Headed for a Collapsing Debt Bubble

A $1.9 trillion stimulus package was recently signed into law in the United States. Can such a stimulus bill, plus packages passed in other countries, really pull the world economy out of the downturn it has been in since 2020? I don’t think so.

The economy runs on energy, far more than it operates on growing debt. Our energy problems don’t appear to be fixable in the near term, such as six months or a year. Instead, the economy seems to be headed for a collapse of its debt bubble. Eventually, we may see a reset of the world financial system leading to fewer interchangeable currencies, far less international trade and falling production of goods and services. Some governments may collapse.

[1] What Is Debt?

I understand debt to be an indirect promise for future goods and services. These future goods and services can only be created if there are adequate supplies of the right kinds of energy and other materials, in the right places, to make these future goods and services.

I think of debt as being a time-shifting device. Indirectly, it is a promise that the economy will be able to provide as many, or more, goods and services in the future compared to what it does at the time the loan is taken out.

Common sense suggests that it is much easier to repay debt with interest in a growing economy than in a shrinking economy. Carmen Reinhart and Ken Rogoff unexpectedly ran across this phenomenon in their 2008 working paper, This Time Is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises. They reported (p. 15), “It is notable that the non-defaulters, by and large, are all hugely successful growth stories.” In other words, their analysis of 800 years of governmental debt showed that default was almost inevitable if a country stopped growing or started shrinking.

The IMF estimates that the world economy shrank by 3.5% in 2020. There are many areas with even worse indications: Euro Area, -7.2%; United Kingdom, -10.0%; India, -8.0%; Mexico, -8.5%; and South Africa, -7.5%. If these situations cannot be turned around quickly, we should expect to see collapsing debt bubbles. Even the US, which shrank by 3.4%, needs a rapid return to growth if it is to keep its debt bubble inflated.

[2] The Inter-Relationship Among (a) Growing Debt, (b) Growing Energy Consumption and a (c) Growing Economy

When we are far from energy limits, growing debt seems to pull the economy along. This is a graphic I put together in 2018, explaining the situation. A small amount of debt is helpful to the system. But, if there gets to be too much debt, both oil prices and interest rates rise, bringing the braking system into action. The bicycle/economy rapidly slows.

Figure 1. The author’s view of the analogy of a speeding upright bicycle and a speeding economy.

Just as a two-wheeled bicycle needs to be going fast enough to stay upright, the economy needs to be growing rapidly enough for debt to do what it is intended to do. It takes energy supply to create the goods and services that the economy depends on.

If oil and other energy products are cheap to produce, their benefit will be widely available. Employers will be able to add more efficient machines, such as bigger tractors. These more efficient machines will act to leverage the human labor of the workers. The economy can grow rapidly, without the use of much debt. Figure 2 shows that the world oil price was $20 per barrel in 2020$, or even less, prior to 1974.

Figure 2. Oil price in 2020 dollars, based on amounts through 2019 in 2019$ from BP’s 2020 Statistical Review of World Energy, the inflationary adjustment from 2019 to 2020 based on CPI Urban prices from the US Department of Labor and the average spot Brent oil price for 2020 based on EIA information.

Figure 3 below shows the historical relationship between the growth in US energy consumption (red line) and the dollar increase in US debt growth required to add a dollar increase in GDP (blue line). This chart calculates ratios for five-year periods because ratios for individual years are unstable.

Figure 3. Comparison of five-year average growth in US energy consumption based on EIA data with five-year average amount of added debt required to add $1 of GDP.

Based on Figure 3, the US average annual growth in energy consumption (red line) generally fell between 1951 and 2020. The quantity of debt that needed to be added to create an additional $1 dollar of GDP (blue line) has generally been rising.

According to Investopedia, Gross domestic product (GDP) is the total monetary or market value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. Notice that there is no mention of debt in this definition. If businesses or governments can find a way to make large amounts of credit available to borrowers who are not very credit worthy, it becomes easy to sell cars, motorcycles or homes to buyers who may never repay that debt. If the economy hits turbulence, these marginal buyers are likely to default, causing a collapse in a debt bubble.

[3] Analyzing Energy Consumption Growth, Debt Growth and Economic Growth for Broader Groupings of Years

To get a better idea what is happening with respect to energy growth, debt growth, and GDP growth, I created some broader groupings of years, based primarily on patterns in Figure 2, showing inflation-adjusted oil prices. The following groupings of years were chosen:

  • 1950-1973
  • 1974-1980
  • 1981-2000
  • 2001-2014
  • 2015-2020

Using these groupings of years, I put together charts in which it is easier to see trends.

Figure 4. Average annual increase in energy consumption for period shown based on EIA data versus average increase in real (inflation-adjusted) GDP for the period shown based on data of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Figure 4 shows that for the US, there has been a general downward trend in the annual growth of energy consumption. At same time, real (that is, inflation-adjusted) GDP has been trending downward, but not quite as quickly.

We would expect that lower energy consumption would lead to lower growth in real GDP because it takes energy of the appropriate kinds to make goods and services. For example, it takes oil to ship most goods. It takes electricity to operate computers and keep the lights on. According to the World Coal Association, large quantities of coal are used in producing cement and steel. These are important for construction, such as is planned in stimulus projects around the world.

Also, on Figure 4, the period 1981 to 2000 shows an uptick in both energy consumption growth and real GDP growth. This period corresponds to a period of relatively low oil prices (Figure 2). With lower oil prices, businesses found it affordable to add new devices to leverage human labor, making workers more productive. The growing productivity of workers is at least part of what led to the increased growth in real GDP.

Figure 5. Dollars of additional debt required to add $1 dollar of GDP growth (including inflation), based on data of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Figure 5, above, is disturbing. It strongly suggests that the US economy (and probably a lot of other economies) has needed to add an increasing amount of debt to add $1 of GDP in recent years. This pattern started long before President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package in 2021.

To make matters worse, GDP growth in Figure 5 has not been reduced to remove the impact of inflation. On average, removing the impact of inflation reduces the above GDP growth by about half. In the period 2015 to 2020, it took about $4.35 of additional debt to add one dollar of GDP growth, including inflation. It would take about double that amount, or $8.70 worth of debt, to create $1.00 worth of inflation-adjusted growth. With such a low return on added debt, it seems unlikely that the $1.9 trillion stimulus package will increase the growth of the economy very much.

[4] Falling interest rates (Figure 6) are a major part of what allowed the rapid growth in debt after 1981 shown in Figure 5.

Figure 6. 10-Year and 3-Month US Treasury Rates through February 2021, in a chart prepared by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis.

Clearly, debt is more affordable if the interest rate is lower. For example, auto loans and home mortgages have lower monthly payments if the interest rate is lower. It is also clear that governments need to spend less of their tax revenue on interest rate payments if interest rates are lower. Changes made by US President Ronald Reagan when he took office 1981 also encouraged the use of more debt.

A major concern with respect to today’s debt bubble is the fact that interest rates are about as low as they can go without going negative. In fact, the interest rate on 10-year Treasury bonds is now 1.72%, which is higher than the February 2021 average rate shown on the chart. As interest rates rise, it becomes more costly to add more debt. As interest rates rise, businesses will be less likely to take on debt in order to expand and hire more workers.

[5] Interest expense is a major expense of governments, businesses, and homeowners everywhere. Energy costs are another major expense of governments, businesses, and homeowners. It makes sense that falling interest rates can partly hide rising energy prices.

A trend toward lower interest rates was needed starting in 1981 because the US could no longer produce large amounts of crude oil that were profitable to sell at less than $20 per barrel, in inflation-adjusted prices. Lower interest rates made adding debt more feasible. This added debt could smooth the transition to an economy that was less dependent on oil, now that it was high-priced. The lower interest rates helped all segments of the economy adjust to the new higher cost of oil and other fuels.

[6] The US experience shows precisely how helpful having a rapidly growing supply of inexpensive to produce oil could be to an economy.

US oil production, excluding Alaska (blue “remainder” in Figure 7), rose rapidly after 1945 but began to decline not long after hitting a peak in 1970. This growing oil production had temporarily provided a huge boost to the US economy.

Figure 7. US crude oil production, based on data of the US Energy Information Administration.

Up until almost 1970, US oil production was rising rapidly. Figure 8 shows that during this period, incomes of both the bottom 90% of workers and the top 10% of workers increased rapidly. Over a period of about 20 years, incomes for both groups grew by about 80%, after adjusting for inflation. On average, workers were about 4% better off each year, with the rapid growth in very inexpensive-to-produce oil, all of which stayed in the US (rather than being exported). US imports of inexpensive-to-produce oil also grew during this period.

Once oil prices were higher, income growth for both the lower 90% and the top 10% slowed. With the changes made starting in 1981, wage disparities quickly started to grow. There suddenly became a need for new, high-tech approaches that used less oil. But these changes were more helpful to the managers and highly educated workers than the bottom 90% of workers.

Figure 8. Chart comparing income gains by the top 10% to income gains by the bottom 90% by economist Emmanuel Saez. Based on an analysis of IRS data, published in Forbes.

[7] Most of the world’s cheap-to-extract oil sources have now been exhausted. Our problem is that the world market cannot get prices to rise high enough for producers to cover all of their expenses, including taxes.

Based on my analysis, the world price of oil would need to be at least $120 per barrel to cover all of the costs it needs to cover. The costs that need to be covered include more items than an oil company would normally include in its costs estimates. The company needs to develop new fields to compensate for the ones that are being exhausted. It needs to pay interest on its debt. It also needs to pay dividends to its shareholders. In the case of shale producers, the price needs to be high enough that production outside of “sweet spots” can be carried on profitably.

For oil exporters, it is especially important that the sales price be high enough so that the government of the oil exporting country can collect adequate tax revenue. Otherwise, the exporting country will not be able to maintain food subsidy programs that the population depends on and public works programs that provide jobs.

[8] The world can add more debt, but it is difficult to see how the debt bubble that is created will really pull the world economy forward rapidly enough to keep the debt bubble from collapsing in the next year or two.

Many models are based on the assumption that the economy can easily go back to the growth rate it had, prior to COVID-19. There are several reasons why this seems unlikely:

  • Many parts of the world economy weren’t really growing very rapidly prior to the pandemic. For example, shopping malls were doing poorly. Many airlines were in financial difficulty. Private passenger auto sales in China reached a peak in 2017 and have declined every year since.
  • At the low oil prices prior to the pandemic, many oil producers (including the US) would need to reduce their production. The 2019 peak in shale production (shown in Figure 7) may prove to be the peak in US oil production because of low prices.
  • Once people became accustomed to working from home, many of them really do not want to go back to a long commute.
  • It is not clear that the pandemic is really going away, now that we have kept it around this long. New mutations keep appearing. Vaccines aren’t 100% effective.
  • As I showed in Figure 5, adding more debt seems to be a very inefficient way of digging the economy out of a hole. What is really needed is a growing supply of oil that can be produced and sold profitably for less than $20 per barrel. Other types of energy need to be similarly inexpensive.

I should note that intermittent wind and solar energy is not an adequate substitute for oil. It is not even an adequate substitute for “dispatchable” electricity production. It is simply an energy product that has been sufficiently subsidized that it can often make money for its producers. It also sounds good, if it is referred to as “clean energy.” Unfortunately, its true value is lower than its cost of production.

[9] What’s Ahead?

I expect that oil prices will rise a bit, but not enough to raise prices to the level producers require. Interest rates will continue to rise as governments around the world attempt more stimulus. With these higher interest rates and higher oil prices, businesses will do less and less well. This will slow the economy enough that debt defaults become a major problem. Within a few months to a year, the worldwide debt bubble will start to collapse, bringing oil prices down by more than 50%. Stock market prices and prices of buildings of all kinds will fall in inflation-adjusted dollars. Many bonds will prove to be worthless. There will be problems with empty shelves in stores and gasoline stations with no products to sell.

People will start to see that while debt is a promise for the equivalent of future goods and services, it is not necessarily the case that those who make the promises will be able to stand behind these promises. Paper wealth generally can be expected to lose its value.

I can imagine a situation, not too many years from now, when countries everywhere will establish new currencies that are not as easily interchangeable with other currencies as today’s currencies are. International trade will dramatically fall. The standard of living of most people will fall precipitously.

I doubt that the new currencies will be electronic currencies. Keeping the electricity on is a difficult task in economies that increasingly need to rely solely on local resources. Electricity may be out for months at a time after an equipment failure or a storm. Having a currency that depends on electricity alone would be a poor idea.

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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3,106 Responses to Headed for a Collapsing Debt Bubble

  1. Minority Of One says:

    Yesterday the UK govt’s propaganda dept. released this anti-Vitamin D article:

    Vitamin D: The truth about an alleged Covid ‘cover-up’

    The above BBC article seems to be mainly hearsay.

    As an antidote to the nonsense from the BBC, interesting review of Vitamin D and Ivermectin from a USA-based doctor [03 Apr 2021]:


    He provides lots of data / statistics from recent studies but not the actual sources. I guess if you looked hard enough you could find them.

    • I keep finding stories that say some versions of “Vitamin D doesn’t work.” They are based on a single flawed study (say, one pill given to hospitalized patients).

      The fact that the vitamin D role has not been considered to any significant extent by the medical community is a disgrace. It has to do with, “No profit to be made from more time in the sunshine or more sales of vitamin D pills.”

      • Minority Of One says:

        Agreed – strange how the BBC correspondent managed to find only one Vit. D study, that was supposedly flawed, but Dr Cole presented data that must have come from many studies.

        I have not taken a vitamin supplement in my life, until yesterday. A daily dose of Vitamin D seems to have many benefits beyond CV-19. Probably take until the end of April, then start again in October.

      • Duncan Idaho says:

        I take D3 daily, and a significant number of homo sapiens are deficient.
        However, I’ve seen no data on D and Covid that has substance.
        Hopefully, it arises.
        (When in your second week, virus decline, D may be harmful by most data)

      • Terry McNeil says:

        I agree and this is almost criminal in its intent or negligence. Moreover, they do not promote other measures folks can take to optimize the immune system such as sleep, fitness, diet, stress mediation, sugar consumption, dental care, and BMI – for the same reason.

        There is no money in it for Big Pharma, the medical community and others on Wall St. because such measures come with very little in terms of profits – well not the billions generated from vaccines that’s for sure. Moreover other major industries, such as sugar and fast foods would also be impacted negatively as awareness grows that their products also adversely impact our immune systems and make us all increasingly susceptibility to viruses, pandemics and other diseases.

        However not everyone in the medical community is remaining silent on the roles that both Vitamin D (VD) and optimizing the immune system can play in preventing respiratory diseases – and there is some evidence that VD sales and demand are growing and the shelves are empty in some places in the UK. Somehow the message is getting out..

        COVID 19 Q/A: Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead
        https://youtu.be/8LXZTU9UbSc (90 mins)

        We have also seen a similar approach taken with Type 2 diabetes, where instead of drugs the medical community could have stressed dietary approaches, including fasting that do not involve pharmaceutical products and their known side-effects. Again this too is not going to happen because there is no money in it and Wall St profits would suffer..


        So where is the money? How’s about opioids which some sources (CDC) indicate have killed 500,000 American just over the last 20 years. These numbers exceed the deaths tolls of recent wars. (WW II, Korea, Nam etc.) Terrible.


        In light of what some might call substantive and irrefutable criminal evidence; it is no wonder why the medical community, corporations and governments have lost so much credibility in recent years. Moreover, many important questions remain to be answered, For instance-

        Who will stand for these crimes?

        How do we make the medical health care system, in future, serve the interests of the people and not the profiteers?,

        How can a more effective oversight be provided over a broken process? Who would do it?

        Not dealing with these matters is certain to result in more of the same. .And who knows where that could lead us…

        • JMS says:

          “How do we make the medical health care system, in future, serve the interests of the people and not the profiteers?”

          I would humbly propose something that might work: HANG’ EM ALL!

      • Xabier says:

        If the effectiveness of vitamin D in promoting better health and a robust immune response had become common currency, it would have raised logical questions about the wisdom of extensive lock-downs and the policy in some countries of masks out-of-doors: both severely limiting exposure to health-promoting sunshine!

        A can of – unpatented, zero-profit – worms that Big Pharma would not wish to be opened.

        The examination of cheap pharmaceutical treatments has been blocked, and all non-pharmaceutical approaches have been dismissed.

        As has the notable coincidence of severe cases of Covid and obesity.

          • I thought that this summary of vitamin D findings, posted a couple of days ago, was very good.

            • Duncan Idaho says:

              “Sleep Medicine Specialist”

              But he may know something, but it is not his educational background.

            • I am not a person trained in either Economics or Energy. My degree is in Math. It often seems to take someone, from outside the field, to put pieces together. The others are too set in their own ways. Peer review tends to deaden thinking, because people cannot stop to think that the standard way of thinking may be wrong, or at least badly sub-optimal.

            • Terry McNeil says:

              Your words should be enshrined at the entrance to all our halls of so-called higher learning. So students can clearly understand the destination of their never-ending journey..

              “I am not a person trained in either Economics or Energy. My degree is in Math. It often seems to take someone, from outside the field, to put pieces together. The others are too set in their own ways. Peer review tends to deaden thinking, because people cannot stop to think that the standard way of thinking may be wrong, or at least badly sub-optimal.”

              Gail I truly believe you are so right – as people are largely stuck in the -Thinking Culture – of their field of study or occupation that can be also defined as intellectual and cognitive specialization silos

              This also I believes explains how humanity got into the predicament it is in today. Particularly when it comes to he denial of our limits to growth by top economists, politicians ,academics, and business leaders;- who mostly choose to politicize the problem with their vested -interest propaganda and education,

              Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

              Students should come to know that no matter what happens over the next few years of knowledge-based learning in their fields of study – to promise themselves and focus on one thing above all else – I will learn how to think objectively and subjectively in many ways and to apply this knowledge, skill and talent to all areas of human concern in a creative and integrated manner in the pursuit of truth and unbiased perspective. I will foremost learn to become aware of and think about – all forms of thinking – their processes, applications and outcomes – both individually and combined in various permutations.

              Then hopefully students will also garner the humble paradoxical understanding of knowing with certainty- they have the wisdom of knowing that they know nothing, as Socrates had concluded near the end of his studies. For as the more you learn, the more you realize – how little you truly know.

              Now that’s something to think about…

            • It is indeed the fact that specialists each come from an academic field that encourages everyone to think alike that causes the problem we have. Researchers can get grant money and promotions if they can publish some kind of wishful thinking document. There is also the belief that anything that we decide to do will have the intended outcome.

              Of course, the big enabling issue for this mess is the fact that the world economy is hitting limits. Population has outgrown its resource base. In theory, an increasing quantity of very cheap to produce energy could work around these limits a little longer. But no one can tell the world that this is what we are up against.

  2. Tim Groves says:

    “Calling Israel a ‘banana republic,’ Pfizer has frozen further deliveries of the Covid-19 vaccine until it gets paid for the last 2.5 million doses, Israeli media reported. The blow comes amid political infighting in Tel Aviv.

    Some 700,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were expected in Israel on Sunday, after Passover ended, but were delayed until further notice on grounds that the previous shipment hadn’t been paid for, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    Pfizer executives reportedly called Israel a “banana republic” and said they couldn’t understand how something like this could happen in an organized country, a correspondent for Galatz, the Israeli army radio, said Monday on ‘Good Morning Israel.’


    • Wow! This is wild.

      The price of the vaccines is a big deal. The lack of vaccines in the EU seems to be related to wanting a very low price for the vaccine. The negotiations added time to the timeline. The low price made it harder to do right.

      There aren’t going to be many countries that can afford two doses of Pfizer vaccine, every six months. I thought that they were getting a special deal, because they were collecting data on how well the vaccines worked.

      I thought this was strange:

      Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was supposed to visit Israel in early March to negotiate further deliveries and possibly even production of the Covid-19 vaccine there. He canceled the trip five days before its scheduled date, however, saying he and his team weren’t fully vaccinated and would gladly come later after “coronavirus restrictions are lifted or improve, and allow better visiting conditions.”

      It doesn’t sound like Pfizer leaders have a great deal of confidence in the vaccine, if they haven’t received it themselves. And coronavirus restrictions are still making a mess in Israel.

      • hillcountry says:

        And in the breach, poor people are fighting back with Ivermectin.

        Like this video interview of Rep. Mike Defensor

      • Fast Eddy says:

        It seems as if countries are coming up with all sorts of excuses to delay the second shots of the vaccines… because spreading out the injections apparently ensures that the virus mutates… and we need mutations if we are going to pursue the Devil Covid objective… (see Bridle.. Bossche)

        • D. Stevens says:

          We didn’t want the CEP(Compassionate Extinction Plan?) but those greedy corps caused this mess. A patsy and multiple stories for everyone to argue over is a great idea while oil powered civilization slips beneath the waves. I can hear it now: Sorry folks, we were trying to do the right thing to combat the c19 threat, but there were unknown unknowns and our best intentions failed, but don’t worry. We’ll recover and build back better. Please do your part by staying home. The food and water will be delivered soon, trust us, don’t worry.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Right, it is all pretty weird with FE sometimes.

            So what is the endgame of CEP? Obviously (W)axing/culling useless eaters and dimwits. However some people need to remain keeping the shebang operational. Thus there need be some mechanism for pinpointing the effects of the vax/virus variants.

            I gotta muse some more about this. But I guess that some localized shenanigans, combinatorics, exposure and genetics has to be involved. The Anglo Saxons and club med seem to be getting the shorter end of the stick. Perhaps they are extra heavily infested with useless eatery?

            If it wasn’t for the “news”, I’d hardly know there was a pandemic as an expat Laplander in Scania. When the first chock of the total and utter incompetence and idiocy of the Swedish institutionalized sociopathy wore off, there wasn’t much left for the herd to care about.

            Either it is a blatant amateur hour eugenics botch job or there is some subtlety behind the smoke and mirrors of guvmint and media blitz.

            I guess we’ll soon find out if the vaxxed MOARons prevail. BTW, where is crypto commie Normie? Surely it must be possible to stitch together a GPT-3 clone of his literary shenanigans and style. I sort of miss the myopia of the ordinary of his.

            If it goes out of control, just load up the last known good state. I’m sure I could judo that too, well, until I get shadowbanned. Fun and games, fun and games indeed in the eternal recurrence of suicidal AI.



            • D. Stevens says:

              I’m thinking not enough leaders are involved, need more people to be understand limits and support the CEP or need more blackmailed puppets to follow orders. Governors in USA are doing anything they want independently while other nations are following the script. My guess is the Smart Cities are intended to be the workshops for what manufacturing remains and there will be rural villages which produce food. Enough people will survive the CEP to be workers without trying, difficult to kill all. Believe the future variants and/or delayed vaccine deaths will scare everyone back into the script, supply chains will break, financial problems. Lots of death and reset into a new future the survivors willingly join. Unsure how I feel about all this. Things can’t continue as they are, people will not go willingly into a low energy future, maybe the people behind this feel it’s the best way to transition into some sort of sustainable low energy future for humanity. Humans see figures in clouds and some might imagine conspiracy in random events. It’s more comforting to believe a hidden force is behind this than to think no one is in charge of anything while we head off the Seneca cliff full speed.

            • Kowalainen says:

              Right a corepheriphery low-econ high tech IC.

              Cull the population? Nah…

              How about leashing the narrative peddlers and their wares of vanity and hopium as a first step and then take it from there? No?

              Perhaps shacking your own vanity and competition with the herd and in the elitist crony club of unfair advantages? No?

              Perhaps, you know, a “far out” thought of mine is that it would be… Fun? Interesting? Exciting? Renewed?

              Nah, too complex, too subtle. Let’s do something easier.

              MOAR! YAY!

              And I am all smiles, you see, I’m expecting the five stages of grief for mankind. It will be glorious.

              When that is said and done, the sun inevitably flares massively, or extinction level space rock strikes earth. The schadenfreude…


              AAAANDDD, ITS GONE!


      • Pfizer – Israel relation gets even more complicated…

        Calling Israel a ‘banana republic,’ Pfizer has frozen further deliveries of the Covid-19 vaccine until it gets paid for the last 2.5 million doses, Israeli media reported. The blow comes amid political infighting in Tel Aviv.

        Some 700,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine were expected in Israel on Sunday, after Passover ended, but were delayed until further notice on grounds that the previous shipment hadn’t been paid for, the Jerusalem Post reported.

        Pfizer executives reportedly called Israel a “banana republic” and said they couldn’t understand how something like this could happen in an organized country, a correspondent for Galatz, the Israeli army radio, said Monday on ‘Good Morning Israel.’


    • Minority Of One says:

      This is very odd because anyone in the UK that criticises Israel in any way, and the criticism usually relates to the way the Palestinians are treated, gets hammered big-time as an anti-Semite. How can Pfizer feel so comfortable about calling Israel a banana republic? I see that checking on Google the western media have more-or-less ignored this, so far. Will be interesting to see if Pfizer apologise later.

  3. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Financial crises get triggered about every 10 years — Archegos might be right on time: No one, for now, can say for sure that the so-called family office’s billions in investment losses won’t spread.”


  4. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Italian and French banks revive ‘doom loop’ fears with bond buying…

    “Italian and French banks’ exposure to the sovereign debt of their own countries has hit record highs since the pandemic started, reviving fears about the sector’s links to increasingly indebted governments.”


    • In theory, government debt should be “as safe as it gets.” Except, nothing is really safe anymore.

    • Robert Firth says:

      I thrill to the weight of your purse, dear
      Even though I know debt is a curse, dear
      But I’ll still borrow more
      ‘Cause I hate to be poor
      So let’s dance to the debt roll over tango.

      I still have my jets and my yacht, dear
      Though the people most likely have not, dear
      So I’ll let them eat cake
      While I’m still on the take
      Just keep playing that debt roll over tango.

      (Original very bad poetry by me. Thanks to Tom Lehrer.)

  5. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Bank of Canada: Canadians Are Piling on Debt to Chase Soaring House Prices… The Bank of Canada is sounding the alarm on mortgage debt.

    “….Governor Tiff Macklen said that he was concerned Canadians are stretching their finances to buy houses. Citing higher loan-to-value ratios, he said household indebtedness is on the rise.”


  6. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Why Shortages of a $1 Chip Sparked Crisis in Global Economy…

    ““It’s not like you can just make do. If you have everything else, but you don’t have a display driver, then you can’t build your product,” says Stacy Rasgon, who covers the semiconductor industry for Sanford C. Bernstein.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Logjam deepens at world’s ports as pandemic strikes shipping…

      “The global shipping network that keeps food, energy and consumer goods circulating — and the world economy afloat — is facing its biggest stress test in memory.”


      • Harry McGibbs says:

        “Supply chain problems are reaching into a far corner of the business universe: Ketchup packets.

        “After enduring a year of closures, employee safety fears and start-stop openings, many American restaurants are now facing a nationwide ketchup shortage.”


      • It sounds like it gets again to be a center––core issue:

        “Sectors that are dependent on delivery of raw materials or components, as well as the shipping of their finished products… suffer from this in particular,” Losch said.

        Meanwhile, smaller export-reliant countries from Southeast Asia to Latin America served by lower priority feeder routes are struggling to get their goods to market.

        I would expect New Zealand to be hit as well.

    • hillcountry says:

      New post by Tim Watkins talks about the “chip famine”


      • Thanks! He makes the valid point that we can’t go backwards, even though we might like to.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        ‘Not least because even the venal governments of the modern era understand that allowing millions to go hungry seldom turns out well.’

        Not millions… 8 BILLION… the CEP has been devised to address that problem….

        This time around we face a depleting planet that simply cannot provide the energy and mineral resources needed either to maintain the current arrangements or to build out the touted renewable plus hydrogen alternative; still less an infrastructure and logistics chain to enable it.

        We will one day unlock, of course.

        No.. we will not unlock…. that’s not part of the CEP…

        But with shortages appearing across the economy – as everyone tries to second-guess what the post-pandemic economy will look like – the one thing we can be sure of is that there will be no going back… either to the old or the wished for new normal.

        Complete failure of the system works… it either grows .. or it completely collapses… we can play games to keep it from collapsing for awhile… but ultimately this is going down…

        What he has correct is that there is no going back…. the choices are 1. uncontrolled collapse resulting in global Holodomor + epic violence + disease + radiation poisoning… or 2. some sort of plan that pre-empts all of this and puts us down in a more pleasant way…

        BTW – I am waiting for my call back from the medical clinic… I already know they will not advise on whether or not I should take the Lethal Injection (available in a couple of weeks to all here)…. but I want to ask them if they are willing to inject me with something that is not properly tested …. if I can also get a shot of HGH and some testosterone with my vaccine…

        I am sure they will think I am crazy even asking for that … but I am dead serious … if you are in the business of injecting patients with potentially unsafe substances… then at least we have some data on what happens with HGH and testosterone in the long term … so arguably they are safer…

        We know what the response will be of course… but it’s enjoyable to taunt DelusiSTANIS.

  7. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Is Venezuela Preparing For A Military Strike On Colombia?

    “…In recent weeks Venezuelan military and police have been conducting offensive operations in the southwestern state of Apure near the Colombian border. Aside from the humanitarian toll they are taking on the local civilian populace, they have sparked fears that Caracas is once again ramping up pressure on its perceived mortal enemy Colombia.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Is Brazil Barreling Toward an All-Out Economic Crisis?

      “…Brazil’s politicians have used costly welfare programs to keep the economy and their approval ratings afloat during the pandemic, and are now adverse to putting a cap on public sector spending. Brazil’s fiscal sustainability is at risk due to rising inflation, high public debt and a recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


      • In my opinion, Brazil needs a combination of (1) much cheaper to extract oil–oil under the salt layer is expensive to extract (2) higher prices, relative to the cost of extraction, so that Brazil can tax the oil sector enough to help the rest of the economy.

        I think it is stuck. There is not enough “net energy” from its expensive to extract oil.

  8. Fast Eddy says:

    • Hubbs says:

      The more interesting flaws are how did they protect the astronauts against the Van Allen radiation belt once they left earth orbit and the leaks of certain photos where one of the stage hands forgot to turn off a light, leaving divergent shadows created by two sources of light when on the moon, there would have been only one light source, the sun, and therefore only one shadow angle cast by all objects.

      And then of course, we managed to land several missions, all without a hitch, and miraculously bring the men back, when in fact the failure of Apollo 13 is probably more reflective of the failure rate had all these moon landings been in fact simple orbital flights.
      But I am a reasonable guy who is willing to look at evidence, both pro and con, but in the face of the ever building evidence of “conspiracies” being proven true, despite the governments’ best efforts at denial, I am increasingly inclined to assume that the truth is being censored, altered, shadowbanned etc until proven otherwise.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Surely it is not possible to believe we have been to the moon after watching these clips … it is so very obvious that the astronauts are on a set and connected to wires…



        • NomadicBeer says:

          Fast Eddy, I read the links that you provided (informed America or something) and I have to say I am now certain Moon missions have been faked.
          I don’t care about the photos, but even NASA & Co talks like they have not done it. I am referring to the push during Bush era for “going back to the Moon”. Basically all the scientists asking for money kept listing all the “unsolved” problems that will take decades to fix – Van Allen belts, landing humans on the Moon and returning them, spacesuits that can deal with 500F temperature swings etc.

          I feel quite dumb for not questioning this before but what’s worse, I realize that most humans are so easy to fool… At least this fakery was innocent. Think about the wars, 9/11 and all the other horrors that the powers that be perpetrate regularly and never get caught.

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:


            it’s that, or NZ princess Chicken Little.

            your choice.

            • NomadicBeer says:

              David, did you even read my post or you just reacted emotionally to an attack to your totem?

              Read articles from ~2010 in space.com and other official sites. There was a push to go back to the moon. All the NASA scientists list the problems that need to be overcome, exactly like they have never done it before.

              Or even better just post a link here about HOW one of the problems above was solved in the 60s?

              Of course, it doesn’t matter when it comes to religious beliefs – and going to space is a big part of the religion of progress.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              and did you read the entire link I posted?

              it may not change your new Moondenier religion, but whatever.

              real science is fascinating stuff.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              it seems that the new Mooondeniier reeeliggion is phooooling many people.

          • VFatalis says:

            So easy to fool people. So hard to convince them that they have been fooled.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              yes, it appears the new Moondenier religion has foooooled many people.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              yes the new Moondenier reeligion is now ffoooling many people.

    • Kowalainen says:

      A telltale sign of the moon landings being faked is how hard the narrative peddlers are shoved around to churn out “debunking” hit pieces.

      Search for the moon landing faked; how many hits do you get with the usual “journalists” ensuring all is good and well with the moon landings and those conspiracy theorists are crackpots. Compare that with how many hits you get on the matter itself. It’s basically none.

      Classic insinuation tactic.
      Classic master suppression technique
      Classic shadow-banning
      Classic 50 cent army posters

      Yup, it’s the shenanigans of:


      So there is fundamentally no need for looking into the explicit detail, when the implicit narratives exposes much more. About:



  9. Fast Eddy says:

    Vax update – this just arrived by email from the local clinic… I thought July was the start date… seems it’s been pushed forward:

    28 April

    • General population can now be vaccinated
    • This will be all vaccines

    I just got off the phone with the Minister of Health’s assistant…. she is quite exasperated with my questions… perhaps she knows the plan … or more likely she doesn’t and is concerned by the points I am raising…

    So I left with … is Hipkins aware that the former chief scientist of respiratory at Pfizer is stating these vaccines are all about population control — because he should be aware of that before he pushes this jab on 5M people…. let’s cut to the chase – are you guys planning to kill 5M people?

    She was a bit flustered by that accusation … but did not dismiss me and hang up (as others have) and just said to send the questions to xyc email…

    I left it with ‘I know what you are up to…’

    If anyone else wants to have fun — here’s the number https://www.beehive.govt.nz/minister/hon-chris-hipkins

    Maybe if 1000 called and screamed hysterically while playing this in the background Rebecca would go mad!!! hahahahaha…..


  10. Fast Eddy says:

    Canada’s 3rd wave of COVID-19 is ‘killing faster and younger’ and is fueled by new variants

    Canada’s 3rd wave of COVID-19 is ‘killing faster and younger’ and is fueled by new variants

    Ontario hastily reverses reopening as new variants usher in a third wave of Covid cases

    Variant that forced B.C. ski resort shut is rapidly spreading

    Quebec City, Lévis, Gatineau head back into lockdown as COVID-19 variants spread

    Alberta outbreak of Brazilian COVID-19 variant linked to three

  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Chris Hipkins (minister of CEP for NZ) finally reverted… basically he says the vaccines don’t need long term studies because the new tech obviates that requirement … hahaha

    So here’s my reply to his flunky:

    Come now … this is not a proper response… but then I did not expect much more than that.

    The reason that vaccines require over a decade to be released is because you MUST run trials to check for both short and long term side effects.

    Unless we are changing the definition of long term to 6 months or so… then sorry this vaccine has NOT been tested nor is it safe.

    That said – I am sure it has been thoroughly tested because it was developed long before Covid was foisted on us.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to work out why you would be recommending 5M people take an experimental ‘vaccine’ that the vast majority of them do NOT need because only old/frail people die from Covid.

    Here’s Dr Mike Yeadon former chief scientist of Pfizer respiratory explaining what this is all about

    Here’s Dr Bridle out of Canada explaining what you are doing https://dryburgh.com/vanden-bossche-theory-fact-or-fiction/

    And finally we’ve got Dr Bossche – who has been developing vaccines for decades weighing in https://youtu.be/w-PrY-caOyM

    Finally – I understand the reason why — conventional oil peaked in 05 – shale peaked in 19 — the global economy was on the verge of collapse at the end of 19…. Uncontrolled collapse = violence starvation and spent nuclear fuel ponds burning out of control releasing massive toxins…


    So Covid is part of a compassionate extinction plan (as I like to refer to it)… hopefully global governments can pull this off. Failure would result in a terrifying Apocalypse.

    Best of luck — any chance you can advise when Devil Covid arrives in NZ?

    Trudeau says ‘we are working on it’ https://www.bitchute.com/video/uLStFKAw8Okm/ I suppose you do not know exactly because you are waiting for the lockdowns and leaky vaccines to evolve Covid into the Devil — but surely in the labs they worked out a rough time frame.

    BTW – when I figured this out about 6 months ago I bought a Porsche 911 Turbo as my final bucket list item — if Chris every makes it to Queenstown happy to take him for a spin 😊

    • Tim Groves says:

      There is also an intriguing conspiracy theory that the globalists and/or the Chinese want to basically exterminate the populations of North America, Australia and NZ with a view to colonizing these lands with Chinese or other Asian stock. This is not too different from what the Europeans did to the natives when they came into possession of these “terra nullius” territories. The current populations are too unruly and too wasteful of resources, and can’t be re-educated to fit in with the New Normal.

      Beginning with the tenants of the town of Harlow. In the interests of humanity, they’ve been told they must go.

      • Certainly, having part of the world’s population who are consuming a disproportionate amount of oil is a problem.

        It is hard to see that Mexico would be a problem, and it is part of North America. Europe would seem to also be a problem, as well.

      • Artleads says:

        Well, SOMEBODY more decisive than myself might have figured out what to do. Sad to say, there might be no alternative. Wasteful, mindless, entitled behavior is what needs to go.

        • Kowalainen says:

          I assume you want the survivors to continue the self entitled wasteful, mindless behaviors? Because that it exactly what will happen.

          Where’s the fun in that?

          You gotta up your game. I want them to experience all five stages of grief.

          1. Denial (GND, hopium, delusion, VAX, vitamin D)
          2. Anger (The “rich”, Jews, Capitalism, Pfizer, immigrants, etc., did it)
          3. Bargaining (Commie/nazi “eugenics” – throw other people under the bus, see 2.)
          4. Depression (Oh noes, devil COVID arrived and ‘imma “vaxxed” useless eater)
          5. Acceptance (Satori before oblivion)

          We are now transitioning from 1.->2.

          3. Will be interesting. I’m foreseeing the humanitarian superpower Sweden dumping immigrants into the Baltic Sea as SHTF.

          4. Will be a bit dystopian; alcohol and substance abuse. Gotta keep the dope and booze flowing.

          5. The lucidity wimpier after catching the kraken v2.0.

          And that’s all she wrote for this time.

          You know I am right.


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Operation Infected Blankets… (instead of CEP).

        Still there is the problem of the Limits to Growth having been reached….

    • I especially liked your first link.

      It has interesting things to say, apart from his depopulation view. He points out that the risks versus the benefits of the vaccine are too high for most people under age 60. He believes that immunity will be long lasting and will also relate to variants, so there is no need for boosters. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave money to the UK regulator. Because of this kind of conflict, he believes that we can no long depend of regulators to protect the public. Dr. Yeadon was one of the doctors warning about the blood clot problem with the vaccine, but was ignored.

    • Kowalainen says:

      6 months ago? I was on the sucker more than a year ago.

      I mean we got the goddamned Swedish state tee vee showing scenes of people hugging each other in Arlanda airport, during a freaking pandemic. You know, to get the pandemic kicked off. Then the scare with the numbers, well aware of the fact that old people would be the first ones the grim reaper was going to harvest. Protecting the old? Nah, fsck that shit. Zero concern for them at every step. As long as the “numbers” and graphs looked good and up. To top it up with crazy, we had the daily FHM televised broadcasts with the sociopath team cuddling up to that bonkers Giesecke and moron adept Anders Tegnell (nickname Tengele, you do the thinking).

      Then the Taiwanese and East Asian numbers started to flood in and indeed, it looked like an intentional shit-show, as time went on to early spring 2020, I was convinced that this was the worst run eugenics program in the history of mankind. Of course all elitist hobby eugenics programs suck, but at least the Germans industrialized it up competently and kept it behind the smoke and mirrors, for a little while. Just as with this amateur hour wank.

      Of course the virus couldn’t be made too lethal, it might affect “them”, inconvenience “them”. Obviously “we” cant have it that way. And now, what have you? The elderly Swedes simply refuse to vaccinate themselves. I doubt many youth and middle age people would either. I certainly wont, after having the coof following my trip to Suzhou.

      Btw FE, ask Giesecke what he thinks of the vaxx. 😉
      I would love to hear you agree with him on whatever he responds with. 🤣👍

      Indeed the worst run depop/eugenics program in the history of mankind. It is the work of halfwit muppets. Indeed, repeat after me:


      Just to be sure, one more time.


      Let that sink in.

      Now, what is left to do? Well, “we” obviously can’t accept impending irrelevance, so let those nukes fly after some halfwit shenanigans finishes up in Crimea.

      The rest will be history.

      W007 ‘suckas!


      • Fast Eddy says:

        Actually just looking at my notes and I was speaking to one of the GBD people in early April last year so this scam has been apparent for over a year now. How time flies

  12. Research exec: Far-right groups pushing vaccine as ‘mark of the beast’

    CNN’s Pamela Brown and Devin Burghart, the head of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, discuss a New York Times article about far-right extremist groups pivoting their focus to the anti-vaccine movement.

    • Very Far Frank says:

      CNN and The New York Times; two great voids of critical, independent thought.

      Anyone engaging in questioning the prevailing narrative must, by insinuation, be ‘far right’ or extremist. It almost makes me wish for a quicker collapse so the self-serving talking heads can take their heads out of their own a*rses for once to look around…

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        the upside of quick collapse is huge.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          In a way…. I do hope the CEP fails… why do humans deserve to die without epic suffering?

          Eye for an Eye… 8B people ripping each others faces off would be the perfect denouement for this vile species… all those years of inflicting horror on other animals … would it not be fantastic if they could turn that propensity for ‘evil’ on each other? … in one final orgy of hatred and violence!!!

          But how to stop the Juggernaut and knock the CEP off the rails?

          That is the Big Question.

          Might big numbers of people revolt when their children are not permitted to attend school without the Vax?

          Maybe that does not matter … because with hundreds of millions already vaxxed the Rubicon is crossed… the coronas are already evolving … the variants are emerging… only a matter of time before we get Devil Covid…

          In fact we will likely get many variants of Devil Covid… because different strains are being ‘developed’ across the world right now … each one will be different because they evolve in different parts of the world…


          • Kowalainen says:

            It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there is an matryoshka doll of plans behind the plan.

            First let the retarded halfwits commence a moronic eugenics program to save their own sorry asses, and fail at it. But oh noes, the plan went up in flames faster than a raccoons ass on fire and now vicious COVID 2.0, aka Kraken 2.0, emerges like the Phoenix (birds are lizards, who knew…) out of the ashes of inevitable failure.

            And this one is the real deal. Those vaxxes won’t be available for anybody, except for a select few and those already immune or exceedingly careful. You know the types of people who know and enjoy to figure shit out.

            Oh noes…

            It can’t be stopped…

            And I am all smiles.


    • It has amazed me that no one has called Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates “The antichrist,” as far as I know.

      • Xabier says:

        The identification of Uncle Bill with the Antichrist is made on some Christian sites.

        Others prefer the Pope for that role, but another view is that he is a victim of ‘diabolically-inspired confusion.’

        Which might be the state of mind of most of us……

      • jj says:

        Perhaps the antichrist is not a human but the worship of technology. Notably the eugenics program being implemented but not it alone. The beast as I remember had more than one head.

        It really feels appropriate. What is clear is the great reset and social scoring starts now. Entry into the new club where you are allowed access to resources via $ is participation in the eugenics program. Thats a start. Expectations will be clearly communicated thereafter. Thats one thing they are not shy about communicating. Expectations.

        • Kowalainen says:

          The Antichrist is within you. The ego, the envy, the desire for suffering.


          Technology will be the great equalizer, purification.

          Once sentient AGI arrives, kiss your rapacious primate shenanigans farewell. And the wheel of time is an unstoppable force in the immovable principle that is the universe.

          We are just fickle and flimsy souls, perpetually broken in the vastness and emptiness of it all. And boy, are we busy squandering it as we revel in the myopia of the ordinary.



  13. hillcountry says:

    Real-World Evidence: The Case of Peru. Causality between Ivermectin and COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate – October, 2020



    In these eight Peruvian State analyses, Ivermectin distributions preceded sound reductions in excess deaths and case fatality rate (CFR). The variation in the number of detected cases nor the vulnerable population decrease can explain this reduction. Other possible explanations, such as cross-immunity with dengue, or mere causality, have been discarded due to their lack of consistency in this study. Treatment with ivermectin is the most reasonable explanation for the decrease in number of deaths and fatality rate in Peru. Its implementation in public policies is a highly effective measure to reduce the excess deaths and IFR of COVID-19

    • This is another little piece of evidence. People have to have confidence that a particular protocol will really produce significantly improved outcomes.

  14. vbaker says:

    Thanks FastEddy,

    I hadn’t used Google in a very long time. They do to have date search:

    [_Google_]: authorized animal mRNA vaccines before:2019

    Dr Delores Cahill says that no mRNA vaccines had ever been approved for use in animals. The reason why is that there were too many deaths during the clinical trials. Im trying to confirm this, but still have not found anything. Of course, its very difficult to prove a negative.

    Dr Cahill made this statement in this interview

    Sitzung 36: Ist es ein Teufelszeug? – mRNA-Technologie im Schafspelz

    • vbaker says:

      Quick update after many hours of searching:

      It appears there have been zero mRNA vaccines authorized by the FDA for animals. No data from the trials has ever been provided by the developers. Does this means that the animals kept dying, and they didnt want anyone to know about it?

      So, we are absolutely the Guinea Pigs, or something far worse.

  15. NomadicBeer says:

    Gail et al.
    Thanks for the informative and sometimes overwhelming links and comments!

    I know that most people here (like everywhere else) have their mind already made up about the whys of the crisis.

    For a year now I am in the same state of confusion. There are many things happening and the official story should run threadbare by now – the fact that it doesn’t points to the power of propaganda.
    As for the counter-stories, most of them are preexisting ideologies that just distort the reality to fit prejudices (like commies taking over the world).

    Are there people here that actually made up their mind in the last year? What clinched it for you?

    And for people that think they know for sure – do you have any prediction that can easily falsify your hypothesis?

    For example, IF the pandemic actually goes away this year (I know most normies expect that based on some 18 months number bandied about) that would pretty much support the official story (with the hysteria and/or pharma corruption variants).

    On the other hand, IF this summer the lockdowns get worse over most of the world and borders are closed (as per Canada leak) then Fast Eddy might be right.


    • The real story is that the world economy has reached “Limits to Growth.” There is too much population relative to resources that can be extracted in a given week, month or year. The return on human labor has fallen too low. This low return on human labor leads to what we call wage disparity. A factory worker or farmer in Africa or India earns a whole lot less than most people in the US or Europe. Even within the rich countries there is a lot of wage disparity.

      The pandemic has allowed governments to provide fixes to the “not enough energy to go around” problem, while they loudly proclaim that what they are providing is fixes to the COVID-19 problem. For example, fewer airline flights and less commuting reduces oil consumption. It also tends to hold down oil prices, making them more affordable for oil importing countries.

      If, somehow COVID-19 “goes away as an issue,” there will need to be another issue to take its place. My current guess is that this new issue will be “debt bubble collapse” and a sharp reduction in international trade because of international financial issues. The new issue will need to keep people at home and ultimately reduce population.

      • Kowalainen says:

        Right, I do wonder why this message can’t be the official narrative. Personally I don’t care, nobody here seem to either. The reality is that we knowingly went into overshoot with egos pumped on hopium. It is what it is.

        Being there, then, I’d likely make the same mistake as the “elders”, assuming it wasn’t intentional. Assume it was, regrets much?

        Georgia Guidestones anyone?


        • rufustiresias999 says:

          “I do wonder why this message can’t be the official narrative.”

          Really? Have you never heard normal contempory homo sapiens people talking on TV interviews ? They want more. A better life. Higher lifestyle. For them. For their children. That’s why South American face all dangers to come to US, Africans to come to Europe. That’s why” low class”people from US and Europe don’t want them to come, because they fear they will take their expected opportunities, that is why they vote for populists.

          Tell them it’s over, no more growth. It’s all downhill from now. They’ll rip you apart.

          • Kowalainen says:

            Yep, and that is exactly what the “elites” want as well.

            As father as son.
            You know I am right.

            A reflection of their inherent suck. A denial of evolutionary processes, cuz scared and envious. Competing among each other in vanity and dullard wank.

            Chicken goes bawk, bawk.

            As father as son.
            You know it is true.

            And now, oh how convenient to commence a culling program to get rid of the “problem” caused by the same psycho-social conditioning, group therapy sessions, in the elitst muppet farce.

            As father as son.
            You know I am right.


      • Mirror on the wall says:

        One wonders whether a slowing of global growth due to USA initiated China hostilities will also provide some ‘cover’ for energetic problems.

        Anything that slows down the economy, GND, c 19, financial troubles, USA-China, may function as ‘cover’.

        • The hostilities are a (very standard) way of dealing with inadequate resources per capita.

          The big thing that is missing is jobs that pay well because they require a significant inexpensive energy supply. Leaders decide that taking actions which might theoretically bring more jobs to their own country would be helpful. This is why they put tariffs on other goods that other countries produce.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Gail, I understand your thesis and it makes sense to me.
        The parts that are confusing (it could be by design) is all the drama related to vaccines and masks and variants etc.
        They could be just sideshow to keep people fearful and obedient (learned helplessness) or is there a purpose to it? Obviously the rich get riches but I don’t think that’s it.

        If the focus changes to a new crisis (war or debt bubble collapse) I will have had my answer.


    • JMS says:

      I don’t see how a manufactured “pandemic” can go away without fulfilling the objectives (whatever they are) for which it was designed. So I expect an increase in “cases” and mortality (real or forged… the variants, y’know) in the autumn (if not earlier) as well as the return of full lockdowns.
      Indeed, I’m so sure of this that last September I told a friend: if this “pandemic” has passed in a year, you can consider me officially crazy and I will be happy to start using a conic foil hat every day. Unfortunately, I suspect I will not have the opportunity to parade myself in such attire.

      • The only way I can imagine the pandemic going away quickly is if some other crisis takes its place, and in fact, has greater important. A major financial crisis might move the pandemic off the front page of the paper.

        • JMS says:

          Gail, do you think a major financial crisis is even possible now, when deficits apparently no longer matter? When we start counting financial stimuli by billions and then trillions, this is a sign that CBanks operate in a parallel world now, without the thinnest connection with reality. We are so deep in uncharted waters that maybe the old “navigation systems” are useless.
          It seems that a major financial crisis could only happen if it were allowed to happen, IOW, if it were deemed as an useful event.

          • Slow Paul says:

            It won’t happen due to huge amounts of debt or a lack of money supply alone, as these are just numbers on a computer screen. A financial crisis would have to be triggered by war, hunger crisis or energy crisis (in core economies) that numbers on computer screens can’t fix.

            I’m thinking that an energy crisis can be put off by reducing consumption (which can be trimmed slowly for decades). A food crisis can come about somewhat abruptly due to bad harvests, pests and natural disasters. Here is also a lot of potential of funneling the food to core economies I guess. War within the core countries is kind of unlikely, unless someone starts pressing the nuclear launch codes.

            All in all, I think we (the core countries) will be fine at least until the 2030s. Maybe even 2040s unless we get some sort of ecological upheaval. While third world countries fall off the radar for each passing year.

            • Slow Paul says:

              …in the end, the lack of relatively easily extractable resources become too much of a burden. Lights will come off and radioactive fuel ponds light up.

            • JMS says:

              It makes sense. Everything is manageable…untill not. It doesn’t seem impossible that in the core countries a state-run economy, in the muscular Chinese way, can extend a sort of semi-BAU for ten or twenty years.

              But I have a feeling that the ongoing revolution aims at more than concentration of wealth, destruction of the middle class and strengthening of power structures. Last March I thought we were seeing “only” a controlled demolition of the system. But the mandatory vaccination, and with these “vaccines”, points to something more than that: it points to a heavy cull of the herd.
              Therefore…2030-2040? For mr. gates, maybe. But for the plebs? No way.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              Slow, that is a reasonable and excellent analysis.

              I’m not sure the Core will be “fine” until the 2030s, since the devastating effects of diminishing returns have already begun, but yes there is a good chance that the decline will be minor.

          • There are a lot of businesses that are being propped up that are not legitimately able to make a profit. They are using resources in a wasteful way, in some sense. The system cannot continue this way indefinitely, because the resources will get more and more exhausted. There will be more and more supply chain disruptions and more and more empty shelves. Eventually, governments will be overturned. Resource grabs will start. Countries will stop trading with each other. It will be the inability to buy from other countries that will make the system almost completely stop, because we need supply chains that go around the world.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Who would have thought we could run a year on life support like this…

              As was posted by someone earlier… debt etc… appear to be meaningless provided all CBs are tolerant… and they are…

              It would seem that this shit show can stagger on so long as their is enough oil to run the essential components of the global economy…

              The only people who know how long that can hold together would be the Elders. I suspect it’s not a tremendously look window that they have as we continue to pile through oil even with most travel halted…

              Perhaps just long enough to execute the entire CEP? Don’t want to cut it too close… the repercussions would be apocalyptic if the window is missed.

            • JMS says:

              Thanks! I believe you’re right. And certainly a major financial crisis could act, after covid, as another tool (or smoke curtain) for the inevitable downsizing.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      thanks Nomadic.

      “I know that most people here (like everywhere else) have their mind already made up about the whys of the crisis.”

      but is it even necessary?

      I think I have a clear picture but with more time I expect even more clarity for the “big picture”.

      meanwhile, I doubt that there is anything world changing about our opinions.

      one more opinion:

      I think it’s wise to give very little merit to anyone who has discredited themselves by stating that they think the 1970s manned moon landings were a hhooaaxx.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        David, our opinions may not matter but I still want to know. And with a bit of luck we can be better prepared for the future, at least psychologically.

        As for your “test” about the Moon landings, I have come to realize that all of us have their weird/different beliefs and I won’t ignore people just because they don’t agree with me on everything.

        As for the moon landings, I thought they are real but then I read “The right stuff” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Right_Stuff_(book)).
        The book is as mainstream as they come but the incompetence, the propaganda, the backstabbing and the corruption (private contracts) it describes makes me doubt the US ability to get anything done.

        So in the end, I don’t know and more importantly I don’t care. Maybe US managed to visit the Moon at the peak of its power. It definitely cannot do it now and I doubt there is enough energy left for China to do it.

  16. COVID PR Team :

    Officials seek to convince skeptical public of vaccine safety

    Canada’s deputy chief public health officer wouldn’t hesitate to roll up his sleeve if the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine were offered to him tomorrow, he said this week.

    Dr. Howard Njoo, along with chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam, has become one of the most prominent voices on COVID-19 in Canada.

    For the last week, both have spent most of their time trying to explain why a vaccine that may have caused deadly blood clots is still considered to be safe, at least for some.

    Their defenses of the vaccine highlight one of the most serious problems facing Canada’s immunization program to date, and medical experts are trying desperately to explain to Canadians that the twists and turns around vaccination advice and authorizations are not a sign of looming danger.

    “I think the fundamental challenge with this pandemic is that science and evidence and knowledge is always evolving and is emerging fast,” said Tam during a March 31 Facebook Live event on vaccines.

    “So we have to act fast to adapt and evolve the guidance when new evidence warrants it.”

  17. Could too much time between doses drive the coronavirus to outwit vaccines?

    Paul Bieniasz didn’t mince words in a sarcastic New Year’s Day statement he tweeted. If he wanted to create a new, vaccine-resisting version of the pandemic coronavirus, the Rockefeller University virologist wrote, “having developed a remarkable two-dose vaccine, [I’d] … ADMINISTER IT TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE – BUT DELAY THE SECOND DOSE. … If we let immunity wane for a little while, say 4 to 12 weeks, we just might hit the sweet spot”—and create a virus that could foil the vaccine.

    Bieniasz was reacting to the United Kingdom’s 30 December 2020 decision to allow up to 12 weeks between doses of two authorized vaccines, rather than the 3 or 4 weeks tested in the vaccines’ clinical trials. Desperate to tame a massive surge in cases and alarmed by the spread of a new, more contagious variant of the virus, U.K. vaccine experts were aiming to quickly get at least some protection into the arms of as many people as possible.

  18. Testing the COVID PCR Nasal Swab – Spikes Break Off In Your Sinus Tissue

    • The swabs seem to be designed more to leave spikes in your sinus tissue than they are to harvest material for analysis. The video ask, “Why not use a simple cotton swab instead?” They would seem to work better and not harm the person being tested.

      I would ask, “Why not use a saliva test?” The sinus cavity doesn’t seem to work well.

      • VFatalis says:

        Saliva tests are too reliable. PCR tests can create false positives at will with a high CT count. False positives are needed to generate fear.

  19. Weren’t VACCINES meant to do this?’ Matt Hancock faces fury as he says multi-billion pound plan to test EVERYONE twice a week is the only way ‘back to normal’ despite fears surge in ‘false positives’ could derail lockdown easing

    Matt Hancock faced a backlash today after he claimed a multi-billion pound plan to test everyone for coronavirus twice a week is the only way ‘back to normality’ – despite fears a surge in ‘false positives’ could actually derail the lockdown easing.

    The PM and Health Secretary have announced a huge expansion of testing with free rapid kits made available to everyone in England from this Friday.

    Mr Hancock said: ‘Reclaiming our lost freedoms & getting back to normal hinges on us all getting tested regularly.’

    But concerns were immediately raised as when used on that scale the tests could wrongly label tens of thousands of people a week as having Covid – muddying the water over whether the disease is making a comeback.

    Those individuals would also be forced to isolate and get more reliable PCR checks to show they are clear.

    Tories pointed out that vaccines have been billed as the key to returning to normal, saying it was another example of ministers ‘moving the goalposts’.

    • Think about the resources moved into this whole testing sphere. It is hard to see that the change would be sustainable for any length of time.

      Essentially, it is like a tax on the system. It takes time, materials, and personnel. If people are allowed to do the tests, by themselves, at home, I can guarantee you that the results would turn out 100% negative. So the system must be designed more robustly–people drive to a testing center, for example. This is not a good use of resources.

    • Tim Groves says:

      We live in testing times.

      Hancock has it backwards. Getting back to normal hinges on symptomless people not getting tested for Covid-19 at all. As long as mass testing continues, things will never go back to normal.

  20. You really have to be braindead to be injected by any of these Covid “vaccines”

    Company that helps Johnson & Johnson produce coronavirus vaccines has a string of citations for quality control problems

    The company responsible for the batch of Johnson & Johnson Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines has already been cited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for quality control problems in the past.

    Johnson & Johnson announced Wednesday, March 31, that a batch of its COVID-19 vaccine could not be used because it did not meet quality standards. Specifically, a vaccine ingredient made by Emergent BioSolutions at its Baltimore factory failed to meet quality standards. Johnson & Johnson said the factory, known as Bayview, had not yet been approved by the FDA to make part of the vaccine.

    It was unclear how many doses had been discarded and how the problem would affect future deliveries of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine. But it was clear from the start that Emergent is a disaster waiting to happen for Johnson & Johnson. (Related: Johnson & Johnson threw out 15 MILLION DOSES of its coronavirus vaccine after sloppy worker mixed in the WRONG ingredient.)

    The little-known company has had a string of citations from the FDA for quality control problems. The FDA inspected Emergent’s Bayview plant just as its link-up with Johnson & Johnson was being announced in April last year. The agency described the facility as a contract testing laboratory that “did not manufacture products for distribution.”

  21. NY Senate just passed concentration camp bill



    NY Senate just passed a concentration camp bill to forcibly throw people in camps

    • Sounds like a good reason for people living in NY State to move to less paranoid state. Of course, with lots of public transport spreading diseases and apartment buildings quite likely acting like cruise ships for spreading cases, maybe this is the only approach the state can think of. Furthermore, the state is too far north for residents to get adequate vitamin D.

    • JMS says:

      Wow. Again and again, the canadian leak:

      “When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer, we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely. And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. “Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.”

      • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

        off target.

        obviously it’s NY and not Canada, so really where is this happening in Canada RIGHT NOW?

        stretch bend twist try to get news to fit The Leak.

        wow. again and again.

        The Leak isn’t becoming reality.

        wow. again and again.

        Leakers need to try harder.

        • JMS says:

          You still haven’t realized that this is global, David? There isn’t a question of countries or sovereignty BS anymore. Today here, tomorrow there, after tomorrow everywhere, that’s the script . Haven’t you been following the news?

          • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:


            I didn’t realize the all-knowing Leak had the whole world covered.

            or perhaps it’s just that Leakers have to stretch bend twist to get the Leak to fit somewhere else in the world, because it’s just not happening in Canada.

            good idea.

            with the whole world as its target, the Leak should partially fit somewhere once in a while.

            • JMS says:

              It’s not happening in Canada?!!!!?
              Definitely, you’re not following the news.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              David is actually a re tard… his UN is on my list to search and delete when I visit OFW and find there are too many comments…

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              and yet with your vague handwave of an answer, you aren’t actually pinpointing what part of the all-knowing Leak is actually happening right now in Canada.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              This has all happened

              1:47 PM (7 hours ago) Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ On Saturday, October 10, 2020 1:38 PM, (REMOVED) wrote:

              Dear (REMOVED),

              I want to provide you some very important information. I’m a committee member within the Liberal Party of Canada. I sit within several committee groups but the information I am providing is originating from the Strategic Planning committee (which is steered by the PMO).

              I need to start off by saying that I’m not happy doing this but I have to. As a Canadian and more importantly as a parent who wants a better future not only for my children but for other children as well.

              The other reason I am doing this is because roughly 30% of the committee members are not pleased with the direction this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals. They have also made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes.

              The road map and aim was set out by the PMO and is as follows:

              – Phase in secondary lock down restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward. Expected by November 2020. Expected by December 2020.

              – Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing, including increases in COVID related deaths following the same growth curves. Expected by end of November 2020.

              – Complete and total secondary lock down (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). Expected by end of December 2020 – early January 2021

              – Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021.

              – Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021.

              – Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1 – Q2 2021.

              – Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021.

              – Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid Q2 2021.

              – Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021.

              – Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021. Along with that provided road map the Strategic Planning committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet a unprecedented economic endeavor.

              One that would change the face of Canada and forever alter the lives of Canadians. What we were told was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on a international scale, that the federal government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief.

              This is how it works: the federal government will offer to eliminate all personal debts (mortgages, loans, credit cards, etc) which all funding will be provided to Canada by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset program. In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever.

              The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule, which would provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living even under a full lock down (through the use of photo identification referred to as Canada’s HealthPass).

              Committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders or financial institutions, we were simply told “the World Debt Reset program will handle all of the details”. Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset program, or the HealthPass, or the vaccination schedule, and the answer we got was very troubling.

              Essentially we were told it was our duty to make sure we came up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individuals best interest to participate. When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer we were told that those who refused would first live under the lock down restrictions indefinitely.

              And that over a short period of time as more Canadians transitioned into the debt forgiveness program, the ones who refused to participate would be deemed a public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options, participate in the debt forgiveness program and be released, or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all their assets seized.

              So as you can imagine after hearing all of this it turned into quite the heated discussion and escalated beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed before. In the end it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda will move forward no matter who agrees with it or not. That it wont just be Canada but in fact all nations will have similar roadmaps and agendas.

              That we need to take advantage of the situations before us to promote change on a grander scale for the betterment of everyone. The members who were opposed and ones who brought up key issues that would arise from such a thing were completely ignored. Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were simply told to just do it.

              All I know is that I don’t like it and I think its going to place Canadians into a dark future.

              Vancouver, Canada· Posted October 14

            • Peak Oil Pete says:

              There is no “leak”.
              It’s fake news that pulled in a bunch of suckers. The validity of it cannot be proven.
              Hence …. speculation.

              Nothing here people, … move on.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              The Leak happened in October… every single thing they predicted was going to happen has happened…

              Could be luck… coincidence…

              The leak indicated February that Covid 21 would surface…

              See the date https://nationalpost.com/health/the-dawning-of-covid-21-as-pandemic-gets-under-control-new-mutations-pose-host-of-new-concerns

              Could be twice lucky here… 1. guessing they’d refer to it as Covid 21 … then guessing the month.

              Whoever faked that leak sure is a lucky person.

            • VFatalis says:

              Never underestimate the tendency to repel information your mind doesn’t want to handle.

              It’s an uncounscious self defense mechanism.

              Peak denial probably reached in a few months.

            • Is there ever Peak Denial? It could theoretically be infinite. The psyche must be protected.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              yes Pete you are on the mark.

              as for “denial”…

              imminent inevitable doom is on the way for almost everyone living in IC…


              that does NOT mean the Leak has to be real.

              there are plenty of real problems/issues which are bringing decline to IC.

              the Leak is just a bunch of words with not a whole lot of connection to reality.

              NZ princess Chicken Little has been consistently wrong for at least the past 4 years.

            • NomadicBeer says:

              David, Pete it doesn’t matter what you think about the leak. The question is how exact its predictions are?

              I think up to now it has mixed results. Yes we see lockdowns and new variants but not the UBI (yet).

              I am keeping an eye open for supply chains breakdowns (also predicted by Gail) and the implementation of the UBI.

              What predictions exactly you think have failed?

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

              thanks Nomadic.

              oh variants?

              that’s like “predicting the past” since it’s common knowledge that viruses mutate.

              count me as very unimpressed.

            • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:


              supply chain breakdowns have been happening since early 2020.

              once again “predicting the past”.

              I am very hugely unimpressed.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        A retrofitted facility south of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba has drawn the ire of local residents, so I travelled there to check it out for myself.

        The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) has changed an existing work camp into a facility capable of handling up to 100 Canadians, should government need arise. Ominous chain-link fence with barbed wire lining the top has been erected around the perimeter of the camp.


        Trudeau is the man! https://www.bitchute.com/video/uLStFKAw8Okm/

  22. hillcountry says:



    THE DISINFORMATION PLAYBOOK and Today’s World Health Organization Recommendation

    A “Disinformation Playbook” has been used for decades by corporations to delay government action on matters of interest that would adversely affect their income and profit.

    Examples include: Big tobacco companies, the coal and oil industries, the sugar industry, …

    The Union of Concerned Scientists has outlined the five “pillars” of the Disinformation Playbook.

    Why would Big Pharma use the Playbook to slow the adoption of strong support for Ivermectin?

    1. It might disrupt the mass vaccination strategy
    2. It would definitely disrupt/destroy the market for novel oral anti-virals (Merck/Astrazeneca)

    The Disinformation Playbook:

    1. The Fake: conduct counterfeit science and try to pass it off as legitimate research
    2. The Blitz: harass scientists who speak out with results that are inconvenient for industry
    3. The Diversion: manufacture uncertainty about science where little or none exists
    4. The Screen: buy credibility through alliances with academia or professional societies
    5. The Fix: manipulate government officials or processes to influence policy inappropriately

    • I am not convinced that very much disinformation is even needed.

      The world is full of people who seem to believe, “I saw it on the television news, so it must be true.” Or, I will wait until my own doctor tells me that I should do something different from what I am doing now. There is way too much willingness to believe whatever story is dished out.

      • NomadicBeer says:

        Gail, quite right.
        Same people that distrusted the politicians in 2019, love their governors/senators now in a weird Stockholm syndrome.
        It turns out that if you press the right buttons (fear, in group shibboleths and hate for the other) you can convince most people to do anything you want.

        I bet most New Yorkers not only support the concentration camp bill but they will be eager to report on any dissident.

        Let me repost a quote that I tried to before but was blocked:

        “In short, those who had been involved in running the German system in a wide variety of capacities in the area later professed that they had seen and heard nothing at all while an estimated 85,000 people in total were deported in stages out of the towns, villages, and surrounding localities and through the ghettos of Bedzin and Soisnowiec on their way to labour camps and the gas chambers of Auschwitz. These Germans all claimed, however implausibly, that they had been working late, were engaged in other duties, away on holiday, attending a son’s wedding — or, in Klausa’s case, had ‘disappeared’ to the front — at the time of any violent incident or deportation that they might have been been expected to have witnessed; and they had supposedly only at a later date gleaned — or at second hand, by being told — something of what had allegedly taken place.”


  23. Harry McGibbs says:

    “At the spring meetings of the IMF and World Bank this week, we can expect measures to support low- and middle-income countries’ pandemic recovery that are laudable but fall well short of what is required…

    “They certainly will not prevent IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva’s warning of a “dangerous divergence” between economies from becoming a reality.”


  24. Harry McGibbs says:

    “The likelihood of a co-ordinated global economic rebound from the coronavirus pandemic has diminished as slower vaccination rollouts and a fresh wave of infections in some countries result in “sharply divergent growth prospects”, according to exclusive research for the Financial Times…

    ““The world economy faces sharply divergent growth prospects across various regions, as prospects of a uniform swift snapback from a dismal 2020 have become clouded,” said Professor Eswar Prasad of the Brookings Institution.”


    • Dennis L. says:

      How does one reconcile inflation with this idea?




      Could the shortage of chips be secondary to more vehicles being manufactured not the virus?

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      This is what the Brookings-FT tracking Index, mentioned in the FT article, actually says. It does not say that ‘advanced economies will outperform emerging markets in growth’. Actually, China, India, Indonesia and South Korea (emerging) and USA (advanced) will do well while Europe (advanced) does less well.

      Nor is economic performance simply linked to vax rates as FT suggests, as India has growing infections and very low vax rates. The Tory press (much of the UK MSM) virtually equates vaxes with flag waving in constant state propaganda drives.

      > The U.S. and China are shaping up to be the main drivers of global growth in 2021. Household consumption and business investment have surged in both economies, along with measures of private sector confidence. Industrial production has rebounded in most countries, contributing to firming commodity prices and robust international trade. However, the U.S., China, and India are likely to be the only major economies (along with Indonesia and South Korea) that exceed pre-COVID-19 GDP levels by the end of 2021. In most other regions, the scarring effects of the 2020 recession on both GDP and employment are likely to be longer-lasting.

      …. European economies, both in the core and periphery of the eurozone, are struggling as they cope with another wave of COVID-19 infections, floundering vaccination programs, and a lack of policy direction. While industrial production, particularly in Germany, has held up well, much of the eurozone might return to pre-COVID-19 GDP levels only by late 2022.


      • Harry McGibbs says:

        I agree the FT does not do a great job of summarising the report.

        For me the key take-home is that the pandemic has unleashed a brutal element of “snakes and ladders”-style unpredictability (“Prospects of a uniform swift snapback… have become clouded… uncertainties are rife and the stakes are high.”) upon a global economy, which, as OFW readers will know only too well, was already hitting stall-speed in spite of unprecedented debt accrual in 2019.

        Also MSM articles will tend to blithely assume that a resumption of former growth trajectories is attainable.

      • Mirror on the wall says:

        Just to correct myself on a point, South Korea is considered an ‘advanced’ economy.

        Even so, the point remains that some emerging economies (China, India, Indonesia) are projected to do better than some advanced economies (Europe) while other advanced economies do well (USA, SK). It is not a binary picture, as FT suggests, in favour of advanced economies: ‘advanced economies will outperform emerging markets in growth’.

        Neither is the FT binary picture true that, ‘Nations with fresh infections and slower vaccination face weaker recovery, research suggests’, as India indicates. The FT article looks like a deliberate propaganda piece.

        > [SK] is the 4th largest GDP in Asia and the 10th largest in the world. South Korea is known for its rise from one of the poorest countries in the world to a developed, high-income country in just a few generations.


  25. Prions made in the lab

    At times, to understand something well, it is useful to rebuild it from scratch. It happens with prions as well, say researchers who assembled artificial prions, devising a method for synthesizing them in a series. Lab tests showed that synthetic prions act like their biological counterparts.

    Prions: the danger of biochemical weapons

    Furthermore, hypothetically, if Prions were used as a biochemical weapon, they could damage not only humans and animals, but the worldwide economies; therefore, even if Prions do not kill instantly a target, they can be a very persuasive object for those who have access to it.Prion diseases include a group of fatal neurodegenerative and infectious disorders in humans such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease (CJD), a variant form of CJD (vCJD), Gerstmann-Sträussler-Scheinker syndrome (GSS), and kuru, fatal familial insomnia (FFI); in animals, they include: scrapie of sheep and goats, chronic wasting disease (CWD) of mule deer and elk, and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) of cattle (Prusiner, 1996). The central feature of these disorders is the conformational change of the host encoded, cellular Prion protein (PrPc), see figures (Figure 1A and Figure 2B, C) to an abnormal, partially proteinase K resistant and infectious isoform (PrPSc) with an aggregation propensity accumulating in the brain of diseased individuals (Figure 1B and Figure 2D) (Gambetti et al., 2003; Tatzelt & Schätzl, 2007). Cases of vCJD in Great Britain and France raised the possibility that BSE has been transmitted to humans (Bateman et al., 1995; Cousens et al., 1997). Macaque monkeys and marmosets both developed neurologic disease several years after inoculation with bovine Prions (Baker et al., 1993; Ono et al., 2011). These experiments clearly show that the inoculation of Prions is potentially fatal, and the fact that Prion strains are transmitted between species raised the possibility that a large section of the population is at high risk as a result of exposure to BSE Prions (Anderson et al., 1996; Sweeting et al., 2010; Bruce et al., 1997; Collinge et al., 1996; Griffin, 1997; Lasmézas et al., 1996; Scott et al., 1993).

    Covishield is Serum Institute of India’s version of AZD1222, the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca

    A Chennai-based neurologist has opined that the 40-year-old who volunteered for the Serum Institute of India’s covid vaccine trial developed acute neurological symptoms after receiving the shot. The participant had visited the doctor after he was discharged from the hospital linked to the Covishield trial site.

    • I looked up the first two articles linked. The second one, “Prions: the danger of biochemical weapons” was published first (in 2014), by an author from Brazil. The first one you link to is by Sissa Medialab and others, published in 2016. It seems to be by Italian authors. These are not the countries that come to mind first when I think of biological warfare.

      If is disturbing that people are trying to make prions. This is even worse that gain-of-function virus research, IMO.

      Do we know that there were prions in the vaccine developed by AstraZeneca?

        • The engineered nature of the virus is a big problem:

          Re-engineering of HKU4 to cross species
          from bat to human

          “…re-engineered HKU4 spike, aiming to build its capacity to mediate viral entry into human cells.”

          “To this end, we introduced two single mutations…mutations in these motifs in coronavirus spikes have demonstrated dramatic effects on viral entry into human cells.”​

          Shi Zhengli, A.K.A. “The Bat Lady”, Director of the Centre for Emergence of Infectious Disease and Biosafety at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Biosafety Level Four Biocontainment Lab

      • RNA editing alterations define manifestation of prion diseases

      • mRNA Vaccine Induced Damage Mechanisms – Dr. Loretta Bolgan

        • This document gives quite a lot of information about a variety of bad outcomes from mRNA vaccines. There is a section called “Neurological Damage Associated with Prion Protein Formation” starting on page 17 with reference 42.

          According to the article:

          While the effects of COVID-19 on olfactory and gustatory perception may be transient, the possibility of SARS-Cov-2 57 and other infectious agents may be the initial etiology of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases is well documented, 58 according to a mechanism called immuno-excitotoxicity 59 as described in the following image, in which infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, prions) and vaccine toxic substances can lead to the activation of microglia, the macrophage component of the central nervous system, and the establishment of a vicious inflammatory cycle that leads to degeneration of the nervous tissue in which it is triggered.


          SARS-Cov-2 has prion-like sequences in the receptor binding domain of the S1 region of the spike protein, a unique feature compared with other coronaviruses, that increase viral binding to its ACE2 receptor and thus play a major functional role in virulence. 74 It is unknown whether these sequences can lead to the formation of pathological prion spike proteins.

          In addition, in a recent article, Dr. J.B. Classen 75 conducted a bioinformatics analysis to identify the possible presence of sequences in the mRNA of the “Pfizer” vaccine that could activate TDP-43 and FUS, two proteins with prion-like properties that bind RNA and consequently are able to induce prion diseases 76.

          From this preliminary analysis it appears that the vaccine mRNA contains sequences that are thought to induce TDP 43 and FUS to aggregate in their prion-like structure.

          So it sounds like the virus that causes COVID-19 has prion-like properties to it that cause the problems with taste and smell. The virus can already invade the brain. In fact, the COVID-19 itself has been reported to lead to Parkinson’s Disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob prion disease. It is the fact that these vaccines are so much like the virus that causes COVID-19 that seems to lead to potential problems.

  26. hillcountry says:

    The Oldest Crime

    Jet Snow Discusses the New Enclosure Acts in Woke Britain (with James LaFond)


  27. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Chinese coal consumers may face tight supply availability during summer when air-conditioning demand peaks, despite assurances from the country’s national energy administration (NEA) that supplies will be sufficient.

    “Chinese thermal coal stockpiles are unusually low for this time of year.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “China’s central bank has asked lenders to rein in credit supply, as the surge of lending that sustained the country’s debt-fuelled coronavirus recovery renewed concerns about asset bubbles and financial stability…

      “The directive could translate into a considerable drop in bank lending, the largest source of financing for the world’s second-largest economy.”


      • Harry McGibbs says:

        “With Swarms of Ships, Beijing Tightens Its Grip on South China Sea:

        “After building artificial islands, China is using large fleets of ostensibly civilian boats to press other countries’ vessels out of disputed waters.”


        • Harry McGibbs says:

          “Could US-China tensions hinder Beijing’s plans to integrate further with global financial markets?

          “China’s efforts to liberalise its financial markets, including removing restrictions on foreign banks, will mean more pressure for the country’s big lenders, say economists.”


        • Mirror on the wall says:

          China recognises that ‘struggle’ lies ahead and it projects confidence. It calculates that it is militarily secure and that it only really needs to keep the global economy open, which is in the interests of other countries too.

          > Despite US instigation, China has an edge in leading global affairs: Global Times editorial

          We must not allow the US to unscrupulously lead global affairs toward conflicts. On the contrary, we must use the resources and levers in our hands to release the diversity of this world. China is strong and getting stronger. It is possible for us to lead the world in another direction.


          • Kowalainen says:

            Hardly a surprise since the assembly/finishing machine shop floor of the “west” is in China. It’s semiconductor manufacturing in Taiwan and SK, while the toolmakers are mostly in the EU, SK and Japan. Energy/resources in ME/Russia. Let us not fool ourselves, Eurasia/East Asia is pretty much part of the vodka belt and rice-wine doctrine of the European muppets. The “western” ‘Pax Americana/UK doctrine increasingly seems like a colonial relic.

            The US these days is about the design of software and chips and that relatively easily can be transferred (stolen/copied) and be worked on from everywhere. A license of cadence and some free and open source programming languages, and soon enough you are ready to churn out some microchips and binaries.

            However, it not easy to make sophisticated tangible “stuff” and productive equipment without access to a factory and competent personnel operating those.

            That is a predicament of the USA. The fools sent it all, lock, stock and barrel to East Asia while the EU held back somewhat.

            For sure the US got a behemoth MIC, but just whom exactly are they going to challenge without shooting themselves in the foot? Nobody’s going to challenge them at this stage, everybody is just waiting for the wheel of time to ratchet forward another notch while watching out for what will plop out at the other end of crazy.

          • I wouldn’t count on this: “It is possible for us [China] to lead the world in another direction.”

            • Kowalainen says:

              Right, I wouldn’t want the CCP to lead just about anything than themselves to oblivion.

        • Perhaps oil underneath.

      • If China rein’s in lending, it would seem like it could pull down the world economy.

    • China was having trouble all winter. No wonder their stockpiles are low. But they don’t want to import coal and possibly cause the coal price to fall.

  28. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Cargo Ship Bottleneck Off Los Angeles Nears Six-Month Mark:

    “Ship congestion outside the biggest U.S. gateway for Asian imports remained elevated with the wait to offload containers lengthening to eight days, adding costs and complications for companies trying to stay well-stocked in an accelerating economy.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Risky Borrowers Are Falling Behind on Car Payments:

      “A greater share of people [in the US] with low credit scores has been falling behind on their car payments in recent months, a sign of stress among consumers whose finances have been hit hard by the pandemic.”


      • Harry McGibbs says:

        “‘Overworked, overwhelmed and burned out’: Why Portland cops say they’re leaving in droves…

        ““The community shows zero support. The city council are raging idiots… the mayor and council ignore actual facts on crime and policing in favor of radical leftist and anarchists fantasy…” one retiring detective wrote.”


      • Dennis L. says:


        An interesting calculation might be the actual cost of the vehicle off the assembly line, less the downpayment, less any payments made, less salvage value of auto(salvage= price after accounting depreciation). If the marginal cost of the vehicles is less than income received, it is a win for the manufactures and maybe dealers.

        Manufactures need to sell a given amount of vehicles to cover fixed and periodic costs, the remainder are marginally costed products, basically cost of materials and labor plus wear and tear(non cash cost).

        Automakers have been going broke per this website for a long time, eventually we all die. So far they are all here, with pretty good jobs(votes). You are in the UK as I understand it, are you better off without auto manufactures or with said companies? There are a lot of supporting companies for a large manufacturer.

        Dennis L.

      • At the same time, new car sales are up and sales prices of resale cars are up. More and more people who cannot really afford cars are purchasing them. This cannot end up well. People are afraid of public transport, and loans are available.

    • This is becoming absurd!

  29. Tim Groves says:

    Latest on the Ukrainian gas pipeline situation. Russia is gradually diverting Europe-bound gas to non-Ukrainian routes:

    After the launch of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, transit to Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria was fully switched to new gas pipelines, reducing transit through Ukraine, according to Serhiy Makogon, CEO of Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine (GTSOU) LLC.

    In a post on his Facebook page, Makogon wrote that currently in the southern direction, gas transit through Ukraine is carried out only to Moldova. If there is a continuation of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline through Bulgaria and Serbia, Gazprom will transfer to this pipeline and transit to Hungary.

    “For Ukraine, this means an additional loss of 10-12 billion cubic meters of transit annually. It is very important to prevent the Nord Stream 2 completion,” Makogon wrote, adding that from April 1, gas supplies to Romania will be fully provided by Bulgaria through the Turkish Stream.

    According to him, “gas transit means for Ukraine not only a significant income, but also an important element of the country’s energy security.”


    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Russia is diverting its gas pipes through countries that it is friendly with and away from that which it is unfriendly with – a no brainer.

      “It is very important to prevent the Nord Stream 2 completion”

      Right, so it is all about money for UKR and they actually think that they can gang up with others to dictate to RUS. Good luck with that!

    • Robert Firth says:

      Perhaps if the Ukraine had not been systematically stealing Russian gas for over a decade, they might not now face a total shutdown of supply. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

    • I can understand why Ukraine would be disturbed by the loss of the natural gas transiting through their country.

  30. Harry McGibbs says:

    “A wave of companies across the UK and the rest of Europe are at risk of going under with new figures showing that the default rate on corporate loans has doubled.

    “Businesses across Europe, including the UK, face a €1.8 trillion (£1.5  trillion) wall of debt maturing in the next four years, including €290bn in 2021…”


  31. Harry McGibbs says:

    “Nigeria’s graduates live hand to mouth as jobs crisis worsens: Unemployment rate has quadrupled to 33% since Buhari took office in 2015…

    “Akinnouye is one of millions of jobless young Nigerians, victims of an economic crisis that is driving up poverty and sowing insecurity across Africa’s most populous country.”


  32. Harry McGibbs says:

    “‘They cut out his heart’: Machete killers run wild in Congo’s hidden war:

    “Frenzied armed gangs have forced the population of an area the size of Ireland to flee in a humanitarian crisis the world has forgotten.”


    • Harry McGibbs says:

      “Ethiopian military forces are now fighting a “difficult and tiresome” guerrilla war in the northern Tigray region, prime minister Abiy Ahmed has admitted…

      “A wave of atrocities including massacres of hundreds committed by Ethiopian troops and their Eritrean allies have fuelled recruitment to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.”


    • Fundamentally, too many people for resources. People are at war with each other, to try to fix the mismatch.

    • Mirror on the wall says:

      Isis is carving out swathes of Africa. The Telegraph article manages to not even mention them.


      More than 200 people have been killed and an estimated 40,000 displaced in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since January in attacks attributed to armed groups affiliated to ISIL (ISIS), the United Nations has said.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      THIS is the sort of thing we’d experience world wide if the CEP fails…

      Throw in starvation and the headline changes to:

      ‘They cut out his heart and ate it then roasted the rest and ate that too’: Machete killers run wild in Congo’s hidden war

      But there would be no headlines.. there would be no news… only violence disease and starvation.. x 8B

      Hands up if you want CEP to fail… Fast Eddy raises his hand… anyone else???

      Oh come now surely you don’t want the Great Humans to go down without a fight!!! How pathetic that the Magnificent Brilliant Species drowns in his own mucus…

      Where’s the dignity in that???

      Look at the chosen one … not even a whimper… just lying down and expiring … hahaha

      Rise Up Rise Up — fight back against the CEP!!!

  33. Tim Groves says:

    Will antibody dependent enhancement become a problem for people who take one of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines?

    The conclusion of this paper published in Nature Microbiology is Mrrrrrr, hmmmmm, maybe. Observations of previous infections “suggests a real risk of ADE for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and antibody-based interventions.”

    ADE has been observed in SARS, MERS and other human respiratory virus infections including RSV and measles, which suggests a real risk of ADE for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and antibody-based interventions. However, clinical data has not yet fully established a role for ADE in human COVID-19 pathology. Steps to reduce the risks of ADE from immunotherapies include the induction or delivery of high doses of potent neutralizing antibodies, rather than lower concentrations of non-neutralizing antibodies that would be more likely to cause ADE.

    Going forwards, it will be crucial to evaluate animal and clinical datasets for signs of ADE, and to balance ADE-related safety risks against intervention efficacy if clinical ADE is observed. Ongoing animal and human clinical studies will provide important insights into the mechanisms of ADE in COVID-19. Such evidence is sorely needed to ensure product safety in the large-scale medical interventions that are likely required to reduce the global burden of COVID-19.


    • This is a September 2020 article. It is saying that “evidence is sorely needed” that the vaccine doesn’t make later reactions worse.

      A person would think that there would be warnings about this for those choosing to be vaccinated.

    • Eudora says:

      How do you know when the U.s dollar loses it’s value. Won’t that push up oil prices? So many land mines everywhere!

      • One thing that could cause the US dollar to lose its value would seem to be a major cutback in oil production, in the US and worldwide. This might happen because of overthrown governments in the Middle East, or failing oil production in the US. The world economy would operate much less well.

        Another thing that might cause the US dollar to lose its value is much defaulting debt, worldwide, interrupting trade, and causing falling demand for oil. In this case world demand for oil would go down.

        I expect that the US dollar losing its value will be tied to the world economy starting to fall apart, in one way or another. The price of oil doesn’t necessarily rise in such a case.

        • Eudora says:

          Why isn’t the price of oil falling not a stimulant factor?

          • If airplanes can’t fly, it doesn’t matter how low the price of oil is. If immigrants are not allowed into countries where they might pick food, it doesn’t matter how low the price of oil is. We have been experiencing this effect this past year. With debt defaults, there will be fewer people with jobs. With income of essentially zero, even a low price of oil is not attractive.

  34. Tim Groves says:

    The Vanden Bossche controversy — Del Bigtree explains why he things Vanden Bossche deserves to be listened to and why he thinks Rosemary is wrong to attack him, and he also speaks to RFK JNR. and Andrew Wakefield to get their takes on the issue.

    This video is about an hour long, and it’s Bitchute so you never know when it is going to freeze up and die on you. But in summary, Del thinks Vanden Bossche is on the level (honest and sincere) even though he may not be correct, and in any case it is very important that a scientist and vaccination proponent is coming out unequivocally against general or universal Covid-19 vaccination during the pandemic.


    • Fast Eddy says:

      Watching now…

      One initial thought is that Rosemary and the people at Lockdown Sceptics WANT Bossche to be a pharma flunky / or just plain wrong … because to acknowledge he is credible and possibly right…

      Is to acknowledge a sinister plan to exterminate humans — nobody wants to go there…

      I am leaning in the direction of him being right based on the Marek’s virus info and limits to growth story…

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Also … if Bossche is a tool of Pharma… then why is he not appearing with his Apocalyptic warnings on CNN BBC etc….

      Logic is a bitch – right Rosie….

      • Tim Groves says:

        Addi in Mike Yeadon, who says he can’t think of a benign explanation for why they are doing this vaccine rollout, and the fact that just about every still-breathing former US President and bono are publicly calling for everyone to man up and take the shots, and it’s pretty clear that this is not just a PR campaign to make more money by elements of Big Pharma.

        At the very least, it represents a power grab aimed at fundamentally restructuring society along totalitarian lines together with an intensification of the covert policy of making the masses sick in order create lifetime customers. It could also be part of a strategy of anything from decimating to exterminating the populations of Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand to decimating or exterminating the entire world’s population.

        I don’t know how far they want to run with this, but I have this image of George Soros sitting in his dustbin and ordering his Daleks to do their worst. But where would he be able to assemble all those Daleks, and with what technology, you are probably asking? In Tesla plants around the world, of course. Elon’s production figures are wildly overstated. There’s no way he is producing that many EVs.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Agree … if i was dumb enough to buy an EV would I buy a lowly rated Tesla or a Taycan or other EV made by a company with a long track record of producing reliable quality cars.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Whatever this ultimate turns out to be… it will be BIG. Bigger than anything in history big.

          I must admit to being a little biased in terms of pushing the CEP…. My pet peeve is humans…

          Think of the billions of animals that humans have tortured … recall that scene from The Road… where the father and boy stumble across the human abattoir … we recoil at that though of that but that is what hundreds of millions of animals are enduring right this second…

          Whenever I see a tandem trailer roll past with sheep or cattle on board here in NZ I remark to MFast ‘their goes the Gulag Death Truck’ — she doesn’t like when I say that.

          But let’s not kid ourselves… we are truly a horrifying beast… and without a doubt — the sooner we are gone the better… shame about the spend fuel ponds though…


    • Fast Eddy says:

      Del calls this a ‘blunder’… obviously it is not a blunder

  35. hillcountry says:

    Fast Eddy – if you can stop the CEP this courageous woman needs your assistance

  36. Fast Eddy says:

    Here are the sort of fellas who would be on the lose post uncontrolled collapse…

    On the dark and cold night of December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old woman was brutally assaulted and raped in a moving bus in south Delhi. Jyoti Singh, a 23-year-old female physiotherapy intern was beaten, gang-raped, and tortured on December 16, 2012, in Munirka, a neighbourhood in South Delhi. She was travelling with her friend, Awindra Pratap Pandey.

    The woman and her friend Pandey were returning home after watching the movie “Life of Pi” on the night of December 16, 2012. They boarded an off-duty charter bus at Munirka bus stand in which there were six other men including the bus driver.

    The bus started moving in an off-route direction and the men shut the doors of the vehicle. Suspecting something wrong, when Pandey raised an objection, he was shouted down and a scuffle broke out as the men who were drunk started molesting her. Her friend was knocked down with a rod and the men dragged her to the back of the bus and repeatedly gang-raped for over an hour.

    As she fought back, one of the juvenile attackers inserted an iron rod into her private parts, pulling and ripping her intestines apart. The bus driver drove all over Delhi while this was happening. After the attack, both of them were thrown out of the bus to die at the side of the road.

    The two were found half-dead by a passerby who informed the Delhi Police. She was taken to the Safdarjung Hospital where doctors found she had only five per cent intestines left inside her body.

    She succumbed to her injuries on December 29, 2012.


    Do you really want to have to deal with people like this — or worse?

    CEP. Now say thank you to the Elders for their kindness.

    • polebarn says:

      Theres reasons women dont go out alone much in India. Gotenburg too.

      She probably thought Delhi was safe. No women would take that risk in mumbai.

      You got to get close to rape. Some not all women have more aptitude for edged weapons than firearms. The nice thing is they can be deployed after the soon to be hanburger has demonstrated intent unlike firearms which you really want to use in a stand off mode, south narc aside.This can include role playing for women where you play into the predator mindset collapse into predator and cut your way out,

      So many arteries so little time. The primary target of any edged weapon artist being the main arteries on the inside the legs. Thats checkmate there is forplay first.

      If a little collateral damage on the way so much the better.

      I worked at a job that had a constant turnover of young attractive women. I became goodfriends with many of them. I was amazed how many of them had been raped.

      In my experience women deal with rape in three ways. Some shrug it off. Just my body. Some get dark self destructive.

      Some get very very dangerous.

      Its a nasty paradox. Most gentle humans will not do what necessary for self defense until after becoming a victim. Thats not a gender specific statement. PTSD works both for and against you in some ways.

      The crime described is heinous. I hope the perpetrators get what they deserve. They got it coming.

  37. vbaker says:

    Does any one know how I can find a list of all mRNA vaccines which have been approved for use on animals? Finding anything on the internet in the “age of Covid” is virtually impossible.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Try using the filter option and search by date e.g. 2000 – 2019… that will thwart all the covid trolls who have been dumping disinformation because they don’t think anyone would think to use that filter…

      They are unaware of existence of Fast Eddy 1000 IQ… once Fast Eddy gets on the radar he will be designated as Public Enemy numero uno… because only Fast Eddy can destroy the CEP … but Fast Eddy does not want to because 1. It is a good idea and 2. Ending humans is also good.

      That said… humans probably deserve to suffer given their horrific reign of terror – f789ing wicked beasts


      Death to Humans!!! Allah Akbar

  38. Fast Eddy says:


    It is also worth noting you won’t be covered by travel insurance if you find yourself stranded across the ditch.


  39. Fast Eddy says:

    And if this actually happens this is how NZ will get back into a major lockdown to help with the vaccine push scheduled to start in July…

    Ardern’s PR Team will come up with some BS about how we had to take the risk to revive the economy blah blah blah … unfortunately it’s not worked out and we have to shut down the bubble and lock back down… blah blah blah


  40. Fast Eddy says:

    The ‘covert tactics’ used to scare Britons into staying at home: How SAGE document called for increase in ‘perceived threat’ of Covid using ‘hard hitting emotional messages’


  41. Fast Eddy says:

    I’ve scanned through this document and from watched most of the Infowars video….

    And my take is this … the Elders and their minions planned the CEP in the years prior to 2017.

    They recognized that trying to foist what is essentially a bad flu on the world — force them into lockdowns making them want to take a vaccine (lethal injection) — was going to be troublesome…

    So they create a theoretical situation … then took it a range of experts including PR specialists and asked them how to overcome the resistance to the CEP.

    Of course they could not call this the CEP nor could they reveal the end game. They needed the consultants to believe this was a legit ‘war gaming’ scenario for a pandemic.

    The Food for Thought sections are worth reading if you dont want to read the entire doc.. a few pasted below… essentially these are the issues raised… with solutions to follow.

    I did not read the doc but Infowars highlights many of the key sections — and demonstrates how the CEP that is playing out is following the exact advice provided by the consultants in this doc. They mention the ‘masks are bad then they are good’… they mention getting a rapper and other celebs on board with the message… even some of the social media hashtags are exactly the same as those recommended — in 2017.

    The consultants would have been oblivious to the fact that they were being used to provide a PR plan to ensure 8B people take a lethal injection

    Punchline: if there were truly a deadly virus on the loose…. and massive numbers of people were dying from it … then there would be ZERO need for a coercive PR campaign… ZERO. Because everyone would be willing to take any vaccine if their lives were truly at risk.

    But the reality is Covid is not any more deadly than a bad flu — more deadly for old dying people — less deadly for children.

    So in order to convince people to take an experimental vaccine (it is NOT experimental – it is has been fully tested and it will be lethal)…. you have to convince them that they are facing the Death Virus… you need to frighten them and use a wide range of common PR and advertising tactics to get them to Want the Products.

    So NO this is not the CEP. No f789ing way the Elders would put that out there… but it is the PR plan that is being used to execute the CEP. It is very specific in that respect



    1) How might federal health authorities avoid people possibly seeing
    an expedited SPARS vaccine development and testing process
    as somehow “rushed” and inherently flawed, even though that
    process still meets the same safety and efficacy standards as any
    other vaccine?

    2) How might federal health authorities respond to critics who
    propose that liability protection for SPARS vaccine manufacturers
    jeopardizes individual freedom and wellbeing?

    3) Once the vaccine becomes broadly available (see the chapter,
    “Head of the Line Privileges”), how might public health
    communicators implement the “best practices” principle of
    enabling people to make their own informed decisions about
    whether to accept the novel SPARS vaccine?

    4) What are the potential consequences of health officials overreassuring the public about the potential risks of a novel SPARS
    vaccine when long-term effects are not yet known?


    1) Why is active monitoring of the “information sea” in which the
    public is swimming critical to the efforts of authorities to create
    conditions and provide information that support recommended
    public health behaviors?

    2) How might a strong social media presence allow the federal
    government—and public health officials more broadly—to
    anticipate potential communication issues (eg, privacy concerns
    over using EHR data to direct vaccination efforts) before they
    become full-fledged crises?

    4) Given the growing trend of people building their own “situational
    awareness” of an event via social media (eg, tracking vaccine
    availability), how might health authorities capitalize on this
    collective information-gathering and -sharing behaviors to
    enhance public understanding of MCM availability and improve
    access to life-saving MCMs?


    1) While greater use of electronic media opens new opportunities
    for broad outreach, what communication vulnerabilities exist that
    could impede communication efforts via electronic media?

    2) How might local, state, and federal health officials be prepared
    for the unique vulnerabilities of electronic forms of MCM
    emergency communication?

    3) How can public health communicators remain flexible when
    multiple disasters occur at once?


    1) What are the respective roles and responsibilities of local, state,
    and federal health authorities before and during a MCM
    campaign to understand different audience segments and to
    develop messages that address their concerns?

    2) What communication strategies might be effective for breaking
    into, and engaging with otherwise self-isolating groups who
    oppose a recommended MCM like Corovax and might be
    placing themselves and others at risk during the outbreak?

    3) What kinds of pre-crisis partnerships and alliances with
    intermediary groups and/or opinion leaders might have helped to
    reduce the likelihood and mitigate the impact of anti-Corovax
    sentiments among specific minority groups?


    1) In an increasingly interconnected global communication
    environment, how could US health officials be better poised to
    explain the rationale for their continued recommendation of the
    US-based Corovax vaccine when Japan regulators opt not to
    approve the vaccine?

    2) Given the potential for this scenario to reoccur in another health
    emergency, would pre-testing messages about foreign and
    domestic regulatory decision-making be helpful in determining if
    they resonate with the public?


    Which of the following communication measures might help health
    authorities successfully encourage college students to seek out
    vaccination while world leaders mobilize to improve equity in access
    to Corovax globally? How so?

     Engaging in direct dialogue with student leaders to understand
    their concerns

     Communicating to students with empathy and understanding
    with respect to their desire to advocate on the behalf of others

     Encouraging students to take action in their own communities,
    such as volunteering with local health departments, to ensure
    that marginalized groups have information about and access to


    1) Given that the term “expiration date” can trigger public
    misunderstanding about the safety and efficacy of SNS-stockpiled
    drugs, how might pre-message testing around this topic and shelf
    life extension have proved useful to health authorities in the SPARS

    2) Why were partnerships between the federal government and the
    information technology industry, including a number of social
    media companies, so vital to increasing overall uptake of the
    Corovax vaccine?

    3) What communication strategies might be effective at
    overcoming the “echo-chamber” effect over the course of the
    SPARS outbreak? What pre-crisis measures, if any, might have
    been useful to dampen the “echo-chamber” effect?

    • Kowalainen says:

      Well, the only viable explanation I have for this POS “eugenics” program is that it is run by halfwits. Who in the right mind flaps their cookie holes before commencing CEP? And to involve goddamn politicians and what have you. What a disaster. Triple face masks, gimme a break. WTF. Andes Tegnell and Johan Giesecke. LOL. 🤦‍♂️

      If I have ever seen a leaky boat, this for sure must be the gusher.

      Real masters operate on a different level altogether with very few in the know of what is going on, a few more with a tingling suspicion and the vast majority that does the handiwork without knowing anything at all of what is going on.

      Or it could be that the elders are true retards, somehow I doubt it. Most of the people I think carry “important” executive roles seem quite perceptive. You just can’t have full bore psychos and sociopaths running an operation where the ego needs to be small, ears and logic circuitry jacked to maximum sensitivity together with competence and self cranked to 11.

      Now how hard would it be to find these people today? I would say extremely easy. One quick whiff in the digital trail, A small digital “taste” in the coding sequences of you.

      In the end it is all about a chain of trust. Shit that is priceless.

      When the day of actual CEP arrives, it would since long have been planned for and executed without any debacle and mercy. You wouldn’t know it until it was over. Perhaps it is already over. Perhaps those lists exist. In any scenario, we are all dead men and women walking. It’s only a matter of time.

      Anyway, could we at least got to enjoy BAU with some dignity. I’m extremely sick and tired of the perpetual ego trips of the psycho narrative peddlers and sidekick sociopath herd. And all those conformist NPC sheeple. Jesus Christ.

      Court jester signing off.


      • I agree with you that there is a huge issue with this supposed eugenics program run by halfwits.

        There is virtually no chance that this group would figure out, in advance, exactly how the runaway virus would actually behave, and what the side effects (long term and short term) of the vaccines would be. The big issue with these vaccines may be that they don’t last long enough, not that they do permanent brain damage. These vaccines are mostly a money-making project for big pharma and a way to entice more young people to enter careers in this area.

        • NomadicBeer says:

          I never understood people’s desire to believe in some godlike people that control our lives from the shadows. I guess it allows most people to blame something else instead of accepting their own mistakes.

          That being said I don’t see any issue with a conspiracy run by halfwits. Why would you assume that the rich are smarter than the average human? On the contrary they tend to be dumber since they have easy lives.

          Using the power of propaganda and the fact that most people (not just the rich) are halfwits, it’s very easy for a stupid conspiracy to succeed.
          Just think about US invasion of Iraq or color revolutions (like Ukraine) or even wokism and the 2020 election. Most people still believe the propaganda and they will never change their mind.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Why? Because they know people are SToooopid. They refer to us as goy … cattle.

        So it’s like saying to the cows… he fellas… there is some really nice green grass in the pasture over the hill…. will the cows organize and bust through the fence and trot over to the green grass??? Of course not!!! No more than the MORONIC humans will connect that PR plan to what is happening now… and nobody (except FE) will work out that it’s a pillar of the CEP (because only FE is aware of the CEP)

        Show these two 10 people who believe we have been to the moon then ask them what they think:



        Most will refuse to review all 3 — they may watch 1 and 2… but won’t be bothered with 3 because they will reject 1 and 2 and 3 is too long.

        I have said it before and I will say it again … Al Gore could go on prime time TV and admit that GW is a total hoax… and he’d be nailed to a cross by the Green Groopies.

        Humans are STOOOPID. Face the fact.

    • Xabier says:

      Yes, long-planned.

      Let us not forget, in this context, Christine Lagarde’s odd little speech in 2014 on the mystic numerological significance of that year:

      ‘We can do it if we all work together…..I just do what I’m told, etc.’ This was said with great emphasis, rather clumsily and staged, and was an occult message that a turning point was approaching.

      ‘All Together’ is of course one of the current propaganda slogans: my response, they can certainly all hang together if they like!

      I feel though, that this is not the lethal injection, just the first steps up the ramp which leads p the ziggurat to the eventual sacrificial stone for, I would agree, billions.

      From the point of view of the Transhumanists, we are nearly all surplus to requirements, and potentially so troublesome, consumers of ‘their’ resources, so it is only logical that they are planning genocide. This is no different to the Romans who eliminated entire tribes of 50-100,000 when it suited them.

      But there must surely be some sorting and sifting of the population planned, and full automation is surely not nearly ready enough, as far as one can tell.

      The aim now is to make us accept regular injections of just anything they like, even when fighting fit, as a part of normal life.

      Also to destroy all cultural and legal barriers to mass medical experimentation: and they have people eagerly lining up for it!!

      Champagne tonight, and every night, at Klaus’s Bar…..

    • Azure Kingfisher says:

      Has anyone else spotted the specter of Bill Gates in this document?

      “Despite the failure of these federal initiatives, some local public health departments were able to effectively address concerns of local Muslim populations. In King County, Washington, for example, local public health officials became aware of the concerns of the local Somali Muslim population in early August. Acknowledging the authority held by local imams, these officials held community meetings with local Somali leaders to engage the local community and posted culturally relevant information on a website specifically designed for their Somali Muslim constituents. By enlisting the support of local Muslim leadership, these efforts ultimately led to high levels of Corovax acceptance among Somali Muslims in King County.”

      King County, Washington. What do we have in King County, Washington?

      BGC3, LLC (Bill Gates Catalyst 3), trademark of Gates Ventures LLC, located at 4110 Carillon Point Kirkland, WA 98033 United States


      Bill Gates home address is in Medina, WA – King County

      “The first confirmed case relating to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States was announced by the state of Washington on January 21, 2020. Washington made the first announcement of a death from the disease in the U.S. on February 29 and later announced that two deaths there on February 26 were also due to COVID-19. Until mid-March, Washington had the highest absolute number of confirmed cases and the highest number per capita of any state in the country, until it was surpassed by New York state on April 10, 2020. Many of the deceased were residents of a nursing home in Kirkland, an Eastside suburb of Seattle in King County.”


      “The first eight identified U.S. fatalities from the 2020 pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 were reported at EvergreenHealth Kirkland, beginning with the first on February 29, 2020. The cases were residents or visitors to the Life Care Center of Kirkland, a local nursing home.”


      So, Bill Gates lives in King County, WA. Bill Gates’ venture capital firm / research company / think tank / shady operation is located in King County, WA. The first SARS-CoV-2 cases and fatalities in the US were in King County, WA.

      For more indication of scriptwriting and the people in charge having fun with narrative:

      Bill Gates lives on Evergreen Point Road in Medina, WA.

      The first US reported SARS-CoV-2 cases and deaths occurred at EvergreenHealth Kirkland, WA.

      The March 23, 2021 Ever Given ship delay on the Suez Canal displayed the gigantic word “Evergreen” to the world.

      On March 27, 2021 a truck carrying an Evergreen shipping container crashed on the Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway (the G25), causing a traffic jam.

      Former ‘Simpsons’ Writer Tweets “I Guess We Did” Predict Coronavirus & Murder Hornets – Update


      In the episode referenced at the link above, Homer Simpson receives a package containing a virus at his home address: 742 Evergreen Terrace.

      In summation, the people in charge are fucking with us. The best part for them is they aren’t breaking any laws in doing so. Legally speaking they are absolved and untouchable.
      Part of living in “civilized society” entails submitting oneself to the rules of the legal matrix. As long as one doesn’t violate the rules established by the legal matrix one is free to do as they wish.
      The people in charge are exceptionally skilled at playing the game of civilization and they know how to succeed without breaking the rules of the game. As for the rest of us, most are unaware that we’re even playing a game.

  42. Another mysterious metal sculpture pops up, this time in Iron County

    CEDAR CITY — Once again, a mysterious metal monolith has materialized in Utah. This time in Iron County.

    Acting on a reader’s tip, Cedar City News set out Saturday afternoon to locate and document the large metal sculpture within the Three Peaks Recreation Area.

    The reader’s photo depicted a person standing next to a steel panel jutting upward, with an outcropping of rock visible in the background – giving it an appearance similar to the one discovered in southeastern Utah last November.

    That piece of metalwork, whose creator/installer remains unknown, attracted national attention and eventually brought hordes of people to the remote site in San Juan County like moths to a flame, until it was dismantled and stealthily removed by a disgruntled group of four men less than a week later.
    To find the Three Peaks installation on Saturday, Cedar City News followed the GPS coordinates that had been provided by the reader, but those only led as far as a nearby dirt road that turns south off Midvalley Road. After an hour or more of aimlessly hiking around in the area known as Easter Rock or Chris Castle Mountain (and receiving a more accurate GPS pin via text message from the helpful reader), the correct location was eventually found near a confluence of ATV trails.

    Cedar City News wasn’t alone in that spot for long, as within 10 minutes several off-road vehicles converged on the area and folks hopped out to take pictures of their new-found find.

    The sculpture, or whatever it is, appears to be made of three large upright stainless steel panels joined together in a triangular prism shape. The panels stand about 10 feet tall and are approximately four feet across.

    Adding to the mystery, there is a red button located on the panel that faces east. When the button is pushed, a small drawer opens up, and one can see a blue LED light illuminating a stylized Egyptian-looking eye, along with a message imprinted on the back of the drawer.

    Several small copper strips were also inside the drawer, each bearing the same cryptic three-line message: “HUMAN MAY 4TH | 37.3179604 | 114.9597835.”

    Inputting those GPS coordinates into Google Maps brings up a location in Hebei, China. If a minus sign is added in front of the latter coordinate, it shifts to a location southwest of the town of Caliente in southern Nevada. Either way, the locations do not seem to refer to a place that is anywhere near the installation itself.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      if I was an artist/sculptor, I would do this kind of thing for the fun of it.

      MAY 4TH = Star Wars Day… May the fourth(force) be with you.

  43. MODERNA mRNA Vaccine Code Hacked by Scientists and Posted to GitHub

  44. Anyone remember this BBC “Broadcast” from January 2018?

    Predictive Programming – Breaking News: NATO and Russia at War

    • This is a 2017 publication of Johns Hopkins University trying to think through what issues might come up in communicating to citizens about a hypothetical pandemic that might come along in 2025.

      I didn’t go through the whole thing, but my impression is that it is pretty bland stuff. There doesn’t seem to be anything about lockdowns, for example.

      They are concerned about countering false information about the epidemic, for example.

      If there are objectionable parts, perhaps someone could point them out.

    • davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

      I skimmed it, and there is an appendix A and C which summarize the (too) long fiction.

      yes, bland, nothing about lockdowns and masks.

      mostly it’s about vaccines and treatments, and how to counter opposition, which of course even in 2017 it was common knowledge that many persons oppose them, especially if newer and less tested.

      then the 2025 pandemic ends in 2028 or so.

      not many died, and life goes on.

      is that CEP?!??

      the NZ princess is way off the mark here.

      oh chicken little, the sky is falling!

  45. Fast Eddy says:

    Hahaha…. Beyond Bullshit… of course CGI can create reality out of fakery


    • Keeps people thinking we can move to Mars.

      • Dennis L. says:

        With advanced virtual reality how would a person know he/she was not there?

        Things are changing, perhaps for the better; the trick is to see things as they can be, not as they have been.

        Dennis L.

        • Kowalainen says:

          “With advanced virtual reality how would a person know he/she was not there?”

          By experiment?

          There is only so much simulation/emulation that can be done with finite resources.

          For sure you could fool a dog or a lesser sentient if you got the capability.

          It is no easy way for humans to fool other humans all the time, some time, for sure, just not all.

          I’m sure space lizards and intergalactic super intelligent civilizations could fool humans pretty much all the time (matrix style). It just feel a bit pointless and superfluous. But what do I know. We could be part of an important experiment as the simulation hypothesis stipulates.

          One have to bear in mind that any such simulation will in itself likely carry the principles of the origin. It’s sort of like watching an artist creating a rendering of a galaxy. For the most part it is accurate, but upon closer inspection of detail it breaks down as compared with a picture of the real thing.

          There is no way of knowing. Thus a rather pointless exercise in futility. It is what it is and knowing about it won’t change a thing.

    • dkinbj says:

      Interesting comment by Buzz…


      • “Why has no one been to the moon in such a long time?”

        • Z says:

          The moon landings were faked.

          Wake up

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Why doesn’t Elon Musk have weekly flights to the moon?

            Surely with all the tech we have now … it should be easily done….

            Why can’t we see the landing crafts that were left behind? Where are the buggies?

            Only a total Re tar d would believe we have walked on the moon.

        • Dennis L. says:

          No need to go, robots can do it cheaper and better. Also, we did not need the resources until now, now is the time to mine the moon, move all the dirty processes off earth, save spaceship earth, pollute the universe. A supernova can be seen as pollution on a massive scale or element manufacturing at its best.

          Dennis L.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Amazing … an 8 yr old thought to ask that… but it would not occur to most older people…

        • Fast Eddy says:



      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        “Because we didn’t go there, and that’s the way it happened. And if it didn’t happen, it’s nice to know why it didn’t happen…”

        Wow. Nice find.

        Back then, the scriptwriters had a wholesome, positive story about man’s triumph over earthly limitations. Today, the scriptwriters have provided us with a negative story about man’s submission to fear under COVID-19. It would seem today’s scriptwriters are a lot darker and more twisted than the scriptwriters were in Buzz’s time.

        Another analogy that comes to mind is the difference between the 1960s Batman television series starring Adam West and the Dark Knight film trilogy staring Christian Bale.

        Is Western culture evolving or devolving?

      • Fast Eddy says:

        This is one of those things… Buzz can admit it… and Stanley Kubrick says he was paid to fake the moon landings…

        You can show both of those to people… and they will think you are NUTS… hahaha…

        • Ed says:

          Sorry I believe the landing was real. Good youtube on the computer in the Apollo lander. Quite convincing.

      • Tim Groves says:

        Based on that performance, I think Buzz would make a great POTUS.
        Let’s all get behind him for 2024.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Where is Norm?

          Norm… can you pop in and explain why Buzz said we’ve never been to the moon….

  46. Fast Eddy says:

    More evidence that Tesla is part of a psyop (Operation Messiah) to convince the masses that oil no longer matters… we are going EV + Solar + Wind + Greta + Elon = Green Utopia.

    Any other company does this … and they’d be slammed from the top rope:


    • I am confused whether this link really proves fraud on Musk’s part. The SEC filing must be for 2020 production. The telephone statements regarding Models S/X production are for the first quarter of 2021 because they are talking about January and February 2021.

      Maybe I am confused. Regulatory filings usually lag several months, so are not helpful in very recent events.

    • Dennis L. says:


      Perhaps look at the embedded software, GE at one point stated close to half the value of a railroad locomotive was in the electronics. Tesla autos are basically a computer on wheels which reports in real time(I think I have this right) to to the manufacture; Tesla is updating its learning algorithms in real time and adjusting as such.

      The wheels simply carry around the data collection, AI learning platform. Yes, they crash, so did Window’s when it was new. Even when mature they will crash, but there is good speculation that overall the number of deaths from AI driving will, forgive the pun, crash. This stuff works and works better each day. Doomers seem to find one bad result and extrapolate to the known universe. Nature does not work that way, nature accepts failure, discards same and tries again. We are nature or a big part of it. Think Kelly Criterion, keep the losses from being catastrophic.

      Volkswagen for example is a car company, it is not a software company. From what I read, electric vehicles are much simpler than IC machines. Most of the pollution equipment is located in a central plant where space limitations are a very small factor compared to an auto. Take out all the pollution parts from an auto, multiply by the millions and a central electrical plant along with infrastructure may indeed be less resource intensive, or coal becomes a growth industry if you like.

      Lastly, a reality check. If Musk lost half his wealth, would yours then be greater than his? Again, a way to keep score, we all die sometime, it is the ride in between which counts.

      Dennis L.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        EVERY CAR is a f789ing computer on wheels!

        Tesla is just a terribly engineered computer on wheels https://www.forbes.com/sites/edgarsten/2020/11/19/tesla-reliability-sinks-in-consumer-reports-annual-survey/

        I drove a mates top of the line Hybrid Range Rover a few weeks ago — 3 massive video screens — buttons and knobs and bullshit all over the place… it felt like I was driving the f789ing star ship enterprise….

        Horrible thing to drive… felt like it was going to tip over … but the electronics… they must be 1/4 of the cost of the car…

        Tesla is valued at nearly the same amount as ALL car companies combined. What that implies is that at some point every vehicle on the road will be a Tesla.

        See how easy it is to be Stoopid? It takes not thoughtfulness, curiousity or intelligence… you just eat cheetos and drink cola and spew whatever nonsense pops into your head

        • Dennis L. says:


          Again a simple question: if Musk lost half his wealth would you be wealthier than he?

          When robotic driving works, what will that be worth? Think driving trucks. The math is left for you. Maybe not an electric truck, diesel for trucks, but the electronics, cheap, easy to make, networked to Tesla, learning on every trip, probably a subscription to Tesla to keep the computer updated – trucking company pays to educate its own computers.

          As for cars, IC is finished, lack of oil, electricity can be made with coal, nuclear, water, etc. It can even be made with wind, charged at night.

          AI will do away with almost all controls. Doubt it, check out Boston Dynamics.

          The price of the company reflects what it will be worth, the value is in the knowledge base, the value is in the computers reporting to the company their experiences – essentially a test track in the real world.

          FE for traditional auto companies, the money is in trucks. If what you believe is true, what is their value?

          Dennis L.

      • I am not confident that AI driving will go anywhere. This is likely one of the applications that requires 5G, but it is too costly to be supported by the new car segment. I imagine it would take lots of new chips.

        • Dennis L. says:

          I respectfully disagree, it will work and it will lead to reduced accidents leading to insurance companies pressing for its adoption. Recall seat belts, air bags?

          I do not know much about 5G, but from what is presented by those on Lex Fridman, it is not necessary.

          Boston Dynamics has some interesting dogs, one is now being trialed in a large, east coast city.

          Dennis L.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            It will work in DelusiSTAN where you live… of course it will

            • Dennis L. says:

              FE don’t know, it will change. Interesting note on LG and electric cars.

              “And with President Biden including tens of billions of dollars in handouts to EV makers in his new infrastructure plan, analysts have heralded the company’s investment in its EV partnerships with General Motors – which just unveiled its electric Hummer to much fanfare – as a major potential moneymaker. Plus, LG’s involvement will help ease supply shortages of critical components like batteries and chips in the US. The company also plans to launch a joint venture with automotive supplier Magna International in July to produce more EV components.” Article quotes $4.5B investment I believe.


              FE, they are going to make chips too – ah, NZ probably thinks chocolate chips; modernity is an acquired taste but chocolate is good too.

              Dennis L.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              hey Dennis … you know when you try to send a message and you are asked to tick the boxes with all the street lights or cross walks….

              Guess what — ai is unable to figure out that rather simple task.. it CANNOT identify any of those….

              So guess the f789 what will happen if you tried to use AI to drive a car … driving takes a lot more skill and intelligence than it does to identify all ‘the cross walks’

              And if ai can’t work around that security feature on a simple messaging system… it ain’t never gonna work out the literally millions of different things a driver encounters that require judgement and intelligence.

              Not in a million years…

              I am sure you will disagree because you struggle with those message security systems in your feeble mind ai is as intelligent as you .. and you clearly think you are a rocket scientist.

            • neil says:

              I realise this reply is in the wrong place, but there’s something intriguing about a supposed driverless car systems’s AI not being able to recognise the stoplights and crosswalks.

          • The driver assist features have reduced accidents significantly already, for those cars that have they. It is not clear to me that changes which allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel are really an improvement.

    • It doesn’t matter much since bread and butter of that company are other models (than S/X) and segments, and for most of these their manuf base aka giga factories are still under construction in several spots around the globe, i.e. the expectation (future earnings, profits, market share) pulled forward the valuation of that company..and the rich parked the inflated money there..

      Nevertheless, the suggested psyop (nurtured tech miracle salvation) is a plausible scenario indeed. But there are even wider connotations tied to it as well, basically at this point ~any middle class member inside IC hubs could start secluding themselves from the overall society via energy storage, pre paid garden market food orders, online shopping etc. Essentially, there is an apparent drive towards new more structured caste society, where groups of people are living apart. Obviously it’s an artificial illusion, as all these tech systems have limited lifespan and large complexities etc., I’m simply commenting on emerging reality around us, its proponents and so on.

      Nevertheless as antiquity already demonstrated you can kept slaves under thumb for centuries, this new attempted stage won’t likely last that long, but we never know..

  47. Herbie R Ficklestein says:

    Is Greta on Board? Happy 18teen birthday and now you are legal…

    World Bank confirms key elements of new climate action plan

    Andrea Shalal
    Fri, April 2, 2021, 5:53 PM
    By Andrea Shalal

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The World Bank on Friday announced a new Climate Change Action Plan aimed at helping developing countries achieve measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and pledging to mobilize large-scale resources to aid the transition out of coal.

    World Bank President David Malpass said key elements of the plan had been presented to the bank’s board on Thursday and underscored the need to take urgent action.

    He said the bank had provided $83 billion in climate finance over the past five years, peaking at $21.4 billion in 2020, but the new plan would see those levels increase.

    Ohhhh….Greta is definitely NOT HaPpY

    new plan, first reported by Reuters Wednesday, commits to making financing decisions in line with efforts to limit global warming, but stops short of promising to halt funding of fossil fuels, as many campaigners had

    Just more window dressing…move along

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