tell you this, but Google Earth is a simulation!

              How do you know it is any more accurate than Google Search?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Hubble is fake.

      • banned says:

        There are several different issues here. The first is children are not capable of making certain decisions. I put that forth as true. Now you decide what a child is. Eighteen errs on the side of caution. Most states dont consider a 19 year old having sex with a 17 year old a crime but do consider a 26 year old having sex with a 17 year old a crime. I think thats fair. Guys understand this. The ones that dont end up as sexual offenders registered for life where they live published publicly.

        The fact is people below the age of eighteen are sexually active. I sure was. Often they are porn star status by the time they make 18. I dont see a problem if they are emotionally mature enough and it doesnt hurt them. I actually think youth deal with sexuality in a more healthy manner than in my time. I think the laws are fair. If your 19 or so dating in a 17 year old age group is not predatory. 20 best start making appropriate decisions. I had a 17 year old girlfriend when i was eighteen. This is determined by law.

        If you are making the argument that children are capable of making the decision to prostitute themselves prior to 18 I strongly disagree. Thats how I see arguments that wealth means underage girls are OK.

        This brings up the second issue. If its a felony for a 23 year old to have sex with a seventeen year old but not for a 40 year old with money can any reasonable idea of justice be considered in effect?

        Standards involving sex workers should be clear and unambiguous. I think 18 as a age of consent is quite appropriate. Sex workers rights should be protected and they should not be subject to abuse.

        The third issue is trafficking. This is where there is concerted effort to bring minors to market as sexual objects often using abuse. THe psychological damage is sometimes quite disturbing just like the psychological damage that occurs from physical rape. I consider this one of the most abusive things humans do. This is what Epstein did and many political individuals holding high office participated in this. If its no big deal why cant we know the extent of the participation? If the public thinks its OK to rape children then it wont make any difference in the votes.

        The public like me does not think its OK to rape children.

        Trafficking is by nature abusive. Do you really think these children are going well this will be a nice addition to my 401K?

        What eighteen year old women are not beautiful enough? If someone wants to buy sex why would they get a child? Im sorry its sick. It makes me angry. Ive seen far too much of what sexual abuse does to people. Whether its rape by direct physical force or rape by intimidation and coercion. Drug abuse is quite common amongst people who were subject to rape. They throw their life away.

        Sexual abuse in our society is a prevalent disturbing and very harmful phenomena. I think children represent gods beauty. I consider sexualizing that beauty a horrible thing. How is it people have never learned to see beauty by itself? Thats a opinion. The majority of people share my opinion.

        If you expect me to condone the widespread trafficking and sexual abuse of children that occurred for decades by Epstein and participation by our supposed leaders Im afraid your out of luck. If our society feels the definition of a child is incorrect that should be changed so standards and protection can be set for sex workers. Intimidation should not be part of a sex workers life.

        Ive got news for you. If you define a child at 16 they will start raping 15. Because they are ill. They are sick. They need to seek help. They associate their sexuality with corruption of a child’s beauty. Rape is not a sexual act it is a violent act that associates sexuality. That it exists makes me question humans nature. That it is widespread and prevalent in our leaders indicates character of that culture. When they are of age it is their choice. Before its a sick and very harmful thing. Money, no money- its not relevant. Sick is sick.

        Maybey Im off base. Maybe the majority thinks pedophilia is AOK now. Lets bring the so called leaders pedophila out in the open. Law enforcement has the records. Why are they secret? They wernt going to pedo island to play foosball. Let the district attorneys and the voters decide.

        Why does this even need to be explained. Leave the children alone. Leave the animals alone. Good god. Its just an orgasm.

        Way sick puppys.

        • Kowalainen says:

          I guess it’s ok for hoomans to kill, torture, maim and eat animals, but god bless the children of the Rapacious Primate.


          No, I’m not advocating paedophilia, but let’s put things in perspective and priority.

          Paedophilia and carnivorous “habits” exists because the Vile Beast can’t get its archaic “instincts” under control.

          That will simply never happen.
          Repeat after me:


          And thus the wheel of folly continue sloshing through the Retch in perpetuity ad nausea.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            notice that 11 yr old refugeed had been ra ped by 20+ different men…

            You remove the police – the courts – the military … and men will be men….

            We can see what men get up to in the gay community – where there are no restraints.. it’s a free for all of p iss birthday parties and drug fuelled orgeees.

            Many straight men would be dead keen on doing this with women – even if it involved a bit of .. force.

            Are you ready for this if ROF comes? I highly recommend the Candied F… who wants to end it on such a low note being ra ped and murdered – then eaten…

            What exactly is anyone trying to survive the end of BAU for? At best it would be a short nasty brutish life …

            • Kowalainen says:

              “What exactly is anyone trying to survive the end of BAU for?”

              You tell me.

              Clearly Rapacious Primates isn’t “ready” for higher civilization. The archaic instincts is still totally out of control given when “everything goes”.

              Primates aren’t suited for projecting their own success being that of the civilization as a whole, because Hyper Tryhards and Hyper MOARons gonna act pathological, kill, maim, rape and bully though various means such as master suppression techniques and ordinary everyday violence and butchery of sentient beings, just to forward their own stake in the “game”.

              I’d say that within its opportunisms and temptations is the truth of a species.


              Failed species.
              Aptly scheduled for extinction.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Super Snatch is rumoured to have been ‘Out Back the Dumpster’ when she was 13… clients 50+ mostly fat bald reeking of urine… but she was already obese so could pass as 40 …

          She’s Out Back of this:


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Why have more than one wife… when there’s the VIP lounge with new feature dancers every week?

        Alternatively there’s websites like Seeking Arrangement where you can find university students who are too lazy to work so they pedal (peddle) their asses for $$$ but because it’s ‘a relationship’ and not a new john every night — they don’t consider themselves hoo-ers. It’s all very respectable.

    • Lidia17 says:

      James Corbett has a couple of episodes up recently, of an interesting series he is doing about False Flags. The amount of control and deception expressed by US and other Intel. agencies in the creation of the “War On Terrah” and subsequent ‘handling’ of Al Qaeda, bin Laden, etc. was proven beyond even my previously-cynical reckoning.

      The Ali Muhammed situation is so fantastical one couldn’t even propose it in a film.. it would not be believable! All water under the bridge: hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands dead, and no-one held to account.


      • CTG says:

        It is said Corbett is controlled opposition. Many things re never certain. I have said before. Few hundred years ago, humans are not informed because there is no technology for mass media. Partly they are illiterate and there is no need to known anything beyond their field of vision.

        Now we have the technology but we are misinformed at all levels. Lies stacked upon lies. Information is hidden from people (i.e. safe and effectuve), purposely convoluted and mixed with truths, half truths and lies.

        It might better if we revert to “information within our field of vision”. Less interconnectivity. What happens in Japan stays in Japan. It will not impact anyone else. No financial complexity or long supply chain. Maybe home sapiens are supposed to live life that way. Maybe we are not suppose to live a complex life.

        Like Tim said.. maybe Google Earth is not real (I have thought about that a few years ago). It is just a feed from the Matrix…

        • Tim Groves says:

          By the way, it was announced yesterday that the Japanese Emperor and Empress will be attending Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, as protocol would recommend. At the same time, although former Prime Minister Abe has been awarded a state funeral, the Emperor and Empress will not be attending that. The Emperor’s younger brother will be representing the family there.

          The story being told about Abe’s assassination is that the assassin’s mother was a member of the Unification Church, or in other words, the Moonies, and that she became destitute as a result of all the assets she handed over to them, and that the assassin wanted to kill a senior member of the church who he had expected might be attending Abe’s speech.

          The media on the whole has been very cool on Abe. Very little affection has been shown for him and there is a lot of criticism of the decision to award him a state funeral. Moreover, the muckrakers in the media have managed to dig up dirt on the ruling party’s links with the Unification Church, with the press suggesting that half or more of the current LDP MPs have received funds from the church, which has a reputation for being cultish and brainwashing its members, whether deserved or otherwise I could not say.

  48. https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-california-drought-the-latest-victims-are-rice-farms-11662811202

    In California Drought, the Latest Victims Are Rice Farms
    Water cuts of more than 80% for many rice farmers have triggered an acreage decline steeper than for any other major crop in the state, hurting businesses that depend on the grain

    The American West has been caught in the worst drought in more than a millennium for most of the past two decades, spurring farmers in businesses from tomatoes to alfalfa to cut output and change the way they do business.

    But until this year, Northern California farmers who grow rice, one of the state’s most water-intensive crops, have largely been spared. In the system of water allocation run by the federal government, rice farmers hold some of the state’s most senior rights, meaning they have received much of their assigned water while other crops withered.

    Record dry weather this past winter prompted federal officials to cut the amount set aside for rice—turning what normally in summer are lush green fields stretched along Interstate 5 north of Sacramento into parched brown expanses.

    Rice farmers in Colusa County, 60 miles north of Sacramento, received 18% of the federal water shipments to which they are entitled, far less than normal and too little for many to grow the crop at all.


    California typically produces about one-fifth of U.S. rice.

    • it would seem that whatever move humankind now makes

      the planet itself calls ‘checkmate’.

      • Bobby says:

        Good point. The extreme change is a geothermal dynamic moving toward re-balance and harmony. Anthropomorphic activity maybe tipped the balance, natural changes also contribute. Earth is correcting the imbalance. Extreme Rain, Drought, Fire, Winds, Ice melt and Sea rise is just simple physics……Earthmate!

        In all these situations humans continue to think short term, be selfish and tip the balance against that which supports LIFE…….Selfmate!

        In trying to Win Win to gain personal advantage we Loose Loose as a collective and destroy the conditions that support our existence. We behave as predicted yet fail to change, the Earth processes must respond through change to rebalance

        • you are quite right

          humans think in human time

          the earth thinks in earth time

          problem is, humankind has just been an eyeblink of history

        • drb753 says:

          Cheer up. Bumper grain crop in Russia, and the best hay season in at least 100 years.

          • Bobby says:

            For now it maybe that some conditions are beneficial or advantageous in terms of seasonal changes in some geophysical locations on the planet, like Russia, but in a system inclined to change rapidly and swing to the extreme; as we are now seeing on the planet, there is less certainty. Growing conditions like adequate rain and sunshine that brought crop abundance one season may pivot to say even more rain and less/ inadequate sunshine next year and so on. We think in terms of short term gains like this because we’re adapted to live with some seasonal uncertainty and the need for social collaboration to survive, it’s why we have big brains designed to see and remember patterns, read emotions and take opportunities.

            When faced with ‘Extreme uncertainty’ on the other hand combined with the elephant in the room today, ‘Extreme human overpopulation’, our brains don’t work so good. We’ve developed and are now dependent on technology that we’re realising can’t save us and in fact works against us long term for exactly the same reason, ‘the short term think’. In such conditions our brains can can work against us too, making us anxious, aggressive, greedy and reclusive. The human mind is even capable of shutting down cortical function; particularly when actions or choices available in response to conditions are pointless or ineffective. In this situation we can become deluded.

            Maybe that’s why many (myself included) have been here on OFW ‘for years’ ‘screaming at the top of our keyboards and mouse clicks’ about the real environmental problems the world faces in terms of limits, energy and social impacts, while the human world seems to ‘precesses’ on, but without changing actual trajectory, on the same path of least resistance, self-ing for as long as possible and becoming as stagnant as possible until change is forced upon us as individuals or collectively as nations.

            Civilisations and people in them always faced this challenge of existential continuance.

            John Lennon comes to mind but it’s hard to sing some parts without different lyrics, if there’s no resource

            Imagine no technology
            It’s easy if you try
            No oil below us
            Above us, only sky
            Imagine all the people
            Livin’ for today
            Ahhhah hhhahhhhh

            Imagine there’s no countries
            It isn’t hard to do
            No rule of law or taxes
            And no religion, too
            Imagine all the people
            Livin’ in uncertainty
            Yooouu ooooow

            You may say I’m a dreamer
            But I’m not the only one
            I hope someday you’ll ‘wake up’
            And we’ll see our world for once.

            Imagine no security
            I wonder if you can
            Social Engineered greed and hunger
            An Earth at war with man
            Imagine all the people
            Eating all the world
            Yooouu, ooooow

            You may say I’m a dreamer
            But I’m not the only bum
            I hope someday you’ll wake up
            And we’ll save the world if we can


            • I am afraid we humans can’t really save the Earth. The Earth saves itself, by throwing most or all humans off of it. We would like to think that we humans are in charge, but we really are not, I am afraid.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Even better – we have realized we have overstayed our welcome .. and are self exterminating

            • Artleads says:

              I doubt that humans saving the earth is the issue, humans being a part of the earth.

            • Bobby says:

              Gail you’re correct, we are not in control. We’re not even in control of our own private cortex’s. Only by abandoning such notions of control is actual mastery possible.

              By default, we are most likely to disqualify ourselves from existence long term after destroying our resource base. Nevertheless small remnants may survive to repeat the cycle on smaller scales given opportunity to learn if Earth’s capacity to support human life isn’t completely disrupted by the fallout of the present peak human epoch.

              Although Earth is not obviously sentient and seems to just follow natural physical laws on a planetary scale, the consistent signals Earths climate swing now shows, combined with the biomass exhibiting elements of deliberate self preservation, appear to demonstrate a response that is antagonistic to our impacts.

              ‘This is like a ‘law of resistance’

              Until harmony is restored or a new balance is found, chaos and disequilibrium will continue to be the overall dominant forces at work.

              This means we’re unfortunately beyond a point of return. We ignored our higher consciousness, at our own peril, now our big brains are very likely to provide abundant nutrients for whatever life remains because we put a choke hold on our (and more importantly each other’s) actual potential, mostly in order to take short term advantage (fame or personal success) or escape reality with a ‘think small mindset’ more focused on personal fears, reproductive needs or personal legacy than survival or continuance, (ironic indeed, because now due to overpopulation reproduction is in fact off the table of options) therefore, subconsciously we have collectively chosen self destruction to escape suffering and pain while attempting self fulfilment. By definition the actions of deluded beings.

              Tight casting ourselves into the role of ‘the chosen ones’ we’ve collectively doomed our species in some kind of twisted illegitimate selfish coitus. It is a great truth of our condition.

              Our assuming to be God like or our need to reply to the void of our own fears by creating one just to cope, as we realise our true vulnerability and temporary existence in what is a very violent cosmos. Birth indeed is extremely Painful and yet and yet we seem to have been created, and need Love, companionship and relationship to be whole. A mystery indeed.

            • Artleads says:

              Interesting ideas here Bobby. I’m trying to narrow them down for my own understanding.

              Due to age, state of health, rapidly deteriorating social conditions, etc. I see a very strict limit as to what I have time to consider. (I won’t be here long enough to see widespread fuel pond meltdown.)

              We are not a reasonable species, but one tied to reverence and worship of something beyond us. Quantifying the earth as something like a mechanical and material “subject” that “we” can save may be what got us into trouble. “Obedience” to that something higher may be the best that we can do.

              A very odd conclusion I draw from all this is that:

              – I can have no idea which way the world will wind up.

              – Evolution of our species (for reasons you give) DOES seem unlikely. But I can’t say it is either more impossible than possible.

              – My left brain reasoning (which I keep firmly in its limited place) would say to expect FE’s Compassionate Extinction Plan (CEP). The problem with CEP is that it is wretchedly brutal and thoughtless, proposed by limite people who don’t know how limited they are.

              – So “CEP” fails the compassion test largely through ignorance.

              – But what if thoughtfulness and compassion were exactly what it takes for humans to evolve?

              – If humans were to evolve some time soon, so many wouldn’t necessarily go extinct.

              – Which would mean that preparing for a less wretched extinction and preparing to avoid extinction altogether require exactly the same thinking and type of effort. You choose the emphasis you prefer, I suppose. We mostly won’t be here to know the “objective” difference. Doing nothing is likely to increase suffering one way or the other. So do what you love and feel drawn to.

            • Bobby says:


              ‘But what if thoughtfulness and compassion were exactly what it takes for humans to evolve’

              I can see a third party coming to aid and rescue others from imminent FE style CEP or ROF in a selfless way.

              Just imagining other beings facing a likely helpless situations and in embrace behind their last resource stirs the Heart to such acts. Human’s are not without selflessness Artlee. Such behaviour doesn’t come from logic or reason…something greater?

      • Tim Groves says:

        You’ll be pleased to hear, no doubt, that my rice is doing fine again this year. It’s golden yellow now and waiting to be cut. I’ll try to do that before the next typhoon. The valley is looking fine. The wildlife are enjoying the environment provided by the rice paddies and veggie patches. The frogs are croaking. The crickets are chirping. Over a dozen species of birds are enjoying the fruit. berries, seeds and insects in the early autumn sunshine. The crows have been attacking my pumpkins. The herons are feeding on tadpoles and young frogs, the snakes are also hunting small game in the fields and watercourses, and at night the badgers come around making holes with their snouts as they sniff for worms and grubs.

        Also I shouldn’t forget the cats. They sometimes bring home mice, moles, mantises, and the occasional bird or snake. I am sure David Attenborough would love it around here.

        • Nice take on your bit of paradise Tim, checkmate hasn’t been called on you yet.

          My heron, (on the pond 20 yards away), also seems to like frogs a la carte, of which there are plenty at the moment. He/she has become quite the local celebrity–much photographed

          i daresay Sir David has snuck around near you at some time in the past, recording the wildlife.

          He’s even older than me, but wants one last ‘discovery’ notch on his belt, for which he is at this moment, planning the trip to NZ

        • Artleads says:


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