Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told

There is more to the fossil fuel energy predicament than we usually hear about.

Strangely enough, a big part of the confusion regarding the nature of our energy problem comes from the fact that virtually everyone wants to hear good news, even when the news isn’t very good. We end up seeing information in the Mainstream Media mostly from the perspective of what people want to hear, rather than from the perspective of what the story really is. In this post, I explain why this situation tends to occur. I also explain why our current energy situation is starting to look more and more like an energy shortage situation that could lead to economic collapse.

This post is a write-up of a presentation I gave recently. A PDF of my talk can be found at this link. An mp4 video of my talk can be found at this link: Gail Tverberg’s Nov. 9 presentation–Our Fossil Fuel Energy Predicament.

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Most people attending my talk reported that they had mostly heard about the issue on the right end of Slide 2: the problem of using too much fossil fuel and related climate change.

I think the real issue is the one shown on the left side of Slide 2. This is a physics issue. Without fossil fuels, we would find it necessary to go back to using older renewables, such as oxen or horses for plowing, burned wood and other biomass for heat, and wind-powered sail boats for international transport.

Needless to say, these older renewables are only available in tiny quantities today, if they are available at all. They wouldn’t provide many jobs other than those depending on manual labor, such as subsistence agriculture. Nuclear and modern renewables would not be available because they depend on fossil fuels for their production, maintenance and long distance transmission lines.

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On Slide 4, note that M. King Hubbert was a physicist. This seems to be the academic specialty that finds holes in other people’s wishful thinking.

Another thing to note is Hubbert’s willingness to speculate about the future of nuclear energy. He seemed to believe that nuclear energy could take over, when other energy fails. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened. Today, nuclear energy comprises only 4% of the world’s total energy supply.

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The transcript of the entire talk by Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover is worth reading. I have excerpted a few sentences from his talk. His talk took place only a year after Hubbert published his research.

Rickover clearly understood the important role that fossil fuels played in the economy. At that early date, it looked as if fossil fuels would become too expensive to extract between 2000 and 2050. A doubling of unit costs for energy may not sound like much, but it is, if a person thinks about how much poor people in poor countries spend on food and other energy products. If the price of these goods rises from 25% of their income to 50% of their income, there is not enough left over for other goods and services.

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Regarding Slide 6, the book The Limits to Growth by Donella Meadows and others provided early computer modeling of how population growth and extraction of resources might play out. The base model seemed to indicate that economic decline would start about now. Various other scenarios were considered, including a doubling of the resources. Without very unrealistic assumptions, the economy always headed downward before 2100.

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Another way of approaching the problem is to analyze historical civilizations that have collapsed. Peter Turchin and Sergey Nefedov analyzed eight economies that collapsed in their book Secular Cycles. There have been many examples of economies encountering a new source of energy (conquering a new land, or developing a new way of producing more energy), growing for a time, reaching a time where growth is more limited, and finally discovering that the economy that had been built up could no longer be supported by the resources available. Both population and production of goods and services tended to crash.

We can think of the current economy, based on the use of fossil fuels, as likely following a similar path. Coal began to be used in quantity about 200 years ago, in 1820. The economy grew, as oil and natural gas production was added. We seem to have hit a period of “Stagflation,” about 1970, which is 50 years ago. The timing might be right to enter the “Crisis” period, about now.

We don’t know how long such a Crisis Period might last this time. Early economies were very different from today’s economy. They didn’t depend on electricity, international trade or international finance in the same way that today’s world economy does. It is possible (in fact, fairly likely) that the downslope might occur more rapidly this time.

Past Crisis Periods seem to feature a high level of conflict because rising population leads to a situation where there are no longer enough goods and services to go around. According to Turchin and Nefedov, some features of the Crisis Periods included increased wage disparity, collapsing or overturned governments, debt defaults, inadequate tax revenue and epidemics. Economists tell us that there is a physics reason for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer during Crisis Periods; in some sense, the poor get “frozen out” and the wealth rises to the top, like steam.

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Slide 9 is a chart I prepared several years ago, showing the growth in the world production of fuels of various types. What little wind and solar was available at that time was included in the biofuels section at the bottom. Early biofuels consisted largely of wood and charcoal used for heat.

Slide 10

Slide 10 shows average annual increases for 10-year periods corresponding to the periods shown on Slide 9. This chart goes to 2020, so it covers a full 200-year period. Note that the increases in energy consumption shown are especially high in the 1951-1960 and 1961-1970 periods. These periods occurred after World War II when the economy was growing especially rapidly.

Slide 11

Slide 11 is similar to Slide 10, except I divide the bars into two pieces. The bottom, blue part corresponds to the amount that population grew, on average, during this ten-year period. Whatever is left over I have referred to as the amount available to increase the standard of living, shown in red. A person can see that when the overall growth in energy consumption is high, population tends to rise rapidly. With more energy, it is possible to feed and clothe larger families.

Slide 12

Slide 12 is like Slide 11, except that it is an area chart. I have also added some notes regarding what went wrong when energy consumption growth was low or negative. An early dip occurred at the time of the US Civil War. There was a very long, low period later that corresponded to the period of World War I, World War II and the Depression. The collapse of the central government of the Soviet Union occurred in 1991, so it is part of the 10-year period ended 2000. Most recently, we have encountered COVID shutdowns.

The peaks, on the other hand, tended to be good times. The period leading up to 1910 corresponded to the time of early electrification. The period after World War II was a period of growth and rebuilding. Most recently, China and its large coal resources helped pull the world economy forward. China’s coal supply stopped growing about 2013. I have written that we can no longer depend on China’s economy to pull the world economy forward. With recent rolling blackouts in China (mentioned in the next section), this is becoming more evident.

Without enough energy, the current period is beginning to look more and more like the period that included World War I and II and the Great Depression. Strange outcomes can occur when there basically are not enough resources to go around.

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Slide 14 shows recent energy production. A person can see from this slide that wind and solar aren’t really ramping up very much. A major problem is caused by the fact that wind and solar are given the subsidy of “going first” and prices paid to other electricity producers are adjusted downward, to reflect the fact that their electricity is no longer needed by the grid. This approach tends to drive nuclear out of business because wholesale electricity rates tend to fall to very low levels, or become negative, when unneeded wind and solar are added. Nuclear power plants cannot easily shut down. Instead, the low prices tend to drive the nuclear power plants out of business. This is sad, because electricity from nuclear is far more stable, and thus more helpful to the grid, than electricity from wind or solar.

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Fossil fuel producers need quite high energy prices for a variety of reasons. One of these reasons is simply because the easiest-to-extract resources were removed first. In recent years, producers have needed to move on to resources with a higher cost of extraction, thus raising their required selling prices. Wages of ordinary citizens haven’t kept up, making it hard for selling prices to rise sufficiently to cover the new higher costs.

Another issue is that fossil fuel energy prices need to cover far more than the cost of drilling the current well. Producers need to start to develop new areas to drill, years in advance of actually getting production from those sites. They need extra funds to work on these new sites.

Also, oil companies, especially, have historically paid high taxes. Besides regular income taxes, oil companies pay state taxes and royalty taxes. These taxes are a way of passing the “surplus energy” that is produced back to the rest of the economy, in the form of taxes. This is exactly the opposite of wind and solar that need subsidies of many kinds, especially the subsidy of “going first,” that drives other electricity providers out of business.

Prices for oil, coal and natural gas have been far lower than producers need, for a long time. The COVID shutdowns in 2020 made the problem worse. Now, with producers quitting at the same time the economy is trying to reopen, it is not surprising that some prices are spiking.

Slide 16

Most local US papers don’t tell much about world energy prices, but these are increasingly becoming a big problem. Natural gas is expensive to ship and store, so prices vary greatly around the world. US natural gas prices have roughly doubled from a year ago, but this is a far lower increase than many other parts of the world are experiencing. In fact, the bills that most US natural gas residential customers will receive will increase by far less than 100% because at the historic low price, over half of the price for residential service is distribution expenses, and such expenses don’t change very much.

Slide 17

Slide 17 shows another way of looking at data that is similar to that in Slide 14. This slide shows amounts on a per capita basis, with groupings I have chosen. I think of coal and oil as being pretty much the only energy resources that can “stand on their own.” The recent peak year for combined coal and oil, on a per capita basis, was 2008.

Natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric were the first add-ons. If a person looks closely, it can be seen that the growth rate of this group has slowed, at least in part because of the pricing problems caused by wind and solar.

The “green” sources at the bottom are growing, but from a very low base. The main reason for their growth is the subsidies they receive. If fossil fuels falter in any major way, it will adversely affect the growth of wind and solar. Already, there are articles about supply chain problems for the big wind turbines. Any cutback in subsidies is also harmful to their production.

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US papers don’t tell us much about these problems, but they are getting to be very serious problems in other parts of the world. The countries with the biggest problems are the ones trying to import natural gas or coal. If an exporting country finds its own production falling short, it is likely to make certain that its own citizens are adequately supplied first, before providing exports to others. Thus, importing countries may find very high prices, or supplies simply not available.

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Slide 20

This slide got a lot of laughs. The university does have some sort of agricultural plot, but teaching subsistence farming is not its goal.

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My point about “scientists who are not pressured by the need for research grants or acceptance of written papers are the ones trying to tell the whole truth” got quite a few laughs. As a practical matter, this means that retired scientists tend to be disproportionately involved in trying to discern the truth.

With the military understanding the need to work around energy limits, one change has been to move away from preparation for “hot wars” to more interest in biological weapons, such as viruses. Thus, governments of many countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia and China, have funded research on making viruses more virulent. The vaccine-making industry also supported this effort because it might enhance the industry’s ability to make and sell more vaccines. It was believed that there might even be new techniques that would develop from this new technology that would increase the overall revenue generated by the healthcare industry.

Questions came up, both during the talk and later, about what other changes have taken place because of the need for much of the audience to hear a story with a happily ever after ending, and because of the known likely decline of the economy for physics reasons. Clearly one thing that happens is successful entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk, aim their production in areas where subsidies will be available. With fossil fuel production not making money, fossil fuel producers are even willing to undertake renewable projects if subsidies seem to be high enough. The issue isn’t really, “What is sustainable?” It is much more, “Where will the profits be, given where subsidies will be, and what people are being taught about how to perceive today’s problems?”

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In fact, what has been happening in recent years is that a great deal of debt has been added to the world economy. Mostly, this added debt seems to be creating added inflation. It definitely is not leading to the rapid extraction of a great deal more fossil fuels, which is what really would allow the production of more goods and services. If inflation leads to higher interest rates, this, by itself, could destabilize the financial system.

Slide 29

I tried to explain, as I have in the past, how a self-organizing economy works. New citizens are born, and old ones pass away. New businesses are formed, and they add new products, keeping in mind what products citizens want and can afford. Governments add laws and taxes, as situations change. Energy is needed at every step in production, so availability of inexpensive energy is important in the operation of the economy, as well. There are equivalences, such as employees tend also to be customers. If the wages of employees are high, they can afford to buy many goods and services; if wages are low, employees will be very restricted in what they can afford.

In some sense, the economy is hollow inside, because the economy will stop manufacturing unneeded products. If an economy starts making cars, for example, it will phase out products associated with transportation using horse and buggy.

Slide 30

A self-organizing economy clearly does not operate in the simple way economists seem to model the economy. Low prices can be just as big a problem as high prices, for example.

Another issue is that the energy needs of an economy seem to depend on its population and how far it has already been built up. For example, roads, bridges, water distribution pipelines and electricity transmission infrastructure must all be maintained, even if the population falls. We know humans need something like 2000 calories a day of food. Economies seem to have a similar constant need for energy, based on both the number of people in the economy and the amount of infrastructure that has been built up. There is no way to cut back very much, without the economy collapsing.

Slide 31

I am not exactly certain when the first discussion of the economy as a dissipative structure (self-organizing system powered by energy) started. When I prepared this slide, I was thinking that perhaps it was in 1996, when Yoshinori Shizoawa wrote a paper called Economy as a Dissipative Structure. However, when I did a search today, I encountered an earlier paper by Robert Ayres, written in 1988, also discussing the economy as a dissipative structure. So, the idea has been around for a very long time. But getting ideas from one part of academia to other parts of academia seems to be a very slow process.

Debt cannot grow indefinitely, either, because there needs to be a way for it to be paid back in a way that produces real goods and services. Without adequate energy supplies, it becomes impossible to produce the goods and services that consumers need.

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Attendees asked about earlier posts that might be helpful in understanding our current predicament. This is the list I provided:

Humans Left Sustainability Behind as Hunter Gatherers  – Dec. 2, 2020
How the World’s Energy Problem Has Been Hidden – June 21, 2021
Energy Is the Economy; Shrinkage in Energy Supply Leads to Conflict – Nov. 9, 2020
Why a Great Reset Based on Green Energy Isn’t Possible – July 17, 2020
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion – Jan. 30, 2017

About Gail Tverberg

My name is Gail Tverberg. I am an actuary interested in finite world issues - oil depletion, natural gas depletion, water shortages, and climate change. Oil limits look very different from what most expect, with high prices leading to recession, and low prices leading to financial problems for oil producers and for oil exporting countries. We are really dealing with a physics problem that affects many parts of the economy at once, including wages and the financial system. I try to look at the overall problem.
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5,606 Responses to Our fossil fuel energy predicament, including why the correct story is rarely told

  1. Tim Groves says:

    Ethics of vaccine refusal, published in the BMJ Journal of Medical Ethics.

    Proponents of vaccine mandates typically claim that everyone who can be vaccinated has a moral or ethical obligation to do so for the sake of those who cannot be vaccinated, or in the interest of public health. I evaluate several previously undertheorised premises implicit to the ‘obligation to vaccinate’ type of arguments and show that the general conclusion is false: there is neither a moral obligation to vaccinate nor a sound ethical basis to mandate vaccination under any circumstances, even for hypothetical vaccines that are medically risk-free. Agent autonomy with respect to self-constitution has absolute normative priority over reduction or elimination of the associated risks to life. In practical terms, mandatory vaccination amounts to discrimination against healthy, innate biological characteristics, which goes against the established ethical norms and is also defeasible a priori.


    • I notice that this article is in a journal associated with the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

      The BMJ is the journal that has been willing to post articles that go against the standard narrative.

      • Xabier says:

        We can thank Peter Doshi for that, an editor at the BMJ who is aware of the tricks ans subterfuges of Big pharma and has been quietly working against them and advocating good scientific method and the use of reason.

        Some of the earliest criticisms pointing out flawed trials and corruption/conflict of interest were published in the BMJ.

        He proves that it’s not just odd ‘internet nuts with mental illness’ who sell something fishy.

        Nothing is more established and respectable than the BMJ, and Peter Doshi hasn’t has a big internet presence.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Is it acceptable to force people to be vaccinated with something that ultimately will bread a disease that is far worse than the original disease that the vaccine was supposed to stop – but didn’t.


    • Thanks Tim

      This is the reply that totally refutes Mike and his obnoxious “IF the vaccine was harmless,…then take it to go along and get along” comment that he so rightfully was ridiculed for

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I was told ‘why not just get it’ the other night when I bid adieu to the remainder of the ice hockey season …

        Can you imagine injecting this garbage into your body just to be able to play a game.

        I wouldn’t inject this shit into my body if someone gave me a billion dollars… absolutely no way.

  2. CTG says:

    Where is Mike? Coming to defend Omicron? AI does not work on Saturday or Sunday?

    Anyone still have any doubts that COVID is vey much related to energy? Lockdown during the best time to travel or holidays for the whole world? Christmas time? Winter skiing or holidays?

    • machival66 says:

      I doubt Covid is about energy. It’s about control and mind control, eugenics, transhumanism, totalitarianism and depopulation. There is enough energy around to host at least 20 B people.

      • The energy we have around is not in a good enough form, and cheap enough to get in a good form, to support even the population we have now. This is why the economy is collapsing right now. We are in a period that is most like the period between World War I and World War II. There is not enough energy to support the entire population. All kinds of approaches are tried to try to fix the situation. One part of the population is chosen as the out-group, to be gotten rid of, and their wealth appropriated by the remainder.

        • Student says:

          In my view, at the moment, it seems that the out-group are the not-vaccinated.
          But also the vaccinated cannot feel safe, because they have been assigned to keep a little bomb that many times doesn’t blow up, but sometimes it does.

      • CTG says:

        There is enough energy around to host at least 20 B people.

        Perhaps you want to expand further on this?

        • machival66 says:

          Yes, even though a comment section is maybe not the proper place to discuss such a complex issue in depth, but I will try to address the main points at least to give an idea of why I state such a thing.

          People who talk about “overpopulation”, “overshoot”, etc, start from faulty assumtions and ignore basic issues. Such as, they completely ignore how incredibly wasteful the current population is with their resources. And their wrong assumption is that the current way of living (let’s say, the way people now live on average), is the standard, the only way to live. And this assumtion is very obviously wrong. We can imagine enough scenarios with other types of societies – some would call them pseudo-utopias where at least people aren’t being wasteful on purpose ( there is such a thing as planned obsolescence. They actually restrict the lifespan of light bulbs just to encourage waste and monetary profit.) Not saying those scenarios are likely or anything, but since the issue is whether the planet host so much more people than right now, those scenarios are relevant.

          I recognize that at some point, more people coming into existence automatically means a slowly degrading standard of living for everybody else. So I recognize there has to be a limit, but I disagree that we are at that limit and that the data supports this.

          The apparent overpopulation is in fact a combination of: faulty distribution of wealth, socio-political factors that limit rational living and use of resources (rich countries vs poor countries), and general human stupidity that leads to obscene amounts of wastefulness and absurd luxuries and idiotic entertainment industry – (there is no need to eat bananas in the winter of own private yachts, 10 mansions, or for the society to use incredible amounts of resources for things like motorsport – just to give a few simple examples.) So there is no overpopulation… people are just insanely and obscenely wasteful and the current lifestyle not only does not incentivize efficiency, but in fact encourages wastefulness.

          Now on limiting factors. We have food, water, shelter, waste disposal, phisical space.
          These are all easy except maybe water.

          Food… people need way, way, less food than the average citizen consumes. 20 B will not be obese americans, but normal people who eat normal. Scientist Robert Walker has written extensively about this subject and basically showed that food is not an issue and never will be and I agree on that. We have endless ways to make food and space for vertical farming is also more than enough.

          Shelter is also easy since there’s an abundance of ways to make shelters and wood is virtually infinite for the purpose of building houses.

          Waste disposal is a bit troublesome I will admit to that, but all the trash people produce can just be burned in such type of plants, producing energy. Obviously that’s gonna cause pollution but at least there’s energy out of it. Bio waste can be a problem but I’m just going to assume that it’s biodegradable so not really an issue as long as people wouldn’t be stupid to throw sewage into lakes, rivers and oceans and maybe instead implement large scale humanure composting to use as fertilizer or something.

          Phisical space is not an issue, I think anybody would agree there’s enough space.

          Water is the most difficult issue since at some point humanity would have to resort to desalinisation of sea water. Water is basically infinite, it’s just a matter of having the technology and the energy to do that. I’m just going to assume that a society that is efficient and not wasteful would manage to do that, especially since such a society would mitigate the fact that there’s not really fresh water around by putting a much higher price on water. The fact that water is considered free even today is simply insane, with regard to talking about water as a resource and how it should be used, at least.
          The price of bottled water even when sold is just way too low, same thing with Oil. Just because a good is essential (like water), that should never mean that it should be cheap, it’s rather the other way around. There would have to be incentives to be efficient and use water and other resources without wasting it and putting an adequate price on it is a good starting point. (This is not to say that a certain amount of water have to be available for everybody for the sake of civilization and ethical society, or maybe that society would implement some form of universal basic income so that anybody can afford the basic things for a decent life. (for the record, I recognize that my statement assumes that UBI works, and I could be wrong, but I believe in the concept of UBI)

          Now it these ideas are not enough, there’s the argument that can be made that since it is said that 1% of the richest people own more wealth than the 50% of the rest combined and since there is no reason to assume that it isn’t, then it becomes easy to
          see how could our planet host so much more billions of people than right now. Since those 1% manifest obscene amounts of wealth. Each such super-rich uses resources that could be enough for millions. Of course you could argue that such arguments are communist in nature or whatever, but I’m just pointing out that the resources exist. That’s why I say it’s not about energy, but rather socio-political.

          • CTG says:

            Do we have the energy right now in a very practical way to resolve very this?

            What you describe is utopia. We are not on utopia.

            • machival66 says:

              No, I described the fact that the planet does have the capacity to hold so much more people than the overpopulation believers say it has, which was exactly the issue at hand. You dismiss it with a single word as if it is a refutation but I take it as a sign that what I wrote was logical and coherent. So far nobody refuted these claims.

            • Mike Roberts says:

              Of course the planet has that capacity to hold far more. What it does to other species, though, and whether that would be planet people would want to live on is another matter.

          • Slow Paul says:

            We could probably support 20 billion equally poor people, all for the cause of supporting 20 billion poor people. But this is not how real life or human societies work. We strive to climb the human hierarchy, to better our chances of survival and reproduction. There is competition, this is how progress is made. So we will get inequality. I’m not advocating this “grow or die” mentality it is just how Life works. Not something we can pass by vote or choose as part of our “socio-political” system.

            The super rich doesn’t eat the same as a million people, so there is that. You can’t eat mansions and yachts.

          • “People who talk about “overpopulation”, “overshoot”, etc, start from faulty assumtions and ignore basic issues”

            No – It appears you are ignoring the title of this blog & ecological implications of “Finite World”. The earth has a maximum total energetic carrying capacity (also separate material balance carrying capacities for other vital resources);

            if you take (avg per capita resource use (energy or material resource)) * (total population) and it is greater than the earth’s carrying capacity for that resource then you have gone into “overshoot” and you are “overpopulated” matters not if some have more than others or resources are distributed equitably.

            Only three ways to fix this:

            1) reduce population while maintaining same average resource use/capita
            2) reduce average resource/capita while maintain population
            3) reduce both avg resource/capita and population

            until below carrying capacity.

            oops… only a few other problems

            A) Once you overshoot then highly probable have damaged ecosystem or depleted/diluted material resources so ultimate carrying capacity is diminished and if you dont get back below it soon enough then whoops…overall capacity is so low that not possible to maintain any population at any resource/capita usage level

            B) Gail has spent years attempting to teach/clarify how human civilization is (unconsciously) like other energetically self organizing thermodynamically governed systems – is destined to increase in complexity and total energy usage so as to maximize energy dissipation until such time as it reaches a peak and then, having reached the limit of available energy and unable to maintain the complexity, crashes.

            We have climbed the ladder of technology via increasing specific energy use with great hubris, cutting out the rungs below us with each advance such that when we can climb no more there is nothing to prevent a complete fall. (No going back to a lower level of energy use because the technology of living at that level of complexity is forgotten)

            This is the nature of the Universe – the meaning of life is to dissipate energy until you can dissipate no more. Mere mortals can do nothing other – If we as a species were truly God-like and not simply aspirants then our innate nature would understand this truth and comprehend our limits and live within them

            For more on Overshoot & Collapse – Donella Meadows 1977 link below

            I recommend all of the lecture, but starting at approx 23 minutes in a very profound example:

            She tells the story of a tribe in New Guinea that had achieved energetic & resource harmony with their universe through rotational slash & burn controlled by pigs, partying & war (call it the PPW method for achieving dynamic equilibrium with the universe) and how it was ruined by the “advanced” morals imposed by Australian interlopers.

          • Bobby says:

            Water and oil need to be used as precious resources.

            I would agree with these ideas. Collectively We are definitely wasteful ‘consumer’ons’ and individually as well.

            We need new purpose. Rather than personal wealth and competition machines, you and I need to get in touch with the natural. To see ones self being intimately connected, dependent on the ecosystem, the buffers need to be removed for this to happen.

            To wake up!

            I commented earlier on ofw in support of using lighter than air technology to solve some of our problems current air travel and maritime transport face

            I have to see such behaviour also helps create these problems.

            Just assuming we have abundant water and apply the resource to new technology is not always the best way if it leads to secondary problems. Making energy or H2 gas from water and storing it, for example; limits water as a resource otherwise critical for life because hydrogen is a component of that molecule.

            I’m ranting, but part of my condition is being an optimist at times. It is a healthy incentive in times like this just need to learn to apply it correctly.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Let me try …

          hahahahahahahaha…. hahahahahahaha….haha… ha….

          HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHaaAAAAhaaaa haaha…

          Did someone actually say that??? hahahahahaa

      • geno mir says:

        There is even perhaps enough energy for hosting 1 trillion people but most of this energy is in forms which we can’t access and/or utilize.
        The ocean is full of water but you can’t drink it the same way as fresh water. I mean, you can but the outcome is well known and fast.

      • its not the amount of available energy that’s the problem (the sun is unlimited in our terms).

        the problem lies in being able to use it

        if you can’t convert one form of energy into another (eg. heat into movement), then energy of itself is useless.

        And it is not possible to carry out that conversion process without having forms of necessary material resources readily and cheaply available.

        if 20bn people were trying to get hold of essential elements–say iron or copper–then supplies would deplete very quickly.

        and no—you can’t go and mine an asteroid, because the cost of doing so would far exceed the value of the resource obtained.


        >>>>It’s about control and mind control, eugenics, transhumanism, totalitarianism and depopulation<<<<<<<

        no—no one is trying to control your mind, or trans you into something else. We are humans. We cannot 'trans' into something which is not human

        Try to think for yourself instead of pulling words off the internet.

        We will elect totalitarian leaders out of desperation.

        we will depopulate our world through our our stupidity.

        it will not be necessary for 'they' to do it for us.

        • machival66 says:

          I think you are one gullible person. Good luck with that. Have fun with your boosters.

          “try to think for yourself” says the person who believes everything his government tells him and believes the mainstream narrative.

          Since the dawn of time of societies, since the most basic forms of human society existed, the top always desired as much as possible control on those below. We have thousands of years of wars as proof for that. And you talk about how nobody desires control LOL. What a clown argument.

          • i re read my comment

            its as if you are replying to someone else

            alternatively you might care to define the precise meaning and concept of ‘transhuman?

            control through war is not the same thing at all

          • Mike Roberts says:

            I think you confuse someone having a different point of view to you and someone who believes everything his government tells him. The latter is not a requirement for the former.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              ““…there is no harm in getting vaccinated in order to fit in with the governmental views and be able to get around more easily than the unvaccinated.“

              That was a short one so FE read it — now you exist

          • Fast Eddy says:

            If I were norm I’d be a bit worried about this new variant that was created by the injected CovIDIOTS… particularly since the injections both created this mutation and ruined their immune systems at the same time….

            Someone should get the Nobel prize for this concoction … it’s brilliant!

      • JMS says:

        You could have 20 B people here on a diet of 3 bowls of rice a day. But unfortunately human brain prefers its rice with “bacon around”.

        And then we leave utopia (metaphorized in the bible as Eden) and enter the real world of the most predatory and fiercely competitive species – humans. What else can we do? In fact, all living things were made to dissipate seeds, grow and multiply, dissipate energy.
        So i agree with you this plandemic is about control and depopopulation, But the decrease in energy and resources per capita is clearly at the basis of our current predicament, as are the desesperate measures now being applied to try to stabilize the system.

        • Lidia17 says:

          I don’t believe that at all: 20B people on a rice diet. I don’t even believe we can have 8 billion all on a diet of 3 bowls of rice a day, and here’s why:

          Humans *need* a hierarchy in order to carry out anything more complex than hunter-gathering. Agricultural societies bring along with them the need for legal, warrior, accounting and other classes as necessary overhead. You need builders and toolmakers and engineers. This structure is what allowed for **more effective exploitation**.. a more thorough breaking-down of the energy gradients. You can’t separate out the “good” (population explosion, apparently) from the “bad” (greater inequality).

          • JMS says:

            You’re right. I was speaking only in theoretical terms, without taking into account what humans and human soceities really are.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      mike is with the lambs… do not disturb

  3. Fast Eddy says:

    hahahahaha… lockdowns coming!! This should really bust the spirit of the MOREONS who believed the vaccines would save the day… when in fact the vaccines created this mutation hahahahaha…

    They are so stooopid that they don’t even realize they are stoooopid…

    We’ve all met people like that… in fact we have at least 3 of these sorts on OFW on a daily basis…

    I wonder if injecting covid vaccines could be a full time job… maybe they should ask to be put on UBI?

    The UK should cut the gap between the second dose of a Covid-19 vaccination and the booster jab from six to five months, the Labour party said on Saturday, Reuters reports.

    As the new Omicron variant sparked concern around the world, Alex Norris, Labour’s junior health spokesperson, said:

    This new variant is a wake-up call.

    The pandemic is not over. We need to urgently bolster our defences to keep the virus at bay.

    Yesterday, Labour called on ministers to act quickly to “get a grip” of the issues before Omicron had a chance to take hold.

    • Yorchichan says:

      Whenever the conversation went that way, I’ve been telling everyone there will be more lockdowns after Christmas. The usual response is either it can’t happen because the country can’t afford it or it can’t happen because the people won’t stand for it. Their delusions are about to be dispelled soon.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        When the MSM has had a few weeks ramping this NU thing… regardless of whether it is the Death Mutant or not…

        All those people telling you that… will be begging to be locked down

        If you attempt to remind them of what they said —they will respond with ‘but this is different now’

        They are dummb barnyard animals….

        I don’t even have to use the demon beep on my dog anymore – she stays within the boundaries…

        Animals are very easily controlled…

      • Tim Groves says:

        There will be more lockdowns after Christmas, and after Easter, and after August bank holiday. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There will also be treats if people are well-behaved and obey the authorities like good boys and girls.

  4. Fast Eddy says:

    Omicron Likely in Germany; More Curbs on Travel: Virus Update


    Excellent … this is progress… hopefully this is The One.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      I boggles the mind that people … well not people … MOREONS… continue to trust the government even after they read stuff like this


    • Xabier says:

      Probably a propaganda paper tiger like Deadly Delta – not really any more deadly at all. Lets see….

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Booster uptake is increasing big time!!! I suspect those who have just completed dose 2 are wanting the booster asap..

        I just tried to call the covid hotline to ask if I could get my booster having just got jab 2 last week … but I was 23rd in the q (I hung up)… normally there is no q… so clearly the CovIDIOTS are in a tizzy… like dogs and the demo beep… coming to father.. or mother… for help …


        MOREONS are soo stoooopid – how stoooopid are they? Well even a normal person with say an IQ of 150 … immediately doubles their IQ in the presence of MOREONS….

        MOREONS are IQ enhancers… that is their primary purpose in the ecosystem… they benchmark stoooopid… they serve a similar purpose to 0 in mathematics.

        You know what I’m sayin??????

        hahahahahaha…. haha… hahahahahaha.. let’s have a laugh at the expense of the CovIDIOTS…

        • thereya go with those multi o’s again eddy—told you before about using up your o quota. They are a finite resource you know,

          remember that two ronnies sketch?

          I need some o’s

          (apologies to persons residing in the American colonies–purely English joke)

  5. CTG says:

    I read somewhere (I forgot where) that soon one of the symptoms and effects of Omicron is “blood clots, pulmonary problems and prions”

  6. Yoshua says:

    The WTI $68.17 broke down from its one year trend line and the 200dma.


  7. Yoshua says:

    The Omicron is an immune escape variant. It’s the immune system that causes severe illness. An immune escape variant would then lead to mild cases, while the virus quietly infects our blood vessels, internal organs, stem cells and the brain. Even mild cases lead to LongCovid. This virus might have evolved inside a LongCovid patient.

    It’s a silent killer.

    • I would wonder if a vaccine developed to counter Omicron wouldn’t have the same characteristics as the virus itself. The vaccine would look effective, if viewed by the number of severe illnesses stopped. But the vaccine, itself, would lead to Long Covid symptoms, or perhaps prion disease, in a distressing number of people.

  8. Tim Groves says:

    Scheduled for Nov 27, 2021 at 17:00 GMT (that’s about 8 hours from now).

    International group of experts discussing the current challenges with the pandemic and looking for additional solutions for the future.

    Do we need a greater variety of vaccines to stop the pandemic?

    What new vaccine options are available or in development?

    Appreciate the input from our panel.

    – Geert Vanden Bossche, Belgium – Vaccinology
    – Ingo Fricke PhD, Germany – Immunology
    – Jennifer Smith PhD, Hawaii – Epidemiology & Virology
    – Dr John Abeles, USA – Doctor & Entrepreneur

    • Bobby says:

      Lyrics to an annoying song

      Only stab is the answer
      Only jab is the way
      Only ‘a have’ is the reason
      Gates funded pfizer all the way.

    • Michael Le Merchant says:

      Thanks Tim, got my popcorn ready. Can’t wait to hear what Bossche thinks of the new variant and what comes next.

    • Noon Eastern Standard Time

    • Van Kent says:

      Thank you very much for the link.

      That was an excellent conversation.

      In brief:
      1. Please protect the vaccinated
      2. Originally we didnt need any vaccines. Now after the colossal blunder and mass psychosis, we must try to protect the vaccinated
      3. Those who are unvaccinated have normal immune systems and can take the omicron just fine.
      4. Everybody with a jab or two, now have damaged immune systems. And its our job to try and keep them safe. Best would be if all vaccinated people were locked up or confined to their homes, or somesuch.
      5. Keep losing weight. Excersise. Take C and D, with zinc and selenium. Eat real foods.
      6. Most importantly dont panic. Dont go in to the mass psychosis everybody else is in. Relax. Enjoy. And be happy

      But indeed, most unfortunate for the vaccinated. We dont quite know yet how to repair their immune systems back to normal. But maybe in a year, two, or in a decade, we will know how to repair the damage. Up untill then, please try to protect the vaccinated from themselves. Not only are they affected by a severe mass psychosis, but they also have severely damaged immune systems that will propbly cause all sorts of autoimmune disorders in the following years.


      • Fast Eddy says:

        What sort of mind comes up with an idea like that??????

      • TIm Groves says:

        Thank you for the summary. I have not seen the video yet. It was well past my bedtime.

        I honestly haven’t witnessed much jab damage in my local area. But Japan started late and the under-65s have only been jabbed for three to five months. I have noticed some old and sick people dying within a month or two of getting the clot shot, and others with blood-clot-related ailments such as strokes and kidney inflammation, and my best guess is that these are jab-related.

        But I’m expecting the real fireworks to begin in the New Year. Covid cases and deaths are well down in Japan just now. Nationwide daily new cases range from 70 to 150, daily deaths are in single figures and there have been a couple of days with no deaths in November. Also, seriously ill with Covid now stand at 50 and are declining daily, and that’s the pool from which fresh deaths must come. Meanwhile, today it was announced that there were no new cases at all in Kyoto Prefecture (population over 2.5 million) for two days in a row.

        Amid the relief that the disease is on the wane, large events are cranking up again. I’ve been invited to attend a choral performance. Three or four dozen people will be singing Mendelssohn for two hours in front of an audience of almost a thousand in a modest concert hall. I asked the man who presented me with the tickets, “You keep telling me how dangerous Covid is, but now you think it’s safe to start group singing?”

        “Don’t worry,” he replied. “We will all be wearing masks.”

        I think this is an absolutely great way to spread around whatever bugs are in the air and whatever new variants the vaxees have been brewing up. So I’ll be taking a rain check on that concert. I wouldn’t want to be involved in a cluster and have a team of medics sticking extra-long cotton swabs up my nasal cavity. I’m taking Mr Miyaji’s advice—”Don’t be there!”

  9. Bobby says:


  10. Fast Eddy says:

    Israeli study says COVID shot efficacy decreases dramatically after 3 months, calls for boosters


    • There are two ways a vaccine might protect a person:
      (1) Protect from actually catching the disease, and
      (2) Protect from a severe case of the disease.

      This article is saying that protection from the first issue, actually catching the disease, dramatically decreases after 3 months.

      With new variants, it would seem like this protection could be even lower.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        But you left out the important part….

        With new variants, that were created by deploying a leaky vaccine during a raging pandemic, it would seem like this protection could be even lower.

        Now do you see what you have done norm dunc mike? Do you understand that you are complicit in extinctacide? This is the price — and billions of others … will pay … for injecting

        hahahaha… I f789ing LOVE this GAME.

        The only thing that disappoints me … is that even if you tell the billions what they have done …. they cannot understand… they reject the reality … and as the mutations burrow into their bodies…

        They scream for more Pfizer … more boosters …

        It reminds me of my older dog… she used to run off into the bush and sometimes not return until late in the night … so we got her a collar … we push a button and it beeps … (it also has a shock option but that’s meant to be used only on naughty children… ) Just the beeping sound scares the living daylights out of the dog…

        Whenever we’d see her wondering off the property I’d give her a quick beep… and she’d come racing back in terror.. and hide behind me hoping I’d protect her from the demon beep.

        Hahahahaha… get it norm… do I really need to explain this???? Hint – I am Pfizer… hahahahaha…

      • Fast Eddy says:

        norm… mike… dunc…. did you see that that in Israel the time between injections is reducing .. last I saw it was 10 weeks till jab 4

        Don’t miss your appointment!

        And btw – given this is fast evolving situation … apparently your injections are now pretty much useless from the get go … hahahahahhahahahahahahaa

        Maybe you can snort Pfizer? Like going clubbing and as the buzz of the blow wears off you pile into the stall for another snort….

  11. Fast Eddy says:

    Ontario’s top doc claims COVID hospitalizations of kids increased. Gov’t stats report none in 2 weeks

    Kieran Moore claimed that case counts and hospitalizations in the 5–11 age group have been increasing, in an attempt to encourage jabbing kids with the abortion-tainted COVID-19 shot.


  12. CTG says:

    One of the best quotes (for it from one ZH commenter)

    Vaccines are a leading cause of coincidental death.

  13. CTG says:

    Quote from Hillary Clinton “What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?”

    What difference does it make IF

    1. Botswana variant is real of fake?

    2. Botswana variant is a cover up for all the vaccine death?

    3. That all the variants seems to come from developing countries like Botswana, Peru, India and South Africa but none for developed countries?

    4. The population got so scared and took whatever jab given and start to fall in and die?

    This lockdown could be the ultimately one where the final defibrillator shock cannot revive the economy anymore and it will just wither regardless what happens or what stimulus.

    “He’s dead Jim…”

    Let it rip. I am very tired.

    I always joke about the MAYAN apocalypse happening at 21 December 2021. It is not 21 December 2012 but 21 December 2021. The archeologist are dyslexic and rearrange the final two digits wrongly.

  14. Alex says:

    Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association and a practising GP based in Pretoria:

    “It’s all speculation at this stage. It may be it’s highly transmissible, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild. Maybe two weeks from now I will have a different opinion, but this is what we are seeing. So are we seriously worried? No. We are concerned and we watch what’s happening. But for now we’re saying, ‘OK: there’s a whole hype out there. [We’re] not sure why.’”


    At least doom porn addicts and fearmongers have something to feed on.

    • I would think that highly transmissible would go with very mild cases, not very virulent cases. We will see. Lots of people could still be frightened.

      • nikoB says:

        There is also the issue of VACCINE ENHANCED INFECTION of which ADE is a subset. This could make a virus that is rather harmless to unvaxxed people deadly to the vaxxed. Time will tell.

      • Mike Roberts says:

        Delta is more transmissible than the original and produced a more severe disease (at least that is what some health agencies advise). With 8 billion potential hosts, there isn’t any selection pressure for more or less severe. Most cases so far seem to be in a younger cohort, from what I hear, which might account for an early impression that it is less severe. As you say, we will see.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Hi Mike!

          You mean more severe than this?


          How many corpses have you stepped over in the street recently?

          • Tim Groves says:

            “It is an image that captures the chilling reality of the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan: a grey-haired man wearing a face mask lies dead on the pavement, a plastic shopping bag in one hand, as police and medical staff in full protective suits and masks prepare to take him away.

            “On what would typically be a crowded street in Wuhan, an industrial city of 11 million people under quarantine, there are only a few passersby – but they dare not go near him.

            “Journalists from Agence France-Presse saw the body on Thursday morning, not long before a vehicle arrived carrying emergency workers. AFP could not determine how the man, who appeared to be aged in his 60s, had died.

            “But the reaction of the police and medical staff in hazmat suits, as well as some of the bystanders, highlighted the fear pervading the city.”

            More serious than that, Mike? Seriously?

          • Mike Roberts says:


            • Fast Eddy says:

              Tim is mocking you mike… everyone is…. they are talking about you in front of you … behind your back… when you are not in the room…. you are a disgrace

  15. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Kazakhstan: Energy shortages push crypto miners to the exit

    Grid inefficiencies and the small-timer surge are leaving some miners in a tough spot.

  16. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    Nu World Order

  17. davidinamonthorayearoradecade says:

    hi everybody…

    so what’s Nu?

  18. jj says:

    We will know soon enough if NU is the Bosche super variant or more fear porn if it has a R0 over 10. Deaths are tracking new cases in Germany. Meanwhile both deaths and new cases flatlined at comparatively very low levels per capita in India. Must be the apple flavored curry.

  19. Sam says:

    Dude not cool… you should not be rejoicing at Human suffering. I beat the sh$& out of you if you were here. Coward….

  20. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Babies and toddlers are getting COVID-19 vaccines in Montreal as part of a clinical trial

    • Not so wonderful!

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I would so much like to interview the parents of these kids who enrol these kids in trials like this.

        Are they like single mothers who shoot heroin for breakfast… and are enticed to sacrifice their kids for a few fixes?

        Or are they do-good MOREONS who believe there are minimal risks and are willing to let their kids take them for the great good?

        Are they just total MOREONS who don’t know why they do this because they are stooopid?

        Or perhaps they are those parents who have kids that never stop bawling and howling … the parents can’t take it anymore so they get together and they say — I am so sick of this .. I never really wanted kids to begin with … we can either chuck this little ball of hate into the dumpster and walk away… or … OR… we give it to the Mengele Clinic and hope for the worst…. And if that fails and it doesn’t die we throw what’s left of it in the dumpster behind Walmart…

        • Xabier says:

          I heard two mothers chatting just the other side of my garden:

          ‘How are yer?’

          ‘Ok. I s’pose. Know what, sometimes I wish I hadn’t had kids.’


          And hadn’t got married neither’


          Vaxx is the solution!

          Just watch the UK ad ‘How we got consent’ to see parents who secretly hate their kids in action.

          • my kids are successful—some of my grandkids much more so—far ahead of me. (not difficult)
            They read my stuff and ignore it.

            4 grandkids say they don’t want any—3 do, and have.

            the doubts are kicking in for millions of people now (like me)—but unfortunately it doesn’t work retrospectively.

            as with all reproductive processes—it seemed a good idea at the time.

  21. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Episode 1,441 – Dr. Malone, Navarro On Vaccine Resistant Variants/Supervirus

    • Europe is acting now to keep tourists and other travelers from Africa out, but not migrants. This will make local citizens unhappy. The US, so far has done nothing. Actually, we need to start moving away from vaccines, now, or we will have completely vaccine resistant viruses.

      At about 30 minutes in, Dr. Malone says that the changes have been mostly in the spike protein. He speculates that natural immunity will be much more helpful than vaccine immunity in preventing catching the new variant.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I am skipping the Navarro parts… not sure why he is included in this discussion … Malone is good — he is saying that this mutation validates GVB

        • Bobby says:

          Because we are seeing wide MSM coverage of the Nu variant and the latest pop soap variant came, (excuse the pun) ‘Out of Africa’; a counter narrative may emerge claiming the new mutations came from a relatively unvaccinated population. Some of us will recall recent articles questioning what was causing the African continents low rate of Covid 19, with only around 6% fully ‘treated’ compared with the western world overjabs stabbing their populations up in the millions.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            Malone interview – the two people who arrived in HK with this … were both double Pfizered… they would have to be otherwise they cannot get into Hong Kong … these days it’s almost impossible to get on a plane without it….

            Speaking of planes… I still have not received my quote for Bolivia …

      • Student says:

        My personal consideration is, at the moment, that ‘they’ will say that this NU variant will be still ‘treated’ with current vaccines (which are by now only Pf/zer and Mod£rna).
        ‘They’ will probably admit that efficacy is lower, but vaccines will be still suggested as best option.
        Because ‘they’ still need to inject the booster to people in western Countries and nobody of ‘them’ has yet talked about a modified vaccine.
        I’m afraid that the objective is rightly to go towards a possible new variant which could not be treated with current vaccines in order to make people accept a modified vaccine.
        ‘They’ will say: ‘have you seen how many lifes we have saved so far with vaccines ? Therefore, trust us, the best way is to make a modified vaccine and go on saving lifes…’.
        But I think that this will happen on the next variant.
        This NU variant has entered the stage to inject some more fear, because the vaccines were showing their limits and the narrative needed a reinformcement.
        Unfortunately medical treatments have been buried by now, at least nobody is any more talking about that in Europe.
        This is what I think at the moment.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          Yu might be correct… the push is on to get people boosted and what better way than to tell people this is officially the nightmare covid… cry wolf… scare them…

          I do hope it’s more than that… we’ll know soon I suppose.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Malone is not 100% certain that this is Devil Covid… but he’s leaning in that direction.

      The great thing is the viruses spread quite fast … so we should know in the next week or two what we’ve got here.

      Get the Champagne ready?

  22. Duncan Idaho says:

    So,we are still talking about Covid after 2 years?
    If it is nothing, why the duration?
    Inquiring minds want to know—–


    • jj says:

      If the vaccines work why the duration?

    • We flattened the curve, and we got what we asked for. The virus stayed around longer.

      • Bobby says:

        Yes the virus adapted to its Nu environment, because is was under selective pressure to do so from the audacity monkeys who took the non sterilizing jabs, assuming they could B.A.U it socially, but instead got B.A.Nu it socially…and GVB told us so

        • Fast Eddy says:

          It is fascinating .., GVB predicted exactly what has happened in countries like Israel Singapore etc… and stated that countries that vaccinated later would have the same outcome — and that is happening – Germany Denmark etc…

          He also predicted the booster would slow things in Israel but that the virus would roar back with a vengeance… which is starting to happen now…

          He predicted increasingly more powerful variants… and we got Delta … and this latest iteration looks to be far more virulent than anything so far…

          And he is predicting total catastrophe if we do not immediately the vaccines…

          If it were possible to put money on Bossche’s predictions — I’d bet every penny I have…

          Yet despite him being right … there are those … who dismiss him.

          • Bobby says:

            Yes, He’s going to get canonized…..The GVB tells us so.

          • hillcountry says:

            Every click in a storm – pretty soon you can buy BASI

            • An airship buoyed up with helium that doesn’t require much of a runway. It still would require a lot of fossil fuels and minerals to make, however. I can’t imagine that we would have very many of them in, say, ten years.

            • CTG says:

              We are running out cheap helium for airships

            • Bobby says:

              This is like a dream. Capacitance is also a great way to store energy on these things. Also it is possible to use nitrogen/ hydrogen mix or rapid deployable neutralizing gas to limit flammable levels of hydrogen.

              Don’t be afraid to dream!

              They are the best cargo option when compared to both conventional air travel and maritime transport

            • Tim Groves says:

              How about having a huge vacuum chamber to provide even more buoyancy than helium? It would have to be built out of super-strong super-smart super-light materials, but I’m sure Keith can work out the details.

        • Kowalainen says:

          Four scenarios:

          1. The jabs should have been for the ‘risk groups’. But the idiots just couldn’t resist the allure of MOAR. As for proper trials? Long term studies? Nope! And that is the ‘profit$‘ “best case” scenario.

          2. The best worst case scenario is that the vaxxes actually are ‘sterilizing’ strictly speaking.

          3. The worst case scenario is the CEP, attempted degrowth. Nuke ponds? Supply chain? Who’s gonna maintain the complicated jank of mankind? Crickets!

          4. The worst worst case scenario is the Kraken Devil Covid (FE/GvB) pulling the crusty old IC clunker uncontrolled into the abyss of chaos and sooner than later – oblivion.

          In any scenario “we” gotta peddle fear and useless hopiates one jab at a time onto the BAU NPC herd. Sigh.

          Truth is likely a combo of all four to a certain degree. Incentives, incentives. Within temptation is truth.

    • Tim Groves says:

      Mortality in the USA for 2019 (a typical pre-Covid year):

      Total number of deaths: 2,854,838
      Death rate: 869.7 deaths per 100,000 population

      Number of deaths for leading causes of death:
      Heart disease: 659,041
      Cancer: 599,601
      Accidents (unintentional injuries): 173,040
      Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 156,979
      Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 150,005
      Alzheimer’s disease: 121,499
      Diabetes: 87,647
      Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 51,565
      Influenza and Pneumonia: 49,783
      Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,511

      The main difference with all the above and Covid is that the powers that be wanted everyone to make a fuss about Covid. Heart disease and cancer, not so much. Like they should close the USA down every year because people die by the million every year?

      • i think the above misses the point

        govt reaction, right or wrong was a knee jerk, as i’ve said before.

        100 years ago, the last outbreak on this scale, with a world population of 2 bn, killed 50m.
        There were no vaccines, no ‘chinese laboratories’, no conspirathons. Just a chicken farm in the American midwest somewhere.

        This time it was a wet market in Wuhan

        maybe letting it rip and kill 200 m would have been the ‘right thing to do’—who knows?

        but that is what governments were potentially faced with.

        On that basis, the USA might have had 5m dead—then imagine the screaming headlines!- we have vaccines, why arent they being used?–Its all a conspiracy!!–Rich people are getting vaccinated–why aren’t we??–The elite want us all to die!!!—-

        hmmmmm–seem to have heard that before.?

        Tell me I’m wrong on those headlines that never saw light of day???

        in 1921 flu vaccines didn’t exist.

        now they do.

        obviously we had to use them in an attempt to stop the spread of covid

        • In 1957, flu vaccines did exist. The epidemic stopped by itself, without much use of the vaccine.

          This time we have a corona virus. We have never had a successful coronavirus vaccine for humans. When we have used them on animals, I understand it is only to protect the weak young members for a short time, if I remember correctly.

          Vaccinating everyone with a leaky vaccine can’t work any better than giving everyone a leaky antibiotic, at the height of the time an illness is going around. Resistance to the vaccine/antibiotic will soon build.

        • Tim Groves says:

          Obviously you haven’t been listening to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche—who I think we can safely assume knows even more about virology and epidemiology than you do.

          Norman, you are comparing apples with oranges there. Not all flus are equal, and the circumstances of their pandemics are not equal either. Whatever struck at the end of World War I hit a population that was largely unhealthy, poorly medicated, poorly housed, malnourished, and often emaciated and suffering from what they used to call maladies but today we would call comorbidities.

          No, this time round, government responses were not and are not “knee jerk”. The responses of governments have been coordinated from above and at least partially scripted. I’m not going to run through the main bullet points again here. You’ve seen them already and dismissed them. But they are valid regardless of whether or not you accept them.

          Some people are screaming now!- we have prophylactics and treatments—such as Vit D, Vit C, Zinc, Iodine, Quercetin, Melatonin, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide—why aren’t they being used?–Its all a conspiracy!!

          In WW1 vaccines existed. US military training camps continued to administer smallpox vaccine to troops throughout the conflict. Widespread passive immunization was also attempted via antitoxins. Diphtheria antitoxin was an important therapy.

          Living a century after the events, and knowing how devious governments and militaries can be, we may never really know. But one historian, Dr. Mark Humphries, tracked the 1918 flu to China, where he makes the case that it started in 1917.


  23. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Portugal might just have sent the vaccination certificate/proof to the bin.

    If other countries follow it will be useless.

    From the 1st of December a negative test is mandatory to enter the country, regardless of vaccination, nationality or status, and it has to be issued before entering the country.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Why not… once you have Devil Covid in circulation you want it to spread Fast and Furiously.

      • Adonis says:

        No compassionate extinction plan from the elders only agenda 2030 look up” immunization agenda 2030 leave no one behind” unfortunately as gail has stated in the past it is all wishful thinking from the far left but you are right in everything else fast eddie the plan for immunization by the mrna is bad news .

        • JMS says:

          It should be obvious to everyone now that this is a live exercise designed to test the flexibility and resilience of our system to the shock of a fast and brutal degrowth, in the rather sensible understanding the the alternative would be much worse fo all: a global chaotic collapse.

          The question for the planners was how to change in the brains of the pampered OECD masses the chip of more & growth for the chip of less & less? The guilt card (“we are destroying the planet!”) is clever and true, but the real key to opening brains and changing behavior is fear.
          That’s why this TV pandemic will only end when the purpose it was created for has been achieved. And that purpose can only be to get rid of most of the human surplus population within a decade and prepare a biotech paradise for the descendants of the owners and their 500M-1B minions. Nothing else makes sense to me in this pandemic show, not even the congenial CEP of our atrabilious Fast Eddy.

          And so the portuguese politicos are just following their orders, according to their master’s plan. Setting an example to other more reluctant minions. As far as I can calculate, 94.3% of the portuguese masses are totally hypnotised by the government’s fear program. And the more deaths that occur over the next year(s), the more they will support it. So here for now everything is going smoothly.

          • Fast Eddy says:

            What part of the CEP makes no sense?

            Or do you mean the thought of extinction is so horrifying that you can’t stand the thought of the CEP?

            • Yorchichan says:

              The part of the CEP that makes no sense is that if the elite wanted everyone to die quickly with little suffering, there are better ways of doing it than releasing a relatively benign virus and injecting everyone with a substance that is causing a lot of suffering.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              And how do you kill 8B people with less suffering that the CEP involves?

            • Tim Groves says:

              Let’s see. They might release a super-duper Ebola-HIV-Smallpox combination with a Bubonic Plague chaser that would kill billions within a month. And with an antidote only for the chosen few.

              Perhaps the timeframe is too short because the system would totally collapse and there wouldn’t be enough minions left to bury the dead, let alone mix the elite’s martinis.

              A slower acting poison or series of poisons could kill billions within a few years while the process could be controlled so that the system remained in place even as the population shrank. Enough butchers, bakers and undertakers would remain and the elite could still enjoy their Martinis as the show went on.

              That’s sounds more like it. A controlled depopulation that can be plausibly put down to a combination of natural diseases and the resulting partial systemic collapse.

              On the other hand, the people at the top may be planning a CEP but doing it in stages while promising each level of the hierarchy below them and implementing their orders that they will be among the saved and that only those below them will be chopped. In that way they may be able to implement a controlled demolition.

              One of the biggest problems I see with the compassionate extinction plan is that while the Elders undoubtedly have many defining qualities or even virtues, compassion isn’t one of them. When a farmers are forced to thin down or even to totally destroy their herds, the farmers don’t usually commit suicide along with the animals. They are more likely to start up again with a smaller herd.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              As we know Ebola burns itself out before it can kill billions.

              But doing the ‘unthinkable’ — creating a super virus — by injecting everyone (and they are injecting everyone…) … is unthinkable… ‘will lead to catastrophe’… Does this not sound like spreading an Ebola calibre virus step by step into billions of people?

              I don’t see how poisoning would work… even slow poisoning… surely people would realize they are being poisoned and stop before they die.

              The super virus is the perfect vehicle… it spreads globally very quickly and achieves the same outcome as slowly poisoning people… and the wonderful thing about this delivery mechanism… is that the poison (the injection)… is creates a paradox…

              It does protect them from the virus … so billions want it badly (if they were taking a poison and it made them slowly sicken they’d stop)… most people do not get sick from the vaccines… so they truly believe it is good (see norm)….

              But on the flip side… it is poisoning them… it is mass poison … the poison spreads rapidly…

              And there is no way to stop it… you cannot remove the vaccines… you cannot purge the poison from your body by vomiting…. what is done… is done…

              Plus the poison poisons even those who have not been injected…

              Then there is the fear factor … the confusion … it makes people want more of the poison … which makes the poison increasingly more poisonous…

              This is the perfect solution — if you want to exterminate 8B people… a bit of cynanide in the water will not work… that would just tip BAU over when enough were sickened/died… and you still have billions ripping faces off.

              Of course have Bossche and Montagnier and others explaining the mechanism of this … we can see that the virus is mutating … we can see that governments are plunging deeper into the abyss injecting anything in sight…

              As Malone says — this is basic virology — you do NOT mass vaccinate with a leaky vaccine into a pandemic… ever. https://www.headsupster.com/forumthread?shortId=95

              Obviously this is not a mistake — anyone who rejects the CEP needs to explain why they are doing this. If it is about control then why the boosters… surely one injection would be enough …and what about all those third world people who won’t get injected — how do those billions get time stamped and controlled?

              With respect to Compassion… that has been explained in another comment by Fast Eddy earlier.

              I appreciate that people do not want to get on board with a plan that offers not happy ending .. it doesn’t even offer a Brave New World or a 1984… not even The Road… no Mad Max…

              Hope is a fragile thing… the CEP smashes it.

              Let’s circle around here… we are past peak. We know what the cliff looks like…

              Surely if there was going to be despair that should have happened long ago for regulars on OFW… didn’t we all know that when the line on the graph headed south… that was the signal that our time on the planet was nearly over?

              Surely we’ve used all those years to the fullest… knowing this was the ultimate outcome.

              Surely we are well past the point of despair and well into the phase of acceptance.

              The CEP offers nothing new… when the line goes Seneca… it signals the end. The CEP does not change the situation that was baked in since man lit his first fire.. since the hunter gatherer put that first seed in the ground…

              All the CEP does is mitigate the worst of what is imminent. It ensures that most of us do not crash into the rocks and get up and beat each others brains in – then eat the body parts.

              The CEP is a good thing. There is no other option … we either die before BAU implodes… or 8B top level predators are thrown into the street with nothing … and our survival instincts kick in …

              Mr DNA has been long dormant… but he is lurking in ever cell of our bodies… when his existence is threatened … he will emerge… and believe you me — he is one motherf789ker of a nightmare…

              Nobody wants to be around when BAU goes. Nobody. We need to shed our normalcy bias and understand what the end of civilization represents.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              This is the part where Chris Martenson steps in and tries to sell everyone his Survival Series….


            • Yorchichan says:

              Nuclear bombs targeted at all the worlds cities. Nuclear arsenals are large enough to do this. Most of the world’s population dead in minutes and the rest dead within a week or two. (Admittedly radiation sickness is not a nice way to go).

              Or a more deadly virus with a reasonably long incubation period to give it time to spread, assuming such a pathogen exists.

              If the spike protein does, in fact, eventually cause prion disease in everybody it infects, then CEP is a possibility. I can remember when mad cow disease was all the rage in the UK and those in the final stages seemed quite happy with their lot. But waiting for the virus to mutate into a more deadly strain, which probably wouldn’t kill everybody anyway, is much too random.

              CEP is more likely than the vaccines being for the good health of the world’s population, I’ll concede that.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Wrong. Nuking the cities would kill a lot of people — but that would collapse BAU and the thing they are trying to avoid — hungry humans on a rampage murdering raping and eating each other — would be guaranteed.

              Your other solution is what they are creating … likely the only way to create such a deadly virus is to percolate in billions of people using leaky vaccines

              As Bossche states — this is a bioweapon – Yeadon has also used that word… Bossche says it ends in complete catastrophe…

            • Yorchichan says:

              “Wrong” [about nukes]

              Then it’s back to the elite’s lack of compassion for the masses throughout all of recorded history. Why would a group of conniving psychopaths suddenly develop a conscience?

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Not sure if my earlier lengthy comment is live … but in a nutshell it is compassionate from my perspective in that it is better than the alternative — ripping faces raping murdering eating…

              From the Elders perspective they’d see if more like finding an animal on the road … that has been smashed by a car and is suffering … and smashing it with a rock to kill it… Call it compassion.. or just call it knowing the animal will die no matter what so why not kill it.

            • JMS says:

              As you rightly argue, a CEP would be far preferable to having to fight with my neighbors over the last can of cat food (after eating the cat). Therefore I agree with you that an extinction scenario is not the worst thing we have to fear.
              The part of the CEP that doesn’t make sense to me is the word extinction (which if I understand you correctly implies that the planners themselves would die, with all of humanity) and the word compassionate (since compassion is not a personality trait present in sociopaths).
              So as the owners are neither suicidal nor compassionate, a plan of gradual extermination/ enslavement seems more plausible to me. But we have already discussed several times here this difference between us.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              Well I doubt they call it the CEP… I use the term compassionate because I see exterminating humans before BAU implodes as a compassionate act….

              Let’s pretend we are on Team Elders…

              We know the exact status of the energy situation … we have info that nobody else has re KSA shale etc etc etc… nobody gets this data other than our close minions.

              We’ve known for many decades that D Day will arrive – who is that general Mother Gail mentions who spoke on this 70 or so years ago?

              The Elders have had this sword of Damocles hanging over our empire for a very long time.

              We have tried to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels… nuclear … solar etc… but we realized the futility of that long ago… barring a miracle… we wait for D Day… and we do whatever we possibly can to delay it.

              We fight wars over oil … we manipulate the price of oil … we stage manage interest rates stimulus subsidies etc etc etc… to ensure we extract every last drop that we possibly can.

              We have teams of experts who coordinate this Mega Manhattan Project…. for we know that without the spice… our empire collapses.

              We also are aware that if BAU collapses nobody survives… the only humans with the knowledge to stay alive are the hunter gatherers…

              But we also are aware of the spent fuel ponds… nobody survives those. Nobody.

              Knowing this … what would you do?

              Would you have no plan? Would you just stand back and watch the power go off? Would you stand back and watch 8B go on the mother of all murderous rampages?

              When there is no food — they will eat each other. We’ve done it many many many times throughout history. We will hunt children and stew them.. We will gang rape women… We’ve done it thousand and thousands of times…

              Think about what the collapse of BAU means. THINK!!! When the power goes off… civilization vapourizes… within hours. No police. No government. No pizza delivery boy. No nothing. Then the frenzied chaos would begin.

              Our empire ends on the spot. Our control of the cattle is no more. Our protectors will turn on us… because we have nothing to offer them…..and heaven help us when they do .. we will be strung up from lamp posts…

              What would you do if you were aware of this outcome?

              The obvious thing is do whatever it takes to delay the moment of truth … and when BAU can be supported no longer… you exterminate.. everyone…


            • JMS says:

              Let’s pretend we are on Team Elders
              Knowing this … what would you do?

              I would do exactly what I think they are doing now: try to hastily correct their mistakes and demurs of the past 70 years.
              Because I don’t think the elders who in the 1950s had access to information from M. Hubbert, Admiral Rickover etc did exactly everything that was (was really?) in their power to do damage control.

              In fact, in some respects they made exactly the contrary they should. For example, why pursue communism, when communism’s regime of pervasive austerity depredates much less quickly than consumerism? Why ban abortion and disapprove of contraception, when what they should be doing is handing out free contraceptives and giving annual prizes to women who don’t have more than two children? Why permit green revolution? It only contributed to add some billions of supranumerary eaters to an ecosystem that was already in overshoot..

              With these and other measures (propaganda front at full spead etc), who knows if it wouldn’s be possible to slowly and peacefully reach 2050 with a manageable 1B humans?
              But that’s not how it happened, helas, and now the team has to try to reach the sustainability goal in a lot less time, and taking a lot more risks. But even if their plan goes wrong wrong, they know they have a fine consolation: being the last to die, in their deluxe king size shelter in NZ, supplied with water and food for 10 years. Imagine, to be the last IC person to survive on this planet. That’s winning! 🙂

            • Fast Eddy says:

              If you think that then there is now way would ever be invited to join the Elders…

              You really think they are unaware the oil would peak?

            • Tim Groves says:

              Psychologically I am not prepared to accept the CEP. For a start,It doesn’t seem like the sort of plan that MR. DNA would willingly sign up for. But that’s just me.

              Eddy, you’ve argued very well for the CEP, and I think it must be among the front-runners, beating the “This is just an honest attempt by the powers to stop us all catching the cough” plan by five furlongs.

              The CEP does rather neatly account for everything that’s going on these days. At least, I haven’t come across anything that rules it out.

              But it could be that we’re going to get the CRAPP instead. For most of us, it won’t make any difference. The main difference between the two plans is that under the CEP the scenario calls for no survivors, while under the CRAPP, five to ten percent of us may be getting lucky tickets.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              I want to think of other options … and am open to other options … but I’ve seen nothing that comes close to explaining why there is this urgency to try to inject 8B of us including children… someone somewhere really wants to get this stuff into as many people as possible…

              Somehow the energy story has to plug into this … it has to.

          • Student says:

            I think you are right JMS

          • JMS> yes, that’s the highest probability, the goal is de-growth, but we are not sure about the severity now. We can only muse about the next steps on the agenda, mainly how they planned for ~limited BAU with key personnel in danger etc.. And for that there are the following major options:

            – it’s very hardcore and risky de-growth plan, say bellow near term 1B pop goal, then basically bunker->ruins->salvage; risk of all out war (aka desperate punishment) runs very high

            – it’s reasonable [plausible deniability] de-growth plan, say trimming 30-70% away only.., that needs a lot of CONTINUOUS micromanagement and preparedness in the key supply chains though..

            Most likely it’s about the latter option, because they don’t want to risk end of times panicky wars say India vs Pakistan or vice versa etc..

            Is it going to work EXACTLY as planned or more or less just bounce inside the broadly planned corridor path envisioned at least.. ? Who knows.. but it was initiated apparently.. so we all have to swim now..

            • Xabier says:

              Maybe not the CEP, but the CRAPP:

              ‘Covert Reduction and Adjustment of Population Plan’.

              It’s logical, psychopathic,and fits the evidence so far!.

              And that’s how it’s going to feel to us……

            • Perhaps that is a better acronym.

            • Fast Eddy says:

              We could call it the KILL Plan … as in kill everyone

            • Xabier says:

              They are perhaps in this first stage ‘topping and tailing’ the population:

              1. Eliminate current and potential pensions claimants. ie dealing with the vast ‘Pensions Black Hole’.

              2/ Partly sterilise the younger population, reducing birth-rate, and gain full control of reproduction, likely with genetic modifications.

              General attrition of the population through mass poverty, inducing despair, engineered unemployment, designed malnutrition, provoking cancers, denial of even basic medical services ie the Russian demographic collapse on steroids.

      • hillcountry says:

        There’s still time man, think of the fun you can have with this domain.


    • Sounds like a good choice!

  24. Fast Eddy says:

    The fear is being ratcheted up big time now … but this time instead of faked photos of people dying this is going to be The Real Deal…

    Think about what that means to you — when an extremely deadly … extremely contagious version of Covid hits your location (courtesy of the likes of norm dunc mike who did their parts in creating it)…

    What will you do?

    Will you interact with anyone outside of your home? Will you even want to leave your home? Will you be terrified of going to the grocery store?

    As you sit at home the Tee Vee will be filled with horror stories about death and infection … 1000 dead today in abc town… 8 million infections reported today in the USA … testing halted due to lack of PCR tests …

    You’ll hear the ambulance sirens… you’ll see overrun ICUs with doctors screaming — remember this – only now it will be real https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7934751/Shocking-footage-shows-medic-Wuhan-crying-screaming-anymore.html

    Of course you will stay at home … you will hunker in your bunker… horrified.

    And then… AND THEN … because nobody will want to report to work… the supply chain will implode…. even if you want to go to the grocery store … you won’t because it will be empty….

    So you hunker down…. eating beans… glued to the TV for the numbers… oh the numbers… you can’t help yourself… you must watch this train wreck …

    The food starts to run out … you know your neighbour has some plump children … you are tempted … but OMG they might be infected!!!!!

    You remain somewhat calm … as you begin to starve…. you weaken… you lay in your bed… the TV is still bleating out the numbers … then the power goes off… you are overcome with an overwhelming cafarde…

    Your pulse is feeble… the light inside is dimming… committing violent acts does not even cross your mind… too weak… fading fast now …

    You think of Into the Wild… lying there in the bus… you understand now… you gasp… The Horror… The Horror….

    And it’s over. Just like that … The CEP is a good plan… It is a necessary plan…



    • Sam says:

      Speak for yourself. I’ve already had this and I beat it once I can beat it again I’m not scared

      • Azure Kingfisher says:

        That’s the spirit. Bring it on, I say. Enough of this indulgent, cowardly bullshit. Get right with whatever god you choose, ignore the fear peddlers and propagandists, and face your fate with courage, acceptance, and gratitude. The surviving human race will have little use for those who’ve enslaved themselves to fear.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        Keep in mind … the virus is improving with each mutation.

        • hillcountry says:

          HA!! “improving with each… [Nu-tation]”

          Hey Fast, you must know that there’s a post-pandemic Blimp travel-option in the works; improvements of which have been heavily-capitalized the last twenty-years or so. Elders must have scry’d this in their crystal-ball and noticed that Blimps would be their preferred mode-of-travel.

          Maybe they can even live up there in the non-dystopian ether; entertaining themselves with old Bucky Fuller designs for floating-cities or some such. And just think, if they hang CO2-scrubbers below the dirigibles they can cash-in on carbon-credits too; maybe even pay for the lifestyle – how cool is that? But, how DO they feed that carbon back into the ‘carbon-grid’ to monetize the thing? Well….segue a bit…and it might even come full-circle to us buying fuel from a Carbon Engineering subsidiary.

          Gail – do you think EROIE calculations could be done on the Carbon Engineering technology below? Seems like the fuel part could be a decent interface with sources of intermittent electricity.

          David Keith, lead spokesman for all things Geoengineering, lets it slip that he’s got a financial interest in this CO2-Sucker Wonder Fuel Spitter-Outer start-up company

          @ 15:49 YouTube video “Geoengineering May Be the Answer to Climate Change” (GMBACC)

          https://tinyurl.com/mppke29t links to a 2018 Nature article:

          “Sucking Carbon Dioxide from the Air is Cheaper than Scientists Thought.”

          The GMBACC video gives us a glimpse of this technology; one that most folks here at OFW would probably think is utterly insane as a potential fuel-source; on par with non-renewable renewable pipe-dreams. (And to think they left all that opium behind in Afghanistan). We watched that part of the video a few times and thought about how much CO2 goes into building one of these carbon-sucking plants and then how long would it take for that plant to suck that much CO2 back out of the atmosphere to get back to square one – and then we wondered what the net-energy of this Wonder Fuel might be after all of that. We’re only shown a small bottle of it and Steve Oldham (CEO of Carbon Engineering) only briefly mentions that part of the equation in his 2019 TED Talk in Portland. A liquid Wonder-Fuel from ‘direct air capture’ of CO2 and whatever hydrogen-chemistry is involved in making the end-product.

          Have y’all ever discussed this technology at OFW?

          Oldham, interviewed at the prototype-plant in Squamish BC, didn’t even blink when asked how many of these plants it would it take to replace BAU for whatever portion of the world’s fuel requirement they’re ostensibly targeting. His answer: tens of thousands. (@ 16:06 of GMBACC) (40,000 suggested during his TED talk, each of which is claimed to do the work of 40 million trees!!!)

          David Keith, ubiquitous Geoengineering promotor, is quoted in this Nature excerpt (maybe talking his book, ya think?):

          “We’re really trying to commercialize direct air capture in a serious way, and to do that, you have to have everybody in the supply chain on board.”

          “The study, in Joule, was written by researchers at Carbon Engineering in Calgary, Canada, which has been operating a pilot CO2-extraction plant in British Columbia since 2015. That plant — based on a concept called direct air capture — provided the basis for the economic analysis, which includes cost estimates from commercial vendors of all of the major components. Depending on a variety of design options and economic assumptions, the cost of pulling a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere ranges between US$94 and $232. The last comprehensive analysis of the technology, conducted by the American Physical Society in 2011, estimated that it would cost $600 per tonne.”

          “Carbon Engineering says that it published the paper to advance discussions about the cost and potential of the technology.”

          ““We’re really trying to commercialize direct air capture in a serious way, and to do that, you have to have everybody in the supply chain on board,” says David Keith, acting chief scientist at Carbon Engineering and a climate physicist at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.”

          It might help if the article clarified what Keith meant by “everybody”. Could he-they possibly think that Carbon Engineering’s CO2-derived fuel is going to displace the mad-rush into electric-cars?

    • The new virus spreads easily, but is it any more virulent than past variants of the virus? Fast spread usually goes with less, rather than more, virulence.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        I am wondering if we need it to be deadly… supply chains are in a sorry state already … inflation exploding …

        Do we just need an extremely contagious – out of control virus + a massive PR campaign to scare the shit out of 8B people and they just self-lockdown and starve…

        That said … we have not reached Immune Exhaustion – yet…. so we may still get the massive die-off as well…

        But does it really matter? So long as people are scared they will not rip faces off… and they will starve…

      • JonF says:

        I agree with you Azure, Gail has spoken time and again about “survival of the best adapted” . Right now it seems that the best adapted tend to be clever manipulators of words and emotions and money.

        A tyranny of nerds.

        There’s something pathetic about a world in which a software salesman can bend governments and media all over the world to his will.

        There are two sides to every transaction. Some charlatan can be selling fear, but I have to choose to buy it.

        Big pharma and big tech are both a function of big oil. What power will these nerds have post Seneca cliff?

        Something’s got to give eventually. Here in the UK the population is heading towards 70m, the North Sea peaked back in 1999, declining energy use per capita for years, net importers of food and energy, a govt and media living in some fantasy parallel universe….it’s a long way down..

  25. Michael Le Merchant says:

    The B.1.1.529 (omicron) Spike has 20 aa substitutions and is almost completely resistant to neutralization by almost all vaccinated and convalescent plasma we tested. This new one has more in overlapping regions.

  26. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Very rough estimate of Nu variant mortality is 8X original variant based upon the current rough estimate of transmissibility, assuming they track each other.

    • So, in the true spirit of 10x natgas price spike or 10xyz bitcoin, lets wait and expect similar rocket ride? We will watch together, that would be last exponential lol..

      • Fast Eddy says:

        We are on the 24 hour breaking news cycle now … all eyes on NU….

        I really want to see this take off… Africa has limited ability to control something like this so we are in a good position … and remember all it takes is a single infected person to enter a country and this can explode!!!

        Jeez I am a bit dizzy thinking about that … must be that triple shot of endorphins being released in my brain … almost as good as a good pill… I wonder if I’ll have a post-clubbing hangover tomorrow because of this?

    • I didn’t think that transmissibility and mortality tracked each other.

      • Genomir says:

        Normally those two are in reversed relationship, historical data suggests that higher the transmissibility the lower the virulance. But there are the opposite exams albeit far, far less.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          The problem is … historically we have never deployed a leaky vaccine during a pandemic … because that is ‘unthinkable’…

          I’d be interested to have Montagnier elaborate on what he means by unthinkable

        • I would think that available energy has to go in one direction or the other. A virus cannot both become much more virulent and infect many more people, without help from a leaky vaccine.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Really nice work… this should spread rapidly into the huge reservoir of CovIDIOTS with damaged immune systems… Like delivering a bullet from a high powered rifle… right to the brain …

  27. Fast Eddy says:

    Ok … enough of this … everybody wake up… wake up … time to end the nightmare… it’s gone too far… wakey wakey…

    Oh – we’re awake already…. so it’s not a nightmare… it’s real…

  28. Michael Le Merchant says:
    • Bei Dawei says:

      Only one month?! For the last ten years it’s always been six months away.

      • Michael Le Merchant says:

        Maybe we’ll bring in the New Year with the greatest fireworks display the world has ever seen!

        From a very high level source in US.gov on what they plan to do if they lose control of BAU:

        “No way we are going out without releasing everything in the arsenal.”

        “Turning this planet into a Mars dead zone. 450 nuclear plants rapid release guarantees atmospheric oxidization. Oceans evaporate into space. No way the human race mistake happens on any other planet.”

        “World Bank,WHO,UN and international decision makers will give the orders to people who are always on standby to carry out kill switch or release orders. Anyone who has been biometrically cleared to launch has a full education into why it might happen and the global results.”


        • It looks like it will still be a while before Iran will really be able to launch nuclear bombs.

          • Michael Le Merchant says:

            Yep, but the MIC wants war. Multiple war theaters planned for 2022. Got to dissipate the last remaining energy reserves for the War Gods.

          • Bei Dawei says:

            Launch?! Come now, the idea isn’t to start a nuclear war. It’s to deter other countries from attacking them in a conventional war. If Iran has nukes, this would actually help the cause of peace in the Middle East.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          I have not yet incorporated the nuclear bomb potentiality into the CEP …

          It most definitely would add another element of finality to the plan….

          You’ve got your mutant virus …creating fear and probably mass death (all you need is enough death to drive people into their homes where they starve)… while they are starving why not unleash 10,000+ nuclear warheads across the globe???

          Is that overkill? Nah… it’s just good planning…. A one two three punch … in fact I would like to see a nuke targeted at the Ranch here in Central Otago … I am usually on the sofa in the library so if they could just dial in the coordinates and drop it right on my head…. or maybe do it like that cruise missile into the pentagon… come in nice and low and through the wall … I won’t even know what hit me.

          F789 ya… nuke ol Fast Eddy while he’s napping.

          It’s much preferred over starvation .. although I’ve read that after a few days the starvation thing is pretty cool… you just sleep a lot and wither down to nothing. As long as you don’t look into a mirror or weigh yourself you won’t even notice.

          Not overly keen on the mutant taking me out… I’ve got my horse paste ready for that … might go to the doc and get some hydro-c… tell him I’m travelling to the Papua for a trek in the malarial bush…

          Let’s hope for the worst and plan for the best

  29. jj says:

    Michael Le Merchant. Welcome back. You are valued and appreciated.

  30. Sam says:

    Nice find 30 minutes in

  31. Fast Eddy says:

    A frightening new potential explanation for vaccine-driven myocarditis and other problems

    Researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine raise the possibility of an uncontrolled autoimmune response to the coronavirus spike protein that may last indefinitely


    • According to the article,

      the researchers explain that those spike protein antibodies may themselves produce a second wave of antibodies, called anti-idiotype antibodies or Ab2s. Those Ab2s may modulate the immune system’s initial response by binding with and destroying the first wave of antibodies.

      Unfortunately, to do so, the Ab2s must contain structures very similar to the spike protein itself. If they are too similar, they can wind up binding to the same parts of our cells that the spike protein targets.

      This is a link to the original NEJM article:

  32. houtskool says:

    It seems Gail and FE are in the first section of the train to reality. Among a few others.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Nearly 8B are sitting in the back watching the movie and eating Cheetos… fully injected and believing they are headed for the alps for a ski vacation … I do see a mountain ahead… but there does not appear to be a tunnel

      • houtskool says:

        Like i said, brain quantity is no guarantee for succes.

        • Fast Eddy says:

          A MOREON has a pretty big brain … but so does a sperm whale:

          The Animal With The Biggest Brain. The sperm whale has the largest brain in the world. Incredibly, the sperm whale has a brain that weighs around 18 pounds.


          • They need it for ocean floor scanning, navigation and huge library of past fishing grounds.. besides the large social life functions..

            Basically a big computer + database.. Hence why are images of the primitive monkey killing these whales so repulsive..

      • Kowalainen says:

        Safely boarded onto Lufthansa Germanwings Flight 9525.

        What could possibly go wr…

        Oh, never mind.

  33. Sam says:

    I know some places in Chicago he should go next!

  34. Sam says:

    Nice find! Yes fast forward to 30 minutes in to get to the main problem…
    Scary how they took this out

  35. Michael Le Merchant says:

    The ministry’s goal is to vaccinate half a million children by the end of the year, which is half of the target population.

    The ministry also launched a special campaign promoting children’s vaccination in ultra-Orthodox communities. On Thursday, Prominent ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky endorsed the doses following a meeting with Coronavirus Commissioner Salman Zarka and other health experts who briefed the sage on vaccine efficacy and safety trial results.

  36. In the possibly-wild-ideas department —
    Here in the Frisco bay area (I’m in Fremont, CA, south of Oakland –“silicon valley”), there have been, lately, gang-rush roberies of retail stores (in the Los Angeles area, too) — what I keep hearing/reading, of places like Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, or southern Mexico, is that, not unusually, poor urban areas are, effectively, largely controlled by “gangs” — maybe this sort of thing will spread to other areas in which population “overshoot” occurs, as resources deplete?
    (The US southern border seems to be effectively being gang-rushed, while the US military’s been in places like Afghanistan.)

    • D. Stevens says:

      I noticed a lot of places, especially Walmart, is going towards a curb side pickup model. I wonder if someday many of them will only allow employees into the store. It will become a warehouse which would cut down on theft and make it easier to automate.

    • ssincoski says:

      I have toyed with the idea of writing a story about the SW US that is based on gangs taking control as the situation deteriorates. They could just avoid the larger population areas at first. It would not be hard with a coordinated inter-gang effort to partition areas of control and take out most law enforcement. I think as in many areas that they already control, the poor and dis-advantaged would offer support.

      In the initial stages it would end up with stranded larger population areas surrounded by a sea of gang controlled no man lands. Eventually, the siege would begin although a ‘starve them out’ strategy would likely be more effective. At that point, there won’t be any National Guard coming to the rescue. They will be involved elsewhere.

      • D. Stevens says:

        Do you consider the police a gang? I have a co-worker who is Mexican, lives there but visits here, and he has told me many stories about the corrupt police. He was even kidnapped once by them and driven around and they refused to release him until he went to an ATM and gave them money. They also act as armed guards while off duty for businesses. I’m sure if they shot someone their pals at the station would make sure the paperwork is clean and there’s no consequences even if the shooting might not be justified. Think that’s why in the US it’s safe for a flash mob to run off with a cart of laundry detergent and not worry about getting hurt, they’d sue, but south of the border they’d likely end up dead. Likely that’s why pick pockets and other types of theft against individuals appear more common than thefts and robberies against businesses with gang protection.

        • Selling “protection” is an age-old racket. Wasn’t David, in the Old Testament, somewhat in this business, in the early part of his career? Or am I confused?

          • D. Stevens says:

            I’m unsure about David. If he’s the one who knocked out Goliath maybe he was worth his pay? A lot of people buy guns for protection but they never use them because of the legal consequences are extreme. It’s safer to outsource protection to others. I could see former police or other security groups popping up to sell their protection services in a collapsed world. The recent looting and chaos in South Africa might be a glimpse into the future. Looked like groups of young men with guns protecting their neighborhoods from roving bands by blocking roads. Thankfully things go back to normal after several days of chaos.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        How would the gangs deal with the spent fuel ponds? I’d make sure to include a chapter on that

  37. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Theresa Tam wants to vaccinate 6-month-olds in 2022

    Canada’s chief public health officer stated that ‘benefits outweigh the risks’ according to clinical data collected by Health Canada.

    • There is evidence that a few cases of prion disease are being reported. We don’t know how widespread a problem this will be, as far as I know. I think it would take tracking overall prion disease dementia statistics for several years to figure out.

  38. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Well this is awkward 🙂

    Botswana says the new variant was discovered inside the bodies of fully jabbed people.

  39. Student says:

    ”This is Covid-21,’ Belgium PM Alexander De Cro declares as ‘Nu’ variant hits Europe.

    It still unclear if it is something that is blowing up in their faces or the goal is to update ‘the terapy’ (updated mRNA).
    Let’s see the developments…


  40. Michael Le Merchant says:

    German Health Minister calls for ‘massive contact restrictions’ to fight Covid

    • Adam says:

      Also, I’m not sure of the years but killer (africanized bees), and more recently murder hornets . . . I’m sure there are many more to add to the list.

  41. Michael Le Merchant says:
  42. Michael Le Merchant says:

    WW3 News Headlines:

    The secretary general of NATO Stoltenberg: “If Russia uses force against Ukraine, it will have costs, it will have consequences.”

    Ukraine: President Zelensky says he received public and private assurances from the U.S., Britain, Turkey, States of the E.U. and Canada that they will support Ukraine if Russia attacks.

    US tells Russia “all options are on the table” amid troop buildup near Ukraine border.

    At NATO, Polish president calls for allied response to Russian troop build-up near Ukraine
    NATO SG Stoltenberg says Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine includes tanks, artillery, drones, and electronic warfare systems. He says this build-up “is unprovoked and unexplained. It raises tensions and risks miscalculation.”

    Ukraine PM calls for NATO’s help against Russia

    At NATO, Polish president calls for allied response to Russian troop build-up near Ukraine

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba: “We are trying to make him (Putin) understand that he will pay dearly for a new attack on Ukraine.”

    Canadian CF-18 fighter jets may be redeployed from Romania to Ukraine

    • Rodster says:

      Gotta love the criminals running NATO. They have surrounded Russia and are telling them not fight back against Ukraine which NATO stole from Russia. Putin’s biggest mistake was to allow the US to install 5th columns within the country. The US ran from the Taliban and they are placing demands on Putin? You can’t make this stuff up.

      • Technically speaking, ~2/3 (4/5th)? of Ukraine has been ~always Russia proper or dominion. The state imploded already, many left as guest workers or fully relocated either to EU or Russia. Alt natgas pipeline routes are going up north or in southern direction bypassing Ukraine.

        If it ever gets to a hot conflict it will be only about ploy – turning western countries into openly authoritarian towards domestic pop in the EU/NATO, because they can’t win that war or benefit in any meaningful way of gaining resources etc., it could only serve de-growth agenda in the sense of blaming that “bad war which unexpectedly impoverished us in terms of further nonviable domestic commitments..”

    • Fighting over Ukraine can be a distraction from energy problems and other related problems, such as citizens unhappy about low wages.

  43. Rodster says:

    “Decolonize This!” – Clusterfuck Nation by JHK

    As usual a great read: https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/decolonize-this/

  44. Yoshua says:

    The Delta variant had one mutation at the furin clevage site, which made it extremely infectious.
    The Nu variant has two mutations at the furin clevage site.

    My mistake…the Nu variant doesn’t have two furin clevage sites…but two mutations at the furin clevage site.

    • Rodster says:

      I’m sure Tony Fauci and Bill Gates would love to sell them the latest booster shots for that even if it doesn’t work. You know because our “Billionaire Friends” love us.

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Hey norm… cleavage… maybe you can trade your blow up doll for one of the mutants?

      Furin Cleavage is meant to be really really hot

  45. Michael Le Merchant says:

    Israel has identified four cases of the B.1.1.529 variant, all recent travellers. One case, a 32-year-old woman returning from South Africa, was triple vaccinated with Pfizer and had her 3rd dose just two months ago.

    • The vaccine seems not to work very well against the new variant.

      • cassandraclub says:

        I foresee a brand new vaccin. A new mRNA-vaccin can be ready in a matter of months. Roll up your sleeve please.

      • Fast Eddy says:

        That’s because it worked extremely well against the old variant and caused the new variant… just as Bossche said it would.

        Hahahahhaah… ahhahahahah

        mike norm dunc… that’s a joke … get it… although if you do understand it … you may not think it’s much a joke… more like black humour…. but not even humour cuz it’s real… it’s more like a nightmare come true….

        This is the part where you go to the doctor for the test results — believing the lump is benign … and he tells you sorry mate… it’s all through your body … you’ve got a few months…

        Hard to see any humour in that .. black or otherwise… just as one might not see any sort of humour in the death sentence that Fauci has passed on humans…

        I get it…

        But still.. it’s pretty f789ing funny no????

        Billions inject an experiment … believing it’s salvation from a disease that is no more deadly that the flu (in fact it may just have been the flu from the get go — as Bossche says — if you mass vax during a flu pandemic you will get deadly mutations … I watched the NZDSOS video yesterday and the second doc said — there are very good reasons why we vaccine for the flu in the Autumn… and not in the midst of a pandemic)…..

        Anyhooo… they inject believing the guvimint — and expecting to ‘get around’… even though experts who have nothing to gain are screaming at them — you are exterminating yourselves!!!!….

        They ignore the experts and like lemmings rush to the drive through pop up death jab clinics .. with there children … to inject and boost the f789 out of themselves… they immerse their families in the Holy Poison till it oozes out of the cracks… they super saturate themselves….

        Then — just as they were warned… the deadly variants arrive… and like billions of Wildebeest crossing a river they go on a rampage trampling and killing each other as they head for the nearest booster venue…. wanting more Holy Poison …

        The Holy Poison only makes the situation worse…..

        Then they die enmasse.

        Hahahahahahaha…. come on norm… it’s pretty pretty… pretty .. funny!!!


        Fast Eddy laughs Last. norm dunc mike … fall into deep despair…

    • Fast Eddy says:

      The benefits of air travel during a pandemic!

    • The escalation begins, if this is correct.

    • el mar says:

      Please explain this graphs!

    • Fast Eddy says:

      Mother Gail… I think it is important that we maintain an open forum between articles going forward…

      Fast Eddy does not want to miss the opportunity to blow kisses to norm dunc mike as we head into the meat grinder…

      It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to whisper into their ears… i told you so… remember? … I told you this would happen if everyone injected…


      norm … any movement on the Despair 0 Meter?

      How do you feel about having done your part to exterminate your grand kids hahahahahaha… every little bit helps you know….

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